Dueling Decades
June 19, 2019

It's your History, we just Fight for it! It's a Showdown between June 1982 & June 1995!

It's your History, we just Fight for it! It's a Showdown between June 1982 & June 1995!

This week we are back to tag team action here on our show as Marc and The Mancrush also known as the Mamalukes gear up with June of 1995 to take on the team of Mike Ranger and his partner who makes his debut on the show. The vicious vegan himself,...

This week we are back to tag team action here on our show as Marc and The Mancrush also known as the Mamalukes gear up with June of 1995 to take on the team of Mike Ranger and his partner who makes his debut on the show. The vicious vegan himself, Mr. Deano Peppers as they duel with June of 1982! The right honorable Judge Jon Cross makes his return to the show to lay down justice as he cries out “I am the law!” What will the month of June have in store for this historic battle? The only way to find out is to listen to this great episode of Dueling Decades and then join on facebook.com/duelingdecades where you can join in on the conversation and share some great memories of your own!


NFORMAY MEDIAPEOP? U Ca the pixe O play, but I tot or him ran again upon that cap. Ut! Stop the power Bopcom Fiht, for what you love come to. Poe P, Cope en crita, PA Ete e Pote Cap would take a grave, a O, Balla Hati. I A PA e Tano, come fight for what you love eas broadcasting from the biobaday studios, wear water! Does it better? It's the adult Audio Retro Game Show where the Eighties and nineties do Battele, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to another nily episode of dueling decades. Let's take a look at this week's duelers and the decades they will be fighting for as we return to tack team action here on our show. First off dueling with June N Ousand, nine hundred and ninety five, along with myself, it's the other half of the mamaluks WITSOP, its man crushd it- and this is awesome- The weactually get to do into the nineties, going back and doing the research. It really brought me back to the high school years so looking forward to this one and we're not going to lose in this week. In the eighties corner, dueling with June of nineteen, eighty two- I am Mikeranger battling with my partner Dino and we are megafors with fries drink and a salad yeand. That's always here on our show. We need somebody to judicate all of this awesomeness and only one man can hold down this court he's back the right Honorable Judge John Cross. That's where I am John Cross. Let me bring my massive gavel down upon you good evening. Everybody, Ladies and gentlemen. The following contests will be held under dueling decades rules, the JUDG's coin flip shout he side, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and, of course, hot products. A judgeis ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds now deelers throw your hands in the air, like you, just don't care because it's time to play Toenos all right, so I have for tonight's coin. Flip. I believe that's a tossoff John. It is tit' to toss off and it's the immortal book of the dead from evil dead as inlustrated by the Great Tom Sullivan. It smells like a condom full of dead worms. So do you want the face or the ear cause on the back of the a book of the dead is an ear. So do you want face or ear let'SGIVE IT? A deno he's the dino. You call the flip you're, the new guy I'll go wi the e we're going for the air all right. There we go to GRUMROLL, please 'm! SORRY DD! You know it is the face in your facegood foud remark. What do you think about news? Yeah? We can go news once you start us off all right June. First, nineteen, ninety five, it's so weird to say the nineties, but there it is the official launch of FBI, DOT guv, one of the most popular. U S! Government websites, even till this day goes online for the first time, nows that going to the post office to see your FBI top ten. You can now go to www, DT FBI, dot, Guve and see all of them there with up to date, information and tips, and I sa the coolest part about this is the ability for the FBI to start utilizing the Internet to Kinda, disseminate instant information to the general public, there's, no more faxes, no more mailed posters to the post office or police stations, and from this point on the FBI, could update their website with relevant crime information, as it happens, which they hadn't been able to do t this point. You got updated photographs which would be huge and catching criminal, so you're not looking at something that's ten years old. If they've, you know something was uptate an came out, you wouldn't have to wait for it to go to a picture and they can update like their tips, their crime stats, all that stuff and then, after the the word World Trade Center bombing in ninety three, the Fi, they had a more significant role to fight domestic terrorism. So the website was one of the ways that they plan on informing the public on things that were going on, and I realize that people are going to point out. Things like they're misses they're, going to point out the Oklahoma cities in nine eleven and all that. But let's just take some solace about all the attacks that they've tharted that we have no idea about. So it is kind of a big deal and you know in twenty nineteen a website going up. Nobody cares. We have literally there's over a billion websites on the Internet. Now back in Jue, O N Nineuteen ND. Ninety Five, there ere only twenty three thousand five hundred or about so in yeah, Jue, nine hteen N. Ninety five: This is a massive thing. FBIDAGOV goes live right, but don't we all just long for the days of seeing the most wanted up on paper posters on the wall of our post office? Isn't that a bigone era? We wish we could get back dothe post, Offhi SOCKSPREA, but the post office had to print those out from somewhere and it came from the F Bi website right. I guess I mean it's think about it. Like you know, if UNOD I'm I'm well, I'm I'm well on the PE II. Well, it people are lazy. You know this and IB Wello Wasroud houslazy people are, I am the laziest man, so if they got like a poster sent to them, how often do you think those are actually put up and hung anyway? So now people don't even have to go to the post office, they can just go to the website and look at these pictures online or whatever information. So to me it was a big deal. This is a big story. Itde, it's definitely a big deal. Unfortunately, it makes movies worse. causthe only reason being is because movies are s any movie that centers around a computer or cellphone is a piece of shit just hands down a piece of ship. All movies are so much better when they're like nervously, sat in the post office and they noticed the Guy, they just saw n rank yeah the wall and the Postr, and then all my godhy's after me, and that's much more exciting than googling the FBI website. I think cellphones killed it yeah, O cell fhrons than the moment. Any there isn't a movie. I don't think, and I've tried to think of oan there. Was it a movie about a website or a cellphone that is as interesting as its other counterparts without Amak Hay phone, that was fucking F pay for yeah, exactly lookat phone booth. You couldn't do phone booth now. Yes, that's what I meant not pay for Ifeel, like you have to stay on the line D he's like fuck this. This is a purner I'm going to throw it in the garbage and run away all right mark. I don't even know what you pick so this'll be interesting for me too, all right, Wednesday June, twenty first nineteen. Ninety five- I don't know how! Well you guys remember the summer of ninety five, but there was one news story that weighed heavy over all of the others, and we were obsessed with it. That was the O J Simpson murder trial on Wednesday June, twenty first nineteen nd ninety five. We got one of the most iconic moments from that trial. When O J Simpson stepped up and tried the bloody gloves Christopher Darden wanted him to try the gloves on and well, it didn't go exactly as he planned, because the clubs did not fit OJ Simpson, so it kindaf threw that whole theory right out the window and really screwed the prosecution. Can you please do it? Can you please say it? I know you want to say it. Well, I'm getting there 'cause. That was the day that carismatic lawyer, Johnny Cochran uttered the phrase that captivated us. If it doesn't fit, you must acquit and if anything, you say that phrase anywhere now, even if they don't know who Johnny Cochran is you know what that's in reference to? It was one of the most iconic slogans of the nineties. So that's my pick for news. If it doesn't fit, you must acquit it's it's what I say about condums all the time if it doesn't fit youse, just the tip, that's the SA. If it doesn't fit pull out, we go CA, count to ten and think of CRICKETES. that th t that's one Fordeno Dino knows what I mean when I say Christas. Yes, quicky friish reference in America. It's if if it doesn't fit think of exavior mcdanel, that's right. Don't come steeve right off to you guys June of eighty two well I've. I guess I have a sports story from June twentieth. Nineteen and eighty two pro Golfer Tom Watson entered golf history on the seventeenth hole of the: U S Open at pepble beach. He had been in a battle with Jack, Nichlas UH and had a bad shot off th off the back tea. He was in a pretty bad spot. It would have been difficult to control it and he actually went down in history with hitting one of the most incredible shots. He chipped in right hit, hits against the flag and drops right in Yeahyeah. It's it's gone down as one of like the biggest shots in golf history. He had been in like a battle with Jack Niclas over the past few years, and it was the fourth time he had actually defeated. Nicolas Four title: Yep: That's that's what I got fugging another inspiring golf story when you said Jack, Nicolas all like a picture was Jack Nicholson which made the scene so much better. Yeah! That's the problem is, is all my efforts were focused on trying to not say Jack Nichols all right Jino? What are you got? Man, okay, so Google maps and Rolling Twenty Brou News would have been great on the morning of the twenty, the second of April, eighty two when Neuha residents wroke up to here. We had declared war on Ardencin over the disbuted Fulkland Islands, and that morning there were many, an Atles and sitly