Dueling Decades
Sept. 23, 2020

Judge Schultz is back with a vengeance in this tight duel between 1973, 1986 & 1996

Judge Schultz is back with a vengeance in this tight duel between 1973, 1986 & 1996

Welcome back, our buddy David Schultz is back to judge this retro duel! The heart really does grow fonder when your close friends are not around, and it shows. The boys let loose for some retro hijinks in this seriously amusing "week experience"! Before getting started, there's some big news dropped from the Dueling Decades team. From there, the retro warriors get right into some fierce competition! Drew Zakmin finally gets to dive way back, and brought the best week he could find from mid-September 1973. Marc James jumps into the future with a dazzling helping of mid-September 1996. And, Mancrush rounds out the panel with a prodigious dollop of mid-September 1986!

This duel is very tough, but so is David Schultz. Judge Schultz won't take any lip from the contestants and brings some unique views to the bench! In this episode, you might hear about Mancrush's obsession with inflation, Billy Dee Williams does a movie on par with Citizen Kane, Bruce Willis stars in a flop, Schultz loves Ernest, patiently waiting in lines, a legend goes deep, a rocket transforms into a seabass, Zakmin was conceived in a Plymouth Caravan, how to properly use a bidet, life with four channels, a cartoon that would never fly in 2020, the best job in the world, Christmas in September, a classic comeback story, an album no one pronounces correctly, Zakmin brings the sadness, thank you Reagan for an amazing childhood, and what's a knife?

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NFORMARYMEDIAIDOING taass wax piece of all guys and thanks were having me on the show, we'll it be the nineties or the AD fany babies, or crack babies, Welly Ben Amana or Madon, maybe Brity. Maybe Whitney do you like new metal, O new wave, tey row or Super Dav. I don't know, but now the vannel begins duling decades and lets see who wins: Joyn, AOS roudcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show with a decades paddle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for T. I am Markd James and welcome back to jeweling decades. This week we bring you the weak experience, I'll be representing September, fifteenth through the twenty first nine teen. Ninety six, alongside the other duelers first off bringing the best of September fourteenth through the twentieth nineteen eighty six say hello to mancrush. What's up, we got huge news for this episodes to begin things off. The huge news is I'm no longer a jets van wat's Looky, so long, fucking, Raiders Baby, Oh you're, Sporting, the chucki shirt, spor chucky shirt. Merry guys, fuck, the jests, I'm in your boat now Dave. It's not just for this episode of not pandering me and my buddies were done yeah. What do you mean, though you're in my boat? I never liked the gents to begin with. Well, that's what I mean. I don't like Hem, either perfect sowe share that, but now the the other big news Druzacman, is now a permanent part of the show, no longer guest anymore him Andjoe, Finley and micranger all permanent fixtures. So they will still be rotating n outn. Nothing will change on anybody else's end, but from our end it feels much better to know that they're part of the show, rather than just coming on, to help us out you now yeah. Now we just get health insurance on TA, four O one K yeah it's coming! Wait for that by the mailbox. I will also returning to the panel this week representing September Sixteenth through the twenty second nineteen. Seventy three, please welcome back to the show the professor Druzacman Om guys. How are you p everyone's doing well being safe and IAM, I'm looking forward to N Nineteen seventy three! It is a good year and that's always hering the show. We need somebody to djudicate all of this awesomeness, so back behind the bench is the Breez and Badass from beingtown all rise for the honorable judge. Dave Shultz oplease sit down relax because I am the non celebrity celebrity judge. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dualing decades rules. The judges coinflip shout aside, who picks first out of the five duelling decades: categories: movies, television, music, news and hut products. It judges ruling we'll determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points, a piece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. Okay jeelers. We only have one week and I'm hut like with Sabbi when I bust rhymes big likeleannrhymes, because I'm all about on tens all right. Let's toss it right down to Dave Sholz for the coin, Toss Gay guys, I'm keeping with my new tradition here of my clam shell of the film flipper with Paul Hogan and Elija Wood. Here there. It is there it is and all of its glory I mention on the front. We have those two stars on the back. We have Elija Wood and he's doing a little tango with Flipper, and I've mentioned on the show before Paul Hogen taking a shower. So that's not a cock. This is a crock. U Cok! Whatever! Anyway! So Yeah! You guys pick your poison or drew Zacman. You call it this week. I want Elija Wood. Well, he's on the front. In the back said You wa, Elia Wood, looking cool with the sunglasses H on his face with him doing the tango. We flipp her as I want him doing, the Tangl a flipper. So that's tales, okay, hold Ong! IT'S GOING UP N! That's a lot of TALS WAN TO HEAR IT RICE! No, that's a good way! WOAN POLS OFF MY KNEE! Now now I ha e Dri am OK. I wish I had your doling decade's health insurance right now, but you lose. It is hal front cover. Damn I all right, man crush you, take control of te board and get to select our first category. Where are we going letstart to suckher off with news yer? Let's go to September, Fourteenth Nineteen six? That was a real. That was a ton of Shitty news the week that I had so I went with this one. It's simple, but it's the beginning. What would be one of the most incredible short lived careers? Any athlete ever had and let me get right to the story: T's Bow, jacks and crack's. First Major League home run Kansas City, worse Kan, Kansas City, Kansas, right, Missouri, Missouri or or that's what I meant. Kansas City misethere's, actually both and they're right across from each other. Well Yeah. So this is t the other one. I'm going to go on a lemen sat doing decades does not reimburse you for education. Does it not geography show fucking. Anyhow, it says: Cant City Rookie, Bo Jackson hit his first major league home run Sunday and it was a memorable one. The former Highsmatrophoy winter from alburn hit a towering four hundred and seventy five foot home run into the grassy nole beyond left Centerfield fence at Royal Stadium off Seattle, Starter Mike Moore, a chart of long as balls hit and royal stadium show that Jackson's drive landed approximately five feet above a homerun by former Chicago White Sox, slugger, Ritchie, Allen in n Nineteen, seventy four, so it was first ever home run- was the longest home run ever at Royal Stadium, pretty flucking outstanding. I mean you Gotto, look at the whole track record of this guy. You know he's the only athlete ever to go to the pro bowl and the major league golfs Tar game, which is fucking, incredible heas able to do the two. Then there's all this talk about. I O now how closely you follow his career, but that he ran a four point. One two, forty, the Colbine. I didn't hear s fucking nuts yeah it's, but it's it's highly contested. So I found this Guy Harry Buffington. He was the he's a scouting legend. This guy's been Ouf forever and at the time he was the director of the National Cambine, which is like before the way that they had it now, and he attests that Bau did run a four point, one two second forty and he stated that his second run was four point two two so even like. If four pot, one two was a bad time which he claims was not. His second run was four point: Two two which is fast as buck. If you're on of four three, that's amazing but yeah, running afore two is amazing and alsohd Takento account just how big he was like. He was no like slender wide receive how he was just a house. He isand he claims he hardly ever lifted weights, which is fucking unreal for a guy N, his stature. He I mean Hewas, huge, everybody knows Bonos and the guys stats were fucking off the chart too. He actually had a season with the raiders. He didn't qualify at the time 'cause he only played in seven games. He only had eighty one carrys. He ran for six point. Eight yards of carry yeah you're not going to tackle him as e bride, Vos rock found outdiculous yeah exactly but anyhow, this is his first ever home run. Of course, we know what happened to him with the dislocated hip and then he had to get hippeplacement and he was never the same, which is really sad 'cause. He definitely would have broken all kinds of record that do was like the best athlete ever seen: The fucking Bang Yeah of all fucking teams who day they're from they're from Kansas, right, yeah, just down the road from IOL, all right, Tru Zacman. What do you have for the news round? So I'm also sticking with sports, actually so on September, twentieth, nineteen. Seventy three, probably one of the best baseball players of all time, announcees, his retirement, which would take place at the end of the nineteen. Seventy three CS, WBUT, I'm talking about to say, Hey kid himself, Willy Mate, he ilfinishing his career with six hundred and sixty home runs and at the time those were that was the third most at that time. I think right now he's actually tied for faith with Albert pooholes. They both have six sixty, but I'm sure pooholes wuld probably pass him, maybe even by the time this episodears. Actually, everybody remembers Willi Mays, making that play it was during the game, one O, the nineteen. Fifty four world series, Vic Wortz, hits a flyball. The deep center field makes the catch over. His shoulder turns around throws ae ball back in just an amazing play and I feel like if you no baseball or you ever. If you think of like one highlight from the game of baseball, it's probably going to be the Willi maze heighlight, where he catches up all over his shoulder, which is not an easy play by his stats. I mean they're insne a twenty four time all start two time nationally, MVP twelve gold gloves the guy could hit endfield ias a four time home run champ nationally batting champion fifty four rookie othe year, four times stolen baseleaders, so the guy could do everything he was inducted into the hall of FNA, N, N Nineteen and seventy nine and somehow he only got ninety four point. Seven percent of the votes, which is complete bullshet, so those what four point three percent people are idiots. Five point: three percent: I can't do math. I need that. I need that education, reimbursement, guys yeah twelve, all time an hits Twelveh all time in RBI. Seventh, all time in runs beguys like war. Fifth, all time in war I mean Willy Mai is one of the best baseball players ever and on that day September, Twentieth, Nineteen, seventy three! He announced that he would be stepping away from the game all right, guy's, third time's, a charm, so you know September fifteenth through the twenty first of nineteen. Ninety six was a really big week for baseball. So you know what once again, let's talk about the boys of summer that we only seem to watch in the fall so that week September fiftenth we had the Texas Rangers, they actually retired their very first number and that was Nolan Ryans number. Thirty. Four, the next day, Paul molliner of the twins, he's the twenty first player in Major League Baseball history to have three thousand hits the day after that Ad Dehonomo no hits the Colorado rockies and then the following day. That's where I'll go for my news story and we'll go over to the record in Hackinszack New Jersey, where Wesee the headline clemens gets twenty strike outs, Roger Clemens match the only pictere who has ever done this and struck out twenty himself. The Red Sox right, hander equalled his own major league record Wednesday night, fanning twenty batters and pitching a four hitter to lead Boston over the Detroit Tigers, for nothing so Roger Clemens. That night has twenty strike outs and now in history it's only been done four times currently at the time. He was the only picture to do it. Since then, it's been done by Maxcherzar and um carry wood in carry wood. Of course, the next year he would go on to sign a four year. Forty million deal to play for the Toronto Blue Jas. I like to think that Pitchon PT Twenty strike outs had a little something to do with getting that forty million dollar deal as Pi cas the the peds were probably better in Toronto, easier to get probe, probably whereics Joe Finley. When we need Hem, you could answer that forse. So that's what I got September, Eighteenth, nineteen, Ninety six, Roger Clements fans, twenty, let's had over our judge for this episode- gave Shultz for the verdict all right. Well, let me go first off mark. I really appreciate you trying to appeal to my my Massachusetts native on the inside of meecause. I no longer live there, but I'm still a big Boston, red SOx Fan and the rocket can twenty was very impressive, but as man crushus mentioned, this was fat, Roger Okay. This was this, wasn't the the young, Roger Clemens of old or anything at that time you know the socxide. He was washed up and hens, why they let him walk to Toronto later the dreaded New York Yankees, but sa to the first entry here in nineteen, eighty six bow Jackson's. First home run. We learne that man crush completely sucks at geography, which is important because something that he's really good at is adjusting for inflation on this show. Can I expect that wholeheartedly over the course of the next hour, something I found very interesting about that story that you told man crush was the name of the Scout Harry Buffington Oi think might have wasted his career with a name like that which you know was perfect to be a poring star. The first thing I thought of when I saw Ryd Buffington yeah. That's that's a good one. That's that's like something ye like crank call. Somebody with you know a this is hariabathic. Did you see Bo Jackson's? First, O it was amazing, hit it rain to the ground. Oh ID wont too. I was there. I don't know why. I'm talking like I know like in Nineteen Thirti's radio, announcer, wel nineteen. Seventy three drew came with Willy mays retiring. Interestingly enough, where Harry Buffington sounds like a porno name, Vic wortz, the guy that hit that ball, that Willie made has caught could have been the postor child for VD. So somereally Nice parallels here. Besides the fact, all of you guys pick baseball they're, all really impressive feats. To be honest with you, I mean Willim May's, absolute legend, you mentioned Boljackson. What could have been and Roger Clemens in his time was truly one of the best pitchers on the face of the Earth but Um you know hat I'm going to do here, I'm going to go in nineteen. Seventy three because Willi mays is just you know and drew mentioned how the numbers weren't there. Well, he got into the whole of fame, but he still got some writers who were not on bored with it, which is just ridiculous. Absolutely nw same I mean you know t they had to be some racist pricks involved in that, but still Willi Maye was an outstanding ball player in his legendary beyond belief. I'll tell you bout Bo Jacks is still a legends, even though he had a short. You know short career for both I was still Abese. I mean watching that was at the nineteen was the eighty, the eighty eight or eighty nine Olstar game in California. I think it was eighty nine d. He was an all startedg up. He like ran, like literally, ran up the wall right Y to catch a Fal I bal, the ball. Buckin ran like it was nothing like if we ase us running in the Oufield. That was him running up that wall. It was no effort, guys stopped taking each other's balls here, okay, drorry on the round, if you want to go even beyond that, Roger Clemen is pretty cool too, because he named all of his kids with a name that starts with a k yeah. So that's that's pretty pretty balsy too so heas like cody Cole, Roger That's how he said it to they handed he the child. This is cody. Oh, this is kyle cody, all right, jre, Zacman d. You Win the first round, pick up the very first point, but, more importantly, you take control of the board and get to select our next category. I I'm GOINNA. Usually we we seve this one towards the end, but I'm Gon N, I'm going to throw movies out right now. Let't do that. So this movie was released on September, Eighteenth, nineteen, seventy three and a tag line, which is a great one to pull off a job. No one would ever dare you need a team? No one would ever believe and I'll tell you what this team was pretty unbelievable 'cause, this movie fuature two entertainment monsters, Ye had Billy D Williams and you had Richard Pryor and it was directed by the highly acclaimed Sydney fury who was responsible for giving us the flawless flawless Iron Eagle Franchise Right. This powermoun picture's classic film change the way we look at life and how we view drug addiction as well as how we view ourselves. I know this movie changed the way I live my life and everyone would do themselves a favor if they has dedicated the proper o e hundred and thirty four minutes it takes to watch's film. The world would be a much better place and by now I'm sure everybody knows exactly hovie. I'm talking about that. Movie's called hit the exclamation point at the end. This movie is this movie is so amazing. Je CISCOL gave it three out of four stars stating that it provided Sol entertainment and should be a box office smash and this story's about a federal agent trying to destroy a drug zone after his daughter dies from a heroin overdose. Deep Movie, there's comedy involved. I don't have the box office numbers in front of me, but from what I recall, this movie's box office all easily cracked, the top two hundred movies from the year. So it was clearly a success but yeah hit release in its head. I say say it right: Release September, Eighteenh, nineteen, seventy three Youe gotto say it like nineteen thirty's, baseball, Bridhat, MI, say hit, go and see hit a pasball movie or no, I just told you what it was about. I I was trying to pick the Lad Williams and something I forget. If it happened in Kansas city either one I'm not too sure I'll have to verify that for youall right man crush what did you bring for the movies round? Huh Et, let's Go September, Twentieth Nineteen six and it really does pay off to do some research. Here's a gym that Premiere Os. A sneak preview- and the question here is: Why did this movie have a sneak preview and the answer is pretty simple with this one, the studio actually thought this movie was going to be a flow and they didn't think the American audience was going to go see it matter of fact. Twenty Hesth Century Fox, initially bocked at this movie. They watched it for twenty minutes and they told one of the the writers H's movie now this'll never work all at that movie was still made on a sub ten million dollar budget, and their focus was on the North American audience and by