Dueling Decades
Feb. 19, 2020

Jump in the time machine with us back to Feb 1985 & Feb 1990. Wax is back to judge this 80s & 90s throwdown!

Jump in the time machine with us back to Feb 1985 & Feb 1990. Wax is back to judge this 80s & 90s throwdown!

On this week's installment of everybody's favorite adult retro game show, We have a wild week experience with Celebrity judge Wax!  The Mamalukes made up of Marc and the Mancrush duel with February 11th thu the 17th of 1990. They take on Mike...

On this week's installment of everybody's favorite adult retro game show, We have a wild week experience with Celebrity judge Wax!  The Mamalukes made up of Marc and the Mancrush duel with February 11th thu the 17th of 1990. They take on Mike Ranger from the Video Rangers Podcast and Drew Zackmin of the One Headlight 90’s Podcast as they represent February 10th tru the 16th of 1985. 

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Infirmarymediapeopl Aga Jul cas the Pixe O play but t tot or am ran again upon that cap, but stot the power GROPCOM fight for what you love, who come to Poe PA copiancritate, Paetto Poe Cap Woul, take a grave at O, Bala Atinia pad a Tno come figt for what you love, neas broadcasting from the infirmary media studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the eighties and nineties battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. Let's hear from this week's doelers and the decades they will be fighting for as we get back to tack team action here on our show, I am Markd James One half of the team nown as the Mamelukes. Alongside this man. What's up Mancrush, I mancrush we have February eleven through the seventeenth of nineteen. Ninety we have one solid week. We have an awesome guest judge on tonight. We got wax before ye hat started wax. I listened to the. What is it it's Bo right? The mayeah go bad. What does that stand for cause? You got periods in there, a MiG that stupid thotgh. I haven't figured it out: No, not at all. It's called the bitchas Acoustic Alem. I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm like obviousy, I'm just going to ask him too fucking lazy and shot for this, but yeah it's okay, a little Mi, it's a little misleading! That's why I didn't really tell it H, 'cause when I first started making the album it was going to be an acoustic gallen and then the more I added drums and keyboards. It's like when you listen to it. You might not think it's an acoustic outen, so I just left it. You know I was going to call it like basic assortment of American Athems and I'm kind of Kinol kind of leaving it up to anybody. But I just go. I just go like the sound. A sheet makes that O I just daid it really. I said it really weak. Just ow, though at Yeah but you'd say it's so much better than I do like Ba you get like extra syllables out of it. I can't do that, but you also did have the the acoustic on Monday album that came out last year right now, and that was another thing that mad the acoustic things not music Notgi M, not I'm not good at marketing. Man, no o Mor, but you're good at music. So that's all the matters and acronyms too yeah all right go ahead mark and the challengers tonight, representing February tenth through the Sixteenth Nineteen. Eighty five please welcome Teddy Ruxpin ate my public enemy tape, I'm like ranger and I'm here. I think Mike scared from the last time that he saw wax 'cause. You guys had that rap battle. I don't even know I lost why soone out on you in the middle of the fucking episode like round three he's going to be like: Let's do this right now, no aten do since then. I've just been writing. You were actingl the inspiration for the last couple of Houmsheit's. U Guys Im drew Zacman host of the one head late nineties, potkist and I would love to maybe win a game that be fantastic and, of course, please welcome back the legendary wrapper writer producer. Poncaster and comedian wax thanks for having me, I appreciate it. It's great to be back and I'm very excited about this 'cause. I love pop culture from the eighties and nineties. I'm a child of Music Television Damn and we have nothing from Wewe. Don't have anything for music television, but we'll make something happen. You don't have anything from music television how's it not 'cause. We only have seven days for this one. This is February elevent thor the seventeenth, so I don't know we might we might there might be something that shock Yha. I M 'm not going to drop it right here, we'll see. Okay I', be, I feel like everything some somehow hit hit MTV. You know, mm well, see we'll see now yea. Now I'm going to have to go back and look FC. I was you know. I saw the other stuff happen too. All right. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dualing decades rules. The judge's coin flip shout aside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judgeis ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points. Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, cotton candy sweet to go. Let me see that toxzy role as we play some more oae all right, let's head right down to big wax for the official toss off all right. Well, I got a a passport, some kind of government document of a passports. One of them is blank, one of them as texts. Somebody want to call texor blank all right, Kendy Ruxpanate, my public enemy tape. You guys can call it on three one: two, three tlike it was Blak I kind of floated. I thought it was gon to do one of them Spineronis, but it didn't. Do it readi all right, you guys have control of the board. What category would you like to go with? First, I don't know like what. What dare you thinking about? What do you think our worst category is? I don't think we have any. That's all. That's all strong. I think we are Yo wn how about how about we start with news wh, what your Thonin at that's pretty good, all right on the dates of February fifteenth, nine uteen and eighty five. This story we have is one of resilients, the American spirit, end determination, C, N, N, Correspondt Germy, eleven escaped from Lebanon, captors Asthoras, actually pretty insane, though so Levin was actually held captive in by rout for eleven months. Almost all of it was in solitary confinement, which is Craz, although there 's some days at work. I actually would not mind being by myself for that long and most of the time he was chained to a wall or radiator, so I mean I'm chained, my laptop, so I kind of identify, but not really. Levin eventually said you know, he was like screw this and escaped by tying three blankets together and sliding down a wall of the two story, building that he was being held, Captivin and fling to a Syrian army position in Lebanon's Baka valley- and this is t e. The story itself is impressive, but the fact that so he's a fifty two at the time he was a fifty two year old reporter. He was also nearsighted and they took his glasses away. Now I don't know what his prescription was, but mine is like negative four point: Seven five. So if they took my glasses away, I'm I'm not going anywhere like eleven. A months is way too long use the same pair of contacts. So I'm I'm going I'm flying blind at that point. So I probably escape I'd, probably fall out the window, and I would also then probably run right back to the same building that I just left ecause. I wouldn't be able to see so JEM. Eleven escaped from Lebanon, captoras an Eventualle was brought back home to the United States of America all right Mike Ranger. What is your pick for? The News Round, okay, I I found an article from the La Times on February, fourteenth ninehuteen and eighty five entitled Obesity Kills Government Health Committee warrns. That's the wrong pick, I'm sorry! No! Really! U! On February tenth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, we had the thirty fifth NBA l Star game and that was Michael Jordan's, very first N B, a all star game mm that took place on February tenth on that'sthe Sunday. The night before was the dunk contest, with H, Jordan, going up against Omidy Wikins stomany Wilkins en winin that the West ended up defeating the east hundred and forty to one hundred and twenty nine, and this thing's got a ton of whole thing. Players in it. You've got Jordan, magic, Johnson, cream, Ebbulgabar, Mosismalone, Azaathomas, Robert Parish, Larry Bird Doctor J, so yep to him. It's a thirty FIFT NBALSTAR game, no defence swell yeah with all Sour Games. They never do that. But yet that was like. I feel like the that around that time. Like the mid eighties two, I would say, like the mid nineties I was say, maybe actually two thousand Wenvince carder. I had that crazy dunk contest, which hi've been two thousand and one maybe but like the Dung contest growing up for us were fantastic. You know you had Jordan. I think that Duncontis when Ho took off from the free throw line you had you know and Dunni Wilkins was amazing. You had rex chapman doing some crazy stuff, yet shaw ab yeah, spudwebs Sean campand, all like forty three of his kids. It was it was when he actually had money y yeah. Those don't contest was a dee rown. I mean t there were there were so much fun to watch back there. Now I really don't watch hem anymore. I Still Watch the hockey all store, games, skills, competitions, 'cause, I don't know, I think it's fun and I think every year it's still is fun, but the Dun contest. It's just I don't know. I don't know how much else you can do with dunks. I mean like the creativity I feel like might be: U Stagnant a little bit, but all right man crush that's over to us for the news round. All right. Do you want me to start I'll start yeah? I think yours a little bit, I don't know they're both pretty good, H February, thirteenth, nineteen. Ninety here's a story out of the associated o press by a berry, sweed, everybody knows Berry, which is titled Accord on Reuniting Germany, United States and its major European allies, forgin agreement with the Soviet Union and East Germany on Tuesday and a two stage formula to reunite Germany, which had been splint since the war ware. Two Victor Split it forty five years earlier, so I mean what was the last time you heard East Germany and I was reading the story. I was like FC Stage one after East Germany's March, eighteenth election, east and West. Germany will meet to agree upon I legal economic and political issues and then steage, two, both the East and West. Germany, like I guess, theyre their administration will meet again, but this time they're going to meet with the four World War, two allies, the United States Soviet Union, France and Great Britain- and this meeting will approve the external reunification, such as letting them rejoin NATO, which