Dueling Decades
Aug. 28, 2019

It's Time to see which Decade did Music better! It's a Musical Retro Battle between 1980 and August 1996

It's Time to see which Decade did Music better! It's a Musical Retro Battle between 1980 and August 1996

This week Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 Podcast makes his return to the show to take on Beau Becraft in an unforgettable battle of the bands!. Brent comes in armed with Music of 1980 whie Beau self-handicaps and fights with only the Music of August...

This week Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 Podcast makes his return to the show to take on Beau Becraft in an unforgettable battle of the bands!. Brent comes in armed with Music of 1980 whie Beau self-handicaps and fights with only the Music of August of 1996! Marc James pulls double duties and judges this one, with Mancrush joining us on commentary. Records will be talked about and broken in this all new episode of everyone's favorite adult audio retro gameshow...Dueling Decades!

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Let's take a look at this week's duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off dualing with music nineteen. Eighty back once again, it's Brent Han from the hysteria fifty one bodcast. I am so happy to be right. In My wheelhouse of nineteen eighty, I was a a spring chicken of one year old, so I'm ready was. It was fresh with my brain ready to go and dualing tonight with music of nineteen. Ninety six is a man who always smells like Teen Spirit, it's bobee craft. That's right! Sorry, I'm late, I was reenacting. The Lincoln Douglas Debates in the downtown quicy square is always 'cause. That's a thing that they still cling to here and has always we need someone to adjudicate all of this awesomeness so for this duel I mark James will pull double duties and Br Meistro and magistrate. But don't worry alongside me here on commentary. Is the dueling decades champion Maincrush, I'm just going to be a fly on the wall with this one. Let's go. Let's do this, ladies and gentlemen. The following contests will be held under dueling decades rules: The judges coinflip Shell eside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products, and for this duel all the picks will be music themed. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each in rounds, four and five ar worth two points. A piece and the winning decade shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all five rounds. deelers you wanted the best you got the best, but first, let's play Jo all right, guys so or the officiall toss off tonight. I have a Bouleg audiocassette just like last time. This time it happens to be two different shows one in the eighties one in the nineties. First one is a rested. Roote show from ninety six and the other one is a fish show from eighty nine. So you get to choose side Airside Jeeus, throw that thing away mean these are two great shows it send it on its way: therighhand Om Callin, the air. Do you want Sida or side B, I'm going to be for Brent? Let's do it. It is side, Ey, bobe craft. You have control of the board. Where would you like to start have mercy? Let's see what is my weakest category here? Besides all of them, maybe Tho for something summertime, something yeah. I think I'm thinking that yeah, since all of my picks, are. I decided o handicap myself. This time I went very specific. I went August. Ninety six for all these Um. You know what I'm going to go with UH Damn. These are all terrible, I'm going to go with hot products, because it's always my least favorite, and always the h seems to warrant the or turn up the the least amount of results that are even remotely interesting. So an a go from the Quad City Times August, eleventh n, ninetuteen, ND, Ninety six, a K's merchandise ad, promoting a magnavox portable CD player with car kit. This mechanism also features antiskip technology and dynamic bass, boost to o really get the most out of your portable fish as well. Stereo headpones, shuffle play and the car accessory kid as well. Now: here's the kicker hunred and nineteen ninety seven regular price on sale for ninety nine. Ninety seven, the magnavox portable compat diskplayer, with Bass, boost ato fishing GR. How many batteries does that bastard? I'm going to guess two to four. It looks like it's really hepty. You said it's the carkit. So does it come with the full cigarette, lighter plugging Adafter, a buddy we've got the whole cigarette pluging cigarette plugin it after we've got the cassette tape that plugs into your Jack got the shitty looking headphones that after a year, get crusty and start flaking off ind your hear canal, when you wear them we're talking the whole kitten Kabootle here, wow, that's pretty frigging sweet! You know, what's amazing about that antiskip technology, it doesn't work, YEA, N, nine, Huteed and ninety six. It did not wor well t did it did a really good job of eating your battery three times as Fast Tho at's right it totally did 'cause. It was supposed to buffer like a second or something like that, and it like. There was better. You know, as the late nineties went on, it got a little bit better, but I think in ninety six was like the very beginning of that, so my parents ha to a a house up as collateral to keep durocel in business. During that time frame I ot lot of bus trips for football. We were eating. Batteries like they were going out of style, Bodaman's Aceof base in his ears at all times, h with dynamic baseboost technology. Of course, thats Tabl, the ACEOF base, all that she wants all right bell. What dare you got for your other selection? So the other one comes from the Baltimore Son, a circuit city advertisement from August nint, nineteen. Ninety six, it says now appearing at our Golden Ring, store, enter to win the Kenwood speed of sound for Thunderbird, ready to rock with an awesome, Kinwood car stereo system. You