Dueling Decades
Feb. 5, 2020

It's time for another 80s & 90s birthday battle - 1988 vs 1996! Did Mike get this one right?

It's time for another 80s & 90s birthday battle - 1988 vs 1996! Did Mike get this one right?

It's another birthday battle on Dueling Decades! Marc travels on the time machine back to his 10th birthday in 1988 to compete with Mancrush's 18th birthday in 1996. This birthday bash delivers the nostalgia for both men, as Mancrush recounts getting...

It's another birthday battle on Dueling Decades! Marc travels on the time machine back to his 10th birthday in 1988 to compete with Mancrush's 18th birthday in 1996. 

This birthday bash delivers the nostalgia for both men, as Mancrush recounts getting dumped by his girlfriend and taking his new date to the worst first date movie you could fathom, and Marc finds a Sega what?! Mike Ranger is back after a 4-month hiatus, and he's ready to judge this retro encounter as fair as humanly possible. You guys asked for less sports, so Hot Products are back on the birthday battles! To make this change we added a little twist. The boys bring hot products that they WANTED for their respective birthdays. As long as they could find an ad for it on their birthday, it's fair game! So listen in, judge for yourself, and let us know how you scored it! Is this a win for the 1980s or the 1990s? 

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Infirmarymediapeop Ga Julgan the Pixe Oplan, but tot o a ran again pon that cap ut top the power gop come fight for what you love, who com to Poe pecopi en crita Paee to Boe, CP, woul, tak grave, a O, Bala Hasic. I am mad, a TNO comefigt for what you love an roundcasting from the infirmary media studios. It's the adult only retrogame show wer the eighties and nineties battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. Let's meet this week's duelers and the decades they will be fighting for in this month's birthday Benel. I am Mark James An this week. I will be dueling with my tenth birthday February, Fifth N Nineteen N. Eighty eight in my opponent, Ye what up it's mancrush. I Have April Thirteenth Nineteen. Ninety six happens to be my eighteenth birthday, so that's kind o fun. Let's do their shit and, as always, here on the show, we need somebody to judicate all of this awesomeness. So we brought back a longtime cast member and fan favorite here on the show, he's back duelers and dohats the host the video rangers podcast, the Honorabe Mikeranger. That's right, Mike Rangeeu! Here, I'm back, I know you'll miss me, you Knou. I got N now one fucking email, instagram message, nothing he's Fack! You know what else is coming back wax. He actually just sent me message today once to come back on to be a judg ice. So what timing is that Mike Ranger comes back wax ants o come back man what's in the cards now for those yea that are new to the show here what man cuacheres are referring to us. We had hip hop international superstar, wax on the program a while back and we spontaneously sprung on him that micranger was going to do a rap battle with him and Wax Choked Man Mikeranger Cook down the mighty wax. We pull one out of left Yeo. He totally was not expecting. He was not prepared. Mig came in with like a pageful of notes and Shas rigt mine comesin, with t e whole with bars written all out and we're like hey, wax want to righ battle right now, slike all right, all right! Let's do it see that's what's cool about wax man is. He is up for anything. So I cannot wait to get him here on deling decade and he did a fucking fantastic, live rendition of limousine on the Shalow Ahostic Ossm. It was fucking amazing. One of my favorite songs is check him out. If you have it look up big WAK think it's at big wax and Twitter Oron insogram R, wherever you can find it look for a song limousine to shit. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under duelling decades rules. A judges, coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five duelling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judges ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: apiece and the winning decades. Shall be decided by the highest overall score after all five rounds? deelers you better check yourself before you wreck yourself, because it's time to play some more O ettend it over to Mikeranger for the official toss off all right today, we're going to be tossing off to a vs copy of the nine hteed and eighty six classic snowballings, which is Wichhas a few extra meanings. Camancrush. You Call I in the air, Oh man, let's go! I don't even know how to do this anymore. Let's go heads heads let's go ahead front cover teds and snowballing kind of go together. That's why I boall right lipit and it's hed here all right! Mancrush has control of the board. What category are we going to open up with tonight here in this birthday battle? It's tough with birthdays, but let's uh sort off with hot products, all right, I'm game for that man all right, so we're doing things a little bit different fror our products, his birthday episode, because, like one people have been asking us to do less sports categories, fine and two, I think it makes more sense with the birthday episode. So what we're going to do is we're using a newspaper which we always use newspapers dotcom, if you don't have an account there, an go check it out, but we go through this newspaper on our birthday. If we find an item, that's advertised in that newspaper that we really wanted during that you know our birthday period o birthday day. That's the item, we're going to pick or maybe it's something that we actually got, but it has to be something that's realistic, like you can't come out with the fucking ferrary ecause, you found it an O. It's got to be something that we actually wanted all right. So that's how we're going to do hot products for today. So Mike. That's how you're going to judge us. You can judge us on the things we picked, how cool they were. You know whether it related to our birthday. I don't know you're the judge. You do er tucking. I don't care I'll. Tell you right now, O mine, I didn't get either of these, but I really wanted both all right at the time. Like I said before, this is my eighteenth birthday. I was enrolled to go to film school after graduation. I was heading to Atlanta, but a few weeks prior to my high school graduation, I was basically talked out of that by the film school itself. I was talking to one of the professors and I asked him how hard it was to find work and without batting an eyelash. This guy told me he's like look. You want to be a director there's plenty of work out there right now. There's movies, music, videos, documentaries, you name it, but you're always going to be living out of your suitcase and you're only going to be as good as your last production. So this is what Clintsd it for me. So I asked him to follow up. I said O, how did you end up teaching- and he said well, my last my last arectorial thing or whatever he had was a flop and I never recovered and I came to school and I loved teaching, and that was it for me. I was like well fuck. I am not teaching a bunch of fucking kids ow, but I always wondered if I made the right choice, but luckily at least his dude was honest and you know I took that path. But Anyhow, I always wanted one of these new EG millimeter camcorders, to record my videos with and like mostly at the time I was recording like dumb stunts, that we did and there's some fucked up Ashshit that we did that I can't even go into on the spotcast, nothing sexual or anything, but just fucked up shit that we did my friends skateboarding videos. I did a lot of ma music, videos and whatnot. So my first choice that I found in the newspaper was Tha Satachi, vm e five, ten, that was on sale at the Whiz for seven hundred and ninety seven dollars, which is round thirteen hundred dollars and twent a twenty. So it's not crazy amount of money, it's expensive, but I think my parents, maybe for my eighteenth birthday, would have done this, but they didn't, but it had some cool shit on had twenty four