Dueling Decades
June 10, 2020

Guest Judge RJ City presides as the crew Wrestles with the history of 1981, 1989 & 1995

Guest Judge RJ City presides as the crew Wrestles with the history of 1981, 1989 & 1995

It's been a while since we talked about wrestling with someone who cares! The Honorable David Schultz turned his nose up at every wrestling selection we brought to the table, so it was time we found the right Judge for the case! Professional wrestler...

It's been a while since we talked about wrestling with someone who cares! The Honorable David Schultz turned his nose up at every wrestling selection we brought to the table, so it was time we found the right Judge for the case! Professional wrestler RJ City answered the call, and he must have been fresh off his morning coffee in his underwear because this guy is a walking encyclopedia of ALL things; not just wrestling! When he's not tag-teaming with David Arquette, RJ must be reading anything he can get his hands on, because he literally knew about everything we threw at him! Beau Becraft joins us this week, and he's happy as a schoolboy on pizza day to be back with all the wrestling accolades of 1995! His first opponent Mancrush is still reeling from defeat and looks to right the ship with wrestling of 1989. Rounding out our contestants for this week, Marc James prepares to dismantle the competition with wrestling of 1981. 

RJ City is ready to deliver a "Knee Arthur" to anyone who steps out of line, but did we give him a reason to? There are so many deep dives in this episode! RJ's thoughts on signing with a major organization, cobb salads, the return of the Mongolian Stretcher match, the birth of real wrestling competition, empty arenas, The Oak Ridge Boys, David Moble loves baklava hausen, 5 Star matches, Hall of Famers, rubber toys that don't belong to Mom, Vince McMahon stranded on a roof, the best linebacker to ever live, horrible movies, good movies, horrible TV shows that paved the way for a new world order, local bands that suck, 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon that's beyond belief, Lewis Arquette is super fly, Ox Baker is everywhere, grabbing cake, the WWE's most successful movie, arcade games, Snake Plissken is the coolest name ever, The Wrestling Boot Band hurts our ears, a legitimate wrestle war, wrestling is "fake", and just what does RJ City think about Kayfabe in the year 2020? Do you agree with RJ's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard! 

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IFERMARY, media people, age, t Julia, the Pixer of planbut tot or an ran again upon that cap. Ut, stop the power GOPCOM fight for what you love, N, whocome to Po P, cope an Crita, pae te poecp would tak gray an o Baly Hisi, I a mad, a Tano comefight for what you love, Yin Eas broadgasting from the pondcaste New York Studios. It's the adult. Only rechwo game show where the decades bannlfor supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to doing decades. I am Mark James. In this week I compete t nineteen nd eighty one as we returned to the squared circle with a pro wrestling duel. Let's meet this week's other deelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off coming down to the Mike inhaling from parts unknown. It's man crush. You went up and coming off two straight losses. So I'm looking for a victory here, but before we get started, I have to give a shot out to David Mobil and Dan Hausen. He h he matter of fact. He just sent me another message to remind me to do this, and just 'cause, you is doesn't mean you isn't here. You Go David and he also said to Salo to Bahlavabo, so hello, Baklovabo hl, hello, back Dave Yeah. By the way I have wrestling Ou, nine uteen and eighty nine also on the panel this week. He might not be the doctor o style, but he's still pretty slick. Welcome back to the program bobe craft. Oh thank you for that. RECCAS applause you're too kind glad to be here defending my participation championship this week. As always here on the show. We need somebody to judicate all of this awesomeness. So this week, celebrity guest judge is an actor comedian and wrestler who makes coffee and is underwear, live on you tube Sunday mornings at nine. Thirty am please rise and shine for judge R J city. Thank you SOMUC. You could have just called me. A rock on tour tat just covers all the bases and I'm trying to bring that word back. You know, there's not many rack on tours anymre. You have a shirt that says a no. I have a shirt of Paul Lyne's face: That's okay for everyone that is freaky as Shit Ol I saw when you had yourwhen. It was zipped up, also see my balty es. I will be consulting with Paul Lyndes thogout. This episode Goin to be amazing, but people will be disappointed to know that you're, not in your undowear, for this or might be, I mean I may be in a sense. I am, I just have shorts over them. LIDIES and gentlemen. The following contests will be held under dualing decades rules, the judges, coinflip Shel, the side, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. It judges, ruling Wi'll, determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, all right doelers to be the man you got to beat the man. So, let's play some more ointenas all right, we'll go right down to our judge R J city for the official toss off N. I won the last episode, so mancrush and Bulby craft will toss this one off Rooh you can. You could call wow what a pleasure an honor h. let's go, let's go aheads with whatever you got. What do you have? Okay? Well, what I have is a copy of Kenneth, anger's Hollywood, Babylon ooh yeah, it's a wonderful book of of debauchery from Classic Hollywood, including a Charlie Chaplin, Fatty r buckle all that kind of thing 'cause. I wanted to be as current as possible on Youri W. If I feel like, if I do my stuff, you guys will see him cutting it or sure I mean look at the spine on that book. It looks pretty broken in too at'soit len use, and I will tell you how so just to confirm this is the the head with James Manfield's face or we'll Hav and then, of course the back has a short buyo about Kenneth Anger and what a bitter childhood actor he was. Are we ready I'm going with Jane, Alright Jane? It is O. Yes, all right. Boby Craftyou, take control of the board and can select the first category H. Should I go with my weakest? One are my strongest one? First, that's up to you! Oh Man. I I don't know if there's a week, one in this bunch, let's uh I'll, go television. I I should mention by the way I' I'm representing wrestling in N, nine Huneren and ninety five. This week, all right, UH television, wrestling nineten. Ninety five, my pick is going to be September. Fourth, nineteen. Ninety five that marked the Premiere episode of WCW Monday nitro on TNT famously going head to head with the wrestling giant, the WF as it was then known. It's Goina come to be known as the Monday night wars. I guess it is. It hasn't really Kinda come to be eighty three weeks in which Nitra beat the flagshpwwf program Monday night raw. That was kind of the whole catalyst for Vincemicbannushering in the attitude era, which was more adult oriented, preal wrestling product, but with any long running television series of show, experienced ultimate highs and lows before both the show Nww S, we knew it would full after being purchased by Vincemin manded, two thousand and one after nearly three hundred episodes, so pretty good run episodic wise or episode numberwise. I saw that they just put in a trademark again for WCW boy. What Y old is new again everyone all right, so I'll go next for television wrestling nineteen, eighty one, you know I did some digging and I found something that here on the show we have an expression we like to use that it has legs that there's some longevity to the story, so this match that I found definitely has legs April, twenty fifth nineteen, eighty one we have the very first ever empty arena match between Terry funk and Jerry Loller. So what had happened was Jimmy lawler had gone away for a little while and when he came back, they decided to make him a face. His former manager Jimmy Hart decided that he was going to take out a bounty on Jerry laller and had different people in all the different territories to try to collect that bony after a long feud with Cherry Funk, you finally thought the feud was ending and then Terry funk comes up with a great idea to elevate it even further they're going to do it in an empty arena. The whole thing was kind of shot, renegade style with one person and just Lance Rustle on commentary, and even before that he's chain smoking cigarettes on camera with the Mike and he's not even sure. If this match is going to take place, if they're ever going to air this footage- and then Terry funk comes in profanity lace, Promo, Jerry Loller, nowhere to be found and then like a fucking Asshole, Jerry laller comes in all dressed ind white with the Cape and the hat. But I'll tell you what this is an absolutely fantastic match a if you go watch any of the empty arena. Stuff! That's going on! Now! You need to go back and watch this virse there's a lot of things that can be learned. Just in the presentation alone. You weren't sure if this was a work or a shoot. So that's Whete, I'm going to go with April, twenty fifth, nine Huteen and eighty one the empty arena match with Terry funk and Jerry the King Laller. I hope there's somebody listening that doesn't understand the phrase they decided to make Jerry laller a face, as if hehad become a so grotesque t, they had to cut someone else's skin off and leather face him. He was like Elephant Man, Jerry Loller, in mask too it's like a John Travolta movie literally me Ace off God's Greatone Al Right, man crush. What do you have for television all right? Well, first of I want to say that it's nice being in between and like Kindof oreocookie between you guys, because I feel like I have a little bit of Yourpick, an a little bit of Boz right in the middle. It's