Dueling Decades
Dec. 11, 2019

It's Nostalgia Time for Andy & Joe as their Birthdays do battle! It’s 1985 vs 1992!

It's Nostalgia Time for Andy & Joe as their Birthdays do battle! It’s 1985 vs 1992!

It's time for another episode of Dueling Decades! For this retro birthday throwdown, we went and found a familiar voice from the past to compete. For the first time in years, Andy Mocker joins us to battle show mainstay Joe Findlay to see who had the...

It's time for another episode of Dueling Decades! For this retro birthday throwdown, we went and found a familiar voice from the past to compete. For the first time in years, Andy Mocker joins us to battle show mainstay Joe Findlay to see who had the better birthday! Of course, we need someone to adjudicate all of the nostalgia being dispensed, so we introduce loyal listener Jena Drolet to work behind the bench!

Who takes this birthday battle? Andy represents his special day in 1985, while Joe comes to bat with 1992! Do you remember anything from your birthday in these respective years? If not, maybe this episode will help!

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Infirmary mediapeople engage Juli Gan, the pixe o plan, but t doto a ran again upon that Cap, but tot the power gop come fight for what you love. NCO OP PE copintencrita, paete te Poe cap would take a grave, a o Bala Him Si Iammada Tano come fight for what you love an rocdcasting from the new infirmary media studios. It's the adult. Only retro game show over the Eighties and nineties do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am Ar James in with me here. oncommentary this week is the dueling decade champion. Man Crush it's up. I'm just here to scout tonight got a Newbee and I'm not here to Scout Jo wait a minute n wait a Iute, I'm not even thinking I'm been champ tonight no come on. I Wan to work your way up the ladder man you can't just come in here and take outhe chip. You take it ont a farmer, champ yeah, WR, you're kind of yeah you're kind of jobbing this one. I think I don't know- I think, I'm leaning towards Joe on this one. I don't even know what you have yet, but yeah I'm here what else we got jeese thanks for the confidence all right. Well, let's meet this week's duelers and the decades they will be fighting for in this week's birthday, Battel. First off a newcomer to our show dualing with August twenty sixth nineteen. Eighty five, that's right! This is Andy Mocker from the mockers podcast, and I am here representing my fellow mockers and I'm going to take on allcomers. I guess I'm not going to take on the champ I'm going to take on the chump from up doort. Let's do battle. I Ren and his opponent is a vettering to our program and a former dueling decades champion himself, the pride of Saint Catharine's, Ontario, Canada and host of the miscast commentary. Podcast it's Joe Finley. Let me tell you something mean mark I'm coming back here to stop over some nemes and get back to man crush and get back. My title: Okay, I'm done with that, because that hurt my throat back. I'm here I'm here to have some fun and I am here to crush with my birthday December sixth and taken on the R Nine Teen D. Ninety two and s always here on our show. We need someone to adjudicate all of this Awesomeness, so let me introduce to you tonight's judge. She is a loyal listener to the show and a Trivia leaderboard mainstay. Please rise for judge, Genna, droet, hello, everyone, Lidies and gentlemen. The following contests will be held under dueling decades rules et judges. Coin Flip, shout aside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories: movies, television, music, news and hut products, a judgeis ruling Wi'll determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decade shall be decided by the highest overall score after all five rounds, Oh snapduelers, it's time for more o before we get into all this. Let me just ask you to how old were you on this birthday, eleven, nine teen and eighty five? I was nine years old. All right, it's nine and eleven. That makes a big difference with the picks. I think. Having done one of these episodes before and Mark Ina thre o the wolves therege. But congratulations! You are really the first guest that we had no idea who you are coming on the show as a loyal listener. Just to do one of these judge sessions just jumping right into the madness. Yes oseriously, you could say whatever you want like you're on the show Eric did this twice now and he got a little better. The second time around it takes a little bit of practice, but whatever's on your mind during these picks just say it: Let these guys have it. They'r Shit tell em their shit if they're good Tel they're good, but let's see where it goes from there. So let's go down to the judge Gena for the official tossoff all right. So what ave you got like every week? I've I've listened like you guys, always have an interesting item to flip. So as as a guest judge, Gen are you going to carry on the tradition. I sure am I've got here, a genuine pog slammer. It was really cool, threety holographic skull on it right which one's heads N, which one's tails the skull, is ahead sa I wll that makes sense. I guess an cross yeah, you Kigosh, she's, Doit, very well, so far presiding over your idiotneslet, the rookie call this one in the air. Oh thanks Maam I will I I will call skull school siteup. I that's heads right, ats, Bi, I new, so I can't guarantee. Then I won't drop it. But here we go. There was a mighty flip. She, Dr Obut, you saw it. It was a Skullso Anni. You have control of the board. What category would you like to select for our first one point round? Well, you know what, since the earlier rounds, have less point value, I'm GOINGNA select television, as I feel due to my birthdate and T be I n nineteen and eighty five, where there was really only three major networks pumping out new series that started a month later, I'm Gong to go t