Dueling Decades
Sept. 11, 2019

Here's a History lesson for you! Back to School week 1984 vs 1995!

Here's a History lesson for you! Back to School week 1984 vs 1995!

This week we go take you back to school with a championship duel between Mancrush and the challenger Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 Podcast! Newcomer, loyal listener, and trivia leaderboard legend Eric Cluley joins us as the judge for this great...

This week we go take you back to school with a championship duel between Mancrush and the challenger Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 Podcast! Newcomer, loyal listener, and trivia leaderboard legend Eric Cluley joins us as the judge for this great matchup! Will Brent “The Shutout” Hand walk away with the Dueling Decades Championship or will Mancrush send him back to detention? Put on some fresh kicks, then listen, subscribe & play along at home with this fantastic episode celebrating all those first day of school memories!

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FORMARYMEDIAPEOP AG ttucave the Pixe O Pla, but tot Fo, im ranagain upon that cap, but stot the power Gopcom fiht for what you love, who com o Poe pe Copi, tencritat paete te Poe cap, would take a grave, a a bally Hasick IA, mad a Tano comefigt for what you love, ineas roadcasting from the new infirmary media studios. It's the adults, nly retro game show for the Eighties and nineties do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. Let's take a look at this week's dolers and the decades they will be fighting for in this week's back to school battle. First off the Challenger dualing wit, N Nineteen. Ninety five back once again, it's Brent hand from the hysteria fifty one Pod, Gast, gentlemen. What is going on? I am undefeated coming off a a complete shutout feeling, good, I'm feeling good Bren. He goes by Brent the shutout hand. Now, by the way I got my tattoo and everything. So that's a good, I wit, zero. Actually, no, you even got a bonus point. Was it like yeah aid, Zero Yeah? I won't be matched and he just hurt his voice, he's the champion dueling tonight, th nineteen and eighty four he's the reigning defeating defeating. Not yet is this like Ressevania 's a screwjob. He is the jewelling decades champion. It's Mancrush, that's right! I'm back, and you know what this might be. The first genrebase that I've had in a long time because doing the research is quite a bit different than doing a week challenge or doing the monthly stuff. So we'll see how this goes tonight, but I'm excited. Let's do this, and now it's always on our show. We need someone to adjudicate all of this anesomeness, so introducing a newcomer to our show and a loyal listener. He wont a contest during our live tribianight earning him the right to become a judge for an episode. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Voice of the People Judge Eri cluly pleasure to be here really excited, can't Wa to make nick lose just remember who who puts all the points on the leaderboard and can also tap them o make rent lose? And, Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dualing decades rules and will be for the dueling decades championship. Hey judges, coinflip, shout aside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. It judges ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five around jewellers, you gotto look out for number one, just don't step in number two, because it's time to play Jo Anos, all right Judge Eric cluly, let's hand it down to you for the official Tossoff allright. So I was told I needed a coin or something tat slepp about two minutes ago. So what I was able to find as a from the fundship Carnival cuise lines at casino chip on one side I have a ship and on the other side is a giant. Five is the Flit Oler coin rent is the challenger he gets. Oh I'm calling that five dollars all right. It is the five dollars Oo, all right, Brendhand! You Got Control of the board. What category would you like? First, let's do TV first yeah all right for T V, my first one, my so called life's last episode, Airs January, Twenty Sixth of nineteen. Ninety five in the entire year of ninety five, they actually thought that it was going to be coming back and it was cancelled. Finally, on May not the whole year may fifteenth Ond. Ninety five, the show was praised for its patrayal of the adolescents and its commentary on center character. Angela, it sat in her fictional high school of liberty, High School in the suburbs of Pennsylvania Pittsburg, and follows the emotional travels of several teenagers in social circles of of the Angela's main character and how they live their life in high school clairdanes who went on to play in Romeonjulia because of that role. That's right! What a like chick show, though, like everyoneas so emo in that show I just couldnot ever watch it. I remember in high school people like the girls and everything just loved it, and I I don't know that I've ever watched an episode. I had never see Wa to sell at Panbran Yeah. You know but hey haste. I've heard of it Mik so called Bud and then all right number two we got every person in high school had to celebrate this. The history channel is launched on January first of nineteen. Ninety five and actually originally didn't just show ponstars and Axmen and alien agient aliens and UOP, hundrers and stuff it broacast documentary programs and historical series, both fiction and non fiction and h. It switched eventually, but originally it was set up and UH. You could use it for helping with things that you're doing in school and things like that and then it just kind of jump. The Shark ind now we're in the aliens- and you know Alaskan Bush people on the moon and whatever they show in ther inviteim. You know history, stuff, history, history, you know what Wa's amazing about that. Remember. Remember the movie singles there's a scene where the guys are high sitting on the couch. It's a guys from Proll GAM, it's a jefament and Eddi veter they're sitting on the couch and they're watching a documentary about bees and they're wannto it that's what I picture of early days, History Channel, Oh yeah, yeah yeah, like I remember early, I remember when it came out in school, watching those documentaries how cheap my high school was. They would just literally tape 'em on VHS and come in and like well we're talking about the civil war. This was on history, chanow s, the gisburgan dress, so that's probably when the teacher was hung over. I just watch that and sit there and it was perfect now I I don't think they could do that as much, but it was pretty cool. Then I guess it's cooler now, but hey yeah. I mean it's more watchable now like for the the casual viewer or like Antionalien, you? U Have to be into like your hyster, fifty one stuff, that's just entertaining altogether yep and and it's not the history celanly more. It's just history and other's H, Tou. You know and Spin Offs and everything. Well you just wait in another. Twenty years is going to be like M TV and they're going to show nothing about reality: Television, history, the OUCO ND that Wer we're going to be like. Do you remember when history Chinnel used to be about history? Go figure. History repeats itself, all right. Man Crush over to