Dueling Decades
Dec. 16, 2020

Have you seen this man? It's the battle of December between 1978, 1982 & 1990!

Have you seen this man? It's the battle of December between 1978, 1982 & 1990!

Our buddy David Schultz is back this week to adjudicate this retro battle of the ages! Better yet, we should go by his new moniker The Honorable Dr. David Schultz, my apologies! This week "The Professor" Drew Zakmin is back, and he gets all nostalgic about his selections from December of 1990. Next up, Marc James is smack dab in the middle of this retro assault with the very best of December 1982 he could whip up. Looking to get back in the win column after a few down weeks, Mancrush hopes to come out victorious with his birth year, bringing the best of December 1978!


The Honorable Dr. David Schultz hasn't been on in a few months, but the fellas pick right back up where they left off with him over the summer. Hopefully, no one brought any wrestling, we all know how Dr. Schultz feels about the squared circle! There may be no wrestling, but you might expect to hear something about laser phalluses, history on fire, the end of a show Chris Barron never heard of, a mad scientist kills a dentist, The Dating Game needs background checks, a product so hot it killed an industry, Drew looks for pixelated female body parts, shareware, things that make you go hmm, Marc blowed em up, questions about your dad's occupation, Meskimen was wrong, Brando cashes in, Henson frightens Dr. Schultz, waking up in room 1515, coke battles with DLR, Dave likes pictures of Dio, and do you know James Shelton?!


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OCAST New York people engage up, juwling decas, the BAXIC o blav Bu Dobo, an Rataganon that cap ot, stop the power gopcome fight for what you love your who come to Fu the Pi Copin Han Greade, a Eel Ote Co. We take gray a a Ba, I sick. I A GNCOM fight for what you love Yo brodguasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am Mark James. In this week I will be representing December of one thousand nine hundred and eighty two. Alongside these other duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off trucking back to the s say hello to Mancrush wats. Yes, I have December o one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight. Let me tell you this is a joy to have one of our own on the show it's so it's awesome to have celebrities on all the time, but we just bullshited for an hour before we even started so I definitely enjoy when our boys are on the show. Also joining us on the panel this week, please welcome back to the S, drew Zachman. What's up everybody, I have December one thousand nine hundred and ninety- and I got to be honest. This so is probably one of the more nostalgic bits of research. I've done there's a lot of good picks, a lot of fun pick, so I'm pretty stoed and as always here on the show. We need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So he's back. Ladies the man so tough. He was named after two completely different wrestlers all rise for judge. Don't call him doctor Dave, Sholtz, hello, hello, hello, happy, holidays gentleman, I hope everybody, including your listeners, or having a good one. I currently have tensul on my Tatas and I am knuckled deep in Boroh lives like how you specified knuckle deep, Awell, burls he's a Hafty Fellow Ladies and gentlemen. The following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, TV, music, news and hot products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we shall go to a final wild card round all right, deelers, it's December, so don't scream about it, don't think aloud. Jurn your head now baby just spit me out because it's time to play more doing ays all right. Let's go right down to Dave Shaltz for the coin toss. We call them. Dr David Shaltz. I like that. He like that yeah I'm not certified in anything, but I guess I'll take the title of doctor the love Doctor. I should have brought something seasonal. I did not. I have brought yet again in my trusty clam shell copy of flipper yeah. There we go fucking, flipper YEP. I got flipper right here, um if any of your listeners Il Hogan. Yes, remember fom before we got Paul Hogen and Elijah Wood and he's got the sunglasses half down like he's some cool boy band kind of cat here and on the back. Elijah is playing with his tuna and Paul Hogan is taking a shower, which I always like to bring up somewhere on this case as well. So the boy band side is the front and then playing with his tuna is the back so who's going to call it. What do you want all right drew Zahman, you call it this week, yeah I'll Call II want to take the tuna. Take the tuna. Let's see what I get give me that tuna buddy and guess what you have opened a can of tuna. My friend Hell Yeah, all right, Juw Zachman, you won the coin toss and you get to select our first category. Where are we going? Oh, that is a fair question. So I'm going to go with. Let's see here, I'm gonna go with TV. I remember the show greatly so on December, thirteenth thousand nine hunded. Ninety I feel like man crush, has talked about this before. But what I am talking about on December thirt, Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety was the last episode of remote control. Now that show was glorious. I'm not going to talk about it too. So much as I feel like Mak Cris to talk about that a bit before couple probablym a couple months ago now, but I mean the show, is amazing: I love watching that a lot of great people on there. This is also MTV's. First Original nonmusical program and first game show and I'l tell you what that set the bar pretty high for anything to follow it. Basically very quick summary here: it would have three contestants answer: Trivia on movies music, TV, Ken Ober was the host. I Love Ken Obright Tor that man may he rest in peace such a great personality. You also had calln quint on there carry were she was fantastic. Adam sandlor got his tharght there, a Dennis Larer was on there. So a lot of good talent coming on that show and honestly I would love if they brought that back. I haven't really given too much thought to who I would like to see host it, but if they did bring it back, I would definitely watch it so the end of remote control. What music videos would you watch stuff from the s good point? I guess it would have to be a throwback show it eould just be it would just be a but Itd, be like be like a bunch of like people like me on theire bunch of like forty year old tryng. To remember what Shit is. Oh, I I cin know that stuff, which is weird, but I feel like that. I would love it. I would love to sit on one of those recliners and you know shoot my shotarcalaungers Eah. I had that when Chris Baron was on and he had tor on it and said he never heard of it thanks Chris all right, man crush. What do you have for the television round all right, so I got December, eon thousand nine hundred and senty eight and Deceber one thousand nine hundred and seventyeigh was not good for television. So I figured why not. Let's just put e the Downer stamp on this one. This pretty much sums up television for Decemer, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, but thi is pretty historical, but not in a good way. All right so we'll go to sutlan Maryland, were millions of feet of old newsreel went up and smoke on Thursday in a fire at the national archives. Warehouse in a Washington suburb in Archive spokesperson said Eighten to twenty million feet of one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine to one thousand nine hundred and fifty one Newsrael outtakes were destroyed. There were twenty six million feet of film at the Archive, which were made of highly flammable celulos nitrate. It was stored at this warehouse of the twenty seven film vaults, only seven were saved. Thankfully, there was no injuries that were reported. However, these Universal Studio News Rals, were lost forever and destroyeding that fire or clipse from the Great Depression there were Babe Ruth Home, runs battles from war war to the attack on Pearl Harbor. There are presidential speeches on there lots of historical events from that period and all these clips they were actually used, or they actually use these back then, because there were, there was no national television news at the time, so people would see their news. If say they went to a movie theater whatever, like we go to a movie theater. Well, now we don't go to a movie theater now t thousand and twenty, but in wo thousand and nineteen. If we ever went to the movie theater like before the movie would start, you know, we'd see ads now well back, then they would actually show these news clips, because that's how people got their news. There was no news aside from newspaper, especially in video and now all of these are gone, and all that was lost to history forever. On December, seventh, one thouand, nine huedred and seventy eight bringing it hard with the seven all right. So for my television selection, we are going to go over to December twenty seventh n thoand nine Henden and eighty two and a new game show debuting on television called starcade. I don't know if you guys are familiar with this. One really cool show, basically what it was. It was an arcade game show you had two contestants and they would go head to head with triviar questions and then Test Their Gaming Knowledge Playing Upright Arcade Cabinets. So contestants were given a list of ten games and they had to practice those ten games before they were coming on. The show on the show there would be five games, so you got a Fi fifty chance and then you got a fi fifty chance, because when you're actually playing it you're matched up with one other player and then all the questions that they ask. You are FIF fifty answers. So, for example, in the first episode, one of the questions was in the game: Asteroids, are you controlling a triangular spaceship or a flying? saucer sounds pretty difficult. Oh yeah, totally this television tion was actually conceived by Ted Turner and unfortunately left the air in one thousand nine hundred and