Dueling Decades
Sept. 2, 2020

Immortal Samm Levine passes judgment on us Freaks & Geeks in this duel between September 1978, 1983 & 1998!

Immortal Samm Levine passes judgment on us Freaks & Geeks in this duel between September 1978, 1983 & 1998!

The guys are huge fans of the ill-fated cult classic television show, Freaks and Geeks. So when they got the opportunity to speak with Samm Levine about his new movie Immortal, they jumped at the chance! Whether you know Samm from Freaks and Geeks, Inglorious Bastards, or from the Doug Loves Movies podcast, you know he's a funny and knowledgable dude. Perfect celebrity guest judge material and Samm sure didn't disappoint when the gavel was in hand! This time though, the guys are flipping the script, because this is a "worst of" episode of Dueling Decades. So which one of these gents did it worse? First up, Drew Zakmin is back and he's loaded with a turd sandwich from September of 1998! After a big win last week, Mancrush looks to make it two in a row with a fistful of trash from September of 1983. Rounding out the competition, Marc James looks to get into the win column with a seriously sad September 1978 that almost made Samm cry!

Sit down, relax, and listen to all the hijinx this terrible episode has to offer! Samm Levine was primed and ready to release the kraken on these guys and their offerings. So in this episode you might find out that Samm doesn't want anyone suing the Stranger Things guys, a video game that gets Mr. Levine really upset, Zakmin was exposed to erotic flute playing in Greece as a child, a 445-page dossier about cigar smokers, the drummer that should have been in the Bill and Ted movie, a generational talent mistakingly puts his hands in the wrong man's behind, Blanche gets hitched to Jack Flack, no one cares about Benben, a pompous panther turns into a slithery snake to fight crime, Marc played games with himself, Freaks and Geeks, Kenny Omega vs a grown man who sleeps in a car bed, post-apocalyptic dry cleaners, the Noxzema girl has the strength of twelve men, Smurf snow comes to the cinema, kissing with and without makeup on, Samm stars in the new movie Immortal out on VOD today, and use a freakin coaster!

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INFIRMARYMEDIAPEOP NGATOP JULI CAS the Pixe O Pla, but tot o a Ranagan upon that cap. Ut, stop the power gopcome fight for what you love, who come to Poe pe COPI Tancrita, PA ETE to Poe cap would take craye a O, Bala Ha Sik Iam made a Tan O comefight for what you love, ineas broadcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show were the decades battle for supremacy because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to doling decades. I am Mark James, and this week we fall back and bring you a worst of duel, I'll be representing the worst of September. Nineteen. Seventy eight, alongside these men, first off dualing with the worst of September nineteen eighty three say hello to mancrush. That's right! I got the worst of September nineteen. Eighty three is pretty shitty and I wore my low SAR shirt, which was my old good luck. Shirt since I won last week, well see if that happens again, but Yep September. Nineteen three garbage also returning to the panel this week, is the host of the one headlike nineties, bodcast dueling, with the worst of September nineteen. Ninety eight please welcome back to the show the professor Dru Zacman. What's up guys, I do in fact have September nineteen ninety eight, and that was actually a couple of months after I graduated high school and if I'm not mistaken, pretty much everything Wasl Shit back then, and as always here on the show, we need somebody to judicate all of this awesomeness. You will know this week's celebrity guess judge from his impressive body of work, including Inglorious Bastards, Wat hut American summer, not another teen movie and FREAKS and Geeks all rise and welcome, Judge Sam Levine. Oh my gosh, thank you. I should have brought a Gabvel in a gown. I blew it. Everyone else. Does you don't have your own? No, you know what I I gotta keep somebody's got to keep party city open. Give me five minutes. Ladies and gentlemen. The following contest will be held under dualing decades rules. The judges coin flip show the side who picks virst out of the five dueling decades: categories: movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all, five rounds will go to a final wild card round. All right, doelers, wake up wake up, it's the worst of the month, so catch your chequs and get up 'cause, it's time for more Don Inos, very nice. I like that asince I won last time. You too can go all right, so the coin tosts this week, I guess iw'll be between myself and the Professor Trugh Zachman. So, let's go right down to our special guest judge, Sam Levin, okay, what's what kind of a course language am I able to use on this bud any and all of it so for Um, so for the Qainan toss today we're going to be using this coaster that was given to me for my birthday by my friend, Melanie says: Please don't stay in my table, Duce back I' Gon to call it this. Hence we're going to call the underside tales. Are you guys? Okay with that yeah sounds great. Okay? Am I going to flip it and someone's going to call it in the air go ahead, Dru Zacman! Why don't you call I'll call all right all right drew. I am flipping it now, so call it I'LL! Take heads do not stain my table. It is had nice all right, Trou Zacman! You won the toss and take control of the board. What category would you like to select? First, all right, I'm going to h. You know what I'm going to start off. I'm going to take this trash out. First, I'm going to go in news. So, on September, eleventh, nineteen ND. Ninety eight independent council, Ken Star outlined a case for impeachments for Mister Wlm Clinton, now stars case finds eleven grounds, including perjury obstruction of justice, witness tampering and abusive power while providing the graphic details of the sexual relationship between the president and former White House in turn, Monica Lewinsky a House vote earlier in a day paved the way for Alease of the first four hundred and forty five pages. Four hundred and forty five pages of star support who's typing this year. What do you mean how older, how age WHO's doing? Well, that would have been th t might have bee computer, probably like a fucking typewriter back then I don't know ninety eight remember they. They printed that they printed it as a book and said it and I own it but go on, and so that's part of it right. So N! NO LISTEN! I don't care if you support the Democrat or Republicans or whatever, but can you imagine doing so much illegal stuff that there needs to be four hundred and forty five pages to document all of your fuckups, like four hundred and forty five pages like I'm, not I'm not listening, I'm not perfect, I get it, but I would say if someone were to document my mistakes, I maybe on page one seventeen for my life, these four hundred and forty five pages were only over a couple of months. I only got two hundred and forty five pages all through high school. That's that's pretty good! Now, if that's not enough, there apparently was an estimated twenty six hundred pages of supporting materials that were still awaiting House Judiciary Committee review at that time. But to be fair, Clinton did apologize and said. I don't think there is a fancy way to say that I have sinned now. There might not be a fancy way to say I about having someone jot down all of your wrong doing some four hundred and forty five pages, I believe, is fancy enough. I thought mark was looking for a cigar. It would have been fancy if they would have done it all in Caligraphy. That would have been really fancy that would have been like, probably like three thousand pages of fuckups didn't you bring like the Monica Lewinsky like Barbara Walters, special or something for television once who may yeah. Somebody no H I had roo yeah Tursachmen is definitely double dipped into the MONICO in well the Jayleno of poncasting. I think I talked about Clinton once before, but it was not. I don't think it was about Lewensky. It might have been about something else, all right. So for my news offerings, let's go over to the Los Angeles time. The front page of the Late Edition of the newspaper is a stunning headline. He reads: The Hoo Drummer Dies Rock Star Keith Moon Thirty, one years old, drummer of the hoo found dead today with his fiancee Anett Walter lax in London, she was still alive. He was not so he was at his flat that he was renting flat, twelve at nine cruisin place and Shepherd Market Mayfair, London. Oddly enough, the exact same apartment, Mamma cash died in, he was trying to kick his drinking habit and was prescribed him and Everin when he died. They found thirty two pills that he had taken: Thirty two pills, twenty six of which were still undissolved in his stomach. So he had gone to a party the night before hosted by Linda and Paul McCartney. It was actually a preview of the Bunny Holly Story, which is the second time in as many months that that movie has come up on this show so yeah. He had gone home that night he had actually left the party early. He had only had a couple of drinks ecause. He was trying not to drink. He went home overdid it on the Hemmanevrin and ended up overdosing on that in diinganishow many pills did he take eleven thirty two hol? Oh, there