not planned, but the Saar came out. We got November Fifteenth Nineteen ND, Eighty Nine, before a sold out crowded just over four thousand Ravenous fans at the Houston Field House in Troy, New York, this television event, it drew a fantastic four point: nine share for Turner Broadcasting. That's like Monday night war numbers very impressive for wrestling in Nineteen Nine on television, I must say 'cause what were they doing like during those eighy three weeks like five, usually four and fives sure it I ranged usually somewhere between four four and a half. Some of the episodes even got up to t the low fives yeah, so that, like for four point, nine nineteen nine for wrestling, I think that's a huge number. I defi, but I you know like I honestly I feel gypped. Then I missed out on a lot of these, like WC, w an w a events as a kid like being in New York. Obviously wwf this king, especially if you live close to the city and over the last few years, I've gone back and I've watched a bunch of of stuff that I never got to see. I missed out on a lot, but my parents back of the day they would buy me all these, like wrustling magazines as a kid, and they always had these amazing photos, Rick Flare on the cover they were senterfolds. Do it seriously. They we e, like there, was pin up pictures of him with the belt like he'd, be like bloody and sweaty and stuff, and I never knew like where I could watch this 'cause. It d. They just didn't, have it where I was and it feel so simple nowadays 'cause you could just google somebody and boom. You can learn everything about them, but, like in nineteen, nine I'd get these magazies. I had no fucking clue how to see these matches, but here yo o this television event right here. I definitely missed out on listen this card, so there were seven matches this night you had the freebirds verse Road Warriors Yeah Doom Versus Eddie, Gilbert and Tommy Rich Yeah, the midnight express versus the dynamic dudes. I didn't know anybody else had to scapeoar. Besides Darby Allans, that's pretty fun, Steve Williams, super destroyer, Steiner, brothers, skyscrapers lexlur against Pitman or pilman. Rather and then you had t e the grandaddy like Tismatch, the eye quit match between Rick Flare and Terry funk to just cap like amazing, like almost every single one of these matches is a whall famor in it and speaking of the mean event, it's a culmination of a six month, feud between Rick Flari, Tary, funk and it all comes down Ts. I quit match this guy's name. He comes up all the time for years and maybe like rje, can weigh in on this, but Dave miltser of the wrestling observer. He rated this match the top match of nineteen nine, an a matter of fact. He readed five matches with that five star honor in Nineten, nine Rick Flowr, was in four of them yea. So having finally been able to see this stuff over the last twenty years, he'she's in my Mount Rushmore, you know I got like flare, stone, cold, savage and HBK R J. maybe you can ye, you could squeeze in there. MOUNTER is kindof like the Gen Challott, as he have the hair, though he should. He used to have a mulley and I think everyone was very took hem much more seriously. Then no, he has certainly his biases as anyone who just gives their opinion on stuff us it's a matter of taste but the it's one of those things where like clearly, it's a great mach, no matter what you're into right, you hat imition that you don't like it, you still have to say it's a great match. I also want to say it's very telling that in two of these picks, Terry Funk is featured prominently. Yeah, it's almost like. If you take my pick and bows pick and merge them yeah you get man Cru, it's it's really it's crazy and I could have put. I was big on WWF. Obviously I said before just growing up and I could have put a TV match from wwfhere but Honestley. I don't think any of them held a candle to this match. You know Hogan savage in eighty nine. It was fun butt's, on a par with this Hogan Bossman, it's whatever ultimate warrior: Recrout, maybe but like flare steamboat in eighty, nine and flar funk were epic, but this television event. It's amazing- and this is a plash of the champion's nine New York knockout. It took place on what date was it again November, Fifteenth Osan, nine hutdred and eighty nine, and it has the infameuts even always with Terry funk in both the scenarios, the empty ARENAMAC and the equipment is also like. Oddly specific displays of violence and injury in the New York knockout there's the bag over the head, which is incredibly dangerous and frightening, and in the empty random ash she gets his eye taken out screaming the luddy murder. In his this horrible disway of suffering, it's like as great as the empty arenamax is incredibly difficult to watch an oh yeah. I watch the whole thing today and yeah. It holds up. Well, though Yeah Oh yeah, its, like Whoa. What the monk was that almost the same way is you would watch bum fights now we're talking Wast, O um fights episode. Can I come on for that? One? You know what we didn't mention too, is you had Jimmy Hart and I had Garyhart. That is true. It's another weird tie and I had heart to hard anyhow, let's witll toss us one into R J city for the ruling. Yeah I'll tell you what was what was not mantioned about the initial episode of Nitro. Is that the stunning conclusion to it was that Lex Lugre shows up wearing what seems to be a women's blouse with the Frilis Tleners, yes, and a classic line on commentary was get the camera offe 'cause it wasn'tscripted at all, and it was in the mall of America Yeah. It was such a weird setting so and you would have people going up the escalator like going to tach a Max or something and they were like what is this? Why is Brian Hillman here? It was right, ofter, a tiffany concert as influential as all these experiences and matches are. I must say, the first episode of Nitro did really set off a reverberation through the entire business and change the landscape, as opposed to lets. Do T v shows that build to paper views. It really started the game of let's make every T v show its own mini pay per view, and that's what that was so. For that reason alone, I will have to give the no n thousand nine hundred and ninety five. This is a rarity. I don't know what to do with myself, but TAT's too roun. Alright, Ol. You pick up a point and take control of the board. What category are we GOINE WITH NEXT WELL ALEX? Let's go with H, Coth hop products, the first time in the entire existence of this series that I'm I'm feeling pretty good about a hot product and round two and round two, Sir Nineteen. Ninety five, no specific day there were a few different dates, because this was a multiplatform release, but it was the release of the Classic Digital Grappler Wf Ressellmania, the arcade game, released by Arcade Titan's midway, which of course they made n fl Blittz one of my favorite games, eight members of the WWFROSTER, which is pretty dismal compared to the size of the roster you get today in video games, but commentary from Vincemcmanagery the King Waller. I would assume there are some likely very dated off color remarks in that commentary. Oh let a manouver neither here nor there. The game was released in t en arcade cabinet version first and then it made its way to home consels like playstation Lak, a Saturn, supernintendo, P C, believe it or not, but it was described as wwfmets NBAGM in mortal combat, which I don't know if you can ask that much more out of a game N in nine hunered and ninety five, pretty favorable reviews for its well rounded presentation from detailed characters, Fund game play all that stuff h. So it's it's kind of a kind of a classic people are still pourting it today and still playing it on those. You know whatever you call it online. Where you go to play old games, you can't get physically anymore. So that's my pet hot product, nine teen. Ninety five is release of WW, F Resselmania, the arcade game, wow solen Youwa. I just want to Clarifi s e. You went with the arcade game, Yeah II'l I'll I'll just say. I went with a cabinet version, although the arcade game is available. was available an I think, seg genesis and supernintendo right. That was the name of the game. Was the ARCAE IT T R? That's why I didn't. I didn't know if you was talking about the Cabinet Aon, the actual type, so it came out as the cabinet version and then slowly pourted its way to home consols, and I think the phrase the artade game was coed for exactly like mortal commet atotal ripple, that's fine, all right! So for my hunt product, you know a few episodes back mancrush had gone with some concert tickets so that Kinda got me thinking like if you were in wrestling nine utded and eighty one hot product. You'd want tickets to the biggest event, so p wy ranked the number one feud for all nineteen. Eighty one was Androi the giant versus killer Kan, and this went for the whole year and then something that people couldn't believe happened. Killer Kan broke Andrea, the giant's ankle you put androthe giant up on the ropes kilerkan dives off the rope drives the knee into entre, the giant's ankle and braks his ankle put entre the giant out of commission. In reality. What had happened was Andre broke his ankle the morning of the match getting out of bed, so they had to do a little bit of time in the hospital, but they wrote it into the story line so on November, fourteenth nineteen eighty one at the Philadelphia spectrum they had the Mongolian stretcher match now. The only way to win this match, of course, was to put somebody on a stretcher and have them carried out of the arena. Oddly enough, they never really thought of the fact that the stretcher, of course, could hold killer come, but there was no way that the stretcher was going to hold Andre so spoilers. So I went to our good friends over a newspapers dotcom and in the courier post out of candem New Jersey November thirteh nineteen. Eighty one found an article here says: Canvas the bouts and it has a