eighty four when the video game market collapsed. So if you go check out the first episode you had John Canto Versus Hidi Starfeld John Canto was probably about thirty five years old facing off against Heidi who was all of nine years old and she whoips his ass. That's awesome! So that's what I got from my television round: starcade debuting in December of one thousand nine hundred and eighty two, so we all brought something with a shelf life. I love it. Yeah Yep, very limited, jelf life all right. So let's go down to judge Dave Sholtz for the ruling on the television round. Well, you guys certainly brought some gems here. Didn't you. Let me tell you some of some shows that are really just etched into the memory, the consciousness of all mankind on thousannine, Hunden, nd. Ninety, the last episode of remote control- I was never a fan of that show. I'm glad drew, has a lot of nostalgic feelings about it. I do to me the set was kind of like sitting in a crappy pizza parlor, but with better chairs one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, the all that you know what man crush. I'm amazed by the amount of footage- and I don't mean by the actual, what's on the film itself, but Yo you actually describe how many feet good destroy as if that mattered to me at all, because I don't even know how much feet is in a roll of film. I couldn't tell Pentintw as Onean thirty or three hundred. I have no idea, but history. We all know nobody needs that crap anyway, oe thousand nine hundred and eighty two starcade iave never seen that, but I love the ods of that show. I love it being fify. Fifty that means like a Joe Schmo like me, could actually win something. It's such a weird concept for a show like you have adults, matched up with kids. Now they said they matched them up based upon their gaming abilities, which you know it doesn't speak so well for the adults, I guess yeah from what you just told his a middle aged man probably lost to a virtually a toddler, so that kind of negates the whole. Fifty fifty odds I like so much because that's one of the reasons why I don't online game now I don't want to be embarrassed by a child being told Lik Goe on you old pussy, Eah yea go fuck, your grandma Mi do my Grandmo Guy Twenty five years ago, and now you can have all that enjoyment in front of a live studio, audience yeah. I got a for one K, little SNOT HEAEN! I can drink beer get little shit right. I can eat cookies whatever I want now yeah. So I don't know man we get. Two game shows up against each other and TV, but it's also based in some. You know tragic history, so I'm just going to make my verdict here on something that I'd actually want to watch so that takes man crusher right, nother running sorry, but I'm going to take Mik with the debut of starcade in Ne Thousand Nine hundred and eighty two, because I think that would be a very interesting show and even at that point in time I think it's something I would have watched as a kild all right mark's like fuck. I didn't know I'd be here yeah. He had that look at his face, like Oh, okay, all right. So I pick up a point in the first round and, more importantly, I take control of the board. You know what gentlemen, let's go over to the news round, all right, so we're going to go over to the Charlotte Observer December. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two and where the headline reeds artificial heart, patient doing well, Dr say out of Salt Lake City Barney Clark was feeling a little pain after receiving the world's first permanent mechanical heart. He shook hands with a visitor on Friday, nodded to the nurses, trace some words on their hands. Doctors go on to say that Mr Clark was doing pretty well, despite having the world's first artificial heart, very pleased with the success of the surgery. Unfortunately, Mr Clark only lived a hundred and twelve days, but the achievement is monumental, of course, Dr Robert Jarvick design, the first artificial heart and oddly enough right next to that article, there is an art another article about Dr Robert Jarvick, and it talks about how he was actually rejected. From several medical schools he's Mor, he was more of a creative person in the medical field and they didn't really think that he'd make a good doctor. I guess so. He applied to a bunch of different medical schools was all turned down eventually went to the University of Utah, where he designed the world's first mechanical heart. Same Goy, Tha came up with Edwards cissor hands. Yes, it was that Wasnin his later years, though sorry Judid, I spoil your pick. All right drew Zachman. What do you have for the news round? All right, so my news takes us to December twentieth of one thousand nine hundred and ninety. We are given the very first website by Tim, burners Lee. Now the initial page was not public when it went live that actually didn't happen until August, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one and the page that he built wasn't much more than an explanation of how the hypertext based project worked, but still like this event, obviouslyly at the groundwork for much of the Internet as it exists today and he wrote it for Sern Cern, which is the European Organization for Nuclear Research. That's what it's all for and yeah I mean I remember dialing into our local web provider nerk. I don't know if anybody's from Prince New Jersey that listens to your show, but that's where it was from so like. Basically, we had access to like all these college libraries and some very pielated boobs, and not long after that. You know we get an etscape navigator. I remember building my first website on go cities and then angel fire turns out that didn't ippress the ladies at my high school, when I told them I new html and had a couple websites which were basically just pictures of bands. I liked and video games I like to play that time, but anyway, Yeah Tim, burners Lee December twentyetne thousand nine hundred and ninety builds the first website. That's what I got for mine all right, man crush. What do you have for the news round? An I went with something huge here: Let's go December Twelfeh, I'm sorry! I'm sorry, man crush is the first website not big enough for you. No, no! I'm going bigger, let's go on December, tweone thousand nine hundred and sevntyeight. But first I have a bone to pick all right. So of course, I'm back in the s again and even though the decades winding down onethousand nine hundred and seventy eight, it's still filled with lots of dark shit, as you could tell from my first TV story and so honestly, like I don't know what Jim Mesciman was talking about last month, when he a the S, is all sunshine and rainbows. Maybe he grew up like away from civilization or something because every damn page of these newspapers are damning in the s just I'll give you a quick example. Just a random newspaper that I grabbed seam team day s a story so December trwoetousand, nine hundred and seventy eight, I'm not Cherry picking here. There's just a random newspaper from Lancaster Pennsylvania. Here are the headlines from the front pages paper. This is how good the s were. Okay, First Story: Seven Daring, heavily armed New York bandits escape with five million dollars from JFK airport. That's the first one and we got seventy. Two year old Lilitz women dies in crash. The third story- fifteen flea, three houses as gas line- is broken and then finish that one off with tens of thousands Moren Goldamire, which is she as the former Israeli prime minister in the s. So that's all. It is there's never good stories right. So I don't know what gym Mescimin was talking about. I just had to bring that up because of course, wo're not Goinno, really fight with the celebrities whet they're on, but now that he's not on he's wrong dude. I think he thinks the Sevenis were better because Olron Hubbard was alive. Then ee cut all right. so that's all random. That's that was all random samples from the same date, and it's like this all through the seventy. So sorry, Jim, your statement was incorrect. All right, so the SS were just a shit, show anyways here's one of those stories all right, but this one's got a twist to it. This is a story of Mr Jame Shelton and let me give you a little background on Shelton one thousand nine hundred and enty six shelton was found guilty of Larciny. He was working at a department store at the camera counter and James would routinely have these quoteunquote instant sales, where he would slash prices like a butcher for the ladies, if they tickled this fancy- and everybody knows this like we all grew up in one point were young and you know you give people your discount or whatever you did. I don't want to go too deep on that one, but I'm sure people did that, but once this department store found this out and they realized that the books weren't balancing they caught Shelton in the act, he was eventually sent to jail. Onor, larceny rap, so off to Davenport, Iwa correctional facility went on a one year sentence halfway through h stint. They sent Shelton to a halfway house to finish out. The rest of this term hit roughly six months left well, this is coming from Shelton. He cited a poor heating system at the halfway house, so shelton just split town and headed for Hollywood. So when, when he left, he literally had two months left on a sentence so off he went to Hollywood he's on the run from the law. So what did James Do? James Joins the entertainment union and he gets an agent and then he started. Audition for TV shows live in the American Dream Baby. Just so it happens. James Eah he's a good looking twenty six year old guy. He got himself onto not one, but two television shows the first of which the dating game, which they've done this before there was a serial killer on the dating game. So why not have another Felon James? He was the third contestant on the show, the other two guys one was a newsman and a probation officer. I mean how can that now he didn't win a date, but he did win a one way ticket back to Davenport, because one of the former employees of the correctional facility that he left the