times zoom had a remote control, so you can do some recording hands free, had an electronic stabilizer on it's no more wobly footage, and this deal also came with a free case and tripod perfect serveaor, someone like myself at least for a month until I decided not to go to film school, so we had the attache VME, five, ten for seven hundred and ninety seven dollars and for my second choice at the time this is nineteen. Ninety six, the cellphones were still pretty rare. Unless you were rich Y, U Ow, your parents had money or something. I only knew like one kid in high school with a cellphone that said, everyone at this time was starting to get pagers and if you didn't have one already, you wanted one, and I wanted a good one and everyone. I don't know. If this is like a like a territorial thing, did you call Hem, pagers or beepers like call the beepers pepers yeah? Definitely yeah, maybe that's a northeasting 'cause. I know a lot of my friends from down south called them pagers, but whatever fucking, I didn't end up getting one till that summer and it was one of those government issued types. You know the ones that everyone had t was like that clear Jelly fish mold where you could see the inside Yo know e reading was on the job rolls well, the one that I really wanted, though, was actually also a Monorola. It was the Motorola Motorola Adviser Flex. This was the page that had the full display like on the side. You know the one I'm talking about yeah and I believe at the time it came with a phone number than you could accept pages, where you could leave a message with an operator. If you had like a little bit of a longer message, so you can almost get like a text. So at the time this is the closest thing that we were getting to an actual text. Message on these. That's why I thought it was so fucking cool and you got free voice mail with these things, so someone can actually leave you a longer message if you want to be in the know in the nineties, though, this is what you needed. You know if you wanted to figure out what was going on on Friday nights, somebody had to send you a beat. They had to leave you a message on your voicemail, otherwise you were sitting at home and waiting for the phone to ring. So that's why I wanted one of these. You could find these pagers or beepers for round a hundred and forty nine dollars after discounts. We all know how that went in the nineties, yeah Itas about two hundred and fifty dollars in tweand. A twenty service plans were about thirty dollars a month. So that's about fifty dollars a month in twent Y, twenty completely instrumental device. At the time like I said before, no more waiting around the phone for somebody to call you at your house a you coald finally be anywhere and get a call. I mean as long as Youe by like a paphone bank or some Shit Tho return the call, but it was also great. You know what made beepers awesome. It was when you actually started going out to bars and clubs and meeting people, and you don't want to give them your fucking home phone number o you just give Hem your beeper number H. I was just going to say you could always tell who the dealers were now. I mean at this point a test point like towards the late nineties. Everyone was getting it, it's not like heather in the real world, wherthe she's, the only mother, Fuckinin, Hos, major or beeper. This is the late nineties. Everyone had a fucking beeper, but this one was just a little bit more special because you could do a little bit more t at you get these full on tax matches. I think it's printy fucking cool, so it was the moral advisor Flex beever. Those are my two choices for my birthday on April, thirteenth nineteen ND. Ninety six, which I got none solid, picks man who I wish my parents had spent seven hundred and eighty dollars or whatever that was woror if they pantrie M opped at a school and they lost their deposit. I definitely did not get any of this Ye. I don't even remember what I got to be hundred percent dollars. Te Do see. If you were smart man, you could betto use your student loan money to to by the camera. I think I got to handle down a car for my eighteenth birthday, so I got the four tourist station wagon ars, the fuck truck the SHAGG and Wagle all right guys. So for my hut products take. I went back over to newspapers. Dotcom did some research on there now February, not a hut month for toys being advertised ecause. A lot of those toys were advertised in December for the Christmas rush. So I dug a little heart on this one, and I found now keepin mine were February fifth nineteen. Eighty eight, so I find an ad in the Hartford current from a store called Tokyo, Shapiro, all kinds of consumer electronics. You could buy in here nineteen inch, porable color, TV hundred and eighty seven bucks get yourself a VCR with remote for one hundred and thirty six bucks or you could get yourself some video games. There's an ice. Atin here see our great selection of Nintendo in Saga Game Cartridges as lol as Nineteen Ninety ninhandering. So when I find a little odd about this, is this is February fifth, nineteen nd, eighty eight Sega H had not been released yet so I'm like man, I'm never. I could buy these at Tokyo Chapiro, but I couldn't play it so I had to find a Sagon o play on, but it's not released. So I went over to the Shaboygen press on February fifth, nineteen, eighty eight and in the classified section I actually found an ad Sega master system with four cartridges hundred and fifty dollars firm, so nineteen, eighty eight almost a year before it had been released in the United States. So that's my first thought: product, Sega, N, nine tnded and eighty eight, my second ht product, I'm going to go with is I found an ad for children's world. I wanted some toys to play with you know. I was a big Gi, Joe Fan and there's an ad there's some new arrivals for Valentine's Day, a children's world. You can get the Gi Joe Cobra Sray for eleven ninety five. It was a like a twelve track tank that you could ride on or you could also get the GI, Joe Persuador for also for eleven ninety five that was kind of more of a helocopter vehicle. Don't know if you guys are familiar with either of these vehicles but GI JOE vehicles, pretty damn bad as in ninetee. Eighty eight. So those are my two hot products over to judge Mikeranger well Ho see. This is tough because you have to look at it from like two different perspectives like 'cause. Obviously, like somebody, that's about eighteen years old is going to be looking right, you're going to find high and electronics a little bit more cn Ian b with what I would have wanted for my tenth birthday cause February Fifth Nineuteen and eighty eight, my tenth birthday. I wanted Gi Jos and video game and he also wanted whatever the judge would want for his tent birthday. Isn't that funny the way that things work out? That way I like to believe that nobody's picks we're done with what I have wanted now see. That was the interesting thing about this, and if I lose this round, I'm okay with that, because I want to know why the Hell I could buy sega stuff on nine hutered and eighty eight alright. Well, here's the thing now when I really look at this, like the downside to the segomaster system is you would have been a very disappointed child yeahyou now G, I joe vehicles, that's cool, but then you know who the fuck's putting hem together. They were hostly just slinkers, though yeah, but I put my stickers upside down all the time ye I just never bothered with it cause. I knew I'd, find out or they'd get torn off, and then your shit would look like garbage. ECAUSE you'd have that torn off sticker. Look to the side of it that happened to mine all the time yeah. As soon as you go in the tub with them, the stickers came right off anyway, so yeah, and then you got to like come up with a big story about how there was a big whoop. You know big battle, the weak booking war and NSIGN got blown off Yep. You know, snake eyes got a little crazy um now, but when I look at it over on the other side, I'm really enticed by this motor Roller Pager, because