you. What are your first offerings for the television round? Allright? First, let me premise us by saying thank you to you guys for for bearing with me, because we had a fancy draft Snapfu and I'm actually drafting while I'm playing this game. But I'm on my last pick here and a second here. It is I'm up last pick, I'm picking fucking Raven's headcoach. I give a shit whatever fucking tit's done, all right back to my real picks. Here it is March Fifteenth Nineteen. Eighty four, this originates from the fifth rated show that year, where it actually t tied the eighteen at the fifth rade and show for the year. I think it had like a twenty two point, something a share. The shows lasted seven seasons and it created some epic stars, and by that I mean the one and only burt gummer was on this show. Let me give you a Synopis of the episode you know where I'm going. This is about the episode that I'm talking about Alex is stunned. Girlfriend is named the Valedictorian instead of him. He thinks the man should be the superior in the relationship. His attitude threatens to break them up then Alex's father bird gummer explains that love is not about competition and that's exactly what it sounds like 'cause. It's an episode of family ties where we tackle a very serious topic, high school relationships and without this primer into the adolescent romanticism. What would we do? Definitely a prerexisiim any back to school. playlist. You need every bit of life advice. You can get from Burn Gummer Bird Gummer, who was tappin that hot Riba mckintire action. It was his wife in the first H, t tremors, yeah yea. Of course we're talking about Michael Gross, who actually went on to bigger and better things like cooles ice. Won't you drop the zero and get with the hero. I'm goingto go across the street Slingi Lan yo go ahead and go here. The okay onto my second pick, I'm about to get a cramp in my side. So let's see how this goes up March. Seventh, nineteen, eighty four, you know what, if this series doesn't make you think of back to school, you probably grew up without a television set, and actually it's possible that even some of these movies you saw in school and that's none other than a b Cs after school special. I bet you that brings back some memories, just hearing that, but that said this stuff was the things that they tackled in this in nineteen. Eighty four were just so topical. The Times like when I grew up in the nineties. I was used to them doing shows like underage pregnancy, Tommy smokes crack, but that was in the ninet nineteen and eighty four. We get this epic episode about Dyslexia. Why get we go so we get the two brothers we gat bobby and Brian Elsworth, and it turns out that everyone thinks Brian is an idiot like Chris tierica would say. However, it turns out that he's just dyslexic so like any other after school, special of course, there's only one adult in this entire show who cares enough to get hem help, because everyone else just ignores the fact that this kid is, like mildly h like out there. I D, I can't say the R word anymore, so I won't say that, but he's slow or whatever's wrong with Hem, but pretty much the story that a B C likes to push forward, that most adults are shitty. If you watch any back to school special, that's like pretty much the overarking theme to all those shows, but that's not it. This is where it gets real, good and here's the kicker. This is actually the first starring role for the gents that played Brian and Bobby Elsworth, and those two were better known as real life, brothers, Yokin and River Phoenix, and I'm preysuwe know how those fellos turned out. So that's. My second pick went with h. Some family ties bur gumberaction and then follow that up with the riddle of dyslexia from he after school special, which starred the rivers brothers. Well, actually, you know w like Yoking, he actually used to go by leaf back then Ightyeah yeah, he she'll just reei. That way that way, Shawbak can actually pronounce his name well. His his na his actual name was Waquin. He changed his name to Leife because he was the only one of his family members whose name wasn't meamed t at ther part of nature, so he changed his name to leave because he had so much fun. Raking leave with his father in the front lawn O, see, I thought wow opposite now. His real name was Lakin and he changed it back when he turned fifteen to grass 'cause. He liked smoking. We, while they were rinking, leaves outside it's so funny 'cause. I when I was my son, was napping for an hour today. I I actually watched a video on you tub about him and that's where I literally learned all that today, nice, you don't just study him in your your pasttime at a normal ar nono 'cue. It said the article was, he finally reveals what happened to his lip and thet was a whole documentary on like his name and at the very end it Wa e. It happened in Utera like what a waste of time, but I's always been like that, but anyway, yeah also super topical with he joker coming out and you know recor. I know what his name is. It's an inside joke, the the yoking thing mark might be the only one that got it yeah we had. We had somebody on one of the episodes of the show and just kept pronouncing hisname. How did he I thought it was yogine was T it Yokine Kan once and were like. Oh Okay Ho just has pronounced his name, and then he did it two three four five times in a road an we had rea idea who he was talking about. We had to stop I'm like who are you talking about? Yoken grab me a beer, e, H, yeah and not to mention the supertopical thing after school, special, the namesake of one of the tag teams here on our shot, the after school specials. So all right Judge Eric Luley, let's hand it over to you for the ruling for the very first one point round: Alright, so nik the family ties episode was: was there anything special about that at all other than there's just os? Jamly ties yeah man, it's it's relationship, shit like men. If you don't watch the beforehand? Okay s all right, so we got the end of a show that well none of us ever watched. It apparently was very popular show back in ninety five, the so called life and the launch of the history channel, which has no legs. That's that thing was just a fad versus a random episode of family ties and UH, the first outing of the Phoenix brothers and dyslexia and dyclexic. Without this episode they would still think that them be lazy, mother, Farkers, well, yeah I mean I'm going to have to go o ninety five on this, an of micy UNDERFEA history continued Brent hands on the board. First, with one point and control of the board. What category would you like to go? Do Neroh? Let's go sho hi product O my favorite a right. The number one my first pick originally introduced in nineteen ninety five by Intel and u adopted by schools and everyone. The USB. The USB port is considered the most successful interconnect device ever and has played a vital role and how we axcess store and transferred Thaut, as well as power devices. ANCONNECT pripherals, such as controllers and mice, and the arest is history. So that is the first time when it was ever used and let people get rid of those giant like serial bus cables and stuff that they had they used to use. And I looked N it said that in ninety five, when