Dueling Decades
Dec. 9, 2020

James Duval goes Beast Mode on December 1976, 1986 & 1996 in this retro rumble!

James Duval goes Beast Mode on December 1976, 1986 & 1996 in this retro rumble!

Fresh off the release of his new film Beast Mode with C Thomas Howell, James Duval joins us this week as our celebrity guest judge to determine who takes this "week" experience! James has been in some great movies over the years like Independence Day, Gone in Sixty Seconds, May, SLC Punk, The Doom Generation; the list goes on and on. Nicest guy in the world and he shows up with the huge creepy bunny head from his character Frank in Donnie Darko to help make sure there is no malfeasance with his selections! What a strategy! The first contestant this week, Joe Findlay is back and he brought along the best first week he could find in December 1986 for the journey. Marc James travels back in time to two years before he was born to research the merits of December 1976. And finally, Mancrush is trying to get his game back on track after a few crushing defeats, but will the hand he is dealt from December 1996 be enough?


So much fun conversation with James this week! After the show ended, the conversation didn't! So James might be back sooner than later. But in this particular episode, you may hear something about ninja fetish, Amy Brenneman defeats electricity, Tommy Lee Jones thinks he's Erik Estrada, the magic of movies, Sinbad wasn't a genie, Captain Steven Hiller perishes and brings a franchise down with him, a movie that sounds like it's about prostitutes, James dad brought him to strange flicks as a child, Mancrush's Dad needs to check his email, Sleestak is for the children, AAAAAY sit on it, a competitor emerges but did anyone buy it, Mancrush dials up an expert for his take, an odorous music selection leaves a bad taste in your mouth, the ultimate reason to fight, boring politics, a landmark ruling, flying swine, life feels like a sci-fi movie, Beast Mode's connection to Bernie Lomax, break out the paddles and slap some balls, Jimmy's new projects, and just what is it like to work with Randy Quaid??


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cocast New York people engage up, juwling deca, the BIXIC O Blav Bu. I dutbon an Ranagan fo that cap ot stop the power gopcome fight for what you love. Yourwho, come to fute Pi Coin Han Griades, a eel Ote, co Wi, take Grad a a BA sic. I A GNCOM fight for what you love Yo broadcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the decades battlefor supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it, welcome back to juweling decades. I am Mark James in this week, I'll be representing the s with the first week of December N, Thos, Ninetundren N, seventy six. Alongside these other deelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off and back to the S, say hello to Mancrush Yeah. I haven't had the S and it's been a while, I think- maybe I don't know, but this week I have December first through e one thousand nine hundred and Niety six. This is two weeks after I met my wife for the first time, pretty big deal so we'll see what I get also joining us on the panel. This week, please welcome back to the s Joe Finley. This is an important week. This is the week of my birth. Ladies and Gentlemen December I one thousand nine hundred and eighty six. I turned five years old and changed the world by not being for anymore, and that's always here on the show. We need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. You will know this week's celebrity guest judge from films such as Donni Darco gone in sixty seconds and may now. You can see him alongside see. Thomas Howell in the new movie, be smoed all rise and welcome judge James Duval. Thank you, gentlemen. Thank you for having me all great decades by the way, so I'm extremely excited to get down to business with you all Ri Liddies and gentlemen. The following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judgees coin flip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. The judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round, all right, doelers stock up in some GIN and juice and some Lakini's juice. It's time for more doin. That was a good one, all right. Let's toss it right down to James Deval for the Coin Toss Right, gentlemen, I have a five shilling piece here: go heads our tails, Joe! You call it all right. I Doth Choose Tales Hills Tales. It is gentlemen, all right, Joe Frienley, you an the coin toss and you take control the board. What category are we going with? First? All Right? Well, I think I'm goingto do something not usually done here and I think I'm going to start off with the movies and when I'm finished talking about it, you'll understand why the first week of Deseceme, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six was not a hefty week for film releases, but I did come across one and it's just a fun one, and the director in his style is just a funstyle, and I want to talk about December F. One thousand nine hundred and eighty six, the release of a movie called Ninja Destroyer by Director Godfrey Ho and Godfrey Ho is a Hong Kong director who had a interesting style of cutton paste filmmaking. So what he does he shoots? One movie a ton of footage. He usually brings in a couple of Caucasian actors just for the purposes of exporting and stuff like that, he films his movie and then he goes on a stock footage hunt through Hong Kong and Philippines. Martial arts movies, where he finds in complete movies and just buys the footage, takes the footage from those movies takes the footage he shot, glues them Al together to make it look like a story and then just dubs over everybody to make it the story he wantsit to be. He has made well in a sixteen year period, O yea, one thousand nine hundred and Seventy Sen, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. He made a hundred and forty two movies. Half of those movies have the word an Inja in it. He that's not a lie to you have to go like you go through. It is insane watching these movies they're, all in that kind of cult status. They don't even get the status of being a B movie, they're called Z movies, I'm even saying Z, just to you know, ingratiate myself to my American friends here, I'm not setting it up an Ayhey just say it flows better. What can I say, but it's such an interesting style and it's these crazy movies. I do highly recommend you go and find yourself hone, guess what it's on Youtube t. You don't have to go far. I and guess what nobody's taken it down so December. Fourth, Inja destroyer by Godfrey Ho go check it out all right. Man Crush. What do you have for the movies round? Oh Man, let's see wewhere. Do I go December. Six, one thousand nine hundred and Niney six, here's a movie that I went t tsot my cousin that winter I remember this. He was home from school and I don't know why. But that was the last time I watched this movie until I popped the DV and the other night. This movie came out during that whole peak, where you had all the disaster movies that came out, so you had twister volcano Dantes peak. Obviously we could throw Independence Day in there. I think that would count and countless other disaster movies all the way up to the end of the decade. This one it was a disaster on a smaller scale, but a freaky disaster nonetheless, something that could definitely happen, and I picked earthquake a few weeks ago when I had the S, so I have to ask it seems like this happens, every twenty years or so, do you guys think we're going to get another run of disaster movies? Or do you think this whole covid thing is going to put the Kabash on that? Well, they are set to do. The remake of the stand starts like next week. So yeahther get good opens e releases. Yeah Peter dinklig is starting in the toxic of injur remake. THAT'S RHIGHT! I just heard Otamaybe it's going to be like a new wave of disaster films, I'm trying to figure out if ITT in the movies or, if it's going to like be like Asian fornet month in WASHINGTONNOFOR Real, not for real, I mean just like you know, Actalli, you know you got the meteor strikes. What's the deat disaster movies may just be documentaries this year, Itoertainy oulike and atthe. Captain Trips Disease- o. You know, that's efit, the third O covid when Aimean a reality. I would never want captain trips. This is Wa better than the Captin Strips, so we might get them again. We might get them again. I think so in this case. So this one t this is an underated film, I'd save by Rob Coen. I think it's a classic did pretty well at the box office took in nearly a hundred sixty million dollar worldwide, which is roughly two hundred and seventy million in two thousand and twenty. But the weird thing here is: it did way better overseas than ID the states. It made a mere thirty three million dollars in the US, which is crazy. When you hear Wiath, this movie is the movie itself. It's loosely based around an event that actually took PLAC, one thousand nine hundred and forty nine, when a hazard os material trucket caught fire inside the hulland tunnel. Clearly it sounds like a movie that's made for Nicolas K at least that's what Rob Cohen wanted. Heldver the studio said they wanted some fudny bigger. They wanted a bigger larger than life action hero and they wouldn Avetor Solvu alone, but it's invest alone. He was afraid of Wat. Well, he didn't like water and he was afraid of tight spaces. So he initially balked, but I mean that's nothing. That's seventeen and a half million dollars couldn't cure, so he was all in so if you're in the movie, for an epic disaster movie with me, like Vego Mortenson, getting crushed like a boss, the best death scene ever Amy Brennaman, fighting electricity with heir shoes, stalone saving the day. This made me laugh when I was watching the movie, because all they talk about is like this terrorism inservice that he was part of one thousand nine hundred and ninety four did automatically made him the best guy to be there as a civilian. He taxi driver just getting let whetever he wants to go. HEU can go amazing, practical effects, F, one thousand nine hundred and Nigety six, because they mixed in CGI and just the right way and it's a reason to never drive in a tunnel again. I give ou o one thousand nine hundred and ninety sixis daylight conflex. Remember that movie clearly ca right after dependence day, Yep Yep, all right guys so for my movie selection, we're going to go back o one thousand nine hundred and seventy six an you know. We often talk about on the show how we have a regional release, dates, tha movies, open in one part of the country, they're still not available in the other part of the country. So I missed some great movies just by a week or two, we had silver streak on one end and I had rocky. On the other end still opening, but the premier dates didn't match up with my week, so we're going to go to a maid for TV movie and, oddly enough man crash. This is a disaster film, much like yours, but on the smaller scale, the most awesome car accident ever filmed a world premier fifteen lives bound forever in one shattering. Second Harriet Nilson Buddy Ebston Robert Conrad Insu Lion Star in the ABC Friday night movie, smashup on interstate five. That could be the precool to daylight. It really good yeah. What happens? Is You have a giant thirty nine car pile up like fifteen people die. Sixty two people are injured. What the movie does is it takes you back forty eight hours from before the crash, so you can, you know, get to know the backstories of all the people that die and have their lies forever changed. So you had AL and Julie Pearson. You know they're setting out going to a beach resort to try to get away and forget that you know his wife June is suffering from a terminal disease, the character of Erica. You know she's troubled by a gang of bikers bikers, just won't leave her alone and Lee Bassett becomes a murder suspect when he is forced to pick up a young couple on the run and then, of course, there's the nurse Larren. You know she's struggling with those feelings for Sam and she has some doubts about marrying him, so you can go check it out. It's the ABC Friday night movie smash up on interstate five debuting December third, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six and let's toss down to James Devall for the ruling on the movies round. This is a tough one. This are all like incredible. Actually, you know Av really soft spot for disaster movies, not not just because of Independence Day. I also have a spos soft spot believer or not for the s an which I remember particularly well. I'm Goinna have to see Snachter Day and I haven't seen I've only seen daylight. I haven't seen