you know you can have like you know your your mom paid. You like or or you could sell some drugs or you could sell some drugs for your mom. It's true. Let me show you a picture of what this thing looks like. So you know what I'm talking about. Oh Ari, good. Before I make a decision. Let me know what it looks: Low caus. This is like there's two different. I think most people, when you think of pagers, you think the government issued. You know you got your your numbers on the top and that little screen, but not this one, not this Motorola! The flex had that screen on the front like you'd. Wear it on your flucking hip, the message come out the outside, so you would pop it off your hip and look at that and you get like a full on message. You know you know what the one I Talka I remember, the they came in a very, very nice lan case that went on your belt. It was the Black Berry of pagers yeah. This is a nice pager. That's a man fucking pagerbrow yeah, en! If your Zealer had this pager, you were getting some quality shit man very, very nice. You Mu, you know! If you had this pageor, the amount of fucking drano that you have been swimming has fallen out of your pockets all day yeah. I knowour, like you, have to Tuck your shirt in just to show off your page yeah, your beeper would be blowing up yeah. I mean this is a cool beeper too. It's not like the ones hat. You know the volunteer fighting friters had they goto like the beepers going off in school and you're. Looking at Hem like you're, not going anywhere man Shutt it off all right, I'M gonna! You know what I'm going to give this one to mancrush strictly because up until two thousand and nine I was still buying my weed through my dealer's Pagro editinally for medicinal presendent. However, the segomaster system is huge in Brazil doge. I don't know how much of a hot product it was before it was released in the United States. So I knew it was a little touchy there, but I was just intrigued that it was even kind of available and there were advertising that you could buy the game cartridges yeah year before it was released. So I thought that was kind, O cool, all right, man crush. You got control aboard what category we got next man, let's go news good selection for one war round. News are always the most exciting thing, but I think there's a demographic of the show that wants to know what the fuck was going on, even though we never give them really hard hitting news. What do you mean those princes Dianas here e Raer, you can eat point. Setis is probably the best news story. I've ever had this. One again is a new story. FROR, my birthday April, thirteenth, nineteen, ninety six and the name s ell, the Titleo, Storis, Hi Tech, firm, hits, pay dirt and I'll read little clip from the story took a couple of years, but Jerry Yang and David Filo finally got rich last week, Yahoo, actually Yao 's, the name of an Internet search engine, a program that helps computer users find information in the vast universe of cyber space has been used without charge by up to a million people. Every day. At also is the name of the company they went public last week, Yaho stock was priced at thirteen dollars for the IPO on Thursday, but it opened up at twenty four, fifty on Friday, Roseas high as forty three and closed at thirty three dollars. So basically, Yahoo went public and the the guys that made it got filthy, fucking, rich and, of course everybody knows Yahoo, and as of a couple of years ago, they actually ended up selling to verizon. I think N, like twenty thirteen or twenty fourteen, but these guys, I'm sure they have pons of fucking cash. But this when t ID happened for them they went. They took this thing public and during the H, the DOT COM bubble. I think it was as low as eight dollars after the bubble bursts, but before that it was up to like a hundred something bucks. A share, which was everything was going crazy with Edo dotcom bubble was bucking insane hat really two thousands- and this was all part of it right here with Ya. Remember those commercials for Ythis was like before face or before, like Google was the shit you had Yahoo, they put everybody out of business like Altivista and excite and all the other. I can't remember half of them. There was like remember at the time there was like a dozen yeah. There was a dozen and then yahoo came along and kind of ere was kind of absorbed, all yeah yeah there was Altavista Ashjee there was tons. I can't even think of half of them. A D Thenk Yaoo actually eventually ended up using goople search engine for Yahoo before creating their oan again and then of course, selling a couple of years ago, but they are still around the websites still there and you can still do shit. I haven't used it in forever, but it is a pretty big deal. My second new story comes from April thirteteenth, nineteen and Einety six astronomers fine, another new planet stronomers in California, say they have found another planet around a Sunlake Star this time in the consolation cancer- and I don't really know science fiction all that much and I'm not going to get into this, but I just think it's cool. In N Nineteen D, Ninety six, they were actually finding planets, which you know nowadays I feel like we see it all the time they're like Oh, we found abcdfg one, two, three, four, five dash nine in you know some solar system, forty nine thousand light years away, but this one was like forty five light years away and I looked it up and there is some information about this place. The the name of the planet I'll skip the rustthe article, it's called fifty five rh o cankery and it's in the northern portion of the Constellation Cancer. It's about the mass of Jupiter, it orbits close to its star. In this case, it's one tenth is distance from Earth to the Sun and three times closer than mercury or less than ten million miles. So there you have it. We ended up finding a plan at ten million miles away. I don't know how that happens, but it's pretty fucking cool on Briter News. The cancerous planet was removed from the solar system and the UNIVERSEA'll be fine. It's actually still around. They changed the name too. Now it's called GAILEO. Well, that's a Mugaer AE. Ne Etter than H is much better than fucking cakerson een bi as Rho Pankry. Those are my two stories got the Yahoo going public, getting riches, Fok and H, astronomeris, finding a new planet on a birthday, some great birthday stories now here on these birthday battles, Yo kind o get a roll with what you get on for news on your birthday, unfortunately February fifth, nineteen. Eighty eight, not the greatest news, especially for Arizona Governor Evan Meecham, who was impeached that day, he was found guilty of concealing a three hundred and fifty thousand dollar campaign loan and also borrowing eighty thousand dollars in state money for his auto dealership. So he kindagot caut with his hand in the cookie jar on that one and wasn'mpeached for it. So that's my first news story not much there to talk about we're just going to roll past that when is somebody going to get convicted of mopery on this fucking show I've been looking for it man one day, whoever gets mopury is going to win the round. Well, I've been convicted twice. I can't go near a school all right. What do you Hav for your second one allright? So for my second news, stor February fifth, Nineteen D: Eighty eight top headline all the newspapers, Manel, Noriega and fifteen others- are indicted in Miami on twelve counts and it alleges that Noriega allowed Colubian drug lords to use Panama as a safe haven for shipping, cocaine to the United States, O one thousanine hunered and eighty one all the way up. N touanine hundred and eighty six collecting at least four point: six million dollars in Payoffs Noriega is simultaneously indicted in Tampa on chargers that he conspire to ship. One Point: FOUR MILLION POUNDS OF MARIJUANA: Tomarkjan: okay, the marijuana wasn't going to my house, but it was coming into the United States, so yeah that February fifth nineuneen and eighty eight Noriega indicted on drug smuggling charges. Michael