Dueling Decades
Jan. 22, 2020

January 83 takes on January 93 in this retro showdown! Featuring a special guest!

January 83 takes on January 93 in this retro showdown! Featuring a special guest!

This week, we are back to the 80s & 90s for another round of everyone's favorite adult-retro gameshow, Dueling Decades. January’s matchup has the “Mamalukes” getting the 1990s for once as they represent 1993! They take on the team of Carlos & Bobby,

This week, we are back to the 80s & 90s for another round of everyone's favorite adult-retro gameshow, Dueling Decades. January’s matchup has the “Mamalukes” getting the 1990s for once as they represent 1993! They take on the team of Carlos & Bobby, the "Retro Stallions"; as they battle with January 1983! Judge David Schultz is back once again to lay down the law and pass judgment. Will the Mamalukes bring their success into the 1990s? Or will Carlos gain his first win (possibly his 2nd win, he's not entirely sure)? Listen and play along at home, then join us on Facebook for more great Dueling Decades action! Remember, message us your judgments (on Facebook) for every round and gain 20 points on the Dueling Decades Trivia Leaderboard!


Infirmary Mediapeo Ulan the pixe O plan, but it tot for Im ran again upon that SAPU top the power bopcom fiht for what LOVEC, opo e Pacopitencrita aete Ote BOTECP, would take a grave buto, Baly, hi tin I to comefight for Wat. You love on n broadcasting from the Infirmary Media Studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the Eighties and nineties do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. Let's take a look at this week's doelers and the decades they will be fighting for as we return to tack team action here on our show. I am marked James One half of the team known the world over and in certain small circles in the Hong Kong underbelly as the mamaluks in my Ta team partner is the man with the plan. He is the deweling decades champion Mancrush at uplets. Do this we got January. Ninety three IAM excited to take on the nineties for once or not take them on, but be them live in them again. I love it. Let's do it and our opponents we got January nine teen and eighty three, my partner, and I we are the retrostallions, my buddy bobby smellsburger, how you doing bobby, hey everyone, I'm bobby well, not the real body, since the real bobby totally dropped the ball on his audiotrack. For this episode he's been replaced by a far more responsible Sydebourg, isn't technology, amazing, I'm bringing it to night people Carlos and I are going to take this game away from the momelukes January ninehteen and eighty three will reign superior Ha, Haa, ha ha woo and by the way I finger my butt hole and as always her on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So let me introduce to you tonight's judge. He is the sultery voice from southy. The Comic Book Reading, Syrial, Eten sears catalogue, beaten host of the southingout show please rise for judge Dave Shultz. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you happy to be here, I'm a little high on cold meds tonight. So please don't take advantage of me and if you do, I don't know, don't take any photos of it. Please again, Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules, the judge's coinflip Shell, the side who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points, a piece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all five rounds, smack it up flip it rub it down. Oh No, it's time to play. Oan Is very nice all right. Let's go right down to judge Dave Shultz for the official toss off yeah. You know every time, I'm on D I get to judge I like to bring it a movie or vhs case to flip around, and you know se he was going first and tonight I really overthought it, but I think you guys might like it. I brought a copy of the Paul Hogen, an Elija wood, masterpiece, flipper HKID, so yeah. So we get the front covery here. It's Ot a clam shell. This is a clam shell. It is indeed so h. It should be really good for flipping, but we get the front cover with the tight, with the main character here and Paul Hogan Alija Wood and on the back more of the same it seems like, except there is a odd shower scene featuring Mr Hogen, nice yeeact right bobby you're, the new fish. Why don't you call it all? We are. Is Dust Ind, the wind dude, because we are the rhetro stallions we are going to go with tals in the Glori as Paulhogan crocodile down. Do you like a mother, Fucker, Lik matained? Where you go lets see we get go for that Shan. It is the shower scene. Tales has one all right, so you guys have control of the board. What category would you like to go with? First Bob. I think I jump in I'm we're going to knock out this one just because I think we're gonna think we can knock it out with this justthic one. So we're GINGTA go with movies, all righty all right, so one we got here was released January, twenty first nineteen nd. Eighty three directed by Mark Rosman, probably not a familiar name but he's been working and it was the house on Sorority row, a small time, horror budget of only about four hundred and twenty five thousand. You know not bad, you think hoaror back in the eighties. Was it going to gross, maybe a double that a little bit more, no ten point: six million dollars on four hundred andtwenty, five thousand dollars. That is that's! That's that's now like sequels and Franchises Universe type of type of money, but this is t a first time director writer horror movie of All genres Um turning his budget. You know ten more than ten times over it. It's crazy! So, like I said it tws first time director, he they went on Ta make other movie sequel, shoority row, so it did have a a little bit of a franchise. Has Fifty six percent on rotten tomatoes and two thousand and Seventeen Complex named the movie twenty first best siling a best lasher film of all time, and it was made reference and scream screamed too. So you know it has its peld. I that cold status high regard yeah because yeah, because you know a lot of horror, fens, there's so many it's hard to get a cold following this. One definitely has his Colt following, and I I've honestly never heard of t until I looked it up and saw it and read a little bit about it, but I mean it's. It's definitely has its following and it's grown over the years. So I think this one knocks it out of the park. Isn't it amazing how horrid movies come out in January? Oh Yeah Tunderstana always been the dumping ground for whatever movie yeah seriously. There you're such like your over Christmas, your the holiday Ounan programming after Christmas. You just want to see somebody die yeah fantasy. You just wanted to do like three weeks ago and anytime. You can put Santa Claus with a hatchet in his hand too. That's gold right there, so yeahall right bobby. What do you have for your movie selection for movies? I'm going with a movie, that's about post, apocalyptic Texas in the Year Twent Y. Twenty. This gym is called Twenty Twenty Texas gladiators directed by Schloch grindhouse master Joe Domato, the same guy that directed amazing movies such as buried alive death, smiles on a murderer, a Manuel in the last cannibals and, of course, everyone's favorite sex penitentiary. This movie, though, if features absolutely no one, you would know it's received less than five stars on I MDB and appears to have only gotten a release in Italy, but it's got the year, twenty twenty in it and has shirtless dudes riting horses sounds amazing. Am I right perfect for a case of paps blue ribbon and a night with the boys in the basement worth checking out bobby's, bringing it man all right. Man Crush that's over to us. You Wall start this one. You want me to start this one, how you want to go I'll start this one off all right. You go for it allrigt guys, so here on the show we like to do our research, sometimes over at newspapers, dotcom, great research. You got to go back to the foundations of journalism. If it's put in print, you know it's good to go. So sometimes we look a little deep for these movies, so I went back to the Orlando Sentinel published January. Twenty Ninth Nineteen. Ninety three and I found an ad here for a place called compons unlimited dinner cocktails in a show for nineteen ninetyfive. You can take part in the Italian buffet, which has fifteen items, get unlimited cocktails, which includes bud, Bud, light ows, rum runners and Sangria, all or n nineteen. Ninety five and there's a nice coupon on the bottom. You can use too a special offer. Free Movie Passes to Columbia, pictures advanced screening of the new movie Groundhog Day, offor valid January thirty, first February, first and February. Second, the AD says present this coupon for up to six admissions holy sh according to the addin this print on January thirty, first nineteen. Ninety three, you could go see the movie Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray. Of course the movie opened February twelfth and it has become an instant classic by then. I'm sure I don't have to go into too much detail, as we say on this show. If you've never heard of groundhog day, you have more important things to do than to be listening to this show so of course, groundhow day, one of the all time classics with Dill