Dueling Decades
April 21, 2021

Joe La Scola jumps out of the Movie Dumpster to judge this birthday battle between 1979, 1986 & 1998!

We're back with another episode of everyone's favorite retro game show, Dueling Decades! This week a new friend grabs the gavel, we're joined by Joe La Scola from the Movie Dumpster podcast! Coincidentally, it turns out that Joe and Mancrush were both at this past Friday's - Monster Squad showing at the Mahoning Drive-In. How's that for a small world?! You'll have to tune in and find out if any underhanded deals were made to give Mancrush the edge. It was actually Mancrush's birthday this past week. So you know what that means, it's a nostalgic birthday battle! The birthday boy comes in hot with his 1st birthday in 1979. Marc James just celebrated his birthday back in February, but now he gets to do it all over again; as he brings his 8th birthday from 1986 into the fold. Last up, he might be the youngest of the crew, but he's the oldest birthday boy on this one. Drew Zakmin drives us home with his 18th birthday in 1998.

When you finish up here, go and check out Movie Dumpster anywhere podcasts are found, we're sure you'll enjoy what Joe brings to the bench this week. Also, make sure to check out the Dueling Decades YouTube channel for the video version of the game! We will also be live on YouTube tonight 4/21/21 at 9pmEST with the Karate Bad Boy himself, Sean Kanan! In the meantime, on this episode, you may hear something about: Drew's fascination with hard balls, skinny dipping double-crosses, jiggle TV, dudes that can make explosives with tampons, a man gets banished from his home country for creating a scary movie, low budget blue meat-eaters, cartoons get interrupted for confusing carnage, questionable song lyrics, Dave can't help Drew score, Mazarati disappoints royalty, what-ifs, truck driving dancers with dogs, Jack Black explodes on to the scene, the Gorton's fisherman gives voice lessons, driving tanks in the living room, quality snowmobiles, Daniel Baldwin and Coolio together on the silver screen, Cumdar the conquerer, and a lot more!


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this is podcast new york new york what's up dueling decades this is wax peace to all you guys and uh thanks for having me on the show will it be the 90s or the 80s beanie babies or crack babies will it be nirvana or madonna maybe britney maybe whitney do you like new metal a new wave dave roll or super dave i don't know but now the battle begins dueling decades let's see who wins

broadcasting from the podcast new york studios it's the adult only retro game show we're the decades battle for supremacy because it's your history we just fight for it welcome back to dueling decades i am mark james and this week we once again bring you a bodacious birthday battle as i'll be bringing the best of my eighth birthday february 5th 1986 alongside the other duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off showering us showering us with the gifts from the 1970s say hello to man crush yes it was my birthday this week that's why we get to do another birthday duel i turned 43 but on this episode i get my first birthday april 13th 1979 it was a great day sort of also joining us on the panel and blowing out the candles for the 90s it's the professor drew zachman what's up guys happy to be back i have my 18th birthday uh which was april 29th 1998.

and as always here on the show we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness so this week's guest judge is the multi-talented movie aficionado and host of the movie dumpster podcast all rise for judge joe la scola hey what's up guys thanks for having me

ladies and gentlemen the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules the judge's coin flip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories movies television music news and hud products a judge's ruling will determine who wins each round allowing the victor to choose the next available category the first three rounds are worth one point each with rounds four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie after all five rounds we will go to a final wild card round remember jewelers to review the show listen subscribe and play along at home it's time for more dueling decades all right let's go right down to joel schola our judge for this evening with for the coin toss here we go we got it right here all right drew zachman the coin toss this week will between will be between you and i want to call it you know what i'm gonna go tails here joe give it to me give it to me straight buddy all right here we go man

tails all right there you go i want you all right drew zachman you win the coin toss and you get to select our first category yeah so i am gonna go with oh you know what i'm gonna go with tv because i'm pretty sure i knew exactly what i was doing on this particular day so on this birthday of mine i got something right on april 29th 1998 i'm pretty sure i watched this game because i watched a lot of them but uh it was on wpix 11 yankees versus the seattle mariners and i i'm a big yankees fan and this was a fun game to watch as both of these teams back in 98 were absolutely stacked the mariners had alex rodriguez who was actually a giant piece of [ __ ] they had edgar martinez ken griffey jr and heathcliff slocum who really like wasn't that good he was like an average pitcher i honestly just wanted to say heathcliff now the bronx bombers had derek jeter bernie williams tino martinez who actually came over to new york from the mariners a couple years earlier replacing the legendary donald uh donald arthur mattingly i'm going middle name here guys uh who just celebrated his 60th birthday by the way so happy birthday donnie baseball uh george gerardi was behind the plate for new york and david cohn was on the mound and we went up getting a lot of offense we had home runs from griffey and jeter jorge posada also went yard david cohn pitched a hell of a game striking out 11 in six innings and we got to see the sandman himself mariano rivera come in the ninth inning to lock things down for the save as the yankees won eight to five so april 29th little drew sitting home well not little i guess i was 18 back then uh teenage drew who is probably a giant sitting home watching the yankees play the mariners all right man crush what did you bring for the television round all right so let's go to april 13th 1979. for this selection i i was gonna go with something that started or ended like we normally do but for one i didn't have that option and uh but more importantly i was more interested in seeing what was on tv that evening and think about the possibility of my parents popping one-year-old man crush in front of the boob tube for my birthday and honestly i've i've never been that into cartoons and honestly if you're in the same boat as me please let me know because i feel like i am the only one because everyone seems to have their cartoon phase and i just didn't have that maybe uh maybe a year or two with he-man and gi joe but other than that i just didn't like cartoons so it got me thinking like what the hell was i watching in lieu of cartoons to make me not enjoy them i do have vague memories of living in our house in the bronx and watching the incredible hulk i don't know how young i was but i do have those memories so i know for a fact i was plopped in front of the television and i was probably watching this show that night it wasn't the incredible hulk but this is close it's season one episode 10 dukes of hazzard and shockingly this episode it's where roscoe deputizes bo and luke duke uh the same guy that's on their ass for all 147 episodes he makes them [ __ ] cops all because he's uh he's inept and he's such a [ __ ] that he won't go and pick up rocky marlowe who is apparently public enemy number one through ten and that's according to roscoe of course i actually i had to go and rent this one for a dollar ninety nine last night on amazon because i don't own it uh my backup pick i couldn't even rent because it's not even available on streaming and this is why i own thousands of dvds honestly go and get yourself some physical media because of this but anyways if if you're in the mood for uh skinny dipping skinny dipping double double crosses the dukes with badges a chick that mugs a cop steals her identity without getting in trouble sweaty boss hog bow duke firing exploding arrows i mean what one year old doesn't want that enos being a [ __ ] roscoe being a [ __ ] cooter having the best name you humanly possible then go and check out deputy dukes it's season one episode 10 of dukes of

