Dueling Decades
May 6, 2020

Horror icon Felissa Rose grabs her gavel and judges this horror showdown between 1984, 1996 & 1998!

Horror icon Felissa Rose grabs her gavel and judges this horror showdown between 1984, 1996 & 1998!

We've been itching to do a horror themed episode for months! It's not October, but it doesn't have to be for true horror fans! So we called horror icon Felissa Rose, and asked her to channel her inner Angela Baker to judge this bloody retro triple...

We've been itching to do a horror themed episode for months! It's not October, but it doesn't have to be for true horror fans! So we called horror icon Felissa Rose, and asked her to channel her inner Angela Baker to judge this bloody retro triple threat. Miscast Commentary's Joe Findlay is back after a crushing defeat a week ago to represent with horror of 1984, and he's been bragging all week that he's going to slash the competition. Mancrush goes back to his senior year and brings the horror of 1996 to the table. We're really loving these triple threat matchups, so Marc summoned up the best horror of 1998 to make this a real bloodbath! 


In this episode, we're going to find our what Felissa has been up to since Sleepaway Camp, we discuss her penis at length, serial killers who live next door, serial killers from the depths of hell, scary letters to Kylie Monogue, drinking Cisco in the basement, stalkers, an actor repackages himself to become a vampire, the mothers of America cause a cult classic to lose lots of money, Felissa got matching tattoos with another camper, a video game that turned into a media empire, sisters who battle the forces of evil, a multi-threat super beast, an invisible man sleeping in your bed, stabbing your lover and dumping them in the river, Santa Claus, going to lunch with Bill Murray, how much we want an Angela Baker toy, killer Mogwai, prosthetic body parts, reach out and touch Kane Hodder, and what movie was Felissa in with Ron Jeremy? Do you agree with Felissa's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard!  


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Infirmary mediapeople engag Tu Jei can the Pixi oplay but toto a Ranagain upon that capbut tot the power gopcom fiht for Wat, O lovwhocom to Po Copi, ANCRITA Paethe, Ote potecop would take Grav at o Bala Asi. I am Mata Tno confit for what you love neas broadcasting from the podcaste New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's yourr history we just fight for it. Welcome back to deeling decades. I am Mark James and for this week special horror theme duel. I will be representing nineteen. Ninety eight. So let's take a look at this week's other deelers and the decades they will be fighting for. First off he's the awesome amalgamation of all the alpamales and eighties horrorflicks. Please Walk Hem back to the show mancrush. Thank you very much, and you know what that's what I dressed like tonight. I didn't know horser give you a camera with us, so I did this for you guys, but I look like the asshole and every hord mov usually dies first, but I could't be the hero. 'cause. Look at this shinny beard that I can't grow e Peoplefeel. Sorry for me, it's like a handicap butow. I have nineteen ninety six in horror, so watch out also on the panel. He is the host of the miscast commentary. pondcast. Please welcome back to the show Joe Finley Hi everybody and I'm here to scare the shit out of you, N Nineuteed, and eighty four has always here on the show. We need somebody to judicate all of this awesomeness and tonight you will know this week's special celebrity guest judge from her iconic role as Angela Baker in the colk classic sleepaway camp, as well as filmd such as Victor Crawley in deathhouse and as the mangled Dick expert in the last drive in with Joe Bob Briggs behind the CAMRA. She produces some of the best music videos in metal for bands like slayer and L, a guns please welcome to the show the lovely Felica road. Thank you so much for having me beautiful introduction. I can't wait to see all of Youwdotl it out. You kick each other's Atid. You have to scream at the end of every round. I'm Ay doing you. Naturally, you know what I need perfect love it Aes and gentlemen. The following contests will be held under dualing decades rules the judges coinflip Shou aside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judge is ruling, will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all five rounds, all right, deelers put your hands in the air, like you, just don't care, because it's time to play more all right. Let's go right down to our judge. PELISA rose for the toss off for this game, but Buto I'm going to Taug a card, a business card of a wonderful actor. I just worked with Jeffrey Druce Ho, doesn't even know what he's on the show. Let's see who's going to take the face up and who's going to take the other side, arrigt man crush and Joe. You guys go in the first round. All right, you call it Joe all rih I'm going face down. It is horror, eahtwo three face Dowm, I never win the right now me and Joe will go to see. WHO GOES FIRST JOE? Why don't you call it again? Press Your Luck? Oh I'm feeling, like he's still alive, he's he's going Ta make it he's rolled over he's going to be faced up this okay 'm doing it again, one two three wohe's face down o. He is Deadj. He will be Missedi, take control of the board and I get to pick the first category. So you know what we're going to head over to the news round for our first one point: Category Salidso. For my pick, I went over to newspapers, DOTCOM and I found an article in the news press at of Fort Myers Florida dated October thirtieth. Nineteen. Ninety eight and the title of this article is poor. Films Roam the Earth now going in depth in this article. It talks about the resurgents, ine, tosand, nine undred and ninety eight of horror, films largely coming off the backs of scream and screamed two from ninety six and ninety seven and then all of a sudden, we started to see all these new horror movies coming back into the theaters and within a matter of weeks we had all of these movies in the theaters. At the same time, you o John Carpenter's Vampires Halloween htwo, o the bride of Chucki Urban Legend, practical magic beloved at pupil plus the article goes on and talking about how the resurgencs will continue with remakes of psycho the mummy gods and monsters. An an upcoming film called Reddy versus Jason Talk about a revival right there. So that's what I got from my offering e n nineteen. Ninety eight revival of Horo over to you, Joe all right. Let's do this I'm going to take you just after October, so you think all your horror, movies and the good stuff is going to come out before Halloween, but one came out in November and that movie was silent night deadly night and in November of nineteen eighty four, some concerned parents came out inforce on the East Coast when they started airing ads for silen night deadly night during things like a packers game in the afternoon Little House on the prairie among a few other things where somebody to dressed like Sana, is murdering people and the original poster. For those who don't know is again w Santa you see Santa's arm or whatever sticking out of the chimney. So yeah parents had a little bit of caused for concern over this and they flooded the radio stations and the T V stations protesting the airing of these commercials during what would be considered family hours. Also, they protested the movie in and of itself an article on draft houst that was covering the ll that covered this. After the fact I said, silent, ideiatly night struck a particular nerve, a right smack in the middle of the Reagan years, shopping malls were already saturated, with sleezy slasher films and Pearl clutching at hidden levels in the United States, and not seen since the macarthiera in this tense environment. The arrival of killer Santa Movie was enough to whip the concern people in this great nation into a youdplied hysteria, so major protess beyond the radio stations and that I came with the East Coast Premier, so one in the Bronx and one in Milwaukee saw picketers at the movie theaters and it hurt the movie in that they did not release this movie in the West Coast. Because of this. After six days of the ads being on the air, they pulled every single ad and within two weeks the movie was out of circulation in theaters, and it wasn't until it came out on vhs that it got its big boost, and that is because of all the controversy from all of these protests at the time and obviously the people who weren't able to see it going in. Oh and on top of this SISCEL and Ebert decided to get involved in this, and I've spoken on my own show about eber getting involved and h KINDOF, making things not pleasant for people involved in these movies. He started naming names during a segment instead of just reviewing this. They dedicated an entire segment to it and they ended up calling out people by name, but his final qute was the showing of Santa with an ax on free t, V and commercials as six sleezy and mean spirited you, people have nothing to be proud of, even if you made a few bucks off all the negative publicity. Your profits are truly blood money and they call that producers and executives from Tristar and the director of the film. So that's what I've got for you this time November, nineteen. Eighty four November, six nineten eight o our specifically protests of silent idently night right man crush. What do you have for the news round? All Right? Well, unlike these guys who went to fiction route, I went the nonfiction Ra with he real shit here October, twenty fourth, nineteen. Ninety six HR IES a story out of USA. Today there was, it was so much harder to choose from that. I felt like this news article. It highlighted all of them and it was the scariest of the bunch and not because it talked about one serial killer, because it talked about the minds of all serial killers and much like miss flisarose and her character. An Angela Suakillers are extraordinarily ordinary and that's what makes them so scary and that's what this guy's talking about, and the news article here is dean of Death dispels myts about Zyro killers' minds, and he goes on to say. Let me just read the beginning of this article here. To give you guys an idea of this Sera killers are not the glassy eyed lunatics that movies make them out to be an expert dubbed Dean of Death, told the Augustin College audience on Thursday, James Allan, Fox Dean of College of Criminal Justice at Northeastern University in Boston, and this guy's huge he's written so many books about the shit he shared. This information he's learned from studying cerial killers for sixteen years. Mr Fox also helps law enforcement agencies, investigates cerial killings and he's been a guest on many talk, shows and newscast, and I quote: CERIAL killers are extraordinarily ordinary. He said an an earlier telephone interview, previewing this Thursday's presentation. They have jobs, Mer Fox said they have families, they kill part time as a hobby. Indeed, when they have time to kill they do but other than that they're just ordinary people, and it goes on and on and on and on, but that's some psycho shit that you don't think about 'cause when you watch these movies, like these guys, Hase said two stories about movies. These are Psychos, like you had Joe SI night, deadlyanightan guy dressed up the stand, acloss with an axe, and this guy is telling you this expert ind. The field is telling you that Cyro killers, as just the guy next door, Moin, is fucking lawn, we'll fucking cut your head off and he actually talks about it and t yes talking about the the Gainsville killings from one of his new books, Kitwall new book in Nineteen Ningety, six killer on campus, and he said that there was a the killing they killed like a couple of girls and they decapitated the one girll day at thes, ky to captate the one girl and put her head on a bookshelf facing her to capitated body, and he this is in the article here so like this is all part of it. These books are crazy if you want to read real horrorshit, read a book about Seria killers from one of these experts 'cause. The stories are insane, but that's what I have October twenty fourth nd nineteen. Ninety six, the Dean of death tells us that everybody is just an ordinary person who kills people. So a serial killer is most likely to be my quiet next door, neighbor oly be Awayout. Another reason I can't leave the house, I mean look at seriousty. Look at Angela's character from that'swe camp. It's just like a little thirteen year old girl who would have thought that Sigo Yeah? Why? I don't make eye contact with anybody? I actually have a podcast, and recently they asked me what thiscary is what scares you the most and I said people a lot of times. Just you know you never know who's going to CDNAP your child or who is going to break into your house in a people I mean for the most part. Let's be honest. People are amazing and wonderful and good hearted, but you know you just never kind of know. I love home in dasia movies and I love True Crime Dog, so I'm fucked in ahead. It's that ten percent. Though L and let me ask you this question: Like a couple of weeks ago, we had Lidia Cornell from too close for comfort. T was on and h. She was telling us how she had a stalkher and then not only did she have a stalker. She had him move in with her 'cause. She didn't even realize that this guy was a stacker yeah exactly that was my exact. I was likewtsee that again, but did like going through, like you. Do all these horror conventions and do you ever did you ever have a stocker or some crazy shot like well, so for all the years I've been in the industry, I've always said no, and I truly do live my life in a very positive happy grateful way right. Just recently, I encountered something truly scary where someone did enter my world and actually hi his exwife were recently like broken up. I don't know exgirlfriend or Xway, told me Um, and it has more to do with my children and he's now in prison. So very very sad and scary, and this just happened. He was just the arraignment was March Twenty Sevenh and it you know you just never know when someone is trying to really get into your world, so really had nothing to do with the thing. Is it had nothing to do with me? He was actually obsessed with my husband but transferred his abcession on to my child, so he's in prison. He Ha. He has a tattoo of her on his torso. I mean this took on a whole like crazy. You know insane journey, but he's not. You know, he's no longer around he's not walking the streets. I took six months out of my life to get him behind hars. Are you a little jealous that your husband had a stacker then? And you really did I love you n of you, Ijus tell you. I can't believe hat was my husband, notyour husband, he's from C K Y right yea. He was vistine Cami. The Guitar deramileaosarn is the coolest Guy. He's he's actually in the studio tonight he's not here or he would be making an appearance because he always has to be like in the middle of o. That will be Awsol. Yeah he's coold, he's east coasted, but yeah sorry e mean to bring everything down with that. But you know what we're talking? No, it's hord yeah, it's hard! There's a horror! ABSIR! We don't know I do this. It happens for EA yeah, but mark. I Challenge U an Segue from that Anhey. So who do you think whens around well now that this guy's in prison? I think you should at least sneak in and put a beusness in, I sel all right. Well, let's go down to our judge. PELICA rose for the ruling for the nurse round. This is really hard because I love what man crush has to say, I'm incredibly in love with true crime. I'm always on that Lok watching all of the docks I'm completely obsessed. I love real life stuff. I Love Charle's therins portrayal of Arlen warehost in you know, monster m but joe. I don't know if you know this, that storyis very near and dear to my life in my heart, because I did a dock. Many years ago, um called going to pieces, the Rizan fall of the slasher found, and I spoke all about that particular movie and that situation with the picketint and I was very strong in my an a crisin in the way I spoke about it. I everyone to the Tay almost before they want to talk about sleepboy camp. T E want to speak about this. Stop Cuei feel like you, my kids, love more movies, we're a horror movie family. It's OK to allow children to watch. Mor Movies, you must speak to them. Communicate with your case. It's entertainment. Special effects is a beautiful art form. You know, then, don't want to watch if they won't watch Ou. If they want to watch it sit and chat with them and have a good conversation and they might really love it. So man crush love. You hes, Ino t show you Wen that's erawsomwait for the two point. Rou No octhat would make you the worst to Oer. I as Jaeather all right, Joe picks up a point, takes control of the board. What category we going with next Joe Al Right, I think we'e got to go hot products. Fe like that's! That's where we get that's where we got to go. Where do you go with a horror movie hot product? Well, I'm very blessed for Nineten eigh four was a powerful year in Girli, just in movies in general. So what I bring to you is a hot product which I found the ward mntcomer or the mcgunary Ward, Ninetnen D. Eighty four Christmas catalogue and the product that I chose had two pages of space equal to that of Gi, Joe in the catalogue, and so what I found: Everybody's favorite, fuzzy, little Mugwa, Gizmo and T, and the Gremlans cast of characters in toy form in clothes form and, like so you remember: spaseball spaceballs, the lunch box, baseball ekeser. It's that for Gremlins also focus very specifically on the Grenlon's action figures, which featured Gizmo and stripe, who were very, they were all articulated and they were all quite detailed for the time, but they had everything they had. The backpacks like, I said they had sleeping bags. They had absolutely everything in a world where you're flipping through that catalogue and you're, seeing you know multiple pages of Star Wars, multiple pages of transform, Ost multiple pages of this th, only one movie other than Star Wars got that and that was gremlins originally written. As a horror movie originally was going to chop off, mom's head murder, the dog rewritten, as t more of a family movie when Stevenspielberg got involved. That is my choice. The gremlans catalogue of Merchandize, O Ho nine Huteren and eighty four I didn't realize at they were going to cut off the mother's head. I never read that Efore, that was in the original script, and I think Joe Dante was down with that and then he got talked out of all the the scary of it all and also for those who don't know Gizmo and strike were supposed to be the same character. GIZMO was supposed to turn into the bad guy and kill everybody, but they change that because they in the family aspect of things, they felt that you should have one Magua that you could kind of like get behind still wow. You dropped some stuff on me. This episode that- and I didn't know that silent night deadly and I didn't get released on the West Coast. Those are two big things: man, good stuff Y, Arin Crussa. Why don't you drop some knowledge on us? What da you get for this oudallright? So let's go. I have nineten, I einty six I' March twenty second, nine teen enghty six. I remember the day my friend Alex brought this captom game home. We had like ten people at his house that night we were playing the game in his basement in the dark and his surround. Sound was like jacked on the Max T, and this game, like totally blew my mind at the time, had smooth full on video sequences. Like a horror movie, the graphics were better than most games. I had played on a console. The sounds were creepy as hell just picture sitting in a dark room. The only light emanating was probably from, like a thirty inch. Television surrounds sound blaring, Zabbi, moons, howling gunshots, the ominous music, like weird breathing noises and the whole time. We were like sitting around drinking CISCO, what a time to be alive anyhow. So we're talking about the survival horror, game genre, and this might not have been the first, but it changed. The game. Fo was to come for big time. The game itself has considered one of the best and most influential games of all time, selling nearly three million copies to become one of polasations best selling games. It was also one of the first games to receive the dreaded mature, seventeen plus the M Esr B rating and Georgeramero Mister Zabi himself said this game was responsible more than anything else for the popularizing of Zambi's in the early twenty first century of Pop culture, O just think of all those acolades right, but didn't stop there with this game. It had all that other stuff, but capcom turned this into like a giant franchise which included books, comics animated series instead of movies, that's the fifth highest grossing coror franchise of alltime and around one point, two billion dollars. So if you have it put all that stuff together, this is the release of the Classic Video Game Resident Evil. A March twenty second nineteen. Ninety six whan, you got mark all right, so nineteen ninetyeight horror movie hot products. Now, if you're a horror, movie Fan- and you collect stuff like we all do here in our mancapes, there's- probably a piece or two of merchandise that you own from this gentleman and I'm talking about Mr Todmcfarlin 'case, N Nineteen. Ninety eight TOBMC PARLIN started a line that I'm sure all of US horror, movie fans have collected. That is the movie maniac line. We got series one N N Nineteen D. Ninety eight and a few of the figures from series too now the movie maniac series was completely awesome. You had Freddi Kruger, leatherface and Jason Full articulated figures incredible detail series one also included even Patrick from species too, a more recent movie. The interesting thing about this is this: Isn't the type of toy you'd want your mom or dad to go out and purchase for you? You wanted to pick this one out for yourself, because it was important which one you picked, because there was actually three different versions of most of these figures. You had the regular version and then you had the R rated versions. Now there was two different rradio versions for each of the Figures: Freddy Jason and leatherface. You had the regular ones which were packaged as a normal action figure, the rrated versions, much more blood, all over the characters, way more gruesome. And then you got an extra blood package edition where there was actual blood. splatter all over the packaging, as well as the characters themselves. In addition to those series, two also started to come out in in nine teen. Ninety eight you got Ar Draven from the Crow pumpkinhead Norman Bates and ghost face from scream. So that's what I got from my hot products: Nineteen, Ninety eighth movie, Maniac Line from Todmcfarlan the series continued strong up until two thousand and four. So that's what I got for! Hunt products, let's toss it over to our OU judge. Pelissa rose for the ruling for the hot products round. I can't judge they soa, I loei single won and it's you're. Bringing me back to you know bringing up the thing. That's so great about this, just kind of bringing up all of the Childhood Memories, I'm kind of Immersein each one of the stories. It's like I've had the figures. My house is filled with the figures. Gremalins is mere Andeer Tin, my heart, because I actually read one of the original drafts with Adam Green at his Yorkiathon um charity event M so, and I got to play God. Her name is: Is Escaping Mi she's, the neighbor, the character that I read polly holiday played her so Um. I got to play that role. It was really fun, but I have to give it to mancrush because sitting in the baseman playing that game and it was the biggest and the craziest, and we were all like that was kind of the time when we were just sitting around with our friends and it's Um yeah, I'm giving it to you. I was I was playing that game and loving it and, and it wasn't even a big Gamer at the time 'cause like Mar. We just found this picture of me from it's, probably like ninety five, it's th W. it's like the stupidest fucking pictures on a buddy of mine, found a old hard drive and why there was a picture of me and this hard tive. I don't know, but he said it to me and it's like me and my bedroom and you could see like my television, my Betamax and it was like nineteen, a inety five and I had all I had was in nes and a speed post ad a speed. MOSTRAT least it wasn't speed too yeah. I wasn't like the biggest Gamer, but I remember when my friend ask got this: He was like yeah do all these people are coming over. It's crazy, it's like a movie, so we got there and we started playing with the lights on and he like flipped te switch on the leges and we're all drinking and it was fucking