Dueling Decades
March 11, 2020

Looking for some adventure? Who had a more Adventurous year, 1982 or 1991?

Looking for some adventure? Who had a more Adventurous year, 1982 or 1991?

So, its adventure that you're looking for? We got some adventure, all kinds! Action-adventure,  SciFi-Adventure, Thriller-Adventure, you name it, we got it! Bank robberies, trips to outer space, forgotten TV shows, blockbuster movies, and even...

So, its adventure that you're looking for? We got some adventure, all kinds! Action-adventure,  

SciFi-Adventure, Thriller-Adventure, you name it, we got it! Bank robberies, trips to outer space, forgotten TV shows, blockbuster movies, and even some retro adventure music! 


We were supposed to be joined by a Baywatch star, but he had a little adventure of his own and will be back in a few weeks. So our pal Drew Zakmin from the One Headlight podcast joined us to  judge this nostalgia packed 80s & 90s battle. Do you think Drew got the picks right? Let us know! Drop us a comment on Castbox, or shoot us a message on Facebook! 






NFORMARY mediapeople engage Jewli, Gan, the Pixi Oplan, but tot o a ran again upon that cap. Ut Tot the power gop come fight for what you love, who com to Poe pacopin an Crita Paetete POTECP would take grave an a Bala Asick. I A made a Tano come figt for what you love, Nenas rodgasting from the poncast New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the eighties in Nineti S, do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am Mark James and this week on the program. We have an action, packed adventure dual as I competue this week with all the adventure of nineteen ninety one and my opponent. What's up it's Ma crush coming off a really close victory from hearing from a bunch of people. It was split. It was definitely split down. Fifty fifty some people think I won. Some people think I lost, but I'm here to win this week with adventure of nineteen. Eighty two and back to the eighties feels like home and as always here on the show, we need somebody to a judicate. All of this Awesomeness, so we brought back the guru of nineties grooves, drew Zacman host of the one headlight nineties, podcast leverybody. I am eagerly anticipating at judicating this episode. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules, the JUDG's coinflip Shell, the side who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, Music News and, of course, hot products. A judges ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds in the immortal words of the great poet laureate, Baret Michelles, I want action tonight, satisfaction all night. So let's play some more Os Oyeah all right. So let's go right down to our judge, Dru Zacman for the official toss off IGUES. So for the toss off today I have the actual Sega genesist holder for the classic game, Nhl. Ninety five, which I actually had that from my computer growing up. So I I played the like the absolute shit out of that game and I loved it I'll tell you what I love ninety four as well, but I think ninety five I'd give it the edge because you could actually make your own playro tere. So I think I think that was a big leg up on ninety four, but you can't go wrong with either one who is your favorite player, l, I've feeling like Ius the kings a lot and I think it was Luke Robeti. He was a beast mine, so m my favorite player, a all the time was seanberk. He was at the time of this game. He was the goalie for the Hartford Walers and that seeme was pretty bad. But if you took line changes off, you had the line with Jeff Sanderson, Pat Verbeak and Andrew Castle. Those guys are actually pretty good line. Changes on your toast, Hartford, the Waile, the whale Bo, so that that was my team man. I was a big whalersfan. I was a huge Shamberg fan growing up. So that's why I went with the whale. Also, you get brass banansoin every score of frigging goling. How oftom is that th sex thing? It's not a sexthing at all. Goong man come on sorry. This is a family show yeah, no, all right being crushed. You won the last battle. Why don't you call it in the year? Well, Actualy! You know what I won the last one, but I lost to you two weeks ago. You did in my first defeat- and I don't even remember so yeah I'm going to take this one. So fuck off, I'm Gong to go. I'm GOIN NA go ahead, shown heads all right so on the head, od the cover and it's on ninety five and I believe, that's Kirk McLean, who was the goalie for the Vancouver, connects at that time. So information come in your weight, kids. So let's do the. Let me toss it off. Let me toss it off right now, all over Owit, his heads Yeah Al Right, man crash. You have control of the board. What category are we going to start with for this adventure duel all right? Let's start with news. This might be the second one in a Rod, starting with the news, but I kindof dig it and we're going to go there, so we're going to start with a new story. This is December Fifteenth Nineteen, Eighty two and the story is hist. Total hits nine million and I have a little update. I've been watching onsolve mysteries, so finding the update to this, it feels like update so I'll. Give you that afterwards, but this is hise total its nine million. The nine point, eight million dollar robbery of an armored car warhouse in the Bronx by bandits who scrawled ready for this robbers was here not rob. Robbers was here, that's what they wrote: othey scrawled that on a dusty mirror, it had all the earmarks of an inside job. The investigator said and a task force was reviewing the Rostro former employees, two or men supposedly allegedly cut through the roof of the building last Sunday and made off with money in the nation's biggest cash heist ever fcourse. Talking about the United States, there were bigger ones abroad, the robbers pierced the steel roof, diffused in alarm system, handcuffed, the lone guard and pried open a heavy door, and they came away with. It was first ruported to be eight million dollars, but that's SOM. After further checks was mounted to nine point, eight million dollars and actually in the followup story, it's even and the Fallo up stories from a couple of months later in February and now they're an eleven million dollars here, yego update like they were thinking. It was indeed an inside job. Here's an article from February of N Ninetee, eighty three, just a little update on this guard and friend arrested an eleven million dollar robbery and gofigure that lone guard, who was working during the heist who was on duty the night of the eleven million dollar theft at a Bronx armored car company and a friend of his were charged yesterday with stealing the money and attempting to camouflaze the crime as an armed robbery and announcing the arrest of the two men federal and New York law enforcement authorities said none of the money had been recovered. The officials said they thought at least two other people were implicated in the deft which took place on December twelfth the Century armored car carrier company in Bronx New York, the guard Cristos Patan Nomas, I' Proy butching- should have his last name. Twenty five Queens was arrested yesterday afternoon at a pool of a hotel and San Juann Puerto Rico. While he was on vacation, the other suspect George leg, legacus Legg, Lea Kiss. Wasn't he the DAD in Webster h? Twenty one part time cook from Brooklyn was also arrested, Tuesday nightigt? No, that was George Papa Dopalis Seemshit, the guy from the news yeah. I don't think he'd fit through a fucking, a cut open roof. This guy he voluntarily appeared for questioning the FBI had quarters in Manhattan and they rested them on site Blah Blah Blah Lah Blah goes on yeah. They were arrested for the shit, but they ended up stealing eleven million dollars which at the time was the biggest heist in the. U S: History. There was one in the nineties. There was think it was ninety five. They beat it by maybe six million but pretty big deal. Why would you have eleven million dollars on hand with a lone armored guard? What fucking sense is that Ma inside job, perhaps wel I mean it wasn't it's I job but like Oh, I see, I see what youwere saying, maybe it as deeper inside right. That's what I'm saying like Meyete. Maybe there was an update to the update D. I didn't go. I didn't keep taking, but maybe we'll have a true C trucriepod cast everybod the fuckyng mother ill. Listen to him, we'll just keep up tat. Anyhow, that's my first story: What have you got for your second story? Man Crush all right, so we're staying on adventure. My second story, this is may of nineteen. A two and the articles title is the space programs. First, Lady Astronaut Sally Ride has date with history. Out of Los Angeles and iquote. I have a recurring nightmare. Joyce ride said dryly at her home in in Cino California, one reacent afternoon, while discussing her daughter and I keep going with his coaches, I'm standing in the check outline at a Ralph supermarket. I look at a magazine, Rack and there's Sally on