V, OL right. So in the research that I did, the top ten TV shows of that week highlighted not surprisingly by cliff hoxitable and the cosby show in a repeat I do have to say an in full disclosure to the court. I could not find like completely accurate, like neels and ratings, like the rating and the share, but these are all reruns H. family ties was second in a trend that h that start Michael Jfox, just so foreshadowing, maybe to a later category. Let's remember his name, Kate and alley you guys ever watche that show no yeah. I don't remember anything about that one. I remember the name never watched it. New Hart came in at number. Four Miami vice at number, five cheers at number six mark. I know I still Havhin memories of you and I enjoying the Uh George went panel discussion a couple of years ago at at the Rhode Island, Camican, Genna, ind, the hometown or the home state of our judge, Ordizzil that fucking moderator was desperate to have George wind drink a beer with him during the moderation of George wentlike would not do it. He kept shutting a maunge out of down 'cause, it wasn't a normal beer. It was this guy was a beer rap and it was his brand of ear. Please George: Will you drink this new poor castle ale? I P and he's like no fuck off anyway. One thing I did, I actually did find radiance for one set of programs, and that was the evening news and that's something that I kindof wanted to remark on, because obviously this was the c Bs news with Dan. Rather, although at the end of the week that I was Monitorin and he was actually out ill e ill at the end of the summer, Suredan probably calling in sick to go vacation somewhere, but a world news tonight with Peter Jennings. Now these ratings were just astronomical like compared to what these new shows. Now like t, the share was fifty nine percent, so sixty percent of t vis thawer on in America at six thirty to seven we're watching a nightly news program like that. That boggles my mind anyway, but that's just t e embarrisinback N ton, nine Teen D. Eighty five te present day. I found that very interesting. One Final Note: There was one new show: CBS decided to push out. There show home town a bit early in front of the fall season. It was kind of a show, it was actually filmed in Rye, New York and it was pattered after the big chill. It was about a bunch of friends coming back together in their thirties. The one Casti no Daniel Stern played his first slub his first of any slugs. He played a guy named Joey Nathan and at one point the one plot point that I read he had a son and he wasn't with the mom and the mom came with like a D Na test and the guy was such a slub. She wanted him to take a DNA test so to prove that he actually wasn't the father of her child. So Daniel Stern M actually CBS put it out early 'cause. They wanted it to get a head start on the time slot, but it did so poorly. They actually moved it out of its fall time slot before the fall TV season even started. I like how you're really selling up your pick there nice, I just thought UH. I it really was interesting, though, to look back 'cause like now, like shows kind of start all over the place, there's almost like three or four different seasons, and that was obviously back in the time when you know what you just waited until September for the news: No Baseball Playoffs on August, twenty six O Yos, twenty six: U Om, Trock Al Er, he platshut on sorry, I'm thinking it's octolar, yellow card, yellow card, I'm a Glin Wall Anyway, all right! Sorry that probably took too long feel free to add me down all right, you're not going to ad it one God. Damnd word out of what I say here we go sgoes like a bulldog hile. You have no idea. I never seen this side of Joe. I like it 'cause I'm coming back for you te N. That sounds weird, but all right. So yeah December the week of December sixth, nineteen. Ninety two, the top ten shows of the week number ten, was special to grandmother's house. We go a interesting little fact about that. That was the first ever movie starring the Alson twins and led them to their billion dollar franchise. There was a TI at number. Eight Murphy, Brown and Full Housetide number seven was a televised erring of national amponce Christmas vacation number six was a show called man upstairs. Your guess is as good as mine number fine, with coach Toas that right coachys still in it dobber where you at bill, foger Maki, the bast man number four home improvement. Number three was sixty minutes number two was old, interesting whene. I had to look up 'cause, I didn't even know wh. I didn't remember what it was. It was Jackie Thomas, which was a show starring Tom Arnold in his height just coming off of the show that was number one Roseanne. Oh man wow. I could not believe that was too. I know right. I think it was just hot for that week. I don't know if it was new, as I like its premier. I think it was inteper. I think it ere. I think it premiered I September, but don't know there must have been something up with it: Yeah They Ha. They were giveng away, a million dollars, people who watched it and they never did give away that million dollars, because nobody Wante yyet still number two but December sixth, had an interesting one. Primetime special. It was it's a wonderful, tiny, tunes Christmas special. It featured Voice Canios by Bob Hope, Sher, Wiam, Shatner, Jason, Presley, Madonna, Whoopi, Goldberg Billy Crystal Robin Williams and the executive producer of the show Stevenspielberg and, most importantly, it served as the series finale of the show a classichugs. The night early nineties, cartoon er birthday got the serious finale of tiny tunes, which was a Shintine Christmas special, also, the number two highest rated thing of the night, which is great for a cartoon that never aired it in the evening, see th thi their strategy here, because obviously Andy just threw the shit out the window and you just wasted at two pointer very well