insene. The sounds like coming out of surround on pecause nineteen Inghty, six, which are crazy loud, not like dispersed even EA. It was nuts, but that game is it's fominal and I didn't even realize that that was such a big franchise. So Til, I started doing the research on this. I knew it was big and it Hadleg legs. You know it keeps going, but I didn't realize thit made over a billion dollars. That's S. I mean all the products that you all brought up were massive. You know we don't even realize how tremendous the merches you know we but yeah that game was off. The Char O did Tomicfarlin ever contact you to make like your own, like Angela cockdol. No, no, the detail would have been FA. I still want to make a doll because I feel like it could you know it could come with or without the Cana. So you know thats Ange, that wourd Ber look detachable, determinto, mall and or I think Uncle Bat should make a you know: a tol AP, the stairy Angla and the crazy animalistic Angela Gdai nk, I'm just going to do it on my own. It's sort of like remaking that fucking movie, I'm just going to do it myself seriously Peoplewi te out of that they never made an angel adull. There's no real authentic Angeladolit, like people have made some great. You know dolls, where they ont is stage one one's a mass that comes with the keen I there's OT varying you know. I want to Crochee one the CROSE O. Do you? Could you do that, like? As far as like all the rights go and stuff, can you go ahead and make your own angeladolp you wanted to? Or would you have to go through, like eighteen thousand other people, you really don't it's a small family sleepwy camp with not an animal like a Fribay, the thirteenth or Halloween or or Texas Jameti, an it's or Fyou know nightmare an ELM street. It's it's really a little community and I think I can do it because s I'm not wearing an mass. It's me right, my likeness, so I'm just going to do it. You totally shouldnt you. If you kick starter that I'm telling you you D, Wat your going Soe Yeah I'll support that yeah. I would definitely I mean I have stupid shit all over here. I was actually when hot or when tod when mark was Sayig. Talking about the Tim Fallin dolls, I was looking for one 'cause. I have a Rick Rhyme's one somewhere, but I can't find it yeah. Those tobmicfollon ones blew my mind like yeah, like O saystuffed alien. I have. I have a leather face over there. It's like stuffed but yeah. If you had an Angela Baker doll that freaky FA, like especially if you're doing like the the screaming face, yeah itwould, be crazy, like ye comes with a button that you push in here. Oh my God, I really didn't want a fanboy out on you today, but I'd literally just got conspumps Enit'sthing like when you see people like we see. You know we don't actually most people that come on. We don't have them on camera you're on comer with us, and you just did that face, and it was spot on how old were you when, when you did sleep away camp when you filmed it, I was thirteen okay. Well, you look exactly the same. When youer tier n see it was so crazy. I I so fine. Can I just say that you can cut it out. You rno, ok, tat, Edoes, IT GIV t e. eighty percent of their episode is just a repeat of Ou, saying how fun oiteveryone listening needs to grab a theair and just enjoy the shit out of this, because it's memories, it's sentimental and you guys are just awesome. Thank you hay much all right. Well, let's roll on with the FUN mancrust you've tied up the game at one apiece with Joe what category ill be going with for our final one point round all right, so this is where his strategy, starting to kick in, especially with three people. So let's go. Let's go music for the final single point round here, h February, twentieth, nineteen. Ninety six, I'm not going to beat around the Bush too much with this one. 'cause nobody's going to know what I'm talking about. If I do, but there were a few directions I could have gone here, but I decided to go the traditional approach to duing decades and that is to find an album. I cound awant with the Newsshit 'cause. There was a lot of DUP like music associated stuff like the silverchair killings and Madonnas stock and all that ship. But I didn't want to do that. 'cause, it 's more news. I wanted to keep it in music. So after an hour of digging through all of the releases oe to an nine hutdred and ninety six, I came across Nick Cave and the bad seeds and their album called murder. Ballads, does it not get more perfect than this okay? So this is the nint studio album for Nick Cave in the bad seeds, and this sucker is ominous as its name, I'm telling you the SONSOS album include staggerly, which is a stong about a Christmas Day, Burger o Billy Lions. Then we got Henrylee, which is song about a woman, killing her lover and then dumping him in the river after she stabbed the shit out of him. I left that out and then there was his most popular song that was actually played on mptv od, a video and that's where the wild roses grow, but which is the weirdest most bizarre duet, because you got this band with a fucking, album called murder, ballads and the duet and the song is Kaili, Minogu, wow, okay, but wait. It gets better okay. So let me just read what nickkave had to say about this song. This is from an article in Nineteen Ig. Six Ana Qthe says where the wild roses grow. It was written very much for Kaily in mind. I wanted to write a song for Kaili for many years. I had quite an obsession with her for about six years. That's very specific. I wrote several songs for her, none of which I felt was appropriate to give her. It was only when I wrote this song, which is a dialogue between a killer and his victim that I thought Ih'd finally written the right song for Kailey to sing, so I sent her the song and she replied the next day: fucking wow, that's a nick cave and the bad sees murder ballads from uny twentieth of Nineteen, an eighty six, that's a dark one ill write! So for my music selection. You know I had nineteen ninety eight so released August, twenty fifth nineteen. Ninety eight, I found an album that I thought fit perfectly with our horror genre and this whole album starts off with a little bit of sad news, because you know sometimes bands do break up, but then sometimes their front. Man Goes on to have an even bigger solo career, so released August, twenty fifth nineteen. Ninety Eight, I give you probably the one album in concept and in signals that could be the sound track to any nineties. Horror Film. I'm going with Hell Billie delock by Robzombi. Of course, this album had to smash. I singles living dead girl, which opens up with a phrade who is the irresistible creature, who has an insatiable love for the dead, which is actually a line from the movie lady Frankenstein. It also has music in it from last house on the left, the daughters of darkness and a bunch of other horror clips, all mashed into the song and the rest of the album. This is a weird analogy, but when I think of this album, it's almost more like a beasty boy's album, but with horror films instead of hip hop in seventy's, funk it's just all these different clips mashed into music, it's really cool and, of course, the other single off that album was Dragula, which was a song that was written about the monster's Car Dragula, odd, fun. Fact for this, the awesome music video for this, where he's in the Dragula car? That's actually not the drag you the car, that's just like the regular monsters, mobile knot to Dragi. I don't know why he did that youwere going to say the monkeys mobile. That would have been way cooler him there with Davy Jones. You know, so that's what I'm picking for the music round. It's Rob Zambi with his first solo hit album help billy delocx, I released August twent Y fifth, nineteen. Ninety eight Joe wit's, tossing over to you for the music round all right. Well, I'm going to say I'm Gongta talk about a single that came out and this single might actually be New York's original. If you see something say something only for ghosts, I wan to talk about the theme song to Ghostbusters Ray Parker, juniors ghostbusters. It was the number one on BILLBORD's hot one hundred for three weeks stayed in the top forty for twenty one weeks. It was on it returned to the: U S: Charts in two thousand and five and two thousand and six. It was trarting in the UK from two thousand and seven to two thousand and ten and again in two thousand and twelve, it was said to have made an extra twenty million dollars towards the box office of the film it was nominated for an Oscar for best original song. It lost O stevie wonders. I just called to say I love you. Ok, I guess that's all right. The music video itself was directed by Ivan Rightman and featured Cameos by John Candy Chevy Chase George Went Danny, Devino and millions more like so many people flashing and out of that. But the video pea features Raye Parker Junior. As a ghost in a weird neon Kinda house hunting, a young lady Parker, was actually tasked with only a couple of days to write the song. He other people, like Lindsy Buckingham, turned down to chance to write the song for this movie. Ah, so he put it together had a hard time 'cause. He couldn't find anything that would rhyme with ghostbusters until he saw a late night, informercial kind of thing and then decided to basically make this song into an infomercial for the ghostbusters and that's what I've got you don't want to be haunted. You know who to call costbusters. I said that a lot during that, a so glad that I picked this O oe point round all right. Well, let's find out what our judge Felica rose has to say for the music round. I can't take. I love the three of you. This is brutal for me to judge I love music. I feel connected to almost all three of the stories because Um well, man ques. I feel like that story is not unlike and a little similarity to myself with my husband, because my husband decided that he was Gonto dedicate a lot of how e growt and what he wrote and the names he came. I to me because he was a huge sweet, Wa Camp Fan and he said he was going to marry me because he loved the movies, so it was sort of like the way Kalimeno. You know that story went well and Marka have to say I love Rob Zambi, I'm a huge fan, um his dedication and his love for the Genre is tremendous. So that alone is just you know, Cudos to you for that great story, but Joe Did y. u you bringing it Ma'am did you know I w think of ths past tars. I did not know you were on gosboter. So it's this new revelation that everybody has started. I've been doing a lot of interviews lately because I had three movies that just came out until while they're coming out, I'm doing a lot of press and it just ingthat. I mean it's like literally background. Basically I'm a they. I was fifteen years old and they hired me. They called my manager and said. Oh, we need a teenage girl to kind of watch as they're painting the sign Ghostbusterside in the original movie yeah. So I worked on it. I hung out with Gomari Um Omitin't gin to have lunch, but you know I my mom's my role Dutchis now you can also tell people when you were fifteen years old. You were in a movie with Ron Jeremy. It was the same exact thing that was going through my mind. The entire ta O Otori was going to ask her. She was in the same scene with him, but co you imagine ust being on set an it's like. WHY DOES RO JEREMY HERE? What movie is this? We got the girl with e Dick and Rojeremy. Well, there was a story that he, like literally just showed up, for. I think it was cranked too they went and they brought a bunch of porn stars in 'cause. There was a scene where there was was a porn star protest and they decided not to invite him because he was he's in everything that has to do with Pornstar. So they're, like hat that's too, on the nose, so he just literally showed up with all these other guys. Whewas, like I assumed you wanted me here. Thereit is called crank. He's the original frank we love, we love Ro, Germey Um, but yeah. So Jo, you got t this Ram because of my incredible time being on that set, it was just H, pretty amazing. Do you remember anything else? Tot happened when you were on that set, it was in Manhattan, and I was with my mom and I just had to kind of like hang out. It wasn't even a cradic scene. I was just like standing there. It was very interesting, but um you don't really see me. I think I walk by, but just having been there, especially with that kind of a cast and- and I really did speak with Billmuray and you know, I had the opportunity to chat with him for a bit. It was cool. That's awesome, I mean that's still cool, though let me ask you this: is you brought up your mom? Yes, all right so y you did this movie and Wellere Goin to circle back to your penis. I G I just Wen, like 'cause, you brought up your mother here and I just as having a daughter that just turned fourteen I'm trying to picture this so like when you had the script for the first time for sleep wakamp. Did you know about the dixine at the end, of course, yeah wha? What was your parent like? What did your parents say? They were like fuck, it yeah. Do it well, it's funny because they called back said we had the first audition and I just met with the director Robert and we hung out and se Super Coll, and then I left, and I said to my arm. Oh, I think I got that part d. She was like yeah, okay, whatever it was my first auditia and then when they called the manager call they were like you know. He really liked her, like they wan to speak with you, and so my mother was really young. I mean I was thirteen and she's twenty when she was thirty four, so she walked in and they said look the nature of this film is at is supergory. She will be playing the spoiler spoiler alart. She use to kill her and there's a special ending. She will be a boy and we're not quite sure how we're going to do it, so she might have to wear penis ore having Ed French mold one, but we're not certain, and I think my mom was a little thrown like whom, but for the most part she just said yes because hey how cool, like my kid might get a part in e movie- and I always limitae my mother, like a real New York stage- mother, like Oh, my God, Sheu can do Whatheavis, she won, she could wear in Tik. You brought that up and usually we have well not usually, but a lot of time. microranger from video rangers comes on the show and he knew you were coming on and he just sent me a message out of the blue and it's funny that you, you mentioned the prostetic and he said, asked her about the prosthetic penists. They were going to strap on her. Yes, so edfrinch talks about it in the commentary Um the actual on the blue right, there's a little um like documentary, and so he said that Robert Hilzick, the director, had him molding that, but my mom was like she cant Stra and truthfully. I am a chick and I do have boots, so I'm not sure how they were going to have me standing there. What fully they did at the age of thirteen, so they hired they decided ed franc said we can't do it. This way, we're going to make a mold of her face and we'll put it on an eighteen year old boy, because he'll be old enough to actually do new. Today, you have to Gainteen, they hired a skinny little boy who had a little face. He had to shave his whole body and he drank a bottle of Jack, so he was hysterically crying the whole the whole filming of that seat. Oh my God. Of course they had to do it. That way. Once somebody realized I'm gongto have to mold the thirteen year old, penits yeah. I'm not doing this, we'll just get a double fs is when you say, alloud, yeah on't, you once you think tha I'm going to have to make a mold and scalf it and use referene, no, no we're just in so bad and thatiar He'd have tot e's like wait a minute. Oh, we go and CUN Eron cut with this one I just like it is. Eighty three OI could make that as a product too antilally aroses pen, making it like a door knocker all right Joe. You win that round. That means you take the lead two to one and you have control of te board going into our first two point round what category we going with next. Well, I'm going to make this choice. Only because I really feel with e genre like this, you got ta end on movies, so I think we got to go a T V for this round, solid, O k going to take you to September thirtieth nineteen nd. Eighty four George Ramaro, who we've already brought up in this in this episode, created an executive produced, a show, a co which is an anthology show that was well known as tails from the dark side thered for four seasons. It actually had a pilot episode that aired the previous year, but September thirtieth was the episode one premier featured a lot of big names and just a lot of names and early appearances, Michael Garnick, who was a cinematographer for Dona the dead Anda of the dead, directed episodes. Tom Savini made his directorial debut doing an episode of this Allan Culter, who directed Hollywoodland and Jodie, foster even directed an episode of this Shell Writers, like Michael mcdell, who did beedle juice in the nightmere before Christmas, David o'del, who wrote the dark crystal and masters of the Universe, Robert Block, who ro wrote the novel Psycho Stephen Kingroad episodes Cli barkeroad an episode like these are some true masters in place here and then shows of this kind, always have a lot of different kinds of actors like this, but people like Danyiello, Bruce Davidson David, Patrick Kelly of warrior's fame, John Herd Carrolcane, Jerry Stiller, Jerry Orbock, tippy Hedron, a set green, a very young seth, green Bratley, witfor Karimabdujabar was in an episode, Christian slater and Brentz Piner. So a lot of people were featured in this one of those great. You know masters of Horror, style anthologies that lasted four years, but it all started here. Nineteen, an eighty four tales from the duckside good one, all right. So I'll go next with the TV round debuting on October, seventh, nineteen. Ninety eight, we got the tale of three sisters and their discovery to do battle against the forces of evil using their witchcraft, as they are the charmed ones. The debut of the TV series charmed course everybody knows his. That is absolute cult. Favorite, just not by me. You know charmed follows the stories of three sisters, pure played by Shannon Dorty Piper played by Holly Marie Combes, an Phebe played by a Lisomilano. Now following pure's death in the third season, finale they're, long lost, half sister page matthews played by Rosemcgowan assumes the role, so they can once again have the power of three. Actually, I think the series got more popular one sharing doority left, which is kindof weird. I think that's happened a few times to Shanon Dorty now hasn't it so charmed went on to dumb one hundred and seventy eight episodes. It's had a few spin offs and again a few revivals. So as man crush likes Te, say theyre so charmed, it definitely has legs o go good, one all right, man crush. What do you have for the television round Ri April Nineteenth Nineuteen, an inety six on that date was the final season of the Robert zimecus classic, or this Robert zemecus classic. It was a mad for HPO series at aired. Its first episode of season, seven, which consisted of thirteen episodes and the concluded on July nineteenth. The show began in the summer of nineteen, eighty nine and it was only contracted for three seasons, but since it was immentally popular H, b, O just said, fuck it. Let's just go till the wheels fall off, so it went for seven seasons but prior to that probory to becoming a TV series, it was actually slated to be atrilogy style motion picture, but they thought it wouldn't make much money at the box off as much like creep. Show and CRIP show two which are awesome, but they didn't make a ton of money, so they sold it off the HBO to become a TV series. That said, they would eventually have two movies at worse, spint off that came out n n nineteen, an ninety five. They were at least demo night. Ninety six, the released I bordello of blood and actually Dustaldan, was actually supposed to be part of this, too Quinton Tarentino and Rober Radriguez decided to go o their own routes. A didn't get this. This tag, you'll see what I'm talking about n here and a second they weren't either. One of those they thet were not huge box office successes, but neither lost money either. So their original conclusion was correct that this series was tailor made for television, especially cable TV, where they were allowed, obviously to have perverse language Gore and nudity. The show was based on a set of comics or produce in the nineteen fifties by EC comics of those comics multiporror haunt of fear, crimes, spend stories, shocks, spen stories, two fisted tales, and this television show's namestake tales from the Crypt, which was in ther last season April, nineteenth nineteen. Ninety six. So it was interesting that Jo, you brought yours, so it just comes down to which one's better and I'm going to say it's mine. Well, it doesn't matter what you have to say may crush it's all about the judge. Felicarose, let's see what she rules on this round. You know you're, really, I'm in a position, that's very difficult people. This is fucking hard. I didn't realize how how hard it would be Um and I love all of them. I love all the series, especially because I feel like any television. That's based on you know, as at at least one foot in the genre is, is aces to me because I love I love the Jamer so much and I I'm so happy when the spotlight is on it, but I will have to go with you mark, because charmed is one of my favorites and anything. That's female censured is definitely tremendous because Um, you know, especially at that time you we did ighly seal out of television withwith females an front center, so I love charm, great Chel wow. Out of nowhere. I come from behind to tie up the game with Joe heading into the final movies round on this horr o Betal, it's yeah. It all comes down to this. Maybe she did this on purpose. Yo, man, movies round good call going last. I mean that pits all right. So we go to the movies round, as I go back to our good friends at newspapers. Dotcom to the morning call in Allentown Pennsylvania in a newspaper dated August Twenty First Nineteen. Ninety eight Westley snipes listens to the man on the street. He reads the Internet. He knows that his career could use the transfusion it's wild. To have people. Stop you on the street. Westley says Wess. I saw your last movie in Man. I didn't like that at all or I'll read on the Internet. When is Westley Snipe's going to make a good movie part of the problem is Westley says I have no influence over my pictures. I do my job and then I go home. Nobody calls me to ask me, for my opinion, all that changes with blade, Westley Snipe's new fuature, about Vampire Hunting Superhero that opens today in movie theaters. So that's my pick for the horror movie around I'm going to pick the action warfilm blade, which kind of revitalized, Lestley, Snipe's, career, kind of melting, the action and horror franchises together, not to mention you got all the Comic Book Fan Boys in there and hey. If the girls from charmed have legs, Westley snips hats got legs too, because Marvell is rebooting this franchise and we're getting plaid back. So that's what I got. This movie did phenomena money off of a forty five million dollar budget, W cumutive worldwide gross of a hundred and thirty one million. That's just for the original film. Of course, this movie had many sequels and UH liveson today, as a cult classic. So that's my pit for the Movies Round Opening August twenty first nineteen. Ninety Eight, I give you to the hitfilm blade right over to you, Joe Finley. What O you've got man? I've got something pretty good at first, I don't just when I supplement yours just to let you know. maersial alley has been cast as blade for the Marvel mcu version- oh wow allright. I'm done with that. So you got that he's currently probably quarantined at home. Getting all bulked up, renning to fight IM, he's going to come out of quarantine, looking like tinyse zoos, licster lonly with eyes facing Forwardsaye Isall right nineteen. Eighty four was quite a gift for horror. We talk about. We've talked about a lot of iconic horror, movie characters, and if you were to make your Mt Rushmore of horror icons, a lot of people could be up there and they would be argued who would make the list on Jason Angela inhead my cirs, all these different people, but there's one person who you could not argue would be on there and it would be a real pain in the ass to cover emot 'cause. His face is so God damrinkly. I want to talk about a nightmare on Oun the street that was r released on November, sixteenth nineteen and eighty four, this maid hadwest craven an icon in horror. This maid Robert England, an icon in Orror. This movie was the film debut of Johnny Depp. I cost one point eight million dollars to make and it made twenty five million dollars. It's on five sequels, plus two additional movies, which included Freddie versus Jason. That was mentioned bfor as well as Westcravan's new nightmare, a remake in two thousand and ten came out any list of most iconic or favorite or best or scariest movie villains. Horror Movie Villains always has Freddy Crouger near the top of the list, and, if you didn't know, did you know that Tod mcfarlin made a movie maniac series action figure of him in Nineteen Ninety eight yeah he did when it comes to movie icon or t e horror, movie icons like this. I mean it's a face. You just can't forget it won't let you and just the idea behind the movie of you're not being chased down by a person. They are in your dreams. There is no escaping them. I made for a hell of a cool idea, and so that's what I give you an Nighmaran, Oum Street wow solid, pick mancrush. What do you have for the movies round? All right before I get to my pick, I just want to say: West Craven was in icon before Nigmar Ol the street. The Dude had last house on the left and Hoson eyes. So, let's not say that that's where it started. V Pushin Aine one person I'LL GE o'll, give you a hundred people. If ind me, one person, if you say West Crave in the G, Oh man hels have ice. Yes, great movie help last Houson a left great movie, but they're going to go nightrare ind on the street, we'll see we'll see, but again he was an ECON before that it wasn't like he just picked that up and he went away with I but n December twentieth. Nineteen inety six. I had a bunch of options to choose from here, but you know what, like I love this franchise and it all started here. So I went with it this one. It took the warldby storm in Eiehty six, and I talking about titanic. Of course this is same time frame, but not Titani, which could be a horrr movie. I guess, but I must say for as bad as some of the nineties were in terms of like insene budgets and box office flops, I have to say, Tha nineteen. Ninety six was like a phenomenal year for movies in my book, just going through it and looking at it from a glance of every month. It was a really good year. 'cause there were some years in the nineties. A we've talked about it. beforn here ther were total shit, but this one was great and but this movie there was a lot of buzz about this West Craven movie like coming out coming up to the released dat, and I was fortunate enough to see the midnight premier of this one and obviously this is before you can get tickets at like Fan Dango or like buying hem on line. So you just had to take your chances in waiting in line, and I still remember, freezing my fucking ass off for like an hour because the line went outside the door because our movie theater, like it's right by the entry doors and the line, went outside and it snowed that week and there was snow everywhere and Wewere just waited for, like probably forty five minutes or so till we got into the theater, but it was well worth it. As I mentioned before, budgets in the nineties, they were astronomical. That said, this movie was done for fourteen million dollars and half of that was probably drew berrymors five minute cameo and a little side note. She was originally cast as te lead role, but they changed that, but yeah seven million probably went to drewberry more for that H for that five minutes scen, but this movie it went on to make a hundred and seventy three million dollars at the box office, it's two hundred and eighty five million dollars and Twenta D. Twenty! That's outrageous for a horror movie! That's INSENE numbers! It's burned off three sequels, plus the original three seasons of an MPT v series by the same name and the overall series, six hundred million dollars which firmly plants it in the top twenty highest grossing franchises of all time which Nier El Street. It's actually not on matter of fact, like part five, this series it was supposed to begin filming this month, so you talking about legs mark. This is like twenty. Four years later, they were about to do part five, as I'm sure you've mustered up from everything that I said this is the nineteen ninety six release of the West Craven Classic Scream. This is where West cravand got huge is like came out of the wood work and everyone as like Ockin ass crame, this guy's Gr Er Wazy, all these years, O yeah December twent, it ninete and inety six scream debuted in the box office. Wow solid, pick all right for the final judgment. Let's go down to our celebrity guest judge, felisarose, I'm sorry Elisa rose is no longer on the line. She cannot speak tha. I you very difficult a and she is not wanting to say competition lightly. I love allof. These choices I will speak with. Mark Lade is one of my davorids Wesley Snipes I'd been the biggest westy Snice San forever. I just loved love him and that film is absolutely stalar. Obviously Nightmar an alm street is one of the greatest one of the best h Robert Englan. Is You know his portrayal, AF, Freddi, Kruver and forever. The mightnares you know have Um have given them to alls right. We Love You love that, but Yeh bad cross screen change the face of Wark. It actually changed everything. At that time we had the Golden Erra of like the late seventies and the eighties, and then we were always sort of the stepchild until that film really did change the face of how we, you know, mainstream, looked at horror and he change the course of things, and I will have to go and screen because it's the ultimate it's one of my favorite movies, iis one of the best films. What they did withdrew Barrymor was the most brilliant choice in casting. So I love you all. I love all these choices and I'm going to go to sleep crying tonight because I feel sod well Ye. You know, as you were picking that I was thinking like felicitdoes, like a lot of cons like especially carrcons and stuff, like that, so how many of these people do you actually see like Robert England? I'm sure you see quit a bit. skied is always like right across for me and Robert Anglaes. You know across for me or next to me or unfortunate, I mean panahotter is one of my closest friends. I have a pod task with him Um, you know gunner Um, the original leather face. He was the writ or the original writer of the movie. I produced death house. I mean it's all, a big community of love and Um Camaraderie and collaboration and Um. I feel very grateful all the time because I feel, like I kind of just wormed my way in and stocked everyone, and you want to hear a great story about kanhatter. I love me out there. I Love I love Kan hotter and for about five years we had another show s called poop culture and we wanted cane on the show, like wes have a lot of guess. We contacted Kane's agent. I can't remember wher, her name is Judy yes, so she she emails me back and she's like yeah. It's great, we'll schedule You BLAHBLAH and then she says like a week before she goes yeah he's not going to do it. 'cause name's too vulgar mywha. He fucking kills people in movies he's not a one franchise he's in two and she's like yeah. It's too vulgar he's not coming on and like at the time. Lar Hoop Culture is a big show it. It didn't happen, so I would love now that Arnadoes have poopin Gat's cold right now, O m phon should WEC. Can I do that? Can I make a phone call yeah think I old AE said: okay, will we here cane I'm calling em right, nowee yeah, we're here, youing! So Oh shoot. Let's see he didn't answer so we well next time, we's Ala, I'm going to ask him. I'm definitely going to get in touch with you to let you now. Oh, that would be awesome if you would come on because, like I watched this documentary the book and everything else, his story is fantastic. Wed Love to get him on the show to be a judge. He's one of the most amazing people to walk this planet. He's super intelligent, he', supercompassionate, he's funny shit. I have a ball with him like whenever we work together, or especially during airpide cast, he tells the most amazing stories and M he's just a phenomenal talent. I love him so much. I really dad what what's your potcast and everything drop. All your St and thank you for making me t does that make me the winter this one day I win three to two kingraglashanes, but I was honest with all of this. I was just trying to be really honest with each of Yu in each category and what I felt compelled like kind of you know, m, relate to and and felt was a great answer. They all were phenomenal, but, yes, you won man crush and Um, oh my P, so I wr, I do a a codcast called casualty Friday on the Fangaria pod cast network and its knee cane hotter and Tiffany shepherf were in the middle of showing season too. You can watch Fantangoris, you tube, and you can also listen on all platforms, and I also another film that I stoppe US terrifyer. So I make an appearance and have a cameo and terrifier too that's coming out. W was that the one where the guy cut the body down the middle? Yet that movie was fucking nuts. It's insane and let me tell you Terrifi er, two brought to us by Damin Leone, who's, incredible effects, artist, writer director. He is going to bring something so spectacular with terrifier too I'm afraid to watch it. So I I can't I can't wait to see what he what he has in store for us as the audience Um. So all good stuff. You know and keep watching Joe Bob Brigs on on Shater, because there's some surprises coming on. I can't talk about I to that's cool though shuters all shutders awesome, like theire original, shows now that they're starting to add or fantastic they're, amazing, all right Forli. If all of our listeners want to fallow you on social media, where can they find you? Yes? So I love Instagraham and felicerose. Once two three, I love twitter, I'm Felica under score rose I'm on Fese Book Lisarose, Espzido Miller. I have to add all my names. It's it's crazy. I know I'm an idiot, but you know that's the way social media go so and I do love social media. I love Um Conventions. Hopefully, they'll be back soon because I just I' a fan of the genrene. I love talking to people and I love meeting people who work in this. You know space both actors, D, All actors, directors, writers, affects artists, so it's super cool. You know and I'm dust grateful for you know being here with you and for having the opportunity to work making these movies y. We didn'twe spent so much time. Talking about your Dick that got to ask you when you didcoul see it is that Wawe see her Dick, an O, it's bigger than everybody. You said you did. You did return to sleep away, Ou camp, where you came back as a maile and the the did you all up as a cop or whatever, but the thing I realized when I was going through all this stuff and I'd watche a movie a while back, but that was Isaa case's last roll. That was o last Ote yeah and he was such an amazing person to work with. U We spent a lot of time together myself, Vinipastori and M Isaa Aves, so he's just a you know: Tru Professional and beautiful, hard, wonderful person, Um, always just lovely to be around and yeah. It's sad that was his last Ed said that that was his last Foun d. You guys made him a chef of Allthan made of te Hak. I now leave it to Robin Hilsik he's so funny, but yeah. That was a lot of fun to make that movie that s we made it in two thousand and three. Although it came out n two thousand and eight and that's the film where I actually met my husband because he was such a huge fan of the movie, He um call his manager called Robert hilsixs, the guys from cky. Please come to the set and he was like yeah and they flew out on a red eye and, like the next day my husband was Li. Can I marry you and Li e moving? I he? I just bought a house in California, and I'm like so I said: yeaand literally like seventeen years later and three kids and still in California um having a blast married to this man. That ins was that, like the ice breaker that they were cam'p Kill yourself and you came from sleep away camp that I mean yes, that was really how it started. I saw him on the first episode of Jackass and he was wearing a Angela t, shirt lite, the face the screaming face from the last shout of the movie, and I saw it and I was like who's that a d and then he sort of made himself known a. We called him, the lazy stocker he was like cool about it. He was like Yeah Kinda, like digger and like move and he's going to be like I don't talk that way, but that's my impression and he put my face on his guitar and his first CD vilume one and Um, and he was yeah. He was crazy about the movie and crazy about you know um just kind of meeing. Angela was his thing. He was bullied as a kid. So he always connected with her and then little did you know when he met me. I was crazy. He was like well you're, not thi, a shy type you're like a save, so you did have a stacker before he did. He Wasyi new it. It all came O circle, Oyesogger, yeah and then and then he was like. Let's get married like that weekend and we got Tatud with our names on each other like a week later, so got married a week after you guys met no W, we just well. I guess we we had. We had gotten tattooed with our names on our ringfingers like a week later and and then we decided we'd get married like two weeks later and we woundup getting married like a year later. Did you show h m your penis when you first met, of course, that was the thngtht's hy, heas Kyes man crush she ca star around in her fucking burth? No, I ha. I actually had it on me at also now that was justo. That's a great story, though I mean that's like such a great pairing, like C K, Y and sleep away camp, it's great yeah, I was huge. The funny thing is when I heard bout his love for Sleepwoy camp, I started listening to infiltrate, destroy rebelt which had just come out and I like loved it. I was obsessed with the album I loved m, the videos, and little did I know like. I became really good friends with guys I in fact, as soon as we had our first child Rabinsout, moved to California and moved in with us for like a year, so those guys were were dear friends and and now he's making his own amazing music with his new band. Ninety six bitter beangs, that's a great song. Yes, that's a great sing, quite bitter beings, yea! It is. I love, I love that song and that's why he coined it as his new band so that he could, like kind of you, know, Segua into the near Lat. Absolutely H, you know wha! Thank you so much for coming on and you can come back on any time you want. Thank you. I love you guy yeah, it's just fun, isn't it fun? Isn't it like better than just doing like a one on one interviewer is brilliant. The way you set this up is brilliant. I definitely canneed to come on. I'm going to talk to him and I just want to say thank you for having me and spending time with me. This was fantastic. Ogood lucks Ye yeah you ere Delo stay in touch with me. I love you guys. I will I'm gon TA email, you Um, and if you hear anything from can tell them we drop poop off her name and it's all good. Now I love it. I love you guys have a great night. You woll stay healthy to take Otha so mar NI. You too bye bye all right, jewelers! Well, I'M NOT NO! We're going to end this episode right here, but don't worry if you've missed an episode. You can always head over to dualing decades dotcom where you can subscribe to the show on Apple pod cast. You can subscribe on spotify or really wherever you get your poncast and then, while you're on the INTERWEBS head on over Tha fince book, dotcom folward, slash dueling decades, where you can joined one of our two awesome private groups. We have the eighties versus nineties, and now we have the brand new sixties versus seventies group lot of groovy stuff going on there. So before we get out of here deelers, I want to think Jo Finley for coming on the show tonight and computing putting up a hell of a fight, Jo. Why don't you tell everybody what they can expect coming up on the miscast commentary, Bud Guest? Thank you so much, and this was a really fun one. So, thanks for having me ot it, but you can find me always I miscast conmentary. We are just wrapping up our marvel bit and we have a special guest coming up. I will be putting that announcement on twiner at Miss Caspogcast fairly shortly. Our second POD CASPINGE watchers on the wall, is on the same feed. So if you are interested in that interested in a rewatchslash reaction in real time of game of thrones, then join US along for that it's along the same realm of miscast commentary. It's all commentary based stuff but game. It rouse this time. So by means check those out wherever you get your poncasts all right, Doler, so we're going to bid you a peace, love Lightan, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infirmay media