Dueling Decades
Jan. 15, 2020

It's the weak experience, but who had the strongest week, January 1989 or January 1997?

It's the weak experience, but who had the strongest week, January 1989 or January 1997?

Dueling Decades returns with an all new Week Experience duel or should we call this one the Weak Experience? Returning champion Mancrush is back dueling with January 1989 as he defends his belt against Drew Zackmin from The One Headlight 90’s...

Dueling Decades returns with an all new Week Experience duel or should we call this one the Weak Experience? Returning champion Mancrush is back dueling with January 1989 as he defends his belt against Drew Zackmin from The One Headlight 90’s Podcast. Drew gears up with January 1997 as he tires to topple the champ. Marc James steps behind the bench for this cant miss, totally tubular episode of everyone's favorite adult audio retro game show, Dueling Decades!


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Let's take a look at this week's doelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off the challenger Egus. This is Dru Zacman. The host of the one head late nineties, potcast- and I am talking today about the week of January fifth o the Eleventh Ro Onineteen, Ninety seven and his opponent. He is the reigning jeweling decades champion a forty two year old pondcaster from New York. Please welcome man crush I'm actually, forty one mother fucker, but H, thats, Fer t tat up an yeah. It's me and my Buddy Jamison over here to the right we're we're playing with this one. We have January seven through the fourteenth of nineteen eighty nine rigt, it's Oll and as always here on the show, we need somebody to judicate all of this awesomeness. So for this weak experienced battle, I mark James Shal once again sit behind the bench and serve as your jovial judge, Kelly Meruny Ho w's supposed to be here. Tonig St want to throw that out there. She got called to the set tonight and had to cancel on us again, so we moved it once again from November to January, and now she's going to be on February twentieth or something like that. No harm no foul, no got mark here, Mark's going to Fuckin judges. She did tell us that shooting raps up in a few weeks, so she gave us some dates. We still planning on having her come in so, but we do have Robert tepper coming in two weeks and he's excited he's ready to come back so al Rig. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dueling decades rules. The JUDG's coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. It judges ruling we'll determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all five rounds. You know life moves pretty fast dolers. If you don't stop to look around once in a while. You could miss this all new episode, ofointenas all right guys. So for tonight's officiall toss off I'm going to take a page out of a former judge's book, we had a a loyal listener of the show on Genadrolett and she had flipped a Pog slammer. So I actually have a Pog slammer here tonight is a clear plastic. SLAMMOR says happy day on it, and I have twenty pogs stacked up in front of me. First person to guess how many I flip, without going over Wen's the coin toss giveme a Guass. So how many you think, I'm going to flip I'm gong to slam it three, seven, seven, exactly wel he's on fire! That's 'cause! I wasn't here last week and I'm fucking rested one Don Occasionaly, four, five, six, seven, who damn that was a good one. All Right, man crush! You have control of the board. What category would you like? First, all riht want to do something at I. Don't think's ever been done before 'cause, I don't remember. It probably has been about whatever I'm Goin to go. Music first, have we ever had music first yeah last episode? Oh Fuckwa! I wasn't there so here we go once again. I got Uh January seventh of O fourteenth so we're going January, tenth, Nineteen D, Eighty nine and this deceased musician he still garners or four million plays a month on spotify. I always kind of thought of him as like a cold success, especially as a sola artist, but four million playes a month is pretty damn solid and if you countd his work from the sixties with his band velvet underground you'd add another three million a month, pretty damn stout numbers for Mr Lureid. Well, on January, tenth, nineteen nine he released his fifteenth soloalm entitled New York happens to be an album that rollingstone hailed as the nineteenth best album of the decade: fucking random, Asomer N. of course we're talking about the eighties, of course, a lot of people. I I look this up online n. A lot of people said this. Album is the best of his career. Some of the songs are the best of his career, but I'm Gonto be a o hundred percent hoes wit, you guys, I don't get it to me. It sounds like a dude talking through music and I liked punk and I like belvet out in the ground, maybe more but like this, I don't know it's on my thing, I'm sure I pissed off some reed fans, but tell me what I'm missing go to our facebook. Tell me what I'm missing is I all about the lyrics. If this wasn't the weak experience hundred percent honest, I probably would not have selected this album, but to eachhis on did sell roughly one million copies world wide. It had three singles, including Romeo, and Juliet Dirty Boulevard and bus load of Bat R loury. Are you a Lurid Fan? I am not I'm not a big. I had one LURID album growing up. I think it was transformer same one. Everybody had right, just not h couldn't get into it. I think it's the same thing that you had it's talking over punk and J, St Nothng like that yeah, it's like a punk version of Bob dealing yeah. No, no that doesn't sound good man, O nomaybe. It was Bo the Likht Blue Reed, I don't know, but slim pickens, it's the weak experience. You know I was: I was alwos a fan of rollins band yeah B. He did in a different way. 'cause Ye could scream too. That was like angry Lourid, yeah H, yeah Weno, Henry Henry was defnitly angry yeah, and that was actually our culmination. Our first trivia culmination of this week was Henry Rawlins props out to Brian Marena for getting that d. If you haven't done it yet goverdoor feecebook, facebooked, docom, fordslis doing decades get in on the triviane. Now we reset all the scores, they're low, everybody's you're right in it, even if you just start now, you're in it Monday, Tuesday, first culmination of the week Wednesday. All you got to do is listen to the episode and tell us who onet eats around you, get twenty points: You're aready, listening, IO, the episode and then Thursday and Friday. You got your second culmination of the week if you get the whole colmination. How many points is it mark? Fifty fifty that's right and the Audio Trivi is twenty. So there's lots of ways to get these points. Everyday. Five points on our feecebook story. Go there and start it everyone's doing the shit you should too anyhow January tenth, nine unered and eighty nine. My second pick, you know I I realized when I was doing this, I don't pick music tingles often, and I realized, as I was trying to dig these things up, but man there's some fucking gold. If you were to look at singles over albums- and I think I'm going to start to look more this way- sometimes one s think about it. This way one song could be far greater of an impact and an entire album, and in this case I think it is even though this album is pretty fucking amazing too, so he got a seven minute and twenty seven second Metallica Song that came Om, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight Oh justice for all. So it was the last single to be released from that amazing album and if you weren't a thrash metal ban in the eighties. I hear this a lot where people aren't really metal fans and they're like Oh, I got into metallico an Wen enter to Sama came on MTV. You know it was all over the place for me at eleven years. Old One was that song, because that was their first fucking video and that shit hit hard. You know you came out, you heard the whole beginning with the artillery and the helicopters, and it's all black and white, and they got Johnny, got his gun on there and then are switching back and forth between them playing and that, like a empty warehouse, it's so sick that vieo amazing, it's fucking great it it's classic. We actually put up and asked on our facebook page this past week what people's favor Maye was two weeks ago when it was orige's birthday which favorite metallica song and a lot of people I'd say more than fifty percent had one is that so yeah? I was happy to actually see that the single ended up selling about five hundred thousand copies going gold, which is not bad for a fucking thrashmetal man, N, Osan, nine hundred and eighty nine. So those are my two picks tha. That song is so good that whole album and justipr all that's, probably my so the black albumis. What turned me on to them? 'cause, wh N, when that came when the black album came out, I think I was ten or eleven. That was what ninety one I think it was rigy 'cause. I was eleven when that came out and I was like just starting to ecause at that time. I was like you know eleven I like listening, Kindof Lik, whatever was on a radio, but that was getting some pretty serious radio place. I was like. Oh, this is Kinda cool. It's not like what I've heard before and then I started to start listening to it, love the black album and then then, at that, when I started going back and then I went to justice and the puppets and then lightning and Killemol and all those albums were that was hooked. atthat band is so frigging good and justice. The entire justice album is. Ah I just like blew my mind at eleven years old dude I saw the Wadio and I had gave you like nightmares. I had my parents buy me, the cassette single and I still remember the BSIDE was the prince on the cassette single and then I saved up my own money and I ended up buying it and just a forall, and then I got ride the lightning and I was like I was hooked until load and Rila would gum out an then I kind of Yeah En Tho. So it's a different. It's Ik, a friend heavy well F! So do things one! I think if you take load and reload and actually just make that one album thatd be a damn good, album Um. I think that would have helped their cause, but I I think you could be heavy and not go like a hundred mal. You can be H, you know heavy go a hundred miles an hour like Dhay had done before, but you can also be heavy and go slow with your justwith. Your finger up, that's what they would do so either way. I think they were heavy. Here's a big difference for me. I think was these albums, like when you're talking about justice for all ride the lightning and all these are albums m master puppets the entire fucking album from beginning to end. You could listen straight through it oath or load and reload. I can listen to a song, skip, go to another song. So to me those are albms. I threw away so this fucking single though this got me into it, and I think it got a lot of other people into it. What do you have for nine Teen N, Ninety Um, so n, nineteen Inet, seven Bo and just for all, is a tough one right. So I'll do this so January. Seventh, we were given a gift of the wonderful New Year. One we had not seen before that gift, sirs and Mans would eventually help in the soundtracks of our lives, and that day the major label debut enjoy inkebis was released upon the world. Of course, that was by Incebas that Alba Musila six song ep debt, but it put hem on the map. You know next day release my personal favorite, album science, that album is fantastic, probably the heaviest of the albums that they've done that's by why I liked it so much, but then, after that we got make yourself which y everybody likes and run right from your sel. It's so good and then morning view two thousand and one after which I pretty much kind of stopped listening to them after that. But as did everybody else, but I mean enjoyis Lik, I've listened to it before it's, okay, thit's, not bad, but y. You can see kind of like some of the funk element in there, not maybe not as much of the heavy as you would hear like in science, but it was still so decent, but you know it. It showed like who these guys were. There was deinitely some potential, but I mean science. I mean Atim, so good yea had new skin Certishat, O Green redefine vitamin idiot box. That album is amazing and then make yourself. I mean you have privileged the warmth. I mean they're stellart and drive like those Ar ther prol ere, two biggest is probably drive, is probably their biggest h. pardon me par so good incubus. I've seen them live. I would say like four or five times roughly around that time framed like late nineties or only two thousands M. I think I saw them open for deaf tones twice and then I saw it. I think they were on touor three eleven and Tabrt, so they always put on a realasheve tap root. Back then Ya. They er iassing pick but that'God. Damn ot root as the time fucking, I god Oh yeah, Avee, listen a while Anyowtaa atthatgift was really good. Um is seen. Tempora live like four or five times, but yeah make yourself was listed on the one thousand one albums. You must heare before you die that album sold over too many copies and Ikybes the they're still pipeo. They have over four million monthly listers on spotified drive as their most piplar one on there with two hundred and forty four million streams. So in a while this album was H. didn't have those songs on there, it Wa, you know it was the precurse or to what inkey biss would do, and I, though, that kind of ruled the music scene for a while. Her ther was like, like a good three year, run like you, couldn't listen to our radio station without hearing one of their songs on there. So that's what I got from my first Bick January: Seventh enjoy inkybess. I remember t they were on the show on Mt v where it was called like you think you know, I think that's what the name th show was, you think you know, and there was a promo for it and they be on it and hit was the fucking the I don't know. If he's t a guitarist on the fucking basis, wherer he's golike an Afro, oh Mikinsiger, the Ga he goes, you think you know, but I have diarrhea forever I'll always to. I remember that Cudos Ho thattthe key take away all right. True what Ha e you got for your second music selection. I picked number two same day January: Seventh, N Nineteen. Ninety seven H that DAB yoall learned that if you want my future, you need to actually forget my past and if you want to get with me y 're, you're, probably going to want to make it fast and Ave weu also found out what I really really want, which apparently was to Zigiz ID, never figured Ou what the Fuck Si cul Si O. I think that means to get your salad tossed yeah. I don't want to figure the HO. Oh Dear God, h anyway, that's the H, spice girls. They release the single for want to be so. I am also tapping into that Singla. I pool there n and that's better because I almost selected that album, which was from late ninety six somewhere lamp in a previous episode- and I don't remember if I did it or not mark it- was on a tag one of our tag matches, and I I don't know if I did select it, but if it was that one song I feel like the one song is so much larger than the actual album itself. Wus 'cause, it's like one for one. It's no batting a thousand at that point. If you have the album there's like maybe three or four go songs on there, you know B, fucking songs, they think it's the the other one theythat Song Thet Song with the girls, the arms and they dince, but yeah. So so that one top? U S, billboard hot one hundred for four weeks again, you couldn't go anywhere without hearing this song. At that time, Onobe was the best selling single by a girl group in the world, with over four million copies sold just between the? U K and U s over seven million copies world wide by the end, O n Ninetnen, ND, ninety seven and showing the the legs that this one has and a ' two thousand fourteen study. This song was chosen as the most easily recognizable pop song of the past sixty years. So and if you want some numbers e, I I culd tell I can tell you why it's actually, because a lot of people lost their hearing, yetere's a song or they gouge their eyes, Thouha lot of that it was like a bola of the ears and eyes. Actually not the eyes so much, they were good. They were pretty decent. This wasn't the worst song out there. I mean I've heard worse. No, I'm just playing around it's it's actually, not that bad at's see. I I M I wasn't into you know. This is like ninety seven, so I was Mike Sixteen so Wa sixteen. When this came out- and I was like listening to like fear, factory and similar stuff- then yeah Y- U Yeah, ver Yuch S, one in when your friends were not aroud, IG N. is everybody Gone Oky, Damn ID Steve? What are you doing over there? I thought you'd left. I was mocking it. Thank God. It didn't have a social media back then boy that wouldhave been a mess M, but is Loa's long as not terrible. There's like way where songs like the MOCCARENA I wan TA. Oh, I want to like choke people, Um Mambo number, five hthere's, there's. Definitely some some way. Where songs out there absolut over on our dueling decades, spotifying account. We actually have an account W e. We get a bunch of playlists up there, one of the more recent playlists. We put out, we posted it in our facebook group, was all the Wak songs you could think of from the eighties and ninety, and it had all of the songs you just mentioned on there. They are. They are in fact whack alright. So I guess wee got to get to the judgment for the music round. Here it went a little bit longer than normal 'cause, it's music. You need to give music a little prop. So that's we like music. It happens alright, so we got not the best incubous album versus not the best lriad album. Well, some people said it was the best, I'm sure W. I wasn' we haven't, found those people yet, but we're sure there ell. I I swear to go. I say it, then it's been said multiple times, but I just on this one. I don't get it so also. We got the spice girls with wannaby versus Metallica, one M Kindo going to match those two up 'cause. They were both singles and they were both huge hits for each respected groups. So you know what it's kind of a tough one. On this one ECAUSE, the spicecles was a huge sensational hit for them and that kind of propelled that group into start em is sad and sick and disgusting as that is but overall, I don't think that's the best lurid album and I don't think that's the best incubous album. It's certainly not my favorite, but the power of Metallica one that is just a monumental single and both of you just said how great that song was and how not listenable wannabe was so based on that alone. I got to give the first point: one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine mancrish. You have control of the board. That was the only point I was going to get this whole game. I'm like I'm like. Where am I going to maybe score some points and I got O music. I got that one, no ma'am, here's a tip if you're going to pick somethingnae, don't say how horrible it is too CI. I never said one O be most horrible. I did. I told him one of he was horrible, but I didn't think listen that lurid thing he's got lots of fans. People dig that music, it's not my thing just like when you did the fish thenk a couple of weeks ago. That's not my thing! So I'm going to be honest about it, and I just I tried I listened to it again. I was just like: Don't get it but okay, somebody Taing, but anhow that was t a fun round. Let's go to a boring ground and going to news around to already Alli am going to start off with a new story from January thirteenth, nineteen, a eighty nine, I'm goingto red you, the story. There we go a Friday. Thirteenth virus struck personal computers in