done. Wel O do the rook. Oh, who knows I'm not the judge, elet's see when Jeni says Ye thin, guess a shit about tiny tunes. We're talking news. You know you us think ow much better. The news would be if they 're only getting it fror three sources, unbiased rather gennings Broko, I mean, but you didn't deliver any news. Kenneth, you didn't tell us anything that happened that night well we're getting to that and later ofor ot, an the newest category, man, you kee qortest in the time looesee. Let's see what the judge has to say: Yeah, let's see what the judge has to say down to judge Genadrolett, okay, so andy saying that what was it sixty percent of television, sicly resons, sixty percent of the households were watching yeah, so three out of five households were watching news and the other two were watching the jeopardy or something I mean. This is pretty funny because h when I was growing up Um, sixty percent of my h after dinner television time was the news 'cause. My Dad would watch the news and then my weekend, television time ecause. We only had one T V in the house well as tiny tunes, so OL smoke. What am I going to do here? Goin? What a ges I had, the one that you chose right exactly so I'm going to have to go with the nineties here. Al Right, JOE GETS around and one point n control of the board. Daniel Stern is slubing it. If only it was the only time he played a Schla, he would ave really he would. I was saying that might have been his first slub though he did it so well. I created a whole career or Shluve a just type, cast it after that Sheo! THAT'S A techerall right! Well, I'm so intrigued by what your news coald possibly be. I think that that should be our next ran. Oh Man, all right. What a Segua here I go, I'm starting to SOB this time! Maybe man crush. You always complain that I deliver bad news when I'm on the Yeh pretty much- and I made the point the last time I did a birthday episode that nothing good has ever happened on my birthday. Well, let's go another round tof that I wout to get some more south. Africao know how far along we are in the process. Deoh yeah smadela keeps coming up. Man Wewe're getting into some more stuff Um, one which is excel, which is actually a little pressiant right now is the New York Times on This Day reported that members of the State Department on the behalf of George Bush, had been digging into Bill Clinton for to find dirt during their campaign for prthe presidency, it all came out in December. They were searching into his passports to find out if he had applied for a citizenship in the UK. To avoid the draft Republicans don't do that they do not but yeah. This was just an interesting thing. This was the day that it was disclosed. It ended up leading to the dismissal of Elizabeth tramp or Tamposi who, as the Assistant Secretary of State for consollor affairs, also stepen Manehan, who was an aid. Atwage was ayone still away ionher coming out with a decent zes story. Se noot I got TA start. I guess it's just I'm Jus thying, it's just bummers. They just sh can a bunch of jobers. Do nobody cares about any of those people, it's just a bunch of burmer stuff, but anyway, so yeah? This was all uncovered after Clinton had already won the presidency, but he did but just another interesting example of a Republican party digging for dirt and looking looking to foreign powers to find dirt on their opponents, but yeah this next one was a little bit more of a devastating one. This I antank you to India. Would the hedge janitor get fired in this one? No, not NA. No, a couple of thousand people died in this. No, the demolition of the Babri Majimosque in India. What a hundred and fifty thousand volunteers gathered on December? Sixth, the protest to allow for Hindus to build a shrine to Rama on the land where this mosque was the protest, got out of control and literally the hundred and fifty thousand people overtook the police, climbed the mosque and tore it to the ground within hours. It then led to Monthsworth of intercommunal riots between Hindus and Muslims. A total of two thousand people died, nearly four billion dollars in damage total and I destroyed the face of India as a peaceful nation at that time, since then has put a real smudge on their treatment of their own Muslim population in to this day, actually as near as recently as last year, the Baharicia Genata Party, who actually started all of this, started things back up with the Muslims. Trying to recreate this divide, jo o Ion, give me a little secret here, there's a reason, I'n the champion 'cause. I never bring some shit like that. Like I look for Happe diti Ma no doi a favor put down the words news December S, ix nineteen nd, ninety two for the next twenty pound, ises of it. You will only find this story. It was the biggest story of that time. Even in Canadian N, an alld news like nobody got, stabbed or anything and its IMPORTANS, all I gotto say is probably a lot of people. Don't know this, but Rick Bancrush and I like started. We were pocasting together years and years and years ago and if you were to like flash forward to when we were first potcasting man, Crossya and like we were to to see ourselves pondcasting withjoe up there and what he's talking about like you and I would have looked at each other and then' like no fucking way so like you've, come a long way. Man. This is cool. They come a long way since days, original, dayis, opool culture, so anyway, all right. But that said Andy, let's see what you got over to you, man, I hate to to continue to to bring us down, but there is one. The First News Bat I have is about AIDS. There's also another side effect to this 'cause. I my first. I first heard of this story back like when I was in probably middle school during health class, and I'm assuming maybe somesome of you guys, also saw the Ryan White Store Aa during health class, the h thirteen year old, who had aids, he was a Hemopheliac, so he