them Indun Thi story, but I might have to give this round to an injune destroyer only because I watched a lot of those ninjure movies in the ates like enter the Ninja and te injure three, the domination, an Yeahr allthe Sho, Kusugi wones, and I was like really inder those ininjuons and they're really remember. The aerobic scene like she goes from being an Aerobicsnto the night Anto that the Linja Threeh, the domination I'm like, not even an injure the I is, is called Inyo three and Thenif yeaand. She tell I wine womanshe ad, like eight jobs. The only thing the movie was missing was a random break dancing scene, stuffed in the middle iiten from there. You know what I specifically rememberas. I would want that's why I'm surprised I haven't seen that Ijer. I watch everything with MINGIA TITLE: Nine deaths of the Ninja way of the Ninja Everything Ainj. I could get my hands on, especially at the time, because it just went from Beto v JS to just VHS, so youus go to the video store like go straight to the martial art section, just like anything, Dinja Alinja all day, Everythingi really haven't thought about yeah. I really haven't thought about these inchy movies and decades. So when you fen, he started bringing them up, I'm like wow and again it's really tough, because I love all the disasterments that you know not just because in Hependetat, but I remember as a child in the sevenes watching earthquake watching the posiety adventure watching theyonois a gret one maior. I never saw a media R. I just watched towering in Fern thereas thatthing that tower in Foo was probably the most successful one. I think of the time meto and earthquake they used to show because tower and Ferno was bigger, so they didn't show it on public television, but once a year they showed metio and they would show earth quick. So you could actually watch them on television like movie of the week kind of like when they did Superman the movie, and then it had like thirty minutes of footage that no one ever saw there wasn't put back on the DPD, definitely hitting me, because I know I saw a superman. Do something that never see anyone else. You like yeah, that's Covki, and they did it's like you know it's well known. They added so much footage to that to fill up time that they use stuff, that it was never used before or again after that they do anything like that with, because I obviously independence days on like TNT and tbs like all the time in the United States di. They do anything like that where theyre scenes, because I saw that four times in the movies, one thousand nine hundre and eigety six. I went. I love that movie when it first came out, blew me away, but when they played t on TNT and tbs and all that stuff is, are there scenes in that one that weren't in the theatrical version? I know that I don't know which cut. It is one of them. There is an extended cut that exists on LASERDISAND DVD and in some of the TV, the televised versions. I don't know it's been a while, but I know I've heard I haven't seen it, but I've heard from people that they had some of the stuff that was cut out again, probably to fill up the time, but that was footage that exist on the DVD. Already right: U, like there's a scene, they cut out for time when their drive, you know Jeff, Golbom and Jud, Hurst or Driv into Washington DC. Then the cut scene. What they did is like there's like well, there's, no one on the other side of the freeway. So let's drive in on the other side of Freyway and then they go into Washington dc Ho, I'm sorry O Regular Oo, but in the Moo in the cut scene, they're driving and it doesn't cut in there in Washington, DC, they're driving and in all of a sudden, the other side of the freeway. All these cars are coming straight at them because they're like not no one's everyone's leaving town so as they're driving down the empty lane, everyone went off on the traffic side started, drihey had get off, the freeand then make the way to WAHNDC and that got cu. Everything happened to do with, like my younger brother, having what was called a Drino Cartex Syndrome, because he was super sick like definitely ill in the film that got cutting well yeah. I didn remember anything like that. Did. Did you think they waited too long for the sequel, Yeah Yeah? I think that will would have done it ad hid not waited so long, and I think it would have made a huge difference. I was like. I think I forced myself to like it eventually, but when I initially saw it, I was like it just doesn't feel the same. Like I mean the yeah, you know I love. Those guys are some of my favorite filmmakers. I've ever worked with and they're some of the best filmmakers I've ever worked with yeah. I was there opening night, it didn't meet my expectations, you know, but it had certainly had things that I liked and I loved it. Some indicative of those filmmakers like you're, going to get something. You know whatever's right, it's difficult, because I understand the feelings that people have. You know, but it's also you know people tend to trash things really hard at that takes a lot of work to do ohthatand, that's a work of literally hundreds of people and and not that it's bad work. It's just like it looks good you just the story may not be quite have the same kind of impact I think, or it didn't have. You know you weren't, maybe didn't have feel the same way about it. You know yeah well, everybody they had so much time to develop their own expectation. They wrote a movie in their head and because it wasn't framed for frame what was in their head, you've ruined their lives. Somehow and it's the hot of Yo idea for the script for many many years- and I don't know why I mean I think they just could they were waiting to get the script right and by the time they did get a script that they liked. That I was in and will Smith was in, will didn't want to do it anymore because after earth just came out he's like I already did a fathers son movie literally the year before, and it didn't really do well in, is like I'm coming trying to do other things right now, I'm going to do suicides ye did sucide squad instead of in Dhependance, tate too. You know and that' as an actoris choice like you know, he wants to do something completely different from so it's understandable and respectful. I don't think I think he would have done it more out to do. It had had happened before after Earth Yeah God. That would have been amazing because you know whatthough, like the expectations were so built up for me, at least from the first one to the next one that it would have really had to be close. I think you know, I also think you know, will Smith, I mean there's so many great actors and it SOM Billsmith. You Know Bill Pulman and Jeff Goldlin and Margaret O. That cast is incredible. Judd her curshon Harvey Farestiand, a you goon, Margaret Collins, O Bibica Fox. I love them and they're incredible some of those you know, but when it really comes to that you know n some of those actors came back. I mean to make a sequel of independence. Dat Without Will Smith is a difficult thing to do. I think I just think Dohave Olething to do and I commend them for still you know, making the movie, but really what changed. That movie is when that script got completely rewitten and they killed will mith off screen when he decided not to come back, and that is the movie that we ended up with, but that wasn't their original vision. In all honesty, that was a vision of like trying to get. You know and I could be wrong. I haven't spoken o them in a series of years now, but it seems to me it appears to me that that's the movie that the studio push them to make Yeaholik Itas. You know- and I won't say it doesn't, have this finger pints. I mean there's actually some great sequences like I love all the moon stuff, that's definitely Rollin Everick, one hundred percent. That is not studio. You know everything with the Moon base and you know Chinhan character, the father of one of the pilots, but all that move stuff was aw. I loved Alle Moon, stuff Ikedowa. If they would have added Aninja it would have been. I probably would have been uneven, an anm into destroyer, perhaps so yeah nee destroya what I meeo Eget the stock footage from Ye. You know that's in a weird way. What got me to also choose an INJOD, not lie. I mean to just to make a movie and just buy like Hos, throw these guys. It's like classic distribution. You know what I mean and it's just like brining, a really good business man, Ei'm Gonnago, look for that tonight because that actually sounds me. I have to watch this. I can't believe after the story I told you honestly that I've never heard of Minja destroyer like I have to find this thing yeah. He also made another one called Ninja Terminator, which was another fantastic one, and it was another one of it was the longest title. I don't remember, and it was like something amazing, Ninja kids et was Al like and then still happening now, but from what I remember those decades had some really like insanely awesome, original movies come out. You know we had everything from Perana, yes, prodos, Dros, amazing, gater, Oursyo know the s gave us all the classics. You know which is interesting, because a lot of those classics tend again from the SES, like star wars and the Halloween that all launched into the star wars of the ates and the fog and all these other kind of carpetor formas escaped from New York and the thing and like it blew out in the EES. But it was. It was startedin n the S to so it's no doubt. You know mainly because I grew up and I haven't really have a soft spot for your exact three decades and and it's not that I don't like the two thouzand and two tousand and en Yido, but not the way. I like those Treans, I think you're in the same you're in the same page with all of us youo Like II, Wonderful Company, yes, Thn, Yoha, all right Joe Finley, you won the coin toss and you destroyed the first round and you take control of the board. Where re you going man all right, I am going to hop on. Let's go with TV GO TV and you brought us a maid for TV movie. That's by turn to bring a maid for TV movie on December, seventh, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six. I give you annastasia the mysteries of Anna on CBS. It is about the woman who claimed to be the last surviving child of the Romaoff Dynasty and Isaysyia ROMANOVF. It actually follows for time. This is based on loosely based on the real woman's true story, as well as the book, the mysteries of Anna Anderson that chronicled all this, but the movie begins with Anna in a Berlin mental institution, making crazy claims about her identity and all these different things, and then she eventually gets gets out of the mental institution. She has to escape the Bolshevik people, trying to assassinate her for her claims about her claim to the czars fortunes and all these other things and leads to a legal battle where she actually soots to be recognized as a Romanoff, and they never actually confirmed that. Never in real life. They never confirmed whether not this person was telling the truth, but everybody involved. I denies it the movie starred Amy Irving, Olivida Havlan, Susan Luchi. It was the final movie for Rex. Harrison who passed away shortly after but what's most interesting, this is the first film of Christian bail, wow super young and just an interesting little thing about this. So Amy Irving worked closely with Christian Bal during the movie. I thought so highly of him that she went and told her husband about him, and then he decided to cast h miss the lead in his next movie that husband Steven Speelberg that movie empire of the side. Remember that very well that'. What I first remember him from. I don't know the move, t that he was from Theami erving movie ieer, the first aing movie m movie, I saw was entil yeah. My Dad would take me to see everything from star wars to terms of endearment and ENTALN. I just be like. Why did you take me to watch terms of the DUM and I'm nine years old you adult Ar Eet? Up and like you dult are not okay, that's all I can think of. I like everyone, Kes on ever Likeoyo. What's wrong with Everybudy, they take you to go see Lorenzo's oil to your parents were just like mine. They. Let Me Watch whatever the hell. I wanted. Whatever it's inazy, you know, SI was born in Seventytwo, so I remember going to watch marathon man. He driving with my dad when I was like beely like three or whatever, and I just remember, we used to bug me that he would take me to movies when I was at young. So I remember you know all the way up into seventy nine. I remember seeing the trailer for alien on the big screen in my card. I like hiding behind the backskeet of t on the Stati