Dueling Decades
Jan. 1, 2020

It's the end of the decade and 1999 takes on 1982 in a Week Experience duel!

It's the end of the decade and 1999 takes on 1982 in a Week Experience duel!

Dueling Decades ends the decade with a December Week Experience duel. Julie from the Flickers From the Cave Podcast makes her return to the show battling with 1982 to take on Marc James and 1999! Will the Week Experience prove to be the weak...

Dueling Decades ends the decade with a December Week Experience duel. Julie from the Flickers From the Cave Podcast makes her return to the show battling with 1982 to take on Marc James and 1999! Will the Week Experience prove to be the weak experience once again for our competitors or will the years finish strong. Mancrush takes up the gavel for this one as he serves as judge and lays down his own unique brand of justice, just like Walker!
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Fermarymedia Peoplenga Jewl as the pixe O plan, but tot o a rad again upon that cap, ut top the power gopcome fight for what you love, who come to Po e PA COPI Tan, crita, paete te Poe Cup would take grave a a Balla Asick. I ammad a TNO comefigt for what you love anrodgasting from the infirmary media studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the Eighties and Nineti s do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to deeling decades. I am Mark James and this week I step back into the retro ring for a week. Experience Duel as I bring all of the presents from December twenty. Fourth, through thirty, first of nineteen, Ninety nine and tonight my opponent, Hello, I'm Jewie Bazil from flickers from the cave, poncast Shere to defend December twenty. Fourth, through the thirty first of Nineteen eght, two, and as always here on the show. We need someone to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So let me introduce to you tonight's judge. You may know him as the only man ever to successfully land the triple Lindy in Muri Funterman's pool. It's mancrush what's up and happy new year, because this'll come out o January, the third and I will be on vacation, so I won't be on the next episode. So thank you for letting me judge us one before I get on a five am plainfly, but let's do this. What was eighty two vers? Ninety nine? The last week, man it's going to be Harry with nineteen. Ninety nine on see when she got there the whole y two k thing: they better come up, otherwise, I'm dock. In a point, ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dueling decades rules. The JUDG's coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judges ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score after all five rounds. Now, don't be sad that Walker told you you have AIDS because it's time for more dons Ariht, let's go over to judge Mancrush for the official toss off all right. As always, I got my CN s tapper here. So what happens here? Is I get five seconds to see how many taps I can get and Julie you're going to have to guess how many I hit, whoever gets it closest we'll. Do that emake it easy! I hear you out, I feel it oh will I bring. It always sounds. So do that's a good one, Thas, a good one, all right Julie? How many taps did I get in five seconds? Twenty seven ND Mark Thirty, eight! Oh my God mark I got thirty. Nine O Dal, Jo Joy. Think like I get more than twenty seven. When I roll out of bed WHA heart, I worked for the Thirty Nignts, an twenty seven. You were t working pretty. I wasn't sure what you were doing down there, but it was. It was pretty str. I might a jamed my finger on that. I'm not sure there might be some damage to the legaments, but yes mark you are first up. So where are we going Al Right? Well, I have a the final week of December nineteen. Ninety nine. You know what, let's start off with the news round boy, this better be wite t, K and Tel me all right December, thirty, first, nineteen, ninety nine world, changing news, Borshyelson resigns as president of Russia only to be replaced by Vladimir Puten Puten, a former KGB in secret service FS B agent was actually Yelson's. Sixth Prime Minister Yellson, who was deeply unpopular over food sortages, rampant corruption and failing health resigned on December thirty. First Nineteen. Ninety nine Puton stepped into the presidency, moving from accidental prime minister to the most powerful president to where he is today. It is believed that Yelson chose the former kg B agent because Puton was a security guy and that he could trust him to safely andsecure his immunity after Yellson left office. So yeah, that's my first news story, bore shelsond, resigns and is replaced by Vladimir Puten. I think that's little bit relevant today. My Second News Story: We're going to go to December thirtieth, nineteen. Ninety Nine, a madman attacked former Beatle George Harrison in his own home, nearly killing him and approxiomately. Three thirty. In the morning, Michael Abram, a thirty three year old native of Liverpool, avoided security by scaling, the fence of Harrison's home George Harrison confronted Abraham as he screamed at him. Rushing him with a knife tackled Um George Harrison to the ground, but George Harrison's attempts to stave off his attacks were unsuccessful, as he was repeatedly stabbed and slashed in the chest. Meanwhile, Harrison's wife, Olivia struck Abram and the head with a lamp causing him to drop. The knife. Abram then went after Olivia and he tried to strangle her, but she escaped the police arrived. They were able to apprehend abriams. Of course, George Harrison was rushed to the hospital where he was OK, he was in stable conditioned. His wounds were pretty serious, but with his customary dry wit, George Herrison said about his would be assassin. Well, he wasn't a burglar and he wasn't certainly auditioning for the traveling willberries. It is believed that Abram believed that the Beatles were witches who flew around on broom sticks and that George Harrison possessed him and he was sent on a mission from God to kill George Harrison, so he was possessed by George Harrison and then on a mission from God to kill George Harrison. Okay, how many years after that did Harrison die, I want to say it was like Oh three or something two thousand and one Oga. Two years later he died shit. What did he die of Tha? I mean there was no complications from the stabbing. No, there was no compentations for the stabbing, just checking no yeah. So that's what I got for the news round. George Harrison staves off an attack almost dies, one of the bad things about it was the not only did he get slashed in the chest he got stabbed and a couple of the stabwons actually came really close to a few arteries. Luckily he was all right and h. We still had George Harrison for a few more years, so that and that potin thing. So that's what I get for the news round: Julie All right over to you on December, twenty fourth nineteen, eighty two SHAUMINAD defeats number one Virginia in the NZ Oua game holiday. It's a holiday classic in Honouwu Shahminad had a student body of eight hundred and fifty students and they beat number one Virginia. Seventy seven to seventy two. It was a long time ago, but it still widely held as one of the greatest upsets in college basketball, history, whether you like basketball or not, it's pretty interesting, especially in Haaluu. There are only three thousand people watching this game. There were no television cameras, Um. Nothing was on the news until a couple of days later it took to spread across the mainland, so be interesting. All right like when you first said it I was like. Is that like the Middle East or sh? No, I remember this now I do remember that's huge huge upset. I mean too bad it wasnit tournament time I mean that's most people think about upsets like this, but the fact that it happened. You know right after Christmas, going into like wha. It was like some classicsomewhat: Was it a holiday basketball classic? It was just like a a Gimmy game that they were supposed to destroy them them, probably playing in Hawaii and give the kids a vacation 'cause. All the students are on. You know their winter break, yoall right. So what Ao you got for the second one M N A second round. I have paint in light attendant, William Cone wanted to be one of those employees who fell under the radar at work. No one paid much attention to him until pleased passenger started breezing. This courteous, efficient flight attendant in letters Dapan American World Airways. He was praised and they wanted to add this information to his file, but turns out this flight attendant was just a guy racking up free rides, a computer search showed William was not even on the paroll. He masqueraded as a flight attendant for two years: Saving a proapproximately forty thousand dollars in earfar to London, Honoluhu, Joannesburg, H, Hong Kong, male flight attendancs Ome of those days were Navy, Blazers Pants Vescambos, pretty much. He would just wear that and show up and pretty much everybody wanted extra help. So theywere happy to just have him join any flight he was on, but his free red ended when he was arrested December. Twenty fourth, nineteen, eighty two. So if you're going to be a fake, don't be too exceptional at it. If you're not inpaerjust, be like everybody else, iiddy make sure you get a couple of knee caps with the cart strive for mediocrity. That's what we do. Of course you got a hide hid, a plain sight man, but damn t you know what's crazy about that story, is you know Youretelian it's nineteen, eighty two and at first obviously mark always as the eighties. So I was thinking this was the ninety nine story and I was like Holy Shit. You know prenine eleven. We really were caught our pants down, but youre talking about nineteen. Eighty two man talk about the e. They didn't give a shit. This guy made it on flights. You know not even being an employee in', just getting onl the Clod just thinking about how hard it is. This coming flight theres vacations, I'm going on we're going to Florida so for domestic flights. You got to be there two hours, priors o have at three in the morning to get there at five fir seven o'clock flight back in the eighties. You could probably just show up ten minutes before your flight and get on yeah. Now fucking David Blaine couldn't even sneak onto a flight, so crazy. So, like you telling a story like that, I've never even heard that before that's fucking, just nuts that that happened for two years. My thing is like what did this guy do for regular money, though, like did? He have a job didn't, say: Usus, something homeless, Du that justlike racking up flights going to Hawaii and shit go anywhere, YOU WANTA! Do you need a job at that point? Really Yeah? Well, I guess not you're getting full meals, I'm sure on Pan AB in eighty two theyre getting T v Dinners and by smoking on the plane, fucking Christ, all right! So let's look what we got here. We got the end of ninety nine and the end of eighty two and mark I told you before you come with no YK story, I'm oin Ta Smackyou for that, and I pretty much have to g in the gate. One of your t. How can you pass up why to k? What do you mean Ho? How could I pass that up for new? How can you pass that up for newis that Lek people were in pandemonium 'cause, nobody knew it was going to happen. 'cause the computers were going to flip from ninety nine to double zero, so the computers, a lot of people, thought that it was going to flip all the way back to nineteen hundred instead of going to two thousand. So there was just like nobody knew it was going to happen. Most of the people in the industry were aware that you know for a couple of years. Prior to this, we had taken care of this, and we, you know we we had things weprogramed, then we did this and that, but everyone was afraid that there was going to be something that slipped through the cracks and missiles were going to go off and, like all the shit now, does your year go in or does your weak go into? R T only goes to thirty first, it only goes to the thirty first, and that is why I didn't pick Wy Kay, because it's an unfinished story, my my week ends at midnight. So there's really nothing. Why two K knowworthy no results to mention. Well, there was no results after Whi two cameyou had he Anamoniu easat. Last week I remember the company that we worked for. We we paid tens of thousands of dollars. We redid our software because we were one of the ones that were going to be effected with our billing software. Everything whe was going to reset to the year. Nineteen hundred everything was going to get fucked up, so we had to go through all this stuff and you know redo everything. So we knew going in that we were going to be OK, but there was still a little bit like. You were a little scared because you didn't know, and that last week people were flipping the fuck out, it does come up in one of my other categories or the Y two K F X does play into one of my other picks a little bit so all right. So I have to look at the four picks here. So regardless you don't have the YC K thing. You do have Pootan Goin into office, the guys stole leader. You know, twenty years later e s still at the helme. The George Hamilton thing that was big for the time, didn't kill him, but I mean it's a big deal that somebody it's almost like from a movie George Harrison, not George Hamilton, wait. I say George Hamilton Yeah, you can leave it well. If I you something o o, stop or ha. Dit looks like leather, but Igt S. George Harrison did this Oo. You could stab through that leather. I ot L ye cood. That Gu might try a lot, but nothing would happen. So George Harrison you had his stabbing, he did die a couple of years later. Of course, I had nothing to do with this, but hit's almost like a movie he's seen him getting O ab. His wife knocking the guy out with a freaking lamp with the lamp on the hell. His wanted to do that. I've always wanted to like break something over the top of somebody's head. Oh yeah, that's like straight out of an ABC Monday night movie or s, that's a light. High movie life. I O should for sure that's like some. Like gilded lover, you know Thay came into the house and she hit him with a lamp. The fact that he thought the witches were fucking, all that that shit s crazy me buthow t, looks like a julies July had that gigantic upset and I think, to this day no school, that small has beaten a D on school. I mean I is that pretty much legitimate and basketball there's been a couple. Tournament upsets but yeah to th the magnitude of this one. The only other one I could think of was in college football and that's when Appalachian state they' be Michigan, yea went into Michigan and that's the same type of thing like they. They always have these gimmy games, and you know sometimes t teams just roll over they're not prepared for it o that is kind of a big deal. I think a lot of people forgotten about it over the years B'cause it was such a small school, but they shouldn't- and I know Virginia hasn't, then your other story, if it was later on, if it was like in the later Ni like nineteen ninety somewhere, that would be a huge story. But the fact that I was in eighty two I just feel like security was so lax and anybody was getting on the Goddamn plane, but I mean it was still pretty amazing that the guy I did it for two years, but I can't pair that up with Georce Hamilton or Harrison getting stabbed either on o the matter and Putang going into office. I got to give this one n thousand nine hundred and ninety nine so mark. You still have control of the board Al Right. You know what let's see. What's on TV, let's go over to the T V round. All Right! Do it right! So my first T V story is about ABC two thousand today it aired on ABC News and it was a BC's news coverage of the new millennium celebrations around the world on December thirty. First, ninety nine into January. First, as part of the two thousand today programming in the United States, Peter Jennings, anchored twenty three hours and ten minutes of broadcasts from the Time Square studios in Manhattan, ABC joined, Sixty other nations celebrating the dawn of the new mullennium. The network was part of the two thousand today consortium that included PBS, W GBH, the BBC ABC in Australia, t Vasani in Japan, GMA Network and the Philippines R TL in Germany to CBC in Canada. All of these networks banded together thousands of broadcasters all under one command to do a giant broadcast all around the globe. Sam Donaldson was that the Y Two K command center in Washington. This is where my y two K story fits into this, because they did have a Ytwo K, command center, keeping people updated of all of the changes and news revolving around Y to k concerns, and then you gotta think with the magnitude of this broadcast and all the different stations and networks that were coordinated together with all of those computers. They weren't sure what was going to happen during a live broadcast. So that was a major concern going into this. The guests included David Blaine Fellow deadhead, Alfranken, Howard C Smith, musical performances from the Bi gs, Neildiamond, Baith Hill Inriqeind, Glacius, Cenny g billy, Joel Barry, Mannelo Bonnie rate and Saint James Taylor, Christinia Agilera. It was by far the most comprehensive coverage of any of the broadcast networks. Peter Jennings, he stayed on the air for the entire duration without a break. Only using commercial breaks and correspondence pieces to rest eat change go to the bathroom, and it's estimated that a hundred and seventy five million Americans tuned into at least some portion of ABC two thousand today and the broadcast wont a Peabody Award All Right. My Second Television story is an episode of Spongebob Square Pants. It's a SB one. Twenty nine slash karate choppers. It is in its first season. This was episode. Fourteen of the show premiered on New Year's Eve, and it is the only episode where the title is actually read Aloud and SB one twenty nine. It is revealed that crusty crab is actually closed on Sundays cause. You didn't know that there was the first time this was ever mentioned in the credits. R, for some reason, are in space instead of behind the traditional underwater background on this episode. Spongebob is now currently in its twelve season. It's been nominated for ten prime time emmies and out of all of the nicktunes that aired in the nineteen nineties. This is the only one still in production and it is the longest running one. It is the fifth longest running American T, v Animated Series and as of two thousand and seventeen, they have generated more than thirteen billion dollars in merchandising and revenue for Nickelodeon, so the first season of Sponge Bob. I got an episode from that and ABC Two thousand today. That's what I got for the T V round, all right: Good Shit, oh joy, offt on nineteen, eighty, two wolice all right Deranderan performs live at the mpty e year'se ball in nineteen. Eighty two, it was at the Paladium in Nw York, and this was huge for them. Their real album had come out in May amwas released in the states in November. This was a huge achievement for the band they had alive, album that was performed or that was recorded. There was that the first M TV new year's ee ball- it was the second. It was the second oe onpression round too for television, the doctors, an American daytime soap, opera television series, which eared epril first, a eighteen. Sixty three ended on December thirty irst nineteen. Eighty two there are over five thousand one hundred and fifty five episodes produced on the series thate was set at hope, Memorial Hospital in a fictional town of Madison. The show was filmed in black and white until nineteen sixty six were it joined the times and in eighty two, the time slot was moved to twelve PM, which it was up against the young and the the restless. I couldn't find any major plattpoints for the doctors, but I do know that at that time young and the restless there was some wild stuff going on m Liz, warned Jil not to break up the Abbot family because it will backfire in her and John Gave Jill a link's coat for Christmas and Gill notified Dans writing hot stuff on Jack's back. I don't know what that means, but I have lots of questions was that in the doctors that's inyoung in the restlers young and the restless? That's why people moved over? Oh No, those story lines sound fucking pop, and that sounds like late nineties, raw wars, going on on the doctors, Jeez Joeey Moses Long, that thi gets a mult at the MOT shob. You Know Walker told Hem ye TV in Nineteen D. Eighty two, that's one of the things about early eighties television, especially like daytime programming, pretty fucking boring. I guess I'll have to Di's all right. So let's look at these pigs. Ninety nine! Eighty, two, a to eighty two. You came in with the the derandaran playing the new yearse ball. I wish that would have been the first one. It would av give you a little bit extra pushin this, but the fact that it was their second I'd still like to see it, but I don't think it's as modumental just because it's not the first one that they pulled off and then the second I with the doctors yeah it had. It was around for you know just about three decades. I guess from the sixties allthe way to eighty two, but I neven't even seen an episode of the doctors. I grew up my mom watched general hospital, so I would watch general hospitals. I know all those fucking crazy as story lines. Man See. We were days of our lives house yea. She did't GOTC, tat. ATCH S was a bad ass man I'll tell you. I never knew about any of these. It was always the same shit and I always had that really cheesy, like all the sets were cheesy, the acting was fucking horrible, just never really got into it, but it was. We only had one television downstairs, so my mom had that on that's what I was watching W. I was doing my homework S. I saw a lot of that bullshit, but then going on to ninety nine and now you got the white tk thing, and I think if this was in your news, I wouldhave totally went for it and it's fine that it's in your t v, because I think what people did and is why a hundred and seventy five million people tuned in to watch thus because I don't think you're normal every year. You know our New Year's Eve, Dick Clark thing. I doubt they get those kind of numbers 'cause, it's just like whatever, but the fact tha o watches in its entirety, because they wanted to see whatas going on across the world. You know, starting with Australia, hy'r like ship low up no they're good, okay who's. Next, so people keep turning in on the hour to see what was going on and that's why that Whi to k like little newscenter thing? I did remember that, and everyone had that shit on all day long and we were watching for the entertainment nobody wanted to watch INSINC or Christinaagular BILLIGOL. Those were just cabats, but everyone was watching just to make sure that shit didn't go awy and I soon it was fine. You were like okay, but if something was going to go ary it would happen there yeah. It would happen there in front of you know millions of people on Ta why they did it and that's probably what they were hoping for, that somebody along the line would fock up in that hundred and seventy five million people would be a lot higher, but still a hundred and seventy five million people is gigantic and then the sponge Bob thing e, I mean. Obviously you had to have a second pick for the round. The only thing I took out of that is now that we know that the crusty crab is closed on Sunday is like checkful eye man, which I find to be kind of a lie because Sche fucking clothes, a man he's all about that Koin. He might not have been there on Sundays, but you should beter ask somebody was now see. I went with that because it was during the first season and the only other thing I could find oddly enough- and I was going to throw this ouse. But now it's too funny to bring up. I didn't want to talk about a soap opera. I had a snow propera that ended called Sunset Beach, Oh and I'm sure everyone remembers sunset, I'm right up there with the doctor, Oh yeah, that ended during my week, but I'm like you know what more people will get a kick out of sponge Bob Than Sunset Beach. So well this one's pretty easy. I mean just the Y T K thing alone. I can degate all the other picks, because that is just gigantic. Everyone watched that everyone was wondering what was going to happen and that's where you were going to see it. You were going to see it live if somethng should happen like if the power went out, you know the power grids failed or whatever you were going to see it there and God forbid. It happened during one of those. Even by mistake, can you imagine the pandamonium if, like t e, the TV signal went out or something like that? Oh Yeah, which I'm sure it did you know just like locally. Maybe your cable went out 'cause, it's wintertime people probably having heart attacks, watching that. So I got to give this one: N, Toan, nine, hunded, N. ninety nine, the whole w tk thing, that's a big deal, Soe Markyou, still off control of the board, and you are up two to zero al right. You know what normally in the weak experience, we do sports, but we actually did some digging. I did some digging Julie did some digging and we found hot products items so we chose to go with hot products, so you know what let's throw hot products in right. Her very good 'cause. I did not want to hear about fucking bowl games right December. Nineteen. Ninety nine and you know in all of the month of December of nineteen. Ninety nine. There was nothing hutter in pop culture for hot products, then poke him on. It was the biggest selling thing for the holidays in the United States alone. Over a hundred and fifty companies make more than fifteen hundred pokamon products, ranging from macaroni an cheese ice cream, jewelry boxes, chewable, vitamins, inflatable furniture, it's a seven billion dollar industry, one of those items happend to be Burger. King Kids, toys, which were one of the hottest items going today, an on December, twenty sixth nineteen. Ninety nine in a USA Today poll fifty six percent of people said the pokamon craze would not last pass the holidays and then just a few short days later December. Twenty seventh nineteen. Ninety Nine Burger King recalls more than twenty five million poki balls. After a thirteen month, old girl dies one, a one half three inch ball covers her mouth in nose the following month, a four month old boy suffocates as well on the toys he nineteen. Ninety Nine Burger Kings, kids, toys, promotional. There was a slew of different characters that came out for the promotion. There were fifty nine toys in total they all came with trading cars. There was also a set of six twenty three carrot: Gold Plated Cards Burger King went all in on this promotion. It was one of their hottest items in one of their biggest failures of all time. When did that product actually come out, it was sold from November up until it was recalled on December, twenty, seventh, ninety nine, okay, so you're more of a news story than a hot product. Well, it's the recall of Ahut Product, Oh and with the sadness all right, so that was my first hot product. So my second one I I got a video game that was released for the dream cast called Shenmu. I don't know if anyone's very familiar with this game, if you're really into R PG games, you may have heard of it. It's an action adventure series created and produced by Ousuzuki. It was the most expensive game ever developed at the time, with an estimated production cost of forty seven to seventy million dollars to produce this game. It was in production for six years. The story follows teenage martial artist, Rio Hezuki, as he travels through nineteen eighties, Japan and China in pursuit of his father's killer, Shenmu appears on several of the greatest games of all timelists and Wat really sets it apart from all other games. Is this was a game that was none like any other at the time. Today, it's going to sound like every other game. It was set in an open world in an R PG style. The game had fully voiced non player characters and not just two or three over two hundred and fifty individual characters. It created a simulated world on a twenty four hour cycle that you could walk around the world interact with the characters it didn't guide you through a game. You could play it anyway, you wanted today we see that and grandtheft autos skyrim fall out. This was the first game that ever developed that type of system so yeah, that's. My Second Pick Shenmu released December. Twenty. Ninth Nineteen. Ninety nine for the SIGA dreamcast too bad the dream cast was a piece of shit. Hey! I liked the dream cast. I only played sports games and the dream cast was awesome for sports games because it had the best graphics at the time Si. This is the one that Mike rangeer hates right. I think it is most people hate to dream. CESS yeah t's, someone that always talks about dream CA LIKES TO DREAM CAST. I had one. I never had one. I actually had that game on x box. I wish I had Shenmu. You know I hadn't heard about it, but I think, like a couple of years later, I had that on the X box. Actually it kind o reminded me of Um like a NEU Romanser but like way bigger, but I was never good a game. So Bannu, let's see what nineteen eighty two has: OOVER: Alright hot products December twoend, an Nteh and nineteen ighty, two the surround sound, was introduced by Dobi. I found this hot product with in newspapers laced with ads of two TVs: betimacs alarm, clock, radios, cassette, boomboxes and genomous video recorders, the original Zolbe surrounddakoders in nineteen. Eighty two were just simple: passive: Three Channel Decoders left, arigt and Amano. This was limited, but it was exciting for home product that year the CD player came out and shortly after Hifi VCR was introduced. So this changed the game for home, entertainment, Yeer good on Thomas Dolbyman, you ever try to watch a movie not and surround sound. Now, Oh, it's horrm! It's horrible! I can't watch a movie upstairs yeah surround sound, changed everything! That's a huge pick right there, so it actually what day was it released December? Twenty Eighth, Oh Shit, right at the end, all right, good one! What's your second book! Second Pick is December: Twenty Sixth Nineteen. Eighty two times man of the year award goes to the personal computer later cold machine of the year to don the information age. The greadest influence for good or evil WIS, not a man at all. It is a machine in the computer. Nineteen Eighty one IBM came out with the first personal computer. It's around four thousand dollars equivalent. Today then came the Commodore Sixty four, which is the FIR first home computer. That's fordable about fifteen hundred buoks, that was in August, but throughout the year this was given. O was a lot of gifts and a lot of people were purchasing it for the home. You Know Time Magazine is Pretty Oad of the game. This computer was pretty limited. It pretty much was a fancy typewriter, but if we made a mistake, we didn't have to go back and and retype the whole thing, which was nice apparently Steve Jobs was really upset that he wasn't voted man of the year this year. Of course, it's a pretty big deal. It was the first non human he would have been. ESPROBB was probably so fuck hes like got the backyeahe, just totally lost hi shit all right this. Actually, this is pretty simple for me too, because I'm sorry, Aboutito Gate, the the pokiman recall and I'm Goin intogate the Time magazine PC the year or piec person of the year only because the two of them Theydon't really fit the hot product mold. So then, I'm looking at surround sound by Dulby versus shenmove and people would smack the shit. Ot me. If I didn't pick surround now, I ana no to go to surround O. I mean we all use it now. You're talking about moing only two. It was very expensive. A couple of people had, I remember, even going into the nineties my buddy Alex in high school. They had a laisure disc player and they had surroun. It was a first person. I knew that had it like in their basement all set up and we all went there to watch movies 'cause. It was incredible. Youcoul watch any movie, eever watching billy, Masinahis housewould surround own and being like. This is whatet Id San and then going home and watching it on t e VHS tape. AD B likethis is garbage. We all had movies like. I always had one DV D that was a go to when I wanted to test sound quality Han. For me, it was my my d vd copy of the mummy the whole opening sequence, O that the sound quality is fantastic for testing your stuff. Well, I remember w a was the beginning, like the whole tx thing, the used to come on, Yeah Nis it like that thin fucking, crazy, but yeah. I got to give this one to the DOBI thing, SHEMU great game. I just don't think it's got the legs. DOLBE has no dont, be had great legs. Thepo POK UMON recall just because it wasn't during that time frame and it is a big deal and then the the Time magazine thing that is huge and it's just more of a newsthing. I would put it for both of those an put those more as news than hot products, but anyhow I got to give this one. Eighty two, it's a Julie, AF control, aboard going into two point rounds. It's two points to one any person's game at this point: Where are we going from? That's? Go to music? All right finish up with movies going to old school here, all right, well just to give some ambiance nineteen Ety, two manetor by colonotes Micky by Tony Basil and the girl is mine by Michael Jackson and Paul Mc Cartney were all on the top singles of this week, but we're going to Jamaica where, in December, twenty ninth nineteen eighty two Caribbean history was made when Bob Marley's fast landed on a Jamaican postage stamp. Ob Marley started out in nineteen sixty three with a group, the whalers, where he then pursued a solo, career and relocated to England, resulting in the exodus album, which is every song that you think you know fbol Marlene O. He died, May Eleventh Nineteen D, Eighty one at age, thirty, six of Milynoma, but he was considered one of the greatest most influential musicians of all time and Jamaica was proud to give him a postage stamp right. That's a good yeah definitely deserve that. I'm a huge Bob Marley fan so got a respect, bring in the Marley anytime on this show. So thank you and not when he died. 'cause that's come up before yeah. I had that. Now I don't have the Bob Marley postage stamp. I do have the JERRYGARCIA postage stamp, but not the barley one, so maybe I'll have to look into getting that good pick. So my second pick is Billy Joell serenaded ellentown Pennsylvania on December, twenty seventh nineteen. Eighty two, his visit was prompted by a petition that was signed by ten thousand Allentown's people, urging him to make an appearance in the city the Ailien community was inspired by the latest, hit Song Allentown. The BETHAHEM steel factory reported a loss of one point: five billion and shut down many of its operations, resulting in high unemployment rates and troubled times throughout the factory city. So once they bullyd billy Joll to get there mayor, Joseph Dadana gave him the key to the crumbling city. Lots of t shirts were made, tickets were skelped for a hundred bucks, and the city was made very happy by him just visiting yeah, it's good on him forgo. I didn't even know that he went there to do a song, or did he do a full concert there, or was it just like the one song that he sang and left? He did a full concert and started and ended with Allentown. Oh another fun fact that I just found, while figuring Tus out the original version of the video features, partial male nudity when in the beginning of the video cold workers were just taking showers and they had to edit it on MTV. So I guess we never saw that not by billy jol Nat BA villae are we talking frontalmail nudity or we talking rear cause? It's fair. Nobody here I would like to know, expect ot a billy, Jol Sachs player. Have you ever seen that guy on some of those eighties videos that guy I could see going, you know full front Aon on Sta? No, his his drummer is the shit, the guy with the big ass glasses, likein, the matter tross video always cracks me the fuck up when I watch those guys but hat's I mean that's a good price too. I'm going to see Billy Joll and at MSG in March and we're sitting behind the stage, because that's the only thing we could get 'cause everything else sold out and those tickets were a hundred and eighty dollars apiece to sit behind the stage. That's good seats, though, but yew we're kindo get to see. erything cleverly like it's actually not that bad, because if you look at t e the view of the seats yeah he's not facing you, but a lot of he time he's on the piano. So you see a side view of him grbut the tickets on the other side in the very front, those are seven hundred bucks, apiece, not e in the front row like further back so like pocket I'll sit behind the stage just for the fact that you get to see Billy Joll, even if it's the back side of him. Hopefully it's dressed but yeah, that's a so. You came out with the the Bob Marley postage stamp and Billy Jol serenading allezons, a good stuff. New Year's resolutions are hard, but the excediting New Year New Gigsale is easy. Waking up the kids after a long runner break hard, but getting dig speed Internet, so you can stream serfant game all at once, easy committing to a tenty new year's diet hard, but finding your favorites on expedide Exon, the easiest all in one entertainment experience just by speaking into the exone voice, remote, easy! It's the extinity New Year, new gig sale and it's simple, easy awesome to learn: more go to ixtety com call Wen at hundred expinity or visit a store today restrict and supply not available in all areas. What is nineteen? Ninety nine? I have to offer because musically I can't see ninety nine wowing me with anything Yeh. Well, let's take a look and sink an limp iscuit. Well, I did have the top tracks of the month believe by share no scrubs a angel of mine by Monica Hartbrak Hotel by Witney, Houston baby, one more time by Brittney Spears, kiss be by Sixpence Geniina BOTTL Christinagilera every morning by sugar, Ray nobody's supposed to be here by Debracox and live in Lavida loca by Rickie Martin rounding out the top ten for December twenty. Fourth, through the thirty first nineteen. Ninety nine, so my first selection is by an artist born Sean Kory Carter on December. Fourth, nineteen sixty nine in Brooklyn New York, and he actually holds a distinction of being the wrapper with the most grammy winds in history released December, twenty eighth, nineteen. Ninety nine, I give you volume three, the life and times of s Carter by Jz. The album was very well received by critics and debut at number one on the billboard, two hundred selling four hundred and sixty two thousand copies, and it's very first week it is been sold over three million copies and been certified triple platinum. The album gave us three big singles off of it. Do it again, th things that you do, which was a duet with Mariacarey anything and big Pimpin Bat ban, Parat big temping, was the being of my existence during my college years, because that's all you could hear was baseline from the dorms next room. It was bom bom, Bom, Pon, pints, sfinned and cheese. Oh, it was horrible, so the album was nominated for two grammies. That year and critic Miles Marshall from voice said that JS is the Best Mc. Ind Hip hop in volume. Three was the quintucentral two thousand model hip hop album Andif. You want to know my personal feelings on JS. You know I thought Em Fuckin love, em, leave Hem 'cause. I don't fuck and need 'em Bapeaaso yeah. That's that's my first one JSZ volume, three, my second one we're going to have to go to some live music. I think for 'cause, the even the millennium had some outstanding concerts, so I took a look at all of t'em, so let's go to the even ing the Millennium December thirtieth and thirty first nineteen. Ninety nine. My pick happened to be the largest Millennium Eve concert on earth that night surpassing shows by sting Barbr strieand Arrowsmith. The just mentioned: Billy Joell Eric Claptin Rod, Stewart, the Eagles eand M, Jimmy Buffet, Kiss Metallica, the Red Hut, Chili peppers and Eltin John. This concert surpassed all of them with over eighty five thousand people in attendance. Big Cypris was the largest of ten week and long festivals hosted by the band fish in a two thousand cover story for entertainment, weekly three of the four fish members declared big Cypris. To be the greatest fish concert ever, it was also voted the most popular fish show by fans in the final volume of the farmers ALMANAC. It was also the longest fish concert ever culminating in a seven and a half hour. Second set from midnight to New Year's to sunrise New Year's Day. Fish was the only band at the event they performed. Five sets nearly sixteen hours over two nights. His fans left the concert at sunrise. They played the Beatles here. Comes The Sun, Peter Jennings actually reported on this. In my other news story that I mentioned in the TV round in the ABC Today, two thousand they actually showed live broadcast footage of the concert in part of that and Peter Jennings actually reported on their setlist and stuff. At the beginning of the bands, seven and a half hour. Second Se Guitarist Tra anistacio mentioned that the band had a portapotty toilets on stage, so they could use them during the marathon set and they actually had security guards surrounding the stage not to protect the band from the hordes of Fishfans, but to ensure that the band stayed true to their word and did not leave the stage for the duration of the whole set, so big Cypress, the greatest fish show of all time: New Year's ee N, nine Teen D, Ninety nine and that jshe album that sold three million albums all right before I make a judgment here who played Big Cypris. Besides fish, it was just them for sixteen hours over two days, God, God that's punishment right there. The second set alone was seven and a half hours, asantasticsh yeah, that's horrible. They covered princes nineteen. Ninety nine on ever one hundred a athe. Didn't I it s fantastic. I don't know if there's any band I'd like to see for seven hours, that's only the second set though well. This is a two day concert and they play both days. hfucking full of yourself are you. Eighty five thousand people went to just go seefish. I didn't go to this one. I went to the next big concert after this, which was I that was up in listone main. There was only sixty five thousand people at that. One and I'll tell you I'll never go to a show that big again man or that was just nuts- and this was eighty five thousand all right- well, I'mgoing- to have to tip my hand to Billy Joll, doing some good for allentown over fucking, a gazillion hours of ffish on and nobody else playing like what did they at least donate money or something? What did they do this for just this is a big fish concert. Yeah like they've, always done several large festivals, they've done ten over the years every couple of years they have a new one and it's like a one giant festival with just them. It's a full weekend. They play multiple sets. I remember when I went. They woke us up at six thirty in the morning with an early morning set, they started off with their songs silent in the morning. That's how we all woke up out of our tents and there's just a lot of different art scenes and different exhibits and things to do over the weekend as well as you're there with sixty five thousand or eighty five thousand, in this case crazy other people that are all into the same stuff. You are so yeah cool for that you've never been to a show like that. It's it's ' a unique culture. I guess. Lest Yeah, I'm Gointo give us oing to give that one billy joeleast. He did for a dying town. He went out there and pleayed for Allentown gave him the concert. You know it would have been a little bit better. If billago went out there an did he charge anything for those tickets or were people just scalping those tickets for a hundred dollars. Apiece people are scalping the tickets Faocay, so it was like a free show like a first come forst serv deal M, I'm not a hundred percent chore. I mean I'm Goinna assue that BILLI would do it that way, because I know even on nine eleven he drove around his morcycle and just played random places. He would just show up at a bar and start playing so and just to stay positive. On this whole thing, I'm just going to assume that the scalpers donated the money as well. Well, those people might have needed the money I mean. You know that was a huge industry that was taken out of Allenzown, so you know I gotto look at all for and then I'm looking at those two second picks. I got a tip my hand to billageol on that. I think it's Jus, it's a good thing to do that. He did even though you said that they bullied hem into it. I think he would have actually done it anyway. He seems like the type O person that would do it. So it comes down to the jz volume, three verses, the the postad stamp with Bob Marley. If it was an American postof stamp, it would be astronomical in fact, that it's Jamaican posted stamp and that's where he's from it's still. It's huge, but it's not like another country, recognized him. Maybe did the United States ever put him on a post of stamp 'cause. I have a feeling that they did DDYEAH man. That's this is a fucking tough one. 'cause is as much as I like that album. I don't think that's his best. Album volume, threeis, good, big pimpin. Of course I mean that's like the one. That's got the legs and I actually haven't even heard big pimpin in a long time. It's not something you just hear all the time and thehe's nonspotifies, yet no use not all just stuff 'cause he's he's on his own label. I listen to this album today on spot a phone way and it's the first time. I've heard big pimpin since those college days where I was tormented with that baseline for hours on end really L, I got to check this 'caus. I know he's not on any of my playlist because he wasn't on here yeah. It looks like the same thing. Man, oh no he's got his albums on here now that must be fairly new 'cause. He didn't. As of like a couple of months ago, are they all on? It looks like quite a few of Hem are on there now 'cause I used to just be what do you call what's that one with Lincoln Park Trot the name of it, but that was on there. You know with like numb and Anclwor, and he had some stuff on there with kine west and whatever, but the bulk of his albums weren't on there. So that's actually huge. I loved that. Thank you for bringing that up now. I can add all that ship back to my playlist Ahshit. This is hard. You know what I'm going to have to pull for eighty two here, just because I think both things are kinahumanitarian. The Big Cypress show kind of I'm, not a fish guy. I don't even know. I couldn't even tell you one fish song, but the fact that eighty five thousand people showed up to watch the Shit. Obviously they y must have a lot of material, just not my thing and for once in one of these rounds, I usually try to do it o what everybody else would do, but I'm going to do with what I would do in this round. I'm GOINGTO give this one at eighty, two. Just for the fact that I love Bob Morley. I love Billye Joel. I do love Jezie as well, but I don't know I gotto give Tis one. Eighty two, I'm not going to argue with Bob Marleyman yeah. It's hard. I mean you threwout an icon. She threw out two icons. Of course, fish is probably an icon too, but just not my thing. So I'm going it my thing with this one, I'm going with EI to all right. I guess we're heading over to the movies round and Julie. It's your honor. Would you like to go first or do you want to Difer I'll? Go First, Oh Shit! Thank you! Oh and everything's. On this final round. It's h three points o two, but that doesn't even matter just comes down to this. Whoever wins his final around is the victor of this game: okay, so movies, nineteen, eighty two, while she's sond she's grinning from Er ameersweting man, I'm fucking woaried. I'm actually super embarrassed about the things I'm about to say. You know. Ninteen too, had some amazing movies, blade, runter the thing polder, gist um I' I'm not going to talk about any of these movies o. You only got a whik to choose from yeah a week. You know Tucey came out, but that was on the seventeenth, so that t didn't even include in this week. One thing I did notice and I mean to cut you off, but yhwhen you get to Christmas. Christmas is like the last day. Usually you get like a movie that gets released and it's usually like a bigger movie. Wi'll come out on Christmas, then, after that it's usually throwaways from you know, we're just going to release this one and see what happens, but we'll put it out that week after Christmas or that day, O cdos after Christmas just to see. So I'm really curious to see both of your pictures round. Wel Also, you know when you're looking through all of the ads in the newspapers, you know its et was out and all of the ads and that was still playing the theaters, but that came out in June yeah. You know like a lot of these movies officer and a gentleman was all throughout all of the ads nd and that came out in August, so I think that's pretty wild hat it took so long to to leave the theaters and and get to us on vss m. So I'm going to talk about December, twenty seventh nineuteen and eighty two, a skiter came out, carry Valentine. I kinda look this one up. It was a main for TV movie. Oh Man, peep all even better. A nurse therapist uses her dog to reach emotionally disturbed children where she works. It had as seven point five on IMDB. The cover looks really interesting. It has a Bengi dog on there, so I guess you'd bring the Benje dog all around the only thing that I could find about this. This movie, someone talking about it, was how Karan Valentine looked super, hot and really young, so good. For her and that' skiter, I can't even find I looked up skiter and I'm just getting a CIFI Movi, fom onethousand, nine hundred and ninety three well I'll, be the first to say. You know it might be a movie about a therapy dog, but it's probably got some legs to it. At least four I mean when you think about therapy dogs. Now I there's therapy dogs every day yeah. This was eighty two, so e head of the curve, just like Shenmu this way before it's time. How do you spell? Is it s? OK, l, ter, that's what I was just about to say is Um. You would probably be able to find if, if I have pronounced it correctly, it's Skeezer Skeezerso, yes, Kezar, nineteen. Eighty two! Oh, that sounds way more dirty than H, so skisare this hot Shawy to sendher dog. She went off the IMDV rating of the all of eighteen people. They rated it OTIMTV IT DIN wow. I didn't knot. One person that rate O review. It was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Ward. Karen Valentine, we'll see what she looks like she's, she's, pretty attractive, ino clue. She is, though, b t okay Ar Skeezer, not skiter, but Szer ski ther. It sounds like a way dirtier movie than it should be m. The weak experience at its best right there, some weeks it Getya, N I'e, just got Julie. I can't wait for the secondmy. Second is Elizabeth Taylor. She decides to fly to the Middle East to give hugs to a whole bunch of children a she was fresh off her divorce. It was her sixt divorce and she decided to do good things. This had m Hollywood in a buzz and they they loved, made fun of her going over there and she really felt that you know after three thousand years of some of the world's grace greatest peace figures, you know trying to bring order to the Middle East that she was going to be the best person for the job she gave lots of plugs to kids and her good worll tour ended by her fainting in a Limo N in a desert. So that's pretty much nineteen. Eighty two ESHIF, that's not a snap shot of the end of eighty two. I don't know what is holy: Shir skeezer and Elizabeth Taylor, giving Hod dugs to kids in the Middle East and fainting in a limo and Oh yeah. I can't forget that he had to go down all those kids from the Middle East ran away and said: Oh, she smells like really bad perfume. I think it was at that time. She was not even that old. She died in like twenty eleven and she was. I think she was like eighty or somewhere around her eighties. So she only had to be like what her forties or she's. Fifty and she's fainting come on yeah. Only in the eighties could you fly to another country to hug children that weren't your own. Now that I're strictly frowned upon? Oh wait! Didn't who breastped kids in Africa? Oh, I don't know wast that, like one of Patrao Ain Gweneth Palthroas, that's amazingly bizarre. What the Fux her name from Dustalbon, Samaha, shelmahihily, lucky kids! She WASPI would rather be breastfed by SAMAHIAC than get a hug from Elizabeth Taller. That' Jays me Bues, get you on the lottery Bo thirsty! Every kid was like ante: dranking Er Hunch thereas, like old men, coming up like isome of that colostrum Luckin, less tailor and theywere like I got. Hugs they're, like fuob Lis. Taylor went up to Samahaiakan Sai e man on Thursday can ocas' Throi'm about to feint here. Oh God, Ashe's married to like a billionaire good for her all right. So often ninety nine can you beat skeezer and Liztellor, giving hugs in the Middle East. I don't know I don't Wao, yet I don't know Ma'am 'cause in ninety nine. You might have some crazy shit like limp iscuit movie or some Shit, no timp biscuit, but a limited release. Opening December twenty. Ninth Nineteen. Ninety nine, based on the inspirational, true story of a champion. His greatest fight was for justice, the true story of Reuben Hurricane Carter, a boxer wrongly inprisoned for murder and the people who aided to fight for his innocence in the hurricane starring, Denzel Washington Denzil was nominated for a Golden Globe and did win that Golden Globe for best performance by an actor and emotion, picture or drama, and then he was nominated for the Academy Award but did not win it. Denzel lost sixty pounds to play the role and he trained for over a year with a boxing coach. Of course, the title is similar to the Bob Dylon song and is taken from the Ruben Hurricane Carter book himself that he wrote Denzel Washington did a fantastic job in the movie, also had a great cast in it and was directed by Norman Juison. So that's my first movie, the hurricane with Denzil Washington, so my second film after viewing this movie Tommy wiso, was so emotionally mov that he vowed to make a movie just as if not more compelling than this film and of course, that movie would go on to be the room, the room would not exist if it wasn't. For the movie, I'm about to talk about nominated for five Oscars and five Golden Globes. This film cast included four Oscar winners: Maddamen Cate, Blanchet, Philip Seemore, Hoffman and Guenof Paltro also includes one oscronominee Judelaw, based on the novel, by the same name, by Patricia Hig Smith. I give you the talented, Mister Ripley released December, twenty fifth nineteen. Ninety nine, a perfect Christmas movie in the late Nineteen Fifties: New York, Tom Ripley, a young under achiever itsent to Italy, to retrieve dicky Greenleaf a rich, spoiled millionaire playboy. But when the errand fails, ripply takes to extreme measures. This movie made a hundred and twenty eight million dollars on a forty million dollar budget. This is actually Matt Damon's favorite movie that he has ever made in Julaw learned to play the Saxopilne for this film as Matt Damolearnd, to play the piano, the talented Mister Ripley. I don't know if you guys have ever seen this it's kind of a weird movie, but I kindof dig it it's a very dark role for Matdamon. It's odd, I actually own it, but I've never watched it yeah. I I highly recommend to watch it. It's slow, so you got to be wide awake a good morning. Watch don't watch it late at night, oall right, so we got Fuckin skeezerless tell her giving hogs the Middle East verse the hurricane and talented Msser Rippley, like I said I own talented, MSTER ribly. Actually I own the hurricane to I've. Seen that bunch simes. I love that movie tell to Mister Ripley it's one of those ones. I think I bought it like right after it was released on DVD, like I was full. I was I'm notnto watch this I'm Gointa W. everyone says it's good, never watched it. It might still be n, like remember that security plastic that they put on Tio. I might still have that on my dvd and it's. This is so dated that my DVD is not even widescreend, so I'll, probably ever watch that DVD um, but that doesn't have anything to do with this round. I just figured I'd, throw that out there because, obviously FA in ninety nine, but it's tough and I think the reason you had the hurricane ecause- that's a two thousand movie, but they had that limited release. At the end of the year, because of the WHOOSCAR thing they wanted to get it in the Moov an play I for a week. So that's probably why that was there a talented miserripply that probably came out on Christmas? I doubt it came out after it yeah. No, that was a Christmas Day. Reall HRST TMISDAY released yeah. So that's one of Tho e skeezer. I don't know when that even came out. Do you know what channel that came on? I don't. I want to dig this movie up, but I guarantee you. We talked about this an episode or two ago. If you can find a movie on IMDB that has like less than a hundred like reviews, that is a rare movie. Usually those are Movia th, they put them on thhss and they never crossed over to digital and they're really hard to find. So the fact that you brought this movie up that has eighteen, which is probably one of the lowest that I've ever seen for an actual movie that was released, O like on television or wherever it was I've, never seen that low Liz tallor giving hugs. I don't even ca is so fucking stupid, her o children she's an idiot. Why were you doing that? That's just like mememememe, I'm going to Middle East harpugs. First of all, they're poor children in a third world country. They don't need fucking hugs, they need clothes and food and they probably don't even know who the fuck. You are R strange. Whitelyane smells like tad perfume just wants to come up and hug me just jus Saing, her name. I could smell what she smelt like. You know that old gany perfume to me when I smell it. It KINDOF has like this marshmellowy weeranmel kind of makes me want to cough powdery flowere, that's what I'm picturing, so she just went over there and choked a bunch of kids. It was Elizabeth. Taylor's own perfume, dimenar forever is theher, something like that: ine diamonds, white diamond, a yeah. I got to Git this one in ninety nine. I mean it's real easy to pick this one so mark you get a victorybrow. I know what Hell Man. I never pick up victories in the singles competition. I might come back from vacation with you on a two game: windstreak that would be bizarre. They might but yeah. I totally locked out on the movies round. Just ot happened in ninety nine. There was just a couple of these bigger studio films that got released other than that there was absolutely nothing so I mean at couldhave gone with galaxy quest with H, Tim Allen and Sigorney Weaver. I think that' still would have beaten, skise redminds in that it's a rough law. You get GRT yhiks tonight Julie Though yetwere y up weak experience for a reason US looking forward mark. You got so you're going against Joe next week, so saywhat. If you be joe next week, that's two in a row for you. Actually, if you take the Mameluke's victory from last episode, that would be three winds in a row for you. If we're going by AW rules here, you're in line for a title shot soon, if you, if you win next week, I know it reminds me of like one of my favorite movies of all time, Major League where they're talking about it. Hey're, like we won yesterday, we Wen today that's two in a row. We went again, that's three. You know what they call that that's a winning streak I might be on one of those and for January we got a big month, hopefully Kely Meroney's supposed to come on, for I think the ninth she's going to be judging an episode there and then, of course, our favorite Robert Tepper is coming back. Cul, be back on the twenty third of January to judicate. Another episode he's really excited about this. So we'll see where that goes man. If you take that game against Jo next week, I don't know what'll happen on the ninth, but maybe it just maybe you could be in line for the title. All right, Juli thanks are coming in tonight and playing can't wait to have you back. Tell everybody where they can listen to flickers from the cave check is out flickers from the kave anywhere that you listen Abod Gess for a movie review, Plat, Gast, so listen to US join us. We have a lot of laugh and good time. You Better Review. Skeezer you talk about ski or on your most current episode. We will. We will next yeah ar lately, for the New Year got to do a full review of Skeezer, maybe t a commentary track or something my God trying to see if I could find it right now, all right, jelers well he's looking for that. If you've ever missed an episode of doling decades, you canhead over to our website dualing decades, dotcom where you can subscribe to the show over on spotify CASS box, wherever you get your podcasts and then why you got your computer out, go over to facebook, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades join our group there and then join our private group where you can share some of your own eighties and nineties memories. MANCRUSH! What's up so you got your hand raised. I was just going to say: score's reset th, try you're listening to this it's January. That means we have crowned a champion for twenty nineteen on the first of January or resetting scores even playing field for everybody to get on the Trivia you're not far out you're going to star from zero. Just like everybody else. Ogo over to our facebook, yeah and season two 's going to be even bigger and more fun than season. One was so if you haven't joined in on the dueling decades, Triviq Craz, yet on facebook get in on that duelers and the champion's about to get a belt yeah. I know I I just saw our picture of that belt. DULERS! Wait till you see that it isn't impressive. That's like teddbosi quality million dollar belt R, not quite that Nice, but it's it's not too Shet. So until next time jewelers were going to Bidd you, a peace, love, lightne joy have a grateful week. Everyone infirmay media