can enter to win this thing at any participating circuit cities, one nineteen, ninety six, fourth tunderbird valued at twenty six thousand five hundred dollars who the hell was paying that amount of money for the less than appealing. Looking Ford Thunderbird in ninety six, that's ridiculous! He! Ninety six THUNDERB, I can picture like the late eighties, one with that long front, nd Short Simr, similar N in a little more aerotanamic style they th y, but yeah similar and right. What was special about the Kenwood edition o? Well, so it's got some. It's got some graphics on the side, so it was like before wrapping got really. You know like good and popular. It looks like they just threw on some some decawls, so it says Ken Wot on the driver's door, there's like a a fender stratlooking guitar, but it's got like wheels and tires on it: ultimatlely, Badass, Ora and then the circuit city logo on the back fomber. So it looks like you know. Your drunk uncles attempted a at a stockcar t, the local rasttrack. You know he doesn't have enough sponsorship money to really get a good decail job on there and that's just what he ended up with he alikkan O Sticker Lat ound. What happened to these giveaway cars? Like you, never see like? Oh, my God, there's that car running around or whatever e washing and sh like they should have a TV show where they track down these old cars. That sounds like something you'd see on Viceland: It's like the Lotto documentary about people that win it like what happend to them afterwardlike what happens? Yo, give away Thi Stike we're tracking down the nineteen. Ninety six kidwood speed of sound Ford thunderbird. It's like the speed channels version of where are they now? If you look at this thunderbird it actually, it looks like a Ford Tempo that they just grabbed on both ends and stretched about two feet. It's ugly, IT IS BAD WOW! No wonder nobody remembers that all right Brent. What da e you got for hot products in Nineteen d? Eighty, so in June, F, nineteen eighty, the TPSLTWO was introduced in the? U S now. What is that you ask? That's the Walkman the first time available in the? U S, the first real portable music player deviced in the US, a Walkman had a huge influence on society by nineteen. Eighty six, the word Wakman, had already even entered into the Oxford Dictionary and the number of people who said that they walked or exercise increased by thirty percent and in just three years from nineteen in its introduction, cassettes started out selling vinal for the first time ever, and that was the journey point. So we would never have had that car kit diskman if it wasn't for the walkmen in nineteen eighty or the TPS dash l two as it's so commonly known. She really. What company put that out? That was Sony, Yep, Yeah S, okay, that's the their technical name. Was the the t? That's what they? If you look up like the Adsforit, that's what they called it, but it had walkwin on it. But everything referred to it is that the blue one with the orange button on the top. That's exactly it. We like silver riding it D, N and like almost bubble, but not exactly pubble letters, Yeah Yep, that's it and it was oober expensive. Still, you know right and twice is worthless man. I don't know people are people. Are they started that whole vinal trend? Now bands are trading tapes again like. Why did that become a thing? I don't? I don't understand, I don't I ave. No, like tapehed city, we talk to them befre and h. They reissue tapes of New Music Yeah. It's TS, pretty God, that's something. We've talked about on this show and people have brought it up to us before. Why? Don't you put deeling decades on an audio cassette? We can trade it around. I that's something you guys are interested in it. It's up on our facebook page. Maybe that's something we'll look into send us snailmail, because you want an audiocasset, senditor peal box in Walawalla Washington, so what you got for your other pickbren all right, so my number two: They introduced the Rolland tr ato eight. Now, if you don't know where that is, that is the eighto eight drum like every hip, hop, album or Brity spears talks about it actually failed at first until people realize it's huge potential and it is a Dru. Machine has been used on more hit records than any other drum machine or pretty much any other single piece of music ever and it actually launched they say electronic music completely, and it's still used today by top artists all the time it was different because people could program the rhythms instead of like just hitting preset buttons. This is the first where you coul make your own and it was way less expensive. So at the time was like tweve hundred dollars and the only other competitor which was not as good as it was eight thousand dollars and yeah. It used Um analoge synthusis for making the sounds rather than just playing samples that were prerecorded, so it made its ownsound. I actually found a quite on it. The eight oweight was eventually used on more hit records than the other drum machine. His populary with hip hop in particular s made it one of the most influential inventions in popular music comparale to the Fender Strati astors influence on rock its sounds are included with music software and on modern drum machines t at his inspired numerous clothes and uh yeah. We get her CACHA, say Likanato, eight drum and stuff like that, because of it. So you're welcome ID madlweall career saiety. Well, YEP! You might jus lose this round 'cause you brought up Kasha DDI. I pronounce that right. I never had o pronounced no to pronounce the dollar side. I'm sorry! I've never set it out loud Rightso. Let's take a look at these rounds out Bou you had the Carkit CD player by Magnavox wit, not the first one ever available. I gonto guess absolutely not that just happened to be on sale at the time, so I went with it. Allright after school, thefirst hatever we'll go with that. First