Dueling Decades
Sept. 4, 2019

It's time to pick which 1980s or 1990s month did it Worst! August 1983 vs August 1995

It's time to pick which 1980s or 1990s month did it Worst! August 1983 vs August 1995

This week duelers we celebrate the best of the worst with our first ever Worst Month Duel! Jay Sandlin from the What Happens Next Podcast steps back into the arena armed with the very worst of August 1983 to challenge Marc James who is locked and...

This week duelers we celebrate the best of the worst with our first ever Worst Month Duel! Jay Sandlin from the What Happens Next Podcast steps back into the arena armed with the very worst of August 1983 to challenge Marc James who is locked and loaded with the very worst happenings of August 1995! Current Dueling Decades Champion Mancrush will be our judge for this foul fight! This is not one to be missed Duelers! Join the conversation online at facebook.com/duelingdecades!


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On this episode, I Mark Jane Stepped back into the arena of Awsomeness to compete with August O nineteen. Ninety five in our first ever worst month, dual and on this episode I will be facing this man hey. This is Jsanlin, find me on twitter, instagram at J, Sanlin, undersqare, W N facebook at J, Sanlan writer and j Sanlan Dotcom, where you can find all of my updates, my podcast. What happens next verses for superpower debates and my upcoming book releases? I've got a book coming out from madcave studios in December. It's over the ropes, a tale of nineties pro wrestling kind of appropriate for today's debate. Wouldn't you say yeah, that's what weere talking about before this. That was the the glory days of wrestling F or Ali, and that was exactly why I picked it for the setting th y. They didn't ask me to write about the nineties, but they said we want you to write an underdog, prowrestling story and I think all writers have to think what kind of story am I going to write that I would want to read and once I decided it needed to be set in the nineties. Everything else came together, not just the nineties, but the nineties in the south O can't wait. Til that comes out I'll definitely pick up a copy, though I'll get you a signed, one early, O j. What are the dits you're doling with tonight? Well, as it turns out, I have got August Nineteen D, eighty three with the worst of the worst and back behind the bench, is the current dueling decades champion in judgs. For this episode, it's Mancrush! That's right! Let's do this. A D mark is dying, so we're Gong to like Bang right through this. Just a T. I know you're sick, agot, the flu we're going to fly through this as fast possible. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The JUDG's coinflip shout the side, who picks first out of the five dualing decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and Sports. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points, a piece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score after all five rounds duelers. Sometimes it's good to be bad. So, let's play Joo all right. Let's get this this coin toss on I'm going to do the same thing as last time, I'm going to use my cns counter, like I said before I like to use the CNS counter and make sure that I'm good to go for the gym. Someon tap this thing as fast as I can for what is it five or ten seconds you guys are really guess the number rirght here we go, I'm doing get in this Rod. That's not too bad! All Right! Ja! You are the visitor, so give me the number eigt Jesus. What do you think I am? I have cerebral palsy or something. What ae you got mark thirty, two: Thirty, nine esttonight man I di'm fucking on man. I had a bang earlier today, I'm read to go like he was stroking one out before the show Jesus that works out well, Markos. First, where are we going Al Right? You know what? Let's start off with movies yeah, I'm kindo interested how you do this because there's always strategy like you want to use your worst for the first round. In this case your worst is every round. I would hope it is so I'm just kind o throwing it out there. You know what I want to talk about these movies first, so arght we're going to go movies. Why not? I remember on this, show somebody actually picked movies once and won the game, so we'll put that theory to the test, all right, so my first selection released August Eleventh Nineteen, Ninety Five, a kid in King Arthur's court, if you guys had the disprivilege of ever seeing this one. Of course, it's stars, Thomas E and Nicholas who we all remember from other grat heads such as American pie and Wai- is this the guy that I can't fucking stand from American Pie. It I iny this guy. This is his second baseball movie. You would know him as Henry Roan Gardener from Rukia the year. Yes, his only redeemable movie like the rest of 'em are guy. fucking can't stand this guy yeah a kid in King Arthur's court is it's a little league player. It's sent back to medieval times where he has given the task of saving camelot hold on to your hats. Folks currently has a four point: Seven on IMDB, with a just over five thousand ratings, the movie was budgeted at about fifteen million dollars trumilo worldwide gross, just over thirteen million, so definitely took a wash on this one. So that's my first selection, a kid in King Arthur's court had some nice cameos in it, though I don't know how they pulled the strings to get Kate Windslat Daniel Craig. Well, that that's Kate windsliy before titanic, though okay yeah, that's true 'case, that kind of makes sense. Who was the other one? You said Jino Craig, I meangrn it was a young Jeniel Craig in ninety five. He was, we didn't know Daniel crage alot in this country. Ninety five, I'm sure you Wiglonlin Hou, you's right all right, so t's piece of shit. My second film is a classic Um. This is the fifth entry in this timeless series of the eighties. It's just one that should just be all be held near an deed to our hearts. Laan. Gentlemen. I'm talking about the redemption kickbox ar five, yes released to video August nineteen. Ninety five spoiler you find out in the very beginning of the movie David Sloane is murdered, and it's up to his boxing champ Mat reebs to avenge his death. It's such an awful series, because sazamitchell is amazing as amazing as he could be in two Thofour, except for the scene. Where he's got the Zoombaz on and no wonder where and his deck's just flapping all over the place wall he's running down the street, which is frightening, but five. It almost seemed like they took a stepback even with the like any video production quality they might ve had and two throughfor. They threw it out the window in five and it looks like Sha what a garbage movie the entire Sloan family is dead. At this point, yeah it Kindo just shits all over everything they had built for the first four movies nd I mean come on, it's kickbox or it's not like it's. You know, there's not a huge compelling tight. Knit story here: It's not a Warren piece or anything it Kinda is little bitoand kind of is more nudity loosely based very loosely. So those are my two picks for bad movies August. Ninety five J Sanlan tossin over to you. What a e you got. Man Bring it well first