Jackson didn't take a shit in my house, but his sister did so those Ar my two new stories: Governor of Arizona anpeached in Manuel Noriega, shipping, a whole lot of weed and coke Inv actuallys disappointed by that figure that you dropped and he only made four point: six million dollars he's a horrible businessman for five years. That's all he made no, no! No! No! No! He collected at least four point: six million in payoffs yeah. That's that's a Lon! THAT'S NOT PROFIT! That's that's people paying him off. He should ave got waiht more an that. He need a better agent. He needs Le Stimburn. Ultimately, the indictment push noriea closer to Castro. So that's what I got from mind: Etwo New Stories Noriega and UH. The other one thre Vo Arizona, being impeached. He had his hand in in the cookie jar. He said he really did have his hand in the cookie jar he took public funds to kind of bank roll, his own personal, auto dealership. I don't know if it was failing or what doesn't go into that detail, but he borrowed some money for personal reetlans. What kind of go dealership? Was it an auto dealership, ohdoly w? What kind of car it was a Pujo, the ECOMEASFUCKING DOCKI AIT was a fucking. You got a dealership, Gu invested on fucking Szund Asamaras, it's going to be the best thing ever off, roating everywhere. All right, micrags are off to you for the judgment on this roam th. This is certainly a tough one y GIV me a lot to think about. You know. There's the cookie jar thing who yos and h you know. Then you mancrush found a planet, that's cool! It's a cankery yeah! You know! Drugs. Drugs are always good. Good job mark ut the drugs. I tribe, yeah kids love the drugs. You know yeah, you know. I I think this one is. This is an easy one. It's gotta go to Mancross and Yaha Hoyeh. I mean that's just who doesn't remember that. I remember using Yahoo all the time and getting I think for pretty much everybody that I know at least we all started with Yahoo dtcome mail addresses. I still have a yahoo dark on run, ofahol how horrible it was for spam. Well, O still. I still have that aout man- I never. I haven't, checked my on years, but I can only imagine I used to have thousands of span messages in there. You know before we go to the next round. This was a lot closer than the audience might think at home, because, yes, it was because I I really dug your mechum story. That was his name right, Mija, Evan Meecram. I liked it all right. Man crushed, you got control of the Board for the final one point round. What category do you want? NECA final one point round: Let's go with television April, Thirteenth Nineteen. Ninety eight- These ones actually happened on my birthday. This one came as a pleasant surprise to me. I'm not GOINGTO beat around the Bush too much on this one. This was the tenth rank television show for that week with a thirteen point, zero share and that's the pleasant surprise 'cause. I had no idea. I seriously had no idea the chuck norses Walker, Texas Ranger, had that many eyeballs tuning into the show and was really impressive about this. The show came on Saturday nights at ten PM. Yeah Wai was kicking the Shit Oud of its competition. I, which included Baywach knights the Fox evening, news and sisters. It wasn't the beginning or the end of the series. Obviously at taple thirteen nineteen inety six, just another episode entitled Deadline. Ey, give you a little snopist of the episode here when the texestate legislature is pondering budget cuts. SETER waren hues suggest disbanding the Texas Rangers, which would have killed the show. So we know that's not happening, let's to be real unaware of a deadly plot and experienced Jul. TEF has planned for his daughter Lindsey when the thief hatches his plan and Lindsey is buried alive. It is up to Walker and travet to track down Lindsay's captors, where they have her buried before it's too late and the process center hes learned how vital the rangers are to fighting crime shocker, but who do they get to play the main bad guy? In this episode Mike, I know Youyour brother watchus right. Yes, he did an my mother's robe ball smoking a cigarette, so you probably were not in the same room. Then no! I was to this day. I I talk about tha. What kind of cigarette newports course? What other? What other Kino smoke in your mother's Robe Pall, all possibly lucky strikes. Let me get back to the villain here, H, the villain one of the most popular villion villains of all time, Robert England, please lilactart. So it's no wonder why this show hit number ten in the weekly ratings, because England is ratings gold, but that's my first pick: There is a Walker Texas Ranger! Can you carry tat itwas had a thirteen point, zero share? No that don't fucking! I mean we talk about this all the time with ratings, but even in the nineties, that's a hell of a damn share right there. Thirteen point! Oh all, right! It's moving on April, thirteenth, nine Huteen, an inety six, now I'm eighteen years old and it's television. So I'm looking at everything and there's nothing new debuing soomethinging to myself. What was I watching that night and it wasn't skin of ax, I N- maybe it was after this, but right at this point of the night I tuned into Saturday night, live to watch a live performance by rage against the machine and special guest host. That night was nooter than billionaire Steve Forbes. I don't know if you guys remember this episode. I absolutelyo O. I just only shit so w now, as we all know, like rage, againsthe machine heavily political, I mean it's in their fucking name. Guys are raging Ain the machineig early in nine teen inty six. She Got Steve Fort. He was actually running for the Republican, an presidential nomination and he dropped out of the race in March, but he still came on the shelvs anyhow, the Thursday prior during rehearsal, Radiansa machine was told that they needed to tone down the whole performance because Forbes is going to be on the show and his family was going to be there blah blah blah. That meant no cursing, even though rage thought that they were just going to Leep everything out, but Fucki it's raging in toe machine. What are they going to do so? You Got Bulls on parade which has no cursing in it, but then the second song they were going to play was bullet in the head, which sure has has a mother Fuckin in it, and that I know, but the S and l producers they insisted on having a clean, show, told him they couldn't do it. So they always g t. They got the feeling on Thursday that there would be no second song. So during that first rehearsal they hung that flag upside down. Because- and I quote the Bana saying we thought it was appropriate, especially in an election year, to demonstrate that, in our opinion, American democracy is inverted when your only choice is between a wealthy representative of privileged classes and Lon, and behold we got Forbes on the show. It was like the pboy for that ideology, so Esanel, wigs out and said no, this is going to piss everybody off the corporate sponsor is going to be pissed off. You can't do this anyhow, so they go on the show as soon as twell. Let me just get to it. So they right before they're ready to play bulls on pred. They do the same thing again. They throw down the flags and they're upside down bright before it airs on television, the the S and l stage crew like yanked the flags off, so you don't actually see it on TV, but as soon as they finished doing, polls, Bullson parade born michaels had them tossed out of the fucking building. baned them from ever coming back on Saturday night, live again for hanging those flags upside down and disobeying what they were told, but that night, ranging against a machine they joined the likes of other band hosts and musicians such as I had to look this up. 'CAUSE I was like there had to be other people Milton Burouh, frank, Zapa, Andy Coufman, Robert Blake, the replacements, this one's Great Steven Segal pretty much just 'cause. He was such a horrible host, H, Martin Lawrence Adrian Brodie, Cyprecilcenado Conner, and a few others who were eventually invited back on the show. So that's what I had for that night Saturday April Thirteenth Nineteen, Ninety eight starting off the show you can't beat Walker, Texas, ranger, coming a tent and the ratings ot. Thirteen share beating out fucking Baywatch nights like a redheaded, stepchild and shit and then coming out with the range against machine getting banned from Saturday night life solid all right, so my television picks my first one. You know we're going to go back to February fifth, nineteen. Eighty eight, a time when things were a little simpler. You know when streaks on Tho China never mattered before. Who Cares, of course, we're going to be talking about season for episode, thirteen of Mister Belvidare a show that I don't think has come up yet on this program and it's a cry in shame, so I had to bring up Mer Belvdere the episode title for this one is the trip part one? It's the first of a two part, Ser two part episode. I'm going to reach you guys a synopsis to this one. I don't know. Have you guy seen this episode? Are you familiar with it Mike H, you gotto give his night creption no Gu show unless I read hem from my MDV, it's a very popular episode. Angela and heather are volunteering at a retirement home. They try to cheer up one of the residents, but he is difficult, so they try everything until he tells them what he wants. So what do you think the old man wants blow? Jo Man Crush? What do you think finger on the butt finger in the butt in a blow job? Well, I had to go ahead to the next episode. The trip part too, to find out. He actually wants the girls to take him to a trip to Atlantic city. Well and of course, they do and the parents freak out and have to go after the girls, and you know Hyjenes Ansu, like it always did on Mister Belveder. So that's my first selection, the trip part one. You really can't go wrong with Mer Belvadere one of my favorite sitcoms growing up, and I know I would have been watching this on my birthday February. Fifth, nineteen. Eighty eight, my second television event also took place on February fifth, nineteen ND, eighty eight and it was the main event at eight o'clock pm on n BC, from Market Square Arina and Indianapolis Indiana. The WF broadcasted a monstrous show which drew fifteen point, two Neelson rating, which equivalates to thirty three million viewers. Both records are for American television, still stand today and probably will never be broken. The futured match was the match between Andre, the giant and Hokogen, and it entreegiant defeat Hohogan via pinfall, despite the fact that Hogen's shoulders were never on the Mat and despite the fact that there were igentical, twin referees, Dave and Earl Hebner and the million dollar man had set up the whole thing, so he could get the belt from endre the giant. Of course, all of this was the backstory and lead up to Ressellmannia four, which was my favorite wrestle many of all time. So it kind of really got me into the interwrestling. I think so. It drew a mass of fifteen point two Neelson rating. It's probably the biggest thing that the WWFWW has ever put on television. If we look at some of the other card on here, Jake Roberts defeated Harley Race Ron, bast efeated. Cocoa. Beware, I am sorry Dave Shultz. Cocoa. Beware loses again the British bulldogs the fee, the Islanders Jim, dug, look out. The one man gang the ultimate warrior: defeated: Seka, Raindy savagedefeated, the Honkey Tonk man and strike force, went on to defeat the heart foundation that night so solid card top the bottom wwf. The main event February, fifth, nine Huteren and eighty eight- those ar I two TV selections over to Micrranger for the judgment for the television round. Well that that certainly wasn't impressive there. So I I hate Walker, Texas, Reda. I didn't rget tha the focus that watched it shit, which I was Yu Lisen ten o'clock, what' Aterday, yeah yeah, that's prime time viewing in Texas, but what's cool about the episode? Is that that Robert England is on it not Maoann cool but yeah. But all I see is my brother in that stupid, fucking, robe, smoking, Newport's, so weird yeah t s Slah Ib; no, it was no. I believe it had. It was like red with bluestripes and it was ripped and had coffee stains and fucking pancake batter on it yeah. I think my mom had the same one. Oh yeah away, sad hancake that around it man yeah once you get it on there, you can't get it a handcake batter, that's a code at least that's what mom always told me Awas. He Seto gets everything O it's got spasies polmers! You know the S and l thing is cool, because it's always nice when somebody gets banned from S Thoughtwho doesn't enjoy that Um. But what I I have to give this one to mark just 'cause, Mr Belvede you're Gonta, give it Ofermiserbilityi, not not the fifteen point two neelon rating hit's. Never thing is cool, but I mean Mr Belvedere. No. Actually the wrestling thing is really wha put it over the top, the Mr Belv, I love Mister Belvider and if it had been the episode where Wesley's friend has aides or the episode where Wesley Gets touched by the Camp Counselor, I wouldhave I o. I would have just pulled my pats down and started jerking off right on her mom's road yeah in the road or the Newport and just add to the pancake better gross yeah. Well, so yeah look at that Wer to go mark all right. I pick up a point. It's two to one games not over yet we're heading into the two point rounds. I Have Control Tha Board, so you know what man crush we're going TA head over to the music round right all right now, Mike Ranger, while you got your mom's Robon and you're getting ready to jerk off, I got the perfect album for you to put on and maybe look at the album cover. Maybe something will inspire you ihammer released February. Second, Nineteen D. Eighty Eight, I give you the album Lida from Leta Ford. This is the third studio album by LEDAFORD. It was her first under R C, a records and under the new management supervision of Sharon Osborne, the album reached number twenty nine on the billboard charts gave us the two hit singles closhes my eyes forever was a duet with Ozzi Osborne and kissed me deadly, which peaked at number eight and twelve respectively on the dillboard hone hundred jarts. So this is just an absolute monster. Aum If you 're a LEDA Ford Fan. This is where it all started for her Kisse me deadly still, one of the greatest rock songs of all time, andclose my eyes forever man that duet with Ozzy, I think it's probably my favorite ozzy song and it's a Duwak go figure. I ios my eye, Foan Sayou know it's it s. A PRETTY SAD! I just read the other day: He's got Parkinson's, really and man I might not be singing anymore. I think let me look that up make sure it's Parkingon Bu, it's something not good, but I hadn't co all right, so you know for my second selection, sometimes here in the show we like to use all of our resources when we're making our picks so for my music selection, I'm actually going to turn it over to a loyal listener of the show and a group member Bill Weber and he's going to talk about this album that was released on February. Fourth, nineteen. Eighty eight bi, my name was bill wever and I'm here to announce March creconchoice in the music category, and this is right up Mancrosse Alley 'cause. We know how much he loves Tan Ban. For my second choice, es chosen space rangment the day dualvy by the Dand wispread panic, this sound contast, some of their most classic songs like Chili Water Pace, ring report, Tronk Stotgo and my favorite driving son widspoad panic is aban at hall, Fom Ate Sorgia and they'v Got Southern Flavor to the Jamdan musicse. They still are going strong to this day, thanks built weather for that great. Take on this amazing album, if you guys, are not familiar with it. It's widespread panic space wrangler. This album was reissued four separate times three times for a full release that the fourth time was actually a one day only vinyl release the song listing on this album is absolutely incredible. There is not a bad spot on it. I've been blassed the past two or three episodes to get these great albums. That are great from start to finish, and this one's no exception. Now, if widespread panic is not a band you're familiar with, they really brought that southern rock field to Jam Music. Now this is nineteen. Eighty eight, this album sounds as contemporary as any southern rock. That's coming out now, whether it's like almond betspand or you have the Chris Robinson Brotherhood or even stuff like the Zack Brown band. I think that widespread panics sound then way before it's time. It's an album that still holds up today top to bottom. So that's what I got from my music selections Mancrush over to you all right H, since we're going with Albmzi can listen to from beginning ten, let's start here April, sixteenth, Ho, Anine, hutdred and ninety six and again these birth dhay episodes. If we're fortunae enough to get an album, honor birthday, that's a bonus, but we got to go with the closest dates we can actually get 'cause. Sometimes I just don't really shit on her birthdays and thitould be a boring, fucking game. If we had nothing to pick so April, sixteenth nineteen, an ighty six, here's, this bands heavily anticipated sophomore effort that came out four years after the debut album. Just to give you an idea of how long it took for this album to come out. I remember buying this self title debut album when I was a freshman in high school and I had to wait until a month before I graduated for this to come out. That's a long, fucking time for a big mand to wait for their second album to come out. Andi actually remember the day I picked this up. I was about to graduate so I played sports all like for every year, but this last semestor of high school. I Wis like fucking, I'm not playing anything I'll get a job, so instead I played in this indoor soccer, like intermural league, with the rest of the football players really good times. None of us gave two flocks about soccer, so it was just more about it was like playing hockey without sticks and just kicking a Doou saying so one day we Wen we ventured off to media play before the game and we picked up this freshly released rage against the machine, evil empire on tape, and we rocked that shit from beginning to end before the game and talking about getting amped up, I'm pretty sure somebody died. While we were playing indoor soccer that day and it wasn't from USI- were just kicking the ball, an people's faces and shit lighting, people up itwas, fucking grate. That's why I love playing soccer. So much incredible. I remember my my buddy Larry that I went with. He stole this hold like stereosystem out of the lockeng room and plugged it in in the gymnasium and was playing the gasette tape. While we played our game and the thespeakers were really Shitty, so it sounded like fucking garbage, but we were still running around going Bak manlike, you know just Hhe got like Bulls on parade people, the sun down, Rodeo, viit, Naw tire me: There was just some of the singles from this album a debute at number, one on the billboard top two hundred. They won a grammy for tire meat. They had two other grammy nominations and it went three times platinum. So that's not too shabby for Ragn Aainst, a machine, evil empire. I hate bringing up the same thing twice, but it just so happened. It's my birthday, Bucki I'LL! Do it this time? The second one April, tenth nine Hutdren, andninety, six and again thiss another long awaited appearance. This is the first time in almost three years, this band got together to do a live performance. No only was it their first performance in nearly three years, but it was in ncredible acoustic performance and it was held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's, majestic theatere. Sadly, this was the last live performance. The band would have with their legendary front man Lanetaly who's las show. It was one of the his last showwas. The last show with Alenes deal. He was three months later, but of course this is the live m TV on plug session with Alice an chains, and we posted something about this. This past week on our facebook, of course, pfsebooke com forward slash dueling decades go there. We always have a bunch of content, we're always asking guys questions and we asked what was your favorite Om, plug performance and I'd say, probably like fifty or sixty percent of these votes were for this Alice and Chan's performance. You know I was a little shocked, but I wasn't 'cause. It was really great performance. You know it's really sad because ot all the lead singers out there, a lot of people cald be replicated. Lan Staley had this haunting voice. That just cannot be dubligated. You know no an like from track, one you put on the onplug version in this and you start with nutshell, and it gets me man, it's just like it's really good, but it's such a downer, because you just know that we don't have that much time left with lanes Daly at this point and he just eterioaed and detered until he died in two thousand and two. They found him dead in his home and I think they said like right before that. The time he's like eighty pounds or something some Cluu Shit like that, but anyhow this Allison Che's up plug. Do we get a DVD release ad a CD RELEASEAS? Well, it went up to number three and the billboard topd two hundred and went platinum, and I think a lot of people always talk about the Nirvana implugged and how amazing it is because of how popular it was. But when you put 'em together musically, I think in my opinion, the alsan change. One does hold up: It's just an amazing performance. Overall, you know it's one of those albms. If you put this on with the lights down, it'll give you goose bumps listening to his voice, it's chilling to hear him singing some of these songs like down in a hole. It's crazy, fucking, album M, but those are the two. If I had to pick one who's better on my own round, I probaby would say the Alsan Sho chains, I'm plugged for me, I'd listened to way more than evil empire, even though have sold more cobies. So sales doesn't always matter yeah, that's just because you haven't heard space wrang widespread pan yeah. I definitely would listen to that a lot, but no man both of those albums, are awesome. I actually like that rage against the machine album better than their first album. I know that's kind of Blasphey, but I don't know people of the Sun that sothing got me man that has such a nice groove to it everylike every song on there you can listen to yeah. No, it's there's not a bad saorm stab too it's only ten songs and you can listen to every song of that album as well. It's it's just one of those guns they just put out funky Shitit's got like this funky Basbe like and then, of course, it's KINDOF like new metal before new metal, so it kind o like leanghinto, creating new metal, because people are trying to copy their. You know what they were doing and shit. Then of course they broke up and whatever. But those are my two picks all right. Let's toss it over to Mikeranger for the judgment, so he can tell Manchrost that he won this round. Well, first, I'd like to thank you guys for making four choices that I know absolutely notow. So that's good. Now, the only I can say at least with man crushes picks. I've actually heard of those two bands you've never heard of Leda Ford. No, I I probably, if you played me a song I'd be like Oh yeah. I know that D. You want me to sing it again, cany. What's your other song off that album is kiss me deadly okay, sing it kiss me Wa kiss me twice: Come Opinan CPAII PROBB. I don't even know. If I push ar the lyrics tat, I might have made up my own, but I'm pretty sure my voicees spot on and we lost every listener. You were good. I was about to tell Nita to to to bring Mancrosh back to finish. The show she's got better tets, but you got a great voice man, it's hard for me to do a female voice. I just can't do it. I've been sick for a week. The Acoustics in this room are just not up to snuff pesore throat for month. Sorry right now, as I'd also like to thank Mister, was a bill. Webber th, they called T im with t a alis nice. Nice touch. You guys are doing things I like that