Dueling Decades
Dec. 25, 2019

It's pop-culture presents for everyone when December 1994 takes on December of 1987

It's pop-culture presents for everyone when December 1994 takes on December of 1987

It’s a December to remember as 1987 and the Mamalukes (Marc James and Mancrush) take on the team of 51 Headlights! Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 Podcast joins forces with Drew Zackmin from The One Headlight 90’s Podcast as they represent the best of

It’s a December to remember as 1987 and the Mamalukes (Marc James and Mancrush) take on the team of 51 Headlights! Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 Podcast joins forces with Drew Zackmin from The One Headlight 90’s Podcast as they represent the best of December 1994! The brasin badass from beantown is back as judge when Dave Schultz returns to the show to lay down his supple brand of juicy justice.

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Welcome back to dueling decades, I am marked James One half of the Mamaloukes and alongside me is my tag Jean Partner Mancruch. What's up man? Welcome back feels good to have you back in the helm, so you can do that intro 'cause. I tried that Shit last week and I failed miserably yeah Osi out of my head. I was like I'm going to do a Michael Buffer, I'm like in a blue corner. I sie an ansl anyhow, we have December of nineteen eighty seven and our opponents dualing with December of nineteen. Ninety four Scoanon Brent. This is Dru Zahmen from the one head lite nineties, potguest happy to be here guys. So we are cleverly going to be named fifty one headlights this week. We feel we feel it's appropriate and we're we're talking about December of quibably, one of the best years ever nineteen. Ninety four whe're about to prove that I think, is what you're getting I I think so and I'm already excited, because when we said fifty one headlights, we already had a lion heart drop into her surten recording. So this is going to be a great great episode, no matter what have you guys ever spoke before, or was this like a blind pairing thinnoing, a blind date yeah? I I'm I'm gentle but firm, so youl like an and I appreciated it and speaking of gentle infirm quad himself, as always here on the show. We need someone to ajudicate all of this awesomeness. So let me introduce to you tonight's judge. He is the big brazen Badass from beingtown and not the dead Olympic wrestler. It's the host of the selling out show the honorable judge. Dave Schulz, hello, hello, Hello! I am back. I am the judge with the Fudge and you forget to call me supple. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dualing decades rules. He judges, coinflip Shell eside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products, a judge's ruling we'll determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, all right, doelers pack, it up pack it in. Let me begin it's time to play o all right. Let's go right down to judge Dave Sholtz for the official toss. Alrigty I like to come well lately. I've been coming with VHS covers to flip around to see who gets to go. First, tell you come esome, pretty those poor of the HF covers. They never see it coming, but anyway, yeah so chained heat this week. Here we go. THATI brought water world, but this time I brought a delightful family film known as et th extra terrestrial. So we have the front cover with Eliot and et touching fingers and on the back here we got Elliot yet again with et but he's in the basket on his bike. WHAT DO' they touch! Hem that time I don't want to know it. I really Wer, I don't know. was there a whole Oyeah, it e good, O who's calling it, and what do you want? Hey, you're, home turfful, defer to you guys to call it. Oh Shit, wow fuck I don', like I haven't, called a flipping forever. What I it heads, your tails, it'sther the basket the basket or them touching tips, l to fingers touching tips, we're like a finger. Bang. Let's see Wege IG, no, no, we got the basket. Dace hails winds, the flip. I do what do you think I? So I I feel like we have A. I mean you never know what can happen, but I think we have a couple of good categories here. I andyou tell me what you think I a like news might be one of our weaker ones. I was going to say t V or that probably okay, I say I say we start with WESA. We go O news. Let's do it all right, so I'll um I'll start with this one. Here I think I actually talk about this one of the last times I was on, but a particular investigation of Mr William Nd Hilary Clinton, which is the Whitewater investigation. Basically, that's when it all began, our good friend can is star was involved. You remove all the documents. This is the first time a sitting. First Lady was actually subpoenad to testify in front of Congress, but basically they wound up getting getting off of this, not like that, I can't say getting off in Bilt Clinton in the same sentence, but yeah. They wound up getting exonerated of it and then later I think, Clinton actually was the one who pardoned. I think it was McDougall, so pretty much, nobody got in any trouble yeah and if anyone had any loose ens on that they've suspiciously not been seen since so, and you can listen to that episode on hystereo Fifty Pent Nice Segua. I like that, our second one for this week. I guess I was pretty young, but I still thought this was cool. You didn't need a map to the stars in nineteen ninety four December to find hidy flies because she was in court being found guilty of running a call girl ring the Hollywood. Madam, was found guilty and they were banging prostitutes that she was giving to the stars. It was like Cornacopia, they say of WHO's, who was in her her little black book that that she was providing them to, but in a classe or not so classy. Whatever you want to say when she was question about revealing the names of her client, she replied: It's not my style. She actually was out by ninety nine and she's been a staple on reality, TV since then, so s Ame, you know Dumbass island and this person goes shopping and stuff. Like that anything, you can think of H, she's she's on there all the time howd he flies. She has a porn too. Doesn't she didnt? She have a por, the ear all drinking of Fisher, no yeah karry Fisher had one right: Amy fishere not carry far ont just carrystar wars is on the mind, I'm sorry what would have been more traided the carry Fisher porn or the Chrisases special for Styr, like I don't know, which would have been straded around for I red Soa that Charlie Shene dropbed like fifty three grand on prostitutes with just with her. So who knows how much he's spen on other agencies- I don't even know if Thata lotter a little for like Hollywood, Madam Status, I Dono. Now I don't know what they're going rat is ive to ch now ill I'll. Do some research look at a Plana cool? I don't even know what Wthey cal a friend of mine was a friend of mine, but as that was fifty three grand noe back in ninety four S, that's probably like a hundred grand now it's a one point two trillion with en PLAC my math checks out all right. Man Crush. I guess that's over to us for the news rat yeah and I guess so fat would have it. You accidentally name dropped, Carry Fisher. So I'm going to start off this round because my news pick oddtly enough ties perfectly in with carry fisher, because she was a huge proponent of this item that was released in December, O nineuteen and eighty seven. It was approved by the FDA and I'm talking about PROZAC who carry Fisher says saved her life. It was finally approved in December, O n, nine hutdred and eighty seven by the FDA, a PROZAC began marketing across the United States and it reached three hundred and fifty million dollars within that first year, world wide sales eventually reach to a peak of two point: six billion dollars annually. Over thirty million people are on a prescription of it myself included and I'm sure a lot of other people. It's a serious thing if you battle depression and if you know someone who is depressed just reach out to them, sometimes they host the pod cast, show and they're pretty lonely. You could reach out to them too or or me just just rejumt to me. Please help hey. I tell you what there's all those people and at least one dog 'cause. I have a dog on PROSAC areyou serious. I didn't know He. I did that so he had. He has like a compulsion with licking he'll. Just like Lick Furniture Lik, you like the couch, like you know that a m on it and he locks e, and I'm saying this, I'm saying he's on it today was literally his first pill. He ever took Wa top O Stopyeah, so ye PROZAC is one of the top thirty drugs still prescribed to people. Today, it's one of the top any depressents over two point: six billion dollars a year in sales for PROZEC mancrush over to you all right, good one December. Second, nineteen. Eighty seven, I picked this one because ther obviously there's a lot of things that don't fly in Twenta nineteen that were all right in the nineteen eighties, although the nineteen eightes weren't, always the wild west- that we remember, I think you know if you're on a facebook group pace book, docom polast doing decades to go to the group. You'll see everyone always talks about. Oh in the eighties, we did this n that there were still some regulation and we still had groups that complained about things like advertising. So that's Fori'm, going with this one, the Ohio Department of Liquor Control. They ordered aneser Bush to halt shipments of Bud light because it depicts Buds Mackenzie who, interestingly enough, whose real name was honey tree, evil eye ee. My daughter that it's kind of ice trink to it was actually female by the way, but they depicted spomakenzi wearing a Santa clause suit spods, an English terrier. He appeared wearing the sand like jacket and a Sana hat and a big bag full of beer. Well in Ohio. The administrative rules are against Sana ads for alcohol and that deates Al The way Ba k, Toan, ninehteen and fifty. But here's my thing on this, and this is why I pickd this fucking story. Hase Shit like this pisses me ago. They go on in this article. Talk about how like teenage drinking is his big problem. Well, I guess what it's still a big problem in twenty nineteen and they had these law since the nineteen fifties so my estimation, what do these laws actually do? 'causethey still Hav the problem in nineteen and eighty seven ye h, just seeing a dog in a Santa Costume, really lead kids to drink. You know it all boils down to parening come on. I mean think about the first time you guys had to drink with your friends. Did you think it was all right because you saw spuds as a spokes model for Budweiser Yeah Lutelyjust like I knew it was oka to smoke cigarettes because a camel said so yeah, Oh and he had a dick nose right, also correct, but it was alsom because, like you just wanted to look cool, you know you wanted to fit in with your friends and get fucked up. Some shit never changed. It's been the same forever, a dog in a Santa Costume as not going to change that, but the state of Ohio thought that they would so what they had was budwiser go and take all this shit off the shelves in December and remove all the the SPUDSMCENZI marketing material with him with Santa Claus on it. No, it's not the most exciting story, but that ship pisses me off and I had to bring it to the Tam. No, it's great and I'm glad you didn't. I didn't want to mention it during my story until you touched upon yours, but the interesting thing with both of our stories is in nineteen and eighty seven theyare, both connected PROZAC and Spudsmckenzie, how they change the advertising world. For the reasons you just mentioned, with spuds McKenzie and also when PROZAC came on, the market started advertising on TV. That is the reason today we see all like every other commercial is for a new drug that started with PROZAC being mass marketed to people. You have no clue what the fuck the drug is for, or anything like that, but they're always on television ie, but at least you'll know that you won't get hairy eyeballs from it to let you know that. Just ask your doctor. If it's right for you, but that's what we got, we got the SPUGSBACKENZIE and some fucking Prozak, lift you up all right, let's head over, to judge Dame Sholz for the ruling for round one all right. Let Me Recap: here: We got fifty one head lights with Um drew went back to the well for some white water caus. He mentioned he likes to use Bill Clinton for the news now esolutely rent had the Hollywood Madam Hidy flice, who had a face it looked like she cout it run over by a mactruck, which you know it makes me wonder you see her. You wonder what kind of you know hook is ye're going to get in return. I don't know, that's not really the good face for the the organization. If you know what I mean, but you know those who can do those who can't yeah otherfie for many she's a coach. Eighty, seven PROZAC Mak, that's a big one, because I even remember when I was a kid and now this is completely not politically correct in two thousand and nineteen, but if someone was acting a little bit off, I remember someone saying what Yo I'm PROZAC, you know isn't like. What's the matter with you, so that was you mentioned the advertising too, which is again a big deal to this day now I do have a question about the budlight spuds McKenzie Santa, because you know mancrush mentioned someone had to go to the stores and reclaim all that merchandise they made Budweiser O, but right, but it's you know some schmuck from whatever local you know plant. They have that has to go, get it ut, I'm wondering. Is there some kind of secret landfill much like the Atatari, Ga the fall of spubs McKenzie Santa Merchandise that I did look on? Ebay did YA and Thyeah. There's some stuff, that's up there and it wasn't going for, like I thought, it'd be like really collectible, but for like thirty bucks you can get just like a sign or whatever Uhuh you can find some stuff yeah. I got two spuds mckenzi's posters here in the studio. I they weren't very expensive. You can pick Hem LSA, SES thoug, he's talking about okay. Well, all that isside all tha ebeing for sposmcan yecide. You know in eighty seven I mark really came with a big gun here with the PROZAC I mean again, it impacts so many people on a daily basis every day in their lives. So I'm going to give this round to December eighty seven, an the mamelukes all right, an Cros. We pick up a point. What category do you want to go with next I'll? Let you pick man, Oh boy, thanks man, you're walking, Ogoway, you mon O t hot products. Yeah. I thought that's where you were going to go so all right, let's go with HO products all right! I I'll start t this one allright. So we got December, ninth, nineteen, eighty seven and this one's for the old heads like myself, Ia've been using computers for decades, and this one makes me feel super old because I first started using computers, N Nineteen and eighty five. But this right here is a pretty important advancement, N technology, even though it might not seem it to everybody. But if you were around uring this time it was in the nineteen eighties if you're using an IBM, compatible computer, that's what was commonly heard. If you were using a pc back, then it was an IBM compatible because we had IBM MAC Mega Commodore Tal. There was like fucking eighteen hundred brands. You had your IBM compatible, you're, basically relegated to using like text based doss in most cases until about nineteen. Eighty five, when windows, one point O came out. However, a lot of people like myself. We prefer to use doss even me as like a seven year old, I'd rather type because one point I was super clunky and the biggest issue with windows. One point O, especially in my case, was the fact that you can. You couldn't overlap any of your windows which almost deemed windows inoperable you couldn't have you couldn't really multitask t was really annoying. So then, on December N N th Nineten, eighty seven, we get the release of Windows, two point: Oh for a Mer, seventy three, ninety five round, a hundred and seventy six dollars or a hundre yeah, a hundred and sixty seven dollars. Rather in twenty nineteen, now we're givin the ability to really multitask 'cause. Now you can have multiple applications. You can have these windows open and you can overlap the windows and you could resize these windows much in the same way that we use windows today. Imagine trying to use your computer right now and you can only have one window open at a time, so this was like a huge advancement and on top of that, it became the first version of windows to allow you to use Microsoft, word and Microsoft Excel within windows. So just think about the time that that began to save in the whole in the working environment. Obviously you know this S: Nineteen eigh seven! So I'm not going to lie there performance issues with the computers of the era to run like a fullon Goy but they're laying the path right there for the next generation of computers. But if you look in windows ten, it's basically like a blown up version of these earlier versions of the windows and they also brought us the the terminology of minimize and maximize we're talking big time here. Folks Windows, two point: Oh offt, humor! Already from my hot product, I you know, I looked around and I found a video game that was released in December nineteen and eighty seven in Japan and in the United States called rock man you guys ever heard of rock man re. No, no, it's like rock band right. No, no rock man, also better known by IT S. American name. Megaman, was released H for Tan intendent entertainment system. Interesting side. Note about this game. Is they originally did not think it was going to be a big seller for the system. The artwork was rushed out, W th, literally the artist did the box artwork overnight. It does not resemble the game at all. If you've ever looked at the original box, art for the NS Megaman, it's got like this middle age. Guy Almost looks like trawn, nothing like with the game he's holding a gun yeah, but oes, not matter, because once people got that game, they fell in love with it, and not only did it spawn one two: three, no eleven sequels plus all of the spin offs we're talking all an all when you're counting Mobil Games to everything in the megaman franchise. We're talking over fifty games that this one game has spun off. The legacy of Megaman continues to grow. Today, ign listed the game at number thirty and it's top one hundred games of all time. Nintendo power ranked Megaman number twenty on its one hundred best games of all time, nd. As of June thirtieth thousand and N Nineteen, the game series has sold more than thirty five million units world wide. So for some shitty box, art and agane that thought was going to be a total flop. You just can't go wrong with megaman released in December nineteen. Eighty seven cock man Cockman I'd like to see that boxer. He wasn't holding a gun in that one, or was he love gun right off to you guys, fel free drew go port, all right man, so you're talking about megaman and how great of a game that was bet. We have an actual console that you could play games on and that console that came out actually to be specific 'cause. I think we like specifics around here December third, N N, nine hutded and ninety four, and let me think it's sold over a hundred thousand units on the initial launch day overall, its sold over a hundred million units and is the first console of any kind to ship that many. I am talking about, the phenomenal playstation, which is so great. It played CDs. I think that was sustent thougre using like cartridges. At that time I mean Si just played CDs. That was a novel thing, because a lot of people didn't have CD players at that time, still itw. It was versatile- and I think people like versatility, especially back in nineteen, ninety four, but overall, between the original, the PS two three and four- and I think these numbers were as of November seventh, all those units ar all those consoles have sold over four hundred and fifty million units. So I think people like 'em, I have- I don't- have my original ps Bu. I still have my ps two, which I love playing college baseball on that's frigging, amazing. I still have my ps. One actually see see there. It's still Roun B, other grames, I remember twisted metal was one of them, Sol, rever, Grand Zerisma, metal, Gearsa, so many great games on there. I forget what year it was, but I think tiger woods was on there. So it was. It was a phenomenal system. I mean in the playstation name, it's still going on as of now, so I don't think the playstation's going anywhere, and that was the first one of its kind. Here's a really intsing tibit about it too is it was so so close to being a Nintendo console. Dentino actually went to Sony and they had them develop the playstation and they pulled out at the last minute and didn't end up going with them and so Sony as a big Fu took all the work they had done and released it as the Sony, playstation and the best part about that is. There is one surviving prototype that works, that is Nintendo badged and it has the the Nintendo controllers that plug into play. Playstation- and it's been, it's made the news and it's been worked on and made to work again by some famous people and all that and it's actually being auctioned off in Tweanta, twenty and they're expecti get to go for several hundred thousand dollars for the proof, thati's, never a good idea to pull out early. The more you know, deelers the more you nowtic. So our second thing of nineteen. Ninety four release, then, and also the hot toy for Christmas mitymorpen power rangers became a breakout sensation that year and it was the toy of Christmas. The Num it was the first season in the show had just ended and December first marked the launch of the comic book. The mighty morpin power ranges album rock adventure is what they called it, and toys of all sorts were rushed to shelves for that holiday season. They didn't most of them come out andtell mid December because they didn't expect it to be this huge hit, because if you guys remember the show it was Japanese footage from another show that they brought over here and dubbed over it, and it was just a huge, huge hit and thee' toys. There's now we're on, I don't know like Matimorvan power, Rangers, bblah, Blah Blah and they just had a movie a couple of years ago and they're coming out with the rebooting that plus we had the the movie back in the day. The original one, and so many different T v, shows that Hav spent off of it, but yeah that was the toy of ninety four manimorphins power rangers and all of its glory. Yeah people still love that I pulled up some numbers and so the the twenty sixteen mighty more penpower major's comic book, So twent Y. Sixteen so people still love it that sold approximately a hundred thousand copies and they're toys that they had out in twenty twelve. They sold over eighty million dollars worth of toys so lac, an David Frank, is still making a living going around a Camicon, noand, Hey, I was in mighty morepen power rangers, see people, I mean it as big back then it's it's still huge. Now people love the frigging power rangers. I still want to see him fight Van Dam Ightto, the DAD awsome surrounded by fifty one headlights. If you Wund have speaking of Andam, he hits like his knee and his elbow and calls all his punches rigdt before he does it. Oh No that was in that was in kickbox Er. Wasn't it I'm getting all my van dams confused? That's Aright they're, pretty much all the same anyway, but they're fun, they're, Fun van Damnit. He was at his best in Timecop, where he would do to split like at random in the kitchen just ecause. He wanted to do Spwitz it's funny. You should mention that if you guys had a nice little segway go over to facebook, dotcom fordlash doing decades, we have trivia every day, an a matter of fact. Our triviue for today was old ron silver from Tom OAREA. The rest in piece lot of people got that wrong today, thinking that it was Andy Garcia, 'cause, he didn't have a bear in the picture. It was defnitly Ron, silver, yeah, Rong, Silver Sands Beard definitely looks like Andygar Sea idon silver, who touched hisself in that movie and imploded or exploded or whatever that's right. They mater can't occupy the same space see I was a huge fan of Ron Silver on the West Wing. Ho guys ever saw him on that. His cameos on those episodes were fantastic, solid. There Aso, it was great all right. Let's throw it down to judge Dave, Sholtz forround, two WHENA e. You got man re looking at eighty seven Mancrush H. I wasn't sure if this was your hot product. This window is two point over. If you were just trying to air out your application for entrying to lamb to lamb, tolamda everything you said is completely went over my head, you know, but I understand what o you mean: m multitasking and moving windows is around iyou yeah, I'm a dummy and you ge you getting your nerty on like completely man. You were like so into that it was like you'R Youre. I don't know your you're Dick Measuring contest. You, like I've, been using computers since the eighties righ. I know my shit, I'm like a Caris cool whate, you, no I'm, I'm not a Tecki Guy, like like man, crush I'm going to break it down for your real, simple man. Okay, without the ability to have the multitasking overlapping windows, you couldn't hide your porn from mom. Once you walked into the room, yeah imagine hiding porn with a messenger pigeon that was really tough. So this was a big Os put the magazine in between your mattress and and your box spring. That's all I gotta do and back then you couldn't just turn off the PC. You had to dype in a code turn a fucking key everything to turn it off row out the window. Remember that way: e Hav Themyeah, Oh yeah, you could take it on your keychain, so nobody could log into your shit and it was the same fucking key that worked on vending machines. Go figure Ye. There was Marko hit us with mega man, and you know that was I liked that game. I enjoyed that game as a kid had some good numbers ev though mayme wonder as far as successful video games go, it really wasn't high on Merch. Do you know what I mean even to this day you never really see a lot of people rocking a mega man tshirt or having the figure reens or anything well, compared to like Mario and Luigi or whatever, but obviously you haven't seen my back Tatoh, this Wi itand. Actually, okay, now onto ninety four, the power rangers, which I think listen to popularity cannot be denied, despite, I believe it's absolute garbage in in every shape and form. I just hate the power rangers. People did go cukoo for them, especially at Christmas time, but much like mark last round drew brought up the playstation, which was the PROZAC of the nineties. Okay, what GIS figured in the playstation? I mean Syria again what they're about to release playstation five. Now, if I all the news I heard is correct: right it just invaded everybody. We couldn't believe what we were seeing B T wewere playing. So I mean again that was the big one. So for that reason, and that reason alone, I think I'm going to have to give ninety four the round for the playstation n right. That ties up the game and gives control over to fifty one headlights. What category do you guys want next man H if you're cool with the Dr, I say we do TV Overman, I will I'll let you leate off this time, all right, so the first one, the EBT December, first, nineteen, ninety four, the first day the game show network G, sn nationstill, going tostrong and it's awesome because it plays old, shows original programming. Specials, it's awesome because you can sit there and watch it and really enjoy it or you can have it in the background. I kindo just glance over every once in a while and who hasn't set in a waiting room for your car on the doctor and just getting gulfed in an old game of hell. I can't even think of games they play on there. What's the one Nomi O we AES a ocker yeah and it's available in seventy nine million households in America and it's crazy to me that the t V shows and the stations and stuff that come and go, and we look at somfnthat's good. But the game show network is going strong after all these years, H and yeah, no, no signs of foling down, because people love that that stuff and ther's coming out with new game shows all the time and it's where dealess celebrities go to die to host all those shows on there. Like I'm sure, every other Thursday wanebrad he's got a new show on there. My favorite part of watching those old shows o the prizes. You win in nineteen, Eighty Four Plymouth horizon and everyone's like year, supply of Risaroni thes San Francisco treats what they don't tell. You, though, is when you win a car on that show you gotta pay like seven grand and fucking taxes before you even get a car, so soun, like my Grandpah, that sathe o Lear New York, no CA chipper! Please! Actually you know what, if you're into that, and you have prime there's a whole slew of old game shows that are on there that are really fun to watch like old, like from the seventies early eighties M, just look at the ship, people were wearing it's a trip. Go go check those out yeah when the contestants are always with like some old celebrity or something you know that's on there to help hem out it' like you're with Murt backiraq yeah. I did see one with betty white on it where she was like in her sixties, and I was like man she's always yeah yeah exactly go for a drew all right man, so yeah Gayshorp was a good one and speaking of debuting networks, how many people like to look at houses per se? Maybe a house of tha open concepts, maybe Mik sure you have room for your mancave or room for your dog and a yard for your fucking kids or to get pissed with your wife by hatred over the people that are on a television together, watch it for H, Oh yeah, and you need to make sure Yo r. You have a a house, that's close to work and you have forur guestaney come to visit you in your new foreign country. I am talking about the network of Hg TV, the home and Garden Television, this dbut December ir Ho n nine Uteen, an ninety four. It's still going and I got to be honest, like you were saying Brend, I, my wife and I tacking love. This channel me watching way more than we probably should, but guess what we're? Not? The only ones that watch it according to the most recent Neelson ratings HD TV is the fourth most watched cable network in the United States, averaging more than one point: six million viewers overall and approximately over ninety five million American households, with with television in America, receive HD T V, which I believe por those numbers. There was good for about. Eighty two percent of households, Buk an everybody, watches this channel they're in the ohouse hunters. I mean I don't even know like what season house hunters is. Are I think it's like a hundred and thirty or something crazy? An one of my friends was on it. We made fun of him 'cause. He had stupid Qort at the end of it so e. We still rib him about that, and now was like. Fifteen years ago you have fixer rupper, which is a good one with the Gaines family, Love Them Y flipper flop. Those guys are, I Uckan, train wreck of a couple I kindo wantd, to see them like duke it out on the Show Beach Front bargainhut I mean there's so many phenomenal shows on there and I twenty five years ago and it's potentially even better than it's ever been so HGTV. It's the only channel where you can be watching and theyre they're GONGNA G go hunting for houses, and you see this couple. That is just the DREGIS DREGSIS society. The hugeest people in the world, they're like Ben Perform saences for dead, hamsters and Catherine is a stay at home. Never their budget is one point: four billion s money, all the time, og they're, always in Canada. Oh, I we'v Always Inca it'cansene. We seen a lot in te. U S! I feel like Chicago, for some reasons, like a big SAR rind. Several we've watched the lot 'cause, that's where I'm at and yeah yeah. We we always watch Hend, we see they're going ao be in Chicago and it's just so unrealistic. Yeah O. I walk dogs for a living, our budget, seven hundred and thirty five thousand dollars. Most of the people have been living with their parents for about Fr. A few years too, we've been living in the basement. Just saving our money, not spending a lot of dogs. You got TA Walk to get that budget. I think I've seen that episode with the Dog Wal tit's, all like every other episode, Ire's, always like somewhere, like some kind of job. It's like O. I raised chickens in the backyard like seven of them a it sounds like very original programming. You guys are talking about on this great channel, the one that we watch all the time is the the pools where they go in and build the pools and they build these gigratos and everything for the people and the pools cost hundreds of thousands of dollars- and you know, there's no real drama, so they gotto make it up. They're like Oh, oh, this slab here looks like it's going to be really hard to pick up. I'm sure you've done it in ninety four frucking times, but her we o the night before they're supposed to present the pool to the owners, one of the fucking instruction guys comes in it, so they got to drain the pool. Damna Dape. We told you not again. I didn't do anything. I don't know f the hell, you're Talkinga, all right, man crush. I guess that's Os for the television round. You want to start this one off, or should I go for it our guys, premiering December third, nineteen, eighty seven, I bring you the episode entitled Dance Mania of the popular ht TV show. The cosby show I'm sure we're all familiar with that. One of the great shows and that's the only time, I'll mention the namesake of the show in my entire story, because, what's so great about the episode of this show, is if you're a fan of this show. You'll know that one of Theo's best friends it was cockroach. Well, unfortunately, this marks the final episode that cockroach ever appeared in it was season four episode, Ten entitled Dance Mania now Claire Gives Theo a pair of tickets to be on the TV, show, dance mania and him and cockroach go. They wait in line they're about to get in the door, and the producer tells them. We only got room for one more person because of strict fire code rules so theo being the good and selfish friend that he is tells cockroach to go inside thinking, cockroach'll be like no Ifyo, you got the tickets, you go, cockroach says all right cool and he goes inside and dances with the star and gets on TV. Teo goes back home, treats his sisters like dirt and UH learns a valuable life lesson from his mom. In the end of the episode. The other interesting side note to this episode is it marks the last appearance, like I said, of Cockroach, but the first appearance of another character named Smitty, and this also marks the first T v appearance by the actor who played smity Mister Adams, Sandler first time he ever appeared on television is in this episode December. Third, nineteen. Eighty seven, an a cockroach die in like the bar fire is that, where you're alluding theas, why was this his lettin episode? Him and Theo had a total falling out over this and then cockroach just disappeared couple of years later? Of course, the actor shows up to have another secondary career on another. Great T v Show Martin, but they just wrote. Cockroach off vio was just the fucking Dick to him, and he said all Righ, I'm out of here you and your stuck up family and he took off damn. They could at least killed them off, made a good story for him wit. Who is the guy that he grew the moustache wet? That's the only co Eso I'll ever remember: that's Cockro. Okay, he's Adue! Ok Roch was like his best bud. It was like the best part of the first four, at least on growing paints. Boner went to the military ow. They gave him a proper Tinaro, much better named too. Would you rather be called boner or cockroach? It's on the reason, a good point. What's the story behind that all right, man crush what e you got for TV all right, television December, twenty, eighth, nineteen. Eighty seven, there was a very significant five part many series or is release as a syndicated pilot, just to see how well this cartoon would do. For those that don't know the backstory playmates toys ant to see if a cartoon would create more buzz for this comic book based Mini Series, the comic book, which was released in nineteen eighty four- it had a pretty Niich following at the time but playmates they. They wanted to be sure that this was going to be something that children wanted to get their hands on. So when, following the model of every other fucking toy line, they decided that a cartoon was a necessity and here's a small news clipping for this pilot television stations around the country are experimenting with a new animated, show called Teenage Mute and Inja Turtles. These little characters are named: Leonardo, Donatello, Micel, Angelo and rapiel. Their favorite food is pizza with toppings that range from whiped cream to a combination of jelly beans and mushrooms. They're mentor is a former Ninja who doesn't look? Japanese, that's because he's turned he turned into a rat by some nutrogen go. This is from a newspaper in likeior SOMH. It transformed four discarded turtles into mutand heroes and a half shell. Teenage meetand inter turtles opens on eighty four stations. Beginning December. Twenty eighth for a five day run playing twice a day and if you're in the Kinosha area it'll be on channel's twenty four and fifty and they will carry it if it clicks, it will return for reruns in the spring and then begin a weekly show in September. So how did it do? I think it did? I mean the original run. I mean. Obviously it went past the five park series. It ran until nineteen ninety six, then again from two thousand three to two thousand and nine and then again from two thousand and twelve through today and there's also five movies wh. They made neverwelll over a billion dollars with this franchise and, oddly enough still on twice a day in Kanosha, I'm sure it is. I chals twenty four and fifty if you're a fam fan of Te Teenage mnnteturtles- and you haven't seen the story on the toys that made us, you really should and it'll go over all this stuff for an hour. So go watch that I'm not going to bore with you at everybody knows he needs be an inditrals. This is when it started December. Twenty Ght nineteen, eighty seven there you go Mike Dro, also recommend the the he man toys that Maus won thatn. When I was pretty that was ha one. That was the best one. Did you guys see the movies that made us yet not yet not yet it's good, it's all, even the dirty dancing, one I was like. Oh, this is going to be a skip. Theawas terieed at the end I was like patrickbut. It's good check that out too all right speaking of tyread. What a you got for this round: Judge Dave Schultz HM HE WRIGHT. Ninety Four Brent brings up GSN. I like the fact that he also said that you can leave it on in the background, as you do other things, because there's nothing better than the sweet tones of Jean Rayburn, while you're Makein love to your old lady comes in Handy. He never fails s. We gotta get going baby. I got two and two sen a microphone and this really long, uh, hg TV. You guys it's so great to me guys just went on about this like completely on Tangent 'cause. You all watch it. You know what I mean, and I really I can't get over how everybody on there is rich and you guys brought up tyour occupations and stuff, but I'm not really impressed by that, because if you got money you can do anything, I I could design a wonderful house. If he gave me you know eight million dollars, it'd be really impressive. If you said to somebody, hey build a house out of styrophome and show me what you can do. You know what I mean: B, T and regular teenagers that aren't muting fighting crime, because that's what I want to see. That's where they have beachron bargain hunt. So you can buy a Nice Beech House on a budget, so they have something for everybody: Cheaper here, 'cause hypodermic needles, just kindof roll in with the tide, Soi, less less expensive property just got to watch out O you make sure you' wearing flit flops there flooring it's like it's like Usin the showers in your Nar. You always got to wear flipflops GT December eighty seven d. What was that called episode? DANCE MANIA? The cosby show the last episode with cockroaching it. I am impressed with the first Adam Sailor on TV appearance, even though the only real cosby show that ever stuck with me. The episode was when they revealed Teo was dyslexic because all those years they were giving him a hard time and bussing his balls about being sucky in school. You, no, you know they find. Oh Jeez, it's our fault for yelling. At you all these years and every kid was Kinda like I want to be Dislixi to so my parents apologizeitdoesn't work that way, yeah no, no on listen to me and then h may crushd. It tmn t teenage nidget Turtles, unbelievable the story. As you said, you can see the whole thing on the toys that made us on Netflix and it's just the testament to the the lasting power O my seven year old. This Christmas on his wish list is what more teenage meet and age turtle figures, and it's just a a franchise that keeps on going and some people would say you know it's harder to invent something new. You don't see a lot of new stuff come out now, because you can keep reinventing. You know an older property and just keep putting life into it and it's going to live forever, and that is the TMN tmnt which doesn't roll off my tongue very well, but it sells great. You know there this really. This is a really good round for both teams, and I always like I hate to use the term 'cause. I think mancrushed it it earlier. The mihe drop, but I want I want that really. You know big thing to smack me in the face and when I say thing, I'm not saying anything that comes out of your pants or Zi, but you know what I mean like that one topic or whatever, and for me this round was definitely the teenage ndniget Turtles, a cartoon and H. for that reason, Mamelukes you win this one Biby Al Right, two point rounds. I guess it doesn't matter where we go, but it depends on what order you want to do it in. What do you feel like you know what man crush? Let's sit up music in this round and we'll save movies for the aiht sounds good rigt. So for my music selection, I looked around not a lot of great albums, released in December F, nineteen, eighty seven, just I'm not, and I'm not going to bore you with the latest offerings from dinosaur, junior or orn. So I I I did some research and I did some looking and I found a small local band that actually got together back in December of Nineteen N. eighty seven up in the Pacific northwest specifically in Aberdeen Washington, Aaron Berkhard, got together with his friends, crist and Kurt and formed the band known as Nerbana Norvana. I don't know if you guys ever heard of these guys, but of course, Nervana went on to do very well, I'm not going to bore you with all of their accolades, because if you were listening to the show and you've never heard of Nervana, you have more important things to do. So, of course, they went on to be members of the rack and Roll Hall of fame. They were nominated for ten m TV. Video Music awards picked up. Five of those was nominated for six grammies and had one win out of that. Their impact on the music world and rock music is still felt today. Just one of the legendary bands of all time. Nirvana first formed in December nineteen, eighty seven in Aberdeen Washington all right, mancrushery. Now What r you got. I have to agree with mark. You know you look at the albums for this month and you ere, like fuck. I've really gotta go digging. You gotto dig for something so December: Twenty Third Nineteen Andh, seven, this rock legend. He went out with Robin Crosbie of rat, who actually died in two thousand and two of heroin overdose and pneumonia with complications for me to talk about a bad combination, but he went out with him slash from guns and roses and members of megadath for this cocaine fueled evening on the town and after they returned to the Franklin, Plazo, hotel, Motley crew basis, Niky six had his drug dealer and jecked him with a dose of heroine and the next thing that six recalls- and I quote him- It felt as if something very gentle was grabbing my head and pulling tme upward. Above me, everything was bright white. I looked down and realized. I had left my body, nicky six of Motley crew was lying covered face to to with a sheet on a gearny and being pushed by medics into an ambulance. Nicky said he woke up to see two NI two needles, like from Pope fiction sticking out of his chest after he was clinically dead for two minutes. Thold on this is how rock and roll is due is when mince neal got the news. He rushed to the hospital where he was told this by a nurse, and I quote he just left. He pulled the tubes out of his nose, tore the ivy out of his arms. Told everyone to fuck off then walked out with only a pair of leather pants on that's fucking meatow anther, but that's not where the story ends are Y anyways. Niky. Six is now fifteen plus years clean at this point. So that's pretty awesome he's about to embark in a stadium tor next year and this whole ordeal led to Motley Cruise Hitsong kick start my heart, which is off their best selling and only number one ou Dr Fielgood, and kick start my heart, which this is all about. This situation, I just told you about, is now their most popular song. It's potified with nearly two hundred million pleas there. It is no fucking Shidny forein e Om, Fuckin Iqesings, going out and Gettin Rippedwrigtin fucking music, getting stabbed in the heart and her vote. What HEU got ninety four OFOR drew I'll. Tell you what guys you know it's a lot tougher than than roping a horse roping a bull! How about roping? The Wind Oky see where I'm going with this here so on December, Thirteenth Nineteen? Ninety four, our good friends Garth, Brooks, took some of those songs off that phenomenal, album ropin the winds and put them on a greatest hits album and it did okay yeah it did okay Um, but the hits as it's called, wound up selling. Let me see here over ten million copies in June of ninety five, the actual master of it was buried under Brooks's star on the Hollywood, walk o fame, the album debute at number, one on the billboard. Two hundred so people liked him and people still do but yeah. This album was fantastic. I mean you had friends and low places on there. The River Great Song Thun the rolls onanswered prayers Rodeo, the songs on there are phenomena, and he actually had it like stopped like in in production like so he it was only a limited time. So in that limited time he still sold over ten million copies of this album Y. AH, he's like you want the songs buy Hem on their fucking albums. Literally that's his viewpoint. He doesn't really like doing these, so he sold ten million copies hes like all right, Doas now go, buy it on the regular shit and not selling it anymore. Crazy garthbrooks is amazing. What one of my favorite garth brook stories is about a song immensone shameless. He had a huge ship with that, actually written by Billy, Joel P and Billy Joel wrote it as a Jimmy Hendrics Song when he sat down to ride it. He was like all right. So if Jimmi Hentrik was to wride a new song, how would he sing it and he kind of wrote it with how Jimmy's frame of mind and his speech patterns and everything? So it's actually garth brooks covering billy Joel covering Jimmy Endrix. Is that the one wherewhere Billy Jol said when he sang it? He would chew a piece of Gum. Yes, Lik, the right, gidance and everything yeah. That's exactly the interview, I'm thinking, that's funny yeah. So you get the CADENCE RIHT EA Cho Gum ypthis. What I love doing the tag team matches because, like the weirdest shit comes out like I didn't know that, but that's cool like you go to a bar Nd, you throw that out to somebody and they're like that's. why Ain't you gum and shea? That's why I'm paapl that' Ycki Scool Shit, I'm goingto sleep with him. You go h the next one, another huge dbt for November, I'm sorry December of nineteen. Ninety four, sixteen stone by Bush, their debt album. I peiked that number four on the US billboard two hundred and they had some huge huge singles of that come down machinehead and Glicserine, where three songs from them to enter the? U S, billboard top one hundred reaching thirty nober forty three and number twenty respectively and Bush was a huge ban for me. I think everyone there was a a nineties kid or a teenager, Cano and yeah lissing head. I mean they're. Those song o just heard non: Stop on rotation until you're, probably sick of them for a while and now they're kind, O h, fun again, but just a staple nineties, and that was their Dabu. I saw them in August that was such a great album. We've got Bush, you know what the great thing about that album, though actually all the Bush ones. If you read the lyrics, no lyrics make any fucking seto not at all, and was the great thing aboutnline like what your brother was grown up, a cow, sad im done iss. He kissing the rear of view. It's your fault, you're deplayer. We Wat two point: Two million monthly listeners on spotify people still like 'em the album sold over six million copies- and I remember H, Tha in the movie fear when come down was on the soundtrack, and I don't know if you guys remember. I sinply remember the scene when that song was being planed. The backround Bele Mark Walbrig and race witerspoon were at the fair condom right. I think he was like fingering her onto that's right Marin, Aon, Ecoaster, fucking, Mary, go round some shitling Mbe, the rolcoster yeah mister toad's wild ride see exacl i'snot there anymore man right Nicole forever. The had five they had five singles on that album, I mean you know Brent mentioned: Come Down Glittering Machine. Hadan they all and, as Yeu said, they all P reached the top. I think forty, forty three or so of the hot one hundred they also had five singles and told everythings ten in little things, O five awesome songs and if you play those songs, ve Ligxang's, a great song, it's a o that bar the whole album itself is good. Even the deep cuts are pretty good, but those singles man, you hear them, you know exactly who it is off exactly what album it was on. You just know, and and they're all great tudes fucking love Bush ar GA sholts. But this is great because drew like within his category. He he just a D. I love Garth, Brooks and he's like. I love Bush, but he didn't say he loves Chris Gane. I didn'tknow. I did not say that D was my pockets man, I love. I love hooting a blowfish. I also love alise and chains. I also love slayer. I like a lot of Mus that an I re like te et man, it's just to look at you, an you're and your face: Youjust Linr, the eyes of a child en you enjoy as totally sit's great. You know, SOS everything man he loves, Garth Brooks he loves Bush Drot. You just got Ta calm down, man breathe in breathe out, I breathe so little things. Man, ys man, alri let'stay, with ninety four for a second H. besides the fact that drew loves, Garth Brooks the Bush dbt, that's pretty good stuff, because I remember you'd crank it up to impress girls back in the day. You know they alloh yeah, the they'll Gabin Rosdale Hevin Rotta, holding like some of that. You know hot mo Jo, would rub off on you just my clicking play. You know, I'm pretty sure you didn't want his hot MOJON. I wanted o you ca', that was the PHAREMON. The chicks were going crazy for man, rotro baby. What's that try white stuff on your cavins Mojo, I bought it on Ebay, but it's supposedly it's mostly real. I heard if you wipe it across your eyebrow ithas medicinal purposes. The other great thing about Bush is that if you lived in the area where they took your spleds mckenzi Santa Claus cans away, that's what you were drinking so y, H, okay, Eighty seven nicky, six, O Deed Motley crew. Whatever you think of the music, I do have to agree those guys partied like absolute fucking animals. I mean you think of the legends of of partying rock bands. You think Keath Moon and Ozzie, Osbourne and, of course, Matley cruise up there. Whatever you think of Nixnicky. Six is quite amazing, he's still alive but Mak Foundation of Nirvada. Do you have any details on how they actually met? If you look into it, they kinda just met like a like at parties and they started playing together and the band kind of formed from there. Although Aron Berg Har, the original drummer didn't stay there for long, they me Tou. Several line up changes really curt and crist were the only two consistent members throughout the years, but I know I think they got H. Theyve grow from like putting an a a a trade or a paper, or something like that. I'll tell you for those who live during that era. Nirvana was the biggest fucking things since the Beatles easily. I mean it. It completely EA. I don't like putting labels on stuff, but grunge right. I mean if it wasn't for that whole Seattle sound of course being led unwillingly, but by Nirvana I mean people were wearing rip. Flannel I mean ripped up jeans and flannels was a new thing. It was like Shek to do this kind of stuff and as lame as you think that may be the cultural impact of this. This force of music was just phenomenal. It was crazy. I still love flannels do Yo, you love everything. We've already established this, it doesn't matter. I love everything. justhaname Trasen O make sure we're all clear. Yes, we are. I ewith Hou, though I still like flannels Nice, open flannel with a band tea underneath never go kind of 'm. Never I'm kind of amazed like of all the things as time goes on. You know like someday. My kid he's young, like maybe in fifteen years I'll, bring up Kirt, cobaine and he's probably going to say who the hell's that do you know what I mean. I don't know, but I I hope not. I hope he would remember you know it' still be. I guess, there's still Nivina tshirts a target or something so people know Wol to. I still see people on a daily basis, walking around with Nirvana t shirts, who probably have no idea h. They a sad yeah they're like what NRVANA A I don't know who it is, but it's cool, I'm sorry you were born after he fucking killed himself. Take the shirtoff. I mean. That's, that's no excuse, though I mean I've wore beatle shirt. You know they weren't really relevant too much. When I saw I see so many people with sixteen stone shirts on and that's that's. They don't make Tho come on man. Maybe r there are more people walking around with deeling decade shirts. Then there are sixteen Toso Bes. I do like how Mancrosh shut down marks. CRACKYO get off my lawn rent there for a second butt, imn you're ready to say, like you know, jeeze you weren't, even as old as Kavin, rosdal's, hot Mojo, a know you where to Fuckin your Vona shirt, but anyway this is the longest h ruling of all time. So I apologize O hat, but I am going to go with December eighty seven, because I I waxed poetic about Nirvana and I think you Kinda knew where I was going from there, and that was the big factor in this decision. Arig man crush. We got the final round its movies. Do we want to go first or do we want to defer? We might as well just GE. We can't pull a Dick move wer anyway, yeah that'd be fucked up al I'll start this one out so December, Eighteenh Ninete, seven, we get the release of the highest grossing, theatrical Standup, comedy release of all time. It ended up making about fifty one million dollars in the box office aboutabout a hundred and fifteen million dollars to twenty nineteen, and for three years this is important. It held the distinction of having said fuck the most times in a full length movie for a grand total of two hundred and twenty three fucks surpassing scar face, but that said, goodfellows would take over that fucking honor nineteen, ninety, but not bad, for a movie that was originally rated x by the MPAA. Of course, they did some edits and they rereleased it. This film was directed by Robert Townsin. The opening sketch was written by keen and Ivory Wai, which include some very early appearances from Tatia, a Le F course acthually banks from fresh prints, Samiel Jackson- I guess Eddie Murphy- must have really liked Sam, because then he ended up putting him back and coming to America, along with some topics from raw like McDonalds. Finding the perfect women in Africa he just carried those over. So of course you guys know where I'm going this Eddie Murphy Raw- and you know the performance was going to be good when it started with the tag line. Marning, you may be offended if you're, black white, male, female, rich or poor bill, cosby, Mister T or Richard Prior and supposedly mser t was pretty fucking upset after raw came out, but I mean obviously it's to me. It's one of the funniest standups of all time I actually like delirious a little bit better, but as far as being a theatrical release, this one was a bigger deal and next time you guys look up a review. Just remember places like the New Yorker that called raw depressingly onoriginal and limiting El fuck yourself yeah real unoriginal. There hasn't been a standup performance since that hasn't copied, Ra or delirious. I mean they're still wearing leather jackets and pantand every stand up. I mean it's just dark. There was a lot of places online say that H, the kings of comedy surpassed this, but I looked it up and it didn't this beat it by like twenty million dollars, I'm not sure where that's coming from online, but I'd say this. I definitely put this above kings a comedy. This is definitely stands out. There's so many jokes from this M seeve harvey is just logging in everywhere and rinting that he's on the wicopedias and admen all right. It's off to you mark all right guys December, twenty third nineteen, eighty seven, we got the limited release of a war picture here in the United States. I know it's not always the most fun topic talk about war movies, but this one happens to be one of the ALD time, great comedies as well, so the movie Iam talking about, of course, is good morning. Vietnam, based on the true life story of Irreverend, Dj Adrian Cronour, and if you've never seen good morning, Vietnam, I highly advise you to R stop what you're doing right now put the show on pause. Go Watch this movie. It is one of the most amazing films ever just an a outstanding performance by Robin Williams, who ad lived almost all of his radio dialogue in the movie. And if you know what I'm talking about, you will understand how incredible that is. That movie made a e hundred and twenty three million dollars world wide off a thirteen million dollar budget, but its lasting stay and impact an American culture is just been incredible. It really solidified Robin Williams in my mind as one of the altime Greeks, I had seen Robin Williams, ind, Morkan Mindy and in Popeye and all those other movies, but when I first saw good morning Vietnam, I knew that this guy was for real in t. The writing by Michmarkevich is incredible, but it's the improvisational performances by Robin Williams that really make the film, in my opinion. So that's my pick. It's one of my all time: favorite comedies, it's one of the all time, favorite comedies of the American Film Institute as well. It's Good Morning, Vietnam, starring the Great Robin Williams, forest whittaker and Bruno Kirby, not to mention Robert Wool released December. Twenty third nineteen. Eighty seven er I missed Robin willams mean that movie was that movie was fantastic, but I mean he was the the voice of the genie in Aladdin I mean he was fantastigain. We watched the the live action alent, which we with will Smith is the Gennie. It was okay, but I'm like it will Smith is about as verst little as he gets of an actor and he he's like a uccal hma singer, but he's like a wrapper and he figured he could at least handle the singing aspect of it. Rober Williams. I think s blew him out of the water when he would sing the you know. The Song F o m t e the cartoon version, ops to the Li one. I mean it was just amazing everything he did. I felt was fantast range as an actor is incredible, and that's what I that's why I love good morning. Vietnam. His comedy is so quick and witty and sharp in the beginning and come the end of the movie. It is such a dramatic performance, so you really get both ends of the acting spectrum in one picture from Robin Williams, yeah, and I mean I feel like from a lot of stuff. I heard he was Actuallye Jas like a genuinely good dude and if I'm not, I could be wrong, but I think I heard that when they were filming the voiceovers for Aladdin he was. They were also filming. Um Shinler's list another uplifting tail, but but the people working on Shimlars list obviously were not in a good mood. You know just 'cause of the you know everything that they're they're talking about and and filming the movie on. They actually had Robin Williams call over to them til they tell jokes and essentially to help lift their spirits and like not make them seem so like miserable from working on such a sad movie like that, so he uh ye cant make anybody smile and his standups were. I love watching his standups. They were so good, theywere, transformative, cocane, fuelds, but still good, very Sudl, like Nicky six. The point that I noticed that he was a really good actor with a lot of range was the Fisher King. Did you guys ov to see that movie? It is weird h the Fisher king, but I really like it. It's like the the shockjack kills. Someone and then you know redeems himself through him. It it's a fun story. It's a fun! It's entertaining! It's entertaining! You know it's he's out there he's like the the crazy lunatic homeless, man who's, actually a super educated guy who had a horrible back story, but it's a yeah unshow to watch, even though it's depressing, it's also entertaining causehim. It's him doing it, O it being crazy. That was the first like real role that I remembered of it like noncomedy. Maybe there was one in there that I missed, but that's the first one that I remember Ani, who, off to you guys, go ahead: Ren, wead off Bundy, all right, so our first one is the probably greatest actor of a generation or any generation. I think we've already referenced him at least once, if not more times in the show tonight. On Mr Zen Claud van dam thats, tgenera Um, I don't know why you're laughing the throut ier released December twenty second nineteen inehty four is based on the CAPCON fighting game that everyone and their dog is played and they have milked it and itis still not dry. It's still a fun series Joan Cladvandam and the weirdest casting rou Julia as the main bad guy and that one imbison, but it also had Tiley manogue who at that time was superpopular. She was a singer and Mignawin who is has been on agents of shield and if you've been watching the Mandelarian, she was in an episode of that this year. She's just has CR incredible, staying power she's in tons of movies. Now this movie is canpy, but the film was actually usually when you have these games turn movies. They don't do well. This was a big commercial success worldwide box office gross three times: Production costs in a time when most of these movies didn't even cover their production costs. Unfortunately, and then home video releases and television broadcasts were all profitable, they have a live action version of this game. It looks a lot like mortal combat and the thing about it is is when they they made this. The original mortal commat was going to B, a Jan Claud van Daam vehicle and the guy who's in mortal combat Johnny Cage was just the Jen Clad van dam, and that's where that split fight comes from that movewhere. He does hi splits and punches you in the nuts that was going to be Joan Cladvan DA and they ended up not doing it. They made, you know in a different direction, but that's where that came from so street fighter. The movie can't believe you said it was a good. No, no, no! I said it was profitable and it was profitable. Okay, the triple that tripled its investment e. It also had the best part, was like the guys who played like Zankif and Zagi. For, however, he say his name and H and Ihonda, like the background characters, the guy who played the Russians and he's the guy that was like in every football played, Latimer yeah program or whatever it was, you know, and he played in necessary, roughness anytime. They needed someone to be that guy. He was Ha Chansa massacre, Yeahyeah, one of the bad guys in the Scooby Doo movie as well yeah. What Hel's that guy's named Andrew something right yeah we invited him on the show way back when he never got back to us, yeah threatened to beat us up or somethingwell he's very, very impor. Actually it's funny. I looked him up not long ago and he was like living in a trailer or something like that and he had beaten his wife or something and do to jail way too busy for duel and decades. So in ten OI, speaking of we do have Kelly Maroney coming up next month. Also Robert Teppers, coming back he's comeg back to judge, I think he's sitting with us on the twenty third, so that'll be at the out at the end of January. You know who else? Who else was it h, streetfighter Damian Chopa, who is also an undersiege money talks and, of course, Walker, Texas Ranger, one of the best t v shows ever head in Blodo. And yes, I also love that David. I E Texas, Ranger Tech, even say soyeah. Whatever Walter told me, I have AIDS, it's okay, I've seen that thirteen million times I lam every time, so o post fucky killed this career. Sorry go ahead through Aright, so for our next one we have a movie that was released on December, sixteenth and the good year of our Lord Nineteen. Ninety four, this movie is a tale of two roommate best friends who are fed up it, their current situation and decide to take a road trip bout west to better their fortunes and find one of the main characters. True loves, which means I'm talking about dumb and dumber. This movie- I I don't know if you even need the same thing. This movie is one of the best movies I ever made. Do you love it? You know. What's funny, we P, we posted that the other day yeah there was a guy that wrote worst movie ive ever fucking scen. In the comments on our PA. I was like. Should we? Why should he be beaten? I don't know that's. I hide his comment. These a little Hir. I think you should screen shot it, and then you can maybe put at one of your other windows from. Was it windows too or whatever you're talking about? In put it up? Put it up there and being. This is what you don't want to do with life yeah P printed out on paintshop pro that way you can have hangin a Snoa. PAGTOPRO was e Jak Cu, make banners and cards and Shit. Tell Ya: UMYEAH DS, Moies Fucking Hilarious, the movie made over two hundred and forty seven million dollars, which equates to like four hundred and twenty nine million an today's dollars. It's a classic movie, Ybird Prety on Knothe movie. It's infinitely quotable, I mean anytime, someone talks about odds for, and it doesn't matter what like do. We have a chance to get this dot on, like so you're saying thereis a chance like you're, you always say that, and it's from this moviea kick his asbass every time anytime. I can't remember something: I'm always like slippy swettinnswating Sam tonight. I was way o like I used that for like I, I quote this movie at least once a day which I don't know what that says about me, but the movie spawned an animated TV series, H, two thousand and three Prequel and en a sequet that came out a couple of years ago, but th, the original man so friggand, fantastic, Uy, Lloyd, swalls, a June bug on the way to to Colorado. I mean it's so great, it's so great. We landed on the moon. I love the movie throm, where, like t the people that they're after are bumbling idiots, but whoever's Chashem like these guys have to be pros. You know that's like and that's exactly what they're like until the Gu guess, like Ono ther'R S, you know I have gas, they must have been following us for months Howdo. They hear the most annoying sound of the world, exactly there's that there's the any time I hear mocking Bir, like my youngest daughterse Music II, I can't knock crow you up on. I, when I hear that song see see. So it's so good. This movie, I would say for me it's like probably W N, my top three favorite meves at all time. The hotel was the same hotel. I was Ha stammy hotel that was used in shining or the shinen. If you prefer these simpsons treehouse of HARS. The soundtrack was also pretty damn good, yet crashed jest dummies on there when they get lost in the with like Iowa, or something like that. A new age girl by ded IDII had crash by the primitives couple of other good songs e that are escaping me right now, but M. I think the lemonheads are on there too. Overall great movie, I Co. I could do a whole fucking episode just on this. This movie, that's an Iou, it's for a car, so you're going no want to hold onto that one. We saved them all we're good yeah. That's all that's like I mean otherwise I'll just be quoting the movie for the next, like th yeah, it's that'sa, fucking, solid, film, Cam Neelie in there kick his as Seebass Seb. Ip neally was phenomenal for the Bruins. So it's so good. It's just a shame that they they had them Shitty Prequel, and then they had to bring it back of course, and try to do you know a sequel to it. A just had like one funny part and it killed it. Our right, let at down for the judgment for the final round from Judge Dave, Sholtz, O key Doki, all right, dumb and dumbare. We establish how quoitable it is even like how drew brought up the sound track and he said the limit heads were on it. So I don't know if, if you said that, because he loves the LEMONHEADS or he was trying to appeal to e fact, I'm from Massachusetts and so o the limitheads okay, now dumb and dumber again, we establish alther stuff about it, but Brent brought up street fighter covered h production costs by three times. I'm assuming Yit only took like a hundred thousand dollars to make, because I can't see this movie being that much of a success I mean you know: Do we have the numbers on that? How much it cost e I'm looking up right now. Okay, the funny part was: is every one of those movies never makes money, it's thirty five million to make it okay. Well, I'm more impressed Iam much more impressed, especially B'cause a lot a videogame. All video game movies tend to suck a now dumb and dumber. Do we have any numbers on that too? How much money that made, at least in the theaters yeah it made two hundred and forty seven million in theaters the box office and a budget was seventeen million ooh mamma? Okay, looking over eighty seven Eddie Murphy raw again, the impact on comedy is huge. The kings, a comedy can go suck a big fat one good in the morning. ND Vietnam now Mak. I can appreciate your love for this movie, but I mean, if you start looking at Robin William's complete body at work, there's so many, and you guys did that when you were talking about this one, it seems like fifty when headliges was kind of backing up your case, because you just wanted to talk about how great Robin Wleams was and as far as dramatic roles, I will suggest if no one's ever see n. The world according to Garp, it not just fun to say it's, also a pretty good little flick. Now. All this being said guys. This was a really tough one for me to try to pick a winter here, but I think drew drove it home with his fifty one headlights and all with dumb and Dumber, and by the way I did like the prequel. I haven't seen the sequel, so you guys said you hated it, but I enjoyed it still, I'm going to have to say fifty one headlats wins this category, O all right game ends up being a little closer than we thought, but the mamalukes still pull out a victory on this one wow great pick. Gys thanks are showing up this week too little too late, but we we made a we mounted. A Como was a four to three four to three yeah. We tried, I saw, I mean the home TV weal, everybody watches. No, I know they don't dro yeah you come on. I got the one judge WHO's like ANTIHDTV. My wife loves it too, but there's no way in hell, I'm watching it. No Hell, no fuck! Those people in their houses, O even ow whistles, hosted the Games. What shor do they have mean that show yeah show we wer Tik fix Aong theirsh their shows over well, they have a restaurant in Waco, Texas and my wife said. Oh, we need to go to the restaurant now and I'm like why? Why do you want to give them more money? They build houses. What do they know about food? You know what I mean. I I don't get this. Why is this like a brand? I don't understand it, but hey to each their own everything like this rights. Maybe you know why do people wear my tshirts and their te shirts and STI l e? You know I don't know, sell it out, that's what it's all about the American dream: Baybe! Well speaking of selling out Dave Shulz, why don't you tell everyone where they can hear selling out well, weare in all your favorite podcast platforms and Apps, and all that good stuff? You can find us at infirmary, dot, Org and on all the social media networks at selling out show all right and thanks a lot again to our guest this week, prenthand in Dru, Zacman, dre televeryone, where they can listen to the one headlight pod gast yeah, the one headlight Ninhti's Pok, ast them oe on Itunes, spot ify, Google play Titch, Wherev Yeu get your pod cast from. We talk about all sorts of nineties things like music, which, as we all know, I think by this point I love it movies t vs, T v Shows Sports. We just we're wrapping up. We did a couple of episodes on bees. Buhead have our latest one coming out for that that we're going to do an an episode on Pearl Jam and then we're doing an extensive listing of nineties one. It wonders which I am beyond stoke to talk about those 'cause. I love those as well, but yeat check us out. One head, like ninetys Pi es I'm on twitter at one HL, podcast and Brent hand. What's going on on hysteria. Fifty one man is the you can find us everywhere. They just said if youe forgetting into the links Youan go to Thi stery, fifty one dot, com and fund everything, and we've got some tourring coming up in Twenta, twenty we're going to be in Chicago and California, in Kansas City and in point pleasant, West Virginia for Mothbann festivals. 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