the end of nineteengty six. This was the second highest grossing movie in the United States, only baind top gun and the highest grossing Australian film in the world that year, this little film from down under wuld Goon to recon three hundred and twenty eight million dollars at the box office N. Nineteen six- and this is just so dave- yeottle Shubby, that's roughly seven hundred and seventy dollars an twoend, an twenty nice. These numbers are staggering for a comedy and it's Insene for a movie to just come out of the Bush that blew everyone away, even the main actor who was a Teev Star in Australia. He figured that this is a quote. He said I figured. We were just making a nice little comedy movie for Australia and aside from top gun, which it barely edged out, it was like a million dollar difference of the year. It beat out platoon karate kid two aliens and Fars Puler's Day off- and I know I've said it before. Like numbers. Aren't everything, however, when a film comes out an nowhere to blow everyone out of the water, it's a big fucking deal and enthe the BUDG. He said it was ten million, it was act, it was around e. It was running. Eigh million dollars, talk about it, Rli Oly Shit. I was insane this movie. It would get two sequels as well, neither of which would be quite as good as the original I mean they never are, but the entire franchise woul going to make six hundred and seven million dollars. Overall, it's over a billion dollars. That's fucking ridiculous. So if you're in the mood for like learning how to use a BDAT crocodile attacks grabbing crotches new waist in Jess, cocaine, pacified Buffalo's, a guy who everyone thinks is cliesewood large knives and a bunch of other scenes, you would never see in the twenty twenty movie, then Paul Hogen's Crocodile Dundee is the movie for you and I'm so glad that Dave said at the very beginning of this episode. He immediately went to the the the Crock joke, because that's what this dude was not for. He had other movies, but that's not a knife Ogat last night, fucking Gr, it's so funny and like there's so many scenes in the movie, and I'm not even joking about that, like how many scenes have you seen in a comedy where people are doing cocaine anymore, not enough, you never see that, and this fuckin dude's like doing line after line after line and then buck in he's like Oh, you got a stuff nose, do Ya hold on and this guy's all into it like. What's this guy going to do when he gets a boiling fucking water and he pours all the guy's Cote into the boiling water and put the towel over his head just sniff that in a d you'll be clear as a whistle like what the Foxso many like just little fucking jokes that are hidden in there the whole scan with he beday fucking Hilarious, yea, crocodile dund. We got the September twentieth. Nineteen six right, we'll go ten years into the future to September twentieth. Nineteen. Ninety six and the coureer journal to a headline that reads: Willis Shines and knockoff of Yo Jimbo, any remaker adaptation or master work must face this underwaving rule, no matter how great or how lousy the New Vision turns out. It'll be known as a reworking of its source, Walter Hills. Last man standing is a topnotch knock off. This is hills Western izomage to a Kira, Kirosaas Jojimbo, the one about the warrior who pedales his services to both sides in a blood feud. It worked for Clint, Eastwood, Ind, the wild west in fifthfull of dollars, surgioleowns nineteen sixty four omage to Yo Jimbo, the story. It's a universal one, warring factions vulnerable to infiltration, find themselves trusting a fellow who means neither side any good. So this is last man standing starring, Bruce Willis newline cinema originally wanted to do a remake of Yojimbo more in the vein of Mad maxs or escape from New York, but director Walter Hill insisted on having this set in depression, Ero, Texas, the big standout performance for me- and this one was of course Bruce Durn. It was kind of like a comeback for Bruce Stearne's career. The film also stars, Christopher Walkin, and Michael and Perioli so release September, twentith, nineteen. Ninety six, I give you the knot box off is smash. The last man standing took a beating at the box office, Bunchet of sixty seven million dollars cumulative worldwide gross of just forty seven million. It's not always about the money, man all right. Let's kick it over to Dame sholts for the ruling on the movies round. It's not always about the money. Until we're talking about the world of box office hits where it is absolutely everything about the money drew and UH. Let me see here. I think the only one that actually made ne money was e pick in Nineteen D. Eighty six, but let's talk about everybody who's pic individually, real quick here I I like jrews pick of nineteen. Seventy three, because do you guys say exclamation, mark or point exclamation mark, I say Mork. I think any time you add a exclamation mark, er point to the end of anything. It automatically makes it better. So you definitely get points for that. Nine huteen and eighty six okay crocedout und this movie, apparently is about some dude from Australia, but is that near Denver or something? Where is Austraela EXAC, I'm entirely sure, but it was a good movie. I mean it's a big part of my childhood, even though, as I got older, I realized you could have basically replaced Paul Hogen with Ernest p whorl and the movie would have been virtually the same fuck sawos, Hi Jim. Oh, he was beating the shit out of people. He knocked it doit out and fucking. Like was talking animals and sh. You could not put Ernest P WORL in there ot talking to animals a you have a cuffy. Do you remember the SE? Well, that's the only thing that you remember the scene where the fucking hunters are out trying to shoot the kangaroos and he comes out of nowhere and fucking shoots them all like we'll shoot to at them all d get seme all runaway earnest. PEWORL cannot do that man. I bet she imposible. I bet you now eln te bed. He could I'd challenge anybody out there to think about this. Just for a few minutes and see who sihed you may stab a crocodile in the Te blockrs whorl fricking escape from jail. Are you kidding me? What are you talking about? He could do anything Paussto. I well okay, I'll stop in my fourteen year old! Well, I wish I was fourteen and nineteen. Ninety six last man standing with Bruce Willis. I do not remember ever seeing this movie yeah well great, I'm blessed, I'm truly blessed, but I think the answer here has to be obvious by now, despite me and mancrush disagreeing on who the movie could in fact Star Crocodile Dundee, guess the wind and plus you know something else. If we didn't have that first one we never would have had crocodile Dundee. What was that? What s? The Third Movie Wit Los Angele, Los Angeles Yeah, so that's cinematic gold right there. The whole franchise made six hundred million dollars fucking insane yeah, but I never had an exclamation wark at the end of th, O had actually funny enough. The name in Australia was different than our name cause ours. When you looked at the poster, it had two quotation marks on it, so it was like crocodile Dunde Uhhuh because they didn't want people in the United States to think it was about a monster named procodile than D, so they put the quotation marks around crocodile, whereas in Australia The logo just said Crocodile Dunde Dude, all all four of US couldn't figure out if his exclamation mark or point so saying that you know those quotation marks really like separated it enough. So the consciousness of American people were like. Oh, this isn't some kind of horror. Flick sounds like a stretch to me. I don't know. Well, you remember, towards the beginning of the eighties, you had like the alligator movie and you know obviously o had jaws and everything else. So what do you do, but Ernest couldn't do I he couldn't pull off an Australian BEC. She could we'll never know we'll, never know at this point animation. All right, man crush. You pick up a point and take control of the board. What categorlill we going with? Next all right, let's go over to hot products, justtake this one out of September nineteenth nineteen. Eighty six. I think this might be a first for the show mark talked about this on the last episode, and occasionally we get some like off the wall, hot products and Itis. Definitely one of them. I was slipping through the L A times on September, nineteenth nineteeny six and I was looking for a product and I landed on massive two page spread and initially I blew right past it. I was thinking it was like an ad for a movie and it was actually an ad for a new attraction. There was going to be lats, OT, Disney theme, parks on September Nineteenth, nineteen six, both in Anaheim and in Orlando, and I totally I remember all the buzz about this, leading up to it- The threed movie and went by the name of Captain Eo. It was directed by France, Fort Copola. It was written by George Lucas and it starred Michael Jackson, but they didn't stop at three D for this one. This was your first forty film project to hit the masses. Not only did you get to see this movie in Three D, But the chairs would shake. There was like smoke all over the room, Lazers are being fired, a you was fucking wild. The entire linte than the movie was seventeen minutes long, and I remember wh n we saw this is a CAS aut in Orlando. The line was long, was super fucking long. There were no fast passes back then, so you just waited and wew're fine with that, like people cannot wait that long now, I remember we probably waited well over an hour, but this ride. It ran oe, thousanine, ten Aigh, six Hou and nine Hune, and ninety four and then after Michael Jackson, died in two thousand andtn a d. They brought it back until Twsen and fifteen, but I the one thing I do remember from this was the Angelica Houston's character, the supreme leader. She always looks scaryas Fuckd to me anyway, but if you looked at her character from this, she looked like the Queen Frormalien. If it was a person yeah. Do you remember what you looked like in this with the the like metal shit that Ye add, like th? Has S dod, Hewas, fucking crazy, and then you had like a monkey with wings named Fuzzball Yohad a set. A Siamese twins had two heads named hooter Ye had this weird elephant that was like the idiot of the crew and the theater. It held seven hundred people in Anaheim per show, and according to this article in The Times, people were willing to wait. It opened that Friday night and people were ready there waiting to get on this attraction and wo't call it a ride, but captain neo, like it had merchandize up the fucking Wazoo. I remember my parents bought me. The captain Eo Fuzzball, stuffed animal. I had the orange stuff down wetlike a tail that was like three and a Ya free long and they had little tiny wings on the back. But this is captain EO. Everyone is the first time we got a theme park attraction as a hot product, eling decades yeah. That was a good one. I remember seeing that as well the CA it was funny O th. It was for the time I mean with anything overtime, especially when it's something that's this cutting edge in nineteen. Eighty six, it was like a big deal and I was reading reviews O that people gave it and twenty fifteen before it closed. Some people are like, oh, it's still amazing and then there's other people who you know were like in their twenties. We're like this is garbage, looks like trash like Ome, nine teen and eighty six fuck off. Ah, that's mine. All Right, true Zacman: What do you have for the hut products round? Well, this product is piping hot piping and I have a product that is so hig there's a good chance, I'm actually here because of this product, but this product was released on September, Twenty First Nineteen, seventy three and I'll tell you what people could not contain their excitement now, when you guys think of legendary sports cars, one of the first ones. That probably comes the mind, is the Ford Mustang and on that day, in September, Ford introduced to the world the second generation Ford Mustang marketed as the Mustang to now. I instinct sided up by the way this car arrived, coincidentally with Tha Nineteen, seventy three oil embargo and subsequent and fuel shortages, but let's gote back to the mainpoint. This was named motor, tren nineteen ND seventy four car of the year and reached over one point: one million sales over four years of production. Now I can talk about the most thing all day, but the Mustang. This is how hot this product was now my dad, I'm not mistaken. He owned. I think it was in nineteen. Seventy four Mustang mock one, which Cocidentaly was the time he ran into a little lady. He would eventually marry and Starta family with did you know them bact, then n, the lady that he thaid he ran off with e start of Family Welyeah. That's my mother, man crush thanks. Paula Ho knows Paulis the saint provided she's, not listening to the MOCRANA, but ere Yani fucking Yumpy fucking Yani. Now my dad he's a cool d. He has at need a car to woo any ladies, especially my mom, but it doesn't hurt to have brains and I sweetass car. Well. There was good reason to believe that this hot product is part of the reason why I'm here in the first place and I'll, tell you what, if that's not a hot product, I don't know what Itis so September: Twenty first N, nine teen and seventy three Ford onveils the introduces th the new Musttang too, were you conceived in that vehicle? Is that WH 'm going to say? No? That would be. That would be kindo tight. I would think I mean I don't know: They're limber they're young they're younger. We were all young ones e could make it work. Let's not talk about Thi same you got detailed. Actually, no! I was not because so he I think he got rid of that car. My sister was born in seventy six, so I think he got rid of the car, probably like seventy seven or seventy eight, so that Wa that was before me. You were conceived in the The Plymouth Caravan Yea o sport. Now the dots and station Waggi had grown up. That's a different story. I'll best are off at that Bany Lokin Shag and wagon, Oh yeah og. So for my hot product you know it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas presents and so we'll go over to the San Francisco examiner September, Nineteenth Nineteen. Ninety six in an article that does just that a whome movie's article, so they're talking about all the new home releases that are starting to come out in the fall that'll be price to own for Christmas w they talk about the great movie called Independence Day, but don't get too excited that one doesn't come out till November twenty second. But if the article does go on to say, talk about ECLECTIC Sony home video has released beevus and butthead do Christmas, the first beevus and butthead holiday home video, and it's priced at fourteen. Ninety eight, you didn't think your luck would hold out forever. So this is beevus and butthead do Christmas. It was actually a special that was put out. It was about forty five minutes on video cassette and for that fourteen ninety eight, you got three specials. You Got Haha Humbug, which was a parody of a Christmas Carol whereb. This is now the scroogelike manager of Burger world and is visited by a trio of ghosts. It also included it's a miserable life which of course, is a parody of it's a wonderful life where budhead is visited by his Guardian Angel Charlie and then. Lastly, we have letters to Santa butted, which was my favorite feture of this, and this is where, during the nineteen ninety five season of the television show they would run advertisements to have fans send in letters for the Christmas special rherbeevus and butthead would reply to actual viewer mail on the show. So if you picked up this on Vhs, when it first came out, you also got about four different Christmas teemed music videos on it, but hey it's the Christmas gift that keeps on giving in September. BEVUS and butthead. Do Christmas release September Nineteenth Nineteen. Ninety six to m somebody t was such a great fucking show it was. It really was. I I had it on today and I was watching through it. I tried to get my ten year old to watch it absolutely zero interest. You know what, if you go back and you watch be with HOM butthead now you're goingto realize all that that is is the same stuff. These no talent, Ash, clon kids, are doing on you tube. Today. It was way ahead of its time reaction to watching Nervada plug for the CRES CI. Oh, my gastirty million views he's watching Coto Vang from that guitar. Look at him, Strom that stratacaster. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have ourselves a hit. They all do the same, fucking stupid, face too, where they're like. Oh, what was the one like one like just, I think it was for was it in the air tonight by thly Allens. I don't care how young you are. You've heard that song right. It's not your first time here that no Hemma, no, so let's toss it over to our judge, Dave Shultz for the ruling on this round. Before I do make my ruling, I want to make a commentary about the utwo videos, because every cover photo 'cause. They pop up an like my news feet all the time, and everybody has to have like this O my God face like they just got something jamed up their their backside to promote their video, and I always go jeeze w. what's up with this, is this like written in a contract like you must make some kind of goofy face to promote your video? I don't ow thank you for bringing that up 'cause. That was the face I was making before. I realized that nobody could see what the Fucke face. I was met as right right. You know what I'd really like, instead of like a first reaction, how about like the last rea yeah, like L, hes, watching something before they die? Yes, ten million of yews all right so on to my judging here hot products. Capain Eel, you guys hade great family vacations, as kids Y could go to well disneyworld and go see a a flictstarn, Michael Jackson, which honestly I can only think would be made yawns better if it started Gimvarney. But I am truly impressed. 'cause mancrushy mentioned this thing stopped running in two thousand and fifteen yeah. That's a long fucking time, but you didn't. Did you hear the whole thing that they they stopped at night efore? He wasn't listening. Thythey stopped EI, ninety four after he died. What was that two thousand and nine and two thousand and ten? They brought it back for five years, SI as still pretty f its long, especially like a market. I were saying how it was dated at that point I mean it's old tech right. Nineteen, seventy three pipe in hot news. Drue said he was coming with with a Mustang too now you know your dad is a super cool guy. Oh He's the best and Um you know had he been. I know this is the wrong decade, but if he was the kind of guy who wanted to drive around a dodge on Te, you know you probably wouldn't have been here. Your whole family wouldn't exist, so thank Christ. He was into cool cavs, you know what I mean and he had a sweet mustache too really still. Thus, Oh yeah, he still has it still. HOS Hi blows Tom Solk out of the Wanice. I can only hope that you were maybe conceived in a Chevy Caprice, ead, nineteen, Ninety Six du Christmas. Now, maybe I missed this too, because I don't pay attention to anything whatsoever mark were there actually music videos and either of these three segments that were on the VHS. There was, but only in the initial releases after that because of copyright laws and everything they wanted to mass distributet more. They took the videos out, but if you got the original nineteen, ninety six vh s version and tin get a few videos with it. So that's when you want to find on Ebay Huh see, I don't have a lot of like nostalgic feeling for Beavis and buthead. I know I', probably the odd man out here. I watched it, but I was never like enamored with it. I like liquid television. I remember I had you guys, remember the show the head, I ha yeah, it was Weirdes Hell. I had that on VHS. I didn't have any BVIS IN B head on VHS. Let's see here. These are all nice. Little picks that you guys have brought to my attention this evening, and this is going to be a tough call for me. 'CAUSE mark you're, already out of the runn in so fuck you but listen, the the CAFINIO and the Mustang too these these are I like 'em. Both I really do, but you know you guys like to say on this show something has legs which cap and EO truly does, but the Mustang two had wheels and it is going to squeal away with the victory. Oh yeah, also, if I oel to say that one bees, an bhead video where they were talking over letters to Clio here now, is fucking hilarious. All right, I take it back. Mark You windround congatulations, a d lost it. Your live o go on letters to clial. They talk on the video. What happened mean there's like a part where she like sings the I guess. It's Te Chorus. It just sings like real fast and you just her lie the AIS like Mumling in the Actrin', a it's jus amazing. It's so great! Do vesee th Thanksgiving special. They were dressed up as indeed oh. Yes, I remember that one yeah real, politically correct SB had always was Alli drew you pick up another point heading into our first two point round and jump out to an early lead. What categry are we going with? I am going to go with I'm going NA. Go Television MSTER TV, so September, Twentieth, Nineteen, seventy three! That's the day we're talking about, but before I get to I pick, I went to hop in our little delory and go back in time if we could to May thirteenth hnine Hutden and seventy three in Romona California, where battle of the sexis one took place, pitting former men's number, one tennis player Bobby Rigs Against Margaret Court, now Bobby Riggs defeated Margaret in straight, sat six two and six one now Isllle. That was the first one. Now its fist forward to September twentieth nineteen. Seventy three battle of the sexes nose the sequel now bobby rigs again took to the court. But this time he faced off against Billy Jeane King at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, now things aen't afair too well for the fifty five year old rigs against the twenty nine year old king as Biligin King, pretty much wiped the court with him in three streets set six four six three and six three now besides girl power prevailing here, this match was viewed by an estimated fifty million people in the United States and ninety million people rorldwise. So I don't know how that just for inflation there man crush, but it's a lot of people watching this tennis match. He probably should adjust his number one ranking for inflation, since he was fifty five years old. He was number one way before this yeah. It was, I think, twenty years Efore, but it didnt matter it doesn't matter. He was likei senior citizen playing like a woman in her prime does n't matter King's victory, here's a big mouser in a public's acceptance of women's tennis and there would wind up being one more battle: The sexes in N Nineuteen D. Ninety two between Jimmy conners and Martina Navetolova, where conners on in street sets H, seven five and six two but billyjen King September twentieth, Nineteen and seventy three. She said suck on this bobby rigs and won the bew the sexes in convincing fashion girl power. Let's also put into play that the fact that there was only like four stations nineten and seventy three just throwat at her t doesn't matter. Tsslet's. Just be honest. It's my first time, reactin N to nineteen. Seventy three. Ninety million people watch it. That's like that's like two thirds of the world. It's like yeah. If you had four things to watch, it just means there was nothing better. To do. Thatthey probably have figures of how much of the match they watched either. They watched all of it all right. Man Crush. What do you have for the television round? Oh, let's got like. There was at least a hundred million people to watch this. I thow that out there. This is September, Fifteenth Nineteen D. Eighty six, we just passed the the anniversary of this moning d. all I have to say with this peck. Thank you, Lord for Reagan, and his deregulation had that, had he not gotten rid of some of the regulations that were put in place in the lage sixties, we would have never gotte some of the awesome cartoons that we grew up with, like any of them any of those immaculate eighties cartoons we would have never got, and this cartoone in particular, I'm actually shocked that it even flew. Even then, to begin with, and on top of it, they had a killer, cleco toy line that went with t is, and we posted that one on our facebook last week and everyone loved that in twenty twenty there is no fucking way the show would ever fly. There is a cartoon for kids, especially since it was based upon a very popular rrated movie franchise, and that said, they did tone the show down a bit from the original series, whoever all the weapons on the show real as hell did you guys, remember Gi, Jo, how the guns kind of shot like lazer beams, yeah, yeah, Thi, Sho N, not in this one, you had full on focking bullets. You had rocket launchers. There was a whole arsenal in this thing, the movie franchise that this associated with is actually based on a nineteen. Seventy two novel thet chaire's, the same name is the first movie. There was at least in nineteeneghty two, and I don't think many people actually do realize that, but in nineteen seventy two we got the novel first blood by David Morrel, which is mostly the same, is a nineteen. Eighty. Two Classic First Blood you still have John Rambo- are he' still getting assaulted by cops still triggers his PTSD, all that stuff's the same until spoiler. If you like to read Ceronel Trotman shoots Rambow in the head dead at the end, it's a fucking Downer. You got this really raw book, then after you have ramble first blood part too, that comes out were Rambo, kills seventy five people in the film and they decided hey. This shouldn't need the fucking cartoon, and then we got rambow and the force of freedom. That shit was born on September fifteenthth, nineteen N, eighty six. They did take out the whole PTSD angle pretty much, and they just made him like a shirtless killer for the government, because he's he's shirtless through the entire thing. I think there might have been one episode Wa as due o a shirt on and he must have lost it 'cause. He never found it and he's always sureless, but every episode all sixty five of these episodes. He battles, savage, which is specialist administrators of vengeance, anarchy and global extortion, which is a mouthful. So I'm glad theye call savage, but this is a kid's cartoon and I vaguely remember one episode were savage kidnaps, a bunch of kids. I think they were like on a plane or buses or something and they threatened to blow the kids up. This is a car too only in the eighties folks- and this is what we got here- we got th Rambo and the force of Freedom September, Fifteenth Nineteen. Eighty six, two people in the eighties love their fucking acronyms too. By the way ask remember: Askpyeah OONL my only problem with Thi specialist administrators. They can find a better a word. It sounds like a temp you would hire. Maybe they didn't want to use assassins ECAUSE. It was kid's Partoon, but they were killing theywere, threatening to kill kids anyway, theywere tarting to blow them up, I mean should have been specialist assassins of vengeance, anarchy and global extortion. I think that would have been better, but I think so yeah I knew as soon as you started talking. I knew what cartoon you were talking about so went up and got my copy of Rambo the Nyeat, a DVD set. No, no, no! I have it on Bhs, very nice. I have it on Vhst, it's actually the episode the reign of the boy king, which you can't go wrong with this copbear. It's got Rambo on a horse. You know it's a full out, decked out jousting horse with the armor and th the fabric over it grambow himself, instead of a machine gun, of course, has a jousting sabre, which I've never seen him sport that weapon before see. I think the cartoon was the catalist for Rambo three, because then he goes to Afghanistan and starts riding horses and Shit it might have been, but in didn't to any jousting in Rambo three. No, they didn't have the budget. Ramboa jouisting is marks form of erotic. I think reall reall ml it on e description, O that covermen the span fiction, yea fanpick iy. So let's Go v R to my television selection September, Fifteenth Nineteen. Ninety six, we're going to go over to the Times leader, where an article talks about a new T v show that's going to be debuting soon, Judge Judy says: move over Judge Wapner. It's Judy Scheilanstern to dispense a little television justice Shiland will sit on the bench in the new courtroom, show Judge Judy premeering at eight thirty on Saturdays now she was a judge for about ten years and she goes on in this article and talks about how wild she was a judge. She kind of noticed that she had zero tolerancy for any other judge that Kindo didn't give a little back to the people in the courtroom that the judges were a little too passive, especially in her line of work, which was family court. She thought, if you were too passive, you weren't getting enough information out of both sides, so she says that she kind of became quote unque sort of an activist. The show would go on to be to win three EMIS over the year and Judge Judy. Wasn't even the original title for the show they originally wanted to be called her honor or hot bench, and then they settled on hut bench, which judge Judy and they're like y. no, so they just chopped it and it's always been known, as Judge Judy, so she worked for twenty five years in the court systems and then judge Judy has been on T V for twenty five years. She wraps up Hor twenty fifth season this year and next year she goes into a brand new. Judging show that'll be out. So that's what I got from Y television, the debt of Judge Judy, can't tell me you guys, having all watched a little judge Judy in your day, not on purpose petre. Hawkins Bird. Her bailift was actually her baylift in real life when she was in the courts and when the show was announced that she was going to be starting. A new television show as a judge, her bailift called her and said: Hey. If you NAM me, my suit still fits so she called them right back and he's been. He was on the show, a her bailift easiest, fucking Jobwodoh. I know on a fake toward se yeah. I would a E. I would have set my resume in too. That's what we need on this show 'cas. We need a bailiff Ayalso. What was the guy's name? Mal wapner. Do you remember his? I remember Douglo Wellin, but I remember Togowelfucke Dugle Wellit. He was always getting Shit on o. The back. No BAILIF will ever be as good as bull yeah, Ni Cor. I'll. Tell you when it's Yot trying to talk David ye turned it all so bossy. I was going to say if I was a Bailup I' just make like a goofy face and e. like that's right, judge you're, the boss. You tell me what to do. Here's some paperwork but you're, not the bailiff you're. Actually, the judgefor Thi an so let's go down for the ruling on the TV round. I want to switch market can be the judge, I'll be the bailiff. Now I get I get the the perfect car cut for it. I am Richard Mole for crying out loud, okay, Nineteen, seventy three battle of the sexes. This is a long fricking time ago. I mean I'm aware of it that existed, but what I think is more impressive and this is going to be sound. Weird drew I'm sorry, but this is the kind of stuff I come with. Is that in your movie round you brought up Billy d Williams and then in your t, v round, you brought up billy Jeane King Thas t two billies w with three three names. So that's impressive in itself, I gotto say two billies make a right of feet. I guess they do. Nineteen eighty six man crush IAM. The thing I'm most curious about Rambo and the force of freedom is: How much did it cost to make? In N nine ten? Eighty six compared to t tweanty twenty fucking nows, I TIK A T v. So US fucking kid with you man. I was waiting for like yeah back in eighty six o'call. It was about a hundred and eight two dollars an episode. That's about four HUN dollars. twent y twenty sounds about right M. interesting thing. I actually googled that, while you were talking about it because I was vaguely remembering the Rambo show, but I couldn't like fully envision what was going on with it. So I assume I must have seen it, but during that that quick little scan on the Internet, while you were talking is, I was ignoring you again. I there's a character on there called Edward Turbo Hays Yeah, that was his partner. He was voiced by Uncle Phil from a fresh Prince Ames avory. So that's that's. Pretty interesting. Turbo was actually featured on the episode that I have on the VJST, but he's not in the cover, no he's on the back, O. Okay, all right O. it's like he was like a racecar driver or something that was like his specialty or some Shit, yeah. Okay, all right! Well, but listen Rambo. The force of freedom lasted two seasons, so it wasn't. Tes Clark m come on whatw masters, the universe, two seasons, you Kno, when the bes shows ov, er, transformers, yeah, they're, all pretty short man they're. It's not like we're getting ten yeur cartoons in the eighties. You know frambalwas voiced by Jim Barney. It probably would have went for nout nineteen nisix Soi had to do it. Judge Judy, H, yeah, I don't watch court shows, I can't remember ever really being vested in any court, show whatsoever for whatever reason loks like I called into work, sick or something- and I was just flipping through the channels- and it just happened to be on because I mean it's like the lowest here- O Society, a people arguing over tenants whose dogs crapped in their you know, yard, or I I don't even know it's usually someing, like toothless couple, arguing over tire for a car somthin. You know what I mean somethings so ridiculous. You like Al Heven dollars Y, exactly which I twenty twenties, likeeighty seven dollars, but the thing is: listen, Judge Judy H's been onf for a long time. She's got that staying power. You know what I mean. That's pretty crazy is that I don't know how how her rating is necessarily are, but I can only assume they must be fucking great if she's been on the air for that long and for being such an nnoavl Yo to shoot. Those shows up, though, there's like a million of 'em. Now like there's, I can't een name all the judge. People on now, I think, on what I saw like they have gary busy pet judge, Ye pet so and watch that I'd watch that yeah wilfully as he talked to the pets, though tthe pet sta back. That's that's what we want to know and are they voice by James Avery, 'cause I'd be even more impressive? Will he's deceased? So well, that's what I'm saying right there it'd be like Holly, fucking cow talk about a nect level, elevel animation. What would be even better is if Gary Busey thinks the pets are talking back to him, but they're really, not he probably does he did what was Yor Pone bonder hey now, I'm going to you know what I'm going to go with. Ninety six on this one judge Judy gets and mark gives the wind right. So I tie up the game, withdrew heading into the final round, the music round. I'm goingto take my privilege this this time. Around much like mancrush did and I'm going to differ all right. Man Crush you get to start off the music round. That's fine! 'CAUSE! I'm going to be shitting all over your mother fuckers. Is this one September, nineteen, six, here's his band second studio, album it's a damn good, album and from time to time, like metal, comes up on the show, but it's been a while, since I got to select something from the big for I know it's come up on here before and I'm talking about thrash metal and most fans. They know the big fours made up Metallica, Megadet, slayer and anthrax, and over the years there's been other amazing, thrash metal bans. Ou Cau throw Sepltar in there, but these four are responsible for putting it on the map. Metallica they're pretty much like the grand pappies of thrash, and they are basically responsible for this band sinc. They ended up firing this band's founding member a few years prior to this release, having felt spurned by METALLICA. This guy went right to work, trying to get another band together and about a year and a half later, this Du's new band when released their first album on combat records and everyone lost their shit. There would even be the opening act for one of metallicust shows that year the same metallica that chikcan is guy within a couple of months. They left combat records and they signed with capital records, not too fucking shabby. And then you know, I've read this self held book. A couple of years back is called the subtle art of not giving a fuck were not giving f symbols K and there's an entire chapter about how Dave D, Mus Tane got fired and said. Fuck everyone indoing this shit on my own, and he fucking did because on September nineteenth nineteen six they released the epic pcels be who's buying. In a little over three years, he went from being unceremoniously fired from METALICA. This guy went back home to live with his mom. I'm not Eveng. Making this shot up back home live with his mother, worked as a telemarketer started two bands and then cemented themselves at thrash metal. Big Four, with a release of pcells and their previous album was great too killing is my business and business is good. It's fucking fast, it's great, but this album it just put them over the top. It's still fast. It's dark, it's political, but they put it together in like such an amazing way and then on top of that, the coverart with Vick rattlehead, it's epic, it's probably one of the best alum covers of all time. It's got him holding the the brief case and sheds fucking. It's amazing the amost certified platinum, but it's almost like more than sales when you're talking about like thrash metal albums, because when I was in high school, everyone had a copy in this, whether that was on record or tape or an actual copy. Most people had something that thei wre playing as Almon and most reasonttly rollingstone even held hus one is the eighth greatest metal album of all time, and I agree it's a classic Adultera September Fourteenth Nineteen six, we got P cls, but who's buying by Megadeth. Wasn't mastain kicked out for drinking too much, which is insane for like Metallica to kick somebody out like how much was he drinking when Metallica, who was like consistently dammered out a bunch of fucking allegations? Basically saying that he was drinking too much that he was getting into arguments with them and shit. He was just too fucking talented to be in the band s what it turned out to be. I mean they, I mean look at when h. what's his name from Primis came in there and they were like you're too good claim oases yeah, like you know, so I love Metallica, especially during this time period. But you know there's a lot of stories there and mustain completely denies like all the Alegations Hat. We were against them and the fact that they played together. They went on that big for tour and whatever, and they had the huge shows. If somebody was like that big of an Assole, you don't want to deal with them anymore, would they still be in your fucking, like playing in your backyard? I mean it doesn't, doesn't make Russians all right, your Zacman, this category's right in your wheelhouse yeah, you have for the music round. So this one, I'm not talking about an album. This time I am going to drag everybody down on September, twentieth, nineteen. Seventy three, the day before the leaves single, twis fifth album I got a name- was released. Jim Crochi played a concert at northwestern state universities, Prather Calisem in Louisiana as part of the life an times tor and after the show he bordered an airplane and was heading to Sherman Texas for a concert at Austin College. Unfortunately, the plane didn't reach hits destination as theire playing crashed into a tree, drink takeoff, killing Croache as well as everyone else on board. So, yes, I'm bringing is sadness here, but since Ti's, the music category and during this time frame you know there was something with Jimcroche. I I had to bring it up and crotes a strainof e legend. His work with Marri Mellison, who was also Fr, m, also killed in that crash by the way Mar was only twenty four years old. I didn't realize he was that young and also mor he was from tr New Jersey, so Jersey represent, but Croce Croacho was a stread of boss. Yo release songs like time in a bottle amazing song, bad bad leerway Brown operator the appre mentioned. I got a name which wound up being released in December: F: Nineteen. Seventy three and hit number nine on the: U S singles chart and that's like one of the best longs ever ridde. I don't Care Wo, also learned that you don't tug on because of Jim Croto Yo learned that you don't tug on Supermanscape, you don't spit in the wind and you don't pull the mask off that old loan ranger and, of course you don't Miss Around with gym. Honestly, if you don't Lak Ocroachyo, you need to reassess your life. That's what I that's! What I've arrived at here, but anyway September twentieth, Nineteen, seventy three legend, Jim Croache, Mari mullison and the restof all and the rest of the members on their flight were killed after their plane hit a tree during takeoff is wan to clarify this is the best music in September of Nineteen. Seventy, the most the most impactful thing that happened. This is the best of episode Mark Seta at the very beginning, bringing the best of the week of yourse. It's the biggest thing that had havthre itwas. It was very, very important because we could have had more Croache, but we didn't so all RIGT G I'll wrap up this game with my music selection. Now this album it debute at number, two on the billboard, two hundred chark upon its initial release and it sold o hundred and forty eight thousand copies it's very first week. Eventually it would go on to be certified triple platinum. The titl track from Thi Album won a Grammy Award for best mental performance in nineteen nd. Ninety eight and this album was ranked six amongst the most influential albums of all time by Karaing magazine now. Rolling Stone, on the other hand, listed the album at number eighteen on that list of the one hundred greatest metal albums of all time. Now I don't have to give too much background on the origins of this band. 'cause, a few episodes back man crush actually picked their first studio album, so I'm going to pick their next studio album after that, I'm talking about the band tool and the release of Enema on September, seventeenth, nineteen. Ninety six! Now this album is such a contrast to Underto, because this man cross told you in that episode. You know mador Janes Kin and talked about sexual abuse and kind of the dark side of religion, and it was a very dark and morbid album this one. He said he wanted to try to figure out a way to transmute all that stuff and Kindo. Just let it go. You know finding different paths to disintegrate all the negativity. He did a lot of esoteric thinking, spiritual and religious reading and a lot of math at the time. So that's the influence behind the ENEMA album. It was tool first, album with basis Justin Chandler and the name. Enema actually comes for the Latin word for Seoul and it's a combination of the word for Seoul, which is Enemaa, N Ima and, of course, enimos. We all know what Anenema is, so you combine the two and that's what you get a cleansing of the soul, a cleansing, the soul. That's right! This album is just phenomenal. It's kind of like drug and DU psychodelic metal, a lot of people consider tool to be a borling jampion as well. One of my favorite artworks and packaging to ever come out an want a gramy award for best recording package. It had a lanticular jewel cover, if you guys, remember, yeah alike, flip it yeah yeah yeah, and if you look at it just right, it showed California Kinda disappearing off the coast, and that was one of the fems of the title track of the album was what would happen if California or Los Angeles cease to exist. Learn the ocean learn to swim man. It goes dheaper into that about how it would h, make the financial institutions collapse and everything so some pretty deep stuff on this album from maynor James Keenon, with the release Ovenema September, Seventeenth, nineteen, ninety six, we just throw this out there mark there was actually just so people are't like H. No, it's not! They did have two EPS that came out a Frior, yeah opiate and w seven to en the first seven seven understole was the first studio album like the full length, ELRAC 'cause. I love getting t also, if you UM, yeah h that packaging was amazing and if you took the Um like the liner notes out and then like refolded it and, and so you took out like the main, like image that was up front. There was another image on the inside of like a guy trying to self filate. So if you like flip it, you could see the guy like gon down himself. That's why I all right. So, let's kick it over to judge Dame Sholtz for the final ruling on this round. Wow Um, all right, I'm go ing. T reverse order here, I'm Gong to talk about ninety six. First, because real, I last episode, you guys were talking about Ow Marky, bring up the grammyes, but I mean grammy's, Hey werekind of Willy Nilly. You know what I mean and you guys talk pretty extensively about that last time out, Mlan exactly you're like Oh yeah. They want all these ev grabbies. Rather I'm like yeah. Well, you know I thinkyou know what let me put this inperspective though, and I s remarks in the same, like wheelhouse with us, they're good with certain genres when it comes to metal or rock they kind of lose their mind. You know very inconsistent yeah, so it's not like they don't know what the fuck they're talking about. It's just certain genres are just like. I don't know like it's like the guy. They put the guy, that's in charge of hip hop to do to do metal yeah, you know it's just fucked up well drew earlier in the show mentioned. Money doesn't mean anything. Well, neither do awards Oky, they don't mean Jack, Didley Squat, but beyond all that Anema. You know it's Marki dismentioned, it was spelled funny. There was all this like a behind the scenes intent to it. I hate anything where I don't know how to pronounce it. When I first look at it, it's Kindo, like I couldn't listen to Chada for years 'cause I kept calling her sade. Ou know. I don't know it just made me feel bad. I have another confession too. I think tool is the worst live. Show I've ever seen in my life you're, not the horse person. You know, I've heard both sides. I've heard that they're amazing, like pink Flored, ask and then a buddy of mine saw them two years ago or maybe, as even last year, they played in Jersey. They said they were fucking horrible Ye H. I think that it all depends what you're used to do in a concert. You know, like I said, they're kind of more like a jam band, so don't expect three minute songs. No exactly I saw them in was it east Rotherford P there, North Jersey and Um, I think symf down over them, but yeah they they uh. I feel like Adam Jones. The guitars just whatd hit a note and get feedback for like seven minutes and I'm like Dude, I'm sorry, I'm not hig. I had a couple of beers in the parking lot before, but I'm not high. Can you please play Moroff, Anema and and an Underto just don't just stop with the feedback. F R, like a half hour en they played songs, they were great but like they seriously, probably spelllike a good. Like twenty minutes. I, like Adam Jones, lie. Let me see what I can do with this. One note for the next ten t reminds me of Haveve seen sonic youth live now, no dued sonacy. We saw them in in Jersey as well Somin Camdn, they opened up a Parlim and they were legit playing the guitar with a fork for like ten minutes, the whole crowd was like what the fockis going on. They thought it sounding good. I I was wasted. I was completely hammered. I think if I was EA triping on acid or something it would have been more appealing to me, but I was more interested in the opening. Act Anyway was Tomahawk, and so, when Tugan on stage, I was already snashed, and I'm like this is just too long get me a hell out of here Um. But you know what the album's impressive every everybody I knew. I was a senior at high school in Ninety six loved that record, and it was just you couldn't avoid it. Everybody was playing it, a everybody, loved tool, nineteen, seventy three Jim Crochet, Crochet Crochet, let's all crochet, let's ill knit anyway, he goes down and his playing crash, and I always wonder why: Music Artists, just don't travel by Pacmule, I mean I, you know, plans bad idea, real bad idea. I mean I don't know just too much too much tragedy's happening because of that drew. It is a downer, but it is you know what man crash was kind of. You know. Second, guessing your choice, Meang! You know it wasn't like a record or a song or anything, but I think it was very impactful nonetheless, now n Thosand, nine Huneen and eighty six megadef P cels, but who's byg. Oh my God. This brings me back to my greasy ass days as a teenager where I'd wear the same band. Tea Shirt for a week on end same jeans, yname, it Tud. I was just you- could h e just wrung me out and you cound Cook fries with me. I was just so gross. I don't think you were the only one though, and I'm glad you said that, because I e, I think I did the same Sh. I were like I'd, wear preal, GAM shirt for like three days yeah and you thought you're, the coolest mother fucker on the face of the earth, ruge baby yeah, exactly like Oh yeah, it's like I remember. I like a girl, was going to call me if I was going to call a girl. I'd make sure like a certain track, was playing in the background, so she could have like you know, a peekintof, my soul. You know through someone else's music. I was such a lame fucking kid. It was terrible. Are you playing Anal Cun in the backgroound? No, I wasn't playing Anald cunt. No! No! I think I think. Then it was like stone, Tebal, pilots or whatever that's a good one, big empty yeah. You know just something, but it wasn't yeah. I wasn't playing like Cannibal Corps or something you know hey baby. What's going on yeah, I can't we to mutilate you and throw you in a garbage. Ga there's nothing like that, but my God megadeth back then Holy Shipman, and this album was fucking huge to me personally and my my little group of outcasts again, who were just completely disgusting, flucking kids, who thought we were the coolest rebels, individuals, unique human beings ever which it was just the opposite of the truth, just fucking, smelly, kids. What was your favorite song in the album therew's, only eight of 'em, which I always loved? No, I like the tital track that that was it pl yea. That was that was the one for me. I just like that song. So much, but I mean the other thing that was also appealing to megadeath was something that was also very at that time. Again, I'm not talking about now, but then, where they had a mascot and the merchandise and everything else was like. I was going to say similar to iron. Maiden now you had Eddie Right. So you know you had your Zombi Guy, and here they had vic, who was the skull with the fucking, the ear muffs made out of metal and the chains hanging from Hem and stuff, and I mean come on. I think it was part of the whole appeal of a lot of those bands back in the time, too was also like again the image they were trying to sell every dey had like a sports team or something else like a mascot. You could easily slap on a shirt. You thought you were a part of the team, you know but yeah. So Eighty, the eighty six pick obviously appeals to me personally for being a complete, notor loser. Ninety six is big just because the album was huge. The band t was fucking massive, seventy three just depressing his fuck, so yeah. This is a tough one guys. I don't even know where the points lie right now. So it's not like I can say: Oh Yeah, I'm picking somebody so that we can just end this bucking show and go home. So you know what I'm going to do. I'm going to go for my personal preference here, sorry, but I'm picking eighty six for this one megadeth p cells, but who, as buying to win the music round and with that just like a good porno mancrush comes from behind for the wind. It's the new shirt. It's the chucky shirt, 'd fucking. Ditch the jet see what happens. You're a fucking, regular Harry Buffington aren't Yo. You need to use that at work tomorrow, like five times telrandom people about Harry Buffington just make up stories about Hem. They ask you later on. Like Oh yeah, my buddy Harry Boffington, yeah re dude used to listen to mega death with me all the time. Yeah Greasy creasy guy that Harry Buffington. He once saw Po Jackson run a forty O drink of forty. I forgot what the story was, but one of the Tan guys. Maybe he ran a forty while drinking AF, forty. That would be impressive. Noculd E that but yeah do both Cald. Do anything like that's. Why I brought that story. You gotta give t this guy props. I feel so bad for him most athletes. I don't give a shit about 'cause they're, just like overpaid babies, but like this dude it just sucks what happend yeah. He also has that what is a boat? Is it Bow Bikes Bama? So he does like a bicyl ride and raises money for charity. I forget if the CHARY is, I want to say, MS, maybe I I could be off on that, but he does a bike right every year and he trushes it still he's awesome. Yeah, God just excels at everything. He touch everything he's one Hel of an archer too yeah t's, fucking, Paul Bunyan, the's, crazy, stort, like when he was out of baseball. For a couple of years. He came back the royals ditched'em he signed with the White Sock Yep, his mother was dying and he had this chat with his mother and his mother said to hit a home. runform supposedly has bd his mother said he had home run for et and she died. She passed away his first step, bat for the White Sok, I want to say it was the first pitch. It's been a long time and saw I story. fucking blast and home run. Tet Guy was a beast crazy. I mean he'd been out of baseball, so it wasn't like e was't. his prime os duke came back from awful how the whole should happen, guys at what point did bowjacksand grasp lightning with his bare hands and crack the earth in half ninety seven, I think okay thanks, I knew that was coming. This is truly legendary stuff we're talking about here. I was going to say it S, Lik Paul Buninor, like a you, know folk loer s material. Oh He's got to do. There's some stories about Bo Jackson, where you'd be like no way well, here's a story for you. He lost around for Mancrush to Willi mayze and drew so that can g rings, Willy Ma'e retiring as to a best of he's one of the best players ever in the histires. That's a sad story's, not sand. We got to enjoy everything he gave us on the field. All right, so mancrush pulls out the victory in this one. Now let us know what you think about judge Dave scholtzs ruling over on our facebook page. Do you think he got this episode right? Just sit US up over at face booke dotcom forward, slash dueling decades. Now, once again, I want to think Dru, Zacman and Dave shelz coming on this episode. Nd Now they got some exciting news about a brand new show heading your way, yeah so Dave, and I big music buffs and we have a new music potcast coming out in October. So we're getting pretty close to our release date and the pocast is called songs gone wrong and you can get it. You know we'll have it available for whatever pot catcher you use whether it's Itunes, spotify stitch, our Google play whatever you guys use will have it therefor you guys and y? U K. basically what we do is we, along with you, the fans decide if those hit songs got it right or did those songs go wrong and that's kind of what r what our poces is base on Wer kind of talk about the merits of songs. You know we talk about Songfron, the seventies, eighties, nineties, and you know some recent ones too. So we have a lot of a lot of great music to pick from and we're on towiter right now, Yo, you can find us over there where at songs gone. Our website is almost ready. Song's gone wrong, dotcom, but yeah pretty excited about it. We Love Music and, if you guys, like music too, then definitely check us out Y, A and obviously I'm the Color Guy Esause, I'm working with a professor here who just gave you a complete run down of the show Wel. I said nothing whatsoever, but listen. I I do want to mention this, though you know this was a connection made due to this vary program, and that's why we are also stealing your sthick a little bit by tapping into this nostalgia vene. But you know mark in Mancrush you guys like to Chuck woollery her a Connectiol that O'm a program yeah. You know the deeling Dickas 'cause me and drew met here on this very show, and now we are spawning thit's a nice word too hosspawding ithe CR. We have created our own music podcast happening into that nostalgic vein, that we all love to tickle and toy with were spawning it in the back of a Mustang too yeah. But you don't have a cool mustache like you, Dad, no I', not even close all right, Juis wl keep an eye out for that show and make sure you subscribe to. It want to thank everybody for listening and if you've missed an episode, you can always go back on duling decades dotcom and subscribe to the show we're on all the podcast platforms. You could SC subscribe to us on Itunes and onspotify. So until next time dewelers were going to bid you a pieace love lighten a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmary Media