Dueling Decades
Feb. 26, 2020

It’s a blast from the past when 1984 takes on 1992 in a bodacious B-Action battle!

It’s a blast from the past when 1984 takes on 1992 in a bodacious B-Action battle!

This week Dueling Decades returns with an all-new nostalgia-filled episode of everyone's favorite adult retro game show!  This time around Marc and The Mancrush go head to head in a B-Action battle as 1984 clashes with all the B-Action of...

This week Dueling Decades returns with an all-new nostalgia-filled episode of everyone's favorite adult retro game show!  This time around Marc and The Mancrush go head to head in a B-Action battle as 1984 clashes with all the B-Action of 1992!  It’s not the best and it’s not the worst, It just often gets overlooked! In this episode, we get to talk about all the kind-of-great middle of the road action that we all were entertained by and have fond memories of...just not that fond. The great Dave Schultz, a real Renegade, and host of The Selling Out show is back once again as the judge with the fudge! See if your picks match up to Dave’s as you play along at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to us on Facebook and earn 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard!


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INFIRMAY mediapeople engaged top Juli Gas, the PIXE OPLAN, but it ot o Im ranagain upon that Sapur. Stop the power bopcome fight for what you love N, who come to pop e PA copin Tancreta Paete to Poe coup would take a grave at o Bala an SIC. I am made a TNO come fight for what you love, INEA roundgasting from the infirmary media studios. It's the adult only retro game show over the Eighties and nineties that'l four supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am Mark James and for this episode we bring you the best, well, not the best, but bodaceous. Nonetheless, this week I will be dealing with all the B action of nineteen. Ninety two and my opponent. What's up its man crush, and I have the B action of nineteen nd. Eighty four: Let me just explain what this is so here we go. Everyone knows B movies and we do the best of a month best of a week worst of a week, but we never have anything where we're Kinda in the middle sandwich between the two. So all those picks get lost in translation and there's a lot of things there that we can go over, that we never get a chance to talk about some Mork and I were talking about it and we're like you know what? Let's just do it like B movies, but we just do B and a Genr, so we're going to start out with B action, and then who knows from here what you do be comedy be wrestling which I know David will love no but yeah. It's it's a nice way of kind of finding the things that we don't get to normally talk about. So I'm excited for this one, not the best. It's not the worst. It's different. I once had a gunny that had sat me and all the other corporals down one day. He said you guys are't the best and you're, not the worst you're different. That's what this is. I don't know if I should have taken that as a slight or not. I don't think so. B'cause weere shit hot, but let's go les. Do this- and that's always here on our show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness so he's back everyone, a fan, favorite judge and the man who, in his high school year book was voted most. It's judge David Shultz, hey they're, everybody glad to be back. This is the best bb Q. I have a bb too, ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dualing decades rules, the JUDG's coinflip Sholt, the side, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judgeis ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, locking load it's time to play, toos all right. Let's tot right down to judge David Schultz for the official toss off all right for the coin flip this time around with Spring Training in full swing. I have brought a vhs copy of major league. Yes, I, the other night, is you comedy classic pure Gold Oone of my alzime favorites great movie, great movie, but you know what maybe either you or your listeners can kindof help me out with this I'm noticing on the the cover art for the first time, the reflection in the baseball's glasses, and I can't make out exactly what it is you guys have any idea. I don't think I ever noticed that there was a reflection in the glasses me, neither not until I actually brought it to the proceedings today so now very intrigued to to find out exactly what it is. So I guess H, Kudo's points at anybody. You can actually identify what the reflection is reflecting. I don't know what the heck it is. It's just really weird yeah, I'm not sure Dav, I'm looking at the R. It's definitely a reflection of something and you would think it would be of baseball. But it looks like a couple of guys going down a water slide. I was YR. I was going to say Allo your right, Lu, Salus Tim, it's the Jim Im popsn, an e crossover with cool runnings. That's what it is. We had no idea, Yh, okay, but h anyway again, if anybody can truly identify that, I would appreciate it, but guys you have to choose from either the front cover which has a Stedley Tom, Barrenger, Charlesheine and Corbon Burnson on it or the back, which has a shirtless Wesley, snipes pigyors on the ones with the shirtless dudes on it. What can I say? I get taste mark you, you, pig I'll, take the shirtless Westley Snipes, Oh Nice, all right! The cover is about to go up in the air like a fly ball way back way back and it is the front cover. I lose all right and crush. You Got Control of the Board at's our first category. This is tough. It's almost as if we're doing a worst episode, it's Kindo hard to select here 'cause. I feel like they're, all pretty much even uh, let's go AHEA. Let's start this off with news all right off. We go to the news round all right here we go again be action, so we're going o August fifth, nineteen, eighty four years, an article out of the Ganette News Service. So this was uh Kinda like the EP. It's all over the fucking place, the titally articles networks lure male fans with action movies. The maid for TV movie is putting on some muscle next season. Network executives will be relying more heavily on original productions. They hope will hit it big with the male viewers. That's more action, more jeopardy. More high adventures says CBS programming, chief Harvey Sheperd, describing the ingredients he'll be looking for and th many of his TV movies. That means less of what he describes is quoteuquote soft stories and relationships and bigger components of action movies. Let me just H skip most of this article and it says all three networks will be using made for TV movies and many series do attract mail viewers among the projects they have arobi coming out which wild animals in Charton Heston an e film about Africa poaching doesn't sound very actionesque. We got the Gambler Park, three, which is a four hour movie sequel, Tom Selle, Kenny Rogers and some other people never heard of wet gold. Thats CISAITBROOKSIELDS, it says brookshields wears a bathing suit, that's alln the whole movie right. There wet gold, Las Vegas Hotel wars with Rock Hudson, wasn't that a Solasilum Song wet gold, tit's black old o, oh Dave is going to sing this on. I not that listen. I will sing later if you want, but I'm definitely not going to waste it on some black gold h and then the last two that they have coming out is toughest man in the world. T V movie, starring Mister Tea. I course right at the height nineteen, eighty four rounding it out with fatal vision, Carl Madden and hard hitting psychological drama based on an actual murder case. Rightso. That's the first news story about this B action, but here's the second one this one like normally. I don't really like to bring the sadness, but the title just intrigued me so much and you know how I'm a big fan of like cannons, nd inja movies that I had to bring this one out Al Right. So it's October twentyeighth. Ninety eighty four, the title is police, say Hillor motivated by Ninja movie. Okay, all right starting good, a man who had been evicted from his home decided to do what he saw in the movie revenge of the Ningia, which is one of my favorites, and that's dressed up as an ancient oriental warrior and Stalk the woman. He felt had wronged him killing her a friend and himself. Pley said this Saturday, when officials found the body of Gregory o twenty four Friday night, he was armed with an Ozi submachine gun two crossbows, a forty five calibr automatic pistol, three Orent, I theuse Orientals Stillin Ie horiental battle stars and he was also dressed in full Ninja Ragelia, complete with a black mask and his face was also painted black. It just goes on and on kind of talking about the scene, a little bit, don't really want to get into that, but the let me just read the last was at a Ninjar scene or the death seene yeah they're talking about like you know him H, stalking this on yout and all this stuff. It's IT Kindo goes on for a while. I don't know if there's like an injure club or something