pedio Pritenica was opened desperately by the people brittained. When t where this war was actually taking place. ECAUSE I thou he was off Te. Coasto, Scotland and odly Ben at half, a Auentina wasaway from us and pulled out magified glosses bound to fulklands. Most of US left asking wone hell do be one on it anyway, but we still went to warline for the first time since the Great Maly Mary opragtin Ne Thosnd, nine hundred and fifty two now for two months, one week and buy days before gallant Leav for a patch of land, four thousand andseven square moles inoperations such as the battle of goose, green and Mount Tumbledown, sounds amazing, but on the evening or the Fourteenth of June n nine Huneen n two, the Audntinians surrendered and we won the first time we bit the Ontinians in anythink Ho many many years. I think a soccer batch probably would have been like a bigger deal: Football Football Maye. We never be ONACINA ether tha. It would have been huge, though, if you did noll be Laer. What I love about the end of the Falklands is basically Argentina went wait if we say or right you've won, they all go home, W ewhatever. It is we're doing it's like the nitiest war reseluve here these things that they suffer perimeter for the Red Cross, ship Reem, Plaum, ses, O it wer injured they ust, Wentto, ther and e was fine o zone, but yeah. It was earnd Justike by an addentinian writer as fight between two board men over a tomb man. They literally parked warships about two miles offshore and just shot cannons like into the island, killing some sheep who they just made a big pot roast. It was, it was great, but you guys really brought it for news. I'm feel pretty confident about that wo. The end of the war is a big thing. You know we want a war, the Hichon without the Americans showing up and claiming they did it. Our John Cross give us the ruling for round one or right, then, ok, so the Mamelukes had barely any news, a tall, something about an FB I website than nobody's ever heard of, and something about it. Um Orange Simpson or something I've never heard of this mudor trial. Nobody knows anything about it, whereas megaphors with fries a dringside SONDOF the mullet in the tight uniform with a flying bike, they have some golfof than the we all love golf and the UK was it the UK starts or ends the FO clea. I E Ratherhe Wan, we Wonno, I mean on Whan I wan to wash MAG and manrush. Is this question who who picked, who picks the dates who picked ninety five for the June? Ninety five for this one? I don't even remember we did it, I think thits a while back. I think we picked hem at random. We just go through and look at what years we haven't done and Allayeah. Well, you w! I go by every ten years. I have U. I have like a Matrix that I use H R every ten years as soon as we use one I cross one off and then for the next episode. We know which ones are left and we just keep going until those ten are done, and then we go back all over again. Yeah 'cause, I mean you guys, struck the Jackpot here in terms of news. You know m the O J Simpson murder trial. I mean it's still a pop culture. Reference is still a joke. It's still um comes back time and time again in documentaries and is brought up when any, basically anything, even particularly racially problematic, comes into court. They all reference. The O J Simpson Midortril, not at least the bitch, because o j Simpson himself was back in court, then went to prison, then came out of prison, so um not at least the Wich 'cause. He keeps getting into trouble the big dumb fuck. Well, you would think right if you got away with the murder of the Centur like if you've gone away with it, the modent that you wouldn't go after someone with some Memorabelia with a fucking gun you dwhat di, he do with that one. Did he break into a hotel re or so she he marched into a hotel with a pistol and held a dode up 'cause. He had a couple asigned football ind like what the Hock Yo wouldn't. Let them leave the room until he got his stuff back so right there that's kidnapping, Soyeah fuckindidn't. He lose the civil case too. He did no, he did lose. The civilcason in fact hasn't paid back any of that money yet that he ows that's crazy, that you can be found innocent and then lose a civil trial yeah. He won the motor case, but he lost the civil case yeahum and he owes them, but basically the way the jury got around it from the civil case was that they were like, or the judge got rounded from the civil case. was they awarded the families, a ludicrous sum like its in the millions and millions, and I think he's paid them. You know fifty cents and you know half a miles par or something it certainly hasn't. Given them any money, probably why he was holding up Er beple in a hotel trying to get his. If we GOIN to sign football, I can maybe stop paying back some of my murder cash anyway. You know O J Simpson, it's the gift that keeps on giving. The only thing that I will never forgive him for is that I can no longer watch naked goand, one two and three the same way. They should have stuck with the Norbok from the TV series he was far funny anyway. I have to give it to the mamalukes. I don't want to 'cause. I want to give it to my buddy dino for his wonderful UK story. I warmed the cockles in my heart, thinking of our brave lads coming back from having a Nice cushy holiday, it's South America having done nothing but sat on the ship and eating chipbuddies, while the canons did all the work. But unfortunately I couldn't do that d. You know maybe tea. Lo at Os, for I o get a little Bor in a hole as well young yeah. True, there's, no OPNO, no, no golf! No it doesnt it does. I mean the thing is tin know is that you and I know the kind of way that the Falklands defied thatches for defined thatches prime ministorship, and the way that it kind of kicked off that whole eighties mess tha. That really kind of like leads right up until the the fall of the billing wall, but as much as it kind of defines a bunch of stuff fon, the UK. It is not in anywhere near the same wi as the pop culture relevant, so Ojo Simpson, sad, that's handy 'cause! You know, Hae jus Sil chosen all my brish e stories as being briish. So that's H, don't worry! You know. I will side with you on one of them. SSADLY are a reality. T V, loving her friends over the Atlantic. Don'tof go on about O J Simpson D n. It doesn't matter what h country you guys took over what war you won. A rich white lady was killed right exactly and someone managed to find some tiny tinyloron so he's like. Could you put them Upno? It must have been chucky. These are dall cubes and he had he had a rubber glove on underneath the glove to make it even worse and he stopped taking his h arthritis medication. So his hands swelled up yeah, we oll know he's as guilty as sen and should still be in prison today, fuck that guy, but tha sales of white bronkers went up exponentially. So that's always a good thing. I guess that's 'cause of the next one I'm done with my o j Simpson. Jerk. Mark you want to go to uh, you want to go to television yeah. Let's go that's what I was thinking, man all right, cold, a Godugido all right! So for my television I am going to go with an episode of prime time. PROMETIME was a news magazine show hosted by Sam Donaldson and, of course, Diane Sawyer. The program's highest rated episode in its history happened to be on June, fourteenth nineteen. Ninety five: It was an episode where a Dygan Sawyer interviewed Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley for the world premier of Michael Jackson's, video for his latest single scream, the transmission garnered thirty seven point: five million viewers. It was just a massive interview. It really was the only thing that dominated the ratings that month other than friends, and that was in reruns, so June, fourtetenth sand, nine hundred and ninety five Dianne Sawyer interviews, Michael Jackson and Lisamarie Presley and debus this, the video for screen. You GOTTO, throw out why that's so important too, and it wasn't just because of the scream or you know the album or anything else. It was the fact that Michael Jackson was married to the King of everything and a King of rock his daughter. Everyone thought it was fake and it was staged and right they kind of did that to show that they were really married, and this that and the other thing she came out with an article after it wasn't an article. I ws like an interview like think it was like twenty ten and it was like right after he died and she said that their marriage was legitimate. They, like banged all the time and stuff like the very first night, a matter of fact. They actually met in at trump's, mansion or state in trump's mansion in h. what's that place in Florida that he has marlago moral arga yeah and they banged all night there and so talked to about this s, O things I don'twant to fuck and imagine I don't Imagine Jackson and Printley Humping, while trump downstairs quofs's third cheesecake, if there's anything that Coan make that story worse its trunk with like a goblet to the door like a cok goblerlistening to fucking Jackson and Presley Fuck, that's the most disgusting thing. I can imagine his bulbus Arin sweaty face becoming ingorged as he listens to the MOANS and bumps Ey. But that's why thirty seven point: five million people tuned into that interview because they wanted to see if that shit was real, they were just hoping. If Diane Sawyer was going to do what Katy curre did and get a Clo CONANOCOPE liee they wanted to see if Jackson himself would perform the operation all right. Man Crush over to you. What are you got? Ma'n all right, so June, FFN, nineteen, Ninety five mtvdebuts a game show that starred the creator of Nerdist as the host and Donny Walberg's hot wife. The show was a dating show. Then, in a mirror twenty two minutes, they would sift through fifty potential dates for one lucky, ga or one lucky, Guy, there's actually a hundred contestants howere in the crowd. Fifty for each sex. By round three, you figured out who the wintner was, and if you were alive in the nineties, I'm sure you watched this one. It was a staple of the afternoon MTV programming in nineteen, ninety five t ou an nine tden and ninety eight, and it was just announced that they'ere receiving e rebout on MTV's new queeby streaming platform, which is also getting a punk reboot. The show that I'm