Dueling Decades
Dec. 8, 2021

Lydia Cornell gets too close for comfort with this Week Experience battle between 1983 & 1996!

Lydia Cornell gets too close for comfort with this Week Experience battle between 1983 & 1996!

This week we have another totally righteous rerun for you as we flashback to the time the ageless and beautiful Lydia Cornell joined the show! The Too Close for Comfort star judges this battle between 1983 & 1996, and drops some serious Hollywood stories on us. Just who did she kiss on Magic Mountain? What did she say about Ted Knight on a talk show that was too scandalous for audiences? Who did she deliver "the talk" to while celebrating an anniversary at Hooters? Did she start a rumor? An agent did what?! Stalkers, Stolen valor, and a whole lot more from her upcoming book! 

Mike Ranger and Marc go head to head on this week's retro battle between the 80s and 90s! On this episode, we got notorious killers, Marc digs deep for an industrial discovery, Lydia gets wet on a television challenge, stripping welders, songs about masturbation, short shorts and tight tank tops, Gerbils in small uncomfortable spaces, witches on television, tv networks on the decline, hammer on the decline, JTT gets stricken with disease, and much much more!

Do you agree with Lydia’s rulings? How did you score it?

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