theyreay hung uo but traded in in or secrets. It says. The Police Corporal Gary Smith, said investigators are still trying to find out how obtain the weapons cause seriously. Where do you get a fucking Oozi from and the Ninja Costume and battlestars are obtainable through maleorder catalogus? He said now. I just bring that up and I skipped the rest of the story because remember how easy it was to buy the shit back then he would just go out to like shoperigt or wherever go down the Magzinisle buy. I like a copy of black belt slip about six pages in, and there was about thirty five pages in a row where you could buy like the Ninja claws. NDINJA stars, swords, fucking, ningeboots everything, my local home town hardware store actually sold N, ingestars, wow theyere right next to the bby gun stuff. Damn it was never that easily accessible. But I remember this kid. When I was in first grade, Hame was Kil Nash, his parents ordered him ninjastars and he brought them to school yeah. And what does this guy? Do? We go out to recess, he brings them out in his pocket and they like tore a hole in his pants. So he takes one of them out and tries to throw it. There's like trees around where, like recess area was he tried to throw in a tree totally gone like f o remember they would never throw like they did in the movies. They always had that curve to it. Like kind of like the way, I hat a golf ball and it just fucking was gone, and then he tried to do it. The other two lost all three of t'em probably had him for like half hour, then somebody told on him when we got back inside olike. Good luck, I In't Hav good luck, finding hem yeah, that's those are my two stories. We had the the networks trying to bring some action to the the network and some action movies made by themselves and the killer that was motivated by revenge of the Ninja, the cannn classic Nice, pretty solid man crush, don't know how I'm going to compete with that. I took a slightly different approach to news. What I wanted to do with my newsis, I found actual news stories that I think could have been in some B action movies. So for my first one, let's take a look at the Dar when awards. Those are always pretty good. Some action movieworthy happened and that so I looked in nineteen. Ninety two Darwin Awards Ken Charles Forty, seven years old accidentally shot himself to death in December in newto North Carolina when awakening from the sound of a telephone ringing beside his bed, he reached for the phone, but he grabbed instead a Smith, an Wessan, thirty eight special, which discharged when he drew it to his ear ouge. I do not feel bad about bringing the sadness now with you no see at first, I'm like. Oh, this is nuts there's no way that this is true. So I go over to my good friends at newspapers, dotcom in every search. You know by the name, the date everything no articles anywhere to be found written about this. You would think that such a strange news story, but then I found Thee Charlotte Observer dated December Twenty First Nineteen. Ninety two in the obituarys section, Mister Kenneth, Ken CHARLESB, forty seven years old from hickory springs. He was a plant manager died December, nineteenth nineteen. Ninety two at Chanawaba Memorial Hospital from injuries sustained in an accident so yeah I actually found the gentleman's obituary in the newspapers. So that is a true story. We fact check the Darwin Awards. Yeah. You cannot Answer Your Smith and Wesson wait. wherewhere! Did he die he di in Chumbawumba? He got knocked down. He didn't get back up again. So that's my first news story, a guy answers the Smith and lesson you know. You'd definitely see something like that in a cheesy B action film, so yeah I had to bring a little bit of the sadness, at least so for my second news story: Man, this character. I am surprised that we have never got an action film based on this character who debuted in the weekly World News in nineteen. Ninety Two LASAND, gentlemen: I give you the epic tales of Bat boy. You bring the the weekly World News and you just went in fact checked your last article and I'm dragest. For my second one. I give you the Badboy from the weekly World News I used to follow the exploits of bad boy all the time you know he was found in a cave in West Virginia by some scientists, Dick COLPA and riter Bob Lynde created that boy for the weekly World News he dbut F as a cover story on June, twenty third nineteen. Ninety two with a mocked up photo that was kind of like a I'm sure you got. Everybody has seen batboy before it's a baby and a bat with like Vulcan ears and teeth and he's KINDOF got a screaming face. This became the tabloid's defacto, Masco and kind of became the Mascot for all of fake tabloid media. Now, if you followed the exploits of Badboy, he was captured and then he escaped stole a car got away. There was a high speed chase to track em down every time. Someone wanted to meet or see batboy. Oddly enough, he seemed to escape and they had to have a hunt to find bad boy again, so how this never made it to a b movie- I don't know, but it did make it to a be musical, an off Broadway musical, called Badboy the musical was produced, so I still hold hopes of getting a batboy action movie, I'm kind of picturing a mix between Mac and me and the fugitive. So that's what I got from my new, my Ganswering, a Smith and Weston, a thirty eight special in the middle of the night and the debut of Badboy in the weekly World News Godii. In fact, Cek you said scientists were in West Virginia that completely ruined the entire story. Dr Ron Dillon. He discovered him in West Virginia an Hell, hole cave. These are the supposed origins of of Helboy or Badboy, suppose TAT, origins of bad boy. So yeah, that's what I had for my new stories off to Dave Shultz for the ruling for the news round. Okay, I still have tears in my eyes from your explanation: Batboy right he's doing card chases he's escaping he eludes everybody. That's wonderful! Not Too bad for a ten year old YT. True now guys, I'm looking at this category a little bit differently because, as you said, it's not directly tied into B movies per se, but you're both kind of looking t a story lines that could potentially be their own. So, let's see eighty four, we had um the interest in TV action movies trying to create trying to cause a death to the hallmark channel before it even begins- and I will say this: I think it could have had a true winter there if they had Kenny Rogers starring in wet gold. That's something with brook shields she's irrelevant. At this point you have to have Kenny Rogers in the title and I think they would have had a definite big time hit on their hands there. Revenge of the Ninjia. I would like to say if you ever think, life should imitate arts, ignore that and she was revenge of the nerds instead tor that you know, I don't know, I'm twenty twenty ntwenty twenty there's a bit too much, ah grape going on in that movie Gr, it's better than brook shields and Kenny Rogers and you gotta now when to hold her in a bikini. He Better Owen to fold her. I think in eighty four she's already she's over eighteen by eighty four back checked at it doesn't really matter. 'CAUSE KENNYROGERS was way over eighteen tdoesn't matter H. Ninety two, we got the forty seven year old guy from Chumbewumbe who shot himself with the Smith, and Western wic just proves that the sports illustrated football phone could potentially save lives. So people you know he he should have subscribed. That's for darn short t e, the bad boy thing man I just can't get over the fucking face. 'cause the moment. You said that I just thought about that that baby face with the huge hangs and the wide mouth and it's going to hot my dreams. Now tonight you know Um, but here here's how I am going to render my verdict on this is, while all would potentially be good plots for an action movie. Mancrush ID actually come with some news that was relevant to the topic. Despite all the laghs I just had, and I nearly pissed my pants over batboy man crush yous going to take this round who yeah and it's not again, it's not just so for everybody out there and for Dav for you as well. It's not B action movies, it's just beaction so that everything is action related. It's just not the best action and it's not the worst action, just KINDOF in the middle. All right so did not think I was going to take them. Owso man crushe your up, Oneto, nothing! You have control aboard what category we going with next man like, I said it's tough, because there's nothing when I was doing this one. Normally I put together an episode, I feel like I'm going to win every round. I put together everything and I'm like I got this. It doesn't matter what it is. It's just my mentality. When I did this one, I didn't. I don't get that feeling from it or no yeah. I kinda got the same feelings so yeah, that's kind of the fun of this round, though 'cause it's things that we would normally pass on in a normal round. Oh a that's the fuckand. We wouldn't we pick it for for the worst of we wouldn't