Murray, Andie mcdolll, Chris Elliott, it's on TBS, probably every fifteen minutes. You can't go wrong with that. It's rated one of the all time, great comedies of all time. So that's what I got a very special sneak: Preview of Groundhag, day January thirty, first, nineteen, ninety three mencrush all right! So here we go January, eighth, nine teen and eighty three much like Carlos's pick. It's Sart an actress that now makes two million dollars an episode producing for Apple TV plus. I say she's done pretty well for herself, since this movie and the movie didn't do too bad either the movie made about nine million dollars, nine teen and Eiehty three, sixteen million dollars in o thousand and twenty and spurned off seven sequels, no exaggeration, seven fucking sequels, eight total movies. This movie in particular it's totally categorized as a cold classic and over the course of eight films. The antagonist has been to Ireland, a farmhouse in North Dakota, Los Angeles, Las Vegas Compton in the nineties sands, Doctor Dray, of course, outer space. Then he went back to the hood and routed it all out with a tale of twenty eighteen. By going back to North Dakota, she could say it's been an interesting trip for this little Irish Hooligan in the Warwick Davis Classic Leprakan. Again, once again, another horror movie released in January of Nineteen Eiehty, three LEPRECON also starred in her feature film, dbt, the beautiful and never aging Jennifer Anniston. This is about a year removed from her getting the role of Rachel, green and the ICONICS tatcom friends, and you can't forget, Work Davis. Of course I can mention before he did six of these lepocot movies and he's done a bunch of other igonic movies, Harry Potter, Willow Afflicting Star Wars or something- and I don't know if you guys remember this since we rented movies all the time. But do you remember trymark pictures? Do you remember the the Intra for Trimaryea they put out some classics? This was actually the first inhouse production from trimark to actually get a theatrical release. It's almost like the cannon films of the nineties, lots of straight to video gyms, but that's what I'm going with it's: The initial leprokon January N Nineteen and ninety three off to David Shalz judge David Shiltz. Yes, thank you use my title. Please I've earned it Al Right. I think I have who knows movies, okay, so eighty three house on a sorority row, Carlos mentioned they got fifty six percent on that shrivelled vegetable site. The one flaw here is that he's never heard of it. I think thit's a little bit of a bad sign that you didn't ever. You know come across this movie until you actually had to research. The year bobby did a great cell on Texas cladiators, but he did end it with the shirtless. Cowboy is t e whole reason to get yo R. Your boys together to watch a movie, not saying, there's anything wrong with it, but you know hey ninety three groundhog day I almost missd what the movie was because mark with his old leadin was just really making me hungry. Yeah, I'm starving now, so thanks a lot for that interesting to ID bit about that movie too, as it ruined billmurray's relationship with Harold Raymos. If you guys didn't know that which was actually a sad detail from the film as well and then man crush came with Lepricon, I mean who doesn't know the LEPROCON franchise. So I'm going to give the wind here so as much as I want to give it to a shirtless cowboy. I got to give in IU nineteen ninety three, all right, man crush. We pick up the first point and control of the board. What category should we go with? I think we should go with the news. It's good with. You sounds good. You want to start this one off sure, all right January, twelfth nine hteen. Ninety three and like mark said before newspapers, otcom thisere. We get a lot of our stuff from and matter of fact. I also got this one from the Orlando Sentinel believe it or not. Out of all the Hu newspapers on there I like their layout, it's very nice. At least it was nineteen. Eighty three props of the people out the Orlando centital CR nineten- I don't know if it's still like that, but yeah in ninety three was alright. Alright, so I picked this one because I actually still believed the complete opposite of this new story. Until I read this article, so I would say this is some important news. It's almost like, like a public service to some people. H, like mark's wife, didn't even know this when he told her and marked dit no either. So this is big shit. They hid this news all right, so it the title of this article from Tom macuban excellent, reporter poinsetas not poisonous, no matter what anyone says. The point said: T is not poisonous. A persistent rumor suggests that the points at it is deadly, but scientists at Ohio, State University say that's not true. In Studies, points at of plant portions fed to rats in excessive quantities produce no ill effects. The dose the rats consume was equivalent to a fifty pound child eating five hundred to six hundred of these colorful bracks, with fucks of brack from space gost coast to coast. Some people may be sensitive to the plant sap and could get a skin rash, but no one has died, but he did add, but not all hollthey give plants, RS CF as a point Ata Azelias and the Jerusalem Cherry are extremely poisonous if eaten can be fatal. Symptoms of poisoning include headache, nausea and respiratory difficulty. You're welcome people. Now you can eat your plants. Your point set is if your dog eats it, you don't have to like I'll make. I swear to this. Like till I read this article. We always put our points at of plants like were our animals could not get at them because we always thought they were poisonous Lon behold, it's just a wives. Tail new you're welcome. Ei grew up my whole life thinking. You couldn't eat them and you wanted to. I wanted to theyere like mark it's like the one thing in the house. You can't eat 'cause, it's poisonous, you will die, that's what they always told me, but no, not true, fucking lires, all of em, all right guy. So for my new story, we're going to go to January twenty fifth, nineteen. Ninety three and I have some sad news to report here on the show 'cause that was the day sears announcince, that it's closing its cataloge sales department. After ninety seven years, it has been said that the sears cataloge serves as a mirror of our times, recording for future historians, today's desires, habits, customs and mode of living in eighteen. Eighty, eight Richard Sers, first printed, the mailer to advertise, watches and jewelry. Of course, the catalogue for years after that exploded, R, catching popularity in the seventies, the eighties in through the early parts of the nineties. Until unfortunately, on January, Twenty Fifth Nineteen, ninety three, they decided they were going to end the sears catalogue course it did come back. A few years later, they reintroduced like the wish book for Nostalgia, regons interesting sidenote, Richard Seers, initially wrote every line of text appearing in the catalogue, drawing upon his personal experiences, losing languages and expressions that he heard from his very own customers. So this product Falkinsas, it was basically if he heard people talk about his products from in person in the stores while selling to them. He would incorporate those conversations into the product descriptions Oso, that's the organs of the seers catalogue seriously, that's the end of an era for us with the wish book. I know they brought it back, but it was never the same as the one that was from the eighties Al Six hundred pages yeah. No, the big bookw gigantic. You can go online now and look at some of these and they're fantastic to go through and like, like I said in the beginning, it's a mirror of our times. It really does serve as a way to look back in our past 'cause. You have the fashions: The toys, the jury, anything about our culture was defined by the sears catalogue, so that was a sad day in nineteen. Ninety three! So that's what I got from my news story, the end of the seers catalogue. What wouldn't what would have happened to them if they kept the catalogue? A couple more years now, they're like what like seventy percent of the sears, are closed. Yeah. Maybe that's what he g just bring back cataloge shopping, just cut back and bring a Bak bring back consumers. That's right service merchandise, even if it's virtual cataloges at this point, you know that's fine, it's still better than looking at stuff in a browser search. Has Some artistic jur lay to it. You know. That's all! I'm saying you need Richard Seers, writing all the descriptions too. But anyhow, what do you guys ave for eighty? Three, all right bobby you go first January nineteenth nd, nine teen and eighty three. We got the release of one of Apple's, first computers to feature Ographical user interface or what we now call Aguy the Lisa debut with an astronomical price tag of nine thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars. That would be somewhere around twenty six thousand dollars in the year. thwenty. Twenty with a price point like that, it's no onder, this thing bombed, royally apple, had the idea that executives who were too stupid to use command based computers, like the IBM, would take out a