nice picture of Endre from one of the previous bouts with killercon and a headlock and says if you've never seen a Mongolian strutccure match, you'll want to watch killer can and onsor the giant demonstrate it for you at the spectrum tomorrow. Also on the ten match card or bomb backland against the magnificent Morocco, Attag Jeam, perring, Mister Fuji and Mister Saido against Sg Jones and Tony Atlas. Tickets are six dollars, seven dollars and eight dollars. So for as low as six bucks, you could go see the iconic Mongolian stretcher match, which was the big blow off to this year, long feud. That pwy called the best view of Nineteen D. Eighty one I got confused there used to be a video in the backroom at my local video store called the Molgolian Stretcher, but it definitely wasn't wrestling. I was that through the Beadegryeah, definitely wasn't wrestling O, that's my ht product, the hottest ticket in town, Andre, the giant and killer can, and this Mongolian stretcher match the thing I loved it was probably like Idra. You know it's interesting that we were just talking about the elephant man, because if him getting out of bed and snapping his ankle sounds like at the elephant andied, he tried to get out of bed and he broke his neck. His head just snapped his neck and HAP, but I imagine Ang, you know waking up breaking his ankle, then like calling people calling Vince and be like hey, my ankle's broke it and he's like he's. What will do you'll wrestle tonight and he'll break your ankle again and be like wait a minute. I E. I don't think you quite Luc cul get it o bad, then already happens. Now it's going to be a Mongulian stretcherman and that's a sad thing. That's what happened too 'cause. You know Vince Gosom, yes, boss and N. Andre, of course, does it. You know on a broken ankle. You know yeah, I'm sure the match didn't last long, but still Ma'an. The match has also weird rules. It's like it wasn't very. Like look moanything Mongolian sounds cool because none of us have any her EIM. I go neber one Neber, two, judging by the rest of the card with Mister Fugi and Mister Saito, it's pretty clear that at this time no Americans, like anyone who was Okathatthat, was the racist, troke Dejore, even though I'm pretty sure Mister Seyedo was like Halian or something that was like. The classiic wrestling turn and then the stretcher Mac is just like you, just gotta get 'em on it like putting a Hummer on a hot wheel track, though getting Andre the giant on one of those things. Yes, yes and I feel like at one point he they tri to get him on it. Oh the men. This is amash that everyone should watch. I feel like the man you get. They got caught on the structure and, of course, conplaing dead, and these men have to carry him out and it's really heavy and Kons a big fella and it's dead weight and they keep dropping him, and it's just like really just reckless and sad and now, all of a sudden I have sympathy, forkiller gone may the pillar I Nowi, and that feud killed killer, Kan becauseafter this year long feud, he kind of faded off into obscurity. I mean Andre Kindaf demolished his career after this yeah. It's a shame all because and has o leap out of bed. He couldn't get that ramp. That old bulldogs have, after, like seventy five beers, the night beforelike. I doubt he was leaping picturing like this Disney Princess cenary he's like oh I'm, Ot to O tathe birds are coming and landing on thei giant arms, but they're, not little birds, they're like giant birds and owls and they're like huzards. Can you imagine, though, trying to walk like you guys are like Ba like what are you like two hundred pounds, R D ICAL at Yeah Butlik? If you proke your ankle and you try to walk on it, you know fucking painful. That would be. An eit was like a hundred a five hundred pounds. Id Ye have a uting. He was in already just Li Deah God awful fucking awful you Wantt like do your knowledge is Otin Andpra, it is superimpressint like butchpatrick was, was sharpas attack, but you know the shit like you're, not reading it off anything you're just pulling it out, like we've researched his shit, to bring it to you, and you just know it. I love to ponder like there's. I have so much in my head about dishit. I like to ponder what I must have forgotten like what skills I doun't have, because my brain is working for this. What it math, cursoprocad, Uckan telte for, can o its it's a real. It's areal shoe tying e kid. Just can't figure out how to use a spoonfunny story on how this episode came about listers of the show shot out to Bryan and Tommy, and I think CRA nd the rent ranger they ha. They had sent a message to Shane Helms and I was getting the the episode together and I sent a message: A D new bawas coming on, I'm like who do you want and he's like I'll ty for rd city and Iwas allright? So I sent a message to you and they sent a message to Shane. I didn't know that they sent this message to him and both of you guys replied like to see fucking time, and I was like we gad a problem because, like we don't want to do blike back to back wrestling episodes and he sent to Soe Message and he's like. Oh, what's up, and I told him what the episode was about and I was talking to you at the same time and you were like yeah: Let's do it and I we just stopped talking withbut, I'm glad now 'cause dude you're, like I cannot believe how much shit you know just Al tothank you and well. Let me point out another bizarre wrestling connection. As you know, I'm in a a feud and begrudging friendship and Tagam with David or cat and in the movie ready to rumble Shane Helms was Dave, Arquettz Dundovel, no kineriand to to make it even further six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Wev Got Jamie Kennedy from scream coming on for next week. Isn't that Bazar, that's crazy? We live in a fucking werit's, so lear that all these middling celebrities would have nothing to do so so Unusan serindipitous 's. So grat, can I tell you my favorite piece of arquet related wrestling tri. As you may know, there was a cartoon called Hulcogens Rock and wrestling MHM David Ourcat's, Father Leuis Ourquett was the voice of super flag, Jimmy Snuck, the relation of Hokogen was actually Brad Garret and the voice of the junkyard dog to bring it all around to what we're talking about before we even started James Avery, sopry and then Hav a shrudder and then Kevin Nash was Super Shren and I was in a movie with Haman, F Jesus. This is too much. We shulda tend this now wha ot dout Onlin. Well before we end this game. Why don't we end this round? First Mancrash? What have you got for hut products we're trying it doesn't matter, people don't listen, either way, all right so much like bow. I couldn't pinpoint a date for this one. It was kindof like all over the place. It was nineteen and I n they were elease though, and this product right here made appearance on season three of neflixes the toys that made us. So you know it's going to be petty, iconic and Osley. I put these figures right behind my gi Jos, as a favorite toy O. Damn you every kid in my neighborhood h had one of these literally all the kids in my block had them, and I know this because when we were juniors in high school, this is like ninety four. Ninety five, my friend Robb you had this rocket set with, like all these rocket launchers, and we strapped these to rockets in the field behind my house and, like I'm, proud to say my vinze mcnan figure, he made a great journey and he landed up on a roof and it was there for years he just laid there and his fucking suit his little H, commentator bl and he's postd like this yeah, I'm glad you know where I'm going with the Surrey so oks like he's about to sneeze I'Mi, wonder if you MAS, burnt at all, because all the other ones that we shot off, they either fell off or they just got lost in the woods and we never found them again. But what Dick Heads we were because I don't even know if they were the ones from the eighty nine set like if anybody had one, but if they did I'm sure they'd be kicking themselves now, but these eight inch figures they actually debut. Nineteen. Eighty four there was a total of six editions. The final series, which was released in nineteen nine. It consisted of six new wrestling figures and thirteen rerelease figures, and although this is the last year that Elgian put out the restling superstars, it's the most valuable and collected series of the entire spectrum of Elgaan Zupersaurs, like Yo'l you'll, typically hear people talk about these the blackcards since ljn, they released the tes with a black packaging rather than the typical blue packaging that they had before that, but supposedly ww F had sold the rights to these just prior to the release of series. Six to this Canadian company called Grand Toys. So in spite of that, all these were available to R J and Canada. You could buy him at a store, but in the United States you had to get m via mailorder, so they made them supersault. After the United States 'cause, you just couldn't get 'em, but we saw them like places. They were like in your sears catalog an it, but you couldn't get 'em at a store, but h they go for a pretty penny on Ebay. I look some of these up and obviously there's not many that are available. ECAUSE people, just don't let these go, but the ones that I found that were packaging. Big Bossman was thirty. Eight hundred Bucks haxsaw Jim Dugin, was a thousand and I guess he was like a like. There was a lot of that one that was still a thousand Bucks Hawhoo nineteen hundred bucks and I couldn't even find the super rare ones like savage or Gibiasi adriandones was another one who had been released by the WW FR in eighty seven. He died in eighty eight and they put out this figure in eighty. Nine was probably just like a leftover, and some of those figures now are going for, like five thousand bucks, but there you have it it's serie, six, so nine Ispretty shitty that they didn't really put out like it wasn't like an a Adran Adonis memorial