off, I'm going to have to call you out because I loved a kid in King Arthur's court. It was mainstay movie rental for me when I was nine years old. Okay, I rented that and rookie of the year, all the fucking time so rookie the EIL's fine. You can watch that all day long, but as soon as that kid hit his teen teenage years, horrible yeah we're talking with kickboxer. You know a series that maybe had gone past its prime you had kickboxer, but you know kickboxer was never that great. To begin with, let's talk about further falls from grace. We've got smoky and the bandit part three, Oh God Dida anybody even know this movie existed. I Made August twelth nineteen nd eighty three, eighty five minutes comedy the the Enos Duo, convinced cletas the bandit come out of hiding. You know much like they had to convince everyone else to come out of hiding to do this movie, and then they went traight back into hiding right after I mean come on. This is like to say that the smokig in the bandit of Nineteen, seventy seven starring, Bert Reynolds and Sally Field now starring, Um, well, Jackie gleason and Jerry Reed. We we've lost the original cast that made it great. It says Smoky's back, but I mean. Is He really? No, I'm sorry Um. I Would Watch kickboxor five on repeat before watching this one time, but if that's not enough for this worst of the worst, I've got to give you one of Tom Cruises. Now this this is a opinion oky. This may be someone else's best, but the worst I'm going to have to say August Sfifth, nineteen and eighty three, a suburban Chicago teenager, likes dancing an his underwear. You know it it's Tom, cruise and risky business where he cuts loose and hires a prostitute and ends up becoming the biggest pimp of the city, which I much like his later career in Scientology, and I'm going to say it's the worst, because if you're going to say it's the best, then it just means you like watching Tom Cruise dancing around, isn't is underwear and are either you guys going to admit that no, but I will admit to loving Curtis Armstrong and he holds that movie up. Who did he play? He was like the friend Thoug, his best friend he's the begraty and everything. Yes, you putger an revenge of the NERDS. There Yo go, he yeah he's also Meditron and supernatural. He is very good I'll. Give you that, but I think what held the movie up, the only holding up for me was t the women in the movie 'cause. They were wite, beautiful, Rebecca de Mourne and her tight, tight shirts yeah. Just don't let her babyes sit your kids man, Itsso Bretant, don't leave Tom Cruise home alone. I guess that's! That's! What's worst about it, but yeah when you think about the plot like describe it, it's just kind, O ridiculous. It's kind of the worst we're like okay, a nice boy's left home alone and ends up becoming a big pimp, and then another pimp comes over and threatens to kill him, and it's just a whole thing: it that and smoking n the band at three. I would watch our two movies on repeat, which I actually did with a kid in King Arthur's court, I'm still mad at you for calling that a worse on all right. Man Crush, let's toss whatever to you for the verdict, all right, so just touching on risky business, real quick August of eighty three o R. Actually, all of eighty three is a huge year for Tom Cruise, because he had four movies and three of them. He was the starring role. Only one of them was hethe like a secondary role, which is the outsiders. So it's hard to like discount that movie. It's so clirky, like alright, his parents ere away for how long like a week, and he becomes a pimp and they steal all his shit and that whole thing with the crystal vast thing like who gives a shit um the eggs, the fucking crystal egg? Who cares that's, but the thing about that is that is so nineteen a eighty three to have a crystal leg in your house sit's a little bit redeemable, it's not like fantastic, but it's okay, smoking, the band at three total piece of shit. I totally forgot that that was even out, but the thing is with kickboxor, five and j. You even touched on this too. It's a bad series, but it got worse like Jon Ladvandan leaves so they bring in Sach Mitchel who's like the worst kickboxer ever to take over in two three and four, and then he decides in five that he doesn't want to do it. I don't know if he was doing step by step or whatever and decided that as better for his career, and they have this other guy come in and do it and they kill off Eric David and Kurt slone are now dead, so the whole series is like over. So why do you even have a kickbox or five? So that's really bad and then kitten King Arthur's court. I just fuck and hate that guy I just want to huch 'em, not maybe not as an adult but like as a teenager, an American Pie. I always wanted to just pop hem right in the mouth ow. As soon as you found out, he was eating pussy in that movie. You're, like Oh, I mean the kids getting blown all the time and he's like he's mad about it. Like Dude, you know wher people weren't getting blown in high school, you fucking Duchba. He was so God damn privileged in that movie fuck him US cry. I have to sigh an he had he had to turn in his bonds. For that. Thank you. I got to give this one in ninety five. That's a pretty shitty month and it Kinda leads on like that episode. We had a little bit ago about the summer of ninety seven, just like that about three years: Nint Five Nice six had some hits and then you had ninety seven and ninety eight and then ninety nine. It actually got good again. So maybe it's I don't know. I got to give it to ninety five: Oh Wow, all right, you're yey're, the Shidiesmark, oh. Finally, my talents are excelling it something allright. So for our next category, you know what let's go to television all right, so we'll start with my first selection, and that is the end of yomtv raps on August, seventeenth, nineteen, ninety five, numerous high profile names in the hip hop world closed out. The show we had salt and pepper on there as well and Fab Freddy Five. It Y it just marked an end of an era for the original o m TV, raps. Of course, in ninety six to ninety nine. They R stripped it down repackaged it as yo, but it was not the original show. It was just kind of a shell of its former self, so yeah the end of o MTV raps August, seventeenth, nineteen, ninety five. My second selection also ended an era and started a new one. Unfortunately, this one was equally as bad. My second selection is the launch of the TV series. Kirk Kirke is a kirk was the sitcom that was the spin off vessel for Kirt Cameron N. After his seven year, roll is Mike Fever. On the popular a BC, Sitcom growing pains, the show revolves around Kirt Hartman Knotcameron Hartman, an aspiring illustrator and recent college graduate living in the High Society of Greenwich Village. After his aunt decides to move to Florida and get married, probably is one of the golden girls. Kirk is left in charge of his younger brothers and sisters and also stars Chelsea Noble will s D's, courtland, mead and a few other people you've? Never absolutely heard of. She only ran a couple of seasons. Did thirty two episodes total yeah Kirk Cameron? Well, I was not even aware I thought t from growing pains to UH. What's that