guy had quit. I guess, but he was watching TV at home- saw Jame Shelton on this show ratted him out now, while he was out in Hollywood. He also recorded an episode of the Gong Show. Now he didn't win that one either, but at least he didn't get gonged and his plan was this. He was going to be on these shows he' Doingta wait till after both shows aired, and then he was going to turn himself in early, but that didn't happen and he got sent back now. I figured I'm reading these stories. I was like Du there's no way somebody leaves jail halfway house doesn't matter. The judge is going to like toss the book at this dude, but instead they just let him finish out the rest of his original sentence when they got back instead of sending thim to. I guess the other option was to send him to a maxium security, prison and judges, like Yah seems like he did all right when hewas out on his owne. So we'll just let him finish up. Sadly, I couldnot find a followup story. I seriously I spent the most time on the story I dug for the next like two or three years, looking for his name and the locations where you wat can find Shit, and I really wish I could because before his arraignment before he went back to jail- and I quote this is what he said- he said once I get out of the correctional program and get a job. I hope this whole thing will be a huge plus for my career and I plan to write a comedy script all about it, but sadly I coundnot find one, but it's a story of James Shelton people wow. You probably changed his name. That's why you can't find them. That's wocos! What kind of familiar I'll send you guys the picture later, of course they're black and white, so it's kind of hard to see detail in their faces, but het looks kind of familiar, but I don't think I see I all right. Let's toss it down to judge Dave Shultz for the ruling on the news round. Oki Doky, smoky mancrush. Was this bitching about headlines in the s being so dark and terrible, but can you imagine seeing the Headlie F, one thousand nine hundred and Eigty Two mad scientist kills a dentist that would have been something else, because you know according to mark story, that's essentially what happened. James Shelton, though speaking of the S, it's pretty amazing that his game show career started. Basically because he was chily. You know, that'Syeah he's like Fuckthe Shit fuck this place go to Hollywood yeah exactly it's too cold here. Where can I go that mayt be a little bit warmer Hollywood when I'm there? What else is the natural progression but to be on the dating game? So that is quite amazing and the Gong show and Agong Show, but I can only assume that he got such a lenient sentence. The man was white. He was not. He wasn't. Oh Wow, he wasn't. I'm gonna say you guys picture Bo Goead! Okay, that's amazing! That's even more amazing! Now so one thousand nine hundred and ninety the first website, even though it didn't go, live for until one thousand nine hundred and ninety one I owed it. I owe a debt of gratitude to this guy, because without him I probably would never be able to buy tube socks off of Amazon prime, so you know had off to that. Guy were socks off to that guy and then in one thousand nine hundred and eighty two say this reference earlier. That story is kind of wild to because he only lived a hundred an twelve days. I wonder how long he would live without that surgery, maybe a little bit longer ono. He was in dire shape, they had vented him and they had tried actually every possible option at that point and then knew he was going to die. So they give him a sheep's heart. No, it was a fully mechanical heart. He was hooked up to a machine and they didn't try everything. The machine actually had tho whole four hundred PSI. In all times in his hor he was freaking Robo Cop tcius is pretty wild. He could crush the shit out of hour, hand yeah and they vented him more than they did James Shelton. Obviously, and if anything seals the deal, he came out of surgery and saw his wife and the first thing he said to her was even though I don't have a heart anymore. I still love you. Oh Wow, that's bad ass right there, man, if only he died on a floating door in the middle of the ocean. Never like I'm telling you now drew just for extra points to kind of help you here is your Geo city's website still live. Can we go look at the video games and bands that you used to like back in O, yet no, no, no! No Geo cities, no angel fire. I had like numerous websites over the ears, but you know what website is live songs, gone, wrongcom, o Nice plug, but yeah it's not a, but no geo cities hy web page was pretty sweet, though I I mean guys, I can't deny I I'm pretty amazed and I W I want man crush to send me the information this James Shelton store. I sent you guys. The pictures you GETO I haven't taken, take a look at that. If you're a messenger, I say it's Your Messenger, just look! How nonchalant this dude looks like he's like ithat's awesome, holy cow, this guy is I twenty six he looks like he is like forty three all right. Well, he might have been lying to get on the shows he's like a Dominican baseball player. This is a guy I just want to chill and have a beer with we get ta find absolutely. I think this should be. I tried I seriously like when I find stories like that, like the kid that flew out the window and landed yeah, that I had a couple like last month or whatever I dig for those to see, if I could find a follow up, but the newspapers, what I've noticed they just like, never follow stories up they just they do it for like a week or two and then the storyis dead. They never go back well, so itd be great man crush. If you could find his address, because this lick motherfucker just won you the Round Oo, I want to get him as a judge that would be fucking fan. Amazing. All right, man crush. You pick up a point, tie up the game and we're heading into our final one point round what cowar we going with next, let's go to hot products, put all my eggs in one basket with music and movies. Let's go to hot projects at one point round: Let's go to December Fif t ne thousand nine hundred and seventy eight. So I know you guys know, but so I don't know if the people that listen no, but you might have seen the pictures that we've taken on our Instagram, but at our studio, O podcast New York, we have Aur Room, broken up into two sides: There's a beautiful professional studio side, full green screen, panted walls, cameras, light sixty inch motors all that fun stuff. En the other side, we have what we called the living room or I calld the grandma side. So if you seen those pictures on social media, we got these lush comfortable S, recliners from Grandma's House Arn creat shape by the way they don't smell like mothballs. Either we have grandma's coffee tables, Ollbe it they have mikes and monitor, stands drilled into them. But don't worry. We have coasters, but then we also have grandma's TV set. It's a swet one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine console RCATV, and on top of that, we've put together a Plethera of just about every physical media player. You can think of. We got batimax VCR, a VHS Rewinder, a Gerald cable box, an RCA disk, a mini eight, a laser disc. We even have a segogenesis in Nes turbographic, sixteen, it pretty much spans the S and s at mice, ranger myself, like all these products, that we grew up with it's really cool, but we're lacking this particular product right here. So on December, Fif t ne thousand nine hundred and Seventy Eight magnavox and MCA. Basically MCA was like the movie arm to this. They did a test market release for the video disk and, technically you could say our Lazer Dic, our laser Dick. Our laser DISA player is the grandchild of this bad boy right here this system it would sell MSRP of six hundred and ninety five Dolr, one thousandnine hundred and vevnty eight it's about three thousand dollars in two thousand and twenty. I know Dave likes when I do that, but this this optical video displayer, will attach your owme television basically works just like record player on like an RCA disc, though it doesn't come in a sleeve, but in like a laser disk that we know from the s a pot you pop the top open and you put the disk on top of it like a record player and then the Lazers do the rest. So this was your first reflective optical video diskplayer. Well, what the fuck is that right, Ol, that's the magnavision, eight thousand Disco Vision, which is o one thousand nine hundred and seventy I had to bring that up, but it's basically the first ever laser displayer to be released in general public, and this was the pinnacle of Home Av Equipment. You know, as we all know, Leezare just far superior to inquality to a VHS or Batamax. Then laser discs, DVDs, blue ray the shit, got legs Dave. I know you like that. DRINKDISCO vision, that's crazy! How expensive some of those you know systems where back down right! You have that discovision. I remember like VHS players. Those things were crazy, expensive when they first came out so sure we did sinteresting. We've talked about this in the show before, like my family didn't even get one. For years we had that RCA disk player because they were much cheaper. But even if you look at that price, I think those are going for lie Wu and ninety nine on sale, thre, an Ninty, nine, that's still yeah huge chunk and I'm sure my dad probably got it from somebody else, and we got a bunch of used movies once people bought vcrs this one dude that he worked with just gave him like all these fucking movies. So that's what I grew up on, because this RCA disks. But this thing this was like good quality, is just yeah. Like said very expensive yeah, we had a, we had a VHS player and I remember, I think, would break relatively often and like now like, if things a break, it's like whatever I'll just get a new one. You know I mean we try to fix things, but but backthen, like my dad, would always like bring it to work as like. He was an engineer, so he'd bring its to work and these other guys would be like. Oh, I, coal fix that, for you hed always like would know somebody