they started putting them inthe computers, schools, jumpeing on because they were less likeily to become damaged, but they only did like twelve like I forget it was like microbits a second, and now we do like five megabits a second. So it was like super super super slow, but it did change everything the USB, which now there's like nine thousand of 'em. You know the USB one two and three USBC and and everything hardly with a mention and then h and then for my next one. What is every school kid need when they're going back to school, less pimples proactive is brand of skin care products developed by two American termantologists launched in ninety five by Gothy ranker, a California based direct marketing company, focused at school kids to help them get rid of their pimples, and that was their huge marketing campaign and if you guys remember, they had tons of commercials with schoolage kids on there and then they eventually after that, went to like celebrities and things like that. But kids with pimples was their bread and butter. The grossest kids with pimples Hem and put them on her now e dilexia ow proactive is sold in fending machines in mall, literally I've seen that yeah yeah, that's nuts you used to you, have Ario sit there and watch Jessca Simpson, trying to hock it and shit. She tried to fuck it Hawkit like sell it cream. Forein, I'm going to watch it Righi'm in I in that actually was also tied with ATM in the ratings, not nineteen. Eighty four, that's true! So Yep! Those are my two good picks even like you probably have the most boring back to school role, the USB lucking proactive, so the kids that used the usbs n nineteen nd. Ninety five also toproactive, so that really tied together right there I was usuall, the: U SB genius, not the proactive, but H. I went for more fun back to school feeling with my products and I started out with sneakers, and surprisingly, they were a shit load of really epic sneakers that came out O in nine teen. Eighty four, there is probably nothing higher on the food chain for back to school than sneakers. You show up to school in your first day with a busted pair of kicks and you're. Never Goingto live it down. If you want to show up for your busted face, they didn't care about that. In the eighties, everyone had a busted face. That is true. You said it with your mullet, but if you showed up the school, the pair of Prochamps, you were named Pro Champs for the next four years: High School mothe fuckirgs ar cruel man. So you need to plan accordingly and get yourself a great pair of sneakers. Luckily for nineteeigy four there's a Plethera to choose from. Let me just I'm just got to throw these out. I picked one out of this list, but I think there's some epic ones in here that we'll probably never mention ever again. So it's worth it. We had the Adetis Prochel, the Adetis lendal competition, converse, fastbreak, Nike, Challenge Court, Reba club fashion, Adita, Z, x, eight hundred and I'm sure, if you look these up, you'd know them by seeing them Nike airship: Adetis, Micropacer, Nike, MAC attack, the Adetus, l, a trainers, the Filati ones, iditasz x, five, hundreds, the new balance, thirteen hundreds, the adetest forums and then the ones I chose 'cause. They are fucking, epic, so epic, that they made cameos and Terminator and thegoonis The paroof sneakers, I'm rocking on the first day school nineteen, four, the Nike Vandals One. In the same as the shoes worned by Kil Reese from Terminator Brand Waltz from Goonis Shit, probbly, fucking, brand din wall, Shewas, probably wearing these mother fuckers. Everyone was woaring. These fuckeng things an they. Basically, they were like they looked like air force ones, but on the very top it had a velcro strap that went around the ankle right. If I dropped you guys, a picture you'd you'd be like Oh shit and in Terminator and Ingoones they had like. There were scenes like Um Interminator, for instance, you see him pick the sneakers up, and then you also see him like step out of the truck with Hem and it's a shot below the truck of the shoes and they had they're just starting like those in advertisement in the movies pretty fucking sneaky, which they do all the fucking time now, but h timeless designe. So my first pick we got, of course the Nike bandals and then, secondly, does anyone know off the top of their head? What a Ladin Industries is they're, so magic carpets, they make lamps. No, I didn't think anybody would know, but do you remember who the characters on your first lunchbox were optimists? All Right? I had it downstairs. I I can't remember my first lunchbox it might have been human. Do you remembererwas Bre? I never really had one of those character. lunchboxes until I was older last year, Eah I want to date myself. My sister had one though reembers it was the hairbear bunch, that's from the seventies tha. No, I can throwback, but everyone had to have a fly lunchbox to go to the the first day, school wile, theseas, a lad in lunch boxes and that's what they made by the way lad made lunchboxes in nineteen e. four kids were buying these Aladin lunchboxes in droves and why switch from their metal lunchbox to a plastic lunchbox? That's because- and I'm surecluywill know this on seven September- Seventeen nineteen four- they were about to experience. The cartoon thate was being hired up around the United States all summer long and I shit you not when I was going through the papers IV found a bunch of articles from papers that summer just pimping the shit out of more than meats the Ey relating Iskis, and I'm sure this is the optimist' lunchbox that you're talking about it's a red optimist, plastic, lunchbox, first transformers lunchbox came out in Nineteen Efour that was made by Aladdin. It doesn't get anymore back to school than having a transformers. Lunchbox- and I I'm just like Eric, I think I need to pick one up for myself I' found a couple on Ebay O. I don't have a transformers one, but I found a Dick Tracy one and actually for up until last year. My son used that for school for two or three years and those lunchboxes are great. If you go to the store and buy a current lunchbox they're they're, not deep, they're, very narrow, so good luck trying to fit like topperware or anything in there, but you pulld out one of those old school Latin ones and they're nice and deep. You can fit a lot of things in them. That's 'cause! Back in the day we had, they gave us real estate for our cubbies. Nowadays they don't give kids shit for like no, you get like a little five by five space yeah to it. You fullthermis in there and all that yeah when they, when they made paceballs the Star Wars, told them that they could not make anything as far as merchandise and in that scene, where they have. You know spaceballs the you know the flame throw and placeballalt they had spacelos and lunchbox, and it was the transformers lunchbox and they just wrote baseballs on it thatstuff. They just wrote space balls on it and just put it in there and no one even picked up on it. THAT'S HILARIOUS! I'm going to have to go back and watch that now yeah. I never picked up on that. All right judge, Erer Cley. Let's go down to you for the ruling for the second round. Hoy Enough, I just lost the lead from my Pencil, Oh hate. When that happens, man, sorry now you're going to have to get up and go to the Pencil sharpener. All right. I mean the lunchbox Ti and ndoing it the transformers. That's that's totally just trying to buy my vote there. What's? What do you mean that fucking that prime back to school man? Oh prime thats, JUS CAGLADOUQA COMOMANUOUS BPORT? If it was a Shitty, USB PORT SIC saying the first computer was Shity, saying it doesn't mean anything 'case, it was shity. It's still. The first computer t doesn't mean it was a good computer. Yeah USBS got some legs, as does the transformers lunchbox and the Nike Vandals Yeah men about maybe twenty five other people, the country haveone. Still they just rereleased Theye rereleased the Nike Vandals. Like five times. I do dig those I just looke them up. I dig those a lot of those I would fucking. I think I did Y los of Belcroa strap across the top. I would buy a pair like tonight like right, WAA hightops for high top. They didn't they weren't like what we have now yeah equarter bullshits, yeah yeah. I could picture the Xaccine with Calris puting them on and all that he checks someone this bottom of his foot. First Yeah today sure they fit yeah. I coul see the whole scene and that you know what it's not a: U S, eport all right Brent hand picks up another round early on that's two to nothing. Let's go to the third round. I gotta tell you, like. My wife would be literally shitting her pants if she knew that I was judging a contest for eighties firs ineties and chosen nineties IAND arow 'cause she's three years younger than me. So she's always talking about the nineties all the time and I'm like fuck that ie to Rightik I mean I was born in eighty, but literally eighty six to eighty nine. Those are my fondest Memoris as a a kid playing with transformers and Gidos and Sha. But I, when one thing you gotto look at and as a new judge, you're, not you're, not looking at this back to school is the theme Judge Back to school and that's Al Lievyo at that. I don't know how much USB was go. My school had like two computers Bro in like nineteen. Ninety five- I I was actually thinking of that and when I was thinking, does this qualify as back to the school thing. An all like a picture is a sixth grade year sitting in the computer room and Teacher's, actually teaching us what computers Wer and what the Internet there's new, this new thing, the Internet. What the fuck is the Internet xtfuck is the Internet movie, Pupshu Dacom, all right all right. Let's go to news H, Yeah News, all ight, my first one, an unprecetented unprecedente heatwave strikes the midwestern United States. Temperatures exceed a hundred and four degrees in the afternoon for five straight days over the entirement West, and at least three thousand people die, seven hundred and fifty of which were in Chicago Illinois alone, and this is t e summertime. But schools were open so that students whose parents couldn't afford AC could come there, so they had sor to go along with other residents and the homeless, and this actually because of all this heat and the amount of usage of the school, had delayed the start of the school year for several districts, all throughout Illinois, Chicago and a ton of the Midwest and, like I said, seven hundred and fifty people, many of which her children died in Chicago alone, three thousand deaths yeah. I was detastling corn, which is like the Satan's assole of jobs in Thatso. That was fun so that I could go back to school and you know have a monnower ingoes, an the assole comes out clean, Yall right, my second uh. This was news of the year. The Jaba programming language was developed and it is the most most high. Schools still teach this. It is the most taught computer language science, since ninety five Jaba job is still extremely ran. Tor This Day it's used by many large companies and it's still the primary language used to write android APS for phones, which is roughly eighty percent of the world's smartphones, all are running on android all ar using Jaba and, like I said since ninety five hat's been the most taugt computer language in schools. It's not the most advanced, it's the most. I don't know about that. I think H, especially in school. Maybe now it's picked up, but back then man. It was like coball sea pluty. I SAR yeah for a while yeah, but it s uh, like I said it's not the most python now is probably the most used. You know as far as beneficial but yeah Jabis testill en number one top in schools so says the Internet, ifound Thinot in my funkon wagnels new ENCYCLA, all right man crush over to you. What a e you got: Man All right, so tar August, twenty fourth, nine ueen nd, eighty four, the titlist articles back to school sales, ad up to retail gains and UH. So basical, I did this story because it's complete opposite of anything, that's going on now and I m throughout some numbers and stores and Shit just because it's interesting and it's just crazy when you hear these numbers, so the storgo is nations. Major retailers reported sales games from this year's back to school overlast years, and this is where the story becomes really important to me. 'cause take a listen at these stores, seers, the biggest general retailer in the nation of Courseis. Nineteen four had a sales increase of eight point, one percent and that's a total of one point: eight million dollars and back to school shopping. Basically, they are gone these days I just read: The storie today lose the bunch more closing, more stores. Again, it's fucking nuts. Second, on that list, Kmart had a eleven percent increase and one point: five billion dollars and back to school shopping seem dealaseers same parent company, basically fucking out the door blue light special baby. Yes ey. If you were buying Shia Kmar, you might have those pro champs, but you didn't have the NIGT ILEJ C Brash, knigts, Helly, apernish, Nice worh, a shit! Eight Point: Eight percent increase, they did nine hundred and forty four million dollars for that back to school. In nineteen four H, considering them their stock lost ninety percent of its value. In the last three years, then we go to some smaller ones like federated stores. They were ten percent jump, six hundred and twenty two million dollars nd nineteen four. I didn't even aquaite these to twenty nineteen, but those are fucking monster figures when we're talking about federated stores, we're talking about like Mac's Bloomingdales Shit like that which you don't see any more like your regional department, shorer Jordan marshit like that, then we had Dayton Hutson core, which is now target thirteen one percent jump at five hundred and eighty three million mycome reward, which is basically only online now had a nine percent increase, four hundred and seventy one million dollars in sales and finally, and this one's gone too. This this makes me sad. FW woolwart's company had a two percent increase at the time, four hundred and twenty three million dollars during back to school and they close their doors pretty much of all their five, an dimes in nineteen. Ninety seven, so it's just amazing. If you look at all those numbers how much shopping was going on. That's just back to school figures. That's not even their yearly like that's just for a couple months. That's how much they were doing. fucking insene the economy was pumin back then man, ucking, Reaganoes, Ekin, yeah Y SHITN'n dude. I Miss Shopping in retail stores. I don't miss the people in the retail stores, but I do miss going there. You know just getting a hands Zon with everything and that's why that article kind of resigneted with me and seeing all those sales figures that it's just that's gone. That's people never have that. Again we used to go to the mall and woeld. You go t like the center courts of the mall. Back in the day when we were kids, there wasn't chiosks and crap everywhere there was just like places to hang out and stuff. You know like we had a big water fountain that yet eating and stuff like that, and it's funny someone posted my my local, like I'm from Springtilllinois like they had like throwback pictures of them all, and it was like this huge intenauga rush of what it used to be and now like. If I have to go to a mall, I'm like, Oh, my God, kill me, but I used to love doing it. Yeah malls are fucking waistlands. Now man, like our local mall, had a fucking boatstore in it for a while to fill the space where mazing has to be a fucking lymm or changing into like apartment buildings and doctor offices, D and stuff, like that and little crackhouses yestlory hold all right, 's. So my second story August, twenty sevent, H, nineteen eighty four Presdent Reagan announces that the first citizen passenger to fly in space for the United States will be. A teacher Reagan has directed NASA to season the nations elementary and secondary schools for a teacher to ride with the astronauts on a space shuttle as an observer- and this is a pretty eerie line righte here, he stated when that's Pe Shuttl lifts off all of America will be reminded of the crucial role teachers in education play in the life of our nation Y man. What what a forboding and terrible thing oall right. So of course, this all led to the the January Twenty Eigth Nineteen G, six explosion of the spaciittle challenger, seventy three seconds after I launched, of course, Christa mcculliff was the teacher that was chosen for that doomed. Voyage and mcallig was actually one of eleven thousand applicants for the teacher in space project and she was chosen for that duty on July. Nineteent, ninetyy five. Can you imagine being the runner up to this 'cause? They had to have had a a someone in auxiliary in case something happened, tunning 'cause, they always yeah, and I think they did. I I think I remember seeing a picture of another lady that they had chosen, who might have done the training alongside of her and all that stuff rigtor at least up to that point in, like maybe late, Nineteen D, eighty five or you know, fall of eighty five at least, but she had to like take a year off of teaching and all this stuff to get like acclimated with the shuttle and Shit. Seventy three seconds and the thing exploded, fucking crazy and, as we said before it just for all of us that went to school in the eighties. We all know that time. We know where we were. I remember that Ha yeah, I remember watching it well, they they forced hus all to watch it. It was like such a big thing that they made us all. I remember themein Tonn Yep crazy, but those are my two picks talk about dueling decades by the numbers for all the fans. Listening in here. Seventy three seconds shorter than the Mike Tyson fight mentioned last episode of eighty nine seconds versus mcneilly, the Good Sid, the fucking pizza commercial to that plane. Well, actually, before I go there, I did pull another q this one a little bit interesting, Ias from the article IT SAS are we supposed to dance on our heads asked Howard Carroll, spokesman of the NEA, the nation's largest teachers union. He said putting a teacher in space is not going to solve the problems of our schools, which Reagan hasn't addressed. The problems need real nation leadership, not symbolism and empty rhetoric Carol said Yikes, so they weren't even for it, and then that happened. Sethe ne a is strong man. All right judge cluly over to you for the ruling, right so um, sad to say, but this comes down to to challenge your desk fors Ta, three thousand n heat stroke desks and I think the challengers, the bigger story. Here I mean every single one of us can remember exactly what was going on, whether you ere I mean I was all my in my mom's blue, dodge minivan driving to my elementary school for kindargarten, and I remember every second of that ride. Listening to the news about that. So clearly that's the bigger story. Ninety five- I was fifteen and I don't remember that at all, so this also puts the Challenger in the three timers club, much like the West Memphis three, who is now in the four timers club. This is the third time the challengeer explosion has come up on the show for three completely separate instances. Yeahyeah I mean that's, that's one of my earliest memories at all. Let it little in a new story, wor a doing decades thing, but yeah man, I I was h five years old and I remember thinking about the Challenger. I can picture that entire Luvan exactly perfectly and you Kn W. I couldn't tell you anything about that van and then you say challenger, I'm like Oh yeah. I remember the arm rest. I remember you know the wall threw up to the front seath where my mom was like sit down yelling at me and Shit and a Betin your mind. It seems massive yeah, Ipoyeah, there's only one other time. I can remember that then is when mom was going round a corner. I thought for some reason. Somehow I thought we were parked and I opened the door and is flew out of the flucking car andnow. He wears a sea build so that that and the Challenger all right. So that makes the game two to Ontsupport, for this backto school episode and for the culmination trivie this week brought to us by manscaped. Who was the number one in men's below the bell? Rooming manscaped offers precision engineered tools for your family jewels. You know what I'm saying Mark I do man. We finally have the proper tools to do the job. I don't know about you guys, but if you've ever tried to groom your Nether regions, I guess with anything less than the right Tuels you're GOINNA run into problems. I've done it myself if you've ever nicked a certain part of your body that is no fun, don't use the thing used to shave. Your face, certainly don't use the dog clippers. That's a big! No, now I'll tell you that, but now you got the right tools for the job. We got the stuff right here from mandscape. They sent us the lawn mower. Two point out. This thing is absolutely amazed: Balls Hell Yeah, you know what's spucking Awsom about the law mower as it's quiet, yeah 'cause. 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Actually there were a couple of different directions that could have went with this pick and I'm going to go with e movies here M, I I found some really cool, like Hbo Staples in there o Hou, an nine tnre nd. Eighty four like and I'm sure these will never come up again, so I'll bring hem up like Oxford Blues, for example, rob low or the cannon classic making the grade with Judg Nelson. That's it. I decided to take the the popular kid route and not pick those, but I was extremely happy to pick this one and I'm even happier to give the mahating drive in another plug here. The timing is perfect with this episode, and why is that you ask well that's 'cause mark and I are going to see this movie at themahating drive in and it will be the original thirty five millimeter cut. So it's going to be like going to the movies on Augustenth nineteen, eighty four to see the classic revenge of the nerds and mark what are the details for that night in Mahaming, if anybody's in the Pennsylvania area, yes, mhunting drive in theater it's on Seneca road, late in Pennsylvania, it's going to be September thirteenth and fourteenth there doing the teens gone a wild weekend, which sounds a lot like my pornubbserch history, anywy Friday September, thirteenth they're, going to be showing up the creek joysticks and King Frat and the night we're going to be there Saturday September, fourteenth revenge of the nerds Zapped and surf two nd they. So you can go and check out all of the films on the original prints up on the big screen. It's going to be a rock and good time. Come hang out with the jewelling decades. Do nerds with it's multiple rape scenes those crazy Teens Oi W. I really wish I could go to that man. It's going to be fucking owesome, seeing this stuff if you'v Never seen an older movie and it's thirty five millimeter cut. I know it sounds like kind of Nurty, but when you see it, it's really like going Ino time machine and seeing it the way it was supposed to be shot. You know like if you go to a drive in now, and you try to watch a new movie and the drive in it doesn't work 'cause. Those new mokers aren't made for the drivein old movies are made for the drive in yeah because they made the movies. They knew the limitations of how the movies were being shown and heard. So that was taken into consideration when these movies were being made, because a lot of these movies, they never thought, would be shown anywhere, but a drive in there weren't. You Know Oscar caliber movies, I rented ther, I OSCA calerthat Onewas Iwitely dosinnet. Can you get better than that all right? Let me finish this one up so pulling in forty one million dollars world wide N Nineteen N. eighty four: that's a little over a hundred million dollars and twenty nineteen this movie's an absolute classic, not much needs to be said here that you don't already know, but something you don't know. In two thousand and six LAMELAMB DALAMDA became a real fraternity that started at the University of Connecticut. I looked it up, it's Liegit, it's not big, but at least they did it's a it's basically like a spoof of real fraternities, but there's six chapters bukyea lamb to lamb diamba. So if you're going to go, toollege something pledgelan, trylands hell yeah, that's the way to go. If you go on Amazon right now, there's actually a documentary called attadriven, it's about en the honing driving, oh no shit, yeah! Really, I'm GOINGTO have to go watch. My brother just sent me a text this morning. You should check that out. The place is fucking Coolashit, it's like literally in the middle of nowhere. You drive down this road and you see like a cornfield and then all of a sudden there's this giant fucking screen yeah Malaci comes out and greets you. He who walks behind the roads thanks. Okay, sorry tht thts twice something happened this morning that was toppacle for this show tonight: Yo Keen Giv me a beer all right. Anyhow, Li Im, my secondhik once again a jug or not had to do it June. Twenty second, nineteen enghty. Four, this flick went on to grabb ninety one million dollars world wide to the box office. It's a little over two hundred and twenty million dollars. Twenty nineteen and everyone has seen this movie- I would say at least twice at least twice: that's it. I bet a lot of people, don't even realize that it's over two hours long- and I didn't realize this until I watched it with my kid again last year- Yeahmartin cove, billy, Zapka, excuse me, William Elizabeth Shoe, Pamarida and, of course, Ralph Machio, the karate kid and the fucking crane you're, the new Kidin town, you'd, Better Watch, fucking the karate kid, the crody kid, and maybe no retreat no surrender so that you're prepared on the first day of school 'cause. All these assholes are going to be gunning for you. If you want to survive, fall, a seven pis be ready and watch a carate. Kid learn the crane solid. Oh can't go wrong with a karate kid man also know nows how not to be a pussy or how to be a pussy and somehow nall right. So I think I got the B greatest back to school movie ever, in my humble opinion, sorry to back to school, with Rodny Dangerfield, but h back to school, back to school, Billy, Madison debuts in theaters February, tenth, nineteen. Ninety five in order inherit his father's hotel empire Billi, has to go back to school, to repeat grades kindergarten through twelve all over again, because his father had cheated so that he could graduate. So he literally has to go back to school through all twelve grades and pass them and know how to spell Rezudo in with a ruditroom Rudo o you going to the mall after SL yeah, Billy Madison came out in nineteen ninety five, and that is one of the greatest quotable movies too. You know start looking at Befwan and and Um it's just when, when Adam's ane was firing on all cylinders, yeah, it's my favorite standar movie, handsdown yeah. Now the only problem I had with that movie is when he call pulls up wit, the school blassing Aro, speedwagon n, the Transam, and everyone looks at Hem that Hade Been My guy I' run ing up to Han being like. What's up Doin whatyou gn, I you know yeah, because that's the type of guy you could buy weed from no, I will not make out with you. You can buy you bier yeah right, I write and then my number to another huge back to school. The woman goes back to school, to become a teacher former Marine Luanne Johnson played by Michelle Fifer landsof ging teaching, gig teaching in a pilot program for bright, but under achieving teens and a notorious entertothe high school ever having a terrible first day. She says I decide she must throw daycorm to the wind when jons returns the liseroom. She does so armed with a no nonsense attitude informed by her military training, Blah Blahblah, dangerous minds August, eleventh. Nineteen. Ninety five helobocast and a hot Michelle Fiper, it's no, the substitute, Ay man. That was always my interme you' got to choose a size man, it's tha, dangerous minds of the substitute. Is it ne? Stop that as you're like building up to it, I wrote down Gagstrous Paradise. A sad thing is: Wouldn't that movie we? Actually. I think this has come up before we're discussed it with John. The movie itself is a piece of Shit you, but you had O had lot of war. I actually oneway. What did it get? It won a blackbuster, a latch, a a song on a bunch, but the movie didn't whatever a blockbuser award is, but I was the only work that it won most wrenthed on a Tuesday night guaranteed in stock. Ah that' IGHDID, you look behind everybox. I don't want to have to go back there, imissed that it was such a crapshoot right like going to rent something it was like going to gamble 'cause. You were like. I don't know what the fuck they're going to have a you might have left there with H, like some cannonflict that look cool on the box and cases of death. That was my favorite. We the we went to the family, videos and no matter forgetting about the new stuff. They had two for a dollar movies. You cand go wrong with t vhss for a buck for seven days, and you just pick something lot times see my friends we'd, be you know having a sleep over everyone's coming over and H, we're trying to pick up something that looks stupid just to have fun and make fun of it. Yeah! That's what we used to do on a Friday night. You go rent five or six movies yeah. You know you'd be up until Sunday about three o'clock in the afternoon. Rightwe've talked about this before too there's that's a problem with Vod and all the like, Netflic and everything else. There's no skin in the game so like. If a movie is not good in the first ten minutes, you t turn it off and find something else. SCIP thelocks, you know like we had to watch a movie to find some redeeming quality in that movie. They were like it's not so bad after the first forty five minutes. 'cause you couldn't do the garbage Pale kids wouldn't have been any good. That's the way, Youe got to challenge yourself and still treat it like it's the eighties. So if you're going to watch something on Netflinx pick, your movie then get up. Take your remote control and set it up next to your television and then go sit back down. If you want to change the channel, you have to get up to get the remote you'll stay on the same thing for a while. If you don't have that clicker in your hand, treat it like it's old school friends yeah. I thouhall right, let's Goover, to judge Erett cluly for the ruling, this one's pretty clear for the eighties. Basically, it's two to one in my opinion, dangerous minds. Tha I mean I think I saw it. I heard this song Billy Madison's a great movie, but compared to Revente, theners and Crodiki combined. I don't think it could hold up. So I got to go with eighty four for this. One O right man crush, takes this round and the lead and control of the board all right. Well, there's only one thing left to do: Go to music February Eighteenth nineteen, eighty four, the song was released as one of two new tracks that are recorded on the band second compulation album and actually the song itself ended up charting as high as number eight on the billboard hot one hundred and nineteen four, I'm talking about the Song Adult Education by hall and oats unless you're in a hallnots fan who like who is in Holln, you might have forgotten this one. However, it carries a great message that I think trancends decades and here's a quote from Daro Hall, on what the Song's about and is good. He said one of the big problems of the world is people never grow up, no matter how old they get, they stay the same age and the song is a reminder that there is life after high school and that's pretty solid advice from a de that has a fucking, lion's maid, his entire life. If you can't listen to it, dude with a fucking lion's man, you're- probably not going to listen to anyone H it's one of those things. I tell my kid all the time high school is only four years of your life and it's going to be over quick. You know, like aside from the education part. Much of the other stuff is fluff, for example, how many high school sweethearts do you know that are still together? None none! Exactly so that's what this song is all about. I actually have friends that got married. They were high school sweetarts got married now in their early forties, they're, going through it incredibly public divorce in, and it's just tasty as how every day 'cause, I'm still friends with both of 'em and I'm just like wow. This is hilarious. It's Rotyeah, your pain is my pleasure. There's only one couple from my high school there was together and just like that. They also got divorced, maybe like five years ago, and something that was like pretty hairy where he like cheated on her and was on drugs and all this crazy shit and again it was all over social media, fucking nuts. But again it goes back to that song e people don't grow up and that's what he was trying to point out to people with adult educationalike. You need to get out of that ND. You need to get into duld education and leave that ship behind. So it was a good message that old Darrell Hall was pushing out there thewis all right. Second Song January, ninth, nineteen, eighty four, an amazing albumwas released even at six years old, a young Nickman crush own. This very C, like I owe my very own copy. This cassette, it's six side B song one was the last single that was released from this album in October, twenty seventh nineteen four one of four singles from that. Interestingly enough, this is the last single that the original line up of this band would ever release together. So as a young adolescent male. I think this question popped up quite often, for example, remember getting your schedule in the mail towards the end of the summer. There would always be like at least one teacher's name. You had no idea about and as a teenage boy, we only wanted to know one thing is she hotso you'd probably hear something like this on your first day school wait a second man. What do you think the teacher's going to look like this year? You know where I'm going this get it bed. I Ba Ito. Bed, I'm hotf a teacher Os in a live track. I Bro my litle Patsel, that's right Van Halen hot for teacher and again it's it's a big deal, not only the song, but it's the last original or last single. Did the original line up of this band woulever put out Buckin and saying who would have thought at that point ecause that was like their sixth album. You know they were ramping up, they were fucking huge and David Leroth went different way, crazy, that's it! Those are my two picks all right. So I've got you kind of alluded this earlier eric, but e same year, nine teen. Ninety five August, Eighth Ganteous Paradise is released number one biggest selling single of ninety five. The theme songed a dangerous minds and the entire video is is fifer in her her school with Cooleeo and it just it goes over the the entire kind of movie through that it receives not nominations for Grammy Award for a record of the year. In the end of Lazy B Image, Ward foroutstanding soundtrack, album cooleo won the grammy, also for best rap solar performance. With his vocals and UH, like I said, th the music videoporgames epared ice featuring Michelle Fifer and the whole high school won. The MTD Music Award for best rap video and the mbb Music Award for best video from a film gangst is paradise. It's like you said you might not remember the movie, but everyone knows that and not to be confused with Amish Paradise. Favor aangab, I was going to say. Is it weird that I wrote down? OISH PARADISE SAS abeen spending most kinhoing out something, though that song, although huge in Nineten and ninety five? How many times have you heard that song in the past, like fifteen years? Well, unfortunately, if you're married O my wife constantly so yeah side AAn rot, I have not heard that song, probably a few more times than adult education tontell. In the case I ase and then a right numberd so number two before he pigs his way into winning this one. This high school movies original motion, Pictures Soundtrack, is released, including songs like rolling with my homies kids in America in Supermodel