contracted AIDS. Thoga tainted blood transfusion yeah this Guda. This got me out of a couple health classes. The movie was pretty good and had a lucas, Hoss Judith light played his mom T v staple of the Eighties George CSCOTT, I think, played the lawyer, but anyway on August, twenty sixth and nineteen, Eighty Five Ryan White, who was barred from his high school because he had aids and back in the mid eighties. No one! You know AIDS was it's like. You had leprosy, Yo weren't allowed to to go anywhere. You had to walk around in a plastic bubble almost so they wouldn't let him go to school, but they did let him call into his classes- and I do remember his scen in that movie, where he was trying to call in and the sped I' be in the mid eighties. Technology was backrons and he he was having a huge problem calling in and Eah Judith light had to come in and console them. I think so anyway, that happened in on August, twenty Sixh nineteen. Eighty five. My second item- I don't know if you know this but August, twenty sixth is women's Equality Day, and so in my research I noticed a holiday that is associated with women's quality day and it's called go topless day. This is Howtesunday the previous August. Twenty S, I guess in Ninetee Eighty Five August, twenty sixth was a Monday Gotoplas Day was held on that Sunday before it was invented by a guy named Claud Vurohun, who, I guess is also the leader of the Raelian movement, which is like some sort of weird fo religion. But his theory is that since men are allowed to go topless well then Gosh Darnin women should be allowed to go topless to so on topliss day women go topless and, as a show, os support men actually wear like bikinis or tops I mean. Actually this is a holiday I could get behind because you guys know I've been ridiculed for my man boobs for years. So you know I don't. I don't usually go topless anyway, so I would appreciate, maybe wearing a Bikiti women going. Toplas is actually legal, imminent province of Onntario. So that's Nov en news here. I think Otaplastay is just an American holiday. What are they the Ramalans? What's his religion, Ralian Maraian, I guess that's as good as a hundred and fifty thousand person riot that so anyway, there you go. I got yeah. I got some Ryan White, the poor, little AIDS, kid and then go topless ay right down to judge genadrole for the verdict for round two um well. This is this is really shitty. I have to pick between a kid with AIDS what he was colling into as school. He was learning and it's just a movie about a kid with AIDS, TAT news it's not even on or no no on on the day, nineteen, eighty five- that was the day that he called into the school like that was when he tried to call into school for his classes that I found that on the same site that Joe found his so us that just triggered the memory of the Ryan White Story, I can't CNA yeah y sorry, I'm not used to this lawyer in I didn't practice earlier. Obviously I mean still, though, really popular politic story, something that you hear about all the time and then, like a bunch of people fighting in India, verses the kid with AIDS and a fake holiday will o fat to the raneras millions. That's just a matter of preective. There are liy dozens of us. You know sure gotto think about this one. I I I really just don't know what to pick. I guess I'm going to go with the eighties. He wow s because yeah, let's her WH, why why the eighties well doesn't want to pick boring, epresent, yeah, no, just AIDS kid makes phone call, Hey man, I hat Sim Hicken I kinda like, can relate a little bit to the watching the AIDS movies in school and being scared about like getting ostracized for magically contracting this disease 'cause. I didn't understand it when I was younger, so I think from the eighties all the way up through the nineties, kids were watching videos like that in school. So that's the only thing I can relate to can't really relate to the second thing: the Topless Story. Well, you're, probably just Y T's, not a well known holiday, but now that you know when it is. Maybe you can find your local Ralian Chabrarin t decided to participate now you know no ejust, half the BATTL wet OSL, seven of ti mean the logic is sound bn. All right. So Andy takes that round. Aright topulist, Romulin Gri Man, all right! I'm GOINGTO choose music for the next one, 'cause eighdies, music, Yall right. This is our final one point round all right, yeah, eighties music. I have to admit even B, even at the a like back in nineteen. Eighty five was not a huge music listener like going way down in the charts. Probably the album that I might have been listening to was actually a number. Fifty seven weired Alyagevi dare to be stupid. Topten albums number ten rat invasion of your privacy. Jena. Have you ever heard a rat song, hellyl number nine billy jowel greatest hits one and two that's got to be one of the greatest selling records of all time. Eigh power station can't say I'm TNAT familiar with power station. Does anyone know of a power station song? Yeah, can you sing it for me and then I'll know it yeall You'e right? Do it just do it like the chorus how doe it go? Well, first of all, I'm just going to say lame of the song and you're going to know it right off the bat. Maybe I'm pretty ignorant yeah what, if I said, h some likeit hot, Oh yeah. I know that know. I still want to hear you sing at th. LESO CORUS SOS like to Fucki hiandthey also did a couper of t, rexes, Bang, the Gong that was kind of ther. First pseudo hit. You know, what's awsome about some likeit hi, isn't that that scene, where rusty's just slapping on his gasette player in the train, where he's Da he's dreaming that he's like Europeeayei thought you were going to say like the killer percussion in the beginning, but nono come o m trying to get through these charts, and you get you guy. You know: YOU'RE BAK re, O number, seven Mitley crew, theater of Paine, another hairband in the