Dueling Decades
Nov. 20, 2019

It's a Retro Birthday Battle on this nostalgic episode! Showcasing our birthdays from 1984 and 1996!

It's a Retro Birthday Battle on this nostalgic episode! Showcasing our birthdays from 1984 and 1996!

It will be a Happy Birthday for one of our competitors this week. The other one well, not so much as we have another epic birthday duel! Drew Zakmin from the One Headlight 90s Podcast battles with his birthday in 1996 as he takes on Marc James who is...

It will be a Happy Birthday for one of our competitors this week. The other one well, not so much as we have another epic birthday duel! Drew Zakmin from the One Headlight 90s Podcast battles with his birthday in 1996 as he takes on Marc James who is just trying to pick up a singles win with 1984 and his 6th birthday! Dueling Decades Champion Mancrush returns as the judge for this week’s show and he is ready to lay down the law. Will Marc James blow out the candles on this episode or will Drew Zakmin bust open the pinata for the win?

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Infermaymediapeopl Ga Juli, a the pixe o plan, but Itot or im ran again upon that Cap, but tot the power gopcome fight for what you lovenh com to Poepa, copi Tan CRITA, PA Etete, Boe CP, would take grave a o Balla Asic. I am pad a Tano, come figt for Wat. You Love N, an broadcasting from the infirmary media studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the Eighties and nineties do Battele, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. This week, dueler's, I am back in action and desperately trying to pick up a wind here in the singles division, as I dul with my sixth birthday February, Fifth N, nine Huteen and eighty four in this birthday battle and my opponent tonight pegis I am drew exactly making my second appearance on this awesome show, and the day I am representing is my birthday April: Twenty Ninth Nineteen, Ninety six. So that would be my sixteenth birthday and is always here on our show. We need someone to ajudicate all of this Awesomeness, so let me introduce to you tonight's judge. He has better known as the current dueling decades champion and the TAG team partner I apparently piggy back off of he is mancrush. What is up? Let's do this got a page out of my William Cat book when he was on the show a couple of years ago. He had the wine. So that's how I feel like tonight. I got a little glass of Cabernet Sylvinon, so is it so ben Oundor Soan, Yoon blong? I don't even Fuckin now, but it's red, and this is what we're doing tonight, interested to see what you guys have for your awful picks for your birthdays 'cause. It's never good. I've never had a birthday episode where I'm like Holy Shi. You hat a great birthday. It's always been garbages, I'm looking forward to the garbageness and to judge it. Let's do this all right! Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shout aside, who picks first out of the five duelling decades categories, movies, television, music news and for this birthday battle, hot products is replaced with sports. A judge's rulin will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points. Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all five rounds. Duelers. I just got two questions for you. Are you ready to play Jo es and what the Fucker robster craws all right, tossing over to man crush for the Tossoff Igt? As always a staple of my judgment, I like to use my central nervous system tests to see how many taps I can get and drew since you are the the guest I suppose since Mark Has Awin. I think you do right the singles. I don't even remember at this point man, it's been so long. I think I got like one win when we first STARTA in not one since I'm like Oh for the last century, so the the favorite would be drew with this, but Youre you're still going to get. If you guess the closest to my CNS test, I just got Ta Coun, whatever number of taps I get. So I don't know if you think I look limber, but let's see actually just I'll do it first and then you can guess number Reay. That was a pretty decent one. How many taps did I get? Did you stretch first? I cer you know. If I did, I probably would have broken this barrier. He didn't stretch first, but he did pull his muscle, that's after well. He I mean I felt I felt like if he stretched. First, he wouldhave had a better performance, so I might dalk him a couple there. So I'm I'm going to put Hem at thirty six right mark, I'm going to say thirty. Two Wow ik, you man, hat thirty, nine, Oh wow! If you know true, I will stretch next time. 'cause. I want to break that forty barrier and I awas really trying you'Le Get in. I was over compensating for the wine I coul Takoyouwae too many points. Ma'an Iveony had two glasses mant', not that bad all right drew. You Got Control of the board. What category would you like to go with? First Man, all right, so I'm going to go with this- is not my best category or SOG te lead off at this one here, so I'm going to start with TV, also, the one that happened directly on April Twenty Ninth N Nineteen, Ninety six, the debt of TV lands, which was an offshoot of nickelodeon's late night block H. Nick at night, the channel was devoted to round the clock broadcast of classic TV shows. I remember, Roseanne was on there one of the cool things. I actually remember watching. You know some of these shows on occasion and for the commercials they would actually have. I think theywere called TV land retromercials, so they would have like the the Mamamia. That's a spicy meatball from the alcasulter and h the Tuzy pop owl, like the one two three and then you would gits three bites to get to the center. You Gut remember the ont know hy. Did they do chicken tonight 'cause? I've wanted to hear that in the longest time. Do you remember that one was like ye like chicken totnight, Oh yeah, yeah, chicken to n? That's a great one! I I don't remember seeing that one, but they they like Onch, a 're, really cool like old school like like retro commercials, it as pretty cool. I feel like that, was actually more fun than watching some of the shows. It was like just like funny watching some of these things that we watched back in te day M so yeah, so T v land. I remember Roseanne- was on there. So there are a lot o a lot of good shows on there, so debut of TV lands and the other one which came on April. Twenty. Ninth, I'm sorry April. Twenty eighth, another debt, everyone's favorite Fox News, Sunday, marjust Pu, Syma a Sunday morning- talk show airing on the broad Hehas Fox network. So it's been actually active since nine uteen. Ninety six, it's a presentation of the Fox News Channel. It's the only regularly scheduled Fox News program carried on the main Fox network. Tony Snow was the first host and I think he went from ninety six to two thousand three and then sic, two thousand and three has been Chris Wallace and it's been on for twenty three seasons: Ot, I'm going to say about that off to mark all right. Well February, fifth, nineteen ND, eighty four T V: it was a Sunday. We were only a couple of days away from the opening ceremonies from Ne Tousand, nine hundred and eighty four winter Olympics, which would dominate the TV coverage. But I stayed true to form and went with two selections that actually were on my birthday February: Fifth, nine huteded and eighty four. It was a made for TV movie called my mother's secret life. A sixteen year old, toby played by Amanda Wis, has just lost her father, whom she has been living with. She finds her mother's address in his papers, so toby bilds up the parasy of what her mother would look like and what her life is like only to find out that she is a high price, calger las. I was not expecting that so Amanda WiFS plays the daughter and the mother is played by none Onther van Lawnie Anderson, a e ther was this. A lifetime sounds like a lifetime movie. I believe this was on ABC yeah. This was on ABS, say how rurly breaking Brown dres, maybe see that should have been an after school special, my mother, the whore that was the working tilet, originally fair foss. It had accepted the starring role that she read the scrips, exactly 'cause it sad. She they had creative differences, so she backed out of the project, but Amando wies is n, and this is a made for TV movie. This is in nineteen and eighty four. This is before this is before an oerostron yeah. This is before nightmare before better off dead. So that's my first entry. My second entry is going to be an episode of night writer on February fifth, nineteen, eighty four entitled race for life. This was season two episodes. Sixteen aprils adopted Niese becky needs of bone marrow transplant within seventy two hours to say alive, Mike Tracks, down the only available donor, Hulio Ranrigez, who was a gang member, wanted for murder of a gangleader. Is that really murder? Favor? It's like come on. It's like the punisher being a bad guy, interesting side note for this episode. It is the very first time kit used police mode in the car. That's a big deal yeah! It was the first time that happened in this episode. Kit also communicates with a another female car named Erma, which stands for interstate research and medical assistance, robin lively who guess starten. It was nominated for a young artist best award for her performance in this episode, so episode a night writer that aired February fifth, nineteen, eighty four ow robin lively, there's a name I haven't heard in a while thereis a a potential judge for a future episode of Nice Little Red Head on the show that would work out all right. So, let's look at these picts real quick. We have nineteen INETY, six group came with the TV land launch and I'm not going to lie. That is really like a big deal compared to all, for, I think that's like the biggest one, the Fox News Sunday, you can't say anything I mean. Obviously you agree. You disagree with the show or the politics of it, but the fact that it's been on for twenty three years, itis pretty fucking solid. So you really can't knock that and then compared to park brought my mother, the Whore Aka, my mother's secret life K, my mother's a prostitute, which is weird that coan happen to anyone. I guess it's cool that that's, probably one of AMANDAWIFE's like first roles or whatever, but in such a shitty role. If it was like an after school special KINDOF, like the the Phoenix Brothers had back in the day about ty Slexi, I would give it some extra points in a case, you're wondering Amanda, wifes and Lonni Anderson there's only fifteen years age difference. So she really wasn't wor a right. So it's a little factual and then we move on to night rider and race for life, and you said this is the first time what exactly is police mode? I have no clue. I don't watch a night writer man. I Have C I'm trying to think of the logistics, so this person needed this transplant and the gang leader where w what was the distance between the two? I like to find that out. If you know they're, always in the same town man, he never leaves town, but he has kits so kick can like go from Li cross country in like fifteen hours. Well, hiy needed some sort of plot device to build tension come on, I'm just I'm just trying to figure out the logistics here all I think we have a problem when we're arguing about the logistics of lucking night rider. CAn'tactually drive the wetocarity with Michael and the CAR AFF, we'll get anybody I'd be like. Please, Hoff come get my marrow. I would give it tm it a second, whether its a Ganglee or not, I'm not gaer, by the way right out of the Poneit's like a great sheepberter guy. Anyhow, I'm going to have to give this one to to ninety six. I think the T V land launch and the Fox News thing I think you're selling me a little short think. It's actually part better. Then then marks two piks, but I will give more some some cudos for having two things that actually popped up on his birthday, not to say that you know you picked something that wasn't on your birthday and you had the choice. Sometimes you just don't have a choice and you got to pick whatever is closest, but it's cool that you had both those on your sixth birthday. Even though you weren't fucking watching night rider fuck, we were watching, it could have been it. MS NBC wasn't around Th O. Well, I don't know me see what, though, all right, so it's drew, you got. The board again were up one zero nineteen. Ninety six in the lead, yeah all right, so I'm Gongta itnever starts around good when you just give it away with a no I'm trying to do the demand here. I'm like well, what's going to get me what's like my le I'd, rather try to Saye something I have a shot at winning for my two point ground, but I'M G go I'm Igo with sports. Here, Oh boy, so Um yeah, I'm Gonta, get I'm Gong to get a CR okay, so I'm Gig with sports next selling this so the first. I actually remember that day: APRI Teene, N, tnunteen nd, ninety six 'cause. That was my sixteth birthday. So I I played baseball in high school and up through college, and I remember that game. The Great Nottingham High School that I attended was playing prince in Dascoand. We'd beat Hem like ninety, nothing we just like smoked hem but for whatever reason like we guys playing a preschool, no INA school w like is like a prep school, they th y. They would crush us at hockey every year, but we were we beat baseball, but um I went so we put up like nineteen runs that game and I went oh for four with three ks like it was just. It was horrible, like everybody ha like our shitioust players had hits except me. I I shook out three times. It was ridiculous. I hated it so that was that's the one thing for sports, I'm not going to use that, but that's omind. That was like man you're really trying to win this round. No, that Wasyou beat a group of Kand seven year olds in baseball that day yeah at the day school ther. I S. A high school damnit kicked the shit out from the parking lon. That's right: a their parents, H, okay, so April Pranty, ninth Wangenzalas of the Texas Rangers, the the Baltimore Oriols, actually wounds up, beating the Texas Rangers on April teny, Ninh, nineteen, Eighty nineteen, ninety six, eight to seven but Wangenzais of the Texas Rangers with that awesome like kick that he had one twu por five against the Os and is when the owhs were good. By the way he had a home run at C RBI and he would actually go on to win the MVP that Seson. This is like towards the beginning of the year. Wangon had finished with forty seven home runs o hundred and forty four RBI, with the three fourteen average that year on is silver slugger. Also in that game, three hall of Famers Ye had Pudge Ivonn Rodriguez, Yeahad, Roberta Alamar and Calbrun Kon Junior also that game futured, greedy Anderson, who went on to h fifty hole, runs that year. That was like that crazy year. Remember that yeah vrey much like had of nowhere. I actually got to interview him, so I used to write for a peper in Baltimore called the Baltimere Guide and I covered the orioles, and I got to interview him a few years ago, dudis still jacked up like Hewould, kick my ass on a second and I'm like Bro you're like pushing like fifty now and he's he's still a beast. So that's that's my first Tik I m I'm not exactly thrilled about that, but it's what I had to work with Um. So the one April. Twenty Ninth Nineteen- Ninety six: This was such a phenomenal game of athletic competition between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Utah Jazz. So this was game three of the playoff series between the two of them, the Portland carse as one in overtime. It was a nailbiter. Ninety four to ninety one, this game, futured, several phenomenal basketball player Ye had carl alone from the Jazz John Stockton, Jeff Hornesech from clas cliff Robinson Rod, Strickland Arvita Sabanus, who I loved him 'cause. He was like what seven feet tall, but he would still shoot three s like it was nobody's business. So he's not yourvitis he's not my vdes he's Arvidus he's everyone's needed so yeah, so they had Um. They had some good players there. It was that overtime, game carm alone had thirty five points and ten rebounds John Stockton had eleven o sist 'cause, that's what he did. He was just a Moster aditionaball and then m from the trail plazer side, urs, O Arvius Sebanus, had twenty seven points and twelve reebounds, so uh pretty pretty good game that I don't remember. Well, that's like what the first round of the Playoffs Y. Ah Yon, all right so I mean it is it is it's a day that you got neither team would even make it to the th, the Bulls, the Bulls round, the Bulls wound? U Winning the championship over the Sonics Four Games t two yeah that was during the actually. It was one F that was one of the runs right that was, after Jordan, came back Yep wher. He switched his number Yep all right mark what you got. I'm sure yours is equally as Shitty B. Look in your pace, alright February, fifth, nineteen. Eighty four again, my birthday Hail Irwin winds at Pebble Beach. Now the interesting thing about this Wen. It was iconic for him. He calls it the greatest second shot of his life. His two irons shot from the Fairway Bunker on the second playoff holl is one the television commentators announce that could not even be done the set up for the temfoot Birdie. It shocked, H, Jim Nelford and provided Uron with the title in the Forty Third Bin Crosby National PROAM. But that's not even the interesting thing about this. We got to go back to before the playoff holds to the par five eighteenth, where he hits a shot totally blows. It you've seen that scene in like tincoppery Hio into the water. This is what happens. He hits a shot over in Pebble beach on eighteen. Now, if you're familiar with Pebble Beach, that's got that really rocky coastline up the side yeap, he shanks the ball. It goes into the water bounces off O rock straight up back on to the fairway, then on his approach to the Green. He overshoots the chip, but luckily the ball hits the flag post and drop straight down for an easy put because of those two miracles from God. He was able to go on to the playoff holes and win the tournament at Pebble Beach, one of the greatest winds at Pebble beach ever and an iconic wind for hill or wine's career. That's insane, but I mean th, the two iron out of the bunk around, if you guys are golfers or not, but Hitin', get to wine out of the bunker is highly not advised yeah for them. I don't remember the shot, but I mean I I can't imagine it too 'cause you're getting. I mean not remember where the height of the Bunkare, by getting any loft on that like you're, not getting any so yeah, it's great when he shanks the shot that kind of had to turn down the audio bit, because he was mumbling stuff under his breath n some expletives in a in a stream of expletives. But then, when it bounces back on the fairway, you could see him kindo looking up at the sky and pointing when he finally P putted it into the wind. Again, you could see him talking and they asked them what he said as he was putning and he was like. Oh, I was apologizing for all the words I said on the earlier shot. So that was my first story. My second story were going to go to Febrary. Fourth, nineteen and eighty four, the day before my birthday, because Qorerback war and moon, who led the Edmonton Eskimos to fivekins consecutive Canadian football, Leagu championships agreed to sign a multimillion dollar contract to play for the Houston oilers. Now leas Steinberg Moon's attorney could not divulge details at this point, but they said that the contract was worth five point: five million. Now, let's go to the next day, my actual birthday February. Fifth, of course, all of this then comes out in an official announcement by the team. Waren Moon plans to sign the contract with the Houston oilers and the contract is worth six million dollars. It is towed, is one of the largest contracts ever in professional football and of course, waren moon would go on to be one of the great quarterbacks in the NFL and a hall of Famer. So that's my second news story: Warand Moon Signs with the Houston oilers and the NFL Wel, watching football like in the eighties and early nineties, was all l E. I would watch that all day over I mean I like watching football now, but back then it was so much fun. I mean he had guys like Moon Oo, he's like also like insanely underrated, Ohtilly Y. U Ye Ad Marino! You had you know La! You had a lot of those like great players back then, and it was just so much fun to watch yeah Warren Moon was so frigging good. That offence was itscene. He just didn't always have the tools around him, and then he went to the Vikings and by that time his career was on the other Hiyeah ye had some decent receivers. He had and T it was like, probably like late eighties early nineties earnest given Awer Jeffers. He had some decent receivers in M Houston, but yeah man. He was you're, forgetting you're, forgetting the Great Mouse Davis and the run an shoot offence that they put in yeah. That was fun to watch. It was fun to fuckind Wi, like the running shoot was my favorite of the earle nineties. Ga The K gun was fun. To Watch mean that didn't win any seperbowls in Buffalo, but man watching Gim Kelly manage that holy. It was really allright to play in Madden too. That's all right. Let's get back to these picks here. Ninety six, the whole thing with Wangan and the jazz yeah you're doing the thumbs down. Definitely wngansaas the biggest thing. I remember about him: is his raded rookie Don Ruscard that was verse, negative and h? The fact that he hit his shitload of home runs and he's still not in the hall of fame, 'cause, there's all kinds of talk about juice, steroids, but we've had this talk many times on the show, I'm for the stemroid. So that's not really a negative against him. It was a great time in baseball and you're, forgetting the most important thing about Wanganzalez the mustache. No, he has a Z and his name, so you know he's Legit Sur. Coming off last week's episode, The jazzvurst trail boyzers thing I like, where you're going with all the hall favors in the line. UPS, it's Kinda cool to heal those names, but then looking at Marxs, I got to go with the very first one hall Erwin with this Pebble Beach thing mark has done something that nobody has done in Thi show in two years. I have two rows in a row. He's brought up something that I've never fucking heard of I've, never heard of my mother, the whole isecret life or Hail Urwin. I've never heard of in my entire life, but like listening to tell the story, I kind o want to see it because I love tincup. I just wish he would have used the seven iron. It would have been such a better story, knowing that it was connected to them. Yeah, you can go on you tube and you watch all the greatest highlights from Pebble Beach. That's the highlight from eighty four, as you see hem right on that rocky coastline. He just shanks it right into the water and then it just POPs up right back onto the fairway. It's like there's no way there was even a reporter. That said, he had seen over three hundred balls that were hittingto that water. Never one has ever popped back out of the rocks. Amazing Anyhow, the warn moon thing, though I think that takes the entire round warmon one of my favorite quarterbacks growing up this dude could sling it like no other quarterback Erthinghe, never put anything behind those throws and they were fucking darts all over the Foa. I wish he would ave had a better team. I wish he would have won a superbowl. I mean that's really the only thing that iy was missing. 'cause. If you look at his story, you know how he did. The five years of CFL then came up. He was a little like long in the tooth. Already by the time he got to the Anna hellhes in the late twenties yeah, which is old. You know for a starting quarterback Kindof, like m her warner, but the STD was light out. I just wish he would have been on a better team, but that's a huge story and whiths nuts about that contract, and it's the thing that I love bringing up in these episodes. Markwhile, I'm spitting this out. Can you tell me how much six million dollars is in twenty nineteen just for comparison's Ake, because, like there's long snappers in the league right now, they make just about three million dollars a year and that guy signed a Multa year contract for six million dollars, a whall of fame o one of the best squarterbacks of Woll time. It's probably well likefifteen million. I in to se I happened to say about fifteen million, which is what like Keddy Bridgewater, gets as a backup in New Orleans. Actually, you might get more than that. Now Survey says fourteen point: Six Milliono annafucking pretty spot on D, But even though you got that you lost around, I got to give this on n nineteed and eighty four tying the game up at one enbark. You have control of the board Al Right H. let's go over to news for the final one point: Rood, oh he's interesting, all right! So for my first news story: We're going to go up to space. There was a space shuttle mission that started February. Third, nineteen and eighty four and they were bringing up a space satellite for Western Union cost seventy five million dollars and, of course, things always go wrong in space. They launch the space satellite and one of the engines was off kilter. Of course, how the engines work on the satellite is once they night, the engines burn until all the fuel is gone well, the tridrectory was slightly off and it spun the satellite, so it did not reach its orbit, so they lost it. Well, on February, fifth, they found the satellite, but unfortunately it was an orbit that was way too low and they couldn't use it and it had no more fuel, so they're going to have to launch a second satellite and then on February. Fifth, they have another mission and again tragedy strikes again. They launch a space balloon to do a mission where they're going to play basically tag with the space balloon to simulate following a satellite in case of emergency and what happens the balloon, pops, an midair tragedy strikes again, and all of this happened aboard space shuttle. I think it was doomed and, of course, yes, I am talking about the Challenger 'cause on the challengers very next mission after it returned home from this, it would depart again and that's when we had the unfortunate tragedy, the one good thing that did come out of this h. It was the very first time they were able to do a solo walk with the MMU temaned maneuvering unit. That's kind of that thing, you've seen in every space movie where it looks like a like a booster pack and they have controls for their hands. Tho Things are awesome, shoots out jets. It's like a little Sut, that's the first time they ever did an unmanned untethered walk with one of those it wasn't on my birthday. It was on the seventh. It was on the same mission, but on my birthday on the fifth, they found the satellite and then tragedy struck again when their space balloon popped. So all this aboard the Challenger go figure. I went one of those jetpacks by the way Wa. I got a figartte way to get one. Those things are awesome remember on. Did you ever watched showeast bound and down yeah? I think it was. The last season were Kenny and H. I forgot the guy's name is a comedian and he was like the the head guy on the show he had one of those packs and he's using it over the lake and then Kenny got one he's like I'm. The only one that's allowed to have one of these love to have one of those now right. So my second news story, you know we got a Saing, sometimes on the show, if you bring the sadness you're going to lose, but you know sometimes the story is just too good to pass up and you gotta go with what you dealt with February, ffth ninehuteen and eighty four one of the major headlines in New York City is a a midtown Manhattan mounted policeman ties up his horse in order to go, take a leak and then the horse gets loose the horse escapes and gets hit by a taxi cab in the middle of the street, severely injuring the Horse. They bring all kinds of ambulances in to surround the Horse, so there's no view and the police officers had to put the horse down in the middle of the street, surrounded by spectators. It was a major news story, it was traumatizing and you know what I know I'm going to win this round, because you can't beat a dead horse every Gu. That's what I put ing my nose dead horse, all right, NNINE, teen ND. Ninety six, please tell me you have some good news w well, the first one, so the Firson as from April twenty eighth and this one is bill. Clinton testifies for four and a half hours on tape, and this is not about him getting helmet in the Oval Office. This is actually about the white water case, and so I don't know if anybody knews or remember, O the white water case was basically it was h. The controversy in the nineties. It began with an investigation to the real estate investments of bill and Hillary Clinton and ther associates Jim mcdouga and Susa McDougall and the White Water Development Corporation. The failed business ventore was incorporated in Nineteen. Seventy nine with the purpose of developing vacation property is on land along the White River near Flipin Arkansas. Now Clinton was just testifying during that time. Apparently he' testified for, like forty five minutes, took a break and then went for another like three plus hours of cross examination by the prosecution. No other details of his testyou could be learned as participants ere under a court and post gagorder NOA attended, but neither bill nor Hillary wherever prosecuted after three separate inquiries found insufficient evidence linking them with the criminal conduct of others related to the Landol, and the matter was handled by the white waternd depenn, a Counsil, some Guy Canit star and the last of Theseinqaris came from the Final Independent Council, Robert Ray and then Susan Mdoogoll, who was involved. There was somehow granted a pardon by President Clinton before he left officesnothing, nothing she ther, so that was that was the first story, the White, water, controversy or scandal. If you will my next one, this is not a great story, but it led to other things that were better, so I'm trying to remain optimistic here. So on April, twenty eighth, some JERKOVF named Martin Bryant, had a few bad years. We decided to take his frustrations out on numerous innocent people, that day Bryant shot and killed. Thirty five people weded twenty three others, so that happened on the twenty eighth of April. He was apprehended on April. Twenty ninth- and I am talking about the Port Arthur massacre in Australia. Now he was given thirty five lifes sentences without the possibility of parole. The the incident itself was obviously bad enough, but I think what has come after that, I think, is the I mean not not saying that loses people was, you know, small by any means, but what happened after that? I think Australia did it right. Bu following that incident. The Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, with the development of strict gun control laws within Australia, and he formulated a national firearms agreement restricting their private ownership of semiautomatic rifles, semiautomatic, shotguns and pump action shotguns as well as introducing uniform firearms licensing, and it was implemented with by Parson support by the Commonwealth states and territories. So there we go so they had a problem they fixed it. I haven't had any issues like that since wow, that's a fucking, big one, all right! So, looking at these two, we got eighty four and ninety six four boring stories mostly filled with sadness. Um I'm going t have to go with ninety six, just because I think both stories have more legs. Obviously, it's bad to say, but challenger didn't really go much further. After nineteen six and the dead horse t a Marcad did that lead to any change. They still have mounted caps, which I never really understood. Why cops were on horses? I mean wh like what is this fuckin eighteen, forty, seven horses don't get caught in traffic jams. It will neither do m motorcycles. True, so I mean they caught a lot more bad guys on chips than they did on yeah the there is no show where cops are onwor. Actually there was. There was a show with Andy Sypoits, I think, before Fuckin and wipet blue, where he was amounted. Yes, and there was look it up, don't remember what the Fucky name is, but I think it lasted like one or two seasons did he play the Horse? No, he did not. He was the cop, ah very type casted, but I'm have to go with nineteen ighty six on this one. I think the the white water thing. Obviously, there's still talk about the Clintons and all that. So that's got legs and then, of course, the thing with Australia. They made the changes and you know it seems to be going pretty well for them. So I gotto give that one NI. Six sodrew takes a two to one league going into the two point rounds: An control theboard. What he got Roquik before we move on. There was a TV show where I think it had a a mounty. I don't know. If e remembers this, it was called Du South, Oh yeah, it was like is like. Can he a mounty whatever it was CR? It was like a CSI, but it was like with a Canadian mounty. Let me point out to that. I called Thim Antisipitz, which is his name on NYPD blue. It's actually Dennis France, I what ever sorry Dennis our boy Denis, I know who you meant all right. So I'm go. Let's do Um, I'm gonna go with movies, so I I don't think I didn't think I saw anything that came out on April twenty ninth, so there were some that came out on April, twenty sixth and then sometong that came out on May third, so those that ar too closs OK, I have chosen one from each date. If the judge approves sure thank you g. It rounds like you're right in the middle of he boat. So yeah, I didn't see anything from April twenty. Ninth. So I'm going to start off with this movie that came out in April, twenty ixt, Anine Huteen and ninety six, an Alto tripic question: What throu Nicknulti, melony, Griffith, Chazz Palmentary, Michael Madand, Chris Penn, Jennifer, Connelly, Andrew McCarthy and John Malkevich all have in common Cyphilus close. They all were in a movie, a classic neonor crime, thrthriller called Mohalland fall o every everybody remembers that Classic Movie B T. Basically it was the plot was in early nineteen fifties. A FORMAN SQUAD OF UNORTHODOX LA police detectives begins. They kind of throw their weight around by tossing and organized crime figure from Chicago off a cliff on mhalland drive, and this called bohom falls for all the men they have thrown off it. So that's kind of what this movie's all about, not to be confused with the other movie. Mulholan drive, Yeah David Lynch, Yeah Yeah Yeah. Definitely definitely a different movie, yeah, definitely a different movie. So I has a lot of big guys in there you had, I mean Nicknolto, Jennifer, connelley, John Malkovitch, so chess momentary, good good crew on that one could cast, but speaking of good casts on May third nineuneen ND. Ninety six, the craft came out two theaters, an American supernatural, horror, film, directed by Angew Fleming and Sarred, Robin Tunny Faruzse Balk Bababouchet, Nev Campbell and Rachel Tru, the films plot senters on a group of four outcast teenage girls at a Fictionale, Los Angeles, parochial high school, who pursued witchcraft for their own gain, but soon encountered negative repercussions which prove to be the ruin of one of them and a harsh learning experience wfor the other tree yeah. That was, I remember that movie on. If yosawthat was fantast movie, I think I was just like: Oh for Zabalknif Camball, yes, movie had a budget of fifteen million and pulled in actually fifty five million, so I made av had a pretty good hall back in the day, so the craft great movie, all right ink. That's also like a good like nineties, staplet whanever like whenever I ottober rolls around like scream. I think I watched h this year Um. I know what you did last summer and then like the craft, if, like those, were always like great nineties, Hardr flicks, to watch not to help you out or anything, but it is super topical because again, they're remaking it and I think that movie's coming out soon so hi. I appreciate the help. Also I mean I mean I could have said any movie, they're, probably fucking tettrue all right mark. What do you have all right? God so before boogy nights before studio? Fifty four before lovelace there was a movie that came out on February. Third, nineteen and eighty four called star eighty directed by Bob Foss, this movie stard Mariel, Hemingway and Eric Roberts and where a successful young model finds trouble when her obsessove manager turns husband becomes dangerously jealous, based on the true story of nineteen. Eighty playmate of the year Dorothy Stratton interesting tid, bit or titbit about this h movie right before filming this movie to play, Dorothy Stratten, Merrill, Hem and way underwent breast augmentation surgery. She denies that she did it for the movie, but she did do it right before she started playing Dorothy Stratton, so Hu hapfnursued, the producers of the film. He didn't particularly care how he was portrayed in the film, and this is a film that Gean CISKOL selected as one of his top ten best films of that year so star. Eighty you've never seen it check it out. If you're a big fan of Murial Hemmingway, I'm a huge fan, oh yeah, so my second movie selection is a film called reckless O as good eeas February. Third, nineteen and eighty four, a rebellious football player Johnny falls for the cheerleader Tracy. They come from opposite backgrounds, geeze from a comfortable, well off family and he's from my poor, broken home sounds like every typical movie stars: Eton Qwen, Darrel, Hanna clifdy young. Some interesting notes about this movie. It didn't make a whole lot of money. It was kind of like a sex romance movie opening weekend just over two point: four million dollars Tumulav World Wide Gross, eight point, two million dollars so you're asking why the hell that I select disk wasn't there another made for TV movie about a protitute father this time? No. But there is a few interesting side notes. This movie marks the debut theoretrical feature film, scored by composer Thomas Newman, you're, so fucketbul he went on to compose the songs from skyfall Waly the help Sinderellaman the lost boys, revenge of the nerds, the great outdoors and the Green Mile. This was the first future film he composed for and if that's not good enough, it is the debut produced screen play of riter director Christopher Columbus. That's right! After this, she would go on to write grimlins in the screen play for Gooni's. He would direct adventures and babysitting misss doubtfire home alone, one and two in rent, and it gets better. This movie also marks the deratrical film debut for Director James Foly, who would direct Glengari Glenross an episode of Twin Peaks in n Tosand, nine hundred and ninety six is fer with Mark Walberg, Thatas Agream, and if, if that's not good enough for you, this movie also marks the debut of Jennifer Gray in a major motion picture film, as well as star Aden Quinn in his first movie. So for such a forgetable film, it was the start of a lot of people's epic careers. You had Thomas Newman, Christopher Columbus, James Foly and Jennifer Gray and Aden. Qwinn all got their start on this movie called reckless and it was released February. Third, nineteen, eighty four good godall right. So actually I actually remember watching that. It's Ben in a while, but I feel like I like getting at Wite B, cinemax Probab, I might have been it. Um volume turned down low, MOM cin. Here, I'm going to bed goys Um Yeaa, Chrisopher Columbus man, yeah fucking, clear he had. I don't know how he went from people said wow that was a great screenplay. He wrote for recklessmn. I think he could knock out this Gooni's thing. Eah N, I don't see the stretch for that, but ey he went on to be legendary. This is where he got to start. I love reading a lot of the stories from him essentially trying to manage mccondy colkan's parents theres. Some of those. Some of those like notes and stories, are just hilarious. All right, O look. So we have eighty four and ninety six. Ninety six began this round and you came out. Strong Mallan falls actually a decent movie, even though, like you didn't go too in depth into it, it's a really cool story and I'm not big on time pieces, but that one I actually like I do own and the other one you have. I also own the craft and between you and mark you came with a craft mark, had this little tie into fear and both those movies I went to with my high school girlfriend at the time 'cause they both musthave come out. PUIL like about May of ninety six. On both of them, which is kind of crazy, but you marked through this swerve an year because mark's going through his picks and he says starady and I'm like- I really don't care, never heard of it again mark with another round bringin something that I've never heard of before, and then he comes of recklest, which I've heard of, but I've never seen, and I was like Al. This is e Slam. Dunk it's going two. Ninety six and then you drop the bomb with Thomas noon. Was It noonon Newman he's sil relevant, more Casto Reh? Looking up Thomas knew. I like obviously he's got. It's got legs, but I don't care, but then, when you said Christopher Columbus- and this is his first screenplay- this dude had such a run that they wanted to give this guy everything. Every script in Hollywood was getting sent to Christopher Columbus. First, he had his his pick and anything he wanted to do and obviously everything he did up until I don't know is he still doing movies? Oh Yeah Yeah, I was doing Harry sheed him, some Harry Potter, so yeah he did an hurded potter stuff. Recently, I don't know what he's done, but I mean the guy's career. Is it's epic, so I I got to go with eighty four ith this one I m EAN t he threw that curve ball right there at the end and it just put reckless over the edge and that's the really cool part about these episodes. Because it's a movie t you don't really care too much about. But then, when you look at all the stuff associated with that movie, it just builds it to like an epric epic proportions compared to the craft. An Malan Falls. I just don't think it compare. So I gotto go eigty four yeah, but I I sa I saidand Ave Campbell yeah, you know w at I was never a big Neb Fan. Alway thought she had a horse face. I was more of a Robin Tunny Fan. I had Jennifer Gray and this was her debut. She actually did this before Red Dawn. She did reckless every well exe red dawn was o start ut, don't really care about Jennifer gray either or her nose job where I cant. If they put her in a line up- and he told me to pick out Jennifer grey, I would not pick her any time. I saw her in front of me 'cause. She looks like a totally different person now, but yeah. I gotto give this one, eighty four, so that the P mark in the lead now three to two comes down o the last round seems like this happens all the time I didn't plan for it. It's not staged it's just the way. It is very close. Let's go you guys, have music and mark you can take this round or you can defer to drew whatever you want to do. You have control. You know what I got the momentum Goin my way, I'm just going to go for it, oosh all right, Al Right, so my first music selection is the great pretender which is the twenty six solo album by country icon, Dolly Parten. Now, if you look up this album some say the release date is January. Twenty third, but if you actually go to Dolly Parton's website there was an article published February. Fifth, nineteen eighty four says Dolly releases: Her Twenty Six solo, album released February of nine huteen nd. Eighty four. It will feature a selection of popular cover, songs from the nineteen fifties and sixties, and this album was the very first dolly part n album ti be released on compact disk. The album was produced by Valgary and it made very heavy use of synthesizers and had a very distinctly poppy sound. The first single was a remake of the drifters nineteen sixtiesisave, the last dance. For me, it was a top ten country single and then almost made the top forty pop charts as well. So the track listing on this one she had saved the last dance. For me, I walk the line. Turn turn turned downtown. We had it all and you know, hits just keep on coming. Of course, the great pretender on there as well Dolly Pardon, covering the hits of the fifties and sixties. That's my first music selection for my second one. Let's head over to the UK for Sparkle in the rain, it's the Sixh Tudio, album by Scottish Rock Ban, SIMPLE MINDS: Release February sixth N Nineuteen and eighty four now due to a desire to release the album worldwide. Simultaneously Simple minds actually decided not to put out the record for sale before Christmas, so instead they releast smarkled the rain on the sixth of February of Nineteen and eighty four. So that way it could be released. On the same day, the entire world wide. The album was a break through commercial success, firh the band. It immediately peaked at number, one on the UK, album charts and was the band's first chart topper, and it remained on the charts for fifty seven weeks it reached top twenty in in numerous other countries, including New Zealand, Netherlands, Canada, Swed en Switzerland, Germany, Norway in Australia, sparkle and the rain produced three UK top forty singles. The first was waterfront speed and your love to me were was close. To follow and up the cat walk was the third single in a rettrospective review for all music McKenzie Wilson awarded the album four and a half and of five stars saying the album marked the band's best effort, thus far capturing seascapes of illustrious lyrical visions. So that's my second musical offering sparkle in the rain break through album by simple minds all right off to eighty four offto. Ninety six! Rather, let's see what you got all right, so both of these were April thirtieth a day after April. Twenty ninth, but the first one I have was an album by one of the nineties. Greatest acts the cranberries and at album was to the faithful departed. Now this album peaked that number four on the: U S, Billboard Two hundred reachmer one in Sweden, New Zealand, Belgium and Australia. So everybody around the world loves them. It went two times platinum in H. U S and has sold over five point: eight million copies worldwide, which I was actually surprised. It sold that many M grimmers are sti huge obviaucy, you know was it Doloris reardand was the singer. You know she passed away recently on Wbat a year or two bu man. I love the cranberries. We just call her Doloru here on the show. I'm sorry dillors Um. So I remember so. Ethis is like you know, back in a day right, like you like Listeng to radio stations and like Collland, O win tickets or whatever it's like one summer, my sister and I were home and she wound up actually calling in to win. I don't think it was this SOM. I think it was their previous album and she actually went up calling in and she was like the I forget, whatever call er, she wanted the back like winning like a free copy. I think it was no need to argue a e that or I think it was actually everybody elseis doing it. So why can't we? I think that was the album w. We wound up getting t yeah. That was pretty cool, but there were so on this. There were four singles salvation free to decide when you're gone, Hollywood and salvation was their biggest single off that album and it hit twenty oneonthe. U S: Billboard Hot one hundred Um see a cranberries they're, still big man. They have. If you check on spottify, they have over a nine million monthly listeners on Spotifi, so they're there'se still a big deal. I love listening to the cranberrys still throughthis day. So do my favor how's, the chorus of salvation go soshn andthat W help. Try do it all we're done. Sosojust keeps sining salvation, that's really all she does man. I thought I was bad, but it's very Catchi, no wouldn' You do it. That's hthat's! Why I hoste Poy! Why I'm not a singer! I I know my limit. All right cool see: Y have crimeberries allright. What do you have after bradberries, so next same day, crash from Dave, Matthew's band came out, which was there huge, follow up to under the table and dreaming this album pced. It number two on the: U S, Billboard Two hundred sold over seven million copies s, the band's best selling album a had five singles on there too. Much so much to say. Crashingto me two step and tripping billies crash to me is a huge frigging song that hit number nineteen on the: U S, Billbort hot one hundred and that songhas actually been downloaded on Spottifi over a hundred and two million times and Dav Matthew's band in general has two point: four million monthly listener, so pretty big album crash into me was the jam back in the day in college. If you wanted to fuck a hippie check, that was the song that you put on yea. You oul put on crash to me, or even a satellite wasn noon from their previous, but yeah crashing to me and like any you ot th, Gthn da like any day mattewn and the girls ust be like. Oh, let's hang out, canwrong H Dave the Spanish fly of mid nineties all right. So let's look at this. So we're we're three points. It yor right here. I think it's pretty clear cut with this round mare came with a cover album from dopardan made. It sound like a million bucks, but it probably did have legs in the United States, whereas the simple mind's album sounds like nobody cares in the United States. Dolly Parton is a national treasure. I like Toomean, it is it's the big one that he has the simple minds thing now: You're playing it up if we're in UK. Maybe it was a bigger deal here. I think until you got don't you forget about me, which you know, I think they recorded the end of that year or the year after. So you just you missed out on that. If you would have had that would have been much bigger. I bet you, the please D, don't you forget about me or probably Astronomicalli even spot of I? This was the album before that it kind of changed their sound and it was kindof. This is where they were getting to that point like I said it was breaked through for that band. It wasn't their hit, but it was breakthrough. So I understand where you're going with that yeah and then we look at Tix. We got the cranberries that ship was always on MTV and I made you sing. That's long. I fuckin hate that long, you're singing it just hammered at home. How bad I hate that's long. It actually always an maybe the cranberry spans are going. Ta Kill me for this, but it it always reminds me of like a knock off Zambi, no wait a minute. I wasn't Givin a chance to sing. If I bust out some Dolly part now do I get to win nolit now taanthing. I probably cost myself around by singing, but then you came out with crash and look N N, nine utdren and ninety six Dave Matthews Bann. Of course you know Ye ad under the table and dreaming and then his like unreleased stuff before that, so he had a big following already, but in ninety six that stabled him for years to come. That album was so massive throughout that year that not so much MTV stuff 'cause. This is y 're you're starting to get more shows an MT v. You didn't see too much. Dave you'd saw hem, sometimes not as much as the CRANBERRYS, but he was dave was always on the radio and then everyone this thing with Dave Matthews like I'm calling em Dave like I fuckin Knowin, it's just something with his music. You know it's like. If you saw dave, Matthews Berry Dat was up like you know, it's just like some dude right, we're talking. Ninety six here. At the same time, you also had fish blues traveller, the spin doctors, all these really popular jambands, that all came out of what mostly was the New York City wetland scene. The wetlands was a popular bar where all these big jambands came out of Dave. Matthews was the first one to break out into the mainstream. They were getting MTV play. They were getting mainstream top forty radio play. There were the first jamband to kind of break out in that way, so yeah massive pick be get more mastram. Also that solidified his concert following too O Ean. He was getting O to at that point, but like after that, all all you to do is like tell people you had theytotheyre they're, like your best friend all of a sudden y and the stewd is still Toring, like that n t, probably not as much as he was back then, but he's still on the road. Probably more than six months a year, I'd say: T still sells out stadiums everywhere. He goes one of these s tickets. To get. I saw him in ninety. Nine was the first time I saw him and that concert buddy guy opened, and I don't even remember that seemes like it was like a flash in the PAN and then all of a sudden Dave played and it seemed like. It was like a three hour concert. Every song felt like it was like twenty five minutes. Long. Isn't that awesome? No, not really! I kindo wishd the Wu. A T night went on forever, but I mean it was cool, seeing him for the first time but yeah. I gotta give this round to ninety six. I think that's just a a really good pairing, whether I like the cranberries or not. The Dave Matthews thing is phenomenal and the coveroutin eighty four and simple minds kindo on their way up. I see wher you're going with that, but I gotto give this one. to I mean Dave. Matthews turned himself into international superstintraan argue with Dave Man. Now that's like when somebody pulled out Pearl Dam. Ten on us, it's one of the mountains. thit gets pulled out. What what are the sales numbers on crash? Did you drop that by his Chance Sen iee? It was how that's kind of what I said too. I was I I thought t more, but yeah sold over seven million copies yeah wow well, hippies are cheap. So that's the thing with jambands. The albums didn't always sell. Well, 'cause, it's more about the live shows which sound completely different than what's done in the studio, so we kind of just traded the tapes around so you might not have bought the Dave album, but you got forty or fifty live shows on Cassette S. oh he definitely. He had a huge following. I remember. Oh yeah, sophomore year in high school, which is like ninety four, and that was right when under the table n dreaming came out, and that was a great like after like a couple of months. I remember everyone had like Dave, Matthew shirts and we listen to Dave Ma, never heard of hem before samething happened with like Green Day in ninety four. It was just like that year took off with like all these big bands and stuff, and they just kind of went on for a long time, which is something Youdon't get every year, and then I think in ninety six. There weren't really too many huge, debut bands, but we started getting like these albums that got them to the next level, and this is really like launched him. So I don't want to be a dead horse. Give this one in ninety six and drew itts his purse. fucking singles win and mark is like one in nine or something yea. Another defeat but drew you'll, always remember your first congraitations on a great wind tell our listeners where they can listen to your show yeah. So I am the host of the one headlike nineties potcast. We talk about all kinds of things from the nineties: Music Movies, TV Sports, I'm actually working on a three part episode of Beeveson Butdhead, which is fantastic, so that'll be coming out in the next couple of weeks and then after that, we're getting into some more music. Some one hit wonders from the nineties so lot of good stuff coming up and you can find us on itunes. Google play stitcher spot ify where you get your fine pod casts from ex while you're on the Internet. You can surf on over to duling decades dcom, where you can subscribe on. I tunes on Casbox on spotify. Wherever podcasts are available, you can find dueling decades and then go over to facebook, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can join our facebook group all week long. We have great ratrow content going up in our private group community and on our main page, you can also play Trivia with us all week, long for supremacy on the dueling decades leaderboards. So until next time deelers were going to bid you a piece, love Lightn, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infirmay media