one in August yeah it was the first one. Ninety six to land in the the gazette for the CAS merchandise had so he orcld the Kenwood version of the Ford Thunderbird, I'm sure I a circuit city yeah, the circuit city's special car, which I believe is in the Smithsonia. Now just a real po ithat's, where my bing search landed me. So I think so. J ask Gee, allright, Bren and so nineteen eighty you had the Walkman the very first one and the rolling eightoweight drum machine. This TT is a tough one GE. I don't know if that's is good as the Ford thunderbird or the random magnavox CD player, I'm not going to lie. This is a complete, no be honest, but you know what I'm going to have to go against my better judgment and give this one to Brent. I guess you know I doesn't see the's coming just sneaks this one out set a pitch up to a couple years ago, people were still saying: I listened on my Walkman or something when they're carrying music. Now, not so much since telephones took over well, I think even the CD play the Sony. CD players were still called Walkmans and you know everything that they made. That was just their brand name and it alm. If I remember it was just like c tips or Clinax Theywere, just R everyoy everyone in a waman right, rigand, walk man, Yeah H, let's go, I think TV for me isn't very good. So let's go t v January twenty fifth. Nineteen eighty dateline black entertainment television launches the United States as a block of time programming on the US, a network. It actually wouldn't be until eighty three that PA bet becomes a full fledged channel, but it launched in January. Nineteen. Eighty and the original line up was music videos and reruns of popular black sitcums, but mainly just like it was forever until now. I'm sure it's changed, but it was like a precursor to MTV, but for Hiphop I, when you were two, no, I distincti remember being in high school watching bd. Of course I wasn't around in the you know watching and Aty when at launched, but I was wondering where you're going OAS in the nineties. I would he beg as mom to give him a bottle and put hem in front of USA networ. It's almost a a Clar, a kid loves heavy DHI's up all night wow all right. So the initial launch a VA yeah. They they called it black entertainment television, bt at the time. I don't think they'd shorten it yet, but yeah it wast. Until eighty three it became its own channel but YEP. That's when lunch they're, just there were times splitting just like a nick at night, Yep Yep, then for number two. We have the I'm sure this is on everyone's DVD shelf. I'm sure most of you probably have tattoos solid gold debuts in Nineteen D. Eighty they played pop music had live performances by performers, not alive as a questionable thing there and it' to not because the difference between it and let's say like American bandstand or one of the Sol trainers. It had professional dancers that danced to each of the the performances that they had every week. But- and it was on for a number of years, t en they canceled it. Then it came back and it was actually on for quite a long time, solid gold and the solid gold dancesas. It never was a huge, solid gold fan. It was more of an American banstand type of Guy y same here. I guess you just come to a point in your life, where you just have to make that hard decision. You know I've seen a lot of fights over it. I've seen family split, but I you know what I was a American Band Sa Guy Myself just the way it rolls it was more of a grind guy with Er kneese Bhy. Does that not surprise me at all? Man Crush all right, boby craft. What do you have for the TV round? Well, here's a couple of garbage picks for you, gentlemen August thirty: First Nineteen ND ninety six Comedians Jeff Foxworthy and billing Valer set to host a CMT Labor Day top one hundred weekend, special, which is set to air Saturday August thirty first ond Monday September. Second, on country, music, television. This is actually something I did find kind of interesting. This kind of shows you what the Times were like then c Mt Vers cast their votes. Two hundred thousand excuse me two hundred and five thousand five hundred and seventy eight votes in total for their favorite country, music, videos which will be present it throughout the weekend, the vice president and general manager of CMT set of the programming block and viewer participation. This illustrates the enormous value music fans place on video. There's obviously been a large shift in that in Presont day. I do people still make music videos. Well, you too yeah I get Yrou, but do you ever watch them as much or put as much? You know like stock in them. Your problem is we're too old to R. that's what kids go to watch them now. That's all they know. That's true. We had something else. I just listend. I think they O 'cause. If you think about like some of the big videos, I think when they put production value into a video, that's when they go ap shit like H, whowas, that Asian gungum style Yeh five fixy years ago, yeah. Yes, I like they put out this like, and that was the type of video that we remembered growing up. It was theatricalalas crazy shit going on, and people like, even knough that songs annoying 'is hell that over a billion Playe, O yeah people are still watching Hem. Just not on m TV m TV hasn't played music in Shit. Twentythink people listen to 'em now to get the link to download the song illegally from another side. If I had a adventure, a gas but yeah to seemt even play music videos, AI, don't think so. It's largely just red neck reality yeah! I was just going to say it's like living with chickens and stuff like that allrigh Bo, so you have tho s m t top one hundred countdown hosted by Jeff Foxworthy Hillango. I gotto tell you that was a beautiful pick B. Just I. It is incapslate that time with that dter museic perfectly yeah, do you have what the top few songs were out of the top one hundred? I