Dueling Decades
July 10, 2019

It's a History Death Match between the first week of July 1984 vs July 1992!

It's a History Death Match between the first week of July 1984 vs July 1992!

This week on Dueling Decades, we are back in action with a championship duel! Joe Findlay returns to put his title on the line in a Week Experience match up with the hostess who ate all the Hostess, Marc James! Will the reigning and defending...

This week on Dueling Decades, we are back in action with a championship duel! Joe Findlay returns to put his title on the line in a Week Experience match up with the hostess who ate all the Hostess, Marc James! Will the reigning and defending champion find victory with July of 1992 or will the summer heat bring defeat? Mancrush steps behind the bench to judge this one with case of jet lag from hanging at Prince’s house and for the first time on our show we have our own version of a mix-matched challenge! Will Marc James be able to bring the title home to the good ole USA? Listen, and play along at home then join us at facebook.com/duelingdecades and continue the debate!


Infirmary mediapeop aget Dul CA, the Pixi O Pla, but I tot O im ranagain upon that cap, but stot the power GOPCOM fiht for Wat Lov, who com, Topo, P, Copi, ancrita, paete Te poecap, would take a grave, a O, Balla Asic. I A MA e Tano comefigt for what you love oneos broadcasting from the biobaday studios, where water does it better? It's the adult, audio Retro Game Show where the Eighties and Nineti es do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. Let's take a look at this week's toolers and the decades and weeks they will be fighting for in the weak experience. First off he's the duelling decades champion healing from Saint Catherine's Ontario Canada, Joe Finley, everybody jokingly here, host of miss cast commentary. I am taking care of July fifth, O July, Eleventh Nineteen, ninety two to fend that title with the nineties and whowill step up to challenge this champion. Eh. It is I mark James. I am dualing with the second week of July nineteen, eighty four and I am ready to bring the title home to the good old. U Sa Ho and has always here in our show, we need someone to a judicate all of this awesomeness, so we brought back the man who joe defeated t to become champion. Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise for Judge Mancrush. It's right. I am back. I won't be biased in this one. This is going to be right down the middle, and this was actually supposed to be Eric, mockers call tonight, but h he couldn't wait. Another twenty minutes, so I'm here on jetlag and everything else. So excuse me for my voice. Soundin, like Shit, been up since five a M, but I'm ready to rock JOE's out to prove that he's no paper champion. We shall see what happens glad to be. I feel I feel like it's Shan Michael's geftrefering a Brent heart match right now. Hough, Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is for the dueling decades championship the judges coinflip shout aside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music news and for the weak experience hunt products will be replaced with sports, a judge's ruling we'll determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points. Apiece in the winning decade shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, deelers put down your controller and take your hands off your joystick. It's time for some to Aos all right before I get to the cointofs. I just want to a little shout out to Bang Yeahi'm trying to stay awake here B ut, I said I've been up since five am, and so I picked up one of these bangs and this one it was the last one they had in the shelf. I was a little skeptialof first, but it's a black cherry, Vanilla, big fan of the Black Jerry, Vanilla, Bango, this it tastes like Dr Pepper. It does. It does personally my favorite, I hate to admit I'm a big fan of the pink Unicorn s that one's pretty good ilike purple haze. Is it purple something e's like grape sone yeah? It's purple, Hase Man, great flavor, maybe we'll pick them up as a sponsor. Ah Big friend of the bend he's boys a case. Yeh tend me a lot of em for nights like this see what I got to flip here, lowhit that can of Bang Alf, like that. I heard that got a little wolvarine guy here from secret wars. Little Wolverine Bibblehead, which, interestingly enough Eric Mocker, gave to me at one point. So little symbolism there. But if you see the figure that would be heads back of the package well be tails, I guess we'll go to mark the challenger for the flip calld Mark Art, I'm going to call tales right well actually landed like this, so that would be tales riright you get control. What would you like one point round? Let's start off with news, keep me awake. This could get bad all right, let's see all right Friday July, thirteenth nineteen. Eighty four ou know just a normal day down in Texas. A bunch of great concerts going on Michael Jackson was on tour and also van Hanlen was on tour. You could have gone to see those shows, but if you were lucky on July, thirteenth, Anine, hunered and eighty four, if you were at the Michael Jackson, Concert Eddie Van Hanlen showed up at the concert to play. The Guitar Solo Live for, be really an important ight. One of the first times that had ever happened on stage live, and you only got up that one night, the next night, if you showed up to that, show the special guest was a manual Lewis, ah well, Michael liked that so July, thireteenth an nine huteed and eighty four Eddy van Hanlin shows up to jam with Michael Jackson. So that's my first news story. Second News Story July, Eleventh Nineteen, eighty four, President Reagan: The administration announced that they are going to order all auto makers to install airbags or other automatic passenger protection in all cars by nineteen. Eighty nine. So this is really where that first push started to get air bags, standardized and all vehicles. Of course, there was a lot of pushback and support. You had pushed back from GM and the auto makers and a lot of support, of course, from the insurance companies, so it all started with Ronald Reagan, putting his foot down on our July, eleventh a and nine Tueed N, eighty four and h pushing for the air bags. So that's what I got for news over you, Joe Alrighty, alrighty, well we're in the nineties, so things are a little more loose, less cocaine and stuff like that. Or is it because man, because on July tenth Manwell Noriega was sentenced to forty years in prison in Miami for Drug and racketeering charges? After being a despotic ruler of Panama, he gets out of jail after seventeen years, he's immediately extratited to France, where he's been seven years in prison for money laundering, and then he is immediately after being released from there sent back to Panama, to face to face his crimes as being a dictator. That was a big deal. Of course. People remember the Panama Invasion and the the loud music driving him out and all these different things. You know: CONHIS CIA informat ties back in the day and all that stuff, so that was the day that all of that came to pass was July. Tenth, that's my first story. My second story, the bigger of my two stories actually is July. Sixth Thusan, nine hundred and ninety two Iraq refuses: U An inspection team to go into the Ministry of Agriculture, where the where the? U N Special Commission, believed there to be an archive for creating special weapons and stuff like that they create a they have a sit in for seventeen days until which time their safety is compromised. This became a very large sticking point in the really INDE post Gulf War, relations with rack and the rest of the world and was actually sited in two thousand three prior to the invasion of Iraq, to go back the second time saying that they haven't been cooperating since the beginning, pretty much and cited this Iraqi disonomac crisis as the jumping off point for that. So that is my news for ninety two. It was rough week all right over to the judge mancrush what a e you got for the verdict for round one Olri well, first off. I think something needs to happen with this game, where we have to get rid of all mor type news, there's just so much of it man, it's a downer. No, you know what I think. Every time it comes up, I think J or Joe had a an Iraqi war thing months and months back about like some like h. When was it when Bush condemned them or something yeah, there was something like that s, something along those lines like a month before we went into war, I think we need to just get rid of war. I know it's like such a newsworthy topic, but it's so debatable. You know unless it's like the day, it's like Dday lessit's, like that. I think there's so much gray area with that with you. So I don't really g harbor too much weight with that. However, I think the biggest story here is a fact that we're getting air bags in cars prior to that time, like your mom, I don't know if you remember how it is in Canada, but back in the eighties, like I drove in the front seat, all the God name. Time like it was get in the front seat. You didn't have to like buckle your seat bell or anything, especially in the early eighties, and then I kindof remember. I obviously I remember this one particular week, but I remember the whole push towards Bulco your sea belt. You know and having air bags and going towards all car safety, and now you look at it and I would never imagine putting my child in the front seat until she was old enough. Even now you know at her age, I don't. I look at the passer seat and I'm like Ah Don, really want her sitting up front with me. She' SAOM, the back, which I don't even know. If that is that scienifically the right deal, is it really safer in the back? I don't Fucki know, but they tell us it is, and they pushed for the air bags and whatnot. So it was a big deal. So I'm going to give the round of that mark's. Other story, it's fun. I give it a little bit more weight than the war story, just 'cause, it's it's more fun, but w who really gives a shit, Bou, theoss, Eddi, ve Ham, I'm playing with Michael Jackson come on. Who gives a WHO CANS FUCK? I can see how the fate of the world would be again with with these weak episodes. It's a weak episode, so you get what you get off to more. Second Pick: YOU'RE UP ONE ZERO, all right! Let's GO TO TELEVISION FOR UH! Second, one point round here: we're going to start off on a brand new episode that aired July Twelfth Nineteen ad. Eighty four, which is kind of weird, not a lot of sitcoms, are brand new in the summer. Although this one was 'cause, it was winding down. This is the third to last episode of Happy Days Call Entitled School Days, which I actually went back and watched. This johnny tries to help an Agary fifteen year old girl, who happens to be one of her students and also happens to have a pretty bad drug habit. So she spends the night over at the cunning. Hands takes a few pills. Ambulance has to come and get her 'cause. They think she overdoses so the third, the last episode of happy days. You know this show kind of jumped the shark ind season. Five literally wit, I gebliterally with phonsie jumping the shark. That's why we have that term. I still like that they tried to tackle some of these more mature topics, even in some of the later episodes, but what's your? What's your year Mark N, an nine hundred and eighty four nineteen, four okay, so that's like a year removed from I think jumping the shark was what it was. Eighty three, no seventy seven wow was that much before I thought that was like later on right before they they canceled it's. One of those shows that Ou husband an aware that I was alive when it was on yeah. There was a Susan five episode, three that was in nineteen. Seventy seven holy Shit, so it it was that Shitty for that long, yeah. It just Kinda, went on because the show kindo migrated into like