top ten number six Bruce Springstein born in the USA. Still in the top ten that album was actually released June of nineteen eighty four still hanging around in the top ten I mean, obviously that was a huge huge record number five dire straits. I think you actually had a the top of year. Maybe you had the coaches pole and I had the AP. I don't know mancrush number four Phil Collins Number three sting the dream of the blue turtles like that album. Like did anyone? Listen to that? I guess I guess it was number three at the time, but that had to have been terrible number two Brian Adams, solid eighties, veteran and number one. I had tears for fears, songs from the big chair featuring shout shout, let it all out and every buhe wants to extra poinyhere. We go ight lying so hiing singing through that h number one single of the week. That's the pier love Hewe Lewis, in the news featured in back to the future, which again might come up in the future future future, and I said I I didn't really have any personal connection to any of these records 'cause. I didn't really listen to a lot of music back when I was a little nine year old, mocker n. Did you have a release of anything h? Well, the the big daybew that I saw at least the DEB. Maybe it was the single or maybe it was. The album was the madmaxs beyond Thunderdome Soun Eran, which obviously had a lot of Tina Turner a little. We don't need another hero hero, another song with really good percussion in it. Man, Oh yeah. I remember the music video where, like she's in the video as the character, iaunty entity and she's like bouncing all around, so how wis she video bouncing around sitting around she had those big like earrings soing, O o inunt. No, I cul Mak sure Yo. May I remember the whold scene, you just put it together, beautifully thanks bad crush. I also watched the video for Corey Harts, never surrender, and that was happin all right, so Yoa. I just want to make clear as a listener here. What's your what's your actual pick there, like my pick, yeah weab. Are you going with that soundtrack? That's it it's at soundtrack. I guess okay 'cause, I didn't know where Oll he hearts came from O is that from the sound trae El Tha, no, that was, he was in a top ten single that O nbest right. I had to get it straight in my head, so you got the Sou Madmac sound track and then your top ten's pretty damn impressive. But that's just for me all right, let's head north of the border to Joe. What are you got? Man All righty? Well, let's get into my top ten L PS. We got REM automatic for the people at number. Ten. There are some ones in here that are going to make me want to punch faces, but there are some other ones that are Makinthan are good number nine, with Kenny G's, breathless, Chade and love. Delux was numberiing. George Straight pure country. Sound track was number seven billre Cyrus Som gave all his number six number. Five was a great one. Eric Claptan unplugged number four Michael Bolton's tieless, never stand inchange. My name he's the one who sucks garthbrooks in the chase o number three, the bodyguard soundtrack by Witney Houston was never new wow. EPIC EN number one was ice, cube the Predator, solid, okay, um. I've actually got my top ten singles here, I'm just going to spout them off just 'cause they're funny, some cood. Never ten was boys to men. End of the road. Nine was T lc. What about your friends Bobby Brown good enough was number eight number. Seven is Marri J Blyde, with real love number six. With snap and Ratmis that dancer PM dons, I died without you, his irns number five. That was the second song of two from the boomering sound track in this top ten, a TV fke TV band, the heights. How do you talk to an angel? Never F, that's a good S. fake man still real to me. Damit Jamie, forever. Rexon effects of rump Shaker was number three shys. If I ever fall in love number two and number one is actually also. My pick was witney Houston's. I will always love you and the reason it's my pick. It was not released this day, but this is the day that it set the record for becoming the best selling single. In a week it beat briant Adams, everything. I do I do it for you. It's sold four hundred thousand copies in one week and I would say Robin Hood is better than the bodyguard, though the it was, the billbard music award from number one T, one hundred single it had the most weeks of at number one in ninety two with fourteen weeks it actually carried into ninety three. It was obviously written by Dolly Parten. It was supposed to actually the song was never supposed to be, even in the sound track. It was supposed to be Jimmy Ruffins. What becomes the broken hearted, but it ended up getting changed because that song ended up being used in fried green tomatoes, mad too bad for that song, and then i Wan the American Music Award for best pop rock song and Best Saa and B Song in the same day yeah, but they have a little bit of this. Ane Erti have a Teena Turner. They had a soundtrack for soundtrack ilike, where this is going all right. Let's go down for the judgment, Oh man, so I like the eighties top ten way better than the nineties top ten, but the nineties sound track. PICK WHITNEYS! I will always love. You is pretty ICOTIC M. I can see where, but I am a very counter culture person. So I'm going to go with the eighties owow wow. She just John Crossed you. That's the John Double Croin o good wid, fantastic all right. So that means Andy's up two to one and has control of the board heading in to the two point rounds. What category do you want? Next man, Wowthis is where the rubber really hits the road here on duelling decades, I am going to go with movies Whoa all right. I thought you were going to save that one. I did too man they're both worth two right they're, both through two points from here and out so yeah Yep, he's confident he's doing. It is get it on August, twenty six nineteen nd, eighty five, nineteen and Eghty five a year at the movies that was early ondominated by Eddie Murphy of Beverley Hills, cop police academy. Two actually t was number one for four weeks like that was weird to see like in the weekly listing. The summer saw a big bird answerd, the fray, with a Foto that bird. But during my week 'cause I said I was born n August Twenty Sixth August Twenty Six ninetyn eighty five, the number one movie in the country back to the future M jf Michael J Fox, taken it back to an earlier birthday episode. I believe, Mancross, you posited Secre of my success. I did as a Michael jfox movie, so these birthday episodes it all comes back to the eighties iconic television star and ofcourse back to the future. Propelled him to movie start him to the point where he not only had the number one movie of the week. He had the number two movie of the week. Teen Wool, a movie which I say is a held of a lot better than a secret of my success and a movie that I enjoyed like of course, H. Michael J Fox Played Scott Howard, who, unfortunately, for him was givin his family curse of turning into a Warewolf smoilers yea cm, who hasn't seen tw, I is classic. It's got a great song from a mark, Saffen Wi in the end Ansk. I all anthat's, why the show is awesome, 'cause, you're, never GE. Nobody knows who sings that's on nowwe did I go, got Ta, Think Thad, Wikopedia happiosleep for that one, but tean will actually made like almost ten million dollars. I think during that week it obviously was second to back to the future. The number three booby was pwee's big adventure which came out early in August number, four volunteers, the Tom Hanks and John Candy movie, where they think joined the peacecorps or something so top five really dominated by comedy Number Five Year of the Dragon. Ooh Yeah good one whot was that about Peceley. That was like the Bruce leas. I don't know, I just figured I'd, say Good Onesif. It was the Glass Dragon, then it would be a fucking awesome one, but it was a year F, the Dragon I don'tnumber, seven summer rental. That was, I watched that a lot as a kid always remember, Richard Crenna, yelling t to John Candy rent her get out of here. Renter can't got wrong with anything John Candy you just really can't and UH interesting enough. Ghostbusters came out for a rerelease. This week wound up number eight in the charts. It really seemed to me that it only got rereleased because Beverly Hills cop had nudged it out at the box office in its run, and I think the studio wanted to put ghostbusters out just so they could tout it as like the year's best comedy or the decades best comedy or something but back to the future was number one for eleven weeks. That summer, which I mean Holy Shit, that's kind of weird to think about a movie. Hardly ever stays nig more on top for that long. So that was interesting. It was number one for three W A nonsuperhero movie. I don't evy count those anymore, so it was number one it's first three weeks out, and then it got nudged out by a comedy sequel that has already been alluded to in this podcast. If anyone wants to take a quick guess, Madmax Osecret of my success, excuseme get choked UF talking about European vacyes that took the number one slot for a week. People had enough of the grizwalls they vaulted back to the future back up, for, I think, eight more weeks before Choknoris and invasioned USLYEAH kicked it out early in September, blowing shit up mathunter hero of the people, one other movie, not mccolli Colken, born on August, twenty sixth, not in nineteen. Eighty five, an nineteen and eighty- so I guess ha a dosn't coyou know like no well. You know what it was: mccoli coken's fifth birthday, an Te day you calle the chool trying to call school. I couldn't get through so Hebooby TRAPP the whole school. So anyway, I do remember seeing back to the future. In the theater I mean classic fucking movie classic movie, So yeah. I do just point out that back to the future come out came out in July T it was the number one. Oh all right! Well I I did you give a debut ot. Was Your debut Tean Wolf was the big release that week, okay, Teen Woolf, so he's got teen wovels and this top ten all right. You got to sell it like that on's much better! I'M A NEBE! I love Gityman, you fish! We should chant fish when you come in like in that John Clagvandoing, the Vunkan band right, no o know no e Pucky Lees for Fuck Sak, no man o sorry Joe Fiey. What do you have? ALLRIGHT SOM, my top ten just a little bit about it. T E one number one and number two movie of the year were on this top ten list: a total of Nineteen Oscar nomination. Seven winds amongst these ten movies number ten last of the MOHICANS number eight and get into some sweet Steven Sigal an undersiege o number eight is the dreamy bread pit in a river runs through it. Passenger fifty seven is number seven always bet on Bla Iwas waiting for it. I can't say wha saying that no bramstokers draquline number six Tspikeley Joint Malcolm x number, five, the Eddie Murphy Movie, the Distinguished Gentlemen Number Four, the number one MO o n nineteen. Ninety two Aladdin was in number three this week. The Body Garden's number two and happy fifth birthday to him for your year, but mcoli Polkin, hohome alone too lost in New York was the number one. Moviei saw that at Al That's ASCRA and my debt was actually the Los Angeles premiere of Chaplain and Chaplain, I'm big movie for Robert Donny Junior N. He was not a ier man, yet noboiedfer every major acting award, Oscard Goldengold. He won the BAFTO ward for it most sober yeah, huge cast. Robdany Junior, Anthony Hopkinsdan, Accaro marisatome Kevin Cline meal Jobovich. Did anyone actually see CHAPE OPJ? Have you ever seen? Chaplain? No. Did you even know there was such a movie called Chapln? I did O we all heard of it. It's KINDOF, like lasamoigans. I can't watch movies over three hours. I've never seen it it's more than three hours. Isn't it that long? It's like something ridiculously long! I would never see a movie it is. It is a long movie, thotis cases wite The contrast, chaplain verses, Tea Molf both had really good facileer. All right. Let's go to the judge. W We don'twant t swear, Oh man, so I liked the nineties top ten better than the eighties top ten but Joe. What was your Um? So Chaplin was your pick right yeah. She just had a face like oh it's. What watthat it was that or the distinguished gentlemen. Those were my two option: men, Jeez UM. You know she's trying to keep you in this game, but I don't think it's going to happen right here. IIOSTAYND, I will say if you pick distinguished gentlemen, I think she would probably give you some pity points, but I'm going to go with the eighties all right. You know what that means. Dolers the new fish has pulled out a victory on this episode, but we're going to continue on to the final round. I think the last episode I listened to with Joe he was drawn dead in the last round. So I guess this must be a trend ofcourse. That was that was man, think that was like episode. Seven was the last birthday thind, so I can only imagine how many titles you have reclaimed since then. Oh Man, the fish is coming down or we gotta get the that chant from with the Holl movies is sunen impact the Jon Clawd Van Nam Movie, where he goes to jail and as he's coming in all the inmates are chanting fish. We have to have that for Andy. That's going to be his nickname on the show. Now Andy Fish Pock all right! Well, I'M gonna! Let's see, let's get I'll get through these sports, really quick! In fact, you know what I'm going Ta Pass this first round to my good friend, Joe and Canada, so I can take care of my Beagle. I will be right back all right and he defers on the finel round. Even though he's won the game over to o what a gentleman, what a ditch, what a Dick move, it's okay, he'll he'll, always have the asterisk of Aidsboy, who failed to make a phone call beating a beating, a massive political scandal. Oh Hey! I've had it happend to me car thinkbut anyway, so we'll go ahead with me. We're going to actually go to offseason baseball to start, but this is the day where Berry bonds becomes the highest paid player in a milby history. When he signs a six year. Forty three million dollar deal just think about bat. Think about how big deals are now, but in fact, then, six year, forty three million dollar contract with the giants leading the pirates. This is coming off his secondnl ndvpaward in three years and just a little bit of irony, he was almost traded to the braves during the previous season and it ended up falling through the the GM shut it down, Ano the gym, the owner shot it down, and then he ends up leaving the anyways for a very lucrative contract, so barrybons highest paid player in the NOB. Also on December sixth, Jerry Rice catches his one hundred and first touchdown against the NMIAMI Dolphins, and why is that important? Because he beat the record for most touchdowns from the wide receiver ever he beat Steve largins record, but the interesting thing was: it only took cherry rise, eight seasons to get there. It took large and fourteen seasons to get his endred. Rice is still the altime leader in touchdown ebceptions. He sits at a hundred and ninety seven, but it is a very small number of people who ever topped with a hundred touchdownmark, yeah, F R, that that whole contract thing just put that in perspective, Bryce Harper's deal the jessign this pastoff season, thirteen years three hundred and thirty million dollars. NATAS, THAT'S ABSURD! What are you again? Ninety two, ninety two? Oh God, what a difference, but that's even that's a massive contrat. I remember when the the Metzgave Binia that initial five year, twenty five million dollar deal and it was insane and then of course, they're still paying Bobby Banea 'cause the guy's got a andy, would know it's like a twenty year contract for a million dollars a year. What's Benias contract again, Oh hink, they have to pay hem like three million Ri ht, it's three million a year. I thought it was one yea million and a half I don't know, but a lot a lot of teams. Do that, though, like the Braves Stil pay, Bruce Suiter, no shit. Are you serious he's still alive? Yes, like a lot of teams have th like the nationals. Do that too? It's just. Everyone makes fun of the BANITA contract, but they're not saying that they shouldn't but come on all right. That was that Viller Butgo ahead, all right, so Jo lajust picks on what are you got h? I went back to the what was on the sports illustrated cover of the week of my birthday in nineteen eighty five and it actually kind of mirrors. Current N F L, history. 'cause there was a quarterback of the Cleveland browns on the cover of sports, illustrated mancrush. Do you know who that was Bernie Kosar, you got it have a nice sidearmed delivery, cleveland pins, its hopes on Berniekosar's million dollar arm and they actually won the AF c central that year with an eight and eight record, but they blew a twenty one to three lead to the dolphins in the divisinal round. I know this is nowhere near my birthday but like following arcane stats, the weekn before man crushed our jets lost to the Patriots and the wild card round. Back in eighty five- I don't knower. Do you remember you might be too young to even remember that game? I do. CICENNOBRYAN took a lot of sacks jet Frer, eleven and five that year, but yeah one of their best records ever and of course, they can't even get. They can't win the division. 