pick it for the best of so it always gets passed over 'cause. It's just the Jan Brady. Yeah category is yeah. It's not that great. You know all right here we go well, let's go hot products, imark Mein a face like where this is going already all right, so I don't have a specific date on this one. It was somewhere in nineteen, eighty four, but it doesn't really matter 'cause. We get the whole year anyway. This did come out. Nineteen eighty four found multiple ads for it. Just couldn't pinpoint one and it didn't matter, so I wasn't going to find it, but this this first pick. This is strictly beaction because it was a toy that came out for the Heman Line of toys, but it was put out by another company. So, of course everybody knows he man and ases universal line. We all love it and it all came and all that stuff came out by WHO mattell well. This was made by play time toyline. So that's what makes it a perfect B action hot product, one of the most perfect ones I can find this is a remote control of five functioned battle cruiser it's clearly made freemen, but they weren't going to pay to get the licensing for it. So instead they put like this generic looking Heman on the box riding this battle cruiser and just called it a day. The vehicle is remote control, which is a small little caviat. We don't see much in the masses of the universe products. I couldn't find any at least up to this point in nineteen, eighty four, except for another one. That was also a knock off that I'm not even going to name 'cause. This one was cooler, but I don't remember seeing any other remote control stuff by Matel for Hemen and the best part was. I found this Toysa Russad for this thing that had the avenger cruiser on it and Toysarros it doesn't matter s. They just went and took Heman plopped his ass right on the Avenger cruiser. Even though this is made by Plasim h. They have hem sitting right behind the turret things pretty sweet. It's got like a turret in the front. It's got like this looks like a satellite of some sort behind him and again it's remote control. They were selling these bad boys for about twelve. Ninety nine. I actually found an ad where it was on sale for seven. Ninety, seven, that's a fucking steal, but that's around thirty three dollars in twosend ad twenty. For you to get the platime battle, Avenger cruiser you can use with your Heman Toys Ado. You remember any remote control of human, an stuff! I I don't remember I don't remember any of them. I mean the only thing I had was battle cat really and I had a bunch of figures, but I had castle grace skull and that was it now, this young guy, like R C toy, it was like a wireless or did they have a wold tileryeah. This is nineteen. Eighty four I mean for that price. It's not going to be wireless, so it had the cable back to little controller. So you can I'm sure you could drive at like you know sixteen inches and ma PRI fuck an fall off once he hits a carpet. Can you imagine, then, coming out with a remote, controlled car with a wire now how kids would react to that? They behoit the fuck. Is this I've to follow this fucking thing seriously? You could buy like a plane for under ten dollars. Now it's like you know, like the credit card size, litle planes that you could fly like thirty feet. This thing had like a twelve inch crd on it yeah, who are they trying to fool back then so, yettow all right. So here's my second one. We got October, nineteen. Eighty four again d get the exact date on this because it came out in October. That's all we need to know again. We got this time. We got the ultimate B action, video game from the Commodore Sixty four and it's perfect is Nineteena four sandwich right in the middle of the death of Atari and those earlier consoles and the explosion of the nes, and in that little sandwich time period we had computer games and these games. I'm telling you probably because I had a commonoere sixty four and one twenty. I loved the Games on those and that's why I didn't get and any s till later on, because I was still playing in the commonwar games and they were far better than anything that we played before the graphics were better. The sound was much better. The gameplay was smooth. It took a while o load, but other than that it wasn't bad. The company epics released the game, ready impossible mission for thirty five dollars, which is around eighty seven dollars in twsant and twenty it's pretty much a complete fucking rip off of mission impossible. They just figured. Let's flip the fucking words and were good to go instead of eathen hunt, you have special agent, forty one, twenty five, that's how baction this is it's impossible mission, and you know what I played this game growing up. I had it, I don't remember if we paid for it, we had a copy, but I remember like there's this ghostly voice in the very beginning, as susyou start that goes, Tay Awil stay forever like and every time you would die and restart you'd have to listen to it all over again and hit up like the elevator, shats and shit like that. But it's rated one of the Best Action Games. I N Nineteen. Eighty four, you have to search food through thirty two different rooms and you got ta pick up clues. You can figure out the master puzzle. Each room is a different arrangement of platforms. They got like hydraulic lifts or furniture, there's robots and you have different abilities which you didn't have in these Itar Games before 'cause. Now you can run, you could jump. You could do like forward rolls and Shit like that. So it's really it's new and it's on the computer and that game is impossible mission with special agent, Forty One, twenty five who happens to be the cousin of Ethen Hunt. That's what I heard it's that and the the platime. This is how fucking awesome it is. I can't even remember the name: It's the playtime. What was it called again? I forgot the battle Wa time. Avenger battle cruiser five function. Can you name all five functions? Yeah, it's like forward backs P. You could turn, but only when you're reversing it's pretty dope man, it's a lot of shit and it's got a cable. You could choke your brother or sister with that's a function. What do you have all right? So for my hut products, you know I went with B action, how about some B action figures so fror, my n, nine Teen D. Ninety two offerings, my first one, I'm with the best action figures that you're never going to play with 'cause. You can't play with them: I'mw t the nineteen. Ninety two USA, Olympic Basketball Dream Team box set by Kenner starting a lineup. You guys remember the starting line up series: Yeah O had the platforms on their feet. Yeah I got A. I got the whole set series actually right behind me right here: Yeah. That was the cool thing about them. They looked fantastic, but you could not play with them. Supposedly they are posable, but I can tell you from experience: If you move them in any way, shape or form they topple right over 'cause, they are not balanced. The starting line up, USA, nineteen. Ninety two dream teams set included: Magic Johnson, Carmalone, Scotty PIP and Charles Barcly patrickheuing John Stockton, David Rominson, Chrismullon, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. It was extremely hot and rare set, as they did only make it for that one year on o nineteen. Ninety two, they subsequently came out with another Dream Team set: BFOR Nineteen, Ninety six, that included that year's team as well, so ye. That's my first offering the starting line up. USA, nineteen and ninety two Dream Team action figures which had very little action, and you really couldn't play with them at all and they barely stood up on their o right. So I mean you can call them B action figures if you want, but you know, I think, they're pretty cool, even though you can just look at them like now. It doesn't sound weird because everybody collects toys and you leave it in the box. You put it up on the shelves Y. AH, when we were kids, you get it you're ripping out of the box, throw the box away, and then you wantto play with it. Well, Michael Jordan's not going to have a great battle with Hemian. I can tell you that he's just going to topple right over and yeah it's Goin to suck. So speaking of toys that suck. Let's go to my next, offering now you're going to talk about knockoff toys. This toy knocked off two extremely popular lines. You had GI, Joes antrols. I give you the original battle. trolls there were a brand of action figures produced from Hasborogh on one thousand nine hundred and ninety two to ninety three. Now really what they were trying to do was popular eyes in cash. In on the growing trend of trol dolls, all the girls had 'em, there's no troll dolls for boys, so let's decorate them and let's make 'em action figures. They introduced them in n nineteen ND. Ninety two with the price of four ninety nine to roughly about six, ninety nine, depending on where you purchased them, and they had the slogan big haired Dudes, with bad attitudes. There were about four and three fourth inches tall, not including the