the cover of national enquirer. Well next April, the seventh flight, a space shuttle, is scheduled to be launched with a crew of four that will include astronaut Sally Ride. Twenty years after the Soviet sent Cosmonott Valentina Tarish Kova into orbit for four days, America will have its first women in space, salyride of Los Angeles, will become part of history. I A go on and on about this, but Um Sally Rod. She actually died, maybe about eight years ago, after a long bat of pancreout of cancer, but she was the first female astonot and this is of course, was before Challenger and all that stuff she received many honors, including the Naza space flight metal, the NC as Tedor Rosevelt award. She was also inducted into the National Women's hull of fame and the Astronau Hall fame. She was the first American woman to go where nobody has gone before so my two stories, we got two fucking idiots that stole a lot of money and Sallyride the first American female to make in Antoowter space first asteral right along Sally Rode, Sally Rod. No no Mustang, sallly fans ere is that about her wait a minute Russia. Russia was actually more progressive than US thogt, something they had. They had a female twenty years earlier before. Well, you know they also sent dogs in the space. So maybe they thought M Wast Gonta Yeah. They thought that she was going to die up there. Oh, maybe that's why I mean t's the Soviets back then I don't know I'm just talking on my answir off to you mark who do you got all right, so adventure? So when I think of adventure, I always go to the greatest adventure and that's Mount Everest thought you met New Jersey. So, let's go to October nineteen. Ninety one were four men for the very first time took two hot air balloons on a flight over mut Everest. They took along with them some camera equipment, Andy Ellison and Eric Jones was the cameraman in one balloon and in the other balloon we had Chris Dehurst and Leo Dixon. who was the cameraman in that one Dixon went on to write a book about the adventure calling it ballooning over Everest. The hot air balloons were actually modified to function up to forty thousand feet, one of Dixon's panoramic photographs of Everest was actually captured on a Kodak codachrome and it was actually called the best snap on earth. According to the UK newspaper the Telegraph, if you look up this picture online, just put in Everest best snap on earth, it is absolutely breathtaking and you'll see that it was taken from a hot air balloon. The H. The gentleman who took the initial flight are offering to take passengers if you're interested at a cost of two point: six million per passenger. So if you want to take a hunted ar balloon ride, overmount Everest, you can do so for my second story. To start off this adventure we're GOINGTO have to go back five thousand years. Jesus you had nineteen ninety, what Ad Nineteen Ninety one, but we're G we're not going to start at ninety one. We got to start this adventure five thousand years ago in the Italian Alps, where a stone age man was murdered up in a high mountain pass. Now, how do we know this? Because in nineteen ninety one there was a couple hiking up in those Alps and they discovered the body of a man that would become to be known as Utzi. His body is the oldest intact body of a human ever discovered. Along with him. We discovered some very important tools. He actually had with him a bronze axe which totally changed the timeline of discovery. We thought that the bronzes actually started a thousand years later, so it actually set back the Bronze Age a thousand years on that discovery way before we even thought those tools were possible. Now otsee has had some controversy along with him 'cause. They do say that some of the scientists that discovered him met their untinely deat and he may be cursed. I tend not to believe this 'cause. As I looked into the story, there are hundreds and hundreds of scientists involved in H, documenting this discovery, as well as t the hikers that found him now. One hiker, the the main hiker that did find him did several years later, go on a hike, inclose proximity where he did find Otsei and he did die by falling into a dark cravasse, but one of the other hikers who claims to have found outse as well spit on et'SSee that day to market with her DNA she's still alive. So I would think the person that spit on the corpse of the five thousand year old man would be the first person to die if there was a curse. So those are my two new stories for adventure, we're going back to five thousand years to Otsee, the oldest human remains ever found, and actually you talk about true crime. This is the first murder mystery ever and it was found on a great adventure by two people hiking up in the Swiss elps, and then we're going to go was not the Swiss helps. It was Mout, Everest, N, nine tee. Ninety one, the hot air balloon FLY OVER UPDATE, turns out whathe had a fleshlight in his pufs, he didn't have a fleshlight, but they did find an arrow in his back Oo. Yeah. That's the whole mystery. There was an Arro lodged in his back, but when they found him it was just the tip of the Ara just the tip just for a second. There was no shaft, the shaft had been removed, so whoever killed him left this precious copper ax that was brand new technology, but remove the Arrow cocks at home, cocks at home, they're trying to cover up the murder even five thousand years, and you wouldn't understand that unless you listend to last episode, go back www D, doling dekaset com and listen. So let's go down to Dru Zahman for the ruling for the news round. These are some interesting stories I think they're all they all qualify as some good adventures here. So mancrosh you had December of eighty two. They Stole Pur the final update about eleven million, so that was eleven million back then right. So that's probably like what thirty ish M Yeah T's, it's a Shitload, but they got caught right yeah. They got caught, they're a moreon, Um and then yeah, probably probably I would say the greatest wat enter you could you write is go to space. I mean you, bissed robbers was here okay, so that there's also that I hope that they spell it with a Z. I hope I don't know in the newspaper the O, O B Brs, I wasn't o say if it's Ai Robb er Z, ithink than that I can almost understand us. They put I Z, it would be okay, it woul make way more sense, ttobeas uz, absolutely so! Yes, Saly Rye. I mean I remember that Um, like growing up like I was always bigin like space, shettles and stuff, and there was always Li n watching that stuff and sely ride. You know that name, definitely a s, a a household name, at least for foras. It was what I'm Sureo, that name for the first female astronom Yeah Sally Ride, Ride Sally Ride, also a great name for a Pornstar. Oh, my God y com on Doe, not compare. I no a re, I'm not saying if there was another one salid ride is sally ride as a Saint Oh, come on. You can't tell me: There's not a porn out. There called Sally Ride Stars in love, rocket, Wellwell, juw talks. I'm go! Look to see if there's a poornstar with a roo dear anyway, so so ye I mean. That's, that's, definitely a good adventure. There now mark you had the four men in October, ninety one, the four men taking tas a two hot arbelons right over Mount Eveest, yeah yeah, that's a worlink, crazy and ' e and you're saying they're actually still offering rides like today or whether were those rides avbaable back. Then they were available back then, but I'm assuming the offers still open. If you want to do it, I don't know if the price as changed but they're initial, okay, so two oint back then so Bagdam is still okay right and then you have, let's see the oldest intact body ever discovered. Is that still the case still the case they're still finding yeah they're? Still I just watch the documentary on et's see again there's a really good Nova special on you, too, that you can watch. I had seen it when it was originally on TV, andthey're, still doing tests and discovering new things about him. Now, it's incredible as the technology changes. We discover more and more about him. These are all I mean these re Ong Hole, Oer, oh no, my God, all right. So here's a new story from U S: News, dotcom, retired Pornstar, to become first adult actress in space, the retired adult actresses, performing in space, didn't cross er mind before accepting the mission, and it says uh, let's see what her name. Her name is not salliride, but they mentioned salyride in this article so that CIS back to Yugari Geryon was the first man in space. Sally ride was the first woman in space. Dennis Tito was the first tourist in space and sometime next year the human race will eclipse another benchmark with Cocoa Brown, possibly becoming the first porn star in space, terrible it all ties together. So sorry, t o Sally Ride, inspiring women of all walks of yes, that's points for me. How do you even like do that with like factoring in no gravity talent? I guess o huge Dick Uhall right, so these are all very good. He, I think you guys are a great job sticking with the adventure thing here. I feel like EAV Hav one. We have someone going into space, then we have someone going over Mount Everest, so I come kind of putting those together. Thou Sidwridt is the first female to go to space. That's pretty big, but I feel like he, those clowns, those robbers if they didn't get caught. I feel like I wo LD. I would be okay with that, but finding the oldest intect body- and it's potentially cursed- I mean that's like- isn't that, like the whole plot of like one of those mummy moves, that's like an Indianda Jones thing or something. So I think I think round one I'm going to go and mark on this one year, but sally ride inspired a porn star to get fucked in spade you do not you di not get bonus points for that man rushsmaybe next time you have a the another. Your next theme episode. We can change Horn inspired somethings, that's a good one. I like wheremithere, you go rig mark. Where are we going all right? You know what for the next category, let's head on over to the music round, so for my first music selection, I'm going to go with the classic walking in Memphis by Mark coincone, it released March nineteen. Ninety one t reached numer thirteen on the: U S, billboard hot one hundred chart in ninety one, and it was the only top forty hit from Ar coin as well. Now the song is a very personal autobiographical song, O Mark Cohen. You know one night. He was sitting alo sitting alone listening to his demos and he came to the realization that there's no way he should even be signed. He hasn't even written any good songs. Yet he's twenty eight years old. You know the guys, like James Taylor, had written fire and rain. He wrote that when he was eighteen Jackson, Brown wrote these days when he was seventeen. He thought to himself I'm already ten years older than these genuses. It's never going to happen for me, so he remembered an interview. He read about James Taylor, who said James Taylor said that he overcame riters block by taking an adventure to a place. He had never been before so mark cohwen packed his bags and he headed out to memphis a friend of in an told them that there's two things he's got to do in Memphis. The first thing go to the full Gospel Tabanacal Choir Church and the second was to visit the Hollywood cafe and Robinson Dilm, Mississippi to see Muriel Davis Watkin's play. She was a retired school teacher. All these references can be found in the song walking in Memphis that that whole journey helped him inspire and a really saved his career. You know, what's amazing about that Song Wy. I don't know if it's amazing but remember when MTV had videos and they were like bigger videos like if Motley crew had a new song came out. It would say exclusive, yet right like right above it that Marcone Song said exclusive, and I never knew why the Fuck Marcon had the exclusive CIB. So if you know the answer to that, please let us know because it still doesn't make any sense to me. Probably it was because MTV was the only place that would play his videos walking in mamphest put Ol. My blue swade shoes- I just don't see, walking in Memphis, getting played on the box or bet or much music, but they didn't even ha like that exclusive title. Just they threw that on every like really big band exclusive. Maybe if the record label paid extra, would they really pay extra for Marcone a good point? It's baffling, you know who they would pay extra. Four though you're, never too pick its my number two Pi there you go and that was a band called Metallica who, in nineteen ninety one came out with their black album. The fourth song released off that album was the song wherever I may Roan, which is a antastic adventure song. It actually recounts the travels of the band. You know, Metallica was one of those bands that an the earlyyears were very road heavy. Of course, there's no Internet. There was no other way to market their music too heavy for mainstream radio. Until the black album came out N, they saw a great commercial success with that, but the lament on on the track, wherever I ay roam about all those weird Harry road, hard and weary days, thes Aharry Christnas, I thought I was going to say that Tfrom Airplane D, You want this pamphlet. I don't remember that in the song. I know that sung very well, so the song reached number two on the billboard, album rock tracks an eighty two on the H, one hundred, but it reached number one in Finland. So that's something right there. So that's my second adventure song, although technically it didn't get released, Til nineteen. Ninety two, I'm going to throw that out there, even though the album came out in my year of ninety one, because it was the foure single thit carried over until the fall of the next year. So tecnicality it is a technicality I will. I will allow it wherever I may roam and walking in Memphis. My two musical selections, malcaning Ma'am is all right. Man Crush. What do you got? Man All right? Nineteen two. You know like one of the cool things with adventure is a genre. Is it it mixes amazing with other genres, to create like this incredible, like subgenre Ou know, obviously we all know like action adventure, but we also have scifiadventure crime adventure, mystery adventure, comedy Aventure, so on and so on. It's really it's one of the most dynamic genres and this really never dawned to me like until I was doing the research for this one. So I just wanted to give some props to the adventure genre as a whole 'cause. I think it's Kinda overlooked with just because he gets lumped into every other genre, so ware to throw that out there and also we're picking adventure singles with this round. So that's why you might not hear an entire album, we're only picking singles. That's why we did this just in case. So people aren't like why don't you pick a full ofhem? That's why we did it like this anyways. This pick doesn't disappoint when it comes to adventure, Scifi adventure in this case- and I honestly I never broke down the lyrics o song before, but there's some trippy shit. I'm pretty sure I, like my entire life, I've been making up lyrics to this song. So Len me I'll. Give you a piece. A cloud appears above your head, a beam of light shining down on shining down on. You No is one know where you're going with this on inc. The cloud is moving near sill, Aurora Bori Ais comes Inye. Those are really the words Yes siryeah. I Never Foo on your made upw. No no Y mwords were probably like comes Inyo Sohig like that Buti'm sure you figured it out it's. I ran so far away by flockus Eagles the track which at topped it number nine that year on the billboard Ho one hundred and even toay, it's relevant. It has over a hundred million, plays and spot ify numerous spots and entertainment over the years, including the theme to two thousand and Twos grandtheft out of y city vh. One also nabd this as the second best one hit wonder of the eighties, and actually the song is about a girl getting abducted by aliens or some shit like that. That's an adventure, yeah and so I ran away. I was like what the fuck- I never had any clue that that's what this was about. So I broke down the lyrics but YEP first one that and that's probably why his hair is so fucked up 'cause. The aliens would do that 'cause that shit. It was crazy, the aliens or the eighties one or the others. You see, DB, SWEENI's, hair and fire in the sky. Shit was all fucked up. Aliens did ailines, yes, so that's my first pick H. my second pick, this is the the bigger one I think personally February twelve nineteen two coming intonit to this heavy metal band theyve already released two albums. Both the alms were pretty damn good. They just finished their nineteen eighty one a killer world tour, but they already they were ready to move on from their lead vogalist at the time Paul Dinano whowas. I guess he was getting really bad with like alcohol and drugs and so bad that they needed to get a new singer like quick, so they auditioned a new guy and they did a few quick shows with him to finish off. Nineteen enghty one and then five weeks prior to their next album dropping the band released his song on February Twelveh, just to get a feeling for the new guy to see what would happen and they put this out before the Albem h. The single was released by the band with the brand new singer at the helm. Who happened to be the former lead singer of Samson and at the time he went by the name, Bruce Bruce. If that's any HINS, for you guys, one of the most popular songs ever from this band happens to be the first song ever recorded. With this new lead. Singer, tit's got a hundred and fifty four million plays. It has a hundred and fifty four million placen spotify. So it's not too shabby from one of the best metal bands of all time. The songs about English seteral settlers arriving on the shores of like indigenous American territories and the battles between the settlers and the indigenous natives. The song kin tells both sides of the coin from the perspective of the European settlers and the naves in the area really powerful stuff. And, of course, if yo've figured out, I'm talking about Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden and the song run to the hills. You know it all starts right here, the song, the band as we know it, it all starts with run to the hills. So if little Bar Trivia- for you- somebody says, what's the first song mbruce ticket there, it is fucking run in the hills, you're walking. Thank you, FANTIASTHAC Pickman. I love that song. That's you know one of the great iron maiden classics of all time, all right so over to drew Zahman for the ruling for the music round adventure, music yeah. This is a tough one UM. I knew where I was leaning before you said IRN maiden now I got ta rethink my my my strategy here. So you had flock of seaguals. was that I remember that was on GTA. was that really two thousand and two yeah? I was fucking? Oh, my God would do n, O two thousand and nine two thousand and ti wasn't a huge band of that song. Until I PLA I loved that game, Vycity was Brea Owa yeah. That was a Craz and I remembered the commercial. So I looked it up and I was like God, eighteen years ago, you couldn't not see that commercial ha commercial was frigging everywhere, which means that'. Song is everywhere back then too, and then you have iron maid run the hills, yeah Preti Anson. Also Brus Tickinson was fantastic on that Saturday live skit with the cow bell, so extra points for him there and then mark. You Have Mark Cowen Walking in Memphis that guy's a top nox one hit wonder and it s it's it's basically, just like him telling a story pretty much of an inadventure. So I like that, qualifies and Metallica man that album alth, the song is fantastic by that album is equally good that Olbum I fuely gets a bad rap. I feel like a lot like the old school metalicapan God this isn't thrash metal, I'm like yeah, but it's still good n't. I don't see why it got. I mean t sold the ton or copies, but I feel like it was like a gateway album into Listenin to m was for me anyway. It was also a gateway to load and reload. Well, now: Hey load! Isn't that bad now reload, if you, if you put load and reloads together and you make one album, it's a loat of Shit N if anybody else came out wild load. If, if, if fucking creed came out and theye release an album load with those same exact songs, people would be like. Oh my God, this is amazing. No, but because it was metallic that was creed. You keld yourself when you said CR yeah cause even now, they'd be like our fucreed Scott STAP creek could release the fucking wall and people would still think it sucks. Okay, creative, like the nickel back of the nineties. No nickoback is a noklback Craa do not do not besmirch the good name of Mark Tramanti that guitarist is exceptional, give Hem Altarbridge, then oh fine, altoric, but ye that that album is mean. I, I honestly don't even know how many times I listen to that album. That was actually my introduction to Metallica and then from there I went backwards and and all their old stuff is also fantastic too. So I get your point though yeah I see that isn't it is a gateway to people that didn't really hear about them. GROWNG and plus you're a little bit younger than us. So I think you know in nineteen ninety one you didn't really get the eighties metal until you know a little bit older, so it was a Gayway drug, an MTV yeah. It was a gateway, Cate, Wa, R yeahs get Wayo em, I mean you're. Definitely a drugs. If you thought lower than reload was good, so it didn't stop. Loi is a terrible. It's not that bad of an album when you have to say owm Lik a eer o the war. It's not good. TALICA set the bar very high because they were that good. I mean think about it. Kill 'em all is a good album, but then you have ridal lightning, perfect, album master of puppets, perfect, album justice, perfect, album the black album, also perfect little bit different, but still a perfect album like I could listen to all those albums straight through then they fell off a cliff, maybe one band. I can put four hour: I'M NOT SAYING! No, I like metallic- I just didn't. I don't think I don't even know ifit would have mattered what they didn't. Next everybody still wouldhave been like it's not Hatran. How do you? How do you? How do you compare yourself to yourself when you're that good? So it's not bad, give load to listen to again Um Ni, don't know where to go here. I would say now you got Ta Pic, it's not the album, though you got to pick BAEAYEA. I love that Sonwe O my ron too, but I think by that point we knew who metalica was, and that was it's a good song personally, it's not my favorite off that album, but I mean that doesn't mean it's a bad song. It's it's a great Song Mark Coen, I mean he didn't do anything after that. So was was Anirun. was that one hi wonder from flock of Seaqua aything else they er won, hit. Wonder Weve got a couple o one hit wonders going right there. I feel, like I lean a little bit more towards mark coin over a flock of seagulls but runtet hills that definitely put iron maiden on the map. I think I have to go with mancrush on this one which kind of upsets me, because I really love that Metallica Song, but I think without putting my bias in this year, I think Runtedt Hills, I think, really did put iron mad in on the MABARAS Metallica they're already there, and I think I think, you're right on that Dru. I really don't think when you break it down that way. It's really hard to to pick wherever I may roam overrun for the hills. I don't think anyone's going to do that and if they do, they can go straight to hell. Rih, the hills is a way better song. Even I'm going to admit that. So I think, you're fair in your judgment, you askd, if flock as seagls, is the one hit wonder thei're top five songs on Spotifi one Iran, two Iran, three space age, love song which actually has seventeen million plays for the more you live, the more you love six millionplayes anterfifth song, Iran. So I five son, I ran under three times, sixty percent okay and they have one point: six million plays a month and I would say that one point three are probably Iran: ohso yeah. I love this. This whole thing with H, looking at the pleas on- oh, my goodness, t's, it's Great Marco, surprisingly hundred and ten million plays for Walkon Memphis yeah, but look at his next one yeah, there's a bit of a drop off there. A hundred and ten million down to three point: seven, all right. Moving on, let's see we're tied one morn going around three: let's go television all right television October. First, nineteen two, we got a real fan favor here. This show is pretty much made this guy, a household name, N B C brings us an action. Adventure crime comedy drama about a female private detective who partners with a conman, and she does this because she starten her oown business and she realized that she's not getting any work because she's, a woman- and you know what it seems really dated- 'cause its nineteen. Eighty two, an is- is actually based off a concept from the sixties that they turned into a show. So she hires this conman to assume the roll of head private eye, Remington Steel, O all right, the show would go on for five seasons. Ninety four amazing episodes. If you were into this type of thing it wasn't a ratings jug or not, but the show had a really loyal following in ninetee. Eighty six NBC pland a canceled this show, but they got like tens of thousands of angry letters from people telling them keep it on the air. So they started playing summer reruns to see you know how it did and the ratings were good, so they reversed the decision from canceling it and they released a shortened season five. But in doing so they kind of fuckd some shit up along the way. So they brought this, they brought it back and brazen had to drop out of the bondflick living daylights. He had been long rumored to be like Roger Moor's successor and now he'd have to wait another eight years ecause. He was under contract from NBC, so he had to drop out of that picture, of course, did not go to him, who do go to mark Timoty doll come on ther's one OAL EAVER IT! No. I know I like the Dall one thighl he was he was. He was Daniel Craig before Daniel Crak yeah, I agree. Jimathy Dowlen was has always been my favorite bond, so it license te kill very my favorite bond movie hands down my other thing that they fucked up here, his Costar Stephanie' Zimbalist. She was actually supposed to be offcir lowis in Robo, cop really Wyyeah, and she had to drop out of that and they only did like Shis long episodes for this fifth season. So it's pretty fucked up. They, like ruined everybody's life, N B, Save andlike Wat the buck. What could have been allright then? My second pick, this was more of a a personal pick. Something I liked October third ninete, two short lived and I just posted up on her face boot before we started, recording o Scifi action, adventure series again NBC, put it out and it starred the Il fated John Eric Hexam. I spoke about him, a few episodes back if you missed that episode go to www, doing decanes docom you'll, see what I'm talking about. We are talking about the show coverup where John Eric he actually had o try o accident on set where he shot and killed himself with a prop gun number, like I told you guys all about that really sad stuff ac like again, this is two shows this guy had back to back on a network. He was getting work and he was being viewed as like a really like an up and coming like lead guy all right. This show would only last for one season, twenty episodes on NBC and it's a really terrible decision that they canceled it in one season. The show was averaging seventeen share and it was going head to head with the juggernaut sixty minutes all right, so that's really good that they had a seventeen share but MBC. They heard rumors that there were problems at the sixty minutes office and if they put on a competing new show, then the NBC counter news programming could topple sixty minutes. But in pite of that thinking, NBC cancels John Ericaxam's voyagers after one season and they were placed it with a show called monitor, which was a total TURD and averanced. A seven share, which was far obviously far below voyagers voyagers, is my pick by the way they did bring. The show back in nineteen and eighty five right after Hekam died in late. Eighty four, they started putting this together. They utilized the pilot, some other scraps from the show, and they put it together and a straight to Bech as version of voyagers. But just think, though, had they kept the show in the air, John Erichexam's accent might have never taken place and the guy might have still been alive, Whar to go N B C, that's to in Arou fucking lives up anywit's, a really fun show Heckam was the like the main character, phineas Bogg, and he had this golden pocket watch that he could time travel with, and he had this kid with him Jeffrey Jones and the two of them would pop out this watch and they would travel through time and they would repair errors in history. Somebody needs to find that fucking POCKETWATCH and stop N B C from canceling the show though, but there you have it. I had voyagers again, not a superpopular show ahead of its time, good scifiedventure, stuff and then Remington steal what you got more Al Right: Television Round: Nineteen, Ninety One television Yo! I got two of the great animated adventure, cartoons of Alzin, one started in ninety one and one ended in nine teen. Ninety one. So we're going to start with the show that started in nineteen. Ninety one ND for my first one. I give you the adventures of Tin, tin, it's an animated TV show that was produced in France and in Canada. It's the adventures of Tingent by Belgian, comic artist, George's Prosperremi. I was never a big Tintin Fan, but a lot of people are in nineteen. Ninety one we got thirty nine half hour, episodes that were produced over the course of three seasons. The television series was directed by a French director, Stephen Barnakowski or Bornakosky. The series used traditional animation techniques, which was really cool. Although I was not a big fan at Tinton myself, I was a littleold for it at the time. I really thought the animation was cool because it was a call back to that classic animation style, and I always like shows that had that the series did it here closely to the original books, which was a rarity for a lot of kids' animation. Now, although we only got thirty nine episodes, that's not where the adventures of Tintin ended. Of course the series would live on in other television series based on him in in movies, and of course they had a major motion picture release. Just a few years ago, so for my second selection, this was a show that unfortunately came to an end in nineteen ninety one and was one of my personal favorite cartoons growing up. I give you Disney's adventures of the gummy bears 'cause. Of course, there's nothing better than starting an animated T v show based off of a sugarry food product, so it first aired in N, nine utered and eighty five and the series went til nineteen. Ninety one there were sixty five shows that thirty consisted of two eleven minute cartoons. So all in all, there was ninety five distinct over all episodes. I was an absolutely huge fan of this show. It was very up tempo. There was a nice little lesson in each episode. It was a sitcom format for an animated show matter of fact. This was the first time that Disney had ever done a show like this. It really started a trench. It was the first major serialized animated television series for Disney and it's often credited by its animators and historians, a helping jumpstart, the entire eighties and nineties cartoon Revolution Syeah. So that's my first show that, unfortunately came to an end in ninety one, but I was shocked to learn that it ended in ninety one. I remember way after that, 'cause of course it lived on in reruns for years and years, all the way up: ntill N Nineteen ND. Ninety seven- and of course, if you want to watch Disney's gummy bears as of November twenty nineteen, it was released on Disney plus, so the adventures of Disney's, the gummy bears and the adventures of Tintin. So that's what I got for the television round, all right so remingcon steal. I remember I actually remember watching that big pierce prasend fan. I love Golden Itam movies, great M Bu. I remember Renmington' steel for sure, voyagers. I'd never seen that. That's actually sounds terrible. What happened to that guy? I I go with him real, quick. When you were talking about Im, it seemed like a you know: Good Looking Guy, you know like. Maybe he could have uh. Actually, you know may like been in some more action or adventure movies. You know for the rest of his career. I don't know. Oh sure, let me EOT. Let me just read some of these. If you guys go to our facebwww Eboth dotcom fodss doing decades, you never know maybe I'll start pulling fucking comments from Shit. Then I'm going to post on an episode. I posted this up. Let me just tell you what some of the people said about this mark. Roberson said I remember it ran on Sunday nights and I think I saw every episode sad about what happened in John Errqexam Tashill said the producers were secretly teaching us about history and we loved every minute of it. Jason Lindsey said H. I kindof remember hearing about it. Wasn't it like a time travel show Norman Hudo said voyagers. It felt like a prelude to quantum leap, Ale, linsaw, spucked up the name and Haid vineas bogs, but sure that's close. He said I think this was the man's character's name. I think it had something to do with t e pocket watch or something and time travel mark Senator said love. This show Satlya only last once even lesshamvens loved it Carlomaran. Here's some shit, I didt now Mino pelloose. Who was the the little kid that he travelled with that's actually the brother of sole moon fry really yeah Noshir? I didn't know that H. Somebody and a few people know this guy. Another person said it's a boy from polger guys and other one said my boy mino, so yeah th people watched this shit man and thanked still all those people that e posted that just go on our facebook. There's forty thousand people on there we post it say what you like, but sorry. I had to cut that off 'cause I had happit a look and I was like Holy Shit Le This bt. While you were doing that, I actually did some research as well and Youwere, bringing up the pocket watch and whatever happened to it. It actually resurfaced in ninety three, with H, captain coons and pulp fiction really, or are you making that up the pocket watch? I know I had that piece of metal up my ass three years, all right, Druw Zacman. What's your ruling for this round yeah? So I d I like voyjust, sounds like actually mihthave to check O IOS. I do like time. Travel type shows I might look into that one adventures of Tintin. I don't I can't say I ever watch that one gummy beaers absolutely watched that one so macre, so the REMINGTON steel that was the debt ere. They they both were debuts. They were both DABUES YEP carm. No, I think, im shows here yeah. I I'm going to go with that. I think I'm Gong to go with I'm Goin Togo, with the man crash on these sorry mark. I gotto go with t e t e two debuts voygers alson IE in EU ump. That's going to check that one out, I'm not going to bother looking into adventures of Tentan, even for my kids, no, no tinting for you was you have Disney plus, but just put on Disney's. The gummy bears on Disney plus they'll, be just as happy. I promise I I am getting them into the original ducktails and Tailspin Nie, so we got that going for them, but yeah I'm going I'm going Ma across that one there all right! Man Crush! You, take a two to one lead heading into the first two point round. We got hot products and movies left. Where do you want to go man? Let's go? Let's Go hot products first April Twentieth, Ninetygh two! This is a game straight out of my childhood. This is an enormous game, fror the Itar Twenty six hundred- and I was fortunate enough to have this one and the game was fortunate enough to be released eight months prior to the whole at fucking video game, tebacle that basically destroyed the entire industry for a couple of years, but, unlike thet game, this actually would become one of Atari's best selling video games on the Atari Twenty six hundred with a number around four million copies sold, and it was the most popular video game for the next fifteen months after its release in Ablile twentieth of ninety two and it became the catalist for side scrolling games moving forward. This is the game where you you have to navigate pitfall Harry. You guys know the game. Talk about you navigate hem through quicksan Bire, snakes, Crocks Scorpions, not the band laswing from vines collect treasures along the way you'd find gold and silver and diamond rings, and money and the game. It has a lot of sequels, the last of which came out in twenty twelve and it's actually still available for IOS and android. The game had its own cartoon series in Nineteenh three also and it's pitfall. Game had the absolute most annoying sounds and soundtrack ever. Oh, it's nineteen. Eighty two, the game was so anxiety and ducing you'd be playing IIN. I loved this game. Wasn't there like a time limit in this game? Yeah you had to do everything at a certain time. Maybe that's why? Like people get in anxietis stems fuck and Pitfull Hell Yeah. I like on a lot of my Atari Games, growing up 'cause. We ID probably had like fifty Atar Games 'cause at one point. They were being sold for like a dollar, yeah and uh I'd say on eighty percent of them. I would play the game with the volume all the way down. o You had the the fucking sound trackss games were so bad and the sound nothing compared to computer games a couple of years later so much better, but yeah. That's my first peck Ab twent nineteeg two got the release of Pittfall on the Itarty Twenty six hundred. My second pick going with something that I never do. Reading June Tenth N Nineteen. Eighty two: We got the best selling book by Stephen King, the story about the gun, slinger rollind deshen and his adversary, the man in black, it's Steven, King of course. So it's got some horror in it. T's got some fantcy in it some Scifai and, of course, some adventure. The inventor takes us through the desert and search of the man in black in the novel, the Dark Tower, the gun slinger. The book was release Numerous Times matter of fact in n nineteen, eighty two they sold out of the book and it went out of print. So when pet cemetery came out in nietee three, they made a mention on the cover that king was the author of like Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Lahlah and gun slinger. So people started bbarding the publisher like where the fuck is gun. Slinger, I didn't get it which led the publisher O at least another ten thousand copies in Nineteen Ighy, three, which also sold out and then again in two thousand and three Stevien King added, another thirty five pages to this book and then rereleased it again in an expanded edition which helped the plot out and some of the continuity issues with the rest of the series and then, of course, like I like to say in here book got legs because it got a movie in twenty seventeen which starred ejas Elba as Rolin Shane and Matthew mconaghey as the man in black. So there are my two picks the guns, slinger and pitfall when you got mark. Let's think a look here so for my hut products. You know I wanted to go with some great action: Adventure, toys and there's no better adventure, toys than the action figures that were released in Nineteen Ninety one bill and Ted's bogus journey. The follow up to the very popular movie bill, an Ted's, excellent adventure, so Kennor put together a series of billanted action figures based on the movie excellent adventure, the first one, but this these were released when bogus journey came out, so you're getting action figures for the first movie as the second movie was released, so they released all kinds of figures and characters from the movie. You had bill S, pressten Ted theotor Logan. You had rofis playing keyboards Gengas, Kan on drums, billy the kid with a guitar and a Lao Abraham Lincoln played keyboards, and you could actually pull off his stove pipe hat and underneath was a wild stallion. Sign like sticking out of his head makes no sense whatsoever. They did have death with the Syth Guitar. Now. Death, of course, was from this second one, but they included it in the toy line for this one. There was actually they actually made a phone booth as well, that you could connect a character o two with a line and then push a button on the phoane booth, and it would pull him into the Phoam booth. But the big selling point to all of these action figures where you could get a cassette tape, ind a speaker and actually plug headphone jacks on to the back of the action figures and as you squeeze their legs together, they would play music. It was kind of like a starting stop button for the audio, so there was a commercial produce for this and there's actually a kid saying on it. Squeezing their legs together gets them jamming I'll post this commercial up to our facebook page. When we post the episode, you guys will get a kick out of it. So that's my first one, the bill and teds excellent adventure. Action figures released inineteen. Ninety one, that's my first thought product, my second hot product. I don't think I'm going to have to go into too much detail on, because it's an adventure that we all hold near and deer to our heart. It's one of the greatest adventure video games ever made and one of the greatest video games ever made ever it's the legend of Zelda, a link to the past released November, Twenty First Nineteen, ninety one for the supernintendo entertainment system. You know the link to the past was a landmark game for Nintendo. Instead of using the sides growling perspective that they introduced an Zelda two, which was kind of a flop. It returned to the traditional values of Zelda kind of that overhead view, but with this time with improved graphics, a link to the past also marked the first appearance of something that we would see in all other Zelda Games and became a Zelda trademark and that's the existence of two different parallel worlds. The light world and the dark world ign actually placed it as number eleven and it's top one hundred games of all time. Yeah. So that's what I got for hot products for adventure, the legend Obzelda a link to the past and Billan Ted's excellent adventure action figures released for bill, an Ted's bogus journey. Those are good, picks, Theyre Holy Jeeze, so I icrust you had pitfall was released for the Atari Twenty six hundred like that game is like your like a straight up: Adventure right. It's almost like Indiana, Jone Ziish. It really. I played the crap out of that S. I idn't! I didn't have it for the Atar. We actually had a commodore of sixty four, so I played it for that, like for hours great game, I love that game. Tha was those fun four million copies sold, which is pretty crazy, a good game, and then you had gun slinger released by Stephen King. I mean anytime King Releases, a book people lose their damn minds for a good reason. 'cause, usually H, stuff is pretty good. There's that so and then mark you had bill and Ted th, the billnt head toys where you get the you get to squeeze their legs and play some music. I think that's a that's fun forever! That's fun! For the family and a legend of Zobleing to pess yeah length to the past. THAT'S UH! That's a tough one! That game is up there. I I'm not so some of the Nintendo and Suateni Games. I did. I didn't. I never had it intenda Er st growing up 'cause w. We had the commodor sixty four some of those games, some of those games. I I wound up like playing, but like wait now I might play 'em now. Just more like as a retro thing to play them just for the sake of playing t'em, but I don't know feel like for me like. It didn't really hit me because I didn't have the systems back then to really understand the impact. Like some of the INTENDA games like punch out like yeah, I played some of the main games Wonte for someone's house, but games like that. I I did't really play T to too much. Although I did play, was it Ocarina in time which is Werthe Eteno? Sixty four? Is that the one yeah Acarano Time Yeh Yeah Yeah Yea? Yes, I had. I had an intendo sixty four and I was actually the first Ntendo that I got and I had that that game was a fucking blast. I love playing that game, so I don't know this is a tricky one. I feel like Z, SA compare to to video games. I would say: Zelda probably is the bigger game compared to pitfall, though I do love Pentfall, but then the bill, an heads, toys where you squeeze their legs for crying out loud mark, don't forget pitfall. It started the whole side, scroler action, here's Ho I'm looking at this- I I would say Zelda is the bigger game than pitfall. However, thosthose bill and tead toysmark, I don't think they're holding up. For me, Stephen King is fucking Stephen King Ye. That's the best way to thistwe to describe it now, if no mark, if you came out and said, fucking Heman was released and I'd be like no brainer, like Murman came out in ninety one, which I know it was in the eighties. But if e like Murman or fucking Fisto, my boy fissed ot, I a I was like, I couldn't fist them. I couldn't fist them all. I'm not going to argue with you too much on that, because you know these bill antets, excellent adventure, toys, half of the line that cannot develop, they never even release to the general public. So the details that are left out an marks am yeah. I this is. This is mancross here yeah I I gotto go mancrush Um Yezelt is the better game that pitfall, but I mean Stephen King's book. I think definitely beats U billanteds toys and squeezing their legs already. Well, that seals this one mancrush picks up an early victory, thet we're playing for pride still. Oh, I have no pride retemption all right, so we're going to head onto the movies round mancrust. Do you want to go first or do you want to defer h? Go ahead? You can go Al Right, somy, first movie for the adventure movies man. This is one of the great adventure movies of all time release June, Fourteenth Nineteen. Ninety one, I give you the absolute classic from the Great Director Kevin Reynolds who gave us water world. I give you Robin Hood: Prince of thieve, Kevin Costner, Morgan Friedman, the very beautiful Mari Elizabeth Master, Intonio Christians later and, of course, Alan Rickman nothinglike, a good original story, one hey, but when you're talking about adventure it doesn't matter if it's an original sthis is Robin Hood One of Thee Greats. If not the greatest adventure story ever written. The best thing about this movie is Brian Adams, absolutely that Pantydropper of a song, the movie cost forty eight million dollars to make man, but the crumint of world wide gross was three hundred and ninety million plus dollars. He cocued yeah. They they cumed all over the place. With this movie t because of Brian Adams, yeah seriously, I'm saying Jest Bhat when you think about how big that song was on empt. I was massive yeah, it's like you. You watched the like a mini fucking, clip of the movie eighty times a day. Yeah, you know if you're, if you're lucky the Brian Adams, video was the ultimate trailer yyuvi. So that's my first one, Robin Hood, Prince of Thebes say what you will about it. It's a great adventure film. So that's my first one. My second one came out December, Eleventh Nineteen, Ninety one, you know when Captain James Hook, kidnaps his children, an adult Peter Pan, must return to Neverland and reclaim his youthful spirit in order to challenge an old enemy. He had to go back to Michael Jackson, so that would be an adventure. Yes, we're going back to another old story in the Steven Spielbirg Classic Hook, starring dust and Hoffman Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, Bob Hoskins and the Beautiful Maggie Smith. This is this is a movie that we've all watched a thousand times. Man Rufio t his young backt she's, probably what like sixty three back in ninety one yeah, but she was actually wearing make up to look like a ninety year old woman and that so she actually looks if you walt go back and watch book. Maggie Smith looks today the exact same as she looked in Hook in ninety one. It's amazing she's been ninety for the last thirty years s yeah. This was just if you were a young kid at the time. This might have been the movie that introduced you to Robin Williams and it was kind of false advertising and what I mean by that it I never realized it until I started going back and researching for this episode. Robin Williams was completely shaven for this movie. They shaved him from the waste up all of his ARMHAIR chesthair back hair. I think that's the only time they've ever done, that for a movie 'cause it would have kind of looked really weird Peter Pan being you know, looking like fucking sassquatch there he was a hairy man. Oh it was horrible, so I guess to have that Boyish Charm still that had to shave down Peter Pan, she just Pue, so the movie was nominated for five Oscars and just goes on to be one of those youthful classics. I don't think it's a movie. That's going to be technically one of the best movies ever made even on Spilberg standards, but it has a soft spot in my heart just because of the Great Robin Williams. So that's what I got hook in Robin Hood, Prince of Thebes Maggie gets me soft. Maggie gets me hard in my heart. All right, man crush over to you. What da e you got for some adventure movies, alright June. Fourth, nineteen two first off this is associate with like a famous television series at launce in nineteen sixty six. It would go on to have like twelve movies to boot, all right, but with twelve movies, there's, usually one movie that rises above the rest like the cream and the crop of every series. You KN, like five thirteen. You like two, the best like Niarn Almthe Street, you like Threeis, probably my favorite, there's, always a police academy too Y H, there's always one you like more than all the other ones, rocky five Andi, the worst of the seres. I forgot that was even in it when you buy the box Sek, they don't even give you five, no they're trying to make you forget that it exists, but seriously. If you ask fans like, what's your favorite movie of the series, they will usually tell you the same answer with this one and it's this movie yeah so much so that they even had a loosely based reboot done in twent ad thirteen by JJ Abrams Fi O. I actually liked that one h this movie would go on to taking her close to a hundred million dollars. Ot, the box office hit's about two hundred and sixty seven million dollars in twusantand twenty off of a eleven million dollar budget. It's huge at the time. It also had the largest opening weekend ever for a movie. To this point, nineteen too, which was a bit over fourteen million dollars, which is pretty fantastic for the time. However, paramount home video would rush this one out, tof vs it they put, is invijs stores by November nineteen. Eighty two! So, like a few months later, this fucking thing came out onrental and that didn't really happen a lot with a law of movies. You'd, almost wait like a year for them to come out, not this one which made it one of the most rented and purchased movies, O nineuteen nd. Eighty three, we actually ownd this one on R C, a disk, an my house. I still remember my dad bringing it home, but you know much like the Indiana Jones vh s, release that we mentioned some episodes back where paramount lowered the price to thirty nine nd. Eighty five. They did the same thing with this one and it encouraged like the rest of the VHS market. They slash teur prices, so this is kind of that point. Yet Indiana Jones slashed their prices on this one, and this one did as well and everyone else followed sut. But if you haven't figured it out by the twelve movies and it started in nineteen, sixty six and it's a sci fi adventure. This is the Ricardo Maltiban, William Schatner Leonard Nemoy Action Adventure, Scifi Classic Sartreck, two wrath of. Can you know it is actually funny that I read during this that they took away the executive producer title from Gen Radenbary and they just made him like a production consultant. Because from what I gather, he was like a super pain in the ASS. During the original motion picture, where which came O ot n nineteen, a seventy nine where he was constantly like redoing parks in the movie rewriting the script, so they said fucked at you're just going to Wastro we're. We got this and, like I said before the I don't know: F everybody likes that Jj Abram's one, but I dug the new star tracks: they're, awesome, yeah, so even both of 'em. I liked that one, but this is the classic. You put all the movies together. Star Trek Two wrath of Kan is the best ar trek. I think that's pretty. Like I mean, would you say the same thing which O Vavori Sartrek? I don't think I've ever seen any of them O whatyeah, I'm not a big trecky. I've always tried to get into it. I I dig the original series. You know the original T V series. I think I H I saw wrath of Kan when I was a little kid once I remember tha the little monster and the thing and he sticks it in his ear and that that just creaked me out man Dgo to watch it now. Yeah Okon Kon's a good one. It's really good! It holds up it's it's a solid fucking movie Lin. I just watched it like a month ago. It's still good nurce yeah I'll have to go back an check. Ao No spoiler somethon. Give me any spoilers, I'm not going to say anything about the movie you watch it all right is his is my second pick December seventetenth nd, nineteen and eighty two, here's a movie. It had even larger budget at the time than Sartrack two did coming in at fifteen million dollars, so already can kind of expect. This is gon have some serious effects in it, especially for nineteen. Eighty two and the movie did fantastic in the box office as well, not quite as good as startruck two, but it did bring around forty one million dollars. Nineteen two that's about a hundred and ten million dollars in thousand a twenty and Osley this movie. It did good, but it would have done much better if it wasn't so creepy to us, kids 'cause. This is a fucked up movie like watching it by nineteen e two. I was only four years old, so I hadn't begun watching like Friday r thirteenth. Yet that was like. Probably when I was five so like kids like me, were like kind of freaking out, you had the these evil bird lizard people, it's it's fucked out in the entire movie, is live action and not animated matter of fact. This is the first ever live action motion picture to not star an actual human being. I don't know if you guys know where I'm going with Havig no gon, I in to find out waes going with it. I love watching faces, whet I'm giving the description yeah Atlarst I had to remind myself. This is movies. I thought you were talking about land of the loss for a second, but now it's this movie was freaky for sure. Definitely, once again, like my last pick, Netflix picked this one up and they released a prequel last year. So again this movie has legs been around. For I a long time H, it's good verse, evil, it's an adventure and they have to find the. I think it was like the last dark shard crystal to store balance to the universe in this Jim Hencin, classic the dark, Crystal Secember, seventeenth, nine uteen and eighty two yeah. You threw me there and looped there at first. I wasn't sure reer going with that. Damn I love it like when I'm giving the descriptions, especially when it's a team episode. I love looking at everybody's faces. Yeah there's usually like one person knows where I'm going and you get that little nod a smile or like just like a blow off like Ait's a Shitpick. I got this Ram then, on the other side, there's like you could read the entire thing and everyone j is like stone faced and has no fucking clue what you're talking about, and that was this one man now that I know that you pay attention of that. I'm going to start doing that. Just to fuck, you up need a poker face. An e were sunglasses. I'm Goinnto have no clue what you're talking wed be like O. that's enothing pick. You know what bullshit good fellows. I got there Itout K to Yaory Abot, the all right, Tru Zaccman, all all round, good picks, I think Um yeah. Oh, I think they all qualify as some solid adventures, so we have MacRae the the Rath of constartric two. It is a good movie. I liked M, I forget what the actual name was, but it was the first one that Jj Abram did. I I would say that's. I probably watched that more than any of the other star checks, t aut on the first one with Cris Pine T at was that was t aricbanas in it caral urban. So it's a pretty solid cast in there, but yeah Ratacando, great flick. Ricardo Mountaboni is a fun name to say motobacey. That guy is he's, he's a machine that Ricardo Yeah. He was in the original episode from the sixties, Yep. They brought it back Yep and then Dart Crystal. I knew where you were going with that Um. I Lik we watched that like in our fourth grade class. For some reason I was I don't know, I wasn't wasn't feeling it, but I I remember that Jim Henson's, a fucking, legend Um and then over to youmark. You had Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. I this movie's, Weird Um. I I love this movie. I watched it maybe like like two years ago and I want I feel like I had like hankering to watch it again. I don't know why I love it, but I feel, like you know you had this this cast. That was insane. You know you had Kevin coster. You had worgan Freeman Allan Rickman for crying out loud. You Ha, I think, rickmwas coming right off of dieard or not too long after die hard, and then you Hav Christians, slater H. I think the Ky toit really is kind of like the pacing, because how they spaced it out with the ensemble cast. You know you CA, ove scenes with Christian slater that Kindo just moves the story along and then the stuff with Allan Rickman. I mean costners Costner you're not going to get much with him, but I think Morgan, Friedman, slater and Richman kind of picked up tha the whole back end of that production, yeah, N and Morgan Freeman h was the first person, never do a C section. If I'm not mistaken, O that movie so H, we learn a. We learned. A lot during that LIK is fun Um. I I Sai, I actually want to watch it again, even though I feel like it's, maybe not the best rendition of Robin Hood. I think men and Tihts is actually the best but and yeah that Brian Adam Song Holy Shit. You could not put on Te Radio and not hear that song and you cannot watch MGV and to your point it is like a as a small trailer yeah for that movie an I still like that song. I will still throw that Song on look into your heart, for the answer here, give us h and then Um and then hook any time you have Robin Williams involved. It's going to be good, like I I'Mnot sure I can remember anything. Robi win said that was terrible. His standup was frigging amazing. He was so good as the genie and Aladdin. Unfortunately, he is gone and we're not going to get anymore movies from him or anything else 'cause. He was just a absolute comedic genius, probably M. I woulay, probably my favorite comedian, he's up there with Chapel, I I would say robe Wilam's my number one, but I think this round. I know it's a little too little too late there by I'm, going to go and mark on these wow. The Hook brings you back so yeah wow didn't expect to win that round. Thout mancrush had some absolutely stellar picks for those movies, but you know Wilei had it all good. I did they're all good. It's the the power of Robin Williams and Kevin Cosner. I guess the Coss and and a Shaven Robin Williams veryshaving, but all right if you've listened this episode and you don't agree with judge, drew Zacman, get a hold of us on our facebook page or right. In the comments on wherever you're listening on I tunes on spotify cassbox. Let us know who you think one. Each of these rounds and you'll pick up twenty points on the dueling decades. Leaderboards yeah search your heart search, your soul. When you find Mo when you ro me there you'll search momoralser, no more and while you're searching you could actually go over and search dueling decades anywhere on the Internet and you'll find dueling decades dotcom where you can subscribe to all of the episodes and all the shows on. I tunes you can subscribe on Casbox or anywhere pondcasts are available again. I Wan to think judge Drew Zacman for coming owt on the show tonight and being our judge tell us what is going on on the one headlight nineties, podcast yeah, we have a bunch of uh fun things coming up actually, so I think the last thing I I did was we wrapped up one. It wonders, but I'm pushing very hard to try to get Aah an episode about three eleven out for a three eleven day, I'm Gong to basically I'm going to try to like write it and then record it and then edit it tomorrow, we'll see how that goes on and you're going to be all mixed up. If you do that, I see what you did there yeah you got Ta, get that one down Ilcom so march, madesses around the corner. So what we're doing is I'm putting together like a bracket style for the best nineties, albums so like in nineties out music albums marched madness. I guess he could say nd, I'm trying to break it down into groups of eihts its O ot, going to be sixty four we're goting to do thirty. Two just start small this year, maybe next year we'll blow it out to sixty four, but we'll do like a category for like more like hard rock or metal than we have rock alternative and that kind of poper kind of basically like others. I guess he could say and what we'll do is we'll have people vote on twitter or you can send me emails with. You know what your you know, what your votes are or I'll put it up on facebook as well, and if you think we WL, probably wind up doing, is having people if they can pick the final four right and then the championship right, we'll have prizes available for them, so we'll have that sent out to them. So that's what we have coming up over at the one head, like Nineti's, potcast, Nice Werd, all right jewelers. I want to think you once again listening to this episode of dualing decades head on over to deling decades. Dotcom or you can subscribe to the show and then head on over to faxebook dotcom forward, slash dueling decades. Let us know what your favorite parts of the show is and drop a review on itunes on facebook. Right in the comments on Casbok anywhere is good, we'll appreciate it so until next time duelers we're going to bid you a peace, love lighten, O joy have a Greap pe week. Everyone infermay media