was eleven that were not dissolved, so he said twenty six were undissolved. Oh, my God, I dower. I got a Levit from o for the worst of news September, O Nineteen, seventy eight. I got the legendary Keith Moon Dying. I mean keithmoon one of the. If not the greatest rock drummer of all time cut down on his prime H, it's just a sad story. So that's what I had for news mancrush, what Ave YOUV got man. As you know, I don't like to bring the sadness. So again, I didn't and I feel a little bit bad 'cause. You guys both brought September eleventh, and I we September fourth nineteen ND. Eighty three and I thought this one was fitting in a fourth be with you yeah Ewell, my actually my daughter was born on. May the fourth, let her let her hear that she loves that anyhow, like I thought this one was fitting, because hopefully the NFL was right around the corner in a few weeks, it's hard to imagine what this season will be like. So, let's take a trip back to ninetengh three, when all the talk was about one particular rookie quarterback at the time, and we shouldn't lose sight, though the NFL draut in nineteen three was one for the age, especially when it came to quarterback position. He had hallfamers John Lay Jim Kelly, who actually went on to the USFL and Damn Marino all going in the first round, but let's not discount the other qortbacks are also taken in the first round, Tony Esen Top blacklidge and of course you know. I had to see this one for last Mil your jets grabbing Kennel Bryan Over Dam Arino somethings, never changed mancrush. I thought you said you didn't have any sad news this week at for me: It's not Oroh Ass B fugging, you I'm a jet what a you do, but if you didn't grow up, I in N nine Teren. Eighty three all the talk at this time was about John eway. Not only was Lwa town as a generational talent, but he's also he refused to play for the Baltimore Colts, who had the number one pick, and if you watched the SPN documentary from Eluay to Morino, I mean Bill Walsh even goes on record saying that he almost traded Joe Montana for the rights o. This number one picks I mean everybody was talking about this guy. So the draft came the cold selected eleway with T nurber, one selection, an ow wave respotted by telling the world that he was going to go, play baseball for the Yankees because they draft I nineteen eighty one and the second round, but the colts couldn't sit by 'cause. They just wasted their first round pick on the sky, so they turned the t pick around with La they trade hem to the broncos for Liman Chriss, Hintong N in nineteen. Eighty four first pick, which ended up being Ron, solt and Qartback Mork Cerman, was kind of a throw in so oft to Denver. He went all right. I just had to give a little back storet for the people but Sunday September. Fourth, nineteen. Eighty three. This was probably the colds general madger earning, of course, he's favorite day that year, John Lway got the start for the broncos against the Pittsburg steelers at Thre River Stadium, and when it was all said and done, Lwa went one for eight passing for a total of fourteen yards. He got sacked four times for a loss of twenty six yards through one interception and infamously lined up under his guard instead of the center, which is fun Han. He was never heard from again and you know the thing is like everyone knows what he did but like they don't realize that first year he didn't even come back for the second half. He bruised his elbow, they put Steve Deburgen and he had to watch Steve De Burg, actually take them to a fourteen din victory. I think things turned out all right for John Elway, but he had a shit. Nineteen, three very tough you'd start ten games, seventee TSE fourteen picks sack twenty times very tough year. So that said, be patient with your young quarterbacks. Unless you're jets fan, I mean we're eternally fucked, so it it doesn't matter be yeah. I got John Elway shitty first start not quite as bad as everybody else's, but it happend all right. So, let's go down to our guest judge Sam Levine, for the ruling on the news round. Okay, so I have to decide which was the worst piece of news to you. Yep. Oh to me: Well, this is very easy for me, but I want to explain why I'm going to decide what I'm going to decide as any good judge, would, of course, Um man crush you're going to lose me. Unfortunately, because I am when it comes to sports. I am a diehard baseball H. football is a terrific sport. I I know a lot about it, but I just can't get into it the way I do wit baseball. So while I understand that may have been an upsetting piece of bad news for you as a football fan and specifically as a jets fan, it doesn't mean very much to me drew h. As I mentioned before I owned, I read that horrible Kenit Star report. You know I was a sixteen year old kid and I thought who I'll be smart I'll know what's going on in the news, and I read that thing and let me tell you a four hundred pages. You say: Can you imagine four hundred pages of of Sims or whatever, no there's like two pages of sin, but it was written by a bunch of lawyers. That's why it crags. On and on and on and on it was nonsense in their absolute nonsense, but for me the best music ever is classic rock, and although he died before I was born and became a fan, it was one of the all time great losses to rock and roll the day. Moon, Keith Moon died. M. I mean you talk about potentially the greatest rock and roll germer of all time. I would say: Moon John Bonum Meal Peer Number One shun three and the order is entirely up to you and no one's going to argue either way. So for me, that is the greatest loss. That is the saddest news of these three stories. No questions ask you know I just had this conversation with somebody today. Have you watched new billantene's movie, yet I have indeed, I was a little disappointed that they didn't use Keith Moon. Maybe it was 'cause, he overdosed, that's why they didn't want to put him in there as the drummer, but I mean yeah it bummed me out too. I thought about that. Like you know, they made ip a fiction Druma of Sora Um, but h yeah. I thought about that too, and I was like yeah well, I don't know between Bonum and Keit Moon. They both died in a very sad way, but then I was like wait. A minute. Um John of Ark didn't exactly die in a pleasant manner. You know she's kind of in the first movie, so I don't know I feel like I mean not that I want to go off on a tangent, but I feel like they wanted this movie to be less about historical figures and more about bill and Tad and their legacy in their family. So I don't begrudge them that, but H, but yeah no tyeahit doesn't get much sadder than than moon and bottemthe. Sad news like that always winsy's rounds in the worst of I had the John Lennon shooting at the end of Long God. Those are all guarantees, like that's a slam, dunk wind for the round, but where re you going this roundworkbut, it's like you don't even have to have been alive. I wil have even alive in Ninei'm seveny year and Jus earing about it. Thirty years later, like Las, what a loss all right. So I pick up a point: take control of the board. You know what guys I think we're going to go over to television. Do some television round early on here for one point round, so we're going to go over to the Tamahasse Democrats September, twenty third nineteen. Seventy eight in a review that says Apple Pie leaves a bad taste. This is the debut of a TV show called Apple Pie. I don't know if you guys have ever heard of this chances. Are you haven't because they only filmed seven episodes and only aired two, and then it was immediately taking off the air. Now the show does star Rommcclanahan and it also stars Dabne Coeman Jack Gilford. Oh so already you're, like Whoo Rumcclanaha, Kest, yeah you're ready to go. She actually gave up an opportunity to be on soap to do this show now the premise takes place, dur on on nine Hutden and thirty. Three, during the Great Depression, where Rumaclanahans character decides she wants a family, so she puts an ad out in the newspaper. Looking for other people to come, live with her and be her new family, she gets a grandfather who wis this old blind man. She gets herself a new husband WHO's, a con man and a couple of kids. The original script actually called for a character that kind of walked around the house in shackles and chains. Luckily, they ended up cutting that, but it still didn't save it. So it only aired September, twenty Thir, nineteen, seventy eight and September thirtieth nineteen and seventy eight, only two episodes ever to air of Apple Pie, my selection for the worst stuff T v round, Gem Dru Zacman Ohr to you, it's pretty bad. So, speaking of pretty bad, I have September Twenty firt Anine hutdred and ninety eight was the debut of the much anticipated the Brian Benben show, and the last episode was on October, Twelve nineteen. Ninety eight, so they actually wound up filming nine episodes, but only four of them actually aired and basically the sitcoms centee round Brian Benbin, who was a news anchor in l, A and was replaced in favor of a younger person and the show aired Mondays on CBS and if you blinked, you missedit, given it only ar four episodes and the show was created by Robert Borden, who also created the George Lopez, show several years later and Bor also wrote for Roseann o o an nine htnen o ninety three by the way, but turns out this show just didn't