Dueling Decades
April 22, 2020

Let off some steam, listen to this retro battle between 1985 & 1994 with Guest Judge Vernon Wells!

Let off some steam, listen to this retro battle between 1985 & 1994 with Guest Judge Vernon Wells!

We're back for another nostalgic showdown between late April 1985 and late April 1994! Mancrush fills in last minute for Beau Becraft to faceoff against Dueling Decades' 2020 upstart Drew Zakmin. As usual, we need someone to hold down law and order,...

We're back for another nostalgic showdown between late April 1985 and late April 1994! Mancrush fills in last minute for Beau Becraft to faceoff against Dueling Decades' 2020 upstart Drew Zakmin. As usual, we need someone to hold down law and order, so why not a 1980s & 1990s movie villain? That's right, who knows the law better than an outlaw?! This man trashes teenage house parties for fun, battles Mad Max in the apocalypse with assless chaps, kidnaps John Matrix's daughter, and gets cozy inside Martin Short's body! He had no limits, and he's here to decide which decade did it better. Welcome, the nicest bad guy we ever got to meet, Vernon Wells! 


In this episode, we got all kinds of nostalgia that you didn't know, you didn't need to know. A huge company flinched to its competitor's advances, Dan Akyroyd sings with Willie Nelson, an iconic album gets a followup, Teri dresses like Elvis Costello, an ER doctor has sex with a spy, obscure TV shows down under, prostitutes unionize and become dangerous, a movie you probably don't remember, an album that changed the game, a bizarre concert pairing upsets teeny boppers, lots of videotapes, Peg Bundy, Madonna's a genius, Drew gives a history lesson, someone died, Drew gives another history lesson, Vernon didn't care, opinionated comedians, a janitor goes to the Tennessee State Penitentiary, Vernon drops all kinds of gems, and where the hell do rich people hang their paintings anyway? Do you agree with Vernon's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard!  


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Formarymediaim doing tagadesis wax piece of all guys and thanks were having me on the show: Will it be the nineties or the ad any babies or crack Babis, really Banamanan or Madon? Maybe Britin? Maybe Whitney do you like new lettal new wave, they grow or Super Dav. I don't know, but now the vannal begins. Duling degades and the SEAWHO wins joined anose broadcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the decades pannel for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. I am Mark James and welcome back to dueling decades. Let's take a look at this week's doelers and the decades they will be fighting for in the weak experience. First off representing the week of April Twenty first through the twenty seventh F nineteen. Eighty five say hello to mancrush Wat's up got April Twenty first to twenty seven nineteen, eighty five and it is by definition the weak experience. So let's do this and his opponent representing April Seventeenth through the twenty third nine teen. Ninety four, he is the host of the one headlight nineties, podcast welcome back, drew Zacman. He guys Om. Are you rather be back, hope, everybody's doing safe, whobe's, doing safe, hopefully, everybody's being safe? I can't even talk I on don't go out in public anymore. I forgot hew to talk, apparently that's what happens and as always here on the show. We need somebody to judicate all of this awesomeness and you will know this week's celebrity guess, judge from some of your favorite movies, such as weird science, inner space, Madmaxto and commando, and now you can see him sarring alongside Michael Barryman once again in the film impact event. Please welcome to the show judge Vernon Wells. Thank you guys. It's it's a pleasure to be here and I'm glad that everybody's well and looking after themselves and staying away from all the bad things out there and then I get with you guys, O God. I have no idea what I'll get rightback to the bad shit. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules the judges coinflip sholl aside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. I judgeis ruling we'll determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, all right, doelers, let's let off some steam as we play more Nans all right. Let's go right down to our judge, Vernon wells for the official toss off. OK, well, we're tossing up a slice of pepperani pizza. Here, a one guy do one ted who wants Dales Tru Zacman, you call it this week. I want Pepperoni all day. Okay. Here we go. Oh Bad luck! It's the bird side, all right all! Right! Man Crush you! Take Control of the board. What category would you like to go with? First, let's start the sone off with television, something that Vernon will know a lot about. But again this is the weak experience. So when it comes to t V in one week, my week had a lot of rerun so April. Twenty Fifth Nineteen. Eighty five, like I said everything was in reruns in the states this week they went as far to show a replay of the Hagler herd's paper viewfight from the week prior. That's how bad it was on television, but we did get the Nehl playoffs. They were in full swing and we got an amazing performance from arguably the best hockey player to ever strap on some skates, an eight to three blow out. The Edmonds indooiler swept the Winnipeg jets to clean the Smite Division title and that's just part of the story: 'cause, the other half winged Gretski. He went on to put up seven points in the game. He would go on to score three goals, two of which were short handed, which is awesome all in itself and then four assists to absolutely decimate the jets and route to their second Stanley Cup victory. Just a couple short weeks later, Wangresy he would go on to have the most three goal: Games ever and Stanley cut playoff history, which is pretty awesome and he's got a gazillion other records seriously. If you go over and just do a search for how many records he has in the Hl, it will blow your mind how good this guy was. He has a record for everything it's amazing, but my second pick like I said there was nothing going on in the states we had the NL playoffs and we had reruns, and I didn't want to pick that this one was a treat for me was April, twenty Sixh nineteen, eighty five, it's not a typical T v pick for this game. It's not a debut, and it's also an Australian TV show season, one episodee of the show fastoline entitled the below average Samaridan, and if you look at Mister Wells's long list of like over two hundred rolls wherever he has you'll find this very episode on that lengthy lift, and it was this as pure coincidence. He was coming on the show. I started looking and I was like Holy Shit. He was U. I have to pick it right. It was not set up whatsoever. I we. These dates are picked months in advanced. What can you tell us about this? Do you remember anything about being on the show h? When was this again? This was April twenty s, ixh nineteen and eighty five is Wen a debut. It was the show, the fastline good God. You know I could be polite and say it was wonderful. I had a really cool time and everybody was great or I can tell you the PRISAS. I want the fuck. I have no idea your tredited roll for that was was man? Oh well La of course. I know O terole of Man. There was also there was two women and a man, so you were the man. Oh, is the that', that's not too bad. They am away the man, that's true! gowhere. Do you guys dig up this shift? Actually, you know WHA and here's the the free plug for newspapers Com. We flip through newspapers, one page at a time and that's all done newspapers, dotcom, O if you haven't been there yet gover, ow newspaper dotcom, especially now and signed up for an account and flipp through all kinds of retro stuff. So that's where we get that, but those are my two picks. We had that Gretski, seven point performance and then the fastline Vernon Wells remembers very finely oh totally very fondly, and you know I I'd I'd say that Waynd retsky would have to hold a special place in my heart, because if you put scates on me and put me on icesine one of the world's best or skaters that ever lived slide right down Loman, you know I, if God gave me anything, it definitely wasn't the ability to scape all right. Let's see what true Zachman has for the television round all right, so not bad, not bad. For that week. Um so first thing that I came across as actually one of my favorite shows I actually loved watching the show Denis Miller alive debuted April, twenty second and the show ran two hundred and fifteen episodes. I aloly didn't realize that ran for that long, but I went in oe to aninetre an ny four to two thousand and two received five ny awards, Leven Ynominations, so pretty pretty legit. I always I mean I always was a huge ban of Denis smiller. I loved this humor. It was a great show had a fantastic opening song. I don't know if anybody remembers it, but had everybody wants to rule the world by tears, Pirs Great Song I felt like that was a miller at his best. I didn't think he was fantastic at hosting Monday night football. I think Athis humors meant for a different format, and I think this was that format. It was fantastic. I mean some of the best t V was just Miller going on his you know, kind of trademark rants, an so good. I I watched that show quite a bit. I think it was on HBO, I'm not mistaken, but it was phenomenal Dennis Mo alive dbt. That's my first. My first pick now my second packer store going from a debut to the ends, the end of an era. Man Goodta, was not not good era or a long air. For that matter. This show started on September, Sixteenth, N, nine uteen ND. Ninety three and it was cancelled on April twenty first N, nine ten, ninety four, so it didn't even make it a whole year but uh. I am talking about the cancellation of the Sinbad show now sinbad I mean who didn't watch that show, but the series apparently aprobnbly anybody didn't watch that show exactly. He was too busy making genie movies thand. Nobody saw, I know right so the the series that follows the life of David Bryan, who's, a carefree bachelor who becomes a single parent when he adopts two orphan children who face several issues which they work through together. Now. What this show did for all of us is a debt that cannot be repaid, and this lifetime, or potentially even the next, because while the show had only twenty four episodes, not a lot three of those episodes gave us a most glorious gift and that Gift Sursin Ma'ams was SALMAHAIAC. SAMAHAYAC was in three episodes as the character Gloria contraris. So this was for everything I saw what I remember. I did watch a couple of these episodes and it was on just like flipping through channels. This was even before she got her role in Desperado, which I think was her first movie here in the states. So this is kind of like the intronduction, too Salma Hiac, obviously ye all know Salma would go on to follow up. She went into Desperado then, after that from dustalthon also movie and Bunchs, about the movies where she was just amazing, fantastic actress and such so so much talent than breastfeeding. Kids in Africa, that's Tay. She hatever. She wants man. So, while SBAD the show wasn't on the same level, I think as a Denis Moller live, it did give us Somm a hike. So I think, with that being said, H I'll just go ahead and start picking the next category. Well, let's see what our judge Vernon wells has to say about this round. Oh you meay not got to wake up now, all right sort of recap: Vernin, nine uteed and eighty five. We had Gretzski with seven points and an episode of Fash Line that you start on in nineteen. Ninety four we had the debut of Dennis Miller live and the symbed show giving us samahiic yeah Um. Actually I I like Sinbad, I hated his show, but I like sindbed. I thought he was quite unique and quite a lot of fun D he just sort of banished. I wonder what anybody know. whateer happened to him. He just after he show finished, he seemed to just crawl into his wood yeah. He just kind of stopped like houseguest was Hilar. I love that movie at Phil, Hartman, t's gray movie and he just kind of tailed off well jingle. All the way was mid. Ninety, I think jingle all the way was after the show. That was like ninety five. I want to say: Maybe that's why he started doing more movies and then the movies just come in and now he's Makd on T v with rel, so he plays the dad on that show uh, okay, good for him, but M. I also like Dennis smiller. I thought he was ging, O on Um a lot of those those guys are really cool to watch because they they tend to get a little bit out there, which is better than the normal crap. You have to watch, but I mean I could always say that the only thing I think is plausible is the show that I was in, but uh not really. I thought I'm choosing between Salmahiexbress and a gretzy seven points both in the hall of fame, both of her breast Ostrinboba, a male an being at that time. In my life being honeymale, I I would have to say that Zomahm Meo, sorry, I'm sorry, I gotta go with the boot. I don't blame you all right, O nineteen. Ninety four in Drue Zahman picks up a point and keeps control of the board droop. What category do you want to go with next ohdear? Lord, a so I'm going to go to movies, or I'm going to do that now who early yeah? Not This! This is the thing right, the the weak experience. I mean I'll talk about it, a bit more in music. I think, but man therewas a lot of good movies that came out in ninety four, not during this week, so I'm not selling this well at all. So let me let me get started here so first movie as an American Western adventure film that we all went to go, see and uh, I'm probably going to get in trouble for my job. Since I was researching this movie using my work laptop and stupidly. Put Intho search criteria for this movie and the movie I'm talking about is called bad girls so ill. I need to talk to Yo guys over doing decades. For my unemployment, the C vguys can help me out, because my my search history is Goin to be coming into question. I think but bad girls April, twenty se on nine utdred and ninety four. I was an American Western eventurey films directed by none other than Jonathan Caplin, and SARS Madeline Stowe, Mary steart, masterson, Andy mcdowll and everyone's favorite drew barrymore, and the plot for this was I don't know why this movie did so poorly the plot. Basically, it follows four former prostitutes on the run following a justifiable homicide, ind prison scape who later encountered difficulties involving bank, robberty and Pinkerton detectives, and I will say this this film. It's a super brisk. Ninety nine minutes that flies by the film had a budgeof around thirty million and pulled in a very impressive box off ice of just over fifteen million. So I think that's a pretty a pretty pretty good return. You know what ul have been better if they weren't former prostitutes and they were just prostitute. Just current yeah cowboys yeah, so I mean have two jobs yeah I mean why you have to stop one to do the Oer Cu you both about Robert Roger Roger Ebertz, Wro, what a good idea to make a Western about four tough women and what a sad movie so Roger Ye read t say, but here's the thing wrigt this movie had a nine percent rating on rotten tomatoes, but honestly guys we do some quick math and some decimal point. Maneuvering. This quickly becomes a ninety percent fresh rating. So there you have it bad girls. Yes! Well, you know that mser Ebert thought that I was totally gay, because my first two movies of America were gay guys. So exactly so, whatever ebrass Os say, ain't no mind migt must be true, F. Neberd says. Would I just have like last week where Ebert called a movie that I had the worst movie he's ever seen? Oh critters too, he saidheas the horst movie he's ever seen his life. It's like what it wasn't that bad come on. What do you guys think about like when, especially when it's like guys like Eber, giving a review how much weight? Do you really give that I think West than the Western all right? True? What have you got for your second pick, all right, so bad girls, great movie, now we're going on to relow, but I really t's I'll. Tell you what a brisk ninety nine minutes! It just flies by, thank God, Tso, I'm moving on from a movie about bad girls to afflick all about semen. So how about a navy movie that features Erica LANIAC and Gary Busey? Everyone knows what I'm talking about, except I'm not 'cause. This one doesn't have that Duch stepen segallon there. However, this flick was directed by the Great Dentis Hopper. I am talking about chasers, which came out April twentyth seconds in the great year. Nineteen N. Ninety four now this is an American comedy film, directed by again Denisopper T it's about a pair of United States Navy shore patrollers, which are played by Tom Barrnger and Wiliam macnmera, who must escort a beautiful prisoner, Erico LANIAC and the troubles they encounter. Now this movie also started crispind glover. Somehow he showed up and then the music was handled by everyone's favorite wite. What Yokum my Fivori wit away from the office fo ite shrewt different now everyone's favorite Towai, is definitely to at Yolkim. Youkido me this movie turned out to be quite the investment as they're brought in one point: six million dollars at the box office on the shoe string budget of fifteen million. So I think the investors really got a good return there and UH. I mean if that wasn't enough to seal this one up. This flick, also starred everyone's favorite dean, Stockwell. So bonus points for the quatum ly. Reverence your welcome kids, all right, man crush. What do you have for the movies round? All right here? We go N, nine Huteen and eighty five, let's see April Twenty Sixh nineteen five an is a cold classic. I absolutely love this movie, a matter of fact. We've been in talks with the leading actress from this for months and we haven't been able to nail down a date yet, but hopefully soon we'll get her on once I drop her name at the end hit her up but kindo. Like last episode, we get another high school movie. That probably could never happen in a million years, but everything was possible in the eighties, and this is a story about a girl who gets shot down for a chance at working at the Sun Tribune for the summer and immediately rolls in rolls in another school. As a guy, you know in the eighties, it seems like anyone can enroll in high school without much documentation, which begs the question: was it really that easy in the eighties? Nobody really knows, but this movie went on to take in about twelve million dollars of the box office, which is nearly thirty million dollars in Thosand and twenty TAT's, a pretty good take for a high school comedy where this really had Legzo is in the aftermarket. This was literally on cable. All the time HBO showed Times Cinemax. That said, if you rented it, there was a particular scene that was probably beat the fuck up on the tape from people pausing it all the time, of course, we're talking about the Joyce Hizer Classic, just one of the guys, and if, if you're familiar with this movie O, if you next time, you watch it you'll notice in her bedroom, she's got Bruce Springsteam posters on her wall just so happens that they were dating during this movie for a couple of years. At that point, so they gave him a little lone bage by putting his picture up on the wall being that she was in high school dating Bruce Sbringstein, who was probably like in his forties at the time. But if you want coice on the show, like I said, hiter up on twitter tag us in those tweats and tell her to get on the show, but that's my first pick just one of the guys and of course thats scene. I'm talking about is Thi scene where she flashes her tits and everyone stopped pause 'cause. It was way too quick. My Second Pick April, twenty six n nine tee nd. Eighty five, he seem date. I got lucky on this one doing research as its benefits, because I found a sneak preview and, like you know, if you listen to the show, if you find a sneak preview, you can use it, and although it's kind o odd, though that they did a sneak peak only a week before the actual release date, I'm not sure what the reasoning was behind that, but I'm glad because otherwise I would have had a Gune with the Burt Reynolds stinker stick which even Hasem, so I did not go with that anyways. I mentioned this one about a year ago, I I'd found the day that patball guns were released as a hot product, and we brought this up and peepall was hot nineteen. Eighty five 'cause we had this movie. Then we had tough turf theyhad a paintball gun. Then we have the zero boys using markers, nothing like Hollywood, taking advantage of a trend, but this one it happens to be the first ever motion picture to feature payball. It's fucking awesome right. I don't know a little bit. It's not at the first to have a people agun though I would say that probably would go to tough turf that whole scene, where he shoots the cockroaches on the wall, but this one. I think that was a paintball right, but this one went on to make about eleven million dollars. The box office was about thirty million dollars in twend an Twenti, so that's not too bad for a movie about falking paintball. This is the Anthony Edwards, Linda Forentino, classic Gatcha Love That I love this movie, except for the cringy ass scene, where she's trying to h like bet him, you know and she's like Ytercin, and she has like the worst German accent ever so cruiseworthy, but I still love the movie. So my second pick Gatcha and my first pick just one of the guys mark. That's what I got. Oh right. Let's toss it right down to our judge vernonwels and hear the verdict for the movies Roud Um interesting m from both H, both th times eighties and nineties. I I can actually equate with the paint Co d painter paint Ballgan. I used to have one an M and I jammed it one day and trying to get the thing to work. I shot myself, so I found out that you shut yourself in the with a painfull of birds like helpmbutpart from that it's it's kind of an interesting thing. You know we have coyotes over where I live, and that used to be the thing that I wanted to do was shoot him in the ice with Ha paintfull gun so that they wouldn't come back and annoy my dog, but I got talked out of it, unfortunately, but I thought that would have been just so much fun, seeing all these these muldicolored cootes racing around the hills you know like it, Vernawel is at it againwouldhave bee kind of cool, but H. my wife didn't like that idea much but h yeah. I liked that one Um Yeah God, damn it your pack of uncles. You pick things that I like Um, the West that I like, because I'm actually doing a western this year when this Um, this soap inposed exile, Lis and I can actually get out from underneath my house where I' live. I got a cave under there, I'm living in 'cause, my wife hates me. You too, I'm shooting O Western Um, which makes draws me towards the westerns which m I loved, and the fact that there was a western with exprotitute WTO, take on the world and win ob banks and think that that you can see, where my mind wanders to while we're doing this. You know but H. I I I'm sorry, but I actually have to give the point here to the paintboll, because that' kind of brings back very painful memories. I think my my movie's had more Tiddis, oh well, definitely yeah. I should have brought that up. I should have brought that up. It seems like that. Gets you points in this game. I think I have double tiddies. I think Gatcha and obviously just one of the guys did DD. I had bad girls yeah, but they those PIB PG, thirteen brow t doesn't matter, there's had girls, you can have pg thirteen hookers, it just doesn't work fformer, former hooders, sorry Jezacman, Mancrush sneaks out this round by a Peair, sorry mn crs you take control of the board and tie up the game. What category are we going with next? Oh, this is a tough one. Ther's word the strategy starts kicking in, but I go with hot products here April, twenty sixth nineteen nd. Eighty five H- and let me just tell you how products in the weak experience is a pain in the ASS Rin by rule. What we do with out products is, it has to be something that came out in that time period. So you need the actual release dates. A to find it in a week is a pain in the ask or it's just a hog product. You know like something that's out so this first one I got April, twenty sixth nineteen and five. We get the long awaited fourteen song, retrospective, the doors dance on fire which was released to the VHS market. This contained vinage footage of the doors everything from Jim Morson being arrested, television performances on the Ed Sullivan show o John. The winter show the mothers brothers American banstand, and you know like in a time before you tube. This is the only way that you got to see their best stuff. You had to wait for et to come out of the S, and this is what it was like two decades later, maybe like two and a half after his death now you're. Finally, getting this remanceric masterpiece because he put this thing together and you had everything on it had light. My fire, you had the original Proma for on soldier live performance of the end. People are strange ride as a storm everything break one through, and then they had the directors recut. That ramanseric did for L, a woman which is awesome. You can actually watch this whole thing I can mention before you too. This whole thing is on you tube now, but then in nineteen five, this was release April. Twenty six nineteen five thi sixty five minute viotape, was available for the low retail price of fifty four ninety five, which is roughly a hundred and thirty five dollars in twent a twenty. You could own the doors dance on fire on vidiocasaid. I thought that was pretty cool. Fifty four ninety five that's affordable in in ND ninete. Eighty five for a vhsstape Ye HBUT, considering you're spending almost a dollar per minute to watch that shomark, it's great all right! Well, what have you got for your second pick, then all right. So my second pick, like I said before, and this Kindo well, I was leading up to Yo. You got to go and find something in this week, so we'v Got April, twenty ourth nineteen, eighty five, I went outside the box for this one. This is something that hasn't been done in doing decades before, but I bet you after me doing it now. Somebody else is going to do this. I was flipping through the newspapers looking for a hot new item and it was looking pretty grim and then I landed on this article and I thought to myself how gon a product it's sold for nearly ten million dollars not be a hot product, so we got a painting from Vincent Van Gog of the view of his Frenchoutside, the French asylum window and it sold for nine point: nine million dollars at Solttobes t e ad an auction that night and which, at the time it was the most ever paid for an impressionist painting, the eighteen. Eighty nine Vango work landscape with rising sun was sold to an anonymous bitder and the painting was part of an entire collection from a nineteenth century. Railroad tycoon named J Gould and the collection was being sold by the estate of his Dendaughterin Law. Florin school. The entire collection would sell for thirty three million dollars that night o that's like eighty one million dollars in thosand ad twenty, this entire collection. So it's a hot product because now it's more than one product, it's all these paintings, but can you imagine who's? A fuck is buying the shit in an auction like where are they hanging? The Shit like in the bathroom like Vagoas you're, taking a shit like who's spending, ten million dollars on a painting, and that's not even when I look now he's got other payings whe went for like thirty million, like just one painting, it's insane but yeah. This is what I went with for that week. We had that Vango painting selling for nine point nine million dollars, and then we had the doors dance on fire which came out for fifty four ninety five. WHAT AE YOU GOTDRO? Well I'LL! Tell you what I have good sear! I am also dipping into the h the VHS release category here for hot products, so my first one is an absolute classic that was released on April Twentieth, one Houan, nine hutdred and ninety four just adding to the list of phenomenal films that came outthat year, such as bad girls, and I was talking about and already forgot, the name of it so chasers chasers there, it is see it was ther- was dage that good bad girls always need chasers, uh. Okay, so I have Ernest, goes to jail, was released on VHS April, twenty n nineteen. Ninety four: Now this I did not see this move in the theater. I believe I did see this on f t just rental. For my local, we didn't use blockbester, we actually used. I think it was like it's either a sun coast, video or west coast video, one of some some kind of coast, video Tis, where we usually went just close to our house. That's where we went, but INERNEST GOES TO JAIL: Everybody's favorite, Jim Varney returns as leavring idiots, savant, Ernest P, world, star of scores and T v Commercials and future films. He also took on his second role in the film and unrepentant cold. Blooded murderer named Felix Nash. So, when Ernest serves on the jury for Nashes Murder, Trial Mesh arranges for look like Ernest to go to jail while he stays on the outside the plan. A major bank heist ortuitous ly for the criminal, it's the same bank, where earnest works as a security guard. The plot does not stop. It is phenomenal. It is deep. It makes you think I'll. Tell you what you know when you watch this movie, You you question your life. You question, you know what can I do to you know? How can I get to this level? You know this? Is it just really pulls the best out of you? I think I thought you questioned your life because you ask why am I watching Ernest goes to j? Oh, quite the opposite, quite the opposite! Good, Sir! I This I owe earnest a very hefty thank you for for this 'cause. This movie really does bring out the best deal pulled in a box office of twenty five million when it was actually on theaters. I Love Jim Barney, I'm a big fan of him, Um all thise movies, ere, just like good fun. You know, but also, I think what I like him for. Besides those movies, he was also the voice of Slinky dog and toys story, one and two, so Jim Barney yeah he's novernon wills, you're, not wrong, but he's still pretty Awso yeah well y one stage Iwas. I was figuring that I would assue him because every other bloody sentence was iver all right. So that's the first one te have ernest goes to jail. The other hot product is a Legi hot product, because this movie crushed it in the box office when it was in theaters and IAM talking about also the same day April twent ht, N Ninetden. Ninety four, this movie came to our homes on talking about Carlido's way. Now Carlido's way is a nineteen. Ninety, three American crime, films directed by the Great Brians Topalma. It was based on the novels Carlidos Way, an after hours by judge, Edwin Torres. The film adaptation was scripted by Davi Cup and is stars: Al Pocino, Shan Penn, everyone's favorite Astoria, Oregon elementary school teacher, Penelope and Miller Louis Guzman, who was actually really awesome. I got to meet him once Superr Cool Dude, John Legazamo, Horhe Porsel, Joseph Seravo and r King Vigo, Mortenson, so pretty solid cast in this one and its stars Pacino as Carlizo there as a criminal who vows to go straight and retire in paradise. However, hiscriminal pass Ros difficult to escape as it does for all of us and he unwittingly ends up being dragged into the same activity as I got him in prisoned in the first place, son of a bitch, it always always happens, but budget thirty million box office sixty three point eight, so this one actually doubled their box up. on't actually generally had a good box office poll, JIS nominated for two golden gloves for best supporting actor for Ceanpann and then also best a pornty actress for Penelope and Miller and yeah depama he's a fricking legend. He directed was a scar face. UNTOUCHABOLES, I think e did one of the the earlier mission impossibles from the nineties. I forget if it was the first or second one be the one of the mission ofpossible, so yeah frends Topama, guycan direct. So that's what I have. I Have Ernest Gos the jail Carlido's way being released upon our homes, all right, let's throw it right down to our judge, Vernon Wells and see what he has to say for the hot producs round yeah. This is this is a a hard one. Actually, Damn I've gotta think that's that's a piss off I I actually. I have yea the doors. I I love the doors, just a little side. Bot that is that's where I actually started was my mother was a songwriter in Ustraga she wrote to slim, dusty and people and um I sort of followed in her footsteps and I sang in some big bands. They called them supergroups eventually, but it was when I was doing it layback when there was just a lot of sasion Musos and me and other shit having a lot of fun and Um. You know I I really enjoyed myself. You know it's with little river band and people like that that I I knew and hung out with occasionally it's kind of one of those things and and the doors and that whole era and those songs and everything about that. I Adore, I really love it. I think it's great and I always thought that the the picture- that's open, nine point: five million of the view outside his Um, the window of the Selathe, was in in the mentalist ylum Um. I like that idea too, because you know you could hang that outside the windor, in your toilet and and people that think would defitely somewhere else, and that kind of gives me that that that mental image of people, a friend of mine as a photograph of his girlfriend, just above the toilet and every time you go in for a Piss, you swa her eyes, are following you, no matter where you go so disturbing and it's that kind of imagry. You know that would be just so much fun, but I love that then, the other two, as I said, I was trying to figure out if I could sue byny for saing burn every five seconds, but no there is other people. Wh have that name. So I couldn't trademarket and and Caleno's way were the brilliant film. I thought it was one of the best loved it. U, but unfortunately, being a singer and a dumb shited heart, I've got to go with the doors Qack yeah like it. I was concerned when he said Carlidos Way. I was like that's a good vch, YSR 'cause. I remember renting it Jim Burn. It's like it's so hit and miss with me too, like like some movies. I really liked that one I didn't like d n't know what it was, but then w you know when we saw them mark when you and I went to a thing this summer amhaning and they had that whole like his old commercials, that I'd never seen before that ship was funny. Oolike Arlye does a lot. No, no he's at O, I loved everything that he did. Um Yo. I thought it was e. just had that thing I used every time he came on television I goone day, I'm GOINGTA sue that Shi n that Wasnin trade butlike. It was just so so funny and it it's that whole thing of like a couple of the comedy shows the news comedy shows that they had Dennis Meller people like that. They would have me on it not me personally, but they would have my voice, but it was always twenty three seconds 'cause. You have to pay once it's over twenty four, oh no sh TN twenty three seconds of me going. You can run, and it was this and I used to go Sunde Fitcher cheeiy it was. It was kind of fun. I I liked it but uh. No, I I'm still- and I I hate to say, Muchon all as I loved Calido's way and love everybody in it at was such a Anbrian ofparmer such a wonderful director and the whole thing Um. You know when you're a come from a background of of music with your family. It's unfortunately, that's what sticks in your Yourheart, so you bote me on the music. I'm sorry about that! Do you still play now. Do I still play now? Well, it depends how many blunds ere in the room. There's none right now, but do you like? What do you do? Do you play guitar sing or what no rel ugly boklist Awesome D, especially now, if Du your beer now is amazing, like I I haven't shaved since the this whole pandemic. Shit started and I have look how patchy my shit is. Like o a good beard, I look like an asshole yours, perfect. You look like a lead singer. We thank you. You W I o. When I first came to America, I got asked to go to Lah to New York and do a a show. I did two songs at a club. I can never remember the name of it. I'm at a big club. It was five floors and ch floor was a different thing. The bottom floor was like the heavy rock big thing and then the second ploy or something us, but I always remembered the the fifth floor. If you got all the way the fifth floor, they called it the swimming room. It was this room that had althese sheets of plastic that went up the wall and across the floor and everything, and then someone had tipped about fourteen gallons of oil on the floor and people went in there and got their clothes off and and skated around my lizzards or something it was kind of an interesting experience. If you didn't know what was in there and you opened the door and walked in was it the lime way might have been Alli Rememberis, Whoopi Golbirg came to see me and can't think of his name, another an actor who was huge. He was an Academy Award Great Great Guy, but he was highly intelligent and, after he' had a couple of beers wines or Scotches, whatever the Hackhe Gran, he would talk to you in syllables and words that were about three feet long. You know you'd be sitting there. He wouldsand you and I learn that if you nodded your head and Sai Yep e, it just went on so you didn't have to actually understand what he said, which was pretty close, but whoopie Golberg was totally hysterical. She probably has a worse putty mat than I have or did have back then, but wonderful, lady loved Er to death EAN. I can only imagine the drugs who are going on at that place. You wanso by to that little episode, Yeah, I'm standing, I'm Don m show right. I did T way to heaven a couple of other things and I m I'm walking up the stage and e Crosspol on this big African American due came up to me wearing a big long, leather coate. He had to be six foot, four six foot, five big mother and he stood in Font of e, said: Hey dode. He said Mub, you performance. I said. Oh thank you and he said I got something for you anything you want and I went we and he opens his jacket and down the sides of the inside of it was every drug known to man, and I just stood there and looked at him en said yet. Take you pick anything for you, doar Glabia and I went oh I'm going to die, Hey Vernon! You got disgush number by no chance, man hoas, I was going to say it was that darrow strawberry. No, I don't think so, unfortunately, but yeah that one back in the days when you actually got away with it- Yo, oh, my God. What what year do you think that was that late seventies or early eighties? That was Um last week early? I early I my Godyeah, those New York City clubs in the eighties. I couldn't even pinpoint the one I mean it could have been studio. Fifty four it couldhave been limelight, it couldhave Beloon Tudo, Fifty Por. I know that I know it was in the down by the river and it was an old Um warehouse and there was like five stories and it was big and it was packed. I mean I have not seen so many people in my life in every floor. I hadd huge amounts of people in it. That's how limelight used to be l, it was like you couldn't even move in the inside and every time Yo thought you got to a space where you can move. There would just be like a herd of people that would just trap you in and everyone was just weaty thenwell. This is the nineties when I went and it was like, everyone was uh like on e or whatever, so everybody was sweating. Their asses off the floor was just disgusting man. Anyhow, oh I'm toywe're digressing all right. Man Crush. LET'S RECAP: Here: You Got Control of the game two to one. You got the board as well heading into the first two point rounds. Where are we going man we're going news, we're going to go to the news and we're going to start April? Twenty third, nine uteen and eighty five is where Coca Cola announces they're, going to change their secret formula. Now, the world's top selling soft drink for almost a century is changing its recipe to make a smoother and sweeter taste. The move is in an effort to hold on to Cox, share of the Cola market that their competitor, Pepsicola is catching up with, and coke says that the new formula was discovered by tennis when they were doing research for four years prior on Diet Cola. The new coke will have three calories more and somehow they said that they had two hundred thousand consumers that had been tested and the results were overwhelmingly in favor of the newco taste and H, as we all know, they're full of Shit, because by July of eighty five they switched back. But I picked this because I found this fantastic ad in a newspaper from Pepsi. It was as rabuttle that they put out, and it says it's just all. It is a plain white piece paper with a letter typed up from Roger an Rica who was the president and the CEO of Pepsi Cola at the time, and it says to all Pepsicola, botlers and Pepsicola company personnel. It gives me great pleasure to offer each of you. My heart felt congratulations after eighty seven years of going at it, I I bowd the eyeball with the other guy. They just blinked Cocacola is withdrawing from their product from the marketplace and is reformulating the brand coke to be more like Pepsi too bad ripples is not around. He would have had a field day with this one. There is no question the long term markets, sexcessiv Pepsi has forced their move. Everyone knows when something is right. It doesn't need to be changed. Maybe they finally realize that most of us have known for years, Pepsi Tastes better than coke, and this Isnin like a full page, just like a fuck ou, O coke in this giant- and this is in- I found his in the daily news- The huge one page ad, with a middle finger on it, pretty much is what it is and at the end they sign it with his name Pepsi the choice of a new generation right there, but that's my first storys co, changing their their formula for better or worse and then my second story April, twenty third n Nineteen, Eighty Five, here's an article tit's tilating, a musical tour for Madonna, and it discusses an unlikely opening act for their first ever big tour, the band's dbut alum. It was still more than a whole year away from getting release at the time and his legend has it. This group got booed offstage an almost every show, because once you see the two bands, it's like oil and water, like they should nat open what they did the story here and some of the stuff they say ind. This is nineteen. Eighty five! So just excuse them for being ninete five. The story is beauty and the beasty boys on First Madonna tour and the story goes on and say whatever Madonna wants Madonta gests. That includes any opening act. Her heart desires for her first concerttour, which tramps into town tonight through Sunday at the universal lampetheater when year as hot, is madomat, no one's going to argue with your choice, even when it's a surprising one. Like the beasy boys, the four beasty boys are former punk rockers who have been worming their way through the big apples rap scene, with their underground hit. Cookie PUSS theyhave become perhaps the first white rap group of note, and it goes on and on and on. But this is like monumental shit here. Madonna is on like her first big tour, and who is she pick? She picks the beasty boys who are not even like theyre underground New York City rap they're, coming off their punk rock stuff and they're kindo like rolling off of that, and she picked them to be her opening act and much like I said before this opening spot even says it in this article. Their first show they got booed off because her fans didn't want to see them, so it was almost good for her in a way because when she got on stage everyone was like. Oh thank God, but at the same time you look back at thirty five years later. This is huge. It's huge because the fucking beasty boys, an Ano group getting the opening act for Madonnas versiontour pretty in scene shit. So he got that paired up with new coke. And what are you got? Trou I'll tell you what neither of those are as good as crystal Pepsi. I don't care that anybody says I'm telling you if they, if they bring that back, I'm going to stockpile the shit out of it, be better Io, toilet paper, woon od probably get some like Genuvia or some kind of diabetes pills, 'cause that suffis st loaded with sugar Um, but it's delicious sugar. So speaking of delicious sugar, here's that I have April twenty second Richard Nixon died, bring in the sadness there we go um. So yes, so we obviously all know about him for water gate, and I I'll touch on that. For a second N in a little bit- but I this is- This- is one of the things I love about doing the show. Is You know your research things? You know, you'll learn some stuff and an. I didn't really know exactly like how you know Nixon got elected. I knew obvousy like Wone, I'm not that stupid, but I jus like curious, like like the specifics of the election right, so the sixty eight election, so he was coming off of Lbj he's coming off of a B J coming, almost he probably got somthat's aw a water gate was all about, but h so in the the election which basily put him in the White House, after l, Bj Nixonsicomb, three hundred and one electral of those compared to Hubert Humphriy's, O Hundred N. Ninety one and George Wallace is forty. Six now the electroal college was more favorable. The Nixon as the popular voat was much closer as nixonpulled. In thirty one million SEVEO OVER THIRTY ONE POINT: seven million votes, while Humprey got thirty one point: two million votes, so five hundred thousand votes separated the popular boat there for the candididate so close in that regard, but he got the electroal college. Now the SSEVENTY two election right so he's you know, he's the incumbent straight up blowouike. I don't think in our time we've seen one like this Reagan, Mondale Yeah Ring and Mondale Arizo. I was. I was really young. I mean tightly. It was my time, but now Nixon right, so he took in five hundred and twenty elecoral votes ats insane compared the Georgea Governn. Seventeen Nixon carried forty nine states at nuts, but governn had one state lest DC popular voat had Nixon receiving over forty seven million votes on the govern got twenty nine million. So I mean it was just like a straight. U Beat Down H so then Watergate for Thosei. Might not no the water gate basically theyere doing some illegal activities by the Nixon administration. They were doing some like bugging of offices of political opponents, harassment of activist groups and political figures, and basically the activities were brought in a light. After five men were called breaking into the Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate, complex, an Washington DC on June, seventeenth, nineteen, an seventy two and then eventually on August Nin, nineteen and seventy four Nixon resigned. The presidency handed the White House over to new VP John Ford, since his previous VP Spiro Agnew resigned in October of n nineteen. Seventy three so there's a little Richard Nixon history fer you guys, but yeah y second passed way the age of eighty one nice, I'm glad you brought up LBJ because you know that's what I always wanted to get from: Sama HIACIS, N B I'll take an Lhj from her ond care. Whatever whanever she wants. Yes, the answers. Yes, all right, dre. What da e you got for your second newspick allright next one April nineteenth. This is more of like Victor Hereis is e, happiest wil the sory itself wasn't happy, but t the end result was a little bit better. So, U April Nineteenth Nineteen and ninety four Rodney King was awarded three point: eight million dollars for his police, beating, basically so a quick little backstore here so march. Third, nineteen. Ninety one rodny king was violently beaten by LAPD officers during his arrest for fleeing and resisting arrest on California state route to ten, a civilian George Holiday filmed the incident from his nearby balcony and sent the fooage to local new station kids. L A in the footage, clearly showed king being beaten repeatedly and the incident was covered by news media all around the world. I remember when this was when this happened mean this was just insane like. It was all over Tois as it should have been. The four officers were tried on charges of use of police, fatality, three were acquitted and the jury failed to reach a verdict on the one charge for the fourth within hours of the acquittals nineteen. Ninety two La Ryot started sparked by outrage among African Americans over the trials verdict, and you know just obviously long standing social issues. The riding lasted six days actually killed sixty three people with a bunch being injured, but it ended because the California Army, National Guard and the United States army and the United States Marine Corpo rovided reinforcements to reestablish control. Also, if I'm not mistaken during this time, alsan Chans was in LA recording dirt. So that's awesome and love how you put all this information into like he won a three point: eight million dollar lawsuit and then you give alicon chains pro like Dude, O tousand Chans give hem credit it's the first time ever. I think Rodney King and Alizon ans have ever been used in the same sentence. Give you trying to educate as many people as I can, with as much information as I possibly can educate you mean bore. Are you kidding? That's not mis anyway, h the theeral government prosecuted a separate civil rights case. Basically, their trial ended on April, sixteenth, Ninteen. Ninety three, with two of the officers being found guilty and sensed to serve prison terms. The other two were quitter the charges and in the separate suit the city of L, a awarded King Three Point: Eight million dollars in damages hope ha didn't bore you well, let's find out we're going to go down to our judge, vernonwills very excited to find out what he has to say on the news raft interesting. I learned Shit I didn't know, and I learned Shit I didn't give t e shit about, but Elin change recording an outum. It seems reallybut. You want to know funny little thing about that. I believe that Rudney King was driving a Hondai was Lahondi. He was driving a Japanese car when he was Um and he was beaten on the back of it. Well guess who had just done a national commercial for the brannew release of the new model of that ca and it was to come out the week after he got the crap kicked out of meand, get whose commercial never went to air? No, she they cut it for that. Well, they there was so much publicity that was negative, that they just didn't want to be associated with it. You want to know what the the funnything was. The commercial was close. This is where sometimes reality and reality gets really weird. The commercial with me in the car being chased by the cops racing around the streets showing how good at Manoeuve I'm going ranking down this alley and at the end of the alley there was a breck walk and slamming on the brakes and, of course it has great blakes. It stops in one and a half plaing to the Gastin, and I stop and get out and the cops scrab me put me over the the back of the thing and and hang up me no way. Are you serious week, rading rob, DIG Gitin widing the chick kicked out of him on the back of the M, a couple of models before the one that I was doing on the trunk of the car so yeah. He was a little too close for comfort for them and it was funny 'cause. That was the second one. I did a commercial or Toyota and in it I was driving a semi and this family's driving down the road and I'm driving this big semidown. The roap out in the desert and and the family drive down and they they get up beside me and we have to pull up because, as I m, I I think it might have been a turtle or something crossing the road. So being the good Iber I o to pull up, and I'm there and d they pull up Bei en there's two little kids in the back and Theye Lthey're playing and they sort of look up camera pans up and I put my head out the window. I got the Mohawk the whole bit o en eds and I go yeahhis kids creak out jump back in their seat and then I look at the father who sow the Cringi going. I go nice car, dude, Nice, car and weall right and everybody loved it, except for the Japanese head of the company who clipped out totally and wouldn't let it go to wher get up twice. I hate Kar Commercial. Just so, you know, what's like the most fucked up, foreign commercial you've ever done, 'cause all their commercials, like I've, seen a bunch of like the Arnold ones where he did for like Nissin and stuff the noodles, and they are crazy. Did you do anything like that? I actually had one a big one to do, but they wanted Mell as well and M Mel. I was for the P, a Pachinko machines. You know those pichinkoons I have. They were going to put out bases in two of the Pacinko meges cin. To be this whole new big thing medle of meat, and he had one e had the other and they were offering a lot of money to do it and for some reason I don't know why you know he he doesn't have to do what he doesn't want to do. You know, and he didn't want to do it so it fell through, but that was going to be kind of a cool commercial for me, but I generally, if I go to Japan, people are usually pretty nice to be over there. You know I'm usually the biggest boy in the room. Yeah Howt: Are you how tall are you look tall in the movie six one? All right. I always thought you were a little bit taller 'cause like especially like, in maybe everybody was short, but in weird science, when you come in wher, your Lord General, you tower over everybody in that can when Michael Berryman are like mountains, I I think I gave me any lifts or something no shit. Al Right, I make sense 'cause, you guys are massive. They brote me up a compebontos to get me told of bit yeah, but no six, one still pretty tall wall e now getting down to Yor, Shit, Um, Aon and all the stuff about Nixon too, which um I I I kind of think is- is kind o cool at times that Um we we had a president that decided that the way to win was to make sure that you crippled the enemy, which is kind of the way it should be at times. L We're going through the same thing again, but we never read history in this country. We don't understand what people did twenty five years ago, but th the Nixon. Stop is really really for me. I I like to to read it, but then it depresses me because, as I said, we tend to make the same mistakes over and over. So I don't think we ever learn Um, but getting to the other side of the coin with Cocacola and then deciding that they were going to change the the whole thing of coke. You know what that was the day. The earth cried theyreally, wantpeople, don't get mad about anything, but coke aging, their formula thos SI. I lived on facking Coca Cola. I remember when I was younger. I drank at least all leaders of that shit a day how I'm still alive- I don't know, but I did I used to just the taste of Coca Coler. It was what kept me going and m. Then they decid they would change. They had the audacity to change the formula a by Cocacola, the son's Abit. Did they ask me? No, they lok gon ahead and do it the suns a bishes. Well I got them. I didn't buy any more cout AKAM. I went for their competitor whichlaset about four minutes in a very half drunk can of Pepsi, whatever it was called hated it. So I waited for coke to get their brains back together and do the right thing which t ey eventually did, which was nice, but the other side of that, of course, were getting back to music with Madonna the beasty boys. You know what I always look at that and thing that was probably the smartest move that anyone doing their first tour has ever made, because I I bet you she knew Damnwell t when they went out on stage everybody would at it and when she came out on stage they hoop holly jump up and down scream and just love her and you got ta look at it from her perspective that she wasn't dumb. She was pretty smart and also regardless they sort of went on to be who they were and she went on to be who she was. But right. At that moment, I think you know there was a little bit of smart in there. So muntion as I hate to do it- and you know I'm trying desperately to be fair here, but the fat dood over there keeps on pulling all these scenes out of the fucking paperwork and it's Justpeti. I I mean man, you know you're tugging. At my hear, I I think you went into all of the Shit you could find to find out what I've done with the whole of my life. I found an episode of the Fast Lane that Youd, never even remember, that's gotta count for something. Well, it's not 's! You got to look at that. Logically, I either don't remember it or I'm never goingto ever ever. Remember I, you know what I actually found the episode today and I don't know. If I have your email dress, I have dance. I can send it to you, it's on you tube. If you want to like watch it and see if you can find yourself o God live this long without torturing myself I mean I work with Di ut, has a have a nice gone through and Nouh Jamanwas was he that bad? I mean. Obviously we talked about this before the show started, recording we had lydia on a couple of weeks ago. She made out with the guy. How was he, when you recorded with Thim 'cause? You were also a night rider. Het was good, he was it was fine. I mean I, I have nothing against eoff. I actually did a film in South Africa with his wife to be. I think he married her and now, of course she was very very nice too. I I did a a film with her, so I learned a lot about the h, the HOB. While I was doing the film things, I really didn't need to know Um but yeah. No, I I had no problems h with David. I I've got to admit that in my whole career, which has been pretty afi extensive now Arman still is. I really haven't worked with anybody. Th, apart from one very famous actress that I would say, I would never work with again. I've been ecredibly fortunate, with being able to work with people that either like the way I work or they want to work with me or or they're afraid of me, or this scared, shipwess e. don't do the right thing, I' kick theraut, which is probably the truth. I I send to have a lot of fun. You Kno, I I think that's just the way it I I I can't get away it's like you guys. I love listening to you guys bander on this, because you're all having a lot of fun with what you're doing and it comes through, and I think that's the whole point of what we do is to have fun and to enjoy it, and you know I always say to people that the first time I wake up at four o'clock in the morning and I've got to be on the set at five thirty to have makeup and roll out of bed and go ah, for God's sake, O I have to get up at this time it's over, because now it's become a job, and I really don't want it. WHO HAS A job. I just want to do it because I love it and the minute it becomes a job on leaving it's just not worth it hasn't been. I T that's the way you gotto do it and we had this conversation with Robert Tepper last week, where you know especially like during times like this. This is whan we should be doing, shows like this and and getting people into it and getting their minds off of it to think about other things and not really thinking about th. You know what's going on right now, so thank you for coming on. I thank you for giving me that round and now we go to the final round which doesn't even matter 'cause. I've won this game. It's four to one, but we'll see what happens with this. One just can either go a complete landslide or maybe you can make it respectable with this last l round and it's music. So this is something obviously Vernon knows a lot about ga and we're we're going to the music round with April twenty second ninetne an eighty five and this iconic arnist. This is his seventh album, and this album would be his second consecutive number, one album on the billboard. Two hundred it featured four singles on this one. We had Paisley Park pop life, Raspberry Beray and America, many people they like in this Al to the Beatle Sergeant, pepperlonely, hearts, clubman kind like because it's it's got. This psychedelic feel to the album, as opposed to t e, the previous alum, which was much more pop in purple, Raign, of course, coming from the last album, a lot of people felt this album here was a big gamble, but it's Prince and we all know he did whatever the fuck he wanted anyway, this album around the world in a day it would go on to be certified. Two Times Platinum. I featured two top ten billboard. One hundred hits Yehad pop life tha topped off at number, seven in Raspberry Boret, of course, topped off. I number two if you've never visited Paisley Park before I know I've mentioned Maizle Park as a song, but it's an actual place in Minnesota. Have you never been there? I definitely suggest going there sometime in your life, especially if you're a prince van, even if you're not you'll, become a much bigger prince fan. If you see what he lived in and what he worked around this place is a fucking music compound movies and music copound, there's a giant soundstage in there, it's crazy, and then I found out as I'm standing in the hallway, where you wait to begin the tour. There was an elevator that was right there in this little, this little tiny hallway as the elevator he died in. They don't tell you that during the tour found that out afterwards H, kindo creepy, that I was standing there waiting for Lik a half hour and he died right next to that, but yeah the first YLM I have debt alman or not dbt, but it's a release of an album round the world in Tha Day by Prince and my second album ere this one I think everybodyas heard of April twenty th r nineteen, eighty five, it's the weak experience. So, of course I'd have to go hen. I'd pick a compilation ou right, if fits with the the weak experience, so this little compilation owhere if features onrelease songs or donated by various artists like Bruce Springsteen, Chicago prints, Tina Turner, Steve Perry, Pointer Sisters, Kenny, Roger Sulewis, not too shabby of accompilation, but it's probably not what it it's known for. It's known for the first track in the album one that was written by Lineld, Richie and Michael Jackson, and it was performed by forty six other Vocalis, ranging from Willie Nelson, a Dan acroid. The album would go on o reach three times platinum status and have the timeless number one hit. We are the world and, of course, all proceeds from this album and went to humanitarian relief efforts in Africa for their famine. Um I mean they ended up. Raising over sixty million dollars is aroun hundred and fifty million dollars in thosand and twenty. What else can you say about this? Album th they're? Even talking about doing it again, I don Wecyou was just on the news like three weeks ago, or maybe even sooner than that saying that they need to do another. We are if the world for the whole coved thing yeah. Absolutely so I mean they've reay done it multiple times in the past thirty five years, and now it's a thirty fifth anniversary, why not wit's doing othe one? But those are my two picks. We got prints and we got. Why are you crying over there? DRMI SAYA S get picked. We are the world. You are such an Ashol, all right, Tru, Zahman blow our socks off. What da you got for the music round, O fuckour socks. I will be JS all right, so n, nine Hutdred, an ninety four raht was a phenomenal year. When it comes to music. You can argue it's one of the best years ever, just like the albums Acomouo here are some albums that came out in April, O nineteen. Ninety four allright, you have smash by the offspring, all for one, their self titled Albm came out Classic Album. You have whole coming out right on theware laughing. That's a Clai classic album a phole coming out with live through this one of my favorite ban or albums from one of my favorite bands. Rawlans bands release an album called weight in April and April Twe, Housan, nine hndred and inety four blurr released park life April. Twenty fifth, which is an awesome, album, live release, throwing copper April. Twenty sixth is like one of my favorite albums of all time. However, I get April seventeenth through April Twenty fucking. Third, so that leaves me the following. I have h Saro what happens when everyone's favorite mom has some free time. She makes Ha Music Gal em. That's what and that's just what Peggy Bundy did back on April nine teenth n nine Huteen nd. Ninety Four, when Katy segall release her highly anticipated dbut album titled well with such short topping hits such as thunderheads September rain, not to be cononfused with raining in November. All is well, and some things are better left on sad, a song that was collaborated with the immensely talented Robby Nevell. It's easy to see why this album was so groundbreaking and barrier breaking back N, nine uteen and ninety four and the exact number of albums sold. It was a little tough to track that down, but estimates created by myself have Thi abem being sold somewhere between forty million and seventeen billion, so everybody everybody in the world has it or six. I don't think so. I think it's probably close. I to that Seventeen Billion Number Katy Perry was once quoted as saying if it wasn't for Katy cigall's DB album. Well, I never would have gotten into the music industry and Eric Clapton was also on recordissaying. Once I heard well, I knew my days of Sheol Crow were numbered. I needed to get me some Sigal and he's our accurate quotes. I would never make up just to try to win around on the shelf, so we have Katy Sagal, releasing her da highly anticipated Dabu album. Well. Well, what's your second Tink, my second one's actually pretty legit. I have o matic from Noz. It's his debt album, which came y April nineteenth. I actually both these abns came o April nineteenth, I should say yeah I mean this. Album I mean is one of the most influential hip hop Baltons of all time. It peaked at number, twelve on the billboard, two hundred a hit number two on the: U S, H top RNB hip hop albums over two million albums sold on MTV ranke. This number two H in the greatest hip hop albums of all time and they did that ranking back in two thousand and five rolling stone, ranked at twenty sixth on the list of one hundred best albums of the nineties. Obviously, all the alsand chains albums were probably in the top ten vibe rankd. This number four. As a top ten rap album, ided h t back in two thousand and two about TCOM. So you know it's legit rank this number one when they listed the one hundred greatest hip hop albums a I mean that actually hapn that wasn't making that one up but y I mean songs, op, the Sal and Ere Sto. Getting a play on spotify New York state of mind has been streamed over a hundred and three million times, and ozhimself has about Sixo. Actually almost six million monthly listeners on spotify yeah, this album was it was. It was big back ten, I mean it's it's one of the this actually is like ligin lay groundbreaking h, maybe not as much as Katy sigalls out, but it's up there and yeah. Those are my two albums which that's all I have al right. That being said, let's go to our judge. Vernon wills for the official final ruling on this game, um. Well being a a a rocky boy- and you know from back in the eighties and seventy sixtis, the nineties kind of didn't come into my calculation and music. So Um, that's a problem! Then Katie Sago, Um Yeah, you know ageless appocudly. I mean I used to use that to scare the coyotes away. You know y. You have that out in the EFENCE and go intin new yor Te Brades, it's like men, they gon the your other album. Now I admit that is a a brilliant briiant, Olbum, brilliant ofem. So is the compilation with weare the world that was a Brillianout, but I'm I'm sort of stuck on prince because I actually spent a weekend with Um dider show down in San Diego, and I was with Apalonia wow and Um. Well, I wasn't with her I mean she was there o so man, it's so cool. I G Vei Otecty. Well, I wasn't with her. She was a vevery, very nice, lady, quite quite quite interesting, and I as as for Prince he he intrigued me immensely. I just could never bather him. He was just what sold me on Prince. I don't know if anybody ever thow it right up until I saw this thing he was kind of like I liked him. I like e music, but then they had a show on television. It had royalbasin and all these people in it. I think they were doing of retrospective for the Batles or something but prince, came on and did a goods high, solow Bot like seven and a half minutes. It was probably some of the was that while Mi gets hard gently, wis yeah, he could she could absolutely shred. That's the one thing about prints that he never gets enough credit for, as as as a musician, not just a singer and a composer I mean he wrote and played every instrument on those first albums. He would Brillian just sitting and listening to him do that Ye just went what that, and I I mean from that moment on, I was like sold. I thought he was just Um amazing and I had another tide to print. I did a a film over in New Zealand M and one of the girls that was in the film actually had an association with prints. So Um. You know I kindo couldn't get away from him, no matter what I did. If I went to New Zealand to do a dumb movie, I ended up with somebody that was a Princett or something other than well. A lot of girls had an social aton te Prince Yeah. He was, I mean he was wonderful and I I loved all these music and things and h. We spent a fun night in Begas, the hyrdrock hotel and they have a a band there. That does Ol a princes music and the guy that sings in their band sound. So much like prince it's not funny and Um. We we went to see that show and was really really knock out and wonderful, so I kind of have had an association without having an association. That's that's like my love. Life with a lot of women was kind of like an negotie of Ante. I having Associatod with one side that you know I thought it was association prince, had no clue who the FAAT was Um, but I'm sure he watched your movies at one point. Probably he must have watched something. He never told me, though you know you, coal get. This hurts man is hurt. You can get this that's kind of wild, though, when you think about it, like all these people that have seen your movies, like you know like these huge megascars, like prints or whoever you know, they seen you in something and probably more times than once. How does that feel to you like when something like that? Just knowing that you know how many people seen command O, how many people seen Madmac too it it all. These people ask it it it. It blows my mind to be serious because I'm just at Hal, I'm still just a little kid from the country. You know and- and I I get this when people come up- If I'm doing a a big convention or somewhere overseas or even here, people come up to me ND and they have their their kids with them and and they they come up, they say man. I grew up on on commando roadwarrior D Kn. I showed et to my son for the first time you know two months ago and I just thought we had to come and get an autograph from you, and I look at these kids, the kid's like eight years old, and I think oh well, here's a serial killer. I mean he has walked from this Momanon in his life, but it it really intrigues me that people have such an appection for you and the funniest things can happen. I remember being in Begas with my wife and we we jumped in an Elevato from our flaw, which was like the twenty eighth or t twenty ninth floor and twere coming down and a couple of floos later this t Alego wate, stop this guy gets in and M, I'm talking to grace and all of a sudden, this guy turned tro Andego, Oh my God, you're the guy from roadwarrior and I wasN'tyeah anywayw what he put his hand on. I shake his hand and he just stands Hir with his mouth open. Looking at me as we go when heotweny six, sixteen fifteen s OAS open and he walks out my wife lookes at me, like few of the most every good shit I've ever met, and I went what and she said you could have said something, and I said I did I said. Thank you. It was his turn. I mean what do I sady yeah? It's Kindo get weird Ye, I mean mark and I have been at conventions before where you know we've had people on the show and then we meet somebody in person. It's a little bit different. You know like so you have to be ready and you know you have to see something back and forth and there's always weird that you're like hi ell. Now what you know like so you have to be prepared for that. You know if you run into these people have something to say it: on't just be like hey, because then it's just weird and you look like stocker guy or so you can't say anything o you're like okay. If I start talking about me, I'm an Arrigan Shit. If I don't say anything, I'm an arregant Shit Um. You know you're kind, O stuck here in this limbo waiting syin. Please say something: AAs me how big my dickers, I don't care, say something Mi. That would be a weird conversation, an n elevator with your wife, just you Cai mean I'm the Guy Tha, that's first movie and is famous for having the ice out of his pants. Come OP, othing unusual. For me, I come up. I have people to this day, go God, man! You have a great looking house its like u'Goodi Shit, you not like I'm not making this up. I've mentioned it on the show numerous times growing up my friends and I we always said that it was a right of passage for a young boy to go and like when you're becoming a man. You need to see two movies and it was Predator and commando ther arthe, two fucking movies, that I've sent it on the show like a million times, and I think I had command. I was a pick like I don't know couple of months ago or last year or something- and it was always that thing like this is going about. Ten years ago I had two like interns. There were two high school kids, whot were working for me and one day I had nothing for them to do, and I I looked at them and I was like one: Kid's name was Darren. I forgot the other kid's name and I was like have you guys ever seen commando before and they both looked at me like no. I was like well we're not doing shit today until you two fuckers watch commando and I took this shit. I had a vhs tape and in my office I popped it in. I said: You're not going to do anything until you watch this movie and they both sat there and they're like all right. Theyit'stgreatest Hiever- and I told all my friends about I'm like I just made these two guys men, because they watched comando at the office 'cause. They never even heard of it. I was like, and I mean you gotto take in effect. This is probably like two thousand and ten two thousand and eleven yeah, but that's that's! That's on their parents, they're PA exactly their parents, failed them, and I picked up the ball and an you want to hear a couple of funny little stories before we, whatever you're Goin to do. I don't want to hold you up on, but no, no, you not hold tus up for anything O but UM. I my partner in crime in doing the film Brian Martin up in Sacramento. He was pitching a film to a room full of investors and that and they're all millennials basically, and he sort of lays out the film and then he starts telling them about the actors and everything they OL intrigue. They know who the actors are, and they said so who have you got in the lead and he said. Oh we've been really lucky, we got bona wells and Helev and they went who o he went Bena. Well, you Knot Road Warrior commando and they wet no and Bryan's wonn Ao Shit and, while he's trying to think of nothing, would come to him to tell him one guy. At the end he table goes Qait a second B. You mean Ta Guy Out of Weird Science, a FA O and Brian went out of Everrfom you've done in your life. Weird Science was the one they knew, and it's like the millennials and people. They don't know command O and road warrior. They know all the later Thingan John Hugh's movies and the coming of age movies, so they all go for that which is is kind of fun. But I always remember. I didn't audition way way back many many years ago, but I actually did auditions Um and I was in a room with a lot of people and h: Go probably thirtand fourteen people roun a table and plus the casting people, and I walke in and they said so anything you wantnto know about the Carager, and I said no, I'm pretty familiar with this type of character. I should be okay yeah, but we're looking Thorg a specific thing. Do you mind if we h if we give you you K W out, take on it and I said well well whatever. Yes sure tell me what you you think and they went okay, so ever seen the bill, an the road warrior, Yeahi Y and e said good. Remember the guy with the Mohawk with the Red Mohawk y light. At this moment, I'm thinking I'm on Gotyou o some bloody Grihcando Gaer. At this point, there's going to be somebody behind the walls with Te comicks oill play along yeah. I remember that character. They said that's what we're looking for we're looking for that character. Now We'rewe're, looking for the guy that played that role and we haven't been ow to find him and if we, if we can't find him it it, you know we're open to all kinds of suggestions. So you show us what you got O I Wen really. So I do the audition they're all sitting there and they're looking at me and and they go wow man that was good. That was very good egood. He said You know what I think im talking for all of us. If we don't find the guy that did the role it's yours I mean it's yours, there's no, not no! Even the second borter NSO by thit time I figured out, they have no fackan idea who I am, and so I'm sitting there, and he says you wouldn't happen to have your regume with you Ajni Sai Jackos, and at that stage I had little picture in the corner of Wez and the little on Bennet from command Ilan. The main picture was, of course, just the straight shot of meet, so I sort of flipped it across the table to him and he picked it up and he saw the had it and he said Oh, this is very good. He had it upside down. He was looking at my tuk credits and roadwarry was like forth on the list, so I can see him reading it to himself SOSIN and Vertu to to road work and he turned the page turnd it over and now, of course, there's a photograph of me and he goes hm and he looks up at me and I went you know what I have a real problem with the dates that you've got for this film. I think I'll be doing something else. Well, I just walked in of the room, wouldn't do it ta just and it wasn't that I was being an Aso is like seriously. If you don't have the courtesy to know what I do for a living. Don't e bring me in here, but the last story, I'm going to tell you, is the greatest put down in history by my mother. I don't know if you Goy know this one, but the first thing I first major thing e ever did before roadway was a stageplay called Hosenna, which was written by Michel, Tremblay, a Canadian rite, and it's about a transvesstite n. Her boyfriend, two people in the Plat very very heavy play, took a long time to convince me to do it because Paraco was concerned. The words Gay transvesttate and two people in the same play naked is not going to go down with me. I ONA FA. I wrestle cows for crits sake. I don't screw around with boys, so it took a long time to get me to do. The plague turned out to be a smashyhit. That's stout of my career opening night, my mother's up in the bird row center with my Aunti, my brother, my sister, and in this play. My most predominant word is fuck and I know o Mother's most hated word in the English language is buck. Soi'm thinking I'm in such shit, because I know she's going to stand up and say something halfway through this play when I say packto like the ninetieth time, she'SD just Gonto. Se, up and yell at me, so I go out on sage. We do the play, I'm tense all the way through it. We finish, I go, get change, come down to the downstairs to the Bo, my mother's, a my Aunti and my brother and sister. I walk in and I walk out to Matoan Si so and she went very, very good. You were very but you're, wonderful, Sweethad, I loved it and I said: Uh ohthank you and I said, sow what not bring up fo you and she said. No, no everything was fine. I really enjoyed it and I went your sure, nothing upsed you and she went. Oh you mean that word and I said h yeah and she weit well the first time you said it I thought knows. I don't like that one, the second time you said it, I thought. Does it again, I'm going to say something he said by the poor fip time you said t at I thought Afat. What's the difference, I just a word, my mother and then to top et op, just to top it up, standing there and she's. Looking at me ND. She got her hands on m an shoulder and she says I'm very proud of your sweetheart and she's. Looking in my eyes and her eyes go down my body to my crutch, Andyo go ecause. I was naked BHALF. The show, by the way, her eyes go all the way down to my crutchand. She goes and you have grown up. Haven't you sweetheart? That was when II d acting just asn't GOINTO BE FME. I had just been totally destroyed by my mother and my Auntie had to be one better. She took me by the hand and told me in most loving terms that I would always be her favorite nephew and no matter what happened. I was still her favorite nephew and I went Ge. Thank you. Onyno Andy Rose, I'm not gay. I amcouldn't convince that. Lady till the day she passed off this earth and I was straight she was determined, so that was the yet not O. my illustrious career- and you know like two hundred ninety something films later, I'm still trying to live it down. Yeah and that's the thing. I I looked on your IMDV page and it's like the amount of work you're doing now. You have more projects in production. Now it's crazy! Don't you tell our listeneris what you got working on for current projects? Yeah. As I said before, I've got a Western called death. At Sunrise, I've got two WESTERNS: Actually One's called death at sunrise and the other one is a fillness being done for the Sundans Film Festival Um, it's a twenty five minutes short, but it's called southern hard. It's about a southern colonel who h runs into the Union forces, get shot up, manages to escape from them and get into a cave to hide, realizes. There's somebody else in there with him and discovers that it's the slave girl. He grew up with that was helave that he has not been nice to all her life and it's a between the two of them it'. It's the different he's dying from these wounds that he suffered and she has escaped from the plantation. So she considers erself to be a free woman and he refuses to accept that because to him he is still a southern slave owner and she is his property, and it's just this wonderful back and forth really tense film little film that that I love the dialogue. I love the whole thing and then there' southern hard, which I'm doing Um. I will hopefully be back in Australia doing a fim with Guyde piece it got put on hold because of the pandemic and H. There's a couple of other films over there that I'm scheduled to shoot when all this is over. I've had m a film, I'm very proud of Col trouble is my Busi. If you want to watch a good film which trouble is my business, the black and white Av Erseon of it it's a wonderful, wonderful, film Wi. Is that the w you playike a Copperi play like a a forties cop, a Californian Cup who was very corrupt, very dirty and UH. I've read about that one. I I want to watch Yad to really and the Black: U Watch the black and white Perjuy 'cause. It is filmed the Wie, so it suits o Wa strock like on White, and it's really really nice and then there's another one that just came out called Um Landpoll, which I shot in Australia, which is just a really cool cool movie, which Um I really had a lot of fun doing. Um, there's quite a lot of I've, been I've finished full of films before we got locked down. So there's a lot of coming out in the next few months that I've done. I just I I keep working, probably more now than I ever have, and the funny thing is. I was teling to a friend of mine who who tends to PUK me in these films, and I asked him why he liked working with me and he said: T' dobvious, you finally grew up and the ing Wa he's actually telling the truth, because I used to be so unsure of myself so insecure. So and I would play out you know because of that fact 'cause. I was always afraid of what I was doing and then eventually I got to a point of where I just said. You Know Ak. That is what it is. I am what I am. I am Whan I am, and I just went for it and from that moment on I relaxed and I was just working and continually working and working and it just got to where it is now and Um. I just you know, I love what I do. I have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. I get up every morning and love going to the set and enjoying myself and I get to work with some of the most interesting amazing people Um. I I always remember, but Um Anol swaseneg had a party at Hese House. After we did commando, I got invited to go and one of my all time, favorite favorite actors was there in the Clint eastward and I and of course he knew that so he he took me across and introduced me to Mr Eastwood and H. I just sort of stood there and looked at him with my math open and didn't say I we and o looked like a totall idiot and then I walked away going. WEFT j. You were the guy at the elevator yeah a couple of hous lad that when every O parthe's dying to rap up a lite bi hear this boy, sho no Nan- and you know, he's like six foot, five he's a big boy, so I kind of look over and he's leaving and he's standing and he's above the ground and he looks at me. He goes wonderful talking to you hope we can do it again. Amol came forl a circle. lithat takes away any enthusiabs of the life you had at just grained, an a ruln. Then it it's one of those. I just love. The fact that I am who I am I was on the set doing a film. It was a Stephen Spielberg film that he had was exactly producing, but he was in London. Directing batteries not included, and the film that I was doing was Um in his faith. We were doing innerspace and I was on the set and the director saying to me. Bernon. Can you back up a bit back up and I'm like? Oh okay, so I'm backing up and he said No. No. I need you to back up further and I'm thinking you know, I I'm Gointa be the small thing in the frigging shop in a minute I'll be about to Doha. Bucking Fok an I go, gome backing up and, of course, I back into somebody. I turn around the Steben Qellwork he's sitting in Ar Chair watching and I turne around and go. Oh, my God MSS Mowwoy Im. I I adored Um a your film about the alien phone home and even to this day, if I ran into him remind me of that moment in my life, when anything, I could think of to say was on Home Asometimes, it's you think somebody's up there and they have a really warp sense of humor, a an jusushit out of us. But you know what guys I seriously. I don't want to hold you up all night 'cause. I just I just love what I do and being on these shows and talking to guys like you and having fun with you and Ye F. my be, it looks really good and yours looks terrible both of you, Verna Uri, Youare, honestly like as far as first time. Judges go you not just because you gave me the win. I mean they Hav it. You were really fucking good 'cause. A lot of judges need to like write shit down and like Oh, what did they have you remembered it the end of each round what we said and then you went back and retorted about this and that you're amazing judge Acor any time you want. I love telling us. Well, I don't love to tell my stories, but I love listening to yours. You can come back any time. You want we'd love to have you BA yeah we'd love to work with you again man, I mean you're all grown up now, we're almost there WELLJ, don't push it Nan, it's horrible! When you get here, there's noewhere else to go. This shit from you like you're, an adult like Oh, come on, give me a break, but no I seriously. I do. I love it and I'm so so happy to be Um on on, shows and talking to people and and being able to talk to the you know. It's that whole thing he never finishes Ha Sentence: Adumpshit, IM, kids being able to talk to the people who watch what we do and like what we do, because I don't care who you are or who you think you are without the audience and the people who doe do the downloads, who do the streaming? Who buy the DVDs, who put their isses on seats in cinemas and go to the the conventions and things to see you you and nobody, and you know that's the point we arent nobody. These people make us who we are and they keep us there and we should respect that that they ar why we do what we do, and you know I just love talking to them. I love being on these shows where people get to ring in or or listen to the show and have fun 'cause all it is it's a lot of fun. I mean you know, come on yeah for real any time you want to come back if you have an open schedule, if we're on in the next pandemic cause, I'm sure you have eighty seven movies in a row. So it's. If you have time for us, I always have time for the people. I like th t t, that's the Nice thing, aout being who I am now is. I only have to work with the people I like, so you know I can have a lot more fun and the one with the big boobs that we talked about Somm God. I would work with her in a heart beach. You know they wouldn't have to pay me all. They'd have to do was say we promise. There will be one team where she reveals the breast to. I H I'll. Do it well on that pleasant, no doelers we're going to end this episode right here again. We want to think our judge Bernon Wells, we're coming on tonight being an excellent judge, but if you've missed an episode, you can always head back to dueling decades dotcom, where you can subscribe to the show on eyetunes. You could subscribe, onspotify make sure you'd drop a review for the show. Let people know what you thought about our celebrity guests, Judge Vernon Wells someuntil next time, dolers we're going to bid you a peace, love Lightn, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infirmay media