can you even imagine, like Germany not being in Thi stuff, and that was only thirty years ago, that they weren't and obviously you have to give hassle. Hoffs some props here, N The wall wouldn't of fucking come down. So I think he needs to be recognized in this, even though the Fuckan Berryswed did not say hassle of it all in this. But this is the accord that h reunited. Germany is one nation on February thirteenth. Nineteen. Ninety was it so was it sheet or was it Scwetty? I wish Yiu was Weddy butit. I butchering this Shet ithat's thirty years ago. I don't even know if hew's alive anymore, but yeah very sweed, Yeah Pete swenty. He had those sweaty balls, Thi, discousin CUSINSI. All right drop. Yours 'cause. I think your story is a little more hard hitting, but even though, like that's unifying of a nation, that's a pretty big deal. Yeah I mean, was it? Was It axt? Was it actually unified or was it just a thing? They were probably going to be unified? This is the accord that they approved the the combination of the East and West. Now ahead of them is they have to do these two stages and once they're done with that, then they're a country again mm. I guess it was like just thinking about it from the outside. You would think like. Why can't they just you know the walls down now you're Germany, but I guess, there's a lot of shit that was involved. So this was step one, a lot of paperwork yeah its a lot administrative duties, Rahat Hirad, tamp, aoutfourse that Shit Guy. So I'm going to take you back to February, Eleventh Nineteen, ninety, and that was the day that Nelson Mandela was finally released from prison. N. I'm sure you guys are all familiar with the Mandella Effects, of course, and that's when you actually believe that a CNN reporter was held hostage for all those years when really it was Nelson Mandella. Oh, I thought that was on o has in Ta Sinbad Movie. Oh! Is that what it was Yo Hangin? I O MISD? U No, of course the real Mandela affect is when you think Nelson Mandella died in prison, but he did not. Of course, he was released on February, Eleventh Nineteen. Ninety his release follows the relaxation of apartide laws in South Africa. Mr Mandella appeared at the gates of the victor verse's prison at six fourteen local time, which they note was actually an hour behind schedule and he was with his wife Winnie. So this guy spends twenty seven years in prison on his first day out. His wife is still making Hem leat go figure. So mendella spoke to a crowd of fifty thousand people that gathered outside of a home form. He was originally convicted in nineteen sixty four of treason and sabotage a he spent most of his life, doing hard labor in prisoned on an island just off of Capetown South Africa. So that's what I have from my news century February, Eleventh Nineteen, Ninety Nelson Mandella's life, Nelson Mendella's wife, makes hem late. That's that's a lass. You just come bi, wipe and late and said: Whitethis is the wrong person to put hem together H, Mar Anyhow Si's funny. So we were looking up our research on February, Eleventh Nineteen and eighty five. One of the things I saw was that Nelson Mandela actually refused his RELIEA. He did that a few times actually yeah they they wanted to release hem a few times and he said no based on its principles. But finally, on February Eleventh Nineteen Ninety he finally got out of prison. Thank God an that's a long fucking Timej II Alad, but he didn't escape. He tunneled. I got my got. My Guy Escaped T. Twenty Neven years is twenty. Seven years is a lot longer than eleven months. I would say G it', a lot twenty who, who is your guy again j? Remember all right. Well, let's see what our judge wax has to say: Let's throw it down the wax for the judgment for the news round. It's an interesting comparison. You can really put these things head to head because you got Mandelabersh Leven, one of Hem is eleven months and one of them is twenty seven years, one of them escaped with three blankets. That's what she said. He had three. He tie three blankets together, I mean, but he did it without his glasses. I don't understand why he got three blankets. It was. It was a two story, Builditwa, so Bob Teha fours too many a really. It almost seems like a nice prison. To give you three blankets, you know you usually only get one, but he only got one blanket, but mysteriously, the two guys next to hem just disappeared, IDI have a pillow. Well then, well, you put Levin up against Bandella, and then you know this east. First West, Germany against the east, verstwest N, BA players, you o Ocarand uh, that's a tough! That's a tougher one for me, because you know hisporical significance for me. I think more about the basketball. You know. I remember that was when Dominic Wilkins did the windmill Yaht dout that he was so popular for and everybody in my neighborhood tried to you know we had like the basket where you put the the broom stick off in there up in the thing and it would fall down and all of a sudden, it's like three feet tall and you can win mill dogs. We actually had. We actually had a launch ramp like a skateboard law trap that we ud run up and on off, have and try to dunk on a regular size who- and I saw a kid like a Dan near kill himself doing that I was just goingto. What was the kid's name who broke his arm? Amename was James Doswell I's allway. I an he's, never been able to use his arm ever again, afected his lovelife for years, so th is atouone, but I think that I think that it's going to have a lot to do with Uh Marx delivery. I, like I like t I like to deliver. I'm going to go with you guys on that one, it's GTS, mostly ecause of the Mantella. I think I Gott I gotta go with that all right. The men DOLLO factor earns us a point. Mancrash. We have control of the board. What category do you think we should go with next man? Man? I think all these are pretty fucking strong, seriously Um. Let's go movies movies yeah. We can do some movies all right. You could lead us off on this one Al Right, Guy, so released in the United States February, Sixteenth Nineteen. Ninety I'm GOINGTO, take you back to a movie that I'm sure you guys are all familiar with now. This film is about a young boy who loves movies and Cinema, and he forms a relationship with a much older projectionist at is local movie theater and thit's, not sounding good. So this movie is just a love affair with other cinema, and it has so many different omages to other cinema. You guys know what I'm talking about no MAS ACTAN hero. It is not AXA hero, but this is the movie that last action here has so platantly ripped off. This is cinema. Paradecio. Now don't be amazed if you've never heard of thismovie most people haven't. This is an Italian film, but it is one of the greatest films of all time. Sim Cinema Peradecio was a critical box office success. It is regarded by many as a classic, and it is particularly renowned for its kissing scene and the Montas at the end of the film and the film is Actually One an Academy Award for best forign film and it is ofte credited with reviving Italy's film industry completely. It is included in the one hundred and one best movies. You must see before you die it's the number, fifty two on the IMDB top two hundred and fifty with an eight point, five rating, and it has an overall score of ninety one percent fresh onrotten tomatoes. So this is cinema Peradicio. It's a filmmaker recalls, his childhood, when falling in love with the pictures at the CINIMA O of his home village, and then he forms a friendship with the cinema's projectionist. Really what this movie does is everything we love about cinema, that love affair we have with how movies are just so over the top and things just work. It kinda takes you on that journey where hefalls in love with a girl for the very first time, and it covers it much like how we would see it represented on the silver screen. So it's kind of a movie about a movie about your love affair with movies. If you've never heard of it go check it out, cend EMA Paradicio, it was released, ton, the United States February, twenty third nineteen. Ninety right, good shit, man Yo. It was sketchy to begin with the beginning of your description. I didn't know where you were going tat, O idnt, really a young boy with an older projection it'slike. This is not going to be use. I've seen that movie before io read about this all right, H, February, sixteenth, nineteen. Ninety, here's, a coal classic you can actually head over to Amazon. Prime. You can watch this one once you're done listening to this episode. It's part horror. It's part fantasy. It's part action! It's your typical Clive! Barker Classic, but in this one the monsters are actually good guys and the humans are bad guys Mike. I know you know where I'm going with this 'cause. You commented or did something with my post last night when I threw this up there, because I had to watch it again. Actually, clybarker wanted to make this like the star wars of horror, films. That was his ultimate plan, the movie stars, craigs Shaver. You probably recognize him for movies like the program. He was Joe Cane, the quarterback in that one he was in a river on through it and it also features legendary Co. Filmmaker David Kronenberg, the director behind the fly scanners, videodrome dead, ringers crash guy's done a shit load of harfflakes and he's the main bad guy in this movie. That's a treat this movie. It only made nine million dollars in the box office, which is around eighteen million dollars, ind twent a twenty. So it's not a huge box office jugernout, but the production companies are to blame for this one. This is the Clive Barker classic night breed and basically and cly Barker said this Twentieth Century Fox. They just never understood what the movie was about, so the theatrical version is cut to shreds. They actually cut forty plus minutes out of this movie to make it a slash on flickand, it's the theatrical version's, very weird. It doesn't really make sense. So, a few years back, Clive Barker started tor in the country. They had found footage from. They called it. The Night Breed Kabalca, which is actually the entire movie, as it should have been done, but the additional footage from this was all work tapes, so they put it all together. You know with the HD copy and then they would have these scenes come up and like jis, just really raw video footage. So a screen factory ended up putting that out in twenty fourteen and it sold out immediately in the first day and then just to to show you the legs at Thi. As eleven months ago, a teaser came out for the Ultra Kabalcut of this movie. There was, it was leak. They showed like a little teazer of it. Thet