Britain on Friday and what experts said may have been a new manifestation of a computer virus that originated in Israel. Hundreds of personal computer users found the virus was programmed to delete files. On Friday. Thirteenth said Alan Solomon Maging, director of sand s enterprises, a Dada Recovery Center in Chesam, quote Unqute, it's been frisky and hundreds of people, including a large firm with over foreigner computers, have telephoned with their problem. Several. U S, Computer Security Experts Sa. They have not received any reports of the virus that have cropped up stayside. The virus bore many characteristics of one that had been programmed to go off. Friday may thirteenth nineteen. Eighty eight, the day before the fortieth anniversary of the establishment of the state of Israel, the virus was first note noticed at Hebrew, university in Jerusalem and later spread to Europe security expert said it was logical. The virus was set to go off on Friday, Thirteenth Blah, Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah get to the end here. The fucking thing with this story en thes's the reason I did it apparently some experts back then, would suggest changing your system clock, and I remember this so that your computer would actually avoid ever having a Friday thirteenth. So what these people wanted you to do, and this is what they would say in nineteen nine, which is far fucking different from today. They would say just go into your date. Settings and just eradicate the day just go to Saturday and on Saturday set it back. I feel like I remember that yea yeah, I remember, but here's the fucking problem with that. It's still resident in your memory, so it's still taking up memory. It's still new and Shit. It's reducing memory on the machine every year, whatever the fucket's doing. We don't do that now. Now we try to nip it before it happens or eradicate the mother fucker entirely. So I just threw that out there, because it's such a difference in thirty one years of the thinking that went on in it back then was like Oh yeah, we'll just Kip the fucking day, El we'll be fine, and nowadays we don't the Shit's way worse. Now we would never do that. But anyhow that was my my bullshit story. Let's get to the other story, January eleventhnineuteen and eighty nine at the Paris chemical weapons conference, diplomats for more than a hundred and forty nations condemn the use of chemical weapons and called for a stepped up effort to complete a treaty, banningly development and possession of such weapons. The declaration issued after five days of occasionally stormy debate banned the use of chemical weapons in war. It declared support for using the United Nations Security General's Office to conduct investigations of suspected chemical weapons use. The conference was called at the initiative of the United States because of their concerns raised over the use of poison gas by Iraq into, in a lesser extent, Iran in their eight year war, which t actually had a ceasefire, N N nineutered, an eighty eight, but no nation was singled out for criticism and the final document given the ground rules that the agreement was to be by consensus in effect, giving every nation a veto over the document, and I just want to throw this out there. Soviet foreign minister announced at that Paris chemical weapons conferences. The sovet union planned to begin destruction of its chemical weapons, stockbile upon completion of a destruction facility, so that was hug we're talking about the Cold War where, in this still nineteen nine, we saw it like another, two years of the Cold War. This is a big fucking deal and I just wantto throw this out about chemical weapons. Have you ever wondered how many chemical weapons we have as e nation, I'm SAG AOTHER NITY SAS the United States agreed in nineteen ninety one to stop, creating and basically dispose of our entire stockpile. They're going to befinish destroying those chemical weapons by the end of twenty twenty three, let me just throw this out there. I found ther newsarticle. They actually started under Reagan and started destroying them in nine teen. Eighty Five E, like forty years to get rid of every howmady they do a day. That's what I'm wondering like it's the government man, the Onoyeah. They it's people got to keep jobs. You know it goes it's like working on the highway. You know I can' be easy though 'cause I'm, you know it's! It's not like! It's like I' going through my house and throwing out some old lake tax papers. You know they're not going to kill anybody unless they try eating it and then they choke. You can't just put it in the recycling bin e. take this home put in your backyard man. Just yes got got to handle 'em carefully, so I can understand how it could take. What do I do with this guranium time we just dont have Fargao here, put it in this metal. Cannister you'll have like it's a huge new story, but at the end of it I was like I have to find out how many we actually have and how the process is going and when I found that out, I was like wow okay. So that's how many are out there just open somemise, that's a nice way of saying we're going to destroy our chemical weapons, but still keep all of our chemical weapon. Delete, ecrototical or delete Weri wish twe we're going as fast as we can go. One they're going my half life over there, which will last longer chemical weapons or a McDonalds hamburger. Let's find outmaybe, that's why it's taken solong! Ah, maybe fucking McDonalds, wethere they're, not as sponsoring O ar the not yet yet h'SSO good. It's so healthy! All Right! True! Let's go over to you tha years round, all right. So I have January tenth, Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety seven somebody. Everybody knows every remembers this story. Arnal Tho Aliman was sworn in his president of Nicaragua, a post. He would hold until January two thousand and two and then in two thousand and three he was convicted for money laundering, embezzlement and corruption. So he seemed like a nice guy and it's something you just don't normally see in the leader of a country. I T that might be the first time. I've read something like it, but he was sentenced to a twenty year, prison term and transparents the international. This is what kind of really made you want to coll this out, transpars the international and named him, the ninth most corrupt leader in stery, like thats insane like so like number one. They had Mohammed Suharto from WHO's, the present of Indonesia in the sixties. Up until the nineties, they embezzled like up to like thirty five billion dollars, hubs, sloion Melosovich from Serga Yugoslava. He like embezzled about a billion dollars. So those are the types of people that are on this list and killed the million people. Well that so yeayah now is this a current list? Or should this list be updated? Well so this was. This is from two thousand and four that's when thise goport was done. So if you I mean, if you updated it now, he probably wouldn't cra. He wouldn't be on the top ten he'd be in the top fifteen twenty, so yeah- and I didn't again- I didn't really know that's why I love this pod cess. I learned Shit and the listeners they're like Oh, I was' unaware of this Arnan do Aleman Im. I can tell my friends all about this yeah so January, ten Ninetyn, ninety seven one of the most corrupt people in the werall ten nd th yeah back in two thousand and fora. One of the MST CR people in the world took power in Nicaragua. So that's kind of a big deal, moving on actually kind of moving back a little bit to January seventh, N, nine Hutdend and ninety seven Newt Gingrich narrowly was reelected a speaker of the. U S House of Representatives Romings, I remember about him. Tos WHOS USS ran hair. Well that too, I think he as more a Duchcanoe TAT was official title Duhs, a ficial typle yeah, the speaker of the Duch anoes Um, H, oversaw the passage by the House of Welfare on reform and capital gains, tax cut and nine Tden N. ninety seven, you also played a key role and several government shut down and ATPEACH President Clinton on a partyline vote in the house now gengirt would eventually resign from the speakership on November six, nineteen, ninety eight and ultimately from the house altogether January thir. Nineteen, Ninety nine, namely due to the portioning by Republicans in the ninety eight congressional elections, are reprimandd from the House for gingriches ethics, violation, pressure from the Republican colleagues in general and revelations of an exramarital affair with a congressional employee. Twenty three years is junior, which again, that is something that is unheard of. I don't know nobody in the late nineties was doing that a m I'm assuming that I was purely speculative 'cause potitions. Don't just do those types of things now and here's and here's why I mean I think a lot of people remember geing, rich especially around that time, but still now still a voice. Now I found this interesting and again. This is why this pot cast is so interesing in he like find stuff that you might not have known this reelection or his relection was crucial, as political scientists have actually credited Gingrich, with playing a key role in undermining political decorum in the United States and hastening political polarization and partisanship. If you look kind of where we are now like, that's where we are and looking back I mean I was sixteen when this happened, so I knew some of the stuff, but maybe like I wasn't as in tune to it as I would be now. S' ECAUSE, I'm olderness in thit's. What I pay attention to now, but you know that's that's a big statement to make says Sali where how things are now. Essentially, he was the kind of person he was. He was the person who brought us here through his through his election. I don't like to get too political. Axihe fucking politics, but has there ever been a speaker of the House that wasn't a giant duch most of them are, I think, yeah I think, do you have to be a giant Dush to be a speaker of the house? Hm N, I mean I haven't checked the the job posting on indeed, but hit must be on there. It must be like on the bottom, like R, easy years of doochiness under yeah. It's like must mess up a bachelor's degree, ten years of equivocal experience, and it must be a Jiant ush. So maybe it's there, I di't know I'll have to check it out. fucking news of ninety seven, that's what I got all right mark off to you for the judge moot all right guys. LET'S TAK! Look at this news round. You know we got a Shidi Armando down in Nicaragua, he's a raffer sound like Eah. Well, that's what all his friends called Hem and shady new gangrigh Shny Arnold. You know nemwere going to match it up against what man crush had in nineteen eighty ninety Friday, the thirteenth virus now is that still a thing does. Is that a virus? That's still around? No, that that specific one, I'm sure has been completely eradicated since then, with what we have now, but back then into the early nineties. It was a pretty decent deal because back then two people weren't putting antiviruses on their machines. So I don't have to set my clock back or anything, no you're, fine, there's other bullshit. You know you go on all the porn sites you go to and stuff and the the pictures you send me for for Facebookeyi, Gotto, clear that brows or history thanks for reminding me St. so you had that and the Paris Chemical Weapons Conference, God. That was such a great time an I remember when we all went down no okay but yeah. It's really fucked up that it's taking that long to destroy all those chemical weapons, you'd think Ho'd be in a hurry, and what shocked me most about this story is that it took until nineteen, eighty nine for them to at least say we should probably not use chemical weapons yeah. Well, here's t a thing they they were talking about it for years when I was looking at t through the research, but it took to eighty nine to get that sit down with all the nations and really do this so see where worlds wasn't enough. No, so in the time that we decided chemical weapons are a bad idea and we should destroy them between deciding that and actually having no chemical weapons. Crystal Pepsi has gone and come back twice. I already SA seriously. I hope it comes back in scaze its the best. I I would give up drinking alcohol if Krtari come on. Let's be rude, Wi'm, not joking! I love it. It's so good! I miss it all right, so I guess I got Ta give I ruling on this round wow- and this is a tough one, man tehad a hundred and forty countries banning chemical weapons against New Duchkinkrige, I'm not gingn, to say his name right, I'm just going to fuck it out, aren't all down it's Ar Noul, though, though Shady Aranaldo Sdar Aldo. Yes, that's song and fifty cent. No, we no now see Mai hate to do it, but I gotta go with mancrush again in eighty nine. Why do you hate to do it? You like chemical weapons? No, I don't like chemical weapons, but you know I want a nice competitive game here, but when I look at the numbers, Ornotho was only the ninth worst person in the world at the time. The people above him were terrible like what do you have to do to Li get on that list? I don't know, but here on dualing decades we strive for Excellenc he's only coming in at nine, so man crush you get the point and you control the board. He didn't even steal a billion, yet you got to embezile. He was only in office for four years, give him time they did and he got caught he's stupid wey. I was a thanky. He worked his way on the list and then worked his way off to live. You know what I've been in games before whereits three fucking, nothing going in two point rounds, but of course those were tag matches and we lostbut. Let's go. Let's see on one point rounds: Let's go fucking hot roducts right in the middle here; okay, all right, man crushed what ae you got for your first hot product, all right January, tenth, nineteen, nine! This video sold more than eight hundred thousand copies in the nited states by April of Nineteen. Ah, nine it was plastered all over. The place initially was laided to be a full on theatrical release, but they decided to go straight to video, because that's what fucking did? Nineteen Nine and then thet was certified eight times platinum in the? U S: Nine Times: Plot Om n, the UK four times platinum and Canada, and it also spurned off a video game for home consoles and the arcade. This home video was performed by perhaps the most famous person on the fucking planet. At that point in time, probably I wouldt say now, but he's still pretty fucking famous jakovs mearngoff, I'm not talking about fucking Missouri man from the mere price on nine huteen and ninety nine, or about forty one dollars and thoesand and twenty you could pick up a copy of Michael Jackson's, Moon Walker from your local, Sam goody or any other fucking department store on the planet. At that point, Moonwalker was pretty much a review and her's something that I learned like drew was saying. I never knew this. It was pretty much our view of his Michael Jackson's. Bad tour then ended in Ninetee, which was actually Jackson's. First, ever solow tore and did not know them really yeah. It's pretty fucking crazy. Anyhow yea had Joe Pasi playing a fuckyn mobster go figure and he turns into a car. He has a bizarre pony. Tail Jackson turns into some kind of like I'm spoiling the shit here, but if you want to go to Utuba to watch it and pauses, but he turned into like this sighboard space shuttle hybrid, then he defeats the evil guys he kills Joe Peshi by blowing his ass up and then he concludes the entire thing by taking a bunch of children bringing them to a concert hall and seeing them a Beatle Song Yeah, why the fuck? Not It's all for the children, it is um touching, but yeah, it's Du! It's fucking! Weird! It's! U! It was a very popular video ban. If you go to utube and watch it, the beginning is a bunch of videos from the bad towore they're all extended kindo cool, if you're big, Michael Jacksonvan, the movie itself at the end, fucking really bizarre, but totally worth watching if you're drunk my second pick January, eighth, N, nineteen and eighty nine, a we were talking about this before the episode came on, I found ads for this one being sold for the exclusive price of two thousand eight hundred and ninety five dollars. That's Odra dropping six thousand dollars in tenty twenty, but I found this like a full week before the quote: Unquote: Release Date that you would find a wikopedia or every fucking place on the Internet, people ere selling the shit all over the place- and I tell my daughter this all the time wickapedi is fucking wawsome. I say just like that. We could pe his fucking awesome, but it's not that accurate. Sometimes so you just checked that shit, but I still see this pecific machine popping up on ebay anywhere between two hundred four hundred dollars. I've seen people using these as fish tanks, converting them into like little television. I shouldt you not some apple fans. Again, I found the son L A bunch of different places. They consider this to be the best Mac of the eighties and nineties, I'm not making that up. I actually found like a slew of article saying the exact same things, so it must be true right. A friend of mine still had one of these. When I graduated High School, I n Nineteen Ane inety six and believe it or not. It was faster than my one hundred megahertzs computer that I was running windows. Ninety five on so ias, a solid machine that came out January, nine, I'm talking about the apple Macintosh, se, thirty, it's the all in one. If you guys like, if you have a picture of an old Mac in your head, this is a fucking one you're talking about it's the only one, thirty two bit, which was a dirty thirty two bit, but I'm not going to get in that 'cause I'll Bor, the show everybody, but it was a dirty. Thirty, two Bi Sixteen megahurds one meg of Ram expandable. The fourmegs Ram had that one point: Four Meg floppy superdrive on it. Thirty meghard drive nine inch built in monocromotor and it had a carrier tha. You could purchase separately to pack it up and carry this twenty pound mother furker everywhere you went so I mean it's a win wind, but just think about how technology has transpired over the past thirty one years, 's crazy on yeah the phone. That's in your pocket is about fifty times more powerful in this machine for a fraction of the price. Yet somehow we're still using gas powered engines how the fuck does that work out, but anyhow h the two I'm going with Michael Jackson's Moonwalker and the Mac Se, thirty yeah, my one of my friends, he's he's a graphic designer. He has this in his basement and it is in fact a fish tank, so yeah, it's it's pretty dope is a fish tank and that's why they go for like two Hunde tescals people. Take it ay rip it out how aughing out and I've seen my buddy Keith had one where he took it out and he replaced replaceheng inside with like a nine inch, CR t color TV and they had it in their kitchen. It was fucking bad ass, but yeah if you're thinking old school Mac Machine. This is the fucking machine, yeah computers, its so crazy, like computers back remember, like gateways like they were lip for like three or four grand like it's just insane like how expensive they were like how a labtopn out for like four hundred bucks and it would still be decently, powerful and like would absolutely just piss on computers from back then, due to isy part of the researchs. I knew a lot about the machines, so I wanted to know who bought this and like how they purchased it. So like I dug and dug and dug- and I found these forms of people talking about it, and there was one guy that I I remember the post. He said that he called some company in New York. They was selling one and he had to purchase it using three different credit cards to buy this Machin v got ant fucking American- I don't know what it is s that is bucking twenty eight. Ninety five! Well, all right drew let's head over to you for the hot phrodics round, yeah about that Um. I I tell you what I had. I had a tough time digging up some hot products here. I I scoured the inner webs for literally like two straight days, trying to find something here like hours each day, herhere's, here's what I have we're going to go to January: Seventh, nine Huneed, nd. Ninety, seven, the release on t e conversial USD in VHS, one of the best American buddy action, comedy films ever in the history of the world fled. Who doesn't remember that I went to the movies to see, fled, see you you're a fan already directed by the uncomparable cabin hooks. He's done so much it stars. Lawrence Fishburn and Stestephen Baldwin theire, two prisoners chained together who flee get it cleath lad during an escape attempt. Gon that hold on the most cringy part of the intire movie is when he looks ot who says it. One of them looks at the other one and goes we got to get fled like dude, you don't Neeltat for the coming attraction. That's fucking horrible English. Nobody says that we haven't tried all the PROR. He probably read the CEW card. Gron he's like W. is that a EAOR, a Dson? I don't know lets us go with it. It's like that epic clip from Hercules where Kevin Sorabout read the stage directions on the script and he was like disappointen gotta get fled. ISO. Sorry, but I mean all IHT saw the movie. You know it was. Maybe people can't read ce cards and that's okay, but it had Lawrence Fishburn, Stepan, Balwin, well, Patten, Robert John Burk and probably most importantly SALMAHAIAC. So that's they had that going for it, but here's a it was produced by Mister Frankman, Cuso Junior- and I don't know if you've heard of some of these other movies he's worked on, but he worked on internal affairs, the the species franchise, Hoodlam Stigmata, one of my favorite movies from the nineties Ronon. I love that movie. I know who killed me and Rode Topolemus. So he's he's done a couple of things: alsome of the Friday to thirteenth movies as well, so some people there were doing some things, so that was that was good. I enjoyed that movie. I don't think that movie will win this round. But Personally, oh no. I think I think that Migt Beit's got legs like if you you could still watch it. Remember his buddy puffy like the whole thing. Where he's a hacker and s like it's Kinda cool, like I think it's a fun movie to watch on VHS, you know w at does have legs. My next pick, which was another VHS rental. The legs on this one are fantastic, because this film was ranked number sixty eight onbravo's one hundred funniest movies, so it made the list I'm talking about the classic King Pin, which was a an American sports, comedy film, directed by the fairly brothers. Everybody knows them dumb and dumber. Those guys were hilarious and written by Barry, Fanero and mort Nathan, soring Woody Harrelson, Randy Quad. I guess he was okay, Dough, the movie and, most importantly, thiyl Murray, yeah, no Vanessi Agel, Oh yeah yeah. I thought you're going Murry get me a beer out of the freezer, wbt yeah, so o Kthin ever knows that movie, it's its hilarious. It's alls a sort of an alcoholic, exprofessional Boler who becomes the manager or a promising amish talent who was played by rand equate and Rainiquat, is just in his own little world, and I love him dearly. Even Roger Eber had one of the more noteworthy positive rviews. He gave it a three point: five out of four stars, so Ebert loved it bead this movie box office wise. It was so so, but overall yeah. I think it made like thirty thirty something Mil. I saw this twice in the movies. His ship was fucking hilarious. The whole thing wit like we don't have any counts. Wev only got a bull as he's renking. The Shit fucking come out of the bucket teree there's so many fucking, fantastically Hilarious, partons movie God, the Yeah. The entire movie is Great Yeah. So I made thirty two million and you're right. Nobody els can understand that unless you saw the Moveho man all right. So let's get to the judgment for this round. Wow Man. Now you bring up King Pin that's a movie. I absolutely love as well, because it's fucking Hilarious, wooty Harolshire is is amazing. In that movie, Bill Murray, come on, you can't go wrong with Bill Murray he's great in everything the fucking hair- oh my God. Yes, everything now kingpin came out at the exact right time. For me, man, I grew up as a cheers fan so that covered woody Harrelson. You know I always been a big bill. Murray Fan that got two bases right there and there's a cameo in this movie by a certain band that I happen to be a huge fan of Blues Traveler has a nice little cameo in the middle of the movie th, actually, the amish band that plays in theraand during the end credits and stuff, so huge props for picking kingpin on that. One now fled. Ah Man where to start with this one, because I have never fuckined seen it gotta get fled now Mancrush, you had moonwalker, which is interesting, because I was just having this conversation with my son the other day he was watching Moonwalker on you tube just the other day. Did He wa here's a thing you can't find and I couldn't find it. I wanted to go back and 'cause. I don't remember what Beatles Song it was at the end, but it must be like a rights thing. I NEU too, because that very last scene, you could see hem turn into the fucking, the robot spaceship thing, and then it cuts after that and you can't find a clip of it and I ain't buying it so yeh see. That's always where I remembered it from matter of fact, when the whole robot thing came in, that's where I tuned out my actual favorite part of moonwalker is the clamation stuff in the beginning, where he turns into the rabbit, and he has the dance off that parts pure magic for me, but I'm actually a big fan of Moonwalker the Macintosh. You threw me for a loop on that one. I thought you were going to say like the apple two EA or something I wasn't sure which what you were going with, that one at first but yeah, the S, thirteen, eighty, nine bro, the two yeaswell. You said when you picture Macintosh, you pictured this and I'm like. Okay, THAT'S THE APPLE! Do e!! well, you! What do you picture? How do you picture A to e? What is it too Yo? Look like a fucking keyboard yeah. You had the keyboard that set back real big with the monitor sitting on top of the Bil sinzyboard. I know which one OT talks oky. So you know ye H, I know and how I would have described it it's now. What Macintosh uses as a logo for a MAC is the outline of that computer. Oh No shit! I even really I've seen they've used that for years, but yeah. This is a tough one. For me, I m not real familiar with that Mac, but I do know it was a huge product, but I am a huge fan of Moonwalker. I think the clamation sequence in the beginning of that, where you got the two fat guys on the the MOHEDS and they're chasing 'em, it is awesome, that's where he turns into a car. I think that's where PESHICO that's! No! He turns into a a rabbit wearing a leather jacket, driving a motorcycle at the end when he was battling Jopeshi. He goes all fucking optimist, prime and yeah, and actually you know what for a fil M, Onethousan, nine hundred and eighty nine, that one sequence, especially since it didn't get a theatrical release. The effects are not that bad, no, no, it it really h held up. You know people always talk about thriller because of all of its technological advancements. I think moonwalker off often gets forgotten about not because of just he clamation but b like because you said that C jsut they had at the end. That was that was some cutting edge stuff. At the time I'm not going to lie, though it's fucking weird, but that's why it's great man, you got the extended movie, the music videos which is cool, but the movie itself. Like the story, it's fucking, weird T it's AIT's like Thrillerman, it's a long, music, video all right, so man crush. I gotto give you this round, mainly because of Moonwalker, I'm going to have to nudge that out over kingpin, although I do have a personal preference over kingpin. I do understand that the cultural relevance of Moonwalker is probably a little bit bigger than drinkin that lady's butter teeth, always fos wisi. What is it about good sex that makes me have to crap and when he's puking in the fucky ca, so ga it it's just one of my favorite Comedie Fin, I'm sorry tro. I gotto go with moonwalker on this one because of the cultural relevance there. That was a huge monumental picture. It was really Michael Jackson trying to recreate the success he had with thriller. I don't think people thought it was achieved, but I personally think it was achieved in a totally different way. It was a much different tone than what we saw out of thriller, All Right Jewelers. So it is three to nothing, but don't worry it's still anyone's game, as we still have the two point rounds ahead of us and we'll play more dueling decades right after these important messages. Here's here's a message: I'm not going to win all right. Man Crush. You are up three to nothing heading into the two point rounds. What category would you like to go with? I just want to say before you go intes, I'm not in a fucking grand old time with this, like the weak experience, you pick out such granular stuff that it's not things you talk about to you often, so it's a lot more fun. I think, personally than getting the full month ordeal. You know, I don't know, that's just me or maybe it's 'cause, I'm winning through nothing. I don't know but yeah, it's great, all right! I'm having a blast. I just I mean whatever. I can't do anything about it s, it's fun o. It is fun because you know B'cause. If you have like a whole month to play within some, maybe some months might be better than ot like if you had like June or July for movies you're going to have a bunch of wo in thereecause they're going to have some of that does when the blockqueshers come out, but you know you have to dig down and which is nothing good. You know 'cause, then it kind of forces you to find some things that you might not have known yeah and I think it's better for the listeners too, because I think with those big months they know about that stuff. You know if you bring up back to the future. Everyone knows back to the future. If I'm caming out with something else like that's only released in a week, it might be stuff that you don't remember and for me doing the research, it's shit. I don't remember so I I really earnt like moonwalker sorry to interrupt here, but can we go back to this back to the future movie? You were talking about. Oh you've, never heard of it. No is it Goo. Should I check it? It's Al Right. Sorry t's got that doit from masking it, okay, yeah all right. So, let's go to television: Let's go old school, we're going to fiish up with movies uh, but for the first two point: Rawn, let's go TV and on January nine n nineteen, nine, we hat the first of over seven thousand episodes of this show that's been on C bs for thirty one years, as of today, today was its thirty first birthday January, nine. Nineteen, nine, that's right! If anybody didn't realize that we record this show a week parior. The original anchor of this show. Actually he was the host this Guy David Frost and he was demoted after three weeks because the show had a really shitty ratings. So I think it's pretty funny. It's been for thirty one years and the first show they came out or the first house. They came out of the gate with sucked and they, just like God, do in three weeks, Yo you're gone you'R we're putting you as a correspondent, but in retrospect its probably a great move, considering that they're still in the air today over the years, the show is shifted into like a tabloidish type, show it kind o started as like a straight news show. But, however, it's become part of my nightly dinner, routine kind of serving his background noise FROR, my wife and I at six thirty. Every night we get our helping of Debra Norville an their crew, and they give us the latest scoop on everything and anything the show I'm talking about is inside edition on CBS, I'm mostly in it for the uplifting news stories. They don't tackle. Much of the dark stuff. Like the nightly news and UH. It's kind of my thing. I don't Wan TA. I don't Wanta it's kind of like a mixture, if you're, if you've never seen inside edition, it's like a mixture between TMZ and the nightly news without the dark shit yeah, it's pop culture and fluff yeah yeah, like they'll, tell you stories about. Like last night, some a neighbor ran over to somebody's house whose house was on fire and it was caught on the ring camera on his on the girl's door, as he woke up the entire family and helped her out of this fire great story. That's what I want to see on the news, not the bullshit that we see normally but Um Debra Norville she's been on the show since n nineteen. Ninety five as the lead anchor that's fucking incredible. It is y h. You gotta give props to anybody. That's been on ANYTHING FOR THAT BUCKING LONG! That's crazy! Except Haroin! Well, I mean listen. If you've been on hero for twenty five years, they give you major props from being fucking alive, nice big, shut out, Keith Richards, we love to Kee and every other drug that he's been out. They cancel each other out. allright. Here's my gold medal of the round- and I don't know if it's a gold medal for everybody, but it is for me January seven, nineteen, nine! You might already know this one 'cause. We posted the video for this our basebalt a couple of days ago and that post went ape shit. It went so abshit that the former host of the show that I'm talking about Ronashir even chimed in to tell us how awesome we were, and I'm not even joking on this. This actually happened. If you go to the post on our facebook, Rhonda commented that we're fucking on Sorod you're fucking awesome and you were hot, your price still hot. I don't know, I don't watch NH S N, but if youwere a fan of USA all night, you want Ronda Shir to judge an episode on doling decades. As do I so please hit her up and say: Hey Ronda go judge an episode of doing decades, 'cause that would be fucking awesome rig'cause. You know what's going to happen if she doesn't judge an episodes of duelling decades, I'm going to have to judge so duelers a simple choice Mark James Rendechir. You pick. I was actually shocked that she replied under it. I mean listen like growing up through the nineties and, of course the show started. Gilbert Godfrey was the host, but I think everybody still remembers it for Rhonda. Obviously she came in a couple of years later and then they went back and forth t l, A and New York and whatever, but growing up like when I was in high school, like she was my girl that I saw on Friday and Saturday nights yeah, you know, like I didn't, have a car Friday, O Saturday nights like the show bounced back and forth between Friday and Saturday. So, like one of those days, I was watching Rhonda and whatever B movies. She had up th those nights and that's what got me into a lot of be movies, because at the time I didn't know what the fuck of B movie was. You know like when I'm a freshman in high school or in eighth grade or whatever I thought all movies went to the movies. You know and then I'm watching these movies that nobody really knew about like how many times can you see returne to frogtown proably a lot of mother fucking times, but if I saw it on USA up all night with Rhonda, I was say: Oh Shit. Let's watch this Roberts Dor fucking Awsomema movie, that's on you know what I'm saying anyways like I let the cat ou of the bag, the shows! Obviously U Sa up all night, and it was a staple of my Friday, Saturday nights, which I'm sure it was probably stable for a lot of teenagers and probably young adults. I think a lot of people love this show Rhonda and Gilbert Godfrey. They both introduced. Some awesome be movie titles introduced to t to a lot of stuff that we didn't know about, and the show ran all the way up: N Thousand Nine hundred and ninety eight and again, if you want rod on the show reach y out to her, go to our facebook, tagger and Shit 'cause, we want her on the show, because I think it would be fucking Greaty, fantastic da to be fucking grey and let's do a a bee. Movie. Genre show picked two years B, movie genre all five fucking dueling decades categories and have Rada, as the judge I think thato'd be awesome. That'LD, be amazing that keep me up all night. Those are my two picks for TV, though we have debr, Norville and sh. She's got her thing going on for her too. Oh Yeah shellhe's, not she's, not righ. This year, though, but that's wher, we got, we got. We had those my two pigs all right. True, let's sat over to you for the TV round. What have yo got for television in N, an nine TDEN and ninety seven? Oh dear Lord, okay, so here's a this is a great show which debuted on January sixth, nineteen, ninety seven and uh it was. It was great Aaron Spelling gave us probably one of the best shows ever incase. You don't know what I'm talking about talking about sunset beach, Whhir Senas, ever no. This is so much better than a height. This is this is probably one of the best shows I've I'V. I never heard of it actually bt. It's a show that follow the loves and lives of the people living in the Orange County, Cosa area appropl named Sunset Beach in California, the show somehow on two daytime Emmy Awards and was nominated eleven other times that received twenty two nominations for other various awards, probably for having the biggest like the biggest casting crew where I've litly heard of none of them O, I think, shed got an award for that. INEVER heard of this show I seriously so the only person I heard O was edy CIBRIAN. I himehe was in that ESPN poker show til. I I remember watching at he was really good N. I think he's a good actor. Yeah hit's been like a bunch of other things too, but heis like the only and I like he's a Italian dude. That's he's always playing like like a cop yeah like a Hopor wh t was, there was one show the was on NBC, where he was like a paramedic or something or hire fighter, or some shit like something like that. Yeah yeah, that's not this show. He goes not. This show no no sho, Wa Ha to show Hov much more depth than other any other show in the world. ECAUSE it one too daytime. My words is I've previously say this was a daytime show yeah, Oh fuck, so which means I watch it all the time I in Osnineutndred and ninety seven, which channel was Oll but h. You know all all the channels it was on the you H D put on your television and there I was on like at least forty three channels. I think so it was it was everywhere and it was compelling and rich, and you know it talks to us on a personal level. You know, and I think there there's a lot to be said for what for what sunset beach it helped me grow up yeah. I honestly, I have nothing to say about this one. I never watched it and ever even heard about it and see you guys said Hey. This is the most Tan anybody's talked about this in the last twenty three years. If, if you like, if you pull like the Google analytics for the wickipedia page, its going to be like forty three and forty two of them ar me so Prett in Hollywood's, going to be like, we should reboot this because there's a whole slew of people that are looking this up now, at's y, the other one person's, probably Arand, spelling he's probably like he's Dee, so oh Tory spelling, then I never never wa. I never even heard of it a ND, your Guyas, like hey w Y, don't you research January, I nineteen ninety seven! So actually I kindof hate you guys right now for making me resuach that so I I seriously spent way more time. Looking into that that I should have and there's like a list of like all the cast and I'm like. Oh, let's look in a this person o. let's look in o this person, There'as, like thirty frigging people D, like none of them, Don, really love that when you have a really shitty pick, but it's the best thing you can find she start going through like little grandular things and you're like surely. Somebody in here has like had like the cure for cancer or something like they figured something out and t en you're like Na. I get! No, then sometimes you, like, I es here for cancer other times at sunset, beach, so m. moving on to my next one January, ninth, nine hundred n ninety seven, a date that probably everybody's mom remembers because everyone's mom changes the channel from QBC over to PBS that night to watch the highly anticipated debut of antiques road show. Basically, the premise of that show: it's sent around localy antique owners who bringing items to be appraised by experts that show's been on the air ever since season. Twenty four is starting this year. So H, it's it's been around it'. It's everyody knows the antiques road show I've. I've watched I a few times, I'm like the biggest fan of it, but there's also quite the trend. Cetter too, because I think it gave inspiration for shows like pawn stars and is a terrible, true TV show, with a stupid name, hardcore pawn, Oh'cause Ike, really that's tha name! You come up with it's in Detroit. Ah, how does that get through like the approval process, O he guy something coll this that'll be funny, but said also has a funny ass, fuckin scene on grandma's boy. I that's at my notes, yeah iwasn' say to give that chosen. Streek cre. It made an appearance in a highly underrated movie on of them when the movie is so good. I love that movie. That's probably the best happy madiine production, I think totally in the last twenty years. If you go, if you go by that, yes, the last twenty years, absolet Admsani wasn't even in the movie yp Um. My Love Am Salalove. O'l get me wrong, but grandma's boy, that movie is so Fr Jerr Los to have fucking flic Nik wars, an bust dwhat's David. Spade the H it was a named Shilo. He was like the server like t. That movie is so good, IAM arobot. I am a Rebot I like where he's like. How did th- and this is not even in the eighties or ninetyes- so forgive us, but how did they see me? Andhe has like the big, like the big Bik black trench, coat on TS, like he's e, think she like lives in Tha, Matrix, EA yeah, but it's a fucking sweetass carbet he's jerking off the fucking tomb, rar dolls and Shid his mom watchit dude, you camomy mom, but yes, antiques road show. It's actually is seen by up to eight million viewers each week and its P BS's highest rated on going series. So I think that that right there is some legit cread besides being on grandma's boy, so anticus roadshows their highest rated series now because they lost h sesame street to Hbo I love Sesami Shr. I wish my kids would watch that a little bit more to be honest with you, Saythe lost of Virginity Charlie Chaplin, like the girl on the Videoi, wont, Give Toler Choplin a handjob all right guys. Let's take a look at the judgment for the television round. Nineteen. Ninety seven you come out drew with Sunset Beach, so gotoddly enough. This is a show. I am very familiar with. Oh my God ind the reason I am familiar with it. 'cause loyal listeners to the show will have realized. By now. We talked about sunset beach, a few episodes back when I battled Julie. I almost picked it in my television round, but I'm like there's no way, I'm talking about a stupid daytime soap, opera and what did Julie Pick that round the debut of a daytime soap opera. So I had to bring up the fact that I almost picked sunset beach and how I would have picked it. It was for the end of this series in n nine teen nd. Ninety nine ttursday time emis I just one as at I mentioned e- did have two dairy time emmies, but it wasn't good enough to make my list aunion show. On the other hand, that's a hidden gem that is just a fantastic show. It's one of the better programs on t V. I think no, no, it's really not, but antiques road shows all right. It's a good show. I do like the the h little history, lessons you get with each of the items. I think that's KINDOF makes it all worth it all right and man crash. Let's take a lookl, but you had you had debt of inside adition and usas up all night with Ron de Chiaa. It's us as up all night, okay Y Sayrec to it again, yeah Youa, usas all night see ac n as good as you, so man as much as I love antiques road show drew I'm Gointo have to go with mancrush. Yet again, I I don't think he like me, Rad Bush, you win around ere was only one hair, so mancrush. That means you win this game, but can you go for the clean sweep? You have control of the board, unlike a couple of people that have done this. I've never had a shut out, so this would be huge if I get a shut out here. Of course, we got ta fish up a movies. The last round. That's left lass category, this left brother, an January thireteenth, nineteen Igh, nine winter of three academy wards and three other nominations. This is pretty big deal. It was a pretty big deal for nineteen. Eighty, nine, it's one of those oscaward winning films. So you know it's not going to have a huge box office hole, although it did bring in thirty five million dollars. Seventy three million dollars in thosand AD twenty, it's so weird saying: Twenty Twenty had you ever noticed that a lot of these academy, nominan films, are usually period pieces yeah. I've noticed that it's probably donl hat a lot of 'em period pieces itdepends on the period yeah I mean. If it's the time of the month, I like, if o foranyhow, this one's no exception again as a period piece. It's got a Great Cast: Jab Malkevitch Glenclose, Michelle Feier Umatherm, an Kianoreev and a bunch of other mother fuckers in this movie. I believe this is also has a Uma, Thurman boob shot in this movie. So if you're Mer skin lover, little drop from her past episodes, you'll enjoy this movie, I'm not a big fan of these period pieces, like I just said, and it's been a long time since, since I watched this one, but it's actually a good movie. This movie is none other than dangerous. liasons. Interesting note from this one. Alan Rickman actually played the role on br, not Broadway, but like I guess in England or whatever the fuck. They had this play of the the role that Malkevitch had and he he auditioned, but they didn't want to give an inexperienced movie star this role and he hadn't been in a movie at this point. So instead he went on to play fucking Hans, Gruber and Dia. So I guess it worked out for him, but that's my first pick dangerous liaisons. You can go watch it. I don't know, but my second pick is the better. The two picks for me personally, I think, h January thirteenth, nineteen nine- I don't think I've ever in this- show gotten in Oliver Stone movie since we began doing decades, not that I can recall yeah. So it's a great movie and before we recorded this, I rented the movie on Amazon, because I couldn't I have the DVD somewhere, but I have like over two thousand DVDs and I couldn't find it ecause they're, not in any kind of fucking a winter anymore and dude. This movie still hold it's amazing, amazing, FO movie and speaking of Academy Awards, I'm actually shocked and I'm probably going to butch the shit of his name, because I don't know much that he's been in, but Eric Bogesan Bogujin. I always thought it was like Bosagian or somehow, maybe the gum from you're talking about the guy from talk radio right. Well, that's exactly what my Pickinri Eric Bagojia Gogosn that begosn, the only other thing I remember him from is fucking underseege too, where he's The fucking bad guy y? Ah, but he dude. He is rialliant in this movie. Obviously, I'm not going to beat around the bush. 'cause Marc Ra said it es, talk, radio and if you watch this movie it's like one hundred and ten percent, you will think the Bagosian like came straight from radio yeah, because Heis fucking spot on as like the late night shock Jock, you know talking shit to the people, calling it it's so God it's such a good movie. I don't even want to give it away like 'cause. I know a lot of people probably haven't seen this movie, so I don't want to say what happens in the end. Ofwhatever 'cause go watch his shit. The movie only took in three point five million dollars, but it's a cold classic. If you're listening to a podcast, this movie will remind you of good old talk. Radio Yeah so go watch it. Radio like this doesn't exist outside of podcasting anymore, so to watch something like this you're going to be like Holy Shit. This is like back in the day when they used to take calls from all over the place, and people were just wackoas calling up oliverstone directed it Alec Baldwin's in it John McGinley, who's, great and everything he's in and speaking, like Balwan actually said he had a book hat came out. He said he hated working with Oliver Stone in this movie CSE. I guess yeah. He said Alverstone's like a frinking dictator when it comes to Directan. Obviously I mean Dudeis fucking, amazing, so tha he hated being in this movie, so obvously you're going to get a really good performance at of Valic ball when who plays Bagojens boss and Megosel actually wrote this, he won like a pullezer or some shit for this being a play and whatnot. It's really fucking good out of all the stuff. If I say it's really good, it usually is like I'm not pulshin. You like this movie go watch it it's pretty much set in one location, I the entire flick, but it's it's nearly two hours long, but it feels quick. It's really good, and that's all I gotta say about that and if you're a potcast listener, you got ta, go and watch this movie. You'll appreciate it. Thank me later those are my two picks. You get dangerously ion talk, radio, all right, true, close us out with the movies round what you got man. I have two classics that have stood the test of time. They really are M, so so the first one came out. Actually I think both of them came out January, tenth, the first of which everybody remembers Pinopi and Miller and Linda Hunt Right. They ever knows who they are, but this movie's not, but this movie's not kindergarten. Cop, that's this movie is not pety cool. If it was 'cause itk the toy back to the copet and then who's he daddy, what does he do? But no, I wish it was kinergarten co, but it's not, but I'm talking about the relic which came out January, tente, nineteen, ninety seven, it's a science fiction, horror, film, directed by Peter Hims, and base on the bestselling novel reliced by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child and again the film stars, Penopian Miller. When the hunt also Tom Seisemore, so it's a pretty legit cast in there in the film a detective and an anthropologist, try to defeat a South American lizard like monster who, as on a Killingsprey in a Chicago Museum, so it can happen anywhere. It just happened in this case to be Chicago, but you know IAMs also so hime's also directed sudden death with Jean Claudvan dam. That's a great flick. He also directed end of days, which is an Arnold obviusty in Arnold movie. So I kind of all came full circle working with some of his coworkers from kindergarten cop and then he works at Arnold himself. In end of days, the ROL GROSSD over forty eight million of the box office, which in twenty twenty dollars is around, like seventy eight trillion shillion dollars. So at's o a lot of money M ad also had James Whitmore, who was who also played the Libraryian an shashank redemption, so h the relic it's a great movie. It was filmed inthe Chicago. They actually wanted to do it in the think. It was the met in New York, but they said no because they didn't want to like. Have people scared to go there. They were like so o there as a bad movie. Well, that could have been it too Um. I I'm sorry. No. This is a classic. No, they they should be like. Oh please, if you're going ou're going to win Soemany Oscars with this movie, but for some reason it didn't. I don't know why, but that's my first one, the relic and for my second pick it's not so much this movie, but it's kind of what came after and was to be unleashed upon the United States of America. I am talking about Jackie chance for strike police story for which, at first it came out in Hong Kog in February, Ninety six but January nineteen. Ninety seven was when it was released in the United States, America, and it made over fifty seven million and Hong Kong and over fifteen million in a u s but dollars. It's not the important thing here gus. This was one of the first movies, along with Rumil the Bronx that made Jackie Chand a huge star here. In the U S and up to this point Chan had received some offers. I don't know if he goo, but he was actually offered the role of Simon Phoenix and demolition man by savestist alone can yo. Imagine like I mea. I don't know. If I I don't think I could see Chanon that wron now snipes friggint samazing AAs a crazy person in that movie, but he turned it down 'cause. He t Wang to be typecast in future roles, which is holarious. I feel like he is actually in fact Ip guess, but I digressed. But yes, this movie, you know it really helped introduce them to the American audiences, which helped hem land, the role in rush hour which came out in ninety eight and that movie growst over two hundred ND forty four million worldwide, but more importantly, over a hundred and forty million of that was in the U s alone. So you know before liveas early movies. Obvusy, were you know Hokong, but now it's it's the US and between those two movies ruin the Bronx, and you know firs strike which came out on this day. That's how we got our first introduction to Mister, Jackie Chan and the role's never been the same sense. Al Righty. Let's take it look at the ruling for the final movies round. Mancrush you come in with dangerous liaisons movie. I'm not overly familiar with, does have a lot of critical acclaim to it, but I can't speak on it with any amount of authenticity just because well I've never seen it. I am aware of it. I know all about the movie, just never really piqued my interest to check it out. Talk Radio, on the other hand, is a movie that I absolutely adore. That is just an absolute masterpiece. Everything you said about. It is a hundred percent. True, go just go watch it people and if you really feel inclined watch that and pair it up with a viewing of pump up the volume as well. You know like every old movie, we have no qualms about dropping what happens in the like. Throughout the movie Caus, I don't want to give anything away, yeah, except this one 'cause. I think a lot of people haven't seen this movie and they should yeah. There are some movies that it's just best that the only thing going into it. That you know is the title and you just go along for the road and talk radios, one of those movies he's so amazing. In that D, like I don't know how his career, like, I don't know if it fizzled, but I don't know what he really did after that I mean. Obviously he was underseege two but man. He was amazing at this one, all right Dru. So, looking at your films, you had the relic came out on January, tenth again movie, I'm not overly familiar with. I always get this one confused with Mimic, which came out about the same time in ninety seven mimic mimic was not a fan of that one, but the relic critically, claime so cuickly acclaim to now your other movies, Jackie Chan's, first strike. You said it was yes or that's: crrect yeah, that's actually, my very favorite Jackie Chan, film first strike is amazing. That is the film that got me into Jackie, Jan and, if you've never seen it. I highly recommend checking that out the latter fight sequence in that movie to this date. Still my all time, favorite fight sequence ever captured on film. It's fast paced, it's fun! It's furious! You can't ask for anything better. I like this one, a lot better than rumble in the Bronx. A lot of people love that film, but man first strike you just cannot go wrong with so I guess. I're Gointo make my ruling on this one and it's really hard. I'm going to cancel out the relic and dangerousliasons 'cause. I've never seen either one of them. The other two films first strike and talk radio. I am a huge fan of both films, so I really don't know where to go with this one, but you know what I'm going to have to give around a drew man crush Itar, you don't get the sweep you're Aclockang assole. I got to give it to my mand Sakie Chan, an first strike and the reason I'm doing it is because, like Drusatd, this was a movie that a lot of people he either missed it, or this was the movie that introduced you to Jackie Chan, and I remember I had a friend in college who had all kinds of Jackie Chan, films. We went through 'em over the course of a semester. First strike was the one that stuck with me the most I own it on d vd today, love that film, if you're into cinematography fight choreography first strike is the best like. I was saying that laddor fight sequence will blow your fucking mind man to this date. That movie came out in ninety. Seven still holds water to anything, you'd see in Avengers Orin any other big blockbuster, and it was all done organically. There's no trick photography there. It's just take after take doing the stuff for real, so his his fight scenes are always yeah antastic. That's the thing. People forget that Jackie Chan is not a martial artist. He didn't he studied martial arts later he is a physical comedian. He's more like Buster Keaton, who is his role model, so he he's more of a of a performer than he is a martial artist. So you get to more of that physical comedy side, so drew you pick up around, but man crush you'll, hold onto the belt and win the game. I appreciate your pity us or ane points at the e there. They're not pity points I actually. I do. Love First Strike Man. That is an absolute fantastic film, but you know what so is talk? Radio, the guy with the communications degree, just went with the action movie over the G. The radio well see Ho that this is the other side of it. I discovered first strike before I discovered talk, radio. I went to college for Radio Broadcasting. I didn't discover talk radio until years later, I hadn't even heard of that movie. You would. It was always for me growing up all my friends in college. It was always about pump up the volume. No one ever talked about talk radio. Twenty years later, when I discovered this movie, I'm like how the hell did. I miss this, but first strike. I caught onto that one early, so drew you get the points for the round. Mancrush, you win the game. Now, all right I'll, take it I'm! So sorry you didn't completely Doman me I'll. Try I'll try better one day, one day I'll get a shut up. Do you want man crush to completely dominate you? I I appreciate the points Tyou so very much, I'm so sorry! Well, D, You put up a great game, an thanks for playing grape picks tonight, always the pleasure to have you on the show. Man Crush congratulations on yet another victory. I think eventually we're going to have to have somebody rip that belt out of your hands. I don't know who yet we'll see one day all rig Doli. Well, if you've missed an episode, you can always go back on dueling decades. Dot Com, where you can subscribe to all of our shows on cast box on spotofy, really wherever pond casts, are available and then, while you're on the INTERWEBS head over to facebook, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can check out all of our content online and then join our private group where you can post some of your own Retro Memories as well. So until next time, dewelers were going to bid you a piece, love lighten a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infermary media