don't, I sure, don't not that it matters anyway. I'm sure it was like the Dixie, chicks and Alan Jackson, and you tease me: Why did they have a top one hundred in August? I was I memorial day, so they probably played a bunch of sad travis, trit videos. If I had my my guess, Memorial Day, your of August Labor Day whenever more an, I was at a state fair years ago with a buddy of mine and there's a guy walked by, and he has this long pen straight mullet in a sleeveless jacket and he had a guitar SLA cross of his back and my buddy goes well. That's a flucking Travin tr, tarter, Harterkit ive never seen, and I think of that, all the time Travit trit starter kid I'm like that is just beautiful and then trap is strittan turned around and Punty outher buddy ll right. So what do you have for your second selection bol? Well, it's another music television thing August. First, nineteen, ninety six, the launch of MTV too, just when they fucked up the first, the sequel came along to try to save the day, h after MTV, initially moved to more reality base programming, the MTV two network, or, as it was simply known in its infancy m two- was created as a twenty four hour: commercial for ee alternative, focusing solely on music and music videos. The first video they ever played was where it's at by Beck on MTV, too Um. However, his MTV does MTV too pan phase out the Waldwil music video format ID like two thousand and two and early two thousand and three in favor of yes, you guest at more reality based and dockey series bullshit, which is how we know it today. So there's just no staying power. Evidently in putting music videos on television man. That is crazy. It only lasted that many years 'cause. When did video start taking off really like you too wasn't for another couple of years ofour I think yeah, five, maybe yeah or four or five, and it wasn't even like gagbusters. Then it wasn't all like music videos like it is now you now. It was like stupid shit like fucking chocolate. Ah, are you sayinsycoranas N, a Musicvideo 'cause hi will fight you. I wonl thin. It's an amazing music calr, don't speak ill of Tazon Day, especially like the the little quibsy. When I'm Om away from the microphone. It's Paus, I'm notreating like people needed to know that shit hat part of the whole song mansfor. All the amateurs out there looking to take a page out of his book all right so before we go to the ruling on this one man crush you want to chime in on this round. The only thing I'm going to say about this round is like you have to go with. Eighty 'cause, like Brent, already put you in a predicament where he said he had nothing but bad, picks and starts out with him like come on man. You can't be Shi like the way I look at. It is h. You know you got the launchabt, but BAU Arcel has the launch of m TV too M TV too, I'm not going to say that's bigger than BG, but it's still yeah. I think bes yeah bi a pretty big deal, but the launch was solid gold up against a random top one hundred from Jeff Foxworthy is not Ra in the Labor Day. Ninety six countdown or Memorial Day, if Labor name emorial day, do you remember what month that debute in what what month was in on? Was it August, paing chance August, yeah, Yeah August, Ninety Sixth August H August? Was it jus one checkjust Checki August thirty, first Yoa O yeah, I'm going to have to agree with man crush on this one brenthand you get this round as well, that's herd of nothing and you retain control of the board. What category would you like? Next Um? Let's Go News Iho? Oh nineteen ND. Eighty right number, one huge huge lead: Zeppelin breaks up after John Bonham's, unexpected death, nine, twenty five nineteen n, eighty, the band that divined the excesses of rock music they quit when their drummer died. He consumed forty shots of vodka in a day and died of alcohol poisoning straightaway, as one is to do when you do something like that and Robert Planty actually said in people magazine, I had a great warm big hearted friend I haven't Gott anymore. It was so final. I never even thought about the future of the band or music andp wit e, most successful, innovative and influental rock bands in the history music and they actually ushered in the whole idea of big stadium rock concerts. They started that which is now kind of the go to people, that's what they strive for, but that was their baby. They created that I'm glad you went with them breaking up, because I actually had John Bonn'm dying as a pick. This is months an months and months ago, probably last year, even but I think- and I went for that same angle, that that you know ultimately ended like probably arguably one of the Best Mans ever and I think we lost that Roud wow yeah. I think we did that's that on cross yeah, that's a big! That's a big blow! Man Lead Zapplin is a pioneer of rock of everything, so yeah yeah they're, still theyr shoe legends. They were like the Manudo of their time. Wow! No and honestly, like you know, they didn't get back together until that live aide when they played with Pill Collins and they were terrible then- and that was really it they just kinda well t went their own way. Well, they got together in more recent years with WEA and Boughtom, but for for a long time it was. If you were a Zepplin fan man. It was a fucking desert because ther we did thatan out there. There was a whole tat, Trit Ortue under or anything they did that tribute to 'em. Recently and heart did I. I can't even remember th IMB ahead evermjoid it ye man yeah on the single, an track. Yeah Man, Yep, Yso, awesome, so awesome, and did he turn to go o friend? What's your second pick man? So my second thing it debuted. It emerged the birth of rap, the brakes by curtiss blow thes, all the breaks they first certifie gold rap record ever in Nineteen D, eighty below was the first rap artist assigned with a major label. Ever he did that in seventy nine and the single the breaks