who could fix something in different areas right and VJSS. He knew a guy and any time it would break this guy would fix it and, like a a week later, he come back and there it is good. As new that was Oll, the ruse drew that just so you dad could watch porn right, he's like al. Damn things broken again got to bring it to Wer. The tape got stuck fucking piece of crap instead of by the new one, I'm going to go fix it with the hell is te as oh. What do we got here? One of my two heads broke my laser Dick like that. Well, it might not be your dad's old born, but what do you have for the hot products round drew I'll? Tell you what I have Mr Mark. I have this one 's very near and dear to my heart December, fourteenth one thousand nine hundred and ninety Hvideo game is released as shareware at's. The first major platformer on a PC now growing up, we never while e. While we did have vhs, we never had video game systems in Ha House. You know we had a commonore or sixty four like we had that in the s and then you know n, then early Ns we moved on to PC is like at two a D, eighty, six, four N, eighty six, so this product that was released on December fourteen thinehundred and ninety. For me, this was actually my supermario brothers. Now the game features a Green Bay, packers hummet wearing eight year old, and will this eight year old is not Kevin. Mccallister, that's sosiopath! This eight year old is billy blaze and this game is his adventure, as he defends Earth and a galaxy from alien threats with his homemade spaceship, ragon and, most importantly of all, his pogostic. Now you guys might not recognize him by his name. Billy blaze. If you know you know, but perhaps the name commander keen might come to mind now: Yeah Commedriken in the invasion of the Vordicans, it's a side, scrolling platformer, which is probably one of my favorite games of all time. I cannot tell you how many hours I spent playing this game and if that wasn't enough, I actually have been. I think I started on it back in in March when the pandemic kind of first started, but I started building this Retro Video Game Console on an Android TV box, and I just recently this past week figured out how to run MS DOS on that. So, of course, the first game I downloaded, the the ROM for was cammander keen Andagosa. It's still is freaking amazing. Now the plot of the invasion. The vorticons follows keen, as he retrieves the stol parts of a spaceship from the cities of Mars prevents a recently arrived alien mothership from destroying landmarks on earth and Hutsdone the leader of the aliens, the grand intellect on the Alien Home Planet. Now camerita kin was also a massive success, as the team founded ID software and produce another four episodes of Commander Kane, which I played all of them. Reviewers love the Games and ID software actually went on to develop other games such as Wolfenseign, thred and doom, and I think they also did quake from that mistaken. But the Wolfen sign thrd that first person engine, if I'm not mistaken, is also the same exact engine that was used in an appig game called Blakestone, which is basically Wolfan sign three D in space, but it's still freaking amazing, also a sper of destiny. It's also it's just Wolf Asign Thrd, but I love them all equally, but yeah. So I have commander keen December fourteent, oe Housand, nine hundred and ninety man. You have me at sharewhere a brings back memories, the hell yeah all rig payin for this shit, all right so for hot products drew. I actually also have a video game, and this was a video game. I had growing up and you guys probably all had this to you know th. Now this game has been sided as one of the most important video games ever created. It's also one of the earliest video games based on a movie. You know this Games- Television, commercial, famously actually featured a former dueling decades judge on the list of top fifteen video game sales in December, O one thousand nine hundred and eighty two and was one of the hottest sellers for Atari that Christmas, unfortunately twice as many copies were sent back to the manufacturer, and this game would go on to be credited as one of the main causes of the video game. Industry collapse, FO, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three, which unfortunately took off the air. My pick for the television round- and you know what can you expect when the Games Designer Howard Scott Warsaw? He only took five weeks to create the game, because that's all I gave him because he had to get it on the shelves in time for Christmas, so released in December of one thousand nine hundred and eighty two, I give you et for Atari Ogod doesit. Wasn't that like wasn't that, like like Liiay? Wasn't that dumped an like a dumpster in yeah like fucking, Arizona or something like that, there's a whole documentary yeah like go and dig hem up and shit or find ham. They thought this game was going to be huge, we're going to go over to the San Francisco Examiner December Ei, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two and this little blurb talking about all the new games and toys coming out for Christmas under video games. It says by now you've been seeing commercials for the newest Atari Game Cartridge et the extra terrestrial, which should become the company's biggest seller. Stepen Spielberg. The director, who made the top grossing film, got involved in the production of the game and has produced the television commercial that will saturate the country by Christmas. It's the perfect Christmas game. The article goes on to say to fight with your family. Yes, I can't get out of the HOI'll kill you such a horrible game. I had this. I never played it for more than three minutes. You'd start the game. You Fall in the hole you can't get the fuck out. You take the Carthige, you throw it across the room. That's my eg experience right there. You have to restart the whole system Yep. The one thing I can say about the et Feratari, the cartridges very well constructed. They didn't break that easy. So I think I have a copy in the other room, nice all right. Let's toss it down to Dave Shultz for his verdict on the hot products round, wowis at okay, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight video dicks. We got here never vision, Disco Vision, one Thouanineeen D. Seventy Eight! You know what you did score some points with me because you hit the two notes: H, t I love so much the whole currency exchange or th the rate now compared to then and bringing up that it has or had legs, go yeah right. I mean I've, never seen one. I am kind of amazed by it like when you told me it plays almost like a record at first when you were describing it I'm like do. Does it need a needle? You know, but then, when you explain the whole laser things it Lazer diks, the laser dicks made more sense to mmuch alasdics pointing up now mark has to keep that in the edit, because we keep bringing it up yeah right, O id of that. Now, let's see one thousand nine hundred and ninety commander keen yeah buddy, never fucking heard of it. Oh it's one of the best games ever made well oundbreaking. So now we're looking at right. So we're looking at one of the worst games ever made to your Selfprofesso ounbreaking, one of the ground, bake breaking grap games of all time, ID software. Of course you mentione all the other games that they have, which were very successful, huge and I've heard of those that when you talk about the wolten steen or doom, and things like that yeah, but so this was the first major platform on a PC right, pcs, weren't. You know if you're playing a game you're going to play a game on like the Nintendo or you know, genesis or some other you know really o game system. I have to disagree with you because I grew up with the commonners hundred and twenty. So did I, but everybody that I taught everybody that I knew at school. Nobody had a fucking common or six for nobody had it. I think it's geographical. I think it depends on where you work, because a lot of kids wouldn like one eighty, nine, ninety yeah, maybe around that time, people are getting intendos an gayeboys, but every time like the years prior to that everyone that I knew they were playing games like wewere playing leg, Su Larry and shit like that on somebody else, wizards buddy, IBM xt. You know like ther, eight, Eighty, eight and but when you said shareway like I've heard of Committer Kean before it's pretty decent game, ats, a phenomenal game. That's I wouldn't say it's it's the best game, but it's SHAREWAR OI! THINK THA! MEA! That's the cool thing about shareware, though, and I think you didn't bring this up but like they started as sharewear and that's lawsomed out of that into their bigger games, which I think is a a big stepping point. So I think that that's pretty big deal, okay! Well, let's just between those two before e, even talk about et. Let's do a taste test challenge you. I've got a boxay a box B and someone says inside this box right here we got commander Kein and the side of this other box. We got fucking disco vision. I like the way Yo say it yeah, that's you got it you got to so I would. I would out for Disco Vision before anything called Commander Keen, but listen, I'm not huge into video games. I've never been a big Gamer in this era that you guys are talking about. I did have an Itari, but before then I had a CALICO vision and I recently bought one of those little sagogenesis s. A little many things at has the Games preloaded on it because I'm not as savvy as drue. I can't build anything. I can't be doing all that. You just told me like Yo, you took a what do you say like a Google TV, buts, ayewas, android TV Bano, there we go right. I enjoy TV Boxan, you building stuff, you're crazy, probably put the First Mechanical Heart in a dentist back, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two you're a wild man. I can't do that, but but my kid doesn't mind it. He enjoys it because he's only eight, but I'm looking back at these games, I'm ik he all kind of suck. I don't know I just don't, have a lot of like love for him now to talk about et, though this is like stuff of Lenchen. This is unbelievable. Not only is it a movie tiin man crush brought up the documentary, which I have seen. It's just amazing how thoses rumors about all these games being dumped into a land fill, but noone even knew if it as true so it almost becomes like a Indiana Jones thing right. We got to go see if we can uneearth all these wasted copies of this crappy game. I had that game and it screwed me up this whole. Being you know, dropped into the hole never be able to get out. I couldn't even have sex because of that until I was twenty nine years old. I just kept thinking about that game. I was having flashback sweating, it was terran. Somebody needs a laser, Dick Yeah. I do, but anyway the whole et thing like I said it was just like a massive part of like pot culture. You know I mean it's something that I think maybe even someone's grandma knows about like Oh, is that that crappy game they said they threw way in the desert. Yeah, that's the one, and I also had really incredible art. It might have been an indestructible cartridge, but I love the art on it. It might have been like a true Strewsan kind of like style thing or whatever and out here. I am waxing nostalgic about the worst fucking thing of all time. When I really just want to say mark with the ET cottridge comes out with the wind hold on, I sent you a picture before you make that that hasty decision, hasty hasty I just went on like fucking, forever: Listen, th, the magnavision Leonard Nemo, with a mustache bottom pants. Looking like the good humor man was the spokesperson yeah, the Discovision II, I last Lonshin, but it's probably because Ho didn't say it like that either and they didn't put disco vision in this advertisement. Ays Leonard Nemo and even use it n, like the Star Trek Font, so theyre demonstrates the magnavision video disk player he's just standing next to won. T looks like it's free floating in air. Oh, I sent you another picture, so you could see what it looks like with the the top. Oh yeah, that's Wel. Now I'm sending you a picture of Commander Gane, please IA't getting ionao there you go dude! I totally. I totally remember that yeah well Dave. I will not send you a picture of Itari because I don't want to tricker h game. Well, that's that's good! I'm glad you didn't! This is another caviat of having somebody we know judge. We can actually send them shit yeah when celebrities on they just got to take a word for it like. No, that just trust me. It's that's real! Well, the whole James Shelton thing seeing that picture I mean you'd already won the round. Don't get me wrong, but seen that picture was like wow, this guy fucking. He looks awesome, Fuckingbad, I' Gota Change. My facebook profile picture to that you should the problem with these pictures. Is it doesn't change my opinion on the disco, vision or Commander Keen so Nice Trye, gentlemen, but et is thoning home and winning this category, so mater kin save the damn world, and this is how you treat him and I'm a Christmas card. Thank you. Commanded keen, Leonard Nemoy, with a mustache I'll, send Lenar Nemoe a Christmas cad to okay. Just get off my back yeah about that. Oh Shit, all right, so I have two points heading into the first two point round. You Know What Gentlemen: Let's go over to the music round, all right, so release in December, O one thousand nine hundred and eighty two I present to you little evil by black Sabbath. You know with black sabbaces publishing deal. It expired with their previous management, so songwriters Tony Ayami, Gezer Butler. They stood to make a great deal of money if they rerecorded some of the old black Sabbath songs with new front man, Ronni James Deo, and released a live album. So that's exactly what they did not to mention. Ozy had released a live, album of old black Sabbath songs just the month before so actually in his autoliography Tony Aami, said at the bands live show during this period featured all kinds of Piro and bombs, and while once they were playing at the Hammer Smith, Odin bombs had been so close. It blew a two foot hole in the stage right next to him. He said if he would have been there, it would have blow them up so yeah. This live album kind of encasulates. What that whole pour and that whole era of black Sabbath of Ronni James Deale was all about little evil peaked at number, thirty, seven on the billboard chart and it would actually be. This would be the first official live release from Black Sabbath. There was another live album put out in the odjy years, but that was like a bootleg copy that wasn't an actual official release. Unfortunately, though, Sabbath would split up once again shortly after this album as Ronni James deale would set out on his own and he would have release holy diver, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three. So it's a really good album to standouts. For me on this one or the do songs, you got heaven and hell, that's fantastic, but what I didn't care for was Ronnye James Do's vocals on war pigs, that's kind of a little odd. I don't know that song was kind of written for Ozzy's range, so Ronnie James Deal much better single singer vocally, but you know I just preferred the ozzy on that one, but the rest of the album fantastic so go check it out little leval by Black Sabbath Release Desember as a judge. I'm sorry to interrupt you, but as a judge, I demand a photo of Ronny James Deal before I judge this eall right drew Zachman what dao you got for the music round, man Sard of a picture of Ronny Dea. Why? Just on Ma Picture of Commander Keen? I'm still I'm still angry about that one good anyway, dave social drew ISCO vision. So T I'm talking about an album that came out on December thirtene, housand, nine hundred and ninety now walking to the front door from my car cutting an apple tying my shoes waiting to be judged by Dave Shulz. What do all these things have in common? They are going to make you sweat, and that is what I'm talking about the album from CNC music factory, going to make you sweat, which came out December thirteenth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety this album was monstrous to say the least. I hit number two on the billboard. Two hundred CNC music factory were very influential, actually know. The album itself is good, it's impressive, but when you look at their reach, I think that's even more impressive, but seein see music factory. They they actually still have one point: three million monthly listeners on spotify Gonno make you sweat, has been streamed over ninety three million times on spotify there's some great tunes on there. You have iviously going to make you sweat hit number one on a US billboard, hot one hundred here we go. Let's rock and roll this great tune with Freedom Williams. It number three things that make you go hm live happy, that's good stuff, that's a quality, dance, Dance Song Right there, AL! No, it's a pretty good album! Now, if you don't know, CNC MUSIC FACTORY CNC stands for Colan Clavillis, which are David Col and Robert Clavillis. They also produced emotions and make it happen for Maria carry as well as producing hits for newkas on the block, and they also produce Whitney Houston's massive single I'm every woman in Oe thousand nine hundred and ninety two now divicol passed away on January, twenty Fr Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety five due to complications from AIDS, as he was only thirty two years old, so some trivia free guys that song one sweet day by Maria carry and boys to men, the song that spent sixteen weeks on top of the US billbord hot one hundred becoming the longest running number one song in the charts history. At that time, a record that actually stood for twenty three years, yeah that Song was actually written about David Cole, so yeah, the guy. The guy made an impact. The record was tied by this Pasito by Deddy Yankee an then little nazaks broke it in two thousadand nineteen spending nineteen weeks on top with Old Town road, so some more Trivi for you guys, which that actually should have given us a prelude to what a Shitd show two thousand and twenty would have become, but anyway, gon to make you sweat was everywhere in early s like I don't you could not put on the radio or or see the video on MTV like it was. It was everywhere you were going to see it you're going to listen to it. It was everywhere also made in the parents, an old school which is a wonderful movie and also freedom. Williams is the shit. So that's what I have going to make you sweat from CNC music factory December thirteen, Ne Housand, nine hunded and ninety and Dave I'm woing to send you a picture. Real, quick, okay, CNDC music factory, so please hold on Yep, actually yeah real quick here you say: Youe walking to a car, cutting an apple. No, no tthere are different things. So let me so walking to the front door from my car, UHU, Comma. Cutting an apple comma like those are. Those are two separate things that make you sweat. Oh okay, didn't know. If you were doing both activities like you know, I need to exercise more is what I'm saying how fucking out of shape? Are you if you break a sweat, cutting an apple he's, got a bad elbut te summer mark, I'm I'm making jokes. I have a bum shoulder dude passed out, peeling a carrot. It's going to make you sweat to you bleed too Jesus all right, man crush. What are you bringing for the music round all right? Let's go December second and Elevenh, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight like release wise. This is a tough month. I, like I'm sure there were selections from this mount that people would like, but nothing that spoke to me. So I kept digging and I came across something extraordinary. Then I wish I was old enough to see this year was a tour that began in May one thousand nine hundred ad. Seventy eight and it ended December elevenh in New Mexico, and I'm not going to mask this pick up too much yeur promise. Aside from this being an amazing tour. This is important for multiple reasons right. So the tour here. This is funny because you'll see why a second, so the tour was the