figure Ri with casket. They just put it out like he was still wrestling Yep adorable Ta iit was so Shitty like. I never saw that one and I couldn't even find it online, so it must be super rare. I know he was post like this. I have it, you have very femine. Yes, I have the ASRIAN Adonnis. I have don't have hacksog Jim Dogin. I really have most of them except the ones from this. This line. Don't have Aj, I don't have big bossman don't have Hako. Acou is very rare because I think there's one version with the rig ow round yeah, where he was Kingahako when he beat Harley Raisin in a week or whatever the deal was yep, incredibly rare, so so very weird, and then after that is when they came out with the hasrow line. I that was like the next verson and then they really just cranked it up and it got a lot better y H. I mean, if you care about articulation, then I guess it's a big deal but like back of the eighties, when we were doing these, the ring was like indestructible yeah. I remember like Friends of mine like jumping on the ring just being dicxond. The thing would never break and these guys were solid. The worst is when you got a pose and you're like this, like Jesse Binchar was like thit o like what am I going to do with this like what like, you can only do hip tosses yea, this isn', very exsite, all the rotty Piper figure could do was put people in headlocks. Yes, that's TERRIBI. You guys have bad imaginations, you just smash them together. Ewhat else. Do you need now? They'e got finger, articulation and shit cares. But anyhow, that's my pick series six, one thouand nine hundred and eighty nine lgan wwf wrestling superstars all right. Well, let's go down to R J city for the ruling for the hot products round. The arcade game is terrible. I play it, I do play it, but also know it's bad. It's one of those things where, like joink, has a handbuzzer that turns either shocks you into a skeleton. You know the only thing that saves it is that was followed by an even worse game, called in your house yeah, which was the same same but worse. They each had their custom Arinas, and it was, I think it was on the first version of playstation. It was really really terrible and they just they didn't know what they were doing at all. It was just very, very bizarre. A YOKO'S INE would throwsalt, which is very apropo and as much as I like, killer con, and you guys know me, I'm a big killer, Conguy, who isn't right, fair enough, and he also wer those weird flip flops that were also like Kindof stilps to the ring they werevery e had to walk very gangerly, but then again, who knows what happens in Mongolia Notus? That's why they have that they make good barbecue, though that should bring it back, though you should bring back the Mongolian stretcher 'cause. Why not yeah, and it was just this- it was like a cot like an ormy cot, so with all that set- and it's really the ljn figures hit me straight in my heart, they're part of everythere. The reason I went to any garage sale and the reason I still go to Ani Garagsale PAMFOR is because they may be just you may see a Hacko Jib dug and a seen. Lady does' know the Ale is and you're like I'll give hem five bucks for this he's a loser, trust Ba a show, a o, Tis onfor. That reason I I have to go with the action tikut's sweet. You know, what's always cool about those two is when you do find them if they have their clothes stillon or if they're completely rubbed off like I have Um, it's a stone Col, it's not in Ljan, it's like a later one, it's probably like late nineties, but it's the same deal he's rubber and his ass is completely gone. There's no pants on it. I have it in my car. He just rises round there. He also has no fingers. I bought her for a quarer. I used to get such anxiety watching other kids play with action figures, roughly you're playing with them wrong. You know what that's can be worth one day assole and the other thing about the L J N is that a lot of them did have their own accessories that were easily lost. Fosman had a nightstick Hax. I had the two by four: it's it's this big. You know it's so small, yeah, they're, so tiny and you're throwing them around a toddler is going to choke on it for sure horrible idea, sir. That's good stuff, norry man crush whell. You Tie up this game at one apiece and you take control of the board. What category we going with for a final one point round, man things are going so well that I think I have to do this one. I have to go news here: 'cause we're still in the one point rounds. R J might hate me after throwing this new story out, but it's nineteen, eighty nine. So I have to do it H, February, tenth niteen. I it's a really touchy subject, especially in the eighties. You know, we've done the whole John stossle thing we've covered that before, but it's a huge wrestling story for nineteen and I o would be remissed if I didn bring this up and I'd like to hear what a professional wrestler is take on. The whole situation is meaning me wo're talking Abo, yes, IAM talking, abutit's Otof, just stiheads, always like Oh yeahll, fork them e. believe me, anyone could be a professional wrestler. I donto, I see some e idessof people in far worse shape than any of you, gentlemen, it's not so much the shape. Actually, no, it is the shape like if I go to shop right- and I see somebody driving around one of them scooters when they don't have any business. I always wonderng myself like why the fuck are you on that they broke their ankle, getting out of pain, hat's a big deal, but this story rig here comes by way the New York Times- and I hate the titalist article. But here it is it's now it can be told those pro wresslers are just having fun by some Gebroni named Peter Kur, all right. So here here's the article in attempt to free their events from regulations that apply to boxing and other sports that cause serious injury. LINEMIC Mann and the WWF participated in New Jersey, legislative hearing, an attempt to deregulate professional wrestling in New Jersey to push this deregulation Linda, had to commit the ultimate wrestling sin and admit that professional wrestling was just a predetermined event meant to entertain and not an actual fight as a result of her testimony, a bill, deregulating professional wrestling past e Senate by a vote of thirty seven to one once the WWF stated that they featured scripted sports entertainment with a predetermine outcome, it was ruled that New Jersey had no authority to regulate their events. I wantto see where this comes in. If it's changed t all too undersaid legislation, the state's Athletic Control Board would no longer have to license wrestlers promoters. Timekeepers referees and the ressers would no longer be required to take a physical prior to exhibition. Is that still true, or so that I don't know wbut the deal is in New Jersey, but that's determined by state, and there are still some states where you need to be licensed and it's still run by the Athletic Commission, because it's certainly in a manner athletic right and also highly dangerous course. DDE W we watched just the other night, we had um double or nothing do there were spots in there. I literally had to close one eye, and I mean I'm not R, there's no crowd, so you didn't really get the feeling of the crowd but like when Darby Allen jumped off the top of the fucking ladder with a skateboard on top. I was just like Oh wi, always say for something that is fake. It could be a lot more fake o. We could have turned that knob up a little more. It's so great. Let me just finish this last paragraph in here it says the WWF cleverly escape regulation in New Jersey by admitting e professional wrestling is in a aniqute. This is what they actually said. It's an activity in which participants struggle hand in hand primarily for the perpise of providing entertainment to spectators, rather than conducting a bonafite athletic contest and quote, and by doing so it actually also helped them with the state tax on television rights. So you know that they had to do it primarily. I'm sure there was a lot of money involved there, so that has another reason that they did that. But this is one of those days where they say that you know K Fab was definitely put to the test, so this is the thing that is so so so interesting that, in my research, the first fixed match on a grand scale was N, an Nineteen D, twenty five, okay and then five years after that, the New York Times decides to not cover wrestling results because they know it's bullshit. So this is in nineteen, thirty and the New York Times is hip to what's going on. Also like you, don't need to break cafabe or see how they did it. You. I just need a mild understanding of physics to understand that this is not real a all. So so why were they lying to people? For that long? I don't understand it's kind of like Santa closs in a yeah. Well, you know that's how I kind of like in wrestling a especially as a kid 'cause like you, wanted to believe you believed in it and then one day one of your prick friends said there is no Santa Claus and youere like Fucky, you, man, and then you told somebody else, but even when you were a kid, when you were play wrestling you you understood what that meant. We actually beat the Shit at each other. I she you not. We had this little corn yard in between the two yards and we used to do royal rumbles and it was surrounded by a fence and we literally it wasn't because we thought wrestling was you know real, but we were trying to mimic what you guys do, but we just bucked each other up, so that just gives even more credit to what you do to not get injured. You know 'cause, we seriously like there were broken arms. I remember I got smashed into a car and I get stitches behind my head 'cause. Somebody swung me into it: That's where they got Jerry lowler's new face, one of your neighbor kids and also verngane apparently admitted the same thing in the seventies to get out of paying whatever athletic commission fees. So the answer seems to be in