clueless original motion picture soundtrack is, I got my hand up in the air clueless the fact he started with rolling with the Ho growing with Oi. That's lat, the Bigah roling with the hom M, the cringiest scene in cinematic history. It's it's IT'S UP THERE! It's it's almost like all the rape scenes in Inwhat the hell. Oh Yeah we're this is fullshit. I want Bush pan down what the fuck is. Afrush OOne of the shirts Ay Gibme, head till I'm dad yeah, so yeah cluless, which unfortunately um w was a huge and another one of my wife's favorite movies, and it is Oh, so ninetys all the 'cause most of it takes place at school or around Schooland Man. It is so cringeworthy just th the clothes looking back at it and just the stereotypes but h it really kind of brought in that that decade nicely. I guess you could say more of like a parody of school. I would say, though, yeah well they're in California and Super Ridge, and you know cating her br her step rather more o more born o stuff there, but uh getting every generation has a film like that, because they did the one in the two, thousands with a Linsey low hand, and so I mean Yo, a Merol fingergor intra a very similar movie, but you know different generation. Now. If you remember, though, at no point in that one, if I remember I did they go rolling with the homies, thank God think God, Yocan see my hand here. I knowright. From the movie hand, gestures are great on the Ponkins, that's that's lost on the pod cats, but I did it for you. I appreciate it. So what did I have here? I had the high school movie, Clos Originmoli, pigure, soundtrack and gangsters paradise all right. That means it's down to you, Judge Eric Clueley. What's your final ruling on this game all right, so the whole notes song. I don't know if I've ever heard it. Maybe if I somebody played it just now, I might recognize it you'd know. then. I have a guitar right here. A lot of people might know because it was in that grandtheft autof vice city. They actually had that on the soundtrack for that, so it became popular again just a handful of years ago, Ri Ganxerous Paradise. Obviously I know from earlier great song clueless soundtrack. Okay, I think the winters got to go to hot for teacher O got. I man, I I just think of othe four things: happer teacher has the most populary the most legs and it's they're last single together, I think that's fucking, huge, like it might be bigger than the song, because that bilt the whole like animosity between the fans where it was like dlr Sammi like forever. You know, like you, don't hear Gary Sharon in that fucking mix, but that's all you ever hear is like o deal ours better Samy's better, and this is the last time it was just. It was two different bands. Yeah Tofun party shit ended right there and that was also in Varcity Bluei. Remember the the Strip club scene, the short chanceends back to Sgain in the nineties, yeah just that's song alone. T'S GOT TO GET ITTO gottathatround you! Well, you know what I got to say: E, even a can a t M Fuckit, ten, all right well Mancrush, successfully defends thanks a lot to Airit cluly being the judge on this episode. That was fucking close though that was incredibly close. Every fucking round like I was like Oh shit. I got this round of the bag and then hed fucking pulled some shit out like what the fuck was going on. Nineteen. Ninety, five- U SB drives actually sit was just us. It was like t e, the actual connection right 'cause at the time. I don't think they had like the storage wasn't out just yet it was o just the drive, just the peripheral. No for transferring you know dat or anything like that or plugging in devices and Shit exactl wWhen. You said we revenged the NERDS and crowded kid. I was like o this one's over already then he pulled out. Billy Madison, I Sai, Oh Shit Le is, could get interestd, yeah and then unfortunately dangerous minds. You know, wasn't I the same league? You know as far as would I loved growing up so, but that one got close man. If you would have had someone a couple of years younger than you, Hey, probably, would have picked dangerous mind, that's funny how that works out. You Know Ay is a terrible fucking movie, but it it literally percenifies back to school. A teacher goes back. You know working at the school, the kids go back to school. You know it's one of those things. So if you had a substitute, I would have fucking just like Benlikeaewon. He got y best back to school. Fugka movie, ever the substitute mother fucker comes into school breaks down a a fucking drug ring run by Mark Anthony The skinnyst Mo ef fucker in the world, lovthey throw what is the fucking Appil atum. He catches it from behind it throws it back. An actuall t was s at a crush canic whateveryeah yeah humthing. He fucker wouldn't sit back a soo. I think it was a can B'cause. I remember going. You can't do that, like that's, not going to do anything God, it's so good, and then he gets all hike the. U The one gang like on his side and then he's got like his other, like spooks, that are in the h. The thing there like all his guys that just came back from h like wor, were they in t not in the Caribbean? Were they in Central America somewhere they nondescript a bad place. Where the I know, operators a- and he just goes from that to fuck an being a substitute teachergo. I think that's earlier, though. What is that Nin? I Ninety two, ninety three, maybe ninety six, the sub. Really it was that La Shit, wow yeah, damn you you were close. I was, I was afraid of that one and it was like, if he's got it, I'm going to give it to him B'cause. That's like my favorite back school fucker movie, but you didn't so you lost, but thanks man that was clos all right now that no well in this episode right here. But if you've missed an episode, don't worry, you can always go back on dueling decades, dot com and you can subscribe to all of our episodes on itunes or on cast box, and then you can always head over to facebook dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can play our weekly Trivia game where you can climb the dueling decades. leaderboards, like our judge, Eric cluly here Eric tell the listeners what they're missing out on by not playing dueling decades, Tribua it it's changed. My Life, the Eculminations Driv me frigging insane. The one was a simple answer and I was come out with the craziest Badshid stuff sent it to Nicat he's just like calm down an it's, not that complicated, ichanged his life, because previously this he was dyslexic and had a hair with e uterizif. It turns out he's not lazy after all, and- and I wanted people to call me leaf- Gooud Job Erike no every day I even I I' at work on a people who being on their phones and I'm looking right down at mine, waiting Tor the new culmination. This start. What are you doing? I'm like I'm doing te line checks fuck off, I'm using my calculator agaibut yeah, had on over to facebook join our community there lots of stuff going on always posting new trivia questions. Every day we have picture trivia and then, once a week of course, here on on our rssfeed you're, going to find the audio tribute questions all right jewellers. So until next time we're going to bit ou e piace love Lightin, a joy have a grape for week. Everyone Infirmary Media