Dueling Decades
Sept. 30, 2020

It's a Dueling Decades retro throwback with one of our favorite guests of all time, Daniel Baldwin!

It's a Dueling Decades retro throwback with one of our favorite guests of all time, Daniel Baldwin!

As a lot of our loyal fans are aware, for a long time we used to have another show called Poop Culture. When we folded the show to go fulltime with Dueling Decades, we left behind a lot of really great interviews! Well, since we're on a vacation week, we decided to release some of these old "fireside" chats with various guests. This episode was really a surprise to us because it occurred only 29 episodes into that show. That night, we were all prepared to have a special effects artist on the show, and we were all ready to rock. Two hours prior to showtime, we got a call from his agent that he had an emergency and had to back out of the show. That same agent said, "if you want, I could call Daniel Baldwin if you're interested". Well, the rest was history! 

Daniel Baldwin is a fantastic talker and storyteller! Listen to Mancrush and former co-host Jay Biglove chat it up with Mr. Baldwin, you won't be disappointed. Danny talks to us about growing up Baldwin and being one of the famous Baldwin brothers. He talks about terrorizing his sister’s boyfriends and even sings us a tune that is shockingly impressive. Dan also discusses Celebrity Big Brother, reality TV, and we brainstorm our own celebrity beatdown challenge. We also get some behind the scenes info on Celebrity Rehab, John Carpenter, Homicide: Life on the streets. Last but not least, Dan talks about directing his award-winning movie “The Wisdom to Know the Difference”. And, did I mention that Daniel Baldwin is a fantastic storyteller? See for yourself!

Enjoy this walk down memory lane from over four years ago! Hit us up on social media and let us know what you think. What I think is, Danny needs to come back and be a judge on the show!

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Without doing that, cade s as wax piece of all guys and thinks are having me on the show. Will it be the nineties O et pany babies, a crack baby, Wully, Beenman or Madoz? Maybe Brintin? Maybe Whitney. Do you like new metal, a new wave, teye row or Super Dav? I don't now, but now the Vanal begins duling decades and let's see who wins: Hey brother Howr you doing what's going on man, Oor Howare you doing so tonight we have a huge special gas ipoup culture. We have fellon. New Yorker needs little introduction, Daniel Balden welcome to the poop culture. Man. Thank you, Jelman Beg you tohave me on. I mean it was a big surprise to US earlier today. When you know I was talking to Rachel and she said well how about Daniel Balbwin yeah fuck yeah let'sut's! Do it? Let's get him on now y there's a guy. We can talk to Tta, be that pzza that guy to Wi, Eshe didn't kill. HMSELF wow like, as everybody knows, obviously you're part of the the Baldwin Brother Universe of fantastic actors and entertainers. You guys are your number two. In line of the brothers th theye're, actually two girls in the family best and Jane, so the order of the of the Siblings Goes Beth Alec, Daniel Billy, Jane and stepen. So I'm Nember, three of the siblings number two of the boys, but number one in your heart was warming. You know you grew up in Long Island right. I Dad. I grew up in Massapecla, big family. You know I've read some things like your father was a history teacher coach. He was well my dad was a history teacher Um at Massapeqa high school. We went to Palforg burner high school. So on Thanksgiving Day we played my father in football for the title for the Pregnan Rats for the whole Han. How did that go? Who Woneday to laugh? It was the last game of the season and you could pretty much go ohin seven, but you had to win the Bor ad masticgame. I played my father in Tenth Grade Eleventh Grade and twelfth grade lost all three years like te year, I lost hem three, nothing on the last play of the game: a field goas twenty nine yards by Keath, handcock that Cock suckup. You were like a star for the team right. One most vable player t that game in a losing effort. I still to this day. You know, there's lots of things I could tray, including the left Testacl, for a victory in my senior year, but yeah. No, that was that was a tough one to swallow, an uponentene. How did you drow up an household going against your arch, Nemesis football coach like Hav? That did he try to hurt you purposely or what um? No I mean it just my I felt worse as I looked Backot for my mother. You know W I mean Um, I think secretly Ddon't. She always wanted us. You know to beat my father and, and but I mean my mother- was you know Switzerland? She just sat ther all boys now be nice, don't hurt each other Um, you know it was it instilled a lot of competition. Inus for sore were very competitivei. Children in that house. Did you guys kindo carry that coun competitiveness over into when you all started, making movies and TV and Kindo competing against each other's careers? I never looked at it that way. I was probably m the more successful, no, not Po. I was definitely the more successful athlete in my family, so Um when I watched Alec Progress, Ecause we kind of got into it in chronological oter and I think there's no denying he's. U For sure, had the most success, an accalade as as an actor. Certainly H's made the most money. U? U, I'm alwas just been very happy for him and very proud of him. You know for for being able to do what he's done. Rememberit, it's a double edged sort. So I've always said being one of the blaldwins in particularly being alich brother has always opened doors that may not have necessarily open foring without that, but at the same time it's never gotten me a job, and it's Pu definitely prevented me because remember and one does something: It's it's a group it's assumed. So when I would get in trouble for you know my past drug history and I've been Siver for a long long time now everyone paid for it n n. You know, as far as the press wos concerned when Alek had bad divorces and different things that have happened to him and some of his stuffhes Hav with the poprocky all of us there for hard time with a Paparazzi, tough on the prass Blah Blah Blah Blah black. Did you guys kindof stay tight h through all the problems that you would have individually yeah yeah? We were, we were we're. Pretty close, you know. I think that, like any family, when you grow up Um, my father instilled a certain packrat mentality in us. You know the hardest person to be in my house was one of the girls Um for sure I I remember the first time poor, Jane my little sister, but I remember the kid's name today, Frank Cally, this nice kid from Long Island Jane, was like she wened seventeen years before she bought a boy home and she brinhes this boy home and she brings them home h for the holidays and he's sitting down. She brings them in Hees his kid. His voices Li cracky he's got piples all of her space and Ja walks in men and goes you know, everybody Jistis, frank and a even are all in tdaname or nome, and we en Ovin ised to as Tom, so he sits down and Jane runs and into the Catche attend to Sim of the duties for dinner and at some point at the point when, when Berk young looks at rocky and goes hey rock, are you dirty on my sister dirty in her? We also ma? I I ix open the BACKE OA year and I turn around Bi an owhat's. So fucking funny frank, you! I that's funny in. Why do you think? That's funny frank? Why do you think that's funny frank ar you dirty in an o four of us Aon our feet, an wer standing over this or Dong you're fucking, my little sister, you caut Sucker, you're, fucking, myself and EC. He got P E crying and ran up pess. Oh, like go ee minutes. Fifteen minutes later Jane comes out with bunk cake and ICE TA. You know where's