Dueling Decades
May 26, 2021

Less Than Jake frontman Chris DeMakes his decision on who had the best week in May 1978, 1988 or 1998!

Welcome back everyone for another retro battle of epic proportions! This week we are joined by one of the coolest guys in the music business, Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake! Having gotten to see Less Than Jake in concert several times, this was an absolute treat. Finally, a musician tells us a story from the road that he's never divulged before; and that's just the tip of the iceberg for this episode! Strap on your seatbelts, it's another week experience! Let's take a look at our contestants, and the eras they will be fighting for! First up, Mike Ranger throws on his Mr. Kotter afro and goes way back to late May 1978. Smack dab in the middle, Mancrush sports his best Chris DeMakes' mullet, with a heavy helping of late May 1988. And rounding out the competition this week, Marc James got his tips frosted and his butterfly clips, and heads back to late May 1998!

With all of the stuff Chris has going on these days, it's a shock he had time to swing the gavel. Chris DeMakes a podcast, Chris DeMakes a book, Chris DeMakes a solo project, Chris DeMakes a tour, and Chris DeMakes us all howl on this episode! Check out all of the stuff Chris has coming out! But in the meantime, you may hear something in this episode about our brand new death metal band with Chris DeMakes, Mancrush's childhood memories, a TV show that almost has the initials HPV, naughty nurses, nursery rhymes for the hearing impaired, Marc goes dark, the 70s version of Hanson, a solo effort DeMakes hates, not C. Thomas Howell, Mandy gets dissed, dudes with anger issues, Mancrush goes to the movies with mommy, Chris Farley's forgotten gem, coed naked grand theft auto, David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar, strippin' for a whippin', I'm fat but you're ugly, the heroic Terenzi brothers, bootleg bears, blasts from the past, punk rock, and sorry our live stream died abruptly! All this week and more!


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this is podcast new york what's up dueling decades this is wax peace to all you guys and uh thanks for having me on the show will it be the 90s or the 80s beanie babies or crack babies will it be nirvana or madonna maybe britney maybe whitney do you like new metal a new wave dave grohl or super dave i don't know but now the battle begins dueling decades let's see who wins broadcasting live from the podcast new york studios it's another all new dueling decades the adult only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy because it's your history we just fight for it i am mark james and this week we have for another week experience battle where all of our competitors picks must fall within one calendar week i will be representing may 24th through the 30th of 1998 now let's meet the other duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off going back to the 80s he's a man who will never go whack on an old school track say hello to man crush what's up everybody that's right i have may 22nd through the 28th of 1988 and thank you to everybody who hung in there we apologize for any blips this is only our fourth live we don't know what we're doing also joining us on the panel and taking a magic carpet ride to the 70s it's the incomparable mike ranger hello everyone and be prepared to slap on your leisure suit as i cover may 21st through 27th of 1978 and as always here on the show we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness so this week's guest judge is an author who also happens to be the founding member front man and guitarist from the band less than jake and now you can check out his new solo single never surrender all rise for judge chris the makes hello that was an amazing intro he really talked me up ladies and gentlemen the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules the judge's coin flip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories movies television music news and hud products a judge's ruling will determine who wins each round allowing the victor to choose the next available category the first three rounds are worth one point each with rounds four and five worth two points apiece and in the event that we go to a tie after all five rounds we will go to a final wild card round remember duelers to review the show listen subscribe and play along at home it's time for more dueling decades all right let's throw it right down to our guest judge for this episode krista makes for the coin toss which will be between mike ranger and man crush this week all right so he's calling heads he's calling tails how are we doing this just gonna flip mike ranger why don't you call it this week i think i'm going to go heads i'm going to go ahead here we go

it is heads what did you flip there i flipped a less than jake uh weed grinder yeah i didn't have a coin in my pocket but this was in in my studio now he's got keith all over his desk all right mike ranger you won the coin toss you take control the board and you get to select our first category well once again i never expect to win and i'm never prepared for it but uh i think we're gonna go with tv

all right gentlemen what i have here is something so so 70s more 70s than abba leif garrett and charo combined i found an article in the daily news from may 26 1978 titled osmond's dish up pizzazz the original osmond brothers a foursome who preceded donnie and marie returned to television that night in the osmond brothers special featuring guests like bob hope the dallas cowgirls and comedian jimmy walker the osmond brothers special has lots of pizzazz the flavor is youth well scrubbed clean living but still enjoying life to the fullest tune in tonight at 8pm on abc to see alan wayne marilyn jay in the osmond brothers special

that's a night of tv smoking yeah lots of cigarettes yeah you know a lot of red meat a lot of cigarettes

before all right man crush what did you bring for the television round all right so let's go to may 22nd of 1988. this one it's pretty cool for me because it's not often but occasionally you get a tv selection that you actually remember watching and i grew up a huge fan of this as a little kid and out of all the remembering memories that i still remember when i lived at our house in the bronx i moved when i was like four i still remember watching this show in our living room it's insane the only three memories that i have from that house are watching this show on our white television in the living room dropping a tonka truck on my toes in the kitchen and watching my cousin cry like a baby when they cut down a tree in the backyard so this this is really special for me right here uh the original series that i'm talking about it actually ended in 1982 so this is the first time i've been back on the boob tube in six years everyone was excited to see this thing originally this show was broadcast on cbs but this time around nbc got the honor of airing this bad boy uh this nbc sunday night movie pulled in mega ratings it was a 20.2 and it had a 17.9 million homes tuning in to watch this so absolutely smashing everything on television in 1988 not only was everybody excited to see bill bixby and lou ferrigno back in their original roles as david banner and the hulk but everyone was fired up to see the debut of thor sharing the screen with the hulk for the first time ever you know and like this doesn't seem like a big deal in 2021 where marvel's just putting out massive juggernauts one after the other but in 1988 these were like lean marvel years the studio writes they were owned by new world pictures so obviously it's like it's a bit goofy to watch now but in 1988 this was the [ __ ] to watch this on television uh this thor debut was actually supposed to catapult him into his own tv series unfortunately that never came to fruition uh and as fun as the incredible hulk returns was it's a i watched it the other night it's a [ __ ] downer man like banner he's just ready to start a new life and get married cure himself from turning into the hulk and then there's like all these series of events and there's bad guys and all this [ __ ] and he has to destroy this gamma tran spoiler he uh he has to destroy this gamma transponder that he made to cure himself and then he has to leave his fiance at the end so it's like such a downer for being one of like the cooler characters in the whole marvel universe hulk really has like this depressing existence and if you go back and watch the old stuff it's not like the new stuff it is really a downer but this is the premiere of the incredible hulk returns may 22nd 1988.