Wagon, like why O fo your sn to hide ianois like go behind the seat and then just fall it like. I couldn't stay up past ten back then anyways I was go. Yeah CAN SAYUP PAS ten. Now I tried to you know I remember specifically and before we go continue really quick when Carl Sagons Cosmos first came on asthirteen weeks, an episode a week from ten to thirty. I never made it through the single half hour of that before I fask that'll put anyone to sleep yeah I just could not stay up. That's it ambient that Karl Sagen tone to WHO and look me to comeall right man crush what did you bring for the television round all right? So let's go December, Ene, Touad, nine hundred and Ninghty six. I didn't you know what, like we weren't quite close enough to Christmas. Yet so I decided not to go with any like holiday offerings howere on television, I'll Saye that we got a couple weeks to go before I really deep dive there, but while flipping through the newspapers, I landed on something that is so one Thousad, nine hundred and ninety six than I had to go slightly outside the box in this one and a little background like personally, you know I first got on the Internet in the early N, so you would expected. Maybe my parents would have been big into computers or something like that. Well, youwill see from this pick that that could not be further from the truth. To This Day, my dad is like one of those people who relie on the television talking heads to get his news and nothing else. So if you, if, if you was a tourn on the television and tomorrow, they said the sky is Orange News at eleven, my dad would try to convince me that thes gy was orange because he be like. Oh, he guys, gys A and to this day my dad still does not go on the Internet. To look things up. The only thing that the he goes on the Internet for are quote unquote. His Games won NE thousand nine hundred and ighty six. He did the exact same thing, but he had no flipin clue how to get quote unquote online as we like to call it BA K on and nine Tunde N iny six, my mother. On the other hand, she had her own computer to get on the Internet, but my dad he would never use it. He had no clue how to so. Since my mom was a serial like home shopping club violator, she bought everything that was on that chat. We had so much shit on O R in our house. There was from that channel. You just be like Dude W at. Is this like a storeroom like showpace for Home Shopping Club and TVC manhow? She purchased my dad a Philips magnavox Web TV. So it's o a little bit out ofoutside the box here, but that's what it is. That's right now my dad could serve the internet super highway from the couch. We can act like he was Neu Romancer and sit on the couch. I would see him do three things on this thing, one he would check his email which, to this day I'm sure he's never received a email, no Wai, O that message up up. I gotta check my email. There would never be shit in there like anything, just signups for like Card Games, and that leads me to number two. He would play his card games on there and then three. This is what I remember the most. There is this option. If you were watching something on Web TV, where occasionally, there would be a pop up with a notification for more information, and if you were watching TV in my dad in the living room- and I commercial came on- I like for anything- let's say the club, the the club, the club, the club commercial came on at the bottom left hand. Corner would say for more Information Qlick here my dad would have to click it matter what it was, how to click. This thing so, like you'd, spend the next five minutes, while this ting connected to the Internet via dialot. Remember the Web t just to see one extra picture of the club and like it would be like order here and then we'd miss like an entire inning of the mets game. That wewre watching like this is what happened in my hous in Hsnd ninethe, an six. The MSRP on the Sucker was three hundred and twenty nine dollar, which is roughly five hundred a fifty bucks in two thousand and twenty. So an o talking like it wasn't insanely expensive, but it was decently expensive and it was twenty oar a month for the service wow. But here we have it's the LEB TV that I'm bringing to the TV round by Phillips magnebox well ahead of its time and enough for, for my dad to ruin television for everybody that was watching in H. living excellent still has knock gon an email to thisday I'll. Send Him one my hand on Web TV was at Lord Mole, all right guys so for my television pick we're going to go back to December. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six and you talk about something man crush. That's definitely ninety six! Well, my pick is definitely seventy six. It is something that encapsulates the so this is a show that I grew up watching, reruns of and being absolutely terrified of the show's protagonist. Now this is a show where the acting is just about as bad as the special effects and, unfortunately, on December, for one thousand nine hundred and seventy six, we got the Finaland last episode of Land of the lost in Titl Edison man season. Three episode: Thirteen: It's where the marshals get caught in the middle of a war between an Indian and a a soldier, they never explain how this happens. Hall is cooking a pot of water and then she turns her back and it disappears. So they have to figure out where this pot of water went well. It was stolen by Lone Wolf who wis a native American who him and Captain Elmo Diggs who, as the Army General Chasing Loan Wolf, somehow find their way to the land of the lost and they meet up with the marshals, and you know, hilarity ensues with land of the lost nothing has ever explained in this show. This was the final episode of the show and it was now and even supposed to be the finale. They never explain what happens to the family and do they ever get home? No, they don't. You know it was explained that one point in the show that they did make it back to their own world, but at the same time, their clones went back to the land of the loss, so it's kind of a never ending circle, but season three episode: Thirteen were the Indian and the soldier they ride off into the sunset of the jungle, trying to find their way out of the land of the lost. We never know what happens to them either. So that's what I got fror. My television pick the end of the awesome TV SHR series by CITA Marty, Croft, the land of the lost, an of the Los Wil, an Haliroutineexitn in e Grais, Mateat River, ever known, it's been a few years, but yes didn't already cropped at their best. Absolutely the Bun that hat that's a lot of that stuff literally just got pulled at that time, because I specifically was one of the hugest fans of that growing up, let's hear from James De val in his ruling for the television round wow, it's again, that's another tough one! You guys because like when it comes to everything you know. I have like a special affinity for it, but you know like I think, when it comes to the judging, which you really never know how you're going to do. You kind of just rely on the things that you really responded the most to about, and the land of the loss for me was like mind blowing just now. I didn't expect that I got to say ill like come. You know I could I can't stop thinking in my head about, as you were saying, with the equally bad effects, it was still the slee stacks war scared. They were if you wene in the cabins, were the sleee stacksfor, because youwere going to try to use that little glass jewel thing that will send you open the doors to other dimension Yeh that was awesome and all I could see was that the entire time you telling me about it and everything o the opening theme and the Song Awesome all right. Well, I pick up a point in the final one point round and I get to select the next category all right, guys, let's, let's do some hot products all right, so for my hut product, I went over to the gazette and Cedar Rapids Iowa December fifth, nineteen. Seventy six and I found an article here. It says toys copy superstars from the Associated Press. Realism best describes the trend and the new toys for this Christmas. According to David Miller, president of toy manufacturers of America. This includes playthings inspired by popular media figures, especially TV heroes and eroines. The article goes on to say, toys and Games based on newsmaking events and contemporary themes include a model kit of Ocean explorers, Jacque Custo. Then they go on to list some other popular toys that are coming out for this holiday season. Now the one that caught my eye has a big nice photographic ad on it for the fans cycle by empire. This is a right along. I guess you could call it a tricycle, but it's more like a motorcycle with permanent training wheels and, of course it is themed of the fonds from happy days now. The best part of the sad is it shows the bike and then up in the corner. It's got a picture of the funds given the thumbs up and it says: Hey sit on it read about the bike seat Ralph, so it Thea does say that it is for boys and girls has safety. siled handle bar roadhugger suspension in motor. Like sounds the funds, a character from happy days, TV show has become a popular item with children and toy makers. Phonsie designs are seen on many clothing and toy items, including the fond cycle by empire. The CYCL IST made of moulded polyphiene with bright colors and decorations children's ages. Four through ten will enjoy its petal drive wheel and stability pick one up today, the fawn cycle by empire Ey Sii all right, Joe Finley. What do you have for the hot products round all right December? First in the Chicago Tribune, a full page ad comes out, don't buy another toy this Christmas. We all know the story same video games, that's sparked months of pleading and bribing more often than not end up as dusty remnants and some back closet well, not this year, because we're introducing a real competitor for the Nintendo entertainment system, Sega. Finally, breaks into North America with a with their own system. The Sega master system is out, Ladies and gentlemen, it is actually a third generation, Sega console the SG one thousand was released in Japan, Australia and New Zealand at the time. I don't know why I said New Zealand but Theyre, and it came with much like the nes that came with a control pad and with the light gun and came with two games. The racing game hang on as well as safari hunt the shooter. It came with a lot of perithenals as well. It didn't come with, but you could get a lot of perifeals for it as well. You could get the three d glasses, so you can play select titles in Thrd. You could play not only cartridges but cards in the system and just some comparisons. So the NES had two kilabytes of Ram. The Sega master system had sixty four now I mean like these are ridiculous numbers just to say out loud in this day and age, but to see like that kind of a jump in that kind of power inside the machine was something to be admired where it did not come through. So well is it's NTSC titles. They didn't come out with so many a lot of POL titles. They did really well especially out east and stuff like that, but they just never were able to topple Nintendo. They crushed Atari the seventy eight hundred. They had no problem with that, but couldn't take over the NES, which just already had a strangle hold on the market, but that didn't Stop Sega. They used that hardware and they actually develop that hardware into the SEGA game gear a few years later and used what they learned from the system to develop the Sega mega drive, which became the Sagogenesis, but for this year, hot and in time for Christmas- and I actually did get that- I'm not. I think I got it for this Christmas. I know I got it when it was fairly new. It was a wonderful little gift and that was the Sega master system, beginning the console lars a little bit. I want my all right, man crush what do you have for the hut products round? Let's go to December third o one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, like I felt like this product here. It was like so dangerously close to Christmas. With this release date like it, must have been a pretty big deal with people that are like readily had the money in their hand to buy this thing, but by one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. For me, my video games heywere stashed away. I was not one of those people, this particular game. It was created for the NDEN sixty four, which is probably the biggest gift this holiday season, unlike Joe's, which was kind of like game system in TNUNDAND. Sixty four really took shit over one thousand nine hundred and inety six for a little while you know before plac season came up and