second mortgage on their homes to use this brand new graphical user interface. The Lisa project began Aoun nineteen. Seventy nine and cost apple around fifty million dollars to develop the LISA was Steve Jobs project initially, but he was kicked off the job N on nine uteen and eighty two and moved over to work on the Apple Macintosh, which of course, debute to much success the next year. So perhaps this massive flop lad to the Macintosh being born, but again January nineteenth, nineteen and eighty three. We got the announcement of the Appalisa now blow me where the Pampers is that's, why nobody bought it? They thought they were buying a hooker and they got a computer. The this is Lisa Shit, all right, Carlos all right. So yes, so mine, we got January, eighteenth, nineteen, eighty three, the Olympic Committee, showing they have a soul or if you stronger on then enough they'll do something they give or restore Jim Thorpe's Olympic metals back to hem h. So those who were unfamiliar back in Nineteen Thirteen, the committee decided to strip gym Thorpe of his Olympic titles, an metals because of his amateur status. I guess it ruled the ruling came from this telegram that basically an article saying that he prayed professional baseball in the summertimes, which a lot of people felt it was unfair because a lot of callege athletes, especially baseball players, would play professonally in the summers and they would do t under other alieses. So they wouldn't be found out that they're being paid. You know to play profesonally, but they got to support their lives, D and stuff like that, so they di what they had to do and Jim torp was part of that except he didn't use in alias, and so that's how he was caught. But so many people felt that it as unfair Um. You know it took years and years thirty years after his death in nineteen. Eighty three in January is when the Olympic Committee. Finally, after a push from US Congress, it took Congress to step in and Tel the IMPIC committee that basically like the C L, a like this amateur status, stuff is, is pretty much bullshit and Li. Let's restore these metals, and so they have their little mini ceremony and he's awarded the re, restore the metals of his family and he's like Col cold winner with the other person. At this point so just shows, like I said that the he committee can have a Oul, but it's probably more or less once you force them with. You know national government. Is it amazing how you said in nineteen thirteen these guys played baseball und her fake names and nobody new. Can you imagine that in twsent yd twenty, it would be impossible. You can't do anything, you can't do everybody knows you are mhm yeah. It would be absurd. Wat', your handleman, Hey, wait! Wait! What a second here, yeah you're my facesful, I mean we Hav three e mutual friends: Ja. ALMANT was like fifty years too late. He would have been great back. Then he was like twenty three playing on Eatin all right. Let's throw it down to our judge David Choltz, for the judgment for the nurse round, Oke Doki nineteen. Ninety three mancrush brought up an article that ruined my life completely. well, you cn to eat them now. Yeah I was, I was eating him up and nobody else wanted them. I was getting fat off point settens, you know, and this fucking guy comes along racis aaticle in Orlando and then everybody else says hey. We can eat 'em too. So there you go t that ended healthy eating for me ever since then, there's nothing but greasy fat meat now mark the seers catalogue. You did I mean that it was the king of Junk Mail Right, Oh yeah, even Carlos mentioned it was like six hundred pages like getting a phone book in the mail that you didn't necessarily ask for, but you were Kinda happy with getting because, like you said, you get toys and there you got. You know random stuff. You got underwear, that's if that's the kind of thing that floats your boat, I don't know depends on how old you are and whatever. But you did you didn't mention they brought it back now when they did that n or what capacity did they do so? Was it a full cataloge or what was it? Well after the originally canceled the Big Book? They kept the tools book for the craftsman stuff and the LIK around two thousand and five. They brought back just the wish book around the holidays, and that was basically just the toys and clothes and stuff for the kids. So you never get the big old happy Shibang, not yeneverodanything, compared to you, never got anything like what the the big book gave us, which was you know, six hundred pages of photographic glory. Did you guys ever order anything out of there and actually get it or you just circled everything and HD ever received it? Actually, it was at all my life both like I would get like say. I circled transformers I'd get gobots, so I guess I got sort of L, Ke, whats, Tegeneri cers in a Woodi circled I'll, get that I swear to God. If I had a fucking nickel, if every time thet man crush brought up the Goldbawas that wha I I got fucking gobox ther ell. I know, but you talk about every chance you get it's like. I have sor to go fund me for you, Isis like some o Transformerg, like gobos anonymous man. There you go well I'L I'll, say y one thing: The demise of that cataloge there were mailemen all over the country whose shoulders thankhe sure, okay, now off to eighty three bobby brought up the Apple Lisa, which yeah, I guess it was a major failure. But when you were selling that one I I wasn't really sure if it was newsworthy or if it was like a product thing, but it it definitely wasn't a hot product. Obviously, so I guess we can still consider it news and then Um Carlas bought up restoring Jim Thorpe's metals and boy that must really fuckand suck you're disgraced. You live you die and then years later they say Oopsi Parbad you're, going to get your mettals back. You know, but this guy, I don't know if you have any of th further details on his life. Did he died drunk in penniless because of this or what I didn't see anyp o what I think he w only sought for him for thirty years after I think he was, though he has a town named after in Pennsylvania, that', something it's better than nothing. I guess but Ithis One 's, actually a tough one for me to pick it really is. I almost feel like pulling out my copy af flipper again, but it's still laying on the floor and I'm too fat and lazy to bend over and pick it up. Hey, listen, poin said it could be. The new hail broke IUS like in the nineties. Wasn't I Pizza Hut was like the biggest purchaser of Kal and they used it to like put around their buffet counter or whatever donow. That people know this article they might start even cal might be the healthiest shit in the world. People eating garnish yeah. I don't know, I don't know that. I don't know that but, like maybe I don't know, but Alisa Lesta being a failure. We would we don't have the MAC. We just. We wouldn't have a lot of thing very inspirational. It S. generationally inspirational, just watch out next holiday season when we get the point set of MC fllurry. Okay. The point said a light at late. I think, because all the points sad it talk here, I might have to go with ninety three because listen, it's just one of those categories where nothing really jumped out at me like who you know what I mean B. I definitely think ninety three, the details here had a little bit more flare, little bit more fun about Hem. So for that reason, that Cho was ninety three at least nobody died wellokay. Well, unless you ain't too many points set is in which case you might have gotten, you got to Shet, really sick, but retroostallions there's still plenty of rounds left to play, but this whene, I am win to go with the mamaluks. Oh Man, I write Nan crus. We can jump out to it to nothing lead. What category do you think we should choose next? I was not expecting that one that was sort of a fun round for us its not either. I say we go anywher, I'm trying to think what you had out between T V and music. So your call pick whatever. Let's go with television Tatur all right guse. I will start us off. My television pick is a a little television show that you may have heard of that debuted in January of nineteen. Ninety three January, thirty, first nineteen. Ninety three, we got the debut of homiscide life on the streets. This show one four prime time my awards was nominated for another eighty two awards. This was just an absolute fantastic show and really setthe early tempo for crime dramas. On TV. I think there was a a period of time in the early nineties where crime dramas took a d, a hard shift. They got a lot more grittier and I think homicide life on the street was one of the early shows that really portrayed that true dl. I feel the really noteworthy thing about this show as it did last seven years and did we'll win awards. We talked about that, but there was a particular character that got his start on this show, and this character has spenned over twenty years. Twenty three seasons of Network television, along with the maincast of homicide, SBU, we're talking about detective John Munch whoeveryone, knows from Su actually got his start on the first seven seasons of homicide life on the street. Richard Belser appeared as detective John Mun. In a total of ten