approximate four inches of hair on top of the trolls. Now what was cool about these? Is They spoofed a bunch of other pop cultrcharacters? You had sergeant troll, who was a John Rambo Spoof. You had troll off. It was a viking, the trolmanator, of course the Terminator One troll clobs. It was a CYCLOB. She got it, yed a Ninja, a pirate, a football player and series two that came out in n nineteen. Ninety two as well. You got supertrol who was a superman spoof and Roadhog troll, which was a mad Max Spoof, even got a punk rocker and a Frankenstein Monster, so you could purchase and collect them all the original battle trolls. You know trolls for boys, they weren't the coolest things, but you could buy 'em. This is the type of stuff that your grandmother would get you for your birthday and she has no clue what you're into you just get this like random knockoff toy. This is what you got. You got battle trolls or a check for three dollars, O Gonto say: Ax Bodies Ra not invented. I know so that's what I got. The USA Dream Team starting lineup figures and battle trolls after you Dave Shultz, wow. You guys really brought some good stuff this this time around, because I'm no, I I swear to go. I do something I I never like doing and that's looking online at these things. While we're talking about them and I'm currently looking at the battle trolls right now, and they have one called the trollmanator Yeaho knockoff city over here and funny enough. You can still get them on Ebay for basically what you would have paid for them in nineteen. Ninety two, so the collector of value isn't very high. So if you're interested in them go buy 'em all I guess'm not Goingto Cross. Very much the Dream Team box set mark. You brought up, you really couldn't play with it, but again as an adult collector, we like to keep everything Intho blocks. We don't like to break the field and let those things get any air they're going to lose tat, still there's a cool cool scent. All though s starting to line up figures, I mean we didn't, have mcfirlins back, then you know which Youre, basically the gold standard. Now as far as sport figures go, that's all you had. These were notarticulated as man crush brought up their feet or attached to a disk, but still cool to have, and- and you know it was- it was a first now ofto. Eighty four I I just had to Gogle the battle avenge, a cruise or two can't find those on Ebay. Apparently, no, I could not find that. I just sent you the pictures if you couldn't find it. No, I did I okay and it's on a independent website broken for sale for eight. Ninety nine, of course Boston. But what impressed me was that cord looks a lot longer than what we assumed it would be. So you did actually have a little room to play with there, not a ton, but still more than I thought I like the fact that being not licensed to Heman how it was specically designd for he man kind of like giving that big fuck you to to Mdel fe, like you know what we can't have Heman we're going to create e successories and then impossible mission back in eighty four, that's like now. We all share the means right. Oh look at these knockoff toys in Taiwan or China, or something Americais like hold my beer. We were doing this back in the eighties baby, so I never played it. Ih'd never heard about it until you just mentioned it and this yeah. This is a mainstream game too. That's straight FUCKING, BOOTLEG YEAH! THAT'S H! These are really cool products guys. I like these a lot. I'Sthis is a tough choice. For me, this is really a tough tough call. H boy where's, my copy, a major league. I mean I have to flip that again and choose the shirtless resly snipes, but you know what I really. I think- and this is s a personal thing: okay, I'm not lying t on facts or price points or anything like that, but for some reason those battle shouls called out to me man, I'm I'm Heppi to going baby right now and buy a couple of those little sons of bitches because again they're, so affordable and they'd be fun. Little thing to put a myself next to my toys in my boxes, so o know what Mark You win baby, Oh wow, that'l trul! It did it for you all right. So for our next category, you know what let's do some television, some B Action Television? This was actually the easiest category for me to find, because, as soon as I thought of B action, these two shows popped into my brain and I'm like Oh man. What year did they come out? They both came out in nineteen. Ninety two, so for my first one, I'm going to give you the stories of Duncan meclude. He is in immortal, but he must live in modern society, concealing his true nature, while fighting other emmortals in the TV show higlander. Yes straight to! U Sa. That's right and it debut on USA October, sixth, nineteen, ninety two wow. What a show this was: it ran for six seasons, I've never seen any of it, but everybody loved it. Obviously it was op for six years. You ever noticed that USA kept shows way after this shit, Oh yeah, and they had like the cheesiest shows too and highlander was probably one of the. I don't know bist a wor, but it's like the most B type of show that they had. I think all USA shows are B. shows yeahexcept for like up all night, which is meant to be a bee. Show was the pinnacle of their shows. I didn't catch that. What show was it o up all night? I'm sorry, I didn't say it correctly. US As all night still tryi to get roun is sheeron still bouncing the messages back and forth. So if you guys are on Social Media Tag RONDECHR and ask her when she's coming on doing decades to be a judge, so yeah highlander, the series I'm sure everybody's familiar with this- is we've seen it a bunch of times in reruns. You Know Christopher Lambert. Originally was asked to be part of it, but he wanted fifty thousand dollars just to appear in the pilot, but yeah check out highland or the series if you're fairing in the original movies. You know maybe you'l like this one. I don't know it really doesn't hold up to the movies. I do not know one person that ever watched thiglander. Oh I ear. I know a lot of people who talk about watching highlander. I know a guy who did and his main dientary substance o what he lived off of was pringles. That goes to show you what kind of that makes sense mark o. You know how many episodes it ran for because a lot of those USA shows, like you said. Six seasons is a lot, but even then one season for them would be like twenty thirty episodes. They really jammed hem. You know full so like swamping, for example swamting. I think rant on USA for three seasons or four seasons. Maybe, but I mean there's something like seventy six episodes. If somebody actually made ITTO television all of Hem, it actually has a hundred and nineteen episodes. Wow Yeah, you get your Tang for your buck on that one way more than I am ever going to sit down and watch tru, no Pacific blue. All right well for my next show. This is about the most B action you can get on television in the nineties. Nineteen. Ninety two- we saw the debut of renegade now if you've never treated yourself to an episode of renegade. You need to do so. The series stars Lorenzo Lamus as Reno rains, who was a police officer who was framed for a murder he didn't commit, sounds like every eighties and nineties. DV Show here. He then joins forces with the boundy hunter that was sent to track him down, but he saves the bounty hunters life. So the Bon hunters, like man, this is actually a pretty good dude, so they team up and, of course, that bouny hunter was the star of the show. In my opinion, that was bobby's six killer. Yes, yeah way cooler than Larenzo Lamis's character. You know what always bothered me. His bike was not that bad ass anytime. I see a motorcycle that has like the skinny tires on it. It's like Du you're driving like Kaasake or something like doesn't look that cool. Then you got like one of them. Baha sweaters hanging over the side of in it's likelike he's Sto. It's like he found like the most bad ass biker he could find and still that guy's wife's Mike is your kids bike takin it. So that's what I got! highlander and renegade cant get more be action than that mancrushwhat. You got man all right, sweet, let's go to January twenty second nineteen, eighty four and here's an awesome, Cold War era. TV show about a supersonic stealth helicopter that has a name the series star Jam, Michael Vincent and Ernis Bornnine, and I think earnest has come up like a couple of times. In the last couple of months they were flying round anmissions for the firm and this one lasted for three seasons and fifty five episodes before getting cancelled and picked up for one season on essay. Yes, where they completely put a different cast in for the Ford season, typical. U S A fashion way before the nineties, us a stuff, but you know what, when I was in elementary school, there were a bunch of people that loved this show. I Remember Air Wolf lunchboxes, which is like the gold standard for doing something. Well, if you had a lunchbox, you're gold, but again it didn't last too long could have