Dueling Decades
Sept. 25, 2019

It's our Annual Retro Halloween Watchlist Special! Filled with some great 80s & 90s Retro Horror!

It's our Annual Retro Halloween Watchlist Special! Filled with some great 80s & 90s Retro Horror!

This week on Dueling Decades, Marc and The Mancrush take your suggestions and plan out your ultimate 80’s and 90’s Horror Watchlist to gear you up for the month of October! Thank You to all the loyal listeners and group members...

This week on Dueling Decades, Marc and The Mancrush take your suggestions and plan out your ultimate 80’s and 90’s Horror Watchlist to gear you up for the month of October! Thank You to all the loyal listeners and group members (www.facebook.com/duelingdecades) who suggested such great films! If you are a fan of Horror, Halloween or just teenagers being murdered, this is an episode not to be missed!


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This week we compiled the ultimate eighties and nineties Halloween watch list made up from listener and GRU member suggestions. I am Mark James and with us THAs always is the other half of the Mamelukes and the current dueling decades champion. Ladsand, gentlemen: It's man crush. What's up Anne, I can't wait to do this shit going through this as fun as hell. I gotto give props to all the people in the facebook group because they went off. We asked him a couple of questions the other day, hey list your favorite eighties or nineties, horror movie, and they went crazy and obviously there's a lot of duplicates in this list, yeah, which I'm sure you saw in the Nigy side. So I try to represent those if there were, if there was only one person that recommended a movie, I will namedrop you guys on this, so I hope you don't mind. I will give you some props for for listing. Some of these movies ow was t putting together your list. Mine was pretty fun and I almost found that I didn't have enough room. Yeah well, see nineties, horror is is so interesting, it's always hitt or miss. For me. There are so many things that I really liked about ninety sora, and so many things I totally despised and it kind of turned me off of the genre, so we're going to hit on a little bit of both, I think in mine, but let's start off what we did is we just kind of took a look at the entire month of October and we wanted to kind of help. You plan out your viewing month. Man Crush tackles the eighties. I tackled the nineties, obviously or horror, probably a little bit more. Eighty centric, I would say the nineties I would say so. I I tend to agree with you when you you talk about night anoe, it's a little bit eclectic it's a little all over the place, but then again, when you look at the eighties, it was Kindo like that too. It went through its faces like blash her face and the you know supernatural and everything else. So that's the way I kindof laid mine out too. I gave you guys a week, so I gave you a week of something weve, something else. We something else and all the way through are yours, double features, not all of mine. I have double features on the weekends on Saturday nights other than that I stick to one feature per day, just because well it's the nineties, man Yo got other things that you, like cucking, play James Bond and eat hot pocketsoh yeah. I I had to. I had a double feture mine, just because there're so much absolutely man with the eighties. There were so many iconic horror films. If you don't double up every single day, you're Gointo Miss Outman, just like the eighties men double Baga every time- and I will say, don't complain if we miss something these ware. What you guys suggested- and I I did add a few in here- and there t to make it flow, but we're not going to get everything. We only have thirty one days in the month so but we have an absolute ton of movies to get through. If you miss something on the list, don't worry we're going to post it up on the website up on duling decades, ocom and, of course, it'll be posted up in our F face book group as well, and I will be watching these and Fallin this every day, every I'll be doing yeah, I'm not going to do both you want to just do the nineties o. You could talk to the people in the group about the nineties because I don't think I'll be able to tackle eighties ND nineties Olbut. I still I will watch this every day, so if everybody else watches US and they want to discuss it in the facebook group or whatever, let's do it 'cause, that's when in all value all right, so we're going to go day by day and give you our picks eighties and nineties of what you should be watching throughout the entire month. So get your calendars ready dewellers! Where do we start off the month? Mancrush all right so, like I said before, I kindof started mine in a weekly fashion. Wre each week has its own genre or, as close as I can keep to that genrine. When I figured with the month of October, you don't want to start off too gore. You wanna, you want to build. You know so that first week I kinda, like my comedy horror movies. Maybe not takens too seriously will ease you into it, so that first W it's a Tuesday, Tuesday, the first we got a double feature, and these are both from outer space. Here we got critters and maximum over drive. Two of my absolute favorite man, huge fan, O maximum over drive great soundtrack. It's action packed! You can't ask for more than that, and it might just fit with a few things that we're going to see on my list 'cause much like you, I feemed out my weeks as well, and, oddly enough, I started off the month light as well with some lighter comedy notes. So very nice, let's start off October. First to pair it up with your two earnest scared, stupid Tohakad. That is a nineties buck in staple right. There t is, I gotta, give a big shot out to Brian Morino, who suggested this one, I'm so glad he did 'cause. I initially forgot about it and left it off my lift and I'm like. Oh my God, that's so obvious. So thanks the Briane on that one ernes scared, stupid Tam. You know that makes me think of one that I left off the list. I would ave paired good with that, but I believe it was eighties and now we've been Mer, buggety, oh yeah. Oh that's a good one! That's all right! ALLRIGHT! Moving on to the second of the month, T' Wednesday, the second. This is my double feature of machines: Killing People Andyet. We start out with Christine, which we've talked about on the show a couple of times: Yeah Yeah, not a big fan, or you never seen. I've never seen Chris Didnt. You just say that you're, like scared to say it yeah. It's like it's one of those king movies that I've missed, there's, there's always movies who are like. Oh, I always want to see this and you just never get a chance. It's one and I miss man, that's all right! Now you have the opportunity H, I'm G, I'm going to go back and watch it now. Well like