everything else I mean you just had this game. It just came out. The sixty four just came out for two months prior to this. So that being said, this game right here was one of the first titles by Lucas Arts that came out for than intended. Sixty four and since this is one of the first few titles for the system, the game took roughly two years to create. They started ND, nine hnded and ninety four, and if it really downed on me, when I was doing the research for the Sucker, because when they began a development of this game, then tndrd sixty four wasn't even around to have a prototype. So for the most of this development they were using a prototype of than INTENU sixty four to test a prototype of this game. So it's a pretty big leap of faith for Lucas Arts to put all of their eggs in this basket, but it appears it paid off. I mean this was a star wars. Inspired game. That's sold roughly three million copies by the end of the decade, and it was the third best selling video game that Christmas. According to toy retail tracking, it's not too bad for a game that came out. Three weeks prior to the holiday season to be number thirt, the only games at beat it out Super Mario, sixty four and donkey con compatry three, which are both intendo sixty four title. So t pretty big deal, but this game here, it's Star Wars, shadows of the empire. I've never played this before complete transparency. I was not a big Gamer and I tell e SA. I was going to bars and clubs in this point, so I had rely on Micgranger micranger he's, like our video game expert, huge fan of Retro Gaming, always super insightful when it comes to reviewing these games. So I ask Mike Ranger: Hey what do you think a star war shadows of the Empire? Mike Ranger said? I heard it's good at'sthat's, I big insight, so there you have it people. It's amazing, says Mike Ranger, Star War, shadows of the Empire that came out on December. Third, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, it's crazy because I got to say I was playing all those star wars, games and doing the clubs and Pars at the time. But I remember it came out and I I didn't. I don't think I had the Nintendos, so I couldn't play it, but I had played dark forces dark forces to inninety seven, they released it. It had a computer version. I remember having that one yeah. It was my Li Ot, the computer version, but I had such the old bage basic Mac. I couldn't play a's like the old Max the bans one, and it was weird it wasn't until really the Star Wars game that I was able to play on my computer for the first time was the Jedi outcast yeah, I dn. So I guess we know which way I'm going to pick a bat. You know, I'm just a massive star wars fan yeah, look at that In't, even notice, dark side Bar Loveit, so I'm gonna go with that. But I got to say you know you guys is like that. Th are both big runners up. You know, especially you know I got to say I do love that phonzy cycle sit on thea sit O it all right. Man Crus! You Tie up the game heading into the first two point round. What category are we going with next Aman? What do we got left? We got music and news. We never finish ou new. We e never finish on new. So let's, let's go music in the middle. It doesn't matter anyway. It's two point round: Et's see what happens. So, let's go December. Third, once Ain One thousand, nine hundred and Eiehty six, here's a lot of thise albums. I got from BMG FOR LIKE ONE CENT BAC, one thousand nine hundred and Ninghty six, like back in n ninetee ninty six, I just graduated from high school. I was living in my parents, house and I don't know if I ever talked about this before in the show. But like we lived in a small town house, the walls were very thin and I had spent my work money and I had two awesome things in my bedroom. I had a good computer and although my stereo was kind of Shitty, I bought some bad ass, huge speakers. So, basically, any time I was home in my room, the door was closed and I was blasting music and the shit that could be heard throughout the entire house, like I just give my mom credit, because she hardly ever asked me to turn it down like hardly ever and listening to the to this album again today. I can't imagine what was going through my mother's head, while I blasted this so this out right here. It was this bands second studio, album pretty much like the launching point for this band. I wouldn't quite categorize this band as like new metal. Thank God. However, it was a good mix of like pop punk with a rap element to it, and this album would go gold in the United States and it would reach number fifty seven on the billboard two hundred the albmut. Also it would feature three singles and they would even give Us Mother Fucking Rob Van Winkle is back to do vocals on the track boom. I've always loved this band. They didn't take themselves seriously. The music was infectous, their videos were hystericals like toilet humor, which I love, and they were just plain old, fun, songs and three singles that I'm talking about from this album. I wish I was queer, so I can get chicks. Why is everybody always picking on me and then the breakout track from this album fire water burn? And let's get back to what I was saying before about what my mother must have been thinking when she heard these titles screaming from my bedroom? Okay, here's the song list from this album kiss me where it smells funny. It's a personal favorite of mind: YEA, lift your head up and blow your brains out, which has a very very catchy course firewater burn, of course, yellow fever. I wish I was queer, so I can get chicks whyis. Everybody was picking on me and then they had a cover of the ron run DMC, it's tricky, which is a great cover asleep at the wheel. Another crazy song shut up your only friends or make believe boom going nowhere, slow reflections of Remau and there's a hidden track that I remember having this. It was like eight minutes of absolutely nothing and they start talking at the end. Did you guys know the album I'm talking about here? bloodhound gang one, fierce beer coaster? Oh yeah, I remember thet there huge that year it was yeah. It was massive. I mean just like some of the lyrics. If you read them and then you think about my mob listening to lyrics like I could tell hi'm doing something right by the way that she blushes she's, one she's, the one that's peechless, but my tongue is tied, she's thinking Holy Mackerel and I'm thinking tuna on the side. There must be something wrong with Alpacino's nose, because the sent of a woman is like rotten tomatoes. I mean was blasting in my house yeah, but your mom was probably too busy trying to get your dad an email so like she realydn't even noice. I remember them distinctly. Their videos are great. They were hilarious, all right, Joe Frinley. What do you have for the music round all right? Well, I had to do a little bit of a reverse engineering, because I couldn't find an exact dat on the release. So I had to go into the billboard hot one hundred sharts and start counting backwards to the land myself in the first week of December. I do not have the specific day of the first week of December slowly, but surely this thing, though it was on the charts for quite a long time, and it made its way all the way up to number seven by March of eighty seven, this song, the single, was written as kind of a parody of those Party and attitude songs of the S. things like smoking in the boys room- and I want a rock and one of the writers of the Song- actually commented that the Ironyes seemd to be lost on their own fans, and he said that the only thing that upsets me is we might have reinforced certain values, some people in our audience, when our own values were actually totally different. There were tons of guys singing along to this song, who were oblivious to the fact that it was a total goof on them and that song was by the beasty boys and it was fight for your right to party from license to ill. It was the fourth single off of this album which actually released a total of seven singles. It's and one of the iconic beasty boys, songs of all time and actually all the way down in two thousand and thirteen. They made a short movie based on the song where Sethrogan, Elija, wood and Danny nck bride played the beasty boys. But then the beasty boys from the future came we were played by Johncy Riley, will Farrell and Jack Black and also featured Stanley Toche Susan Surrandon, Alishia, Silverstone, Steve Bush, Shammy, Adam Scott, will Arnett anny polar Orlando Bloom up across the board. I mean that's neither here nor there, though the single was just a gigantic hit for them really far down their list of singles release to and that when you look at the singles release, it's the shock knowing how well this song did for them and all that and to see how low it was on the list. But yeah you got TA fight for your right to Party Ladies D, gentlemen, from the album license, iall right guy, so for my music selection, we're going to go back to December first, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six for the debut album from a band that was kind of initially shunned by the New York City punk scene, only for a short time later for them to come and rule that punk scene and be a mainstay at CBGBS. where, oddly enough, this band had an apartment across the street from December. First One thousand nine hundred and seventy six. We get the release of the band in the album Blondi, their first single was exefender. Originally, it was going to be called sex offender, but radio stations weren't too keen to playing a song called sexofender on the air, so they retitled it x offender. But the big standout from that album for me is in the flesh now the style of early Blondi, it's kind of like your parents, music, but dirtier. You know it had that s duwapi sound, but with the new wave punk mixed in some of Debu Harys lyrics are just delightful. Her whole persona and character at the time was completely different than what the PUNP new Ave scen was offering, and a lot of people didn't like it. The fact that she was this heart, stopping bomb shell and then Karen Sullivan from the Guardian, said at best when she said Debbu, Harry's blondi character is a cool knowing siren whose dead pans vocals promised heartbreak for anybody who fell for her. So it's the debut of Blondi December first, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six with the album blonding guilty all right. ECAUST, like again, it ores a really good options, but I'm gonna have to go with blond Ye desdie remember when she came out in was a little kid, not the first ime. I remember parallel lines. Come super young in it. Seventy six- and I remember what I specifically remember, is when she came o. You know who opened up for her here in like eighty one or eighty, two drandran opened up wow a and I never forgot that because I's too young to go see the show, but I'm like oh I'm, going to go, see a show like that. I don't think that you know I a've een to some cool shows, but I've never been to a show that coo no is blodys. Weird and British ban open him. U Oo for FOM like Derandra. What's his girls on film and Planin, her Y I'Myou know I wan a game from the bloodhound gang by the way doing one of those Trivia Games where IAD to hum one of their songs and the guy guessed it for me humming it I was like. I don't know how you know that Song, Oh man, that should have given me the round, which you know who it was actuas, Anthony Rap, really now in' forteck. He knew exactly what I was coming. Well, I mean he's got an air, so he does which song was it? Do you remember he sing. It was too remember the name of it. Can You Hummat? It was Yo. Let the dogs out Ogoti'm like wo. Did you guess that man, what that's the Baha men O idea? What I'm saying like snots coming out of my nose? You know like how'd, you do that he like Bam, had that like Cook Line and Sinker, you know which I expect nothing less from him. Yeah again, like Ayu Gentlemen, said he's got an ear for music. No doubt all right Jimmy. So what's your final verdict on this round, I'm Goinna have to give it to you mark James Larndy, it's just as much. I love as I loved all about the bands too, but Blondi is just something yeah. I just love her always have looves of band. You know. No, all the music was Ri. I love that she's still with him Bat all the music was written by her boyfriend, he's a guitar player and producer, and they also came from believe it or not. They were hanging out with Andy Warhall yeah. They had abig Andy wor out the part of that old factory scene. So they had that. Like added Warhall dimension to him that made hem super like right, Lu, read, PUK rock, like belvet underground kind of Punk Rock, but