never say, die tour and it was headlined by Black Sabbath, the real black Sabbath, as they were at a torn to support ther one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight eighth studio, album, never say die now. This is pretty historical for them because, as where mark was going on December e, one thousandnine hundred and senty eight, you got ozzy's final performance as the lead man of black Sabbath. Since a band would fire ozzy a few months after the tour concluded, and they wouldn't convene again until eoe thousand nine hundred and ninety seven when they did the reunion tour now I know they did rejoin in ninety two when Ozy did a quote: Unquote the retirement during no more tears. That was like a one off so that right there that's a huge deal since we'd have no real black Sabbath for nearly twenty years and there's a possibility that if this didn't happen, we never get an amazing Solo Ozzy career. So you have that as well, throw that in there second important thing here, the opening act coming off their debut album that was released in February. They had a single that was and the album they were just tearing up the charts, but they were particularly with the single it was a cover of one thousand nine hundred and Xty four kink song. You really got me. This was van Helen's. First Ever World Tor n by all accounts everything. I've read they stole the show, not that black sabbath was bad, but from everything that I read about this tour, they just said Van Halen was incredible. Like blew, everybody away, people in the beginning were like who are these guys and they play one song like what the fuck like insane. Even Black Sabbath, they said in the beginning, was almost like. They were like damn. These guys are out playing us, but I guess they had great camarater and I'll get to that in a second. During this whole tour and speaking of great bands, the last two dates of this tour, which I think was December fourth and Elevenh, or something like that- the Ramons switched out and were the opener, So van Hellas last was on December. Second, so I just get that there, but here's a great story. We're always looking for these great tour stories. We ask people from bands and they give us some vanilla story, or they tell us that they're too busy and okay. You Got Black Sabbath and Van Halen together, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight you're going to get a great story and here's one. So one night ozy and David Leroth made a bet on who could do the most blow soright between the CINCINNATIC GIG and the Nashville Gig these two guys they decided who could do the most coke before falling flat their face regardless they both made it to the airport. They both landed in Nashville. They both checked into their hotel rooms. Look like everything was good to go right, so the next day osy never makes itto sound check, no call, no, nothing. No one knew where Ozi was so magement. They got the police involved right away. There was a fullon fucking man hunt with the police in Nashville searching for Ozy, because the fear was that he was either kidnapped or dead. Ther. Here's a great quote from this manhunt. This was Lieutenant Sherman Nickins of the Nasiovill Police Department, and I quote on this one and you'll find one part great and how clueless this guy was. Ozzi Osborne may have been kidnapped or been the victim of some other form of foul play. Here's a man who makes lots of money has never missed a show. In ten years he doesn't drink or use dope. He disappears and his people are frantic. So it's possible that something has happened to this man, that's his direct wit. So what happened? Ozy So ozy checks into his room at the Nashville Hiatt regency. He gets his key forroom six fifteen. Somehow ozy has in his pocket or a key for room, O hondred and fifty one from the Birmingham Hyatt redency tht. They play that previously. So what does Zozie do? He rides up to the fifteenth floor where the maid had the door open, she's like making the bed or whatever, and he goes to room Fte fifteen, which is not even any of these s. He kicks the maid out crashes on the bed and does it wake up until four m the day after the show Holy Shit. So in the process the band had to cancel that night show. Luckily they played it again, the night after, but there was I guess there were like twelvethousand people had lined up for refonts Fothis fucking thing because they thought he was dead, but yeah never say die to her baby, all right, Dame Shaltz. Let's hear what you thought of the music round. Well, I there's a that was a great story. Man Crush, but I need to know something that I think will really make your case in this round. OYOU HAVE PICTURE NO, no! I don't need a picture, it wouldn't wouldn't hurt, but I want to know all that: Coke, the Davidly wroth in Ozzi Osborne snorted in one thousand nine hundred and seventy. How much would that be worth in two thousand and twenty a Pluthora? What's the street value in that stuff? Right now. Just just think about that, though, for Sayn like these are two guys synonymous with druguse and the two of them made a deal like a bet on who can do the most go like what the fuck Wel it's an amazing story of rock star excess to that they have that much coke where they could make that bet right, yeah. You know I mean it's like we. We wee just sitting on loads of cocaine, let's just snoit all of it, and so you can do Morris Pretty Wild onethousand. Nine hundred and ninety CNC music factory influential make us sweat. I hate sweating. I really do I' go a big fan of wedding. I don't know anybody who is a big fan of wedding, but still they you know true. You always come with the stats and the numbers and the spotify listens. You're always so well prepared, I'm always amazed by it. I truly am and that's a legitimate compliment to you, despite the fact that understand your whole thing about apples and driving and being judged by me, but you know: He's gonna make you sweat to you. blied making sweat to you, Bleed Peelin, a carat one thousand nine hundred and eighty two. You know it's funny to because man crush kept reiterating the fact when he was bringing up his black Sabvath story, he's like the real black Sabbath, the real one. So you just basically like disregard the whole Ronnie James Do era yeah, but I mean it happened: Hois legit, it Ha Yeah. It happened and you couldn't have picked to more different styles of vocalists to be the front men. The same band and mark had pointed at out as well. You know the range when you said war pigs. Basically, you can only imagine Ozzi Osborne singing that song, because runny James Deal was hitting a high nose. Man He's breaking glass and he had better hair. Like Richard Simmons Hedid, thereas glorious, it was Amazi. You could hide so much cocaine in that hair. He looked like Richard Jen Simmon's lochild, now, there's something that I love, though, in mark brought up his pick and maybe no one else noticed it Ma me when he most people would say when theyw're tlking about pirotechnics that whole bit. If he was there, it would have blown him up much like a child that was probably playing video games against a middleage man on a video game game show he said blow him up if he was there that would have blowd hem up it as wonder. If you catch that, oh I caught it baby se ISC come in the box blowguys. These were all really good picks. I I got to say, but I am really impressed as someone who has one out just unbelievable amounts of cocaine thats, why? I can't speak right now by that entire story and plus that line up. Imagine going to that show back in one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight and saying you know: not only did you see van Halen Open, but you coan see. Well, if you didn't go on that day, where they did too much coke, but still you know the whole the whole. I just love it. I love that those kind of stories of debauchery and just crazy drug use and stuff- it's just so Keith Moon, it's so disco vision. I can't get enough of it. I can listen to that stuff all day, so man crush one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight great year, for, I guess rock and Roll Stars just freaking getting high as shit. I almost would Hav like I love Van Halen, but I'm a huge remones fan and that initially, when I first found the ad, I found the one for black sabbaths with the remones, and I was like o what the fuck is this and then, as I got digging, and then I saw they did, you know most of the toard Van Halen, which one would you rather have gone to than Halen Yeah Yeah Yeah. I think I'd agree with true. I think I'd rather see, I think for me the the draw there would have been van Halen. Definitely in one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight though like that, that's my only thing because they were brand new like yeah. It was something that you hadn't heard before that sound in seventy eight was is yeah. I gues I mean I'm sure Eddie was fucking blown people's minds, blown them up blow them up all right. Man Crush you win that round. You take the lead three to two heading into the movies round. All right, so is just spoke a lot there, I'm Goingto Deffer, let's go to drew. I want to are one thousand nine hundred and ninety had well that's a bad choice on your park. Is I'm going to win this one there? You go all right all right now, when you know when you're figuring out, if you want to watch a movie Ere, I feel, like everybody, has the same criteria right. Does this movie have action, and this movie that I'm talking about has action so check there? Does this movie have comedy check? Does this movie have Romance Oh yeah? This is movie, have a s Mall Yep, and does this movie have crackets sure does now kicking of the s? Was You know? This movie was based on actual events, which initially shook many viewers, as they were not ready for that level of you know greediness, especially with this movie being based on actual events. Now the Pacific northwest was dealing with a massive drug problem and the police had a really hard time handling this. This just epidemic. However, there was