vangelistic network that he's on Bible Man Yeah when he did the Bible Me Youo? No, that wasn't Kurt Cameron. That was the dude from AIT is enough. That's not the same guy no Kirt Cameron was not Bible. Man I mean he was Bible man in real wife. I was dragged to evangelist conferences to have to hear the dude speak Um as a teenager. It was ridiculous. Oh my God. He that's one of those ones where you put your hands on the screen right. I was in person, though bu I mean just like regularly. That's like one of those he was on. One of them he's been on TA network yeah, T B, N yeahe'she's, always with the guy. That's trying to discredit science. Now anything I think you may have won worst with just saying Kurt Cameron's name, Frank. I totally did not even know by the Jo somebody had the great ideas: Hey, let's get Kirk Cameron his own show. Where he's the focus of the show he's The star Yeah, not a great idea, I mean to be fair. Not many people knew about it back. then. You know not everybody knew about what his deal was: Um Man I wish he was on TV at Ninetee, and eighty three right growing pains didn't start ti like eighty seven, oh well, my turn yeah EU'Rupe Man, let's see what eighty three holds for us well August is a tough time, but I do. I do have a little bit of information here m. One of the long running soap operas search for tomorrow began on CBS September, third, nineteen, fifty one and concluded thirty five years later in nineteen and eighty six, all right. This is one of the programs like guiding light, as the world turns the edge of the night. You know that the soaps back when pe bfore people had straming this is what they benged right. This is the nineteen eighty three bench and in August nineteen and eighty three there was actually talking about suckiness. This was on August t E. Fourth, the cast of n BC series Searche for tomorrow was forced to do a live show for the first time since the program began there in the fifties, because of the loss of the regular transmission tape and the backup tape, somebody lost them. Both hand lost their job in the process. Exactly Y, not only did the cast have to perform live, which we all remember from Duston Hoffman's titsea movie, you know, can be problematic somebody. Obviously what would their job be? Tape Handler, yeah, Youhave, one fucking job, don't lose a tape, and if you do lose it there's a back up and oh look. You lost that one too, so yeah, that's got to be the worst of the worst. I mean losing your job, watching curt cameraond come on and, speaking of worst of the worst, how about bill digspy? You know my second one here bill, bigsy the man known for playing banner in the original hulk series, how about a show featuring what you think is going to be banner, but it's just the actor playing another role and he never turns into the hulk. How disappointed o you think kids were when they opened up the TV guide and saw in August of nineteen an eighty three a story about good night bean town, an American Sitcom that aired on CBS for two brief seasons in eighty three and eighty four and it starved bill bigsby of incredible hulk fame as a television anchor. So I mean. Maybe this was an inspiration for you know. Anchorman later I don't know, but it actually it has to do with. The plot is that the station management pairs, the reluctant anchor man with a female co anchor and it follows their rocky relationship so yeah. That sounds a lot like um anchorman, but the funny thing in August. If you were opening up the TV guide, you would see that there is a story in the series describes bill. BIXSBY's part ton, his female co Ancor, and it reads in here: If this series doesn't last, it won't be C BS's faults for the new season. The show has been slaughtered between the Jeffersons and srapper John M d. In the networks blockbuster Sunday night line up yeahlockbuster, they were already planning for the show to fail. It seems like in this a and- and it did one year later in August- the next year August, so yeah- that's two people losing their jobs. In my example, and also it was the last major television series to feature the Great Bill Bigsby. It killed the man's career Omjeez way to bring the downers here on the worst of episode and won't like me when I'm fired man. This is actually rough. When Mark First put out yo m TV raps ends. I was kind of pairing that, with H with jeeze search for tomorrow, and then I had kirk and Bill Bix be kind of lined up together, but now you say it like that, you know you got bill bixby coming to an end basically and do have t b raps coming to an end. The way I look at it is like this with the omtv raps, it's also kind of like the downfall of music videos on MTV. It's it's signaling the time where we're not getting the full legged videos anymore, we're getting like the TRLS, where you only see like you know, a minute and a half of the video and they're playing the same shit's Baxtree boys and insink and limp biscuit it. What happened at this time that I remember 'cause, that's what I did is when they took off all the hip, hop videos off of MTV. They all went over to b e t and they had whole hip hop blocks in the afternoon where they'd play, so it all turned out great until they got her Laa as well h. So I really got a pair up search for tomorrow. I really wish I've seen that search for tomorrow, because I bet you it's like a total piece of Shit 'cause. None of those people are used to doing a live show, and I love how we said that they were forced to do it Ohr. They were the directors off stage at fucking gunpoint. There is no evidence to the contrary that that did not happen. It only lasted a couple more seasons after that, but you know what I have to go back to ninety five. I think the UMT V rap thing is really pivotal and it's really shitty the Kirk thing also Shitty, but the guy did go onto the whole tbn thing and he's been thriving at that for over twenty years now. But what a stupid decision like at that point to give him his own series and make him an illustrator change. His last name, you're, going to spin off of h growing pains just make a a CEIVER dlike we're not stupid. We know who the guy is just make him. You know cur sever yeah I gotta go with Ninety Five. I just think the whole Umtd raps thing is bad. The fact that that ended, KINDOF kicked off a whole like we're getting rid of music, we're putting all this reality, T v, bullshit, more trls and and all that, so it's a bad time for mt V. that's I think that from when we were growing up. That's what we remember the videos starting to end starting to go into that tea opera era and reality T v, so I gotta say August. Ninety five, you were the worst yeah. We had to go to Friggin B T in the box to watch music videos. Let me get the box never got. The box was in the box all right, so the next category. You know what, let's since we're talking about it, let's just stay with Music D, we're already talking about music. So let's go right there and I'll start off with my first selection. By asking You, Gentlemen, a question tell me all your thoughts on God. Yo Go back to cur cameron again. Tell me all your thoughts on God. 