M, but you know what I feel like I'm going to make a bad decision just 'cause. I don't actually listen to any of ther stuff Um. So please don't judge me. If you I got to give it to Mancrush 'cause. I actually have heard of the other two Ba, I'm not going to argue with that, one that rage against the machine album was fucking huge. It was at that time it was one of my favorite albums and I was jamming out to it. So I can't argue with that. I was lost into the world of hip hop in the nineties. I apologized he didn't get that little bit of crossover, T B'cause. The thing is with rage against the machine, especially in the nineties, when we were in high school, I feel like there was two different groups of people: Yoa had people who listen, Ta rap, actually, there's more than two different groups like yea, the people listen o like the top forty and then you had like the heavy metal, kids, and then you had the rap kids raging at the machine was kind of the group that brought all three of those together yeah, although they and that's I've, definitely heard of them. I new plenty of people. Listen to them. I know that Wotang was on tour with them. You know it's just not something, and I have friends that are real big rage fencs. So it's not that I I've never heard any of it or anything. It's just like fucking. You know I was a young impressonale child and I had clue tapes. I C see O ot listening nowis in Chans, that's more grungy like Nirvana, I'm just fucking weird! You know some shit. It just takes me a while to to circle back around and and get it all, listen to it now. No, I should you might I'm gonlike some mother and house o chain stuff, but I think if you start with the implugged- and you just hear this dude's voice- it's when I say haunting it's fucking haunting like he has an amazing voice, Thatt, just crats. So deep and manif you're going to talk about amazing voices. You gotto talk about John Bell, the front man from witir. I ask Meon Allt. Let's get t this last righ man crush. You technically won this game and whipped my ass. Yet again so, but we're still going to play on. We go to the final round, which is going to be movies. Would you like to go first, or would you like to die I'll just go first, I mean why why I'm delayed all right April twelfth, which is a day prior to my birthday, which is a Friday April, twelve nineteen, eighty six, we hat this movie with lines like this one: Hey kids, where's, your father, ah he's upstairs maturbating to gay porn again and proof that this movie is good, Roger Eberd, called it awful dreadful, terrible, stupid, idiotic, unfunny, labored, forceful, painful and bad, and yet he claimed he didn't laugh once, but I did and here's another quote from this movie. They're drug is made of Monkey. Come you know they lik. You don't know Li a movie. This is I'm drawing a blank on this one. Is it Nimemverequ Man? I I don't blame you. I mean it's it's one of those movies. It's Colish! It's a movie t t theyd only brought in three million dollars in the box office round five million dollars on toenty twenty, but I iod definitely consider this a cold classic for many people. A lot of people like the series I was preparing to go on a date, the night that this was released, but this movie, which was the one I initially suggested, because I thought it was far better date movie than what my other pick is going to be, but it didn't get released to our local theater. So I went to see my second pick, but of course this is mark. What's my pick, the kids in the hall, briant kids in the hall, bring wit's. What we do is we locked you into your happiest memory chemically it's fucking, fantastic movie, it's one of those movies where you have to pay attention to the little things, and I think that's why absolutely people don't like it, but there's a lot of stuff and there's some stuff. That's like right out in the open, like that line. I said before: Hey kids where's, your father, oh he's upstairs maspating a gayporn again h. You Wat, like the Whole Min with cancer bane, which they didn't w paramount, did not want that bit to be on and it wanted that Houn and they lost that battle and ended up being in the movie anyway, but it's fucking Hilarious, I mean you got otake it for what it's worth T. it's comedy. It's not meant to be serious and H. Kids, kids, O hall, are fucking greed anyway, of course they're Canad handl. You know and there's there's a coup. There's a brend, an frazer like Cameo uncredited that ry movie, that's rerl, they're, giving him the Pacebo pill and he's getting axy on his face. Ackne Nice Little added bonus in that movie. This is like brandand Fraser's, almost huge at that point. You know he's getting. He was right into Ol. This is ninety six, it's getting into the mummy years, so he's trending up before he disappears forever dis up herjust mean I went up too all right so April, twelfth nine, teen and INETY. Six again, it's a Friday. You know it's Kinda cool. Doing these picks on your birthdays is because, like some of these, you remember what was going on during that day. I never had that happen with any of he other birthday episodes I was on, but since this this one was my eighteenth birthday. I actually remember Shit, so this movie came out the night before my eighteenth birthday and I had recently been dumped by my girlfriend like a weak prior all right, Bul mancrush. He wasn't standing on the sidelines for long and little that I know, news must have sent like shock waves ro, like the senior class and all these single girls started like lowing up you're, peeling R, calling my Puckin my Nonexistin, O roll that I didn't have yet yeah. He didn't get that. Remember I didn't get it. They were calling my house o leaving fucking messages, yeah answering machine that had the beginning of the song pro jm porch on it right up into the partwar tleaave a message, and it would be anyhow P. I a person within a day or two. This popular girl, like I went to school with I was with. I was in school with there for like four years. We we Hav the same friends and all thi ship, but we never really talked. She started talking to me like fucking mediately, so I was like hey. You want to go o to DC a movie Friday and she said Yes nd, like I said before. I wanted to see rain candy and she obliged, but it wasn't at the movie theater. So my second choice was the movie fear. Nolet me just tell you H, at's t a hell of a fucking first Dat Ara, to bring your first date to it's a fantastic al movie. But let me let's put this stuff together: She's known me for four years sort of, but not we've never really talked, and now we're going to see his movie fear, which is basically the same shit 'cause. The girl didn't know this dude. I didn't know what I was going to do anyhow, so also the first time I'll, be it technically illegal that I stayed out driving past nine pm wow, because New York, you got to be eighteen years old to drive past night. So I did that on that night, fucking Lawbreaker, I have a question- was your second date to an amusement park. No, it was to the Orange County, fair Oso. There was a Rolli O. I was if I fomed the fair rolled around her and I were long separated anyhow. This was Mark Walburg's, first time being a star in a movie. He had done some acting and supporting roles. Prior to this, he was in renaistance man. Of course he was in basketball diaries, but this was like his coming out party as an actor and he is pure nightmare fuel for any father of a teenage daughter h when I think a guyis coming to take my daughter out we're on the lookout for David McCall's for sure. If anyone even comes to pick up my daughter, I get a whiff of David th he's getting his aster a toss at a fucking curb. So not only is this. A great movie, it also serves, is almost like a after school special for future fathers. So thanks Mark Walberg and also thank you, wreace wither spoon too 'cause you're, just crazy hot in this movie. I guess Alisomolano Too v know she's kind of the wholeor uh, but by the way the movie did take in about twenty million dollars in the box office. It's