Frenk, I don't know he left. Shey didn't want to be ar sorry. It was definitely harder to be one of the girls o yeah. How how far apart are you and your brothers obviously Alex a couple of years older than you right and then you're a couple of years, older than billions, even ts, sixty alecus, fifty eight um I'll be fifty six of this year, even t billies. Fifty four Jane Fifty two Aneasi too and th one of the things about outlik. A lot of people don't give him credit for it. He's fucking hilarious, so go Ofer, go through the list of all the great actors of our time. All the way from Brando on put hem up, put 'em up and say how many have wanted O me: One: a Golden Globe and Ben Eter nominater to one on Oscar and a Tony Award, how many none exen Oan Brando not to Nero, not Pacino, not, but you know, go off through atust. None of them have gone off for those categories and the only one more Canhi Isred, O Merino Whos, actually one on a agolden globe. Onting onme one an Oscar one, a Tony and on a grame award she's one all five, you better start singing right ast might go back to losing think I might go back to losing a left left. Tes Por put no WIG, I'm getting in there nowfo SPRI, wht d. You think port. I O Kn, you give us a few bars right here, see how et goes. Okay, you're, ready, okay, you're Riady, ready Cause Youre expected Oh yeah at Te scale guy. I go her Ewe go Oise picture of birds flying outside your house. I E NOI'm not warmed up right now, but had I warmed up ce going a little higher, so I'm thinking, maybe there's a still shot for the grand like you're a shein. I think we have to start it right now. E kick off the Snehan start. The movement thanks Tocomin Hey so last year, yeah, I'm I'm a huge big brother Fan and season. Eighteen is only a couple of weeks. Away. Couple of months ago we had Jugg dautry on. He was on big brother fifteen and he's going to come back and we're Gono talk some big brother, but you just came from big brother. You were on celebrity big brother last year. Unfortunately, jooi lasted a little while, but are you a big fan of the show? You know I gon to tell Yo I all in all, I'm happy. I knew when I walked in the door literally, I knew it within twodays. It was going to Wan. I knew now understand I I I never delugein myself with what those shows are about today. So you know when you're up against Um, when I did I'm a celebrity get me out of here, the: U S version and you're in there against Engia. You know what I mean and people from American idol where theire voting base can be. You know, sudzing their hair in the shower with one hand and speed dialing their vote with the other O ats. We you're Goin te show when you're, when you're on a a British show. Your Chanc is besides Gary Busey one one time: that's the only American to ever went to show so youar chances of defeating somebody on their home, turf like that are pretty pretty rare and and what happened with Gary. The reason why she won was because it was a mercy. boate Gary went on there and you know- and Gary is not the same Gary- that we knew twenty five years ago. He Haon arpline motorcycle accient and he's you know so gary. You know- and I love Gary and I've known Gary a long time, but he's got a couple of screws that are little lose for sure, yeah, so Gar, so so so gary was on there and those guys picked on him and the British didn't like that. They didn't like that. The other Brits made fun of him and teased him and beat him up and they and they mercyvoted him to win that back Fard on the bridge. But when I got there I knew James Hill. I took one look at the kid he's: chiseled out a stone he's super handsome he's very humble he's a nice guy and I went. How do you beat that kid and he's abread? You know so so I I real. I realized that had it been important if the shows producers were smarter and they're not, but if they were smarter, they would have said the longer you staying the more money you make now. If they did it like that, instead of the way they do it, which is as long as you don't walk out the doors and quit and you don't do something to be thrown out, you get paid the exact same amount that you negotiated come on. There was something to be said. There was something to be said about each boat, its another twenty five grand or some crap like that yeah then you'd watch people willing to do things. You know I wasn't willing to sell myself down the river with a Janit D Genisstickinson and her antics, and really it didn't matter that much of me B'cause. I was already going to make my salary and keep my tag bi. Now, if they told me if I cut Janis stickand Shis head off y national telligon Fosi would, I would have cond her to pieces. Bu and people would have UNDERSTA said why you know righ. So when you watch Fara Abraham screaming and hollering ND, getting all that e energy away, and I would pull her aside and go imean. Why are you doing that? None of the things that I did that were good and thet were funny any of it aird none of it aird, because all that really fells ar u screaming and T and tearing into someone, I could have done that. Well. Why would I do that? I got to stay in there for eight days and I got paid all that, so you actually Wen on in a sense, if you're not going to win if you're not gon NA W, don't have a chance to on and there's no financial, I'm not selling a book, and I don't have a website that sells girls, Dil dos and the stuff that Sara does, and I don't need people to drive to my sight, like Janadas and some of the other people took to cure my income. I'm you know since then have made multiple movies and continued to do things that I do on television earning so it there was no incenctive for me and they told the produces. When I got out a one, you would have made it more interesting for me financially that it was worth my you know, accusing Auftin, an James Ar being gay and getting them all riled up, and I choose this one and that one yo w then that Wann't need sense to me I go, but otherwise I got to cook, keep my mouth Shet. I made four or five good friends. I mean James and I text t each other all the time. So he's he's a great guy, I'm glad that make sense wo them. I think that kid has such amazi movie star potential. If I don't know if you nowe that O act, but he's got to look she's a good kid, I'm happy for Himathe Wano part of the question. I was going to ask you. You know: What's the big difference from the Celebrity House, the regular house in one of the similarities that you just said and judg aid, the same thing is a lot of things that happened in the house got cut out and the American version for him as well. He said like funny things or, like you know, when the the quotincode like stars of the show, got in to fights T Y, they cut those out and just showed what they wanted to show. So it sounds like they kindo do the same thing on the celebrity side, but remember too that they, when you sign the contracts, they're very, very smart. When you sign the contract Um, they have the right to portray you any way they want. They have all the power. So if they don't like you or if they decide that you know th, that it behooves them to pit certain people and they ca, they can also edit things whatever the way they want. So they can literally have you sitting in in the smoking pit, let's say and I'm having a conversation with big love right now: okay, so he and I are talking and they curn around, and then they show they take something big loveset in a completely different conversation and they keep the camera on me like I'm listening and they play his voice going well. I hate that guy, I never liked them Ye want mewhile. Do you work fese people 'cause? Is that what you do on this bodcastling? Meanwhile, you you said that about somebody that you were talking about a conversation, that's not even on the show, and