Dueling Decades
Aug. 21, 2019

It's another Nostalgia filled Retro Battle between August 1986 & August 1991!

It's another Nostalgia filled Retro Battle between August 1986 & August 1991!

Dueling Decades is back this week with tag team action here on our show. This week the grudge match continues as the Mamalukes (Marc and The Mancrush) duel with August of 1986 against The After School Specials (Mike Ranger and Beau Becraft) and August...

Dueling Decades is back this week with tag team action here on our show. This week the grudge match continues as the Mamalukes (Marc and The Mancrush) duel with August of 1986 against The After School Specials (Mike Ranger and Beau Becraft) and August of 1991! The bearded Britt from Brooklyn, Jon Cross is back to judge this one! Will the winning streak of the Mamalukes continue or will the 1990’s claim a victory? Only one way to find out duelers, listen, subscribe and play along at home. Because it’s your history, we just fight for it!

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Let's meet this week's duelers and the decades they will be fighting for as we return to tact team action here on our show. First off introducing the other man who'm, along with myself, Mark James, make up the team, the Mamalukes, it's Mancrush, that's right where the Mamelukes we ot August of nineteen, eighty six, the entire month for UNCH bt, it's been a whole month since we've got to do a month and our opponents, the after school specials, it's good to be back. My name is nor McDonald, better known as Bobe craft of those view that are unfamiliar with me and in my corner my tag. Team partner go head and introduce yourself. Maybe take your shirt off ru? U Your nipples a little bit, I'm like granger and we're representing August of nineteen. Ninety One, ladies and gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judge's coinflip shout the side, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judgees ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points. Apiece and the winning decade shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all five rounds, and as always here on our show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So back behind the bench, it's The beader Br from Brooklyn Judge John Cross. Yes, that's where I am judge Johncross and I love it. When people come behind my bench anyway, we start off the game with a coin toss. Do we want to know what the Cointasse is this week? Yes, it's the comic adaptation of Freddy's dead, the final nightmare, it's number three! So it's not even the first one, it's number three, but it is the FREDDI's dead, nightmare graphical reproduction and do people want the comic front or do they want the movie postaback mm? Oh, you can call it an you've been gone forever. Let's go! Let's go face comic front here we go Comacsan if he sleeps and it's the comic face after school specials and they are very special mmwhat. Do you think Mike? What do you want to start off with Um? I think movies. All right show me potato salad, all right o! You want me to go first I'll. Kick this one off 'cause ive had a pretty good one here: allright movies August nineteen, ninety one this was released August, twenty third, it's arguably the best action biker film of All time, Mickey rork Don Johnson talking about Harley Davidson and the Barboro man. You also have a supporting cast. That includes get this Daniel Baldwin, Jean Carlo Espozino, Tom Seismore, and yes, Vanessa Williams. The film was a critical and financial failu urding, only seven million dollars at the domestic box office. The budget was estimated at about twenty three million sofair shake. They made a little money back since become a cold classic following it's released to video and one that I watched just a few months ago in the epics channel and turned off very shortly after it began. Actually what couldn't do it? I couldn't there weren't enough marlborlou points leather jackets. In there. For me, there was no TUFFL. How could you not like a movie with my identical twin brother, Virginia Slim in the movie, come on? I thought you were going to say Don Johnson? Oh, no, it's actually not a bad movie it. It did get a bad shake in the box office, but it's not bad and you get to see Daniel Baldwin in a giant leather trenchcoat, zipped up stat hire o stop. I can only get so erect so could he in that trenchco sweating, his ass off I'd, barely think he has any lines. Isn't he like kind of like a mute, fucking assassin or where the fghes he doesn't know he didn't finish watching the movie? Yes, he is the enforcer for the drug King Pin yea for the time seen it, but I've seen it probably about ten years ago, so I idon Damn Okay Shit nobody's seen this one, except for bow seeing ten minutes and me seeing the entire thing. Probably a dozen times I saw, I saw probably like fifteen, roughly I've seen it about twenty five fucking times. I love this movie. Oh No I'! No! I'm saying I okay S A bol US's seen it sh. We should have picked it. If I had nineteen ninety one I probably would have well it was this or the the Rodney Dangerfield animated movie, where he plays a dog all right Mike over to you. What's your selection on August thirtieth, nineteen, ninety one, we got the logical sequel to the nineteen and eighty two Culhi, the beast master beastmaster too, through the portal of time. The best part about that is: There's no fucking time traveling. It's a fucking, parallel universe, where nineteen ninety one earth just happens to exist. Marc Singer returns his Dar a two fisted ferret hold in beast whisper force to travel to Earth and stop his fiendish brother from stealing an atomic bomb in the fear that they could possibly make their world look any shittier. The film saw limited, theatrical release, grossing less than a million against the six million dollar budget. The series received its third instalment in ninety six and a TV series in ninety nine. Damn I'm glad you said that he was too fisted Owin one hand, I'm surprised that they actually spent six million dollars on that movie. That's well. They had to go through that. BORTAL! MORTALS COST! U MONEY! All Right! So you guys went with Harley Davis, an Marlborough man and beast master. Two. Do you want to go? First? Do you want me to go first I'll start off this? One man crush God. You know- and I know we're in the middle of a dueling decades game, but I want to play another game. You guys remember the pyramid, yea, the Egyptians, no, the the game like the one hundred thousand dollar or ten thousand more dollar paramid or whatever the fuck. It was so we're going to do that. With this pick, I'm goingto just say if you clue words about this movie and you guys try to guess the movie. So if I say basketball lobster, God Zilla nantucket you're talking one crazy summer, that is right. John Cross released August eighth, nineteen, eighty six one crazy summer, the savage Steve Holland, masterpiece with a junkusack jol, Murray, Bobcat, Goldweight, Curtis Armstrong, oh in Demi, Moore whoever she is. If you've never seen this movie stop what you're doing right now go purchase it. It is one of the all time classics. Just don't ask junk: Usek 'cause, he absolutely hates this movie and Joncusac a lately has become an Assolso who gives a fuck what he thinks yeah. We saw Hem a couple of years ago in a in a panel, and we were just kindo like fallnwey wearing. Was He wearing a long black coat a black baseball cap and a RAMONES TSHIRT? He did have a baseball cap on I. It always wears the same ship, so I com in a skulkaround wearing black and a remones teacher. If you watch every single movie he's done in the last ten years, he wears a baseball cap, a black jacket and a remone teshirt at some point in the film it's almost like the costume. Lady comes up to him. An goes John Wel. He wear this and he's like no wearing a black jacket of remot t shirt, an baseball cats in my rider, the only characters I can play a hitman and very dull people. It's like Gimbuluchi and genom in a cub's