speaking of, of course, is the classic singled out. You had a young Chris Hardwick, basically in his first real TV GIG and a Superhot, Jeni McCarthy fresh, offer nineteen ninety four playmate of the year status and look where they've gone since. Obviously, Jenni went on and do a bunch of shit over the years, but Hardwicke is focking everywhere, Hes Dude, he just bought a five million dollar mansion. Like a couple of years ago, I'd say: He's doing all right for himself yeah, an Jan Jenny. Mccofty is voluntarily killing her own children. Meanwhile, Chris Hardwick is desperately trying to record every single pukcost, except this one allright over to you Mike Ranger. What are you got all right? Well, on June Fifteenth Nineteen. Eighty two whole Kolgan appears on the tonight show, with Johnny Carson, to promote rocky three, which came out on May twenty. Eighth. But, more importantly, he talks about this new craze taking over called Holkamania Johnny sked him a very a very bad question. If wrestling is fake and from right there, the interview gets tense. It's uncomfortable, you coald, see that he's really pissed off that he even went there. It's interesting because outside of rocky three, it's really like. It's really hokogen's like introduction to like a diffe, an audience that isn't watching wrestling and it's just cool like he keeps putting it out there like to pay attention to this new thing called Hokamania, I'm sure you've, guys Hav seen the interview. It's he's, fucking hugenext to Johnny Carson's desk. Does he does he admit that it is old, fake or not? No, he actually spins it into saying that, like if the audience would be willing to get in the ring with him, they would find out how not fake it is, but it's also interesting ecause. If you look a little bit later in nineteen and eighty four, he gets int the Incernet with like that comedian, Richard Pelserr soone just knows him as much. He should have went all David Shultz on Hem and smacked Hem, like David Shulzsten to John stassll, waitodid Hogan, choke out Balsotham. Yes, he did in nineteen eigh four yeah y. A T watch that clip on you tub. It is unreal, puts him to sleep yeah, it puts them to sleep and bells are falls and he smacks his head on the floor and when he gets up he h. He just looks right at the camera and says we'll be right back and then turns around and walks away and Belzer's head is just soaked in blood crack out all wide open wel. That's such a Che! I love bells that he plays Munch on, like seventy five different N BC. TV shows. Yeah Belzer has gone onto saying that he has a nice h, chateau in the south of France because of Holk Hogen, Oh shit, all right over to dino man. What a e you got for T V, Yeah Al for the last one, I'm not fiting so positive about this 'cause. It's IT'S NOTER BRISH! Well, it's not just British, but it is like not an American thing. So every four years, thers, a big sporting event live televisual swon, even an usually work Youre American, you think, can be the Olympics. But there's another one: U One millions of people around the world, Younie in the colors of the country, crowd, arond, T v, sets in the homes, hobs bars cafes way, flair, Scrin Beer, and if your English start you fight and foreigners, this is gonfeefl welk up and he had his opening match. On the Fourteenth of Ju Ne N, nine hundred and Eigty two hosted in Spain was kicked off. t the New Camp Stadium in Barcelona Thei build an defeated. The raining champions on Sena, one nofink in the first group, match two days later: theres more impressive wind. When hungry BOTWILL, enjoanan L SALWADOR ten one in Amac to this dade at holds a record to the most Gi School Bo, one team is welk up. tourlement jam, at' a OT IBEND yeothilled. After that Argentina had a really shitty June. They E fucking war, and then they lose the football and the opening Fuckand Matchp Bilgia gym of all fucking places. That's 'cause, all their good players were probably fucking. Fighting on was the name of that island. The folk winglins, the Falk was he that's like me, going for town. What's the name of that country in the South Pacific Whey, you guys had all that trouble in the seventies's like likedo. I now you t familiar with it. The event lost Filoy Twi months. O T goes from June into July. There's fifty two manters in e eighty two well cup, thirty six of them in the first round, which is like a round wood tournament theyre the cople of incidents in the the event disgrace of Hijohn. They called it were West, Germany and Austria fixed upodametion in the group. Stays of both teams went through and essentially the R Germany needs to win. One Neel or two NEL FO boatin it over othey Ausria, conveniently conceided to go whin the first ten minutes and then the rest of the masse. Just playing ot see the ballas kicking it around notready trying to stor a go etaway. They just did't, gime Shit and Um Yeah Oldgeri was a team that got kicked out. No one felt very sorry for them: ECAUSE E low, the luck, Yunder dogs who atually beat wist Germany in the first match and H it was the worst filing poopl history to which is fucking beautiful, it's Patrick Gatterson, verses, howold, shoemacker Whos, the German gilkeeper and Patche batter an play in France, hes a strik o about a schoole, quite anlove little girl he's free on the goalkeeper and the girl keep. I jumps up and livers the my stunning HIPPOTAC ever, which um knocked to his teeve out damaged his Verdroni neck and sent into coma yeah you cul min online. It is amazing, Um the rest gave Jimy ugokick. Wasn't a foul did that happen in June? Eighty two as well that that foul othat would it be o as that later on, we R it is the whole eventgonwe without mihave in July, but yeah the Eventi Self M. I mean you know an football Huan figures are Fhreueh the roof, and this is not just England. This is just Europe and places where football soccer is enjoyed. The. What I like is that, throughout that entirepiel about all the things that were happening and people well, cu, n, nd, ninetred and eighty two. I don't think there was one mention of the UK or England. We go for the Secron lst O penelies same thing as we wisdom the same thing as real with therwhat was it like. We won like back in in nineteen, sixty fouras a noin, a sixty six, and we have not let it fucking go since which to find exactly one of the things that I hate about. No one of the things that defines English people they just will not give shit up. They keep talking about the war and the fucking football I in nine teen and sixty so biga wars, a not just te Folklans, no, not just te Pokar, I'm not ot. You Dino, I'm talking about England in general, we did beat them Ouwe, maywe tribesmen as well. You know people are like Rao, the Second World War, we B Hitler and then they immediately jumped. I nd nineteen sixty six othen there was that time, we'd be Germany in a football mout ship. That reminds me you're welcome. By the way I heard the Russians Wenny Forus, all right, John Cross. What e you got on this round? Fok Medou know. I really wanted to give this to you. I really wanted to give this to you, but they had to com noh get in the millions yeah right. Thirty, seven point W yeah. What was the viewing figures? Do you know the OI countse in you can aloane as millions. Then you got Adatina Germany, France elgim! was there anything about the June feefor world cu? One thousand nine hundred and eighty two th Senate sent to the pot from any other World Cup. A couple of room changes is there anything that people would still be talking about it today? If it wasn't for thes show Ao she trying to help ma she trying to help what imaginally trying to do is find a way where this particular fefar World Cup would somehow be. Dian saw Master Baning, Michael Jackson on or whatever she did on life television, I mean yeah. That would have gotten forty seven million t an if you go. I view bigures alone. The football will cup has more or light just twil free matches right. So we've gone that going for it and then Mike do we know the viewing figures for wholl Cogan on the tonight show I ean it's a tonight show it's people watched it t, no, it used to get like sixteen million or something right. I didn't look up the figures for that. Vew Eis, not like anybody like, was excited to see Hohogan on it. It's more just like it's his first appearance, and is it the first time he uses the word Hol Komenia is the only record of him using that before them. I'm sure it's had been used within the wrestling market, but it's the first time the public. That's not try to give it to you. Well, you gotta dig that deep, John Come on an Theta me intervene, an be the bad guy here, the thing with sporting events. It's like you were saying before it's tough with sporting events, because they're big at the time, but they don't really have legs unless something insane c happens where you ight remember it for n Nineteen Sixty six one. Unless America winds it has not been Pon, that's not going to happen. ANYTI YEA, exactly come on man, Ere Scifi in the future, America's really good at succer and they've adopted cricket as Thet National Patiinglay, as with one unanimous voice killed itself. Oh Man! Well, look the eighties are going to win on movies. That's a given at the eighties going to win on anything else. They probably won't win on hot products. They haven't won on news. They might win on music come on man. You can't be cheating like this doe lets, you're trying to figure out a way to get hates to win the entire Matt in the second flucking round Wan, to throw my buddy Dana a bone. He's struggling here with all we've got is an Argentine whohas shifted everything. That's all. We've got in June nineteen ad, eighty two fucking all right. We give it to n nine hundred an ninety five again, the Mamaluke's Takan other round, because believe it or not singled out CHRYSOWIC Jeni macoty. They are still pop culture, the relevant today, Jennie mccaffy for killing her children or voluntarily putting them Inham's way and Chris Hardwick for a myriad of reasons, mostly because he weas very tight, suits and has an annoying voice, M and Micael Jackson marrying. What's the name Presley and all that kind of stuff that was, it was apparently big news, a so yeah al all I all I like to know is that she then goes on and marries nickcage afterwards for, like a day which I was saying, Oh Yav, I got all about that Yep yet yeh. I wonder if I wonder if he had bubbles like in the closet watching them. The kind of thing I imagine thatcage would do would be still Michael Jackson's monkey and then force forced it to watch them as he had sex with the its old owner. I've gone into a weird dark place: The mamalukes wind tanks, all right man crush. Where do you want to go with this one? We got music movies, hot products. I think we got to go to movies. 'cause John said they're winning movies, so we might as well just do it now. Let's do it che S, Jo wait. You know you're winning movies. If you haven't picked, like I, don't know, T v, Novie version of on the buses where they go to Argentino SOM shit. If you've picked aut, then no, but if You'e picked a movie that was popular in Nineteen, an eighty two, then yes, that's more British humor Ferdino, Sir all right! Well, I guess I'll start this round. O Youi'll start this one out, 'cause. I think you might have the better selection think. Well. I got th made for T v version upon the buses, so probably not the REB in Nineten ninet five go ahead, man crush. What are you got man all right? It's a summer or ninety five ort June thirtieth, nineteen ND ninetyfive. We get the highly anticipated comic adaptation. They've been they've been throwing this movie around for nearly like, probably twenty years since this comic came out, and I think it was nineteen. Seventy seven actually is a two thousand and eighty part of two thousand and eighty. So I'm sure you guys know where I'm going with this, especially the? U K, guys, maybe the character I speak of, I I'm telling you have been rumored for like fifteen years, they were going to make this movie and it never transpired through the eighties. But the closest thing we got in the eighties was a modestly inspired film called Robocop in nineteen seven and the crazy part about that is. Since robocop was such a massive hit that actually hindered this movie from being released until nineteen. Ninety five, the production studios, were just concerned that people would think it was a flat out copy if they tri to release it in the late eighties. So they just never did it even though the original inspired much of Robocop and then, like, I said being you guys, are from the UK, I figure you know where I'm going with this, but this wuld be, of course, the silvetorstalone driven film adaptation of Judge Dread, ihav The law the movie went on to take in a hundred and fourteen million dollars worldwide thit's about two hundred million dollars, a twenty nineteen. It's not an amazing amount of money when you think of comic movies now, but when you think about it in the nineties, it's actually pretty decent. Considering, arguably the biggest comic book adaptation in the Nineties, which has probably tease intertertles, only brought in two hundred million dollars worldwide. So it's not really that far off and then the second factor you got to think about. With this movie, it carried an Ur rating and at the time Danny Kennon actually wanted this to be a hard Ar, but the studio andstalone both wanted to be pg thirteen, so the original cut- I don't know if you guys know the story, but as they were doing judge dread. It actually got turned into an NCY C seventeen four times by the M Pa a until they cut it down. They brought it to an r and t they just didn't have enough time to keep cutting it down at pg thirteen, and thank God they didn't cause. It is what it is at radart's Litt, fun movie: It's not it's like a mindless talone flick. It could have been better absolutely, but then again, you have to look at the other turb that we had like the other aditation that came up this month was Batman forever. So compared to that, it feels like citizen Kane. In my book 'cause those two JOL Schumockor Batmans from the nineties were fucking garbage, plus it had Diane Lane in it and she's Super Hot. So that jets for points for that and I'm under your son t yea like I actually thought he was a really good villain in that movie. I love him on Der Sante. You can put him in Aing EA. You should see 'em l little darlings, here's a little Attian for you, John Little John Carpenter, Tiin. You know the voice of central was in this movie. No, I don't actually yeah th the voice of the super computer that controls megacity. It's actually Adrian Borbaw, Owow h playing another voice of a computer. What was the first movie? She played the voice of her computer en the first MM. It's another Jun, COP and EFLICK. Well, it', it's not the fog and it's not escape from New York. What is it she plays? The chess computer in the thing, oh, really yeah, that he's playing with that is Aginin cut yeah. One last thing about H, judge dread. This would have made the movie cooler. Dian Land Y actually wanted her to do an assshot for the movie and she said no, but not because she didn't want to show her ass. It was because she didn't want to show her ass next to stalone'Sass in a shower scene 'cause. She thought her. His ass would upstage hers, valid apaapparently Sheronstone had no such quantary when it came to the specialist some yard, an Al Wel. She fucking showed it all the time anyway, wlshaenstone an Shan to a sovestor Stillin, the specialist look, it's it's the most like, as if Ken and Babbi had w like there were two hands, either side, pushing a cannon bobby into the shower, like its ridiculous Houl, Plas, eccept, Ernis, so robotic yeah. It's Ridiculou. Entry like like two C Keanan bobby just being like Rltreally, is no penetration at all N. Well, they don't have genitals. They just have like this smooth cuf service, but that's not true about sti long ecause. He wasn't a porno, yes, see, Wele a soft coll kind of thing yeah. He flopped it around a little bit. What was in Pat Pati Kittiand, studs, Yeahsi, chick re, all right mark all righ. So we'll go over to my movie on June thirtieth nineteen. Ninety five, we got Apollo Thirteen Ron, Howard directed this toward a force of acting headlined by the Great Tom Hanks Buill Paxon, Kevin Bacon, garysonece and the Gray Ed Harris, probably giving the best performance of the movie over Tom Hanks. So this movie was budgeted at fifty two million dollars and ended up coming in with a cuman of worldwide gross of three hundred and fifty five million dollars. Plus it won two Oscars and was nominated for fifty six other awards and its still H. hailed as one of the great I guess you could say outer space movies of all time. That's a good flick, it's a great flick and, of course, now still relevant. They got Apollo eleven coming out now, which of course, is the preequel. I would have hoped that B, O nineteen nd ninety five Apollo Thirteen was actually the thirteenth sequel to the rocky spin off Apollo Sat, sadly, not it's a boring film, featuring tomb, hangs and Ron Howards chicky younger brother Clin Howard, who looks like something someone stepped on. They were in nineteen and eighties movie thid. Well, maybe they could have fought a Paula once they got to the moon. They fight Apollo for the rights to the Moon, yeah wellhat. Now that would have been a movie if they'd sent Carl weathers up to the rocky satellite of our fair planet and he had to fight Tom Hanks for supremity that would be amoving, it'sa Drago rematch be awesomethis movie was so well regarded for special effects. It's visuals everything that NASA actually wanted to use footage for some of their presentations and stuff, because it was so realistic and lifelike, and despite despite its high rating and its popularity at the time, people have not been able to find a single person who has watched it or owned it. Since I own it and have you how many times have you watched that Man Cros? I just watched it probably like two years ago, really I didn't Wach. I didn't watch my copy, though I watche Onstrean, but in my defence, a lot of my stuff. I end up watching on streaming just ecause, it's more convenient than going and putting it into the d vd Who the fuck wants to walk across the room and grab something Yeah Soi. So I will do my Mo ie one thouan. Nine hundred and ninety five run down once we've heard from megraforts with fries a drink side, salad, mullet, tight, uniform and flying bike. Do you know you want to go first on this? There are so many good ones to pick in June. Nineteen and eighty two do me proud guys to be proud. NYOU'RE ONTA do any to insolt your intelligence, I'm picking et. What Morin was that he's briaking t something Bos: Yeah Eddy Torez, the extratestical love that movie man. It's the right choice in terms of popularity at the time. It's the wrong choice in terms of my movie desk, Yo e t, Gonto detail with it or you show everyone listening to the show knows what EAE is. I'm pretty sure. If you want to drop any knowledge, you can, but I mean had a video game, a really good one yeah, it might have killed the whole industry. I mean found it earlieer, seqeinto, that briefly by Spillberg, that was canned when he when he realized it, would do nothing but rob the original of his biginity, and this is why edy remains a Stanli story. Into this day. No emake rebor remagine has need, did been needed ecause. It was so perfect. You know at some point, Disneyfroaly buy up and rebake it and at that point, or hopefully, peopl burn, effuges or Miky at the gate to Disney and burned down atcol but yeah et solid perkmean. You can't argue with that seven Hundd, three million dolars money, thayse two point one billion mark have we met, I could argue with EACHI. No, no I'm kidding I'm kidding personally, one can argue with et cultural significance wise you can't yeawelexdominate. I that EXA accept that. I well and I don't know 'cause. I don't have children, but how like, in terms of popularity now like in terms of continual popularity, has e t maint in the same way that, like Mary, poppin's Hausor, sound o music, as in one of those films, has maintained its popularity throughout wizardwallas as another one has et really like. Are The children watching et today and still getting the same thing? I don't know? No, I I don't know if they're watching it today, but they had a good twenty year rung and I think it's different now like M my son's nine years old and he hasn't sat through all of vt yet, but he knows about the movie. He knows the references because it's still used in like means and online people are still always talking about it. So he knows what it is, but does he know what macan me is 'cause, that's really important. He likes that one yeah. He does what about crush groove? Does he know that one he does 'cause? I have it on VJ. Well, that's going to be the bigger movie. Tom's GOINGTA. Tell Him Nat M, my my point being. Is that do do we think like in a hundred years time I think people are still going to be caug talking about Jun carpens. As the thing I don't know, if they're still going to be talking about e t, just in terms of like cultural significance, not necessarily financial, here's what it is John. We just posted that, like a couple of weeks ago, because it came out, we posted torsolso media. They came out back to back that's kind of why the thing flopped on its relese yeah. If you go to a facebook, dotcom, fords lash doling decades every morning, well put out whatever the movie was, it was released and a couple of weeks back, it was et and it t was posted to Tourinsogram as well and H. I I got into a discussion with a lady, th, onher Insogram, who said that when her daughter watched it, she didn't care. I didn't even finish it and it's funny, because when I watched hit with my daughter last year, she walked out. I don't know, maybe like an hour and two 'cause. You know it's got like that: slow portion, yeah and like when that read its come up and then, when they end no listen. I think this is the deal like for, and obviously this is a big one for their round. So certainly I mean yeah they're, winning it ecause of t but yeah but like if you look at it from our standpoint in our age, it's monumental and it's houge. So as long as we're alive et is giantic, we C E T works, we're going to flash back to it. I get your point though, and I think iarsome I onergo. I think our generation is carrying the thing forward, far more than at Izet or even if you look at others- and I was going to do this at the end of the Roun but like even if you look at something like Poltar Ghist or if you look a blade runner or if you look ad even startlick too rough of carn or whatever, like these movies to some extent, will outlivee tea. Just because I feel like, as our generation grow up and then have children wee more likely to pass those movies on. I feel like bing, nerds, geeks and whatever. Then we are e t because et doesn't have necessarily the cool factor, but also it's just not as good a movie. It was Beratt. Spielberg too, though he kind of killed it on his own, like Y H, after a couple of years after the video game flopped and everything else, there really was no more et popping up in commercials and things like that e wasn't a round an popcultor butt. If you look at a picture from the eighties one hundred percent shore, you will see a picture of et any kind of ocolge or anything yeah. I oll CE T, not enot, even debating that that's one hundred perse that huge so h, I'm actulle on John side on this welliasy, don't like eat to eat that much, but es e Massi filman. It's Um the wanted to do startrink too Rogho calm, which is my favorite film. From that whole area, theapis La Etch is to bige film yeah, but Rath of CARN is for non. It's on it's one of the greatest space films over Mane Iright I make Miquat. Have you got you can't fail come on well? Well, I'm I'm just going to go with June, eleventh grease too nosolid better than the original. Yes, it is fucking original res to no yet te fuck cn Lo, not risu's fucking Attrochian, a you shitting me Michel, Fifer, Indiasiois, insanely, good. The songs are catchies all get out and come onthey ar stand and Mishelle fifer didn't grow old to be like Weid or a scientologist or like to embarrassing music videos on you tube or where a ridiculous wig, or do any of the things that the two people from the original grees have and s. She was in an embarrassing music video with Ributso many people were in the nineties. We couldn't even begin to list that, but no and then Um, not only that bagrees too, despite the the Buncasine, is at least progressive in its own way because of rape scene. Yes, first of all, it's such first of all, it's directed by a woman and secondly, Michel Fifer's character, is far more progressive and outspoken from a feminise standpoint than any character in the original Gres Exa. I it's a complete flip on the Rin excent, maybe Resa from the original grace. Like ggreece, one has stockour channing going for it, but grease too has michell fi for going for it and, let's not forget our homeboy Maxwell Collfield, getting the bred there, just brilliant excellent. I won't Erawat against Greesetoo. You win around my congratulations. I don't have to pick anything else nowcres to, but let let's just put this into some context, which is why June nine hutered and eighty two actually wins the round. As I've said before, theyve got bladerunner they've got e t they've got the thing: they've got Pulta guys, they've got Annie, they've got greese too they've got star Treck to the wrath of Kan. You've got the secret of NYM. You've got the American Remak of the last American Virgin and that's about where it ends, but that is on hell of a long list of great movies that are still celebrated. Today. You also have the very little known, slasher filmd girls night out, in which a killer wearing a dancing, bearsuit stalks, a variety of cheerleaders, even N, I n ninetneed and eighty two they'd run out of costumes for serial killers to Wa, see no sci. I on the Orno Tan, the guy O bar Su Yeah Dancy Lesu Werweter, like Hen Party or something the' end, the same though they car furries and they have their own conventions and illegally protected under the where hanever the fuck. You want to screw another human being act, nineteen and eighty three so yeah ninetyd and eighty two winds. Let's go onto the next round. Congratulations. Gentlemen: Do Point Round: Where do you guys want to go? You Got Music or hut products. What do you think, then, where you want to go? Hel podont, yeah, 'cause Ti is Aly. It doesn't matter what fucking decade you get Youwa. You want to go first, I gotta like fucking, come up with some bullshit and maybe hopeon have an objection to it. Okay, so Um on the June or e t, an nine htnd. Eighty two graceland opened his doors in the public for the first time as a museum to the late stars like in Karee that star being elvis the king and Yo, I in n nine utdred venty seven at the stupidlit young age of myself, forty two he originally bought Thi nint Pro Hon. Nine hundre an fifty seven for one hundred and two thousand pounds three dollars and after his death, his wikewesi Er was loot in charge of the house, and fourteen acre of state ut was facing huge up key costom and mastive tax bills. She almost saw the proteebut besides o open up the doors. Instead, a decision which would have ad Elvis Jo, has rockin in his grave now, on the Open Day, the gates Wolkin dem over three thousand founds from one of the well paying five dollars ahead to ground goldly designed living room, Holl, room td, room and Jongroom I've been there. It's cool looks amazing. We all aspire to one day having a jungle room. It was e, haveous, fucking, room man. It's got like green carpet and sh. It's like th, it's like. If you go into one of those motels where they have all the different theme rooms and one a seems, his chungle room. You just go! Stop there. I don't even just op there I'll stay in the jungleroom pl. That one needs a black light for sure, because there'll be a lot of shit cropping up in that room. Ha Monkey Seaman and everything so eywathe lost stuff on the tours, obviously he's grave, so very tasteful, N Nineh. Ninety one Gracelan was listed on the National Register or historic place is and BECOM A histortland Mark March te Thoutan a six. The attraction play ost around six hundred and fifty thousand visited every year and the second most famous residents in America. Behind the wine house, see at the Hora es a tick. The graceland I've been there. It's it's popular excellent. I cannot wait. I meant to go in October if we can save up the money, but I can't wait well now. We just gave it away now. You know everything. Now you won't be surprised Wenyou. I can't wait to go rub myself up against the wall of the jungle room. That's what I'm looking for when to do. I went in the early night. I think I went in like ninety one and ninety two and the rooms were just h. There was a rope that divided you from the room. I wonder if they change it since so you can crouch down and throw your own poop like back. Then you can just you can like go under the rope touch the carpet do whatever I don't know. If they've changed it, though, so put the poop in your pocket. I did go to D, it's no longer opend, but I did go to the Liberarchy Museum in Las Vegas, which was literally in the middle of a stripmall parking lot where they had probably millions of dollars worth of glittering pianos. It was quite weird and wonderful in its own way, not a hot product, but okay Mike. What do you have itwould be Hoo, I'd, stoleen, one of the pianos, then it would be. That would have been awesome. Sorry, my good! No, no! No I've got N Um. So it's a big year. Unfortunately, everything that goes on within this fucking big year decides to skip the fucking month that I've got. But I did find something, and I think this is interesting, because rarely do we get a product that like really catches the the pulse of the people and what I found was an article from the Daily News on June twentieth. Nineteen, a D. Eighty two from a writer called named Bob Green and the article is called the Big Bang and toy guns and in the article he explores where the toy gun market is, and he interviews Ran Arnet President of Edison toys, USA, the leading manufacturers of toy guns in America. He goes on to say that the real story is that toy gun business has never been better and all I can say to that is Halilua. He said that the social times are right for a surge and the number of children carrying toy guns, Ronald Reagan being in the White House kind of stokes. The Fire Aran said he's not exactly perceived as a pacifist. We shot that Libyan plain out of the sky. You know, tevence spending is an at all time high. It all adds up to kids really being into guns and I'm ot going to read the whole thing, but he finishes the article with another quote, and it says kids are the ultimate dictators of what they want and what we offer them is very authentic, highly detailed line of toy guns, they're very, very fine products and we're proud of them. So the toy gun market Nigta, O on dictatos, was chosen very properly in that Ardtogo kids are dictators and o terrific orweapons for them to be their own dictators wow. Where was that article out of the South? No e Daily News S in New York, but what's interesting is like I mean when I was a kid. I remember these like, and you probb you guys, probably remember these. They were these electric, like water gun, uzea that squirted this ink a disappear. That's hit, Ethey were N Oel for about six to eight months, and then they recalled all of the black ones and they came out in kneon colors with tiger stripes yeah. Those were bad ass. When those came out yeah I had the black ones. Ther were at my grandparents house and you know we shot yet you can tank Gra cand' paint that Shit. If you want to hold up a department, store or Somethingnoo, no good t, yeah good, Chep contet. What 'cause hey always throwe me nats in in the U K, especially after they banned handguns, which I I agree with, but when they when they did, that all the toy guns had to have those big Chunky, orange tips Imso, and the only reason that annoyed me is when I in my late teens, I went off to college to make Um to do film, film, video and media and every time ye wanted to make a a film like a student film and have a gun in it. You had to like somehow either break the orange plasti govern or paint the orange plastic black. So everyone in England knows how to do that. I feel, or certainly movie makers and bank robbers they're the two people who know how to paint the tips of blastic guns. What year did that happen because remember like even Gatcha, I don't think they were. They looked like regular guns and Gocha, and that was it five. No! No! It's definitely in the nineties, like Oh wowis, Ale, yeah, it's by the Poyeim yer M, feel aware of it 'cause when is Dumblane Doyo. Now, that's in the Nineteen Rightless, ninety twenty two s free! Does it happen after Dunblan. I want to say like it's around then right. That's when the lobbying starts to ban yeah Ne. Do that yeah! So it's in it's in the mid nineties, I mean II. Think ours got the bright colors. Probably I was in middle school. So maybe like ninety ninety one, ninety two yeah it was run around here, but you can still walk into American toy shops and buy guns. Without you know, brean colors or anything like that, you can St. I mean not note of a realistic, realisticbut th. You know if someone came at a policeman with them o not at all back in our day you could buy. Like a Nineyou know, l Ke looked like a real nine millimeter with a tip on it. Now it's they're futuristicthose capguns we have to buy manwe had Rog longs. They were like straight up: Lik Olds, yeah, revolvers, yeah you're, talking about the dyecast ones, Yep Yeah, Oh hell e were heavy Jeez. All right. You guys had toy guns and Oyou know what was yours tickets, the graceland tickets? Grace, okay, coolall right mark. Do you Wanto? Kick this off all right, so June? Nineteen? Ninety five! I found a product that sold eight million a week for the entire month. If that's not a hot product, I don't know what it is, and you know what else is really hot the hamburgers that came along with them, because these were the pokahanes Burger King Kids, toys that came in their kids' meals, and it was so huge that this actually gave burger king the edge over the GLIAT McDonalds. who was at the time putting out power rangers toys, but the pokahonet toys way more in demand actually gave Burger King that edge over McDonalds. Both of 'em had decrease the cost of their Burgers, do to beef prices dropping so they were able to focus more on the marketing to get those h parents in the door with their kids, so pocahanes tours that came out June, nine Tden D. Ninety five from Burger King eight million a week, that's my hot product to Yol, H, productise obetity! Yes, we're Americans, that's what we do Roh. Why do you think I live here? It's like they! Just Hav O an cream rivers and chocolate mountains and beef, yea fucking cities and onlike Lto Diet. Now, where all I do is eat bacon and fucking, hamburgers and shit, it's awesome. Men Steak yeah stake some weights, maybe hell. I amazing I'll, never be against meats. I work I work at a ow and player work in a place that deals a lot with what they call specialty food and I always see shit like Vegan sausages and I'm like no, not sausages. Unless it's wrapped in the skin of an animal, it's not a sautage call Ed something else. You can call it a fucking, Salad, rap or you know I I eaglies or I that somehow there's some kind of moral center to the universe. 'cause, I'm a pucking idiot, like cool in something other than a sausage. That's all I'm saying anyway, ses the audia point in out. I'm e Vegan I in Os but we' supposed to tell you yeah. No, that's so good! That's so good! You know that I'm ony kidding DNA. No, you do live on a mountain of lies. No all right! Man Crush what Ha e you got for your hut product man all right to June twenty first nineteen, ninety five Um Gon to talk about the Internet again, 'cause, that's what I was doing and that portion of the nineties. This is a service that everyone's used before everyone on the show is used. It John's going to argue this, I'm sure, because that's what John does, but everybody at home is also use Tus before the company itself has been around since nineteen, seventy six and that's ticket master, but ticket master came out with ticket master Dot Com on June, twenty first nineteen nd. Ninety five, it went, live and whyis that important John's going to ask me: Why is it important John? Let me give you a couple of reasons why this is definitely a hot product for June n nine Huteen nd. Ninety five mot my face already Myaoma is: Is it a product? That's my own, like is ot. Of course a website is a product. Why wouldn't a website be a product? Well, this particular website sells products to other things. His Am is in a hot product or the things that it sells hot products. Do you know what I meanli ohlet me? Let me just ask you this O, you finishd, you finished it I'll. Let you finish in the nineties. If you're buying tickets or before the nineties have you ever purchased tickets before taking master dcom was around yeah. If you WULD, youwould go to a place like soundtracks, maybe Mike would know that one B'cause it's semilocal yeah, like Yeah Hokanut, strong there, you collectin a number, maybe or you just wait in line like an asshole for two hours to find out that you're fucked when you got to the door or you'd get a number that was given to you that you would sit and wait until somebody called it for you to get tickets. Now the ticketmaster dotcom came out. I let Youno Onen number to buy Tiket, but then I never went to I I would go to. I didn't use ticket master or stop up or any of that till probably in the last four years. Jesus. How old are you? Well, you know when I was in high school. I just when asked my friendwat if I wout tickets Fer, for that it would probably be at the event like like if I went to a Gig at the apahole or something I would go to Abahole and and buy the ticket there yeah, perhaps in a smaller event, now I'll bring up the Pearl jam suit that they brought against ticketmaster in nineteen. Ninety four that actually they dropped in June of nineteen. Ninety five, because it was literally impossible to have a tour in arenas without ticking master being involved for a big band. The only way that you can get tickets for it is, if you go to one of these places and buy the tickets and then go you're not going to go to a proal gym concert just show up so ticket master DOT COM, it's a big deal in a hot product, because now people want to go to the website to buy their tickets instead of waiting in line doing all this other bullshit to get a ticket which you might not get anyway. Now, if you try to do it online and the tickets are sold out, you don't waste. Any time wet we on call up. We used to do phone call like when I went to see the wroning stones. You'd call up and wait on the phone and then buy the ticket over the phone, but th th. My only thing is it's, not the cultural significanct of Tackin Master, the cultral significant Tiamatco, you arewyou, are completely correct. It has completely capitalized the market, along with other sites like stub hub and so on and exass and other things. My only thing is: is that a product? That's my only thing that I'm wrestling with right now. Well, I can go back to when you gave us Netflix, I mean that's still online, that's a product. Did I give you NEPFLIX as a hot product yeah when we had the netflix being originated in the nineties, and that was a hot product? Well, I alsowas that on the news. No, that was definitely B'cause, that wouldn't be news worthy 'cause. Nobody would know what it is all right. If I gave you net flax, then I have to consider tacking MLESA product, you aresboying it and you're geatting, something from it. Wer Takin Oss yo gon of going here occasionally to buy a ticket at Y, Ser sait. ' Seem thing. Os have a point, though yeah well yeah. Actually you could look at it. This way like is pizza hut a product or is it a service that provide a products Tyeah? But my l also say about Netflix: Netflix is not the product the product of the individual shows? No it's it's quite you know. That's Moo, Ofi, O figure out because I'd like to give it to you guys see that's the thing they're, all you know it'horrdly Sthe, U K connection here, John, wants to give it to the Aihtis so bad that he's looking for every back door to get around. Whatever pick we have toy luns and Graceland, they are too pehimos right, ther, toge, do toy guns, you have a specific toy gun, you'retalking about the fucking industry and I'll, throw this out there. If you give it a toy guns after you shit on paintball, then you're in the fucking wrong eman wmore people bought toy guns than I did. Pope also balls Ar phenomenoonrow tto as like the superen gunsovies. Are there people love this by the way? This is what people theres online. They thuted fullyrampant disagreements. I tell you what we all own o toy gun, how many of us have ever owned a piece of t of tickamaster. You know it but tickemaster sucks to Takin Mitad Amazin, how many people went to Gracland the first day that it was open. Did you have those numbers first day was three thousand and how many over the month do. We know over the month ooon I sa six hundred and fifty thousand every year average right, yeah, that's still nota successful as a as a burger king toy meal, apparently yeah eight million people a week, weren't filing through Grecelain Appaan, which is j depressing 'cause uh. That says something about our culture that I think's very real and important in these times yeah. But people go to Graceland and H that guy's mancrush do you get to like touch the toilet where he died? No, you O Actualy, get to t you're learning a straightfile line. They should have it so that you culd take. You know: L E, when you go up wi the empire. Stablein something they have like a green screen and they'll take a picture of you with the Empire STAP building behind you. They should have it a graceland where there's like a green toilet, you can sit on and then they supernpose you I'm there. I don't knot. If you Diot this house Wy on the road he might have died. He was on the road. Nobut e was on the road. She was a horror, get a picture of you dead on the toilet that should still be aand. Instead of Ma Wheel, toilet, it's a superimposed onit just to make it like fancy, even though you could go, I could go into my bosom now and take a picture of myself dead on the toilet. You Laugh, but I did that one year for Halloween, I went at Zombi Elvis and I actually took a photo. I had someone tooke a photo F. Fom me like dead on the toilet. Did you glue a Fak toilet to your ass when you were walking around? That would have been a little cumbersome. So no no would it give you some lowe back issues, but it would have been good al right. I'm going to have to give this to forshein numbers alone. Go ahead, you j! You can give it to hem. If you want to do that, I d make it interesting 'cause. I know where you're going, why I wish I alon not going to give it to you guys 'cause I and it's not just a tokemasto com thing. Literally, eight million people a week getting a fucking POKA hunters Purka king thing, like graceland and H, toy wherer, bowing the burgers before that. What was the number of Burgers being told the Mon before Oh dno has a nice yeah. Dina has a a good point: Lak how many burgars in general Debuga King cell a week they didn't, sell eight million toys. They were soling to it. theywere selling the Burger Yeah, how many brokers are happy meals or whatever theyr called in Burga King? Were they selling it says here. The analysts estimate that Burger King sales last year ar up five percent domestically since spring, while McDonalds are only up two point: five percent. So it's not hardcore numbers like exact sales figures, but it does show that, because of these toys, it did boost burger king over McDonald's, Rigt, okay. Well, this was a hotly contested man. God strike mine from the records. There's no tickemaster dotcom. I mean even with that the b King Pocaantus saying that's impressive and Pren, and- and you know I would have to also strike mugs ar to go about toy guns, 'cause I' Noe sure, and we don't like Olgin significant Lo Nono Bu talk it but n, a ECON Cultur he' significant is graceland hands down, but in terms of sheer numbers, Burger King is winning, even if you get rid of half of those sales, even if get rid of lucking. Ninety percent of those sales they still win, and there was a definite proven increase because F, the pogontes dolls yeah, but the toy gun industry did sixty one million in sales jun. No, just in general, ti Yo a ONI IC was but jue were talking about Jun, Housan, nine hundred and eighty two well, it's just. It was all yearnow O hot ye. You reference specifically an article. You didn't reference the Toygan, El there'sth, Anynso significants American SDUCED, to like guns the cultural significance, graceland wins as Doese guns, I guess, but thicket master dot com man. This is fucking difficult in whatever way I go, I'm wrong. Whatever way I go, I told you give it give it to hem, let's go to the last round. If you want to do that, yeah j happiness is a warm gun. Nineteen and eighty two winds, gracland Elvis Elvis, is the king. He Beats Burger King every day every time, all the time he died, because he ate a lot of Burger King Elvis winds next after the final round for Music Mike what a e you got. Well, let me tell you there more. On June eighth, nineteen and eighty two, I of the tiger, the third album by survivor, was released and hit number two on the billboard. Two hundred also containing the hit single featured in rocky three, the song has become synonymous not only with the rocky film series, but with the sport of boxing. Everybody knows what it's from and you can think buddy from the first rocky by offering that priceless advice, takeen to the zoo rock, have you ever seen the original video for ei the tiger, the Non Rocky? Oh, my God! No, if I' run it Oll this the real survivor, one, it's it's them just walking down the streets, an Chicago wearing leather, jackets, just looking tough, but none of them look! Tough! It's You r! Definitely it's so cringe worthy that it'll be hard to make it all the way through Ya. You know what soning they were supposed to use in that scene. Wike FREE INSEAD OF I was supposed to be the best around end. Utin Cro hit wowthat would have been totally different. Some Fil Espazido in the house and ine glad they picked the other. All right. Do you know Drob some more knowledge on us. What are you got for the music round? I said on the Twenty Fifth F Ju, O n nine hundred and eighty two wasmonumentos day in history music. This was a day dex''s midnight runners, an least the months. The new way folk pot pounder with a twisted salte charm, common ilen on the unsespecting public. His Song was a second release from the second O en two Rie, which is one of the lirits from the common IAMS Corus you reach number one in the US and E. U K as well as Australia, South Africa and Belgium when double platum in the? U Kw, sals almost one point: five million units gold in Canada with paramillion units, anwas voted number one n t one hundred Gras onewonders of the eighties 'cause. This is NY. Some Texo Runis actually releasing eighties M Bot for the state anyway, although it was originally released. I N Nineteen. Eighty two in e Uka to os a year t hear the BUBOL top one hundred it made number one the week ending twenty Fi April ineteen. Eighty three removing the number one. At the time whin was Muncle, jackton's, biddy gene and preventing junctons next release beat it from hetting the Topo, which would have hi me in back to back singrelein jury Fulle, singles Andcomon. I leanas then haunted pub juke boxes and wilning parties for years. Before being seen. Nothing more than the doge about spunking Han, an unfortunate maned lady in the Garnage, so common Ileene taxe did not runners the video o posted on Er and the Dudan decoate page rigo say now: He Bunch of mugs. That was actually films outside the news agent, which hes featured in the video so actually went to location, Monday and film. Now, especially that's where that MN I' like where ISY that looks kindof familiar secret meetings yeah, it was only twenty minutes away from where I work so just popped down. Hore to H, quick video ain't got sat by the residence being weird and CEINN. Nobody noticed that O whos. Nobody knows that DA, so you guys had Texis minnight runners now was that the release of the single or the single single, I as say one point: five million units in the? U K, which is mu, stupid numbers compared to Wa, H, re, he songs. So these days, yea, no shit and Mike had that's the survivor album. I ove the tiger yeah, it's the ALMANL. You want and go by that and jacket with like a tiger on the back. Absolutely maybe put like a little. You know dog hiklers around my root on Jack. How muh have you drank with like your name so ow on? I want a sesson jacket and I was going to put a ticket n mast. Ter Do com 'cause, I feel like that's all I'm going to fuck in here for the next, whatever, whatever it s, it s't reallofor Youfrom, like people in the group, we're going to be like what that cocken judge gave it to Harking guns and Helveo. You know what I'm dead serious when he said Graceland in my head. I think that's pop culture significance, I think, is right. That's whe way. I H in SR okay Y H, rightninetn. I I think so sorry mark we're we're up at this one. You want to leave this one off sure. Lthis guy's name has come up a couple of times on this episode already and that's the King of Pop Michael Jackson, because on June twent it nineteen nd ninety five. He released history, past present and future book. One. This album was a double disk, album with the first disc being a greatest hits compilation. The second one being a braind new, album, a debut at number, one in the US and in the UK and among six other countries and six singles were released on the album as well scream flashd childhood. You are not alone Earth Song. This is the time around. They don't care about us, stranger in Moscow, and the song smile was actually going to be a seven single, but that was cancelled at the last minute past President Future Book, one was nominated for five Grammy Awards winning best music, video short for scream, which we talked about earlier. That was debuted on the Diane Sawyer Program and it sold over twenty two million copies worldwide, making it one of the best selling albums of all time. So you can't go wrong with that. It's the King of pop it brought together all of his greatest hits and then a whole new album of music, along with it. So Michael Jackson, history past President Future Book, one being released on June, twentieth, Oan, nine hutdred and ninety five allright good pick all right, I'm ging to go a week before mark June, thirteenth, Anine, Huteen and ninety five. This artist released her third studio album, but this was our first international release and, interestingly, this was actually released under the Maverick label. You guys familiar with Madonna his entertainment company that you launched in nineteen nd. Eighty three just as a little quiz here. Does anybody know the first maverick release. It was actually the only reason I bring this up is 'cause. It was like the first big guest. We