been because jam Michael Vincent had like dependency issues and we've all read that he was difficult to work with, so that could have been why but there's some crazy shit around this show they never really realized. In January of eighty five jam, Michael Vincent's Stun Double Reed Rondel was actually killed in a helicopter crash, while filming the show and Wal Weirder. It happened less than ten miles away from where Vic Moro got killed. During the the twilight zone helicopter crash, they killed him and a couple of kids in nineten ND. Eighty two and then this is even crazier. Then after the show ended, they sold the helicopter, which is a bell two to two. They sold it to a German ambulance company. So it had like this. You know, like quick, react. Helicopter Wele in June six ninehuteen ninety two and crashed during a thunderstorm and killed all three people on board. That's some shit, Ann and then, of course, like jam, Michael Vincent died last year and they waited like an entire month to even announce that he was dead s. Some Weird Shit that surrounded Air Wolf as a whole. I blame you S, a all right. So, let's go on on my second pick September en nineteen, eighty four aget, I'm picking in eighty four and this year we had juggernauts. They hit the market and were talking about this before the episode. So, of course, nineteen. Eighty four could V pickd transformers, but for this game I can't pick those guys SOM oing, to go with something close, something that I actually was a big fan of and something that I dropped directly on my fucking Bigtoe as a child, and that was Vultran defender of the universe, which was adapted. Of course, from the Japanese beast king go lion, Vultrom was syndicated, it was probably on fucking us a and it was you know. Actually it was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. I didn't watch many cartoons but vultron I loved it's basically power Rangers in the: U S before Power Rangers in the? U S, because you had five pilots, each of whom controls a robotic Lin and every time they're getting their ass, kicked by the bad guy, all five robots joined together and they create Vulcon, which I never understood as a child, because I was like why? Wouldn't you just go into the fight and join together and become vultron from the beginning and just kick the shit out of the guy? Why? Wouldn't you just show up as Vultron? I never fucking understood that, but they did the same thing on power rangers too just fucking Joyn together, you could do it with the fuck forplay. His is so stupid. So I actually had these. I actually liked these over my gobots as toys. They're, pretty awesome, they're all connected to form vultron. So, as you can imagine, it was pretty heavy when you put all five together and I want to say there was even made out of some kind of metal on the back like where the colors were so anyways. One day I picked up Vulton by the head and the four other lie and started a fall, and if you know me, I'm like I'm supermeticulous about like everything I own, if that's toys or like my cellphone or anything, I don't like scratches. I like to keep everything in perfect condition. So, as this thing started, O fall, I instinctively kicked my foot out to break the fall and the enti all four of them just fell directly on my big toe and it like. I don't remember if it, cracked, my tonenail and half, I remember losing my toenail after a couple of weeks. My toe was bleeding I'll. Never forget that. So thank you. Vultron for that. Vultron hung around for one hundred and twenty four original episodes and actually came back in twenty. Sixteen as a netflix quote, unquote original because they put that shit on every show on Eflix now and that lasted for a couple of seasons. So yeah, that's where I'm coming with air, wolf and Vultron defender of the universe, solid, all right. Let's see what judge Dave Shultz has to say for the judgment for the television round. Now I know we're talking about television here, but maybe you guys can help me out with this. Is that Bolcron, which You'ere just talking about when I was a kid? My mom took my Volton toys away and she claimed there was a recall on them do to lead paint. Oh maybe I don't know if that's true, if she's just punishing me or something, and that was n an easy way for me not to cry about taking away my toy like they're poisoning, you give them to me or if there really was in fact a recall, but I for some reason here I am forty one years old. I can remember that you know vividly Wel you. If you didn't eat the paintchips, I don't think it it mattered. I was licking everything you can. EA II mean Shit, it's probably in my bloodstream crack when I gotyouo O, which is disgusting by the way you almost lost teround. For that alone, no one, no one wants to know you losty to El. I so gross come Du. A came off. I had to get advanced Jeez nowd, Stop Stop Air Wolf. Since we were talking about eighty four. Now it Voltron, Jan Michael Vincent, probably did a lot of lines off of those same lunchboxes that you thought were pure gold, not wet gold with Kenny Rogers and Cheler Black Old Black Goll, not tat either, but maybe that's the reason why they didn't announce his death. They figured they could still get another season out of his corpse week in a Berne style. Who knows, USA was calling exactly they just drop hem up a little bit. You know we get hem back. I think he actually lost a limb too, like at one point like hatwe'll, just hade it and post. He like lost an ar or a leg or some shit am we'll have to check that out, along with the lead paint and vultron limbs and Wead, now ofo, nineteen, ninety two highlander and runegade mark man. These are boll series that are big on the lusciost locks. There's a lot of hair going on there and I ampholically challenged so I'm nvious much alless of both these sheories in their stars running around with all those Liin manes looking fantastic, but let me tell Yau h highlander again, I never watched an episode of that. You guys are fiemiliyr with renegade. I remember L Lorenzolamas it being on, but I wasn't really into that at that point in my life. So it's not something I watch either Air Wolf, I mean it. Kindo created a helicopter craze which, back in the eighties, there was a craze for everything. There was the trucker crazes for crying out loud people wearing trucker caps. At this point, people hehad like year or two Yeah Ho Thunder, came out. Yeah Everywantto, be I want to be a helicopter pilot. I want to be this because I saw you know. I saw this on t V or in the movies, so I do lines to Jame, Michael TENC. I could ave done that. I might have even done that. My in my adult hood, I wouldn't remember, but let me tell you this is another one. That's really close! You guys a're coming out with uh the bee stuff, but it's good stuff and o you'r caring me a pat, but I am going to have to go yet again with man crush on the T v round. It's a tonail thing telling out you know like Aiting O. I take it back. My congratulations o an now the winner of this rout, not onate somone else. Man People's feet are gross. You know even go into a restaurant and someone's sitting across in me and they'r wearing sandals. You think what the Hell's, the matter with this guy people are eating. Who goes to a restaurant with sandals on it's disgusting. I don't want to see your feet. No, I totally agree yeah. That's why? If you're going to wear sandals, be like me, people be respectful, always wear socks with your sandals ibeen lying mark, wears socks and sandals. Hella Ges Il dinner at for for a PM in the evening, because that's the kind of guy shots and sandals and he's already eighty years old for crying out O and I don't. I do not eat generat four PM. That's way too earliy. I just woke up from my nap around that time. Oh true, shuffleboard doesnt make you tire. Doesn't it mack sure does all right mancrush. You have control of the board going into the two point rounds. We got music and movies left. Where do you want to go man all right? Let's go movies 'cause, I feel like we don't n. We do finish on music a lot and it's usually pretty fun. So, let's t'go to movies first and then we'll finish up with music, all right so December, fourteenth nineteen. Eighty four, here's a movie th, it's well ahead of its time. Let me just tell you about all this stuff that they accurately predicted in this movie tablets: Wireless, headphones, domestic robots, drones with cameras, social media, the Internet voice, activated computers, video messaging and biometric rentinal security. Damn. How are you like that Shit? When discussing this film in Nineteen nd? Eighty four, the director said we're doing a story that looks to me like the world is going to be in a few years. That said, the director would go on to write some epic stuff about fucking dinosaurs in the next decade. I don't know if that gives it away or not, and even though, like Terminator was out in eighty four, that's not what this movie is. This particular movie brought inaround seven million dollars in the box