was supposed to be three plus hours of night breed over three hours of this movie and h. It just it's till this day it still has not surficed and people are still waiting. Looked at up. People are still asking questions. Where is thes Shit, but thirty years later, people are still wanting to see the Zon cut movie. That's m! That's legs, Gus! That's legs in movies, but that's night, breed February, sixteenth, nineteen, ninety, the Clive Barker Colt, classic all right Le Danson over to Tedy Rock, been ate my public enemy tape for the movies round, all right so on February, fifteenth, nine hutered and eighty five was the day high school wrestler Louden Swain made his mark with the classic coming of age story, vision, quest, creaturing, Matthew, Mo'Din is loud and swaying a determined athlete who wants to drop weight in order to wrestle the best wrestler in the state. Madonna has her first on screen, appearance and is has two featured tracks on the soundtrack with crazy for you and gambler outside of America. The movie was known as crazy for you, the film was a mild success, grossing eleven million but became a col favorite among high school wrestlers. The only real disappointment here is that we didn't get vision, quests too loud and Swain space scarnecologist. How many times after you saw that movie did you try to go into the gym and just grab the pegs and try to just go UPF the pegboard as fast again and just like? First of I don't know where that pegboard exists o really, they never seen that but um definitely lunatic Brench Planin, the Badass Dude. I cannot fucking. I used to get up like three or four, and just hang there like a dickhead. It was impossible. I can't even believe you could do that many 'cause. I did it the cheating way where you just Kindof, hang your bodyweight and you know, go up to the next peg, not like he did it in the movie that shits crazy, impressive, just doing swinging like that H. even at that age, I knew my limitations. Why was why was the wrestling movie called vision, quest because he's on a vision, quest to fucking? I don't know, drop Weigt, because boys rolling around in tights just didn't seem to work. It's absolutely stupid. His best friend in the movie is actually pretending to be a native American for about seventy five percent of the movie, and he talks about how he had he was like in a t P, and he was doing some Payodi and he ha. He saw that louden was had like a vision, quest or something somethingthat he had to achieve. It was weird yeah that seems like at Weird two different movies: You're talking to e yeah, exactly at's Madonnas here. That means e moveh had everything a little bit of everything Fri that name what was the the other name in Europe? Crazy for you, I think that's even worse vision quest sounds cool man like it's coy nout. What you're going to e expect to see, though there is a love story in there, though yeah well, there's a story of a twenty one year old girl chasing after a seventeen year old yeah, which is normal N. I oh yeah perfectly he said Analexbkin. It could happen to anybody. I picd her like the the St you know like the starting position of two wrestlers one of em like this, and it's jus crazy for you right on Topo. I think that was mark's movieg. That was a movie made by the the guy that was in cinema Paradusio, the Ol, the the old projection is Tonhi oher. That was actually the movie that hat the young boy was watching in theall right, let's toss it over a true Zackman. What do e you got for movies man? Well, question: how Wol you take a one million dollar investment and turn that into fifty one point: five million dollars Ponsy scheme. Well, Youc, you doit too. U Just keep five slucx students and Saturday detention and see what happens and thanks to John Hughes, we all ask the important question: Does Barry Man Aloe know you rate his wardrobe? If you don't know what I'm talking about now, I'm not sure what the tell you, but I'm talking about the breakfast club, which came out also on February Fifteenth Nineteen and eighty five, this movie's fantastic. I I I don't know if I need to really say much more about it. Um I one of the things I didn't know was like how much money had actually made. I thought it was maybe a little bit less more like a co type following at least from a box office standpoint, but it dit pretty well. So if you convert those dollars to to two thousand and twenty that's a two point: three million dollar budget and at translates into a hundred and twenty three million dollars at the box office. But this is easily one of my favorite John Hughes movies, which Das a lot considering. He gave us Mr Mom. Sixteen candles plans, trains, automobile's, weird signs, Fer Spoas Day off and some of thtbost Christmas movies and home alone, and national epens Christmas vacation. So yeah a breafast club, it's insanely, quotable, even rotten tomatoes, gave this flican eighty nine percent fresh score with a ninety two percent audience score. So I mean all the all the mumbers. Are there the money's there, and this movie is, I ' still fantastic and I absolutely love watching it timeess one of the movies that you can actually take the whole cellphone era out of because thearned detention, so they wouldn't have their cellphones anyway and it still works today. It's such a ulcan amazing movie, Yep Classic Son of a bit. Let's throw it down to the judge wax for the ruling for the movies round before even goingto the ruling. I I I've never thought about how how low budget you could make Um breakfast club with it was really. There was really one location. Basically Y, I mean a million two point million dollars. Today was one a one million dollar budget. Even back then back thon, I itsaid nothing. You couldn't even get an actor for that now. I guess uh that that was must have just been such an early movie for him and Um what a Wai, what a way to come into the game. You know what I mean with something like that that allows you to do the home, alons and whatnot in the F national lamp. I di N. I didn't even know he did that yeah, I mean that's beyond classic, not only to had that we have a the the holy t, the whol, the Holy Trinity, which is G Little Cape Etenden, be native American whic, high school wrestling check and Wadonnas. First, the parent check. I mean when you compare that to nightbreed I mean it's a fucking troute I complete Tris Alth, although if I had honestly, I I to take any of those movies and I I think that Cima paradeci movie actually sounds like a movie that I would watch. I think that sounds cool but uh as far as the winner of this round. I I got to go with vision, quests and breakfast club and yea. That's a slam dog, the NIHT re, the diopary didn't do it for me. I could see like that', for some people they'd be like tat, SOM on that's nothing, bees, nipe reed, it sounds like it sounds like a band, a band. I you know it's. Actually it's a really good movie, but you can't watch the theatrical cot of it because it doesn't make any sense. But this is what it's about. If you want to go watch this one guys this is it Eron Boon, which is Craig Shafer he's haunted by terrifying nightmares of a city of monsters. He goes to see a psychiatrist, whois docor decker who's played by DAV ID Kronenberg. He goes there for help, but when Boon doesn't know, the DECR is really a serial killer. Decker Frames Boon to take the fall for all the murders and to begin this movie, there's a gruesome family being murdered. Not The family is gruesome, but the murders are gruesome and then boon ends up getting killed by the police. Boon is brought back to life by the monsters and his dreams, and they bring him to this place called Midian, which is the night breed who turned out to join boon in his quest to stop decker from killing again. So it's actually it's a really cool movie, but you have to see at least the directors cut to make you make sense. So, but I we can't beat fucking breakfast club, it's classic speaking B, t rememer, you know what's interesting about vision. Quests is I remember that this era, this eighties era, there was all these movies that were about like they were. You know like what was was it rad and then like gleaming, the cue e young head like their thing, everyone had their movie, it didn't matter. What you were into het was probably a Lacrosse one. You know like IFA that wasn't Gatcha it wasn't a Gatcha like at aalhapa that', a e. Yes, yes, that's right, aters as Croqay. If you want to look at it that way, it gets you good. There was also a movie about rollerblading Airborn, that's right, yeah! I think there was one of that roller. Dirty too. I remember yeah prayer for the Roller Boys. Yep Right right always had their little nices. There was even like there was even like one movie. It wasn't the main part of the movie, but there was one of you guys. Won'L. Remember this. I think it was like a space like a Scifi movie, where the main characters their dogs caught frisbees. That's what I'm talking about air bud. Five. Are you talking about flas a navigator, Yno Mikes, the movie guy? It's like it's like the whole intro scene. Apflight of he navigator is like this Frisbee Dog. I know right. Every everybody's got their thing. It's pucking o bring that back. Like Shitz just went off the rails now 'cause. Now they just reboot everything so fucking Eaheboo, like some Nice Shit Yeah, you know it the other day I saw two kids throwing rocksat each other make a movie about that yeahrock throwers! No, I couldn't even have the name rock in it. It's got to be like vision, quest too yeah. You gotta have something like less offensive, ybian quest too flight of the stones right. That's it re we're going to write this ax. Can you produce this for us like we'll figure it out, we'll we'll get everything together as like o direction is going in all right. You guys have control of the board. Where are you going for round three? No! This is the last single point round. What do you think drew Tink TV? Maybe yeah? That's that's what I'm Yean, I'm thinking, Yep I'll start off all right. On February Thirteenth Nineteen D, Eighty five- this episode came out on that day and when you think about memorable automobiles right, you think of the Dolorian eoone Kit, the Vaa Ateam then, but one that comes to mind for me, it's a glorious, Majestic Brown, pickup GMC K, twenty five hundred wideside, I am talking about Falguy Lee Majors- doesn't get any better than him. This particular episode aired that day, where an aspiring singer, flees from bail after being charged with the murder of a music producer and demolition man, Colt teams up with her father, to find her while they're real killer and