about thirty three million dollars in twenty twenty soit'spretty, decent and Thenarkwalberg went on to start in, like seventy one movies, and he has an Oscar D or Hewas nomin like twice or whatever, and the first fucking review. If out of this movie, the Chick said that he should never act again and should stick to modeling and work on his ABS. I was like Ouch Wow, I'm called for, but yeah fear and new RBEU kids on the Plock Ucin Rain Candy April Twelfe, nineteen n eigety six have a second question. When you went to the movies to see fear, did you have your date? Get you a coke. I don't remember. I know it's a line. FA movie. Sorry, I don't even remember, like I just remember, being really awkward 'cause. I knew what the movie e was going to be about and I think she did as well 'cause. She was all about seeing it. It was probably ecause Mark Walberg was in it, but then, like the scenes that transpired in the movie just made it like real weird- and I was like Oh this is, I don't know, I thought it was a really romantic story. He really liked erhe did until he cut her dog's head all. He really really liked her cut a dog's head off an had sex with her best friend with his friends, hey everybody shows affection and their own guess wo. Are we to judge you know David mccal teaches Zon beat up her father, all right, so we'll head over to my movie selections. I got two movies that are almost the exact same film really when you take a look at it. My first one released February fifth, nineteen, Eighty eight that John hughas classic she's having a baby starring, Kevin Bacon, Elizabeth Mgoverin and Alec Baldwin. It's one of the last few films that John Hughes did and a lot of people do believe that the character that Kevin Bacon plays of jke Briggs is actually the exact same character that he makes the cameo in and playing trains and automobiles. Because John Hughes filmd both of those movies about the exact same time and then there's that cross overscen in the background of the T v from planes, trains and automobiles, but see at this movie, I didn't do so great at the box office had a twenty million dollar budget cumen of world wide gross coming in justshy that at just over sixteen million, but it has lived on an has, become a colt hit in the later years, mainly because of the great talented name of John Hughes, who wrote it and directed it. So that's my first movie she's having a baby. My second film is by horror, master Westcraven and it was released also on February Fif, H, nine huteen and eighty eight, and that is the serpent ind. The Rainbow 'cause, much like she's having a baby after you've had a baby. You walk around like a Zombi for days on end. Isn't that true, Mike Ranger, who just had a child himself you're right on there? I remember those days but yeah so bill. Pullman is an anthropologist who travels to Hati after hearing rumors about a drug used by black magic practitioners to turn people in dozombies. So what happens? Of course, he gets turned into his obby spoilers, but h yeah go check out the serpent and the Rainbow Release February, fifth, nineteen, eighty eight kind of a different field for a West Craven Film. I remember watching this Oen. It came out a few years after it came out a little trippy little psychodelic, but it's still a really good film excellent performance by Bill Pullman and that movie he was way cooler. Then, before he became the president started to talk real gruff, I loved them as a present yeah. So those are my two movies for the movies round, she's having a baby in the serpent in the rainbow both released February, fifth, nine huteen and eighty eight all right, Mike Ranger, let's head over to you for the final ruling on this game, rigt we're going to have to talk this out a little bit all right. So, let's, let's go over to man crushes pigs, now brain candy, t kids in the hall movie Ye Yeah, the Chris Ranger is actually like the kids in the hall, a SSO on I I I'm aware of the movie. I just Haveou actually seen it watch it. It's on you to for free. If you don't have it I mean, and I and I watch kids in the hall after school, you know theyused the COMMI sentralesed to play the reruns T. I actually have not seen that movie ther. On the other hand, I've seen a lot mostly because of the rollercoats eve seen, but then we go over t to mark pex and he's got h she's having a baby, which you know is Kinda, like fear now she's having a baby I've seen a lot. You guys have probably seen this multiple time used to run on T v all the time. It's actually not one of John Hughes's, better movies, like there's parts of it that work really well y. Ah, but but then, like you, Kindof just hate the wife yeah the movie. Is that just me, I'm pretty sure mark alled. It legendary in the beginning. Well, you call the legend Agor Dary. It is legendary 'cause, it's John Hughes, man, even fucking curly Su is legendary at this point. Well, that's the thing I like John Hughes and I d, and I would never want to exederally not like something he does, but you K O W I'll I'll, say this. I like she's having a baby a hell of a lot more than fucking some kind of wonderful. Yes, I tulk in hate some kind of one of her. Remember that one o her that's the one aand yeah and Molly ringwold was supposed to be in that movie. It's Kindo like t she backed out of it and that's when her and John usalike stop at working together m now the surpent and the Rainboa. That's actually a pretty cool tripy, let's crap a movie, it's a lot different than is other films, but I think I've yeah got a cool about it. That's exactly that's what I like about so the tough part here is that I have it seen braincandy and I don't want a short change. This movie. I could tell you right now: You'd, like braning Cany, I I bet yea. I would too I'm excited. I want to see. Even I can tell you right now that you're going to love brain Kandy, it don't fuck an mattrity loss, es game yeah. You know well, in the spirit of losing I'm gongto hand. This round, I o do that. An it out. Well, know I an Handin it to 'em but fugging. Well, now that you ruined the surprise O. No, actually, I guess I out of all these I like fear, probably the most but um I've seen both she's having a baby and the serpent in the rainbow. So A and I like the servpet in the Rainbowso, I'm going to go with mark on this one. I I definitely recommend that you go on you tube or just go out and purchase a copy of kids in the Hall Brain Candy. It's a movie, that's Gon, a you're going to watch over and over and over and there's so many levels and layers to those jokes. It's got such great replay value. You know every time you watch it like Manchrush said some of those jokes are hidden in there and you're going to pick 'em out ly, love the boss or, like the ow, the owner of the harmaceutical company is the best. Oh God, I'm trying to order it right now and ion whan he's talking about the coffee he's like my cap is look and he's like. Oh Youre, Cappuccino's lukewarm. No, it's look fucking Skywater, this cancer boy in it whunn they go to shake his hand and he's like. Oh my mirrows low, it's okay, I'm just lower. You know what there's a via just copy going for Al. So I didn't get the round. But I got you a a purchase of fucking vj live on the bodgest. I dig it well. There we go jewelers Tays, micanger loads up on some kids in the Hall Brain Candy. We're going to end this episode right here now. If you've missed an episode, you can always head back, go on our website. Dueling decades dotcom you can subscribe to us on. I tunes on Stitcher. You can subscribe to us on Spotifi wherever podcasts are available and while you're on the intrerwebs like Mancrush, set earlier hit over to facebook, dotcom forward slash jewelling decades, we got all kinds of stuff going on there. We got our Trivia Games going on. Occasionally we got scavinger hunts, different ways for you to earn points to be on the duling decades, leaderboards all right, dolers. So until next time we're going to bid you a piece, love lighting, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmary Media