office, aroundeighteen million dollars in o thousand and twenty it's one of those movies that I recall waymore for the aftermarket success. I you either rented this one or you saw it on cable because it was literally on Hbo Every Damn Weekend when you're thinking about celebrities. You know, there's just usually there's some physical attributes that stand out from anyone else, and you always associate that attribute with that celebrity. So this movie it starts arguing the two, the biggest in two different categories. You have arguadly the best mustache in the best in past forty years and maybe the most famous tongue in the last forty years. You guys know what the movie is. No, I at first I thought you wre Goin to say, like Cannibal, run two or something all over my microphone Ano the tongue and I'm like Don Delawees didn't really have a good tongue. I don'Ha Simmins in that movie, I begged to differ. Dom delawes had a great tongue, man, don't ask how I know that it. It was fat, not long, but this guy, it's actually his feature acting debut. He was in another movie in the seventies, but it was total shit and I wouldn't call that a feature dbt. But if you guessed it mark knows it and it's Michael critons run away and as a kid I actually never understood the name. I think it just went over my head, but actually refers to the mafunctioning robots that can physically threaten people or property and those are known as runaways. I think as a kid watching this movie. I just never got that ecause. I was so enamoured by that mustache to Tom sellecad in this movie, and that, of course, is the guy that I'm talking about is Tom Sellick, the bad Guy Jean Simmons you got Kirsty ally is in this movie. Is Jean Simons's girlfriend it's one of those movies that yeah it didn't do great in the box office, but it's a really fun movie to watch and actually Jean simmonds is the bad guy is fantastic in this movie and they said that Michael Crighton didn't even give him like a read. They just like. Had Him come in and stare at Michael Criton and he's like that to di he's like I want you to stare at me directly in eyes, and if you watch that movie Jean Simmonds is a creepy famark in that on yeah heis. He doesn't even need to talk and you're forgetting another piece of great technology that they predicted in that movie Hek Bugs Nanos Yeah, but they were all over the sucking players which actually Michael Criton, said every time that those came out. He would just leave the room because he found it annoying every time they had to like shoe a scene with those. But anyhow that was H. my first selection run away, and I actually didn't even realize that Michael Criton did that I didn't either and I've seen that onme a bunch of times too bad. He died in two thousand and eight an didn t see all the Shit that he predicted n nineteen a d. eighty four was actually around now. Anyhow, let's move on my second selection June, first nineteen, eighty four, here's movieg with an amazing cast and it's all like kind of before their primes or at least they're, hitting their stride. In nineteen. Eighty four Yo got Michael Perat. You Got Diane Leen Rickmoranis, William, the foe, Ed Bagley Junior Robert Townson and Bill Packson R. All in this one I actually read that Michael Perey. He was intimidated by Ricmeranus 'cause heused to bus praise balls on the set and Peret was just not quick enough to like, say anything back to him and obviously he couldn't backhand him, but he said he wanted to. He wanted to punch him in the face. He really didn't like rickmeranus and it's hard to picture rickmrasses and Jerkov, but it's even harder to see. Rickmrasz is Diane Lane's fucking boyfriend, like they had in this movie yeah like last Weeksepso, where I had night breed. This movie was set to be in a series, after parase character of Tom Cody, much like dipareith. This movie didn't do fantastic in the box office only brought in about eight million dollars C, roughly nineteen million dollars in Thosnd and twenty and again this movie. It did much better in the rental market and that's why I ended up seeing this one o Marcnos, where I'm going he's not in his head. But I don't know, the movie which is described is a rock enroll fable, as Michael Prey, whos, a former soldier trying to see his rock star ex girlfriend Diane Lane, who is smoking hot from she gets kidnapped by a motorcycle gang, that's led by William Defoe in a movie called streets of fire and again like Nyparid. This one was actually supposed to be rated R and they cut it all the way down to PG, and they also they named this movie. Actually, after the Bruce Springstein Song streets to fire 'cause, they thought that track was going to be in this movie and it wasn't, but they kept the Fucky Dame. So there you go. It's KINDOF like if you've never seen this movie before it's Kindo, like Greece meets Roger Rabbit, Meets Cobra light meets a bangls video. It's all that mashed in the one, but that's that's. When I bringin for this one, we got streets of fire and run away all right. So let's take a look at what I have for movies, so this first film came out August, twenty first nineteen. Ninety two: When student Jake low witnesses a killing, he finds himself caught between two fuding drug lords betrayed and set up by federal agents. The only person he can trust is Ryon Chicago Cop who reminds Jakob his deceased father. I'm sure mancrush knows where I'm going with this one. He knows Ti Yep randonly powers, booth, rapid fire. Absolutely! I know we posted this movie up on our facebook page. Not Too long ago. We did like a six pick or five pick of all of Brandon Lees movies. This was right up there with the crow. You know everyone really liked rapid fire. It's not his best movie, it's Tha second best movie, but yeah great film go check it out at it. Didn't do too great in the box office, but it did make some money. It had a ten million dollar budget made about fourteen million at the box office, but much like man crushes pick. This movie really hit it stride in the VHS rental market, because once brandonly passed and the making of the crow a couple of years later, this movie became really popular, and I don't think many people saw until then, but it was released. I in Nineteen Ninety two on August, twenty first it is- and I don't remember if I told this story on an episode- If I told it on our facebooked group, www finsbok dcom forrdized doing decades, but the day that I rented rapid fire in the movie finishe playing the new story was on that he died in the shooting of the Crow freezy. That's just Pai Eah, it really is. It was rewinding. I I was watching it. You remember like you would get to the end: You'd stop onwind and your your t V would always defall back to chinnl three or four. I had mine defaulting the four and it was like the NB C News and within, like I, don't know thirty seconds to a minute as it's rewiding. That was the new story that was on wow. What other tapes did you pop in the VCR to see? If you could kill somebody don't tempt me. I have a vcra in front of me allright. So for my second film I was super excited to pick this movie this this a movie I own on D. VD I've been watching it since it came out absolutely love this film. It is awesome kind of for B movie, but it has an absolutely great cast and there's a little bit of controversy behind it, so we'll get to that, but this movie was loosely based on one of the great action films of all time. The treasure of the Sierramadre came n nineteen, forty eight just an absolute classic. Now this movie was originally called the looters. You guys familiar with this at all. They had to change the name, though in n nine ndred and ninety two because of the L, a riots the film got delayed for a little while and then they renamed it to trespass. This is dresspass with bill paxed and Ice Tea, William Saddler Ice Cube, Art Evans Bruce Te Young. It is just a fantastic movie. Yeah two farming, an a birding building, get a treasure map. They find some stolen church gold, but it's in this warehouse and then there's these h rival gang members. There, horrible drug deals going on the gang members end up meeting up with these two firemen, as they're, going through the whole building trying to find this treasure and then the gang members find out wait a minute. These white guys are looking for some treasure, so they try to find the treasure too. The original script actually had the whole movie being set during like a snowstorm, which, after hearing that that would have added a whole another element to the movie. But it's got some really great performances by Bill Paxton and ice tea. When director o Walter Hill actually cast them for the movie, he actually left them kind of Adlib a lot of their dialogues, so it would seem more authentic to how their characters would talk. So, if you've never seen, trespass go out and check it out very solid movie. You can't go wrong with dresspass man had an absolutely killer soundtrack too ice Keat and ice cube teamed up for the title track. Trespass