mike hazzard said this was the one to pick too i i had to ask him i was gonna say you had me at skinny dipping double cross that sounds awesome well this this is what happens the episode kicks off and uh the dukes are like making out with these chicks and cars and they just won some contests for a hundred bucks i didn't even hear what the contest was and i didn't want to rewind it so i don't even know what it was but they won this hundred bucks and the girls are like oh we should go into the lake we should go skinny dipping so the two of them bow and luke do get completely nude and the girls pull shotguns on them and steal their hundred dollars and which leads them to get arrested and i don't know i guess they were already on probation i didn't watch uh episode one through nine but um i'm sure they're always on probation with uh with roscoe and uh yeah so it was the dudes nude the chicks didn't get it but they got theirs in the end i'll tell you that spoiler wow it's a good one all right gentlemen so for my television pick we're gonna go we're gonna tune into an episode of macgyver from its very first season originally aired february 5th 1986. now this was episode 14 entitled countdown a cruise ship is the target of a terrorist attack and it has three bombs hidden aboard macgyver and a friend from the agency are asked to dismantle the bombs before it is too late and the crew before it is too late too late for the crew and the passengers uh this episode is actually one of the best and highest rated of the entire first season of macgyver it ties it's tied at 8.2 on imdb with the season finale of uh season number one now the episode's plot is very similar to the 1974 film juggernaut uh which itself is based on a real life incident but that one was involving the queen elizabeth ii now in this episode we learn a few interesting things about macgyver one macgyver has never played golf and two according to pete macgyver was in vietnam as a in a bomb disposal unit now think about this guys although he probably wouldn't even have been there for long america was out of vietnam by 1973 and that's when macgyver was a senior in college according to other episodes so if you do the math i mean macgyver was born it says in 1951 1969 he would have been 18. he has a double degree so yeah it just doesn't add up for macgyver here so by the time he would have gone through basic training and shipped out we were out of there so richard dean anderson would go on to do 139 episodes of macgyver over its seven year run and uh believe it or not the show has won four prime time emmys uh cool side note when macgyver disarms the bomb in this episode the timer stops at zero zero seven kinda like nice little nod to uh agent double07 mr james bond because we all know macgyver is just the redneck james bond paperclips so that's my pick for the television round let's throw it down to judge joe lascola for the ruling oh boy well you know what uh i'm not a sports guy so guess what i'm not watching that [ __ ] derek jeter my mom was a huge jeter fan man but i i man no thank you i was upstairs watching like bad movies or something the guy's name was heathcliff

i'd rather watch the cartoon with the cat i don't know that was one i can get behind for some odd reason that was the one cartoon yeah um and then as far as geez so it's it's macgyver and it's uh them duke boys let's see ah

i didn't watch a ton of macgyver and to be and to be fair i haven't watched a ton of the dukes of hazzard but if i had to pick one of those especially those two episodes um i'm probably going for the dukes only because like what do we got the exploding arrows and skinny dipping holding people at gunpoint naked for a hundred dollars um and you know the good old-fashioned car chases man i don't know dude uh yeah sign me up for them duke boys definitely all right man crush you pick up a point here in the first round but more importantly you take control the board and get to control and get to select our next category all right i'm gonna go with news but i will say there was a dope ass car chase in that of course it wasn't even in their uh their ride the what is that a challenger they it was actually the uh here's the spoiler they stole the those chicks from the beginning they find them they steal their car and uh he fires an arrow into it but uh they do in a police car they jump i don't even know how it got in the air it's kind of like you know when you pull a wheelie you just go you know you pull your body up i feel like those guys just did that in the front seat and any car just jumped because that's what happened because the the guys that were chasing them they didn't even attempt it because there was nothing to jump i was like how the [ __ ] did that just happen i was oh man i was puzzled but uh dog hydraulics yeah all right so let's go to the news uh let's go april 13th 1979 i came across these articles in the daily news and i always find these types of articles interesting it's hard to picture a time before the internet where we got news and we just trusted that it was correct because it wasn't like you were going to get an update on the news story 45 minutes later or even sooner like we do nowadays you can go on twitter you're like nah that's wrong but here it is it's such a simpler time i miss it but it's fun to play the what if game with news stories like this one so let's dive head first into some 70s jiggle tv all right so we got this uh this article it's titled barbara bach and wings for angels so let me just uh preface this and give you guys a little backstory so at this point in 1979 charlie's angels they were finishing up their third season on abc and this show was a ratings juggernaut since its inception in 1976. uh season one it was fifth in the rating season two was fourth in ratings people were loving their jiggle tv which is to me it's actually pretty funny because the abc executives they initially told aaron spelling that this was one of the worst ideas that they ever heard when he pitched it to them but anyhow so season three happens ratings start to slide the show finishes at 12 and kate jackson apparently was tired of all the shitty scripts and the long hours and at the same time allegedly aaron spelling wanted to get rid of her because her acting sucked and the only reason she was on the show to begin with was because they needed her like star power for the pilot because at the time farrah fawcett and jackie smith they were unknowns and then spelling wanted to get rid of kate jackson at the end of the first season but farrah fawcett like blew up in popularity and she ends up leaving the show so once again kate jackson she had to stick around for that name power and then cheryl ladd came on to replace farah fawcett so her jiggle was worthy spelling like he tried to oust jackson again uh at the end of season two abc said no so now comes season three ratings are starting to slip abc's on board to get rid of jackson and boom fired she's gone so now spelling has to come up with another like amazing replacement just like he did with cheryl ladd so this article right here it claims that barbara bach is the next big star to join the cast of charlie's angels to replace kate jackson and i quote this from the article says if she does become the third angel she'll actually be the fifth which makes sense because the other two have left or been fired and i'm saying she will barbara will become a household name overnight and pick up plenty of dough from endorsements now with this i would say perhaps they should have gotten some confirmation from abc or maybe like box agent at icm because it never happened the the former bomb beauty she would end up not being on the show instead they gave that part to shelly hack and on an episode of carson that came out in may of 1979 bach said that she lost the audition for charlie's angels because they felt that she was too sophisticated and that she was not american all right so just think about this again had they had the internet in 1979 they would have known that she was born in [ __ ] queens like what uh unfortunately this would it spells the end to jiggle tv sad for all of us the show went from 12th to 20th to a measly 59th in the ratings before getting canceled 1981 and even sadder than that barbara bach basically flames out after she didn't get this role she went on to plays for uh playboy in 1981 and then she stopped acting by 1986. so that's why i say it's fun to kind of play the what-if game because if you have barbara bach in this role does this last longer like does the show have more we always like to say does something has legs the show would have had legs

and jiggle i mean it's a win-win but yeah that's uh that's a new story i got it's uh barbara bach in the wings for the angels i feel like we need a flow chart i could make a board back here now now who do you think had the best jiggle cheryl that is uh trick question it's bosley you son of a [ __ ] all right drew zachman what did you bring for the news round all right so i i found something it was not april 29th it was on april 30th so i hope i hope you guys are okay with that um but uh we would like to interrupt your after-school cartoon for this live suicide doesn't get any better guys uh so a man daniel v jones uh who's from california who was diagnosed as hiv positive also had cancer after finding a growth on his neck wound up basically committing suicide on national tv now when you have someone who believes he's going to die you kind of get this situation where jones wanted to draw attention to his ordeal with health maintenance organizations or hmos i guess he was also not happy with health insurance back then now he said that you know he was in pain because of mistreatment by the hmo uh in whose care he had been placed you know he complained that it would take him a month to you know schedule an appointment with a doctor and another month to get the results of a test so it was just taking forever to kind of you know get through all the the [ __ ] that is health insurance pretty much and he was beyond fed up and uh jones basically went to a freeway in los angeles and um he unfurled a large square banner with white hand lettering that read hmos are in it for the money live free love safe or die so he made the banners specifically for the occasion and displayed it for the news helicopters to see which they clearly did now as authorities prepared to negotiate with him uh jones suddenly returned back to his truck and sat in the front seat now he's like in this car like on this like overpass basically of the freeway and um he wasn't going to hurt anybody else he was just basically trying to draw attention to the fact that you know he's been kind of you know dealing with all this [ __ ] from his hmo and uh so he goes you know the authorities are trying to negotiate with him he goes back to his car and intending to take his own life he ignites a molotov cocktail inside his truck and the vehicle suddenly bursts in the flames and was set ablaze and jones got out of the vehicle however ran across the freeway as he was engulfed in flames and smoke with his hair pants and everything was on fire basically uh he tried to paddle the flames managed to peel off his pants uh and then continue to wander about he was like dazed and confused at this point and uh it looked like he was about to jump off the freeway however he changed his mind went back to the to the truck and wound up using the shotgun and shot himself under the chin now she's wait a second the whole time he was on [ __ ] fire he's like wait a second i'm not gonna okay let me go because i got he's like busy he's like i don't want to burn to death yeah let me shoot myself yeah he had a lot he had a lot of stuff in his truck basically molotov cocktails shotguns um yeah so he you know puts a shotgun under his chin pulls the trigger falls to the ground cameras are still rolling and playing the event live to viewers watching at home and it was a thursday afternoon and witnessed by many children whose after-school cartoons had been interrupted to broadcast the incident which kind of reminded me of uh what was that guy's name from pennsylvania the filter song was after him um our bud dwyer hey man they shot like that was also right after school basically and that was also aired locally on tv uh in harrisburg so yeah that's what we have i have a suicide so not only did you not go with your birth date but then you brought the sadness too it was the day after you know i couldn't find any news that was really worthy this was a you know what i want to talk with this because health insurance is kind of shitty so i felt like let's uh let's let's draw some attention to it that's what jones wanted man all right all right well this is going to be a rough segue all right well i think i'm going to try to uplift the show a little bit and talk about some fond memories because you know i found my news pick in the daily news out of new york february 5th 1986 now it's an article looking at what's hot and what's not in the toy world so what's remarkable about this article it has one of the worst headlines i have ever seen in the history of this show and it reads and look at the toy fair the playing is the thing oh wait i strike that and look at toy fair the playing's the thing the playing's the thing the playings or planes the playing the thing the playings the thing is that like some kind of weird shitty take on play thing i have no toy fire that person yeah well the article gets better from there it goes on and says boulders that become robots a rambo action figure a doll that makes sucking sounds when bottle fed adult vcr games these are the these are among the play things that analysts say will make 1986 an especially exciting year for the toy industry a feline version of the hugely successful pound puppies as well as cabbage patch astronauts should generate a lot of interest said analysts the winners will be electronic toys and plush stuffed pets here's what analysts said about specific toys tonka's rock lords they're boulders that transform into robots they are highly regarded and hasbro's get this transformers capital t capital f hasbro's transformers robots that can be changed into cars planes and other vehicles are expected to continue to sell well rambo and accessories made by colico industries uh seem headed for stardom now hasbro's my buddy the doll for boys is gonna see another good year while kid's sister a new tomboyish companion for girls is predicted to ring up sales now what about the flops the big question mark is teddy ruxpin there is a major return problem with teddy ruxpin they don't work the analysts the annual interview did not hold out much hope for a female fashion doll called gem by hasbro he said i don't think america's ready for a doll with dark purple hair so that's what i got for the news round it's a look at the toy futures from 1986. so so not only did they get english wrong with the title but they got basically the ones that they said we were going to suck were good correct they got everything wrong nailed including their english and grammar nailed it um real quick i got a question adult vcr games like like nightmare and stuff like that or like the vcr game [ __ ] like that okay and then when you when you first said that i'm like what erotic pcr games they had that right next to that teddy ruxpin well it doesn't come right after the uh the doll that makes sucking yeah sounds was curious placement wait what was the name of the doll that made sucking sounds so why would you want a doll to make sucking sound baby suck a lot man you never had that as a kid i kind of wish i did at this point oh no i don't want to say that strike that from the record

all right let's go right down to joel scola from the movie dumpster podcast for the ruling on the news round oh geez i'm sorry man but that that that while it's a [ __ ] wild story and the idea of somebody being on fire and still having wits about themselves to be like oh [ __ ] am i gonna am i gonna [ __ ] jump no i'm not gonna jump i'm gonna take my pants off now wait a second i'm gonna go back to the [ __ ] car and shoot myself in the head just to stop this madness um no no way oh that's such a [ __ ] dude you're interrupting my [ __ ] real ghostbusters that's true yeah um

so let's see i didn't watch like any charlie's angels but uh jiggle tv sounds wonderful um this this was in an article from 1979 like that's how they put it i never even heard of jiggle tv you know a baywatch immediately jumped to my mind and i'm like is that i guess that's jiggle tv it's like 90s jiggle tv like super soft core

slow-mo running from the beach yeah slow-mo boobies bouncing up and down whatever um

yeah it's as as uh appealing as that sounds and and and the that her uh i forgot her name already but barbara bach barbara she got the [ __ ] into the stick man uh unfortunately i hope she's doing okay now if she's still with us she is she's still alive she's like 76 or something yeah that's a bummer to hear about that so that's two bummers in a row

however that toy fair assessment it's pretty fantastic i love how they were like oh yeah uh tonka is making boulders that transform into robots even though we've [ __ ] had transformers for what five years at that point when do they transformers the capital left got you gotcha yeah um yeah man and i and i i had teddy ruxpin as a kid and i also had the coleco alf which is like sitting right next to me over here that talked to you with the tapes um so so i you know that's a big part of my my childhood and uh yeah gotta give it to you man uh the toy fair toy fair news wins how is it possible that they said that teddy ruxpin didn't work i've seen teddy ruxpin play with like heavy metal inside of him yeah and he would still open his mouth like when did it not work apparently in 1986 maybe it was just the one they had at the booth didn't work yeah i don't know they were still working the bugs out right no i mean i guess i'm teddy ruxpin take me home with you i'll kill you oh and that my buddy doll man terrifying that is terrifying child's play comes out this uh a year later yep yeah that's why why that why oh yeah because of that article the playing time playing things sometimes words

all right guys well i pick up a point in that round and i get to select our next category uh for our final one point round uh let's go over to the music round uh for my music selection we're heading back to paisley park for the release of a song that started out originally as just an acoustic demo originally intended for the band maserati which was uh formed by prince bass player brown mark and you know they're actually signed a princess paisley park label so they went to prince they wanted a song for their new album and uh they gave him so prince wrote this song up just as a quick uh acoustic demo for him nothing major maserati got a hold of it along with producer david z they reworked the song gave it an irresistible funk groove prince heard it and said yep nope taking this back for myself and on february 5th 1986 my eighth birthday prince dropped the mega hit kiss uh warner brothers did not want to release the song as a single but prince would prove them all wrong as kiss would go on to be the third number one single following when dove's cry and let's go crazy now interestingly enough on the week that kiss hit number one on the billboard 100 chart the number two song was also a song written by prince that was the bangles manic monday kiss also helped give the purple one some gold he won an award for best r b vocal performance by a duo or group and was nominated for best r b song at the 29th annual grammy awards but not everybody liked this song so let's head over to our good friends at newspapers.com for right up on the on the record section by writer bill novak from the sheboygan press prince sounds like a eunuch he's prince sounds more like a eunuch than a pop idol on this 12 inch signal his falsetto is grating to the ear but since this is prince look for good sales and airplay so that's kiss by prince february 5th 1986 just a huge hit for the purple one man

all right let's toss it over to man crush what did you bring for the music round all right so again april 13 1979 and would you look at that just like mark i have a single that was released on my first birthday and obviously i know of this song i've heard this song i knew it was big but i never actually thought much about it until i started diving into this one and let me tell you i have some questions about this content it's pretty racy there's some pretty racy stuff here uh first let's get into some figures on this one the song came out it was the uh the artist's seventh studio album that this single came off of and for the most part those were basically all disco albums until she released this bad girls album which was infused with rock the album itself was massive it went number one of the billboard 200 it became two times platinum um and i mentioned that because this song alone was certified two times platinum i guess everybody obviously had this on 45. for three weeks this track hit number one on the billboard hot 100 and basically every chart they meant anything in 1979 and that track it actually won the very first grammy award for best female rock performance which is kind of weird because i just described to you that it was a dis like all of our other albums were disco but we've seen that before with the grammys they just kind of say [ __ ] it and hey yeah what is that metal [ __ ] here's a there's an award for you obviously this is this is a dynamo track right here but let's get into these lyrics uh it's basically just these three verses on repeat and you guys tell me if this song is not about jizz okay i am i'm certain i'm certain as a 43 year old man i was listening to this in my car i was at a stop light and i was almost embarrassed because i was like this this woman's just talking about jizz right now so it says uh sitting here eating my heart out waiting waiting for some lover to call dialed about a thousand numbers lately almost rang the phone off the wall and then she gets into the chorus looking for some hot stuff baby this evening and note there she's not looking for a hot stuff she's looking for some hot stuff i need some hot stuff baby tonight i want some hot stuff baby this evening gotta have some hot stuff gotta have some love tonight hot stuff i need some hot stuff i want some hot stuff i need some hot sauce that's all she says that's all she says she's looking for a lover who needs another don't want another night on my own want to share my love with a warm blooded lover want to bring a wild man back home i mean this is this song not about [ __ ] she wants that that load that hot load yeah by hot she means i think 98.6 degrees i mean it's straight from those dude

i can't think of anything i mean as a kid i probably heard the song and they use it commercials and it's been in movies and all kinds of [ __ ] pockets oh god i don't ever want to eat a hot pocket again because it just opens like oh what is that

i don't come on i hope it's hot burn my tongue on that but yeah it's a donna summer hot stuff was released on my first birthday and i don't know there's a lot of innuendo there wow all right drew zachman what did you bring for the music round oh speaking of hot stuff

yeah so anyway um everyone's favorite actor put out an album on april 28th 1998 they're all i didn't remember seeing anything released on my actual birthday so i went a day ahead um you probably know him you know less from his music more from his movies uh one of the stars from i now pronounce you chuck and larry just go with it and he was also a huge star and you don't mess with the zohan came out with his third studio album this album peaked at number one on the us billboard 200 and featured great hits like don't drink the water stay wasting time and crush of course i'm talking about before these crowded streets by dave matthews band he is a phenomenal actor now here's the thing right in 1998 i was more so into metal like things like uh fear factory tool slayer i was probably the new metal by then you know corn probably was listening to limp bizkit i was not a perfect teenager i apologize but with that being said you know i was not necessarily into dave matthews bands but i knew a lot of hot chicks that were so even though i wasn't into dave matthews band i still was into dave matthews band which never actually paid off for me um to lose lose man it really is it really is i remember like buying i would get these albums like as soon as they came out and i would also like them over your house well my friends would have parties so like whenever they would have like the cds on i'd be like oh i know all these songs some big dave matthews fan they'd be like yeah whatever you're a [ __ ] nerd so it did not it did not work i also had these like giant glasses so the birthday i could i could have listened to every every dave matthews album like ever in the history of man i still would not have gotten laid by any of those girls but um anyway just listen to the music you like kids that's the moral in this story um don't listen to music just because somebody else might like anyway april 28 1998 dave matthews band released before these crowded streets did you ever think to offer them uh some weed no i i never smoked well you could have just offered it but now we can smoke this weed i have some weird matthews now hey you girls want some hot stuff you should have pulled out the incubus album dude well oh i was also listening to uh that too but that but the incubus that was uh science was out then that was a little heavier so great album a phenomenal album uh but they were everybody loved dave matthews you go to dave matthews concert i mean it was on for everybody else not to sell your pick for you or anything but that's actually a fantastic album the version of halloween on that album top notch one of my favorites man all right let's kick it down to joe for the ruling on the music round um yeah i'm not a dave matthews fan at all dude sorry uh it's not for [ __ ] me it all never was um and uh i remember hearing something about dave matthews where he like he he has this fetish where he like slays under a table and has people like [ __ ] on top of a glass table over his face have you heard about this i've never known anybody else had the same fetish as i did i've never heard of him i've never heard of him having that but isn't that called the glass bottom boat i have no idea man how do you know that but my buddy and i we used to we would like talk about all those things like the um like dirty sanchez there was the rusty trombone uh punch and all that yeah the white dragon and the red dragon bow tie riding the ball yeah yeah and and the glass bottom boat was one of them and instead of instead of like an actual table it might have just been like saran wrap which makes it a hundred times worse so yeah defecate yourself too no you don't like cover your face you just like put it over your face so it's clear he's giving us instructions now

that is the definition of it that is the depth of it put on your dave matthews album that's the first and foremost maybe that's why maybe that's the hot stuff she was talking about put on two-step

stuff on next week's show drew zachman's gonna demonstrate how to pour a custom resin table so you have comfortable sitting nice [ __ ] on top of you the services we provide so unfortunately no dave matthews um fair enough i'm just i'm just not a big fan um hot stuff let me tell you something uh so so on my sh on my show my my co-host show uh movie dumpster we have a character who's all are familiar with goldar from the power rangers right yeah yeah well our character is called kamdar and he's made out of [ __ ] but he taught you know he still sounds like golda but he's made out of gum you know and uh he's he's a fiend in the in the movie dumpster universe the mdu um which is our you know all our movies that we review kind of interconnect together uh under the umbrella and everything is john hurt's fault by the way go back listen to frankenstein unbound and get the whole uh lore dump for the movie dumpster universe but um but yeah you know maybe he would like that song a lot you know dropping the hot loads everywhere a night just think she's got to have it tonight dude she called a thousand dudes on the phone and couldn't she's an attractive lady why didn't she have to call that many people i need a lot of dudes this stuff it was like dude seriously if donna summer called you the first call be like yeah i'm coming yeah like why they're not housing all that hot stuff straight up however much you want

um transitioning into that uh that song actually not has nothing to do with the actual hot stuff or semen or any bodily fluids whatsoever but it reminds me of my mom because she loves like the old disco tracks wow there's a segway

that's the second thing that just popped in my head so i remember like i don't know like singing that in the car with her and stuff i never thought of it that way and now you've ruined that memory for me so thank you

now you know why your mom liked it so much and now i can't eat a hot pocket again to whoever brought that up thank you very much and that's why i'm here on this planet on the show from the hot stuff and it was delivered that night it sure was um man but i have to go with the purple one uh kiss is one of those songs uh that okay so the guy described it as you know his falsetto is just going [ __ ] crazy that is one of the best parts of that

like i [ __ ] love that song so much and then he starts getting like crazy at the end he's like

sign me up dude sign me up uh uh i mean what's not to like he's one of the greatest musicians that has ever lived and um all i want is that kiss i sure do he dialed up his inner james brown for that song oh yeah dude uh it just makes you want to [ __ ] you know deliver some hot stuff that's why i should have taken this round because i think like it's they're connected in some way oh you know what here's what you do you go to the dave matthews concert right you give a girl they're all tied together you right you can then you give the girl a kiss and then immediately following she's getting the hot stuff yeah there you go this is uh yeah synchronous sync how do you say somebody say it for me exactly synchronicity yeah on that on the entire round

all right well i pick up another point heading into our first two-point round i take control the board all right gentlemen let's go over to the movies round i've been waiting all right my movie pick was released on february 7th 1986 couple of days after my birthday there was no real releases on my birthday so uh we just in this movie earned just over 20 million dollars off a 10 million dollar budget and was originally going to star mel gibson and harrison ford and way before she got her groove back this film actually marks the debut of angela bassett so let's go to the sacramento bee february 8th 1986 for an article where the headline reads fx a hint of hitchhik a hint of hitchcock cops and robbers thriller just like the old days director robert mandel's first two films ran into studio executive problems and have been shelved but his third titled fx about a movie special effects whiz who gets dangerously involved with a gangster assassination is a nifty thriller fast-moving entertainment brian brown plays the protagonist raleigh tyler whose visual effects for the movie vermin from venus got him banned and deported from his native australia those are there are some first-rate performances by brown and diane venera as his lover clifty young and mason adams as the government agents veteran broadway actor jerry orbach as well and particularly brian dennehy doing his best acting in his best role ever although oddly enough guys then he doesn't appear in this movie till about 44 minutes in so yeah and then 30 minutes into them and then 30 minutes into the movie we see a poster in the background for rambo first blood part two now brian dennehy of course played the hard-nosed cop leo mccarthy in this movie fx well he also played the crooked cop teasel in first blood solidifying my theory that mccarthy and teasel are the same character because of everything that happened in first blood he had to leave the small town relocate he became a cop it's it just fits with it so the uh the writer finishes the article with uh we'll be looking from other movies from mandel we'll be looking for those other man down movies he's a comer again he wanted that hot stuff dude

every i've never heard that you know we had a bad headline before this might be one of the worst quotes ever he's a comer

this guy about fx and speaking of coming uh robert mandel's next film would be one of mike ranger's favorites of all time that's 1987's big shots

he would not return for fx2 so uh john sears john steers who was a special effects consultant on fx actually claimed that he had been offered money from government agencies to simulate the various things that were depicted in the film so fx actually might be based on some truth can't confirm nor deny that so i give you fx february 7th 1986. wait did you say that uh brian brown's character raleigh whatever it was he actually got he got deported from his home country yeah he got deported from australia because of the effects in his movie vermin from venus not the actor the character yeah no i know i like that part of that movie completely like went over my head because i never caught that it's a quick passing line in like the beginning that's wild that's a i love that movie though i like the second one too yeah i i always kind of like the second one better because the clown yeah it's got the clown it's more upbeat and funny whereas fx is a hard-nosed crime drama and the ending is just spectacular spoilers he super glues the gun to the guy's [ __ ] hands and then shoves them out the doors to the cops that's great

all right let's toss it over to mancrush what do you have for the movies round all right so let's go april 13th 1979 again i'm picking all of mine on my birthday i'm not going to the other days i'm going where i'm supposed to go uh but thankfully i was able to locate a sneak preview on my birthday for a movie that i actually like this movie right here it's probably my favorite of the series of uh six in this one uh it did have a reboot in 2004 and i normally hate reboots but i actually enjoyed this reboot that being said it's obviously it doesn't hold a candle to the original but it's good when most reboots are under dog [ __ ] but uh i turned the rape age of one in 1979 so unfortunately i didn't get to see this in theaters but i'm sure the old mahoning drive-in which i've been saying incorrectly for the entire time we've been uh recording these podcasts it's not mahoning it's mahoning uh but um if they haven't played this one i will definitely go there when they do if you're into nostalgia and i'm sure that you probably are if you're listening to the show watching an original 35 millimeter cut of a movie is the closest thing to having your own delorean to go back in time it honestly is so if you ever have the opportunity to see one of your favorite movies on 35 millimeter i highly recommend it i just wanted to drop that in there because joe was there as well we got to uh to meet andre gower on friday it was cold to [ __ ] and raining the whole time but it was still a great time got to see monster squad up on the big screen just like i did in 1987. it was worth it yeah absolutely uh but anyways uh this movie brought in 55 million dollars worldwide so that's around 223 million in 2021 and this was all done on a 500 000 budget which is insane especially when you have arguably one of the best practical effects guys ever working on this film matter of fact the budget was so low on this horror flick they couldn't even afford stuntmen so that same special effects guy that i just met and that i just mentioned he attempted to do his own stump where he jumps over a guardrail in the facility that they're in i'm not gonna give it away just yet and he almost broke his neck in the process of doing that uh you're supposed to jump off into some like empty boxes completely missed it uh and the director of this one he didn't even have dailies to review the film so they would send the film off to new york to process every single day and then wait for them to provide word if it was a good shoot or not so it's shocking it is shocking this movie came out as legendary as it did with all these limitations and the budget limitations and everything else and in spite of all that this was the most profitable of the six in the series and i actually i believe that there's a seventh on the way i think it's coming out this year somebody can correct me if i'm wrong after i give this one away if you already know it so if you're in the mood for movies about gray zombies that kind of look like dead smurfs looting the monroeville mall potentially x-rated movies minus explicit sex cameos by the pagan motorcycle club fluorescent blood volkswagen scarakos ken ferreira tom savini and george romero then you should probably go and watch dawn of the dead because that's sneak peeked on my birthday april 13 1979 and you know what's actually interesting about this thing too so every day when they shot in the mall they can only shoot from 10 p.m to 6 a.m and it was actually done during christmas season which just blows my [ __ ] mind but they would have gone past 6am every day however the mall was playing elevator music that popped on at 6am and nobody knew how to shut it off so they had to stop at 6am and there's all kinds of stories that came out of the making of this about like extras going out to the bar that was like apparently across the street and we'd get drunk before they even got there so the the zombies walking around looking like zombies they were just drunk ass [ __ ] that just came from the bar which is pretty pretty dope and uh george romero saying that he couldn't even direct these people they were just there was hundreds of them he would just be like uh just act like zombies and they did it's pretty awesome but that's uh that's my pick is dawn of the dead legendary my all-time favorite horror movie oh really absolutely so good fantastic do you actually do you guys know is there a seventh one coming out this year i'm i'm actually trying to pull that up no i thought i have like a list of all the movies coming out like a nerd and i'm uh i thought i saw it on there but it's kind of coming out to my basement since every [ __ ] movie theater is closed it's kind of sad the state of george romero's films now because he's constrained because of budget limitations like island of the dead he got no budget for and then a remake the remake of dawn of the dead got 10 times more budget oh yeah for a remake then he could get to do a new original film like when he wanted to do a land of the dead and all those actually i like the remake i hate most remakes but that one i actually liked i think it was the cast it's totally fine i think that james gunn had written that move that one too oh really yeah it's a good movie i don't like it as a remake they could have just changed a few things in the name and it could have stood on its own but when you make it in a mall i mean it's like a foregone conclusion this is dawn of the dead yeah they made it like in an office complex like all right it could be something else it's in a factory but in a mall it's got to be dawn of the dead flea market that's flea market yeah

swap meet of the dead all the zombies have like three teeth i'm not afraid of you all right all right drew zachman over to you all right now what if i told you there was a movie that starred patrick swayze randy travis and meatloaf i feel like that's something you might be interested in right and and you probably would and and rightfully you'd probably lose your [ __ ] if you found out about that well on may 1st 1998 our good friends at universal pictures gave us that gift 89 minutes of non-stop heart pounding action starring these absolute legends where a trucker who has just been released from jail for vehicular manslaughter for accidentally hitting and killing a motorist and his passenger on the side of the road during a trip in which he experienced a black dog hallucination brought on by exhaustion is manipulated into transporting illegal arms guys it happens more often than you think now this film pulled in a box office of 12 million 951 dollars or so back in 1998 or mancrash will convert it for you or in 2021 it's just a little north of 37 billion so they did pretty well now i am talking of course about black dog the patrick swayze classic flick and i mean any time you have a movie involving a truck driver i mean you need to watch it right i mean over the top you have to watch that oh the top yeah yeah truck driver lincoln hawk i mean yeah you have to watch it and it's so good kenny loggins yeah you got to watch it uh and speaking of great soundtracks this one also had a great soundtrack you had some great country acts on there like leanne womack red atkins randy travis obviously uh thankfully there was no jason aldean or brantley gilbert because this was before their time but i still wanted to mention them because they suck and they are terrible so nobody jason aldean brantley gilbert guys nobody ever listens to their music they are [ __ ] um anyway the soundtrack peaked at number 30 on the top country albums chart uh it's a pretty decent flick i i saw it a long time ago i remember it being halfway decent i probably should give it a re-watch but black dog folks didn't get a tv show as well does that have a tv i just wanted a tv show i don't remember oh like when he was sick like towards uh towards the end he was on like some tv 15 years ago i don't think it was black dog i thought it was that maybe i'm wrong it's the hot stuff it gets done it's a little too hot yeah you're overheating from the it's a little too hot well let's see what our judge joel ascola has to say on his verdict for the movies round okay so i i've never seen black dog um the only the only movies from the 90s that i remember from patrick that i've seen a lot of are like next of k or did next of kin come out in the i was in the 80s it wasn't so too wonkful um i never i never saw i never saw a black dog but it sounds cool um so i definitely want to check it out um but it's got meatloaf it's got meatloaf in it yeah the meal or the singer both oh okay i love how meatloaf is in like a bunch of uh like bee stuff like he's in he's in a tails from the crypt episode he's in like a monster's episode the old you know 80s tv series monsters fighting well yeah i mean it started for him with rocky horror right you can't get any more b than that oh yeah man okay i'll correct myself it was uh the show was called the beast

um but yeah yeah i mean i can't i can't even really weigh you know but it sounds cool um so effects um i haven't seen that movie in forever um but i love i always love the premise of it you know the guy going in with with you know doing special effects makeup to be different people to pull off heists and crimes and [ __ ] like that and that's that's [ __ ] rad um yeah that's not the plot of it at all no don't they like hire him for some [ __ ] to like do like do they hire him to fake an assassination of a fake assassination i think of course because the second like modern film noir there's like 400 billion plot twists yeah is that the second one is that the plot of the second one uh which is the one where uh there's like a shower scene is that the first one where he's got a or is it the second one that's the second one okay all right i don't [ __ ] know dude i haven't i haven't seen it in forever so [ __ ] me but you know but i like the idea uh i should revisit that soon for sure uh i seem to remember i seem to remember some movie where i mean and not mission impossible or anything like that but like uh you know using makeup effects to to to do some kind of i don't know what but there you go that was summer school man yeah

um but yeah uh dawn of the dead uh the classic romero film um yeah i mean you got savini in there you got ken furry like you were saying uh it's a great [ __ ] flick it's it's a classic zombie flick um and it's definitely in the wheelhouse um that i've seen a ton of times um and i'm gonna have to go with that one for sure uh and i'm a little biased only you know i obviously you know i don't remember [ __ ] effects and i never saw black dog but i was probably gonna pick the horror movie anyway you know what i mean um but nobody can blame you with that one i mean if if you didn't the guys from the pagan motorcycle club probably would have come to your door because that mall is not far from where you live so i'm sure they're still representing in that area somewhere oh yeah but probably but joe don't worry man you'd be all right you could sneak away while they stop to take their blood pressure oh there you go yeah i've actually been to the monroeville mall uh have you guys been there no i've never been there no i always wanted to i was i was doing uh because i do like cinematography and [ __ ] like that i do video work and um we had we had like pass through and we stopped and it was neat man uh it was really neat to just like walk around and just see where they shot everything and they had there was a store there that had like a bunch of like old props memorabilia and stuff and like people from the film had come back and like put their hand prints on the wall and like signed it and stuff so it was so cool it was really cool yeah is that place still open as a mall or is it just uh it's big empty building now um i'm not sure i i think who was just in there um that i just saw

i just saw somebody from from from another show uh justin from um

he's going to shoot me dude he's going to kill me you couldn't even plug my [ __ ] oh no um yeah i'm totally blanking right now sorry i didn't even know it was still open i didn't know you can just go there and check it out that's pretty awesome i didn't know it was open either i didn't i thought most of the malls that are around here are [ __ ] shut down dude yeah you know or like there's like one store open and like the middle of the mall is closed off and you just go into one area um epic film guys oh yes yes yes yeah we know them uh [ __ ] justin zesquill i don't know how to say his last name that's one of those [ __ ] words that we were talking about where you know i never heard it said out loud i haven't actually nicked this show no it wasn't even this show nick did the show uh when we were poop culture yeah okay [ __ ] five or six years ago right after the booby brothers quit we used to it's a long story we had these guys derek and randy booby were my co-hosts and they quit and started their own [ __ ] and i needed somebody to fill in and nick filled in for that first episode and we had uh greg lamberson was on and we were talking about like slime city massacre and all this other [ __ ] and nice i remember nick was like i don't even know who this guy is like i was like don't worry about it i'll take care i'll i'll run the whole interview and then at the end i remember greg lamberson just being like nick well i'm i'm thankful that you were here all right man crush you picked up two points and you jump out to the lead heading into the final round and of course that's the hot products round all right uh since it was my birthday and i won the round we're going to the last round i'm going to take the opportunity to defer and i'm going to give this one to you true you haven't been here in a while and it lets you double down in the last round i appreciate it although

we'll get there now how do we get the hot products in round five is what i want to know that never happens somebody's got a somebody's got a banger here no wait what is it somebody's gotta come angor somebody's got a camera that's it you're you're coming in bangor then for sure oh boy uh all right so i remember uh this hot product actually came out on april 28th so the day before my birthday but i remember being excited about because i didn't actually get a chance to see it in the movie theater so this is actually a vhs release but i remember when it came out i was like oh i want to i definitely want to get this movie and see it like now like as soon as it came out and uh i went with this pic because you know i think i i actually did get it maybe like a week or so after it came out uh so like a week or so after my birthday basically and the movie came out in november of 1997 in the movie theater i didn't get a chance to see it there i wanted to but i just never got around to it uh so like i said as soon as i came out of vhs wanted to see it and the reason why it had you know bruce willis i had richard gere in there so you know two top-notch actors in there no gerbil uh but i was waiting yeah but the film involves basically it's about the hunt for a paid assassin and it's a loose remake of the 1973 british french film the day of the jackal which was actually based on the 1971 novel of the same name now the movie i'm talking about is the jackal and box office wise it did it was okay it grossed 159 million on the budget of 60 million so not too shabby not fantastic but again it could have been worse and again i remember being like stoked for this movie uh right around my birthday and wanting to watch it and when i did uh it kind of sucked um so much that roger ebert of the chicago sometimes called it a and i'm quoting here glum curiously flat thriller and he also included the film in his worst of 1997 comparing it to the 1973 film and calling it a retread cruder and dumbed down now i decided to go this pick because i remember wanting you know on my birthday i was like pretty excited to go get this on vhs because it just came out so that's why i went with this pic it pretty much sucked but uh i'm going with this because it you know had some significance to my actual 18th birthday so that's what uh that's what i'm going with the jackal starring bruce willis and richard gere and jack black got his arms blown off yeah that's the only part of that entire film man not not great so that's what i have all right guys so my hut product i found in the pages of the los angeles times february 5th 1986 right in the top right hand corner of page three it's a nice little advertisement that even at the ripe age of eight years old if i would have seen this i would have been excited to sign up for this service absolutely because i was a big fan of this television show and you'll see why in just a moment caught my eye because of the big bright unmistakably smiling face of uh that's featured in this advertisement where the copy reads tv commercial and voiceover training if you're talented and you want the chance to work in the exciting field of acting and tv commercials sports or narration cartoons or newscasting or spots for radio del mar media arts can help you get there call for a free evaluation or interview del mar media arts now on the left hand side of that smiling right back at you with that friendly dimpled grin is none other than mr gordon jump from wkrp has a big picture of him and it says gordon jump wkrp all students work with mr jump now the school is actually still open and it is called multimedia arts it's the school for television and commercial act acting and voice overs so the school was actually founded in san diego over 30 years ago and on the multimedia arts website their description now reads it's the school and place where you can develop your talents and learn the business aspects of professional recording demo tapes auditioning marketing and more so gordon jump actually has a bio on the page as well talking about he was associated with the school since its inception he helped create the content of the courses and before his passing he was a full-time instructor he was an advocate for the school teachers putting the other the curriculum and of course gordon jump was best known for wkrp in cincinnati and as the maytag tv man on tv we miss him dearly it reads and i agree with their sentiments so this is what i would have wanted man the chance to work with mr gordon jump from wkrp are you telling me i can be just like him and run a radio station be fantastic look at venus fly trap to work for me man when you said gordon the way you you were like slow i pictured the gordon's fisherman and then all i pictured was dude in yellow slickers the whole time that would have been awesome i'd love to see gordon i know that's gorton but whatever

all right man crush let's kick it over to you what do you have for the hot products round what are you holding out on man well uh we probably should have prefaced this whole round with this if this is your first birthday battle in dueling decades things are slightly different than they are with a regular episode instead of the product launching on a particular date like we normally do instead we have to pick a product that was from an ad that was run on our birthdays so that's where we're coming from with these but my particular product this uh this hot product was released in 1977 and it was something that i actually owned in the early 80s before we had the atari 2600 so for me this is a very cool find because i completely forgot about this game uh when i moved out of my parents house this was like over 20 years ago i remember still having this game suction cup to the top of my atari 2600 dome caves remember those cases that uh they had like this uh see-through plastic top yeah this game that i'm talking about cups on the bottom and mine was suction cup right at the top um and i think i mentioned this on the show before but uh my mom had donated all of my [ __ ] to goodwill when i moved out so mostly that like the toys and the game systems all that was given away but yet they kept thousands of [ __ ] baseball cards they now reside in my basement like 20 feet away from where i'm sitting right now and they're worth like 13 bucks so uh thank you to my mom and dad but uh this hot product this was the coleco telstar combat video game system i was coming in at the sale price of 49.87 and drool like this because that's about 200 convert it there in 2021 uh the original price was 69.87 and then it kind of makes you think like what kind of demented soul would end their prices with 87 cents that's like turning your television up to like volume number 23 or like some other oddball number if any [ __ ] evens or it's not 99 like just don't do it but they did it in this one but anyway in the late 70s like obviously pong was king and coleco was trying to create a better video game experience so they released a telstar which they have like a dozen different iterations of this and each iteration of the telstar had several games on it and the combat series had four tank games of its own so you had combat which is basically like it it's almost exactly the same as atari's combat then you had night battle robot battle and camouflage combat or something i'm gonna give you a spoiler uh they're basically all the same [ __ ] uh just different lighting same same thing as 1979 what do you want uh but the key selling feature the telstar was the design and you can find these things on ebay now that are like hundreds of dollars and they're still they look exactly like they did in 1979 these [ __ ] were built to last uh but what they did with this particular model in the combat it was a green triangle with a like it had like camouflage stickers on it and then there's four joysticks so it's a two player game so each person had two joysticks they plug it into their television and each person you had forward and back and left and right and you go around shooting each other and you know whenever somebody hit you you can just punch the [ __ ] right next to you because they're literally six inches away from you um i mean obviously you know this thing it was obviously beat out by the competition namely the atari um and almost basically put coleco out of business because they had all these different iterations of like i think total i think there was 14 different telstars and by the late 70s atari and everybody else i think i forgot the name of the other two that were out of time but they kind of killed them so they had all these sitting on the shelves and that's why this [ __ ] was 49.87 um but it it wasn't all bad this was the first peripheral based system for gaming so something that nintendo would bring back like in the mid-80s they they bring it back with the zapper and the power glove and the rob and all that so it wasn't all awful uh and just talking about this right now it made me realize when we did the last birthday bash or birthday battle rather with uh with robert tepper our boy back in february i had the adam clicko yeah or the coleco adam whatever you want to call it on the last birthday episode um and this was something i wanted to bring up on the last episode and i never did but do you guys know much about coleco because it's one bizarre [ __ ] company and i think you guys might have mentioned a toy that was made by coleco uh yeah i know joe picked uh talked about elf so they began in the 30s and they they made like leather products for shoes not even shoes they're just leather products four shoes like during you know war ii and all that [ __ ] then like in the 50s they made leather moccasins and then in the 60s they made cheap like toy above ground pools and then they started to branch off into toys in the late 60s and then in the early 70s they made [ __ ] snowmobiles like business model is that yeah and then then of course they came out with the telstar in like mid to late 70s and then somehow they stumbled well they made handhelds after that then somehow they stumbled into the [ __ ] cabbage patch kids in the early 80s and made like all this [ __ ] buku bucks then they made the atom computer and then they made the alpha doll and then they went [ __ ] bankrupt and then hasbro bought them up and tore the [ __ ] apart but it's it's a [ __ ] wild story if you go back and look at coleco like it's like wow like snowmobiles like huh but insane man yeah this uh but this is the telstar combat this is what i would have wanted probably one years old i've probably been gnawing on it instead of playing it but it's [ __ ] cool i wish i still had it because i probably would have it in the studio somewhere yeah telstar combat made by calico who makes snowmobiles and above-ground swimming pools and moccasins awesome all right well let's throw it down to joe la scola for the final ruling on this game okay uh so my my dad actually used to own a video store with his brothers uh called video time in bricktown uh yeah i think it was like one of in bricktown new jersey excuse me uh it was like one of the first rental stores specifically for video games uh at the time like the early 90s um and i never had i never had any of the uh uh atari stuff i've only you know i've only had like genesis and and you know nintendo and all that [ __ ] so um i could see how awesome this thing is like with this you gotta use a picture of it while you're talking i'll see if i can dig one up it sounds [ __ ] cool and you mentioned like rob and all that stuff and the periphery uh you know the additions to the console games that kind of interacted with you as you were playing i thought that was so cool i remember having that giant pad too playing [ __ ] burger time on it um on the ground on the floor um but uh can you see that thing holy [ __ ] dude it's huge yeah it's like a console tell me you couldn't knock the [ __ ] out sitting next to you just like uppercut him be like i won that's really awesome man um yeah i've never played that before but that looks awesome a little bit more green there there it reminds me of those steel the steel battalion controller you ever see that yeah yeah dude this thing was a beast too like it had good weight to it i saw a video on youtube and the dude pulled it out of the box and plugged it in and [ __ ] still worked that is awesome wow well if it fell off the back of your snowmobile it would still work yeah probably i think you make a swimming pool well you put it you see it connects to the snowmobile so you can [ __ ] drive it that was all the leftover parts what are we going to do with all these snow mobiles make this [ __ ] video game now what about this moccasins yeah i got it we're going to play it you have to be in our pool you got to buy the pool right that's part of the package and you got waterproof moccasins yeah you're good makes sense um yeah so uh and and and also you know mark that's such a [ __ ] cool um idea i i always loved uh making voices as a kid and like watching cartoons and like replicating them and and just impersonating people and stuff and and you know now you know i [ __ ] do a podcast so that that's you know i totally get uh the allure of that and that's such a that's such a neat thing so that's that's really cool too um and then drew like i know that that's a big feeling too that that you know having that vhs come out and you have to wait right because it was still at that time where you know you had to wait for the i was so [ __ ] psyched when that movie come out and i and i uh i remember like getting the vhs and and the soundtrack and [ __ ] and it was just really aw it was just a really awesome time in the anticipation of that so i totally i feel that too so uh you know it's a tough one because i was saying like all these things are part of kind of who i am like the voice acting kind of thing and the video games and the in the movies and the vhs and stuff um obviously but um man this is a tough one um i think i'm going to go with

the voice acting and the reason i'm going to go with the the reason i'm going to go with the voice acting is because that is something that i seriously considered as a career for a little while um and it's still kind of residual like i do a bunch of voices on the show and [ __ ] like as a goof but um you know it's something that i i always wanted to like act and and [ __ ] like that so um so yeah nice you never thought about driving a tank

i've done it you know what i mean like i i drove the [ __ ] i drove the snowmobile with the [ __ ] uh the controller um i watched the movie on the tape but like that that's something i never i i always wanted to do and never really pursued so i think if i had a chance to do it again if i saw that ad i'd go i'd go do that so damn that was a deep cut man that was a deep cut yeah i it wasn't really that funny because i was i was just enamored with everything you guys were talking about it just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside so no it's just it's like usually we uh that's why i kind of like i kind of like the ads when we do the birthday episodes because you have more flexibility to pick things that you come across and that's a deep cut that as soon as you said it i was like oh [ __ ] like he just he dug a win right there like i i felt like like [ __ ] the telstar is not gonna i was like let me just [ __ ] about kaliko and see what happens it was interesting as [ __ ] though uh i gotta tell you yeah sometimes you have a coleco pool to go hang out in yeah honestly it was the absolute first ad i found when researching and as soon as i saw it i saw gordon jump's face i'm like i'm done that's it sign me up man i mean i grew up watching wkrp and i actually went to college for radio broadcasting so seeing gordon jump at a young age and being like you know you could be just like me be a [ __ ] off and still run your own radio station it'd be great so yeah and make money

well joe thanks a lot for being our judge on this episode why don't you tell all of our listeners a little about your show movie dumpster podcast yeah totally thanks for having me uh me and my two other co-hosts sean and connor we talk we talk about the the good the bad and the god awful man uh everything from uh horror to sci-fi to action to drama all that [ __ ] in between uh bad kids movies that you haven't seen in years um all kinds of good stuff um and you know we do deep dives into a lot of the films that we uh that we review um with some you know some some fun behind the scenes stuff but it's mostly a comedy show cause you know it'd be pretty [ __ ] boring if we sat there like and then this happened and then this happened and then this happened um so we try to spice it up a little bit and we have our whole uh uh mdu universe where all the movies connect and again there's characters like kumdar and daniel baldwin is himself uh john hurt is himself playing joe buchanan from frankenstein unbound um who's ripped a hole in the space-time continuum with the with the buke cannon um it's a whole thing you need to go listen to the show to understand but you don't have it's you don't have to uh know that stuff exclusively to listen um you know if you just tune in if you want to listen to us talk about some movies in a in a comedic aspect but yeah you can find us on uh you know facebook instagram twitter at movie dumpster or movie dumpsterpodcast.com and you can listen to us on apple podcast itunes stitcher google podcast anywhere you get your podcast um and we got a patreon we got a shop so yeah uh definitely go check it out and uh see if you dig it for sure and that's a dope shirt i'm gonna pick one of those up can throw that out there that that's pretty [ __ ] awesome

and dude if you have you guys ever had daniel baldwin on the show no uh i i feel like i would love to reach out to him and just see what he says and he would have no [ __ ] clue because he would never listen to the show right he would just be like you're all right i'll do this stupid thing dude he's awesome like that's like a dream he was on our old show [ __ ] this is oh he was you did like yeah like five years ago and uh he's [ __ ] awesome at the end of the show he's like he he started he he came up with this uh this game show that we were talking about where uh we send prisoners to an island where they kill each other it's just people from death row and he's like oh dude this is a great idea and we'll have howie mandel be the host and he's getting all into it then at the end of the show like we get off the air and he's like dude here's my cell phone number text me and we'll like we'll throw some ideas back so like like months go by and uh mark i think you were on the show at this point i was like should we try to get daniel baldwin back on the on you know like i have his cell phone number so i text him i'm like hey you know it's man crush from poop culture uh you want to come back on the show you know we'll pick up where we left off and he's like who is this

so all the allegations that we've made in the mdu are correct he's just like a crazy drunk guy um from yesterday he's a great storyteller like amazing oh i believe it dude he tells a story about john carpenter on that episode actually geez oh we we did vampires oh yeah yeah we were talking about vampires we actually just re-released that one mark was moving his house we released that episode just this past fall so it's it's there it's in our lexicon if you want to go and listen to it but uh yeah totally he's uh he tells his story about john carpenter and them meeting with executives and them telling like john carpenter is like telling them the story and the guy was like yeah that's not scary and then john carpenter goes in this whole thing and i'm not going to give it away like go go to that episode just like just find that one portion it's [ __ ] amazing it's just like wow that's what happened it's fantastic and drew zachman man i gotta uh you just missed your songs gone wrong partner dave schultz he was here a couple episodes back that's right uh what do you guys got going on on the show yeah so we have uh trying to think i think we have popular probably will be up by time uh this episode by nada surf yep yeah uh and then we have some sound garden we have one by metallic i would do a little history lesson in world war one on that one i'm actually stoked about that one and then uh then we have uh gangsta's paradise by coolio everybody needs to talk about coolio so that's what we have coming up on our show did you know that dave is into wrestling now and if you don't know listen to the last

yeah it's all connected dude so it's insane he plays like a spanish guy who uh doesn't want to be spanish i believe that it's [ __ ] weird uh you gotta check it out dude the dude from quantum leap is his dad not uh not what's his name scott bakula dracula not scott back oh dean stockwell dean stockwell dean stockwell is his dad yeah it's [ __ ] dean stockwell is coolio's dad no no he's daniel baldwin's dad i was like wait dean stockwell is coolio's dad and he's playing an hispanic guy like i gotta see this daniel baldwin fights a [ __ ] puma in the back of a truck you gotta see it dude it's insane um that's like i need a paycheck just put me in whatever dude you're fighting a puma stockwell was baldwin's dad ziggy is that one on like prime or something i don't know it might be one of those things that's on to be your prime uh again that was like that was our second season so it was a couple years ago i'm not sure exactly where it is uh right now because it doesn't sound like anything but no it's available for free oh it's dude it's a it's a hoot you gotta you gotta watch it it's called in pursuit yes check it out i'm already gonna get [ __ ] from my wife when she sees that i paid 1.99 for a duke's a hazard episode all right

well on that note duelers we're gonna have to end this episode right here but don't worry you can always go over to the brand new duelingdecades.com where you can find all of the information it is now your one-stop shop for the show and you can find all the links for our patreon our website our facebook our twitter all of the socials right in the show notes right below this episode so until next time duelers we're gonna bid you a peace love light and a joy have a great week everyone