they were nothing like the velvet underground at all. No, there were nothing like anything where'd. You grow up in the Eastcoast of the West Coast, I'm from Detroit originally, but I grew up on the west coast. Okay yeah, fortunately like for me, like very early on, I think when it was about three or four like his family, would take care of my sister and I ecause my parents, both started working in the laes is like you know. They both had to GE get a job, and this family had seven kids, the youngest being five years older than me seven years older than me nine years older than me eleven years old me thirteen years older than me, and all of them were way into music. So I still remember going into having a cush on the sisters, normaly and Erma and sitting in the room oll there and playing like this is the new thing and listening to the rain son, my let not getting it at the time, because I was super young but loving something about it and then there's nostalgia years later, like even now, I'm like during the lockdown I learned to play the rain to on the guitar. I'm like I'm gonna and all I did is grow this stupid, mustache, all right guy. So I jump out to a lead here heading into the final two point round, which is the news round all right. So for my new story, we're going to go over to the Boston Globe December fourthf, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six. You know we got a rule on this, show that we don't like to bring the sadness so and when you're stuck with the S, there's a whole lot of sadness man. So I looked around and all of a sudden, an article just catches. My Eye- and I read this- This is great in the Boston Globe at says. Scotland Yard switchboard was swamped with calls. One caller said I've just seen a pink you FFO. Another said this large pink thing just flew over my garden. A third person said it's a flying pig after a bit air traffic controller at he throw airport one of the world's busiest they said, had suspended all landings and takeoffs, because a large pink pig was floating seven hundred feet above the airport. They said the pig was forty feet. Long Scatland yard quickly solved the case. The British Rock Group Pink Floyd, was preparing to make a brand new album cover. They found a German firm that could make balloons in any shape. They immediately ordered a forty foot pink pig. Then they posted a top at London power house in front of the pig. A strong ine came up and broke the pig off its moorings. The pig was last seen with spitting across the English Channel. So, of course, this was the setting when they shot the album cover for the album animals, which would then come out the next month so yeah. This is what I got from my news story: Pink Pig from Pink Poyd on the run over England, awesome solid. What was the sadness you were talking about? Who died the Ping, so I didn't want to bring any of the sadness and then I came across this pink Floyd Story and I'm like this is absolutely perfect. So that's what I got for the news round, Joe Finley over to you all right. Well, my story, usually things around my birthday, we've had us. We've had experience with sadness. I escaped sadness, but I didn't escape scandal and a White House scandal. It's not just for two thousand and twenty fo one thousand nine hundred and eighty six was full of it. I first SAWGH IT and that's Chicago Tribune, where I found that add for the Sega master system. It was on the front page and then on the Philadelpha enquire. It was on the first seven pages and for the next six days it was on the front page. Over and over again. This is GOPL leaders urging President Reagan to come back to Washington and get fully transparent on the Iran Contra scandal. A lot of things going on here, starting with Bob Dole, came out immediately, calling on Reagan to put all cards on the table and to allow for a full investigation from a Senate committee as well as special council and all of these things by December. Third, it was on the front page that Raggan head ordered that special inquirity and promised full disclosure and full transparency December. Fourth of Vice Adimal, connected to the scandal, pleaded the fifth when being questioned by Congress about it and then on December. Fifth Reagan went from transparent to not so much when he gave his whole cabinet full permission to not show up for any testimony before Senate Os cop and then on December. sixt comes out that the salt, an e Brunai, was persuaded as well to donate millions of dollars to the nick, Nicaraguan contras and the money was funneled through a swissbank account in Oliver North's name, so a scandal that obviously lasted way beyond the week, but just dominated the front page of print during that week. Time when to see one's own party call out their parties, president to you know, get some answers and it was. It was an interesting story to read through I mean I knew of the scandal, but I have never read that deep into it and it was an interesting story overall, but that's it. The we the whole week of December, the Iran Contra scandal, Doug Lyman, who I work with the nowmaker his father is the prosecuting attorney for that no way so. The Iran Contra scandal wasn't about the Middle East. BOOT legging KANAMI Games. That's the cover cap. Actually, the arms was tecovered. For that actually and and the truth was it wasn't George Bush giving pardons it? was them pressing Baba, Ugon up downleft, right, OT, frent, Leke start all right, man crush. Why don't you wrap up the news round all right, so I switch things around here. I went to my tiebreaker we're Gong for the win, I'm going for the win here. Let's go December, Thne Thouan, nine undred and Einehty six story out of Han Lulu make this one short: a Hawaiian State Court upheld the right of same sex couples to legally wed on Tuesday, five years after a gay couple of first file, the suit against Hawaii for denying them a marriage license. The ruling makes why the first State to recognize that gay and lesbian couples are entitled to the same privileges as heterosexual married couples and pretty simple I mean it's pretty simple to understand, th. I don't have to go too deeply into that one. But that's! My new story is for the first week of Deeb on thousand nine hunded and Ninghty six wow. You guys t this is the toughest one of all, but you know based on the politics of that I'm going to have to go with man crust, it's short, sweet and simple. The first couple movies I did with Wer Gregorocky. You know who you know he was like: I'm a rightmaker. You know the time when people weren't open about that kind of stuffand. At the time people started to accept his movies and you know stop putting labels on things and you know being so young and impressionable. It meant a lot to me to be a part of that, and so I don't think we had anything to do with that, but I do think it's great to be a part of something where things were moving in a direction of tolerance and acceptance for other people for other human beings, because it's insane to me you know I won't get too heavy Ampoyet, but that we mistreat other people. It's insane to me. I don't riw it', just Gon iust, not the world. I do you. I remember the first time explaining to my daughter. You know it's like you got to understand. There are people who treat people badly because of the color of their skin or because you know it's a man who loves hem at and she just looked at me and she's like, but why and I just kind of held her- I'm like Oh there's some hoks, because isn't that isn't that the simplest thing, but why that doesn't make sense, you're right, it's no different than when you're growing up your friends like I like only one I like Redeai, like man, you know it's like the same thing to me. It always has been. All we have is a take care of each other people yeah. That's all we have because Yo ourselves be goold to each other. If you're good to yourself you'll be cood to others all right, man crush. You know what that means. Your little strategy paid off and we're going to go into a head to head in the wild card round me verses. You Hey sit on it, he's bringing that one back r Hail Mary. I guess from my wild card round, I'm going to go over to another hot product that I didn't pick, because I wanted to go with the phonzie bike, but this one I found an ad in the Los Angeles Times December. Third, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six I'd like to say this is a full page ad. But it's like an eighty percent page ad, there's like a little parograph carried over. There was a sail. It says how to give them their own game. Show Christmas Day and every day of the year, our TV action gaimes give you four games in one in the thrills of an excitement of an amusement park, centered in your own den play by yourself or challenge your friends, both units easily hook up to your television and feature automatic on screen scoring. Now this ad features two products and they're. Basically both the same thing. First one has the INTERPREX Apollo, two thousand and one it has two speed controls for fast and slow play and pro an amateur bat sizes. Two Bald Angle controls four sharp left and right angles. Now here is the product, I'm actually picking it's the more expensive model and IG T on and nine hunded and ninety nine, as opposed to sixt Ned. Ninety nine- and I don't know if you guys have figured it out what we're talking about yet, but we're talking about Pong guys, newway Utatoy, super Pon automatically increases the speed of the ball with each volley has four action games, Pong hockey handball and catch plays in black and white and color Ou ou, eight Nde, a nine hnd and ninety nine, both afsod money, aend yeah by bite. For that this is the second installation of Pong. Now seears also sold the same thing: Thet Atari did, but the one difference with the seers model was: the controllers were detachable the Atari Mordel. It was kind of like a base that you just sat down and had two knobs on the side. So that's what I got for the wild card round. Atari Super Pong available now December. Third, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six man chrush. I saw you giggle when he said two KNOBS. I thought he 'R talkig about mascurbating in the basement or someting you can play by yourself, yeah, that's yed! I was like that's free, that's not even a product. I mean that came. Everybody was obsessed with that when it came out in seventy six, so I was getting taken care of that family were five sets, so they were all fully into it and I'm like the little through what the Ode Earth the video game trash talking, yeah you know, and then U N, you just definitely gon have the cordination o plan. So you try to pong it three or four and you're like Gdo how comein never ground I can never get it to Bous on my stick. I ca move so fast and you have the paddle. Remember the paddle yeah suck couldn't use it at all. Super Bizarre for me, I'm like would rather go on my bike and go up to the store and Buy Candy Baror twenty five cents. You noyou know it's got the itari super pong which has the knobs now the other one, the interprex Apollo, two thousand and one doesn't have nods. It just has two sliders up and down, so I can imagine how great that worked. Spend the extra twenty bucks people yeah all right, man crush. What do you have for the wild card round? All right, so I'm going Ta Double Dip on news here, we're going to go December, fur one Thosan, nine hundre and ninety six. This is pretty monumental. has some legs to boot, which I like to do on the show? The one thing that I really dig about the S is we get some really cool technology starting to come out? Sure, there's a lot of misses but they're trying a lot of things. For example, you might not get like the OCULUS quest to, but you get the beginning in something like the Nintendo virtual boy or something like that. The storys sort of like that- and I completely remember this happening- he was all over the news. However, it's one of those stories where you didn't get the big payoff for another like six months, so you may have forgotten about this one lik. I don't know: let's see how this goes, but this happened in ne thousand nine hundred and nighty six, and I give you this story and the Ti of Storyes Pathfinder Craft Toats, Mars rover a six wheeled Buggy, no bigger than a child's wagon spead towards Mars. On Wednesday, on a three hundred and ten million Mile Odyssy to explore the planet's Rocky Red Survice, the Mars Pathfinder, the spacecraft carrying the rover is scheduled to drop down onto the plant surface on July. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. That's why the big payoff took six months where it's going to have a thirty mile per hour, landing wherwould be cushioned by large air bags that will inflate at the last minute. Then the remote control rover named so journer will amble out in search of rocks. Okay. This is the first time a mobile craft has been sent to explore. Another planet therehave been two previous Rovers to touch down, but they were tethered to the ship. This is the first time you had one that drove on its own remotely NASA hopes, Ot Pathfinder, the second of ten space crafts to be launched to Mars of the next decade, live up to its name by paving the way for future, robotic explorers and proving that cheap little spacecrafts can work AA cheap by the way and was a hundred a D. Ninety six million dollar, which is actually the equivalent of the Mount of money they spent on waterworld. You can buy pong for everybody in Ohio, Keepin Ey, keep in mind here, like two weeks prior to this happening. The Russians attempted this exact same thing and their probe never made it out of the Earth's orbit. So this in itself, just it lifting off and everything else, thiis a huge deal and like I mentioned they ended up landing path. Finer on July Fourth, and this little sor journer did his job. He took pictures he collected samples. Not only did this little six wheeled rover make it on land. He ended up lasting eighty five days on the Red Planet. He was only designed to last a week and once again this was the first ever vehicle to remotely explore another planet completely untethered. So jerners journey right here he went three hundred and thirty ish ish feet. That's how far he went in eighty five days, th hundred a thirty feet. This the whole connection was done via modem back to the ship, so think about that it I think it was set at A. I think it said ninety six hundred bad and it couldn't even connectet that they were connecting at twenty four hundred- and I don't know if I'm speaking Greek, to people here, but it was half duplex. So that means it couldn't happen at the same time. So they would send this thing, a message get it and then it would reply back separately and then they'd be like okay turn left and h n. They have to send this thing to so it took like ten minutes for it to do stuff, but I mean I mean you think about that. Since then, the US US pent, or they sent spirit, opportunity, curiosity and they just sent persaverance back in July and that scheduled to make February eighteenth landing. But this is it so jerner. This was the first of its kind yeah, but did it have four action games and onscreen scoring and actually probably could have carried Pong along with it? No, but I would have taken forever. No, it's amazing, because I remember that and I followed that the whole time actually, because I'm a big you know I've always been an astronomy. But since I was a kid too God you guys got to make it so hard. You like battle it out, pull out all the great stuff. That's a tough one, because having affinity for both of them, you know again. Maybe you know I have to give man Christian honomole mention only because the pong brings me back to some interesting memories. The SOJONI brings back interesting memories to because believe it or not. When that happened, I had just done independence day, niceit yeah, so we not only I roll and dean. Everybody were watching this things because we're all massive, a strong like bans of astronomy, then and now, and since we were children, it's incredible to continue to see t the experimentation, the work and the pros had been able to continue sending their considering it is so far, and there is nothing you know, there's a delay in everything, ecaus right and it's so much bigger. Now, like the one that they just sent out. The perseverance is like, I think it was twenty four hundred pounds or something like that. The sojourner was like twenty eight pounds oi, so that one went to mark mark got this one with pom yeah yeah, because it was in color and black and white Mar. If Mi wasn't red, I did not expect ot Ond on that one Yousis I mean yours, supersedd in a lot of wayers is also millions and millions of miles back and forth and continue to be successful. Hong is notice like the progenitor of all video games for general. It's true yeah I mean it's. Surjur is like the Pong of marks. It really isn't. Abong thevo literal trap literally, is the they always pull it back because, like like the book, the Martian, you know they go back and he goes to path finder to use tour communication system, and so they always pull this stuff back so yeah. It really is kind of like the Pong of Mars. It really well really be is because it's also the first time that we got there. That was it you know, and so Pon is very basic, but everything that comes out after that as much more advanced and highly kephnological and right, you know superior, and so it's been exactly the same way for that as to por the Mars propes as well yeahwell and think about it like this. If an asteroid was coming towards Earth, okay, yeah we've dug up some rocks and stuff like that on Mars. Okay, that's great, but Pong is how to of how to replyw a projeptile. That is true that isvery slowly, yes, you got quickcat to the KNOB. You saw Ersao right in Puerto Rico. It collapsed the largest radio telescope in the world that NUS to Beo those aswords with doesn't work anymore. As broken, and it will not be porfixd, it's done. No, that's the one that they used in golden eye. Wasn't it w th, where were Pierce Bross an e shampine fighting to the death up there? I love that Somi mean it's not the only radio telescope, but it was important. We are going to lose some stuff because of it. You know we have recently discovered. I can't remember the name of the there's a term but tracking the meteorites. You know you really have to worry ones about the ones unless they pass through a keyhole which means you'll pass through a hole that brings it back to nail the earth on the second teturn. Those are the only ones. We need to really worry about the problem with that. It is predicting these orbits, because what we've discovered is is that their orbits slightly changed because of the radiation of the meteorite gives off from sunlight. So over time, it's not what the computer says it gets. It moves a little bit because of radiation. Yeah didn't they just miss. One did like just buzzed right past us and they only knew about it. Like a week before it happend, sometimes it happens a week before and once once or twice we saw right after it passed us and there was one recently where they thought it was one that they was traveling too slow, and then they realized that it was a part of a yeah. They didn't know what it was. An anlaunched examlitl rocket, yeah Yo were like sixty year old rocket. I'm like yeah, that's the S. that's when we started launching lots of Rock Mabe Armagedan is not that far fetched. No, no, no, I mean we're going to have to look at something like that. I mean honestly like if we don't destroy ourselves. First, I mean really like you know, there's only a few really big things that can do it. Super Volcano, CPLOSION, MEO, rite or Liketeligtin time, even the most massive e earthquakes, which we've seen a couple of you know, and they do cause significant amount of damage, but it's not global. Well, thank God! We've been preparing ourselves for the last forty years. With all these disaster films yeah, we Don, I toll you, we, the next movie coming, is the Asian horned movie killer, Ason Wordit, I'm employing an engine destroyer. So I'm Gongto Bes thit the killer, Agen Hornet, Ninja destroyer. Have you seen those things? Those things are massive, oh they're insane we got to talk about. We got to talk about your movie, though, before you get aut, you o gmote a little bit. Oh Yeah. I ton you're so caught up in like everything else bit. Let's talk bout, it's dude, it's cool like what was it like working with, like se, Toms howl and all his god, a all that stuff was like a dream. You know it's a totally different movie than Independence Day, but it was a similar experience as Independence Day, not in the scope and size of it, but in the talent that was involved so to work with CE Thomas Howel, who I grown. You know we all grew up. You know. We know him from everything from pony boy and the hitcher. You know all the way up to a hint like in the ladyyears where he played. You know. Richadbermirrs, the I doctor and Het's got extremely prolific career and being a huge fan of the legendary films that we've call been carrying for decades. It's on one hand, you can't believe you're working with it with him and were working with these people like Leslie, Easter, Brookin, James Hong and I didn't have scens the Ray wise in this movie. Spoiler learn, but I've worked with Ri Rate Foo and it's the same thing. It's like I almost at this point with actors like that I'll pick a movie because they're involved specifically and then I'll read the script later, just for the opten be, and the thing was. I didn't necessarily do that. With this. You know I read the script and then I found out that they were Batom, CCT or Tommy was involved, and then they ended up getting James H, James Harand, Lesley easterbrook. But you know so when I got the script, it's such a fun, crazy, crude. You know over the top comedy wornd. I love that crown up with thos those. What could you? What could you tell about it without giving it too much away? It's it's! A crazy movie, like it's kind of a kind of like a weekend at burnies wic, definitely got a Weeke e Berne thing. I use that as inspiration. For me, certainl Terry Kaiser is in c. You know who played Bernie. Lomax was literally what I was trying to channel when I was doing the seame ith James Am so grood yeah and I d then I remember I saw so kind of reminded me of the ridiculous of that and j James Hong brings a little bit of a big trouble. Little China Element, you don't know, he's TNAT Lowpan youill not put on this earth to deep, Mr Burton a guys he's so intense, and how does it feel like, like you looked up to see Thomas Howell, but like technically in this movie? He's like your bitch because he's your age t like you know when you it's a good thing, you know doing it for years and years, so you know how to like to shut off and go to the character and you re and the n. You really kind of got to do that. It's like right, at least for the time that the camera's rolling and then it cuts me like come on, come on so when you know that the other actor, because some actors really like no but some actors, really do kind of like play it dramatically and carryit traumatically afterwards, and you know years later and that's cool. You know it's all about fantasy, but you know it's nice to be able to have a separation from that, as you know, for me as an actor, because I I like that, it's t make believe, I'm glad that I'm nothing like Huckle Saxon. You Know Oh yeah, like dude you're, like the complete opposite, very my pint on the ways. In essence, you know, but no huckle Saxton. I mean I guess. If I was Gongo talk about, you know describe the movie without really giving much of a spoiler, it's kind of just the idea of like what fame can do to people it's an examination of fame in the in the in the movie industry and how that changes. People- and we just happen to have a very- I think you know- kind of not like a it's a little bit crude, but you know it's because it's overtop over the top book- that's you know tha. I think the subject we're matting Wewe're dealing with in that fame in Hollywood. You know it's absurd. To begin with you. You know, we've heard these stores, since we were little kids and I bexistice Wer Bofor they're born. You know I remember after we did inthependance day and we went to Mexico and I was sitting with Rolland Dean and who passed by this pier and they're like yeah. They shot night e, the Guana here you know and there's Ar th. You know so riy back when they shoot like everybody as engraging alcoholics. So Richard Burton Elizabeth Taylor like didn't like a line, they would do so they would throw it so they could do another. Take problem was every take, they got, they got tethey e. take they did. They got trunker Bu Tiketsnine Tuned Co get through it, and this was a common thing back in thes and es of people. Don't know that is wild, so it's never really it's not really different. In some ways. You know that has kind of always existed. Mogomery cliff, I don't know if you guys are familiar with his background, but what a brutal background that guy had he was like never wanted drink. Then he started drinking scotch and milk, and then he became a raging alcoholic and then he drove drunk crashinto a pole, an rippd half its face off had hat reconstructive surgery in the earlys, which is not reconstructive. Surgery like it is now. It was on a bunch of pain killers that shut off his organs gave him precataracts by thirty eight. So you know you have like these these horror stories we here they existed in Hollywood for for many many years. That being said, you know you're not going to really make a fun movies that people want to watch. If you take it tell it the way, I just if you can take that absurdity and was O that we're making a joke out of it, but we're just showing really kind of how ridiculous it is, and I think that's really kind of the theme of the movie. So you can have the fun and there's kind of does kind of have a poignant message, but we're definitely not panging you over the head with it. You know it's, u like to have fun and not really think about it, but there is kind of a thereis kind of a poignant message at the day and that's you know fame is a beast and this it's available right now right like people, because they sent us a screener a little bit ago, Amazon and on demand. I don't know what I think it's on a few other streaming channels to came out on December. First definitely check it out. I think it's super cool like even if you just see it so you can see like Leslie, Easter Brooker. You know these people that you haven't seen in movies in a while. You know like from your youth, go check it out for that, but the movieis great, like I had a good time watching it like going through the movie itself, like I said the whole weekend at Bernie's, feel I kind of got with it with a horror mix and comedy it's good. It's definitely something to check out that's, especially in a year like this one yeah I mean you know that, and that was kind of life. The Nice thing about it coming out is like you know, like I said it's, it's got a poignancy, I think to it, but it's very light. You know it really is just more movie about checking out and having a great time and letting loose and laughing. You know you don't have to think about how hard it was at these people, ther's Struggli. You can laugh at their struggles. Absolutely do you have anything else, that's coming out. I do I just I just got the trailer for it to Tylot. I did with Michael Mattson called the detective which believe it or not. I did another pilot with him back in February, called all for nothing where I played it': More of a Mafia, cop, drawmy, plane, uneecover cop and the UNSCEDE under belly of Mafia and Buffalo New York. I also did this movie that I'm really really excited about coming soon by this filmmaker called John wort Sugu. If Gregor racky was an independent, filmmaker he's an underground filmaker. I learned about him from Grego Rocki doing my first movie with him as a filmmaker that Greg Rocky loved and looked up to completely subversive, and you know, and him and Gregegal had very similar sensibilities, but he just did a recent movie that we worked on a couple years ago. That's almost finished called skulfuck very nice, so it's a family, it's a family for yeah she's. Talking about like that's another way of getting high skullfucking is this drug. We Pi, you know with kind of idea. You know again, it's again him being subversive. Having that in the title of a movie, you know, like I remember my first movie was Greg. Rocki was called totally EFTA, eix after Deasteros aspric stop. He wanted something you could put on a Marquy, but you couldn't put on a Marqui and so John More Togo, the year after my second movie was with John and it was called Modi Fuck explosion doing a movie with him that I love the noon really saw called scumrock back in two hsand like right before I did donny, Darka and Ou know so we work together. You know on occasion him and is incredible. Wife who's, also the star incredible actess of all his films, any Davies, and when they called me up for Skulfuck, I jumped at the opportunity to he a part of it and had to blast you have that call go like God. You want to be in this movie, stulfuck yeah. I mean it's witter like when it comes to like there's a few filmmakers like Greg Rocky John, Mor to you James Marandino, but give me gentlemen, if you're watching this and I pogan Ame, but there's a few others as well Paul boy, another one from another movie. I just finished called I challenger, which I'll tell you about in a minute, but you guys I tend to be able to work with these filmmakers over the years over and over again. So literally, it's I'm not really given much information other than hey. I got a new project, you want to be part of it and then you're like go fuck. You like cool, he do really know like when I got dim generation. I didn't know what it was greg. Just goes it Jimmy. What are you doing? You want to go for up for lunch later, and we would do that. We do this. Every once, hine like Yel, go get something es. We have sluce hes. Also. I have thi script at once. You look at the character, Jordan, okay, thanks like that's it, he doesn't say it's about o. You know. Do I want o Fetonie like I jus Seng, you want to look at this and then you look at it. I'm like I'm an Yat, some point: Don't you have to ask all right? Well, am I going to be the Skul fucker or the Skull Fucke? I haven't done that, but I'm glad you ask, because I don't know if you gentlemen, know about the series we just did on stars that only one season plad called now apocalypse. Oh right I's a series I did with him that came out. We didn't get renewed because of course it's like I'll be honest, like Steven Sodebur executive produced it Gregorocky, writing and directing it with this other incredible writer, and when I received the ten episodes as like how the hell the Contivi on, let you put this out like how, like you guys know, were in the me two movement like how do you tank o like kits dream, and it's like? Oh because we're offending everybody we're equal opportunity, offenders, we don't care who you are. Where going to ffend you e and see. That's okay, I think that's wha the satin he just said. I want you to be the homeless Dud, like I'm, O, okay cool, I'm the homeless star go ahead and make the start doing the negotiations. I read the ten episodes and maybe I'm loosely based on a character from the earlier movies. We don't really explain that, but we do explain that I've Been Butt raped by Space Aliens, Oh Nice, and they keep continme. They keep hanting winll leave me a lot O Travis Walton Sto. I told Im, stop fucking me, but they just won't Tu fucking me. I an I say that that's a dialogue, I'm like what thing Wi? U and then I was like, but that's not even the worst part, Oh God, six months later, bebsout of where o you like. I already said yes and I'm reading this and that's exactly what you're saying you know, maybe why I should, but then the fun thing is and to be honest, like to have this kind of trust and faith in the director. For me, when I ended up shooting, I probably would have been nervous about egotistically playing a character like that years ago. To be honest, this time like I just could stop. I could take it serieus I just couldn't stop laughing. It was very difficult to do because it was super funny. You know, because I'm saying is, dialogue an playing it so straight after all, how many pakes do you have to do? This is is like what do you have to like give birth to aliens? I don't even know how you Yeai don'ttink. No, we didn't show that, like how do you just get in the mindset for something like that? What is that? What culike it has ' run? All his movies do kind of have Er. They are similar universes, so it being that you know, I did my first job with him in ninety one and I've probably done five movies and a pilot and a short and a two series with him now so he's awesome. Naw He's like in that John Waters type yeah very much so so I o Toi yeah. You know we have such a great working relationship in colloboration that there really is. No, you know it's more of like what do you need for me and then I can deliver it, whether it's a character like Jordan from doom generation or dark from nowhere or you know the homeless dude from that gets ass, Raht by it and what'. What's amazing, to be honest, is like to be able to have that kind of relationship with someone where you can play anything and you don't feel itlike strange about it. That's a kind of people I want to work with and that and than's kind of the mentality, and I don't want to have to take myself so seriously. You know to some degree I mean at the at the end of the day. You know- and I respect you know most artists and their processes, but you know it's like I was saying before, like some actors remain, name is like none of what we do is real, it's all fake. By into this stuff, because it'sa get it's written by someone else, I think I think en mckellan put it past on Ricky Jervey's extras. You know and he's like well, how do I know what to say Welland? How do I know what to stand whet somebody tells here's an Exali the day in the Lifeo mcllon Siinncn actiol. Do you son, a Pask, ee stil confuse see in this play, you'll be playing John and you must learn ball. The dialogue ther'll be no SCOS. There will be no scripts on the night. So good, that's you know it s etaking the Piss. Out of it is, I that's friend, really Tesi at the end of the day. You know your like. You see pudomakers do this, but it's only here in this frame in that film frame when they're that it needs to look real everything, here's irrelevant, but and it's important to like you're, saying because I mean you're, p kind of prolific career right. I it's. If you take it too seriously for that long man, how like that'll, burn your brain out wit. It has I've gotten close to those moments over the years, instead of just letting go and trying to control my career and be like different wor neens to go just letting it happen and feeling you know hat, I think you know I do feel very grateful and very thankful to still be acting to get the opportunities that I get it could have stopped years ago. The last movie that I'm really most proud of coming very soon is called. I challenger, and I play a forty year old, something Gamer who sells marijuana to kids under twenty one who can't get fom. The disfensory public ser got Hardgoyeai'm looking for my Weust, a guy trying to make his way in the world, but since I've been stuck on games for a while, you know I've kind of been living is like a or I've been catfishing people. You know, because it's all online caming online. I say that I'm in my ies, you know and same thing everyone's cappishing, each other online. So you guys go through the film you kind of discover that no one in the film is actually who they say they are, and once he becomes friends with one of those kids, because he ends up getting tied up on on a tinder date and she ties him up and leaves him. He manages to somehow get to call his friend online. Is that he's never met before and he comes and believes him and you know, and he walks in he's just like what dells, which they youre, an old mother, fucker Sorr, Soeol, GME, Witno, fiend, O no future. Sorry, if it's like I'm a little depressed about that O, what you need is a little bit of luck. You need some luck, that's what you need in your life. So I convinces me to get look for luck, so I can vin. If I have a little luck, my life will change. So I start watching a bunch of youtube videos, and I find these twenty four hour self beare self burial supervised. Like twenty four funerals people are having in Russia. They bury themselves for twenty four hours and then they dig themselves up after twenty fous and they have incredible luck and it is a thing believe it or not. By eat die from to Oho. My character decides he'Sto do this, but this is how he's going to he's is ow he's gonna, you utilize. His luck he's going to livestream. This get a couple cameras in there dig himself under hove this whole thing and he begins the journey to do it twenty four hours, and so without spoiling it because this, I really is the setup his friend buries him in there he's on the camera, live streaming it watching it. Fifty followers, five hundred folloers thousand, starts to go crazy and tune in folks, because anything can happen and I'll leave you with this anything does ioals like Whoo, completely unexpected, and so it's a little bit different than the movies I've done at the same time. It's still that wacky kind of out there genre and I really enjoy that. So that's the final movie. I have come in soon. I challenge, and I'm really really happy about that on. You guys got a release Dat for that one. We don't. I know he just finished everything sound picture color at the edit was done quite a few months ago, but all the post, deliberables everthe movies, completely