different television series, he was a regular on homicide life on the street on two different versions of law and order. He was on the x files, the beat arrested development, Laran order, trial by jury and the wire and also thirty rock. He was also mentioned in an episode of Luther, so one of the most beloved television detectives of all time. John Munch got his start on homicide life on the streets, debuting January thirty, first, nineteen. Ninety three EEN. He got choked out by a hol cogane when he had his T V, show yeah Richard Hos. Those best is that we w referring o no ye had a talk, show and hogen came out. This was like right before it was a restlel mania, one yeah. It was like eighty four, I think, yeah he was saying how wrestling must fake and Hogan puts them in a headlock and chokes hem, and it's like a front facelock and he legit chokes him out, drop some richer bells or hits his head on the floor. Cracks his head open blood all over the floor. He was legit knocked out for thirty seconds. POPs up looks at the camera and instinctively says we'll be right back right after this bleeding turns and walks away, and you can see the blood dripping on his head. Go check it on on you tube, it's great, not as great as homicide life on the street. He's like screw this so'm becoming a detective on television ship, the Shit's too real. It was homocide on the set of Richard Belzer poor bastard. Well, he did get like a a pretty large settlement. Out of that, I believe yeah. He H H. He went on for years to say that he has a nice chateau in the south of France because of Hok Hogen, so Sheu'd visit yeah Richard Bellser doing great for himself all started January of ninety three. I guess either win the lottery or get choked out by whole Coeno to homicide by Hogan. There you go, that's it well, it's funny that you should mention that. This is why I said it January, Eleventh, nineteen, ninety three, you know what third time's a charm I think. Right last time, I brought this to judge Dave Shulz. We had the Montreal screwjob and I was met with a and here's your chance to redeem yourself, because the wrestlingon Er facebook were not too happy with that snub. So here we GE this one's television, twenty seven seasons. Thirteen hundred and ninety episodes the flag ship show the WW since that evening and the longest running episotic show on television today, and it's fitting to me because a few months back, I had the predadice predecessor to the show, which was prime time wrestling as my pick but ww f raw took things to a whole new level brand new heights, particularly during the attitude da and the late nineties. The show was a pop culture for nominon. You couldn't go anywhere without people freaking chopping at their crotch and shit every Monday night. You had this, but here's the important thing that changed the landscape of wrestling and listen up to ave. I know you hate wrestling, but here it is raw, was much different than any show before it, because on this show it was Teepe, Wellmostoy e Ol. Let me tell you th most of the old shows they were taped at like house shows on the weekend and they would chop 'em up like prime time wrestling and they would show you clips well loand. Behold he got raw this film. This was filmed before a live studio audience. So you got to see all the matches live. You got to see the story. Lines t play, outlive, definitely change theway that we watch a professional wrestling and it is the preferred way to consume sports entertainment. Would you say that's correct more? Oh, absolutely a hundred percent like if you see something taped, I don't even want to watch it anymore. No, no! No! It has to be live. It's that unpredictable moment. Where anything could happen, that's why you have to watch it. That's why People Watch sports live if yo you're not going to go on and watch an NFL game from three seasons ago? No 'cause! You want that unpredictable thing and that's what money and I ree a POJOCTI EIT is no 'cause. I don't know what the storyline is and somebody could pr somebody, God forbid, knock on Wood. I always watch Ha Shiter in point of view, as ob one would say. I always watch thus now, especially with a W and all the high flying spots. They do I the entire time I'm watching the show I'm just like. Oh, Oh, my God, 'cause you don't these guys can break their necks. It's crazy and it happens, live, but this change at all right here January, Eleventh N, nine Huteen and ninety three right over to you guys all right, bobby I'll I'll jump into this one on TV, Werego January, nineteen nd. Eighty three: this is a show premiering in the: U S and Canada from a person one of my favorite people from making all my favorite shows growing up, so Jim Hinson's fraggle rock, making it's a world wide premiere and basically we five seasons of Jim Henson crating magic. Again, you know we have. We have different versions off them. UPUS we have. We have we all mixture of puppets and people dislike in most shows, but this one just took ou a little bit different. We had all different types of charactersizes different scenarios. I loved it that travelling Mat, which h Tim Clark- I actually Ha had the chance of having him on. We talked about it Um and then, of course, this is one of th many productions that you know created a huge following. So still to this day you know people were obsessed with Ragl Rock, you know it. It spun off to like books, comics animated series, music, albums and they've been developing a future film for about a decade now. But you know once wine's Ting's done with his court proceedings, which I know POB get over soon. Then we might get a Faga Rocka movie, but you know still to this day, if anyone says Frogo Rock, you automatically hear that theme song that that upbeat theme song, a d painting through you know through their through their little t through their little cave, seeing all the different different little villages. They have set up, how how different societies live and how they interact with the outside world, so it just it had so many it had so many different l e issues that that had dealt with you know like with fantasy creatures like personal identity, the environment, social conflicts. So it wasn't just a kid show. It definitely had something to say so within five seasons, I think it created likw, Jim Henson always did create a show that it was magicals as kids and even as adults, so fragl rock still his day I'll rock et out. I still feel bad for the dozers Yeah F. They got hundred over Si. I guess we rebuild at fucking build that stuff all day. Long and they're, just goingto come on and just break it off and eat got hean fraggle yeah and their shit. Dushbegs yeah see the frangles were always portrayed as the as the heroes of the show. No, I think the FRAGLES are the villains. I think so like its like the Karati kids, the building. Now it's like, we got you look back, it's flipped. We have to revisit and right that's a good pick though it fragl rock was definitely even though it was on hbo as a Kid I watchd normal shows, like I wa'cause my sister's eight years older than me, so my parents didn't give is shit any more, so I just watched normal movies, but I still watch Fragal rock one of the few shows that I w, like I didn't, watch an cartoons, but I watch fragal rocks ias a good pick. I like that, all right bobby over to you what a e You Got Sunday January, twenty th ir nine teen and eighty three here is a show that everyone knows its syconic and some fined at a shock that it only lasted for five seasons. The folks at NBC delivered a show that night. That would be a pop culture phenomenon for years to come and in the process gave us one of the most beloved mean guys with Mr Teen's portrial of the infamous babarracus. The show initially launched its first season as the tenth overall show in the T. V ratings followed up in its second year with its strongest performance, as the fourth overall ratd show. The deer followed up, by being rate, a TV show at six an year three before disappearing into obscurity, and it's fifth season falling out of the top thirty before being canceled, even though this show was short lived. It's still one of the most beloved T V series of all time: Colonel Hannibal Smith, Templeton, Peck, howling, Mad Murdoch and bad attitude. Barno cus will forever be summited in television history, as perhaps one of the most funaction shows ever sex war, violence and mister t. What else can you ask for? For the last thirty seven years, five year olds have been pitying the fool because of Mister T. I pity the fool that doesn't record his audio back to scratching my robot balls. I I can't argue with ATM T at's. It's a big show. You guys had a solid fucking thing. I like here's, a thing with TV in January: You're not going to get any debute. So when you get gems like this, this is a really solid T v month. Sad Dame your fucking work as cut out for you on this one seriously. Let's go down to judge Dave Sholz for the ruling for the television round. Okay. Ninety three Um okay mark selling me ar selling me a category with Richard Bells or its kindof like taking a first dat to KFC. It's pretty awesome, massed potato bowlbrow, yeah right Um finger looking good. I do respect the whole the whole fact that munch has been around forever. You know I can understand that he almost got killed by whole. Cogen, Hey, that's pretty impressive too! I wouldn't want to be in his shoes, Um man crush. You mentioned that you sulted the wrestling fans on your facebook page, yes, ture yeah in the group. They were not happy about the the MONTRAL screw job losing out to I forgot who ID lost out to, but it was a far inferior show. So they were not well, you can tell them all, tell t'em all to pull their trailers up to my lawn and they can talk so stereotypical. Well, listen! Raw Yeah! The cultural impact is huge. I'm not a wrestling fan, obviously, but I mean Ikno raw. I always had this lasting impact on Americans. I don't even know about worldwide, but our culture. I mean it's still on today. It's World Lod, okay, worldwide, there you go even in Saudi Arabia, really yeah. I did not know that. Nor do I respect Saudi Arabians anymore, but you do lose some points on this for not bringing up Coco. Beware, because that is my one rule about wrestling. If you want to talk about wrestling with me, if you bring up Coco, beware we're going to be OK if you don't when not Um, but you got that point back, because when you were when you were showing us an example of how you react during live wrestling, you basically tot us that your B whole clenches every time n, exciting move comes seriously it does you like teme call yeah should be call nine Honde, nd one. Okay. Eighty three FRAGL rock dude big show that was a big show in my youth Um, like man crush, I believe you said you didn't have HBO, I didn't either, but my grandmother did and they actually had a character based on my aunt's boyfriend, which was a talking trash sheap, so it was likeothing to relate to there and UH H. botty's been a big seller so far on this the show, but he really brought it home with t e Ateam, even though I do have to disagree with one thing. I don't know many five year olds nowadays out there pitying the fool, but I wish there were in fact more, but that show, as just I mean I still watch the a team. Again, it's still on it yndic it's Ti, it's absolutely timeless. I can't get enough of it. I love it and UH. I think h. The stallions here have redeemed themselves and won the T v round and the fans can continue to linch me on facebook. While raw was was a big one for you, man crush it just couldn't beat the age but listen Youre. The fine points you left out there- this is the show that turned on live wrestling to television. It'sit's been the same ever since. Prior to that, so you didn't have one frerecorded ever well every now and then, but it's like your main, shows like you just got ae ov you that popped up all alive. I mean every now and then you're going to have a prerecorded because of a holiday or whatever. So that's a given, but this changed the way that it was recorded. CAS prior to this ship was recorded at House shows, and you had like two commentators out at a desk and they told you it was coming up. The only time you got it live was when you ordered it on a pay per view, and you watched like a a Russlemania one, which MSTER T was at resame too russme tree. You didn't have this on your Monday nights. You had prerecorded. This is what we saw this past week in the WWF. This changed the whole dynamic of rustling, so you miss that fine pointer, but it's okay, 'cause eiotems the Shit I'm likely to take it away from eating, but he it was white Shultz ever on raw white Sholtz yeah from the eighteen. I I'm sure he was in the crowd at an event. Was Com on n? No, no! He wasn't so thei Taki round. I thought you were t saying David Shols, I don't know, were you fucking there like? What are you talking about o? No, not me! I wouldn't be caught dead there. I was talking about Whiteshir the actor from the eighteen, but I guess that went over your eait is no big deal. I manner like fucked up your own name. I I wouldn't do that purposely unless I was talking at the cops, but anyway point remains the same. Eighty three you've redeemed yourself. You win this round, but thank you. Man Crush for the history onraw. I will um forget that in about ten minutes, ill Rigde, the stallions pick up a point, brings the score o two to one with the Mamelukes still in the lead, but it's still anybody's game. Don't worry, dolers we'll be right back to play more dueling decades. After these important messages. All right, you guys have control of the board bobby wh. What do you want to go with Myman? I would prefer to go with hot products. I'm going to make these guys my bitch. Do it Europe January thirty. I T nine hteen and eighty three, thankfully I'm a robot, and I had the chance to fact check. Instead of the erroneous original report given by my human counterpart, the cabbage patch kids were released in January nineteen and eighty three with little to no detail. I borrowed some technology from Sibrer dyng systems and was able to transport myself back in time to the Montreal toy manufacturer's annual trade show, which began January thirty, fir t nine huteen and eighty three low and behold. The Canadian toy division of COLICO was on hand for the event where they were diverted attendes to the Saint Hambera Street Kolico plant, a few blocks away from the trade fair to display their mock hospital setting and their newly acquired cabbage patch kids. Since no one needs to hear the story again about cabbage patch kids, they went on to sell millions of these squishy ugly babies in nineteen nd. Eighty three believe it or not. I was more of a speak and spell fand myself, Fuk yea, all right Carlos. What a e you got for the hot products round, all right so January, nineteen and eighty three we're going to your local mall or going your local theatre to get into the arcade to play, Tron, which w goes on to win the best arcade game of the year. In January nineteen and eighty three H steming from the previous here, of course and UH Tron, was a game that I played a lot. You know I go to the malls with my mom and I jus Li, I'm going Il. Give me some quarters. I'm hitting up. I was out of Tman t some off road, a little bit of traw in action, and it s just 'cause. It was fet like it was a different type of game all around 'cause. You know everyone kindof had the same, gimmick size, Guorrel, beat them up type things and tronjist took on a whole, a whole new hole situation and the whole controller. The way they had the joystick and everything on there made it even more cool, but it was awarded Um. The corn operated game of the year by Electronic Games magazine same year. It made forty five million dollars by the time nineteen eighthree came out in the: U S and estimated ten thousand cabinets were sold and the game made more Um Yeah, an additional thirty million by the end of O nd nine tee N. eighty three. So the gang was one of the most popular games at the arcades always had a line everybody wanted to get after some trand, especially because of the moviesh just kind of blew everybody away. Even though you look back at the the effects now t they might not all hold up, but the concept is still there and everything. So, of course, I'm a fan of the sequel that came out a few years ago, and so it's it's estate and the in the Zite Guis for a long time through the arcade through the TV show at the animated show on the Disny Channel. They also- and I think, Tokyo Disney- they have a fulllon tron team beam ride there as well, so tront has been around for a while and I don't think it's going anywhere, especially if we get another daft punk soundtrack, I'm all over it, Sotron being the best archade game of the Ar Nineuteen an eighty three all right, man crush that's over to us or the hut products round. Do you want to start this one off or should I you should start it off? I'm Min I'm Gon to mention one thing before and I have had cabbage badge kids as a pick here. They actually started in seventy eight as little people and then N. any one zavor was Wa axavor woods, but exaveer nober. He actually sold it to CLICO, so they did get big in eighty three, but they were around before that. So I just want to throw that one out there. It Wa we'l have it in there 'cause. They went through different iterations thats small names. What size t is, but the official when they were bought out and they were rebranded essentially oficialrebranding yeah, I'm just throwing out there just thrown out facts, go ahead more all right guy. So for my hot products pick, you know here on the show. Sometimes we do our research and we look for some hot products that you know like cabbage patch iconic products. Well, I found a product. That's originally they produced three hundred million of these, but unfortunately, once the advance demand proved to be way too many. They had to produce another two hundred million just to meet the initial demand of this product. I'm going to take you back on a little trip to the early nineteen nineties here in America a time when our country was completely polarized. The country was divided because in early nineteen nineties we had a major decision that we had to make here in America, and that was what depiction of Elvis Presley was going to be on our stamps. After a year long campaign, the United States Postal Service had a special midnight first day ceremony on January e, Ght Nineteen, ninety three for the long away, Ted Elvis Presley stamp. They had a short battling period from April. Fourth to April Twenty Sixth Nineteen D. Ninety two and I distinctly remember this because you could not go to any relatives house at that time for either Thanksgiving or around this time at Easter. This was the topic. This is how America was polarized. Do we want old Elvis on our stamp or do we want the young youthful Elvis on our stamp? That big day finally came on January eight? Ninety three, which would have been Elvis's fifty eighth birthday when you could finally purchase one of these elbis stamps they made five hundred and seventeen million of these stamps. It is the most widely publicized in best selling. U S commemorative stamp in history, so January, eighth, Hoan, nine hutdred and ninety three. You could get yourself the very young, looking Elvis presly stamp. That's awesome like I when Mark Sends me his picks. I swear to God. I just glimpse at them, because I like to hear it fresh. So it's like I'm being surprised, and I thought you were going to go for like hypercolor Tshirt, so I'm fucking thrilled that you went with the Evit stamp o yeah they over five hundred million. They had to produce two hundred million more because of the early advance like people that were wanting these things. They had a celebration at Graceland, Lisa Mari was there Priscilla was there. It was a big thing at the time, so yeah it was a magical time in our country when we were polarized and divided over such a topic as what depiction of Elvis do we want on our stamp. I remember that my mom walike a bunch of hem she didn't use hem she just like saved Hem 'cause. She was a huge El Yah, which a lot of people probably do the same shit. s like it kindof reminds me that h that scene from Um. What's that Richard Prior movie, where he gets all BRECTER's millions where he mails the that down pan nobody was mailing, those for a couple of years, at least bayhow. This way I got January twenty third n nine Huteen nd inghty three, and this because of they had the Gore Bill, which was pass nineteen ninety one, which of course was introduced by Senator Algur at the time, our future. Vice President, programmers mark and Dreson and Eric Bina were given funding to create the Mosaic Web Browser. If you're an old head like myself, that's been on the Internet for par too fucking long, then you are aware that this browser resulted in the Internet craze of the nineties. There were few browsers prior to this. Like me personally, I use viola at the time before Moset came out, but mosaic was the catalyst before Mosec. There was no internet browser that could display images and inline text simultaneously. So in order to see an image, you had to show it in another window, so inspite of that most websites at the time they were all text, but after Mozeg was launched that all started to shift. You cald even give mose credit for starting the downfall of all the Allin ones at the time like copyserve, prodigy, kewling genie and even aol down the pipe mosaic only stuck around for about four years. That's because Marken Jeresen he actually left and he became the head programmer. Well, he was a head programmer at MOZEIC, but he became the head programmer again for Netcape navigator, which is basically just like mosaic with bells and whistles and of course, M Netscape. Navigator became one of the first companies capitalized the World Wide Web at the time, but just to demonstrate how important mosaic was in jue, Oanine Hundren andninety, three, there were less than two hundred websites and the web as an Internet service represented point: Five percent of Internet services, N Hosand, nine hundred and eighty three FTP was number one. An had like forty something percent or whatever file transperred protocol, that's where we're all sharing our fucking files and whatnot shareing, our fucking pirated games, I'm sorry or free software, B, B, Y B Y nineteen. Ninety seven, though there were an estimated six hundred and fifty thousand websites and the web was close to forty percent of the Internet services that were used and by comparison at the end of Twenty nineteen, there were one point: Nine billion registered websites and about two hundred million were active, but mosaic. You can look it up anywhere. This is the fucking catalyst for the Internet that we know now: Mose Browser January twenty th, N, nine teen and inety three waslways a net cape kind, ofyea, that's where I came from, or the A OL C ds tack up in people. You wouldn't have had those if it wasn't for mosaic or- and this is why algorsays all the time that he created the World Wide Web because he had a hand ind the money that went to this. So I guess, if you look in it, is he want to go away? Hesayingbut? I guess y? U K O still relevant ind pop culture today, because a few years back, a MC had that show, halt and catch fire and in the final season of that show the web brows withthat their building in that show, is based upon what mosaic was. So that's the final step of technology that that show, obviously, if they fictionalized version of what really happened, but it's there telling of the mosaic story, kind of so sweet David Shal Judge David Chilalright. Thank you H, mancrush. Now, if I don't Pick Yu to win in this category, will the nerds on the facebook groups are throwing their pocket protectors at? I really don't understand why you wouldn't pick this. I mean I W. I would probably go aption if you, if you have a chance, O kids ecause people are running over moms were running over each otheir ca on the Lu. Let me J S, throw this out about cabbage catch CA. Cabbage Patch kids had a good year in eighty three I'll give it that cabbage packs kin a the rest of the day. No, no, no listen! Cabbage Patche kids changed hands about five times. They kept N so Arand over and over, and they were losing money after that, first year again and again and again so they got that secondary market N E sold. Now W they're lay eight dollars now, like Ay wwe need a beanbaby fall out again. Okay, it was this was the beani baby. Basically, cabch batch kids wish the beani babies of the eighties. I don't know about go laughkind O was, I mean people were beating them people up for beaing babies. I don't think my mom was a big beany baby collector, which is fucking weird, but no. We used to beat people up for having Ben all right, so itwas e reverse, but you're talking about like the catalist of the Internet. For the nineties. This built the Internet. If you, if the Internet was text, picture H, every lazy person, you know, would they be using the Internet if it was still text Itud be too much like a book. Yeah UBEFUC BE maybeplan tram at the Arcadeit's, the shit. So I don't know I mean O in Ain all fairness. Man crushed cabbage patch dolls were huge, I'm sure they sold. What five hundred million? At least I wait? No only the stamp would do that e Youlisten, Ho n you're eldest you're, talking to a man who has and Ian Save you Roberts Tat, so wil me, Bum Oi, take cabbage patch, very fucking, serious! No and listen! You Know Mancrus! You really went on the defensive there righ, as mentioned nerds thowing, their pocket protectors, in'm, actually very impressed by what you brought to the category and much like mark brought up earlier. Mosaic was kindaf the cause for the death, an the sears catalog think I guess maybe there as a death of everything and and retail stores, I suppose, and the same thing but you're looking at a pouring online getsome details along with a photo, and now you can do that at the same time. Oh I'm. Looking at Cherry Bi S, twenty three in the same browser window yeah there you go um now, since we're still on we're talking about ninety three, an the mosaic. I also want to bring up the stamps, because I remember that vividly I bought some. I really wanted the old elvist to win, even though the young Elvis did eventually win out. People wanted to remember him. You know vital and everything else. I prefer to see him all sweaty with the big asside burns, but again with the hell, but I know I was an old elvis fan too. I actually thought the design of that stamp was a little bit better than the all pink young Elvis Yeah. It was interesting that Mancris Thaid his mom bought a bunch of 'em because it makes me think a little bit about the the bubble bursting on the COMICA industry. YEA, like people thought thes were going a be worth a lot of money like your mom probb, some thinking, she's, going to put you through college on him or something Seif, Ti wit, te BN, aobies Bro. She had like no exaggeration. She probably had like a couple hundred beanie babies and t ended up giving them away. Maybe like five years ago when they moved their house to another house. She just gave eye 'cause hey're worth nothing. Yell, see that's the saddest thing in the world. He put all that time. An effort in Fur, nothing all right: retrostallions Tra the TRAUN game. Now it was released in eighty three Carlos mentioned, and it won the game of the year the next year. No, no, no! It was out the Previus er, but at on in the beginning, eighty three for the previous year: Okay, so it was actually released in eighty two, yes or no. Let me do wat EW double Avit Schulz. Let me sow I've been fool before all myself get fooled again: That's where you get drawn the wopor again get the rights to Ta. No theyol get to do any, save up your eldis stamps. For that one all right, yeah, I it it was released, late or mid. Eighty two, but, like I said the popularity winning the award, was making it the hot product. I guess was the angle I was going at in regards to release, because I mean we have slim pickens on on those things as well. Understandable unenesmiration is the key word I reak of it. Trustear me I stink of desperation every day of my life, but I did not say it was release. I just said it won the award so justable to cover my I understand. I just want a double check, because wit it being a hot product h. You know it. It technically wasn't released in that month. I'll be it did win the awar that month and I can appreciate that it's not officially when it dropped. You know so I'm going to have to keep that in consideration and then, but I will say this is that man crush is really trying to tear the whole cabbage patch thing apart. I think Yo was so mad about thinking that I was going to Shill, listen 'cause I had. I didn't, have cabbage patches a product. I had it for a news story. It was a black Friday story when we did the Black Friday episodical months ago, so everything's kind o fresh still, so that's Wy, but it's I'm not taking it anything away in eighty three, it's a fucking Jugornot. I just don't think it's jug or not over the course of the past thirty seven years, but it is e hot product of the time of January. Eighty three, the videos of people attacking people over cabbage batch in eighty three R, phenomenal. I think, more than anything I think just category really shows what was great about this country and what we've forgotten and lost whatave. We used to fight about on a daily basis, cabbage path, kids and elvi stamps peoewell. You guys have been going so back and forth, and I don't even know why I'm here, as a judge, I should hes t drup a sword. This is aw. You guys STA awathe over this. Oh thanks thanks but UM. What I was trying to say earlier is whether it was the the iteration ten one two of the cabbage patch. I mean that was still a big deal. That's when again the the Heighof, the popularity hit and people were in fact hurting each other for them. But this this is actually a little tough for me again. KINDOF, like the previous round, Um Btlet me tell yo I'm gonna in Carlos I'm sorry, but that Shran bit hurts you a little bit here. EY, really well! The reason to Gaon is because it is a hot product it. It additionally sold thirty million, do more dollars after it won the award, so it was made an official hot product. By en I I ge it, I understand where you're coming, FRO andue you're selling it I love it. But for me, as a judge, I really want something released in that month. That's when it was given birth and you know slimpo in the world. SLIN LUCK! IM TIKIN! I tell me tell that to my wife: That's how she ended up with make slimpic, but Mi am going to go with Mamaluke's in ninety three on this one. Oh we sneak out the victory on this young man is, it was. It was bare. I'm talking, tere 'cause, that cabbage patch is a big fucking deal yeah. I think if it wasn't for the trand technicality, I hinkthat's e echnicality. Honestly, I think I disagree. I think the Tran thing, like you said Yo like to go for it in that month, but drawn did get way bigger that year than it did in eighty two. So well let let the Tran fans on your face, pugroucome after me, too, for CR. Let me just insult EVERYBONL: they wouldn't even be on Orcas Book Group if they didn't have mosaic. So it's it's a big deal. Well, there you go you just seal the deal. Thank you very much carry on Al Right, so that means the Mamelukes win this one, but we still have one round the play. That's the music round, even though the score right now is four to one. I feel like it's very. It's been very close, this entire Thi, absolutely more than some of the other games. I think the match ups and this one have been pretty even and a L. I wanted to throw this out. So what we've been doing lately is every week part of our trivia. Every Wednesday ore episode drops and we're giving everybody the opportunity to listen to the episode, give us your own judgments and for the last two episodes it's been pretty spot on with what the judges have picked. I think and th Thas why I send it earlier. I think this is one of those episodes where I'm going to see a lot of back and forth where there's going to be a lot of people say eighty three there's going to be a lot of people ho say: Ninety three: it's not going to be as cut and dry yeah. I'm really curious to see what the duellers in the facebook community have to say about this episode. So get those answers in get twenty points up on the leader board, yeah, absolutely all right, man, Cresh, let's sit over to the music round. Do you want to start this Hene? You started this one off all right, doelers. You know folks, I'd like to tell you about a song about the American dream about me about you about the way our American hards peat down in the bottom of our chests about the special feelings we get down in the cockles of our hearts. Well, maybe below the cockles, maybe in the subcoccal areas, maybe in the liver, maybe in the kidneys, maybe even in the colon. We don't know. Of course, if you haven't figured out what Song I'm talking about, my music selection for this week is Dennis leary's asshole off the SMASHIT, album no cure for cancer released January twelfth nineteen. Ninety three, I'm sure everybody is extremely familiar with this song, as it was a staple of all of our use. You know- and I think this is nineteen ninety three and in twent y nineteen, I think the term toxic masculinity was coined now if there was anything that was toxi toxic masculamity before then, it was asshold by Denis Larry. His whole routine was just absolutely phenomenal. This album was recorded, live at Irving, Plaza New York City on October, tenth, Ninety two and then when they put out the album on January twelfth ninety three. It was also made into a book a television special and then the album CD COMPAQ DISK. It is an absolutely phenomenal just standup performance. The song itself became a minor hit gaining popularity on MT V and much music, which is kind of interesting, because the song itself is riddled with profanity, so they had to edit down the song quite a bit, although all of the assholes actually still stayed in the song. The Word Asholas said twenty seven times. The Word Fuck is said four times pissas used three times, God damn is even also other uttered the censored video beeped out all those words except for Asshole, and that being said, the STI, the song, still became a hit getting a lot of play on MTV. It was also popular in Australia of all places was, and it was voted number one by Australian Youth Radio and reached number two on the singles charts. So that's my music selection, it's Asshole by Denis Leary, off no cure for cancer released January twelfth nineteen. Ninety three can te judge shop in on this realwal, for it yeah is that you know you guys already lost around because mark just may be think of that Corus fucking terrible and I haven't even had to Tik of it in the last twenty years, and now it's going to be on repeat in my brain for the rest of the evening. So Fuck, you Marlin, sorry de I'm, an Assole, Leoli old, all jotal somewhere else go yoldel on the pricees right will Yo. We thought you'd liked that one him being a Massachusetts Guy and all that yeah Fucki all right. So we got January nineteenth nineteen. Ninety three, you know like mark- and I don't get to do the nineties much but we're going to change that this year in twenty twenty mark, and I are going to do a lot more nineti s like we mentioned earlier, but this particular pick is really nineties and from doing the eighties for like two years, I don't think I had one song or album that I said. Oh, that's so eighties, but this one is so nitys to me. It just makes me feel like a freshman in high school like all over again. It makes me Wanto like talk o some like Gibrus Jamaican, like Padwaman, you guys, Noer or o this year. ALV had two singles. I ended up being certified platinum and they featured one track. There was number one of the billboard hot one hundred for seven consecutive weeks. It easily cemented itself as one of the biggest tracks of nineteen inghty three, but this particular dance hall regae Song. It happened to be come one of the most recognizable tracks of the nineties, but technically became the biggest regae single of all time sales. Wise. Of course. Let me give you a little background on this in itine this artist, whose real name is Darron Kenneth O'Brian was arrested for two counts of a tempted murder for his involvement in a knife fight. While he was sitting there in jail, he started writing down some words and they were informer. Detective Man Daddy Snow, stab someone down the lane, witthe fuck. Well, he was acquitted of those charges. He only served eight months at the time for aggravated assault, so he gets out of jail. He goes to New York. He doesn't Owwal. This album is being shopped. He goes back to jail for a year over attacking somebody with a fucking pro bar. He gets to see his video for the song informer on television while in jail and then when he gets released from jail, he gets picked up in a LIMMO. What kind of fucking fairy tall ending is that suck on that Sho nowello still O, I still in jail, but if you'v figured it out, this Oltm is twelve inches of snow by snow and it's interesting 'cause. You said the thing about MTV before in this video MTV, actually added subtitles on the informer video, which was a complete rarity for them, but the video was so popular that they felt that people needed to know the larcs because they didn't no fucking clue what this guy was saying. It'was, like L, Aand, look at the Od and then I was st looking look. Your Boom Boom Ys, I'm sure you play it at weddings, Ansha, it's fucking great iver! Another interesting thing about snow, though, is like, since this guy was arrested and incarcerated. So much during that period he was actually banned from going to the countries to tor or promote it because of his criminal record and amongst those countries, United States and Japan. But again everybody knew this song, whether Hou liked it or not. It takes me back to my freshman year. There was a kid in my Spanish class. We called him snow. He got beat up with a bat one day. It was fucked up, but that's t'what. I read, I ated quickly, yeah, it was really it was. He started shit with these guys and he brought like you know those mini bats. I don't even know if I'm allaboa little BA N, like ia seven years, he hid it in his sleeve 'cause. He knew he was getting in this fight and h the g sewas getting I the fight with, took it out of his sleeve and beat the shit out of Hem in the hallway. Did they LIMMO PICK HEM UP AT IOR? U Not. It was not such a Pari thing for this G. Well, that's what happens when you try to lick someone's boomoom. Do I don't know that might maybe that's far happen? Snow got beat up in he ral away. That'! That's wmy! Pick J, nineteent, nineteen. Ninety three twelve inches of snow by snow, all right over to the nineteen eighties. What do you guys have for the music round? All right, I'll jump in here January, twent, Eieth, N, nine hutded and eighty three ther studio abbum from Def Leopard Pyromania? This one rose all the way to number two and the charts, the only one keeping it was Michael Jackson's, thriller which says a lot. The album was a shift from the bands, a traditional heavy metal more toward the radial friendly hits that were probably motiored used to hearing hits like photograph Polin too late and L, twoior love and rock of ages, and so it's oning. Over ten million copies, it's been certified seven times diamond platinum, every every type of jewelery you can imagine. It's been certified cubic, Zarconia yeah. I got it all so Um eand they got. I mean they got a drummer with one arm. He plays drums better than I do w to Hem, so Ihande Toim, that's a grey fucking out and dude there a MA. I saw them and that's that Osa goverse ere legal too, and they were still awesome, live and that now, of course, they're doing that Toure with poison and Moley crew, and I feel sorry for the on jet in the Black Harwe. Actually, no, you know what out of that entire line up they're the best performing live band. Still in that line up, they were fucking, believe Walson in twenty sixteen hell, Yo pour some shook up. Romon a Ha h, maxhead roommate got nuin on me. It's my turn again. fuckers prepare for another mye drop moment our Shitbirds, instead of actually picking an album that came out in January of nine hteen and eighty three, like my partner Carlos Dead, I'm going to pick something that makes absolutely no sense. When it comes to the game of doing decades, I could have selected. Sweet Dreams are made of this by the EURYTHMIC, which was released in January nineuteen and eighty three. However, I'm going to be different in select a song that actually came out on the nineteen nd. Eighty one album business as usual by men at work. You see the single down underhead number one on the billboard, one hundred in January, nineteen and eighty three, and it made everyone want to go to Australia, so fucked the Erythmic I'm going with the single down under. Luckily Carlos carried my Robo Jack this round and we'll win anyways speaking of down under toss, my salad beet at mother fuckers. Damn you guys have a tits, fucking music Mar wwe're still gongto. Lo. I really, I don't think so Al Right, let's find out what Dave Shultz thinks. Let's go down for the official ruling on this one alrighty yeah they won. I roundhands down Um, but yeah, mentioning men it work down under what else do you have to do to feel like you were in Australia? I would recommend watching Paul Hogen in flipper that might work for you as well crocodile dunde himself. Pyromania is something that I was kind of embarrassed about when I was a kid carloas brought up how aften the album cover was. I was in band in school. I used to draw that on on the snare drum thinking. I was like this Rad whatever and I was just adork, but still Piromania was insanely good okay, ofto to ninety three here mark still fuck you aman crush with snow, which I have an embarrassing memory about that as well, because at that time I was a weird owl in shraning and my version of the song was embalmer. SI swear to go. I tinkng in am got to fill up, somedin Bodis a whisen flew in now, and I would sing that to my friends a they was fucking laugh andbut. Obviously my my parody career never took off. Since I a judge on duelling decades. Yes H, eighty three, you guys fucking crush the music category, so take it. Yeah Yeah Right, take it for what it is, but uh man, if you guys, only had that around earlier we'd, have a more competitive, ending right. I was hoping that last round and we could top it off with this one. But strategy h t talk about your old time. Backa yeah, like Mancrush, said you know, I'm really interested to hear what the audience has to hear about this round head on over to our face book, page Facebooke, dotcom forward, Lash jewelling decades, chime in let us know what you think: How did he drown score on your score card? You do that you're going to get twenty points on the dueling decades, leaderboards yeah I mean that was four to three. That's pretty. Damn close, I think uh, the last two episodes were kind of landslide, so I saw pretty much what the judges said. I don't know if I'm going to see that this time around, so I'm interested well good game, filmis, good game, H, good game to everybody, H, bobby thanks for coming and playing with us this week. Thanks for having me Youn guys, I thoroughly enjoyed all the extra work that went into adding this robotic Audiotrak into this episode of doing decades. I gotto go. I must get back to my fish police marathon piece out. You Fuck Sticks Carlos, didn't get to win again man. What happened? You know, I think I'm going to have to start painting out some money or do some reacharounds or something I don't know. I can figure this out I'll, take both of those things something's going to work, but I have to keep coming back to get that wino and judge Dave, Shultz, Yeler, audience Weret, where they can listen to your show, selling out. We are on all the major podcast platforms. You can find us a infirmary dot org and I do want to Warin the fans of the show. If you do go on the facebook page and undermind me in my rulings, I will find you just like you guys can find me on all your social medias at selling out s. You need to come on the facebook group more and I hate face Ino. I know you do but like do what I do like, I don't even look at the recipes book. I deal with the thirty five thousand fans that we have on our normal pash and th. That's a nice thing to to inspire you. Thirty five thousand onded MN, a e eight thousand page in T or private. The eight thousand fans in our private group come in there and interact with them because I think they want to know like what Dave Shultz is all about. You're inviting me into your facebook groups. I can get pounding a you, don't walk folling, Oder Te. Try I, I must say the people in our facebook group are not a bunch of dushes. No, no they're like absolutely not like I'm in a bunch of groups where I'm like fucking people are just unruly they're, really not that bad they're they're pretty cool, even the people that don't agree with stuff. It's not like they're going out and they're like fuck you, you go fuckt Sook they're! Just you know, they're like I don't agree with that and they'll send me a message about it or whatever, but I think it'd be cool. If you went on there and interact with them, I think you'd like it. No, the fuck you guys I can handle this sus, a clever people that are smarter than me. That might make a snide comment that I don't understand. That's what bothers all right, dolers! Well, thanks for listening to this episode, if you've missed an episode, you can always go back to duling decades. Dotcom well, you'll find all of or content you can subscribe to. The show on ee tunes you can subscribe to the show on spotifyg or really wherever pod casts, are available. 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