'cause I'd really like to meet her, and yes, unfortunately, for the worst ohthe worst of August of ninety five I get. I am picking the album pet, your friends by the alternative rock band, loosely rock band Dishwalla, of course, that quote from their hit Sung counting blue cars yeah on music. I didn't want to insult anybody's musical tastes, so I just went by what I remember- and I don't remember ever knowing anybody who owned the CD wanted to own it or listen to it and the only reason any of us know this song I's 'cause. It was in melroseplace and all other TV shows, but I can't think of a time that anybody ever said. Oh Stop the radio station right there. I have to listen to the new dish, Walla Ong whatwas, he name. It was counting blue cars right. What was the name of the Ida pet, your friends mm that wouldn't go over there. I it was their debut album. There are people that like dishwall, though not me, but there are pople out there. Ther will not either 'cause. You said that, oh I'm sure, but you know I mean there was a lot of bands I could have pulled, but you would ave never heard of them yeah I wanted. I wanted to pull names that people would at least know what the Hell I'm talking about, and I'm not just making up some stupid bands you know, and they they played the shit out of that song on the radio that that's what I'm saying nobody ever wanted to listen to it. You were forced to listen to Dishalla, just like the people from search for tomorrow. My second selection for music is a perfect example of the sophomore slump. This is the follow up album for the band letters to Cleo released August. First, they released their sophomore effort, hosesale meats and fish had one semisingle on it called a wake. Album just never really got off the ground. I did find an article in the Philadelphia inchoirer dated August Thirteenth and Nineteen D. Ninety Five, where they talk about the album they give it a review, but they really don't say if it's good or bad, but what they do say is, ironically letters to clio's accurate cover of fluid maxed dreams, which is on the spirit of seventy three three compilation disk, which also came out the same week, is really good. So they didn't include that on the album it was. It was a special C D where they had different artists, covering different bands to promote women's rights and the right to vote and stuff letters to Cleo didn't even put that song on the album, so see women's rights to vot ninehutded and ninety five yeah. Oh God, where were they? That's why it's called the spirit of seventy three okay duck is it's cover? That's so what the article does state is. Ironically, letters to Clios. Incredibly accurate cover of fluid Max dreamd is a painful reminder that, although whole sellmeats and fish is initially appealing, it is unlikely that it'll be remembered in two weeks, much less two decades. So I think that's a pretty scathing review of that album and pretty much sums it up. So those are my music selections. We got dishwalla an letters to Cleo and all its melancholy glory all right Jay. What are you got? I'm going to do my best here. Um. My whole point is fuck disco, man, Jus just disco. That's all I got to say because you know the seventies sure disco as a thing, but by eighty three wasn't everybody kind of sick at Thi, Sko Ohyeah. You would think Ouf that be the case, however, good sir, from August seventh, through the twenty seventh f nineteen eighty three, the UK's number one song, was casy in the sunshine band. Give it up spending three weeks at number, one in the UK showing that maybe that whole punk revolution thing just didn't, do a whole lot. Let's see the track, give it up there Um! You know from the album Al to night's work. I it did bring casy some. You know return to success in the UK and then it showed up two years later in the: U S top forty I mean I disco is like music herpes, you hate it, but it just keeps popping up. Do you really want to get music hurpies here? Is that what you think epic records actually refused to issue the song as a single due to its prior failure? In the? U S, and because of that, a frustrated casy of the sunshine band formed his own Meco records. He released that single himself on that label and like a desperate attempt to garner the song, some success in America and yeah that failed too, and then that actually led to the group falling into kind of a stasis around nineteen, an eighty five which is kind of PTO. I guess this- I don't know if I can count. This is a two parter, but yeah this song, other than being on number one of the UK charts led to Casey's retirements. So I mean disco was dead, but then August of nineteen eighty three killed Casey's career and he came out of retirement again in nineteen. Ninety one, just proving disco will never die it it just can't it just should, but we want it to casy in the sunshine. Pan also happens to be the nickname. For my Dick and bulls. No way is that so true story, my my Dad Um, my my dad actually had a band and he called it Casey in the sunshine band like that, nobody was going to notice, you know, and then my second one I I only have one word for you guys. Are you ready one herd? Cashaggu? Oh, no, don't do a Googoo the release of too Shi from the British newwave ban best known for this actual hit single too shy, which reach number one in the UK singles charts and the top tin in numerous other countries, and instead of talking about the lead, singers flock of Sea Gulls, hair cut with solid black on the sides and Latinum blond on the top. I'm just going to sing o Shishi Bush hush widwi O to Shatashy, hushrihe Awa went the hairdresser said to the base player. One day of he said D. You want an Affro dredlocks or a mullets. You know what the base player said, what all three? Yes, no, it's a song to eighties. Even for the eighties I mean this makes Rick Roll look like a fucking brilliance Um, but that roits just look just Google, the mullet sometime and h. This song was also featured on the Netflick show bander snatch recently Tho choose your own adventure, which I loved, but man. If you got to the Tushai Song, you knew that your character was dead, so I mean come on. Kasa Gugu, you gotta, throw me one here, holy Sheokay, sad, it's just one of those songs that just it just seeps its way into your brain and wrought it from the inside. It's terrible and the fact that you sang it and it'll be stuck in my head. I guarantee it all night, but this is the way that I'm looking at that. You know like those movies where there's been like a portal to hell like closed off, for you know, hundreds and thousands of years and then all of a sudden some dickhead like opens it up. H, like the G Y, you just became that guy. Releasing the Kasagogu too shy, like I forgot all about that song had no idea who Kasagogo was until Yo started, singing it and now it's out in the open and we're all in for it. So I gotto get like this is a nobrainer. I gotto give this one to eighty three and the thing with dishwalla. I wasn't a fan, you weren't a fan, but they played it all the time it was a terrible song, but the letters, the CLEO thing. I actually liked letters to Cleo and I saw them in ninety five. They were at the altoty sports festival, they opened for Um Mighty Mighty bosstones and they were actually really good. So