followed up another person that was actually on the show. Long time ago, Jim Wenorsky's shopping, mall, clastic movie, you can't go wrong with chopping mall now see. What's really funny is we're going to pare these up and we don't know wh each other picked. So you know like the first one with the comedy comedy horror that peeirs up good for the second one. I didn't go so much with machines killing you as I did everybody else's real nightmares, and I started out with Iraq andnaphobia from one thousand nine hundred and ninety o 'Goodman, it's a funny movie, but absolutely terrifying. If you're SC, oh Cud, see. Definitely I remember when that came out. It was on the back cover of every comic book I had. They O put that ad on everything great poster too, with the moonlight and the Spider Yep, the spider dropping down yeah, that's a good one, all right! Moving on to the third we're going to move quickly on these e. In git to spend forever Thursday, the third once again, I've gone back. This is more guys from outer space and we start that with killer clowns from outer space and Cava on some of these they actually on Amazon. Prime, like this one is, I just watched it again, the other night classic fucking flick, but I'm following that, one up with the Blop, ah n nineteen and eighty eight version of the Blookay, not Steve McQueen, Neka, er, aunt heven Delin in this one who is not Steve, McQueen, no er, mattillen right, I'm going to pair that up with with a movie that I'm sure some people are going to move around in their order on this one, but I had army of darkness. It's kind of that light, hearted comedy nineteen. Ninety two, it's a classic! I had to put it in there, it's more it's a light, hearted horror, not a light. HEARED COBIT! Well, yeah that too all right! So then we're going to the fourth. This is our first Friday, so this has to be a big one but again trying to keep it ligt for that first week so Friday. The fourth we're starting out the night with night of the creeps litle Tom Actin's classic. This is actually a Tom Atkins, double bill and the second part of this- and I'm not going to call it Halloween three, I'm just going to call it season of the witch. I love that one man they're sh, the dog stuck Hain, Harloween Halaween Paly. We AP uppy hollow weed, Zover Gera, an rock you're welcome hand. The other reason I put that one in this ice, not just because it's a tomg against double feature, but it's also because there's a countdown there and that's basically, so that's our first pardon, I hate to admit it man, but it's actually one of my favorite Halloween movies. It's a great movie! If this one and we've talked about this before, if this movie was never called Halloween, three an it was just called season othe way classic, it would be a Classyo, but now it's a Colt classic, because there's only some people, like it, some people D- absolutely despise it like my buddy John Hates this fucking movie for no other reason an the fact that it's in the Hallowoen Rand Youe just got to forget that it has anything to do with the other movies. Just it's a standalone film, yeah, all right so Friday, the fourth October I had to start it off with one of my absolute all time: Favorite remakes, yes, the nineteen ninety remake of night of the living dead by Tom Savini, great way to start off October. It's a classic! That's a good one, all right! So then I will do my Saturday, the fifth and that's starting out with creep show the very first one. We got that awesome, Stephen King spoiler! You know you got the asperoi comes down fucking, it's great, but that ties in again a d there's a little secondary theme. In this week too, we got a lot of ship from outer space going on yeah noce a but then the second movie, nothing to do withouter space and that's Texas, chainaw massacre two too O. Yes, the goof and simple. I think this is a perfect spot for it. It's a good Saturday night, matinee type movie not to be taken too seriously. Obviously, nothing like the original noso there. It is wow. That's X, Chang, I' asked Er too all right! Well, I'm glad you went with creep show because Saturday October fifth, is when I start my first theme off and I got a whole stretch of almost an entire week of Steven King Movies and we're going to start off the first one with a double feature. Technically, it's a double feature, but it's really just one movie, and that is my all time. Favorite Stephen King production, the stand now I'm going account that it's double future 'cause, it's four parts and it's going to take you all damn day to get through. That's a good. I almost did that with it, but you'll not find it on this list, and the only reason I didn't do t is 'cause. It's such a time burden. I haven, Oni, didn't put it on there. You do have it on yours, hois, the nineties, whatever good, I'm glad that it's it'll be portrayed somewhere on there um for that first week. I just wanted to think I'll do this at the end of the week. Instead of each individual time, we got pyron Powell, Deve Abernatt, draving, Galahan, Denise, Barber and Jonathan Sweetie. Thank you for your recomendations for week, one and what's let's move on, I started on mine on Mondays. Actually, each one and then Sundays, I actually just uses a wild card so on Sundays. I'm just playing two random movies as a nice little buffer between each week, because I didn't feel that the transitions were there so with little buffer movies. I think it transitions a little bit bthat's my opinon all right so Sunday, the sixth after you're done watching the jetslews. We could start out with the changeling Yeah Ghos Moovie N W, like it doesn't, come up very much, but trust me. It's a good one. I par that up with an absolute classic, the Shining, excellent right after that'll pair very nicely with my picfore that day, which is another movie, how you're going to be feeling after the jets lose and that's nineteen ninetyes misery. Yes, pairs very well with my Sundays, fucking hate Sundays Y, the worst heading over to Monday of that week I continued my week of King and I started off mine with the Langeliers, never seen that it. It's lengthy. It's going Tao. Take you about three hours to get through, as are much of these Stephen Kings selections, but well worth the time investment. I think until the last five minutes, but anyway I yeah. I think those are pretty safe, picks for the nineties, though Um so my second week Thisi, where I'm changing it. We went from lighthearted before now we're kindo moving out of that and we're going and most of the theme to a lot of these is the dead coming back to life. Yeah and you'll see that, with all my movie picks starting with Monday, the seventh, what better movie to start out you nite, then maniac cop little Robert Zedar, coming back from the dead, with a vengeance to kill a bunch of other fuckers as a cab. Still in this uniformand we'll follow that one up with another classic somebody else, that's been on the show. Long ago there was Kelly Merony from night of the comets love that movie man. Absolutely terrified me as a youngster. That's right! I mean it's, you don't think of it as a horror movie, but really it is it is. I mean they're like they're like Zombis or some shit yeah. You know coming back from the dead, so yeah. I think it fits there Mutanzombi malrats or something it's crazy, nt Kno they were, but it was pretty nuts, though half of em died have M, turned into that dust, spoiler man, all right, so Tuesday, October. Eighth. I continue my steen kingmarathon and I went with thinner one Thousan, nine teen. Ninety six, not one of the most popular stepen King Movies, but I love it man as a fat guy. You got to relate to thinner it's such a good movie and I'm always afraid I'm going to hit a gypsy now for some reason. Another one I've never seen got me. Two in a rod now got to watch thinner man O' not like I'm just not a huge fan of the longer Stephen Kings. That's perfect man, 'cause thinner, is short or good. Yeah thinner's, like a really fast hour and a half movie. It's not long. I remember seeing the box quite a bit. Yeah, never got it all right. So moving on to Tuesday the eighth. This is where I went with deadly friend, of course, with the Christi Swanson Classic She comes back. We got the amazing basketball to the head scene and if you don't know what I'm talking about watch it second movie, this is a West craving classic that I love that doesn't get talked about enough in that shocker. Oh Yeah not have chinyse zoos, lister in it. No it's got Um. What the Hell's that dude's name Peterberg is in it. Okay he's not the killer, though, but it's about this guy that he gets fried in the electric chair o course. He comes back and he can go through like the television to kill people. It's fucking, it's pretty awesome movie, Nice, a right Wednesday October. Ninth, I had the Tommy knockers continuing my Stephen Kingfest, another lengthy one, but well worth the watch what'd you have for that Wednesday to go along with the Tommy knockers all right. So this one was tough for me, my initial Wednesday was Monday and I think I shouldave you keep changing these things. You fuck it up, but this is it once again, it is back to from the dead, but it's also comedy related so started out with the treat Williams. What's his name, Piscebo Classic Dead Heat, I don't think I've seen that one good 'cause it's on Amazon, prime. I just watche it again. The other night ar fucking classic classic fucking Joe pistopos on Fucking Royd he's all jacked up. He was always on rods and jacked up. Oh man he's he's pretty big in this one, but it's good flick again doesn't get talked about too much. That's why I wanted to talk in this list. Good Ean. I followed that one up with another classic reanimator yeah, that's a classic! That's a little disturbing yeah! Oh for sure, as is the sequel, I think the sequel might be even a little more disturbing Rin EFRICO was made his CRI cocker. What a you ofor Thursday, we're already ten days end o the month October. Tenth. This is the big one. Nineteen nineties, Stephen King's. It had to put that on a Thursday night. It's going to take you a little time to get through if the football game isn't going that great. You can turn that off and spend that three hours watching it it's only three hours in total. I thought it was longer than that. I was thinking like six three hours and twelve minutes MNTE. Sorry Fuckin. I forgot twelve minutes. Yeah Fuc come on. Jesus got to be accurate for these people. They got to plan their fucking schedules around Eyman. It's a Stephen King movie, you're, probably better off, not watching the last twelve minutes of it or any Stephen King flick all right so where we go from that we're on Friday all right. So this is my first big Friday. Second Big Friday and now I have evil dead, evil dead too, and you had yours on the third kindo wish we were flipflop there, but it is what it is we had totally different decades. Obviously I couldn't pick army in darkness there and see you can play you can play around with your own schedule here and the reason I couldn't flip flop. That around is because my movie starts off Atrilogy of sequels that I have on Friday and Saturday, and that would be on Friday night child's play too and thet on Saturday. Hey just continue the trend and go with bride of Chucke Frm, one thousand nine hundred and Ninety Eight, Oh and of course childs playd, three one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. So I get jobds played two three and Broto Chucki on Friday and Saturday. What do you have for your big Saturday to go with th? These two chucky films. Well, interestingly enough, I lead off my Saturday night with a movie that I don't need to see ever again. I've seen it a couple F times now that you know I've had pets, my whole life and I have a child now I don't feel the need to watch pet cemetery anymore, but I did put it on this list, so here it is starting off the night with pet cemetery. It's a classic. I just don't need to see it again. No hundred eenna, R, men hundred or Cen agree great movie when you're a kid man, but once you get older and you have kids and have pets and have pets that those kids love, you never want to watch that movie. That is a real fucking horror movie yeah hit's a fucking gut runcer, but I followd that one up I e kind of lightened it up when I also brought back to dead coming back to life again, this entire week did the same thing creep. Show too, and the reason I didn't put creep Showan group show two together if fit better here you know you got the better anthology stories. You got the thanks for the ride, lady, which fits imperfectly with this week. So that's where I go with the and the raft man you cannot forget the rat. The raft is a fucking, that's a culmination man. That's a that's! A good one! Speaking of speaking of culminations before we move on we're half way through the month. Right here, make sure you guys are going to our facebook and checking out the the culminations. Every week this week we were given out an awesome prize from new wave toys, they're, giving away a little miniature tempest arcade game which goes for like over a hundred bucks to the person that gets the culmination this week. But don't worry if you can't get the culmination you could still use discoun cod. They give us discount code decades and if you go to a new wave toys, dotcom usicoe decades, you'll get ten percent off any of their products. Iu got some sweet stuff on there, but anyhow moving on. Let's go to the thirtee all right. I started mine off with kind of an oddball and I think that'll fit with your Sunday here, Yeh for sure. Some