ever had nobody cricket, so it's it's actually it with candlebox Kevin Martin was on our show. I believe it was like episode eleven back in like two thousand and fifteen or so really cool guy, but whatever this album that I'm talking about t had six big singles, four of them were top ten on the billboards. It was certified sixteen times platinum in the United States, it sold thirty three million copies worldwide, which actually makes it the fourteenth best selling album of all time, billboard rated it as the seventh best album ever in their twenty twelve list of top one hundred albums ever and most importantly, she references having sex with joey gladstone and the album. I speak of Alantis morset jagged little pill before avnybody says anything. I know with albums and with music. It's it's really difficult, because it's all in the ear of the beholder you know it's like music is what you like, and I'm not going to convince somebody to like something that they don't like. But if you look at the signthe significance of this Alman, how big it was. This is fucking insene how big the numbers are of this album and the fact that this was her first real release because the other two were not big, and then she had glen balar behind this album and everything else. It's a monumental album, but that's whan. It is. I have LAS morset jagged little pill and Dave coolie com just and I'm asking not to be facecious, I'm just gener Jack genuinely interested. Do we think 'cause? Obviously, I'm well aware of how popular Jagge little pill was when it came out Um does it still have significant CIEMONY, I'm not being facetious, I'm Gen, I'm genuinely asking like. I Don't Know Anyone Whos Stol, listen to it, but I'll t I'll give you this story last. It was only two weeks ago matter of fact cause. I get my haircut every two weeks. I go to my barber, who I grew up with his child and IA Goin to his barber shop, and I walked into his barber shop and ironic was on, and I was like Oh shit, this- what you playing some nineties jams here today and he said Yeah I got like this nineies mix on and then he said to me. He looks at me he's like it's fucking and crazy when you think about this. Album he's like- and I didn't even remember, the name of the album and Hewas like yeah jagged little pill, he's like it had like six singles or whatever how many singles on it. He didn't know the exact number he said, multiple singles and as he was cutting my hair, I had a shave and the whole Nife. So I was there like an hour. Two other songs played on this nineties mix unserious that he was listening or on Onspottifi ther was listening to for top nineties hits I mean that's pretty significant, it just popped up and then C I just made it like ths, like from a popcot o thing. Obviously, Michael Jackson will never kindof go out of fashion. He's he's. You know, King of Pop, in the way that Elvis is the king of rock and Rawl H, Jack and little pill to our generation was very culturally relevant at the time and I'm sure any sort of nostalgic stations. I just wonder if people like a people listening to like a new generations on New People, listening to a like, discovering, Alonis Moricet right now in the same way that they discover Microjackson on my daughter, I'm not a huge, alas Morsete Fan, but I will say this: My daughter is thirteen and she loves the Song Ironic, which is so so that's. First of all, that's I ran a yeah. Secondly, the only things- that's ironic about the song ironic- is that nothing in the song. Ironic is actually ironic. Nothing is that Werani, though rain on your wedding day, not no Iran, it. No, IT'S PRETTY AMALE! It's bad luck, it's nothing to do with irony whatsoever, but that wouldn't gten thousand spoons, when all you need is a knife, NOT IRONIC! That's literlly! Nothing to do with irony. What not you could still. The only thing that's irunning about the Song Ironic, is that nothing in the song, ironic is ironic, and if that's really what she meant wow Meta levels- yeah, oh, she got in there. Ninety percent of music, though, makes no sense, especially music in the nineties. If you listen to lyrics like my wife and I were listening to a Bush song that day, 'cause we're going to see Bush and live and our laty Os at the end of the summer, so we we had it playing. The lyrics are fucking ridiculous, like they make absolutely no sense at all. No, but it's, but it's like saying what what's what would be ironic if it would be like cooling, a song? I love you and then the whole song is about how much you hate someone like that's that's. What ironic is like ironic is like calling a song cake, and yet the entire song is about a time you got lost in a jungle and was forced to have sex with a badger like it's literally, not about anything like nothing. In the song, like literally nothing n that you could have called the song ironic could be cold. I like Pudding John an I can I put an end to this right now she made a song about blowing Dave coulier in a movie theater. Yes, I know yes, anderhes got er. Now she was very angry. She paid the way, foravel averaller Levine, that's reason enough to hate her hr, but h, let's go to the boards and let's see the scores, I have the tiger and common Ilean They A. I thought they were going to be two tough ones to be honestly, because I don't see Ey of the tiger all come on. I lean ever going out of fashion Um Jaggen little pill. I completely agree at the time monumental. I'm not sure it's still ways up today, t well billwoar top one hundred. It was number seven in two thousand and twelve and two thousand and twelve it was. I mean they don't have articles for their top one hundred songs every year right when they did it twenty twelve. It was number seven album of all time. THAT'S PRETTY SIGNIFICANT! We no no right but of old time in terms of like sales and watknow like rated best album seven of all time, yeah critics. What are they nrnow? Jackson, history? I you know that is that's a monumental album. However, I it I have to take it in terms of June ninety five. I have to take it based on only the new contact. I can't take it on the fact that it contains songs from no Bulshit bullshiits we're delivering you an album. You are trying your best to make the eighties winters Ion Sickanro Dude, I'm not listnel it and ALD seriousness in all seriousess. I Chow. If, if we're talking, Jude Nine hundred and ninety five, don't I have to just consider the music that came out in June, O nineteen nd? Ninety five, I mean technically I mean you the other side. You guys also are picking two singles. So if we really want to get down to the knitty gritty, when did those albums come out? Well, you had the album well, a them. Well, no, the Outno, the album came out. The album came out June, eighth, and what I'm saying is that the Rocky Threeis? Basically, what ended up selling that out, I her because the song was featured on the album and in the movie can we at least get a Consensu, so you Wan Testand, where I'm coming from? Oh, I I get what you're saying you're you're tryng yeah you're, trying to give the game to the eighties. I get it no, not at Oull, not at all. Okay. No, I I know what you're saying it. I know what you're saying my big debate is the way t take Jackson history as as every single track on that Abl, which includes songs that were released prior to June nineteen. Ninety five, in which case you guys win hands down, or do I not that's, that's my big debatrnow and it's not because I want the eighties to win, I'm genuinely trying to deliberate something. Can you if a best of album comes out in that month to we includeit as t e best of or do we and all the songs contain within or do we one include the new tracks all right, well Lok, because because I tell you what I I'm going to do this ecause, we need to end the show I'm going to go jue. Ninety five, because I feel, like I swung June eighty second on the previous round after much controversy. So I'm going to go June. Ninety five on this one, but I'm going to do it under giress ohgod. I can't o of his victor. It's tainted. No, but I'll, explain why and I'll explain why, once and for all Jaggand little pell as I successful as it was and as us as it was in the nineties, I do not think it still twenty thirty years later or whatever has the cultural relevant. Secondly, history is made up of an entire album of songs that were far more popular than came out twenty years pride to that album even being released. So that's that's where I get fuzzy about its that's, why I'm doing it under diress, but you still win guys. I I know it's tanted though I wat's what he's like? I don't want the point. I don't want it and it was a fun debative round. It was close. It was always going to be close. It was- and I know that you think it was 'cause. I have favoritism to the eighties, but it's not it's, because I was trying to genuinely do my job cirrectly. Well, we'll leave this one up to the listeners as the game ends in complete chaos and controversy did Michael Jackson take a jagged little pill. Did we come in the eye of the tiger? Let us know what you think. If you guys have miss ten emisode, you can always go back and check out all the episodes on duling decades dotcom. You can subscribe to our show there on Casbox, also on itunes on whereever else. You Find Your podcast and you're listening to us now and if you listen to this is should come out on the nineteenth tomorrow is trivinite on casbox it'll be live on June, twentieth at eight PM EST make sure you join us for that. We got some cool lass prizes. We have twenty thousand content box coins. FROR t first place, that's like a million Turkish Lera or something it's hundred and thirty dollars, or something acquated to it's. Digital currency. Second place is ten thousand third places. Five thousand well give away some other movies and stuff it'll be funny O we're going to have a great time and look forward to next month, where I might not return, because man crush is going to jump into my dms and just swear Iton extever Weeki'm fuck, I'm going nineties from here on out. I can callin out John Every time. Listen to how many rounds have you gots on seriously like how many rounds, but anyway, I'm just sayin, I'm just sayin. Well, on that not duelers were going to bid you a peace, love light and a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmaymedia