Dueling Decades
May 27, 2020

It's a retro food fight with Josh Macuga from History Channel's Eating History!

It's a retro food fight with Josh Macuga from History Channel's Eating History!

FOOD FIGHTTTTTT!! Sort of. It's another episode of Dueling Decades, and this week we brought on one of the stars from The History Channel's new hit show, Eating History! Josh Macuga grabs the gavel for this retro food fight of sorts. Since Josh is a...

FOOD FIGHTTTTTT!! Sort of. It's another episode of Dueling Decades, and this week we brought on one of the stars from The History Channel's new hit show, Eating History! Josh Macuga grabs the gavel for this retro food fight of sorts. Since Josh is a food specialist, prepare yourself for an all food version of Dueling Decades! On an hours notice, Drew Zakmin of the One Headlight 90's podcast joins the crew looking for two consecutive victories with Food of 1997. Marc dives deep into Food of 1975, and he's excited to throw the first meatball! To round things out, Mancrush looks to avenge a tie-breaker loss last week with Food of 1987! Take cover behind a cafeteria table, this one is about to get messy! Josh doesn't disappoint and shows up with some twenty year old Mike's Hard Lemonade to sip throughout, and he's going to need it. Don't slip on the Sloppy Joe, and be ready to dodge a heap full of Josh's behind the scenes tales from Eating History! Find out what food still taste amazing after two decades, or which food kept Josh on the toilet for two days, the best place to hide jelly donuts, huge appetites, soggy cereals, Swedish people, John Denver in the Matrix, a chef that likes to slam stuff, a chef you can't understand, vintage gum talk, Stanley Kubrik's best work, Jack Nicholson at his finest, exploding stomachs, everyone loves ice cream, never get pizza in Utah, famous cookies, nostalgic commercials, mud sharks, Mancrush shares a story about Marine Corps boot camp, soul food surprises, bad parenting, Eating History season two, and just what old foods are red flags to eat? Do you agree with Josh's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard! Please don't forget to subscribe and review! Want to share some of your own 1980s & 1990s memories? Join the other thousands of people in our Facebook group and get more original nostalgic content every day! If you're into the 1960s & 1970s, join our new group! Links below: 








Informay mediapeople Engag Tup Jewl an the pixe o plan, but it dot fo. I radagan upon that CAP. U Tot the power gopcome fight for what you love N, who com O P, copin Tancritaa ee Poe co up, would take grave a o Bala in sick. I ampa a Gan o come fight for what you love n broadcasting from the Podcash New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am Mark James, and this week we bring you a special, triple threat, food fight, where I will be competing with nineteen. Seventy five, alongside these men, first off dualling with N Nineteen and eighty seven say hello to mancrush. What's up that's right, I have food of nineteen eighty seven and before we actually get any further, we've missed something for the last. What like three weeks now and after we finished recording every time like we didn't mention it again, so we were actually voted. The number twenty five podcast in podcast magazines Ho fifty wat. It's called T potcast hop. Fifty and we just wanted to say thanks to everybody who voted and yeah, we finally said it so there I that's for May so if you guys want go over to their website and vote for us for June, what's Et's get up from twenty five 'cause, it seems like it's UST and we're surrounded by like forty, nine true crime, pod, Gass Isbullshit, but anyhow Ye. I got food. Eighty seven! Let's do this also joining us on the panel this week is the host of the one headlight nineties podcast welcome back to the show Dru Zacman ere Yo, guys doit. I have a great year, nine teen, Ninety seven and uh, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to win. I want to keep. Although I on last time I was on I I broke that trend, but I I feel, like I'm, probably going to get back to my losing ways and I'm very excited for that, and as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So this week's celebrity guests judge for this food fight is an actor writer and the host of eating history. Wednesday nights. Ten PM on the history channel, please welcome, Judge Josh Mkuga. Thank you, gentlemen. So much pleasure to be here, there's nothing more. I like than judging people and so really and truly just tesike about it. I will say you know: Drues Year of Nineteen, ninety seven might have been the first year. I tried what's in this glass, which is a Mike's hard lemonade, Oh man, to go with eating history, I'm at my inlaws place in northern California and my my Fatherin Law's, not a big drinker said. I think I've got some weird old drinks in the corner of the garage check it out and there was an old thirty pack of Mike's hard lemonade, Atasa that where you stoke that it was like how old is it? Oh, this is at least fifteen years old. No problem O share Yo s no he's like I haven't touked that it was covered and, like you know, he he fixes motorcycles and cars. o were just covered in rags and stuff, and it was just an old cardboard case of bottles of Mikesart lemonade, and there was dust everywhere and I was like when 'did you get. This hewas, like I think, sometbody gave it to me, is a gift for new years in, like two thousand I was like wo and as excited as you get on the on the show eating history. When you guys pied stuff, I can only imagine you like that. Wast have been like Bonur territory when you, you know, and my wifebe like don't touch it, throw it away and I'm like what No. This is perfect. Let me tell you something: Some fifteen twenty years later likes hard lemonate still puckers, that mouth and really makes you feel like Ho got need to go to the dentist, but it'sit always made me feel bloated, like you'd, have like two or three and just fell like garbage. So what you got to do. What I've figured out is that you pour like half the likes hard lemonade, splash, ome, Bodcu, add some ice and then you' KINDOF got like a you know. Basically, a a totally different drink, harbinated lemonade. Basically, it actually looks pretty good. I'm telling you lesten. I can have more than two of these 'cause, like you said, either bloated or literally get cavities in fifteen second fi. It's it still holds up guys, don't dis, Mike's Heart, don't this that's Awsome ye game with that all right, ladies and gentlemen, the following contest will be held under duling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products, a judge's ruling Wi'll determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first rerounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, all right, doelers over the teeth and through the gums. It's time for more on Ns all right. Let's go right down to our guest judge, Josh Mkuga for the official tossoff O gentleman. I don't have a coin. I don't! I can't tell you the last time I saw a coin other than like missing a penny on the ground. So what I have is a direct T v Remote Tat, the first this is, this is this'll, be heads the number side'll be heads. The blank side will be tales. Who wants to call it or do I call it h? Mark G, you call Mar Mark Call it in the Air I'm going to call heads because it always lands on heads for me when it falls, and then it changes the station. So it is heads it is landand head all right, so I will take control of the board and I get to choose the first category here. You Know What Gentlemen, I think we're going to start off for this food fight battle with a little bit of food TV. I think that's a good place to start off this game you're already starting to suck up to the judge here mar when I think of food and television, I my mind immediately goes to cooking shows that's what I grew up watching. So I had to go with a a show that debuted march nineteenth nineteen seventy five and it gave us. I think one of the most iconic celebrity chefs that we've never known this celebrity chef went on to make iconic meals throughout his h show. Who can forget the great episode where he made Japanese cakes? The cake actually tried to fight back as well as lobster thermidor and then in the middle of it he was attacked by Lobster Bandetos. Yes, of course, I am talking about the sweetest chef back backbork, who debute on the very first episode of the muppets in nineteen seventy five. Oddly enough, the pilot episode was called Sex and violence. Whoever thought that would be a muppets episode, but you know the swetest chef lives on today as one of the most iconic characters, and he was always one of my favorite muppets, the very first episode, insects and violence. The program name is Yargan Schorgan Dorgan, which roughly translates into railway crossing the whole episode had, of course, Japanese subtitles. So you could understand him and did you know little fun fact? The sweetest chef is the only person to ever block one of Miss Piggi's karate chops. He did it in the episode with one of the potlids. Well gladery Nice not easy to do yeah, iconic chef from my childhood. That's what I'm bringing for the first round. Let's go over to man crush what o you got: Man, man that was pretty good man. I thought you were going to say I nineteen seventy five. I don't have anything! That's what you told me: Let's continue the trend of sex and violence with August twenty seventh nineteen ei seven. I just said that to mark, but like being nineteen GT, seven there were literally no food shows O th n ninetnigy. Seven Martha Stewart started in eighty six. So I completely missed that. So I had to go a different route and since it's been a while, since ive touched on television commu commercials, we all know how iconic food commercials were in the eighties. So here we have a commercial from post natural raisin brand, not exactly the biggest kids product, but it's a pretty popular cereal and it's a commercial that you might remember right. So let me just get into this whole thing: 'cause, there's a story behind it allright, so the commercial featureis, none of thet, John Denver and John Sitting by like a body of water right next to him, is his tent and his dog and he's surrounded by the rockies. And then he springs up in his chair. Just to tell you how much people adore post natural raising brand over the competition, and then they show you the raisins this righ, it's the part of the commercial that I remember the most in scene that predates the Matrix you're presented with two choices. In one hand, you got these really nice plum, clean, dark, raisins and those are from post. Of course, then, on the other hand, you have these nasty looking raisins that are covered with, like a white film they're like half af the size or like shrivelled. You guys remember this commercial yeah. They look just like deer droppings. It looks hard. I have a picture of it if you guy's ever seen it I'll I'll post it up there, so you guys can see it I'll put it on our facebook. But this is where it gets good because of this commercial kelogs. They followed a hundred million dollar lawsuit against General Foods, which is about a quarter billion dollars in thosand and twenty for misrepresenting the raisins in the breakfast ereals they charge genelfoolfoods that they had improved the appearance of their raisins, that they had cleaned them from all the extranious materials before their th photograph and then t the handful of the kelogs ones. They said that they did something to 'em like they made hem dirtier or something you have to see the picture all post in our facebook group. They also charged that they andacturally claime, that the post raisins were natural and unprocessed when the reality is that they were coated with glycral and coconut oil to make them look more natural. So it was like complete bullshit from all sides of this, and they also said this is go back to general foods and post that that commercial F, John Denver implies that the Post Raisin brand had less sugar than their competition. But then, when he read the boxes side by side, it was the exact same sugar content, so they're totally folish it, but here's the best part. So it all comes full circle. In twuent Ad Sixteen calogs, post and general mills they're all Loadd d. They were hit with like a few lawsuits over there, advertising of quote unquote healthy cereals. They were actually loaded in sugars and then at Twenty Nineteen Kellog for one they end up having to pay twenty million bucks in that Class Action Lawsuit, and then they had to refrain from these things. So this has legs, it's pretty big. They had to stop using healthy, wholesome, nutritious and lightly sweetened. So not only do we get that commercial, but it just it just kept going and going and going all the way to fucking twenty nineteen wow. That's got legs, my friends, but that's what we have. We have the the post natural raising brand with John Denver in the Matrix hands that John Denveris full of Shit Ma'am. I was just going to see that rocky mountains of my a all right drew Zacman over to you. What do you have for the television round all right? So speaking of sex and violence in early nineteen nd? Ninety seven emeral live began production so h later that year the show wanted cable aaward for best informational, show on nine ten and ninety seven. So I think that qualifies for something, so his show ran from ninety seven until two thousand and ten. Basically, the whole kind of premise was and migaci takes quick into a whole new level. Preparing delicious food with a live band and special guests try the food and we got the Um, the the wonderful catchphrases, such as Bam. Kick it up a notch, FEL Te love and AH yeah. He was in everyone's kitchen in one way or another and I'll tell you what he was so popular. My mom actually bought his book and an went. Not only did she buy the book, She went to the frigging barns and noble to actually meet him in person and then have him autograph the book. She harnever done that before I'm like Paula. What are you doing? Lady? I don't know but- and he currently he has a current show called etthe world with EMERLAGASA and Amazon video, which this fantastic buttlets beyond th guys is nowhere as awesome as eating history. Sayingman I didn't suck up in MI. I was I o to know cruise kind of SHP crew gets the point yeah Al Righ. So first off I will say you're tagging at my heartstrings with the sweetest cheft one of my first, like first dates. In Los Angeles, I met a girl at a bar and she was younger than I was and she had never seen, im muppets and she went to them mumpits movie with me and didn't like it. So that was out. She was okay, wohow young was she that you took her to a muppets movie, ammuting you mar so I love that. I also I've never been to an Iky and not gotten Swedish meatballs yeah. I also every time I meet somebody from Sweden, which isn't that often wel Wen. I do you better believe I'm going o a undern letme tell Yo. They do not like that. No okay, as far as man crush goes, my dad ate so much raising brand and I'm pretty sure that he was like borderline diabetic at one point in like nineteen. Ninety three and I'm like dad, it's the raising brains. It gets healthy. I was like it's not it'. Sugar, coatand, brazins raisins are just sutified grapes and then you C, so we had so many arguments about that. Serial ind, General Wouare, a big sereal family and my mom was adamant that we never eat like sugar cereal right. So we were like a CRISPIX cheeryos. You know total special cake kind of outlaw, except for my dad who somehow got to eat the raising brand and it was loaded in it, but I will say that John Denver, commercial 'cause, eighty seven or five years old, that John Denver Commercial. I can still see I like this little sunset. He's got old retriever, it's it's! A A serial commercial, like always got to start playing some music. Oh Gopyriel, John Denver got it now, I'm so excited too. He was like. Oh, he said. Look at all this scorl. This is going to be the greatest thing O attl time. True, I will say this: My mom went to see emerall as well N or work. EMERLAGASIE is the GUYFIERI. What like you know, a nice evening in with your parents is to doing e right. Amerlagasi is what every parent wants their son to turn out to be like borderline o'beests, but not quite there yet sweating oo, all the time, but you know Mary's a nice girl. Til parents went their kids to turn into guy fery, like he. He wrote a motorcycle off a clip and survived, and that's how his spacial air ended. That's where it is Emerald Gassi, when I was shooting a chawfer travel channel, the producer had produced some stuff for Emerald and he was like you got to learn to be like Emiral find the camera find. The camera like Emerald, found the camera. As I everald's been on T V for twenty years. Its mive show all right well, trn Bo Lik everal. Here we go man all these have such good memories. I feel like the lay up the layup wind would have been Druse, but because of the information that you hit me and and the everything that came in with that John Denver, Commercial Toincos, the Mancush Shit, I thought mine was going to be like the worst 'cause going with the commercial. It's kind o like kissing your sister in this game, but ye when you do it, though, and you get the right commercial like the last time. I did this. It was the nineteen eighty four Macintosh COMMERC, oh yeah, yeah. These are aic commercials, you gotta, U throw 'em under television, they fit w you'R, just hitting a personal heart string with me, yelling at my father at like twelve years old, O Erie Bret. Meanwhile, you guys are eating checks. You knowahis, rulty grain cheerios was like the biggest deal in our house. Ohgod, no wonder you eat old food, a let' see all right, so I got control the Bord. Let's go with. Let's get out of the way, let's go hop products right, hoproxis on where you'll notice it's either really hot or it's not in my case I. This is a good one for me all right, so this is nineteen. Seven on have the exact date from m eighty seven, but it was released in e. seven looked up on the website, but luckily, in looking for foods that were at leased in aight seven, I came across this and it was something that I really liked as a kid, and it took me back in time just kindaf like Josh we're als thinking about it, and I remembered all this stuff. But when I was growing up- and I realized hit's doing this episode- I was a much bigger fan of cereal over candy as a kid where you guys, like I know, Mark was Oya. Were you guys like that when I was younger for some reason, I had this weird allergy that kind of like trickled out as I got older, but I couldn't eat chocolate until I was like twenty two years old it just like messed with my stomach, so bad that it was almost like food poisoning to me. So all I ate was reces pieces. That's the only candy icadene right, so everything else was just cereal, so I tr, I definitely lean towards cerial for sure yeah. I don't like. I don't get what it is, but now like thinking back and reading these articles are like Shit. I really loved cerial over Candy drewwhat about you. Were you kind of the same boator? No, not at all. I. I was definitely more on the candy side for you're younger y Li e. You didn't grow up straight through the eighties, though like you're more of a nineties, kid right, I was born in eighty, so I mean I remember, I think one of my favorite memories of candy was like we play baseball and after every game you would go to the concession stand and sure enough. You have to get the sour patch kids and me me being the little the little asshole kid that I was now. I turned into an Assol adult Um ther were like it was like one cents per sour patch kid and so me be like. Oh, I like throw down a dollar and be like count out a hundred lady, so they pretty much hated me at the concession Stande. I thought you were going to say big leagued, yew, ah likethat one yet noligle Chew Wasbe. Before and during the game. Sour Patch kids were after. Do you guys remember, did you ever have home run gum? It was gumballs and they they were. You know hrinted, like Baseball Yep, yelpep grunt, cripple yeah. That was terrible, ys, not great same thing, with Biglin Chew, th the flavor lasted like fourteen seconds yeah. Then it started to taste like rat poison, not that I know rat boice a tastes like or anything, but you know and then You'e got. Then you got lock jaw and then you accidentally swallowed it behind the behind the plate. Yeah, then you finished the entire bag. Before the game was over totally yeah. They knew what they were doing. It's gits jus good product yeah. Maybe maybe the flavor lasted a half iny if you were lucky, but if I yeah I wise DUP and N, I think by the time I I hit Um Redman Idit. I didn't switch to that Babe Rooth I started going to to Um the SAM flower sees yeah, so no we're Bigla, Cho, terrible, big boy stuff anyhow. So like I liked like sweet, tearts and reezes peanut butter cups, but cereal wis, my jam, but I did have some staples for Cyril, but my mom would always buy what was on sale, and I know a lot of other people experienced the same thing. So if I close my eyes, I can literally picture like almost like Josha's house, but it was a an ontouchd box of grape nuts. That literally was in the cabinet. Until I moved out, nineteen said Yeah Wow never touched and a a matter of fact that shit was probably still in their cabinet until they moved out like three years ago yeah. So nobody ever touche that Sha and then there was like donkey cong cereal that I remember vividly for ripping apart. My mouth like I was chewing Glaya and I don't know if you guys remember smirt cereal eused, to make your poop like rainbows yeah yeah like fruit rollups in Gana, do the same. Shim Hu. On the same thing, my mom used to buy all that crap all the time. Anyhow, when we get to my pickere, so I didn't have a problem with this one. It was a p. A PROT was launch in nineteen seven and I always preferred my favorite was fruity or cocoa pebbles to Rice crispies. His Rice crispies by themselves always got soggy like way too quick is horrible, but in nineteen eighty seven they added an ingredient. They were completely made my day. FRUTY marshmellow, crispies and therethere was just something about the texture of marshmallows in cereal. It's like almost like a water chestnut. It's o Li've, never heard Hoha like that before, but that is ffing genius. That's what it feels like, and I used to love that and it had this like ricerispes themselves, didn't really have much of a taste, but when you added Hese, like fruity marshmellows, it had like such a fruity flavor to this, and I think they had grape ah orange raspberry, and I think the other one was lemon. Do you remember it's sort of like when they added the Barry Kicks? Do you remember? Barry Nax? Yes, very ik, yes, Yep kicks was another one, though they would chew up the inside of my mouth, like all those cereals, they were just fucking, srapal yea. You were just basically trying to chew on a civil war. Cannibal we sure used. Tobut yea was listen to house. Eighty cerial this as it had seventeen grams of sugar in it barely any FIBR at all. A matter of fact this I this is like eighties, go big or go home. Montoraer the Environmental Nutrition Newslettr, O rouand Nineten, igh nine. They called this the worst cereal out of o e hundred and twenty three kinds of cereal in terms of brand content versus sugar. So the way I read it is that's number one Laen ruty marshonal, O crispe's, that's my how product! Why you go? That's how you that's! If you're trying to like emerge in a new market like everybody's, like Oh, we got to get a new demographic got a new demographic, ricts cristpes like watch then well. It lasted 'til like ninety eight. I think. Then they discontinued it. So it's out of deceaseand run decent run, all right, Wogo to Marc. All right so for my hot products round, I got a candy that we all grew up, loving. That was introduced for the very first time for sale in nineteen. Seventy five called pop rocks, I'm sure everyone's a little familiar with this. I know Josh, you guys covered it on your show as well, when you guys talked about the space dust. So I went over to our good friends at newspapers Com and I found an interesting article out of Windsor Onterio Canada from February nineteen. Seventy five and it's one of those right in ask questions to the journalist. You know question and answer columns and it says: can you tell me the ingredients in pop rocks it's a candy that pops and bubbles when you put it in your mouth, mostly I'm just curious, but a little concern that things might blow up in your mouth. Soit goes on to describe the entire process of making pop rocks and how it's produced by the hostess food products over in Cambridge and it's a hard candy, much like dozens of others. But this one is a little bit different 'cause, they inject carbon dioxide gas into it during the manufacturing process. So you get that popping and bubbling in your mouth. So, let's fash forward a little bit to march o nineteen. Seventy five in the Detroit free press. I found another article. It says my eleven year old daughter who attends private school in winds or Ontario buys a kind of candy over there called pop rocks. She asked me to buy her some, but this but no stores sell it. Is this candy not for sale in the US, and the reply goes on to say, nope. A small supply has already left the Canadian shelves matter. Of fact, Windsor was the text market for pop rocks so February of Nineteen. Seventy five winds are Onterio, Canada, that's where PAP rock first started to come on the scene and it spread like wildfire. Kids everywhere were looking for this, but since it was just a introductory food product, hostess wasn't sure if they were going to reintroduce it and then because of the FDA importing it the United States. This was a huge problem. Kids everywhere were looking for this new candy called pop rocks. So that's my hunt, product Dru Zacman over to you wow. I love pop rock man. Those things were amazing. You know why you know why it left Canada right. You got to know the story behind that. No, why so every time they put it in their mouse, the kids had to apologize about it. I'm Sorrye, sorry, guys, sorry worry all right so ho products I have Um. I have something fantastic, fantastically mediocre. I would say um I'll, tell you what ninety seven McDonalds was pretty busy that year they released a couple of products that year they had the mcchicken, the mcduble and something else with th the Mick in front of it. The MC flurry MM. So if you don't know what mcflury is folks H, mclory consists of whipps soft, serve McDonalds, vanilla, flavored ice cream and a cup, and then has AP aspecially designed spoon with a like a hole in the handle which is attached to a l e like the blender. Various lyps of canger cookies are added to the cups, it's kind of like the UM. What is he lizzard, yeah was t say from from H, dery, queen yeah, but in nowhere hear is good nowhere near I I'm. No, I'm not selling. I'm not selling is way to sit PODAC blow tovote. For me, I'm a trust me. It gets better MIL. You know the flavors vary obviously from markets ad market and they have new flavors introduced regularly. Now the ice cream, you know, like I said, is th. It's the same that McDonalds uises for like its cones and Sundays, and things like that. The ice cream is made from uht milk, which is ex, which I just was looking, is u a. It was extended with metal, Cellulos and then seeing c NBC reported that beginning a fall of twenty. Sixteen McDonalds started phasing ou artificial flavors from it's Nia ice cream. So that's kind of good who wants that now yeah, but that'sonce they started phazing out the artificial stuff. You lost that I will. I will go to my grave saying that the greatest ice cream cone I had was like nineteen ninety four at a McDonald's but go on sorry, yeah, that's, Okay and one O. my favorite review that I saw reads as follows: it says the Micflury was a quick serve medley of gelatinous inocuous ice cream that some reviewers might consider closer to calk than dairy, so lery closer te closer to cock, cocak kind of McDonalds. You go first of all. First of all, that reviewer is like that yelp Karen, it's just a yell Har closer in a clue that I put on my bacthhub. What's that called Oh ca, con I've never seen one before, but I'm sure it's nok shot B, McDonald's ice cream, sh, here's a thing: Okay! I you had a bunch of people that were doing the right thing and then all of a sudden everybody's, like whell people, are getting sick and stup. Listen! Morgan, spurlock genius, documentary bimaker agreed, but he ruined McDonalds for everybody! Listen! If we want to be fat, Wer me fat. Okay, do you want to enjoy the McDonald's MC flory, because it's delicious and that McDonald's ice cream was delicious? Now it is so plain, it is the most plain ice cream on the planot, but back in the day when they introduced that MC flurry. I will tell you this much as a kid who the only fast food restaurant within, like a two mile drive in my house, was at McDonalds and that was like the hangout spot after sports game, an whatever I had so many mcfluries. I had so many mccluris and the weirdest girl in our high school worked at the McDonalds, and I was the only one that was nice to her, because I knew that one day when I pay off okay, I was Nice to art class. I was nice to her in, like Twelfth Grade Eleventh Grade Physics, she would give me free mclorys, all of the time and Halk them up 'cause you need, if you're going to do the mcclury, you got to add like triple Oro. You got to put all over your areos in it right. Th mcflori changed the FFIN game. I I get the Racrispie's pop rocks was is still a pop phenomenon nopun intended. You know. I love mcnuggets my meal. When I go to McDonalds, is I get a twenty piece, macnogoni MC flurry and all of the buffalo sauce, and that's it now? Do you dip the nuggets in the mcflury, like some people do with Wendy's fries and their ferocities, I'm only human. You got Ta dipt the Nuggen ittl sweet solty. Everybody knows I don't when somebody says me have you ever seen when a chicken nugget is made, I don't care, I love the nuht. They don't ven make 'em like that anymore. They don't, and you know what is there's all these urbin legends and and when we were, you know I would love to down the line meet the people that have like the forty year old hamburger that still looks perfect a McDonalds or, like you know, the nuggets. They are twenty years old. That might still be good. Who knows, I just want to see it. It's like that joke is the movie cost three hundred and fifty million dollars. I'd rather see three hundred and fifty million dollars stacked up then watch that movie again same thing. I don't have a a thirty year old nugget. I just want to see it for its perfection, so for that reason alonie would you eat? Would you eat it? Would you eat the nugget you guys chicken is real, tough, like y? U You get botulism almost immediately Younshi and one of our producers sister, their grandma used to m jar, chicken, noodle suip and she opened a jar and tried it and got boxlism and thens. Now paralyzed from the waist down on her left side like boltalism is real and chicken is like a one. Not only can to give you Samannella when it's raw when it's cooked, it can kill you with potulism chickens, so who's coming into the show when you guys are doing stuff like that 'cause there's a lot of stuff when you guys were eating it. My wife watched all the episodes with me and she's a nurse practitioner and sheuses like man, I wonder what they look like afterwards nd. I was like that's a good question. Do you guys ever like afterwards, like your stomach gets all bubbly or whatnot 'ca? Se Yeah, I mean Yeah Yan you've eaten some stuff on there that I'm just like. I mean you know because we're eating some of the things we're eating swallmout, some of the things we're eating bigger amounts. Um, you know I I would love to do a you know: Knock on Wood seasons, two three, four: Five: Whatever do some live, shows and give people in the back story. B'CAUSE. I was doing like a live after show and giving people some funny back stories on a youtube channel, but like that cad, never oil guys that's gross new yeah yeah. That was the last thing we ate before Christmas break for the Shew Right Im in New York and what they didn't share on the show was because the recommended dosage was three tablespoons. We had three tablespoons, I would say for forty eight hours. I couldn't be more than like ten feet from a toilet. It Wasoh my God and you guys actually liked that one not liked it. It was like it's a hol, ier mister, but let's say guys as it says it. AIDS indigestion. Oh it AIDS, yeah nd! So is there somebody that's unset with you guys, it's like! No, no o multiple times, smoki's, usually the calculated one and I'm more of the you know just jump off the bridge kind of a guy, so we have a medic. We have two food, toxicologists Um, you know they're multiple different people, kindimbeing like they can try this and the guys Lai don' not eat that aid. I in Sak a balla so m. You know we w. There was a lot. Tell me guys. We shot, we shot enough for fourteen episodes and aird ten. So there's a lot of stuff on a cutting room floor that are ether going to be wepistodes, or maybe you know season two or some kind of release to keep people going until you know through pandemic whatever, but we shot a ton of stuff, so they should put the rest of them on and we loved the show they Mi Tst. I mean you know like every night. I would go to bed, usually by time like we finished wrapping up or doing all the stuff from the show. It's pretty late. So, like you guys are your showis already over, but I can pick it up on like dvr or on Vod and like I'll end up watching like three in a row, and you know like automatically plays the next show. I've watched like some of them like multiple times. I didn't even want to. I Wa just like the remote wasn't close, but I was just like Gointo watch us again just to watch eat a fucking aro from three different generations, and I was t like again because the government and transpats and everything we lost that original aurio flavor, which, if you telling you they should give people the option, just make the animal fat one again just give Hem the option: Yeah Itis, so much better thoaday God you much m ore. It was like richer. It was better with milk, God, remember those Orios when you were like nine, like nineteen ninety oreoas goodsdthen, they a they had to get healthy, gimme, ato, fit's, a cokie yeah. Here's, the crazy part whene you din't realize watching the show is the hid. Jrunks was invented. First Yeah, that's owazy! I didn't realize that either right, yeah, lright tru rats on your points, r drew got all right, yeah see mcflory, I knew it. I knew it all along it's closer to cock than dairy for dumark. You do all right. So l, let me do this hat single point round: yrew yeah, I'm trying to strategize here folks, all right, so I'm going to go with the the news, Food News, so hot off hot off the heels like right on the heels of the? U The phenomenal series from Esp n about Michao Jordan. I mean that was so good. I I love watching that Ninetnen D. Ninety seven was phenomenal, but what I'm talking about specifically it's the flu game from Michael Jordan. Now what this call? It was called the flu game, but, as we have found out, turns out it, it might have been bad pizza that caused Jordan to be sick during the ninety seven NBA finals, and if I'm not mistaken Um they have like a handful of people, actually deliver the pizza there's. I don't think they've actually confirmed like what exactly happened, but I think there was like five or so l Ke people that delivered the pizza se well leave enough to Utah guys leave it up to UTA. That's a red clag right there, Um Wal, it's a Red Flag, GETTING PIZZA IN UTAH. I meanwell that's what I wa Rurnin Maxwell. I was talking about that too. He was like yeah. Don't do that yea, but I don't know, but he ate the entire Pie and he needed an I v, a fluid before the game and h yeah. He wond up playing like forty four minutes in that game and you scored thirty eight points and the Bulls wound up winning. But what was crazy is the game was tied at eighty five, then, with twenty five seconds left Jordan hit a three to pul, to put the Bulls up, eighty eight to eighty five and they would eventually wrap up the win ninety to eighty eight and that wind was huge because they put the Bulls in the drivers seat in the series three games, the two and then they would wind up winning the next game, winning the series. So it's just crazy mean it just goes to the the legend of Michael Jordan. You know he was, I mean I can't you know I mean now, I'm at I aslike old and Jordan was you know when he played that game. But if I have like a couple of beers too many like that next day, I'm pretty much useless. So you know I'm not twenty anymore or a professional athlete it was. It was all that big legued Cheman, it did Mein, so Jordan played the second most points on on the Bulls. PIPPIN had forty five minutes nine seconds, Jordan was on the floor for forty four minutes and seventeen seconds, so hehe wasn't phonein. Get in but yeah it was just crazy. I remember watching that game when it happened. It was just nuts and everwe ceme talk belly howl. He had the fluit ever but turns out. It was apparently bad pizza, so well O Pizza D, Utah, kids, throug, throwing hit out allright all right. So for my news, offering you know we're going to go back to newspapers dotcom, I found a news article in the Odessa American dated November Thirteenth Nineteen. Seventy five, this one is in in a section of the newspaper called Career Corner, somebody writes in Dear Joyce, I have been working in an office and I' board. There must be some unusual job that I could get. Anybody have any ideas. So Joyce goes on to list all of these careers that people have started. You know there's a lady in H, Seattle, who's, sixty one years old who will climb a tree and get a cat out. There was another gentleman here, a mitr slim goodbody who would h, wear tights that had the body printed all over it and you could kind of see over all the organs were. I'm sure you guys remember him. He was on Captain Kangaroo for years, but then there's this little blurmut here hat says a former talen agent living in Los Angeles, has turned his flair for promotion into a thriving business. Famous Waly Amos is now a chocolate chip, cookie pusher, a sort of colonel sanders for chocolate chip, Cookies Amos says his cookie shop on sunset. Boulevard is grossing about twenty thousand dollars a month and he plans to expand deeper into girl scout territory. So, of course, this is the start of famous Amos one of th house famous cookie companies ever March tenth, Nineteen, Seventy Five, while the Amos took the advice of some of his friends, got alone for twenty five thousand dollars from singer: Marvin, Gay and Helen Reddy, and opened up a store and sunset boulevard. In the first year alone, he sold three hundred thousand dollars worth of cookies, followed by more than a million in sales. The second year B Y nine teen an eighty two. The company's revenue had soared to twelve million dollars. He took on some partners. The company has been sold a few times but famous Amos. His legacy lives on in some fantastic cookies that I'm sure aren't as fantastic today as they were in nineteen. Seventy five somebody who lives in Los Angeles, if you're, not opening a Vegan cookie, stand around a hoseeebi eating the cookies man. That's a tough cellven in seventy five who knew damn, that's good, all right, man crush. What have you got for the news round all right, so I had allot of th new stories to go with here, but they were in eighty seven. They were very technical and depth. I didn't want to touch any of them. There was one about kids getting obese with foods, and I just felt like that was like a never ending story. It's just you know it probably went on before eighty seven and it's still going on. So I ended up not going with that, and I found this one at the last minute and I stuck with it 'cause it's a it's something that I liked and what I did was without knowing it like everyone on our facebook page helped me select this as a new story there, as a particular commercial for this snack and, like I blaantly remembered it, I tracked it down in lowand behold it Om thounineteen, ighty seven, so I postei to our feece book and it's been watched over ten thousand times in the last like two days, ambeen shared eighty times bunch of comments orer some of the comments on it. I still eat these. I love these. Oh my God. What happened to these haven't seen this in a while love. These bars still eat them, so good, like people just going on and on about how how much they like these. So I was like all right. Let's go with this! Thank you. FACEBOOK fans. Almost forty six thousand now thank you very much tnkwe're. Getting almost fifty thousand mark, I'm waiting when it's it's like slowing down like facebook lets us get a thousand, and then we slow down for a month to always stack in us, but anyhow this particular candy was introduce in nineteen. Seventy eight, which happened to be the year I was born, so this pick was meant to be allright, but up until nineteen eighty seven, this candy bar consisted of a peanut flavored crisp with a thin layer of peanut butter, and it was coated with a thin layer of chocolate. Okay, that is until nineteen. Eighty seven- and this is where the story S, because in nineteen eighty seven Hercey decided they were going to change the ingredients. What they did was they had this it consitered of a peanut flavored, crisp, peanut butter, flavoring and a new thin layer of caramel and, of course, it's still coated with a thin lay of chocolate before you guys guess what this is. Let me just play you. The commercialthe commercials were better back then yeah that commercial soapigengl, it's a good jingle. As soon as I threw that up there- and I heard the jingle again, everyone is welcome because that's going to get stuck in your head for at least a day, you're just going to be like watching the COE, but this is in nineteenigh seven. They changed the the whole ingredients and Josh. I noticed like when you guys did the show like we were just talking, about wit, the Orio, how they changed from the Animal Lord to the like the ALD natural, like vegetable, whatever shortening Ya. How many things do you guys come across where it's completely changed at one point like completely ruins or makes better? Oh Dude, it happens all of the time. I think that the you know, one of the the more surprising thing is how many times Doritos has kindof changed. Flavors from there, like the original Nacho GS, to try again like the transpats, things have changed things all over the place. There's so many different products that have what you've noticed too, as Este years go on less and less sodium is put in products right yeah, like those nineteen seventies pringles, that's first generation pringles we had, which is my favorite thing. We tried on the shel, we're so salty I mean they were. It was just a a chip of sodium so like as you go through. So a lot of those companies were always just trying to stay within like guidelines and also people tha are trying to stay healthy t use it as a snack and as we've gone on, which is a good thing. I think our tolerance for sodium has gone down and down an downn before like there was t so much sodium and stuff. So I don't necessarily remember when they changed the ingredients to watch mcollar. But God do. I remember that Song wholy watching Acahatsi e ca all right. Well, let's toss it down to our judge Joshmkuga for the ruling for the news round. Okay, so whats mccallatt fee like was that like Really Rich Kid Candy? I know that doesn't like that. Itthat was the kind of candy were like the cool kid in school as like yeah, I gotta Watch Hem a call and I'm like Oh man, my mom still makes met snickers or something like that. Itas. Definitely like a bruzy candy. That was the candy that Mike TV got not Charlie. No, no, like T V was wrapping watching mccallit as soon as they put him black to the onesime. It was Mike All Right. Everybody had really good arguments, all really good information, but I and I'm not doing this- to go one one one to go into the two point round, but I feel like mark just really gave me something like some really seventies nostalgia. Just perfection like I I can see it. I was yeah really well donemark. Well Don bag, you all right Y, so that makes the game all tied up at one apiece heading into the two point rounds. You know, gentlemen. I think it's done to do. Ome, music, let's go over to the music round aright. So for my selection, you W. I looked for songs that had food in the titles or in the names you know. I think that's the way to go when you talk about food and music, unless you happen to have like a weird oll album or something so nineteen, seventy five, we got the release of a double album that actually has not one but two food related songs on it. This album actually went sixteen times platinum and, oddly enough, it's not even the best selling album by this band. You might recognize some of the songs on this album. Let's see, let's go through with the opening track, which is actually a food related song called custard Pie and then we're going to go on to Cag Mer houses of the holy the rover in my time of dying and another food related song, the Wanton Song, of course, Iam talking about the epic album lead Zeppelin's physical graffiti, it's one of the great altime Nabns and rock it's one of my aldl time. Favorite albums, my favorite, led Zepplin Song is on here called the rover. I comes right after custard Pie. It's fantastic, of course, custard pie wanton song. The two food related songs on this album are kind of euphemisms. They could stand for other things that you may want to eat, but not necessarily custard or Wantons, so use your imagination on that one, knowing the guys and led Zeppelin. If you look at some of the listings, the rock and Roll Hall of fame put it in the definitive top two hundred all music in billboard, ranked it at number three and all time pop catalogue, Classic Rock Magazine put it at number five of the one hundred greatest rock albums of all time. So that's what I'm bringining fiscal graffiti lead Zeppelin, rarely have on tons and custard pie in the same meal. Appreciate that yeah all right toss over to mancrush what o you got? Man I like how we both littered our social media with our PIXUS WES R, trying to slip it underneath each other like not telling each other what they are and just a an posting hosted up today. This image, with all the different lood Zampling, albums, wel, six different ones and had people pick really surprised by the love that came out for physical graffiti people really liked. This album two people actually commented. None none which I fuck ind love. I love it when you put up six choices and someone has to tell you that they don't like any of them like nobody gives a shit that you don't like 'em. If you don't like 'em they'l, say any one person replied, none so I'v replied to that with a gift from the rocky horr picture, showber he says, and that's what you shall receive in abundance. I love that everybody likes at least one leds up an Ellum, an OPARSR. You are those people are liars, that s you'reityou're, just you're Ling, Ng Yourself, yeah you're, just looking for a reaction. Yea We get it. We Ga we get it get it o man crush over to you all right, so we're going to go July, twenty first nineteen and eighty seven and it's time to fill your cravings with some iconic hard rock just like mark just did I had to go with this particular dbt album because it surprisingly is never turned up on an hepisode of doing decades and frankly, it's about time it did. If everything one is planned, though, for this band, I would have never had this pick, because this debut olb was initially set to be release nine huteen and eighty five, but the original guitarist tracy guns hed up leaving the band to go back to his original man, yet ultimately half of his band, this band's name derives from the band he left for. If that makes any sense I get into it se you understand, but that said had he stayed, this band would not have found one of the best guitarist n the world to tig a spot, so there you have that. So this album mark went sixteen times platinum. This one went eighteen times PLA, it Taugt the? U S, billboard two hundred, it stayed on the charts forhe staggering hundred and forty seven weeks went on to cell over thirty million copies worldwide featured five singles, including the bands only number one hit ever. I had two other singles that made it's a number five and number seven respectively. The album like. If you listen Isal the entire thing feels like a single 'cause. You can't stop. You can listen from one. No eleven like nothing, you know it's like a solid hour. You listen to it. Every song is good, but the outm itself, when you think about how many albums they sold with this. The original album cover featured a robotic rapist on the front. Come Ye. I don't know if you guys remember that that was originally on the front and then Geffin decided 'cause people complain they put that artwork on the inside and that's actually the copy that I owned as a fucking nine year old, great parenting. I know Oh yeah, my parents didn't give a shit. My Parent Meht meeat sugar cerial, but we bought this album, no problem matter of fact. I think my mom got me the cassette for my birthday yeah. It might have been N. eighty eight that I got it thous. Maybe I was ten, but here we have the all time classic appetite for destruction by guns and roses, and one of the other reasons I picked us. I did it because I found out today the concert that was supposed to see in July, which was guns and roses and smash and Pumpkins has been postponed. I was just notified early this morning, so iam completely bummed. I did get to see GUNZ roses a couple of years back when they were met life, so that was cool, but I wanted to see smashing pumpkins this time around, and so who knows if the shit's ever going to happen? Let me ask you a question I' man, se. If I can guess it was sweech out of mine, the number one yes Koyand, then what welcome to the jungle was probably five. Welcome to the jungle in paradise. City probably were the at right. Yeah Yeah'cause, the other like night train, was a single. I mean like there's a couple that single yeah they weren't like huge. You know it was like single later on eighty nine, a round stone Ri, but the entire Altbum, like you, can just listen to that whole thing. My favorite songs aren't even single like Rocky Queen, like all the SOGS I like aren't even singles. I mean they had to Etort at that. Album played straight through, and people probably saw Hem fifteen times. Oh absolutely, you know, and then in eighty seven they were O. wasn't that the year they were opening from Italica yeah when they disloed Monteeal Yep yeah, so that was one of Thosa behind the musics. That was awesome, Oh yeah and then and then they went to Saint Louis Yeah insited a riot like my brother- and I was talking about how like appetite, was perfect and if you combined usual lusion one and two you could ave like the five best songs from one and the five Minceong from two would have made one appetite yeahyeah. I never like. I even liked patients in lies. I thought there were redeeming songs on all of them. Even Chinese democracy was good. At that point you had to do a monster. Ballad like every music label, was saying all right. You can do as much hardrocks as you want, but you've gotto get something for the girls and they're allright. We got it. No problem, easy patients, we got you up. Petiencs was a great song too. It's a great song, I'm not taking anything away from patients at all, and then they covered. U A Manson Song. I think that was on lies that was on a Speghetti incident. SPAGHETTA incernet rather yeah yeah, and since I don't have you is on that too, which is I mean it's a cover, but I think it's a great cover, but they were, they were awesome, live like it was three years ago. I think we saw them. They were fantastic. I was shocked at Axl. His voice held up for the whole thing and it was gen missed them when they came to dodger stadium and I'm still really bummed that I did yeah lots of food related content from guns and roses appetite ut Ta appetite. Does it get o any incident? Chinese democracy? I M an IT's all about the rag market, all right Druzakman. What have you got for the Music Roun doesn't matter, but seriously, though I mean mark, what's what your album went, platinum, whats sixteen times sixteen times in the United States alone, H, that's that's adorable! Mancris yer is on WHA eighteen times, climatine yep in the UNITTEDS. This soblem that I have when platinum, forty five million times platinum in the world. So, of course, you know what I'm talking about Chambawo Close Kinda close, I'm talking about the soundtrack to the classic movie, which everybody has seen. Is this movie raked in more money than titanic twice: Soul, food, the sound tracks, O soulfood, which was Wi dont? Now why everyony's laughing 'cause? This huge movie was a classic flick and a sound track. I still listened to it to this day, waiting doexsale right now, then I'm rating to Atoi listened to. I listened Oto soundtruck this morning I was on the treadmill and I was GOINGTO. I was like you know what let me just do. Twenty five minutes before my conference calls, but then you know what I had to postpone my calls because I was listening to the Sol food centric. I was like you know what I'me goinny been in trouble for all fifty six minutes. I had to do it, I couldn't stop. Can you name one song on the Solod Soundtrack Song that we know? Are you kidding me I'll, make you hor? I Wandn't Evo, four yeah rt Yeash, that's Aot of all blend together, like one single? Well, it's it's just perfection: It's it's! It's audio perfection! There's the poste, guys ther's Sofur for Yo, yeah, see and Asyou. As you can see, it stars the wonderful and talented venessof Williams and Theresvivaca et foxes in it. Nealong Michael Beach, MCI Fifer. It was the the movie was produced by baby face so see down here, executive producer, Kenneth, baby, face Edmons. That's right! That's right! Don't call me Kenny, but yeah. So the soundtrack was a monster. Success. Peak number, four: on the BILLBOAR two hundred number one number one on the top RMB hip hop albums chart and was certified. Like I said, seven billion times, platinum n forgot to carry the six there, the first time around t e mentioned it. They had four singles, make it at a billboard, hot one hundred and and Mancris here's your songtitle's buddy. I care about you. What about US we're not making love no more and a song for Mamma. They made it to twenty three, sixteen thirteen and seven on the chart, respectively, of the Orom beach art or on the hot Ot one hundred Gospel. What was that the bills were hot billbort hot one hundred, Oh wow, yeah you're welcome, Watch Hart what other charge is there? That's sorthat's the only one that matters, but there's a lot of charts. Ahier time I haven't seen passion like this from Drew Tan hour of the show and drew your passion is wihely coming through in soul, food yeah. That's right! That's right! He Wais! He waits from the two point rounds. I ly under the Racee for three O hofs yeah. He he was having. He was just like you know, kind of John Stockd and throwing out some assist and then all of a sudden t corl along with soul, food. So Food of all my just don' know why o Sai it like that man crush solfood. I mean it's good, shits, Lso yeah, so anyway, soul, food, thes, soundtrack, you're, welcome, kids, Al Right! Well, let's hear what Josh Makuga, our celebrity guess judge has to say for the first to point round. So if I bote against lead Zepplin, one of my best friends in high school would murder me if I vote against guns and roses appetite for the destruction. My entire, like my brother and most of my friends, but what I was just handed with Sofu annot go underappreciati it okay and spoiler. Alert in season too of eating history will be doing an entire soul. I tiper will be there than I suppoill Bethere neealong will be there and of course, Michael Beach will be there and you're got damn right, we're going to go into every single song one after the other. So I you know what it's it's really a shame that we never had a Sol Food Sol plan, crossover that we allit's coming. You imagine that right, like do you remember a few years ago, when those Sony email that email hack, Lialeya ah and they were trying to merge men in black and twenty one jump Street and Wall Lik Twenty one or something like that. This would be the ultimate leake of soul, food and so plain getting together right and then you get sold brother, which is the most offensive movie holding up you get Antony Michael Hollan there and all of a sudden we've got a franchise goat picture. Yep! Listen! We should. We should flesh this out, we'll make another zoo, meetingyea Leethat, really flesh this out for the the SL, the sole shared universe. That's what everyone's been dying for. Yeyou know. I've been looking at this show the whole wrong way. Here. I thought it was about quality and Iten dairiness, but really and truly on what show? Are you going to battle soul, food against lead, Zepplin against guns and roses? I gotto give drethe points God to give ton. She was like son of a pitch yeah. No, I I knew all along. I had it in a bag Y, I mean well, it sold six hundred and fifty million copies it didn't matter. What you named, you could have said appetite you could have said dirt from J Alison Change. You could have said anything it would't have mattered. I will beat your album with Somtin. The soundtrack the SOADI arthe soundtrack yeah TRA OT. I hope you brought the movie for the movies round. That's all so. I didn't changed it up a little bit. You don't want to go back to the well 'cause. I don't want to win every rounds, O know but boys, the men'son, the sound track, j, Zmissy, Elliott, drewhill, Selo, green, twenty, twenty, twenty right, every lost Sonoa. I feels good yeah. Exactly curely was Tony Tony Tone, but but th, but the AEAT. The accent was over the E. I oh yeah. It was over the EATIHT. You talk about hot products. Now you remember w all your local VHS rental stores. Back in the day, oh Yo used to get promo merchandise to promote the movies, so they could display them in the store. I actually took home one day, a promo piece of merchandise from the movie soul, Food Yeah. You did they I did and they came out with soul, food potholders. I Shu't you not yet hou still have it. No, I don't it. I I used that thing until it fell apart. Do you remember like the the Golden Age 'cause? I feel like that age like ninety seven soulfood like up until maybe ninety nine was like that Golden Age of movie soundtracks, where you B, like I m the one t I still have on CD at my parent's house, is the wanes world soundtrack. That is not so god Poundtracka NDA confused Wer, that's a goor, zingles itwas, amazing yeah. You should go to our facebool B'cause. We do that a lot matter of fact like when we do uh those are actually very popular and we do the sound tracks from the nineties. Yeah people go off like the crow sound track. You Got Um judgment night, boogy night, Wootland Laoero last action year. Yes, like O Terwho, had to guns and rose this song on it. Yea H, W that's right, yeah and a lot of those. The soundtrack was better than the movie a lot of the time 'se, especially towards the end of the nineties. 'cause, the movies got, the budgets were astronomical and the movies just got Chitty, but our soundtracks were slot on they could s P, I mean the movie forest gump was a double CD of some Incrediblo. It was yeah amazing, yeah clerks. I had a good one yeah I did Um. I I think I wound up spending like two episodes covering the I I bound the branking, the best ninety sound tracks, yeah e everything you guys mentioned was on there and Yeah Cra like I had like a classic rock awakening with Daysa confused wanesworld and forest gump. Those three sound, tri, really kind of like put me on to Classic Rock, because my parents were big motown people, so lan like the motown stuff, is what I grew up on and then those classic rock sound tracks kind of blew my mind and then I will tell you guys what you know. What is an incredible sound drink is vision, quest, vision, quest 'cause. It's mostly journey. It's just journey, basically doing the indio Doun drink. It's awesome. I never really got into vision, quest the movie except for the part where he runs in and does the pegboard egportn. He bleeds from his nose yeah and then I try to do it for an entire summer and I so I've never seen the movie. That scene sounds way dirtier than it. Probably is when I explained that movie to people they're like is it good? I was like o Yo shut up, go oyou like high school wrestling. Do you like ice coom wrestling a weird romance and journey Youre such a classic yeahhagboards, all right, Druw Zacman heading into the final round? You got the lead and we're going to movies. Do I switch my pick? I don't know I' I'm s sick with what we have here and I will read t asbuly wecome to goodburger at home with a good burger. Can I take your order, so yeah buddy goodburger came out on July, twenty fifth and the good year, nineteen, ninety seven, at least by paramount pictures- and it was based on the comedy sketch of the same name on t e nickelodeon series, all that yeah Kinan Icelman, this, the ski, the regular show was always great. The movie was O. I don't know I felt like I enjoyed it. You know it. This is a fun movie. I feel like when, if I come across it now, I watch it. You get a little tistaugic Um, but also I mean D. I love Kenin. I love Kinan Thompson he's like one of my fevorite people on t V he's so good. This. I feel like this kind of helps. You know really. I think good burker in general got him on the map. Ob, obviously, D, Two mighty docks, Qark Mecopok, maybe yeah that Um that helped. That was in ninety four F O'm, not mistake! Asel was a couple of years before this one, but micopok everybody, everybody tried it Um. I don't even think it worked, but N Um, total force yeah, but H, yeah, so H had a eight point: five million dollar budget. It pulled in a box off o twenty three point: Seven, so pretty decent little engastement there yeah and h one litle one little tipbit. The music was actually done not by the people who did soul food, but it was done by Stuart Copelands, so wow real yeah, who knew theywhy. Did He do good, Burger Money? Yeah? I gue, there's Oran. We do anything, TA crush. He was probably just a big fan of dto and he s Ike o an to keep her with this Keenin guy. I you know what I'm looking on, that one steart Oklan saw that he saw it. He saw a good Binger Yeh. I just I never liked that movie. I don't like. I don't know you know what, like, I think, we're a couple of years apart. You know, like I'm a little bit, I'm a couple of years older than you are, and that was that ninety seveniiny seen six ninety seven, so I was ready a senior in high school, so I never got into the humor of that show, and I just never could I watched that movie. I just couldn't do it. Goodburger was I was. I was born in eighty two, so good burger was like the tail end of my nickelodeon. You know yeah see they drew your eighty right. Eighty ys O yesay thing an and when I saw the movie I was like all right. II'll check it out. N Itit was fun. You know one of those things where you kind of, like your expectations, are kind of around here, not as high as Soulfood, obviously R T and Yo, and you you get what Y, what you expect and it's and it's it's. That's fine! Wow! All this good burger talk. Nobody has mentioned the legendary Ab. Vagoda Ya, come a e Goyeah. That's right! He was in ther Yup tee right. Well done until I was like nineteen, I thought: APRIGODA was Pake, he's not living he's, not e's. Just yes, an idea he's like a living weekend of burnes yus like Air Yeahbu. He kindof reminds me of the brother from I fr. I forgot his actual name, but from everybody loves Raymond Garrriar his character. I ulipswit the fishes. Now I hear all right: Why don't we go over to man crush for the movies round? All right, so somebody alread actually mentioned this movie without even knowing what this movie is going to be. I won't say who it was, but they did jue twenty sixh nine teen seven. I justwatched it last night for the first time in years, and it's really amazing, especially the first half depiction of Boo camp in this movie, especially being a Marie myself. I noticed this last night, hade been a long time since I watched this, but the barracks that they're in I was like man that looks so familiar and then they're carrying the guide on and they're in thirty. Ninety two was the the PATOON that they're in I was in thirty sixty. So I was like no shit they're in the same barracks that I was in wow N. I don't know like the only difference I noticed in this movie. Their barracks are their head as we call it. They had no stall door or no walls on the toilets, Sois just open. You know you take a shit out in the open. Then it changed much in two thousand and three whil. I was there. They added stalls on each side, but there were no doors in the fro. THAT'S A frat move! Nothing! Nothing like you know, taking a shit. You know wile or I've told these guys before you come back from PT and there was like sixty guys in orpotune and they would jam. There was no earnils. It was just like toilets, so they would put like five dudes at a toilet to take a piss simultaneously standing around each other you're like. What's sorry man, you mean a Piss on your boot. You know, like don't ask ul I'll, tell you men, you haven't, lived until you've taken a shit while staring into another man's eyes. Luckily you're facing the wall, you you don't have to snare at them, but in our fraternity we had stalls, but no doors et was nothing worse than like going in to brush hour teeth and one of your Buddis just taking a duce. I do I goodop talking withyesnothing between Nineteen, seven and two thousand and three. The only thing they added were those the stall doors or the size, whatthe FUC. You want to call it dividers, but this Stanley Cooper classic it brought in a hundred and twenty million dollars at the box. officyere. Looking about around two hundred and seventy million dollars in thosand and twenty yeah huge one, an Oscar for best creen play it's based off the novel short timers and it features it has Gunni Emeryn, I mean his performance alone should win this round. It's so spot on and I'm dead Serios, especially like I was in boot camp at two thousand and three, so they couldn't punch you in the stomach or do anything like that. The big thing was just it was mentaled or yelling at you all the time, and we had this conversation 'cause again. I posted this last night in our facebot group just to see like what people thought of it and whatnot and some other dudres in the Marines and wee o go back and forth. That is exactly how general structors are theyare. The funniest mother fuckers in the world like if they're, not yelling at you, it's the funniest shit ever Aur and you have to keep your bearing to like not laugh and if they catch you laughing like in the movie with like Goer pils like get the smile off your pase, that Shit happens and it's fucking crazy. But anyhow, everyone knows that this is full metal Jack. What's the food tying, so here's a Shittyboot camp story. Everyone knows the scene and this is the tie and where Gomerpile he gets caught with a jelly dohnut his footlocker. Everyone knows iconic seene. What the Fackis da you ow like. Well, when I was in Boo camp, we had our own Gomerpile and I think every battoon has a Gomer pile. You have one or you have several. This particular story. Wasn't our Gomer pyrol, but it was another group which they call the fat bodies. He was one of the fatbodies okay. So on this occasion we just got back to the barracks. They sent us to church all right. So every Sunday you go to church regardless. If you ere Catholic, Jewish Muslem, it doesn't matter they're, sending you all the Catholic Church because they don't want to make multiple trips. So they ask you: Where are you going remember? There was this Guy Barron in Orpoton who was Jewish? He came with us. He woul sing the fucking Song 'cause. It was like the only time during boot camp. We had an hour to just link nobody as talking with you right, but when you got back usually it was like you fieldade, which means you clean the shit out of the barracks like nonstop wit's, like tooth brushes, like insene Shit, this one time we got back and I forgot what hair was up theire ask, but they ended up like getting on everybody's Shit. As soon as we got back like we walked too slow back into the building something so they took everybody's footlocker. They made us onlockd to ut, lockers and then one at a time they just went through and flipped the fucking, all the flockers over okay. So what you need to know is like when you normally just flip a footlock R up play down. She falls out, but it's somewhat near you right, not when Deyes do it when the eyes do it, it's a little different right so like were on the cat walk, which is right in the middle, all the shits thrown all over the place, and there was a paper towel. It was about this big. I could still picture it to this day. It's like wrapped up and all of us every swinging Dick in that squad Bay, knew that there was food in that paper towel, but nobody can get too it fast enough and one of the D eyes this Guy Staed ergeant Boton. He just saw it and he marches over to it, opens it six fucking choclate chip cookies, so he's like. We all knew it was this one dude, I'm I going to say his name on here he's on my facebook. He knows who he is Mark James, what so he actually. This guy ended up being a cook in my battalion which Wis Funny Um, but everyone knew and then it was him, but he's like whos are these and nobody's like confessing to it or whatever? So these guys he just nonchalontly gets the other deys. They come out with these like pushbrooms that are about this being and they just start sweeping all of our shit that they just dumped on the floor all over the frigging barracks, all swabe. So if you're on one side where you live, where your Iraq is now, your shit is probably like all the way on the opposite end of spodback. So at this point they they look at everybody and they go okay. You got two minutes, get all of your shit and were get back online, so you just went and grabbed anything. So you wanted like six skibvy shirts, six shorts. You know six underwear whatever and boots all right. So this is where the storyis fucked up all, because this sed of cookies, this is probably like. You lose track of time. It's almost like the h getting locked up at home like we are now like. I don't know what day it is everyday o Hursday Aa. It is so like this is like the middle of Boot camp somewhere. We probably like eight weeks left. I wear a size ofleven shoe for the rest of boot camp, like the last six weeks, O or nine, and a half of my right foot, O yeah and the way t the way that they had it. They have this thing called senior doe instructor squareaway time, which I guess in other battalions is: Where O you guys get to talk, yeah, no, there's no fucking, talking N in Thirdof Italio with our senior so like it wasn't like. You can go to somebody else in the squad, Baa be like o you Gos Eleven Ashe didn't happen. You just got fucked the entire time and I got foked over a thing of six cookies. Why thanks Helabero? Thank God, you went with the Doghnut from that movie. I wasn't sure what your food tying was going to be. I was afraid you were going to go with the fact that he ate a bullet. Oh Man, that would be darkar that's park poking, like a true grateful dead Fan Marx says some shit, sometimes he's like the biggest liberal that I know esome of the stuff. He says. Sometimes I'm like why out of your mouth per mark does well in southern Virgina. I actually that's why I rewatched it. I wanted to Rewatch I knewthey Donot seen, but I wanted to see if there was any mres 'cause you guys on our show y eat the rations and stuff. So I was like OBE there's a scene in here and if you guys ever get the chance and you find an old one, every rat fucked box of MREs is old. Smoky. Was He in the military? No, but he's like Obsesse with military culture? Okay, all right! So he probably knows what a rat fucked box means. It means at's, like somebody picked through like took all the good shit throwg, all the garbage back in the box. So every time you'd get an Morebox, the worst one thare was always in there was country. Captain Chicken Huntry, Captain Chicken, allright I'll, ask him about it. Yeah have you ever come across that pick that one got I love. It sounds appetizing yeah, no full metal jacket, though all right well I'll, go next for the movies Roud. So for my movie selection, the movie that I'm bringing for this food fight battle here, it was nominated in one best picture best, director, best actor, Best Actress and best writing all in nineteen and seventy five swim was released November, nineteenth and nineteen, seventy five directed by Melos, Forman and stars. The iconic Jack Nicholson. Of course, IAM talking about one flu over the CUCKOO's nest, one of the greatest films of all time, but you're probably wondering what the hell is. The food tying with one flew over the CUCKOO's nest. Well, if you remember the climax of the film right before Jack, Nicholson's character gets ect treatment he's sitting outside with the chief and he offers them a piece of gum and she'. For the very first time in the movie speaks, he says: M Juicy Fruit, that is, my product is juicyfruit gum matter of fact that wasn't even supposed to be in the movie one of the sound technicians, a sound design guy actually suggested that they changed the line from m gum to MM juicyfruit Jack Nicholson said: Oh Yeah, do it man just say juicy fruit and it became an iconic thing. Few years later, juicy fruit starts introducing the great flogan juicy fruit. It's Gointo Move Yo. Well, it's going to inspire you to talk just like I did with the chief now this might be the oldest product that we talk about on this show juicy fruit was, of course, invented in eighteen, ninety three by the wrigle's company, and it is a brand name that is actually recognized by ninety nine percent of all Americans and in two thousand and two it totaled a hundred and fifty three million units sold it's just one of the all time great American companies and theyre iconic flavor juicey fruit featured in one flew over the CUCKOO's nest. So that's what I got for the movies round. Boys, boys, boys, boys, boys, boytell him around. You guys, are you're hitting in my heard strings with movies love one fover the Kok's nest. Full Metal Jacket is an absolute classic, so Soulfood, I'm not even recognizing Io Oi'm still sticking with seod. You know I love that story from from Your boot camp. When people tell me story of the Mili Stories of the military, I'm like there's a reason. I didn't do it because I didn't do well with authority, and I definitely wouldn't do well with running around withan eleven and a nine and a half. So I I gotta tell you the iconic nature like we knee searched high and low for really old gum. Like I wanted, like nineteen twenties juicy Throu, I wanted, you know I can think of weirdly enough like gum. I feel like has it's one of those things that shapes your childhood like we were already talking about. bigly chew, we talked about home, run, gum, Yo, know winner. We had a German exchange student up with US N News, absesswith winterfresh and I sent him home with like five cases of winterfresh Gum. He liked it. So much Um and one tover, the COUKO's nest is one of those movies. I think where you and so ats, full metal jacket don't get me wrong, but it's one of those movies where people like. Why was Jack, Nicholson famous and I'm like this one? This is why he was famous that movie. Why Was Stanley Kubirk famous? In my opinion? It's it's full metal jacket, people argue space, honesty, two thousand and one they'll argue the shining whatever kubrick one you want. But as far as for me and the story we were talking about vision, quest, matthew, Mo'Dein's book about Full Metal Jacket is unbelievable. Right that a whole thing they did a a cubric exhibit at LACMA Abau full metal jacket, and it was they did it about Cubrik, but there was one whole room about full metal jacket. That was just unbelievable, but it's juicy fruit. I've got to give the point. It's such a cool scene. It is such an iconic gum. You never like people, don't ever say like. Oh, my favorite comes jeisy fruit, but I've never heard sometody turn down a stick of juicy ro, never see you want. Some juicefroot course and there's that iconic scene in Seinfeld during the cock, fighting episode to bring it back when Marcelino, says seventy five cents and Yobro Backan Jus, that's Reiso, I'm giving the points to mark. Now, it's a tide, three three and one okay, I'm out this is my worst performance ever o Lucki boy, it's not your worst performance ever you just had it's honestly, like Tiger Woods, play tiger woods and tiger ones. Yo had Sol food. I can't compete yeah Wangu, an buzsaw listening. Everybody knows in N ninetee ninety seven there were movies and then there was sole weget. It Vanessa and Venessa Williams. H, save the best for last. That was kind of a Banger for like a slow song. It was. It was a Bir. My problem, though, with like nineties music, like that, how often do you listen to it again like it was huge, then do you listen to it again and again. I notice that with the people on our social media like if I feel like they don't listen to it as much anymore 'cause. When we throw things out there, they don't know what the album cover is or anything they're like. Oh, what is that bottom right one, but when it comes on the radio, you don't change the station. You do not. So we have a tie. Okay- and I want to thank your guys for having me on this- has been a blast you guts to crush. It is so much fun. This has been so much fun thanks for coming on man, Oh dude loved it. Okay. This is a food based movie, trivua question, okay, so between mark and drew just hold up your finger like this. If you have the answer, sit's, like a blazzar kind of a situation right in N, N, nine Tden and ninety three, this underated movie featured a homeless Christopher Lloyd, eating a can of beans under a bridge mark. Was it Denis the menace? It was Hawow, O Yore, so ashamed. I knew that y drew as Rosen on me. I can't see DRM onhe limit. He just took off done, l Dennis the menace. You know he replaces Mister Wilson's teeth with chicolates God and I've never seen a more appetiting appetizing can of beans, an Christopher Lloy underneath the bridge with Denis the menace skeering, those gans over a fire that was it when you sat homeless living under the bridge. The first thing that came to my head was the Fisher King, Oh yeah, a like e that doesn't fit. I think that was ninety one or two though, or another food related band, the Red Hut, Chili peppers there here you go drew is still froan. Oh Man, Josh thanks, Ga like before you get out of here. Like you mentioned season too, there is ther plans for season to are you teasing this right now or, like you know, weirdly enough just got atteck from one of the executive produces. While we were on this wee. Just you know it's it's just so hard, because nobody knows how to shoot a TV show right now, especially when, where we travel a bunch, you know especially one where we might have to go back to New York kind of jusfiguring it out as far as what they want to do again. There's no word on a definite, no or definit yes, but I think with the passion of people that have seen it and a lot of people that have reached out to me saying they have old products that they want to send the show. I think it would be. I mean I I would I mean. Obviously I would love a season too. I I think that goes without saying all the people that have watched it and reaches out to me have been awesome. You guys included. So I I would, I don't want to say I'd, be shocked, knock on wood whatever, but I would I would really. I would anticipate a season too I W on. Obviously, but you know I I would interiate it that would be awesome. 'cause, it's a great show if you haven't checked it out, go to TA history channel check out eating history. The one thing that drives me crazy- and I know this is a production side thing that you probably have no, no sayover. They give away your picks beforehand, like in the beginning of the episode and my wife laughs at me, because when the episodes come on, I go A. I cover the television because I like, when you guys, just like open the box like it's like and I'm axing, and I'm like Oh sh. What is that, but, like a couple of times like right before the commercial comes on, they'll show what it's going to be, and I'm like I saw it. I I think that tha, the a lot of people when we were first talking about it, was how do we market this with you know, like you know, ar led in his fortune fire. Obviously they're marketing is easy, is like just the blade o hold up y fo almost like. I likened it to a Madma. You EMEMBER, how like, at the end of a madman episode. It was just like. Oh, my God, what he did h. It was just these really C rhings of like our commercial may have just should have just been. Oh, my God. Oh that's, incredible! Yeah we'll, never see it again, and then we do it. Instead of 'cause I was told, and when I was you know, doing marketing and sociiamedia stuff for the show. I didn't want to spoil anything for anybody so saying that we were doing certain items. I was like you guys. Will love this item and stuff like that. So it's it's difficult! 'CAUSE, like you said I don't want to spoil it for you. I want you to watch like what is he going to do this week? That's the point just tell everybody before the show to gocover with her arm work, it works. If you got to do it, you got to do it e's, trying to fass forward it. I screw it up that way. 'CAUSE I go too far, and then I see your pick anyway yeah, but I I love the show man. If you want some old Pez, that's still in the package. They'll send it to you. I don't know actually remember what I was going to ask you before you go H, big thing from all of our childhoods. Obviously bubble gum from baseball packs. Yes, what does that shit? Taste like now? So, let's say eighty eight yeah so weirdly enough. One of like my introductions to like some of this old stuff was a pack, and I think it was like eightys six score me and my buddy got it from you know an old vintage card stor and he's like Yo think a like yeah. Well, it's just chalk. It dissolves in your mouth immediately and Itis. It is a tough taste to sit on there for a while it it sits in your mouth for twenty thirty minutes, but it the gum just dissolvs it just breaks up and dissills rig. You know m. That might be something I need to do like. I have some solth horror packs from, like, I think, they're, eighty, eighty seven or eighty eight, but there's iaheel and they have gub. Do it tank Oit Dor. Now, like I lways say, do I thing Wi see you? Do it grave heart, awsome? Well, thanks again Josh we're coming on and judging this episode tell everybody about all your other projects and where people can find you online yeah thanks boys. foraving me on you guys can watch old. You know, we've aired ten episodes of eating history. You can see all the back episodes history com. You can buy Hem on Youtube, itunes, Shulu anywhere, you kind of stream, your stuff, we y start airing internationally and UK and Canada, and I believe Australia in a couple of weeks starting in June and then Um. You guys can follow me on Joon tter, an instagram have a podcast called the afternoons and h. You know I do a lot of live treams on my my UTU channel, the Jusman cushow awesome thanks again brancel I was on I any time you want to come back, you're a great judge, even though you picked like I got one point: it's all right. Ye Gray taktes as somebody who never wins competitive argument shows. I know how hard it is. I do D Gree job thanks, O game men. I appreciate it lot of fun. STAY SAV, ro! You too, you too gue. Thank you all right, deelers! Well, I guess well in this episode right here, but if you've missed an episode, don't worry, you can always go back on duling decades. Dotcom where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes on spotify, wherever pod casts are available. So until next time deelers were going to be Jeu, a peace, love Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infirmay media

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