extortionist, who was trying to fleece some money from the producer boy. This is really convoluted here, also targets her for the audiotape and her possession, which has a recording of the crime incident. That sounds like a crazy plot. I don't remember watching that episode when I was a kid, but I did remember watching his show. Pretty often he had that airplane. I had that toy. When I was a kid I played with a crap out of that love that thing, but you're W actly talking about music. I got some music for an this guess. What camuo appearance is by Latoya Jackson, the temptations and the four tops so pretty good, pretty good cameos on this particular episode of the Falguy. Also that I mentioned that Brown pick up. GMC is fantastic. Well, you should get negative points for not mentioning Heather Thomas at all. Sorry, God. How are you going to miss her? The PROB pick up man, O God, you're a little younger than me, maybe weere, looking at different things at the time, probably yeah, looking t lithacha Erl at that time. So definitely had their Thomas Right, my creanture over to you what d you Got Man? Oh I I cannot wait to tell you it's good. IT'S PRETTY COOL! Alright! On February Twelfth Nineteen, eighty five Bob Euker went on the tonight show with Johnny Carson and promoted his new Sitcom, which would be premiering a few weeks. L few weeks later, on March, fifteenth on ABC called Mister Belvadere, classic show two weeks in a row. We get a Mer Belvorto your side. I I thought you'd like that. UCR Played George Owens, a sports writer with a wife and two kids who happens to have an English Butler who once worked for the Royal Family in his house. How does that work? I have never undertod how doe that Wer for that show, from the royal family to Bob Yeuker's Liv Room, he's Sett in the table. Wouldi Bob Yeuker do for a living. He was a sports writer and he was able to afford this guy yeah. It makes no sense right and he lived in the house too. I guess that's how we afforded Hem. You can live here. That's what I always questioned like what the hell did. Mister Belvadere do to get exiled that fucking bad Bob Yoker, though he is very clever, very creative. I meanswtstephen a Smith makes what like four or five million dollars a year. I think Bob Euker is way better than he is so I could see Bob Euker Pullin in some buck back in in onine hundred and eighty five enough to warrants such a Butler yeah, maybe like on like a geffrey from the fresh prince level, but he's not getting the cast of down to Nnabbey to come and clean his smocking house. He was definitely some type of political refugee. He was fucking fragsit before prings it man. Maybe he was like secretly Mi sx. I heard he was an Italian projectionist. It know shreaks on the China never met her before Eah o Onkay, so you had the full guy and Wai was that Mister Belvider premeria o? No, it's Bob Uker going on thi tonight so and talking about this show that he was doing that was about to be P, coming out n about Ti. Think three weeks later yeah. So what's special about that is we you know we didn't know it was going to go on to be this. This big Rowhat, a phenomenon MSTER Bildar, was really wy te world. My great show I like that Al Dude, it's great. I love the one with Wesley and the counselor never saw it or the one where Westley's friend gets AIDS that one's great that's a great episode, Yeah that one that's fun for the whole family thet had to be like eighty seven ish e a couple of years after it came out like that, didn't come out. They didn't start off with a bang like that. was that towards the end, they didn't start with the AIDS episode. No, the AIDS episode is early yeah, that's not y R. that's not your pilot! No! No! No! You SHOUDAV, Yo, lead em, go put your Hea, O ae bit burst or whatever all right, all right mark. Do you WANTNA? You want to start this one out sure I'll start this ar all right gos. So for my television selection, I have an episode of Saturday night live that aired Saturday, night February, Seventeenth, nineteen, ninety, now, what's special about this episode, it was Season Fifteen episode, thirteen the host was the great Tom Hanks and the musical guest was the one and only arosmith who made their first apparance on sand. L that night, some of the great sketches included tales of River try, which saw Tom Hanks dressed as a boot shiner and the whole skit, was really oversexualized and it was just filled with sexual innuendos. So that's a good one checked that one out, but the big feature was Wayne's world for the night episode of Waynes World, where garth had a cousin who was a Rodie for Aerosmith, so they got aerowsmith on the show. Of course the rody cousin is played by Tom Hanks. So that's great to begin with, and then aerowsmith comes down to the basement to hang out with waning garth and they actually sing the Wans World Beam Song Now Keep Im Min. This is about two years before the wanes world movie would come out and waynes world too after that with Aerowsmith, and that so this was the first time you really saw waning, garth partying with Arow Smith. So that's my first selection, one of the great all time episodes of s anl season, fifteen episode, thirteen just to show you that it's still relevant the cold opening sketch for this episode was who Donald Trump. Of course, it was a donald trump sketch talking about his divorce from Avana, so hey, nothing es still holds topical after all these years. So that's my selection over to you, man crush nice. BRINGING UP S and L two weeks in a row now did anything happen with Aro Smith on an episode when they were doing their song ecause. Last week we had an episode. We talked about Ragen against the machine getting banned for life yeah they get banned, they didn't get banned but see they were not good boys and that's KINDOF. How aerowsmith rules they wanted to play loved an elevator, lorn Michael's told Hem. No, you cannot play that on the show. It's a little too little too vulgar. So. Instead they played monkey on my back, which has the word fucking in it, and they didn't censor that so that was KINDOF. L K they a little dig back to Lorn Michael's and they didn't get booted out of the building like raging aains. The machine did, I don't remember them being on the list of banned people, no because I don't think they ever caught it 'cause the fucking and monkey on my back is Kindo just snuck in there. So I don't think anyone ever ne noticed that it was even in the song. That's some shit wax. If you were going on Saturda night live W. would you play that's, not something I can answer Tbat just immediately like that? I don't know I mean that's. That's a hypotheticalti take a long time. 'cause I'd assumed that the reason I was on there was because I had some level of success. Yotnet' probably be obvious which what San got me there. They justthey just buck and pulled my name out of barren people that are big enough to be on the show and made it like. A lottery like like like Buxnwi, a bunch of musicians had terminal diseases and they didn't make e make a whisk make a goos foundation. I don't know I'd probably play a sone that had to work fuckin it too Wyou might as well get a pan. We still live on an Infami Fori. Could be with I kindof looked like chonado conner, you kN W you woud, didn't you weart like a she was dressed like fucking. Did she wear like a big drapery like looking thing like she lookd like what do they call those people like back in the day with the weird fucking haircuts like e Di no in Tebow Lik, the Hirycritinis. You know no, that's completely bald t's. I forgot what the fuck like two arounds from now remember, but fuckit. Here we go February, Eleventh Nineteen. Ninety, you know I remember this one on HBO and I literally I was shell shocked as this entire thing unfolded. I literally remember till this day, like sitting up in my bed, completely captivated like two feet away from my little thirteen inch television, just the entire thing transpired before my eleven year old IE bolls is. I was watching this fucking crazy sure you guys will remember this. The event took place in Tokyo, Japan, before sold out audience of the Tokyo Dome before millions of eyes at home, hbos broadcast where we witnessed. Arguably, the most famous sports upset of all time. Going to that night, the Challenger who was a forty two to one underdog, he was ranked number seven by ring magazine at the time he had just dealt with the devastating loss of his mother N A couple of weeks prior while he was training and then on top of that he contracted the flu the day before. So the odds are already stacked up against James Buster Douglas WHO's about to face the baddest man on the planet in Nineteen. Ninety, the man they called Iron Mike Tyson, who had thirty seven winds, thirty three by knockout and zero losses at the time. Basically, this was just like a gearing upfight for Tyson. He was going to knock a fool out grabbing Insceng paycheck and look on to his next flight with the number one contender at the time who was a ander Holyfield, who was actually inattendants at the Tokyodome an the time whowever in a scene. I will never ever get out of my head or forget Douglas Knock ticin down in the tenth round, and you just see Mike Looking for his fucking mouthpiece for which seemed like an internity as they counted, and you were just like get up get up 'cause. This guy was larger than life at the time Um. This is before, like the rape thing and everything else that happened so youwere just dumbfounded. It was what you were watching and I know like the whole thing, with the slow ten count in the eighth round. But Y, U N W Mike really deserved to lose this fight. He got his ass, kicked all the way to the end, and of course you know Douglas would go on eight months later he ended up losing the WBA WBC, an IBF titles, two of Ander Holyfield and, of course Mike Tyson's life was never the same after this fight. So that's why I had February eleventh nineteen ninety, it's the buster Douglas Mike Tyson fight on HBO Eah. I IHT was insane. I think everybody was just dumpfounded Byu what happened. It was absurd, and I mean wites come out and said, like all kinds of stuff, like all he cared about. The time was just like banging chicks. He didn't care, he didn't care about boxing. You know like he just Um prior to that. He fired Kevin Rooney and everything just kind of changed for him. You know he was married to Robin Gibbons and it's a shame. ECAUSE of the time the dude was just a monster. He would just come out in his UMBROS and fucking cut off towel over his head and just destroyd some dude in ninety seconds, and there was Larry Merchant was at ringside. I remember, and they were actually talking about not even the fight, because it was such like a foregon conclusion that Tyson was going to knock this guy out. They were talking about their pets. How Tyson had like a pit, bull and Douglas had like a dog named Shakespeare, and they were just bullshatting about that 'cause. Nobody cared about the fight. This was just a fight that had to take place for Tyson a fight of Ander Holifield in a couple of months. So man, what a fucking devastating loss that was on February Eleventh Nineteen, ninety, but those are our two picks for the T V round off to wax wow yeah. This is actually tough to be a judge of this game, because I really Ge you thinking about something, and I wasn't really really com to compare all that stuff. I forgot that was in Tokyo. Actually, it took place, nine am for them wow, but that was one of those pights that was like when you watched wrestling and it's like the first fight of the night is like Palho Anbur, Ste Tupphim whatever, and it's just like aand, it's just and it's just a joke, but and especially because at that time it was like it wasn't yo it shouldn't even go to the second round, much less. He loses you know. So I do remember that and of course I remember the wanesworld episode. That was not the first show of waynes world, though for ot the firs. It wasn't the first episode of Wainesworld. It was the first appearance of aerowsmith on SN, l, okay, but t Tom Hanks. Being that Rodi- which I remember really well, he was funny as Shit that was, and that was wh. That was when time paint PAS was kind of making a transition to being like I'm, not just a comedic actor, I'm a real actor in the eight in the eighties he was a comedy Actoryeah H, all the you K, ow those re, those are big ones and H, but the Mr Belvider that holds know no pon velvet deer place in my heart. It's funny how you always at least for me I can. I can remember all the theme songs. Even if I don't remember the specific episodes Thad that you were talking about h, Shit, man and then the fall guy, the fog guy, with the Brown truck classic. It is a classic. It is a classic. I remember that was back when h, you really remembered cars back, then you could buy a poster of the car and it was funny you were talking about Asrack and he was talking about the girl. There was a period of time where, like you know, when you're six or seven you'R Gonn you go to the book there and you want the poster with the corvette. But then you turn like eleven or twelve, and you want the poster of the girl. You know what I mean. I think there actually might have been a poster of Heather Thomas on that truck in a pink Bikini Wow. If I'm sotaken, I think there was, I think, ther. I don't think, there's any. I think in that specific other Thomas, where anything other than a pink Bickin. That's a good question. I would be disappointed if she did he's like. I think that poster mayormannot be behind this desk. I wish Buster Douglas Still Alive. He is he ialo he he actually gained like a shit ton of weight. At one point I remember he was like over three hundred pounds m just kindo like let himself go after that fight, but he actually he won after he lost the Abando Holyfield. He went on another little streak and then he retired mid nineties. I believe I'm Gonta. I think that H- although, although I'm really to I'm, really torn on this, because it's Kindo like Mr Belvedir is auton and the fol guy's awesome, but just because it's interesting to see when peopl people were were different than they are now so the comminates of Donnald trumping, the cold opening Um, H, wh. How we see Mike Tyson today virst then how we see Tom Hanks today virst, then I'm Goin to go with with you guys at the nineteen. Ninety for this particular round, because seems a little bit more pivotal seemed a little bit more pivotal. I don't Know Im, I'm goingto go, I'm ginn go pivid all over over your personal fear, feelings yeah. I think so. If iwasi apologized to the other guy, do topit's. Okay, I'll just have to go, write this down in my journal and put lipstick on l Arrit, Ban crush. That makes the score three to one were up and have control the board heading into the first two point round: Let's go: Let's go music for this one! Something Wax knows a lot about D, On't m! That's not necessarily true, but no! I I think so I think you'll you'll be a to give him this one, all right, man, Crosh I'll start this one off all riht. So I'm going to go to an article in the Los Angeles Times February, Sixteenth Nineteen, Ninety rhythmend blues musician, Iturner and husband of Granmy Award winning rock star Teinaturner was sentenced in a s in Santa Monica today to four years in state prison on his latest conviction of cocaine, arrests, so Ike Turner, arrested and sentenced to four years in prison on cocaine arrest at fifty eight years old, now he' he was he would serve about eighteen months before he would even be eligible for parole and what's a real kick in the Dick about this story is because Ike Turner was in prison. He missed his very own induction into the rock and roll hollof fame. Tina didn't even show up. Phil Spector had to show up and give a acceptance speech for them. So Turner was convicted on January, sixteenth of driving under the influence of cocaine. The four charges stemmed from turners arrest in West Hollywood in May an nine hundred and eighty nine, the jury actually deadlocked on a few of the charges, but he still end up getting convicted going down for four years doing a little bit of hard time for I turner all started on February, sixteenth, nineteen. Ninety, when his conviction came in cocaine's, a hell of a drug, you thought you'd think he could beat the case. Kno. I beat everything I see much O do O. I thought when you told me that earlier you had rick James but completely different G, completely different Guy Yeah Shit different guys, Sam Cocaine, yeah. They probably th SEM supplier, Al Right speaking of rickkames February, Twelfth Nineteen. Ninety we get the third studio album from this Oakland based artist, his prior album. There was releasein late, Ninet d. It started to gain traaction on the RN BCH arts, but he just wasn't there yet on the billboards. So when this album hit number one on the billboard two hundred for twenty one weeks, you can kindo sort of imagine this success of the album was a little unexpected at the time, but it still holds the glorious distinction as the longest standing number one rap album on the billboards ever at twenty one weeks, even outside of the Rabgenre, only eight albums ever held the number one lot longer than this one did the album sported four singles three out of the four of the e singles would end up being top ten hits on the billboard. Hot One hundred theam would go on to be certified diamond in the United Stathe, which is the first rap album ever to do so, and the world wide almcells would exceed twelve million copies sold. It's not too shabby for an album. The Guinness World Records claims to have been recorded on and produced for under ten thousand dollars on a modified tourbus. The top single from this album only reach number eight on the billboards for various reasons that I won't go into. Regardless of I single nothitting number one. Everyone knows this song and they gos something like this. Eb, it's a torter round the world from London to the bay. It's Hamegohai, don't even know that part the Restcan' Go and play Ca' touch this obviously iconic, no MC Hammer, please hammer, don't hurt 'em, eleast February twelfth nineteen. Ninety, do you remember how much this was played? Nonstop? It was like every time he turned on MTV. I know she said earlier about. You know music on television. Here it is. I mean this is music on television because it was not shnevery show on MTV. Yes, damn pants, yes would GIV. It gave us it's so iconic. You had the pants the dance. The Hook you know is hambertime, like Everao Crantin friend with the big triangle head memthere's. So many cool things about that video. If you watch and you don't look at hammer and you look at everything else- it's fucking absurd and it was somebody that we could identify with growing up. As a kid I mean here, I'm watching M TV and there's a guy dancing on MTV wearing the same size pants. I wear I mean: Did you have the same haircut? Maybe Lik mines, one the lines on Thi side that was pretty Eyyeah and he was. He was proudly proudly his sponsorship where she was his British Knights, Yeh Ge, ged, up n BK, and then he I could be on the commercial. I had a pair of the the British n. They were we they British nights or L A years. I can't remember always got them confused, but they had like the fake air bubbles in them they weren't quite as good as the Nike ones. Tho R Likei had a poyad. I remember playing basketball that Hortan, I stopped short and the whole soul of the shoe came off. So perfect British nights were kind of cool. They were KINDOF cool. Looking, if I remember correctly, yeah hy they'll come back. One of EMS still aroun is alla year, the one that's still around one yea still making sneaker somewhere. I think you can still get British Knights. I think you can they if they Y, they could definitely come back like I don't know. If you like, you've noticed by like Fila, is making a crazy comback a champion too, you Kno Notim, champion British nice to come back Weird Name for issue British Knights, Becav Wax. You should hit Upbitish Knights, you could be their spokesgy and they tator catapults you to Sedwe, got the shit, mapped out and we'll start it out with vision. Quest too and it's like that'll be Ho, be the launcering point. Man Aoyou man, we got. If you go to British nights, Ot com, you can order some B ks wthat's, crazy Maan and you coan follw e on Inster Rom. I can't believe that alumas twenty one weeks at number, one, that's insane that sounds about right, though 'cause you could. You could not not hear it yeah I had I had. I definitely had that out. I could I, the other big songs were prey and too Legi to legit to quit. Well too, leget toquit was this next Dolm wasn't it thay came out and you Hawas the next soundor ninety two and then he started hanging out with twupok and the album. After that we got pumps and a bump right. Iwait you're right Oso. What was the other? There was w Hav te seen hehave you seen t yeah turn this mother out and I think tturned this mother out was pre with the previous out. Yeah won that. Actually I didn't realize that that alum in ehtiyeight went two times platinum, yeah. He was to as good like he was. He was like doing well on the hip, hop in R amd B space once he got into that suburban Americas sface all right. So those are our picks. I can't wait to see an eighty five has yeah II. I think I'll go first here. Also I like to go on the record and officially state that I would wish reboc would bring back the pumps so rebak if anybody's listening, please bring them back, so you can hear an exactly exactly and I will wear them while drinking crystal pepsy, all Righton February, Eleventh N, nine uteend and eighty five everyody loved that song. How soon, as now, which was on the Smith's full of hollow album, but that came up before and y mom talking about followed up, one of the best albums with one of the best albums in meat is murder which came out February, eventh nineteen, eighty five, the album was the bands only number one on the: U K, Albums Char and stayed there for thirteen weeks, thanks to songs, like barbarism begins at home, and that joke isn't funny anymore, and this album is ranks number two. Ninety five on rollingstone's list of the five hundred greatest albums of all time and the smiths they're, still popular to this day, they've influenced a lot of bands this day and they currently have over five million monthly spotify subscribers and even the leidzinger morsy went onto a solo creow after that, and he himself has just under two million subscribers on spotify. So the Smith's meat is murder. It's a good album. I was never really a huge smiths fan. I love Hous ing was Nowis a great tune, also loved when Love Spit Love. Did it cover that in the mid nineties, but yeah this ablum's pretty good and I I feel like I would be okay with rolling stones, putting it there two ninety five at a top five hundred, so me is murder. It really is 'm just picturing like big hairsprayed hair, like that new wave haircut yeah like listening to that, and maybe like thinking about suicide, which is kindo kind of dark. But that's that's WH. What I think about the smits, but it's good music though yeah. Well, it's funny because, like the lyarics are a little bit more, you know down, but the licas a lot of the music's kind of like ere up kind of dancy and poppy and cynthy. So it's it's almost like a CETA position. There was there real. was there real, like vegetarian message, an t in IT MNAADSIS A it's a title: It's like vision, quest in eighty fi that week an eighty five. They just pulled any NAM out hat right meat, his burder allright Weny got mite right on February, fourteenth n thandnine hundred and eighty five Whitney Houston dropped. Herself title debute album and even though sales were initially slow, the album eventually went on to become one of the greatest selling albums worldwide selling over twenty million copies dam. The album spawn six singles and was nominated five times at the grammyes singles include thinking of you. You give good love all at once, saving all my love for you. How will I know and the greatest love of all so on Valentine's Day, N Nineteen? Eighty five Whitney Houston reminded everyone to never underestimate a nice relaxing soak in the TUB horrible. Damn, that's that's a good one. I actually got to do work at an elementary school called the Whitney use in elementary school in Newark that she went to and the principal that was there at the time was her principal back in, like don't know the seventies or whatever he was still there as Vossible Yeah Thi tew was telling me all kinds of stories about when she was a kid. While I was trying to work- and I was like Dudde I'm trying to work like I can just read this suit online b yeah. He was pro and she was pro Seventis probabl right, I guess 'cause. He said elementary school, but yeah prob. She probably was only nineteen or something shit. When that outum came out Y, she was super young yeah. Damn that's a that's a good! That's a lot hobby h out sold the the twenty million, definitely more than twelve million that hensy hammers hold hem o now, but wis. She hat number one for twenty one weeks as a Rapou. That's a tough one! Well, he said Y. You said that there was eight albums that were nonwrapped at beat it. One of them, I think, is a Delle's album, which was called twenty one strangely enough, o Ho Shit, but but I don't know if that would e use o dit or not what easin the wholl of fame. Jo, I I mean that that's a tough round I like, if I put marks if I was judging this, I put marks against either one of yours: that's a tough cell. So what was what was the? What was the very first one on in ninety? It was the hammer one and what was the other one? I R going to jail for Fer hour, aocame charges and missing his own induction into the rock and roll Holl of fame. Damn in today's in todaysworld they wouldn't induct him, no yeah, no, they werd Pete Rosen, which was also brought up on our last eppisode, a good throwback all right. So that's that's an interesting one. I ca. I can tell you that I can tell you that I I never was big into the smits or Morrisy. Although I respect it, I respect it much like vision, quests, I don't know a lot about it, but I respect it. I I was out of all the things that you mentioned. The thing that I know the most about was the NC hammer thing that was big. When I was a a kid, obviously pro probably influental, I didn't realize how even when you started naming the songs, have you seen her? I mean can't touch. This was based on the Super Preek. So, like all the MC Hammer, sons were kind of based on another song. I guess that's common and hip hop, but you know wilne Ouston's biggest song was not from that. Album was the Dolly partins on it. It was not from that elpum. I H I loved. How will I know that is a fucking song. That's a good sanis! It's one of those songs like as soon as he said the title I started singing it. My head: Yeah Yeah, at's Li e a's, a Fuckyeah like I distinctively remember my dad. Somebody had bought him the forty five record single of how will I know and Whitney's on the cover and like a white t, shirt tank top WSOMEBODY had pencilled in you know over her nipples and then rode into little comic bubble. That said, hi Jimmi, who Jimmy's my dad's name so and Oh, that was in our house forever, but yeah witn, Houston, O Yeah Yeah. I can picture that that was that video and that whole art was like her and white by the backgrounds. I it' very, like literally bubble gum. Looking Eah, I mean like th, ink everything and UH Shit. Ah He's so torn. I mean ye H, Eah. I gotta SA I'm not I'm not a fan of the smiths, but I appreciate the impact that their music has had and th. You know more to see people worshiped at the ultter of Morisy. You know what I mean. Not they don't want people, don't worsip it the ulter of Cham or Soti. For a couple of years they probably did yeah yeah ll thrd bankruptcy. Well, Wul, Sayse Hammer. You know he went bankrupt, helping out his friends. He was a generous guy, yeah Y H, Iturndher M. I don't think as much. No, I don't know Lada does a lot of cocaine in this. In this Whitney Houston, we wouldt. We wouldn't have known that wearing that white shirt, they'd be a different white thing that theyr run II'm gonna MM. My conscience wants me to do it. Tie Do that Y can't do ties an a we catch. You inside you gotta you gotta Qoint, Af piece all right. Let me think about this. Logically, real quick, I'm going to go. Let's say Whitney. Houston is going to battle. NC Hammor Whitney Houston's got to win that one because, because, first of all he record sale s twenty or twelve. Second of all, she died in a tragic way. That's real rock star stuff. Okay, then, the second thing we got to go: iturne versus Tho Smiths, I'm gonna, I'm going to give it to a Smith and Whitney Houston. All rightright, that's acceptable. I think we could swallow that one pretty easily. I mean that's that would't e hasted alm, if you would ave, came out something else. Maybe but that's that's mega man, it's plus it's Ar debt, so ask extra points right: there, yeah terrorist CTOROR, stovery on's great though so I don't know I'mg, I'm given a Lo, I'm given. I just know how also know a lot about. I don't know shit about Morsee, but I know that everybody loves hem, you know and and trying to tell me to like hem but AIT's our new ready new means D Wel SA dog. Don't know that doesn't do it for me, man, I don't know allright, so you guys have control on the board. You took the lead. It's three points to two, and we only have one round left and there's only one category left. So, where e we own yeah, I guess we will be going to hot products Mike, I feel like. I should go first here sure all right February, eleventh andnine hundre ND. Eighty five at Etoyfare we were introduced to another staple of my childhood mask now mask or as it is better known as Mobile Armored Strike Commands and yes, that's command with a cve was a toyline pioneered by Kennor, which capitalized on the rising theme of Action, features and transformation kind of similar to transformers. But with more people involvements, the heroic mask were led by wealthy philanthropist Mac tracker against the evil, venom o vicious evil network of Maham, which is a phenomenal acronym, which these guys clearly were fans of. But these toys were awesome. There was like a vehicle whether it 's like a car or a truck or whatever, was like a driver who would wear a mask, get it mask, but the vehicle would change into like a secondary type of vehicle, and I one I remember that I had was. It was called Condor, which was like a green motorcycle that would also turn into a helicopter that was fantastic. I loved those toys, Thet were so much fun, therereleased action figures, Oe Hosan, nine htne and eighty five, an nineteen eighty eight, and they also had a great animated series, Eho Anine hundred and eighty five, until ninetered N Eghty six. Now, while researching this something, maybe insanely go from six to twelve, and that was back in December of Twentyn fifteen. The Hollywood reporter said that Hasro and paramount rejoining forces to create a shared cinematic universe, combining mask with Gijoe, micronots, visionaries and Rom, and then later in April, of twenty eighteen paramount announced that mask that the mask film project would commence and would be directed by F, Gary Gray, who directed fate of the furious. So to say the least, I am mildly aroused. So are you, though, after the GI, Jo thing that they did? If it's done better, it's PRB yeah, it's got to be done way better than they for Sarei, Jo Yeah, but I I think we get fgary gre involve a proper director, proper story line around it. I mean mask was pretty awesome. I I love that show. I ha the plang tha toys were so much fun, so I'm pretty stoked. I think, there's a lot of opportunity. There's a lot of potential foreat to be pretty friggand awesome. I would like to see them kind of do something on their own first, like just mask by itself before combining it with like a GI, Jo, but I think I think it'd be pretty frigging sweet and especially if you kind of making along the lines of like a far of the furious yeah that'd, be pretty hot. Yet you know what's pretty decent from that whole merger you're. Just talking about battleship, that's a guilty pleasure. I love that movie. It's not like, maybe the best movie, but it was. It was fun. Yeah I enjoyed waway better than I thought it was going to be yeah yeah. That was a good flick all right, so this is mask being announced at a toy fare mm Yep, let's throw it down to Mikeranger for the hot products round. All right. I found an article in the Daily News from February twelfth written by Judy Linscott titled Sneak, look in Sana, saq toy makers, tow wears a trade show. The article covers the nineteen eighty five toyr fare that was held in New York on February, eleventh featuring the newest toys from all the big manufacturers. It was there that company showed off new items like the my buddy doll, mthe sectars, the cabbage patch twins and a new toiline from Mattelle who hoped to bring young girls, their very own action figure. Mattell already had a home run with the masters of the universe line. So this year they introduced the Shira Princes of power. Toyline metel announced that they would be backing the toyline with an animated series and a crossover episodes with the masters of the Universi. The series itself appeared later that year in September, and the tour line has been reimagined several times since hits debut and is still in production. Today, so mattell introduces the Shire princes a power toy line and they were L K. You were able to like place your water for your store at at the event mm Silenc Fook. Very solid for the honor of Gray Schol, all right, NAC R- I guess that's over to US- I don't know whose product is bigger. Maybe you should go n I'll go first. I think I can see yours from here. Marers is a lot bigger, hesaidall right, gus so February, Eleventh Nineteen. Ninety! You finally were able to purchase something for your very own home that everybody had been waiting for. So we go to newspapers, dotcom where we always find some of our great research here and there's an ad hot rental properties. New on video. You could go ahead and purchase New York stories. The the woody island movie. You also that day finally could purchase the Tom Hanks Classic Turner and Hoch available on video for the first time suggested retail price of eighty nine. Ninety five, if you wanted a new copy of Turner and Hooch in your home, now see again bring in the Tom Hanks connection in he was on that San l episode and to keep this even more topical. Let's fass forward to current day February, eleventh just of this year well hell couple of days ago, Disney plus, has announced that they have given a twelve episode order for a new TV series, Turner and Hooch starring Josh Pack from Drakin Josh thirty years after you could bring this into your home. It's going to be in your home once again. So That's my pick for hut products, it's hot again! After all these years, Turner and hooch with Tom Hanks. Damn I like you bringing the legs man, een ve never knew that they're bringing all kinds of shows at Disney plus. Did you say that the VHS was eighty nine dollars, yeah suggesto ot price brand new eighty nine? Ninety five is that like is that like n inflation, or is that like that was what it caused e. that's like inflatio, like no like VHS, were crazy, expensive in the early nineties and late eighties, a Wa'n buyin. If you wanted to buy a used copy, you know you could get hem for like ten bucks, but if you wanted a new copy, where the tape was still in watchable condition, V as tapes. Just got all chewed up much like everything in the Turner and hooch movie, Hey goods, they didn't want you to like stray away from renting ecause. At the time rentally industry was enormous. They were making shit tons of money had overfist with that. So of course, they're going to Jack those prices up, but you're going to go rent it anyway then copy it on your second VCR that you probably spent six hundred dollars on, so you can copy movies. That's a good one mark I like the little tie in there. You didn't tell me about that all right, so February, twelfe, nineteen. Ninety we get the highly anticipated sequel that all of us American kids were waiting for, since we saw it debt and the movie the wizard a few months earlier. The biggest challenge with this video game was finding it supplies were super scarce at the time. The first shipment of this game was two hundred and fifty thousand units and they were all sold in the first three days of its release. Matter of fact, the first ad that I coan find a newspapers com. Again we bring that up. Thank you so much newspapers Dotcom for giving us all like a plether of places to research the first place I coand, find it in stock was actually Friday February, sixteenth and of Toysor us and that ad had it for forty nine. Ninety nine, that's around ninety nine dollars and twoend and twenty, but the game. I'm talking about here, Super Mario Brothers, three, which is the third best selling N Y S game of all time, with over seventeen million copies sold, and this number is staggering. It's grossed well over one point: five billion dollars on that name: supermary brothers, three, since it's release, many people consider this. Arguably the best video game of all time and that's not just from one publication. That's from lots of publications that I found. So I I don't even want to Na 'em all a lot of people think this is he best be or game ever it's a monumental step, ind gaming at the time, Mike's a big video game guy, I'm sure you can test this. You know they basically took Mario and Leigi to another level, no pun intended there, but we got this big world map now, instead of like jumping on top of your enemies, they can actually slide. They can throw things and my favorite thing now they could wear the little Tinouki suit and they culd fly. Looking like the raccoon, it's just a monumental video game Gev. This is how monumental it actually is. They gave this game its own cartoon series, not a supermario brother's cartoon, but they no shit, gave twenty six episodes to a series called Super Mario Brothers. Three, because his game was so highly anticipated Tim. You know even certain wrappers use H, lyrics celebrating Mario Brothers. You know, I don't know who they are, but yeah. It's a pretty big thing. You know Mike what would you say about like every Morio game from this point? Was it kind of built off the third? The third supermary brother's game defined everything that a platformer could and should be? Has a ton of games that, just like, basically ripped the style? A lot of those tiny tune? Adventure Games. They came out on the NNSSER, basically supermarbrose three clones, but Nintendos Kindo, like every marrier game, seems to add a different mechanic and do something Diart, but definitely supermaria world is an extension of subermerrows three and it's huge huge game got legs. People still play it out of all like. I bought that nes classic. That's like the only game I play on there t e Supremerite, I'm not that good at it, though I can't get to a big. What do they call it, the the giant land or whatever? It is. Oh, that's t fourth level yeah for the fourth world or whatever I I suck yeah. I actually just finally completed that over the summer wow I ever eartly R I've never been able to beat t at Chris Ranger is amazing at it. It's an incredibly hard game. Still is it's fun, though you can't feel your thumb. The next day, though, it's like one of those games like you can lately lose use o your thumb for like at least two weeks. Actually, I think that was even worse from like one night, my daughter and I played it for like a couple of hours and I couldn't the tip of my thumb- was so fucked up for like a month. I couldn't do shit with my left hand, fucked up anyhow, that's February, Twelfeh, nineteen. Ninety, we got the release of supermario brothers, three Al Right, so that wraps up all the picks, let's toss it down to wax for the final judgment on this game, scappal Lo bad ut, that fet of it I a IIN'. My my nephew's got, the you know they have the one of you guys, just called it. A WH t t the N Classic Yeah, the Classic and superarer brothers. Three is the game that you get stuck on playing it and I I like O, like Um compared to earlier video games. They really let you save and continue from where you at and get more time like it'll make you go all the way back to the beginning. Every fucking time like like some of the earlier video games, do they make them, make them really really stressful? I realized recently and Man Pruss- you brought this up like a lot of my music- has been really really really influenced by w the guy, whose name escapes me. I used to know his name, the guy, who did all the music for the Mario Brothers uh games like he, used a lot of major seven cords and crazy melodies. He based all all of the songs on Latin dances. All those melodies are based on like Sambas and uh like Moranga, music and stuff, like that and that's why that's? Why? When you play it, you hear the same thing over and over again, but you never really get sick of it. You know what I mean like when o play more, then you PA certain times when you're hearing the same thing. Over and over again, you want to kill yourself hearing tha, but the mar the Mario melodies and the cords and and the movements from different parts to different parts. It it it's e. After a million times you still you'd, never really be like I. I can't hear this anymore. You know you're still cool with like the little music you knowplee, P, p, the a Pyeah and a and just, and especially when you get up into the clouds. It really makes you feel like it makes it has a sense of Veuporia to it. You know what I mean Yeh. I didn't realize that that's good shit, it's Ar the it's a really good game, as far as as far as music goes and it's and it's a really good game. As far as video games go itsg it's hard, because I was harp on whatever the most recent thing he fuckedout was Super Mario, three and mark had the turn Ho Turnerand whos and then, and then there was the mask and Shira and Shera man that that Dat Mario was big. Themoaio was big. Mario Three. I couldn't leave the sales figures over the thirty years of being B like over one and a half million dollars. It's you know, F, the incredible thing about that game. Is that no matter how many times they repackage it, people keep buying it. I've bought it. I don't know how many fucking times I saw somebody where the pair of cuortes sneakers, you know the Nike quartezes. It was a Nike Quartez that was done in Supermario, three with the Yellow and the blue, and it had like supermario on the front. With Luigi on the back with a fucking tail, there was hanging off the back. Yeah saw that we saw it. We were at a mall and I saw somebody wearing that sht like a dangiel boom tail. Yes, yes, like the raccoon tail rain, the only guy the only guy thay can get more air than Jordan is Demario is the reck and did you say you were in a mall and you saw Dan Cortez wearing thisquartez from m TV sports. He was actually running through the mall and doing spins. He wouldn't even CICK yestaator. He would just get right up to the second floor. It was fucking of Anginjock, Mabe Man. I haven't thought about Dand Quartez in a long time. Nobody as enlong a long time since I thought of Dan Coure. I think about Dan Uertez at least twice a week, but th the person. Nobody remembers. Wis, the guy that he went against, can't remember his name. What was it Dan versus who exactly mhm what yeah? There was thing about the the Olympics yeah. It was like what the fuck was, the other guy's name that was Dan and Dave, and that was TNO Ave Cortes, oh no dareportimes TAT was not tan. Dait wasthat was Dan Dan O'Brien and Dave John Well. Nobody remembers them either, but we remember Dane Cuortez, so there w's my point 'cause he was on MTV rocket. Jock was him. She hely work, smmother, fucking basketball games, softball with people that look like they've never played in their entire lives, but it was so much fun. The Ya was all right. So let's hear the final ruling from big wax. While I appreciate masks 'cause, I haven't thought about that in so long and that's what I like. I think the thing that I like about the show the most is hearing things that I haven't even thought about. In a long time, such as Dan, quarez and and Ma Mass H, I was like Holy Shit. I, for I totally forgot about that, and that's that definitely something that, like the Hollywood, people want a sure thing, so they reboot everything that would that's a pretty good idea. That'd be a good idea to reboot that and th they could do more with Europ. You Know Shit. They could do more of a supermorial brothers, three, an they are currently doing more with herosh I mean Um, I gotto go with the. I got to go with Mario Three man. I gotta go with that and maybe that's a little bit of a you know an age thing because, like ninety, that's what I was. I remember that more than I remember the other ones I don't know, but I gotta go. I gotto go with it 'cause. I got a real affinity for that for that game, the music h, the we you know. Se You said about the Big World: Go, I'm goingto go with the NIGHTI's sweet, wow mamalukes, pull that one out yeah when he said Bask. I was like Oh fuck. This is going to be a tough round. YEAA! That's one of the closest games we've had in a long time and I still didn't win it. What was the score? What was the Pi Score? Five score is four to three: Oh came down to the FI. This happens a lot like we mentioned this before we even started. It always comes down to there's two point rounds at the end. So if you play the game right and you put your shittiest picks towards the beginning- which Mike clearly did when he came out and said, what's our worst thing that we have Wen, they sare with the news, you know you can kind of just build on it from there, but the last two rounds are always pressure cookers man, so great job. On selecting due the last time you were here, you dropped US aversion, an acoustic version of limousine mm. Is there any way you could do something acoustic from either of the two Ouans 'cause? There's a couple songs that I fuck ind love like when I'm gone. I can listen to like nine thousand times in a row lake. I I'm glad you like that supermario and Shit and uh the world is fucked up is great too. Oh thanks mad. Thank so I feel let me I don't have let me it would take me like fifteen seconds to go gewhatever. He with HEM TA, play some ory some weet. Alright, I wasn't expecting to play anything. I forgot that I did that last time. What did I play that Tamphe played limousine? It was fucking amazing to it came out good and everything. Thanks E appresate that AI, when IAM gone, yeah Iwi. I wish I knew I wish I knew a song from something that was reference. Damnise Yucouldoc, the Marri Ha the Mariatingo, which one binin in an in it o oo, Ooyes Eris, that's Wheni, gets Hart makes me want to jump into a pipe yeah that Thahai', not whatever I'm not going to sit here, learn Um Mo e, the one that you like all right, do it? No, when I'm going O ll Buck Itu haven't played this long time, but that's righ ain't, no Nolin! When your time is up, so everybody win Meliso come for tomorrow and they all be dead and Wente. Why, then said the moment rad before the lightning Sunnd Trink? What or the ones you drink to watch smoke Wen all the wonders mobefor for some Ligor round for those whcao rot up with me when I am goingbefore mankind could even pinge Apin. He discovered how the alcohol prementsfor the next ten thousand years drank O flickers wise and bears of no er. I, for all the time he's ment when tribal capan wanted to get high. There wasn't a dispenser Readiby nd before he found that OGE cause. She spoke every srutery and Boon Li up again, his SAN vice and Thik, one all the ones who drink to watch smoke, Lin all the ones e smokefore and pour some likoound for those who padte roling up for me, when I am Gongadevery Day, I'm driving in my car, not GOI WO. I hope I get arm not sucking for myself oowoa in Borthe ELT of the Domtri Mi linto from the bar and to say Theyre Makin, new technolog hat'll, make U Soid Boris or at East Tat Up Reallydi LS Wut be on towaiting list. If I to lies in Roling Ou for me, Endert Tike, what father ones to Drik to much smokein botherwis, I Moki Mora for some likaround with those who panted on Rolid up Boe. When I am Fockyea, I sit there od. I was awesome O that was fucking amazing and if you guys have not heard wax he's you're pretty much big wax on every social media platform. Right, Yeah Wen, a twitter, I'm at big WAX VI g wx on instagral, an a big wax big wax and my website is wax dotcom. Dotcom. That's wax D, O tcom, Dociom, yes, and go over to spot IFI golisten a! I think I did it Beigot. I got some syllables in that one 'cause, it's fucking awesome! I would recommend, if you W, if you want to listen to some of the stuff, go to spotify even like if you want to get a taste for what my shit like, I like how Spotifi Kindo accidentally or purpose curates like a like a best dob list. When you just start g, you just go to an artist and it's Kindo like theyre songs, people listen to the most, my like mine's, pretty good, like whe, I'm se. ' I'm like okay. That represents what I do pretty Ar Alutel and there's a there's a lot and you work with a lot of different people. There's a lot of di like hesdude raps, like obviously that song wasn't a Rapsong. That's why I wanted people to hear something different right. You know, but yo you're, you got like such an eclectic mix like you. Do all kinds of Shit: She's, Nasons Man Yeahaoverto as Youtub and check out. Are you still doing the? Where do you show up at like some restaurant just to eat their food? Yeah do chain REAC a show called chain reaction, which is a revew fooderview show where I only do chain. Restaurants, what's the latest one you went to, I just put out a new one two days ago for wingstop H, wingstop yeah. I started doing this a while a few years ago and I just brought it back, and I apparently people tell me that now, like everybody and their mom on use to reviewse all these fast food restaurants that shit but hey, you know, I still think its funny. The wing stop was good. It was the first time I'd ever been there i'de never been to wing spaut before we'll tie that into vision, quest too somehow, hming stop like there'll, be a rock throwing scene. There it'll be good maybeafter school job as he gets a job at wings. Yes, a IWE can flash this out like twenty minutes Il be Fuckin. I S like tanks, a get for coming on man. Thankaer happens that was really fun. thit's, a great show g yeah UN talking to him too, in Druw Zaccment. Why don't you tell everybody what's going on on the one headlight nineties? PADCA? Yes, so we we just did two episodes Thas a two parter of one hit wonders from the nineties. We actually went through and ranked all sixty six of them yeah if Y, if you like, Momo number five, maybe don't listen to that episode, but otherwise yeah check it out. We just did one hit wonders and then coming up next we're going to be we're going to start reviewing some bands. Sawbe Doang Pearl Jam, the offspring, three eleven, so some nineties bands Wi'll kind of get into like the history of them. Where Wha, you know what therups you now and then also let'ls give our own little top fifteen. So I'm on twitter at one HL podcast. So when I start getting close to those episodes I'll be putting and posting some comments for Peopleso, I love to hear what you guys think about what your kind of top fifteens are for those particular bans. So that's what we got coming up: ONE HN L, podcast YEP, yeah actl! I just added you one twitter, two, so okay, Yel yeah, that sounds awesome all right and Mike Ranger. Why don't you give our listeners a sample of what you got coming up on the video Rangers podgast o? Well right now we have a lovely review of the nineutee and eighty seven classic Manikin ythat's, which came out thirty. Three years ago today, yeah saw in the theater theater just go just 'cause. I liked the song and she Wen crazit. What do they know? Pit Ei arms around me Babe. Don' will let go why I get the songs from wacto the world around us, the Mater, a Matbe. We can make it if we Arne, we had beea Thingeterto Anocke, even o Gol Tumbe them, and it is wor, at wit, to ave each other. Nonin Goto stop a noand on to stop, but youv finally got a song. You couldti there. It is there. It is all right well on that. No duelers will end the episode right here, but don't worry if you've missed an episode, you can always go back on our website, dueling decades, dotcom, where you can subscribe to the show on Etunes on spotify. Now, please make sure once you subscribe to the show, leave us a review. Tell us what you think about this show and you can also go and check out the show over on C LN S. MEDIA DO COM. So until next time dewelers were going to bid you a piece, love Lightan, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infirmay media

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