hat Lo Gibelu she had a Bai Sup period but B Gim Belu. She had that period where he wore like bais jackets yeah with the the art with the sleeve protectors on the elde DBEA. He had those things, but it's really it sucks. When I really like John Kesack, and then we saw them in that panel- and we talked about this on poop culture a long time ago, it just kind of kills Iu for Yo after that 'cause. I try to eliminate t after my memory, but it's tough yeah. I don't think anything could ruin one crazy summer for me, though, and better off dead or just two of the pinnacles of the eighties and nineties. For me, I mean don't get me wrong. I Love Joan cusack and I love all his movies, even some of his recent ones. It's just in person. He he seems to be a bit of Aducion and he blocked me on twitter, which was completely bizarre. He blocked me on Tita throughout the when the cubs won the world series, as someone like videotape day was like Oh jok cusaxs in the crowd and I tweated to John Cusack, like hey man, I hope you enjoying the game or something 'cause we had tweeded before at each other, and it came back up, you've been blocked by Jon cusack and I'm like whatdid. They lose that game. No, they won the to a a game when the on th, what Yu move say very weird anyway, sorry can't carry on man. crosthat was that was a good one, though that's good to hear that he's definitely Lika Dick bag on the outtide. So it wasn't just our experience doesn't sound like it. No He's too busy showing up point intess protest and things he hates facebook that we learned anyhow all right. So I'm moving on to August twenty second of Nineteen Igty. Six again you get like weird release dates. I had to bring this up because I was talking to mark before this. When I go to IMDB A lot, I I like IMDV, it's got a lot o like factual information on there, but then it has this movie as November Twenty Sixth Anine Huteen and eighty six, where the fuck did they get that from. I even go back to the newspapers just to make sure, and it's all over August, twenty second nineteny six. What I've noticed with I MDB 'cause. It happens with me when I'm reviewing new movies or go to put new movies up on leather box, and then it says it came out last year if it showed up at a festival whether it was canned Toronzo New York, one of the big film festivals. They consider that the Premier Day, even though it doesn't actually get released in the theatres on mass until the next year, so there were a bunch of movies that were considered twenty eighteen, o nine t bin Letterbox. That atually came out in twenty nineteen and I they had the Toronto Intenat Lio and has actually came out three months after the actual thing S. it's fucking, weird! HOW YEAH THAT'S WEIRD! I Dont O anything people find on the Internet. Do some research and fight out for yourself 'cause a lot of times. Shit is fucking wrong. Anyway, this Oscarnominee film was actually based on a Stephen King, short story that was entitled the body from his Nineteen Two story: collection, different seasons and Bosra, thrown up his hand. My favorite movie of all time the movie went on to Gros fifty two million dollars. It was around a hundred and twenty million dollars. Twenty nineteen it had an eight million dollar budget, which is now that it's even more shocking that bease master too had a six million dollar budget. But this is the ROB riner classic that SARS will wheaten River Phoenix, Corifeldman, Jerioconel key for Southerland and, of course, the movie I'm talking about none other than stand by me. It's just it's one of those movies that anybody culd watch, there's a bit of something for everybody in this movie. It's a coming of age. Adventure like Kinda, like goonies, but in a more serious way, and then on top of that you get the the Richard drifis narrating shit like Dugy Houser, which makes it even better and I'm not big on time pieces. But this is one that I actually enjoy and even watching it in twenty nineteen. I just watched it a few weeks ago. It doesn't lose anything because it's the time period, T's, it's fucking, great excellent movie and going back stand by Me August, twenty second, nineteen, eighty six suck my fat one well, what a couple of months for movies and what Om slightly unexpected picks from both months. If we look at August n Nineteen, Ninety one, the after school specials could have gone with returned to the Blue Lagoon. They could in all Seriousa they couldhave gone with Bot and think and the commitments both of which we huge releasas for that a month than have continued to be m, very kind of popular Fan Pavorites, but there's a whole bunch ADG, like normally. I run down a whole bunch of weird movies as a joke, but I can't even find an it. The weirdest one that came out that month was probably Johnny Swade, but outside of that, it's Ole and nedest colony of the dead, which should be on every CHARE's Christmas list. This year get the blue ray of that, which I'm sure is going to be released by some dodgy outfitin backwards of Ohio anytime soon, but yes, a great month for movies on nine hundd nd. Eighty six, similarly, that we had stand by me, which is fantastic, an one crazy summer, so you had one big movie, which is kind of stood to test Ed time and and one movie that is like Kanogrouvecult Hip, that that certainly is a fan. Favorite still aftal those years, but you could have had blue velvet. You could rad the fly. You could had my personal favorite, how it the duck you could have had man hunter river's edge, the boy you could fly, Fri, t thirteenth part. Six, the transform is the movie night of the creeps. None of the creeps Texas Chan saw masket too I mean com on. Does it get any better than Augus nineteen and eighty six armed and dangerous John Candy had movies out in both these montsguys? It's? U Phenomenal, or about to see some of this. What did Buckcat have out MORK's pick o one o sorryhhedidn'he didn't direct it. No, he didn't not above cat. No, no! No! So Te Bove got her. Sorry! Yes, but you are right, Bob Cats, an that. Eighty six of course has much longer list of Magit, no one's ever heard of like Choke Canyon, which is phenomenal and detective school dropouts. U and frog dreaming in fact, from dreaming and the Wonderful Dead End Drivin, both directed by my personal friend, Brian Trenchadsmith, and quit to sential oxploitation classics. If people haven't seen them but yet listen both months. You should both be very proud, anm, very happy that you guys from August ninetden. Ninety one went completely random with harly Davids on e Morbreman and beachmaster too. I applared both those choices, labd loudly. If it wasn't for the sex toy debarcle. From the last episode I would be declined. I would be inclined to just give inone thousand nine hundred and ninety one just to piss up mankrait's way too early. To do that. I got it out. Stat stand by me stands tall above all. The other movies and one crazy summer is, of course, a cul favorite at this point, so it does oe n Thou and nine utdred and eighty six, but a dongod showing from the after school speciuls. Well Don everybody I'll take it. Thank God. You're ruled in our favor on that one, because if you didn't chopper was going to have to sick ball, you know. What's amazing, though the top ten for the end of the month, I always like, I clipped them out. Obviously the fly was had the most money stand p by me, two in one crazy summer's, not even in the top ten. But if you look at all these other movies in the top ten, it's got better legs and all of them it's it's pretty. NUTS HA TAT goes oh yeah! I mean if we went purely by the money you know we couldn't do things like the thing and no how the duck, which was a notorous flop, but is now kind of a cult fan favorte and you know, there's there's a whole bunch of those barronmanchows and stuff that were really like massive money losers that have stood to test of time way more than some other films of that decade, ro o. How that happens, though- and I won't go too long on this, but how a movie that's so great over time in the time period, when it's released, nobody gives a shit about it. YEA WHO NA I razy is what's what's really weird to me, as a sort of movie collector movie Fan. Is that even though we've seen this tredn time and time again, even with Shit, as far back as like film Niir and silent movies, and even Charlie Chaplain and bus Tekinan people still going strong and people still watching their movies and things you would think studios would be more interested in like maintaining those collections, but actually the selling off the rights to distribute those to a bunch of blue ray companies and producing movies. Now that are so disposable that, after their opening weekend, they don't give a Shir. So it's sort of mad that, even though we have this trend, we can now look back over a hundred and twenty years of movies and be like look. There are certain decades that just won't die in certain movies that will keep coming back. Why don't you foster that for some new filmmakers and they just have no fucking interest in doing any of it? It's kind o crazy, shity. ALL RIGHT ANYHOW MARK! Where do you want to go? WWe took that one pretty handily. But what do you think the weakest thing, let's Goo to our weakest? One MM o want go to television. How about news all right? How about you pick man crush? I Say News, Marc all right already having a row actually I'll start with news riht to August fifth, nine hunded and eighty six. We get the official time where USF l just calls it quits. The USFL was a competing football league. Thate was around, they were competing with the NFL and nineteen. Eighty six was going to be their first year that they were going to go head to head with the NFL and play football in the fall. However, what happened was they couldn't get a TV deal, because the NFL had all the channels, so they they put out a lawsuit against the NFL for one point: Six: nine billion dollars and it was an anti competitive deal, whatever the fuck antitrust, suit or whatever, but it was not found their favor. It was actually found in the NFL's favor, but the NFL was H, told to give them a check for three dollars which, interestingly, they didn't pay until nineteen ninety and it turned out to be three dollars and seventy six cents 'cause there was interest which is not too bad. Considering. That's twenty five percent interest over four years. However, since they lost this deal, they decided to fold the League for the nineteeneighty six season and they said they were going to come back in nineteen en seven stronger and the TV contracts were going to run out for the NFL and the NFL would go on strike and all the Shit would happen well. They did have a strike in eighty seven, but it was only for like two weeks they didn't lose any of their T. v deals, USF l never comes back and they call it quits, but what we did get from the USFL during that time, which is actually pretty cool. They put N FL in new cities that were actually popular, so we got Jacksonville Baltimore, for instance, like Bo, has his raven shirt on those were two cities that were flourishing with the USFL, so the NFL of course picked up within the next ten years and and PLOPD them in ten fifteen years we got all kinds of players that moved teams, after that, like Hersel Walker, which obviously signs with Dallas N Takoson and they become a dynasty after they trade him. You Got Jim Kelly left in that same month. He goes to the bills, takes them to three sup bowls, of course, to lose them all, but whall a famor. Nonetheless, I mean just aside from that: just don't fuck with the NFL 'cause you're not going to win 'cause since then no other league has attempted to have another fall season. Even the springshit sucks go ahead, John Yeah, I'm sorry. What was the new story? It's USFL IFOLDED! Ok, it's Om the United States, Football League, theyr theyre, calling equits after they lost this intotrust deal where they got a check for three dollars. They're no longer going to put on a football thing, so they lost their cities, they lost their players, the whole nine people went to the N fl. It's got further, reaching there' There's a lot of things in here like if you really think about it. Hersewalker leaves he goes to the cowboys cowboys end up training 'em. They become a dynasty that happens because t usfl falls. You Got Jim Kelly he's. He goes to the war son Ar the bill was I'm sorry, 'cause, I'm completely ignorant. All about am was USFL and NFL running ccurrently or the USFL was running stopped and then the NFL Stotit, like no good question, so the onerfellow's been running for a hundred years, ind shit they'vebeen around forever. That's what I thought YEHUS OCD up in eighty three and they started as a spring football league and they were different Intirlo. They would lcompletely different league, then in onteny six they decided t at they were going to go head to ahead and have fall. Football against N FL's fall football and if fl it fell flat on their faces because they gret and find a t V contract to go on television. So that's why they call iquit okay, okay, allright, so the story could be people tried something for three years and it failed, but the story could also be, but because players moved from that league to the other league and those players became successful were spinning it that Wa. It has legs because you got new NFL teams. You know going to these cities that they tried. And, U S, F, l. You got planers that left and obviously Wen I just explaining it for the NONF. It there's a lot to this story, there's more than just the US FL failing, there's a lot that goes into it. That has legs for a long time and if you're an NFL fan. I think you can grasp that if you're, not it's Kinda hard to pick up on, that's why I wanted to go first with this. One Oi'm sure mark will be shorter, but that's basically what happens? USFL calls it quits and one of your you know, bol trumpet a team, so you know how that he's never had anything successful. As far as I can accept his name and what's hilarious about that, his name is one of the stupest names on the pucking planet. How is that the one successful thing that he's had is his name, which in Britain means pot, did not know that if you, if you do like a trump, it means that you let like a it's like a fix. I don't want to get anytoa political stuff, but that is pretty fucny. I'm not I'm just saying has a name: That's AFA Yeahi'm, just GOINGNA Rit down here vague football league, fails thatmriing down here to go forall right. So for my news story on August, twenty ninth nineteen eighty six, a fedual judge, ruled that top's bubble gun company should stop making garbage Pale kid stickers that pope fun at rival brand cabbage patch kids, because they cross a fine line between paroty and piracy and, as you know, this move ultimately caused e downfall of garbage pail kids. Following the release of season, three tops was sued by the company that carried the cabbage patch kids and manufactured them. The lawsuit highlighted a number of key issues stating the similarity of the logo designs, the naming of the products, the dull likenesses, so the only way that they could continue manufacturing the cards was they had to negotiate. A special agreement then allowed them to do that, but they had to make significant changes and if you emember at this point, the later series garbage bail, kids, the animation got a style changed a little bit more. They got a little more dirtyer, a little grittier. There was cracks and dirt on the dolls and h the Big Sun thing was the name badge garbage pail kids was no longer in a puppy little cloud. It was now on a banner so after that fans just weren't having the the changes, sales declined and, of course, we saw garbage pail kids go away for a while. Now, let's fass forward to current times as we know it, garbage, pail, kids still very much alive and nobody wants a fucking cabbage patch doll. So that's my story for news: Garbage Fail, Kids, get ordered to stop selling their products by the manufacturers of cabbage badge, kids and IV, Gad Mentionin, my 'cause, I was, I was going to say it's fucking Hilarious, that you know, as we were talking about movies stuckin around that garbage, bilt kids are still going strong. You can still pick him up, they're still releasing you series of em every year and no one, but no one gives two shits about a cabbage boungie. It was ke one of those products. They made all the changes and for a couple of years people are like no, they change my favorite thing, I'm not having it. So it went away and then everyonewas like. Oh, that was my favorite thing, yeahall right, let's throw it over to the after school specials. What do you guys got for the news round? All Right, I guess I' I'll go first on this. I found an article from the La Times August, twenty eighth, an Ninehtden nd. Ninety one titled, A N Wa member pleads no contest to assaulting TV rapshow host ND W member they're talking about is dotr dray. He pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor battery in the assault of D Barns and the doctor was accused of assaulting. The pumpin up host during a private Party D Barnes is now has been scarred for life, and earlier this year was reported that she was now homeless, while Doctor Dray, on the other hand, is one of the most successful musicians of all time. He is finally issued an apology, but there's actually been a few accusations throughout his career that, with the ruling he received a twenty five hundred dollar fine. Twenty four month probation and two hundred and forty hours of community service, the beating can only be described as monstrous. All because dradidn like comments that were made by the H T v host over there, then feud with ice cube. Dray at that time has been quoted as saying I just did it. You know ain't, nothing. You can do now talking about it beside it, ain't! No big thing. I just threw it through a door yeah. I guess. When it comes down to it, I guess it was just Raysday all right. I gotta got a little bit of news here for you, this is actually weather news, which is not really rare, but I think this is significant enough to make an impact Hurricane Bob, the first hurricane of the nineteen ninety one Atlantic curricane season, rushing the outer banks of North Carolina August, eighteenth and nineteenth subsequently intensifying into a major hurricane, with winds of one fifteen to one hundred twenty five miles per hour. This thing made landfall twice in Rhode. Island is category too hurricane August nineteenth, then in Maine, as a strong tropical storm early on August twentieth, extensive damage throughout New England left in its wake totaling approximately one point: five billion dollars, which would equate to about two point: Seven six billion today this made it one of the costliest United States, hurricanes of the time as of two thousand and thirteen at ranked thirty. Second, in the category, some sources actually say that this might have caused as much as three billion dollars so twice as much, which totals out to about five and a half million or five and a half billion today in damage eighteen fatalities reported in association with the hurricane loss of life and most of the damage occurred as a result of high winds and rough seas. Six confirmed Tornados during its passage too it's the most recent hurricane to hit the New England states directly as a hurricane. So this thing for lack of a better term. Fucks him shit up. Yes, it did Hurricane Bob Yeah. I was in the pathway of Hurricane Bob. I remember that distinctly she starit down. I did I stared into the heart of the devil then, but we lost power for about a week, and I remeand, I remember we all went out a week or two after the hurricane and we were making forts underneath all the trees that had toppled over and you had like all the the roots were sticking up eight feet out of the ground. It was crazy. That's how mark got typhoid? No, an tha was from Mary, I coan just ficture mark outside with, what's that song from Um from the twister movie Owayon warkd outside, except when they said we got cows. In this scenario, they were referring to me who the fucks Sung that song in. Why cant I Tik of their Fuckin dincon blossoms, now Johnny Resneck, what the F googe googoe dolls Y H, dos yeah yea sex, one alf! Does it the other yeah, Hey duellers market man cross here, want to take a second out talk you about our new sponsors, Blu Chew, Dodca, whether we're competing here on dueling decades or chewing it and doing it in the bedroom. We are always looking to enhance our performance. Blue Ce will help you last longer and go a few exr round. See BLUCO dtcom Ho can get the first chewables with the seame active ingredients as Viagransalis. The online physician console is free, so it's cheaper than the others, and it's made right here in the good old. U S of a brother look guys. 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I'm also I'm also a big fan back when news was things like one company doesn't like another company, because their stuff slightly looks like their stuff, whereas now our Daily News seems to me Likeno. I really think we hit the TRIFECTA here for news stories for Drun John Cross. We covered a weather story, something about Nfl American football Y sh. If anyone had a story about remote control or a motive, Wul Bein, the money yeah, no I mean all you need to do is cover a a wrestling igdand. What we've had t America, we gt an American sport that I have no like knowledge of wrestling needs to come up. A computer game needs to come up at some point, some computer game from the past, but we have got M rap stars which again not not my wellas e Rapsa reg weather that has a silly name which I'm a big fan of vague football stuff bet garbage pal kids, I've heard of, and so that's that's a good thing, I'm on the side of garbage prowkids Um. So this all comes down to another Jon Cross versus mancrush situation, because it's it's whether I believe as man or whether I accept as Manchros says, that a three year old, failed football league actually led to a ole bunch of like miraculous things or whether the story is just that a three year old football league that nobody can about folded. So it's it's! It comes ot O that 'cause a d and the fact that, like Doctor Grad beating someone up, I don't really want to. I don't really want to give that any points and Hurricane Bob. Well I mean how many hurricanes have we had since Augustnine TNEEN and ninety one, so it shows that the hurricanes early still relevant the Ston lodern wert going. But what about Bob Wel you failed to realize, though, is that that hurricane was in psychological treatment with Richard Dryfus babysteps yeahtey give it to the mamaluguebecause of garbage bargaves Shit. I guess, and football 'cause 'cause, I don't want upset mcdoly. I wouldn't get upset if you didn't pick it and I knew like going in y you're, not a big fan of football. So that's why? I felt like I had explaind some stuff, so no, no I get I get it, and then sport people are Tradin from different teams to different teams, all the time Ranglaas on all the time and their success or otherwise, which might make a team either momentarily successful or successful in the Zychgis to then or a legxy team or whatever. It is because of certain movements that happen that happens throughout sport anyway. So to some extent I have to look at your new story as while I totally accept what you're saying the new stories. Actually they tried something they failed. That's like yes, you know what I mea like. They tried to set up something and they failed. It would be like H if Microsoft were ruling computers, apples set up and then three years later appe went and never came back, and that was it like you, wouldn't, even though apples innovation might have led to Microsoft, doing a bunch of Sha would be like apple's main players like their. You know, like their designers and engineers all leaving to go to Microsoft. In that you know, I I I get that, but if you, if you're a footballer there's at n and your the only place you've got to go, is more football. You know, like your Sur, of course, you're going to go ontotnall. I guess yes, you know what I mean. I I get it. I get it either way we got the Round S, I'm I'M NOT ARGUING! Well now, I'm talking myself out of giving he talri before John Cross changes. I Talkin Mine. We won this round bankrush. We are up two points to nothing, just to avoid confusion. What round do you want to go with? Do you want Ju do TV now yeah we can do t v now sounds good. So in the summer months, nine uteen and eighty six much like every other summer month for television, it was all reruns and there was one king of reruns, and that was mer bill cosby, except for this one weird week where they decided not to put cosby on they're going to replace Bill Cosby. So who do you replace Bill Cosby with, of course the only logical answer is Pildonnihu, so Phildonni, who goes on in prime time for a five night special about sex called Phildon. Hu, examines the Human Animal Mer, donny, Ho's principal, more or Lessan throughout the show is that we must draw a distinction between love and lust. So I not sure how this really went over. So, let's take a look. I actually found another article the week after that came out in the Kentucky New Era August twentieth, nineteen, Eighty six, it says: Pil, Donna, Yo couldn't beat bilt cosby and a rerun, but daytime's favorite talk, show host was a big hit and prime time putting all five segments of he series the human animal in the top twenty. The first episode, Love Insex, pulled the biggest numbers with the rating of Twenty Point: Eight in a thirty seven percent share of the audience and its ten PM time slot 'cause people hope they would see fuckingasthe first time, N BC had swept the ten pm time slot since Shogun six years earlier, so Fille Donnahu in primetime. That's what I got for television if, if th, if the subject is sex, that it really doesn't matter, it could be hosted by literally anyone, except maybe the crazy old man from the fron of the thirteen series that says, you're all doomed as long as there's fucking in it, people will watch it. It would have been weird if bill cosby hosted it. No that would have been disgusting and awful he would have been like lust is more important. Here are the pills you give next week's episode. What I want to know is hi Fil Gon, as you come to the conclusion that there would be no love without lust. That's what I wanted. The world will never know. I'm kinda interested in h trying to find that yeah, I'm sure it's available online, I'm sure you can watch all all five parts of it an and it's filled on a Hugh glory. It sounds Maglarush. I hate it. I hate to tell you, but there is this thing called pornography that's been around for quite some time and the Internet is practically built on. The SI want to see the pornport. I just want to see Hiltani talking about sex. I think that would be hilarious said nobody ever noall twenty point. Was It fucking or thirty? Seven percent share that's pretty fucking monumental for day e e, but we're going back to Vaugust nineteen and eighty six, where theyere nothing o annals in it and they they were like wait. A minute said they HAV SACX in the title. Marjorie com in here sit ou, set Tho VCR the were Goin to learn something about the clitterest. It doesn't exist, all righ August, eighth, nine htden and eighty six. So this T v event just kindof like fell into my lap. I went through all my typical sources. I didn't find anything too exciting DONAU SEX toe. I saw that come up an I knew mark at it, so I'm flipping through the news pnewspapers, and I see this little blurb that says Tom Schnyder talk turned off again, and so I'm like that. ' Short enough for me to read, because let's face it, if it was long, I probably would have skipped it, but it was literally like two paragraphs, so it goes on to say that Tom Schniter, who had previously hosted tomorrow an N B C for years. I'm sure mark loves this guy, the grateful dead, tiines and all that shit he had at the time he had this new ABC Los Angeles based talk, show they got canceled after less than a year, and the article goes on to say that a B C's canceling schniter's afternoon talk show so they can air a new Chicago based talk, show called the Oprah Winfrey show and I'd say that a B C probably did the right thing here as much as we all love Tom Schneyder, Oprah Winfrey went on for twenty five years, four thousand five hundred and sixty one episodes it's the highest rate. A daytime talk show in television history. I mean it turned OPRA into a billionaire, an icon and she's famous throughout the world all because they canceled the show tossed us into that slot, and it was specifically cancelled. It even says in the article they canceled this show to put Oprah Winfrey on the syndication for a B C, a little shit article turns into this who'Sopro Wimprey. She was in that she was in deep purple or something you know that hets Aranin Yah she's a faild Bolt at Baltimore TV anchor, a news anchor aright. So that's our T v offerings. What do you guys got all right I'll? Take this one h August, nineteen. Ninety one August eleventh as a matter of fact, the premier of rug rats on Nickelodeon, the second Ninickelodeon Nicktune as they were called after dog and before the rent and stimpy show its also came out the same month and year. Making this a pretty difficult category to choose from the show is very popular. A series of theatrical films, spint off specials, were released over the next several years that kept the shell fresh, introduced. New Characters such as Tommy's younger brother Dil, get it dill pickles here all night anyway, final T v episode airing on August, first, two thousand and four bringing the series to a total of one hundred. Seventy two episodes over nine seasons. Thirteen year run tying rug. Rats with King of the hill and squodbillies is one of the eight longest running American animated television series lot of awards forrorats twenty awards during its run, including Flor daytime my awards, six kids choice awards and its own star in the Hollywood, walk of fame, H, Gardner, pretty high ratings for Nickeloden, actually, the network's top rated Cill from ninety five to two thousand and one nickelodeon's longest running cartoon. For eight years until Spongebob Square pans came along, it's the third longest running animated series and in twenty eighteen still relevent, they announced a revival of the series to be produced by the original creative team and further announced at paramount had greenled a live action and CGI hybrid feature film currently set to Premier in two thousand and twenty one so August, eleventh nineteen. Ninety one, the premier of rug rats on Nickelodeon, wait they're going to do a live action and CGI rug, rap mov, your guesses as good as mine. On that one wow, that's going to be worse than the garbage pal kids feel s going to be as bad assonic all right Mike. What are you got man well on August, thirtieth, nineteen, ninety one and mark the final episode from Nickelodeon's, Hey dude, the series ran from eighty nine and ninety one, and over that time they produced five seasons and sixty five episodes set at the fictional bar nun ranch and following the lives of owner, Mr Earens and his sonbuddy, along with ranch hands, Lucy Ted Melody and Danny and Brad. This teenage comedy series ran reruns up until ninety nine and his head. It's complete series released on DVD, I own three seasons. Why don't you own five yeah, I stopp at three because I haven't haven't gone around to yet there's a lot of shitting here I don't know if you noticed. I do the same thing. The other day we just we on through DVDs, and I saw that I have friends only up to like season six, and I don't have the rest like. Why can't I just finish getting I'm sure I coan find it for like ten bucks now for the rest of it or throughout the first six seasons and you've kind of then ha is labol the plane field and Mevon. I don't o weigh anything. I don't throw anyth, even the Shity at got to keep it all right, Jon Cross, let's throw this down to you for the Rulro, my goness well, this is this is difficult. 'cause, it's difficult, apparently in the twenty thosanth and twenty first century to defeat Oprah Wimprey in any way at all. I I would love to in some way to you know, say to Obr you're, not all that, but sadly thes six hundred six point. Nine other billion people on the planet seemed to disagree with me on that Um. However, they filled don a Hu thing M. is you know? Yes, it was successful at the time. However, on the special side, it's a similar situation regrets another. Incredibly popular thing is culturally relevant, has stood the test of time, etceter, etcetera and then hey dude, which I'm sure has a important place in people's hearts, but can't claim the same cultral significance. So we have a battle werol between oprahwintrey and the rug rats, and if I had a man, I want to give it to the rogrets I do, but I have to give it to aper Wimfrey, but I want to give it to the Rugras I'd. Be careful how you state that that's a clip Yesi want to give it to the rerats. What I'm going to do, I is give it Oprah Wimprey and I'm going to give a dog roine free for two reasons. One is e production of her production company doing Selma and the other one is her production company doing when they see us, because both things were impeccable. So I will give it to her for that, just not for those shows where she gets people crying on a couch and giving people cause cause fuckle that histerionic bullocks. I honestly never saw the draw either so I I kind of agree there, but she is Hu, not well not like that. She was. I tried to say this at a Gaterin of my friends, the other other night about like a she's, just like this Tukcho hose to kind of became very successful, and everyone piled on me and they was like she's, not just as talk to her. She said things that Wase superimportnt and Blahblah bl Lahaba and I'm like yeah, but a bunch of people said all those things prior to her as well like it's not like. She was the first person to say important things and then I'm like most of Er shows were just people crying on couches and celebrities, admitting shit that nobody really needed to heam from celebrities and and but I got cut down by some of my favorite people. They said no you're pucking wrong, she's, superimportant she's, the best perso of so is like fine. In order to become an American citizen. Now you have to love oprahwimpree. So that's what it I I told you not to argue that Benny Hill was more culturally relevant. Now, listen, I don't like Bennie Hilido, that's anotherall right, man crush. We take another round. Where do you want to go next? Hab Products? Yeah, I think we have to God you can go first, all right. So in August nineteen, eighty six toy company worlds of wonder releases. A new product branded laser tag. This product would become a mass of hit throughout all of fall, ind Christmas time, nine teen and eighty six, and by nineteen and eighty seven you would see the craze disappear, because on April nineteen and eighty seven a nineteen year old boy was shot and killed and Ranco Kukomonga California by Sharf teputies and that put the fear of laser tag into America. But you know what, even through that laser tag, hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars each year poured into this industry. Still to this day, it's really provided a lasting legacy and worlds of wonder had the there was another company called Photon that came out about the same time. Worlds of wonder had the more popular brand. If you sart advertised in t, vs and commercials, both companies had an animated series. Laser Tag Academy was produced by the Ruby Spears production. It aired on N B C A shortly after what we're talking about August of eighty six. It started the next very month in September. So that's what I got for hut products. You can't get any hutter, then less than a year we had a laser tag and it's still around today believe it or not went away for a while, and then we came back to our senses. You know what's funny about that. I remember before the show I was telling you how my parents bought me Photon a year later 'cause it was cheaper, a whatever now after you selling that story about a kid getting shot and dying, and then my parents bought me. The photon was that, like an underlying message to like yeah go out and play in the street with your photon go ahead, show that gun off in the street Ike W. were they just not reading the news are wee going to have to have a deaeling decades couch session. They bought me go bots, God Tim Baby Steps, man crush Babyes, Stad, gobox, ow, God look. How we turned out. All we do is collect dumb shit. I wish we had it back then, all right so uh going to my m marks items pretty exciting and I wanted to find something equally as cool. So I looked and I looked and I scoured every bit of a newspaper than I could until I found the ultimate hot product and everything I found. The dates were off so and then I I was like Wammy, I found August nineteen. Eighty six found an ad for this din thing started digging more. We got mother, fucking doctors not to be. I know, bow looked up, I'm not talking about docking and doctors by Levi strausand company. They gifted us the pants that go with everything and UH. The government issued uniform for preppy white people came out August of nineteen six and I'm sure over the course of the last thirty three years, everybody on this panel. All five of us have owned at least one pair of dockers, absolutely John Saying no, but I can definitely see Johnsben rockand dockers to casual Fridays. The last twenty years. I I have not I I have. I have tried dockes on in my local KMA I sa I went into a dressing room. I didn't just stand out there and try Daccarson, but no, I don't anoed, I didn't like the feel of them and I didn't like to cut of them, so I did not buy them, but I have tried them on, but I've never I've never purchased. The one they've touched your body they've touched everybody's body on this panel, Him Preese, but this was Tik, Byu, N Nineuteen and ninety nine seventy five percent, approximately forty million American men owned at least one pair of dockers. It's also been said that this sparkd, the business casual trend like I was just saying with John that it first appeared in the eighties and it's pretty much it's grown to accompash. Seventy percent of the work force. Today. With these H, we don't even dress up anymore, but can you imagine like before this time in the eighties people always dressed up like really sharp to work d? It didn't matter what the fuck they did. They always had like a tie and a buttoned down shirt to work at like radio, shack and Shit and then doctor dockors came along and everyone started wearing the ship, but by Ninete Ninety one. It was also a five hundred million dollar business. I couldn't find the figures all the Wep to twenty nineteen, but I'm sure it's frigging astronomical 'cause they're still around, but there it is doctors solid. What what's funny is like the D, The dockors they have, like. I say my local Cama seemd, to be more like, like hardier work, pants like if you're working like construction, arountside or whatever they don't seem to be like casual pants anymore. They've spurned like they spurred off into like a bunch of different things. They even have like camping, dockors and shit like that now so, but back then it was strictly. You know your Offif ca yeah, just like a regular pair of Kakis, but they said doctors, so they were fucking cool o. You guys call them Khakis. Okay, I bas. She nows is what I yeah but like yeah. Whenever you see like the rapest Wall Street, set, they have the Beizchinos Odagazan within the like pastel shirt like whenever you see a guy wearing that combination or anyone wearing salmon colored shorts. Coming out you. This is a public message for all women. When you see anybody like that, coming at you avoid at all fucking costs, they travel in packs, and they are literally the worst humans who have ever existed. They bray like donkeys and h smell twice as bad. Do not go near the my repeat: Do not well that all started in August. Eighty six, those clicks got together, Connecticut people we CO, some people call them inlaws, but anywayall right over to the after school special. What do you guys got that Special Mike You WANTNA? Kick this one off or you want me to go. You go like yours, better than UH hot products for August Ninety, one August thirteenth, a big release for these supernintendo entertainment system. Talking about supermario world, the first Mario Game for the SNES, designed to make the most of the consuls technical features. Supermolia world often considered one of the greatest video games of all time, selling over twenty million copies worldwide, not just domestically worldwide, also making it the best selling snes game. Also Le do an animated television series, the same name and just droves and droves of rereleases on multiple platforms and multiple occasions, most recently as part of the Super Nes classic edition, which sits atop, O my living room, entertainment center and collects dust most of the time, but does get the occasional use. It's it's really a parable just just about the same as my penis, but yeah. There's that supermario world the most played game, one Thousan, nine hutndred and ninety one ost pen. Yes, all three years old of it, it was ttalking on it like a piece of Taffy. I can wait. What dare you got Mike All Right? Well, I, on released on August, twenty Thir, nine hutdred and ninety one in North America is one of these launch games for the supernintendent Wenter stene system was a futuristic racing game, called F zero taking place in the year twenty five. Sixty a player can choose between four characters and the respective hover car featuring a new graphical mode, called mode, seven and innovative and technological achievement, creating the appearance of three dimensional graphics. If zero was credited as a game that said the standard for racing, the racing genre and inventing the futuristic racing Zubjo Subjane AF zero was one of the top selling games, where the system has seen a number of rereleases and sequels, and basically both my pick and Bospick, where the launch games were the Supernintendo, which was also released h same day, good shit, I wish we had games. There was nothing great for Auguste six, that's a good pick man, I loved ef zero. That was that was my jam back in the day, but I'm surprised you picked that over the actual release of the console, which was sold way more units than if zero did just sayin man just sayin the Co. The console was also August. Ninety one yes oo, man, Ris superm, supermarrboter suermarror world- is the packing game. That's how that was introduced. So if you got that Game August twenty third, that's you got the Super Nintende. So you couldn't buy the game. ALA CART! No! Not You couldn't do that until later. Our host, so Bostpick, is basically both more or less yeah. That makes it even fuck retty much yeah. That's really how it should e Jesus Christ. I just went from making their picks sound shitty to making it sound way. Bed Red Bet. I got fucking doctors Bro! Well! Luckily, the Mamelukes have made my decision ty and the atoschool specials take this round. All right now can yo SAR Idon'. Now what else to say I mean sut marry a world and Peny as whatever it is. That sounds great. I game machine. Whatever he was talking about. Listen, I I mean I get look dockers and LASA tag. Two of my favorite things are to do round the back of the Liquor Stol, but the no it's doctors not talking same difference. No, I meant dockers as in manowork down by the dog and together we play a game that I like to call laser tag so in Tokyo, enoug. Listen I like to cause a little bit of friction as we go into the final parts of the show. So I'm giving it to the artiscole specials for the whole intendenly, alright, guys the game's getting tight mmuch like my dois O, you guys want to start off or do you want to differ whan? Do you think, Michael? What do you think there b goodness I like the fur yeah, let's defer to the second half right man crush. Let's do that, let's Difer it's over to us! Do you want to start this one off or should I you start this one off all right, gentlemen? I'm going to take you on a trip we're going to go back to August. Second, nineteen. Eighty six nap, you went shopping back in the day and you're out picking up some albums household accessories, maybe stuffd for the weekend. If you're a fan of heavy metal back in the day and hair bands, you would have got your aquinette and your lipstick and all your eye make up and this album which, when you think of hairbands, this is one of the most iconic albums ever poisons debut album. Look what the cat dragged in released August! Second, nineteen, eighty six! It peaked at number three on the US billboard two hundred and was certified three times a Malti, platinum and rolling stone has listed this album as number two in the fifty greatest hair metal albums of all time. Of course, the singles on this one where Cryd tog talk dirty to me. I want action and I won't forget about you. It's one of the all time pinnacle great albums of the nineteen eighties. In my opinion, when it comes down to hairbands, I mean when they debuted this set the tone for what hair metal would become. It was the big make up the the poppy lyrics. It was catchy the Fas Guitar Raft, songs about partying and women. It's really what it became and it started when poison release. Look what the cat dragged in August of eighty six, I would just say, don't call it metal, yeah, well, hair metal, it's hair, like rock glamb band. We can't call it at all. That's what I've always thought, but I changed it for this because it says rollingstone magazine called it the fifty greatest hair metal. What do they know so? Yeah Rolinstone's always full of Shit so, but since they said it, I had to say it 'cause, that's technically what the list is. I got you because my pick is on the same path as at August, eighteenth, nineteen, six G Alm, the fetured three top ten billboard hog one hundred singles four singles overall out of those three singles two singles were number one on the billboard hot one hundred back to back- and this is the first time ever in this world, alsay a glamb band, a glamdband instead of a metal band head back to back singles hit number one, the two singles I'm talking about where you give love a bad name and living on a prayer by Bonjobi in the album talking about slippery when wet, certified diamond sold somewhere in the neighborhood of twelve million albums. You know I'm not going to really give too much more information on this. I don't want to sult anyone's intelligence te popular album. Everyone knows the songs. We all know Bonjovi at still, listen to today. Matter of fact, I wan to throw this out there, because the last time we had a monumental album. John did give us some shit about how much play it got in twenty nineteen, so those two songs and went to their spot ifflid. The top two songs for Bond Jovi that are played are still living on a prayer at number. One too, as you give love a bad name living on a prayer of four hundred and twenty million plays and the second one you give love a bad na about three hundred and thirty million please so these are still enormous, ongs, probably from housewives, but this album itself like even if you're, not a bond jobe fan over the years. You know slippery wend wet. You know you can kind of forget the rest of the catalogue. You know this one, so that's where I'm going with this augustengeteenth nineteen six Bonjobi slippery when wet all right after you guys. What do you guys got on August, thirteenth, a Nineuteen and ninety one? We received the debut album recorded by B, real sin dog and Dj Muggs, otherwise known as Cyprers Hill. The self titled Album Reached Number Thirty One on the billboard. Two hundred and number four on the top R M B and hip hop jarts featuring hit, singles like hand on the pump and the classic. How I could just kill a man. The album has been certified, double platinum and everybody knows Cyprecell they're, basically part of the whole, the Hipha marijuana revolution. The ice smoke weed crowd yeah I big sypersel fan needless to say, always was a fan of that kind of that Cypress Hill House, O Paine Click sothat was kindof cool have Dr Greenthumb on it. No that's actually from the fourth o Agam feel thine. He was older, good pick solid, all right, bubee craft. You got something that's going to top O cype ill. Well, I think so. This one's H, pretty near dear to my heart August, twenty seventh nineteen. Ninety one, the DBW album from American Ban Pearl Jam. It's called ten, not an immediate success by any means, but by late nineteen. Ninety two and had reached number two Ond, the billboard. Two hundred chard three hit singles so ie even flow in jermy massive influence and kind of bringing that whole Seattle sound to the mainstream February. Two thousand and thirteen the album crossed the ten million Markin sales certified thirteen times platinum by the recording industry, as of two thousand and nineteen had sold more than thirteen million copies in the U s alone, remaining their most commercially successful, album pretty pivotal. As far as music is concerned, I guess you can't really argue with Pearl Jam. I mean that's a solid as they come right there. It's interesting that you say you can't argue with pel jam, because I would say that the debut of Mister Bungle, Mister Bungle, would probably argue with Pul jam like likewise a thousand smiling knuckles by skin yard. Who doesn't remember that album or ask the ages by old, Sunny Sharak? There were some classic albums of Augus Nine tnden N Ninety one, but I don't recognize either of the ones that they mentioned. What you ten in Ercipezill, I'm CTOTO, I oly like k you Ca'Liki, was about to Shit Aheram is where I was living in the early lazies. That is my bag M. Obviously, I also was listening to Mardra by Miranda, sex garden and also perspeck's island by Robin Hitchcock and the Egyptians. Are you ing shit up? Tell me I am cording. ANCAL ABS came at no, like, obviously one of the other big ones you could have had, but obviously not as long lasting or as Qintessential is something like pocketfull of Cryptonite by the spring doctors, which at the time was like just one of those albums that everyone was putting on. Of course, he didn't really have legs in the same way, but yeah turned by Pearl Jamman. Can you also? Can you believe that procalharam put out an album N, hosanine hundred and ninety one that they were still goin on Hoan, nine hundred and ninety one? It blows my mind in a way and of course, everyone's favorate voice of the behive put out honey lingers, which is, I don't know about you guys, but I put that on all the time no big albums fo me in nine hundred and inety one would have been leisure by Blur. That was a fantastic Alam. Ten by pill, Jam Parket for ecriped tonight and yeah the Cyprecell Cyprazill. Her were a big Albems for me, let's go of in thoand nine hunre and eighty six in music see so outside of look what the cat dragged in and slippery when wet Um, you probably could have had also dancing on the ceiling, the line of Ritchy Aben, but my favorite album in Forgusan nine htde and eighty six, of course has to be high priest of love by Zodiac, mind WALP, I'm not making this shit up, that's an actual thing. I can't tell if you're serious or not you know if you like it or if you just mocking it, oh no, I'M MAKING SHOL! Now at this point, no I mean these appems exist, but I I I've never Hoa. I was like Heu'r e musical taste as fast if you know that shit all right. So let's just go with this then h. This is difficult because whoever I give this two wins the game and H. I don't know we're in we're at a point right now. Where do I go, as you quite rightly pointed out, like an o housewife classic like like? Well, someone will always be playing one of these dreadful fucking songs of these dreadful fucking albums for the rest of our fucking lives, and we will have to listen to living on a buck and prey untill. I fuckan put a knife in my face, or do I go with cool and groovy and hit and revolutionary to some extent and influential and John Jot sorry to interrupt y you're, getting it confused. I had poison, Oh man, man fock. Why did it always come down to this? Why is the lasst round always the hotdest bucking thing 'cause? If not, the game would be really fucking, boring yeah. No! No! I know I get I got I got, I got, I get it fuck it I'm going to do it ofter school specials. They were Cypocel Sypoeea, you wan underestimating en nineteen and an all music CAS, housand, nine hundred and inety one the influence of tenby Palljam and while look what the cat dragged in Ha slippery when wet Wele, obviously, as hey said, huge albums songs of Thosewil, we played forever. They were also very semy. There were also very much afmuch as they al Wer, also of their time and and and PA of Spitn hit the hear band album in the eighties, whereas turned by Pauljam and Si Brazil so bracill. That was the star. It was the the the beginning of a movement that influenced and spread out throughout indy rock for the next thirty years. So I'm I'm going with them and I can back it up. So that's what I'm doing, I'm sorry, the Mythelukes I hate to let you down, but in the nineteen eighties. I love the ninedid eighties, my favorite decade, but I'm going one Houand, nine hundred and ninety one AF, the school special awsame congratulation after school specials, finally toppling the Mamalukes. Well, I would say that both those bands were doctors. At some point. Oh, I think they still wear dockers, Iwas Goingto, throw the house in Docks. I think they wear dockers, while dalking that Cypress Hills, unsuccessful and unreleased tenth album dockers for me, baby ever haall right. So once again, congratulations of the after school special. Now, if you've missed an episode, you can always go back on duling decades. Dotcom where you can subscribe to us on Itunes and on Cassbox, follow our social media as well. You can go over Tho face book, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can join in the conversation and join in on some great new rentroad content as well. During the week we have trivia questions where you can get a chance to earn some points for the dueling decades, leader boards, all right, jewelers and before we check out Gen to toss over to John Cross for a special announcement. I love it when Marke cosses all over me so Um. I just wanted to let everyone know if youere a fanof, the EIES and he other fan of the nineties. In the last two months, ive resurrected an Ald pokcast of mine, DOCR action and the kickask kid which is kind of like if MST k met the rude and filthy voice, Derrek and clime from the UK and did comedy commentaries over eighties and nineties action films. We just put out second revival episode. This was a show that I'd done between twenty twelve and twenty seventeen and then kindo didn't do anything for a couple of years. We we're back we're on our second episode of our revival. Ou hundred and first episode lots of back stuff to watch all the movies we try and cover ore new tubes. So you can watch along with us. So please, if you are so inclined check out doctor action, a the KICKAT kid if you're an eighties and nineties pan of actual movies like I am thanks. So much guys letting me plug that Shit and thank you jewelers for listening to another episode of dueling decades. So until next time we're going to pitch you a piece, love Lightn, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmarymediathis Bodcast, is supported by oasis. A PAYCHECKS COMPANY OASIS HELPS SMALL IND medium sized businesses to simplify backoff is complexities like payroll benefits, ajrin compliance with oasis. You can continue to run your business fearlessly, learn more at oasis advantage. COM, slashpod, gast