one cop whos ID everything in his power to keep those drugs off the street, as he tracked down one of the most notorious drug dealers in all of Oregon and the entire west coast, the COPA so dedicated to stopping this drug dealer that he went under cover as a kindergarten teacher. To find this perpetrator now were his methods, a little barbaric sure I mean who brings a fair into the classroom, but this cop would stop at nothing, and I mean nothing to catch this horrible criminal who was poisoning the local community, even if that meant bagging their perpetrator's son's mom. Who was also a teacher at that same school now? The case O guys on know I'm talking about I'm talking about the documentary called kindergarten cop, one of the best movies ever made. I love this movie. It is. It is fantastic. I actually visited the Elementary Sto, the Elementary School and Astoria Oregon John Jacob Aster Elementary School. It's actually right down the road from Miky's house from negounys in a story, a pretty cool little town. I would highly recommend if Yoiny area check it out, but yeah. This movie had a budget of fifteen million dollars and made two hundred two million dollars. Ot The box office. Mac Rush was that in two thousand and twenty Alaw okay wait. what was t was the number two hundred two million at the box office. Oh Man, that's so like four Ahou, ten half half a billion there you go. It was the ten highest grossing film of the of Thous ninehunded ND, ninety, which is pretty impressive. You know some of these some movies ahead of it were teenage Bot and inte turtles dances at wolves, total recall ghost, pretty woman home alone, which is interesting right and those movies like people were falling in love with, like some random shit right, you know kindergarten copy had a teacher falling in love with a cop pretending to be a kindergarten teacher, teenage mut in ITA Turtle S. You had a reporter falling in love with a street wise Vigilanni, who runs around wearing a hockey mask and hangs out with fucking turtles. A native American falls in love with Kevin Coster who's like the Whitest Guy Ever Tome. More was in love with a ghost now granted that ghost was Patrick Swazy, but still it's a ghost. Nonetheless, then Richard Ger found this true love with Ha Hooker, so s, man, fucking, love it, but yeah kindergarten. COP came out December. Twenty R, one thousand nine hundred Ndninety this movie is infinitely quotable. I quote it at least once a day. I feel like this and dumb and dumber. I probably quote the most out of any movies. Ever both my seven and four year olds. Can quote lines especially the one line where he tells Emwa to take the toy back to the carpet? They quote that line very well, yeah, honestly, F. If people don't like this movie, I'm Goinn, I don't evenw n look at their fucking faces. This movie is amazing. Well, do you know earlier this year in Oregon, there was a film festival where they were going to play kindergarten cop and they boycotted over that movie because of the whole dief on the police and the toxic masculinity, and all this other bullshit, which is fucking Hola. It's kindergarten, cop yeah, the movie in this Vin, like that movie, is right that people remember you know h the the kindergarten teacher part there's Arnold Schwarznegger, with a polo shirt and Khakis like fucking teaching, these Kidor garteners and stuff, and it's cool. That's fine! You know: Hey that's family friendly a little bit but the beginning of the movie. It's like kind of dark he's, like you know, busting into this like drug den and then at the end of the movie. It gets dark again. So it's I don't know if this is necessarily a family movie, but I mean it's a phenomenal movie, one thousand nine hundred nd. Ninety on I ne Ninetee Ninety Yea, I mean I watchd major league when that came out, and I was like nine thanks, mom and dad you called it a tack, Maor Dud, you guys remember those soundboards from like late nines Wa tonight my favorite was easily the Arnold Schwarzenegger. One is like: Who is your Daddy, and what does he do like? There are so many of those lines that were so great. It's not Ta Tuma, Oh yeah, good pick can gron up all right. Gentlemen, so, for my movies pick we're going to go over to an article written by Vincent Camby in the New York Times News Service December, twenty six, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two in the way that great comic actors are supposed to play: Hamlet, Jim Henson, who created the muppets and Frank Oz. His long time associate apparently have dreamed of creating some mechanical marvels, more significant and timeless than the irrepressible Missus piggy and her pals. The result is the dark crystal which aims to be sort of a muppets paradise lost, but ends up being a water down, Jrr Tolken, so release December, seventeenth, oe thousand nine hundred and eighty two I give you the dark crystal. This was a huge movie for me growing up immediately. I was attracted to this film. It's a little dark. It's a little spooky a little scary. It is fantastic! I you know I grew up watching fraggle rock and the muppets, so I was very familiar with the work in Jim Henson and this was just a movie that absolutely captivated me now. The other reason I selected this is it's got legs and lots of them and the reason I'm going to tell you why it has legs is because, if you're familiar with the story of the dark, crystal they're, always talking about something called the great conjunction well, it's two thousand and Twenty Lades and gentlemen we're upon the great conjunction matter of fact. On December Twenty Font, the planets will align yet again. JUITER and satern will appear closer to each other than they have been in eight hundred years. So here on earth in the present day, we're going to have the real great conjunction so like Ogre said, the great conjunction is at the end of the world, or is it the beginning all the same? Big Change sometimes good, sometimes bad, that pretty much sums up, two thousand and twenty for me. So That's why I'm picking the Dark Crystal Released December? Seventeenth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two all right man crush, can't wait to hear what you got for the movies round. Okay, so let's go December, ten onethousand, nine hundred and seventy eight I watch his movie last week and the version that I watched was about three hours and eight minutes or something absurd like that, and I said it on the show. I said it recently. I don't do well with long movies and they got me thinking, even though I had this movie and the sequel on Urca Jus Drowin up, there's a distinct possibility that I never actually watched this movie or it's been over thirty years since the last time I saw it, I'm honestly not sure, but it's not out of the realm of possibilities because long movies, just don't digest whell with me. I can't sit through them all, so I may have onceremoniously skippe this movie. I did recognize a lot of scenes, but maybe I saw those inclips along the way either way I'm shocked, but I did make it all the way through this movie last week, even though I still think it was far too long. I did enjoy it so at the box office, this ones for you dave this movie absolutely killed it. It brought in three hundred million dollars, that's roughly one point, two billion in two thousand and twenty. So when you're thinking of these massive marvel movies of today that just it's just about on par with those numbers at least way better than the DC movies, and that said, I would consider this the first real major big budget, superher movie of all time. Maybe somebody would throw the out acalee, maybe on like Batman, the move, one thousand nine hundred and sixty six. But let's be honest here that doesn't even come close to this movie right here, not in budget not in box office totals not in story not in anything and speaking of Acoledes. This movie was nominated for three Oscars. You got best sound best film, editing and Best Music, and it on, like. I called this one a couple weeks: Oon the Oscar Participation Trophy which something they love to give out in th s Fr one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine with the special achievement award. So it did win that this was the biggest film o Oe Thousand Nine hundred and seventy eight just edged out one of the man crushe three alumni grease beat that out that year it's been preserved in the library of Congress e National Film Registry. For its time it had the biggest budget ever at that point, it was fifty five million dollars, and this is crazy. Four million dollars, plus a percentage of the movie, went to Marlin Brando alone. So just think that was like close to twenty million dollars. Then Marlin Brando God for this movie not and which is not bad for a dude. That's notoriously lazy! Every story. I've read about this guy. From this movie series. Everyone was like dude. He was reading off Cue cards right on babies, diapers doing all kinds of crazy shit, just lazyis fuck, but he got paid bank probably more than anybody, but the names that they considered for the main role of this movie, initially Robert Redford, who wanted too much money and they were given all their money to brandol. So that's out Clint Eastwood, who was too busy with other movies and then finally James Con, who said he wouldn't wear the silly suit. So when is all sudden done, they got this little known actor at the time name Christopher Reeve, to play the role of Superman, which S A guy. Initially, the producers felt was too young and skinny for the role which is pretty hilarious because, like James conn looks like a small Dude and God that movie would have sucked ass with James conn in the roll Superman. The great like just tr like what the WHO why I love James Com, but in this role, don't fucking way anyway, not too much to sell with this one. Everyone, it's fucking superman. Oh that's what it is yeah September Te, one thousand nine hundred and sevnty eight James Cot is not tall at all. I don't think right, no HES US wa. I thin, I don' think hes SONA shorter, which is why I think