wrestling is always money, yeah for sure for sure and yeah. It was one of those interesting things where like they would admit it and then still not admitt it and still now, this old gress is being like I'll teach that reporter guy a thingor two or you aidadal. This is very fake, see I love it now, like I think, back in the day, people took it so seriously and we're we're going on rambles. With this I don't give a shit, but like back in the day, it was taken so seriously that, like even after a contest like the wrestler still kindof like built it up, that it was real and like nowadays you you Kindo Watch these like Postuh post events, crums and media crums and everyone's just kind of open about the whole thing, and there are some people that continue with their character. But ultimately it's just like normal talk like in their podcast or whatever so yeah. Yet I would love it if they just stopped and took a bow like a Broadway play. That's what it is. It's ltom! It's! It's entertainment, you don't after a movie, YOU'RE NOT LIKE! Oh, is that real triple agh used to bow in all of his matches. So yes, fair enough, but I think the other thing is if we actually compared it to movies and Broadway plays people would quickly determine it's not that good, let's stay away from comparing it to movie alrightwe'll do so, but how that was my choice. I don't know who's next llright. So for news, nineteen, eighty one wrestling- I I found a debut of a wrestler and you know sometimes when h promotions are trying to think of new characters, you kind of pull from all different aspects well over in Japan. They wanted to introduce a new light heavyweight division. So why not go for a comic book character as a professional wrestler? This sounds like a great idea, so they found a comic book character, an animate character that was about a professional wrestler. That was a feared heel in the United States and then a young Japanese boy said you know when I grow up. I want to be just like this wrestler and be a villain to so that wrestler said no more. He came home and became a national hero to Japan. The story I'm telling you, of course, is the story of Tiger Mask who debute on April twenty third nineteen, eighty one they wanted to create a new character in a new style of wrestling and what Tiger mask brought to the game. Absolutely revolutionized and change the game of wrestling really introduced a faster paced style. Doing more aerial moves moves using the ropes similar to the Lucalibrace ta well in his first match on April twenty third eighty one he put on an absolute clinic with the great dynamite kid throughout the years, the tiger mass character would live on and get played by several different wrestlers, but the original tiger mass debuted April, twenty third nineteen, eighty one and if you're looking for relevancy, you just watch any match today and you're going to see moves that are directly from his repertoir matter of fact: Ramosterio's six, one nine! What's originally called the tiger faint kick and you got the tiger souplex watch any Keniomega match or even xpox little jumping heelkick. That's a move right from tiger masks, repertwar! So that's what I got for news. The debut of Tiger mask all right, bobee craft over to you well in a career that began and was over quicker than a hick up. Legendary New York giants, linebacker Lawrence Julius Taylor, but ar known as lt made his professional wrestling debut with the wwfby taking on Ban Baan Begalo in the main event, the main event of Resselmania Eleven April April. Second, nineteen. Ninety five in Hartford Connecticut now this was a nice long, slow, burned, slow, build up. fewd began after he appeared at ringside at the roal rumble and laughed and the face of Banbanbigalo after he as Pinne by the one two three kid or Xpok, six, whatever you want to call Hem. So over the next several weeks, they you know th y. They drag this storyline out the TOR trash talking. They just build the feud up and it builds and builds until the culmination of ressel mania. Where yes, Taylor picked up the pinfall over ban Bam after a second rope, forearm drop, which is, of course, we all know the ultimate finisher, the deadliest of aerial assaults. To my knowledge, he he's not performed in a ring since that night twenty five years ago, and I probably wouldn't either if I got Bam, Bambigao kicked out of Ted dbss stable there. You go these short, quick career of Lt Morn'e Taylor in a professional wrestling realm he's one of the really really a underrated celebrity matches. Ever he was, he came to work and then act was good and he threw a shitload of forearms. He was no carm alone, no Carwellowasi, think but laurence like really. That was the main event of that Resselmania and it's just crazy to think about how good that ash was yet how Um underrated it is. I don't think people look back on it as findly as perhaps a mister tea. Maybe if it was like a bow Jackson, maybe then they'd have a better shot. You know H, that's IT'S A FASCNN! Also on that show there was a performance by salt and PEPPA. His team song was what a man- oh very nice. I was hoping it was pushing. Oh I wi. So I think that was good. However, and certainly you know admitting wrestling is is scripted as they say I will say. Let me just put it out there. If there are any wrestling bookers listening, can we script these things better? I'm given an outline at TAT. I don't know what my motivation is where to stand. I know nothing, my ultimate vote. If I'm going to really go by influence- and I think I should it's longest lasting- would be tigermask, because not only did he, you know mold the modern style, but if he watchhis matches he's still doing shit and those matcess that I i's so crazy that I still don't see it today. He was really ahead of his time and really one of the few like cool guys at the time, especially with the mask the other mass cguys were like Milmascaris and he was kindo weird. He had like a little liberocshevived to him with a little arted figure afso. The masks guys were especially like in North America. They just back in the day. It was kind of lame, yeah kind of boring yeah for sure it e same thing like Great Moda. Like the other night I watched uh, I don't even Wat to Sa what it is yet, but I watched another vet where he was on and he was doing shit that I'd see these days and he was doing it fantastic, and it was just like why wasn that dude at the top of the car yeah, who just one of my all time, favorites the feut he had WUSD Stang back in the day. Some of the best matches I've ever seen just really well told, have two different color h. What do they call the shit like the the myss two different coleralike hod o even do that he was asking a lot. I think he did tell a very complex story: character, Wel for wrestling at the time. Yeah, Oh for sure, especially in the promotions e he was in everything was very simple, except when, like another foreignert schimmic would just be I'm Russiang, I'm a bad guy yeah, exactly I'm communist all right! Well, this game is tied up at one one and one as we're heading into the first two point rounds, and I have control of the board. You know what gentlemen I want to go to movies for the next round. I think rern dew some wrestling movies. So from my first pick you know we're going to go with a wrestler by the name of Mr Oxbaker. You guysmight remember from the late seventies early eighties. He was a staple heel in all of the territories. You might not remember the name, but you'll know the face long over grown moustache and them the really siirawointed eyebrows kind of what you'd see out of Lan sinister minister years later so you're wondering well. What movie did this gentleman do? He actually did a few, but in nineteen eighty one you'd know him best from the movie escape from New York, where he actually played the glaudatorial combat of snake Pillskin Curt Russell Pliskin. What did I say? I like Pillskin, the fuckis steak, Pillska it's his cousin that was like his Red Misrin. So that's what I escaped from New York, nineteen n eighty one and and has ox Baker and he's just awesome in the movie such a commanding presence on screen. I'm surprised this guy didn't do more movies. He only did a handful of films but yeah escaped from New York. That's my movie's offering for this first two point round man crush over to you. That was an excellent description by the way, because when you said the name, I really didn't know wha. You were talking about and as soon as you said, the eyebrows I knew exactly. I had just watched that last week to moustache is just like long and overgrown. Yeah Kinda, like my sity, must nask right, exact, yeah and then the eyebrows kind of angle in and then come out, O reverse o your drop he's like Abe, vagoda's, evil brother back when wrestling still had a remnants of the freak, show yeah yeah, no yeah. He was definitely ox. Baker was definitely a relic from that era, and that's why he traveled all these different territories. He was a heel character and he was you know he was the big heavy that was coming in to put somebody over from town to town and sh outside of Andre. He was a pretty pretty commanding presence. Yes, he was well unlike yours, just SAS the one actor. This is a whole movies about wrestling June. Second, Nineteen Eigh, nine. The gloves are starting to come off now, 'cause, it's tied and we're two point round. So here we go mark G, another one. I just irewatched this last night, total eighties enjoyment. It's a bit rocky four mixd, with a story about Ted Turner, at least like that's the vibe that I get from it like I'm pretty sure up and a half, it's not not going to happen to host. I'm pretty sure. To conclude this movie holkogen commits two murders and nobody cared. He actually got like some insane pop for it h, but then, on top hat, all you get like a smoking Hot Jone severancees in this movie, even though like she's supposed to be working for Ted Turner as a Sabotaur and ends up