finished us o a few weeks ago. It's ready to go, we don't know. What's GOINGTO happen, we've started entering it in festials, we entereidto Sundance a few other festivals, and you know we're going to try to take it in the festival circuit if they'll be, if they're, receptive and see where it cos from there. What is that even like right now with covid going on it's going to be all virtual? I think the ways what I was reading about Sunday APS Oll make the anounceedence in the next few weeks and I'm assuming most of them will follow this for the at least the first six months, an nine months next year, but they'll be instead of like Salt Lake and park city screening. So it's going to be virtual and then there's going to be screenings of like La New York and a couple of other cities around the country, so in laiwill be the Pacitin O roseball outside werethat's cool, yeah, dot being said at least it's warmer here in California than it is, and e h mountains of so ar b. He Talo win. I remember like freezing so many e R, like I went a lot in the S and every year I was like. Why do I keep getting the brink Stha'that's? Not Terrible? I think you get more eyeballs on it. Yeah a more people get a chance. You know the films, Yeah Yeah, I mean well, it is it. I mean it's incredible to see and it really has like even from the s when people didn't know about it. But now, like all the movies sell out, I without the quaranteam they sell out. I can't I remember for Donny Darko I couldn't even get a ticket for my own movie. I couldn't get into the first screening ECAUS. I DIDN'T HAV OT. I minute they're like you're, not in this. Well, they know what they know. What they did is I showed I drove from La twelve hours showed up to the screening and God the showed up and they're like you have Cickit, I'm like no, but I'm in the moving like sorry, you can't come in I'm like, but I'm in the movie and like well, you can Y, U N, I'm like what about the QNAI'm like all right. Well, come back after the movies over and I'll, let you in you're like I'm on the poster and they're like Wey. They didn't really care, I mean it's, not they! I didn't get into doom generation, because I gave my ticket away to somebody idnt. Let me in a do no way ive had that I didn't get into one of my screenins, a Doboyd for that almost every single year, I've gotten they haven't. Let me into my own movie there, so I haven't got to be honest. I haven't gone back in like ten years, wor yea haven't gone back to two thousand and eleven since Gre Rocky had Kaboom. That was the last time I went like I don't I'm not I'm not anti anyof the festals. Of course I would go but like there's no reason to go unless you know, unless they give me a reason to go, I'm not going go there and freeze and then not even get into my own either you do press to be honest. Im press is good and it's important, but you know- and I like do like especially when its stuff like this, I love talking to people an. I love you guys, but sometimes I can shot. I can shy away from the press up, I'm like let the work speak for itself. You don't need the less. You know about me, the better right. You know it's like well, because then people don't know who you are. I mean I've, always Gogt that you know I heard ray fine so that can yo back in the S. actually, man crash an hes stay Austin. If he would tell him the process. I know I'm not telling you my process. Do you ask mugician how he does his tricks and illusiones I'm an Illusionis, and if I tell you how I it's not an illusion anymore and it' stuck with me, so I do talk about the process, I'm not like. I won't. You know what I mean, but when it comes to it ut to stuff like that, I'm wet. Let's talk about something else. If we can, you know because it is it's like and not as eloquent way, I got to say that it's. If I tell you how I do things, it's not going to really work anymore right right right because everybody wants to know how you got rated by aliens and you're going to have like alien after both. So I mean keep that yourself, Shit Dude, you gotta come back on here again, you're really fun to have on Ano that love that dude. I hope you feel better, though I know Yo, I miss the beginning when I was rebooting and everything but yeah if you're under the weather. I hope everything clears up for you and you feel better and yeah for sure come back on. Thank you ma. Good luck with all this stuffo. I appreciate that more than I appreciate you guys like bringing me on and letting me take part in the fun that was awesome. At's awesome. I couldn't think of a three other deck. You know, like I said I know the other day is but those three decades like I know. Like the back of my hand, I don't know if that's because of our generation most likely. I think about this a lot and I think like when my parents, it's probably like the you, know the s s and maybe the s or like the twenty tens to us where we're just like yeah. You know like we're, not big into it, so I think every generation has those generate those decades that they're really they love and they want to go back and they want to listen to it, and I mean like I can tell you I remember I was in my living room watching TV when it like six months, not even six E, maybe seven months after December, six, nineteen, seventy six when Il was died. I remember when all this time my mom's, like Elbi Sdot, I'm lit why what a minute I just bout us out lo first out my wrotee is dead. Then it was like Inowhen John Lenny got shot in eighty one and like wait. What like, why is the guy from the Beatles Dad that's weird ywas? Why would someone shoot a guy from a band? You know, you know I was nine years old and ten years old. What did I know right and that's why we do this show too, and we try not to bring too much of the shit stuff, because, like that's the stuff that sticks with you, like, I remember when Kirt cobain died and walk outside my house and my my cousin from across the street coming out seme time going, Kirt cober not like I was like. What's unbelivable yeah, I mean youerintsof those things like they stick out and so what's incredible again, yeah and you're, absolutely right! What's incredible about it is like so what you guys stick to w en it's also memorable is the movies, the music, the pop culture, the news all those things. I can remember distinctly, you know, I think we were talking a little bit before about the old lime, green starbers in the S, and then everybody remembers it, I'm like. Oh, they hade them remember going to Seeempir nos return, O the Geni so by ty three in return of the Jedi going to get to the movie theater. When I used to go to my myself, because you could at seven get dropped off watch the movie go, put a diamond muck, an you got pick me up, I met them all and you be safe, so she dropped me off the theater and I remember watching return to the Jedi and going wow. They have the yellow starpers and the white starvers. No, I want the original one with the green n t and that's the last time I ever had a green starbors ever like from the original packaging anywhere, which also a little bit of triviat comes from what was originally called Opal chewy fruits from England. That's what starbers come from. They we riginally called Opal, really okayer into that food stuff. You should check out the show. We've had him on the show before Josh Mkuga from eating history on the history shop, yeah still eno dude. It's really amazing. It's amazing and they eat the shit that they find from like forty fifty years together it a greater than me like whenever I used to watch fear factor, because my friend was actually the editor on that I'd be like. I could do any of this, but I never fel because the second round is all the eating stuff. You can't do the second run like bow balls, I'm not eating that not eatin o Godiys, not eating them, not eating that you know I'll. Do the crazy. I won't even eat Baloney. So you think I'm goingto go it's that's the thing it's like there's! So many I don't eat snails. I don't eat froglays and when I had hem I was literally like pom, hanks and big, where you're like just let it drop out, don't spit it because it's going to get in your silide year, O yeah and that's Ol. That stuff and I've been like that. I'm like embarrassed about it. You know I did that IV prison World Tor. I can't hem an says: A World Tour for depend: Ay, I'm sitting withtoontn rol ember teen Dean like go pullmas like Thi French restaurant, like all these, like super fancy, we're like being looked at because independence day is huge and they bring out sta come on Jimmy tried. I'm like I do want to put that kind of stuff in my mouth and they got offended Bhut. I said that so like I tthen they laughe ter os fom. What was it like? I don't want to keep you too much longer but like what was it like working with? You talked about all these other guys. What about Randy Quane, who played her? He was awesome man. He was awesome, he was. He was the opposite of what you see he's very soft spoken. He was. I mean this is one thousand nine hundred and Niney Ninety Fov right right right. He was very soft spoken. He was very also very kind and very generous if you had. If you wanted to talk to me at the time for you, you know, I asked him a couple pieces of advice and he was really kind of matter of fatly like you know, gibving about it like he's like I'm, like you know, when you did the big picture and then you know you did the last detail. You know with Odisyoung and Jack Nicholson and like you're, so young and nock that pats just a grownd breaking performance. You Know A, I don't go if you remember the last detail, but Yo, just clepto maniac can can't stop stealing stuff and the whole reason he's being taken by them is because he's been stealing stuf and then withinther wane. Just allewas great you know, and so he also in his earlier career. He was much more dramatic. You know he wasn't so ver the top, so he knows how to do both kinds of acting. You know he can be a dramatic actor and extremely over the top comedic cactor, so that Beingseid he's nothing like those over the top characters. When I knew him. Needless to say, when the you know- and I still do- love ranny but needless to say, when those videos came out and have been playing an to houtcome out- I don't I don't know randy like I don't know that Randy! That's when I go okay, I haven't spoken in them in over twenty years, so I don't so much has changed, but you know I I know for a long time. It's like I never thought et was crazy. Yes, I mean sometimes like I watch those videos and I just that makes me think I'ing cappen in between them and now or it makes me off to question if these zill jot just putting on an act, yeah there's I he so good at it. There's a piece of me that wonders if any of that is real he's good at it, I mean he's done everything in his career so like he pull it Oll Yeah, Ladies and gentlemen, don't take our word for it. We don't know we're just waxing on the idea of what ie, because none of us actually know God. I would love to get him on her BEOL, but I did hes. He was a cool guy and he was funny. You know e, but me read a lot of meal Simon, which I thought was really funny, because no priman really talky. You also told me that the best advice I was ever some of the best advice I was ever given was given by him said kid: take whatever they give you and work as much as you can don't sit there waiting for that one role, because you can wait your own life, but if you take what comes Youway, you might get something better than that role that you were waiting for either way at the end of the day, I'm an actor, I'm not there to do things necessarily because I love it. I'm there to make do a job, so people believe it, and he was so practical with me about that, which is why it was so hard for me to believe that that over the top character is anything serious, because it's not how we ever communicated with me. I don't know I don't know, I gonly go off what I see and what I think you know, God mark you can close it out. I know you'Ral Right James thanks a lot again for being the judge, for this episode did a great job. Man D, I'm not just saying that, because I won so it's contested all right, doers. Well, if you've missed an episode, you can always head back to duling decades com. We can subscribe to the show on Itunes on spotify, everywhere, podcasts are available and, while you're on the INTERWEBS head on over to facebookcom forward dueling decades, where you can join, our private group share some of your very own Retro Memories, Som until next time, duelers we're going to bid you a piece, love, Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone gues New Yor, your br