Dueling Decades
March 10, 2021

Keith Coogan and his toy soldiers March back for the week experience 1979, 1988 & 1998!

Keith Coogan and his toy soldiers March back for the week experience 1979, 1988 & 1998!

Once again, the judging is doneeee, man! You asked for it, and Keith obliged. Back by popular demand, Keith Coogan is behind the bench to judge this battle between our favorite decades in, "the week experience"! Let's take a look at his toy soldiers this week. First up, a man that knows a little too much about adventures in babysitting, Trevor Gumbel takes his first crack at life in the 70s, with the best of the first week of March 1979. Next, a man that hasn't been hiding out from the win column, Mancrush brings the best of March 1st-7th, 1988 to the table. Rounding out the competition, it's don't tell mom that Marc James likes the Dead, with early March 1998!


It was a joy having back another veteran judge like Keith! We tried to surprise Trevor and failed miserably when Mancrush put Keith's full name on the Zoom meeting title, wuh wuhhh. There are lots of goodies in the episode, including something about rusty instruments and Sesame Street, illiterate criminals, not really rings around Uranus, Trevor spoils a 40-year-old play, mom's swoon for Swayze, white Russians, wizards, Willie Carter's underground dance battles, Judge Reinhold was robbed, Coogan praises the Muppets, dudes who sing in speedos, Penthouse bush, Sally Field, reality television's pretend beginnings, bad movies vs unwatchable movies, the best television show you've never seen, the diabetes kid's club, Archie Bunker took big dumps, still waiting to cross the bridge at Rhode Island Comic Con, mysterious car alarms at The Mahoning Drive-in, and what the hell is Keith Coogan filming in New Jersey?!


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PODCAST NEW YORK S up doing decade is is wax piece of all you guys and thanks for having me on the show, will it be the s or the AITS Beeni babies or crack babies, really Pena, Bota or Madon? Maybe Bricty? Maybe Whitney. Do you like new mittle or new wave Dave, ROE or Super Dave? I don't know, but now the vattl begins doling decades. Let's see who wins Jo as roudcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am marked James in this week, iwill be representing the best of March, one thosand, nine Tundren, a d. eighty eight alongside the other duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off Gettin Narley with the s say hello to Mangrush. That's right. I have a march first through the seventh one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight, and I just want to say that I'm a little offended by our judgees muppet shirt, thitoffensive, look ANYTII, didn't realize as a kid that Dr Swincort was of reference to Dr Strange Love. We wes started watching the new muppets and, of course the warning comes up on one of them and we're like oh we're watching this one and we're thinking it's going to be just obvious and awful. And yes, there were some that you go yeah that really wouldn't fly today, but you know the show holds up and then you go well. You Got Ta Watch them all D, and so we were first cherry picking the pigs in space episode once and then started watching other ones, all right I'll give you a pass I'll give you. Thank you true fan also joining us on the panel and bringing the far out from the S. welcome back to the show Trevor Gumble was up. I am reppen for the first week of March on SA Ninetuneren and seventy nine year of my birth, but not till the very end, and as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness and we got a lot of requests for this week's guest judge to return to the show so back by popular demand, all rise for judge, Keith, Kougan hape, to be back. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hunt products, a judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds ar worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. Remember Jewelers, to review the show, listen subscribe and play along at home, it's time for more O as all right, so we'll go right down to guest, judge, Keith Kugin for the coin toss. This week, it'll be between myself and Trevor Gumble Trevor. You have the honors of calling it I'm gonna mix up a bit. Let's go tals tail, okay, so drever you got the back of the DVD box and mark hear up here as a front broken hards gallery. We just love the movie uttailes Drever is your pick all right ever you won the coin toss and you get to select our first category all right, I'm going to get this one out of the way since it's one I'm not particularly excited about. I am going to go with the news, so my news is for March Fif, one thousand nine hundred n Sivnty nine, the voyager one, making its closest approach to Jupiter and observation about the Moon Rings and Radiation Magnetic fiels, the Sol system. It actually discovered Jupiter's rings. So that is my pick for March fone, tousand, nine hundred and verty nine. The discovery of jubiters rings ice couple episodes back mancrust you had. What did you have think it was yeahitwas it Mars? Ra, I don't know somebody's Rino somebody NOWs rings around your ades. How can yout come on? I just want to hear you se it again man all right man Chris. What did you bring for the news round? All Right? Well, I'm glad you went news first, because I would actually selected news. First Myself, let's go to March sevent ninety e and this one it struck a cord with me. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before and previous episodes, but when I was in elementary school, we had this principal. His name was William carger and, aside from being a former golf pro, this dude was seriously hes insane. He shot parn an eighteen whole course with a putter. This is just one of the many stories that he told us, but he was also like a huge disciplineary and I have stories about that. I Wante Mo go into, but anyhow one of the things he did every morning was this thing called the morning program. So, every day, before our first class, you would sit in the cafeteria with the entire school grades k through six in Old Willie. He would dispel his wisdom for like a half hour on the entire student body and much like themancrush three, the morning program sessions, they were filled with the Willi Carter three and while, while he was speaking, you always heard a very faint Whitney, Houston, the greatest love of all playing. In the background that was the lowkeen song number one of the Willi Carter, three and song to was foot loose, which leaves little wonder, is why I love Kenny loggins. But anyhow that leaves us with Song Number Three and aside from providing children with tips and tricks for life every morning, Willie always found a way to put us outside of our comfort zone. So you ye just paing a picture so we're in the CAFTERI it's filled with maybe like four or five hundred kids, which, by the way it's not a firehazard at all. There was like two doors iisane thing about it now, but oh willy, he would qeu up Chubby checker ind, the fat boys do the twist and he would just select random kids out of the audience to come up on stage and have a dance battle and for the record he did this with foot loose as well. But let me tell you from experience. This was one of the most daunting things that could ever occur to a youth he'd be up on stage the entire student body sitting on the caffeteria floor. He would just scan the crowd. Looking for some schmuck kid to come up on stage. Your heart was literally beating out of your chest and the thing was you could not refuse. If you were picked, oh Willie, he would literally he would drag you out of the audience if you were not moving fast enough and if you didn't dance, he would just badge to you on the Mike until you danced so it was literally the funniest and most frightening situation. The young child could go through. I mean this is like. I was probably like in fourth fifth grade when the song came out, but when you did get, I you didn't get picked. Rather the it was a huge burden of relief. It was amazing. It was like a fucking roller coaster of emotional proportions every morning, but anyway, that all said, I found an article about Chebby Checker, getting together with the fat boys to rerecord the twist, which, if you guys didn't know it happend to be a pretty important song, it did get dancing where people are dancing together, you're not like at a sockhop anymore and going up and asking girl to dance. You would just go out in the floor and dance like an idiot like we did in mechanics town elementary school o one thousand ninenred Ghgh eight. We all got to relive the pandemonium. That was the twist and it was updated so that Mr Carter coald ridicule US kids for not dancing as well as our peers. So that's what I have for the news of March, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight wowyeah. I actually kind of dig that version of the twist man yeah me too. I remember the video we should have been in the video show, just a bunch of scared, kids up on stage, looking dancing all right guy. So for my new story, you know we got so much good feedback on our episode a little while back on stupid news. You know I thought I'd bring a fun one tonight, so we're going to go over to a news article. I found that says: stick up fails when note proves unreadable out of Pearl River New York, as if she was in a woody asland movie, the bank teller squinted at the note handed to where, by a man disguised with a plastic bag over his head. She couldn't make out what the note said and consulted a colleague who also found it onunreadable by the time they and the other clerks finally figured out that I've got a gun was part of the message. The disguise man, apparently unnerved, had left without saying a word or showing a weapon. The teller hadn't immediately reacted to the plastic bagman because she thought he might have had a skin problem or prossibly burns police said please, tha investigators continued to hunt for the man on Tuesday and because the handwriting on the note was so bad they're still trying to figure out what the entire note said so, just like in oe thousand nine hundred and sixty eight movie take the money and run where the bumbling Allan character fails at a bank robbery when the teller points out that his note says Gub instead of gun, so much like that. So if you're going to rob a bank people at least take the time to write, legiblyit'll, save you a lot of grief, we're not telling you to rob a bang! No! But if you do, if you do right yeah, you know at least right neadly and if you're on the other side of that just say, I don't know what it ays right. Like whatout of sight. This was not all right. So that's my news story. Let's kick it down to our guest judge, Keith Kugan, for the ruling on the news round, though tough on the news round. I love the the Shebby Checker. There was a lot of backstory in there seemd very personal to you, but I like the original twist and stuff, and I think my first introduction to music was s because I was out in a smaller town with very bad radio streption a I coun get like cayer hundred one and her s and so kind of to start my focabulary of music. But I do love. I love that we've got the terrible note bank robbery and you know I just like having a stack of Hill cosby records. I also had seen pretty much everything in Woodi Allen's Uvawin. I'm going to. I say that I remember that I remember when the bankrubber had the Il illegable note and yes, it is foolish was foolish robic banks, nobody writes actual nosin where text the just textte you up you up to give me money, it's just a bojis yeah. Can you just Venmo me that yes, a little munsack, they call it a Looti call. What is this? You spelled it Gub, I don't understand you could auto correct, really screw you there so bank. I know, however, the ultimate space TEC Murrd. I had the space shovel manual in the S and was hus heartbroken by e challenger explosion, but it followed all of the kind of like stuff going on at the time. I think we talked about how I was working anl, the Waltons when the the space station was coming down, the first basic yeah, so th I'm going to take it out to Jupiter and rings because who knew that they had rings right. That was really great news and I just think that was all of that voyager vegere. As we all know, Neatur, I'm GOINGTO give it to Najer right there. I'm gon give it to the Wag all right trevor. You pick up a point in this game, but, more importantly, you keep control the board and get to select our next category. All Right, I'm going no go with music and for this one I'm Goinna go kind of off kilter. I'm going to go with a musical this time, this musical premiere March. First, one thousand nine hundred and sevty nine nommayy for nine Tony Awards went inppointing eight and starred Len Carew Anto, Lasbury, Victor Garbar, Sarah Rice and Edmond Lindick, among others, it'. He story of a guy who liked to cut hair but got a little bit angry about it. You know he kind of took it out on people. I think he was a littltle bit obsessed and about a woman who I don't think would cut it even at McDonalds, and my pick was sweeny todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. You don't think a musical about a psychotic, barber and woman who put people in her meat, Pies, Allah, Soi, Lik, Greenwood, Garner critical acclaim from the sophisticates, but layler aller spoiler, Oh God, damn it, you just ruined it for everybody. I know I know, am I canceled now so? Yes, my Ark, one thousand nine hundred and enty nine is sweeny tod, that's fantastic! All right, man crush. What do you have for the music round all right? So, let's Go March Fort One thousand nine hundred and eight. Now I'm going to double down on some soundtracks here, the movie itself enorms Ne Housand, nine hundred and seven ended up grossing two hundred n fourteen million dollars ot the box office over five hundred million dollars in wo thousand and twenty one. The soundtrack, though that's what we're going to be focusing on here and I don't normally select albums ot hit number one of the billboard two hundred, but I felt like this is something that always gets passed by on our show. I believe I've never heard it and it really needs to have its day in the sun. I mean my mother owned this one on vinyl back in the day and she relistene to his shit relentlessly all the time. So, even though the soundtrack came out in August of eight seven, it had been bouncing around the top ten of the charts for months, but during the first week of Marc e Thousnd, nine Red d te eight it snagged that top slot from George Michael's faith, and it stayed on the charts for the next two months and see it at number one only to be knocked off again by George Michael in May, but in total we have eighteen weeks on top of the charts. The soundtrack would go eleven times platinum in the US. It would sell thirty two million copies worldwide ITD like when it comes to soundtracks, there's always a lot of talk about like Purple Rain, the bodyguard Saturday night fever etc. But I feel like this one just doesn't get it do like. I said before, maybe just on the show, we don't talk about it enough, and I don't understand why. But matter of fact, this soundtrack did so well. Did they release a follow up Soundtrack March? Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and eigty eight, also in my week, while not as popular as the original, the followup entitled. More dirty dancing would peak it number three on the billboard. Two hundred, so we get a double helping of dirty dancing. The dirty dancing, sountrack hits number one and they released more dirty dancing, so moms all over the world could fantasize about their youth and Patricks Wasy, of course- and you know the funny thing to like Bill Medley, the guy that did I've had time in my life when they first pitched this to him. He thought that they wanted him to write a song for a Porno y yeah. He thought it was for a point of they hadit like they're like no dude. It's not it's, not a poor notes, patricks waze's in it and shit, and then he did it yeah. That's why I got God summer of eighty seven, my mom listened to that fucking soundtrack wreath lengtlessly. Yes, I think everybody's mom did it was just like defiite. It's like the government issued mom album yeah. It was it wasnead to have it all right. Well, we'll go in a slightly different direction for my music offerings in the middle of its twenty ninth season. This iconic television show actually taped a one hour musical special that would go on to have a grammy winning soundtrack that was released on CD and cassette March. Third, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight and you know, because everything in the S had a Pallusa to it. I give you the Emmy Award winning Elmo Peluza. Now the track listing on this one actually is quite bas, your start off with Mombo III by Gloria Stephon and then it moves onto. I want a monster to be my friend by N Vogue, which includes the lyrics of course Sung seductively and breathly as only invogue Gen. Oh, I want a monster to be my playmate we'd soon become good friends, because, although they're hairy and sometimes scary, they have soft and furry pawse. If I make friends with a friendly monster, I'd be the best that a friend could be I'd. Let him do whatever he wants to never goingto get it be, and then we move on to Zizak dance, which is with the mighty mighty boss tones in the count which fantastic track nearly missed by Rosio, Donald and ELMO. You can skip that. One just happen to beat me by the Food Jees, that's a good track and I want to live on the moon by Sean, Covin and Ernie, and then the highlight of the CD for me by far, and it was an exclusive to the album because it was actually not on the TV special and that's. I love trash sung by Stephen Tyler of Arrowsmith and he gives you the wonderful lyrics like I got a clock that don't work and an old microphone a broken umbrella in a rusty trumbone and I'm delighted to call them my own. I love them because they're trash and all of this is done with stepen tyler belching out these long screens. At the end of the word trash you know, and just stepen tyler being his most Stephen Tyler Esk all of the tropes. Are there the screaming the talking parts on the Intro, the scat singing the blues, Rif Wof, the harmonica and the background in while his love for Trash Street Er? Otherwise, so that's what I'm bringing for the music round! It's ELMO PELUSA! You really can't go wrong with this one enjoy it. I think you just got sesame street canceled. I think that's what just happenend and yeah and it's like you almost killed keith there rusty trumbols, all right. Let's toss it down to our judge, Keith Kugen for the ruling on the music round of God. What was the first one short term memories going Sweeni tod we ney todd. I have no nostalgia for that. Hadn't seen it then, and has ev yet to even see the Elenabona Carter Ani de version. So I can't really connect with that, but it is I'm sure it's great piece of Fort. They said that was one of the greatest Bluffese was with the trailers and the poster art and everything they had campaign for. When you talked let people think it was going to be a murdery, bloody, suspense, Ting E, and then it was Waldwa musical every once in a while. I get him in my like from Hell and like next seven, ninth gat and like deep Johnny, depf cut so I'll dig in I'll give that a shot. So I love that you were giving recommendations on what tracks to skip on oterps. That's once again, I was what year is that Ighty, seven one thousand nine hundred and Ninety Eight ohninety eight? Oh God, No, I'm twenty eight completely ruining my life, not even no! No! You know I had no connection at all whatsoever to elmo. Never did. But I love that's a Balsy pick. It really is. I love the detail on depth. It was a great pyou. Almost had langer notes on this thing, but perhaps not I'm Gointa go for dirty dancing wins and it wins. I mean you can even just have said it was just dirty dancing to you know further dirty dancing that probably would have wan, because that shit played to death- and I was seventeen and going to all of these clubs in La that were all agents and you just get a riskband if you could drink and if not, then you're still in really, and it was weird- and there was also sodapup clubs that play the dirty dancing sound trackte deat at the club, the dirty Nasi apteck. Oh, we love me played on the hour every hour it these clucks ago, Busan, heavy rotation, Ih've, a lot of fun, memories that the movies fantastic and so it's going to go to the dirty dancing. Soundtrack. Sorry guys did anybody try to do the lift at the club now, after Ni could recall at the time they wuld just wanted to do this girdy dancing and Lese ar teenagers, so a playing around great all right, man crush you pick up a point. You Take Control, F the board heading into our final one point round: What category are we going with next Woa man? It's a weak experience, so it doesn't really matter I'll. Go movies, we'll go movies right in the Middle March, Fif one thousand nine hundred and ihty eight. Now there were some decent movies that came out on my week, but nothing that actually spoke to me and personally, I think it's imperative when you're making your selections, it's something hits home with you, because if it doesn't it almost just feels like you're running through the motions and you're not and you'R, maybe you're like you're selling, something that you don't particularly like I've done it before at a necessity. I think we all have with that being said. I ran across his ad as a sneak preview on Saturday march fifth and I had to select it. I forgot all about this movie and I loved it growing up, although I never saw it in theaters. This is one of those hbo Saturday night staples growing up where it was on like every frigging weekend. So I watched it all the time. It's a coming of age comedy took in roughly fourteen million dollars, ot the box officer right around thirty one million dollars in two thousand and twenty one and much like we talked about. I think t was last week or when we had who was JOL Murry, I think, was not. We were talking about disaster flick in the S. much like that. There was an onslaught of these body swap movies in the s yeah, which is almost acou es- fie. Yes, absolutely, Yes, absolutely so yeah I ane thousand nine hundred and Igty Four. You had all of me: Buth Steve, Martin, Lily, Tomlin n. In eighty seven, like you mentioned, yea Duley, Morn, Kirk, Gameron and like father like son, then nineeed eight alone, you had two other ones. Besides my pick, you had big, of course. Well I mean kind of it's not really a body swopyeah, it's close and then he had eighteen again, the George Burns classic and then in one thousand nine hunded and eighty nine. You had the carisand dream, a little dream, and then you had Robert Downey junior al S, one thousand nine hundrd and ighty nine. That did chances are so you had a Plethra of body swap movies and then this particular title for this movie, which is loosely based on the novel ronethousand eight hundred and eighty two. This is the seventh film or TV adaptation of that novel by Thomas Ancy Guthrey, and actually this is the first American adaptation and it was one that Keith mentioned. Although it is a kids movie, it does hold up for Dole audiences. I just watch it the other night and Y. my wife said why the fuck did you rent this for o, Ed and ninety nine, because I go on it every every week. If I have something I don't own, I end up renting it and she's like what. What is this fucking? What is this movie anyhow? So, if you're in the mood for like magical skulls, Fred, savage drinking MARTINIS sons making out with their dad's girlfriend ees Yuppie's guys that wait make way too much money working in retail, Judas priest, rip off stupid crooks, kidnappings, awkward scenes that wouldn't fly in two thousand and twenty one, a movie that Roger Ebert actually liked and jodge judge Rynhold, absolutely killing it as an eleven year old, one thousand nine hundred n Ighty, eight vice versa- is the movie for you and PS, and we mentione this before. How is it? The Tom Hanks got an Oscar nomination for playing a kid en big and ryanhold's career went down the tubes after this yeah. I never understood that man rite his best pofonis in a by a lot. He ot he plays it so fucking. I was laughing my ass off the other night watching that shit yeah. Vice versa, was right: Ryn hold noddy and Beverly Olls top three, a both T, ges. Oh He whas yeah. I E and Tha he'd gone like Vegan and everything, peace and spiritual yep. He did hat that's right, that's right! I know he ever did. I think that rynhold always had a subversivealternative kind of a take and that studios probably hated him, but I think he's a audience as actor like they ust really. I think audiencis really always liked him an whatever role he's. He does a thing at conventions, it's fantastic. He is a close Talker, but he'll do it. Noho knows he comes up so and then he'll want to take. Have someone take a picture of you know snows with him, and it's just that's very very to give you a hundred percent of his focus when you're in front of Hem sure he's not doing that right now, yeah! Well, I, like I love roothless people was come on ruthless people is toufh still went through a string of you know great stuff. In the touchthat era an the s stake out and stuff TS PEOPLES YEP hell yeah. Well then he became a judge when Brandal sued Dante after he slipped at the quick stop right, we'd Lok I mean we tried to get him on the show before to be a judge, I mean what better judge exactly then judge Rynhold, I mean he's in on the joke, so he might well. I don't know if it's a joke, though, like Y, you obviously probably know better than we do, but wasn't his dad like an attorney or something and named him judge. Because of that that was the rumor that I heard like long time ago. I think we should change the judge on your show and just call it. Our rinhold tonnight is and then get itfill a couple of those send those links to hem when you go, Hey, listen, it's kind of funny, but we'd love to have homa shirt. We actually just call our judge of the show Rin hold a little little bait for the mouse there right right actors Ar Hoy all right trevor you're up next. What did you bring for the movies round? Okay, my movie is, from March Fr One thousandninehundred n venty night again, it was directed by one of my favorite filmmakers Albert Brooks starring him and bully haggard. Actually, this time. No, it was him and Charles Growden. Actually it be. It is a satire of reality TV. Before reality, TV became a thing. What's that the real set, the No DAMNAC key, let me to my Sart. Okay, no he's tring O help. I'm teasing it's about this producer. Who decides he wants to show what a real family is like, so he decides to put the cameras in a real family household and things just kind of go shitty and it stars, and I keep forgetting her name, because I only referred to her as Lorain's mom from back to the future. I'm sorry, that's that's how I know her lorain's mom from back to the future and as Keith halfway new it. It is real life from in one thousand nine hundred and sevty nine. Thank you. Yes, I always have way. No, it yes mark hates Charles growd. By the way I love, I love Charles Grov. We just toon, we just Sawone, Oh God, we watch Charles Brodenon. He had a few lines. They're like we so hered an next murderer, yeah, that's exactly it and the COP is trying to could I want to come and do your car and you go no, no see M on Lrmbvoulyeah Yeah Ononletterman yeah is priceless and I really I don't. I can't tell fit's a bit or, if he's honestly can take Notaro and be that present. That's the genius of Growdenye Yep and Bob Ballaban, like that too. It's hard to do that. You got to give props Sothis, so this and then anything that Albert Brooks does is, of course great yea. I'm actually excited because defending your life is getting a criteriun release, one of his best movies. In my opinion, yes, yes, all right guys. So for my movies pick, you know we'll go over to the news and observer out of Raley North Carolina March six, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight four, the big Labowski full review on page nine, the newest Coen brothers, film, Jeff Bridges plays an one Thousa innded s throwback and an avid bowler named Jeff Labowsky, also known as the dude, who gets mistaken for a different Jefflebowsky and becomes involved with the kidnapping. Double crosses pornography in a gang of German Niilis. So then, we'll flip over to page nine, where excerpts from the article say: Likeabolt, loopy, Labowsky, more colorful than a bag of jelly beans and as exhilarating as a roller coasterride. The new Coen brothers movie is a ZIPPI glorious blast. The Post, Marten riffs main weakness, though, is that that it really isn't about anything other than itself. But you know who cares? The Dude is the laziest man in all of Los Angeles, the scruffy hair, Gotea, dark sunglasses and subbarthrift store closed. Here's a proud unemployed, loser who drives a beat up old Ford, modele tea, so his days are spent smoking joint, Sucking Down White Russians which he calls Caucasians listening to CCR and hanging out of the bowling alley with his buds, Walter and Donny. The article goes on to say the big Labowsky fizzles a bit and its final third, as the Coen straind to invent looper and loopier plot twist. Upon reflection, it's obvious that the plot twist don't really hold up to scrutiny and the film doesn't resonate beyond the theater, but it is nearly impossible to convey the unadulterated fund to be had watching this film. I think het gets wrong in the article wher. He says that the movie that it's it doesn't resonate past the movie theater because, as we all know, the big Labowski did not make a lot of money in the movie theater, but as we talke about on the show all the time it got its notoriety in the aftermarket on cable and on VHS rental. So I think that was its legacy. So that's my pick for the movies round. The all time classic it is ranked is one of the top two hundred greatest movies of all time. It's the big Labowski and yeah wethat's. Just that's just like all right. So let's throw this one down to Keith Kugen for the ruling on the movies round: Wow, okay, so there's a philofile, I would have said Labowski. So many genius things in there, Philip Semore Hossban, seen yeah he's a great man. Look at all these things. It's like introducing John Houston in Chinatown. It's genius course. I watch the BASBE ket with times, but it's taken me countless times to get parts of it. I feel like something should be accessible pretty quickly or generally, and it dis it mashes itself, because it's such it's almost like cut sacoproxy, which I ficking glove, and I wish that unsicroproxy was better but there's so many great things in all of the CON brothers movies and I've lied about seeing Blud simple, because I've seen parts of it or maybe in fate- I don't know, but I say that I have to be that SNOB. It's like, of course, I've seen blood, synfol myous, but so about to be o hors's genius. What was th the first one jodge Ringwoll, that was vice versa or like fathers vice verson, vice versa, YEP vice versa and, like father like sad, were based on the same pitch that went around the studios and then one option that let it go reroate it. You know what I mean. I feel like that or studio looked over and said, they're doing a body swap movie yeah, okay, we're going to do it. BLODYS POBBL, like you said it was pretty trending, so I feel it's like an ai ran out feel the dreams kind of a situation real life. Now that is that's a fine, I think, and it is I've seen it and I stared still up coming to America. You know, I think, holds up as a better film for him and I can't vice versa. This I guy a the moment I'm coming back to Labowski, because in terms of films, if you hood all three up just at the time yeah it's Goinna go till Abowsky. Unfortunately, I have to I'm sorry, I I my way out of it. I tried to Gego Bou these to Obviousi iogreat film. The only thing is yes. The CON brothers could work better at being more accessible, O general audiences ow I was, I did see. Fargo in a very republican city was in Orange County and the theater was like a third full and I was front realming at the time and was the only person laughing at Fargo in the theater, and I was laughing at the Porg leakest darkest moments. I was just like this great, you know Oh yeah aped and like stumbling over Shit, it the thing onher head and I'm just yeah. No. This is all I could see this S. Gonna go so bad. Ias like when I laugh during titanic, so yeahlabase wins. Yeah makes sense. I'm not what other films have started their own religion. Let Me Goon Oh hwir of speed an time. That's a DS, cut, yeah, uyourself, F, thetb on one guy made this movie a d and then shows you how he made the movie as he chose the movie and it's and then has great there's a shot where he goes he's trying to pitch the movie to the producer and the precer goes now. We need budget, we need wide shots and it's a wide shot. We need over the shoulders close up, tet it it up and it does it while he's doing it and it's very, very smart, but he obviously wouldn't sell out to Hollywood, so it remain kind of unseen. I Love E. I remember vaguely the theme Song Itwiwrse, but he did it recorded it Al. That was like im theory that there's AE thing I's a bad movie because they're so hard to make. So I can't you know, there's UN watchable movies, but there's not. I wouldn't call them bad. They all serve their own kind of purpose. I would agree with that, like even the room is fantastic, nabout, fantastic, but well, there's things you got to take away from it. I mean it's comedic genius, even though wasn't supposed to be you just whatever you pull from it. I think there's a long history of people that weren't in on the joke, until after the fact and then werecalled on it, and then they tried to say, Oh no, I knew- and maybe this is his whole story. It's like he's not that young, as he says, he's not from the country. He says he's such a joke, but yet he take as Hos take them seriously. So there's so many layers there and, of course this. The disaster artist was amazing that Wasa AFOR, I watched it. I'Onthelikea Commiteein the academy stuff for to like I get screenerse and stuff to watch so vote and stuff in these awards, and I wanted to watch the room before I watched the escape the disaster artist and I did I found a copy or whatever, and I couldn't i Idi Tri and ID heard so many of the sene s I I'll sted search the football, an Suxedos, no I'll bee, O highmark I'll spee search to this and it jat could't not, and it was it, was poorly made and and then I couldn't understand how he spent this much money on it that and then he shot on digital in a film so yeah the room is the Romi did watch some of the room, see my wifeauld out. Oh, we got a fat checker. It is compulsively watchable the room. The Room is watchable. If you're on Kedamene, I think or if ye smoke a lot all right, dolers well we're all tied up in this game. At one point in piece heading into our first two point round and I have controlled the board gentlemen- We're going to go over to the hot products round, so for my hut product, you actually had to be part of an exclusive club that all es kids wanted to be part of the Burger King Kids Club. So during the first week of March, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight and its a full page, color magazine Ad Hyping, the arrival of these toys red right now, our kids club meal comes with extra pickles and now you can collect all five rug rats: toys inside each cood's club meal. So this week the featured toy was tandem, tricon, Phil and Lile, which features filnd live on a tandem bicycle. The description reads: pull back the tricycle and release the twins; legs petal in the bikes speeds forward and wobbles. Now each toy came wit, the twelve page miniature version of the nickelodeon magazine, which features the Toys instructions, a word search games, some puzzles and as well as a coupon for oral B, Rug, rats, toothpace and, of course, the tooth brush. You also got some entry blanks to subscribe to rugracks Comic Adventures in Nickelodeon magazine and, of course, the aphormentioned exclusive burger kings. Kids Club. You also got issue number two of the Burger King Kids Club Adventures magazine, so this promotion had had one of those cool Burger King Kids, commercials which I'm going to post up on our facebook. So everyone can take a look at but yeah rug, rats, toys, Cominto, a Burger King near You well ind March, O one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. That is, I heard a lot of Innuendo in there by the you just canceled rug rats as well yeah when you said, there's a club, everybody wanted to be a partrone thousand nine hundred and inty eight. I was jokidly going to say what the Burger King Gits club and then you said, I'm like Oh shit. You stole my all right, so yeah Phillin will riding a tricicle burger king kids club meal can't go wrong with that. So that's what I got for the hot products round, drever gumble over to you all right. My hot product is actually the number one selling hot single of the week uending March Thire, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine. It actually is the single that was Reie. One thousand nine hundred nd vefty eight, but became the hottest settling single of, like I said the week, ending March thine thousand nine hundred and eventy nine. It is a question I ask far too many women far too many times and Haf. You know gotten slapped in the face as many times it is Rod. Stewards do you think I'm sexy, so it reached the number one stayed there for about four weeks. That is my pick for the hot product. Is the I'm assuming a forty five, because I don't think casingles existed back then of Ros Tewarts D. I think I'm sexy and do you guys think I'm sexy? No, no okay, jusjust Makit sure I won't slap. You though Aythank you. We won't cancel you this time. This town, this time appreciate the honesty very sexy. All right. Man Crush over to you for the hot products round, all right. So, let's go march for one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight- and you know honestly, I haven't had the chance to select a seventy nine. Ninety five vhs tape in a while, which happens to be hundred and seventy sevendollars in two thousand and twenty one fucking bargain but whateer I ran across this Ad. I had a jump on it. This particular flick an never actually got a national reliech release, rather, which is criminal, because when you look at the names of the people that are behind it, yet Joe Dante, John Land is called gotle. Robert Wis, the cast tons of people are Senti Hal, Phil Hartman, Michelle Fihtfer, Joe Pantaliano Sibil danning bb King Rasan, Ar Cett Steve Gouttenberg Henry Silva Roop, Taylor, Donald Gibb, AD Bagley Junior. I mean carry Fisher David Allenger, so many people in this Marr, Oh and you can't leave out Joey Chavolta. Also in this, you can't leave that you had me at Rib Taylor, but this Mobe Stat, you have me a gorge Ravolta yeah figured that was. I had a fol that one out there, but like there's so many people in this movie in the title sequence, when you're watching it doesn't even have the stars names. It just says lots of actors. So you know it's goingto mater right there, but this movie, if it's probably in your wheelhouse, if you like, usas up all night, the Kentucky Fried Movie, you like Penhouse pets with full Bush, attendint comedic roast for dead people, movie, pirating or Cina Hall, Bullshit to Bunking Don Nol, Sol Simmons, accurate predictions of dating in two thousand and twenty one full front ill, Ed, Bageley, Junor, misplaced, newborns anything that would be offensive today, renting smut from the video store, the lockness monster, teens, buying condoms, New York, intellectuals, exploding, vcrs and the hair club for men. If you like all that, then you have to go out ket yourself, a copy of Amazon Women on the Moon, which actually it was just rereleased by Kino Lorber, just I think, back in November and with extras the behind the scenes and the John Landis documentary like everything's in there eighteen dollars. Eighteen bucks. Now you can go buy that to go pick that up and interesting. It was actually supposed to be called the Kentucky Fried Sequel, but they couldn't get the name. So that's, of course why they went with Amazon Women on the Moon, highly recommend it if you've never seen it fantastic movie, all right. Let's toss it down to our guest judge. Keith Kugin see what he has to say about the hut products round wow. So this was a e Star with Ma Wemen, the moon. This was a bahs release yeah, so they so they didn't get. It had a very small release in September. I think the September seventeenth of eighty seven they had like just New York City, probably La, and that was it so it never came out so d. Then they released it on VHS March, Fr one thousand nine hundred and eigty eight for eighty bucks. Okay, that's yeah! That's right! Ike! My first actual job outside of working on TV at stuff was video store in eighty eight. I think so. We probably had a copy on our show that what, if they'd advertise that as cu tec, afried movie or what was the one intele, that Oh, the the boob tube or the Ou yeah something or to Ye otothe Boo to as great then I think I would have been into it when it came out the theaters. But they only focus on that that last bit and was I woman on the Mooand I felt like it was site by and I did go see it so if they'd advertised it as the kind of episodic and like much different directors going to do a bunch of shorts. It's no movie. Thirty nine, but I don't know th like there's different people, there's people that, like Kentucky Fried movie and there's people that, like Amazon Women on the moon, it's it's two different types of comedy. I mean it's a same, but it's different. At the same time, it's hard to explain but whe you were talking about right there. This movie was actually fil Ne Thosand, nine hundred and eighty five, mostly in eighty five, and I think it had something to do with the whole twilight zone trial. Remember the whole Accidentah an everything, so I think that's why it was delayed for an extended period time. I don't have the Blue Ray release. I wish I did so. I got to listen to John Landis. This whole document, or you know, interview about the whole thing, but I wish I didn't if anybody did. Let me know why it took so long to come out, but it's great. I watche it the other night fucking hilarious so and then we've got single, which probably was on forty five, that so yeah late S, absolutely people would be buying singles, and that was I felt a little on the music and but also Amazon. You know woment on the moon is on the on the movie andhe to, but you know we did start buying more media as products as became available for hom. I don't think anybody was buying that I'm sure they went rented in Wasout woven on the move for the single, though obviously people ere buying US e number one out there, and that was when they had hard numbers on that stuff. not this crazy. Let's count youtube views, that's reliable! You Got Ta Hate Penny today, that's crazy. They started doing that and then we got bk kids. I remember W T early, my earlys BKA kids. I don't know how when they started, but I didn't appreciate that they were very inclusive and that they were multicultural and that they even had a handicapp kid with wheelchair you'd be doing the little. You know, connectthe DOTS and then have to get in a wheelchair. I thought that that was. I was awesome that was very inclusive and I want to go towards Amazon Women on the Moon, because that is so weird and unique and did have a really good. I thought it did 't. It was since I lived in La you know to me it was just in theaters. I didn't know it had a limited release. That's interesting! I yeah made like half a million bucks in the box ofice Oh houch, yeah houch. I think at that time is when we started to have the phrase Directiv video and we started belike, oh you're, not going! Is it in the movies? True and that's I've read that he talks about that in the Blue Ray and I keep pushing it we're not sponsored by BIKINA Lorber. But if you go and buy it, please let me know what he said because I honestly don't know what was said on there. Thin Uy had heard that the movie was shot into chunks with the higher budget of special effects being more money that had come in or something like that or aeilability of somebody that they couldn't shoot that until later, I remember reading something about that. It's funny, though, man like, if there's some that don't hit, but there's more, that do hit than don't hit, because I think there's twenty one clips in it. Ot No aly expose o our senior hall for people to Yep for sure for sure so yeah I woin have to go with amason woman in the Moon, Swe. A hundred and seventy sevendollar feachest all right man crush you jump out to a lead heading into our final round, the television round, all right, I'm going to do something, it hasn't been done in a while, and I'm goingto defer, I'm going to give it a trevor treever you get to start the TV round. Okay, my TV is e television special that premiered March forth, one thousand nine hundred and sevty nine. This is a special celebrating two hundred episodes of probably one of the greatest sitcoms, if not the greatest itcom of all time, a Sitcom, so legendary one of its props is in the Smithsonian in Washington DC I mean not. Many shows can have that distinction. It's a celebration of two hundred episodes of all in the family. It's actually a clip show celebrating you know two hundred episodes of Edith, Archi, meathead and Gloria that broke a lot of grounds. Had that show it. That was a lot of a lot of issues. Racism, pobia classes, sex is eivh, was raped in an episode O, Oh no, it was no. She wasn't actually rain. Oh, she wasn' no Ashe was just it was like a tenlmost. ATTEMTIV was tempetry. They had a Dra queen neighbor, which was kind of big. For that time. Yeah they had the first toilet flush on network television, which is huge. It was huge, that's WHA. They had to flush it yeah again, Archie takes huge shits, I gotta go eat it er all right guys. So for my television pick we're actually going to go over to the hometown of our very own Trevor Gumble. So I'm going to toss your salad and scramble your eggs wel. No. I said that wrong. Give me your toss, salads and your scrambled eggs, because we got an episode of phraser to talk about titled Room Service, Originally Aired March, third, Ne Thousand Nine thundred and ninety eight. In this episode, which won an Emmi foroutstanding editing for the series, we see the return of Lilit as we find out. Her husband has left her for another man. Frasier is once again infactuated with Lilif at the mere side of her, but that all ends after a night of heavy drinking when Lilith sleeps, with a recently divorced Niles Freezer finds out, as he goes to Livthis Room in the morning, to give himself the litle of yet once again and try to win her back where he then encounters his brother hiding in the bathroom. Oddly enough, this doesn't even cause a rift between the two brothers because everybody kind of got something out of the deal. Lili and Niles finally got over their recent breakups in Fraser. Well, now that she's fucked his brother he's kind of Overo for now or is he because we once again we'll see the return of Kelsey Grammar on television as he continues to play the role of Fraser Crane extending the over twenty year run of the iconic character? So that's what I got from my television pick, an episode of Fraser called Room Service March. Third, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight t all right. Man Crash. Why don't you wrap us up with your television selection? All Right? So, let's go eleven years after travers pick, let's go to March. Fourth, O one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight and last week I had a midseason replacement that turned into an absolute dynamo for ABC this week. I got another midseason replacement, and this is a prime example of why we call these episodes the weak experience, and you could take that anyway. You want look. I love me some Sam Jones, I'm a huge fan of flashgordon man. This one is just puzzling to say the least. I track down the first three episodes of thes short live series, and it's probably one of the oddest series I've ever seen, which for some, maybe it's worth watching, because it's od- I don't know so. If you do decide to track this, one down make sure you grab a couple beers for the ride. I'm not going to be coy with this one, because I doubt many of you have actually seen this series on March. Fourth, NITD NBC gives us the gift that keeps on giving at least for the next two months, because it was canceled in May, but you get the highway man and, as I mentioned before, this series, its stars Sam Jones, as highway man and the confusion starts when you learn that his name on the show is highway. Man, his actual name on the show is highway. Man and his friends call him highway for short, thank God, but Higwayman. He happens to be some kind of like secret law enforcement agent, some sort of top secret government agency that has the power to write the wrongs were ordinary laws, do not reach, and the odd thing here he like, I said, he's in a top secret agency, but he drives around in an ultra futuristic. Eighteen Wheeler T at looks like a love child between a helicopter, a food truck one thousand nine hundred and seven Mona Carlo seen forty seven in a MAC truck. You know something that would definitely not raise any eyebrows. When people see it and I don't remember seeing an episode where the truck transforms into a helicopter. But I'm sure that was planned at some point, but there's also a second truck and that one it looks like an El Camino Thay gave birth to Peter Built and it got stuck on its way. That's what it looks like there. There had to be like a lot of marijuana smoked in the writers room seriously. These were they were like the Swiss army, knives of trucks, het seeking missiles, sports cars, helicopter radar, glory holes, you name it they had it Butif. You look at the. If you took plot points from Air Wolf Night Rider Mad Max and remember the show Auto Man Yeah, I'm like the Earles, you took the four of those he threw them in a blender and drank it. That drink would be called the highway man. It's like live action, mask doit. I Kin Lik that rip tie. You forgot Wat a little. It is a little yeah little bit oo, I tune car. I could turn into a helicoptercar mothery that that was SRDID. I mention TDAD. I mention that it's also a science fiction show so in the first ten episodes they do their bat they fit in. Every nice they can think of you had like evil corporations. Building Clones Aliens, biker gangs, time travel, black market organ donors, mine like evil spirits- was in it, and if this tag line from the show doesn't draw you in, like I don't know what else to say, this is when you start the show. This is what they say. There is a world just beyond now we're reality runs a razor thin seem between fact and possibility. Were the laws of the present collide with the crimes of to morrow patrolling these vast outlands is a new breed of law, man guarding the fringes of society's frontiers, and they are known simply as highway. Men In this is their story, all right, I'm confused. So his name is highway man, but they're highway men. So is it a family that does all of this now theyre a secret government organization? It Dude? It's like. I was watching it and from the first episode to the third one I was like fuck is going on, and then they didn't release his on Blue Rayor DVD. So I couldn't find like a really good quality copy, so is watching it on Youtube, where somebody had ripped the episodes and theye ripped from a vhs and it's a horrible rib and I'm watching it on the projector screen. So a horrible picture on that huge screen, it's very hard to focus o what I was looking at or pay attention to the story which is kind of all over the place. But I wish I could send you guys. If you can, Google, it don't know if you guys have r your shit in front of you, but just put like highway man truck and just see what it looks like it's the craziest fuck. My description is exactly what it looks like. I just posted the Promo for the for the for the show on the dealing decades site on facebook. So, if anybody's interested in what it looks like you will see how crazy badshit crazy this show is. Yes, can I add to the to the insanity nick yeah go for it. His partner in the show was played by Xfootballer and at the time energizer spokesperson, Yep Shaco, oh Oy. You know that guy and in the Promo they're back to back and and their catch phrase is Sam Jones says we're assault and Jako says, and I think this is intentional and battery. Oh, my God, it's The corniest fucking thing I've ever seen and I'm obsessed with it. I need this show in my life and I need it now and I just they need to bring it back, because this is the most insane thing I've ever seen and I think US need to release it on Blueray or something exactly why jues Tele boothe show becas. It sounds like a show that would do really well to and but bring at, but you know what don't recast it bring back Sam Jones and bring back Jaco because Sam Jones is the man add. What's his face, fom road warrior and Weird Science: Oh Vernon wells yeah, who was lost? Who was also on the show who was a he was a rinhold on the show. It sounds likeawsome. It sounds like they dump a bunch of scripts from other shows that were like unprety. They were like. I don't know. What do we do with all these grims? It sounds crazy. I love it do when I came across. I was like I got Ta Watch this and I was so mad that the quality was so bad on the the youtube rips, but God it it really does need to be released. Somebody needs mill, creek or like one of these companies needs to grab it and Redo this, because people would buy this and just drink themselves into oblivion at their homes and watch it. Sam Jones is such a cult icon. I think that it would move. I really do yep well, we know trevor loves the show man crush, but unfortunately he's not the rinehold Keith Kugin is the rhinehold. So let's hear what he has to say for the television round. Well, I have to go look up the highway man immediately. The Fraser is got probably more enmies than cheers did great show, but I wasn't with huge fan personal, no big, just not my connection with creasure, I'm Gong, all in the face, because I'm voting all in the family, because there are people that to this day, do not know its satire. It's that well written. It's so well done and Caro O conor uniquely demonstrates how great of a you know, comedian and dramatist. He just goes into character so deeply and frots at them out doing it. I love the reboot. I know people had issues with the reboot, but I loved it. I love the challenge of doing it, live shame on Jamie Fox for completely preplanned. I just didn't look like a spontaneous reaction to it. I'm sorry Jamie, but you know, did a great job, but he didn't neit totally breat when it Brope, but I love ow the family soling, to give it all all right. Trever. You pick up the two points here in the television round that actually ties you with man crash. So we're going to go to the final wild card round. Trever. Why don't you go? First? All right, my wild cart, is actually my backup for the movies round. It is a film released March E on Husand, nine hundred and venty nine, which earned sally field her Oscar for best actress. It is normal, ray wow. Okay can't go wrong with a little sally field, all right, man crash. What do you have for the wild card around begay? All Right, my bat, my backup pick here that I saved it's the release of the Beatles past masters that came out on March, seventh thousand nine hundred dgighty eight. This is their first time ever on compact disk and their first release. I mean, obviously you know they tey weren't, getting together as a band, but it was er first release in one thousand nine hundred and eighty two. So in six years- and you got, this- was a two disk set volume, one and two both of them came out. In the same day, I brought normal ray to a beetles fiht, that's right, all it all comes down to the Beatles versus Sally Field. Let's hear what Keith Cugan Hask to say on this battle wow I was goingto imediately go with the normal Rad, because I was in the pilot of the television series for normarray Ned Bady Ponnie ECDELIA. It was crazy and I had to learn a southern accent. I was very young and I remember one of the lines to practice. It was actually the sisters line of the show bus, Mama, craigs bag in Maine and ijust. Remember I got to work with a legendary dialic coach in Hollywood for that Eastman, but you nuked me with beetles pass faster because I just got. I was late to the game on the CD player and I just got a five CD platter. You know thing and it was like Aro Smith and, of course, Beatles and damn did that sound good on CD. So, although the personal connection to normal ray that would just be too egetistical to pick that Beatles pastmasters, that's I that was great. That was a great release. Oh Man, Yan. That was the weak experience, but yeah hey. I thought the Highwan men would win the entire game, but you know Beatles still. Do T to yeah I've never seen the highwaymen and I gon to check it out. That sounds just incredible. I hope and like that's one of the things we try to bring to people every week, it's try to bring something out that you haven't seen or you haven't seen it a long time. Sie You listen to the show you get away from all the shit. That's going on right now with pandemic everything else, and you can go back and watch ten episodes of this fantastic series than nobody ever saw called the Highwayman Howa yeah it's highway man, but thes part of the highway men. The PROMA will hook you. I guarantee you. The Ho e Proma will hook you. It sounds vaguely connected to the universe of the Russian filmmakers, the Night Watch and day watch. I don't know you guys ever thought. I've never seen that. Do you see how there could be multiple highway men in different universal, different parallel World Rin through and his name? Their name is always going to be Highwayman igt in the Remak, though it's going to be the highway person. The highway people were the highway people, Yeah Whoa, you just canceled yourself Keith. What what do you have going on man since the last time we talked to you have stuff coming out or what's going on right now sure we got had done a fuorentine bunch, the former child stars that have their beating on the series. That's on Youtube and T. I filmed wrong reasons which is kind of a thriller comedy shot here in La Under tovid. That was interesting and then I'm off to Jersey to work on a series in a little bit so yeah trying to keep busy and just audition for something. Today, O I've been ondisioting for a lot of stuff to shoot it right here and send it into the casting director and then pray very cool what'sin. Can you tell us about the series r you that's still secret yeah can't really Tay Yeah. He know you said it's in Jersey, yeah, so is it Kevin Smith Relat? Can you tell me tangent tanget ten Gen Tangentially, ten tengentally? Yes, I can't say it right now. I don't even know what that means. What does that mean connected to? Oh, this is next door to yeah. It works. Three everybody AIT Leandro would be part of the equation. He's leaving a Cliffhangeron US everyone OL go look at yet! No me too well, very interesting, so yeah! Now it's a show and Brian Hallerene in it. So yeah see how the connections are starting to line up yeah so fun with Brian Emen, some autograph conventions and stuff and saw him do marvellous, New Jersey. He did roast for Stanley that was abazing and and then we were in reboot together, and so I look forward to I'm going to start teasing him as much as I tease. Will we when weere shooting twoy soldiers ca, I ac feel like comp off working relationip. It Brian Bringim for full Keeth Googe to people come up to you and say the fishes are done man now that you now that you've made that line as Wuchin Derin. Anybody, because La is so locked down, yeah ihat the gas station and that's about it, Gordask Guy. So but I did put the autograph on my site. It's a Nice J, Sol Bob Reboot with lost of room to get the rest of the cast members to and that's on, salet Keith, coogen, onlinecom and I'll write out, fishes or done man for fans. For that that's awesome. I got Ta pick that I flipped in my march right there. No, I like that. You have to that's why we bring you guys on you could plug whatever you want. If you wanted to plug it every single round, you could have put people way to the end. Don At autograph shows we were putting out boxes of sweetesh fish to sign and Iway we'd love to get Brian back on. Here it's been years yeah. We we hung out with him. We were in Rhode, island. We went out with him one night we hung out. We drank at the the afterparty for like hours got, he led us into the the VIP section of the Rhode, island, COIC and people ere like who the fuckare you guys, I don't know, but it was fun. That's a that is a huge huge convention. I didn't even make it to the other like across the bridge or anything we were in the second hall and that was hug shows a lot of traffic aftist. That was one of the last conventions yeah. You can't make it across that bridge anyway. No, even if you try it takes like an hour to get across that bridge, because I 's so many damn people which is crazy, because what are they going to do when we go back because literally you're nut to butt walking over that Bidge to go from one building the other one? So I don't know what the fuck they're going to do. Do you guys do you have anything planned coming up like? Are they starting to book you guys again to go back to these cons or not yet yeah we've got the Hollywood show in La is trying to figure out a whaye to they can move forward. They just kind of keep pushing as La County is adjusting the rules and then the New Jersey, comic, Cono or convention, and I feel festival yep, that's coming up an September whet. They have to push to accordingly. So everything's just kind of being postponed where we can so and a screening in Pencil and Philadelphia, driving adventures and babysitting way is that going to be at Mahaning Yeah Dude, fucking Mahaning is the shit? Have you ever been there before? No, I have not oh you're iaing for a trea dude. It's like a complete throwback yeah. It's one giant screen in the middle of like cornfields, and it sells out they're paying me in in Cheesestak sandwiches, so nice make sure to get the dino shape. Chicken Nuggets, theyre, frantastic Yso, a couple of things lined up yeah and it'll be wait. When is that onee going to be in Mahunting? Do you have a date for that? I think they just secured the print. So I don't. I don't remember I'm so sorry, so it's te they have an actual print. It's not like a yeah. That's thirty! Five million me e thirty fiveand. It's wee La draft house, restin peace. We had I dored with that print from Texas and we had it in the back of an SUV, the CANSA fat. It's Nice, it's Nice! It's a nice beautiful print. It's not all shoot up, we've seen some bad ones over the years, but you'll love it. When you go to Mahating. Do let me know when you go to Mahat it's like two hours from us, but we go probably at least once a year. We try to go matter of Factur t last time I was there, I'm going to I'm going to drop this for anybody. That was there when this happened after I went to a wrestling show that was, there was a wrestling show. There was a rotdy Piper movie and I was trying to sleep in my truck as we were getting ready to leave, and I was there with my wife and my daughter and my I had the doors mmy daughter, locked the doors and the car was shut off and for some reason on a Honta Ridge line. If you try to open the door when they're locked, your alarm goes off so at like one o'clock in the morning, while everybody was sleeping there, the alarm of my truck was going off and I had no idea how to get it off. So I'm driving out of MHANIG Drivin and the the alarm went off while it was driving for like a good fifteen minutes at one o'clock in the morning in the middle of Ma, hunting and the way Mahaning is, is like you said: Man Crush it's in the middle of a field, yeah there's no buildings. So as he's driving away, that's all they heard was the fading sound of Fatthere's people coming out of tents like what e Fuck I'm like. I don't know what to do. I'm just driving away, speaking of which, if there's anything, I'm grateful for about this pandemic. God forbid it's that drivings have become kind of more prevalent and kind of more INYA, and people have realizing how awesome drivings are because when I was a kid in O carbor, I used to go to the Blue Fox, all the daym time. It was one of my favorite drivings to go to, and it was great and N. it's just an experience that it's like no other, and I think it's something that just c we can't afford to lose yeah. You know it's more than just a nostalgia trip. It's just a great experience: alltogether there needs to be more places like Mahaning for sure, with the thirty five millimeter cuts like out in La they core down a lot of drive, drive ins over the years, but there's still enough left condoted around they've been thriving during lockdowns yeah. Also we have such a car culture of clubs and stuff that will come in period. You know S and s cars and are just cherry and really kind of build that kind of dealing. You know, and I love it when they just play trash. I don't want to see something great. I want to see U Ashn te drive in that's matter of fact: That's what we saw. It was body slam, so it was not a great on do that. Billy blanks in it body slim no, it had like who is the SOMOAN Guy? That's in that the other wrestler I forgot when I Hav ever Li. Seen that one- oh, it's not a great movie, but Keath. You have anything else you want to throw out or you want to plug before you get out of here. Oh, no, not I'll, just hop foreveryone's well saying well and I don't know O verone's, working or not or whatever, but just hope everyone's doing good. Well, thanks again, Keith for coming in and being in the rine hold on this episode. Manyou guys are very fun. Thanks for pulling up memory files that I haven't pulled in a long time. I love that that Tisoa was alive for all of this stuff, because I'm fifty one so ihave vivid memories of that stuff in the SS you're talking about and clearly I remember, the S, s are a little fuzzy but dude thanks ogen for coming on Brigh. That was a lot of fun. Thank thanks, elactay pleasure, to meet you man, Good Luck on filming IN JERSEY! Thank you. You said that very homious was good. Luck, take care. Man, please stay in touch and if, if you do go out there, let us know rockinroll right, we'll do all right later, dude ye all right, doelers! Well, unfortunately, we're going to end this episode right here, but don't worry if you've missed an episode. You can always head back to our website. WWW DT dueling decadescom, where you can subscribe to the show on Itune spotify, stitcher, really everywhere, podcasts were available and, while you're on those interwebs go on over to facebookcom forward dueling decades, where you can join our private group over there, you can share some of your very own rentro memories, SOM until next time, dewelers were going to bid you an piece love. Lighten O joy have a grateful week. Everyone ocast New York, a your, be heard