people call this a horror. Some people call it a comedy. I just call it fucking awesome: It's tremors yeah. It doesn't fit with mine at all, FLEC, all right, so Movin at my thirteenth, we start out with the Harror an M, legendary classic, and I hate all the sequels. So I gotta leave that I got to put that out there. I hate all the sequels, but this is hell rasors. What I'm starting the night out with m before I go deeper. Let me just thank the people from last week, Tim Kelly, Sacario, Mario Shen, Johnson, briant, Gardner, Chony, Laguna Bobby Miller, Shen Johnson Bill Withen, AL and Geray Bernard. Thank you very much for recommendations for a week too, and then moving on with my second pick for that Sunday, which is my wild card fantasm too 'cause. I couldn't use one because it was made N, I n nineteen. Seventy nine and there's only one movie on my entire list that I'm Gona I'll give the the grace period and just let the other one go, but this one I couldn't do it had to start out with a sequel all right, so we'll go to Monday. The fourteenth and I gotto give big ups to Trever gumble from our facebook group, who recommended this one and that's nineteen. Ninety six, the craft, yeah, that's a good movie, and I just read- I don't even know. Maybe it was you thay posted it the other day that they're doing a sequel, Ibonot, a sequel or reboot to this movie yeah. I I think it still holds up too you watch it. It's it's a good movie. You Watch it on Monday the fourteenth and see how much it holds up buhere's, where mine gets different from your list. So F, that's where you're starting little supernatural this week. This is my slasher weak. Okay, moving on can have an eighties week without a slasho week. andstart this one out with some. This is actually from recommendation. The Fun House ninetee an eighty one. It's a slasherflict they're in a fun house. Some fucking creature thing is out to kill these college kids. It's the generic theme toprobably about five or six of the movies that I have this week, but they all have something a little bit different and this one happens to be in a funhouse. So that's where I'm starting and then the second movie. It's a another recommendation from the group at Hell night. I haven't seen that one hell night is a movie where Lindablair and these other college kids. They have to go into this creepy house and stay there overnight as part of like a college like hazing thing or whatever, and of course it's a Cycho in the house. If I heard ansame thing unfolds and it's a good pairing, the fun house in hellnight Monday, the fourteen great one, all right, Tuesday, the fifteenth for Mine, I had to go with nineteen, Ninety Nine, the Blair witch project. I know we've talked about it a few times on this show but uh love. It hate it. It is what it is. Gotta go with Blair witch, it's one of those movies, I'm Goin to stand out of all the movies is the only one that probably doesn't hold up for most people. Yeah, that's the thing: it's like some people, love that movie and always loved it like have you watched it lately, Dude. Now you get the chance. It's actually grab a couple of beers because the second running of it you're just Gointa, be like what to Es de Stupidest Snow blarwitch. That is a beer's movie, not a smoking movie 'cause. You will fallw the fuck asleep. So that is a fears. Movie, definitely cigarettes smoking cigarettes, which is right right. So you stay awake. The nicotine were at Tuesday fifteenth right yeah. I had the Blair witch project. What are you going to par with that? It does not pair at all, but when I seen this one out again, we got our slasher psycho killers, but I made this day the holiday horror day. Oh because we're yeah we're starting out the day with my bloody Valentine, a good one, yeah wat better way to start. You know like six months before Valentine's Day and to watch my bloody Valentine and then, following that up with silent night deadly night, that is truly a holiday classic, not sure what holiday, but you watch that right after you watch diehard right, of course, for Christmas yeah all right, so we are onto Wednesday the sixteenth. What da e you got for your double feature, Wednesday, sixteenth, not much difference more psycho killer, slashers. We start with the prowler guy that I think he comes back from like World War, two back to life. It starts killing people or something it's been a long time since I've seen it. I get picture the cover on my head. Also another recommendation from the group second recommendation from the group this one I've never seen. But after I read the synopsis and everything sounds good. It's got Um, oh in a POTL fucking, A it's! It's got jamiele Curtis in it. It's something! I've never seen from the early eighties and it's called terror train I've never seen that either yeah. Once again, it's you know: It's Kot, a slasher coming after college, kids, all right! So, with your two picks, I got something that's going to payer very nicely with it, not as Nice as a nice Kianti with some faba beans, because I picked silence of the lambs. It's weird nineteen. Ninety one silence of the lambs that I I don't know if you want to call that a horror, but there is no movie more terrifying than that. That is a absolute scary, film. I actually debated and you'll see this once we get to the the last week here sorry had to get a drink there, but I actually debated I'm putting man on Jern here yeah, but then I I didn't put it in, but that would have been a good fit maybe later on right. So moving on we're on Thursday, seventeenth. This is a classic we've both seen this one, the burning- oh my God. Yes, yeah! It's it's one of those ones. Again we talked about this before how Tom Savini didn't do frive thirte teeth park two, so ye can do the burning instead and it's obvious when you watch a movie, some great great slasher seeds in this movie, especially when they're on the raft. Yes, not the raft when they're in the they're in rowboat or whatever the Tuckit is but you'll see. So is a good one. So, yes, so then I I pair this one up with a movie. This is another one that I dropped on the list I haven't seen in a long time, but it's it's a slasher movie from nineteen one called just before dawn does notget talked about a lot, but it's fucking good. It's Li, the scenery, everything in this movie. I soid's got George Kennedy in it. So you know what's fucking g Um, but you don't see it get brought up at all. So I put this one in there. I thought it paired well with the setting of the burning Y, not at a camp they're out camping but they're out in like the woods of Oregon or whatever, and it's it's fucking good check that one out, if you have not seen it, you might have to dig tofind it, though Little Caviot that one allright on October seventeenth, I started off with Thou nd Ninehuteen D. Ninety two classic Candyman, one of the horrors staples, got to stick that right. In the middle of the month, what do you get? Mancrush? Well, actually we're moving on to Friday. This is my third big Friday here, and this is a big Friday, because this is Friday, the thirteenth, even hough. It's the eighteenth, we're going to make believe here, and this is a big night for you to get some rsduring the day. Maybe take the day off of work. Don't worry! We give you permission because we got fiveor thirteenth, one, two three and four 'cause after that. Who really cares? That is true. You need to get to Tommy Jarvis. You need to figure out whether a fucking bypass patch, cavl, Wa e got a watch up to four, then the rest of the series who cares, but that's a big day for you Friday, the eighteenth we're watching friay thirteen Manfu. I feel bad now 'cause. My recommendation for October eighteenth is nineteen. Ninety Sevens Funny Games. Oh, that's a fokd up yeah, so men you're going to have a lot of fun with front of the thirteenth. You are not going to have any fun with Funny Games. It's one of those movies. Now that's the foreign version, the Nice avversin yeah, the foreign versions, the original, the the rbake of it is literally a shot for shot remake. So Yep Y, you can't go wrong with either one. No, I actually I hate most remakes or whatever, but they did that one justice- it was just 'cause. I don't understand the language right in the other, but uh. It's still fucked up. That's fucked thut movie! Well, if you hate movies that you can't understand the language man crush. Let's go over to my Saturday, where I have a double feature of Japanese horror films. I have nineteen. Ninety eight ring you which started the entire ring franchise in nineteen. Ninety nines audition from Takashimike. If you've never seen audition you just have to. I don't want to spoil anything about the movie, but it is absolutely terrifying. If you're a single man on the dating scene and somebody in the group actually put that up, I saw that it was in there. Was it nice yeah yeah audition is fantastic. I cannot recommend that enough. Takasimike is a master of horor right sweet. So tell us the movies where we can understand the dialogue. Okay, so back to English movies, because everybody knows I don't have patience to reading anything off the screen Saturday, the nineteenth we're going with two movies or still slasherflic, based on a specific day, and that starts out with April fool's Day, oh good, one at the very beginning and then to to wrap up your night with happy birthday to me, which has some great killing scenes on it. Does I'm surprised you didn't go New Year's evil, just 'cause it has that really catchy theme Zong. I would have been more the first week if I could have fit that in, but nobody nobody suggested that. No, why WOULDT THEY JUST REAL QUICK! Thank you very much for that weak, H, steem, Daniel Steven Roberts, a David Stepennitis, and if i Bush your name, sorry, Scott Pipps, Stecyan, Roberta Reuben and Carmen Factio, all right, so we're going to start off th second, to last week, here of October October, twentieth in the twenty first, the Sunday and Monday. I went with two vampire films on Sunday. I said why don't we start off the week with interview with the vampire one of the only Tom Cruise movies that I like very nice and actually that's going to flow perfectly into my week, mosty other Sundays. I had wildcart Sundays. There was just so much supernatural that I had to fit into a week. Then I started on fucking Sunday Bucket Sunday, the twentieth we begin with child's play. Now you get paired up with mark sequels couple of weeks earlier. You coul watch hem backwards whatever and then following that up with Poulter Ghist man. Oh don't give me started on Polter, guys, man that was, I saw that movie as a youngster like a youngstir and it terrified the shit out of me. It is one of the few movies that I have lost sleep over countless nights as a child was because of polther ghost the tree, the fucking clown. Yes, the clown ere's, a fucking grat clown M. I have not seen this movie in probably thirty years. It holds up yeah it same as you. I I used to see it maybe a little bit, maybe twenty five years I did see it in my teens Eusto Beon. All the time. Hbo Always played this Muo, but I have not seen it in a very long time. So this is going to be a treat on Sunday, the twentieth childs playfall by Polterghist, and that's actually, why I paired it together was the fact that we had Chucki and the clown doll nice all right. Well, I don't know if you WAN to count. This is supernatural, but maybe it just is Monday, the twenty first, I'm continuing the vampire films got to go with H. Nineteen, ninety sevens from dust till dawn; ah t's fucking, great man, loved Ltri of of action. Little bit of horror, little bit O tn a you can't go wrong. T at's, a good one! Salmahyek Tom Savini man, that's Jush a good movie, Oh well, then the twenty firstes can be great and that vampire movie that's supernatural man, so you're you're fitting right in Um, I don't Havea Vampires. Today I will have some, but right now getting awarewoll first starting out today, Stephen King's silver bullet, Oh yeah, God have s silver bullet for the Halloween youjust got to corihim wheelchairs, you know it and then I'm fallowing this one up with Tha r recommendation from the group. I have not seen this movie since I was in high school. I still all the time ID see the cover and it's pumpkinhead with Land Hican recently picked up a copy of that on vh S. Yes, that's and it's probably the same cover that I remember from back in the day and I emember it was one of those movies a I always wanted a rent, and I just never did until I was in high school. It's a good fucking movie. The effects are awesome in this movie for think it was like eighty five, eighty six somewhere round. There checked that out. So we got the twenty first wo're watching silver bullet, followed by Pumpkinhead, Nice, all right. So the rest of my week, the twenty second to the twenty fifth you're, going on a long run man and we're going to start off that long strange trip with a little bit of leprecon one through four. So on the twenty. Second, let's hit Leperkan the original n nine teen nd. Ninety Three Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston. What are you going to pair the first LEPARCON UP WITH H? Are You on the twenty? Second? I am. We start our Lepekan marathon on the twenty second, which is a Tuesday sticking with e warwolls here two absolute classics, not much to say here the howling again, former guest of the show d wallace and then following that one up, an American warwolf in London, fantastic, picks, yeah, and I got to see that one in thirty five millimeter American worl from London so much better yeah just recently, rewatched it watchd it with my wife. She had never really seen it all the way through we watched it and it holds up it's fucking great, the suspense and everything in that movie is fucking. AEOM th, H, sequel is a pile, a Dogshit, but the the first one yeah it's a movie. That really has absolutely everything in it. It's scary, it's funny. It's hard warming! It's sad, it'll hit all your emotions. You get a boner it'll, give you a boner too, especially the porno scene. You know it could see. It's gonna. I told you it's going to hit all the arrange of emotions, all right, so yeah we're GOINGTA continue on the week. I got Leprikon two on the twenty third man. That's a fucking lacy fucking week, Oh yeah we're going leprekon one two three and four Boh, my God, the Ninetieswell, don't r! You still have the eighties list. If you just tappe e Ive nineties, horror, movies, nice, horror, movies are definitely in acquired taste yeah to sa how Ho'd say: CTHEYTHEY changed all right, so we are on the twenty third. This is one I had a pair up with a recommendation, so we started out with fright night, which fucking awesome. I love frigh Ay night, but I needed another vampire movie that had a little bit of humor in it and stuff. Someone with Bamp, Oh with that Grace Jones, yes, another one, you could always picture that cover of vamp. Yes, that's the only reason I know about that movie and that it has Grace Jones in it, but have have I ever seen it hell. No, but I've seen the cover a thousand times like you had with pumpkinhead. Well, you know: What's funny, is MVD actually sent us this one seo, you probably have it in your collection, so on the the twenty third enjoy, your blue ray your free blue rat revew copy of vamp. They probably sent that to us like two years ago. No all right. Twenty. Fourth, we know where I'm going Leperkon three Al Right, N moving odd Wai. Is He an outer space yet or is Thi sehoo spoilers spoilers? That's on Friday, we're not there yet wazy in the hood on this one or is that on Saturday, that's that was in the two thousands man, not that nobody wants to to talk about that a Thursday to twenty. Fourth. This is a classic day that almost made it to Friday, but you'll see why I couldn't do it then Thursday. The twenty fourth, the lost boys and neer dark. Everybody knows lostboys yeah. Everybody knows that and if you don't know near dark familiarize yourself with it very quickly, itis a masterpiece, there's so many different elements that movie D. I think that's why a lot of people never talk about it that much because there's so much shick going on in it. But it's fucking great bill, Paxton fogging, LANC, Henricson Gota! It's got a good CAS man. That's good Shit llright! So now we're getting to Friday October twenty fifth mancrush kind of already spoiled it we're going to space leperkon four in space enjoy it. If you can rightwll you're not going to have time to enjoy it, because you're going to be watching all of these movies on Friday and that's nightmare in elm street one through three and again last week we said take the day off, I'm going to say, take Thursday and Friday at this boy, because when you pair this upw, what I have on Saturday you're going to be watching TV all fucking day long but what's cool, is most people have Saturday off. You can do this on Friday night and then your Saturdays just start early, maybe start the the part three early on Saturday or something for, I think, was still the late eighties. I didn't put it in there if you want to watch it. Fine I' like get up to dream warriors. So that's where I went one tou three wow all on a Friday, one through three: it's not a big partaking thoug. I me when you think about it: thes ar like an hour and a half movies yeah, but then they're gon to follow that up with Lepricon for in space man priorities. The good news is we're back from space and we're away from the Leprogon box set, thank God and we're moving on Saturday. The Twenty Sixth of October is where I started my final theme week and that is all West Craven films and I started with a double shot of scream scream one nd scream two rom, ninety six and ninety seven excellynpicks. My my daughter and my wife just watched that this past week, when mark actually visited this past week, we went. We did a bunch of shit and h the one night we were out in Mahanting for the the driveing theater H wh. What did they call that night? We went to the Jens Gone Wild we had gone while weekend were better yet known as fog fucking up the entire long story. I guess it happens when you're watching a movie outside can happen, but they watch that whole thing, one through five wow, the omitment it is, was actually amazed that they watched witthat me being home banham moving on a Saturday. This is where it is. I had to put it here because it's the closest two Halloween- and this is the only movie that I'm giving the benefit of the day you're allowed to watch this one. Even though it's an eighties list, you got to start with Halloween one you have to s, but I took three out. Obviously, so you got Halloween one two, four and five after that. Who Cares? Yeah? No, I think that's fair game. You kinda have to I mean technically it's not an eighties movie, but it really kind of is 'cause it caught on more as the eighties progressed. I have a feeling like with Halloween, if I was to put it in this list and sort it too. That's like starting rocky and rocky too correct. You know you don't have the whole backstory to it. So you R to see one so gon had ot ontext, especially with that seriesandeveryone knows it. Obviously I'm not going to go into it, but this is the spot where it makes the most sense, because it's your Saturday before Halloween, which lands on a Thursday which is kind of like kissing your sister, you o w what I allright. So let's start off that final week before Halloween on Sunday, the twenty seventh I'm continuing my West craving tribute with the people under the stairs right said good one yeah got that one suggested from Nick mullins from our facebook group, thanks nick good flick before you said. Thank you. Si gotto throw mine out from my last week the supernatural week. Thank you very much. Dennis Berubi Junior Matthew, Moore Francisco Valley, Tim Turner, Devonde, Moseby and germy fields. Thank you, fer helping me put together that week and we start out Sunday, and this is a wild car day and the way that I did this. This is my only day in here. That's for the kids, because I figured if you spent the entire month watching these films there's a chance. You might not have gote to watch any of em with her kids, maybe a few of EM. You would but SOM are fucked up, O you're not going to so you needed one day where you could do that. So this Sunday, the twenty seventh. This is, that day an we start that day with Monter squad, yeah, okay, followed up with another classic the gate, never seen the gate. Ah Dude, the gate is another, it's another. It's like PG or PG. Thirteen you got stepen dwarf is like I think at the time he's like fourteen years old, their parents go away and they open this gate. It's a good movie and it pairs up with Monter Squa. You can watch it with your kids. Maza squav might not give them nightmares, but even though the gate is kind of like a pg thirteen tygpt movie, it might puck them up it's it's a pretty crazy movie, whele in a sick and twisted way that pairs very well. Then, with my people under the stairs, it's all about the kids. I remember watching people under the stairs on pay per view. I think it was like one of the first movies that I ever got from pay per view. Maybe like ninety one. Ninety two, we only had it a one box and it was in my parents' room. It was before we got the black box right. You know, I don't even remember what we paid back then thite's, probably like five bucks, a movie or some Shit Yeah. I don't remember what they were back then, alright. So Monday, Monday, the twenty eighth of October, I'm continuing West Craven and you can continue man crushes little marathon and go with Freddy's dead, the final nightmare RM, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one good more than nightmare and ELM street films. H. It's not that far away. You got a little bit of a buffer there, so now that you're sick of it after one through three. Now you could jump back into it a couple of days later or you can watch John Carpenter night that I have put together. I had to have this in there Moneday, the twenty eighth starting out Tho night, with the fog followed up by what the thing the thing that's right, G wasn't sure if that was seventy three YEP, both both early Eightye, so that it worked out perfectly again. It's a little hoe home because it's on a Monday, but it's a couple of days before Halloween, it's a good spot right there right so we're continuing my west craving week with Westcraven's new nightmare Om, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four different tone from west Cravin on this one. I don't know if it raps up the series, it does something with it. I'm really not sure what but it's yeah if you've never seen it don't go in with any expectations, it's kind of a movie for the fans. I guess I don't really know how to describe it. It's a movie about the movies. It's it's called a money grab. Ah, yes, that's the word I'm looking for as after it you're like what fuck tdid I just watch but yeah, but if you're night're an ELM street fan, you have to watch it just to wrap up that whole series, so you know you might as well get it over and done with on. The twenty. Ninth could call all right. So this is where I kind of moved the month- and I know my themed Monday- doesn't really flow with the rescie. So this is a short theme at the end of the week to the twenty Nin thirtieth and thirty first areas close as I can get to your real killers, all right all right, so these are people that it can happen. I can I don't know how realistic it is, what it could happen, and this word begins. Yeah, like LAPRECON foreign space. Yes, there like Leprogon in the hood. It's definitely that realistic, so we're going with Tuesday to twenty ninth start out with the stepfather taryoquin before he was inlost. If you remember he was the psycho that would marry your mom off a bad relationship and then kill everybody wow yeah, so that could happen that one might be on prime. It was on prime a couple of months ago. I rewatched it and then the second one is a movie. I've told you about many times, Ruckerhower Classic See Thomas Howell, the hitcher yeah just picked up that on V s not too long ago. You will never look at a hitchhiker in the same way again, it's more people want to say it's a thriller. I think it's categorized that way, but it's a fucking horror movie, I mean yeah, you look at it like. It is right. It talks on Somthe, lambs, yeah, technically a thriller, but there'Syou'll never find a movie, that's more horrifying than that Ye and there's some fucked up shitting here, but yeah. That's so Tuesday. Twenty ninth, the stepfather, followed by the Hitcher a right and continuing with some of the horror icons and since we're finishing things off et's go to hell. Jason goes to hell the final Friday, nineteen. Ninety three! Yes, how can you go wrong when you have the captain from twenty one jump street a as a bounty under yeah, and you know the Freddy's dead? The Final Nightmare Jason goes to hell the final Friday. I like how you di that at the end of the month, too, that's good shit and both of those movies had that really cool little three Dese sequines too so you're wrapping everything up and I'm subtly punching them in the gut with reality at the end of the month, and I'm going to do that again on Wednesday, thirtieth star. This went out with a movie that, maybe you didn't see, the movie maniac. The dude is like cutting off chicksheads and like putting them on Mannikins in his house, haven't seen the movie of that it could happen. I guess you Ow, as close to reality is possible. It doesn't have any superpowers or anything then the second movie I had to do this is an absolute staple of renting movies in the eighties and nineties. 'cause every time you walkd past the horror, film section, you saw slumber party massacre, oh w, what I thought you were going to say: What are you to say faces of Death Oi? It was usually right next to slumberparty massacre. I thought about putting faces tof death on there and it was like ththat black cover right with the h. It was like a scull or something on it. You'll picture this one and sees I describe it. T you it's the killer, standing there he's got like a drill or something between his legs, and you could see the girls like Cowerin you're, all wrong man crush. First of all, I know exactly what you're talking about and it's not just a drill. It's an electric guitar drill and he's Kinda. Has It like upside down? YESIS IT fucking? It's a electric guitalr girl. I always thought it was that's how I always looked at it o, let's see if it's Ha picture on he imdv I mean it just looks like a drill to me. Oh okay, I am thinking of a slumber party massacre too IAM. Sorry, I stay incorrect hold on. I think when you said that it Kinda did make sense, and I can picture it. Yes, the sequel is totally like champy to the fucking up t e upmost degree, but we're not going to start there we're a realistic one, the guy that escapes from the Mental Hospital and, of course he finds his way onto a college campus. Where there's this slumber party going on at a Sorority House. Where else would you go? So that's that's where we're going for that Wednesday all right. So I'm going to finish off the month with a movie that I picked to watch on Halloween night and that is Halloween h to o twenty years later, fo, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. I thought it only appropriate to put it on Halloween when we're watching all retro movies. Considering this movie is a twenty years later movie, so kind of all fits comes together closes out the month, Halloween H, two L, big fan favorite of John Cross, loves that movie. For some reason I don't know why Brike is a bust of rhymes Itas, like the highlight of that movie t that was Llo Cool J. is it ello cool to no isn't it supposed to arrive hod on maybe you're right, maybe he's just a big fan of Joshharnett. It is Al Cool J stand corrected. What Bon was BUSTEF rhymes in? Wasn't he in maybe he was in? Oh, he was in resurrection resurrection. Oh GEEA, couple of years later work got even better. We got no wrappers in the movie different wrapper different movie, Still Halloween, somehow rod all right. So here it is finishing up the month, Thursday Halloween Day, the thirty first of October got to have this one in there should maybe fitted somewhere else, and I think I did move it three times, but it's realistic, I suppose andthat's sleep away, Camp Yeahi got the box set. I passed the first one, there's no reason to watch them unless you just want to laugh. No, you want to know what's really sad, that there's a float ominjetsa mountain in the SEAOL, the background. No, then I have the box set. I was C that some people really like this series- I think the first one's good and then after that, I'm just like what am I watching yeah it's the first one's got some redeeming qualities to it and yeah after that. Just it's not good. So this is where I went here, and this is something that M we've talked about this months ago, when I took my first ever loss in duling decades. It was a true crime version of the show, and my movie picked for that and I won. That round was Henry Portrait of a serial killer. Yeahand, you talk about reality, yeah. This is where reality hits, and I know like people re out, thereare Gong to be like. Oh, you know, the move came out in nineteen. Ninety we talked about on the show before move was actually made in nineteen six right and it just didn't get a release for years because they just they couldn't do it. But if you want to see a fucked up movie and just finish out your month with some reality based horror, but you know based off a true story and Whatnot Watch. Henry Portrait of a seria killer of Michael Rugger Wow, what a way toround out the month mancrush you get some really scary shit. I hope so when you get the real true to live stuff, that's the scariest, but some great films on all of these that we've picked thanks again to all of the people that suggested all of these movies from our facebook group listeners to the show you know we put out there that we wanted to do an episode like this. For you guys and H, you flooded us with absolute all of these great movies. To pick from so I hope we've planned out a very entertaining month for you and the last four people. I got even props. Last week, last people we had here Brin Curry, generulet Sandy Colambanni and Randy Johnson. I don't even know if that's a pitcher or not but it'd, be pretty cool to wo. I recognize some of those names tonight, thereare all names that are on our doling decades, leaderboards ar e all people that Aere playing the trivia playing the culminations winning and some of Hem are actually in the Green Zone as well. That's right: What is the Green Zone about before you go? Don't turn off the episode yet 'cause you have to list this part. Then you can go. This is the important part now the Green Zone, if you go to dueling decades, dotcom you'll see the full leader boards there. We also post t'em up in our facebook group. Now, if you fall in the Green Zone, that's our top thirty! Now, right now we have close to five hundred players in total, but if you've fallon the top thirty, you are eligible to come on the show and judge an episode of dualing decades, just like Eric Cley did a few weeks back. If that's something you're interested in and you fall in the Green Zone, we can probably make that happen Yep, and we have our second judge coming on here in another couple of weeks, the name I just said: Jenadroulet she's, coming on she's, going to be a judge to just contact us if, if you're in the Green Zone- and it's something you want to do, send us a message- we're not going to reach out to each thirty people B'cause, we don't have that many shows, but if you're really about it and you're in that Green Zone, Jhois message will make it happen and people are asking well. Why do I have to be in the Green Zone because we've had so many requests of people that want to come on and judge the show? We just want to make sure that they're the most active people with the program that we can get and we had to limit it some way. We can't say yes to everybody right and we wante to make sure you have some skin in the game. Those people in the top thirty they've been playing daying and day out working on culminations and really doing it. That doesn't mean that you can do that too, and it's not that hard to get in the Green Zone. There's like I said, there's there's close to five hundred people, but there's a lot of people wit like really little scores. You know between ten and twenty y. You start answering questions every day builds up fast. What's our lowest score for the Green Zone, I want to say it's like close to it's like one. Sixty five somewhere around there bet you can always go wwwd deling decades, com, forard, slash leaderboard, and you could see everybody that's on there. You could even see your own name, but that's all we got for now one's sixty five. You can get that in a week and a half yeah sh you solve a culmination or an audio trivia. That's fifty or thirty points right there. So again, thanks to everybody for all the suggestions on I next week, we'll return to regular action here on our Shell. We're going to have another verses, Mancrush Tell Hem about the upcoming match up. We got that's right, it is going to be a couple of fan. Favorites have been around for a while. We have Carlo's coming back from bekind R, a wine former champion Joe Finley. They will be pairing up and they have the nineties. Don't have the UAR in front of me versus us, the Mamalukes, with the eighties y a so stay tune for that one. So until next time jewelers were going to bith you, a piece, love Lightin, a joy have a grape for week, everyone infirmay media and in cove insurance. We encircle you with Insurance Solutions. You can trust. We provide coverage to protect what you care about business insurance, including workers, compensation, auto home and life insurance. 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