basically Jonie and Chachi, and the CUNNINGHAMS and Fozzi strike that phonsie. Although a FA was in it, it would have been way: fucking cool that wouldhave been walk, a walker everybody. So my second story for television was a day that became known as Black Saturday. This was July Fourteenth Nineteen D, Eighty four and that's when Vince macman showed up on world championship wrestling. He had purchased Georgia championship wrestling in order to get the time slot on TBS and replace the current programming that the TBS audience was so used to seeing didn't work out so great for Frincemacman. The audience totally rejected his WW F product and he ended up selling it back for a million dollars to Jim rocket promotions, and he took that one million dollars and that's where we got Russell Mania, one, that's the money he used to fund the first Restlemedia, so black Saturday, Vincemackman shows up on WC W television. For the first time, mind you and announces that he has purchased Georgia championship wrestling and that he will now take over that time, slot it joe over to you what a e you got for T v, man, all Rigt, I'm going to take you to a debut instead of a third last episode July eght. It was like a hundred and ninety second last episode. I don't know how many episodes his had but July eighth, nine TDEN and ninety two luce spin off of Beverly Hills. Nine! Oh Two! On O, I give you melros place it. It Stars: Heatherlockilier Courtney, Thorn Smith, Andrew Shoe, Daphane Zaniga, among others, it Wason for seven years. I had luckely got four Golden Globe nominations for her portrayal of her character in that show, and it won the People's choice award for favorite, new, dramatic series, N N, nine hundred and ninety three Ne Tousnine hundred and ninety two with nine or two one. Oh, it was kind of the king of that prime time soap, opera, a little more adulty than the nine o two one, oh a little bit more trashy. If you will and quite popular went for a long time and a lot of H, pretty big actors came in and out of that series as it went along people like Marshall March, across among others, so that is my first one and my second one I leave Fox and I bring you to Cspan on July, eleventh and in his first major campaign, stop outside of his own base. Ross Perro visits the end of ACP, where he calls an entire room of black people. You people never a good idea. Man Just avoid tha, it wasn't a thing. He was not aware that he had said anything offensive and he very loosely apologized he's like well. F, O. I offended anybody, sorry, but that was Howwa a Millionaie, but that was how he decided to launch his campaign for the presidency and, as we recall, it didn't work out so well. He lost to H, don't Clinton and orge Hw Bush. Now you can't really say hat he lost like you're, making it sound like he lost in like a landslide. This is a guy that was an independent that a totally like created chaos. During voting because how many votes he actually got absolutely he di Yeah. He I mean not that dissimilar from like what Ralph Nader did as far as his effect on people during the election that he was involved in. But that being said to start off your campaign in such a kind of disastrous manner, not something for the typical politician. I guess rig well what she wasn't he was. He was a billion dollar businessman yeah and that works out really well for people too. I understand he did it before anybody else. Yes, H he's the hipster of them. He did it before it was cool, but he was h. The Ros perose thing was, I feel like he was like ninety two when he was running in ninety two H can't finish. I just kept getting H M mixed up with the Chicken Guy Man. Yes, he was frank, purdue yeah. He looked just like frank, firdu man, Oh God, all right. Let's look at what you guys have here all right, so you you came on strong, what's really cool as you got a debt in that week, especially since it's summertime, I guess they were trying it in the summer just to just an case. It sucked yeah Kinda hide it in the summertime, but I think that's big melrose was a big spin off for many years. You had quite to cast on there and then you had characters, go back and forth a little bit had a little cross over with too. So I think that's pretty big you're um you're saingthing with Ralph Nater Um. I guess for that week it was probably big news, but if it was twenty nineteen, I think that would have been crazy news where he probably wouldn't have been able to continue running. At that point, I think it probably would have been that bad H in nineteen. Ninety two, I don't think it it flew as far so I you know. I don't even remember that. But then again I was a freshman in high school. So maybe I wasn't Oinno Payn attention, um O, but you had morose place so, let's, but looking at Marx, I have a question for mark before I really dig into your Coud mcman have put on Russemenia one without selling GCW back man. That's a good question. I'm sure he would have found a way, but really I I don't think with that capital. He would have been able to put on this spectacular event that he did ECAUSE. If you remember, he really brought in you know, Liberraji and all the all these all thes huge Hollywood and aless talent and celebrities that costs money. So I think yeah he could have put on Restelmadia one, but it wouldn't have been wrestel Menia. As we know it just would have been a a big show. Did he lose money on the GCW deal, you're selling it like the fact that he sold gcw right there was led to Rustelmenias. That's why I just want to be sure for slide that in that that's definitely howwe. That's what he used the capital for really, but when he purchased Georgia Championship prestling, it was to get the time slot. On TBS, so he could increase his R, his audience on cable to all the other territories. Right A- and I know the story is the story, is I know it, he put everything he had into ressamedia or Russelmania was a bust. He went like belly up at that point, so I guess it. It does make sense that that money really went to wrestle me because if he sold it then that's that's what he needed to h to put on that big show and that might have been all he had after he bought that I'm sure he still had more money 'cause. They were. You know in the business for a long time, but he did have to buy s dat out. So I don't know eact. There was just so much backlash from being on TNT just that southern audience did not want to see that type of wrestling, so I mean ratings were horrible, and Turner was putting on other southern promotions on the network that we're getting higher ratings than the WWF. So one one last question there hol on Oll on. What's your actual news story? What's the the headline here? Is Black Saturday, it's the the purchase of Georgia Championship Wrestling Mimcman showing up on world championship prestling for the first time in announcing that they they will Beo anslot. So this is an event that has to lead into another event that has to lead into another. It started a Chan reaction that we're still feeling today because of course, what's happening now, a w is starting, where back on TNT Ted Turner back and the restling raising his riht back at it yeah and your your other story was that was really shit. I Mo Jo Gan cares about happy days by nineteen four. I didn't even know it was on t v anymore and all right, so you have one absolute gem and trash, and then Joe was coming at me with a good and a good, I' n have to give it to ninety twocaus, just B'cause. He has the two fair enough. You know if you would ha e come out of me with one other thing, because there was just too many events for that GCW thing to make it yeah as monumental to set up rustl MEO one. It does make sense, and it is you know, ' still going on today with a w come back and everything come back to Yout, but can I give it up for the hubrous AVINCEMEC man who basically did the exact same thing when he b WCW, he went showed up on their show and said Hey. This is mine now yeah and then that that worked out, 'cause Yo taught him out and their wrestling went to Shit. For the last twenty years, iave been in ages, H, closeest, Twento, yeurs, all right Joe. You take control of the board, all right, Het's, the next category. Man Are. We still in the one points. Are We intotoo now? This is our last one pointalrighty Um. Let us I'm going to go ahead and we're going to go into the hot products. Let's stipinus some hot products. We didn't, we didn't do hur products, it sports, it's it's sports, my Bedoh, no yeah sports for instead of hot products on the weak experience. Oh Shit! I did not know that and I don't have sports all right, fuck it for the first time since she'll fucked up we're going to have a like some kind of like cross round where it's going to be hot products versus Sport, Oh Shi, on I'm worrying. Now this is going to Strim me. Look. I got the invention of the fucking Slinki, I'm really, I'm really curious to see what he got in that week. That's amazing! If you can find something in that particular week. No, this is yeah this. This was actually really tough, but the first one is in its a DA in its dab week. It was a New York Times. Bestseller was also the best seller the following week. It was the Pelican brief by John Grisham. I was his third book after a time to kill him the firm. It follows the character, Darby Shaw, a law student who finds herself in danger after she writes a brief research on the murders of two Supreme Court justices and everybody. She shares the information with ends up getting killed. She finds herself getting entangled with a journalist who helps her navigate this conspiracy. That goes all the way back to the Supreme Court and to an oil tycoon who may be responsible for these murders to help expand his oil empire. I was the next year it was made into a movie staring Gunlie Robertson, Denzille, Washington, quite famously, but but yeah. That was a big thing. It still pretty early in the Grisham career and it was a two week newyor times best seller. So that was my first h product and then my second one was in this period. It was the best delux video game of Arcade Games that was X, Manthe, arcade game by CA, Kanami and that game you could play on a six player machine where you could select cyclops Colossus, Wolverine Storm Night, Crolleror Dazzler as you faced off against bunch of classic xmen characters like sentinels Pyro Bla, the White Queen Juggernaut N Mystique, as you major way to magnito, who kidnapped Professor Xand Kitty Pride and, depending on where you played the arcade, you can have any a box with as few as two players and all the way up to six, and that was I remember back in the arcades in the time that thing was always packed. Second, at that time only to street fightor, two in its popularity, yeah they're, actually rereleaseing that arcade one up as announced that's one of their new cabinets that they're putting out yeah and they're also Um. It's also currently pourted onto the playstateion network and xpot lie marcade. That h happened fairly recently, so it is a. It was a big deal in the arcade world and Gameplayre remind me a lot of that Simpson's, arcade game that came out as well. That was, and the teenage mtoninjer Turtles One I'm a huge fan of this game. I I can't deny it it's one of my favorite arcade games, it's right up there with WWF resselfist. So let's call that e sports and then we'l kind of tie. These do things to go there. We go actually that's pretty fucking solid, itis O's, tying man, 'cause h, damn you know where you think about nineties, Arcade Games, you think street fight or too especially early nineties, mortal combat. That's another Nio two, so I wouldn't really know. I wouldn't say that this is the second biggest. I would say it was probably the third. I was just doing it based on the rankings that I found in this. I found an article that Wasall coing up game, reall yeah and it was- and that was where it ranked number one wat month did mortal combat come out in ninety two. Maybe it was later at I. I think it was August because I remember like May and August were really big months for everything that happened, and I was just sitting there and I was like just crying into my hands for most of my research going. What Could Hav? I May t s like Amy Fisher happened. You also have to realize this game from a financial standpoint, it's going to pull in a lot more revenue than even mortal combat because most of the ones you saw had four players so twice as many people were playing it at the same time 'cause those games. There was a line to try to Playso, I wouldn't say dudemortal combat had so many people playing it. I don't know why the fuck I'm defending Joe's back. Everyone wanted to see blood. Everyone wanted to see the blood there was such a big deal. People just would like stand around and just wait for next EAH, but you couldn't play as night crawler. Is He dl se in any of the new ones? Maybe all right. So, let's go on to my picks. I got sports. Oh thing were going Eah we're going to start off. Nineteen, eighty four, the major league baseball, All Star game, happened in candlestick park. Ind San Francisco were the National League defeated the American League three to one Hebe Lewis. In the news saying the national anthem, an the Alstr NVP was Gary Carter from the Montreal expose and he was awarded this for the second time and if you take a look at some of the iconic players that were in this all star game, you had Reggie Jackson, cow Ripkin, Junior George, Brett Rod, carew Jim Rice, Ricki, Henderson, Don Matdingley Ozsysmith, Tony Gwendele, Murphy, derl strawberry. The list goes on and on White Gooden, it's really just a WHO's who of all the greatest baseball players in eighties. You know. What's really cool about that mark is the fact that it really showed at that time period that you know people were voting for these people are going. Do you remember the ballats that they used to have? It was like real deal like voting. They still have a sill. No, the same. It's not the same. 'cause people could cheat like a mother fucker. Now, like back in the day you could but who was going to fill out fifty fucking cards. Well, I did, but you know like whowas, going to fill of five hundred. You know, nowlike bots can do shit and it doesn't feel the same. Every name that you named there was gigantic, but it's the fucking allster game and nobody gives a shit, but it's the week that what so? What's your second story Ar my second story is July: Eighth, nineteen, Eighty four: we go to Wimbleton we're John macnrole absolutely dominates Jimmy conners, six, one, six, one, six, two in probably the most dominant match that John macnroe ever played. He was totally in the zone. It's not even like honors was playing bad. He had defeated Lundele in the semis and he had played in good form, but he was just at Ollangle Ionlindal, Lendo Lendell. What a Isatlandel you said: Lindel Windal, Lindel! Sorry, I didn't want you to do another avange yeah, no Shago, thanksman, crush macinro, had had a few bad losses and was just absolutely fustrated going into this match. He just dominated conners after the match. He said it as one of his greatest performances of his career. So that's what I got. That's John macinrome winning Wimbleton, absolutely embarrassing. Jimmy conners six, one, six, one, six, two all right! This is the most difficult thing to judge ever real tenisson who gives a Shityou know. 'cause. It's mark actually came with the right thing and has sports Ye Joe came with the wrong thing and as hot products I should immediately give it to mark I lever. I respect that I have to really. I have to respect the fact that you came with Pelican brief. I really don't care about. I thought the movie was utter. Garbage anname, Oth, Julia Roberts, Wer Shes, I own, I melican worry on DVD. I should you not. I have tried to watch that movie four times very time, I'M ALL ASLEEP! Yeah, IT'S TERRIBLE! That's a terrible movieshe was so hot. Then, like not hot. Well, I guess some people think she is but hot. As an actress, th t they just put her ind fucking everything and God that was a terrible one. But then you had the the X men Arcadean, which was massage so thinking about how cool that was, and the longevity of that versus an all star game and macinrose was at his third Wimmlton at the time. So I really have to par it with the Wimbleton versus that because t allstar game, I also antershit. Nobody ever remembers an all star Game. They just don't matter so man, I, the I gotto, give it to to ninety two with the X men game, W that that game fucking rocks it's one of my all time, favorite arcade game, so well I'll give an official you can put an Asteresk on this round ibut. I will throw out one just because t during my research, I did notice it and I was going to put it under a televised thing and I left it. Andre Agasy won his first Major Ando. During that we do. We don't Goorin, even eace of it. IWOULD havebeen, Agreeeron Ivaisevich was the server of the century, man that guy would fuckin blast hundred and forty mile an hour services crazy. But if that's his first major, is it really his first major its first major of the years, and it was his first of Eight? It was no bore. Specker Becka was the man Beckar always looked like a bad guy from from diehard or something totally didn't. Look like a tennis player he'd like die, see him diplomatic immunity is bit of a vot. It was Wimbledon was his first major wow wow, that's that's a big one, so shit that Ma doesn't even make me feel bad now, 'cause. If I just take that right and put that against the third Um yeah, I I have to give this one to Nie. You would have won the sports round and you didn't Ven fuckand know it. Man wellthe worst thing is now I'm I feel so dumb for, like literally skipping over it and going. I don't need that all right. So we go to the two point rounds Joe. Where are we going all right? I think I'm going to have to go music now, God all right. You Know Pars trict, nineties, music man, I'm Kindo, worried about this on. To tell you the truth. It's an interesting one, I'm going to start you off in July, eleventh of the Nineteen Ninety two and the Song November rain enters the world record books when it becomes the longest single at eight minutes, fifty seven seconds to reach the: U S top twenty and it becomes the most expensive music video of its time, costing one point: five million dollars to shoot and everybody remembers, the sluddy wedding dress and the I just remember slash outside Yeah Rivin for like five redof that eight minutes soday. No, I m I'm wondering why that costs. So much, though you could film that on an ephone now yeah, but I feel like the answeris cocaine, it was j, it was like seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar drugs and then the rest was caaaa all their videos. From usual. Allusion were pretty cinematic, though remember they had don't cry where they're up on top of the building with the helicopters, then of course they had the t two video, so I mean all their videos, ere pretty large at that time. So I was thinking about it too 'cause. I Ras rewatching the video, and then I just see you see that, like one kind of like craney shot going on, I'm like Oh, you could do that with like a three hundred dollar drone. Now and everybody does it on you tube yeah. I just actually did the live for evil. The Evil Live thing on history yesterday and they had so many like really good, drone shots and stuff like that. I'm like man like, if only we would have alwayshad this lie. It would have been Amaziaoh man, helicopter shots back in the day and if cannon had one, Oh, my g, I cannon had drones. Hat would have been crazy. I feel like half of their cast would have been beheaded, though, with the plans they were making for Sho. So anyway, that was my first one. My second one for the week of July fifth and the next four weeks as well, Sir mixalot's baby got back top the billboard music charts. This was the first time this yeah. This was his first week o of Charts and so and then it spent five total weeks in number one. It beat out previous songs like a jump and other popular swaiing house of payin jump. No sorry, Chris Cross Jano, oh go the Shittier one house of pain was jumkum around jump aroun. They oled you to put on your shit kickers and kick some shit. They did. No. When did the SURMIX A lot out. Is this when the album came out. This is when that single dropped o just a single yesiis in the billboard album. This is just for the single right. So this is a single release day. It's not even the day that it went number one yeah. Well it's for this week. It was the number one song I don't know the exact day of the released single date, but I just know that it was named number one for this week for that week. Okay, so it was named Barkust as if it was released that week and you said Yeah- Oh no, sorry I sai, I said it wasn't it wasn't the album, but I believe that yeah. I believe that single single on yeah, the single one to number one. Yes, in this week, N and nine hundred and eighty two God right all right, so we got the baby got back hitting number one, and then we got November rain now was t at the November ane debt. It was November rain entering the world record books by being the longest song in the: U S: Top Twenty and being the most expensive music videoo ever made: Gotcha; okay, Sorry Mark Wa, Yo, N, N, nine teed and eighty four, my first one is a song that came out on an album a few months before in May, but finally reached number one on the charts, the weekending July, seventh, nineteen. Eighty four, yes, are you talking about dubs cry? I am yeah, you know whow. I know that 'cause I was just at Paisley pack e oher. I mean the album had come out before and of course, do scry huge single. The video was released by MTV in June and that really helped push this finally to the number one spot, prince, of course directed the video himself Bas. So when doves cry taking over the number one spot. My second album is an album. That was released July, sixth, nineteen, eighty four and s from a band called new adition that had, of course, Bell Biv, devaux and Bobby Brown, and this is their second album to be released. It was their first album on MC a records after they left produce a marice star, after all the success they had from their first album. Of course, the famous story is that new addition got a check for a dollar eighty seven, so they said fuck this they sued they got out of it. They put out this album new eddition, it kind of reinvented the band in a nig kind of a more. I don't want to even say family friendly way. 'cause we're still talking about new addition here, but it was, it was kind of a revamp for their image, had a couple of singles off of it, Mr Telephone man and cool it. Now the interesting note to this on the album mister telephone man written produced, played instruments, Mr Ray Parker Junior, who of course gave us the great ghost busters theme. So those are my two music picks. We got new editions. Second, album really jumpstarted their career once they got on Mza and when doves cry finally reaching that number one spot. Oh man, how can I discount that? The fact that I just went to payickdid you peerofy yourself in the waters of Lake Miditanka? I didn't just because the traffic was a bitch, but, interestingly enough, the reason I knew that was not because they told me on the tour ecause. I went on the sixth, but I looked that up the next day on the seventh and I was like Shit. Why can this been yesterday and they could have told us that on the tour, but they did tell me Nice little trivia bit that I didn't know so. Yead one doves cry that one number one on the one hundred, let's go crazy went number one on Ho. One hundred pe purple rain only reached number two yeah that always kind of blew me away. I know what beat it out, though. Computer Blue No should have been computer blue. No, it woulde be wham. Wake me up before Yo Gogo. I thought you meant another. Prince Song beat it o? No, no! No! No! I'm talking about who B it out on t high one hundred. Oh Man, that's that's even more insulting yeah seriously. You look at the what does not stand the test of time there. AH IT'S INCREDIBLE! If you look at like princes spotiffilet to it is what would you say his most popular song? That's pot! If I would be, let's go crazy, real yeah, I'm going to say, do that, let's go crazy or I hate to say nineteen. Ninety nine think on nineteen. Ninety, nine too, maybe a little red corvette, yeahit's all right! Well, ready to have your mind blown it's actually, the song that never hit number one on the H, one hundred purple rain, ohhundred and forty million plays, but yet could not beat out WAM. At least it's not the bad dance H on hundred billions. There we go God. He had a lot of gold albums up for that from the Canadians as love that bad dance, Um, Oh hell, Ye, I just H, it always takes me back to the Chris Rock joke is I can remember we als Yo. We used to always have that battle between Michael Jackson and Prince Priz wine. He totally did yes, all Rightso Um. Do you have that one? Your and then you had the new edition which they had two big songs, telephone man and what's the other single ot, was on that one? I'm coolit now right, yeah cool it now, alright, so thees, two big ones and then mait feels like so long ago. Now, Jo, were your picks yeah. I sorry it was the Nogovering Omemberain setting its records and then the baby got back debting at number, one on the single DB er on Te. This is easy. I got to go eighty four butit's prince baby yeah, I don't I I don't discount, that's one of my all time, favorite SINST, all right! So when we got eighty four just went back into the leads. Now it's anybody's game going into the final round. The pressure is on three points to two. Eighty four gets it: they have control the board. It doesn't matter, though. The last thing we have is movies, so Ri, N Nineteen, eighty four such good year for movies, I'm Spi care. Do I want to Difer here or do I just want to go? You know, I'm I'm kind, O scared on this one to tell you the truth. So I'm going to go first, my first movie July Thirteenth Nineteen, Eighty four, the cinematic classic Jim hencon masterpiece, the mumpets take Manhattan. Now, hopefully you guys remember this movie a little bit better than Kermett did 'cause. Of course, this is the movie where Kermit Gets Amnesia directed by Frank Ozz. This is one of the better mumet movies. I would say I don't think it's my favorite. I think that would be the muppit Caper, but muppet stake Manhatan a lot of great cameos as we came to to love and all the Mump at movies Ye had Joan rivers and this one art carny Brook Shields, Liza, Minelli, John Landis, of course, and that was just a trend that always continued in them up at movies. So that's my first pick mumpets take Manhattan. Kinda have to love them, upit's, man g. How much did that bring in? That was something I was actually surprised about, and that's KINDOF, why I didn't mention it. It didn't bring in as much as I thought. Opening weekend, four million Gross USA, twenty five million ooh flop yeah see that's what kind of blew my mind on this one that has legs, though I mean for anybody that grew up in that time period that that's something that I remember Yeah Right. So for my second one you know we'll start off with the box office for this one. The budget for this movie was fifteen million dollars, USA gross overall, it made twenty eight million dollars, so not a huge financial success. This movie found a huge audience once it hit the VHS rental market. I'm talking about the last star fighter, released July, thirteenth, nineteen, eighty four and it's were a video game. Expert Alexroguan finds himself transported to another planet after conquering the last starfighter video game only to find out it was just the test and that he was recruited by a team of star fighters to defend the world from attack. This is a movie I watched on repeat over and over when I was a kid love. This movie, a lot of people get the last starfighter confused with enemy mine, but you know I really liked the last starfighter so much better had that video game twist than it. I thought the story telling was better. It was more of like a kid's movie. I thought Y H. It was one of those movies that was classic for me growing up anyway, last starfighter and the muppets take Manhattan, that's mine, nine teen and eighty four for movies cool. It's funny 'cause. I just read ready player one and then found out that his next book Armata is basically a giant reference for to the last star fighter, because basically the exact same thing happens: rbut they what they call. They call it out, they're, not just ripping off the story. They're like hey. This is exactly like the last starfighter yeah. I was always kind of disappointed. We never got a sequel to the last star fighter. I mean theres so much potential for that. It's just they spent too much money on the muone yeah. It didn't make anything and people didn't like it till after it hit vhs and then it hit HBO in show time. Then everybody's tar, seeing it and loving it. So that's when I remember I don't really remember as a rental. I remember it more. You know on HBO playing it every Saturday night, you know and that I do remember all right. So you went with that and mupistake Manhattan Yeah. So what you got yo all right. Well, we're going to start off with a actually more successful than I thought it was. I knew it was a popular movie, but it was more successful than I thought it was the weekend of July. Fifth only give their own debute and it' start and it debute at number one and- and it made a total of a hundred thirty two million dollars worldwide start or directed by the late penny marshalls starting Tom, Hanksgina, Davis, Madonna, Rosiodonell, Lauri, petty, so many others in there find John Levettsan Gary Marshall is in there all sorts of great names and good comedy and a great story. It was named to the National Film Registry in two thousand and twelve. It was Rosye ordonalds film debut. She had acted prior to this, but she had never been in a movie and it was originally her rol as supposed to be another sex pot like Madonna, but because they hired her, they had to basically completely shoa relationship. They shouldn't have done that man that would have been really a cool twist on the movie ye she'sis everybody's just got the bereacaugles for her and but the most interesting fact about this to this date and when you think about all the other movies that this F that fall into this category, this is kind of astounding it is the highest grossing baseball movie ever made. I can totally believe that that includes Buldurham field of dreams. Forty two money ball, like it's like to this day, it' still the highest grossing one Agina Davis was nominated for a golden globe. For this movie. It's just outstanding movie. I oband Madonna got tons of nominations for this used to be on our playground, which I had to strike from my music part of it, because thit was also a big thing going on 'cause the sound track for this was a big deal duringtiso. I had to strike that because I didn't want to double up, but yeah it was a. It was a. It was a very influential movie and especial and an early one to be such a female centric cast and to be so successful. My second movie not as successful. I thought it would have been more successful until I like looked into the numbers, but it is the breakout film for director role and Americ. It was the first theyll, never written by Dean, Devlin John Claudvan Dam's, universal soldier debuted in July tenth enclosed on the eleventh. Yes, no it it made some money, not a ton. It made h. It made thirty six point: three million domestic, so nonot Pat, I mean it's not great, but it's not bad, but the movie stars. Of course, John Cladvan dam is and Dolph Lungeran his former military people who were killed in combat and turned and reanimated into kind of Aton, tomaton military killing machines. Other people, like tiny Tom, tiny lister, was in that movie. They actually had to fix his I piece because it was covering his good eyes, so they had to ch Aron Rm. That's I wish that was a joke. That is actually the truth and then Ralph a weller for anybody who knows him he's another guy who appears in a lot of things and he was th one of the main bad guys and best of the best two one of the great movies of our time, a lot of thing yeah. He he just you find him anywhere giant as Yeu the guy who played Baracus. Yes, Oh wow breakfast was abat as yes, so so that's that one, but the fact that it was you know in kind of JCVD's hot zone as well as being a rolling EMERI. He had directed some shorts and some other stuff, some low budget stuff. This was his first big studio movie. Dean Dedlin had never written o t e movie before this and that started off or Alin Americ and his relationship together as well so yeah. Those are my two movies all right. Well, this is going to be easy. This is Im Donkia Jeez. Do you think so? You know, mark came out thrown a couple. Stiff left, nothing nother big. You know he had the muppet movie, which has legs. You know people our age might remember it same thing with last starfighter. I don't think it's. You know. We remember it, but it's not monumental. It's we watched on repeat all the time, but yeah yeah, but you know when you were saying it. I was trying to like remember parts of the movie and I totally could- and I I remember, watching it and watchit a a million times, but there was not one defining moment where I was like. Oh that scene I mean you look at a legue of their own, I'm not a big fan of it personally, but it was a huge movie at the time and then universal soldier. I just watched that last week, so I got to go with nineteen ninety two on this. So congratulations, Joe Hinkre defended Your Championship, I'm not sure if we fed you a tomato here like tomato can. If morka really came forth with his a game, man Uti tell you. Manthat was such a rough week in July of eighty four. I know we say this all the time on the weak experience, but if we would have just pushed one more day, okay to the fifteenth they had a sneak preview all across the country of a movie that was coming out called revenge of the nerds that you know. That was a pretty big movie that was getting yea, see that would have made it tough. That would have made it tough for me, yeah. I rearly dig this format of the week, though it's it is a tough format. I've been racking my brain for a while trying to kind of like pick things out, and I was tossing things and putting things back in and U sespecially once we're. You know we're doing these summer months summer, in TV, in the eighties and nineties. It's just rerun central I mean maybe we'll lock out and we'll get battle of the network stars, but it is difficult but good job anyway, but once again Joe Finley the champion and we're going to have to bring in some big competition here for Joe next time. So Al Right. Congratulations once again to Joe Finley, defeating the title whooping my ass. Yet once again I' wait. Quiz night is gon. Tribunig is going to be the twenty fifth yeah. That's right! We get a new trivian night coming up on the twenty fifth live on Caspox all right! So we'll wrap up this episode right here. If you've missed an episode, you can always go to duling decades, dotcom where you can subscribe on Castbox and, of course, on e Junes sountil. Next time, dewelers we're going to bid Jou a piece, love lightend, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmaymedia