Dueling Decades
Nov. 13, 2019

It's a Retro Showdown between November 1986 and November 1997!

It's a Retro Showdown between November 1986 and November 1997!

Dueling Decades gets back to tag team action this week as The Mamalukes (Marc & The Mancrush) take the 90’s side for a change of pace and duel with November of 1997 against a team that may be new to our show but prove to be battle-tested! The 80its...

Dueling Decades gets back to tag team action this week as The Mamalukes (Marc & The Mancrush) take the 90’s side for a change of pace and duel with November of 1997 against a team that may be new to our show but prove to be battle-tested! The 80its take their namesake this week and duel with November of 1986. Fan favorite, Dave Schultz from the Selling Out Show returns once again as judge to try to make sense of this great battle!

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This bodcast is supported by oasis. A paychecks company oasis helps small in medium sized businesses to simplify backoff is complexities like payroll benefits, a Jr in compliance with oasis. You can continue to run your business fearlessly, learn more at oasis advantage. COM slashpod cast fermary Mediapeo Uligan the pixers o play, but I dotor am ran again upon that cap, but ate power. GOPCOM fight for what you love, who com, O Poe, Pecopi, encritat, paete te Boe cap would take grave at O Baly him SI. I ampaa Tano comfit for what you love an broadcasting from the infirmary media studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show for the Eighties and nineties do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. Let me introduce this week's dolers and the decades they will be fighting for as we get back to tack. Team action here on our show has always I Amar James and the other Retro Warrior who makes up the team known the world over as the Mamelukes is this man? What's up Nickman crush we got November nineteen. Ninety seven, it feels weird being on this side of the fence, but it is what it is. Let's do this and our opponents making their debut here on dueling decades, fighting with November nineteen. Eighty six, it's the eghdiits I feel like we have to compete with mark with the amount of Test Usteron who clearly has im will of the idiots at Amrey. We we do a little potcast about the eighties, so I feel like we should be doing a pose down, but ye. Every week we defend the nineteen eighties objectively, we're tryng to we're, setting out to prove that there is you o. It doesn't require your opinion or any subjective proof. Without a doubt, the nineteen EIGHTESA was the best igate for pop culture, Yep Right, let's get goin. I can't really argue too much since we always have the eighties. So it's not going to be like no way, and that's always here an our show. We need somebody to judicate all of this Awesomeness, so let me introduce to you tonight's judge he's back. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Brazen Badass from bean town, the host of the selling out, show judge Dave Shulz glad to be back. Gentlemen, please don't fear my gigantic gavel. I judge gently. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dualing decades rules. The JUDG's coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, Music News and, of course, hot products. A judgeis ruling well determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, widows, wasthoids, sweeds and Dush bags get ready to play Jon anows all right. Let's toss it right over to judge Dave Sholtz for the official toss off right guys. I always Tryi to bring something interesting to flip for the coin toss here and I just pulled this out and it is a V ches cover for the Kevin Costner classic known as Waterworldniceclassic it is, it absolutely is, and if you call heads you will get the pretty face here, the very handsome dapper Kevin Costner and then on the back, which should be tales where a critic named Gary Franklin heralded this movie, a ten plus one of the best movies of the year. How true is that I have no idea, I might want to argue because Cua, I'm not here, to argue I'm here to judge. So what do you guys? Have you guys call it? What do you want to call heads alright, give us pretty boy, it comes oflip and it is indeed heads cause all right idiots. You guys have control of the board. What category would you like? First for our first one point round h on points, what do you think et's get the movies okay, yestoitsee Ray, and I ready we disagree, Al y strength of our moviegs 'cause. I think I ha strong yeah. We thought that we might actually just come on your show and we're going to hash out what the best movie is and then th credits yeah. We we can't even agree on that, so, okay, so move. Do you want to do your movie first O or you want me to do first? You know hat's. So funny is. When I listen to your show. I always think why don't the guests seem prepared like how do I not know what Hagor they're going to do? First and Y? U Know Who's going to speak first rate and o going to have it nail down. If you want me to go. First I'll, go fir: okayyes November, seventh, nineteen, Eighty six, a movie about the classic threeway, a girl, a boy and Heroin Sid Nancy Ger Oman turns himself into sidvicious. For this movie, you've got the music of the sex pistols, you've got H, chloe Webb is Nancy and her voice makes you want to kill yourself. Well, I mean just a great performance, all the way around and Um whether you believe he killed her or not. This story's amazing on a budget of four million. It made just under three million, so you know that's good it. defens ite was kind of like a low level movie, so it's three million I's, not bad considerd and the best part is, is Um. It gives you a lot O street cred back in the day. If you saw this movie, because this was not something you just went down to the old movie theater and checked out you caught this thing on cable at one o'clock in the morning. You know what I mean for sure. It gives you great lines like when the drug dealers there, and so is like give us what you, God or Piss off I mean come out. They don't make movies like this anymore yeah. I remember watching it with my girlfriend on on VHS, just to seem cool when it came out. I think the good portion of that budget probably went to hair Jil, probably went to Actul to heroin an honest. You know, yeah. If you're going to method, actie Youe got to spend the money. I did have that as a pick for a true crime episode over the Summers and uh, I believe also just to give you anadd. I think that might be Gary Oldman's, like first starring role. I believe it is so that's kind of a big deal for that movie, not trying to give you any points, but you know O, but he's a he's, absolutely amazing in that movie. If you watch him up against video of CID, I mean he nails it I mean he just I think he's on heroin. I mean he literally just turned himself into that guy and it's such a fun movie, though, because if you like tragedy, you know that it's fun which t snt Ho doesn't have. I love horror movies. So for me this is a real life. Horror Movie, it's amazing, so I'm going with sitting Nancy for my pick on movies, all right. What do you guys have for your second pick? Okay, for so, if we go from citanancy the smaller art house, film to the opposite, end of the spectrum taking back to Thanksgiving weekend of November nineteen, eighty six you've just awoken from your you know, trip to fan induced coma and you're looking for a movie to see, go to the movie theaters, what's playing Croccldo Dundee, but you don't see that one! You don't see that you're sick of that awse nonsense. He's been he's been at the top of the box office now for eight weeks in a row, but is about to be toppled by the newcomer star. Trek for the voyage home is te. Follow N Thoand, nine hundred and eighty four is terrible. Star Trek Threeh the search for Smok, which is just an awful movie after Letanymore, was promised more creative control because he also directed the search or spank. He ultimately decided to direct this movie having more creative control. He worked with a screenwriter to come up with the story that was more light. Hearted that was environmentally sensitive. It's it's about having to return to the earth to be able to save humpback walls at the time when the Etis, which, when it was one of the many things in the eighties, we were terrified, you know nultimately to t themise of of mankind th. The script, though, was ultimately written by the guy who Nickmyer, who also wrote wrath of con and directed wrath of Con and also wrote. I found this autray. He also wrote the Childhood Endingm TV movie, the day after which, after that, I was certain we were all going to be annihilated H for, for by the Russians, N A nuclear holocaust, it's regarded by the best star trek movie by anyone, who's, not seen the wrath of Kan and my wife. Also. She thinks it's the best one it went on to earn a hundred and thirty three million dollars world wide on a budget of twenty one million dollars. So, unlike sa to Nancy, you know You'esgot some coin, I'm not good with math, so I think it all works out. It's the most profitable of the Star treks. It's also responsible for Mesa still uttering such catchphrases as nuclear whesteles and hello computer. Oh well, you know, I think, Rais right okay, so we got to take ha survey here R. I had a bet earlier Onno, I I wrote it down here, there's five of us here how many of us have seen star trek the voyage home? How many Av you guys have seen it? Sadly, I have one too I've seen it three three I sai. I am not sor PSHO rates it only two people would have seen it, including myself to one other, and I said four out of five- I'm a big fan of it so ray. That was a good call, knowing that this would probably be a dud D, it Wasi wasnt that I would definitely would ave. I would have looked at Crocodile Dunde man that that movie made like over two hundred million dollars or something crazy in eighty six. It did, although it as ultimately yes, it was a second high, Scroo Gocfilm, but since it had come out months before Oh okay, allactually now that I think about it, we probably should ave just went with a porn movie. If I'm waiting, if there was somebody whowuld, do that? Yes, you, but at least I just I thought of it too late. No, we Havn't seen what Dave looks like and sort of what he drinks and how he lives his life. Now we know the plate of the judge, so s Al Torn, I PERSUA I've seen this show. I know how they talk. I should h've figured this out way sooner. I wasn't so sure in any case, so thene you go start creck for the voyage home. Aren't man crushed and that's over to us for the movies. You wanna kick this one off sure I'll start this one off allright guys my first movie opened November seventh, Nineteen, ninety seven- and it is a film that it was the first movie and it is the favorite movie of this director's entire body of work. It's his favorite movie that he's ever done. It spawned a slew of sequels and animated series. I got one question for you guys. Would you like to know more 'cause? Of course I am talking about nineteen. Ninety Sevens, starship, troopers directed by Paul Veroven, Nice Ak, Sarn, Casper van Dean, Denise, Richards, Jbausey and, of course, the wonderful Nepatrick Haris, just an outstanding movie and something we always talk about on. The show is the aftermarket value of a movie, and this movie did not do great in the theaters it made its money back, but once it hit the home video rental market and once it hit showtime HBO Cinemax the movie exploded and became a cultural phenomenon which led to all those sequels. So that's my first selection starship troopers released November, seventh, nine teen and ninety seven mancrush over to you, hey just to interject on that, though, but you said it didn't, make it well t ma its money back, but it didn't do well at the box office. Actually, I did pretty well t the box. I was made close to two hundred million dollars in the box office e problem. was they spent close to two hundred milion dollars to make things anly? So that's kind o why you know they didn't really make out, but they didn' right. It was, as a matter of fact, the top ten list I have now from the middle of the month. Thete was number one, so it was doing pretty well just they spent too much coin yeah. They didn't think that the series would be viable because of how much it made and how much it cost, but once it hits that aftermarket all that extra revenue started coming in and they saw that's where the value is were in the words of Dino Peppers, Colt Classic and head over to our facebook, facebook, ocom forardslash doing decades ecause. That was actually a post today, because that was released. What twenty two years ago today so sure was good on them, even though thisw'll come out in the future future future anyhow November, first, nineteen Niney, seven and something morke- and I were talking about before this even started- and I think this happens with a lot in nineties picks that I've noticed ecause, especially since we do the eighties. Like almost all the time, nineties are very much love it or Hatid. There's no gray area, and I think when you guys said before- and it got me thinking about it like the eighties- are a great decade and it's a great popcolter decade, but I think it is because there's really there's no like one side or the other there's a lot of gray area. You can kind a like something in the eighties in the nineties. There's a lot of stuff and we we hear a lot of contestants come on every week and you're like oh that's, fucking garbage or that's you know. Oh that's, fantastic! There's! Never like! Oh, that was okay. You know. I'd watch that COP and a half is amazing. You know what I mean: it's L E anyhow November, first, nineteen, ninety seven, we got the very first public showing of this three hour, epic, that had some people doubting that movie goers would even bother to go see a three hour movie, especially since this was the most expensive movie ever creeded. At the time. We're talking about movies. This one actually spent more than supertroopers over two hundred million dollars in budget starship troopers. I just call it Super Troper, O Welli' definitely spent more than that, but that's an excellent movie as well, but this ended up being about three hundred and twelve million dollars in budget. If you equate it Tho Twenty nineteen, so that's fucking insane, but all that doubt was shattered an audience of nearly two thousand screaming fans of the Tokyo International Film Festival lost their damn minds. After a three hour, EPOC was over. He had terieyed women flooding the Isles, the lights came up and it confirmed all the positive buzz that was emerging from Hollywood, that this ship didn't stop rolling until April of Nineteen N Ninety eight and when HIV finally got knocked out of number one of the box off a slot, and I'm sure I don't have to give you too many more hits you to realize that this is the game, Cameron, classic Sitanic and again it's. I know it's it's a love it or hated 'cause. I probably saw it three times on two dates with the same girl once I' my own. My friends it is, it is, but when you watch it again as an adult, it's a really great movie. I think it's a nineteen year old you're, a Dick and you're like a like just whack. What am I watching? Obviously it becomes one of the biggest movies of all time number one money making movie of all time until two thousand Nines Abatar, then of course, nd game would surpass it years later. Titonic took in two point: one million or billion dollars, whereas N game. I think finished up at like two point: Seven billion closer to three, but it's important for a couple of reasons: Yo you look at n game and game open to four thousand six hundred and twenty two theatrs and fifteen thousand screens, and then you look at Titanic and it opened on twenty seven hundred theaters and five thousand screen, so maybe two per where and gave me had three per so t's. I don't want to compare the two B'cause Tayre completely different, but when you're looking at moneymakers it all KINDOF began here for this era and they kindof rode the roller coaster. 'cause. The crazy important thing about this movie when titanic earned seventy percent of its gross from overseas markets. It definitely became like that theatrical catalyst at alerted Hollywood of the dominance of the international marketplace, and they haven't looked back since 'cause, it's obvious with all the other movies, but that's my pic titanic. Do we get a ten second rebuttle or thirty? Second rebuttle? I was going to say the opposite of of W whtnicksaid that when you're a kid you think? Oh this, you know this is great or my girlfriend loves it. So I'm into it too. Then, when you're an adult you say they both could fit on the door. She was a bit of a Dushbag, I'm with Hem with the nineteen year old, Youran Asshole, quick story on this. I went to a double date with my now wife, her friend and my friend John, and the two of us were like what the fuck n its lready, the third time. I've seen this movie and I'm like. I really don't want to watch this, so I'm already miserable- and I know you guys now- this part 'cause everybody in the world has seein this movie. It's when it's the boat starts to capsize, there's a guy that falls off the boat and hit a Ropel, and if the theater is dead, silent- and you just hear me and my friend Sa just start laughing at the ton for Oh yeah, and if you don't know what part we're talking about, go back and watch it, and I highly advise that if you're watching on an a home, theater system crank up the I 'cause, you can hear that mother fuckers skull. You know, there's some. There was some folie artist like smashing a watermelon against thee, ser, not good enough to it again all right off to You da all right. Let's see here guys Um. As far as eighty six I gotta say: I'm really happy you guys. You know first, if you're trying to butter up the judge- and I can appreciate that and I'm glad th t sne, for who I am, which is basically a big fat slub who loves to watch corn. So you guy snail me right off the bat there Sidin Dancy, that was a punk rock flop y. You know numbers wise, but I can relate 'cause. I've had a lot of drug dealers, tellig me to piss off too star Trik for the voyage hm great movie, saving the whales loved. I the numbers are great on that. I'm glad you brought those to me because that that really the budget exceeded its budget tenfold thers. That's that's impressive, but let's look at ninety seven real quick here, starship troopers mark mentioned is an after market or the aftermarket value on the movie you see. For me, the only real value it ever had was a hangover special one of those films that was on TV and you'ere. Just a little too hung over to move loving on and watchin m. Now titanic huge. I mean you hit us with all the numbers, how impressive that is, but I gotta say you know, for people who don't remember back in the day that vh s was netflixin chill before we had Neta er, and that was your ticket. You know what I mean that that was your nd, so I gotta Say Ninety Seven will win this round titanic alone. I mean that just uh and I I hate to t, use it or say it, but it it blew it out of the water here. You know what I mean yeah. The only problem with the Netflick and chill titanic thing so had to stop in the middle to switch the tape, see tthat's true hold on a minute baby. Let me Fi I s. If you made it to the second Tameyou 'cause. God knows everybody saw it in the movie theater at the fuck. You want to watch it again for but somebody's check, you saw it three times. What are you talking? Abyou know what I saw it under protest, yeah m. The last time I saw it was last year 'cause it was on. I think it was on like TNT or some shit like that, and I watched it with my daughter. You know other than that I own it on VHS and we haven't a DV D. I even think I've ever broken it out. So there's that. But where do you want to go wark? You want to go hot products here, yeah, let's do some hot products, man. Why don't you start off this round? All Right? So after ten years of Ya Sports KINDOF dominating with Madden in the the football market, they finally had an opponent that can they couldn't take overtake immediately because they overtook everybody with football games and after the nineteen ninety six Sony release of NFL Game Day, the Madincrew Kindof knew that they had the work cut out for them 'cause up until this point, all football games were basically like thirty. Two bit mania developers t they felt it was just too difficult to pull off a sixty four bit and use a three poligono graphic, because there was just too many players on the field, so it would look choppy and Shitty. Then, on November, seventeenth, nine Utden and ninety eight, we got the release of NFL Game Day. Ninety eight, it's the first sixty four btthree D, polygonal, graphic football game and doe. You guys play this at all. You guys big on Football Games, yeah football games and M BA and got a war all I play yeah, IT'S SOTHERE! You go Y. This was the tits it had it's the first time we actually got to see these guys Kindo, like articulate in different movements, whereas madden was always like td like up and down the field you. Finally, you got spin moves double moves. You can lower the shoulder. You get tight rope, the sideline you could duke stiff arm dive over the pile you had all these moves. You ever got and you got thirty celebration: Touchdown Dances Ye. As far as numbers go. You know, t retail for about thirty, nine, ninety nine round, sixty four dollars and twenty nineteen- and I made about one point: three million dollars in sales- and I found this quote about it. This is great 'cause. They really did their first three years: Gameday Blue Matten out of the water, and somebody had this quot from nenty. Seven ND says: If you want a PLA. Next year's madend early play this year's n FL Game Day. Wow Nice little kick in the nut. But of course you know, Madden ended up taking shit over in two thousand and five. They took over the rights and the N fl and all that stuff. So there hasn't been anybody else in the football market since, but that's my pick is n FL Gameday. Ninety eight Andwhen was that released, that was November, seventeenth, N, nine teen. Ninety eight kit O Wai. Ninety seven, I gad all right. So I'm going to continue the trend and also go with the video game. My video game was RELEASD November, twenty fourth, nineteen. Ninety seven. Now it's a game that actually went through a few different phases originally was developed as a game called wild cartoon kingdom and then Kindo transitioned into a game called PROAM. Sixty four and you can tell by now it's probably a racing game, but it ended up becoming the eighth best selling title for the Nintendo. Sixty four, I am talking about Ditty Kong racing. This game was fantastic, had a great soundtrack to it and a bunch of different levels. You could race on as well. The game received critical acclaim upon its release and it sold approximately four point: five million copies worldwide. The game was an absolute phenomenon for the NENTENDO sixty four. So that's my selection, it's another video game and one that had some great staying power to it. Didty calm racing for the Nintendo, sixty four all right over to the idiots for their pick. I think she go first foug this one I'l go first, although this was released earlier in the year. This thing became the hottest Christmas gift of eighty six by November. They couldn't keep it on. The shelves toyserus claimed that world of wonder were deliberately restricting the supply in order to increase sales- and I am talking about laser tag- the dream of every boy in the eighties. You wanted to get out in the yard and shoot your friends with this thing. It was awesome, unlike photom, that only had a forty foot range just thing had. A hundred foot range could be used outdoors where photon couldn't it's just. It's amazing, a spokeswoman for twoy manufacturers of America who represented two hundred and forty toy makers. She quoted this. This toy is extremely hot. I'm getting more questions about it than any other toy for Christmas, and then we go over to an article I found in the Sun Sentinel November. Twenty six, this guy says h: Toys are us, couldn't keep it on the shelves, ten minutes after they'd opend, they were gone and then we're looking at in Manhattan. We got that big old. What is that FAO Schortz? F Ro Schwarz? Yes, seventy boxes came in. They were gone in ten minutes. That's 'cause Robert Loja bought them all yea wonder he broke that piano B. The beauty of this thing is is for forty to fifty bucks. You only get enough for one person to use, so you had to buy at least two of these things to even play the game. Oh yeah, I hadn't thought about that. That was the genius of the product right. When you look at it, you have to take those sales figures and really divide it in half, even that they couldn't keep up with people. You know wanting these things, just an amazing product, and I really don't even have to see anymore, because every one of US wanted laser tagged that year and even right now I bet if you went to the store and laser tag was on the shelf. You'd buy it right now and you guys would be out in the yard later tonight, drunk off your asses, with your laser tag, playing that tonight guaranteed because it's awesome and I'm just going to shut it down right there, because if you don't know what Lajor tag is I I can't tell yo I mean it's just amazing T it's spelled with E Z, La Yeah. You are well that's how you know it's Legit Man Gointo, have that Z, if you', if you're in the eighties- and you didn't spell your shit wrong, you didn't go yeahyou, don't want to be a fucking poser man. You know at I know I know Dave already, I'm not looking to relitigate the last category, guys I'm not trying to suggest that. But if we're going to adjust budgets like Marc suggested and it went to the movie three times, I think we should atleast reduce tourcanics. I cusby that much. I don't even think anybody would notice. Okay, so um sell my product, so okay, weecall in the ND nineteen eighties, a new adagency that got its first big client Nike signed a relatively unknown basketball star to a one point: two: five million dollar contract. Although he was a up and comer, he was not a household name Y. U I'm talking Coss, of course, about Michael Jordan in in ninete an eighty four. They struck big with the first release of the EAR Airdordin ones. If you recall the infamous legend was that they were banned because the didn't have enough white on them. A it turned out that wasn't entirely true. He was wearing a different set of sneakers at the time that that were actually banned, but in any case, this story created this legend around these sneakers. So in November of nineteen, eighty six looking to capitalize en what was a huge success with the nineteen eighty four elease of the air, joend ones, ninet November of nineteen. Eighty six we get the Air Jordan Tos, which come out which also Um. It seems almost like there, a response to that myth about the aide ones, which were essentially black and red, had the big Nikes Swish on it, because the Air Joren twos come out and are distinctive from the past generation of Oir Jordins. They are almost entirely white and they also have a couple of first designed by a gentleman named Abruce killwar of the Valley killgors. I Don' KNW. They were the first h pair of sneakers for Nike to be Um made in Italy, but also most distinctive about them. They were the first pair of Nikes not to have a swush on them, although they did have this sort of suggestive design on the back of the heel that looked kind of like the such a little bit, and they did have the Airjornin wings logo on the tonnel. They also created a new design which had an almost going to Readi Omohunit, says a polly, Eurthing midsoil and full length in capsulated air bubble for maximum comfort, just like the ladies like, and it said that they created these modifications to add extra crishioning floor for Jordan's sore feet. We know he had you know, ifhiinfamously famous, infamously, famously he had famously sore feet. Infimous would suggest that they were evil feed. I think I o to Er and the when they first designed this new upgrade with the with the extra patting it and Etceta they. Let him wear a prototype O of them while he was playing. You wouldn't have known it, though, because they actually had the uppers of the airjordened ones, but the in insides of the Air Jordan. Two. He only got to wear them for eighteen games, though, because that's when he broke his foot and then was out for a designed Fsohum, but that season Jordan score. So the season the Air Jrden twos came out, Joardan score a League record of twenty three points and what ultimately was the was professional basketballs? Second, ever three thousand point season and not knowing anything about sports, I'm hoping that wasn't just gibberish well, I will also point out tha the original for sixty five dollars and the Jordan twos were a sweet one hundred dollars a pair. That's right, yeah, which it was actually interesting, had a time to come out and ht Atis. When we had you know sort of upheaval where we had you know: Okay e always leave Mo this look, Brashon an Polica, a don't get puld Athin lesous point out, though, that people got killed for these shoes. These things were the bomb and they were spelled with a Z. I are that's how you knew it AAs we ock prair. Joti too. I was almost worried that you were going to come out with the Air Jordan three there, but two of hem not as worried about two was like it's like kissing your sister. The twos they were like is. Is that wrong? Like I don't know they were? They were like Soso th, the threes were the ones with the plastic straps and th. The black ones. Thot were like yeah rbobla, two, the two had to hype. Everybody was waiting, OA had a lot to live up to and they did except for his broken foot, yeah yeah, I also forgot to mention they were Ma made of full letard skin Dave. I know how much you also don't want Ta. You want to protect the lizards Dave, so they kill any lizards to make them Al says number one of my agenda protect the lizards. If you are going to wear a shoe with a Tuxedo, it's Jordan, e's realo on thos Chuck Tailors Man; No, they were Jordan, replaced Hem all right. Well, let's see what our judge things. Let's toss it over to judge Dame Sholtz for the ruling for round two all right. Let's see here, you know ninety seven, you guys siting with two video games, the Ditty Kong and the NFL Game Day. Ninety Eight, I'm not a big video gamer myself. I always play on easy. I never play online because I'm really afraid I I'm really afraid tof Gettin school by a millennial, higon tide podso. I just avoid that entirely. So I'm not a big Gamer. Eighty six O. You guys really make me sad and and the reason why I'm sad to explain is 'cause. I I grew up kind of poor. You know so I didn't have the official laser tag. I had the cheap one with the stickers spelled with an NSS yeah right, exactly I wasn even cool enough to get to Ze, so that kind of that was a Bummer by I mea LAC, Tim you're right. Every kid wanted laser tag. I mean it was a thing even when you ran out of batteries for the thing you'd still run around portend like Oh, I shot you fall down. No, you do Thas ID the Air Jordan's another. I guess little side was when I was a kid. I begged my mother for Air Jordan's and they were expensive. They were really pricey and I I bothered her so much. She brought me to the shoestore I picked out the gaudiest pair. I could find thinking I'm the coolest cat on the block. I go to school the next day. Every kid laughed at me an you had the ugliest pair of Jordan' I've ever seen. They might have been made on a lizard skin. I don't know, but but still eighty six, I mean these products. I think laser tag was the the key here. Actually AIRFORT YOU G, I go there Da Juso O. I just need a clarific. I need a clarification. One thing you mentiond when you were you brought up the laser tag. You said it wasn't released in November, but it was a hot charatic for for the Christmas area. Soi meantechnically, yes, but I looked it up in several newspapers where it wasn't until November that it actually started flying off the shelves and they couldn't keep it on the shelvs. So that's why I picked it. Oh Ma I wasn't like too. Originally I was going to go to. I was originally going to pick this plastic duck there, spinny wings, but Um. I figured I'm Goung Tave, throw caution to the wind and go a laser tag, because it was a huge cellar in November w. We will, however, abide by the rules in the in the judge's ruling. Well was going to say man crushas brought everything to were screeching halt, I'm about to say laser tag, you win. It can grall that yer. You were going off on Lezar tag so, but even then, I think because they what they picke for their categories, even with the Air Jordans, brings me back to all the years of therapy I needed to have, for you know again the scarring shoe issue and then, of course, the sticker Mazer tag thing and I'm sue boy andl. One last thing: I'm not trying to relatigate the last category again, but based on what I'm learning here that TITANAC was more popular in March of nineteen twelve than it was in nineeen. Ninety see, I don't know, I think I nor o e Ladyi, I laid Uil nineteen twelve. It was not as popular sorry fack to you allright, guys, I'm really tearing myselfs apart over this whole thing: Boy Mancrush, you just had to do that. Didn't you yep he came to play. I you know what I'm going to have to reverse my decision, because because the ditty cong numbers were just so impressive, not now knowing that laser ttag was it released that month. I sorry guys, but you had me, you almost had me there and Um know ninety seven's going to have to win this one by by official ruling. This is the reason I pointed it out and we could have went with the first ever electric car, but it was in October that theye officially started selling them. So it's always there's always like a big item that you just miss. There are way better items I wanted to use, but I couldn't get hem in o November, like I knowoothe clappher h, dude the clapper. I had that as a pick clapr would 't killed. It's amazing. I have an original clapper here in the studio I used to have it hooked up but B. No, I turned it off for them Ao II- I I just went through all these stupid things and I'm like why. Why are they not November? So then I just had to shoe horn it in there I took the crow bar just shoved it down and said yeah we're just going to go for it 'cause. You know appreciate a ood on you going for O we've all done it before. That was all right. I had agee that was hard. That was the hardest one to find something hardmar bythe way, h Al Right, man crushe by the skin of our theech. We jump out to a to to nothing lead what category you want to go with man. What do you think Um want to go to television yeah? Let's do some T v I'd be done for that God, you can kick this one off alrighdy, all right guys if you were watching T v November. Second, nineteen. Ninety seven, you were probably watching the wonderful world of Disney. That sounds a little weird and you're, probably asking well. Why you're I'm not going to watch some old H, Donald Duck, reruns, no 'cause! That night they had the a remake. Okay, you're like this is getting worse. No trust me it's getting better 'cause. They had the Rogers Ind Hammerstein, Cindarella, starring Brandy in Whitney Houston. Now this is considered to be a ground breaking film. Due to its diverse cast. It was the first time an African American young lady had ever been cast to place. Enderella it had received critical praise. A pet biographer actually referred to it as a phenomenon and it broke new ground. It was brandy, Norwood's movie, debut. In the first time an African American ever played Cinderella. This version broke viewership records when it debuted with a t V rating of thirty four point: Three zero million viewers, and it holds the record for the best selling video for a made for TV movie. So that's what I got from my television pick, the remake of Cinderella Staring Whitney, Houston and brandy, the debut November. Second, nineteen. Ninety seven- and you forgot it's still relevant 'cause they just like a week ago- or maybe I was a couple of days ago, it's a week ago once is as released, but they just did a live. Little Mermaid the same exact way. Well, that was one of the things about this. Not only was ground breaking because it had a multicultural cast. It really repopularized this remake musical theme for Disney. They relyaed after this the success of this it kicked off. Like you said, they've done little mermaid, you name a Disney franchise, they've adapted it for t V in a musical setting. This was one of the first ones they did and it was a huge hit at's why they get the money all right, Dave November, Ninn, nineteen. Ninety seven, I realize, especially with your first comment. When you came in you're, like ah man, I jumped into the wrong conversation. This is going to be about pro wrestling right here, Dave, so, hopefully you're, okay with it all right, so IV realized that Dave doesn't like wrestling. We've had this conversation before but November N Nh, nineteen, ninety seven and it's what occurred during the man of nineteen. Ninety Sevensww, F survivor series, PA per view, and it's something that has gone down in infamy is one of the most debated things to ever occur in professional wrestling ray. I think you like professional wrestling, 'cause Youe, brought it up a couple of times, so you probably know wh, where I'm going. What I'm going to talk about. We all know that wrestlings, a work and all the outcomes are predetermined and all that. But in this case one party wasn't told the correct outcome, or was he? You know that's what it kind of boils down to coming. Intois made Otat. You had one of the best restlers of all time carrying the straps, none other than the brought the hit Mans Heart in the other corner. YEU had arguably the best worker in the entire industry. Af The time Shaw, Michael's, Harprid Kid, and depending on who you ask, these are probably the two best wrestlers at the time. An aside from these two not liking one another at all. The T is huge story. Besides this whole thing, Brett was the champ and he was a couple weeks away from leaving the company to go to WCW, which is a whole other story as well and in spite of leaving vitzpig man obviously didn't want him to leave with the championship belt and on the flipside. Brett didn't want to just drop the title to HBK ECAUSE. He felt he was being slighted if he did that with HBK. There was a lot of things like he didn't like the guys in the click and all this stuff behind the scenes, I'm not going to go into it, but they came to an agreement, Breton Vince, that he wouldn't drop. The Bell. TOHB K, it survivor series and the match would end indisqualification and they would let 'em relinquish the title. The next night on raw or a house show sometime before his contract. It ended the other big thing to know about this: We're in the midst of WW's eighty three week: Dominance of the Monday night wars, so vinces like he's extra spooked about giving up the belt and having WCW like gloat, that they sign the champ and what this can do. It's all T v related but longstory short HBK ends up winning by slapping on the sharpshooter, which is actually breats, finishing move and refere. Earl hebner calls for the bell early, even though this is another thing that Breta said before that he spoke to haener before and Haedher like sworn his kids and he wasn't Goin Na get screwed over. So he ends up losing the belt to Ach Bq in his whome country, with his own move against a guy that he hated and then this whole mily ensues bretens up spitting in vincee's face. He does the whole WCW with his finger at the screen and then, of course, after it H. do you remember w what was the name of the documentary that they were rolling something ghosts? I forget wrestling with shadow wrestling with shadows. That's it so theyre they're recording this and they kicked them out of the room, but you could see. advince comes out later he upper cut ED vints and like knocked Vince out backstage so all kinds of fucked up shit here happens. It's called the Montreal screw job. Was it all an angle that he really get screwed, but at the end of the day, the other big thing that this bill is actually built, the evil mter mcmann character. They would pretty much be the catalyst with Austin. You know to propel them into the attitude era, end up winning the whole Monday night war. So it's a huge thing, 'm, sorry for going on so long 'cause. I know Dave. You don't know anything about this. I'm trying to like give you the back story, but the Montreal s now everything about. Oh you, l, he just heard it, but that's what I got Monteal Screw Job Nice. This is the year we make morning, sizzle not fizzle. Let's do McDonald's, let's start biscuit buttering and sausage sizzling. Let's do eggs and all our favorites. Let's get brewing and premium roast sipping. Let's make a resolution to wake up breakfast right now I get a sausage biscuit with egg for just two dollars in any size. On my cafe, Preemi and roast coffee for a box, thprices epercicication maybery cannot be combiled ith, any other offer o combomeal all right. Let's toss it over to the idiots. What do you guys have for your television selections? This was a hard one too. I thought this was toughhard to research and Um hard to find so some big standouts, but I'd like to go first, I just as a response to to mark H, T v presentation there. I have something sure Cinderella Right, groundbreaking, love it. In fact, I actually went to high school with the actor, who played t the prince, who was a friend of mine in high school, another breakthrough. But let me take you back to November Thirtieth Nineteen D, Eighty six, the Disney channel, if you're watching the Disney channel on November thirteen thirtyith nineteen. Eighty six, do you know what happens? I have no idea what happened. It goes off the air right. It actually goes off the air briefly, because the the eighteen hour a day, preemium channel signs off one last time and the next day December. First it becomes a twenty four hour network. So, but for that happening you don't even get what happens in nineteen, ninety seven or whatever year you're protecting at this black Senli never happens. That's a pipe dream, but launc a you know the Disney channel. When it first started in the early eighties, it was just a it. Wasn't a channel that went ttwenty four hours a day had different programming for for families and adults. They tried relaunching some of those shows that were popular on on Disney earl and he early DAS, including a mickymouse club, et Cetera, etcetera m. What I thought was interesting about this was when they decided to go twenty four hours. This article that I found from November eighty sixty. They quote some statistics for backing this, including that Um. Well, they say that by expanding their airtime they're hoping that itwill allow them to reach a different audience, which you know makes sense, but they also and part of that they say is because America's labor force workd other hours Han regular daytime hours, which again that makes perfect sense accept. I thought this was surprising that they had pointed out that more than one third of their subscribers don't have children, Yeh they're called penophiles yeah I as IA Littleso. If it was twenty four hours to reach the pediphile audence, God we're all laughing an the short eyes, ward of the prison, that's what's playing there, so in one last thing so again, but for them making this change and them developing this. This new network we wouldn't have had the likes of future, starts including Christine ACALARAS. You know: Ryan Gossling, CA, Brussl, bitny spears, just in Timber Lake and so on, mhmmm, and I'm going to go with family ties November. You have episodes o six and seven, which are called MS wrong part, one and part two so nick who is the every man which I like to refer to him as because Alex is Ha Republican? Who Most of us aren't like and the parents are hippies and none of us are hippies, speak for yourself, Yeah El look behind Markwe got to all this grateful dead Remorabil. I thought that was Manson Tha wasancing behind, but anyway, in this episode, they're getting ready to elope and then Um. Eventually they do elope an by the way. You also have a Leese Ketin who's, the original milth. By the way I mean I tell Yo, you know I don't know what Tho judge things about this, but I'm pretty sure he would have hit that second he could have but actually hold on. I got a question for you, so mallory married Nick. Well, they eloped they were going to go, get married. They get all the way T to the Church and Alex comes breaking in, but it's not their their wedding. He breaks up, but then they decide not to get married, and this is where the episodes get awesome at the very end of it. They're all there n, just the Huggy Kissi moment and the other bride from the wedding is knocking on the door, because she's got a date with Alex. that's what makes us the best, but the whole point of it is is mallory and nick or all of us we're in the middle between the Republicans and Democrats and that's what makes this show great, because I think she's, the key to the whole show she's Super Hot Nix, an idiot like all of us and that's what we all want right, we're a'll just nick and we want our mallory. So I think this is perfect, and this was this is again you remember this is what we're talking about. Like the you know, originator of that block of Thursday, Thursday programming. That was, you know the beginning of muctv in the nineteen eighties, it was during Weevin. So you had this two parter with a cliff anger. That again, you know, SIA was ruming ou n othat year and then in November twentieth. They follow that up with my brother's keeper were poor skippy, the butt of every God. Damn Jok on Thi show tries to join a fraternity and Alex finds out 'cause, it's the fraternity. He hooked hem up with they're, going to make him the bunt of jokes. Yet again, that's Alex's job come on yeah right, so he actually fixes it. So he can go back to Bein the butt his joke. So you got a fre great episodes of family ties in November. It's season five. They brought that kid on, but he's hardly in those he's only there to make stupid jokes about how stupid nick is you know. So, once again, I will point out that Mallory and Aleez are super hot. So back town, when we were, you know younger that got your shit going. So I'm gonna I'm going to go with family ties for this one solid pick. I can't argue with that. I'm a huge family ties fan. I wish those parents were my parents. Remember when Nick was in my demon, lover, Ya man, whis name, his name is not Dick. Obviously, no O be. Oh, my God, I'm going to remember it like in twenty minutes, Wer the last round so sgoing to be in the middle of a sentence: Yeah you're just going to spit it out. I will. I totally will all right. Let's hear what judge Dave Shultz has to say about the television round yeah weird rounds, guys we went from megane burn oruser tagged. I just really weired Um Nick I love Nick from Family Timesi family tie, so he he made ot out of garbage YEP Scott Valetine. What Scott Valentine's you'vt pulled it off your head, Teh, Scowl, Allentine! Yes, right, wow! You Win points for that round for them just by Rit out of Lug Right. So let's look at ninety seven. The Cinderella remake that is again historic with the African American cast. The Montreal screw job sounds like it belongs in the urban dictionary and I was basically a really long story about a disgruntled employee. Pretty much Yo were not built. Yeah was cocoa. Beware at that survivor series nnineey! Seven! I'm sure he was jobbing out to somebody in ninety seven for sure. Okay, let's see eighty six, the Disney channel goes twenty four hours parents across the world rejoice because now they can sit their kids in front of the tube whenever they want and keep them distracted while they eat their bond bonds and drink their whisky. The family tie story was almost as long as survivor series. Oh boy, guys, this one's really tight. This is a tight one, because nothing got to be honest. Nothing really knocked my socks off in this round God. I wish you Leta wrustling 'cause is o out of the biggest things in wrestling. Well, that's the thing you guys are already throwing that around. I hate to admit I like watching oily sweaty, guys KINDOF wrestleing, a squared circe, Um yeah, this one's tough. I mean it really is I I think- and I got to be honest even though you guys nearly burned my ass last round. I think the Disney Channel going twenty four hours me being a parent now is quite significant because how many of us are parents and we've used T V as a crutch to basically babysit our kids right, and this kicked at onl at any time of day any time he needed it. You know here go, go sit in front of that and watch it and you assume it's safe like when we were kids, you Er ut in front of the TV, but you were watching Phildonni h, you know what I mean, so I think for that alone, I'm going to and again you guys, you guys almost screwed me last time, but I will give you this round for for the adiots. Finally, on the Board Right, the idiots pick up a point. The game is two to one and you guys have control of the board. What category would you like to go with next Nesall right? L, let's do news, you want to go first, yea sure hole okay. So let me take you back to a simpler time in the nineteen eighties, where our president only appeared guilty of one crime at a time. So, if you remember what began earlier in a year Um, this began earlyer in the year of Bregan Rondarreagan's second term, it sounded like t plot of an eighteem episode, something that the bad guys would do where the senior administration officials were began. Selling arms to Iran with the genius idea that they would then take the money from t the sale to fund the CONTRAS. who was a group of rebels fighting the H Socialist government of Nicaragua at the time and it just again oonly. Does it sound like a bad plot for one of these T v shows, but was the? U S government, so cash strapped that we had to like take the cash from a sail like that happened like I need that money. I need that money right now. D, then turn it over to something else like immeda. Anyway, the sale of the arms was prohibited under a Carter era. Embargo of weapons to to Iran and the support of the contras had just been restricted by Congress. So, of course, I'm talking about the Iran Contra affair in November of nineteen. Eighty six, it's all comes to a head when a Lebanese MAG magazine actually breaks the story. The operations discovered when a an airlift of guns was down in Nicaragua, but the Iranian government confirms the stories true and ten days so ten days later, we've got Reagan on the ear Um. You know taking some responsibility, but also you know, steering the story at first. They Trie to suggest that the armsshipment was part of an operation to free American hostages that were m held I in Lebanon, by Hezbal at the time. But later we find out that this deal began before the hostage were were even captured. So that seems to not be true and then of course, now around this time. As the investigations begin, we famously have Colonel Oliver North diverting a portion of the funds to the contras and then later working with his secretary fawn hall, to destroy as much evidence as quickly as possible. In fact, the legend I found online was that they had stuffed so much top secret documents, so many tax secret documents into the paper Srunder that this treader stopped working at one point. In any case, none of the investigations into what happened, including Reagan's appointed Tower Commission, found evidence that Reagan knew the extent of these programs, but fourteen administration officials were indicted, including the Secretary Defence and eleven con convictions resulted. But why didn't you know it? Some of those were vacated on appeal and the rest were partend by George Hw Bush when he became president. So I rang contraft here, wow yeah. That whole thing is absolutely crazy. I can't believe the U S. Government was involved in Contra weapons. I mean I loved. The laser ret gun was amazing, all righ. Well, if you like that, like violence, then I'm taking you back to November twenty second nineteen. Eighty six we're going to take a little trip back to the Lost Vegas Hilton in Paradise: Nevada, a twenty year old kid from Brooklyn making his way to the ring to quite trever Berbic for the title now Berbick is no sh. You know Schlub he's thirty one four and one with twenty three knockouts he's the current chap, but the entire crowd is in a frock. The place is electric as White Tyson comes into the ring, and you can just tell from the way the announcer is talking that this is not going to end well for trevor. Trevor's face even tells a story, so you know the flight starts and they're, basically just handing him the belt. The announcers millslane he's down there. The rof he's like I want a good clean flight and I want you to handle the Balt to Tyson on. This is done, okay, so that starts, and everyone knows, Tyso's got three great punches right. He's got the upper cut that devastates you. It's like a nuclear bomb. You're done the left Hook, knockd you down three times, and then you get up all widly, so they reft an tell you you're done and he's got the elbow that follows the right hook and catches you in the side of the face and you're like what the Hell is, that Dick Move Dude Bob now because they never call them for it. So it's a good move, so wites going, the crowd is electric in this thing and it it's never in doubt I mean this is the first time he doesn't come out, he's e, don't they don't call him iron Mike There's, no nickname 's, just Mike Tyson twenty seven, an o to twenty five knockouts. The guy is a maniac. He destroys him in the first round. You would have thought the building was on fire. The way people were screaming during this flight, two thirty five of the second round. He takes them down. One Punch, the guy goes down three times. He knocked him down three times or one punch, and then the guy gets up and tries to fight him, some more but the rest licg. No, his hands aren't even up another cool fact about. This is Um. They find him like five thousand dollars for wearing black trunks and he's Sik. I don't give her shit I'm going to win this thing. I would have bike shit ton of money, and this is the moment when I believe Nintendo said punch out. This is the guy and, as we all know back, then you paid like forty five bucks for these paper views. The chairs are set up, the pizzas bought you go to the bathroom, the fites over yeah. That was always my problem with tyoting like that, and we've talked about it on on other episodes. Is You know for somebody who was built up to be such a bad ass? I mean yeah. Of course he he was a Badass 'cause. Hey could knock people out in ten seconds, but for a spectator that sucks, it did take him two around yet went a little longer than normal he's a yeah he's twenty years old he's the youngest heavy way to ever hold the belt, and he kisses that dude. If you've ever seen the video he kisses the guy in the glasses. Like he's so happy, he kisses another man at the end of that fight. Have you ever been so happy about anything like it, your BA or anything else that you kissed your best man? No at this moment time? That's how happy he is. If we Wen ther someone o kiss re, I don't want you too. I almost want to see that a w dowe got to Ra an. I said man. A TREVOR BERBIC was no sh, no slub in this fight man. He came he's, I think, he's the last guy to ever fight Mahad Alia, win. I mean he's thirty, something he's like thirty, two years old when this fight takes place. So I think this is, for you know news. I think this was huge, because this started a whole just frothy mess in boxing, because this is where don king comes inder. The picture just eighties boxing scene is the last great boxing see that I can agree with for sure. The best was Tyson would come out in those umbroes. It was like Blackalro and Freeno sax cut out towel, yeah, no long socks, yeah he's got no socks at all. Man He's just wearing black shoes, black shorts and he's got the towel with the big hole cut in it he's coming down, and you can just tell t look on his face. She's, like I'm, going to destroy someone tonight, I'm going to eat the childen God cors ear, Itherwa Yeah, I'm going to pint years. You could just tell that t t he was just so angry, so I'm going with Tyson for that one yeah all right! It's a Tyson and Iran Contra all right mark you Monto go first or you want me, go first I'll, go first on this one allrightall right! So for my new story, I got another company that has a Z in its name, so you know it's leget. It was a loser for us. Last time, Work Cause Owell the company, I'm speaking about is Amazon because November thirtieth nineteen, ninety seven Amazon dotcom had really started to take off the stock price had doubled since it had gone public back in May, and the stock price was now fifty dollars. Now, if you take a look at the HAMAZON's current stock price, where at one thousand seven hundred and eighty eight dollars as of today, things were really starting to jump off the page for Amazon, and then they did something that changed the company they opened up, one of their warehouses, they're fulfilment centers in Delaware. This doesn't sound like a big story, but it completely changed the company and with a major part of Jef Bezo's strategies. Amazon dotcoms, new fusfilment center in Delaware gives the company an extension they hade been looking for. They had another distribution center over on the West Coast in Seattle, but with this new one, the Newcastle location in Delaware, it now will make deliveries possible in one to two days. So what we're really starting to see here with this new Delaware fulfilment center is the infrastructure that would provide us with Amazon prime a few years later, not as many products as they offered today. But this is where the infrastructure started. It was a huge thing for Amazon and they opened up this Delaware facility on the east coast. So that's my pick November thirtieth, nineteen. Ninety seven Amazon 's got to see in its name, so you know what all right so November t nineteen ninety seven- and this has come up on a couple of previous episodes. We brought up Steve Jobs, especially when it concerns nineteen. Ninety seven, just to give it little a bridge version of this in the timeline he was fired by apple in eighty five. He started his own company called next and he did that right up until apple bought them at the end of ninehteen. Ninety six, then apple brings jobs back in the summer of ninety seven helpe them find a new CEO, and then I think this just came up couple of episodes ago by September, jobs back in charge were all began, an apple with thnew IC, O moniker, which wasn't trying to sound cool. The eye was actually for interoom, but then they ended up dropping that in January, but now he's a CEO in those other episodes. They had the job stories and people are talking about like what he kindo did long term. But what Am Oi to doing this one is tell you what he did short term and one of the first things he did when he came back because the company was a complete shit show in the nineties, especially in the midnight he's up to the point where he came back. So this is his first big announcement since returning to the company on November ten nineteen, ninety seven, he had one of these key notes and he came out with four big things that they're going to do: Onethey're, releasing a whole new line of power. PCS, utilizing technology from Modarola, better machines that they've been putting out 'cause they've, been putting out garbage two. We get the first glimpse of the apple store because COP S A we're going to have these distinctive store within the store sections. That would only feature apple hardware and software, and nowadays we got full on apple stores. ECAUSE COPSA is not even around anymore or if they are around, I don't know. I haven't seen a retail location, and God knows how long h three th. This is a big deal. They reconfigured their factories to build Mac to order. This is something they had never done in the past, and by doing this they were eliminating all the backlog of all their onsol computers, which was their biggest problem in the nineties, and now this is something that was duplicated by numerous PC companies in the late nineties, yet de Gateway. All these companies popping up they're started doing the same thing then four. This is the other big one. Now they're offering these computers like basically made to order. How were they going to accomplish this jobs? He realized that he couldn't do this via catalogue and it wasn't the future, so apple launched Apple dotcom, where you can customize up to three hundred different configurations of Max and again. This is something that would revolutionize the way the computers are sold, because from that point out, all these companies started popping up online and you can configure pieces, but the only place you can canfigure a back was on apple dotcom. So that's it. It's November, nineteen, ninety seven, it's Jobsis henote speech and the four big things that they're bringing to apple and, of course we all know where that landed today. I know if there'r stock price in front of me, but I'm sure it's fucking, astronomic very good, sorry off to You da all right, um. First up, eighty six, the Mike Tyson winning the heavyweight championship for the first time very impressive, even though I'm a little curious. Where is Trevor Berbic? Now I can only assume that he's possibly working at a crispy cream, telling a bunch of teenagers how we got his ass knocked out way back in eighty six, but you know there's worst claims to fame. I'm pretty sure that everyone that tist never knocked out is has brain damage and works at crispy cranot. True, very true, Iran, Contra huge historically significant, can not be ignored now over on ninety seven, the Amazon thing mark. This was just basically about the Delaware Center, the the distribution center yeah it was. They had opened a distribution center in Delaware and it was the first one that they had on the east coast and what it really did. It allowed them to have the shipping across the entire United States and it provided a hub for them to expand into Europe which they did within the next year or two okay. I think this might be significant for all the wrong reasons, because you start with Delaware: Okay, Ri, you go to drones, scned an its end of date. Yes, you exactly! You know this is going to be the end of end of all of us and it all started in Delaware. Go bigure, Um Jobs, keyote speech the made to order computers. Also impressin apple dotcom, Hey, that's Thas, big stuff! Any time you talk about Steve Jobs, you know again kind of wing it to even the Iran Contra, which is a political thing. Everything that Steve Jobs did later on is really important to how we live our lives. Today, tnot being said, though, I think I'm going to have to go with eighty six on this round, because I ran contra. I remember just being on T v all the time and seeing all the north sad asspace on the television and and a legacy of Mike Tyson n what he became a you know the rise and fall, but it basically started that night and if it wasn't for that, we wouldn't have little Mac. So as yes, you got it all right. So I think that ties us up. Doesn't it now that puts you guys in the lead three to two comes down to the final round? Oh wew. Hopefully we don't have anything else in our ring B'cause. I don't know what the Hell Dav will pick 'cause. He pick boxing over wrestling thing. All Right Idiots. You guys have control of TE board heading into the final round. Now. Would you like to go first, or would you like to defer? LETS UST go first. I think we're strong on this one. So let's go first, I'm Gona, I'M GONGTA! Do My okay, I'm going to go with on November twenty ninth: This sog became this Ban's first number one hit, and these guys are beautiful, beautiful men from New Jersey. It is Bonjovi. You give love a bad name now you're drunk at the bar two thirty in the morning, and they fire this thing up. You know you're singing along. You can't stop yourself, there's just no way to do it. Vh One considers this to be the twentieth greatest hard rock stonk all the time I mean that's pretty impressive right twentieth at all time for hard rock and it's written by Jonban, Jovi, Richie, Sanbora and desmon child, and I don't remember exactly what else he did, but I know his name, so he must have done o sone other good stuff, Youd't haveer see in his name, though. Well you could change that Astz. If you're really hateewhatever day wants nice yeah from the Albrum Slippery Ond wet, I will argue with anyone to not sing along to this one. When it comes on, I don't care what Genrele you love when this on comes on you're singing along and that's what I'm going to go with solid. That's the the day that it went to number one. Is that what it is correct November? Twenty ninth is the day it went to number one. Yes, that's that's. What I'm going with see our our whole goal? Here, though, is I'm setting up a will for the kill? Sho? Oh Ok! Well, you know again, we don't know our judge well enough, yet we've learned a lot about him today, I feel like we should charge him for therapy, though, because of some of things he was working through earlier with the laser tag, an t or we need to start to go fund me and get him those sneakers in any case. Okay, let me take you back to November of nineteen eighty six, where someone uttered. Finally, after the success of rund, an C and Lo Coolj, we have real hip hop, said some racist on November fifteenth n Nineteen and eighty six, when the beasty boys dropped license to ill release by deaf jam. It was the first rap El Peta hit the top O the billboard two hundred album chartwords spent seventy three weeks at the time it was the best selling rap album and it wasn't a replaced at Tha roll until MC hammers break through in nineteen. Ninety, although you know we might argue, that's not really a real at was N, I considere it a real rap artist, but um so moving forward n three singles were released prior to the album Debia, but mostly they were played cul savilion urban stations at late nine hours. Of course, it's hard to ignore some of the now crinsworthy lines of the album. I disagree even the name that the BS originally wanted shall not be named, but theyvthe BS boys have since atoned they apologized in the nineties for their past behavior and even included line lyrics and songs that were intended to clarify thei evolution. The album, if you remember, was a beautiful gatefol that had a collage was done by a calag artist named world, the OMS that depicted an airplane crashing into the side of a mountain mountain that also looked suspiciously like a joint being put out. In fact, if you also remember they had those the numbers of the airplane wer. Actually he held it in the mirroits that eat me, which apparently rickr was Rick Ruben's ID and the band hated that but m some additional breakthrough stuff from the album 'cause. It was really a crossover record. It not only was it rap, it featured a lot of of rock hard rock guitar sailes and they weren't the first to do that. 'cause run DMC had just done it right before them, but they took it to a whole new level by not only including you know, rock sounds like H, guitars to Karry King on new sleep to Brooklyn, but also including samples which again does not break through in itself, because samples were used Israli as Haphop, you know, started taking hold in their early needies, but what they included was samples from groups that hadn't been sampled before so shurt. You can pll from jeanes Brown on a bunch of RM B groups, but they they included Um samples from en Zeppelin from CCNR from black Sabbath from the clash. The thing for MSR ED is in a song, so there was a lot in this record to be liked by a very wide audience and it was clear from the numbers that it did resine with a lot of folks. So, and I will point out as a side note, this is not related to the success of the record, but this was, I think, the first concert I saw- and I was my aunt brought me to this concert and Um. I was about fifteen years old when this came out and at some point not only do they have. You know half naked women in cages and I'm with my aunt watching this, but at some point they have to stop the show to shove, a twenty foot- hydraulic penis back into its box, because they're about to shoot an MTV video and they say they can't have this giant falace on the stage and literally there's like four or five crew members jumping on the head of this falace stuffing it slowly back into the box. I was horrified I sitting next to my aunt watching and I'm the one who heas therapy holy cow. We could probably get a group rate Dave, no an I will go yeah. Believe me, I de Therapy too, but I'm Noti. So there you go license Tal, Ol, all right, man crash. I guess it's over to us. They do you want to go first, or should I start off this round? You could start off 'cause. I don't even remember what you had rigt. Is You don't remember what I have you guys, don't know what I have where gonna play a little game, I'm just gonna, give you the accolades of my music selection, see if you guys can figure it out this album debt that number one on the billboard top country albums charts and it stayed there for fifty nonconsecutive weeks. It is the Ald time best, selling country music, album the best selling studio album by a female act, the best selling album by a Canadian. It is the best selling album of all time in the United States, Thi Sixteenth, best selling, album in the UK, and it sold more than forty million copies world wide. The album, of course, I'm talking about, is come on over the third studio, album by Shenaia Twain released November. Fourth, nineteen, Ninety seven written in produced by Shinaiatwin herself and legendary producer, Robert John Muttlang. It gave us the unforgettable, singles man. I feel like a woman which s something I say every day, come on over you're still the one and that don't impress me much. But what does impress me much of the accolades for this album. It's one of my wife's personal favorite album. She was really excited. When I told her, I was going to be able to pick this one and for a country album. This is an album that has really studed the test of time. You still hear I all of these singles played today on country, radio, forty million album sold. You can't argue with that. So that's my selection come on over the third album by Shenaya Twain released November. Fourth, nineteen. Ninety seven- and I did remember after you just started talking- I was like Oh yeah he's got Soi. We, I don't know, like my mind, went blank there for a minute, Um, all right, so good. One and it's nice to get some country on here 'cause. We hardly ever talk country, not that I listen to it, but a lot of people do. Apparently forty million people bought that November, Twenty First Nineteen, ninety seven and h after releasing five outns with his Buddy Jeff. We get the solo debut from a butding, superstar musician, Sitcom Star by nineteen. Ninety seven, he had become like a Gargantuin movie star, having a huge back to back to back summer, hits ninety five ninety six and ninety seven. So while at the top of his game, why not? What's for Lisa's Solo Bolbem when it'as all set and done the outmed five singles went nine times platinum, selling, close to thirteen million copies world wide two grammes and feature two number one hits including men in black and getting jiggy with the album is: Will Smith, big, Willi Style and here's? What it makes this modumental and and hear me out for a second, this legitimately solidifies Wollsmith. As the pop culture posterboy of the nineties, he came in as a rapper. He moved on to becoming one of the premiere leading men for six seasons. In fresh prints- and he could ave went on for more, but he stopped because he became a movie star three straight years: blockbusters bad boys, Independence Day, men in black, and then he puts this outmout in ninety seven just to be like Oh yeah, remember I can also ran and then one two grammys in the process which just cemented him not as the prince but as the king of nineties pop culture. So that's what I have is: Will Smith Big Willie Style November, Twenty First Nineteen, ninety seven off to David Shultz, all right, um. Let's look at eighty six first November. Twenty ninth, you give love a bad name, hit number one on the charts. Now you mentioned that you know it was one of those songs where you just have to sing along the moment that you hear it, but I can in fact stop myself for singing long. No, I said when you're drunk O okay. Well, I I'm commonly drunk as well. So even that you know ther we go. We can throw that out. The window. Have I have no lucious locks, so hairspray need not apply, so Monjovi doesn't have that effect on me, but I I did have a an aunt whose hair was higher than the Empire State Building and she lived Bo Jovi. The beasty boy is laen ill. This this album, I mean this was huge, not only then, but for years after, because you know I was a teenager in the early nineties and we were still listening to that record and getting our kicks off it and laughing at some of the songs and you kN W no sleep, Til Brooklyn, we just we repeat it and sing it. You know to each other and we just thought wew'ere, the coolest kids. On the block I mean this album had a lot o a lot of history behind it, especially for me and my friends, but let's pop over to ninety seven real quick because Shaenna Chaenna Cain he, whatever Sana Twain, Shanaiah Shenaa, whatever 'cause, you know what that her whole thing was that song, the man I feel like a woman, everybody the moment you say you can hear that don't o and it makes me want to jump off a cliff Beau I as flay in the bar I mean over and over and over again I mean people go to the Jukebox and just put it on repeat which you know. If, if you experience that era, you realized that song was perfectly paired with mad dog twsand and twenty a lot of sketchy young. Ladies really just dug that song, but I mean you can't deny the numbers on that. That was a cultural phenomenon and she took over the world in bars. You know everywhere. Will Smith Big Willie style, yeah again that that you brought up a lot about his acting career, and I think that might even help the record. You know what I mean, because I don't really think it was very good, but yet again those were songs that were played over and over and over again you know, listen, eighty six, the beasty boys. Well, it pulls at my heartstrings. Just even thinking about that record. I think we'reboiling down to the numbers, don't lie and between those two records in ninety seven, because I can't say her damn names, I'm not going to attempt to say her name, Miss Taif, you're nasty. Yes, thank you. Ninety seven, I'm sorry, but you guys have this one, you guys uh again, you guys win this round. It's 'cause he's the king of the nineties. That's why I brought up all that staut because seriously, if you think about it- and I didn't to that point and I started putting all the shit together, he is like, if you thought of the nineties, I saw Amean once it said all this is the nineties and one picture, and it was picture of woillsmith sitting on the floor playing Nintendo with like a VCR. I was in black and white and he had like the whole nineties oufit on, but and it never dawned on me that he was part of that picture 'cause. He was the nineties not only di they have that show which was everybody watch that show at some point he had those movies it waas gigantic. After ninety five and the dudes still make in movies his family's big. We don't want his son Intoo much, but his wife is gigantic and he basically Majeda Pinkett Smith was big as Ja Pinket, but once she became Jo Pinket Smith, it was like a whole another animal. You know, so I just think that he was like this monster of the nineties and that I didn't even realize that till I started looking up this album and then, of course, you had welcome to Myami, which was always fucking played in bars and shit like that in clubs and then thats song with his son. Just the two of US was on that too, but wow, you know, look I'm not looking to rrelitigate anything. Okay, quelbut Dave, you said you didn't like Banjovi ecause he's got lone hair and you don't you also don't have breasts, I'm guessing, but WAT WI, Chanaatwai wa, because she has breasts. I actually I have a a little soft supple pair. Actually, then, I'm right now, but I think you know what you guys could redeem yourselves. If you did do it to go fun me to buy me the Nikes, we can come back and wevisit this a los later and and kind of switch it around. You know I will tell you this day if I grew up in the same boat with you were in, I didn't get no laser tag or no Jordan, so I feel for you, man, it's 'cause. Your boat didn't have a Z, an its name. My boat didn't have no hours. Orbancrush looks like we pulled out of victory here by the skin of our teeth. I can't believe the Mamalukes Wen another one. I want to fake the adiots for giving us an awesome fight. You guys did a great job tonight tell all of our listeners where they can go to listen to your show. Yeah. You can find us anywhere, you listen to podcast, just search for the idiots that TA and Ete Zero. Its thank you guys for has man. This was a lot. It was a lot of fun in watching you guys in action. I think we learned a lot about how, if you have us on again how we might be able to strategize a little bit better and bring a better game next time. How do you bring a better game? I want to know so. 'R Gonta tell him I'm bringing nothing but porn movies, porn, sound tracks, news, I'm bringing porn news, so it's all going to be just porn. It's funny. We've talked about this and we talked about having a show on Pornhub, like just you know, taking it and put like insead of posting it on our feet. Just taking t and posting t on POURNG UB and the entire show will be about Pon from two separate years, Nice. That might happen one day. If it does. Oh, I got a JUDG TAF, I don't believe hat and speaking of judges, we got Judge Dame sholts back once again, Dape tell people where they can listen to selling ou. You can find us on infirmary dot, Org, all your favorite. I think they call Hem pod catchers right, which sounds terrible. It sounds like an STD but yeah all the pod, APPs everywhere out there on the socials at selling out, show you twitter, you instagram 'cause, we're hip like tight rolling your jeans, we're down with the kids and our most recent episode. We did a Saucy expoze on Howard, the duck that is not to be missed. Well, so ill make sure everybody yougo check that out as soon as humanly possible, Andwi you're at it head on over to dueling decades, dotcom, where you guys can check out all of our past episodes just in case you've missed one which I know you haven't 'cause. You guys are all caught up and why are there you're also going to see our Audiotrivia right there in a r s s feed you can play along with that. 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