falling for whole Cogan, an is ridiculous push up her tea and a pair of like miniature underwear, all sweaty. I mean it's like Tan, I so who wouldn't you know, but this movie it went on to take in Sixtyn million dollars, Ot the box office about thirty four million dollars in thoesand and twenty a d as far as like ww I'm in a Qlwwf just because, as far as like WWF productions go, this is probably the most recognized cinematic experience and their entire catalogue, probably the most profitable one of the most nostalgic parts of entire movies. You get to see like the WWF logo, on the tern buckles and the ring and it's n the actual ring itself and then holkogen or rip as they call Hem, is the WWF heavyweight champion on the world and at that time, in nineteen nine I mean that made all the difference to me as a kid 'cause. It wasn't like some made up organization which they did in a lot of movies, but it was always weird to me that they ju St didn't call Hem whol Kogan. I know it was done by new line but, like obviously ww F was involved, so bythe fucky calling 'e rip but anyhow and going back to a point that you were making before about Lawrence Taylor and how anybody coal be a wrestler. This is kind of where I idiffer on that, because when I was eleven years old and this movie came out, but I totally agree on the movie part because of this I totally remember buying into like Tom, tiny lister as Zeus, and if you guys don't know hi, I talking about this h. He play Debo and Friday um and I totally bought it until they put him in the ring on ww, F television. That was an absolute abomination and it it just speaks volumes about, like actual professional wrestlers like you that go through, and do this the right way, because I was scared shitless at the Dude in the movie and eleven years old. But then I thought he was like an absolute joke in the ring when they had hem like Wa. Was He part of Summer Slam or Resteminiou Five? I can't remember summer slim. It was Summersli. Yeah, so I on't know it was. It was Kindo Weird, but in the movie was great, he was fucking psycho, choking people for no reason breaking. I don't even know what happened to old randy. Do you break his neck 'cause? Then? All of the sudden he's standing at the end y Zeus breaks everybody's neck. Sometimes you'll break your neck five times in one match. That's just fow. We rolls except for rip, he couldn't break his neck, but of course we're talking about no holds barrd. There was released on June second nineteen. Eighty nine. There was also Noseho nohols bar the movie, the match, the payper view event where they played the movie and then I believe it was randy savage in Zeus against brutus and Hogkoga, because they knew enough by the to not leave Zeus in the ring by himself. He had those big shoulder pads that he came out with. It was all like phrome looking Edea so thegimic. It is weird and it's at one of those weird things where it's like Um. You know that when it's like, why don't you just behold? Cogan, it's like that. Cosby show thing where it's like: it's t e Cosby show, but like we gotto call, you cliffs, like wit the Ouandthen, but then you know, Zeus invades the real diiar o have, but as Zeus, yeahright likewhy, why couldn't you just make it one way? I don't I mean that is consistent with the lack of logic in the wrestling universe. I suppose so so it actually ties in. So it makes it a better pick but yea s sense in it's a lagicality, especially in nineteen IG. Nine, I'm just wondering Hel. We didn't get like bill cosby in some sort of wrestling movie, so coldle what t'a, tough subject all right, boby craft hoi have for the movies round: movies, N nine tee ND. Ninety five that are affiliated with professional wrestling. This was the third installment in Atrilogy that America demanded I'm talking Thi summer blockbuster years in the making a spencer and Bru broke into his headquarters to capture the notorious drug. Lord Manuel Santiago setting forth a domino effect of pure Adrenalin in action. I'm talking about the WHOLEKOGAN vehicle release July, Eleventh Nineteen, Ninety Five Thunder and paradise through ithought. It was only a TV show now get this, this third installment. Actually the combination of two episodes of the thunder and Paradise Series, which each separate part aired during the show's initial run and syndication. Now, when that failed, they thought, of course, well what if we make it a movie and sure enough a global box office. Success followed shortly thereafter, and by that I mean it, went straight to video, where it performed dismally at best, and of course this is not to be confused with the Jimmy Buffett, superhit cheeseburger in paradise, under in paradise, three, the third part wait. Were there two other movies yeah, I assume using the same premise of well. This was a Shitty flop of a TV show, so let's just combine the episodes and put it out on a directe video release. No, it's like Leonard Part. Six. There was no other ones. They just made thunder and Paradise Three Thunder a paradise through was actually the first movie in the entire series. It was like Star Wars. There was also a kind of choos our own adventure, CD, ROM game, thunder own heir eyes where they filmed extra stuff. They filmed. Basically a mini episode was one of the choices to stop playing to drownd. Are you sure you don't want to quit? wellthat that whole series is so bad that, if not for the failure of it, Holkhogan mad never have joined cw ne O yeah was't, all the same, like production lot or whatever yeah. I all filmed it on the universal lot, so he was right there. So it was so easy for Bish off and Turnin to talk hem into it. Yeah. They just showed him a cheqk yeah. It works every time, wow. Well, let's go down to R J city for the ruling for the movies round. Let a tremendous collection of Shit, her Lord and it really does illuminate th the fact that noholds port is and you're right. I would say the most UH successful film that they've had and they've been trying to make films at least now for the past ten years and nothing's even come close to that which also also nomosbarn had one of the first six sided rings. Yes, it did. It was yeah very, very yountheyre, like let's just do everything different, because I was like the Tekerner guy had that it was yeah. Do did you guys when you watchd that I didn't even get that until last night, when I've watched e Milli- and I was watching it last night and I'm like- I really think that, like that was about Ted Turner and his like Evil Organization, coming up to start a wrestling organization. It was just so coincidental like the whole thing, the timing and everything, and then t tuna really got back at him by making thunder and paranise Idon't show 'em that really really works. So just like by Te Fault. I think I must choose ox maker wow ma. Well, I mean that's, it's probably the best movie of the three it's the best movie. I think it did the best and I think, he's probably the best actor, even even though the only other actor is holkogen. Really Zeus is pretty convincing in the movie yeah Zus Jus did have a good career and he had a nice. He was in Little Nicky, also owas in the human centipede three. So it's funny, why? Wouldn't you induct him into the hall of fame? You want to get these ailess celebrities. Nowin tiny listher would be a fine choice, not much like thunder and Paradise. Three was human sentipede three also the first movie ut as supposed to actually watch human satapede. Three then the first thunder in paradise. Oh, it's all part of the hohogen shared universe, yeah, okay, Gotcha, tiny, lister, a mliththa to be aguies that Ob. You know how they say. All the Pixar movies are connected, yea same longwinding, yeah, all the humans. Anything tiny lister is in thisconnecten. Was He really in the third one? That was the one wha was in the jail right yeah? He was in it God. I don't even remember that one. I remember the black and white one in the original. I barely remember the third one: He doesn't either not good. I just remember them ut some dudes balls off all. I remember now what movie doesn't these days, though? That's true all right so mark all right. So with that win, I pick up the lead three to one to one heading into the final round, which is music so Jeez, a INA horner on Thi I did. I did. Music was actually my weakest category coming into this, but you know what we're going to play it for the win anyway. So you know what guys were going to go over to the wrestling album. You know one of the greatest wrestling albums for music of all time, but you're like mark man, you have nineteen, eighty one and not nineteen ND, eighty five! Well, you know what you would be right, but you know what there's a song on the wrestling album than I just love by the junkyard dog and Vick C Robinson called grab them cakes. Well, originally that was released in nineteen eighty one by a little known, obscure rap artists by the name of Captain Chameleon. He actually recorded another song. That was on the pile driver album, which was the wrestling album too. He had worked with some of the same writers in producers that worked on this album, so the junkyard dog and Vicky Su Rominson covered grabbed them cakes, which was originally released in nineteen eighty one. So I know it it's a stretch, but that's where I'm coming for wrestling music from one thousandnine hundred and eighty one. That's a Mongolian stretch. He original release of the junkeyard dog cover song, grab them cakes. I feel for you, though, 'cause like Ni, couldn't really think of anything for eighty one either. So you got to go straight to the newspapers and like what the Hell do you search for yeah. They don't ever report on Thee, music or entrance music n. You know, I know the free birds first started using entrance music around that time, but everything I could find in my research would say early eighties. There was never any specific dates so to nail down a a hard date for something was a little difficult and even then that freebirds thing is a little bit of a old wive's, Tal Yeah. I don't think th Y, like Gorgeous George, is using music decades before right. They may have been the first to use Leonard skinners Ye theyere, the first ome Theve Ben Faalso, very interesting that whole album is cover songs, with the exception of Holkogen Song, both Hekogan songs, the real American and then the piano f Song, which came became the Holkogan rock and wrestling teamshoniht, but also rotty Piper sings, a song called for everybody, and it was a cover of this weird ish punk Song Rom, one thousand nine hundred and eighty called fuck everybody it a actually. Incredibly, it was by Mike Angelo and the idols, and it's an incredibly catchy song and you're. Just you know, unfortunately a year or two late, it sucks and you you know. I was looking at your tshirts but of course, with all this shit going on we're actually we're on prorestling tease as well. We never sell a damn shirt there because we're not wrestlers, but I saw you had a shirt that says: Fuck R, J city, yeah 'cause. I was well cyberbulletbunch of high school ca and they kept writing. FUCK RJ on all my post, like everything it was this weird gang of them, this group messages and they would keep just writing it to me and then I message the Guya hesizes my shirt and 's like how quickly can you get tisure out and then, when I got it, they got so mad and incredibly well. So in the end I fucked myself, but in the best way, possibly Yeh. That's pretty awesome, though yeah like I was like man. I wanted to get a shirt beforehand. I I saw that went on there. I knew that one wouldn't fly wo have some cool ones on there. What if people just go to proressing tea, just type in your name, tofind, it oetling TSE COM, slash R J city and it will be a bevy of Kichi designs, Veror pleasure ther. We have three on there and just go to our key public C. There's way more okay! Yes, I want to make sure you get your plugs into we're going to pick you back off yours Bu! I there, if you're there for an R J city shirt and you buy one you might as well- buy ours, also R, a good Combo fuck save on the shipping. there. You go all right, man crush. What do you have for this final round in music? All Right? So, let's go back to May seventh. Nineteen Nine, like I was a bit torn on this pick right here: restling albums KINDOF, like you like H, we're not available in nineteen nine. We had wrestling albums in eighty seven, eighty five, eighty nine and there was one and I almost went with dusty roads, Honkey tolk man. They had a story line where dusty and hockey tug they got into like a sing off and dusty, performs dusty, be good well, and this is when he was still in Tideye by the Wa before they switched thim over to pokdots whichi like a month later, but I couldn't find like the whole thing, and I wanted to watch the video and really get into it. I couldn't find it but then everwatched the again and something else. I A never seen in his CAMSWWNWA paper view wrestle war and I was fucking blown away by the matchs on this thing. This is the Great Moodo match I was talking about before it actually kicks off the show Um but, like I said as a kid, I totally dug WWF events but as a adult I think Russel war was just way better and it held up a whole hell of a lot more than any other ww F avent from nineteen. Eighty nine. If I go back and watch it now, I think I'd probably be bored yeah, but I was not bored watching this one. This is actually the paper view where flarand steedboat they lock Momons for the third and final part of that year, strilogy between them and steambuck steambuck steam boat took the the last two matches, and everyone was basically saying that you know this flares last stand and Dave meltzer came in again and the wrestling observer, and he ranked this one. This is one of those uh four matches I was talking about. The flair was on another five star match: It's an absolute classic. IT'S THIRTY MINUTES! Long totally awesome story, that's being told in the ring, and then flair pulls this one out. He gets the victory utine or he regains the itle from steeboat for the sixth time and then Terry funk WHO's. One of the judges for this match comes into the ring and he's just blowing rickflair like you're fantastic, thank you like Blah Blah and then he says. Well, I want to be the next guy up to take your title or to to challenge Yo and it's it's a really cool like just like the whole story. That's going on here and he's like dude you've been H in Hollywood for, like four years, been hanging out with stlone. No like there's a top ten. I gotta go off the top ten and then Terry, just absolutely obliterates flare, which makes us the match is awesome, and this just takes it to another level, and then he pile drives them on top of a table, and then it led to the few that I talked about earlier in my first pick. So you had that for like seven months and than all began right here, but then you're staying like whoa where's, the music come in well aside from this event, right here taking place in Music City Nashnall, Tennessee Ted Turner actually gave them extra money for this ITD said Useus for marketing an promotion, do whatever let's get pay perview but buys up, and they end up getting a hundred and twenty thousand paperview buys for this O. that's not too bad. So, as the story goes, Rick Flair is like a big country, music fan and he was able to book the Okradge Boys to not only perform the national anthem but then come in like halfway through and do an eight song show in the middle of the event I just Wan. I just want to interject. I have opened for the Okrage boys twice seetaalike, full circle, Jesus Ole Circle, you're a legend. If I win this round, you're even bigger they smell incredible just for what it's worth well, the due just died last month and even then he smells Incredib, I'm sure they all smell like grey, flannel and grandfathers. But I give you this is nineteen and eighty nine wrestel war with the Okrige boys wow. So that's pretty cool BOP Bo. Oh, can you rip us out an Okrige boy song, but you want Youan Alvira Orofcourse, all right bobe craft. What do you have for the music round? Well, gentlemen, hold on to your undergarments because available now on Amazon and Compat Disk Format for forty nine, ninety nine or the timeless cassette tape for Amer fifteen fifty who could forget in ND nineteen. Ninety five musicolopus hulk rules, the debt album from the wrestling bootband fronted by Terry Bolea, also known as Hulk Hogan clocking in at a monstrous heavy weight. Twenty nine minutes and thirty four seconds this record: Has it all etalking a genre spanning masterpiece rock pop hip, hop more so. In other words, this record paved the way from modern country music, but most of the songs of the record were written by holcogen and Jimmy Hard who actually has legitimate music red by the way. Holl kogen contributes bass and vocals. Jimmy Hart does vocals and percussion guy named J J McGuire does a little bit of everything and, of course, delusious, Linda Hogan, providing vocals and percussion. So in other words, there's nothing. These folks can't do or play. Unfortunately, following its release, it was it was universally panned. The negative response in the fact that it even exists at all has earned the album somewhat of a cult following though it can't be considered a complete bomb, as I did find it peaked at number. Twelve, on the top kid audiokid album's chart, that's whatever that is whatever that is. I had a runner up here H, but it it didn't seem like Rick Darringer was doing much in nineteen ninety five, so I'm going to have to settle for hulk rules the debut album from the wrestling bootband. Now I had heard that hug made that in tributes to a kid yes aproerid yeah it was. It was probably I'm guessing one of the first instances of wwfrw's partnership with maca wish. Evidently, Um Holk was supposed to have this kid. You know ringside or something like that. So the kid didn't make it so. There's there's some sort of line on the record about, I guess I'll, be wrestling with an empty seat in the front row at at Wimbley, or something like that. It's pleynant it's sad, but it's also just kind of Hoky and bizarre, an twenty nine minutes, long, not a bad. It's all killer, no filler. How many tracks is that in twenty nine minutes, eighteen Y- well, this is just it's just the first in a series th, the time life collection is available. Now Seventeen dos footteen records all right. Well, let's go down to rjs city for the final ruling on this game, wow wow, wow wow. I really really really have to go for the deep cut of the Ogridge Boys. It's not that often you get like, such legitimately, decent music in vaain wrestling at all. Ever that's, like you know, getting Paul Simon to do survivor series. Wait that never happened. No I've always said the reason that I haven't done. RESSELMANI is because they won't pay for Pulse Simond. To do my, I just think. That's cool, though, like have you ever done an event that had like a mini concert in between yeah, it's horrible, it's some like local, Rotte band and they'll play some generics or the worst was. We did a show and I cares a part of a fair or something and they're like. Oh, they got this band and they're GOINGTO. Do everyone's wrestling music like when you walk to the ring. Okay, Mie Great. What they didn't tell us was the songs were not our songs, like I don't know like triple ech and like Batista. All like you know, Rocky Guitar Sons, I'm like but t everyone's going to know. Thatthese are not our songs. Please stop! Everyone knows I come out to rock set. It's 'cause. You got the look all right. Well, what we got in this game is a tide gentlemen o get out of here. Do you want me to flip Hollywood Babylon again, you know what ll I'll throw something out whom am I tied with mark? You have three yeah. I have three: Yes, okay, alright, so I'll throw this out there in n, Sanine, utdred and eighty nine just to show like you w how awesome eighty nine was stone: colled, Steve, Austin, actually debuted in September, O eighty nine all right, my extra little tibit of information we're going to go back to the man who likes to hurt people. Mister Oxbaker, who you know we talked about how he was in you know a lot of different movies and escaped from New York, while on February Twelfth Nineteen, eighty one he was on a popular TV show as well. Ox Baker was a contestant on the price. His right get out. O here did not make it to the showcase showdown, but had a great back and forth with Bob Barker Jesus Christ. Can you imagine someone that horrifying sing? One Dollar Bob they're, just GOINGTO? Let 'em win at that point. He want to play Plinko. He just walks up and eats the big wheel. That's what I got from my bonus round. Oxbaker on the price is right. You know, I think, if you opened with that, I would have called it for you. IMMEDA for any of the other Oud, I think it's clear based on that FAC toid. I have to go thou an nine hundred and Einety one wo wo. Sorry, I'm not ot a stone old fan, but I also have another wrestling game show fact that will tie all our worlds together. Oh boy, there is an episode of the original Hollywood squares where the contestant on the show is before he's the AAy world champion. Here's just a plucky young wrestler named Nick Bachwinkle, Wow Ey, and even better than that. The bottom left square east, Charlie Weaver that are known as David, our cat's grandfather wow and they both fucked phyllis diller. After the show and Jim j bullock watched, as was customary thats fucking, that's so wild all the time. It must be a wrestling thing like everything just ties together, I gotta say this has been the most ox Baker: Heavyo E's Beeime, I've Beeni've been in a lot of ox Baker episode. We got notes from the network, they said more ox Baker. They want to cover that eyebrow demographic. Well, now that I lost for three times a row, let me ask you a question like all this stuff about cob salads. Please explain it like boowas trying to explain it to us, and I was just like okay, Somhi ou know h wrestling contract. It's always like who's going to get sign and everyone's like you, should sign with these people. You should sigm with these people and I would just retreat them and say I'm not signing with these people until they get me a cobsalad and and it's such a stupid, sound and it's so it's so hardy 'cause. It has meats and egg and stuff, and I think it's an excellent demand for a contract. It's the poboy of sonds. You got to start wearing a brown derby hat to the ring 'cause. Of course, we all know that the COB Salad was invented at the Brown Derby restaurant. There we go right, that's high, and does it have to have a honeymustard? I heard it has to have some sort of raspberry vinegrette. Oh that', there is a lot of conjecture and I I am willing to be flexible in the dressing. I say if they put it in the contract and they get you the wrong cob salad. Would that make a difference? Yeah I mean we'd have to discuss it. We'd have to go back and forth and perhaps a negotiate. The ingredients do you now? Are there a lot syou're like super charismatic you're? Obviously very smart, you're good in the ring like everything's good, like your full package. Are there other offers that are out there or o ou just like staying on the independent scene, rather than there have been? Some of them are not very good. Iprobably. Imagine and I also kind of enjoy doing my own thing. I really really do I. I try to be as low bullshon as possible. Ah, and you know if I have to encounter a certain level of Bulson, I hope ut Ir's a lot of money Um but yeah, I don't know I I just enjoy kindof doing my own thing and I feel, like everyone, has the same platform now right, reon, this even thing where it's always Li e people always say to me: Why don't you sign with them? I want you to make the big money and I want to say them: Don't you understand? It's still your money. I just give it directly to me, then exactly just giving it to them and then they're giving me ACODOF IC just give it to me it's fine. So who knows I mean? Could I sign with somebody sure if the right thing came along would be interesting in front? I certainly have enough friends that are doing it, and I think I would be a valuable, valuably surreal addition to any wrestling program. Yeah. It would be pretty cool where, where would you want to go? If you could go anywhere? I don't know you would answer that question but like. Where would in the landscape of what's going on now 'cause, I think over the past twenty years, like obviously it was just pretty much one organization now, it's you know, there's like four or five that are pretty big, so it really depends what they offer. I mean I have my own ideas in the sense that I probably need a little same box of my own to play in so I think, that's always most attractive to me. Anyone who hands me a Mike and not a script, I'm like w. This is pretty good, so I like to create sufe on my own and to be serious one thing David Arcet and I seriously went after was weere trying to attempt to actually host a PBS pledge, drive wow yeah. I think my my favorite R J city bit is the The p Bs logo and I ie probably tweeted that countless times like adding O T it gets Maj my favorite it's good to to bring that back, especially in the very aggressive arena of wrestling. I want to balance that out with a little bit of PBS, you Kinda have an interesting, you know, character or gimmick or whatever you want to call it and that you're very much Um say it not pray mainstream, but Youou I've tried to figure out how to say it. You know you really hearken back to a different time period of entertainment. Like do you d? Does that ever like fail? You like does that ever fall on deafears with a crowd they're like whois, this Guy Tanvail me yeah. Well I mean I, I work it in a sensewhere, especially as a heel. You know part of it is they come to see violence and action and athleticism they definitely definitely whether they know her or not. Don't want to hear me Sing Ethelmerman, that's a that's up, fortebe, so for people who I always tri to present it in a way where, if you don't get it, you still get it, and if you get it, then you get it like twice right. If that makes any sense, you still know that I have no business in a wrestling ring when I'm singing, you know everything's coming up roses, one of the most fascinating things I've seen you do was on a a video call, with twenty eight or so many other wwe and other professional wrestling personalities where you really broke down the heat between the Golden Girls Offset Oh yeah. That was that was very unusual, but somebody asked me who my favorite golden girl was, and I was like guys, it's clearly the Arthur and it's not very white and I wanted to divulge the feud that they had and the fact that I'm taking up be's grudge beyond the grave in memory of her. Have you ever thought about Rick Rooting B Arthur on your types? I have a picture of B Arthur on my kneepad, and my finishing movie is of course Ne Arthur Edid. You did you ever get the the copy of the nude painting of the Arthur from ere. I haven't, but I I mean I' certainly used it. If that's what you're Infi mean she, she looks fantastic, the likeness is fantastic. I like it, they did. A greatthat was airheads right where they asked for that, and then I think everyone's watched the movie and then th they go and Google it and it's right there yeah, but they don't show it in the movie, though Don the I don't remember, everybody wants a naked picture of be arthar like. I would hang that above my mantle. Do you should put that behind you right next to Jerry Garcy and fucking Fantisa? If I had that painting I would it would really break it up a like anything else: D You want to plug or anything like that before you go I' like N, I always say just Google Rj city and a bunch of weird things will come up and you can follow what you like and don't follow what you don't. But please let me know why you're not following it. That would mean a lot to me. If I could now do you have like a peal box, we should mail, those Commons, I sure yes, care of Bob you bash to. That would be amazing if, like honestly like, I did like I said before, I really thought he was dead, but it would be so cool if, like you, can get bobuwbags to like be like your manager or something what was the thing we had written for? I think it was him showing up at this thing and just cursing me out, which is still one of the funniest things even thinking about it, I'm like a so you just got to make him coughee and you're underwear. I know I've got I've gotten a surprising amount of people to do it. People who I thought would not do it. Well, maybe you need to get a picture of Bob yeubanks on your underwear and then just show up at his house with a cup of coffee and his face on your junk Bob. Do you remember me we emailed like a year and a half ago, I thought it went really well check out this picture. It's attache ow do open it. This is my Bob ewcranks seriously. You can come back on whenever you want. I would love to yes and we C AA. I want to exercise my other my non wrestling nowe a right. Well, once again, I want to think R J city for coming in being the celebrity guests judge for this episode, all right, jeellers. Well, if you've missed an episode, you can always hat over to our website. duelling decades, dotcom, where you can subscribe to the show on Spotifi, you can subscribe on Itunes really everywhere. Pond casts are available and then, while you're on the INTERWEBS head on over to ficebook dotcom forward, slash duling decades where you can join all the other duelers and share some of your own retra memories. So until next time jewelers were going to bi. U A piece: Love Lightine, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmaly Media

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