sold more than half a million copies, and literally it here's a Co. This blue the doors open to the to the rap that we have today it it started that whole genre of we can actually make it and being taken seriously turtis blow so Brenk comes with Curtis below and the first gold rap record and led Zeppelin breaking up ai got it her wat Bo b craft has for this round. Well, Brandy, an Monica you better bring it well, they blow you away with this pick here fellows August ten and eleven ninetneen. Ninety six oasis plays the largest free standing gigs in British history at nebborth house and stevhenage or whatever whereoer, that they were bigger than the Beatles. They said so themselves, that's true, that's true, but they weren't bigger than God. This is kindo kind of impressive, though two point: seven million people applied for tickets and a sold out crowd of three hundred a d. fifty thousand attended the concerts breaking down to a hundred and seventy five thousand people. Each night of these shows to NII l, liker brothers. They wanted to see a bomb. explot evidently did they did they have to go like it was. It was mandatory for all citizens now, the United Kingdom. That explains it. Then man, but two point: seven million people applying for tickets. I don't know if there's any artist that would that would cause. That kind of. I don't want to skip a concert like that and then look back and anger the rest of your life. You know what I mean so deep for that one. Well, somebody asked me if I was going to go to it and I just said: Maybe all right Bul. What's your second pick man, this one's actually a little bit better August six, nineteen, ninety six, the ICOTIC punk band, the Ramons play their final show at the palace in Hollywood featuring several notable musicians, including ady vetter. Let Me Kill myster Chris Cornell and a lot of others concert was recorded and subsequently released on video, an CD not not sure if it was an enhanced CD or not, but the title of it was called we were out of here. Since then the band has been inducted into the Rock and Rohall of fame and has left a lasting legacy, is pillars of the punk and rock and roll genre. So August sixt, an nine huteen and inety six remones final show in Hollywood. That's a good one y yeah, I know vankes. You can speak on that hell of a lot more than I can meet, not a huge remones fan. So that is huge, though that's the their final show and before they all started dying. How many original band members were left at that point, though all forwar, I think all four. I think don't quote me on that, though yeah I think they all started dying in the early two. Thousands, it's like one of those things. Man Like people, stop working and they just die a you know. It's sad with that band, how they all just worn at a time. Snuts is deidy the only one. That's left, no clue, no by Bat Dini might have been the first one that died are any of. I don't think any of them are left. Are They O yeah? One is left? I can't remember who it is. Egod H, get mar O'm Goinn. Look that up all right. SO TO RECAP: Brent, head, led, Zepplin, breaking up and Curtis below and we're going to put it up against oasis, playing H in front of a hundred and seventy five thousand people a night for two consecutive nights and getting ticket inquiries from two point: Seven million people and the final remone show funnalmon shothough. I think that is huge, but man I'm going to have to give this one to Brent again, I'm sorry Bal dude. It's lead Zeppelin and the birth of Rap Chapin, my ass, it's the end of one style of music in the beginning of the other. These are the brakes. Brope bow the BRIAKS. When your woman steps out with another man, it's the breaks, it's Markui Marki is the one that's still alive. Marki is okay. Marky mark well he's still alive as well. Is it Marky or CJ o? I think these are like the late fillins like later Iland started dying after too well their careers. I think the pillins is a fine punk band, now Markou joined in the late seventies, though, but the other guys, I think, CJ yeah. He didn't even join until eighty nine cje isn't ca. When did Larry King Join Right after Marky, post, Larry, remote MARGIPA, all right so brunt hand jumps out to an early three, nothing lead and this one and has control of the board heading into the two point rounds. Orlet's just do movies real, quick. Let's get those done hey. Let me just throw this out real, quick, the last to times at three OAS like a kiss of death. We had it twice. Last two months we lost. I was just thinking that to myself a'm like W, we had three Os a lot recently, oh and then I remembered how those ended up so wellre you'd better enjoy the upper hand. Well, Oh wing, all right, so my first movie number one. Ninety Eight, the Blues Brothers directed by Jonathan Landis, John Balushy Dan Akroid, is Joliet Jake and that Wal Blus they were cacter everyone. You know the blues brothers were cuing musical sketch on Saturday night live if you're not familiar with it. I Apologize, but it is, is a wonderful movie orange whip or n Wipsakean Ol, what set on a dmission from God to save the Catholic Orphanage in which they were raised from porclosure to so they must reunite their r NDB band and organize e performance to earn five thousand dollars. It's needed to pay the orphanages, property t ax spell along the way they 're targeted by a homicidal mystery woman, that's Princess, Lea neonazis and a country in western band, oh while being releniously pursued by the police, and it has an awesome car chase, destroying downtown Chicago, and it's just a lot of fun, the sequels not so much, but the first one yeah. It was really good and who doesn't Hate Illinois Nazis. Can I just say that a lot of people will argue that Kerry Fisher looks best is Princess Lay, but I think she was the hottest in the blues brothers. She was Super Hie Imokena. I would totally agree with that and she had like a rocket launcher in a machine and stuff, so yeah yeah yeah just a little bit of attitude to her. He was just a bad girl and blues brothers. KINDOF dug that l right. So what's your second movie entry all right, my second one same I'm going to live forever, fame directed by Elan Parker. If you guys remember this, it was set in New York City, a crinicls of lives and hardships of students attending the high school performing arts from their addition to their freshmen Soptmore, junior and senior years, and has had multiple spinoffs famed. The TV show in the eighties fame the musical fame la which is a t V, show that started in eighty seven. Then in two thousand and two there was a t V, direct sequel to fame two thousand and three a fame reality. T V show two thousand and nine. They they had a remake film and they're producing a new series right now about it, fame so yeah staying power on that one. Well, they they told you from the beginning. It was going to live forever and they were going to learn how to fly s sno waiting for that part, yeahall right, boby craft. What do you have? FROR, music, one Thousan, nine hundred and ninety six? Well, gentlemen: Don't get too up in arms about this, but there's a couple of Bangers for picks, August NI, nine teen, nd. Ninety six star by Canadian rock legend Brian Atams, is included as the theme Songto, the Nineteen Ninety six Motion Picture, Jack starring, Robin Williams as the tichular character, Jack Pal, a boy who ages at four times the rate of a normal person due to a disorder known as Werner Syndrome, in keeping with the musical them. Here. The film also stars, Jennifer Lopez, the song from briant Adams, included on his Sevenh studio, album. Eighteen till I die and that's about it. It's actually the Prequel to Benjamin Button. That's right! That's right! A lot of people don't know that Jack is actually Benjamin's father. Somehow some way, the same univers thought you were serious for for a second there and I'm trying to figure out the lagestics othat. It involves doctor strange and some time travel. It's weird that would have been a better movie, probably would have all right. So hat o you got for your second movie entry August, Sixh, nine Huteen, N. Ninety six songs in music from the motion picture she's, the one which is the shittiest album title, but also the nited studio record from Tom, petty and the heartbreakers. It's it's exactly what it sounds like petty and the guys musical contributions for the soundtrack of the film she's, the one I just. I don't understand the correlation here like who thought this was a good idea. Whouswell, let's get Tom Petty to do this Rom Cam Soundtrack, but that is alo the worst Pyeah, so you got Jennifer Andiston and camera da starting in a romantic comedy and they're lik- hey, let's, let's bring in God, damned Tom, petty and the heartbreakers to do the soundtrack for this box office flop. Oh yeah, because thirteen year old girls, like nothing more than Tom Penty, Ot nineteen. Ninety six, that hot Tom, petty action, AH boy, I hookd refugees on this one gosh. Well, I think the only thing that save the actual record itself was was the name associated with with who put it out an that's Tom, petty, because the album has been certified gold actually extensive, runs in the billboard. CHARDS uponits release reach number fifteen on the billboard, two hundred the singles walls and climb that hill actually reach number six on the mainstream rock chart. So despite Um, you know being a an anchor of a Rom Cam. You know potentially sinking this ship. It actually fared fairly. Well, that movie was actually rated R. Was it real, really yeah? It was the scissors scene. They had no specifically looked up the parents guid to see if there was like new Jennifer Aston that I didn't know about, and there is not it's just. They got rated R for sexual related dialogue in language, weak wow. That is a been a long time. Lwas have changed, were totally scizsoring behind this door that kind of sexual he can rel we're, definitely doing it. What is this spice S on? I repeat, no geniveras on nudity and she's, the one no reason to watch it all right. So, let's take a look at this round. We got fame and the bluesbrothers versus a star from Brian Atams from the movie Jack She's, the one with Tom, petty and the heartbreakers on the soundtrack mancrush. What are you thinking on this round? The only thing I'm thinking is this with fame. When I was in sixth Grade Chorus, Ye had to join by the way I didn't do this 'cause I wanted to, even though you heard the pipes before I can. I can sing when I have a voice and I've been drinking tea and shit, but we did the fame song and the reason I remember it is like you know the part. It's like a pause, it's like N, then everyone goes fame. I can Seethai' this girl in my grade, jump the gun and said feign before everybody else, and I was like Ino, and this was like the Nigt not just as far the school but like when parents come and everything s a hol, hucky, gymnasia and she's like same everyone just started laughing, and I still remember it an I'm forty one nd, that's one of those things where she goes think. Od Oan remembers that tring to live forever. It's yeah still remember her name too 'm, not going to say it wew. So Bo we'll take a look at your pik she's, the one, not the greatest romg com, film, but big fan of Tom, petty and the heartbreakers. It was one of the bright sides to that movie was the soundtrack Um Brian Adams? Y? U O! You can't go wrong with some Nice, Canadian music from Brian Adams and the movie Jack Okay. Well, it is what it is. You know I don't know it's not briant Adams, best work and well Jack. Wasn't Robin Williams's best work! You know what shocking about that, the the she's, the one thing that that movie only had a three and a half million dollar budget. How much did they have to pay Tom Petty for his tracks? Nthree fourths of Thet Yeah? That's! That was him. Probably you know owing a favor to the record company and they're, like you know what we're going to make you do this time, if I'm not mistaken, there's also another song on the Brian Adams, eighteen 'till, I die record called I wan to be horunderwear and I'm glad that they didn't run with that for the theme song to Jack Instead, because that would have just ben completely completely appropriate on the nose and Rac actually very accurate. Well done nice pick. He he's really deliberating on this one yeah Jeez- I don't I you know, I just don't know where to go with this. One famous huge you know Jack. I gotto give it to Brent, I'm sorry Bau, but blues brothers. You can't argue with that. It's one of my asolute all time, favorite movies, the music from that really is fantastic. The you know. I love that movie so much. I even went to the theater to see Blues Brothers, two thousand yeah, mostly because I knew blues traveler made a cameo in the movie and Sordid Johnny Lag and a bunch of other cool people, but it wasn't that bad. I grew up watching the original blues brothers. It was a big influence, saw me growing up, so I gotta go with that fame fuck that I never watched it. I could care less about fame, dancing, good. Looking people yeah, that's nothing that I'm going to be able to relate with that's debatable. I got ta go with Nineteen. Eighty on this one, I'm sorry Bau we're going to go to the music round here in the music game, we'll see what you got wet. We get a shutout, oh mm, never had a shut out now Brent. You have control te board now you can either differ or choose to go first. What do you want to do? Man mm I'm going to defer I'm gonna, I'm Gong, to be the gentleman here I'm going to put on my dueling Glov. You know wait a minute! You don't even get to you. Don't get any say in this. You I'm oin Te Ratn, I'm going to go ahead and HAP. My Ci, though he's just Gongto Sayrin. I don't want to go first. I will happily happily happily go first arightall right, Aright, my first Music Pick Pink Floyd, another brick in the wall part too, of the nineteen. Seventy nine album the wall hits number one on the US billboard hot one hundred h number one single, it's the first single for them, since nineteen sixty eight they just didn't put out singles and if you're familiar with the th that album. Actually it's three parts, but number two is when everyone knows we don't need no education. The Wall is a rock opera that explores abandonment and isolation symbolized by a wall a part wine, the protagnis pink begins building a metaphorical wall around himself following the death of his father and part. Two, the famous Song Traumais, including his overprotective mother and abusive schoolteachers, become metaphorical bricks in the wall following a violent breakdown and enpart, three pink dismisses everyone. He knows as just bricks in the wall huge huge, huge, album and a fun fun video and everything with that spooky too, really crazy, O it's fantastic, I'm huge, Pink Floyd Fan now. Was this the release of the album or the single just to be single. The single thealbum came out in seventy nine, the single the single it number one in nineteen and eighty h on th, the US billboard, hot one hundred. It was actually that year also ninetee and eighty. The number two song overall for the year on on the billboard, charts allrighty then number two, the second song I had coming out that year, Sugar Hill gangs wrappers delight pigs at billboard, hot one hundred number, thirty, six, yes, on January, twelfth of Nineteen eighthat's the highest it ever did, and many consider this to be the first real hip, hop single. A lot of people. Woild tell you that that's not true, because they did sample some other people without their permission, but that was a the time w an that didn't matter. It featured Michael Wonder Mike Wright, Henry Big Bank ANC Jackson and Guy Master Go'Brien and what a crazy fun Songa hip, hip Hipoto. You know all that stuff, so Suer Hill Gang rappers delight number thirty, six on the Buillar to hot one hundred think. Maybe we should offer up an extra point and make this game interesting. If someone can drop a verse from that Song Right now go ahead, Bowwaiti! Oh goodness, I used to know it believe it or not, but I'm drawing a blank hold on here, hip, hip, hipp, ing to the Hobit to hip hip poppy Y. don't stop a rocking to the Bangbang book. He said up jump the boy with the Rimo Rhythm, with the Bo. An Y beat Ylet, you hear is not a test, I'm just wrapping to the be the one episode we don't have Mikcrainsar on. Well, we could need 'em, you know all right, so the wall and wrappers delight both huge. In my opinion, I'm a huge pink Loyd Fan and you know growin up in the nineties. I still like the hip hop wrappers delight one of my all time, favorite rap songs, so you hit a sweet spot there on both of those for me Bo. What ' You got? Man August, twelve nineteen. Ninety six, the third studio album from Swedens the CARDIGANS, is released. It's called First Band on the moon, H, featuring the only notable song of the entire career for the band Um love fool. Album itself has been certified platinum, another another one that had pretty good runs. atoped. The billboard charge the late single, of course I mentioned- love full and international hit, but feared even better in the U S, actually following its inclusion in the film Romio and Juliet or Romeo plus Julie, whichever you want to call it. Thelan reached number one of the top. Forty mainstream chart, number nine on the modern rock tracks chart and then reaching number two on the hot one hundred airplate chart and number two on the adult top forty staying there for eight non consecutive weeks and being heard in dentist chairs all over the world. To this day, Ilove me two meatballs, I hold my hands out all right, bobee craft close us out. What is your final music selection, all right. The second one came out on my mother's birthday, actually August Twenty Sevenh and ninety six, the fourth studio album from Pearl Jam no code is released. The band's latest release following their much publicized wargans ticketmaster. That was a big debacle, also mark T, Pan's, first big fory into more experimental and different sounds kind of compared to their previous efforts, selling over three hundred and sixty thousand copies in the first week of its release, launching it to the top of the billboard. Two hundred, despite receiving kind of mixed, though many were positive reviews from the critics. Alum statad number one for two weeks: Three singles Hail Hail off, he goes and who you are the latter of which reached number one on the modern rock chart so August, twenty seven. Ninety six, no code, the Fourth Alban from Pearl Jam was a good one. was that the one that came with the the polaroids and the NCS sit dead got a Senar Ooer? What were the polaroids of it's? Just like random shit, just eddy better in the bathroom and no like pictures of like they were like bown out o Trins and like landscapes, all kinds of stuff, and I think they were all different. I think maybe every CD had different different ones: Yeah Yep, but they deteriate over time 'cause. I still have mycd collection and that cardboard is shot. I tell you what eddy butter was awesome because hen N it was program so influential. I was big into the West menphis three and I know he guys are familiar with Hind, but he was a hugerinsore in that whole to of getting them out, you know and really and and raising money for only their defense about having them set up so them when they got out, they would actually have a living and a life and not just be destitute, so yeah really good guy. He was they talked to Hem on the thing he was like. I didn't realize it was going to take twenty years, but it was worth it fully should it was twenty years of you know him literally petitioning and working for them. So a good guy, good guy, amazing that that is t a third time that they've come up on the show. We have to do a documentary on another one, yeah, no tectially. That is the fourth time, because last time it was the third time the West Memphis three had come up. This is now the fourth time and for the fourth different thing, yeah completely differentpletely differetits nuts, almost all of them, are in different categories. I think we have two in in music, but that's about it. I n't know. What's amazing about the picks, and the only knock I would have o Brenth was that the song's actually from an albumey came out. Seventy nine yeah, the only thing I would knock on that 'cause. You have two like minumental tracks, my metal, just everything on em, both but like class of ninety nine is probably the only remade song R, not class nit nd, I but another brick in the walls, remade by Class N. Ninety nine for the Faculty Yep. You remember that Ban Iloenlana Stali and Tom Orello and AH dude. It's so good, like I don't like too many covers, but that cover is amazing. It's a really really good cover. Actually just watched the faculty too. A couple of weeks ago, when I was up, I had to see them forever, so it was fun. It's not a bad movie. No, it's not at all. It's actually pretty cool, pretty cool. I figured I would just bring that up, but yeah I mean other than that. I mean this is like kind of Yeah Slam Dung, really Havn the Ninhties just blew it up the wall pink floyd. You know, I'm the judge for this music duel and h. You can't get much better than that. For me in wrapper's delight come on it's one of the all time grade, hip, hop songs and one of the first mainstream hip hop songs. So I'm sorry Ba Gon to have to go to this cont love me love me. Man Come on, give it a little Lup. No, I can't give it any love. She can tell me all day but yeah. I can't love the cardigans. Sorry say that you love Marr. It probably has a death NETAL COO Bo. I think we need A. I think we need a rematch one of these nights where you're not crippled by picking only a month. Well. Yeah I like to I like to give myself a nice rough challenge. I really really went in dry with the category on this. One yeah never go and dry man yeah. I know ever now spit on it or something per this was Bos. Pick too boat shows music wow. Yes, you got shut out man by myself. Essentially now my big question is: Did I get that extra point for that rapper's lightline too 'cause? I I'm on the fence Onta I did so I mean really. This is an extra shutout, so congratulations the Brent hand, the Nolan Ryan, here of deeling decades, pitching the first ever shut. Ut We've had here on our show that was like a no hitter got a regular Peter North. On the other end this evening, US a Bukaki episode. I want to think my mom and God and the academy and all those people. So that's Awesomeell, I'm too an Oso, I'm instoppable, you heard it your first wemight just have a match in the near future. Asically just tell me when you're open under Caledroh, we have a future title shot coming and I think, with this victory, going to move Brent hand into the number one contender slot so yeah. Why don't we just make this mange official brend hand versus Mancrush for the Dueling Decades Championshid? I want Mancross wa Mantr, you can't have men yeah we'll. Do it we'll we'll sit it up for September awesome. That sounds all right. All Right, jewelers! I guess we'll end this episode right here, but don't worry, you can always go over to dueling decades dot com. If you've missed an episode. You can subscribe to our show on Itunes and on CAS box and from more great retro content. Join US overon facebook dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can join in on the conversation. So until next time, fellow doelers we're going to be Jew, a piece, love lighting, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmaymedia