Dueling Decades
Aug. 12, 2020

Judge Jamie Kennedy returns to break down this duel between 1974, 1984, & 1993!

Judge Jamie Kennedy returns to break down this duel between 1974, 1984, & 1993!

He might not be back in Scream 5, but he's back again on Dueling Decades! Fresh off a photoshoot, Jamie Kennedy joins the game show once again! With a fresh tea in one hand and a gavel in the other, Jamie sits down poolside to judge another retro...

He might not be back in Scream 5, but he's back again on Dueling Decades! Fresh off a photoshoot, Jamie Kennedy joins the game show once again! With a fresh tea in one hand and a gavel in the other, Jamie sits down poolside to judge another retro battle this week. It's not just any retro battle though, this episode is all about "games". Video games, board games, Tiddlywinks, any game you can think of! Our first competitor needs little introduction, Drew Zakmin has brought some fierce competition of late, and it won't end this week with the best games of 1974. Marc James has also been tearing things up of late, and he brings some primo games from 1993. Rounding out the competition this week, Mancrush is back after dominating last week, but will he build upon that impressive performance? We shall see, as he brought the finest games 1984 had to offer. 

Jamie was so awesome to come back and chill with the guys! They did feel bad for chatting him up for two hours, but it was well worth it. This episode is packed with all kinds of goodies: a video game that got away with ripping off the planet, Swedes that can really sing, a former Vice President pens an unlikely hit, prison yard basketball at the arcade, an elementary school fight club, an unbelievable streak by a great Canadian, a TV show that Joey Fatone ripped off, a kid's show that's being rebooted for adults, two giants change the toy industry, long balls, death threats, too much blood for the mother's of America, the most violent "kids" movie ever created, Roger Moore might have been a bit of a stretch for Drew, a Yankee with three nipples, movies that Jamie didn't think came out planned, questions Jamie hates getting asked, Millenials love Son of the Mask, Randy is dead, Disney almost made a beloved horror flick, Jamie almost went rafting with Seth Green,why working on movies is better than TV, megalomaniacal principals, the grandpa of fighting games, a couple plumbers from Brooklyn make a movie, and what the hell is a "bagpuss"?! 

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formarymediaeople in car to stop Jeweli an the pixures of plan, but I got for am ran again upon that cap, but stopped te power, GOP com fight for what you love, Nwho, Co to p Copi Ancretat, BA eete portacar would take e grave, a a Baly ar si a Madea t and O comefight for what you love, orineas broadcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the decades battl for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to doling decades. I am Mark James, and this week we have a special games duel where all the picks will have to be game related. I will be competing with nineteen. Ninety three, alongside these men, first off dueling, ith, nineteen, eighty four say hello to mancrush Wat's up, that's right. I got games N, OU, nine teen and eighty four and I'm wearing the shirt t et led me to victory. Last week. It's the two thousand one cross country championships. This is a a legit. I don't know who own this an extra large, but I doubt they were running cross country with an extural Lif an I doubt it also. Returning to the panel this week is the host of the one headliht nineties, podcast dualing with nineteen. Seventy four please welcome back to the show Dru Zachman. What Som Gus drew glad me back. I don't know if thi shirt's, good luck, but it's my lancaster brewing shirt. So hopefully that wlmaybe give me some good luck as well, ESA, but it's yours SR YEAH! I don't wear other. You know shirts. Well, this is somebody else's. Oh I's mine, now kind of operation you running over there and as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness returning to the show is this week, celebrity guests judge. Please welcome back behind the bench. The brigantly funny judge Jamie Kennedy. Ah, what that D hold on before we get into anything your assistant told me: You came from a photoshoot. What are you doing? was that a bullshit line, or did you have Ole Kinpon actall real? My first photo shoot. I don't Knowa year and I did I for a magazine and we went in and we went out. It was quick Tan and I was like nervous, but you know, was e. photographer was outside clothes were out there. I went in the bathroom that changed and a couple of looks Bo. Did you have to wear a mask? Lay I wore a mask and then no and then you take it off from the photo, but I would ave I mean I guess we Kinda should have won to mask with the photo. I know it's not. I dude. I also did Agd R. Today I did ABR and the IDEPOSE Jeez. You think everybody in Hollywood's doing nothing right now, but Jamie Kennedy's Worki. Well, I just if theywere listening. I hope I wasn't rude. I just wanted to get in and get out in my line to get out that sound like Eightyes cocine party, rap e I'd just want to do it, you know, but no I mean 'cause. There is some content that was made, so it's like you gotto, get out there and promote it. So so for sure, do you have anything that's lined up coming out you've finished before this. I had had one had crabs in a bucket, which is a movie with Um Tearan Manyn catymoriority shot it in New York, Um Atbruce, dern, germy, Pemon Zakmcgolan, and it's like a little Indi dramedy and that was supposed to go to Trabecca. So that's what I was doing, Ehdr forday and then I have another movie. I was supposed to start in Vegas and may B back. I'm pushed so is that screame five? I everyone keeps asking me I'm so dead, but every day I see like an announcement. I see like this wee courny CAS will return. This gale weathers next couple o days this week, Gavit our test returning? U Do I other couple of days this week, Youre, no, no cael and I'm like that is more character. Is this week Matthew, Lillar's ghost just coming back this W he shadow of steet, all rich biswits te Baker from screen. Three Anand Ans, like some crazy shit like theyve, found our pubes in a jar or something and they replicated you like drastic parkstyle, total new univers showman like well. First of all, you guys coal figure that out the second of all, there's a huge writer God, I'm doing hem into service, but he's a big writer of superher movies and he had it. He tweeded how I could come back and it was awesome and it had a new nightmare element to it, how the actors are real, but then they have th. Things are Happenin in their real life as they're making this movie it was pretty fascinating. I' IILL find you te tweet an I send him to her. Maybe Randy possesses the soul of the van he was killed in and the van comes back like Christine style. I mean im dead and I'm fine with it, although I never would have walked in front of that there- and you know- I know the man but but everyone just keeps asking me hey what do you do? Fost creen five, I'm like I'm dead target, hey we've bee O B, I'm dead! I'm here just to get a fluffy pillow, I'm goingto be fighting grabboids and screen line all right. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip will decide who picks first out of the five deeling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products et judges ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four in five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we shall go to a final wild card round open the door get on the floor, everybody walkd the dinosaur 'cause. It's time we play more O tans all right. Let's go right down to our celebrity ganst judge Jamie Kennedy for the coin toss all right now, you guys can hear this at home, ready when to call it in the air drew you call it tales great there. It is you see it right. There heads bigold George Washington right there, all right, man crush you, take control of the board and get to select our first category all right. Let's start with, let's sort of music this time around and again it's it's all games of Ninetn four got January of Nineteen Four, and I'm going on a Lim with this pick right here, I've been trying to find more artists that we haven't covered. Tha deserve to be covered and with this episode all about Games, this is a perfect Opoti to do so here. This is this man's thirty ninth studio, album thirty nights to Yongoit's a far cry from zappas hundred studio albums, but it's still insanely impressive and it's a country album, which I don't think we get to go over enough on the show. I did have garth brooks a couple of weeks back, so I'm trying to build my repertoire a little bit, I'm trying to get myself into some country music. With my eventual migration to the south 'cause, I feel like I'll get kicked out. Otherwise, so here we go. This is Murl Haggard's, thirty knife studioalum and that's called it's all in the game. The ALLM feature's three number one hits on the: U S: Billboard Country Charts, including less, let's chease, each other around the room, a place to fall apart and natural high and since murll is boys with Willy Nelson. He also covered the Hulio d glaciis single to all the girls I've loved before which is pretty wild to me. Considering a month after this album was released, you had the Willie Nelson Holio Calabo, where they released that together and took the whole world by storm. But since Murl is my pick here, I'm going to go ahead and say his version is way better. That's obvious, but uh anyways, it's all in the game. It would end up being number one on the: U S, billboard top country charts a matter of fact. A tital track from this was written by the thirtieth vice president of the United States, which has to be the only pop track ever to be written by Vice President, and that was Charles Das. He was the vice president for anybody now wait a minute. What a decade are we in yeah exactly? He was the vice president for Calvin coolage in the nineteen twenties, but he actually wrote that song, but this is Merll haggards, it's all in the game, go! Listen to it, welthat's! Actually, I'm going to correct you on that. Mancrush he's not the only vice president to write a Song Dan Quayle, of course wrote who left the dogs, though everybody knows that and Algor created the Internet s rightall right, Dru Zacman. What do you have for the music round? All right, so I had nineteen seventy four, but before I go in ND nineteen, seventy four! Let me let me stay in twenty twenty as much as we love this year and now. If anyone saw the NETFLEX movie called Eurovision Song Contest, the story of Fire Saga starring Will Farel Ratr McAdams and dance Stevens, who was everyone's favorite character, matthew from Downto Nabby if he could just learn how to drive anyway at the beginning of the fire, Socga movie thee's a young lars who, as played by, will ferrel, who was entranced by the performers on the TV which set him on his path of wanting to stop at absolutely nothing to win the Eurevision Song Contest. Now for that band that inspired Lars was none other than Aba as they performed Waterloo, and that very performance and real life took place on April. Sixth, nineteen, seventy four so a'd when with Aba who abou winning the Eurovision Song concest for Sweden, which would them launch them on their career now, their album Waterloo was already released back in March of seventy four, but their win at Eurovision is really what led them to you know international startem and put them. You know in front of the whole world. That's I'm going with I'm going with ABA winning Eurovision. Can I ask you an honest question: Did you make it all the way through that movie? I did grasp M goodnes. I can't believe it was like two hours long or over two hours I was it was it was. It was lengthy, but I was like you know what I've already invested. You know an hour. I checked. I checked the time a few times. Actually I was like Sto gone, so I was Raca. Mcattams is hot though, so I think that's why I stuck in for an hour. I, like I like dance Stevens, I'm a Dan Fan he's, I think, he's a good actor and h his character is actually pretty funny. I thought so it it was all right, th. The second half was definitely better. I was, I was glad I stuck it out. Maybe I will would all right guy soaped from my music offerings for this round. I had nineteen, ninety three Ne and nine hundred and ninety three excellent year for video games. So I looked at video games sound tracks for my music pick. Now you look back at ninetyes music popular bands like Metallica, Pantera, flayer, Alison, Janes, Ozzy, Osborne, ACDC. Imagine all of these bands on one sound track for a video game. Al Well! We didn't get quite that, but what we did get was interpretations or just bliting rip offs of these artists in the smash hit game from Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety three doom b ID software or ID depending on who you're talking to it was all composed by Robert Prince people from doom came to him and handed him a bunch of albums Pantara layer metolica. There was some Judis Priestin there, black Sabbath and said, come up with some music for this game. Just like this, that's literally what he did if you go track by track to for the original doome soundtrack level by level, there's actually websites out there, that'll compare it to certain songs like e two M one, which is a level an doom. That's ACD C big gun you work further down. There are other songs, Tha exact ripoffs of angry chair thembones, Metallica Panteras. This love. I never realized this at the time, but going back and listening to the original middi scores from doom blightand rip off of all these great songs and then you get sued not that I can see no, not even by Metallica, that's impressive, I'm I figure of all that metallica would have come after them. They will now thet mark let hem out matter how te know the sound track for doom wasn't even released at the time it didn't get released Ti years later, and people now look back on it and they credit it as kind of being the forefather of electronic, like that, you remember that, like techno nineties, metal, Grun, sound Yep, you know when God lives, underwater, orgy and stuff like that, that all stends from the doom soundtrack, which was kind of a rip off of eighties in Ninetyes hevy metal. So that's, my music selection are all the great middi songs from the video game. Doom Rom, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three wow a right. So let's kick it over to judge Jamie Kennedy for the ruling on the music round. What's the fast of this is going to go? I have to think about this. This is going to be a while MERL HAGGARD ID thirty nine. Our He' actually did anywor. This is just his thirty ninth out and it present it was written by the president, the vice presient United States, the titale track. It's all in the game was written by Charles Doz, who was the vice president in the twenties four Calvin Coolish, that's insane, then euro vision is a real ward show, and then they have the movie wl Aro, ricmaatams and Ava actually won that correct, and then the game doom has a bunch of ripoffs from legendary Eightese people. We're really saving these stiff. Oh Man, this is a tough one. This is pro like some rounds. I think we had to use some creativity when you're doing this with games. It's Kindaf, tough to pigeonaotton. In there it's Mellower I mean it's, I'm going to say I I'm going to say this. I Love Aba, so am I picking the album or my picking the sound track? You would be so what I was throwing out. There was OFA actually performing their Song Waterloo and winning the contests with that song. They actually did that. Yes April. Sixth, that's hard. I love the eightys thing, but I'm going to take that out because they were knockolfs, I'm Goin to go it's Abor, but the vice president. Writing a song was Murle Haggard. Well, he hat right it with him. He wrote it obviously, like probably in the twenties and Merl Haggard Redid it when he got the lyrics. He made this song. I doubt he was still alive. Caus Charles dogs probably was like in his fifties and the twenties, so w sure he was dead. I'm just going to have to go with the vice president panting, a song when he's dead, earl hanger was old, though H. maybe he knew him back in the day. I don't know I mean that was yeah. That's pretty insane, I'm trying to think of any other politicians and is rap. I can tell you if Mike Penns, ain't right and shit. No Little Clinton Will Clinton played taxophone, though in Aurcinio, but he didn't like have a song. He didn't have an album th. Well, it wasn't technically, his out t was in rerl haggards, but still his song, he rowe it an rerl. Haggard dig, I mean that's pretty fucking awesome, I think, and Theys incredible. He had to all the girls I've loved before a month before Thi Song took off. They both released it. I think that's to me that was like the bigger deal with this Ol, but so we're doing the decades we're doing music and we're doing movies, T v movies, news and hot products, okay, good. So that was the Wroun. That was a video game room that was, that was music. That was e Amuseusic, I'm so stupid. reloud of it not IACMIT's that crazy, teayou'r drinking robut, here's a deal you guys got to give me the rules again 'cause last time it was the worst the best of the worst. I was just the pest of the back. I the best is the best and Ata there was more crazy ani, like Rog stewer t was telling his girlfriend get out. Thetewas like a lot. This first round was a little is more relaxed. Well, that's why first round, we want to get rid of the shit picks. That's why II give it Tho Merrl all right. Man Crush well, you won that first round and you take control of the board, get to select our second category. Where are we going all right? Let's, let's live and things up. Let's go hot products, see what you guys have. I figure mark's, probably going to go with a video game. I don't know, what's going on in seventy four I's, probably going to come ith like a board game or some shit myself. This is what I got so June: Seventh, nineteen, eighty four and when you think back to the eighties, it's crazy how paratty was literally everywhere. In the eighties we had cratty video games. We had crotty movies. Almost every kid I knew had a subscription is some martial arts magazine, so they cound buy, throwing stars and swords and Shit like that. There were kids at your school who would lie about having a black belt and karate routinely get their asses kicked on the playground, and I don't know about you guys, but this ship was prevalent in New York and right round this time I was like in first or second grade nine teen four, and we used to have this concrete area where recess was after lunch, and I was part of this large group of kids. They would fight one another one on one every day and recess. I was like it was like for kids that were seven or eight. This is like the closest thing you can get to the cumete. It was like it doas beyond organized role. Number one man crush you're, not supposed to talk about this. I didn't say it was fucking fight club Oside of Te Cumaday botit was just like three o'clock high. Remember that it was. It was hard like that Bdu they were so organized. Then, if you lost, you would rotate out, and you become the referee for the next match. There were bets being laid down. We sh hardly ever got broken up. T fucking monitors and give a shit what a time tol be alloed in the so looking back now, I'd have to give credit to two things at this point in nineteen for yeah, the crowdy kid mother, farkers getting cran kicked in their face and the arcade game karate champ cause not only was like crotty champ, the catalyst for our playground fighting ring, but it was also the catalyst for one on one fighting video games, crod champ the arcade game at the time, nineteen four: it s well ahead of its time. Not only was it a one on one fighting game, but it was also the first arcade game to have two joysticks for both players. You needed two joysticks, because that was the only way that you can manipulate. There was twenty four different moves, so each guy had to have two joysticks hat. You could do the Shit and seen, I'm pretty sure, our point scoring system for our playground. Fighting was completely ripped directly from this game, because the first fighter to get two points wins and we did the same Shit Wat. Here's the last part of this it has legs. I know Dave Sholtz is not on the show right now: Tas Legs, because John Tobias who's, the guy that created mortal combat, which is one of the best fighting games ever Yep, he's on record, saying he basically beast moral, combat off a Crotte champ. He just wanted to make karate champ better with like better players, which obviously did and most importantly about this pick. It's the same game. The Frank Dukes and Ray Jackson play against one another in the movie blood sport, you EAN long owher he's like that'SLN Ou little young for full contact. Aren't you little old for video games and that's that's what the release of this epic Arcade Classic Karate Champ June? Seventh. Nineteen all right drew Zahman. What do you have mangrass you're selling the shit out of that we could fight after this. So in case youwere wondering Baily's. Irish cream first came O in in nineteen. Seventy four, but that's not my pick I just figured I would. I would drop that out free guys in case you ere wondering, but that was not game related, but you know what was game related, dungeons and dragons. That's right! The original dungeons and dragons was initially published in January, O nineteen. Seventy four by tactical studies, rules also known as TSR, and it was derived from miniature war games with a variation of the nineteen. Seventy one game chainmail serving as the initial rule system and Dungeon Dungeons and dragons publication is commonly recognized. T you're, talking about n how your yours, as kind of like a trend center in that genre for those fighting games but dungeons and dragons, was, is commonly recognized as the beginning of modern roll playing games and the rolplaying game industry. So this was pretty important and if you don't know Dung on dragons the parts of my traditional war gaming by allowing each player to create their own character to play instead of like a military formation and these characters embark upon imaginary adventures within a fantasy setting and also dnd, had a pretty sweet cartoon in the eighties as well. So it has that going forward as well. So I give you the introduction of Dungeons and dragons the first rolle playing game ever M Wasnit, really the first ever role playe for my research. No, I believe, I believe it was, I think, he's right. It had to be early yeah. I havyou early yeah a right so for my hot product, I'm going to go over to newspapers, dot com and I found an article in the news journal out of Wilmington Delaware August fourteenth n OANINE, teen Nd. Ninety three written by Jeff, Pearlment d. The article starts off as much as some diehards may try to deny it. The man who spent most of the nineteen eighties redefining the quarter is dead, but in the world a video archade, the fenoms downfall, is not so much of a sombere ending as it is a proverbial passing of the Torch Goodbye Pacman, hello, NBA Jam with a game like Pacman. Each character was hand drawn by somebody said: Mark Fermel, thesigner of MBA JM, the video games industries current leader and on its way to becoming the highest grossing arcade game ever NBA Jam isn't like that at all. We use real images that were videotaped and then scanned into a computer. So this is my pick for hot product, the hottest video game in all of nineteen. Ninety three: it was N B A jam. The article goes on to talk about actual athletes like Shaquillo, Neil Scotty Pippin, even Kengriffy Junior, they all had it in their home, already vans everybody loved it. The only knock on anything about this is the fact that if you wanted to play a full floor quarter game, it would cost you up to two dollars 'cause. It was fifty cents per quarter, but they go on to case that even at two dollars for a full game. If you look at the price for a like a McDonald's hamburger or something it's comparable considering for that two dollars, you get to play video games for a whole, twelve minutes, which the article goes on to state that it's longer than most video games still pretty cheap. Two Bucks Ain't that bad I've seen they actually are are bringing that back with, like an actual like a case of it n W, you can actually get the archade game at your house now. One of my one of my friends back in Jersey actually has it in his baseand. He Ha he's had ike one of the original ones. In his house everytime we go over there. We always play NBJM. Jamesnd mait's got to go. I the SONIXS men CEANKAM. So that's what I have for the hot products round N B, a jam wow. So let's go over to judge Jamie Kennedy for the ruling on the hot products round. This is this is an interesting one, but let's go I'm going to go back to front NBA Jam. I knew it was a big game, but I never really played it. I wasn't really Dad Guy, but I knew it was setting the course and karate Chab now. That is something that I used to play a lot. There was a you guys know what shoppingbag is yeah shopping like a a shopping bag is like a little supermarket and they had a karate chance, and that was like idis criten to one W go red flag, Yup blue, say yup yeah yeah for the first level was like in a Dojo and then like wh passed it then you had like scenery and shit like you're fighting outside. I get all crazy with video games. 'cause I met no an I. I met Noane Bush No, and I mean that's. You know that is the Gandoff O Videodi and it's like he actually had a shop here in California. H was trying to make the first waiter and waiterless restaurant, and so, as you would put your order in the tables and then he had games Hich, you could play as you waited for your food, very cool, ion it closed Offorsiona, but you know he was always an innovator. I had all the Tare Games. I was a big dockey Cong, big dunton junior game. What I was never a Dande Guy, but I have to give it to be indeed because it was the birth of not only dndd. The inds is relevant today, forty five years later, the R PG, if that's the birth of it, if it's the og of R PG, that's incredible like the original like Larp, that's insane and the story of the DND guy is pretty incredible. I only know a little bit, but he was he went broke making that game. He went full Richard Dryfis, an close encounters like he kept. He had he like when he made that big mountain in his living room. You know and eone was like what do you do? It e did that with duns and dragons he went. I believe he mortgage his whole life to make the game and it was like no one understood what it was. So I got to go with the ND, pretty surprised, an that whole take the name. Gary Gygak never came up on Yeah Gary, that's it Jup ou know it's it's resurgence, I mean you've got people doing groups all over the world G t. You know the big dude, sopiof eirgairs husband's got a group. I mean there's tons of people, it's not like, I think back. Then it was looked down upon. I think now it's totally looked at a different light. Oh absolut, for Shureo, it's just accepted it's it's a huge game. I can't bla as soon as you said, Dungens and dragons. I did not think I was gont Noel. I know, but also he game of thrones who created that again. Oh He's a jets fan too r arm er name yeah. I think yet. I George plays at Wat work, yeah he'sa Hwlli'm, I'm a fucking jets fan too. We all US miserable basards know each other. We can pick you guys weat if you go need at the local jet plucking Urno like s bucking like soks, whilt speaking of miserable bastards, Dru Zacman. You pick up a point and take control of the board. What category are we going with for our final one point round, thanks a lotmark I'm going to. I want to go with T V. I feel like that's probably of the the last ones that I have this Pridi, it's okay, T V, one event of notes was on August eighth, again, dropping more knowledge, I'm doing the research her. I I figured. I would share it with all the listeners I feel like that', the least I could do thats what you're supposed to do on Ogan. But this is not my. This is not my answer, but I'm just. This is like an extra credit here: Okay August eighth, Nineteen, seventy four Richard Nixon announces pending resignation, which would be effective. August. Ninth on live T V, not game related, but I just went everybody know t UN nineteen. Seventy four now also may seventh now was. This is Alto. No, I pickd B, I have to say this: o Can I d dude. May seventh was the end of a show called Bagpuss Hai, don't even Khov what a avisor pick are yousure, it's ended that show still plays in a lot of countries. Here's here's a thing, though I was using my my work laptop to research, these topics, but I didn't even want to bother researching that one any further. So I just I left it where it was. I saw it. I was like Bagpuss Oky she, I Luxembourg, not putting thawt into Google search I'll, get a call for me jar like a fating, dayanyway Bagpuss, who where's your work. If they would get mad at bag, puster Murk, I don't know I figured they might I neverthey probably have something they'll help a bag push. They probably do. They probably have all kinds of vaxus, O backplus, topical cream, some dird on it. Okay, Anyway July twenty Nineh name that tune on NBC daytime love that show now the show initially air, O one thousand nine hundred and fifty thre Ninehutden, Fifty Nine on NBC n, CBS and Prime Time, but the best remembered syndicated name, syndicated name that soon aired once a week which was expanded twice a week for its final season from July twusanty, Nineteen D, seventy four UN, I nine teen and Eghty one now sho was hosted by Tom Kennedy, was announced by John Harlin and now fer Yu quipper snappers out there named that tune would have like an orchestra that would play songs for the contestants to guess, and originally the orchestra had a vocalist named Katuwi Gifford, who at the time was Cathy Le Johnson, who performed until nineteen seventy eight. Now they also Hav like all kinds of like different games in there they had probby. My favorite was the bid a note where the host would read a clue to a song and the contestants alternated bidding as to how few notes from the maximum of seven Nedeed to identify the song and bidding ended when one contestant either challenged the other to name the tune or a bit of one notes was given by a player and at like I said that was always my favorite. I have an NACK for naming songs pretty quickly, so I think I missed my calling also. I was born in N, nine teen and eighty, so I would have been like the only one year wold to compete on the show, but they had other games on there as well, like Gildetune, cassette, roulette, melody, Rolette Ring that Bell Money, Treein, a bunch of others, and I love watching those reruns. When I was younger but yeah, I need that too. I would. I would do that Shit in one note there you go yeah, I think Shu Wan, with bag Puss II. have. I should research that, on, like my personal computer, you definitely need to save that for another episode, because a give you n ninehteen seventy four at some point. Se, you can do that. What month was it bag pusus hold on one? Second en to pull that? Back? U BACKPO! As the plot of bag push there's a bag and there's a bunch of plus, I don't know Um that was. May seventh was the Angogolog. What network ran bag push spay did not get that Farro. You really worried about Serchon bag, Pu people wl. I would get a call from you to I trhr. I guarantee you or bad pusome. It's a bag and a push what' a push. Wi O Yo Min thing. Jus Say you misgelld purse yeah, that's good that' FAG ES! I was looking for my wife. My bad DAGP sounds like a detective shels EIS. Looking Bo tonight N, it sounds like like one of them. Black xploitation movies from like dolamite would have been spino. Maybe it was like manics memomatics, an Internet, an open Internet t e Marrage for Jagput. It's such a go God, I'm Goinna. We have to do a whole episode of BAGP Bagplay. I think that's going to happen next week. extually are Gi, so remy television selection. I have the debut of a game, show now what do you get when you cross American gladiators with the Young Indiana Jones debuting September, Eleventh Nineteen? Ninety three, I give you legends of the Hidden Temple on Nickelodeon. This is a really popular game. Show each episode sixteens of two competed in a series of physical and mental challenges. Bith the goal is retrieving of many retrieving as many of the ancient artifacts from a fictitious min temple as possible. In the end, the winning team received a prize, but nothing quite compares to the glory of rebuilding the shrine of the silver monkey. I don't know if you guys ever got into the show or watched it, but it is superpopular. It only ran for one Thousan, nine Hutdrd and ninety Hre N, an nine Hutden and ninety five, but good news. It is about to be relaunched on Quibby, if you're actually interested in competing on legends of the Hidden Temple, they are actually looking for contestants. Now you can look it up, they were supposed to start auditions and filming for it, but I think with the the recent outbreak I think that's been put on hold, so you still might be able to get on this game show. Are you telling our audience to do this, like our are demographic? That's like twenty five to like forty five that they should try out for this? Yes, because they're rebooting it for adults, not just kill S, adults can get on as well. So if you're, a fan of the show growing up- and you never got a chance to be on legends of the Hidden Temple as a kid, you could do it as an adult. That's good t, v Right there, you're recruider! There you go! So that's what I got legends of the Hidden Temple, one to an nine htden and ninety three. So all right, Oereeo, nineteen eigh, fourh, Setember, tenth, Nineteen Four! I love it when I can pick a debut of a show, that's an absolute jug or not when I can kill everybody in this round which I'm going to do right here since I've been alive. This game show right here: It's been the cornerstone of daily nightly television. Here's a game show that was around in the sixties. It got cancelled, I N Nineteen seventy five and they brought it back at the end of nineteen. Seventy five only to cancel it again in Nineteen, seventy six, then nineteen, seventy eight- they brought it back again and canceled it three months later. So it's fast forward now, five years it'snineteen, eighty four and it's back once again, but this time it's back for good- and I say it's back for good because over the last thirty six years the beloved Canadian host he holds the guidness world record for the most game, show episode toasted by the same person and that number currently stands at eight thousand one hundred and twenty seven episodes and that same game show host, has won seven m y awards for his efforts, and I put so much emphasis here on the host, because jeopardy has become synonymous with Alexra back. I think they go hand in hand. T was obviously shit didn't work before Alex and the creator of the show merved Griffin, he hand selected Alesrebek to reboot the failed shows, and he was so taken back by trabaks like even handed delivery and his demeanor. He knew the show would work out with him in charge. I mean seriously like Alexrabex like his dry sarcasm. It makes the show he is gebardy he is, he can literally tell you you're a fucking dope and you'd be totally fine. He'a, like Oh cool, you probably laugh it off. I think he call like I watched one a couple of years ago, where he called this. This one woman like some like a Wench, some kind of WENC s off Yo, know the lady did she did like nerd rap or something you see that one? Oh my God. I never saw that one, but this la he went as his question. Where h the answer was love triangle and she buzzed in immediately and said three some and he I o you know like he just gives his little quips and shit and like goes on about it, wait a minute man crush. If she answered threesome- and this is jeopardy- wouldn't she have said on live t V, what is Athreesom? What is it throorthat? She did look up, I'm sure you could find the clip online is parking hilarious, but the funny part about this show is initially when the they first bought it out September. Tenth, it was on syndication, so initially the The Times for the show were fucking awful. They were throwing it all over the place and the networks actually aske them to dumb down the questions. So the audience at home didn't feel bad about themselves. When they were hearing it, butalexand crew were just like they didn't budge, and within a few years the show was already garnishing. Fifteen million viewers per night. I meanwsaing, and you know the other. It's sad, you know, th alxrabak he's got one of the most deadly forms of cancer right now, he's got stage for Papioto cancer and he's still doing the show. He announced that Shit last March and he's still trucking forward and people with pancreotic cancer like they go pretty quick. I think the chances of living one year with stage four is like. Eighteen percent and he's it almost like eighteen months to this point, so you fuckang go it your back lasting before I forget you can't forget Johnny Gilbert as well. 'cause Johnny Gilbert, of course sees the announcer for the show he's been on the show for eight thousand one hundred and fifteen episodes. So you talk about comfort o this. Is it right here and when these two men step away retire, the show don't even fuck in don't attempt it don't try to put anybody in their place. Just it's over just finish it, but this is September Tenh, nineteen, four Jaopany all right. Let's go down to our guest judge, Jamie Kennedy for the ruling. I mean name that tune possiblyis in there, but wait jeopardy or legion of the temple of what what is thatone Bagpush legends of the Hen Dam AG put Um, I don't even Haveo say come on man. Jeopardy is by far everything you said. I was like Jeez. I W take my money. Now. People have won so much money on jeopardy too. Didn't that one do win like two million bucks or something cleary that that guy had the long run, Kanjoiao just think about this Japardy came out when I was in egreed and it's still going I'll, never forget that when it came out- and I watch it with my mom then- and I watch it with her now- that's a Graz Lake, it's IT'S COMFORT! T V, man, you knowevery night! It's going to be on! You know: Nela ton was good too. I honestly didn't know e legend of the of the hidden tumpled I en Eno. No, you coul go. You could try oft FOM Thehad a two year run and now jeoprardy's thirty, eight years it isse all right. Man Crush you win this round and pick up another point heading into the first two point rounds. What are you going to pick for the next category? Maybe it'll be a daily double. Actually since H, since Jamie's on Y, obviously hes an actor I'm going to save movies for last. So let's go to news for round four we're going to go to. May Fourth may the fourth nineteen eighty four yo had the Hasenfeld brothers and they went all in on a gamble on this date and if you weren't aware of the houseanfell brothers of the guys who started the very successful toy and game company Hasbroh and on May the fourth nineteen four Hasbro and one of their biggest rivals, MILTN Bradley, they decided to join forces and what was called a friendly takeover and on that date, Hasbro would purchase MILN radily for three hundred and sixty million dollars, which is like nine hundred million dollars in thosand and twenty she had. This is from the article so stepen Hasenfeld. He was then the the CEO of Hasboro he's the basically the guy that made Hazbro what they were. He made them giant when he took over in seventy nine, that's when they started to get big and when he took him over. They were like a hundred million dollar company and with the acquisition of Milton Bradley Hasru would rival their current industry leader, which, as the time was Matel so Hasro they're popular for their toys at the time. Nineten Four Miss Potato Head Gi, Jo, but they're going to be adding all of Milton Bradley's most popular offerings. So some of those you Ha D. obviously the play school line that they're getting with preschool toys, wet you're, getting all their popular board games as well, like life, Gesho, Candy Land Twist, Her Tho, fucking, legendary games and that's all coming as part of this package hasn't felt t he would go on to become the present an c o this new subsidiary and the parrnt Milton Bradley had James Shah. He would become the chairman of the new company but th. This is why it's funny they called this a friendly takeover 'cause, Jame Sha, the guy that they put in charge of the subsidiary. He was gone by the beining of eighty five. So by ye they has'nfel said. I Got Tho Shit O ee Yo, but the combined revenue of the two companies at that point was eight hundred and fifty million dollars per years. That's two point: Two billion and twend AD twenty, which would radically change the landscape of the toy industry and keep in mind this merger was official in September of eighty four transformers had just come out, but I think they came out like the toys were like August, the show started in September, so these figures would be through the roof right, but the also on top of this, the HOSRAL MILN Bradley merger, it's just the beginning, because it Hasbro would go from that point. Eighty four from being the sixth largest toy company e for to the number one toy company in the world by the end of nineteen, eighty five, then nineteen, eighty eight they bought Calico in nineteen, ninety one they bought tonk and Parker brothers and then, by the end of the nineties, they bought Galu and Ne Meri Toys. So this one risky merger, with Milton Bradley in Nineteen Four Hasrod, turn itself into a company with nearly five billion dollars in revenue today per year. So pretty good gamble from those guys wow O ad, the fort transformers that year, wow fucking huge like they just they hit t e. The Jackpot and Hen has had gi. Jo Already, I think Ra e came out like in eighty two. I Ma that particular I mean yeah tha, the smaller ones came. A E am too yeah there ar some huge stuff throughout the Ghies th. The big thing at this point with Hasborogh, and this why it was important was they were trying to keep all the toys simple and all the other toy companies were going to electronic toys and this and that Milton Browley was one of those companies who, as trying to go to the electronic toys, so they gained all that shit and they took off all right truzacman. What do you have for the news round? All right so news again, I I I will go alove and beyond on this one foree guys so again a couple great options to use such as on June. Fourth, nineteen, seventy four, the Cleveland, Indians hosted. This is awesome. I wish I was there for this. The clealand Indians hosted ten cents Beer Night Iha had the fourfeith O game to the Texas Rangers due the drunken, an onruly fans. That was one thing. I'm not Y, not my answer here, but I I felt like that was fun and wanted Te Mention that you love keys in US Dri. I do I like, but I like giving it more. I want people to know e what else happn in in Nineteen D, seventy four drill, guess what I will tell you what else drew likes to take away our future picks for other episodes. Extra stuff in this APSOD BET: have't nobut, that's! So that's a good one bud! I'm going with this on April, eighth with AU downing, all the mounds Tor, the Los Angeles dodgers, Mister Hankaaron, hit hole, run number, seven hundred and fifteen, and a fourth ending Rene Aruth's career o run record after he tied it on April. Fourth, now Aaron would go on to finish his career with seven hundred and fifty five home runs a record that would stand until barrybonds surpassed him in two thousand and seven. Besides the significance of the record alone, I feel, like the all time home, run record and the single season home on records are two of the most important records in all of baseball and also, while in pursuit of Ruth Aaron, receives all kinds of hatemail from racist prix all over the country. So much so the braves and the HIREIS secretary to help him sort through it all and on top of they t mal, he alo received death. Rest ecause. You know people set but b. At the end of this. Seventy three season Aaron received the plaque from the: U S: Postal Service, for receiving more mail over nine hundred and thirty thousand pieces than any person excluding politicians. So people were Malin, em letters left and right. What was was also interesting to me was that Aaron Hid all those home runs, but never once did he crack. Fifty home runs in hi season. In fact, he actually never hit more than forty five home runs in the season, something he only did once proving that he was a model of consistency over his twenty three year. Career now, Aaron would eventually get enshrined into the Baseball Hall of FAM N, an nine hundred and eighty two garnering. Ninety seven point: eight percent of the votes, which apparently also proved that about two point, two percent of the sports writers were either complete, dipshits or racist or all of the above. So that's what I have Hank Arin Breaking Bab Ruth's record for career home runs woul. I bonds finish with like seven seventy R. No, he had seventy one in a season or some shit. So yes, so bonds. What winds up hitting Um? Seven three EVENA, seventy! Seventy three becaus! Seventy one was there Wassota? No, that was Mguire, mguire yeah. Ninety eight, that it was nuts that was so much fun watching thers t e best, your Baier. Those guys are on juice, but I still have my newspaper the front page of that sports section from the day after he beat that record, but towny contained didn't care about when I brought her domatingly eight home runs in eight days like two avos Don Ma any time you mentioned Omansamadicwin, seven hundred sixty two seven hundred omio Dash, seven hundred and sixty two home runs fer bonds, wow wow, all right Guyso for my news offerings we're going to go to the front page of the Miami Herald Friday December tenth, nineteen. Ninety three, the front page we're going to talk about L T's, see we have a Clinton violence, terrors T at: U S Hart talking about the Crime Bill Passage by Bill Clinton. We got some astronauts coming home and embargo against Haiti, and then this article, which is my selection. It says this debate is labeled V for vitural video game ratings proposed goes on to talk about some congressional hearings happening in Washington, talking about the video game industry and how they should propose a ratings bored. The article goes on and says the only thing I can say tha. Those manufacturers of those video games is shame on you: Witness Marilan DRAS Vice President of the National Coalition on television violence. She told the panel. How would you like your teenager to go out and date, someone who had just played that game for three hours the game she's talking about would be mortal combat. That game was Onestcamin. Ninety three, so you meant bag pus. So how would you like your teenage daughter to date, somebody who just played mortal combat for three hours? I don't think that holds up the same today. It's okay, there's a fucking loser, gre it'sa per requisite. If they don't have a moral combat, is I'm thrown oer the fuck as riose? I want my daughter to date, someone who just played mortal combat for three hours as a matter of fact I'll play it with them. That's right! So E H, the article goes on and they talk about how the differences are going to be for the snes version in the genesist version of mortal combat, and it goes on to say that Nintendo Vice President Howard Lincoln says that what they did for the Snex version is they just changed the blood from red to green and they removed the spine removal scene and this article states that that costs them millions quote unquote millions of dollars to make those changes to me. I would think that just reorganizing a few lines of code but Wuth, the fuck, do. I know the really interesting thing about this is we all know that the ESRB came the next year, N, nine teen and ninety four? But there really wasn't too much pushedback from the video game industry because it says inhere that Andrea foster she's the coneowner of a distributor company who says that the ratings on Sega Games has actually increased sales for stores for everyone. Customer who says no to violent video games, there's actually ten. That say yes to them. So, as we all know, just like the parental advisory Labreras on all your hip hop albums and metal albums, they actually used that as a selling tool. I know from my personal experience if I was buying a game. I was always looking for that rating to make sure it was. You know, a mature game. I didn't want a kid's game too bloody for your mom. So that's my news story. We get front page new. Are you allowed to buy those games when you're under age, Likuns underaging? No, I think you need your parents got to buy it right. How did you buy Hem Dude same way? The kids get them now we buy them forh them. Our parents bought US those games. They didn't give. I T there's more blood in it mom. That means I'll, be playing it longer and won't be bugging. You, oh great here. Here's a moon out y! That's my new story. It's the precursor to the esrb! This is the the mortal combat controversy when they decided that they had to rate video games because of the violence hall right. Let's go down to judge Jamie Kennedy for the ruling on the news round. This is like an important this. This is the most important round in terms of like simic thing. This is actually really good. This is a really good round. I mean Milton Gradley Hasbro. I didn't know that Hasbro with the brothers and they also had parker brother. So it's like. I didn't. I just learn that and if I could transwarmers came rount that same year, potato head a ti job, but Lihe and Oh man, that's very important, so I'm Gong to keep that there, video games and the rating system is also huge Um, because when I had coleqo vision they didn't have ratings right. I Don' en up till ninety four memor and television is that before you guy no, we had n television, I didn't Ownon, I only I had a fucking twenty six hundred until we got the Nintendo so ye it's pretty hard to have violent video games with blocks. Don't you see it tin net, a bloody spine bloc? I mean those are both huge stories, but you got to go tank. Car Acarin is the biggest and the most important you know it might be. It might be the most ground raking sports forward story. It might be, I mean he he might have broken the ground, Fr him and Jackie Bobbin, I mean yeah, I jusn't say Jack Again: an No drubs, wrigt durability, twenty three seasons, a man that was kind of he wasn't slight, but he wasn't a huge guy, and here he did. He played thegame correctly, but that story- I I don't know if there's anyone that he doesn't know, Hang Er. So I got to go ith hank on multiple levels, but I love the other two. It was a hard pick but hang clearly ikall right, dre Zacman. You pick up two points and actually take the lead from mancrush all right and you take control of HA board heading into the final round. But you know what I'm already out of this game. So I'm going to go first, 'cause, there's no fucking way, I'm in a window, it's downd between you and man crash, so ill go first, with the movies round, we're going to go for my movie released. May Twenty Eighth Nineteen? Ninety three now gentlemen, when you talk about video games and movies, there's only one movie that comes to mind and that's supermario brothers, Bob Hoskins, John Laguazamo, just an absolute piece of trash now phere on this show. We often like to use newspapers dotcom to find bad reviews of movies. It's really fun to find Retro Ban Reviews for supermarial brothers that wasn't very hard. So I found a good review for this movie and I think I stumbled upon something. That's something's, just not quite right here guys, so this article goes on says a super action movie young moviegoers exude high praise for Mario Brothers. This is out of the Wisconsin State journal June. First, nineteen. Ninety three grown ups can't believe kids would get so excited over a movie about a couple of plumbers, but they are not your ordinary clogdrain specialists. These are these supermario brothers. We asked young moviegoers to call us and tell us what they thought of the supermarial brother's movie, although it just opened over the weekends. Some of you have already seen it twice, so it then goes that I has the transcription of these telephone calls. I'm just going to read some of these reviews see if anything sticks out as odd, we'll go to mark Hallett. Twelve years old, the movie was really exciting and very breathtaking. I think they're both heroic in what they do, and I think it's good that two plumbers would do such a good job to help anybody. Then Jerry says that was the most excellent movie. Marioluuigi, I have to say, are very heroic in the Lizard King. He was very ugly, though the eight foottall Goombas were weird. When I went to see it in Madison, I thought it was going to be a dumb movie, but then, when I got done watching it, I noticed it was very breathtaking. John Twelve years old says I thought supermario Brothers was an exciting movie in Lurigi was very heroic. Now, if you've noticed here, they're basically saying the same thing over and over this article is complete fabricated bullshit. The only person I ever known that, like that movie, is Dino Peppers. He like he tells, is he loves it? I don't know why the fact that you have two or three twelve year olds that use the words heroic and breathtaking over and over in different reviews in a row. I don't know guys. So that's my movie selection. It's the all time classic supermario Brothers, John Laguazamo Bob Hoskins hated the movie. They said that entire production of the movie was a complete nightmare. They just hung out and got drunk on set. Woi, don't know, there's a lot of ways you can describe a movie, but that rest taking. Are they like beautiful, discal inmassewers? When they're C I mean? Is there a doctor for chavagoing? What do we taught breath in multiple people said it was breathtaking and that they were heroic, so yeah there's some funky little journalism stuff going on here. Have you ever been in a movie that you felt was so bad 'cause t we've read this story like plenty of times about like uuzamo and and Hoskins's movie. I don't know if you want to talk about this, but has there ever been a movie that you've ever done were like during the production you're just like fget me a drink like this is terrible. I mean that's, that's a tat'a slippery slope. You're going down Tho. I was happy that you weren't going to go through the night and did two thousand so I like Oka. All these movies are before my time so I' like that. I'm not going to be in this round. Um Yeah Ive been I've been in some great ones, but I've definitely been in some ones where I'm like. Okay, this is yeah. This contentially could have gone better you're doing it, you're hoping and then yeah come on an. U Go. Ey On DVB, you cal, take it you we going to hear it from coming from you, though 'cause I think like at some point e. We talke about to die in Franklin about this too, like you get pitched a movie and you read it and you're like Oh, it's going to be good and then you get there and you're like what the fuck like. She was talking about Um sh. I can't remember that name of that movie, where she's naked like the whole movie. Oh the Atam and Eve one yeah who who, as it dia frankly, second time, lucky yeah so she's in this movie, where they're in New Zealand and like every scene she's just like full nude and therethe g, the directors a talking about, like oh everyone's, going to be watching this to the scenery and she's like ye everyone's just watching this 'cause, I'm but naked like like the story, is awful like she's telling this hs little story about it. So like is there any point, Oer the name of that movie a second time lucky. I don't hear of it no offence, Dian, it's a it's, not a good movie. She said it. It was terrible, but has there ever been a time where you did that? Where you read it and you were like? Oh, it's going ta be fucking great, and then you got O there and you're like what the fuck. Why am I dakid all the time? Think tit s gongto be well, I mean look. I mean I'm going to bear my soul here, but I mean a lot of people. I mean listen! Okay, you got me talking about this sess Christo Sone of the Mat is like universally hay right, but there's a lotwith this movie right. So if you think about it right so like I think about this, though, in a way like I'm looking at my career and like even things that peo like people didn't like still made noise, so it's Kindo like Oh, I did something right like so we we go in and we're going to make the movie and you know. Obviously it was going to be very hard to do. I mean it was Jim Carey and it was tjust amazing. You know came out of nowhere this movie, but when we were making the movie we thought this is going to be really cool, very cool, special fact, very big production values and we were very excited and then, when the movie came got put together. Owa I mean you would need five five gass to talk about it, but tasthe door midway during that movie. I started getting okay. That wasn't how I advisioned that scene. Okay, like I thought that was going to be a little different, you know, and so really it was. It was hard I mean that's is is hard. I ean that's hard to do, but, yes, that that that was a movie where I definitely Um was not what it could have been, what it should have been, and now, when Thatbondy came out e two three year olds, four year old Li, it was like a kids movie right Rightnow. Those kids are like seventeen eighteen, whatever nineteen wall like like recleat, my stuff- oh my God, so so it's it like hit its base of like four year olds. We just didn't know te time. We just didn't know the time we were making a movie for four year olds that I was like, like young movie, about a couple having a baby. It has powers The New York Times reviewed a movie that was basically about whe y, telling me what a piece of Shit it is Andi and I'm like is fefor yer, were you guys were in the long game, then like you, it was the long game like you're Deing, for it. Now on the real honestly, when we were doing, I was doing another movie called maxkibals big mood and it was the fun movie. It was one of Disney's last kids movies. It was Tim Hill who directed all of the UM H, chipmunks movies, O you directet like two of them, but his dad is George Roy Hill. Also and t like you know, timis it's a great director and it was fun. It was a fun kid's movie, calllike, Josh Packwas in it Um and different people and people. Now who grew up love that movie so y. You do something sometimes and people don't like him, and then they love it. So I didn't mean to make you go down that road, but I will say this m tremors. The last two tremors were much better than I think people realized, and I was the director and the writer Dohn micae Pau was awesome and he the movies he watched them like they could have been theatrical, and I'm very very excited about that. So they ther was something that you might have gone, and I don't know what this is going to be. I'm be fon going to be in Africa for six weeks, but they ended up being really fun. Realthat's, awesome, SOE! You never know. Basically, as wha you're saying well, Noyo Hae, I mean looyou. Do you do it this stuff, an it if Youl go and you make an egg right like you go to your kitchen and you make an egg and you whip the egg and you make the toes you make the baking. If you you and you alone have to live with that breakfast- that you make right wll. We you make a movie someone's making your egg so much ic can make it te Bak and some guys ov that Pon and you don't know whethe fuff I's going to come together. INEER IK YOU and you're like you're, the guy that bought the egg, you ere a Pieco Shit, nd you're like cold on I just Fok, a e, that's wha, I just say fucking, I'm having cereal, it's a great way to Fuckat. Look at it right and the next thing you know it's. I Kee fucking created bag, puss Anderyoni feel, like that'd, be a fun set. That's the second best analogy. Yo heard this week, somebody I had a epidemiologist tell me yesterday that masks were the equivalent of having save sex with a CLENEX. It's like! Oh that's, a good picture to o o mine. I think my agonology might to go above the epidemiologist tomorrow, I'm just O, seeing the sequel to the mass and how comeon fee Likay. I didn't want to make it go on that rabbithole. But let me just open up this huge kettle of worms. That's what makes it so great! I'm sorry Tro all right! So we are down to the final two competitors and whoever wins this round is going to win the game drew Zacman. You are ahead three to two man crush. Why don't you go? First, since you are behind right all right, so wel, let's Go August, tenth. Nineteen four now we're talking about kids' movies with Jamie Kennedy here. So here's a great kid's movie from my childhood and trust me. They do not make the like this anymore. This movie is somehow rated P G, just PG NIEVEN PG thirteen, but it was written by Tom, Holland, Tom Holland, the same man that wrote child's play, frightnight psycho two class of eighty four scream for help. He wrote a children's movie. This right here is one of the reasons the eighties were so focking awesome. This is also one of the movies. I grew up watching this on HB. Like all the time in the mid eighties, this was oncable constantly. I watched it again. Last night still holds up fucking amazing and it was also directed by Richard Franklin who's, the same guy that directed l e he's, got like dark movies, Edrec like fx to world of sexual fantasy from the seventies, and he also directed psycho two, which Tom Holland wrote so word for a great movie to see with the family right here the movie, you would do marginally well, the box office. It made roughly ten million dollars, Itas about twenty five million dollars and thoeand and twenty. It start e TS, Henry Thomas and Dabney Coleman, who pulls double duty with two rolls in this one and before get into anything else, speaking of Dabney Coleman, am I the only one who thought he was dead? Hes, not Waido. This is a mandella effect dude. I thought we did this a couple of years ago, where I thought Don rickles had been dead for like twenty years and then he died in twenty seventeen, and I was like what do you meane he's been dead. We talked about it on. Remember the old show markred we went all through this yeah same Thingi, he's alive, he's eighty eight years old, he's alive and well he's been in like a bunch of stuff between now and then he's alive, but bla yeah do e on Manzella fack Jude did you know Heli, I swear to God when you just sai that I tought I read. I just read a story that he had passed away. I du I thought he was dead for like a long time, which is bad but he's alive. But here let me let me describe this children's movie. It's fucking, fantastic, okay, if you're in the mood for a great children's movie, this might be something for you. If you're into multiple kidnappings, death threats grown men trying to blow up a little girl, multiple murders, evil old people with physical deformities, Video Games, William forsight, as a computer nurge who gets shot in the face parents who ignore their kids, kids, that pretty much do whatever the fuck they want. Imaginary friends, they convince kids to fine weapons to kill the bad guys and then the kid kills the bad guys. It's basically like a two hour commercial for the Atari. Fifty two hundred, and if all that sounds up your alley, then n nine nded, eighty four cloak and dagger is the movie. You should go. Watch fan pass. I grew up on this one. I I own it on DVD. I think I've seen this movie fifty times. That's Ta Kid's movie, it's a fucking kid's movie. Like last night, I watche, I'm forty two and my forty yeah I'm forty two and I watched the shit and I was completely into it the whole time ye I was just like wow. What's great about the movie, is the pacing you get so sucked in and it is the fastest movie ever and and it's an hour and forty one minutes, and it goes by like it's half an hour, it's incredible Ye. Every Thomas is like I'd say: He's like eleven or twelve. He hangs out with like an eight year old girl. They plan a bomb and their walki talkies to kill the girl. They call the GUY, they call Henry Thomas Donb there an slit his throat, it's fucking, crazy, cess Tom Holland wrote this shit, it's the greatest kid's movie ever and it's 'cause. It came out of the eighties 'cause that she would never fly today ever wow. You know, what's crazy, there's a little side thing. I just thought that West craving, I believe at one point, sold the original nightmare to Disney heask. You can look this up on deep, deep, going aboards and it was going to be a lighter and I bev it was a gid like he goes. INEI ER dream ithey were like who gos in your Dreamin Looking Ike flower. You know, like I'm, telling look at Il Gol Geef on the on the redirboard you'll find a horr ar community, but I believe I was told this by a couple of people and I ent on e Trill fucking wil. Well, it's like there's so many stories about that shit with westcraving like Shocker, was supposed to be like his next big series and then they had the first movie and then they just never did any of the sequels. I loved shocker and then, of course, you know we kicked everything off with scream again in the late nineties, and horror went ocloak and dagger. I remember that movie. I had to see it, but God I was Goin to that's crazy Dune fucking, dabne colas wearing like the gray leather jacket yeah. What sucked me in from that movie is the beginning where they had the whole role playing game scene and he has a watch that turns into a little saw and he saws off the chain on the prufcase. It was like James Bond for kids with video games, increndible Anvi of total violence. All right drew Zahman. What do you have for the movies round? All righ? It's this I'm going to get right to it December nineteenth, nineteen, seventy four, the movie adaptation of Back Push come side. It's funny, though wl Martha. You mentioned bonds Caes, I am talking about. I love bond movies. They growing up Ou, know my dad and I would watch them all the time. So I always love bond movies. Any time Abommo be comes out, got to see it in the theater, but I am talking about this classic bond movie, the man with the Golden Gun, which was released on December nineteenth nineteen. Seventy four- and this was actually pretty impressive on a budget of seven million. They pulled in ninety seven point: Six million at the box office or just over five hundred and ten million in today's dollars and his tome. Had you know a lot of significance in one key item was that it was the last bond film to be co produced by Albertr, Broccoli and Harry solvene and saltand sold is fifty percent stake after the film was released? Now I don't know about you guys, I I always loved Roger Moris Bond. He was a bit slapstick and comical, but I love those flicks wnow with him in there, and this movie was no exception and kind of equally ridiculous. At times the character names on point in this movie um the man with a golden gun. He was a Hitnan Nin Scaramanga and was played by the amazing Christopher League. There was Brit eclan playing Mery Goodnight, which is a great name Ho hold on side. Note, that's the second time Jamie Canndy h's been on the show twice and Brit. ECHLAN has come up full time. Oh My gothe rots or right wearing her pannies and now she's in bond all right N, sorry, GD, yeah that'Sright, and it also even more ridiculous than the character names in this film. The main villain Skaramanga had a third nipple. That bonds also tried the Rel Cape and he tried to you know, play Scarmonga to try to get in and get more information. But guess what guys did you know a little extra researcher that one and eighteen men have third Nippolis, while one and fifty women have them? So it's not like it's that rare. I had no idea, so I figed I'd mention that you know the more you know so odds are there's someone right now on the Yankees twith three nibples. Probably I probably put my money on Bret Gardener. I feel like ae Di but could be wrong anyway. Ow This ties into the Games. Bonds, always gambling somehow on movies, usually playing bockerop by this one, there's actually a key scene at a moiti venue. I wender there for a match so throwing in Sports Knickknack, third nipples and Moiti this movie pretty much had it all and also O guy. That's e fomour act so therethere, but this game is also fun to play. When guys remember Golden Nine Foryouinteno, Sixty Pir, they actually had the golden the man of the Golden Gun, setting ecause golden eyes, also ere the best games ever made, even though I had kind of sucked at it, but it was still fun to play. So, yes, that's what I am going with man of the Golden Gun, one of my top five bond films. Definitely, but let's see what judge Jamie Kennedy has to say, is it going to be the man with e golden gun or cloak and dagger? Who Wins this game well hold on? Let's just talk about this gosh. This is interesting, cloaking, dagger, it's a very good! I have to see it. I don't Rememr, I rememr. I thought that was like a spy movie. That's how W it is, but the whole thing is based around a cloaking dagger. I guess it's the Atari, fifty two hundred cart rigt that has an extra chip in it that has plane. I don't want to give it away, don't give it awayf you're going to watch in the man with the Golden Gun. was that Roger Moore or was it John Connery that was Rogermore his first one, O it was't his last one? Was this first or lest? I think he did. I think sho after that, wow, okay and then supermarial brother. Am I allowed to pick whatever I nea, of course, yeah know what I'm going to go with no you're Tofen Ma CSEBOB Hosson was in it using with me with sone of the Mac, and I love you Bob why all that and Mork than upset. I did not expect to win that around at all, but you know what that means. That means thit actually gives the win to Dru Zacman. Who Comes Away with this one with three points, all rightwtakehookin daggers sounds really good. I have to see it obviously mangold govnment a big stat, but you know it's Jane's Choice, O the Bossma'an Jam. We got a couple of questions from people on our facebook page you got cositon is's is alive right now. No, I just asked them. If they have anything they they won, O we're gonna. Actually you guys got to do the Videoi guys got we are. We Are we're going to shift soon. The studio is almost done. Ban, podcast, New York Studios. Pretty much finished him me as move into a second room 'cause the first one sucked and it is fantastic and it should be up soon we're waiting on a couple more pieces of equipment, but o we got gaven red, lift, PRI butcher, her name, sorry brow. He said your character in the scream. Franchise loves horror, films. What are your favorite horror? Films? Oh, didn't! I answer this last time. Okay, I'm sure You'e probably answered this fifty times other fifty billion m and no particular or Halloween Nice Um Nightmare Rosemary's baby. The exorcist pot might be number one CRI to the thirteen, don't hate on the original chucky original tilsplaying. So I I try to pick one for me. Genra like Halloween, is the boody man, but it's also really well done and very sutrenul a nightmare is more like dream sequence, but also real real, but it's ethereal. Um Piaby thirteenth is straight slasher to the ETERSYSEM, the scariest thing ower, because it's like real and you're like is this like you can't escape the other ones, but if you can't escape with the devil just takes in your body, O like Yo, Hobi, so that' as scary and Rosebarry's baby 'cause you're, like o God Giv me birth to the Debil, that's scary, and then I gotta throw screaming there, even though I'm in it, because as I've gotten older and I've stepped away from being in it, it is very important in starting a new road in nezenre. So I would tol those in there I see he's got a piggy back questionere. He said I guess he's talking about scream. He says was the role important to you, working from the perpective of an alleged horror, film Fan. You know this Guy Oftenaties, I his I d yeah, it was important yeah fo I mean I wasn't the biggest. I wasn't a horro fan of Whak Randy was, but I do remember that nightmare in alm street was one of my first four rentals or five rentals. It was like that was like as movie I it wasn't wasn't like. I think catty Shak was out and, like I got it, it was like the first time we went into like the local videos ot. What was it? Eighty three? So eighty eighty four nightmare came out, so you might Ra and I got the VCR and it was a big deal. So I would say I would say yeah. It was very. It was very important and I get a lot of research. I mean there's other movies that are hardcore. Like I spit on your grave. You know you also Texas chainsaw O cat. I I left that out. I apologize there's other stuff that I'm not educated n enough on, but you know, there's George, you know day o the dead too. I mean you Gotto, look at Georgeremarr for Thos Abe perspective, but I I don't. I only learn more as I go to conventions and stuff, but I did my homework then, but Carri I I consider Carri Ist a great movie. I mean it's a thriller. It was a horror but Carri riht out o Bama fucking killed it yeah, that's a great one. It's a C, it's a incredible movie, but you know there's too many in a name, but those are some. We years ago we had William Caton, who was in Kerry in one of our old Koos. I'll, never forget this because I don't know if you know this, but William cat missed out on being loop, skywalker, no El Yeah. So so our old coos basically asked hem like well. How did that feel like? Oh, no, it was the worst OL RThe worst supermaria brothers mcqueston. She just CRI wreck, Hey how tat feel? U S. Eleican, like the one thing the aliens day when they land how's. That feel, I feel like that's something a bagtust would say: Oh was it was such a kick in the Dick. The Look on William Cat's face was: Oh God, I culoasked that. Why did he ask that he was a Dec? He was. He was a dick wait mark omorrow, where's joat where's that guy at not on this fucking show I can tell Hou that is he on the side of the lie somewhere working at a dunken? I wasn't even Hirn at tack, Oer here I'll, give you a little. I had a choice when I did saw the mash by the way the Muckin Leou o between CSONDE LEMAS or without a paddle, and I went without I went with the son of the Max, but I mean you could ask that question that could be a little sensitive but loop skywalker. That's a Wa. Come Oni love without a PADDL. That's a fuckyng good flick too. I was Goingto who ere you supposed to be in that I think I was going to be you're not going to be southgreen's character. No, I think it was. I think it was matthew. I think it was. I think it was Matthew's character. RF Makes Sense 'cause we got up for certain Rurles like thirteen ghosts. I wanted that roll. He got that one. So you know she's Allowe cocertain actors for a while is there? Is there a time when you H, you have like, obviously, if you're inacting, it's like a competitive nature when you're auditioning for rules and whatnot and I'm sure you go against the seeing people time and time again. So when you walk into a room, it's for an audition. Do you ever like cross paths with them and you're like fuck? No, you well in the beginning of your career, you're, very like Oh jeeze. I jus Jis this dude again this dude again this dud gain, but as you get older and you're all in the same game, it's Yo. You have a good time. You Laugh but Um. One time I went in for a movie and it was, and it was me and j Moore and then big rap report. Just left and Maggdy Willard was coming in and it was T was. It was so much dialogue and it was a good script, but it was a cabin highbol movie where she was a Hitman. Oh Yeah, yeah. I know what Iwa talking about now. None of US got none of U Goo like I had like seventy five fucking pages of dialogue, O memorize and I'm like it's like nine- am it was like and they're like you, too Al Cok and some dude got it from like Germany, I think Ti swagergot. I think that was SPAGA. Who was not in the room got that role and I don't even know what it was. It was Ma. It was m hit name mov, you knowon Tgbo yeah. I do I just a a matter of fact. I think it's on Amazon, prime ECAUSE. I passed it the other day, Youto for the money memorized that to for the money, yeah, there's o I yeah eahow. Do you memorize that dude? I always wonder that, like how do you do that? What do e you do? You stay up e night before and you just fuckind say you know an line over and over again and the next line again go back again, a d: You do it. You Walk Around Your House, you just do it. That was the thing, though you know you guys got rien really spill in the sauce, but I mean that's a lot to ask somebody o Memori, Ike nine am and it was a ton of dialogus and I's. Like I cut through this tucking night slowly and I was like so many adjectives delicately as ey yo know, it was like on O for so h. You just you just do it. 'cause you're, like Oh, it's Goan, be a good movie and excited siwhtall right. Listen, I got AOI got more people here, Bria Moreno great listener. He always asked questions. I'm sure he's going to ask for a shot at the end of this one haven't even ready. Yet he said I love the Jamie Kendy experiment and Chris Creed was one of my favorites. Do you have a preference of working on TV or over movies Ye wrote Screem five cough cough. Also. Can I get a shout oalso Kin I get a shot out like got from Diane Franklin and Keithcookin. Oh you AE keit on you as SA. All last week is my buddy Lo ke dude. He was fucking great he's. So knowledgeablet ddhe raised me talked about eighties movie. He raised me Hso, okay, what's up bride, this is shot out. BRIME MARINEO! What's upt there, you go o Gu ot. What was the question again? ACOURSE the question he said: Do you have a preference working TV over movieoh? Well, in a perfect world, you just do a movie. I mean that's how I am I like. I love to do shit and go and do it and be done like you know like I did this movie crabs in the bucket. We were in New York for four weeks and it was great the little project done. You know like like when I did tremors the last one. We went to cave town, South Africa. Six weeks H, you prepare, I love movies. 'CAUSE, you prepare! You have your day, Oom you're playing your day, Ot, you have your work and then you're done and you can go out and eat depending on how hard the day was hang out a little bit. But I love movies. What's in the're done and then you can take a break. I like Youlcompli, something I mean. I do. Love T V too, but it's like you know, ongoing, which isn't bad for money, but, like movies you're done with it, and then I think you compete a little project. O eane feels like a drag like. If they want do. Do I mean it's money, it's crazy money and there's a lot of amazing creative shows. But yes, if you WANTNA yeah, like Y, I know what you're saying it'. I don't want to be disrestrited on the T V but yeah. I know what you're saying it's like same thing: it's like almost yeah, you know what I mean you're doing this Arin Ayeah and it's like, and it's like people are like taking it really seriously, that it's a Comont's TV show HOS your numberis relax, Oowe thinkingit's, all the demographic. I did a medical show once an they wer telling me how to hold the scalpel. I Mike Com, they're, looking in scanvel, he re lsabe, so there's a lot of overthinking in T v Mo is not to murder. Oh really, there'! I mean my wife, my wife's a nurse Practitioner and she watches my 'cause. My daughter watches, graze Anatome, so he' been watching that and watching that with them is like watching me watching a military movie 'cause. I pick out everything I'm like odds bullshit like non. I wouldn't haveen like watching this show I don't pay attention to it while they're watching it but like Thi'l, like I don't know like use to paddle, I don't e know what the shits called like. You know they put a tube in their throat or whatever and she's like no at's, not how you do it that's wrong. I don't PA up last Nigt an AK opyou ever think about that when you do shows like that, you're like somebody' at home, going no you're Dick, that's hyw! You do it not once do I ever think Lik ship, my jobs to say the line and Fuckand make you believe it that's it, and I barely do that. Look you if I F you're worried about where the scalpel's going you got. Ta Fuck You'e got problems CAUSEI CAE to see bag for us all right. The last question I got here. This is actually a great question. He said what questions are you tired of being asked? That's a good one Um, I would just say like, like you know, I'm a little over answering questions about what was it like to work on screen: Likei love it it's great B T it was twenty three years ago and I'm not saying people don't ask all types of questions, new Er questions with that one 'cause you could find that one on the Internet. I've answered that about Thirty Thousand Times. You cound just go that Jamie Ketdy said. Any question is Googlebll, I think is you know, is annoying, but e I mean know, I'm lucky at least they're asking you the question about it. Yeah Xain, I mean that's the good part about, but I I totally understand that like and I feel bad, sometimes like bringing up roles that people have done, that they're famous for 'cause, I'm sure that they've heard the shit eighty five times, probably waybor and just they're like all right. Well, here here's my canned answer and that's why we love doing the shows, because what we hear from you guys ir s a lot of different shit because we're not asking you those direct questions. You know you're just telling US stuff because we're throwing memories at you, yeah. No! It's when you ask like behind the scene stuff, it's good! You know people ask that but like when it's just like what was it like to get fake blood on you? Oh Man, let me tell you all about that hat was so. You must love doing panels at conventions. Well, CANL I've done yeah. I've done it Tomican a few times, but no the panels are good to because you know what those are. Hardcarter fans they'll bring up some shit that you did like. I did a C. I did a cartoon and Sweden twenty years ago called Dumob and like seven episode and this Dude Askd me this question. It's like in the mob. She Se episode six scene three when Youre car ees like broke the shit. Now I was so impressed. I was like okay. Let me get an answer Ge. I so those can go one or two weeys very general or Super Specific Yeah we've. I meade some of the ones we've been at I'm just like that's a really good question like I don't even know what the hell you're talking about and then you're right, 'cause we've had other ones where people like H, you know, be a horror movie and they're like what was it like getting stab by Jason, Yeah Frek, here's a good one. Were you scared? Were you silm and scream? Were you scared? It was it w it. It was mov it Wa. We scared O ves. Tar was karing e Scar, dot, nowmovie o. You can't get yourself in that type of mind frame where you're like fuck. This is really crazy, like I'm scare to stalk, when you see craft's service right there, when you see a guy in a Puckina cliff far co ceam Sr over there showing his buddi fucking instegram comin that'slik he greatest image. I culever you say he was eating a Clif, far yeah itjustthat's, a scary shit, OL o I got I tak a picure of Thatdon't move. Perfect he's got to go to video, that's the plan, that's the playall. The ran studio is all fucked up and then we're also going to do er throw this out there now. So you guys know another live. Trivu is going to be coming up and it's going to be completely different from what we did before it's going to be multiple choice: It's not going to be typing in the answers. It goan be fucking way better everyone get involved. I know we had problems the last time 'cause. You know people typing fast and people knowing the answers. You won't have to worry about that shit anymore. It can be Super Fun UH. What do you think mark another couple of weeks? Probably two weeks yeah, I'm thinking, that's probably about the time frame we're looking at, but we're still trying to work out all the kings. We got some great ideas in the work, so you got some ass for more live Trivia. So I we're working on trying to find a way to bring that to you guys the best way we come you got to have like consolation pro 'cause. I found it feel bad. I kind of fucked through on the ABA 'cause Abit really was the bast, but merl haggard doing thirty nine, that's pretty huge. We you fucking, you fucked me on the last round. You gave it a mark for Super Mario Brother. I know in daggers. Cokin daggers is really specific, but it's supposed to be amazing. You're, not t the first person what said this, so I have to see it, but I don't when I think of nineteen. Eighty four, I don't think of Kobin Dagger. I think o war games was that nineteen nd eighty four, I think it was other movie Ats, Eighty three actually and if I had war games I would have selected it. But the reason I went this Li. Why isn't t or right Marre in ELM STREET CAUSE IT HAD TO BE GAME oriented? Is that what he had to be game? Oriented yeah, like Dre, in like a deep pole where theywere like at a match, like I wet or was I came involv my movie was based on fucking video game come on, but then I had to give it to mark because Mar I meaneveryone knows supermario brother. So, even though you didn't like the movie, but it was the most pop censured title, I mean it's your it's your choice anyway, like I'm just H, I don't realyher, it's not like I'm going to win any metal. The main Bagguy had three nipples that count for something H, I' just learning how to play the game. Again. I'm like! Oh, it's it's the decades. Based on this topic. Okay, I forgot, you mean you got a lot of rules it this tin, wait. What did you? What did he say last time, it's like Sup, like fucking, a meat in a box or something what was that line, putting liver in a box and fucking it? Yes, that's what Yis game is. No, that's what you told us last time. You said this is like putting liver in a box and flucking. Why would you? Why? Would you put the meat in the box for you to put the pust in the bag a good point? I think that you tag line for the for the reviews on you know from the podcast on he. When you sell Te, Pott ofight right there fam this pot castis like fucking meat in a box. Yes, that's what it was bet the Boxang. You could fug it, but do we gotta? Have you back on again you're you're, great and you're, starting to get it two episodes in maybe by the third you'll R relad? You know what I love: It's not a time commitment or anything. This was only two hours and next one, hopefully the'll go like in n hour. Forty eight yeah, I mean four hours Fi. I just can GE doing it. Ong Pandemic time. Right thanks to Getroa, do you you have anything else you want to plug before you go. My special called stupid. SMART is now on prime, it's on Tuby it's on Itunes, on e Boodoo. By the way, it's all your listenens, are we still long Brodo's got a ton of movies. You see all these over. The top services are awesome, so ro cooit's also on Rocoo. So anyway that was a weird indin Um. I really appreato guys me. I'm sorry! I was asleep in the beginning, but now I woke up so, let's start open, O het Thacl Li guys. He Saves Man. Se Tie ely, GO TAK CA! Thank you! Al Right, DOLERS! Well, unfortunately, we're going to have to end this episode right here, but if you've missed an episode, you can always go back to duling decades. DOTCOM or you can catch up on all of our past episodes and subscribe wherever pod casts are found, can be on etunes apple pog cast spotify, Stitcher, tat, Ta, casent tape whatever and while you're out there, subscribing and listening to other shows, go out and check out the NI. The one headlike nineties, bodcast, hosted by our good friend, drew Zakman and what you got coming up on that show drew get a couple of things. So the last episode I released. I actually had my two daughters on why not pandemic project. So I had my four and seven year old daughter, andwe talked about Aladdin, they had a blast. I had a lass it as a lot of fun. We're going to be doing the an episode on the best nineties, instrumentals, worse nineties, movie parents, nineties summer, blockbusters, nineties spads is coming out soon and I'm also going to be throwing O's, not a nineties topic, but I feel like it's important a I realy want to talk about it, but mental health whicis period, mental health 'cause. Like I s time right now, is pretty crazy. You know everybody's kind o going through some stuff, so I wanted to put an episode out there. I'm also going to be doing like a playlist Na, mostly ninety songs. I might break the rules on this. One have SOE, maybe from the eighties or maybe post nineties, but just you know, try to help people get through t s this crazy time. You know, keep your head straight, you know do what Youv gotta do and you know we're all going through it. So just an episode to Kindo help people kind of keep pushing forwards. So that's what we have coming up: Overon, the one head, Lai nineties, pacest excellent- make sure you subscribe to that show as well. So until next time jewellers were going to bid you a piece, love. Lightn, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infermay media