'cause the dolphins had damn Marino and we're good and they had the patrioots beat them, and then they of course, ended up going to the superbowl. So some things never flocking change. H speaking, I'm never changing Jim Baheim go to the Syracuse University basketball team back in Ninehtee D. Eighty five on my birthday, as he's been, I think for everyone of my birthdays. So I also chose a major league baseball game featurein, my favorite team, the New York mets, and they took on the Los Angeles dodgers and Fernando Valencauela Fernandomania, which took over baseball in nineten eighty one I believe, O this is a feth s, a few years later: N, nine hunered and eighty five and Fernando Vallenziela through a complete game about that. A complete game against the mets. Well, nine Te. Eighty five, the mets, had a really really good team. They actually did pound out ten hits against Bernando, but just couldn't get the couldn't get they're all singles, no extra baysits. Here's another contrast to today's game. Wor, all you pretty much see our home runs and strike outs and walks. Betwig combined the two teams had twenty three hits. Only two extra basets two doubles everything else singles so game only took two hours and forty seven minutes. I can't stand these baseball playoffs. We take way way too long to rap up anyway, I get off my soapbox so anyway, Fernando Balanzuuela still has the Fernando Magic shut down the mets that day and that combined with Bernie Kosar, so I'm I'm pretty happy. Then I have a little cushion here in the sports category. 'cause. It's not that great. Let me ask you both the question here: Did either one ef you plan to have this in the two point rounds you did. I didn't think I didn't think that he'd have anything to beat it guess so for a single yeah for a single day, I might have tried harder to persuade to, but you know I already wantwell, let's see what Nan tinks over to judge Genadoa for the final verdict. So I don't know shit about sports. You just everything you Sai Lord Backwak, Qik, quire, clone, 'clock Lark. I know Barry Bonds and Um, Jerry Rice, Nofernado, Valanswell and the name sounds familiar but IAM just I was like five months old when that happened. So, AH, I don't really remember any of that. Everything sports related is like in one ear and out the other and if anything sticks then that's kind of a miracle Joead too yeah. So Andy is probably lucky that this was the last round 'cause. I would have gone with Joe 'cause. I that's. The only thing, no oo Joe is a worthy competitor and even though I've only met him this past hour, Po casting with him, I can tell he is a good man. So I'm glad that he was a word of these two points. So it does not look like the actual beat down that it was just remember. Haide's kid fails to make a phone call what the Busapina, so this whole battle basically boils down to a couple of rounds ago when Annie descided to go with movies for the first two point round. If those would have been flipflopped, we might have had a different game. Well, no, not really. It still would have been four to three nor she he would have won sports and I would have won movies, but in theory I suppose yeah not really it's like. Mar. U B, I ju for like a Espn, a studio so o that Wa alright. So there it is it like yeah thereas, a little controversy in that I could see where Joe's going I've been there before multiple times. I know you'reall Ingoon, your Hair Gad deep inside. I know you are but you're Canadian, so you don't get mad like I do aget. Even I don't know all these rules are so nebulous anyway, who could judge Jennaken? I said I had John Cross as a judge. I know H T. I know what volatile judging looks in e did a great job today. Thank you. I do have to say- and I hope he's listening like yeah you've said that my my own H, poncast partner, Eri 'cause, I like turned down the opportunity to be a judge. I don't understand why it seems like it would be right up his alley as he would be able to troll everyone's selections. So I don't know I'm Gon N, I'm gonna issue an implorance, maybe maybe one day I can return me and M. can both be the judge you have to ecause. Now you have a win if you want to start out with a loss pro, maybe I want I maybe I want to retire undefeated go out and want to know you're, not one and done yeah. U, that was like a buster Douglas Victor Yeah Yeah. I don't want to go out like Buster Douglas or I come back and get th my face beat in by RIDIC bow anyway. Well, hey thanks for havping to be. It was a lot of fun. I appreciate it hopefully at some point me and my mockers buddies will get some more mockers pod casts out there, so, if anyone's out there listening, they can check that out at the normal potcast dreams, but y a really appreciate you guys allowing me to participate jennethings for judging Joe Ho was an honor and a privilege to battle you tonight in Dueling de pleasn Shirk! Congratulations, Sir thanks gogiving for coming on Man Yeah! Thank you very much Genna for coming on and being the judge. Andy! Congratulations again for pulling out this victory, Joe! I I don't know what the fuck happened. Man You letour gun, ree down, I thin Catherine, is crying tonight my friend this is. But this is what I tell you always bad news on my birthday. So what's the DESR all right, toers! Well, if you've missed an episode, you can always head over to dueling decades, dotcom where you can subscribe to all of our past episodes on itunes and as well on cast box and make sure you head over to facebook dotcom forward, slash duweling decades, where you can join our private facebook group. We got all kinds of trivia going on there. Genas like one of the top Trivia geniuses over on the winover day, flipping every daythough. I was like seven or eighth place for a while and those culbination trivias are just killing me and looks so close all the time too yeah but see none of them have come on to judge an episode of the show S, and I got to say as a listener like I have a lot more appreciation for the judges. 'cause. The Shit is hard. It is. You did a great job, GE, agreat, O thanks to got a Geed job y thanks for Haing mank. You all right, Julers! Well we're going to end this episode right here and we're going to Bidd you a pieace love Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone informarymedia