click. and honestly, I don't remember this show at all, but then again in ninety eight. Around that same time, I was busy watching the whome run chase between mark mguare and Samy Sosa, so hat yo doing th in September eighth man toheber eight. It was so much fun to watch, but that's what I have the Brian Ben Benshow, which aired from September twenty first Ne Nine Hutdred N. Ninety eight two October, twelfth also one thousand nine hundrd nd inety eight was September eighth. The day the Maguire broke, the record. Yes, N. eight ninety eight so easy to remember that day was, I think, Ie told this on the show before we were at a preorl gym concert at the meadowlands and they stoppd the show midsong. So JEF Ayment can throw a ball to eddy vetter and he hit the ball into the crowd and announced to the whole audience that Markan Maguire just broke the record. I mean that's how big baseball was at that point that they stopped the show, also Andy, better huge baseball fan. Yeah Cubs Fan Yeah as M. I so yeah it was. It was amazing. It was great like it s mid song. It was like nobody cared nd. It was like wait. What happend? What's going on any better cared man caus Sammy Soca, was in the hunt yeah I care nobody cared that he stopped the show we cared about the record, Rightoh sure, OK, yeah! We were good with that, but let's go September, Thirtieth Nineteen eigh three and I like freaks and Geeks to deserve far better treatment from M B C. Here is the show that only lasts at a poultry eat episodes and got cancelled by NBC. In December of nineteen eighty three, and not only was the premise of the show, utterly ridiculous, but it was also scheduled head to head with Dallas and if you were in to dig Backda, I nineteen and eighty three we'd see that Dallas with the number one show on television that season a matter of fact Dallas. They were either number one or number two in ratings for the previous three seasons. So this was either a feeble attempt by M B C to somehow pull over some of the demographic from the Dallas Fan base, or it was a mercy killing. But since TV guy would rate, this is the fifteenth worst show of all time. I'm going to go with the ladder on this. So after five episodes of the show NB C decided to cease production, they took the show off the air and Lou of another failed N B C experiment from that year called Misr Smith, which is a show about a talking Arangatang, which had even worse ratings. An this gem did so after Mister Smith, stunk up the joint for a month, N B C brought this show back to finish out the last three episodes and when it was initially taken off the air, the show was ranked sixty third overall in the ratings, so I'm not even sure why they took it off the air for sweeps and replaced it with Mister Smith, which is another horrible show. I mean things to ponder at night, but anyhow like, and I suppose, for the people. Keeping scoreat home N B C was shit. RIERS CBS was killing it in the ratings they had. An eighteen share, they were tops ABC, had a seventeen point, nine and s our NB C was coming up in the rear. With a fifteen point four and of course this is before, like all the big, cable and stuff. So, even though those number seemed large, that's all people were watching as tose three networks, but here's a little snipit from Fred Rothenberg of the Associated Press and he titles this one ludicrous manimal likely to become the skunk of the season, and I quote, AH, to have been a fly on the wall when NB C exxs were telling one another what they really thought of animal, an embarrassing and worthless program about a man who transforms into animals to solve crimes and Im ive en shitting. You like, if you've, never seen this or clips from this. It's true. It was a serious crime drama about a British college professor, by the way Rothenburg would call Simon mccorgandale. I think his name was a pompous, condescending counterfeit geanes bond, but he would transform to like panthers and Shit to solve crime matter of fact, on that episode in September thirtieth a masterpiece by the way he would transform into a panther an eagle and a snake before he slit up Ursilandres's bathroob. At the very end, I give you manimal, everyone lasted a whole eight episodes, fantastic, an yeah painters, do solve a lot of crimes and they're. So common like you, would just see one and be like o look. There's this another pant, there's a PA, the as blend right in with regular society yeah, the Pink Panther, of course true, also Thas, where they got it. I actually watched this years ago. 'cause it came out on a DVD set, I think by screen factory like maybe ten years ago or so, and I wanted to watch it again before making this selection. So I went on you tube B'cause. I can't find the DVD and all of the copies on you tube are all in Spanish, so it must have a huge following in South America, maybe, but not so much here, hm all right, let's toss it down to Sam Levin for the judgment for the television round, I'm sorry the judge has to. I have to ask just a couple of follow questions. I should have written this down how many episodes of manimal aired before it was taken off the air. They took it off after five and they brought it back hig month, and then they played the last. So it got Eto and then e total and then drew the Brian Benben show that aired five episodes before getting pulled a they filmd nine, but they only aired four. They aired for. Okay mark was a apple ponaple Pie aire just two night that film seven aired two. So here's a thing I m, I was on a medical, show, a medical drama uh seven years ago, then, ar seven years ago on NBC, called Dono Harm. That name doesn't ring a bell to most people but ur. Our key art that you saw on the sides of buzes was our very handsome lead, stepen Paswell, with his hands, covering his face, cover the face of the handsome leave. I don't know whose decision that was, but then it was, it was a dor Jecklin and Mr Hidpig, so an alternate version of his face was on his hands like the it was. I don't know whose idea that was, I wasn't consulted, but when that show aired we were the lowest then W'. Since I'm happy to say, given up this record, we were the lowest rated mid season launch in the history of I think broadcast television and we aired but a lowly two episodes as well before they pulled us now. Eventually they brought us back, but not really. They just burned off a few. So I hate to do it, but once again mark I'm going to have to go with with Apple Pie, not just because it only aired two, but because Rumaclanahan and Dab me Cona, O mis with that such how do you miss with those with those Lee Howdo you miss with Simon mccorkingdale, see there's there's your problem, I'm not a Ganre Guy, so I even noion theyll see a jail, an anand h and look I loved Brian Benban and I actually remember Kinda watching that show in it. It wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen, but but at least he'll have dream on crrect YEP GRCO, you know he'll always have to Remont, and isn't he married to Madelin Sto correct, or at least he was. I know he was. Hopefully he still is so look hes. I amanmin he did okay, he did okay. So I'm going to go with H, I'm going to go with this missfire uh featuring jabney Coleman and Rumaclinahan two comedy legends before we get too far off television 'cause. I know a couple of people in our facebook also askd this question. When you guys were doing freaks and Geeks. I think the biggest problem from me Ecause, I watched it when it first came out, was I cald never find the damn show yeah. That is correct. Thot was huge trouble yeah, like did you guys? Were you aware of all the changes that they were making? They were like Oh weere, going to put it on this night. We're going to do it, were they just doing it? I certainly was Oh. I mean it's aware in terms of like I knew it was happening, but in terms of like any of US having the power to stop it from happening, no Righti mean Judd used to get into creazy long phone calls, while e were shooting in the middle of the day on the phone with the N B C executives explaining why we needed to air more than three weeks in a row for fans to find us, because the Internet was in its infancy. There was no such thing as streaming. Netlix wasn't a thing, yet I mean fans, it was still appointment. Television back in those days, dvrs didn't exist yet really so it was either fans knew that the show was on. They knew where to find it, and they could expect to find it week after week after week, and then you know after you'd ared say six in a row, you'd take a little break, but then you'd ear, reruns right. You know giving the fans a chance to catch up if they missed any and they never ever ever gave that to us. Never, I think E. I think the most we ever aired consecutively was three weeks in the same time slot, and then you know this was the one disastrous year in ninety nine, when NBC had the reght to the world series, so they pulled us off, for you know two weeks to hear that Uh. Then there was, I mean very sad and I'm not using this, as you know. Oh, how dare they, but there was a plane crash that happened on the West Coast, a domestic plane crash and that preempted us into time zones on one night that wewre supposed to be earing. So half the country couldn't didn't get a chance to see that episode and Yeah, and then they shifted nights on us n. They moved us from Saturdays to Mondays, with not much fan fare for the relaunch, so the few fams who were still looking for us on Saturdays, didn't know that we'de been moved to Mondays and then once we got moved to Mondays, I think I think maybe they aired to in a row before prempting us again for Mauri Povich hosting twenty one see ia sor answer to abcs, who wants to be a millionaire right, like I thought you guys got cancelled because at the time I remember if I had VCR plus I had one of those where you put the code in and you can. You Know Wo D. whenever Y I AWA wont the Airflus and it would record the wrong show- and I was like Oh, they MUSTV AV, taken it off the air, because every time I checked my teap, it was some other shit like sixty minutes or something like that. Yep Yeh. So it was a this was look. You know, I don't I'm not going to get back into it, but there were people person who didn't want the show to go 'cause. It just didn't mean anything to them and they made decisions that dramatically increased the likelihood of of the show not being able to succeed. Quick Question. I don't know this'll be a quick answer but like where do you think the show would have went if you had? The second season? was there talk of that? Oh there's been plenty of talk, and I mean we've. We've talked about at length on you know in interviews and and and podcast and reunion panels and stuff that we've done over the years, and it gets tough for me to remember everyone's story but vaguely him Kelly was going to come back pregnant h. You know from the ded tor bill, haverchuck was goingto become more of a jock under the tutelage of of Cot Fredericks Sam was going to lean away from being nerdy and, and you know, dugeons and dragons, and try to fit in with more of the the cooler kids Neil was going to lean more into the venturaliquism and swing choir, as he went through a very painful divorce at home, with his parents, Um th. Those are the ones that I remember you know so it was. You know they had great ideas for season too that, unfortunately, we'll never really get to fully realize but yeah they. They had a lot a lot of good stuff. That, I think, would have continued to be really interesting and entertaining, and you know tough to watch GOI see a lot of common ground in the guys from stranger things and your trio. For sure I mean I I do not know the duffer brothers. I I love stranger thingi. You know eagerly await the last season, but I would I would be surprised to hear that they were not freaks and Geexfans yeah for sure yeah t that first episode, I saw that's ixmediately. What I thought of was you guys sure I ben good or bad. I mean, but that's what it came out. No, no! No! No! No! No! No look I mean every every band inspires the next one. Every show inspires the next one: it's not like Paul Figan, Chet Apeta invented the Midwest I nineteen and eighty Tyo Knowri ages. That was their vision of it, which is of course, going to look and feel like a lot of other people's memories of the Midwest in TN, nineteen and eighties. So I you know, I I'm I'm thrilled that that that show is out there. I love stranger things like I said, and I I'm not suggesting anything other than I would find it weird if they weren't fans of the show just because clearly this is a time period and a a fiel. You know Riy Guys Midwest, nineteen and eighties. That speaks to them. So my gut tells me they were fans of the show, and that's all I'm saying that's how you know you're doing good work, onare copying what you do. That's, why, y? U An N Ratro et it py! I do SI itis Fi. Those guys have certainly had enough they've had enough lawsuits and faseless aeatothat idea wasn't theirs. This is not going to be another one. Noall right. I had to ask all right W ' moving off T V, all right, so I pick up another point heading into the final one point round. You Know What Gentlemen: Let's do some hot products, the worst of hot products, so I found an article in the billings gazette September fifth, nineteen, seventy eight kind of an interesting article. It says they call him the king of Pong and he claims to have games that are educational and have medical uses. It's about this gentleman that they call the king of Pon. He sat in in the plaza sweet the other day with another grown man, both of them giggling, yelling, occasionally and frantically as they played a brand new video game called outlaw. Now that's what I have for my ht product, it's the Atari Twenty six hundred release of outlaw now the king of Pon. That they're talking with is a gentleman by the name of Noland Bush nel was one of the founders of Atari and would go on to be the founder of chucky cheese. The medical advancement he talks about in here is about the game Pong and how they're using it in hospitals now to help paralyze victims, so they can move their hands and with elderly patients for their memory, but that has llthing to do with my pick. My pick is outlaw for the Atari Twenty six hundred. Now, if you guys had this game, it was one of the the first shooters the game itself, though. Well it was a clone. It was a con of a of a foreign game called Midway's gunfight. There were sixteen different variations of gameplay mode on this game, but the reason I I think it's the worst is because this was thes single worst Atari game to own. If you were an only child, because this game was only fun with two players, as you would have two cowboys that could go up and down on the screen and they would shoot now for some reason back in the wild west, they had body armor because you could take up to ten shots before you killed your character. But if you were an only child and had no one to play with the best you could do was to shoot ot a stationary, nonmoving cowboy or a target that you had to hit ninety nine times as it went up and down so the most boring Atari game. Ever I give you outlaw, can't you want to do some blocky target practice September. Nineteen. Seventy eight, ALL RIGHT DRUWZAHMAN! What do you have for the hot products round? Homine mine came out on September, Twenty Sixth Nineteen, Ninety eight and I so I liv in we live in Pennsylvania a lot of times, Yo go to the beach in New Jersey, usually like Ocean City, New Jersey, but I feel like you've ever walk along any boardwalk. There are a few arcades there and you ever see people dancing around like fools. That's most likely because they're playing a game called dance, dance revolution which was released in Japan on September, twenty ixth n nineteen nd, Ninety eight and whilethot making its way to North America in March of ninety nine, but yeah DANC Dans Revolution. I I've never tried it. I feel like. I would hurt myself somehow or look like a fool or hurt myself looking like a fool, so this game, it's horrific, the only. I think. One of the good things I can say about is that it appeared in the criminally underrated, grandmas boy, wear nixwords and yeah smoke the competition as he always did, but this game was developed by Konami. I love Konami. You know they made blades of steel, they also made. I think it was teenage iter turtles. I love those games and yeah. This was not one of those games that I liked, but yeah anyway, if you everyone embarrass yourself, this is one sure, if our way to do it, at least for me anyway. Personally, I can find much cheaper alternatives but dance dance, rvolution September Twenty Sixh Neten. Ninety eight made hits way in Japan if you're not good at that game, it's really fun to watch. People play that game, like I know, Mark Pobty knowses, I don't know sm if you watch professional wrestling, but Kenniomega is ridiculous. It danced as revolution it's if one just watch him. Do it. It's insane Tue's like six, two, six, two professional wrestler doing dance ance revolution like serious, is all hell H, but on the other hand, not so much fun watching me do danstands! Well, no, I wouldn't wantto watch it. So I mean no. Actually that might be fun too. How can he sothen Cancan can take out Nixwarson? That's the question. THAT'S THE CHALLENGE! Right there, it's a different style. They have two doce styles, so t's as a good question. All right, man crush. What do you have for the hut products around all right? So, let's go to September twenty e Ond nineee. Eighty three, the same guyshave produced a classic parody gold off the Wall Street Journal and not the New York Times are back at it again with a special parody episode or Special Parody magazine. Rather this time, though, making a paroty of playboy, something that hasn't been attempted since the Harvard Lampoon gents did this in nineteen sixty six, the company known as American parody and Travisty Corporation, they released its playboy paroty on September, twenty second entitled playboar and, if featured the Gorgeous Barbie Benton on the cover. So if you for anything, you'd bought that thinking it was playboy, but it wasn't the magazine itself sold for near two ninety five, which is close to eight dollars in Twenta D. Twenty, so I suppose that's Om par for the Times. That being sad, I found an article in the newspaper where they were charging as much as thirteen thousand five hundred dollars for a color ad. That's Orty, two thousand dollars in twosand, a twenty, so that wasn't so on power for the Times. And that said, if you couldn't swing that Colorrad, you could do a black and white ad for ten thousand dollars. This was their first magazine under the new company and they were promising one million copies sold and since I didn't see any of the other four promised issues, I suppose that didn't happen. So, let's take a look inside this ninety six piage extravaganza. They had an interview with Jesus Christ, where he claims to be more popular than the Beatles Ye. An article on the fifteen greatest rocks in America. Then you' followed up by the history of sexon architecture. Then the explosive pictoral, the girls of the Pilo, then you had hugh hepner debunks the myth of herbies. Then they had an article entitled wrestling. Gate is wrestling fixed, followed up the whole big culmination, some real investigative journalism here, bedroom crisis, premature ejaculation during masturbation. I give you playbor magazine September, Twenty Second Nineteen, eighty ow he's Samor any of those articles in that Ken Star report that you read most of those were reprinted in the Ken starbook but Okigreat it. But me I'm the only one hathey're in there laybor playboard. As soon as you said that I'm like that's, got to be the magazine that Cren the frog takes into the bathroom. When I initially found it in the newspapers like the first hen, there was talking about the ads they were selling. I was like, Oh let me look. This up. Thi's got Ta, be like you know, going Ebay, it's going to be a hundred n two hundred bucks they're, still selling for like fifteen twenty dollars. So it's Iven a collectors item Jiy, there's Thatwell Aright! So let's go down to our judge. Sam Leven see who wins the hunt products round. Okay, Um! There's here's the thing about this in in having to compare these two things. We got two video games and an ill fated magazine, Um, the UH. The thing about it is the magazine and outlaw were both destined to be failures and then were failures. Outlaw was not a particularly popular game. I do remember playing it as a very young man. I think one of our neighbors had it and I played it with my neighbor, so I never played the single person version, but that sounds horrible Um. You know what, if you're like, so it's fine, you have a sibling, but what of your sibling is like a little sister who has no interest when you might as well be an only child when it comes to that Ga. So that's very sad play Bor. You know. That's that H, t that sounds like it was one and done it was a miserable failure. But for me the real failure of these three is dampstance revolution, because that should not have succeeded, and yet it did. That is the greatest falling ass backwards into success. I've ever seen- and it aggravates me to no end this day. Dancsdance revolution is essentially a piece of exercise equipment in the last place in the world where people want exercise equipment of futing arcade, that's like putting a God, Damn cardiochess machine in the middle of a planet, fitness and somehow it's a success, think you might beones Iave, never understood this. I have. I have never understood the success of hey ma'am, let's go to the arcade with the other bunch of flucking nerds and let's show them how into shape we are by playing this game that is essentially Simon, except with our fine. I guarantee you DANCTAN's revolution is secretly responsible for more heart attacks in arcades than corn dogs. So, for me the greatest failure and the biggest threat to the Geek gaming community is and always will be, Damnstan's revolution. Shame on you for existing! You are a failure. How dare you be a success all right through Zacman? You pick up a point get on the board, but, more importantly, you take control of that board heading into our first two point rounds, all right, so iam going to go with I'm gon to go movies here and the one I am choosing and have to stick with me on this. One here came out September, twenty fifth N, nine teen and Ninety Eight and cashing in on the newly reinvigorated teen horror, slash slasher genre. We were a handed a movie called urban legends with a bleacchair Joshua Jackson and the Nagima girl, Rebecca Gaihart, as well as Tero Reid and thirty seconds, tomarrs Singer and Guitars Jer Lidou. Now this movie had a budget of fourteen million dollars and hauled in seventy two point: five million dollars of the box office, which is that's a pretty good R oi. I'm all right with that. Now it also spawned two follow Aflix urban legends, Final Cut, which came out in two thousand and then the directed video urban legends, Bloody Mary, which came out in two thousand and five. Now they also in February of this horrid year, they announced they were going to do a rebout because twenty twenty, I guess but anyway, why is this a worst of September, N, nine, teen, N, Ninety Eight N and here's? Why and spoilers coming by the way? So if you haven't seen urban legend and you ant to maybe hit Paus on the show and go watch in and come back to us buts, this is what bugs me about thit. So the plot really makes no sense to me, like anall, Rebecca Gayhart's character is upset that Alicia wit and her character and her friends were messing around whele driving and ran gahart's boyfriend off the road killing him. So gayhart goes on a killing spree based on urban legends, pretty much killing anyone and everyone. Apparently now I just watched this the other night 'cause. I thought it was good, but no- and I and I saw it when it first came out potentially in theatrs- I I remember seeing it very early when it came out, it was either l e in the theater or as soon as it came out on VHS and ND. I thought it was good, which is why, as I go, let Merewatch this here's he but here's the thing, though right it really chat. My Ass Gayheart's going around killing all of these people. Right now I checked she's five foot, six, and rather slender you know, I'm not saying you know, she's, not strong, but there's no fucking way that she's doing all this killing and fighting off all of these people and carrying around dead bodies by herself like there's, no way that happens and I'l watch this movie, I'm like there's no way she's she's, just her by herself. I thought she had an accomplice nope. She, you know they show a bunch of bodies and V like how does she carry all those fucking bodies in the Sev hat makes no sense to me, and it was like angering me as I'm watching this movie, I'm like how did she do all this? I thought you know there had to be somebody else, wbuther wasn't and they show you actually when they move round campus so quickly to commit murders in like seventy, three different, fucking time zones and why kill all those like random innocente like she starts the movie coming the one girl who was the driver of the car that killed her boyfriend? Okay, like all right, you want to get revenge there and she could have killed the other girl, Alisia wos character like real early in the flick and call it a day. No, she kept going. I don't get it. I just remember I as stoke to watch us the other day and now well now. This is why it's the worst of September, nineteen, Ninety eight, because I'm angry that I watched that movie and it was pretty terbl. That's all I got sorry, I'm angry Al r man crush what a e you got for the movies round, all right. So let's go h September. Second, Nineteena, three I'll give you a movie that is bad urban legends, come on an seventy two million, it's a good moviebrow! The money doesn't mean any. No. It doesn't 'cause. I had that argument a couple of weeks, Aye Sucks Werher in the driver se, but September. Second, nineteen threee, here's a movie striker, I mean there's no point in trying to be coy about this pick. No one would have any idea what the fuck I was talking about. But if you look at the cover of this one, I am positive myself as a young child was suckered into renting this one. When I was a kid, but I had zero recollection of this movie upon my screening of it last night, the movie t lookes, like it, was made for like straight up like made to video market. That's not the case. Looking at this old newspapers, it was actually released at theaters on September. Second, nineteen three and I found it in seventy plus theaters and drivins that played this movie and some of the papers even had decent sized ads for this movie. That made it looked fucking amazing, but trust me it was not. It was a turn. If you're a fan of Madmax two road warrior, then you'll hate this one. It's a blatant ripoff is that a fighting over gas they're fighting over water in this movie and one of the first things you'll notice, if you feel like wasting ninety minutes of your life, that is, there is no water to be had yet. Their clothes are somewhat clean. O Noas, like white as the movie begins, there's a a female t. They chase through this entire movie she's got like a pretty clean blouse on that's like white 'like, how the fuck does that happen? If you have no water, and on top of that, if there's no water, wouldn't everybody be dead like there would be no movie and they have the water like what I shit you not like. I fell asleep three times during this movie last night, so like if you're looking for like a good ambien replacement. This is the winner Aer. The main dude his name is striker is the most boringlead role I've ever seen in a movie. His first interaction in the movie is just like straight awkward t. It almost seems like he forgot the line. The script is horrible, the acting's horrible there's a decent action scene. If you can make it all the way to the end, if you can make it that far, I feel like I should be given a metal for having finished this movie, even though I did fall asleep three times, but I did see it all way through the end, but somehow this movie made nine hundred thousand dollars at the gate like about two and a half million dollars in thwenty twenty. So I'm really curious to find out if people actually like sat through this entire movie or if they bailed 'cause, I'm guessing, they left total garbage, and I like garbage movies, but this one is shit. It's boring as fuck and that striker September second, nineteen n three that wouldhave been awesome. If it was like, maybe a spin off of Ted striker strike her stierclan, I feel like that would have potential. I would I want to see you know like the back story just about it never happened. 'cause Tet strikers, a drinking problem, all Rightkay. So let's go to my horrible movie offering rely September, twenty nith nineteen. Seventy eight, although I did find an article in the record from Hackenszack New Jersey that had the movie opening up at the beginning of the month, Yeah Jersey represent. So this one is the nineteen seventy eightquote, Unquote Classic Avalanche Starring Rock Hudson Meapharo and Robert Forester. It's one of those great nineteen seventy's disaster films- and this is probably the worst one of the bunch. It costs an estimated six and a half million dollars, which was the largest box office, failure for new world's pictures, and it was its most expensive production ever during the filming. They use Styrofoam to simulate some of the snow from the avalanche. Now they filmeg this out in Dorango Colorado after filming was done, and the snowall melted, the city of Dorango CA Colorado was still covered in Styrafoam. They had left it. They re all over the forest. Now, if you've never checked out avalanche, it's centers around vacationers at the winter wonderland as they struggle to survive after an avalanche crashes into their ski resort. Now the one thing and the one major take away from this movie was this is before the time of green screen when they were still using bluescreen. If you're going to use blue screen to film white snow- and you place that blue screen transparency on top of white snow you're, going to see the blue and the movie came out looking absolutely atrocious, it's a mix of actual snow blue screen, snow and large pieces of Styrophoam all at the same time. So it looks horrible th t has probably the most anti climactic ending of any disaster film I've ever seen. Spoiler, nobody gets the girl in the end and the movie just ends so yeah. It's just an atrocious film check it out. It's avalanche o one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight Thas ounterrible Al Right. So let's go over to our guest judge, Sam Levine, for the judgment on the movies round. Okay, this is a tough one UM, because I love movies. That's that's like my thing. I don't know if you uys are familiar with the movie tribuae shmow down at all. I used to play on that for for years H on Dugbentson's duglove's movies, podcast a lot, so I I am a film fan and to some degrees I know all of the films that we're talking about. I have seen striker. I have seen urban legend. I have not seen avalanche, but I I know of avalanche. Here's my take on this and how a'm Goin to get to where I'm going. I think the worst of these is going to be urban legend, but let me tell you why Um, striker and avalanche were both trying to cash in on movies that had recently been very successful with avalanche. The whole disaster movie explosion of the seventies is to blame for that movie being offended with striker, you ere a hundred percent right. They were desperate to cash in on Madmax, but even in the time of my youth. So twenty years after the fact, no one was talking about those movies. They came and went. No one is ever been dumb enough to say: Oh striker is my favorite movie or avalanche is a great movie. No one has ever said that, but in my life I have heard stupid stupid people say how good of a movie urban legend is and how they think. That's the best one of all those late nineties, early, two thousand slasher, picks ihave heard people say that out loud and shame on them. YH Sat. I can't I c. How can I how cal I hear that and I be expected to continue holding up my end of the conversation like I'm, not. I shouldn't just be walking away Um, but to answer a few questions that you guys had about those movies 'cause. I I did want to get to these Um, obviously mark. You have never been to big bear in April when they put the fake snow on the ground at Looko. There's some blue in there mancrush you forgot about dry cleaning. You don't need water os a potalitic times come on Mayman I cley inpost, apocalyptic times. If men are still shaving every day, triclanene still open, George Jefferson was still making the killing that's exactly right and finally drew well. I agree with you. It is very unlikely that Rebecca Gayhart by herself and her fivepoot sixt frame was moving around all those dead bodies. You forgot about PCP TNAT, notwithstanding I'm going to say urban legend is the greatest crime of those grt three, because here we are twenty, twenty and they're thinking about remaking urban legend, yet no talks of remakes of Strikor or avalanche, and I'm grace not yet. No, yet not yet gev, O ine omtime. Now what if they offered you a role in the rebout of urban legend? Would you flat out say no well guys you're, also ssuming, that they're not to have any money to do this e remake a Hurban ledgend out of the goodness of my heart, no rig? Well, obviously, they're going to pay you, but like there's got to be something in the back of your head is an artist where you go doing what I don't know like: Let's not give artists that much credit, I'm not sitting here in a mansion talking to you guys, I'm a day trader, all right, trew Zacmon, you jump out to the lead and you take control of the board going into the final round the music round. Yeah See. Now I'm glad I watched urban legend, the other day 'cause. Otherwise I might have skipped over that, but all right, music September, twenty first nineteen. Ninety eight, all around the world, gentlemen and Ladies Listening Fifty to sixty year old women everywhere felt a little tingle as the album forbidden dreams. encore collection volume too, was released. Now, who could make those? Ladies feel, that way, there's only one man goys and that man is the long haired Mustache Od new age, Keyboardist, Yani, Fucking Yai, this Thirty Three Min and eleven second compilation, Album Pete Peked, guys at number, seven on billboard's top new age album's chart like I think, that's the definition of a worst of when you rank seventh and basically the billboard category that caters to your fucking music, like like wther new age artists Ar Theyr like Nas like Yanianena, and that's it like. I don't know, John Tesh, okay, John Desh, I so there's three there's three won Wer Nasers line up. You saw John Tacian concert. No, I said it's a solidone of the reviews I read on this was from Chuck donkers of all music and he said Yani's early albums for the private music label are minded arms, O our minds for forbiden dreams, which spot lats is famously dramatic, even flambuoyant, Synthesizeeir style and its embrionic stages. Iw know about you guys. I don't think I would classify Yani as flamboyant like like that's like Davidly rater, like Steven to that's like flampoint. That's like no eccentric Flamboyan for the new age community. It doesn't take okay Aright, so he didn't now. He didn't specify that maybe that's what he meant. So here's a thing like I don't know if the keyboards like when he would press a note like flames would come out, but now I'll get into that because I don't know if my mom had this album as this was around the same time as the mockerando which was on Repe in my house. Paula, thank you, but she listened to Yani, often in our house. I think she had the live of the Acropolis, which came O in in n ninetneen. Ninety four and she also had the vhs for live of the Acropolis, and I remember walking through you know, the family room actllhe was watching it and he was like playing his nose on the keyboard. I don't remember seeing flames come out of there, so I'm assuming his new album also had no flames coming out of his keyboard, thus rendering him nonflambuoyance. Doesn't he es like a horse to the stage or some crazy Shelli Day? Probably WOUL SRO? I don't that's, don't ow. I I call that whe, I'm borne, but I mean of all the great albums that came out in ninety four. Ninety four was a killer year of for albums right. You had superronknown, you had a jar flies by house and chains loved that album. You had duky you had smashd by the office ring you had. TTHERE was like a million albums, a o downward SMO by Nin tals. This was the one being played in our fucking kitchen and I hated this guy growing up. Basically, because of that also, his album names in general are more suited for softcore porn. He had albums names, reflections of passion, truth of touch and my favorite sens sensuous chill and your mom listend to these. I don't know if she listened to those, but she had live Wif the Acropolis and it was on fucking the teat until the MOCCERATA came out in ninety seen. My friend Alex's mom loved him too. So it must have been a mom thing. Well, yeah, I'm saying fifty to six year old women