also had sir mix a lot. The black sheep and G gang star was on this as well, but yeah. So Trespass, that's my second offering December twenty fifth nineteen. Ninety two and my first one was rapid fire August. Twenty first of ninety two, you know wha. You send me that picture of Dionlane crantastic. Thank you very much and you're talking about castings and just made me think of this when they casted Diane Lane for this movie, she was actually supposed to be a twenty eight year old and they wanted somebody else if God who they wanted, but they couldn't get her. So somebody was like why Dodn't you Dianne Lan 'cause, she was you know. She's goingtheoutsiders and she's got another movie coming out well at the time she was only eighteen years old, so the director didn't want her in the movie and then he you know he auditioned her and she ended up getting more scenes in the movie because he thought she was so fantastic and looking at this picture that you just sent me f Di laid, I can see why I had Diane Lane in this movie and you over to David sholts for the ruling Oki Doki smoky all right now. I I' I'm thinking here. Let's talk about nineteen. Ninety two first, the selections that Mike made here right now we're looking at movies that weren't really top shell for top flight films. So I'm look at Europix, I'm like okay, they're, not bad, but I think there's some out there. That might even be better that you could a chose, I think, would have maybe excited me as a judge a little bit more like maybe h, stop or my mom will shoot. Would that have qualified as a ninety two film right, yeah see. I I looked at that one, but I don't know if I'm going to consider that B action, though it has stalonin it and o Stelghetty, who are two huge stars, and that was big, blockbuster major wide release. So I don't know if I considered that B. So I I kindo took a pass on that one. I ATS Gointo a Ayou with another one AB army, Imya darkness, Eah, O Didn' Pick Army a dark. I said at first on my Massachusetts accent. Let me sae clearly now of everybody else. Fo here in the free world army of darkness, yes, see, I'm going to go more on Bee horror on that one ow comeon, it's kind of a mix, it s B, horror, B, Action B, comedy all role than the one. Did you notice that, though, with these B action movies, there's always another element, that's rolled into it like when it's not n top flight yeah they got to roll something at the guy, throw lttl CIFI, throw a little drama or a little crime like you can't just have action, especially with some of these move. They gotta put a little element of everything I RMWILAN restpass today and as weird as it sound that movie Kinda holds up, you know it's, the storywise is real basic. They could remake that with any cast. It just so happens that they went with the topical actors that were hot at the time you know, and then, of course you get ice tea and ice cube in nineteen. Ninety two doesn't hurt to stick them in anything. No, but if you put a stell getty in there baby now, werh cooking with grace is stellgetty as a carjacker. It could have never ave put a still getty in this because odd fact about trespass, no women in it whatsoever. It's alwd, yeah sausage, BA Oly Cow Ymay. They Hade Tho sign on their backside and saying do not trespass. This is not that kind of Pattay. Now Eighty four runaway you're giving us all the clues talking about Michael Criton, he wrote Tourassic Park, it was t e DB tablets and all this technology- and I he said, Oh Dave. What do you think it could be? The moment you said must ask to me the first thing that came up w was you know not Tom Sellick. He was Bert Reynolds, as I s like, don't say, canobball run, so I felt really dumb after I said a, but then it made me think. That's why I said. Arguably I argu was going to say leads to a debate there who actually had the best moustache was it sellic was TAT runny. We actually put that up on our facebook page and Saselik defeated Rentol, Oh Boi, quite substantially. 'cause you gotta figure, Bert Reynolds is bigger in the seventies than he is in the eighties, and our page is pretty much eighties and nineties. So that's why, okay, so it was picked by by decade, not by actual landit's picked by the the thirty eight thousand people that yeah. I understand O egreence. I I think Bot the CRIITERIO. When I was going to say the link, the thickness, the you know, the lustere of the stash was not really a consideration. It was like well, you know that mustach wasn't rocking as much in the eighties as this one was O wer going to pick this one right, yeah see, I always go a totally different direction on that now, don't even try Sam Eli m wild cad baby. He got destroyed in that he like. There were a couple marks in there. He had like six votes but come on it's a landslide Tom selickbro yeah, but see not only does he got the grat stash he's also the Silver Fox, so he's kind of a double threat there. But you know what it's like: How mancrush lost all of his cred with he broken toe nail L, Sam Eli. He just did that commercial for the Superbowl, Oh yeah n a dance, and I was like Oh come on dude. I know the money must have been fucking fantastic, but this is ridiculous. Come on it's on all the time now yeah, I bet you know, might as well milk that for all it's worth streets of fire now you mentioned that it was cut down to a PG film, but I was thinking pg in eighty four. Much like how you round up the budget to what it would be in two thousand and twenty, so the PG and eighty four would be n c, Seventeen O thosand and twenty. No, I just watch this again today. It's like a PG thirteen ohokay Li was going to say a lot of that. Questionable content from the eighties would not fly only twenty whatsoever. No, no there's a lot. I think there was only one toples scene and that's cut, and then they cut out a bunch of like probably just language and violence. For instance spoiler. They were supposed to kill William Defoe, William Defoe. I always call Hem, William heres they'se supposed to kill him at the end and instead they just beat 'em up. So that's like a big difference right there, the name like Willem he should have been in the highlander series. I O his hair, it's great jus, no stash boy, guys, I'm telling you I feel, like I'm stumbling all over the place here, because it's really he's it tough. This is a tough one. To judge this whole show has not been easy for me whatsoever, WH, which of these four, have you seen recently, none of them a rapid fire, never seen it run away a d never seen it. I've seen he streets of fire and I've seen trestpass so you're, both equal. As far as my my viewing pleasure went so now, it's like well shoald. I vote for Dian, a Hot Dian Lane or ice kea that'syou know Jeez. That's that's a tufy right! Well guys, you know what I am going to have to use that as my pacs SOM judgment know. I can't I don't know what to do here guys. This is tough. Let's see again, I I was Sli. I was Ligting mark so much for his picksbut. He really came with a logic on that and set me correct. Oh guys, you know what let's keep this interesting mark. You win this Roud Hoh wow this one's getting close man crush as we head off to the final round music now see and what we did for this music round. We did something a little different. We selected songs, Ord albums that we would like to see in a B action movie ow all right. So I took a look at all the music that came out in in nineteen ninety two and I wanted to select a couple of songs that I thought would be awesome as a soundtrack for an action movie. So for my first one you know I looked at all of them all of these songs. That came out too stuck out to me as absolutely action pack songs you gotto put 'em in any action. Film TV show anything so FROR, my first one, I'm going to go with release July, Fourteenth Nineteen. Ninety two I'm going to go with the from the album countdown to extinction. My First Song Selection, I always thought, would be awesome in an action movie. Actually from this album you could go with countdown to extinction, sweating bullets or symphony of destruction. I always thought I don't never understood how any of those songs weren't featured in like a really cheesy action. Film in a Montoge sequence would have been awesome. So that's my first one megadif count down to extinction. Release July Fourteenth Nineteen. Ninety two, my second album and our song was also an album that much like my first one count down to extinction went two times platinum. Now, when you think of an action movie, you know, and you have a good fighting sequence- There's no song out there. That makes you want to punch a mother fucker in the face more than some Pantera, so I had to go with walk from Panter of vulgar display of power, just a fantastic song. It really gets the blood pumping and would be awesome in any type of B action movie, maybe like, if they're walking up to fight each other, just kind of builds attention. So those are my two selections for the Music Round: Vulgar Display of power and countdown to extinction over to you, man crush. What do you got for the music round? All Right? So we did this. I was under the impression where only picking a song, so I didn't pick any albums. These are two singles. Tactically, I did technically you did the same o problems, but right. Okay, so I just picked songs. The first one I have is April thirteenth andnineteen, an eighty four is on my sixth birthday. We got the single release of the ultimate theaction Song of all time, I'mgiving at that title, because Song is literally plug in playtrack for any action movie in the eighties and beyond. The song was originally written on th n, nine uteen and eighty four kavin baking classic woot loose, but it's also been used on eight other soundtracks, including two animated movies from two thousand and nineteen, the song peaked at number. Thirty, four. In the: U S, Billbord hot one hundred, which is actually a little surprising to me, because I thought it wo Itd be much bigger hit than it was. Although it is this lady's second most plate song on her spotii with a hundred and forty six million plays, the song was also used in the nineteen. Eighty four T v show cover up and don't know if you guys are familiar with that one. I used to watch this with my mom on lifetime. 