all right guys so my television selection is the final episode of a series that was a spin-off of home improvement now despite ranking 29th in the studio 29th in the rankings its second and final season it unfortunately came to an end on may 26 1998 after two seasons and only 25 episodes i give you the end of soul man no not the c thomas howell joint soul man it was a gentle comedy about a life-long hard-working leather jacket-wearing motorcycle ryden widowed episcopalian minister played by dan hackroyd he was raising four kids out in detroit michigan and you know hilarity ensues when this bad boy minister now has to be a role model to four out of control children while dealing with the crazy antics of his equally out of control parish members the theme song for soul man was of course soul man written by isaac hayes and david porter it won some awards and has a long legacy with dan aykroyd because famously he's saying soul man with his uh been the blues brothers so how does this all tie into home improvement dan aykroyd was actually on an episode of home improvement when uh al was hired to put in a new stand for the holy water basin it was in a season seven episode entitled losing my religion that doesn't go so well when tim gets involved and the basin falls through the floor so but in the final episode of soul man mike's romantic date with christine is interrupted when an all-female care and share group drops by to confront him about his betrayal so of course we are ending on some sort of conflict resolution the way all good christian shows should you know it's the final episode of soul man with dan aykroyd i'm pretty sure you didn't you've never seen it because apparently not many people have how many episodes that last 25 man i've never even heard of that not many people have so let's throw it down to our guest judge for this episode christa makes for his ruling on the television round all right so you know for me this is a toss-up between the 70s and the 80s uh which i lived through both of those um so and i'm gonna have to go i'm gonna have to go go with the 80s here were you a big hulk fan yeah and i'll tell you why um i did watch the original uh donnie marie and the osmonds show back in the day yes i'm old enough to rem actually remember that airing but uh you know i went yeah i was a big hulk fan i can't think of anybody else maybe borrowing a mma mma fighter and a boxer they got their ass kicked every week bill bixby just got his ass handed to him every week you know and i remember i remember that thor episode it was terrible like you said he was supposed to have his own spin-off and next thing you know he was cleaning the toilets in nbc and this never happened so i gotta go that dude had a long career like i looked it up after this he was uh my daughter is 15 now and she watched a show called good luck charlie that was on i think it was a nickelodeon and he was the dad for like four seasons this dude had like a long resume and i was like and he's he had no hair like as he got older so you couldn't even identify if that was him or not but yeah it's uh it's fun and i never i never heard of the tv show soul man you know uh in all fairness though uh prior to social media and cell phones uh and gadgets i i was trapped in a van during 1998 with my band so uh there's a good reason why i missed those 25 episodes so i'm going with the 80s and that's why you didn't say that you lived through the 90s uh well i i did i'm physically i was present

all right band crush you pick up our very first point you take control the board and get to select our next category where are we going man let's go i'm going to do the same thing i think this happened last week let's go movies in the middle here let's go uh round two movies

all right so let's go may 25th of 1988. i had a hard time choosing this one like do i go with one of my favorite cult classics or do i go with the best stick fighter of 1988 and for game purposes i went with the stick fighter and i'll hold on to the other one perhaps for the wild card round if i need it uh not only does one man dominate the thailand underground stick fighting scene but he has arguably the best feathered mullet of 1988 so how can i pass this one up i own this on dvd so for once i didn't have to go and pay to rent it and it was just as enjoyable last night as it was and my mother went to take well my mother wanted to take me this one when i was 10 years old uh last week i brought you a a cold war hangover movie and this week i bring you something where we're still in the cold war because it's 1988 what else we can have movies about uh at the box office this one it brought in 189 million dollars at the gate that's roughly 427 million dollars in 2021 that one's for you dave schultz so not too shabby there uh the main actor of this one he would walk away with some hardware he would win his third golden raspberry award in a five-year span he actually had the opportunity to win in 86 and 87 but he lost out to prince and bill cosby but if you weren't aware the golden raspberry award is the highest individual honor that you can get from the razzie awards uh for worst actor and this dude he must have been like banging someone's sister at the razzies because none of these are warranted like none of the awards that he got uh how can you give a razzy to a dude that got a 12 million dollar jet as part of his pay for this movie like this had like a 63 million dollar budget and they gave him a 12 million dollar jet on top of what he already got paid so it's pretty remarkable so if you're in the mood for like horseback games involving dead sheep on sanctions stick fighting sausage parties indestructible mullets rippling muscles mujadine fighters gunships exploding arrows stinging one-liners foot long survival blades and the 80s version of lawrence of arabia then go out and get yourself a copy of the sylvester stallone classic rambo three and uh speaking of sweet mullets chris i checked out your new solo track never surrender yes earlier today i totally dig the picture bro a picture was from 1988 oh sweet

bye what a coincidence yeah yeah it really is and i did see rambo three in the theaters nice so did i i was ten my mom like i remember she gave me no fight it was like oh we're gonna go to the movies i want to see rainbow three okay i think she slept which usually happened all right mike ranger what did you bring for the movies round

but mike you don't have to wait up all right well everybody's like what are you doing ah give me a break i'm [ __ ] high um all right so uh in 1968 uh genie c riley released the hit country song harper valley pta the record went on to sell six million copies and made riley the first woman to top both the billboard hot 100 and the us hot country singles with the same song though not exactly at the same time the feat was later repeated in 1981 with the 9-5 with 9-5 by darley partner the song tells the story of miss johnson a harper valley widowed wife whose daughter comes home with a note from the pta scolding her for her unfit ways and miss johnson gives them a piece of her mind ten years later on may 23 1978 the comedic film of the same name was released into six theaters in the midwest the film grossed two million during its opening weekend and over the summer of 1978 was primarily shown in drive-in theaters featuring characters from the hit song the film tells a slightly expanded story i dream of jeannie's own barbara eden stars as stella johnson and according to imdb woody harrelson makes his uncredited film debut tagline for the film was the song was scandalous the movie is hilarious the film has a cult fan base of fans of the original song and in 1981 nbc made harper valley pta into a sitcom that aired for two seasons and 30 episodes and what was nice about this one is i actually had a copy oh he brought props wow all right guys so for my movie selection uh it was released on may 29 1998 it was a movie that made just over six million dollars off a 30 million dollar budget now if we look at the back of the vhs box with this one it reads it was a time of heroes well almost oh they were hardy men in those days men who men who like bartholomew hunt and leslie edwards made sure that when adventure called they got the wrong number chris farley and matthew perry team with director christopher guest to venture into uncharted comedy territory in the frontier fun fest almost heroes where explorers where explorers lewis and clark go harley uh farley and perry follow hoping to overtake the famed expeditioners so i i don't know if you guys have ever seen this movie it's almost heroes this was the absolute final lead role for the late great chris farley now the movie itself yeah it's not so great but hey what are you gonna do filming completed in the fall of 1996 with a release for 1997 however the film was actually delayed a year because of the pending merger between turner and time warner and by the time the film was finally released chris farley had already passed away nearly six months before so it kind of left a sour taste in the mouth of all the fans who wanted to go see the film because the film is such a downer really can't decide if it wants to be tommy boy robin hood men in tights or spinal tap goes west the biggest problem overall for me is the script it just recycles jokes they ripped off jokes from tommy boy and billy madison including a sketch where they even visit a whorehouse full of scarecrow sex dolls so if you're into stuff like that check out almost heroes may 29 1998 it's the final lead role for the late great chris farley i love when you [ __ ] all over your picks i don't have to do it hey i'm just honest with them i actually like that movie i rewatched it again today and i hadn't seen it since 1998 and i know why i hadn't re-watched it yet it's not that bad it's not horrible but when you look at the cast eugene levy chris farley christopher guest directing you know matthew perry there's a lot of comic genius there it just doesn't come together all right so let's throw it down to krista makes for his verdict on the movies round you know uh this is a tough one because you know i'm i'm surprised that stallone didn't get typecast in a sense because he was always kind of the same character whether it was rocky or rambo you know you got the the italian guy with the bravado um i liked his movies though uh did not like rambo three never knew there was a harper valley pt game movie i remember the tv show which was awful um i didn't like it uh and almost heroes i never saw that movie uh but i've heard reviews and you know for an all-star cast i kind of have to agree it probably should have been a better movie because all those actors on their own are amazing but they came together and did the sum of the parts didn't add up to 30 million budget only grossing six million is pretty bad but i got to give the nod to 1998 just for chris farley alone probably uh top three favorite comedians for me the guy just kills me he's he was absolutely hilarious and uh so i'm going for 98. are you a big fan of rhinestone i can't say i was i think that was the one that he got out of that type cast i think he was he had those films with canon during that stretch you know you had over the top over the top yeah why a cobra and then of course then he goes and does this one for corralco he does uh rambo three and he was supposed to do another series after that but i guess they [ __ ] all over the script and then he was kind of like gone for a couple years so i think you're right in a sense and and who could forget um stop mom or i'll shoot was that yeah that's what i'm saying like he had like a bunch of like kind of i mean tango and cash was great that was 89 yeah but they weren't a huge hit so i think you're you're kind of spot on there until like what demolition man mike is that like his next big thing probably cliffhanger or cliffhanger yeah yeah was that 92 some somewhere around there yeah yeah so i can't fault you for that all right guys well i picked up a point tie up this game and i get to select our next category um let's go to the hot products round

so for my hot product we're gonna go over to the indianapolis news may 29th 1998 for an article i read where the headline reads south park video puts its loyal fans in a frenzy those screams you hear this week in your local video store won't be coming from happy parents who found discontinued previously viewed copies of flubber to take home to the kids the rejoicing will come from south park fans when they sprout spot the brightly colored box sets of the new comedy central show's first video release three volumes containing two episodes each rated tvma selling for 14.95 a piece six episodes include the pilot cartman gets an anal probe as well as the volcano an elephant makes love to a pig death weight gain 4 000 and big gay al's big gay boat ride as the creators trey parker and matt stone explain in bonus material fireside chats before each program which one of these episodes were their favorite so it's kind of cool you get some backstage thoughts of the creators early on in this series his life so before long the article goes on it says there's the show becomes strangely addictive and has a quality that those little round heads before long there's a strangely addictive quality to those little round heads and those scratchy voices watching a marathon with no commercial interruption proves to be the show is more than just a schlockathon of sosmore sophomoric humor or at least it makes a little bit more palatable for those who have already clued into south park's appeal the video set will come in handy only for those who are the dopest among them who can't figure out how to program their own vcrs that's how they conclude this article but yeah it's the release of the original south park box set this was very hard to get a hold of it went out of print it's still out of print it wouldn't be until early i think like 2000 or two in the mid-2000s where they finally released them again on dvd but for 14.95 each you get the first six episodes of south park may 29th 1998. it's a hell of a lot cheaper than the 90 vhs tape you bought last week yeah imagine having to buy 89.95 for two episodes i have

all right man crush what did you bring for the hot products round all right so let's go to may 24th in 1988. so before the baby bells merged in 1996 and of course i'm talking about phone companies here every bell had their own little product line and being from new york we got to experience all that 9x had to offer at the time so back in january we talked about uh 976 numbers with scotchiafo remember when he was on he told us how he would get all banged up and then spend like copious amounts of cash talking to like phone sex girls but here's another 9x product that was launched in 199 or 1988 rather and this was still around during my high school years and i'm not sure how much of this i divulged on this show before i know i touched on it when we did poop culture and side note here chris we had an amazing punk intro done by the mongrels back then it's [ __ ] fantastic anyhow back in the day i was allegedly i'm gonna use allegedly for this since i don't know if we're live or not but i was part of this internet group and you can laugh at me if you want but we were the [ __ ] and i won't go too much into the stuff that we did but we had one hell of a prank division in this group and we were inspired at the time of course we had the jerky boys and two bar and the mustacha tapes so we recorded dozens of calls right so one of the bits that we used to do and keep in mind i was in like 9th or 10th grade when we did this so obviously we were total [ __ ] at the time so somebody would set up a conference call and a dozen of us or so we would jump on there then this one dude that was in the group he would use his computer to connect to tdd if you're not familiar with tdd it was uh telecommunications for the deaf and that one dude that i'm talking about he was legally deaf so he would he would like log into this thing and it was this whole console and he could type or whatever the whole thing is pretty simple you'd connect to it with a modem and the operator on the other side she would call whoever you wanted and read verbatim whatever it was you typed in to say so listen the people who worked for tdd they were amazing they would say anything they would never laugh they would never hang up they would never get mad they just did their job we actually had one operator who told us that hardly ever hardly anyone used the service so she didn't care so anyway so now here's my hot product so the service that 9x had at the time it was called group calling all right so for the mere price of 20 cents for the first minute which is 45 cents in 2021 and 10 cents each additional minute which is 23 cents in 2021 you can connect to a like random group of people and talk they call these group calls right so there were literally there were hundreds of these groups you would dial 550 and then each group had four digits associated with it so somewhere along the way someone found a list of hundreds of these groups and one of these groups was called ladies night or something like that i can't remember the the exact name but it was something familiar it was just like that and since this cost money to dial we would have the tdd operator call our conference call and then somebody would three-way the conference or three-way our conference to ladies night whatever that number might be and then everyone was on mute except for the tdd operator another bonus of this too is the operators when she called into the conference she had to say like hi i'm the tdd operator blah blah blah give this whole like disclaimer so nobody ever heard that because she was calling into the conference first right so now think about this the group that we were calling was called ladies night there was never a single female on these calls it was all dudes so the moment they would hear a female these guys would just start freaking the [ __ ] out they would be like hey what's up like just talking like hitting on her so we never had these operators do anything nasty but one night we had this [ __ ] awesome operator so our friend i'm not gonna give his name but he asked her if she could sing in a low voice and he gave her the lyrics to a song and he's like any time a guy speaks to you i want you to sing this song and she was like sure i mean that was her job you know so she she went do your balls hang low do they wobble to and fro can you tie them in and not can you tie them in a bow can you throw them over your shoulder like a continental soldier do your balls hang low i give you group calling by knight x this is what we did but yeah it was a good time oh that's fantastic and i i remember specifically because he asked her to sing it in the low voice and she did she was a [ __ ] trooper

wow where do you sign up for a job like that i don't even know if they have it anymore probably not i don't know we'll have to find out it's probably an app now that'd be a good episode all right mike ranger what did you bring for the hot products round well on may 26 1978 resorts international opened atlantic city's first legal casino with crowds of people lined up lined up all around the boardwalk in an effort to revitalize the city new jersey voters in 1976 approved casino gambling in atlantic city resorts international became the first legal casino in the eastern united states soon after soon other casinos would open in the open on the boardwalk though many critics argue that the gambling did not eliminate many of the city's problems some uh which believe uh it actually made some of the city's issues worse though one of the most popular tourist destinations in the united states has not gained the same popularity as las vegas as a gambling city renoir resorts international hotel opened its doors at 10 a.m on may 26 1978 originally only able to operate for 18 hours on a weekday and 20 hours on the weekend led to massive lines as people waited for hours to get inside so resorts international casino atlantic city that was the first one down there yeah is he isn't that crazy i always i don't know why i assume way before yeah because all the movies we watch yeah yeah pretty much him makes it seem like it was around like during goodfellas yeah

all right let's toss it down to judge christa makes for his ruling on the hutt products round oh you know i i i kind of want to go for atlantic city because less than jake's playing there in a couple weeks we're playing the atlantic city beer festival on june 5th i want to go for it i'm just not a gambler i find casinos just to be i don't know i'd i'd i'd rather attend an open casket funeral than hang on the casino just bums me out but uh you know south park's cool um certainly what a crazy cutting-edge program cartoon that that thing wasn't just pushing the boundaries but i gotta go with 9x and and i'll tell you why um i actually use the service i remember using it with friends uh this was the precursor to group text and zoom phone calls uh poor man zoom um and uh you know those 976 numbers they just so happen to be on all the programs that 15 and 16 year old kids with raging hormones would be watching on saturday night you know saturday night live and all these you know i remember watching head bangers ball and then tv and and that would come on uh you know call 976 whatever and inevitably we'd be at some friend's house and we would uh i remember my one friend eric he uh i think his parents got like a 500 phone bill for us calling 976 numbers so i'm going 9x

yes all right man crush you pick up another point heading into our first two point round you have control the board we have the news round left and the music round where are we going uh let's go music all right so let's go uh may 24th of 1988 and this is pretty crazy because sometimes when you're making these picks you realize things about your own life and i don't want to get all like melodramatic here but thinking back on this one this was like a pretty big deal for me when it comes to music since this is late may of 1988 my sister was graduating high school in a few weeks and she moved out of the house shortly after that but with her being eight years older than me at this point she was basically where i got all of my music from up until this point you know so that was a heavy helping of like pat benatar led zeppelin heart pink floyd this band right here hair bands uh matter of fact i remember her buying this album because i did what i did with most of her albums i dubbed it right onto cassette but honestly this is big because after this i started to develop my own musical taste after she moved uh and i hear a lot of people say like you know they got it from their parents growing up but my dad's foreign and he was listening to [ __ ] like polka and [ __ ] i'm not even kidding like he really was and my mom was listening to like frankie valli and elvis so if that's the case i mean it's no wonder that i'm a little bit like all over the place however i think this is like my sister laid the groundwork but this happens to be the last album that she bestowed upon me right before she moved out because she purchased this and then a couple months later she was gone anyway this is the eighth studio album it's the third album under a new vocalist the album itself would go four times platinum a hit number one on the billboard 200 featured three hit singles so obviously we're talking about a big album here by a big band and i mentioned that part about my sister because i think this like i enjoyed this album and i enjoyed their previous album with the new singer because my sister was playing it right in the room next to me and in spite of all that all these years i believed that i was a sami guy and after this past week i listened to every album top to bottom and i'm definitely a david lee roth guy like no question and it's not to say like i don't enjoy sammy but that's my sister's musical taste not mine i mean like i give you uh van halen's oh you ate one too with this pick and like here's the other funny thing about this one uh depending on what you believe here the album's either named and like sammy supposedly saw ou 812 scribbled on the side of a van or was this retaliation for david lee roth's solo effort eat him and smile i mean it's like things to ponder at night here but anyhow like i give you van halen's oh you 812. and dlr man i've switched after all these years i my sister forced upon me sammy which is not bad it's just i think i prefer the other side yeah ou 812 is a fantastic album though but yeah i i hear you that early dave there's just a live fun energy there that's just so infectious oh for sure alright mike ranger what did you bring for the music round well mark on may 26 1978 david gilmour of pink floyd released his self-titled debut album on columbia and harvest records in the uk it was um in the uk the american release followed in june of the same year the album would reach number 17 in the uk and later number 29 on the us billboard albums album charts a mix of blues guitar songs produced by gilmore recorded between february and march 1978 produced one single titled there's no way out of here the song was considered a flop in the in europe but found a following in the united states the album has an interesting promotion of five five-song promotional film was made as well as gilmore promoting the album with his first ever interviews with north american media the album would peak at number 26 in america and was certified gold gilmore is quoted as saying the album was important to me in terms of self-respect i didn't think my name was enough to carry it david gilmour's first uh solo album and it sounds like a pink floyd album go figure why haven't the foggiest

all right guys so for my musical selection i actually have the soundtrack from a major motion picture uh this one was released may 26 1998 a few weeks ahead of the film which was released on june 12th now the songs on this soundtrack have a close to combined one billion plays on spotify i give you can't hardly wait the music from the major motion picture released may 26 1998 you know the title of the movie itself is a reference to the song can't hardly wait by the replacements which is included on the soundtrack uh the movie and the soundtrack also features the blink 182 song dammit and then while watching the movie blank 182 lead singer mark hoppus was also inspired to write the song going away to college so there's kind of a double tie-in with the music and the movie the soundtrack peaked at number 25 on the billboard hot one on the billboard 200 chart and the kenosha news gave the soundtrack two and a half stars and said that it's only fitting that a movie that wants so desperately to be fast times at redmond high should also have a soundtrack album that aims at a similar generational success it's also fitting that that like the movie it mostly fails although the soundtrack benefits from a few winning tracks such as smash mouths charming cover-up i can't get enough of you baby matthew sweets father down as well as the classic guns and roses paradise city so also on the soundtrack it also has graduate by third eye blind turn it up by busta rhymes we have uh missy elliott in there and parliament with flashlight one of my favorite tracks on the soundtrack and uh it's tricky by run dmc an absolute classic now on a 2019 podcast jennifer love hewitt actually revealed that she is developing can't hardly wait too and she plans on directing that one herself so hopefully that one gets made just so we get another soundtrack other than that it's the music from the can't hardly wait soundtrack may 26 1998. wait mandy was not on that soundtrack it was not you know how upset i would have been if i had bought that and there was no mandy the whole movie centers around that song like what the [ __ ] i know and it hurts about his dog yeah

i want to know what this [ __ ] sequel is supposed to be about i don't what the [ __ ] the sequel she actually said in here that the concept revolves around a reunion of all the original high school gang getting back together so instead of the last day of school party it's gonna be like their 30th reunion or something so it's american pie reunion right it's basically the same movie but with them older melissa joan hart's still trying to get everyone signed the [ __ ] book you know all right well jason siegel's still going to be drunk on the [ __ ] lawn it's going to be the same movie over and over t-shirts sometimes somebody's going to get banged in the bathroom yup weird all right

all right

i'm going over to mike now it's a toss huh toss the judge oh okay

all right let's toss it over to christa makes for the ruling on the music round well you guys at least had a little bit of enthusiasm for part two i can hardly wait for that movie uh not much interest here uh you know i i really love 5150 uh oh you 812 left me a little flat uh and just for the sheer abomination of 1978 the solo david gilmour record i have to i'm going to nominate 78 in this round uh that's one of that's one of the biggest atrocities ever committed to plastic that record and it just goes to show you that a band as big as pink floyd truly uh are some of their parts because uh that record uh was a pretty much a flop and it's just uh not not a good record so uh for that for that alone i'm gonna go with 78. wow all right all right mike you're up on the board and uh that means you have the honors of either going first or deferring for our final two point round the news round

well you know i might as well go i'm like no i'm here ready paige is turned um well uh if you read uh if you read the may 23rd edition of the daily news then you remember seeing berkowitz goes wild in court and the quote i'll kill them all on the front page the article went on to describe how son of sam david berkowitz went quote berserk at his supreme court uh his supreme court sentencing hearing in brooklyn yesterday it was berkowitz's second outburst of the day earlier he had escaped guards and tried to throw himself from the seventh floor window the incident left one officer injured and another hospitalized he also shouted stacy was a [ __ ] in reference to his last victim and repeated i'd kill her again i'd kill her again the 44 caliber killer sentencing was postponed until june 12th and he went under more psychiatric examinations but was found fit to stand trial on june 12th he was sentenced to serve 25 years per per murder in attica attica correctional facility in upstate new york he was eligible for parole after 25 years and has been denied each time wow so a feel-good story can i jump in here real quick uh charlotte the judge gigi doesn't talk right now uh i want to start a death metal band with you three guys uh it's you mentioned in the you mentioned the article that uh uh berkowitz goes berserk so uh the band's gonna be called berserkowicz that's all i got

and that was a feel-good story uh thank you very much mike you're welcome

all right man crush what did you bring for the news round all right i don't have any serial killers let's go uh may 22nd of 1988 and you know what the last several weeks i've been fortunate enough to have some great news stories last week i had the the whole thing with the sega saturn debacle at e3 then two weeks ago i had the x-rated evil dead two story and then three weeks ago i had the mysterious ninja guy that died while parachuting with 79 pounds of cocaine strapped to his back so i feel like if you squint your eyes enough and have a little bit of imagination this story could almost be like those three stories merged together it's like it's a bit grand theft auto it's a little skinemax and it's a lot of drugs it has to be all right so i found this article several times so i'm just going to cherry pick the best headline of those and that one would be another ho-hum california sundae and i'm going to paraphrase the article here it's los angeles the incident began at 6 00 a.m yesterday morning when valerie morales 27 was walking down the street in los angeles minding her own business and taking in the early morning air when she caused quite the commotion it seems that miss morales was entirely nude and two motorists were eyeing her instead of the road when they collided after the collision miss morales decided to lay down in the middle of glendale boulevard and effie street right on the crosswalk when paramedics arrived at the behest of the drivers they took care of miss morales first apparently she had not been harmed during the collision and the paramedics loaded her in the back of the ambulance once they got over to the drivers from the collision miss morales hopped into the driver's seat of the ambulance and sped off from there miss morales drove about a mile before heading north on the southbound lanes of the freeway driving in the wrong direction she crashed head-on into a bread truck slightly injuring the driver before exiting the ambulance and running off naked down the freeway a los angeles sheriff's deputy who happened to be transporting a van full of prisoners captured miss morales on the run valley morales was booked on suspicion i don't know why it says suspicion she [ __ ] was she was booked on suspicion of stealing an ambulance and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol sadly uh i could not find any like follow-up articles to see how this ended uh but this one's like fun to play what if with was she just high as [ __ ] was she on the run from someone does she take nude strolls often did the evil alien from the kylo mclaughlin classic the hidden take over her body like i need to know what happened but i i just i don't there was no other follow-up articles but yeah nude pedestrian she just she went grand theft auto in los angeles so that was pretty awesome what's it gonna take for you guys to find this woman today and have her be the next guest judge i'm serious dude like we had this story back in december remember the guy that uh this dude he had gotten around he was in jail and they put him in a halfway house because he had like i don't know like nine months left of his sentence or whatever it says staying in the halfway house this was like in wisconsin he splits and goes to california and he's not hiding out though he's trying to get actor jobs and he ends up going on do you remember he went on the dating game and like like the [ __ ] uh the gong show or some [ __ ] like that and he got arrested because uh one of the like prison guards saw him on national television and then they went and arrested him and we couldn't find any follow-up stories about that either we put in the show notes like have you seen this man because we were trying to find them and nothing ever happened so like go back to that december episode people and if you know who that guy was and he's still alive have him get in contact with us we'd love to hear that story valerie morales if you're listening we want you on the show so you could tell your side of the story there's such great news i love the news round it's my favorite

all right guys so we'll go to my news story uh yeah this is this is another fun one no this one was in newspapers across the country this particular article comes from the south florida sun sentinel may 28 1998 where the headline reads nurse threat nurse ratched inflicts more pain louise fletcher was charged with pinning a police officer between her car and a cruiser fletcher 63 injured an officer sunday night after he stopped on a road to removed a to remove a deer carcass authorities says she was charged with reckless driving now the officer matthew bennett was hit from behind and suffered injuries to both of his legs now fletcher is best known as nurse ratchet from uh one flew over the cuckoo's nest now what happened was the officer had stopped on the side of the road he was getting a pair of gloves out of his trunk when fletcher who was driving a 1998 buick struck him from behind and pinned him between the two cars bennett had pulled this car off the road but there wasn't a big shoulder on the side of the road so it was still kind of over the line he had he had his uh his lights on he had his the siren wasn't on but the lights are on and then his taillights are blinking as well um now police estimate that fletcher was only driving between 20 and 30 miles an hour in the 40 mile an hour zone when she struck the police officer so yeah i also did some research on this one i really couldn't find anything that happened to uh miss fletcher because of this now i did find an update where it was uh a repost of an article from an imdb post so take it for what you will about a woman who posted saying that she claimed to be the sister of uh the police officer in question here met uh officer bennett and that he went through a lot of injuries with this one had a long two-year rehab back supposedly a lot of physical therapy and she kind of got a slap on the wrist for this one so where did you find an imdb post yeah it was okay someone had taken a snapshot of an imdb post from back when they had the comment boards and had posted it to another board so it's like a third source of a third source so take it for what you will but some of the things she stated backed up some of the facts that i read in newspapers in the newspaper articles so so she went on and like she went to one flew of the cuckoo's nest and that was the comment she left in there yeah yeah she was basically ripping on uh nurse ratchet here so all right but yeah nurse ratchet inflicts more pain that's what i got let's throw it down to our judge krista makes for the ruling on the news round well uh show you how sick i am i thoroughly enjoyed all three of those stories um you know um for a death metal ban berserker wits like i could i could uh okay that probably can't go with 1978 here to get give the points just uh you know i think i murdered someone's family for a death metal band it's fine but i don't know if i can get points to it um i don't even know how that reasoning kind of plays out um but i think here that i really have to go because i really want to meet this woman i'm fascinated with where value morales is today you know if she's still alive because it sounds like she was on a tremendous amount of drugs uh when that was that whole thing was happening uh but if she is out there uh and you guys do find her and i'm gonna actually look for her myself too but uh would you write a song about it absolutely absolutely yeah but it'd have to be present day you know it'd be you know it's kind of do the original story to present day but uh she's if she's alive and she's out there and you guys find her or i find her uh if you guys find her let me know i'd like to know the you know the follow-up so i'm i'm i'm going with 1988 valley morales if we find her we'll have you on the episode and we'll just we'll all sit here and not say anything and just let you speak to her it'll be like really weird yeah just stare at her and she'll be like well why were you nude well it was hot what are your guys's best guess on to what happened me personally i think it was bees oh well you know actually i've been giving this a lot of thought i think what happened was she spent 72 straight hours watching the osmond brothers special oh that'll do it every time if i can chime in for a minute i think i'm i'm trying because i haven't said anything in a while and i'm pretty upset about it um this woman she thought she was doing a thelma and louise into a canyon but it was actually just a ditch and she's still just sitting there leaning into the ditch now everybody watching this video or in the chat watching the live stream down in the comments let us know what you think is responsible for this because there's so many different ways this could go with the have you ever seen the hidden i think it's the hidden it's like it sounds exactly like it it could be if they would have added that she was listening to heavy metal while she was speeding away in the ambulance it's a slam dunk she was what she was what 22 and 88 20 27 27 okay so uh 57 she'd be about 61 now i still naked still naked still watching the osmonds yeah i can't get over berserkowicz the first track has to or either the first track or the name of the album has to be valerie morales

and the front cover the front cover is just an ambulance no explanation oh man i love it sign me up for that [ __ ] wait does that did i win that one should we uh should we throw out our uh our wild cards anyway yeah all right i mean my mine's short so i like i want to throw this one out because it's one of my favorite movies um but i didn't select it because i wanted to win the movies around and obviously chris hated rambo 3 so it didn't work out so let's see what happens with this one right here not that it matters but may 27th 1988 uh this movie right here it's just it's awesome like if you're in the mood for the circus ice cream truck spooky clowns aliens popcorn bazookas laser pistols gelatinous cotton candy cocoons crazy straws fun houses pranksters exploding noses fireworks the terenzi brothers go out and grab yourself a copy of killer clowns from outer space ah wow i was torn i was like damn do i do it or stallone yeah well my pick for the wild card round would have been just as cheery and i'm sure since you liked all the other downer horrible stories chris you might have been into this one may 27 1998 i have murder and suicide of mr phil hartman by his wife oh wow so yeah she had shot him in the head chest and neck and then uh called some friends and locked herself in a bedroom and once the police arrived uh she took her own life so yeah i went dark for the wild card round yeah way to end on a down note mike what was yours hopefully it's not like that well no i went with the movie uh was released on may 26 1978 was uh was a bad news bears rip off called here comes the tigers film had a g rating 87 minute run time estimated budget of 250 000 shot over three weeks the plot of the film is a wild team of misfits think they can make it big i think they can make it big what's a coach to do with a chronic nose picker a flatulent fielder an out of control pitcher a juvenile delinquent and the prettiest girl in the state turn this bunch of losers into a winning team the movie was directed by sean s cunningham director and co-creator of friday the 13th also directed spring break the new kids in deep star 6 as well as wrote and produced a few films of note uh another film that i actually happen to have a copy of

that's a straight ripple that's like not even trying i mean it's really just like we don't care and the quality is about as good as bad news bears go to japan so well i had spring break as uh as a pick in a previous episode and that one's just a blatant rip off of a bunch of other movies too so sadly that one had a murder or missing person attached to it that's right yeah which is pretty crazy there's always like these little tidbits to come at us but chris since you're on here i have to ask you and you have this new book coming out blast from the past and i have a feeling that you might be able to answer this question because for years we've asked many musicians this and we're always met with very vanilla answers and i don't i don't think you'll give us that especially since we're new band mates in berserkowicz uh give us a crazy story from the road from like touring tell us some [ __ ] that happened that people don't know about oh wow

um he's going through the rolodex uh i went to a uh oh fat mike from no effects um in 2009 he had rented out a dominatrix club like i think he spent like probably i don't know 20 grand to rent this place out and uh a bunch of us went there and uh from bam guys a couple guys from some 41 were there um a couple guys from bad religion were there no effects my band and um yeah um like leading towards a pony show like where are we going basically i i didn't realize that uh upon entry that uh you're because it was i guess private i don't know uh that all of our clothes had to be removed so i'm standing at the bar drinking with uh stevo the drummer from slum 41 like com not even not even socks on we're completely naked just drinking like it's [ __ ] normal while people are getting their ass whipped over here and there's like go go japanese go dancers over here so that was one of the strangest [ __ ] nights i've ever had in my life and i've never told anybody that story wait do you remember what you were drinking though um probably something fruity like a mai tai or something i really don't remember how did you tip the bartender

which time it was that was the other thing it was it and this is a strange word to use with this it was all inclusive so there was no tipping there was no exchange of cash mike had paid mike had paid for everything that is [ __ ] what that makes up for everybody's vanilla story that they've covered like totally we've asked other bands where we're like oh this for sure they're going to have like a [ __ ] up story yeah you know and here's a bunch of guys and bands you like i don't know like we're naked like standing there hanging out talking to each other drinking when like yeah there's go dancers and stuff around but there was really no women there was just a bunch of band dudes running this place out and they had like the local staff like it was there was like ladies night on the group chat yeah yeah yeah free my ties for everyone so are the pictures from that gonna be in your book um no luckily there's uh i think the only the only pictures that exist from that are uh from our uh our sax player he has some pictures of himself getting whipped and wax getting poured in his nipples but uh yeah oh it's like christmas at my house can you talk about uh blast from the past a little bit absolutely what's going on with that yeah so uh i i released my first ever book uh this past december of 2020 it's called blast from the past i can go to chris chrisdemaxabook.com um and it's a 18-month book campaign every three months i i release a seven-inch record with two songs on it and some merch items uh limited edition exclusive merchandise items uh the new seven inch is out now with never surrender as you mentioned uh the flip side of that is uh father time that single's getting released uh uh on june 9th so very soon the second single and then uh you know about four months from now another record will drop uh basically the last seven inches is going to come out uh around february of 2022 and that'll be uh five the fifth the fifth one uh times two songs that'll be ten songs and i'm holding two songs over so around may or june of 2022 i'm going to attack the last two one and do a full length album called blast from the past so it was just the idea was to every couple months new items to push the book and uh it's a it's a picture book so basically it's uh over 365 pictures uh from my you know travels with less than jake over the years and and every picture has a story attached to it so sweet that's that's pretty awesome so you you wrote the book too you wrote like the stories that go along with it yeah i i basically i i did it through instagram i woke up uh one morning i i had moved uh not too long prior to this and i was going through photos and i thought you know i took a picture of this or scanned a picture one morning i threw it on instagram with a story about it and i had always wanted to write a book um and about three weeks into this i realized i'm writing my book one story one picture at a time i'm gonna do this for one year straight and i did i on december so it was december 5th of 2018 i wrapped up december 4th of 2019 with the final entry on instagram so then i took all those stories of course i had to then edit the stories because some of them were in in present tense on instagram i had to kind of read you know there was a lot of editing and uh retelling of the stories but pretty much uh my instagram posts then were compiled into a book that's pretty [ __ ] awesome since we're on video right now do you have any of them that are available like any of those pictures you could just like show up and show and like tell us a short story from that uh yeah i can um i can grab one right now let me uh just go grab the book once check out uh chris's cavs when he gets up it's so creepy that you say that

he's been working now

all right so there's me on the front cover i don't know if you can see it but uh her dress is a truck driver so basically i used to take the stage dressed in crazy outfits like i'd be richard simmons like and uh all the stories are in there of why i did that it was just basically out of boredom uh there i am right there

dude i dig this from one stash to another i like it yeah you know i just i i would dress in these crazy characters and um but there's a little bit of everything in here uh just uh there's this guy there's another one of my characters

and i would take the stage like that and so there's stories um and that story right there with with that guy i just showed you it says uh somewhere on tour on planet earth sometime between 1998 and 2002 seth baumeister was one of my go-to characters one i could always count on in a pinch a true rock and roll rebel from the heartland of florida the kind of guy who would tell you that your girlfriend is cheating on you but not tell you that it was him one time i went out one time i went out dressed as sep after one of our shows a few of the guys and myself ended up at some karaoke bar after a few libations i got up and absolutely destroyed highway to hell by ac dc the place went nuts after i finished belting out the very last scream of the song i did a mic drop walked off the stage and went back to the tour bus for a night cap i've never felt so empowered so little little stories like that all all all through the book just uh all all true stories of what uh what we're going on i'll read one more here there's another character there oh man you look rough in that one yeah you look like a bounty hunter or something and this one was uh somewhere backstage on tour in australia september 1999 this was a look that came very naturally to me growing up in the south you'd see this guy everywhere so i decided to take him abroad the australians barely batted an eye at this character i wish i still had those boots so but uh it's a it it's a it's a fun read it was a it was a lot of fun to put together and um that's probably my one of my biggest hobbies is reading rock and roll autobiographies and biographies and i've always wanted to write one and i put pen to paper and i probably got i don't know a chapter or two or three into it over the years and it kind of all started reading like the rest of them like hey i'm krista makes i was born in michigan i moved to florida and you know just kind of boring and this was a very unorthodox way to do a book and there it is yeah that's dude that's awesome i'm gonna pick that up because that that's pretty sweet although and i've said this a million times on the show like i never have time to read so i need like somebody to read it to me so that's why i love audible um so but whatever it's cool yeah i know i know i'm like i'm like a child it's a good it's a good toilet reader some of my friends have told me so nick what are you doing in there i'm reading a book shut your mouth um and dude you're going to watch the audio book of the picture book i think you you have like the coolest last name that goes along with that with anything like so you got to makes a book but you also have to make a podcast yeah yeah so uh i've just coming up on a year of krista makes a podcast it's a songwriting podcast that uh each week i have a artist come on and we pick a defining a career defining song that they've released over in their career uh and uh we uh basically uh discuss critique and analyze the song top to bottom in about 45 minutes i break it down and i just get really into it i get i get into it so much where the artist is like they're looking at me like what like i'm telling them yeah like in the second verse like the guitar is a little louder in the right speaker and the first verse it was the left speaker why is that like i don't know you know but uh it's been it's been a great journey um for uh got it got ti the listenership's going up every week we got a facebook group krista makes a podcast facebook group uh right now we're over 3 000 members and growing and uh it's a great place to uh for everyone to to hang out and i'm loving it it's great and that was you're talking about the episode that was uh with lag wagon right with the uh the left and right yeah yeah so i just died yeah i just had joey from lag on on and then you even you had um roger and you guys talked about your own song yeah and i think even then you were like wait that that's what that was about like you know you guys were going through the i guess the original lyrics of the song weren't you know the same way we're talking about science here um it's just it's amazing how in-depth you get on that show so it's kind of like our buddy drew zachman that comes on the show a lot he's got a show called songs gone wrong but of course they're not in the band they're they're doing it from the outside you guys are doing it from the inside and it's so much more in depth when you hear musicians talk about because when you guys were talking about like different keys and stuff i had no idea what you were talking about but it was super freaking interesting yeah and i i try my best to keep it layman's terms the last thing i want is someone to tune and go this this seems like it'd be interesting to me but they lost me in the first minute you know so i try to keep it as basic as i can and i stopped short of getting into what guitar and amp did you use on that like you're going to start losing people with gear gear talk you know so i try to keep it as basic as i can but still do a deep dive into the song and really you know and and it's just been fantastic i've really been able to get the human emotion i think that's why people have gravitated towards the show in terms of uh you know this song and a lot of guys will just stop and they'll kind of choke up and they're like all right so this song's about this and and these are like people that have or some of these songs are 15 20 years old that no one knows the real story that they've actually given me the scoop on my podcast of what it's about it's it's pretty cool are a lot because we obviously we go through music a lot in every single episode and we go through lyrics at least myself i read what you know however it's interpreted online how much do you think is [ __ ] online what you read what a song is about compared to when you talk to these people and they're like nah that's that's not it uh probably uh 85 [ __ ] you know i mean you know music is so subjective it really is you know what what a song means to you may not mean to me and i think that's the beauty of music we can all take something different away from it but yeah there's all the time you'll i'll be googling songs and like what is the meaning behind you know this pink floyd song and you'll like start reading like is that really it and you know it's this is just some guy that threw something up on the internet and oh don't even get me started on lyrics like you go to go look up lyrics we think we have it easy now because back before the internet we didn't know what the lyrics were it was actually probably better back then because now people are just butchering them online you know so man so even the lyrics are incorrect most of the time yeah i have to i have to really zone in and listen and go line by line and get the lyrics right because most of the time when you get them off google they're wrong see this makes me feel like [ __ ] anytime i picked a single and i found like what i thought it was about or like whatever somebody said the interpretation was now it was probably complete [ __ ] and i'm i'm spitting that out now somebody's at the bar telling like talking to some chick and they're like trying to like act smart because i said something to them and it's completely [ __ ] thanks chris yeah first started ruining the myth first of all manchester nobody is using knowledge they learned on dueling decades out of themselves it's like the spanish fly i heard somebody one of our listeners told us that i'm gonna go with that and as far as like uh berserkowicz goes like what episode are we going to be on and are we going to cover uh alice or i think it's valerie morales but but who's counting at this point that's her middle name yeah um is there any serial killer podcast we could debut our single on oh are there any i'm sure there is you know because like there was like that ted bundy series that like women were fascinated about like which i didn't get that whole thing but uh i'm sure there's a podcast there's so many true crime podcasts it's almost like every other podcast is a true crime podcast so like i think people will be all over that for real and you know one of the other things i heard on your show if you want to plug this too you do uh custom songs for people i do yeah i do custom songs and jingles i just did one today for for a podcast uh so like an intro theme song a jingle for your business uh aaron from real big fish he was down in florida about six months ago and he sent me a video it's hilarious i actually put it on my youtube page uh it's him and his wife driving down i-95 in florida and uh he's singing my song it was uh for terra nova's pizza restaurant and pizzeria i did the theme song for uh this pizza place down there and aaron knew it was me immediately just thought it was hilarious so uh custom song for your your wedding your anniversary for retirement party graduation you know you uh i've done them all i did a song for some guy that hates his boss and uh he wanted me to basically tell he was that's how he was quitting his job was through this song he emailed his boss basically telling us boss to f off so uh yeah it's it's been it's been really cool it's been a great way to connect uh with the fans and you can check out my stuff on my youtube page um that's all my custom songs are there it's it's pretty pretty cool sweet dude thank you so much for coming on sorry about the technical issues we had uh joe said everything is recorded so we're just gonna release this as a recording because i don't know did the live completely went down joe yeah i'm not sure what happened every time like all my numbers were good and every time i went to do the live everything just kind of shut up and then uh youtube was yelling at me saying it wasn't getting the video so that's right we still have the uh the audio and the video so we'll release it both ways yeah it's right on guys but dude thank you so much and uh i'll be looking for the emails from you on when we're gonna rehearse and all that stuff right now man you guys were you guys were a lot of fun thanks for having me thanks a lot chris i appreciate it yeah have a great night have a great night dude but good mark okay give me one minute just because he'd it just skewed all the windows right so i have to make you guys pretty again well i guess just mark yeah just me just gonna do the wrap up

okay you're golden all right well unfortunately we're gonna have to end this episode right here but if you've missed an episode don't worry you can always head back to our website that's duelingdecades.com you can find all the links where you can subscribe on itunes on spotify everywhere podcasts are available you can find all those links right in the show notes for this episode so until next time duelers we're going to bid you a peace love light and a joy have a grateful week everyone