everywhere were yeah. It totally is a mon thing, because my mom did the exact same thing. She used to call it quote: Unquote, listening music and it was just stuff that she'd have, on the background when you said, live at the Acropolis. That was one of the CDs that my mom always had too interesting. Sidestory to that she had ordered a C D that she thought was quote: unqute listening music from BMG once you know she thought it'd, be you know something like Yani and I c come home one day and there's a CD and I'm like: Where did this come from? She's like? Oh, I ordered it from one of the tape clubs. I thought it would be. You know like soothing music. It was the greatest hits of Sound Garden. Now, that's awesome, yeah, so Yeh September, Twenty First Nineteen, Ninety Eight Forbidden Dreams, oncore collection, volume too, which means there is a volume one so yeah anyway, cutch your fucking, Heir Yani. I'm done allright Gy. So for my music selection, I'm throwing the rules right out the window, I'm doing something we have never done on this game show before for my music selection, I'm picking four albums Jesus wet Om. All right, you'll understand why? Because, on September Eighteenth Nineteen, seventy eight four solo albums were released. That probably should have just been one album from the band kiss. That was the date they released all four of their Solo, abums, Paul Stanley, Jen Simmons Peter Chris and, of course, ace freely. Now, Casslblanka records had kiss under contract. They were the number one selling artist at the time for castle blanket, so they put together a Massif promotional campaign of two and a half million dollars and to ensure that all of these albums would receive platinum status. They shift a million records of each of the four now shipping, platinum and selling platinum is totally different, as they only sold about two million conbind, which was about what they sold from their previous album love gun. So what ended up happening as Kissfans just bought one album from their favorite kiss member and the rest sat on store shelves, mostly the Peter Cris, and the Paul Stanley albums, where the Jene Simmons of Em had one notable hit radioactive, that one ended up selling the most, but the best album out of all of them by far was a freele's album, which gave us the hit single back in the New York Grouv, which, out of all four O, these albums, probably the best song. But I don't want to go into too much detail, but this was basically the beginning of the end for Kiss Paul Stanley called this move a band ad on a gaping wound. It was kind of just them trying not to lose Peter and ace at the same time, and then they were getready to go through that transition, and you know they decided that those guys just had to leave the band. So that's what I have for my music selection, the four kissed solo albums that really should have just been one album that would have been mediocre at best so September, eighteenth, nineteen. Seventy Eight! That's funny you mentiond at 'cause, I was very close with going with a with it. Psychocircus Oh yeah, oh, that would have been a good contrast, but the the Yani one really just angered me. So that's why I at that all right man crush. I can't wait to hear this. What do you got for the music round? All right, so I'm in a one up bark. So we go September, eighteenth, nineteen, three and you know either you're going to love this one or you're Goingta hate this on an even, if you're, a diehard fan of this ban. It's a tough pill to swallow because the music on this elevents do you oltand. Is it really the issue? It's the presentation, especially from this band. There was always about the presentation- and I still remember when they had the news conference on MTV, the album was coming out and it was gutwrenching to me as a kid as a five year old. I watch them in their cartoon e came out N Nineteen, seventy eight, which will get to I love these guys, and then they pulled the curtain back and I was devastated and that's the reason why I picked this so kiss when, on MTV and Hel O press conference with their new on masking and seeing these guys sands make up was more frightening than when they war makeup. I mean, and it was all time perfectly they had the alms released. Everything was on September, Eighteen, so marketing wise. This is probably what the band needed to do to stay relevant at h time, like Marcra saying sails were sagging, the band was changing and even though, like ace and Peter Chris Warn'nt on creatures of the night, it was a way better. Album than lick it up. But by using the charade of losing the masks lick, it up would go and they'd sell twice as many oubms going one times platem, but it was not ta Goet out I'll leave it at that. But I'll leave out a whole bunch of detail on this. Just to let you guys know that they, a everything, came back together February of n nineuteen. Ninety six, the original four Peter criz c freely everybody else they came back full garb, showed up at the grammyes. Then they went on the Kissalive tour for thirteen months and became the top grosing Tor of n Nineteen N Igety six. Ninety seven, and if you look at a majority of the setlests for that tour, they hardly ever play a single fucking track from likenak. Now I realized, like Peter Christ and east, really were not in the band when they released that, but that's a testament to how good good kiss was. You know and like there's those years in the middle. I know like the some of their diehards listened to it, and even like Jene went on record when they were talking about this tour because a lot of people didn't like it and they interviewed Hem in a newspaper, and he said the band looks different now, but strangely everything seems the same: they're still an abundance of pannies and bras being thrown on the stage with girls phone numbers on them. But the music was not good, and I mean you can put your blinders on if you're a huge kiss fan, but it was not kiss it. It changed. Obviously, and that's what I have lick it up wow I had no clue. You also had kiss that's hilarious man. Sometimes it happens like that. All right, let's go down to our celebrity gues judge Sam Levine for the final judgment on this game. Well, what we have here in this final round is Um. It's an unfortunate situation that sometimes happens h in the Oscars and the ENMIES, which is you'll, have um multiple actors from the same movie get nominated for the same warn, and then you know the warry is they'll, cancel each other out 'cause if it was just one of them, even though everybody liked that movie and and they go ohi loved that movie- Oh and yes, that person was great in it. Oh, but also sho was this person and so th they kind of split the votes. And then you know it allows a third person to sneak in there who, maybe you know, got much a smaller percentage of the votes than they normally would have needed to get to win that award. I I'm not personally a huge kiss fan Um, I am a I'm, I'm a small kiss fan. Ah I mean I know I know the bigger albums. I know the bigger tracks. I've never seen them in concert, but I could. I could tell you the good kiss the early kiss from the later kiss, the good stuff. I remember the world tour in in ninety six. Ninety seven, that was that was huge when that came through Jerseyman. I had cooler, older friends who got tickets to that and were really excited Um, but but it's tough for me than to to pick between lick it up being such a disappointment and and then those four solo albums, especially because back in the New York group I do like that song, so that is sort of a good thing to come out of that. where, on the flipside I didn't have a parent who listened to Yani. So I didn't have the constant every time I walked through the living room having to hear Yanilivan the Acropolis. But what I did have was a best friend at the time whose father loved Yani, like love him like, would have made love to him if he was given the opportunity- and I do have a memory of going to great America, which was in Jersey a rather great adventure which was in Jersey, Oh yep, Jackson in Jackson, New Jersey and this guy's dad offered to drive us there and that's a solid, oh ine, hour along drive. I know where this is going. Man and- and this was probably in nineteen, ninety eight, and so I could not tell you that it was alive in the Acropolis, Bhut I'd be willing to bet. We listened to volume, one and two rdream, so these forbidten dreams. They haunted me for a minimum of two full hours. So I'm guessing we listen to both volue on Anto, twice each only a half hour, so I still cringe when I think about Yani more than I'm going to cringe when I think about kiss missing the the mark on the solo releases and lick it up. So for me personally, I'm going to go with Yani Forbidden Dreams. Volume too, is the biggest nightmare. To come out of these. These three options. You see the rage that comes out of of poor SAM here, so this as th, so this Oen came out in ninety eight. So back then I was like I was really into heavy music. Like I think fear. Factory was on steady rotation. I get more rage out of hearing Yani than I do listening to fear factory. I feel like I should actual pianaon my workout playlist, instead of like, as I lay dying or like Slei, or anything like that, but yeah, it's it's t the memories that Yani brings out of US fucking Yani, fucking Yani. You guys need to sit down with somebody and talk this out re and you weren't there you eren't in a Har, you o know man. I told my friend Alex's mom used to love Yani. She also loved country music, so it was country, music and Yani. Every time he went to his house and his MOPUSOM, which is a fucking, weird dyonamic, to go from garth brooks she loved Garth Brooks it was like so you'd hear like the dance and then you'd hear forbidden dance right after it therewas some shit. Butit didn't bother me that much I was just like whatever, but Ey sensuous chill. I'm burning this shirt by the way 'cause. I got shut out this DOS shirt. It's like some twenty something years old. Thank you, Sam Levin, it's going in the fire, I'm so sorry, it was very. Very few good things came out of nineteen and eighty three. You know that and that's why I should have won yeah, but Yo didn't pick the worst stuff like if you, if jaws three excuse me, Jos, three Dr and come out a little later in the year, you might have been able to sneak that in there it's strike Orbro they're, fighting foroter. No, I know strike Er wit a Y in s bd a iboyi guess they couldn't get the rights to the other one. Thank her so much for coming on. Tell us about. Oh my pleasure. Yeah I mean we talk to cl Clinton on this thing with the mortal do you work with Tony Tod, and all these people on his movie tell us about immortal yeah. Well, I I personally didn't get to work with ony taught. I met him he's as no Tony's as fucking awesome, as you hope, Jony Dod is, but the movie is it's four short films that are all you know combined together h because they all had very similar themes about you, guessed it immortality. So mine is, I believe, it's in the last segment of the four H and it's it's a fucking, crazy segment. Man. It's a head trip, it's about a guy who basically did not realize he was immortal until he's involved in a pretty shitty accident and then and then sort of comes to terms with how do I what is going on with me and h. The accident itself leaves him pretty bothered, so he he kind of wants to go down that route and and seek a little bit of answers. I guess Um so yeah, it's it's! It's a head, tripe segment, they're, all really head trippie segments and mine, was written and directed by a really tounted guy named John debaq, who I've known a while. Now I've worke with him before Um each segment has its own fiel to it and H and yeah man. I you know we shot it awhile ago and and and they sort of you know wanted it to it. It looks really good like we. We did a lot with you know, given the constraints of independent film making, and so I'm really happy with the way it all looks, H and h and yeah it's on Vod and DVD a released on September first. So, whether or not you're listening to this in the future, the present of the past, given if you may be a time, traveler or not, I don't know this'll be ofeptember second, so it will be out her. So if you're listening to this, it is already available. It's called immortal, H and, and the good news is, you don't even have to watch it all at once, if you're the kind of person who likes to take things a segment at a time, each one's Rher, you can just skip to the last segment and watch Sam's part. That's how you want to do it, I'm not going to stop you, but I think you're doing yourself in the service they're, all pretty cool. Do they all tie in together or is it like a straight like anthology type like body bag, it's more or less of an anthology: There's not really a through line between them. Other then immortality H, but yeah man, if you like kind, O head trippy stuff, if you like, ah Genrestaf, if you're a horror fan if you're a thriller fan if you're a Scifi ban, I I think there's something in this for everyone, even if you're just a straight drama family. These are all pretty dramatic, so I I think it's worth checking out, especially now, given how few h you know, moo movies have actually come out this year, a you know like it. It's been, it's Beenit's been a struggle. If you're a big movie fan like I am like looking forward to going to the movies every every weekand every other weekend, seeing something new. So I'm really happy that this movie is getting a release this year, when we we need some more good movies. So I think this is on Ofe and Absolutey, like the cast is great too Maryove had peoples in this yeah, like you said before Tony Todd. MHM definitely check that out so it'll be like Werin like Vootoo or like prime or I don't know I my guess is anywhere you buy movies. Normally, when, when you're buying new VO DS, I'm guessing it's Onapple, I'm guessing Voodo, I'm guessing prime, but I don't know for sure, but if you're having trouble finding it just Google immortal, you know twenty twenty and I'm sure you can figure out a place to to watch it pretty easily. I will definitely be watching that and I know you got to get out of here in a minute. Do you have anything else? T you have coming out or coming up. Youowher Ey have some other stuff, but no release states. Yet so I'm always hesitant to say yeah. It shoull be out later this year and H, it's twent and twenty four and it still hasnat seen tline Oday H, but h yeah. I don't know Um like I said the movie tribute smoldown, that's still a thing, so it sounds like h. The guys who you know the people who would enjoy this show would definitely enjoy watching some some hardcore movie trivia. It's also a mix of movie trivia, knowledge and wrestling so that kind of big caramxin flashy characters, big flashy theatrics. So if you like, either of those things even a little bit check out the movie Tribuoe shmowdown there's they were still doing matches Um. You know virtually now and I've been a faction manager. This whole season, which had been a lot of fun so yeah. If I, if you're listening to this check out movie, tributh modown and dug those movies, I'm Gong to do another episode of that pretty soon, so you can check me out there and otherwise, I guess I'll, see you in the market. Guysian catch me every day, nine to five, never miss a closing bill. Well, thanks lot for coming Obroh any time if you want to come back on ecause you're, a fantastic judge are very knowledgeable love to have you back? Oh thank you. It would be my absolute pleasure. This is Superfir dos. Thank you. All right have a great ite. I Talk I Sam. Yes, all right, I'm out of here take care of guys, don't fight each other once I'm gune take care. Sam Have Fun, be safe, all right, dolers! Well, I guess well T in this episode right here, but don't worry if you've missed an episode, you can always go back over to our website and subscribe to the showwww, do dueling decades dot com and, in the meantime, while you're on the INTERWEBS had over to facebook, dotcom forward, slash deeling decades, where you can join all the other deellers and then you can join our private group and share some of your very own rentral memories. Now, speaking of all the other duelers out, there want us say, thank you to everybody who showed up to our live tribianight last week. It was a great success. It was awesome hanging out with everybody and ow myself, mancrush and Drewzacman here had a great time and Congratsto trevor once again, his last time he came from behind the wind this time he just dominated from like question too wed. He jumped on top of that leanerboard and just stayed there. It was, he was a staple and we had a little bit of movement between three and four, but the top two or the whole way. Tommy Sea, of course, came in second and Congra to stacy for coming in. Third, it was the first time playing, of course, the other two wer veterans. Stacy came out of nowhere. She knocked off the Champ, the raining twenty nineteen champion of our overall tribe that we did last year. Brian M got knocked off, Ol came in fourth, I know so. If you think you can compete with these people, we're going to be doing all the one next month. So come back out the information for that will be on our facebook, page yeah. That was fun intrusaccment thanks a lot for showing up for this episode. Why don't you tell everybody? What's going on on the one headlike nineties, Bod gess yeah, so we have some new episodes coming out very soon, actually, on the editing room floor right now we have some nineties basketball we're talking about. I just recorded an episode with myoters talking about linking from ninety four, so that'll be that'll, be fon. The girls love doing that and a couple of other things coming up too and then also I have my new project coming up. Hopefully, within the next month I would say: It'll be out and ready to go. Bu a new Pockhas, I'm working on called songs, gone wrong. We have about seven episodes already recorded we're just getting things kind of cleaned up, getting the the eyes doded tose cross. But if you want, you can check us out on twitter for now, we'll have the website up in a little bit, but on twitter it's called or it's at songs gone. So you can add us there and then we'll have h some news coming out. Probably within the next I was eight two weeks. Wi'll have a probably a more official announcements, but that's what we have going on over here. All right, doelers well make sure you subscribe to those shows as well. So until next time jewelers were going to bid you a peace, love Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infirmay media

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