they're one of those nineties bands- and we all know- bands like this- that they were so overproduced on the album and then you go teeg them live and you're like this is not what they sound like on the oand or way better, and I remember clearly because it was pouring outside and it was everybody was miserable, but they came on and we were into that like it was cold, it was shitty and then they started playing and everyone just got into it and Yo kind of forgot. What was going onto always ki held a spot. My art for letters Tocl, I probably haven't, listened to them in like ten years but Um. I never knew the name of that album, though, and that's that time period where everyone was using those weird fucking names like wholesale meats and fish, or you had American standard, which was the name of a toilet boy, seven Mary three and like all these weird ass, album names so but yeah the fact that he opened up the gate on this one with tushy gotta go with August of eighty three is the worst, even though looking back in August, eighty three, it has some good shit, but the fact that you pick that ruin the entire month. So thank you very much. You control the Board Tok off the New Year with great deals at the ram start something new sales event. Now, during owner appreciation month, it erturning FCASS can get a lomilers lease on the twenty ninetee Ram. Fifteen hundred classic express UN a four, my four with a vesix engine for one, fifty nine a month for thirty nine months with three dozen seven: Ninety Nine Noi Siningtex tentally, Cenetra, O twenty seven, seven Ramfives Hvan to do for lease details for HARS dealer contribution, at least through ally, crentyms, two one thuand and twenty one extra charge from ours: Ober. Thirty: Two thousand five hundred residento restrictions of flyg tegular, ree Tock by Tu, three, twenty, twenty l. let's go for the news, Al Rigt two to one we're going at two point rounds here, so this is where it counts, and this wherd jas good 'cause. Last time J was on. He was losing three to nothing going in a two point rounds and shut us out in the back end little bit contested 'cause if John Cross's UH rulings on that one, but is that one' still keeping you up on it? Does man? I still got me all like. Oh, I don't even want to think about it. Nd just get it God. You know. I wish that these were like funny worse news stories, but you know we're going for the worst here, so let's just get worst of the worst and ruin everybody's Day, even more than Kajagogu Um. First off in world events, the South Korean Boeing, seven, forty seven jet liner, bound for soul, apparently strays in a Soviet airspace and the Russians, O n Nineuteen nd. Eighty three, you know the consummate bad guys in every movie yeah they shoot it down as Soviet Su fifteen fighter. After tracking the airliner for two hours decides yeah. We really need to shoot that thing down and two hundred and sixty nine people all died, no surdivers SOI and if that wasn't enough to ruin your day in U s events at the time the president was Ronald W Reagan. Vice President was George Bush, like expectancy was seventy four point. Six years and on August fifteenth, the United States admitted to shielding a former NATZIGASTAPO chief claws, Barbie Age, sixty nine known as the butcher of lion wanted in France for war crimes August fifteenth. Yes, the! U S admits to shielding Nazis, something that would never happen today. Of course they had hem held up in the dreamhouse. Yes, yes, he he was known as the butcher for personal, at torturing, French prisoners of the GASTAPO and after the war, the? U S, intelligence services employed him for his anti Marxist effort and also helped Tom Escape to Bolivia, he's suspected of having a hand and later a Cupta in nineteen. Eighty after the fall of the dictatorship and Barbie eventually got extradited to France in this same year, N Nineteen D, Eighty three and then he got to die in prison on my fourthb, no, my fifth birthday September, twenty fifth, nineteen, Ninety Nis heavy birthday. Just what you wanted. Yes, like I was five years old. That was exactly what I wanted at five years old. I wanted this sfucking Nazi to die of stomach cancer, O that's a bad one too. Oh Yeah, there you go there, you go so, and his name is Barbie. I mean I guess he got a chip on his shoulder because he was named after a girl's doll. Te boy named sue so yet beat that man gete me some worse news than you know. All the people dying on the plane and you know, Nazis all right well, my first bad news story is start of an art installment, which is not something you normally would think, is bad well, this is pretty bad August. Nineteen. Ninety five was the start of an living art instalment at Moma at the Modern Museum of art by Tilde, swinton called the. Maybe, if you guys have never heard of this, this is the first time she's done it. She brought it back again and two in two thousand and thirteen. She brought it back. What it is is til the swinten we'll show up at the Modern Museum of art. Sometimes unexpected, there's no set schedule. It could be any time during the summer and she will sleep in a glass box unannounced. So if you happen to visit the museum, you may find Til Thi win sleeping in a glass box for up to eight hours at a time randomly HM. I would have rather e seen her shit in a glass box. I think I would have too that's art. I have a conspiracy theory on this. I'm not big on conspiracy theories. You guys know that, but mine on this one is she's such a powerful actress where she's like man I go to fucking art shows here all the time and I get drunk. I don't want to go home. What, if I just fool them and say I'll, just sleep in a glass box and that can be art, it's just a crash pad for her man. That's all! It is interesting theory all right. That's my first bad story, N. my second news story. We're going to go to August. Ninth, nineteen. Ninety five! Today I will never forget. I remember that morning I was sitting in the late morning, early afternoon sitting on my front porch smoking a Marlborough, medium listening to the radio, when I heard that Jerry Garcia of the grateful dead had passed away words that would forever change my life. Although at that point I was about a year away from becoming a full blown deadhead that was a year before he got blown by a deadhead. Yes, it was the Meidatno. So when it comes to me personally, the loss really is a measurable Jerry. Gar See em in there's really, unless you guys want me to go into it for about four hours. I'll cut this one short from for my dollar, there's nothing worse than the defph of Jerygarcia August, nint, nine teen. Ninety five, you put me in a SBOT. This is kind of one of those things where I think you went into that thinking. This is a slam Dung Kinda like we did on our last episode. Where wewere like Oh shit, we got Bon Jovi slippery when wet and poison look whete, the cat dragged in slam do got music and they came out wit, fucking, prol, GM, ten and Cybocel DBOB. In this case mancrush. You know it's for everybody. It's probably not that impactful a lot of people don't listen to the dead. For me, this was like when Elvis died, or when Kurt Cobaine died. It'Soitin, it's definitely IMPACTL. It's it's one of those things we got over it with L, Ke, John Bontam thing and stuff, but you know if it doesn't hold that much weight for this episode. I'm fine with that. I got to talk about Jerry on an episode of this. Show- and for that I am truly grateful all right good, so we'll keep it at that, because I have to give it with his 'cause. No evenhe's got a fucking airliner that gets shot down in two hundred and sixty nine people, bi ' horrible, and then he's got the: U S, shielding a Frigan Nazi with the last name of Barbie of all things and then you're, tote, snots and story. That's why I think he kind o loses one because it's a quirky kind of stupid story, but it's not a bad story. Can't tell me it's good, it's not good she's horrible to look at. I wouldn't want to even look at her like on. I hate. Looking at her in a movie. Her face is just frightening, so her in a glass box is just at scary, Shit that that's nightmares number fuel, but I have to give it just a plane getting shot down alone. That's horrible yeah we're talking a mass tragedy of epic proportion, so yeah. I can agree with that. One adefinitely, a Don e had to go and bring things down, but h, I'm sorry. It had to be such a downer, but if it makes you know in in Germany, there were a limited release, not sine barbies, that you know had they had highal action. Whe Yo you hit a button on the back and their arms would automatil Nazi salute now. I wish we could like mash up your two stories, and there was really like almost three hundred Nazis on a plane that got shot down on Russia. Oh then, we could celebrate with a little bit of that's what Iwas Gina Sho Sha. I say as Plean O, don't Athey had to listen to cottage GAAGOGO, the entire time before they crash. So that's the last thing they hear Wov that is payback for the Nazis. Ohsush all right. I got to go with August of eighty three that gives J at one point Le to this point three points to two but, as we all know, comes down the last round quite a bit, and it's going to do it again in this time, but this is the first time ever than it's come down to sports around five. So this is interesting to say the least. It's one of the reasons I started off with movies wanted to shake it up a little bit. Oh, you did so going to sports. We've got August, nineteen, nineteen and eighty three, the SEC. You know where I come from. Actually I I live in SEC country, I'm from Alabama, sorry, so yeah! Well, I'm not thinking! I I get a lot of time to read: Comics to myself during footballlong time, Alabama a rival Lsu, a footballer, Billy Cannon sentence to five years now. You know when you hear about athletes getting sentenced to things, you normally think what like partying drugs and res Eighties, so cocaines Yep. Well, despite his successful practice, you know in business, Um after football and retiring, he returned to Baton Rouge, to be a dentist and apparently being a former football player. Just doesn't necessarily panat MEA you're, going to pan out later Um du got busted for counterfeiting. The counterfitting former football player turned dentist, and this wasn't just little bit of counterfeiting, Dude Printin, six million dollars. and U S hundred dollar bills, some of which he stored an ice chest buried in the backyard of the house. He owned and rented out to tenants better than bodies but BRO. If you're going to hide your stash of like counterfeit hundreds, which you know, would look indistinguishable for regular hundreds, why are you going to leave it with wrinters plausible deniability man? Possession is nine tenths of the law. Everyone knows that. Wouldn't it be funny, though, if they'd started like paying their rent so yeah, that's one sports story and a little bit more into sports. You know: You've got N Nineteen and eighty three one of the most epically bad teems in one of the worst seasons. If not thee were season, maybe all sports history you've got the nineteen eighty three NBA San, Diego Clippers man th and with that they have got the clippers in San Diego. It was their last year in San Diego they, basically what was it Ronbergundy said: Go Fuck Yourself, Athey had to say, go fuck yourself, San Diego and got run out of town, because the clippers in San Diego eighty three eighty four was their worst year and basically the reason they had to leave in August August. Twenty sixth drafted to to San Diego Clippers are the most unlucky mother fuckers in the NBA James Donaldson, Greg, Kellsyr and Mark Radford. They were the first round draft picks for the Clippers in Um theye coming over there for August twenty. Sixth, you also had some others come that year, um I, the headcoach was Jim Lyman and their record was thirty and fifty two they on the road only on five games, so they were only able to win at home, Um Com. You know, combination of Shitty trades and Innett coach, the owner. They only had one good pick and that was manute Ballnogol and he was not used. Well, he nevernd. This is yeah. This is some basketball shit. The worst season never got to the fifty percent win record. So I mean how do you get any worse than that guy? Well, then, Yo. Your actual pick is the three first round picks in August of eighty three. Well I mean the actual Picki. Is that record is not that bad? I mean as a nics fan, especially like within the past five years. We've had we've been clipsed that multiple times this past year. I think we won thirteen games. Is that bragging? I mean well H, here's he thing about the nicks they tanked and the year that they decided to tank when the best, like generational players coming out. They tank on the season that the NBA changes, the lottery rules and they end up with a third pick instead of the top pick, even though they're a worst team in the league. That's what happens to the next, that's the worst franchise. So I can't really see that being a bad franchise, except for the fact, but are the Nicks still in New York? Well, they are only because o the elitors got run out. As you know, as a result of what was happening there in August with bad trades, they were eventually run out of San Diego, it's a terrible name, though too. The San, Diego Clippers, oof, so yeah Um. Also in Sports August, twenty third of nineteen, eighty three came the end of a beautiful streak. We love seeing streaks and sports, but we hate to see them end and a man who was known for Shrieking and sports is got to be. The hall of Famer Pete Rose and his streek unfortunately came to an end of seven hundred and forty five consecutive games played in baseball and this came yep began September. Second, nineteen. Seventy eight ended August, twenty Third Nineteen D, Eighty three: When a manager, you know that this manager, worse than Michael Fucking, Scott Paul Owens, he started Tony Perez at first pace and yea. He plans to use Rosas a pinch hitter in the tent and aw. Instead, yeah Joell young blood ended the game with a two run home run in the bottom of the ninth. Ending the consecutive games by pet rose. What a kick in the balls! That's bad! The children in the stands, who came to see Pete Rose, continue his streak. They were crying into their cracker Jack Boxes. They were, you know to say: Where is he? Where is our hero? Pete Rose and you know they were devastated. Probably I'm not sure they were nobody's ever devastated when it comes to perose and for the record I mean, like the undertaker went like twenty one, an o and everybody thought that was a big deal, but pete rose. Seven hundred and forty five consecutive games played, I, I don't think I've played one consecutive game of baseball. That's impressive. I mean I'm seven hundred and forty five behin or seven hundred and forty four away from beating Pete Roses Record Gize, and that was his second and you mentioned it earlier. We we talked about this and Ye said as a joke. You know a guy that was streaking, but he also had a six hundred and seventy eight games streak. He had the forty four game hit strea. WHAT ID? What did he end up with four thousand one hundred and thirty one hics or thirty, two ICH A lifetime ban adal he got the lighttive band stream, this guy's done it all, but um you know Unfortun, unfortunately, for peat cow, Ripkin junior actually holds the record of two thousand. Six hundred and thirty two consecutive games played after his final game on September nineteenth. Nineteen- Ninety eight so pete rose. She got buried man w he, he almost got buried by Calripkin's junior as badly as cane ww ultiple times. Every time his kane took ambout several ti I actually got to meet. Pete Rose in Las Vegas. When I eloked and ended my streak of singleness. Did he bet you on how long it would last I mean no, he was charging people to meet him, so I didn't really want to pay for it. So I just kind of saw him from a distance. Oh you, you met. Pete rose on your trip when you eloped, not you eloped with Pete Rose and that's when you met him, I can neither confirm nor deny but Aif we did get married. Then I guess Tony Perez would have been my divorced lawyer because he ends things for Pete rose. Doesn't he swas a all right cool? You can't make shit up, so you just get what you get and that for that month, that pet roastting alone is pretty shitdy and especially the way you explained it with the whole Tony Prez thing and then the home run of the by yeah. We'll put you in in a tent, then you know you'll be a pinch hitter and maybe continue your streak and they, you know bottom of the ninth gets ruined so close, so close and people always say, like all P, Rosa dugh and all this stuff. That's why wouldn't Yobe Son Lassol after that yeah yeah, absolutely Jeesh, all right! So what e we got in August of ninety five, all right so August and ninety five sports now seeif. We replaced hot products with sports for this battle, but you know I found a hot product that also happens to be sportsoh Shit August, Firsth, N, nine TNEN and ninety five. The release of white men can't jump the video game on the Atari Jaguar. This game was would go down to be known as one of the worst basketball games ever created and one of the worst games on the entire console. It featured two D sprites in a three D environment. With a floating camer angle, you could punch your opponents kind of sounds similar to what you'd see an MBA jam, but don't ever get the too confused. The graphics were just absolutely abysmal text covered up half the screen and if you were lucky enough and have the discipline to sit and play through all the entire game modes to finally make it to the tournament, it's one match up, and then it's over the game was just a complete, let down on top of the horrible graphics. So yeah, that's my first pick: white men can't jump August, firth, nine teen, Ninety five video game extremely loosely based on the nineteen. Ninety two movie matter of fact: The game itself has absolutely nothing in common with the movie other than you're hustling for money playing street basketball, no Westley snipes in it nobody Haralson, not even a rosy paree anywhere to be seen. I'm glad t you brought up the date, though, on that one, because the fact that it's three years separated from the movie makes it even worse, yeah everyone's forgotten about white men can't Jup. At this point I mean I wish Mike was on here for that, oh I'm sure we'll hear from Mister Mikce rainger on that pick. So my second pick is another story. I distinctly remember from August n Nineteen D, Ninety five and it's took place ten days after I remember sitting on my porch smoking, a cigarette hearing about the death of Jerygarcia. It was at night and I was sitting on my back porch listening to this radio broadcast of this event, and it was event we had all waited for matter of fact. People had waited over four years for this man to come back and he came back and it was Mr Mike Tyson as he fought Peter mcneelie. Everybody waited for this fight and, if you don't know, the fight lasted only eighty nine seconds with Tyson earning an easily victory via disqualification. Mcneali started to fight by aggressively attacking Tyson. As soon as the bell opened Tyson ran to avoid mcneeli's punches, it was just a complete cluster, fuck yeah. It was bad. I remember listening to it on the radio and we're like that's it. It's over. That's the whole fight. They ended up going on to make sixty three million dollars in pay. perview buys for this, which breaks down to about seven hundred and seven thousand dollars a second good God. Yeah mely took a lot of damage in that fight. Then evencori entered the ring to prevent mcneili from taking any more damage that caused judge lane to end the fight and award Tyson the victory by Dq, of course, because the manager came into the ring, but yet eighty nine seconds it was, it was almost an embarrassment for the sport of boxing. There was so much hype that he's coming back. It's Mike Tison, of course he was out for four years for his subsequent arrest and conviction for rape in ninety two, which she served three years in prison for, but he was going to come back and beat up a white guy from Boston. Everybody wanted to see it and it lasted eighty nine seconds and it wasn't even a contest. I D A disagree. I don't think it was a disappointment. It was what people wanted to see him back and that he could still destroy somebody, so they put up a a tomato can for him. You K yeah, but for everybody who paid that money for pay perview, they knew what they were paying for back then pay per view was what probably twenty nine thirty nine. Ninety five o. This was probably a fifty dollar fight. Well, he's not going to come ut, it's a lot like when Mohammed O leafers came back from his Um arrest. You know his own arrest and he fought Jerry Quarry before they would let him fight Fraser, because they're like hey, we need to see if you haven't lost a step before you know, we put you up against a holy field yeah, but there's a huge difference between the reason, Mohamm and or Legue onarrested, and my Tyson got a rest, not reasons aside. It's just kind of the first fight back. You know it's out. The W O had F that Poarba right, but the public perception, I think, was a little bit different in both cases and I think, with Tyson being away for so long. Everybody had kind of missed him so much from the world of sports 'cause. He was that villain. He was that bad guy. We kindo wanted to see that and he was gone for four years and then we finally get hem back and it's eighty nine seconds yeah. I wrote an article for bus feed a few years ago that Mike Tyson was the Ronda Rausi of his day when Rondo rousy was in her prime. You know you would pay u. You would pay that fifty dollars, knowing that you're probably going to see a fight that would fit into an Internet gift the next morning it was like Goldburg, that's Wa, a what the people wanted to see. Yeah right, that's what I got for the worst of augus N, nine Hunden Andninety, five for sports for Sports Gotcha, okay, so lit's JUST RECAP: your picks! 'CAUSE! It's been a while, but we got the the old billy cannon being sentenced for five years for countofting six million dollars in burying it into his H, his renters backyard and getting caught which ties loosely to sports because he was a former l football player. Then your bigger one was the pete rose streak ending at seven, forty, five and being such a kick in the Dick. The way it happened, that's really Shinny, I don't know if you would have ever broken calrupkin's record, but even if he would have gotten like the National League record or something like that, but to have it end in such a fashion is just cruel. Even for a guy, like Pete Rose, which a lot of people can't stand for some reason, and then we we jump over N, Tiu, N, nine, huteed and Einehty five August. Ninety five and we get the white men, can't jump video game which I didn't even know existed, and it came out three years after the fact on the Antari, Jaguar or Yagmanor. However, I want to see that Oh gosh and then we well here's here's the kicker- and I know you threw this out as bad, but the fact that that Tyson mcneellie match up brought in ninety six million dollars. I don't know how bad that is because they see at the time when they put him against mcneili. They built mcnili up to the fact where he was like a top ten WB A guy. Already at this point I don't know if he was like five or six or something- and I remember he only had like a few losses or like one loss or went into the fight at thirty six and one okays. You have one loss. Yes, they had it's not like. They were throwing him like any old body 'cause. He had already built up quite a resume, but the fight was a shit fight, but it was like what Jay was saying. It was just that's a Tyson fight. That was what people wanted to see. The ending was a little weird because th the Majic came in with a whole DQ and shit, and we didn't get the knockout that we wanted, but I would say that that was a successful invent like if you would have had him going against a Vander Holyfield, that's bad! That's like monumentally bad biting the year and all that sit that would have been like mm the monumental sports pick yeah. I just looked at it from a sports fan's perspective and I wanted to see some athletic competition from Mike Tyson 'cause. We hadn't seen it in so long. So that's why I picked it as the worst stuf, because yeah he delivered on what Mike Tyson normally does. But you know it would have been nice to get a little someting more little competition for the guy. Come that's what you wanted to see a ticon dude after you saw Tyson knocked out by buster Douglas and Japan. Every image was soured for every child and like young, adult male, that looked up to this guy walking down to the fuckring in a towel and umbrose and knocking people at thirty five. Second, I l love my umbrows. It's like we said it was like Goldburg. You know, yeah examper goes in boom, hit's the Guy Jack Hammer spear it's over after a while that gets boring as shit and you'd like to just be thrown apone every nowan. Let me ask you a question, though: if Gold Gulber goes away and comes back, which he's like he just did, I want to see him in an extended athletic battle or yejust want to see him spear a Gud. Do the Jack Hammer and it's Ol, which is exactly what he did to Lesner two spears, a Jack Cammer. It was over and everybody loved it. Yes, YEA! You don't want to see more than that. They finally knew what to do with Golberg they're, like let's just play to his strength and not try to be something he's not well. Maybe Mike Dyson should have just played with him like a cat with his prey for a little while just to feed the fans a little more action due as longer than eighty nine second Dudramad, he was mad. There were people that weren't even in their seats yet and the fight was over yeah. There were people still filing in beer, an hand, tickets and hands the OSHERS, leaving them to their seat and the fights O et. They told that story the rest of their lives, that they went to the Tyson fight and didn't even make a CO sacks. They had a story to tell forever all right, listen. This is how it's going to boil down. Fror me SEC, billy cannon with the counterfitting, I'm chucking that and the Mike Tyson thing in my eyes. I don't think that's a bad thing, so i'me chucking that so comes down to Pete rose to seven hundred and forty five game. Streetang nurses, white men, can't jump the video game, a I'm breaking your heart Jay with this one, because you did a phenomenal job tonight, but I gotto go with white man, canc up video garause, it's hard to even say it's and the fact that Pete Rose was so far away from the record. I was just that was a real kick in the Dick, but the fact that white men can't jump video game three years after the movie on a system that nobody bought ttwode sprites on top of a three D backr like just that is Prarad. That's pretty bad t's, bad, that's bad shit! So I got it edge out with August of ninety five and I will be edging it out later, while I'm listening to tooshy Kajagogu in my head. Thank you for that. T at you'll always have that J, but I have to give this one to August of ninety five take. Ah Thank you. I can't believe I edged out that victory thanks j for the stiff competition on that one. You just tell the little kid who is still he's now very messed up adult because he was not able to see. Pete rose play that game. You just tell him hey. It was because of this video game you know. Ah It would have been great if you went a little longer t what, if somehow the same kid who didn't get to see pete rose. It was like the one kid who bought the white man can't jump a few years. OIT was actually it was snow, the guy that came out to the Song Informer, Oh gawesome, and on that no deelers. We're going to end this game right here, but thanks again to J Sanlan Ford showing up tonight and nearly kicking my ass, so on a worst month duel, if you guys like what you're hearing. If you want to hear more worse month, duels. Let us know what you think you can hit us up over at facebook, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades and, of course, over a duling decades, dotcom where you can subscribe to us on Itunes and on Cassbox someuntil. Next time, doelers were going to bid you a peace, love Lightn, a joy, hey have a grat for week, everyone infirmarymedia Tiia, Pin Imynin Pintl as Macoris Ofeta Suativesiton, a Tine Sprin tetell me t a Theo Hee wa poena o iapuo Apaninamusa te Ta. His ponter was pulld at as he te club in Telicanand, H, masterdamo Noai, Al Combeart, imn onin Te MIS, the CRA oont on of thes TN as O nomebody. I E Naly Ion empleents ene n a moment of another ut ieni Mster O I pase Inan. He ter and nobody Ne