'cause it was, I was on TV thire was only on from one season. It sounds like something that would have been on USA. No, it was actually it was a. It was a real show. It was like on a network, I think it was NB C and or no was C B s maybe, and it was only on for one season and that's because the star of the series, John Eric Hexam, he killed himself with a prop gun accidentally. Did he answer it? No, you AC. He was playing around with this prop gun and before handling back to the the Special Effects Guy. He put it to his temple and said: Oh well, with the hell like just playing around and pulled the trigger Wele. The blank waddling ended up shattering this dude skull and he died a few days later, yeah Wez he's supposed to be the star of the series. He was like a model and all this stuff he only lasted seven episodes, and then they replaced him with Anthony Hamilton for the rest of the first season. But the rest of the cast is all fucked up, so they just KINDOF got rid of it. After that, first season and interestingly Etony Hamilton ended up dying of AIDS in the nineties. So once again a t V show with some fucked up lineage, but but this song Bonny tylers, holding out for a hero, I mean you, you C Y plug and play. You can use that n any Fugan action movie. You want definitely not as hard as pan terror walk, but if it's in everything, especially in the eighties nother good montage song too, o absolutely both thes, the second one too same month April. Twenty seventh nineteen, eighty four, it's another song- it's it's amazingly popular! Yet it did not do as well in the charts, as I would have thought. The single uld only reached number twenty one on the bill. Word Hig, one hundred, but it's the band's top plad song an their spot. If I, with a hundred and forty four million plas, once again, it's an egg song, it's plug in play for any action movie. It's been used in dozens of commercials movies. Most notably e was used two years after it came out in nineteen six, an Iron Eagle. You know when Jason Gedrick is slapping that fucking cassette player on I sty that he can be her, that shit in a fucking plane with his whackass little Foama. Hadcon e has never arng talk at ofirst. HOW THE HELL! Can you hear that over the noise you cannot hat's such bullshit? I flid on a sea one thirty for like forty five minutes, and I had this- is othtwo thousand four, so my headhones ware a lot better. I couldn't hear Shit, so I call bullshit, but it was also played all the way up to twenty eighteens Reddy player, one it was in that it's been in video games. It's been in T v shows over the years lead singer this one D Shnider says the song is the mighty anthem for anyone, lashing out authority, figure and ready to put up a fight the song I'm talking about here- we're not going to take it and obviously the band ere twisted sister. So we got a twisted sister, we're not going to take it and body tyler holding out for a hero off to David Shulz. Ok, you guys came of you from two different angles with this category mark, notably saying songs that he thought would be perfect for the film of albums, Ri Really Well, Walky you Sai Pintera walk which rash single technically I I selected songs, but then I mentioned whane of th albums they were from because there were so many good songs from that album that would have been, but really my picks were walk and count down to extinction right well, interestingly, enough megadet is not directly from the album, but it's from that Erac, since it came out a year later, but they had a track angry again, which was on the last action hero sound tracks right. Ah so they were of like mind with you, my friend, they were like. Let's get Meganett up ind this mother fucker right now crank out the jams man, crushy boy. These are definitely like. You said plug and play songs perfect for any action movie at any time drop of a hat. We're not going to take it twist, the sister, even though I don't know that one I couldn't imagine again, let's say pick an action here: Ith DOLP, Lundr and lunder into something pointing a gun at somebody and all of a sudden we're not going to take it. It starts playing it's not that Badass. You know what I mean like I'm going to kill you it's more teenage angst yeah! You know! So I don't know it's like mom and dad caught me. Smoking Dope, I'm going to throw a Pepsi can against my wall and t be angry about it. That whole thing. You know what I mean. I don't know Y, but that was every eighties action film, not that a friend Ann crushes picks but fucking Iron Eagle, oh my God. How much anxer? Can you get tho that wasn't Louis Gossip Junior, the star of that fucking chappy? Brow? El? Listen! I don't ever picture Lewis Gossit Junior, the junior himself ever just fucking crankang up twisting sister in any situation or a circumstance. Well, he might have been listening to whold now for a year, although no this is true. We hadn't even gotten to that, but y that one, I think, is more applicable in that sense, but still they're, both very good selections and Mark Those are also good selections and a great thing about Pantara walk. If you remember the video, when I was a kid and it came out, I used it as a free strobe light in my living room. Did you guys do the same? You turn off you're like oh walks. You know headbangers Bou walks coming on turn off the lights and you could wash pit with yourself and think you were like dope or something you know. You'R just lame is hell no they're us right. Okay, you both lose. This category came over. How do you mauch with yourself Nyou? Don't you just say, O Y, it's like beavus and butthead, or something you doith, that e Da Gance from clerks, where he standed outside just swinging his arms round, yeah. No, I'm doing besircer or Myselfyo K yeah, I meank! No, that would have been a great pick raght for an action. A taking fuck which, like to making Fuperaa, see you guys. I was going to sing the song. Thi Show re all wrong all wrong, so yeah. Let's try to come to a judgment here again. This is tough because you guys are coming from personal opinion ye right. This is your two sense on what you think would be good and you know mancrush. You do a great job at coming up with the stats and giving us numbers and everything I don't know if that's really needed here, because I'm going to have to do the same thing you guys were doing what would I most want to hear in an action film right and basing it on that? I'm going to have to go with ninety two. I really think megadeth and Pantera are perfect in those albums from those years are perfectly suited to kick. Some serious mother fucking took US Tokas some took his baby yeah fucking stolen from me, stolen wou, stolen wind only took seventy four tries, but I finally pull out a victory and pull out a victory against mancrush. Well, I mean to be perfectly honest. I think the movie category was a draw B T I picked mark because he didn't bring up any of his digits o the show or you know any- of the gross aspects of losing a tonail, so they kind of give hem a little bit of the edge well not to make you second guessip, but I did lose the tool once too. Oh you MO. No, IT'S NO! No! This is wrong all wrong and so many levels all right, dolers. Well, let us know who you think won this game had one over our facebook page after you've. Listened to this episode drop us a line. Send US your picks for wo on each round and you'll get twenty points on the dueling decades litter boards, and then why You'e at it head on over to dueling decades, dotcom where you can subscribe to the show and listen to all of our past episodes as well. So until next time, dewelers were going to bid you and peace love. Lightand, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone you guys! Never let me sing my Song Infermymedia