they lay your voice info, another conversation so that the audience gets all round. I'm thinking, Oh my God, what a baste Heis! I thought he really liked o Tommmy and Blah Blah. Meanwhile, you ween't even talkit about Tommy. Does that make you kindo reserve some of the things that you would say and like if the Recordingat the time are? Are you on guard all the time, then I you know, I made a choice M. I had a couple of rules that I told them Um at the time and still in the shinstill in my life, I'm engaged- and so I said as long as you're not going to put me in the situation where, if the girl start, you know, I want you to know if girls start taking off their close, which I've seen one o other shows that they're ned sun bathing or they jump in the pool or whatever I'm not going to do anything. Toill ASEND, my wife, you know my my wife would expect Yeu to get up and walk out of that rank or do whatever I go. So if you don't me in a position where I have to do something that's offensive to my wife and my marriage ago, then then then I'm cold man you can you can let me have it? Listen, there's N, there's no real sport in hunting in I su exactly. I don't know Iknow what you, but, if you're going to go o so when they're in a cage with a high powered rifle well, there's no question to me that I possess a hype, power rifle there's no question and I'm pretty good Marchman with him. So if you're going to put me up against somebody like Jani Stickenson and I look at her and I think Gosh, I remember that that amazingly beautiful model back in the seventies and what you look like now, I look at the shell of what he is and you know all the surgeries and how just ridiculous what a cartoon character it is, and I think do I really need to assassinate Thi Kit. I remember when I was h m the host of I'm a celebrity, get me out of her. We were sitting in like stadium CD, so they were KINDOF. You know, Um various heights, tefeats ther were like benches, like Lik in in a football game, and she was sitting in front of me and the host said to me e said Daniel. You know it was well documented, you're, difficultty Yu and your byther Stevens that you had with Jani Stickinson as you sit behind Yor right now and you're onlive TV tell us what do you think? What comes to your mind, T and I said JFK and then I went back Anto the left yea. So so so I mean to say: Do you like to? Is it worth going on television and just blasting people and I watched them? I watched how how I sane it was really difficult to be in that house. Let me tell you something: it was very nerve racking a there was a lot of attitudes and everything, but I mean when you ask for the major difference. It's way different to have to be in a house where people that are so um they they feel so entitled. I mean ow now about Jersey shore and these other regular shows, I'm sure that's a lot of big personalities and I'm sure they screen those kids. So they get the ultimate amount of conflict that they can. But you put celebrities that have had some noority and the poor British looked at tbe Americans and thought, my God are they all such monsters. I mean there was some real monistrous characters in that house and the Brich didn't even know what to do. Th it it's weird because they they've never brought that show over and made a version for the? U S, and maybe if they did do a, U s version and they did pay the celebrities for actually staying in the House 'cause. I don't think I'd be interested in watching it now that y. u you told me that it doesn't sound like there's any incentive. The only incentive that I saw that maybe you would have had to stay in the house was that I read you were trying to beat as far as Stephen got in the house. Oh Gosh, I didn't, I didn't care. No, I didn'tye, I was no. I I was I was like I said. Had there been, there was a few opportunities when I could have really crushed a couple of people there and I remember, holding my tongue because I got tmoself. You know I don't know what the advantage is to blasting this person and and like I said, if you made it, you know a teer ayment system that the long you want. Oh Watch out, ask people with us and I think if you wanted to really do it, you should do um. You know like let's do like celebrity slucg out or something where you just put people on your little beat Tho Shit at it. NOWTHAT thatw son Ling, a poxse y. You know what W let's come up with the show them. Let's come up with the concept, would still helpit O show oversiz head ear and go let Hem Nna and let the audience n pick them against t girls against girls, Tas, gainst, IE, ten floer, these five girl spot guys in each house and the House has to win and just sortof beat TNO. No, the only thing you can do is tap out, but you can't tap out inside the first minutes. So if you get a really good hole en shit at 'em, fortosit there on POC and take it but's, do it yeah remember when they did that back in the day they did the the celebrity boxing with H, who, as Willis, was on it yeah got gonto, say Ointo, say celebrity: Death Match Ethe Digever, deathmask, Cla, Aon, Oung ATSAT', celebrity running man, N Yesse, runny man, yes, the Arnold movie, and they track Tyo Guy Trough the tunnel system and everything and you just you, send all Youris Richard Dawson's still alive with Yor da Yeah Dawson was mazing and that yeah he was ano, but we could bring somebody into play. Dosson who ASTONBI Aklouis Anderson, no, no, no Letet, Tasi Jack. No! No Simon cabilly crystal. Let's get billy crystal you're goin you're, going to way up the ladder that might be talk to you, yeah well, Tassin was no younster. When he did runnin man. No, he was sixty, oh yeah, absolutely, and then they shot him through a billboard sign at the end. Yeah Alcoo shuld billy show a BILLBOR, signd IPRETTY. So beyond Workat Howe adult on a Parsare game, Shian Howe Park how he perfetly somebody eah got a little SA little grease on 'em Lu gets greasy. How in there perfect you've been on your fair share of reality shows t like you were just talking about H, I'm a celebrity ou did that you did T fit club Yo did celebrity reab. You know what I do Thot I do when they first the first celebrity read. I did the first fit club. I did the only I'Ma Celebitye so when they first come out with the idea, so I can't be the nineteenth or twenty Nintes or fifty eight Guy Tha go through it. You know I I look at it and I say is that something that that I want to do, and you know it's not my first choce to what to do, but I've got kids e, you know, and it's and one when I go through and they say do you want to do the TV series you're the Gad of Lenny and Squigy and were reviing? You know Lvi US lost all yeah. It has there's such shit out there. Now. You know you had some top stretches on these shows, but now I understand kind of where you're coming from, because Youre get yut paid anyway. So gus a shit, but the other thing was going to ask you: Is it? Are these enjoyable to do or you just do it for a paycheck or do celebrities? Do it for a paycheck and it sounds like maybe that's just the case. Lli thik. I think I remember sitting with Dr Drew and and when I chose to to that show. I chose tough. That show, because I had a well document- has adocumented history in my drug ediction I had been sober already and I said to Jru. I said you know, I'm sober right. I mean I don't need to come into past, Pasadena, H and and get ss now I realized Ha. I think it would be an interesting perspective for some of these other people, and so his eyes were bright and wide open, and I think he really believed she was going to do this interesting Rehab show where he was going to have people, but there's a problem with that. When you bring celebrities and- and you turn a Tamera on them, it it' it's an absolute cocktail for disaster. You know so and on my particular season I think two or three of those people are dead now Jeffisdad y from t from taxi another one o them died. What's your name who jestied the wrestler? China just died, yes, ientist die point. The point T was I'm in New York during the today show, and it was something to do with either Charlie shine ad gotten in trouble again or Linsy or whatever, and they asked me if Iad come, onand speak wis, Um, NAT Lour, and so I I'm sitting in the greenroom and income t doctor Jo and I looked at him and and Y. I got along fine with Drepeit's a nice enough guy and I said to him. I said you know it doesn't work right. I knew tat too meas a dozen DOE A. I said: No Man, it doesn't. I goyou champ FIP celebrities in front of a camera and expect them to be totally honest and go through the therapeutical things that are done in a reab and not worry about you know being seen or depicted in a certain way. I O you get some raw moments, but you're never really going to get go and n when you would leave we'd be left in in in t he in the tolage of some of the worst monster producers of all time, so tre LE after it looked like he was running this tight little ship and then these guys we like s on she, take your braws, an jump in the pool and see cidn't get the voice and they' whisper little ideas into their head, and you know the girls are taking their tops off in the pool and I'm looking at the at t e at the one colinition that' still there at nint time and ago. This would never happen an we have. Why are you letting them do that? But from the production standpoint it makes brilliant television right, nd, th and, and they then tru comes the next day and I say: Well: The girls were swimming around with friends from outside the pasile and ecame to visit them, two of them at their tops off in the pool and my wife's home saying. Why are you doing this? Show that you're already sober with people that are naked swimming in area, and so I said I'm done. I got to go, and so I last tha sho and I told you that he said Yeah. No, I know it doesn't work any the end of the day. You know it may indeed you know, hurt someone Sorun or hurt someone's attempt. Meanwhile, two months after he eftthat B doing that episode with Matlour Jer Sinonso new season too, and he did season three and four anfit. So I mean at the end of the day, what's the most important thing really helping those people that needed help to some of those people really needed to help te ell obvious, obviously just 'cause a couple of them are dead. You know sounds like were in reality. The most important thing was, as always, probably money. Well Yeah. They ther. You have it. So you know w whether I, when I left that show I I had to forego. That was when you walk up the door. You give up the money and I thought Ig, I'm just not saying here. The reason whay I did the show was why shouldn't my sobriety get as much attention as as when I got in trouble when I was using, so I thought that was actually a decent way to love. People in Harlywood know: Hey he's sober now, you know and watching thes Zou that went on in that show too. You know I j, I stood back and said: Okay Hen go ahead, that's what you want to do and, and I tried to help people, but it just wasn't worth being on there. That was Sur. That was one of the ones I wish I hadn't done probably didn't want to get into a situation where it would bring you down. Yeah Affect You, yeah, you know of what control do you really have over anyone else's actions, but your M wh it was. It was hol to me the billorights by the producers to the show and Evr that it was Goinna. I thought it would be quite compelling to see someody talk about some of those things that led them to their addiction and then the process of trying to help someone. I thought that would actually be really cool, Tee da Yoa reality T v. We all looked at it as people that have been on and you know and been around the business like yourselfs for many years. I looked at it at first and I thought well. This was never going to last well, we were all wrong. It's it's none around. This is this: It's the doval trump of television, nooe soom is going to go as far as it as and here it is it's cheap to produ seem to produce a sheet to me. You know, and and and sitting there watching other trains wrecking can be quite compelling some time o time. So you know it's found it's niche and people are watching it still, N and sadly, because that quality television isn't really being produced anymore, because it would be far more expensive and it's more complicated to do and that's what America is you know America is, that is, is a giant Vegas roller coaster, you know. So it's it's fun. Well, since we're talking about fiction, let's move to a fiction movie that you were in. You played with Longside Jeanes Woods and the movie Vampires Yea, which is a movie that I love John Carpenter's, probably my favorite hard director of all time amuse me diconic movies. As I'm talking right now, I have escaped from New York. I have like three of his posers righting from yeah. What was it like? Working with John Carpenter, I mean it was that an amazing thing was a really tough. How was T it now John and I and his wife Standy along Saas Um? He we really liked each other. I really respect John He's. You know obviously the most iconic and greatest hard director Um. His genre is his own and has been throughout my entire lifetime. I'd say before him was probably his talkd and Um. I don't know if anyone surpassed H, you know people will talk about West and some other people since John, but he he's definitely M he's still the man in my eyes and Um. He was a great guy to work with. It was quite interesting to see um how humble he was. You know he was. I don't think John Ever realized what how powerful, how powerful he was. He did a great thing, one time U, I took a meating, he and I and friends, wor and still or friends, but we just don't spend that much time with each other anymore, but there was there was that wave of of time, when Barry Leminson did the show, I was on homicide and a lot of big movie directors are getting involved in television and movie Pso r Bluckhlimer, of course, has done so many shows, and so on. So anyway, we got approached by Imagin, encentainment and uh Ron, Howard and and Brian Razor are going to take this meeting with John Carpenter, and I we've come up with an idea for a TV show and O e go over to a magic. This was probably like mid nineties, early nineties yeah, it's like mid ninees. This is just after Um. Vampires came out: Oh okay, oh so, like the end of the nineties, okay, the Vampires en vampares aomicid late later in ninety S, and so we get into this big like like out of a movie this BG Long Table. You know it was like probably ten chairs on each side and one chair at the top and and there's Grazer an D and Penron and Um, and all these women? U The other twenty chairs. It's me and John and like eighteen of these other chairs, are all girls and H and and so we're talking and Eron's, very humble and Kindo, quiet and h just likes to listen and Gracher JERE's, a lot of talking. You know so hedoes somewe within the conversation jobs got the big Straw hat on and Uh Gracowell yeah y. We all know what you do Jon, but but the point that I'm trying to make is: Where do we ane goes o Anjom Coes, I bak yo p. He goesw, I mean we all know what you do. We all know you scared people and that's that's your forta. That's O Yogo, just Ki! Oh John, don't learn. Have I polace a a like ut? This means going so well and Jon goes. You know Gosh, like not nowing me. I Gat's, like your Annoyn, you because you think you know what I do. An Te y put his twe fingers on the table and he got really quiet and he started walking. He said because the elevator you knowiverte door opens and he walks into the elevatoristin fingers nd he pushes egos and then you seem singer push nine and the elevator dors close and the starts walking again eosi'm in the ellow Haitr and you obviously know I'm going to the night floor and then the doors open and in a little piece of paper. I look down at it and says: Nine Nineteen. So now we all know we're looking for nine nineteen and he steps his fingers a couple of times on to the table and he watkh out and e goes, and you see that annoying time. That says: Nine, Oh one to nine Twe, O nine eighteen, I know t and you got and goes and and you look and you make the left towards and O go by nine. Oh One, an you go and es walking this ting at the entire time. I more intense onnine, N, four nine, ten, nine seventy Waner Yor and you know: We've been chasing the KYOF, the entire moven and is right on the other side of the store and you reach down an e start to turn him and the guy's. Not there t I labs the table stis and everyone in the farm s, the girls were screaming, they were screaming because he got ru and he's not there, and then he slams the table and he looks up t and he goes. You See. You think that the reason why I'm tangous is because I make you go, he said, that's not why he said the reason why I'm good at what I do is 'cause. I keep you on the edge of your sucking feet is Wi, which is what sets the eye up and he got up and walked own man, and I looked over him and I thought you know what yeasked fact. What makes hem great is that you're you're sitting there. You know it's coming you just a bucking horrible, but are you compelled and on the edge of your scene and nervous and WCASS? You know? What's Gon and the answer is yes, that's what makes them John Carpenter. That's why why they've been he's been dubbed the Master of horror for reason, ESA Master Demas? I wish that you would have another afflict that would come out. It would be there'd, be big. It's been a little bit but h, that's cool, scool twork! You know, you never know Johnny. I think he you know he does. He does people don't realize. Hehe writes all O Uen. He us kee plays almost all the time music, a EA. He, Oh, it's pretty awesome. Yeah. Do you mentioned homicide a couple of times and I was a fan of Hams. I was. I was in high school when homicide was out, so it was a cool show. I liked it. You know you played the tough guy, you know detective Seltan and you were on for three seasons and then you get into that shoot out. You know you and your partners get shot. You come back and then the next season rolls they was season for you're, not there and then season five. They decide to kill you off when you're, not there. Ol. Here's heres what happen so when you sign a t V deal it used to be back, then you signed to find your deal and if the show I is is qualifies for Syndication. If you go into your fourth year, so you have to make a certain amount of shells in order to to weep to Um, to reach the requirement of indication, and so when you make that five, your deal, it's it's not in it's not written in stone, but it's pretty well understood in Hollywood than if they pick you up for season. For as a courtesy, the network and the fend, the produce of the show, come to you privately and say: okay, we like to renegotiate your contracts and we now have qualified, because, with Homicide d, The deal with Barry a a D and and the powers that be on the sholas were not paying particularly me and that baby we were the ones that had worked the most in television and had you know, Realy High quotes, although Andre Brower is a great actor and Melisalio, and you know Kil Secor and all these ciffen people, none of them had a TV quote, they hadn't done moking. The TV series like I did at the time, nor were they really that namous and I already was known and an ad anknown family, and so on. So I took a big PAG cut to do the show- and I said, that's okay, I believe in the show- I think it's a great show. So we do season one and then we get picked up for season too, and then we finish season. Three and Tom Fontana flies up to h Toronto, where I'm doing a movie n and I'm directing the film- and he says t me I just wanted to come to and tell you we're not going to offer anyone any more money, even though we've been picked up for season for and said well. Why is that I said so you and Barry and the other people are going to make more money your qualified for syndication, you own, the show I don't know on any peace show. I said it's funny because every time it's time to sell the show and fly somebody out Tor the east coast, to do let him in and do the morning America and go back to California and do the tonight show Bu you don't ask Perhour, you don't ask Gaundre, you don't ask or you don't ask Cil 'cause. They can't get on that show, but I can so you lean on me to do the publicity for the show and and use me as your horse, but at the same time you're not going to pay me anymore money and believe me what I say I took a dramatic Pik. I said Thank Kill my character and write me off the show and they and they looke to me, and I I think they expected. I was just going to be happy with the fact that I was on this award winning show, which I was happy for that to be on that show for three seasons, but I wasn't willing to get beat up anymore, financially, 'cause, it's eight months, I baltomorow and it doesn't allow me to do any other shows and e felt that Pontana and those guys were very selfish in that assistent, and so he left it open. For me, you know if you want to come back, you can come back. I think there was a lot of Um mental and D and Games and stuff that went on between Tom Fontana, particularly you kno. I Tom didn't really care for me very much and Um an, and you know he he proved Gat in a lot of his writings and things that he would do. There was a a time when Alec was supposed to do the show and he asked me: Do you think alic would do it, and so I I went to Alic and I asked me he said Yeah. I would love to do your show, so they write the episode and they send it to Alacan they and they give it to me and the episode is alip playing chess most of the time with with Euntre brower and so Oloquen is your characters. Name Pembleton and I said no, it's something his. Why didt Ho write this whole episode for me and and Tebleton Tis? I don't need a job. You know as a gestor on a t V show you said I I I I'd be doing the show, because I wanted to work with my brother and play, and so I said of course I said Tom. Why would you not make my character, the poubletan character, an this an had alec and I work together. Jess no e'e not doing Tisthe upsode in rot, so ill, say: Okay! Well, no, I don't want to do the choldren. So three episodes later Richard Billser's character, munch in a scene with me, leans over to to a med baby, go yeah. It's like the movie, the Renao, the movie, the get it did. You ever see that and that baby goes no. I never saw it and Dolser Gos yeah. Nobody did and he throws he throws it dig at my brother and of course I read that and I walked into this office an e really now y you're gont. You can take shots at my brother through a script of a show. Imon, I'm like what's fucking wrong with you Ma'n? No, why would you ever do something? But but that was kind of the kind of stuff he did. You know he he he. He obviously was the boss and he had you know the ability to to make people sit instatable and when they didn't sit and fetch and told them to fuck off. Like I did't Y, you end up afl the show an that's okay. I lived to see ou another day, lwas on callcase for multiple years, and you know I did ther stuff toring an and really sad thing about about that relationship than he had with a couple of actrors and sh NOWs. We all would sit around and say God s such good Ra. He really is a good writer. He makes compelling interesting television. I would work wir Tim again. I just isjust a day I jus stay in the HOCE. I would stay in my ote, Iwou, say: M. It's crazy! 'CAUSE, like you know, all these years go by and like Yo know. Obviously, unless you told that story before like how hell would somebody know, 'cause Itwas, just so weird how it all happened, how I, as just like all right now, he's gone and th n we're going to take this regular character and kill hem off years later it was fucking stupid and I never got it yeah. I think I think they left h. They left some stuff. An I had some crazy shit happened to me on that show too y an nreal life. There was a. There was a lot of Um it was. It was such a. We would sit there and we would wait for the episode, Youn and Y. They give it to us. It was you know, 'cause. I it was really so well written. We really were spoiled to be on a show Whit's written as well as not you know, Yash and some of those guys that wroke those episodes and Tom included- you know they just wrote- touch interesting cool stuff. It was really a fun show. You know, I remember how many people are up in the production of was waiting for the SCRIP to come out. You know w woud rel get we were, we were pretty uh. We were pretty high on that Temasa, and that was the time too. You know like in the late Twenties Early Thirties, where your test ostern is jus flying really high, and you know you you think you can. You can beat the world and M, but I like I, like the O. I like the experience to doing homeset, but I wouldn't have done anything different when somebody turns around and h. You know you lookin the well and if you've had an opportunity you to drink from the whill, it becomes your responsibility to replenish the wil so that other people after you can also take a sip. But if you're going to stick your mub and left and right and just keep drinking wild an people around herrationing, that's a little shit. I agree. That's not the way to be. That's, that's not the way to be the leader, man, that's not a leader, you know, that's a bleeder, there's a big difference! Well, we'll we'll take it from there into your own form of directing and writing the wisdom to know the difference. No, I know it was on the film's fetival circuit for a while. How do you put yourself as a director like you've worked with all these people over the years o you worked with L Ke, you worked with John Carpenter. Do you take a little piece of each one of these Po Yeah Yeah ther're GT, there's great lessons to be learned by all the exercise wor to Oliver Stone and Barry Levinson and John Carpenter and stepen freers, and I worked to some pretty big directors, Michael Man Um. You know so so yeah. I I take um little elements of different things that I learn from then you know from Um the there's different sciences in different ways of doing things. You know John Taugh Me Wel, the Grackins he taught me was with the camera, and that was John Woodwoll, two cameras side by side, one closer than the other and simultaneously rell multiple cameras, because he didn't want to tax his actors plus remember Johns. Coming from that more old school. Where you know you didn't write, Andi stuff, he would have the the the really great S. special effects of people lay the hoses, you know with blood in your neck and then put the stuff over it and paintit perfect, so that there was a guy behind the feet in the in th in the in the Gep when she bites my neck and he just squeeze those lotters and shop. The blight out of my neck, and now that takes hours and hours nd six seven hours of sitting in a chair and having those those craftsmen and D and Masters do their work and you get one shot at that: you're, not shooting that stuff. All the Rann Wa oup again and Havin. He you Gotto, get it right. You know so John showed me, particularly in the acting too Um. You know the advantages of having multiple cameras is what I always take from John Um, and- and so you know, I remember with Levinson Y. U we all really wanted to impress Barry, I mean he had made so many iconic films and and Um, and he directed the first episode of homicide and in the first day the first shoot that we did was entre brow and I are walking through on this parking structure, and you know they have all these white cavaliers, dtectives N in Baltimore drive and e Andraes left the keys upstairs and he had to en back up and get them and couldn't remember where he parked the car and so we're we're doing we're walking from card a car using the cheese. I did not Tsi, you know, ting to open it and so and so we're walking and the analogy in the in the dialogue is it's it's it's a racist istue. So he saying things to MOU: That's the way you are man, you think they'e all the same, don't you and I'm looking going wher. They. They all do look the same. Don't they and you and we're doing this thing where it's heating up more and more between USBECAUSE. He knows that I'm a Baltimore Red Neck and I'm a bit of racist and he's trying to poke at me and I'm trying to fuel it with him and so we're doing the sceme we're doing the scene and barry turned around and you know and we're young D were young and we're hard. You know wwe're looking to try to one up each other and the eyes marry eleven son Aboe A and B. She goes okay guys. Well, what would you want to do different and so ante said? Well, you know I mean I could get a little bit more in his space and a d be more. He goes hegoes that would be different. He said Daniel a he looke, a Mister Bell, I'm a little bit bigger than Andre Sad. You know. So I don't know. I would look to you know stupid of me to try O get up in his face and- and you know, and were going back and forth aand after it literally when the whole crew was standing around for five minutes onset. That's a long time and we're having this discussion for five minutes, O finy ent, Hey Barry. What if I just threw the whole thing away like it was a joke. What, if I just pretended it didn't matter me at all, I just KINDOF said the words nonsalently and let him get upsetand went great idea to try that he and he clicked his fingers and ponted at me and he walked away, and I did this kind of more w you. I remember the last line. The scene was with the way you Dresse, we even the you're black. You know, which was which was insinulting that because he dresseds so well he's wee just too well to be in African America, and it was supposed to be a stinging line. E threw it away now. I know, and I knew when I walked off that set that's exactly what he had in his mind, cminin. He said what else, but he knew a secret and the secret was. You can leave him water, but you can't make him drink and he knew that if he had motivated us to find that in the creater process with him that we would have portrayed and better onscreen than him just telling us just throw it away. So he brought us in and he allowed us to find it with him so that it mattered to us too, and that was a great lesson as a director for me that I don't just tell actors what to do. I suggest things are sceared them in the direction so that they go hey what I in I o. that's a great idea o try that and they realize that, because they were involved in it, they weren't just being told to do something. They have to be motivated to Wan, to do it, and that was a great lesson that I took o Eponon so yeah. I I when I made the wizom to know the difference. Um I made the movie because I promised myself after a certain situation of my sobriety had happened to me. I said one day: I'm going to tell that story for sure you know. I promised Myself Thi Gy Bob. It was the first guy. I don't know if you're familiar with the twelve steps, um alcohol', enonymous or any of the T programs, but I'm I was about to do my first system. We I'm going to admit to God andto another human being the nature of all my wrongs and go through the laundry list of crap that I've done in my life and and and this guy he said to me he goes. You know, I'm sure that you have and lots of stuff. You know in you're past and lots of things that you're not proud of he said, and so do I he goes, and so I want you to. I want Yo ee Gonto, leave it here today and we're going to go through that list and we're going to make those odmissions so that you never have to keep any of these dogs fecrets again. That would lead you to potentially relapsing on on drugs again, so I sa Great, and so he said, let me tell you a little story about myself aid. I grew up in the yard in a trailer park in Chino. In California, my mother was a prostitute and I had one brother, my mother, you know she was a very, very bad. I using heroin anecs and often she would turn around and she would say no come on in the house bobby. I have to have to go to work. You know she was about to go hit, some truck, stop and and- and you know, go down on some guy in a truck for twenty bucks- is in the y sixties. Aceve year older than I was, and so he told her. She told him hother get in the bathtub and get your put. Your clothes, get your clothes ready and we're going to take a bath, and I goin to drovp me off next door at uncle phils ou kno cause Phil's going to watch Yom and Uncle Phil was the neighborhood trailer owner, who was a really really bad alcoholic and all she had to do wit. The mother was when she was done. She Po Litset, the U contract, whatever was and dropped it off in up the fiddles and the ND and the kid wuld stay there. So he's in the backtup he's seven years old, she's latering not getting ready to take them mov in uncle pills, and she comes in and says to O boby. Let's go and she says MMI, I really don't want to go to uncles hils. I don't want to go there anymore and she said Bob. You have to go to uncle fil. Let's go get out of the cub and get your clothes on you. Don't up a bills momy after you work, Mommy Tlase don make o good uncle fills anymore. I don't want to go there. Why? Don't you want to go to uncle thils 'cause uncle spill makes me play Gom, and in that moment the mother realized that her seven year old sons being raped by the next door, alcoholic that hed Ben feediuntail for years. So she looked at the little boy and she said you stay in that Basktub Robert and you don't move until momy gets back. Do you understand he nodded this head? And I remember him saying you know my mom called me Robin. I knew I was the shit was about Toan. She never called me Robir. So I sat in that I sat and that Ti and I stad it for about forty five minutes e. It was a long time ciuse the water was getting called and I was getting kindof called D. I I heard the door open up and my mother's hiels cloking down the middle of that Astra and she came in the leaned, her head of the curtain- and I looked at my mother and she's just taring at me, and I can see that there was a little bit of blood in her face and blood in the front of a dress and because I was sitting down in the bathtub, I could see underneath her dress in e low angler tiing and there was blood tripping profusely from behind her dress, and I thought what happened to my mom. Why is she pleading and she stepped past the curtains and lobbed two objects on my lap? They were uncle Phil's arms. She had hacked e, All wit, an apple on he shoulder down and threw them and GE on my lap. She threw them on my lap and she said: Don't worry bobby he'll, never suckin toucy wit Gow and she walked out of the ROM. And now she tells me if she goes so anyway. Fi feel blood to death, because my mother tacked his arms UPF and she did the rest of her lecting. For that, I'm trying to make is we're going to leave all those secrets behind us. He went right aft into his pitch of telling me about being OA. I thought she has his flucking Armclot with an ax, an threw them on the kid's lap in a bathtop which was seven years old yeah I a I O and I had tough childhood, and so I got in my car from after doing my Sisfstep, and I said one day, I'm putting that in a movie. I'm definitely going to tell that story and I did a story and I wrote it and no one wanted to make it for me, because it was a better, a guy who kidnapped young, Latin and Latina Onheroen Attic and took them up to big bar to were cabining on Rom Silver and they knew this guy and I wrote the script. It was a true kind, O semitrue story, and no one would give me the money, and I said, look I you know I can make the whole movie for, like you know, fifty seventy grand or whatever, and then we'll put some money in postme. Let me show you what I can do on this film for a very short amount of money, and still no one would would give me the money. So I raised the money privately with some other people. I shot the movie for just under sixty grand and then I dumped another hundred in the post. It was in twelve filme festivals at one best picture, anainst, multimillion dollar films. Eleven Times I on Bespiture, eleven o twelve ses. It's a really cool little indy. Look at this. This dis adventure with this girl up to her cabin and and him getting her sober and h. You know it. It's worn a lot of award and that's all great Bah Blah Blah va, but I'll tell you one thing that I probably will, but I I'd love to do this again, but I know the chances of my joing dinner, pretty Werl 'cause, I 's the first time I ever did it as a result of making a film I've ended up saving human beings, lives and I've had people watch the film and GOINGTO recovery. I've had people an recover, stayin recovery as a result O seeing the film I've had the film motivate family and members to put family members into treatment. A D and also the the sober recovery center in San Antonio Texas was built as a result of making the film. So I'm very proud of the fact that in in in a direct and indirect way, the making of a movie has US attributed to the saving of human beings, lives 'cause. You can win all the awards you want, but I can't imagine an can be bigger than that number. One that story was fucking, shocking and amazing at the same time, but I'm extremely happy for you. I think the whole movie sounds awesome. I definitely have to see it, but your continued sopriety since you know you're. I think it was your tenth stint and that's what you're talking about with H with the sober recovery center, and I think that was your last and but one of the things you're quoted os saying and you KINDOF just send it right there. You know: There's millions F, Americans Hou suffer from addiction, and if you just reached one person with the film, it would be the biggest reward ever and it sounds like it. It definitely is, and it's an amazing quote, and it shows you really care about the cause, and it reminds me when I read it reminds me a lot of my friend John Preston TDID. I I served within the Marines John's a musician and everything this guy does is to raise awareness about PTSD and it's all about vets and need help, and, coincidentally and KINDOF, sadly, a lot of those guys that Havpptsd they they turn to drugs. Ow call the kind of Dolipane so ow I kinda. I really want to see the movie. It sounds like you put your heart into it, yeah. You know for a little sixty thousand drivin job. I'm one of my servovite stories about the movie was. I got my brother Billy to agree to play. You know my brother in the film he's got just a couple of seeds, so I tell Hem wee're coming up on the time we we're going to shoot the movie bill and to when he go so yeah when is than again and I cell him again and he goes yeah N. I don't think I can do thet, I'm I'm getting off this one film in Toronto and I have like four days off. I goes and then I go reght Antn, I'm like well, no, you can't say now you're not doing it Igo, because you've already said you would do it and you have to fly for at least one day to Texus and do the movie, and so he then turned around and said Yeah. I'm sorry! I just if you can figure out a way to shoot me in California. I might be so to move my whole production, get ready to bring all my camera people and everything and fly people to California to shoot billy as grass and not sho to Oti NATOIA. I get that all ready and billy goes yeah. I still think I need a few days off Bro. I'm sorry can't you just get somebody else, so OL WOUL! I do. I pulled the torpedo, Stil loter and I said to my mother: I go. I got people to put up this money to do this movie and Billy said he would do it now he's backing out. She Bey goes okay, Honeyo, CA, right back and so sh. He gets off the phone e two minutes go by my phone, Grin Lok down it's billy and I anser he wos in mom eas. You cal, aarm and told mom bat I said Di. I go. Did you say you were going to do my movie back out? He goes you're an ASS or whatitwas. I pulled the mom bomb on the man I hade nor choice. When can we see this movie, I can get you a copy n, the movie you want to see at it's now with a distributor. You know, there's so much legal crap that they do. I mean it's. It's amazing that H, you know they. They um the contracts that- and this is a part of bout, the business that I hire s all a hiterm to take care of, but I think it uh, I think, it'll be out on DVD and Net flicts and all that stuff. Before Christmas, it's coming out right. Well, you know, I can say e Diamond Phillips. I can say Billy Ballan E dn, tebo O, but I don't have the one Brad Pad or the guy that makes you runs. You know supposedly to the box office and go see it or even to the DVD store and they put hem on a certain shelf or whatever. So it's a little indie, that's a really dark cool movie, but Lake Yoma tink about it. When, if I had five million dollars to make it, you know, I could sit there and shoot giant, crane, shots and helicopters and Allsoof Shit. You Know Na Yo know better than it is, but it's it's a cool story. You you feel compelled that you're on this adventure with this girl was trying to kick haroing and, and you know, and she's a prostitute and she's being stalked by her. Her P boyfriend- and you know- and I think you get into the story so it's hard to compete with films. Now that was the thing from Oliver Stone that I tok you know all Ofer would throw so much money and Somthn ecause. We had that kind of muscle. When I worked with him, I'm boarn in the fourth of July. You know. So if they wanted to bring in you know, two have sixteens to shoot a rocket and blow up a tank. They bought an old SANC and they bought in F sixteens and blew it up. You know when you have that kind of money. You know, and San and and you're not going CGI kind of stuff, and you want to have you know. Twenty thousand soldiers go to Thailand to get twenty thousand soldiers dressed up in the MERIPHAN. SOAND shoot them from a distance. A lot O runng around and steee each other, it looks really cool. You know to me: It's amazing, you could even h you can even make a movie for basically the price of the Cadillac Yeah. You Ca, you can and not only that you can make a compelling film. You know for that money ar a lot of people going to see there wosdom on e difference, probably not, but that's who e're playing the Festaeok it comes in. So if you mate a decent enough film and it wins some awards when they put those laurels on the thing and you're looking fough scanning O, oh, what's the as O othe difference now anybody that goes to a twelve step meeting nose that that's. The third stands up. What's known as the Serenddin prayer, God grant me this rendermy to accept the things. I cannot change the courage, tha change, the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. So if you're one of the twenty five million people that are in AA and that that that title catches you you might then go in and look and when you see what in the description, you know what what's what it's about, you might be somebody who wants to watch that Sil 'cause it's going to reach you and and there's stuffin there and dialoguing there that you exclusively as a member of AA or or any of the ADA ending. You know, societies and groups, you'll know what this films about and you'll appreciate. It won in some Ra and that's your targets, so there's a definite t, there's a definite target audience for sure, but but again had it gone to theaters and I had bigger names in it. If I got ten billion up to twenty five million bignitted members o day a to go to, I that's a ninety million dollar film. That's that's a pretty good to so o, so maybe for the sequel, yeah it. It's definitely set up for multiple stories, O it was quite draining. I learned some valuable lessons doing. The film was quite draining to Um to to wear that many Hass to be the actor the director and the producer. I I don't t I'll ever um I'll lact in a film that I direct but I'll, take a smaller rol. It's it it's too much to do at once and I hated producing. I couldn't stand O I'll, never preters, another Silm Wldo. You have anything else coming up in the pipelines to speak. I know you have some new stuff to actin in. I am I'm about to shoot a couple of things M. I'm going to Um, there's two things, one I'm doing with with rob and my wife WTO do a cooking, show, Um and and the reason. Why is because of the way we cook and and the things we do together we go the same day. We live in Axard, which is in the Um, the farm belt of southern California. So we have hundreds and thousands of acres of of organic flarms all around our home, so we'll go to one of the farm stands and literally Piecebi Pece pickout, that you tomatoes pick out the cabbage Li out whatever and we also live on the water. So we fish quite a bit so um I it's it's actually a really great way. I came up with the idea of doing it. While I was playing golf with a friend and and my wife and I played golf, the other two and I said: Hey well, we come out next time. W should bring the girls. He was more of the old school e. wasn't your wife to come, pat of- and I said, actually you know what it's really fun. We sit in the car together and we laugh and we talk and we go through our gay and pass Tuch good relationship with there, because I learn the Hardwan andalt relationships. I communication is everything, and so when we, when we do o when we cook together, we cook everything fresh that day and we sit there and then at the end of the gay, we're done with the meal and we shut out by the water outside with a couple of cans me have a beautiful meal together, Tha we both prepared and spent. You know four hours making together. So I thought what a great idea to invite another couple over for dinand do a couple's cooking, show nice, so Wi, wwe're, werring preproduction is getting that set up now and I think I'm going to do. I've got a little pilot about M, a sober living house and some of the crazy antics that go on the so bloming Os. I'm going to shoot a test on that next month and- and I might traw my hat in the ring of doing it- Talk U you're natural for it. I might I'm going to host my own talk show, I think, we're we have a small um production studio here in in Axonar that I'm affiliawith called Malebu films, that's owned by Greg Handley, the guy who owns silder rigt, all sobe recover, somes, yeah, so grag has put together some really nice equipment in the studio with Robert Fervuson, who owns diet, free life and I'm thinking in the off hours in the evening. I might do a little celebrity. You know, based talk, show and and host that I m M tinking about doing I'm getting old man. I can't keep flying around doing movies for sixtee. If I kick it off and I get ia Gon I'll be sure to come on your show, O absoluyeah that'd be great wellhey thanks a lot for for coming on t tat as great take it easy manatual happen, guys coly

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