I'm picturing him is super short, but I still don't think he's big now see if they want to bring James Con on to play lex. I'm all for that yeah that Wul work. Fer Man, though dude, there's all kinds of crazy stories about like what people like Gean Hackmay was a pretty big actor at the time we played lex with her. He wouldn't shave his mustache. He wouldn't like Shit. He wouldn't go bald, so they had to like fake the whole wig thing in the movie and have wigs around and just keep changing his hairstyles because he wouldn't do it. I think he eventually shaved his mustache, because Richard Donner told him that he was going to shave his moustache. If he did it now, Richard Daughter never had a mustache, but I guess he didn't know that so all right Dave Shaltz. What is your final verdict on this game? Oki Doki? I should give the round to mark because I just looked at my phone and he didn't fax Hemia picture of Runnie James Do andit's like the best photo of all time. He was like pointing at me which wis incredibly awesome, but no I'm not going to give you the roundmark, because dark crystel scared me. I didn't like it as a kid at all. It freaked me the fuck out, and I love Jim Henson, Frank Oz. I mean the mufpets are fantastic labyrinth, another great movie they worked on. I could go on and on about the brilliance of Jim Hanson, but dark crystal. Even they did a was it like a sequel, anetflix yeah. I couldn't. I couldn't even look at that. Just too many childhood nightmares were pouring in by those creepy. ASS figures they came up with I mean listen. Mark is a great pick, just not for me, one thouand, nine hundred and ninety kindegarten cop drew. I think it's amazing that you went on a trip to visit that school when you think about, like th the trips to Mecca that people can make it usually be like Shemer Illinois or something to see like where all the John Hughes movies are based out of, or what have you penelp and Miller was in that movie. Curra did not have a crush penelope and Miller in the NS or even now I mean seriously super haughty. No wonder why Arnold couldn't keep his massive meat paws off of her. You did bring up the Goonis when Youe talking about your trip, how the house is next to there. I just recently watch Goonis with my kid the other day, and I wish I didn't why, because I had so many like good nostalgic feelings about it, but then I watched the movie. It was just like a complete cluster fuck and now anybody with young children may understand. This is tough, especially like I said mine is eight. He knows, there's bad words, you know what I mean Yeah and I've mastered this technique of leaving the sub titles on when we watch something. So I can cough when they swear, but I mean I as even watching goodes I' like there's no need to keep dropping the the swears in there. It just wasn't you know and it wasn't really age appropriate either, which is funny for me to say, because I was watching crazy stuff. I could have been watching Porno with your dad at that age, because I mean I was getting away with murder with what I was watching. You know what I mean: Yeah, Look, how you turned ou yeah, I'm a judge on dueling decades. Life does not get any better than this come on now, but still that movie kindergarten cop, it's one where I want to watch it with my kid and I haven't it because, I'm afraid I'm afraid of the contents. I give it to more years, Gd two more years. You think. Okay, thank you for the little advance warning or you know just fast forward the beginning and then once he gets to Astoria Elementary School, then Yo le can start it. There yeah sure there you go he's like Daddy. What's a drug dealer I've to explain that oneon bringing the birds in the bees to go along with it, one thousand nine hundren and seventy eight superman. You know with all the accolades man crush Yo were bringing up. I could have swor that you were talking about condor man. So the fact it was superman I wouldn't have guessed it was that you know loved of a film. I mean come on Superman who the hells seen that who such an obscure comics character yeah. It's like an indy flick yeah. It only took them like six years to put this yeah. It's one of those amazing feats to where they, I think, f. The tag line too is like you'll believe a man can fly, and I know I did O I swear to God like that was their thing and it was amazing, even even the effects like I guess, to reference watching movies with my kid again, he'll watch stuff now he's. Oh, this is crap. How could you watch this when you were a kid? I'm like dude? You have no idea. This was the most amazing thing ever when it was out yeah, but it was a remake. You know: fucking emakes, there's a scene where, in that movie, where Clark is talking to Lowest Lane. I know it's Super Man, I'm sorry so man's talking to Lowest Lane, he flies off. You follow Lowis Lan and she walks through her apartment, there's a knock on the door and its Clark Kent. That was all one shot, that that was amazing. How they I mean just cinematically how that movie was produced in man crush brought up all the stories and what have you? It's legendary stuff, I dare to say even more legendary than mark's pick of the et cartridge. So really here- and I know man crus amazingly, you did not bring up any wrestling, whatso whatsoever. This episode, which is Great I did I know to appeal to me and your last pick. Your big hum dinner was a superhero nd. You know how much I love comic books, but still kindergarten, cop and Superman. That's what we're boiling down to here. Kindergarten cop is ultimately quotable, as drewhad mentioned by the soundboards. I mean come on now, but Superman Ho boy, the merchandising everything involved with that movie, getting people into that character who weren't Weren' into Superman, just making fans wer wide the stunning career of the dealy to part a Christopher Reeves, just unbelievable stuff and Ned beedy was in it. You often forget about Ned beady, who later played lot so huggand bar and Toy story three and also know that, because I'm a dad so superman, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, the movie and all movies, and when mancrush this episode of dueling decades, man hat was, I was ot a slide too. I had won all those and then I lost like three in a row, so that feels good. Let me ask you a question, though, there's a lot of talk. I hear this all the time with people. What do you like? Better the original or the second? Okay? I, the Brandan Ralh Superman. I liked him, oh no! No! No! I'm not talking about that. I mean SOM the first two Richard an so just so people know so they film, as basically like one and two ifteen iht right. Richard Donner did bum, but they didn't end up writping Richard Donners. They went a different correction, they used was it Leister, O whatever it was? I forget, but I've seen both cuts, but I think growing up. I always watch the second one way more and I think that's why I remembered that over the original one. I watch this one because I'm almost positive, I watched it just didn't, remember a lot of the scenes and I probably didn't watch the three hour and eight minute version of it yeah. I can see the appeal to of the second one there to maybe to younger viewers because of the villains involved. Yeah there I mean General Zodd and everything, but the first one to me is a better picture. I mean T, gives you a great story now when they released it is, is the one thing that I couldn't come away with it and that's why I didn't say it on the episode. I doubt it was a three hour and eight minute release. It must have been much shorter. That's probably the TV cut is what they're putting together now. So maybe that's why I didn't recognize a lot of those scenes, especially like the young scenes where he's growing up and he kicks the football and Ogic. I totally didn't remember any of that, but then the scene that you just talked about were you know he takes lowus on the trip and then she's supposed to be on the date with Clark Kent and she comes back and clockso the door. I remember that Shit, but I di N' t remember all that that early on stuff, do you guys remember that yeah, the origin story, the original origin story, Oe thousand nine hundred and seventy eight fuck yeah? Well I mean they had to speak to your archives pick earlier. There was, you know, other superman stuff way before then in black and white and right George Reeves and all that stuff. I know they made a movie. I think Ben Affleck played him or what have you? So it wasn't like the Og Superman, but I mean come on. Is that one thousand nine hundred and seventy superman picture was sust massive? It was huge, SOS kindergarten, cop all right. So once again, man crush you prove to be duling decades, man of steel and you pull out another victory. It's all luck! It's all in the years it'sollly years, I'd like to think drew Zachman and Dave Shultz for helping us out on this episode, make sure you go over to songs, gone wrongcom check out their new show. It is absolutely fantasfhere we go if you know James Shelton and that store. This is like an episode like somebody put on a Robert Stack voice here. If you know James Shelton, please contact the show D, James Shelton, possibly from Illinois, possibly from Davenport Iowa, possibly from Hollywood. Let us know, because we want to get him on the show to tell us this whole story. He can. He can relinquish his story that he maybe his rode a comedy about Nica Judgen EPS, the dueling decades, milk carton adition right here. Have you seen me. I should put his picture out yeah all right, juwlers. Well, if you've missed an episode, you can always head over to duling decades docom, where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes on spotify, really everywhere, podcasts are available and then, while you're on those interwebs head on over to facebookcom forward dueling decades, ecan join our private group and share some of your very own rentro memories. Some until next time, deelers we're going to bid you a piece, love lighting, O joy have a grateful week. Everyone iguas new Yorkyor Ber