Dueling Decades
April 8, 2020

Lydia Cornell guest judges this battle between 83 & 96, and it's Too Close for Comfort!

Lydia Cornell guest judges this battle between 83 & 96, and it's Too Close for Comfort!

We got a special guest judge this week that has a lot of stories to tell! The ageless and beautiful Lydia Cornell joins the show! The Too Close for Comfort star judges this battle between 1983 & 1996, and drops some serious Hollywood stories on...

We got a special guest judge this week that has a lot of stories to tell! The ageless and beautiful Lydia Cornell joins the show! The Too Close for Comfort star judges this battle between 1983 & 1996, and drops some serious Hollywood stories on us. Just who did she kiss on Magic Mountain? What did she say about Ted Knight on a talk show that was too scandalous for audiences? Who did she deliver "the talk" to while celebrating an anniversary at Hooters? Did she start a rumor? An agent did what?! Stalkers, Stolen valor and a whole lot more from her upcoming book! 


Mike Ranger and Marc go head to head on this week's retro battle between the 80s and 90s! On this episode, we got notorious killers, Marc digs deep for an industrial discovery, Lydia gets wet on a television challenge, stripping welders, songs about masturbation, short shorts and tight tank tops, Gerbils in small uncomfortable spaces, witches on television, tv networks on the decline, hammer on the decline, JTT gets stricken with disease, and much much more! Do you agree with Lydia's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard!  


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formay mediai doing decadessis wax piece of all guys and thanks were having me on the show Wi'll it be the nineties or the AM Bany babies or crack babies, relly Ben Amanan or macdon, maybe Britin. Maybe Whitney. Do you like new little o new wave, dayrow or Super Dave? I don't know, but now the pannel begins dueling decades and lets see who wins: Joyn Os roudcasting from the pod Cash New York studios. It's the adult, only retro game show where the eighties and nineties battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it, welcome back to dueling decades. Let's take a look at this week's dulers and the decades they will be fighting for in the weak experience, but first joining us on commentary. As always, please welcome back to the show mancrush. What's up, you know, I went out today go shopping. I got scolded for standing too close to the six foot line on checkout, so I'm a little down O. Like I'm a little down today, ecause I got yelled at by a cashier. I expected more arout a human crush. I did like the next lady. It was like twelve feet away from me and she was like stay behind the right line. I ws like all right, so this is the highlight of my day. Let's, let's do this, what do what do you guys? Have? I don't even remember what years you have so I'm interested I am Mark James, and for this week I will once again be representing the nineteen eighties. With the first week of April nineteen and eighty three and tonight my opponent, my granger hosted a video rangers podcast and I'm representing the nineties with April first through seventh andnineteen and ninety six, and as always here on the show, we need somebody to judicate all of this awesomeness. So let me introduce to you tonights celebrity gest judge. She is an actress and a comedian who, as best known for her role as Sera, rush the alluring daughter of tednight on the all time, classic ABC Sitcom Too Close for comfort. Please welcome, Judge Lydia Cornell. I I'm so happy to be here with you guys. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dualing decades rules. The judge's coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judgeis ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, duelers tind to jump into the wayback machine as we play more anill right. Let's toss it right down to our judge, Lydia Cornell for the official toss off for this game, hear God toss my blouse in the air just kidding him Mike You, you call it today I'll go with th heads I go ahead. I did I tas e Dam attent all right Mike Rangerand, you win the toss and take control of the board. What category would you like to go with? First, you know IM GOIN to go with OT products o off the bat, not hot pocket. No I'd win can't wait for the day. Somebody gets hot pockets, pockets yeah. It would be amazing, but nobody's had that. Yet Mike, where we going all right, so I in nine teen and eighty eight PHYFA awarded the United States e o n Nineteen n ninety four World Cup, when the? U S, Soccer Federation, agreed to start a division, one professional soccer league. As result, major league soccer was formed in ND, nine hutdred and ninety five and started its first season. On April sixth, Nineteen D. Ninety six, I found an article in the daily news from April Fourth Thosanine hundred and ninety six by Michael Lewis, who says it all begins at a sold out. Thirty one thousand seat Spartan Stadium in San Jose. The San Jose clash would play DC united at eight PM ON ESPN Louis went on to say that much was riding on the ten team league. If it fails, emaless could be the last attempt at establishing a top rate soccer league until the next century. Currently, Major League soccer has twenty six teams with hopes to expand O thirty and the near future. So we got the first season of H. Major League soccer they've had thirty one thousand people go to games since then. Well, that's anotherone! CMC of I went to one of those games yeah. It's it's fun, though. Like th Y, they do a really good job. The game we went to was a New York game which actually they played in Jersey. There was only like, maybe fifteen hundred people there. It was crazy. So that's a big difference. From what year do you have agin in Nineten, Sinety, six yeah? Ninety six Manhad? Thirty, one thousand people all right. What da you got for your second selection? All right, so I found an article in the ticker column of the Daily News from April fo, Urth, Anine, htde and ninety six titled Disney sins. Mattel, Wald, Disney and mattell announced a far reaching alliance that gives the toymaker world wide rights for all upcoming T, V and film properties. This gave the manufacturer the toy right for the upcoming Disney animated film Hercules, Ian Nine Hutdred N. ninety seven Mattel beat out Hasboro for the rights and continued this partnership until around two thousand and fifteen, when Disney moved its princess line to Hasborog, but in Twenty Nineteen Disney and mattell announced a renewed partnership. METTELLAS had a working relationship with Disney since nineteen fifty five when it became the first sponsor of the Mickey Mouse Club. The hasborogh deal is set to expire in tweanty. Twenty and currently matel produces all toys based off of Pixar movies wow. So what we have is mattel and Disney agreeing to an exclusive deal on all upcoming movie T V properties. I had I write so from my first selection, I'm GONTA head over to newspapers, DOT com. In a newspaper dated April seventh, nineteen and eighty three out of the Herald News, OT, a PASAIC NEW JERSEY. We have an announcement for a brand new product. The Wood Products Industry is certainly not known for coming up with new product on a frequent basis. Two by fours ind sheet supply would have been around for generations with little offendid changes, but now there is something new from the industry and it looks like a winner. It is called way for board and many observers are predicting that this new panel will rapidly overtake plywood as the product choice for both construction and th. Do It yourselfhur everyone's, probably familiar with waferboard? At this point, it's in every home, it's like pieces of chip and wood, all pressed together and glued particleboar. You mean it's bigger particles than actual particle board, like you can actually hary like wood chips all glued together. It's called way for board. Actually they show it in a picture and here somebody's using it for the fronts of their kitchen cabinets. I don't know anybody who would actually do that in their own home, but way from board it's a brand new product, it's in every single construction outlet known to man, any home depot lows in probably in your own home. So that's my first product, my second hot product. I don't have hot pockets, but I do have some hot wings, because, oddly enough, on April Fools Day, nineteen eighty three six businessmen got together and they incorporated a brand new business. hooters was born on April Thusday, nine teen and eighty three, that's not the day an they open, the first franchise. That is the day that they incorporated the business just to be clear, but the concept of hooters came along an all. These businessmen got together and they wanted to open a new restaurant that they couldn't get kicked out of, so they opened up hooters, offering fine finger foods, fifties and sixties music in a happy nostalgic field that Americans can get lost in and lots and lots of plywood. If you remember on the early hooters, it's all just wrapped in plywood t eleven plywood no way for board to be seen anywhere, but plenty of plywood ind huwings. So those are my two selections: The Birth of Waferboard and Huwings, from hooters incorporated on April Fullsday, nine hunered and eighty three, that's the waverboard. That's a really deep cut man. You must have been digging for a while. LA couple of weeks ago I came with the first foaming carwash. I had to step it up with going by wayforboard, that's solid. I have a lot to say about the restaurant, my tike about it, Ot lk Bot, tplaton in a hooters and a tilted kilt Halley yeah. My husband took me there from my anniversary with the kids, and I had to have a long talk with boys about sex and they were precin. I want to know what this conversation sounded like yes, yeah yeah, it is so wild and funny you see we're going to make a TV series out of it. One night in a restaurant, it's called but hoters is, is where it really took place. So when you brought that up I' m like what that's not my favorite restaurant and there are a lot of women not to be a feminist R, anything, but a lot of women are theyre suing a manager at one of the hooters. I think because he was shooting spitwatts through a straw into the waitressof Havagethis is like recent in two thousand and seven so I mean that's when theyshould happen and they're suing Hem. Now, because all the women just woke up and went, we were treated like sex objects wearing bikini in a little tiny midrof top the Tilta killt is the worst. But I understand I mean y. You want your a lot of men just thought it was normal for leme to to walk around and you know half naked yeah. Well, that place is it's bizarre. They took me there F. I was in the marine coure at the time, and so it was probably like my maybe twenty seventh or twenty eigth birthday and now on Min Yeah Yeah Thist Lon. It feels like it was forever ago now, but this is SI is going back, probably about thirteen years, my friends n. We were down in San Diego and they were like. Oh, let's go to the hooters down there 'cause. I guess it's like one of the original hooters or something I've been to the hooters. Have you ear live 'Caus, actually really hing into the sandieos. They told e waitress. It was my birthday and I had no like. I didn't know that they were doing this, so the waitress comes over and she's like okay, you come with me a second. I need you to help move something like something. Some bizarre requests, a Li Ge Sur. So what they were doing was they were setting me up on a stool and she was like here's, this woodend stool. I want you to stand on it and hang this up for me and I'm like okay, like you, could have picked anybody in the restaurant. You came over to me and I was like yeah sure I'll do it, so I'm standing there and I'm like hanging some bullshit things she gave me and they all start singing happy birthday. I guess this is the way that they do it at hooters. Th like surprise the shit out of you and you're on this tiny, oh wooden, stool, that you could just fall off like any GIID. Second, and I was like what and the hell was going on, but yeah. That was that's my h, fantastic couter story, but I I never really liked the wings that's funny, but anyhow we're W, throw this one down to eulydia. What do you have for this round? So I get to vote on which of these four hot products Yi the bat it's either n, the nineties or the eighties, which oe can I ask about the nineties again? Did you mention hazro versus Mattel or Mo hosely? My article was about Mattel and Disney signing a deal that gave mattel exclusive rights or world wide rights to making toys for their movie and TV properties. Wow. That's interesting! Um because Matel the first Barbie doll I had one of the you know the nineteen sixties, Barbie dolls at was kind of Tatell was my favorite company for a while, then I realized Barbey's wastlight was too skinny to every ron e boxer. I mean the woolike zero with these big groobs um it's between hoters and and the product. Let me think: Ok, I'm going to go with. I got to go with the eighties. I love the eighties and I'm from the eighties, so I'm Gong to go with hooters, because it represents everything I'm against all right. So I win this round, pick up a point and take control of the board over to the movies round for round number two: that's early all right, so my first movie came out April first, nineteen, eighty three and it is the classic that you may or may not have heard of heart like a wheel, starring Bonni Badelia, who you may know as the wife of John mclan and all of the diehard movies Im woant, to read an article that came out from the Hollywood reporter and it's original review the most accomplished fuel racering. In the history of the National Hutrod Association is a woman. This Aurora Films Presentation Chronicles The story of Shirley Mldowny in her quest to break the sex, as well as the time barrier in one of the nation's most macho arenas. Motor sport racing. So the movie again is called Heart. Like a wheel came out April, first, nineteen. Eighty three did not do too well at the box office, only c brought in two hundred and seventy two thousand dollars Cumuntov worldwide grose. So I'm assuming it was a very limited release. The movie DIY'd go on to get praised for hi story in Bonni, Badilia's acting performance it also coasts, ours, bow bridges and Anthony Edwards. I knew how to Bridge Ri Eing with the Briches, loi, bridges and Jeff and Baw would have these skiterimins up in Taho with t Robert Conrad, who recently died from Um while while West, but anyway that was so, we go skiing with all these celebrity ski tournaments. You said Ski Turnen t AI Sket Thr. It was like a shoe D. I was like shooting event or something workfield and ch all right, so for my second movie selection, unlike my first movie, this movie did not do a lot for women's rights, also released the same exact day April. First, nineteen ND, eighty three, I give you a frolicking youth comedy about Zany high school students set in the nineteen sixties. I give you the colk classic comedy screwballs Yeah. I know miceranger is a huge fan of this movie. Of course it was written by Jim Wonorski and Co written by Linda Shan, who also coaststars in the movie as well. I actually watched this movie for the First Time Today. I had a hard time getting through it. It the storys a little convoluted. The whole movie sets up all of these kids. Getting detention in the dialogue of the film I'm Goinna say, is a little remedial and then I realized Jim Wen orsky wrote it and it made perfect sense. So you didn't get through the movie because of the story. Yeah right O, I usually just end up jerking off after the first twenty minutes, Youndo it in the meatlocker, because in in the movie one of the kids high school kids mind, you gets detention for masterbidding inside of a meatlocker; no, Oh God, yes, but everything inside was Usda approved. So those are my first to movie selection, screwballs and heartlike, a wheel MIC rainger. What o you got for movies? Man ohlet me tell you, Sir 'cause, on April Thir Nineteen, ninety six Martin Lawrence made his derectorial debut in the comic thriller, a Thin Line between love and hate Lawrence, also coroand starred in the film as Darnall Wright, a fast talking party man who lies to the wrong woman. So now the man who's always looking for action is about to get a lot more than he can handle 'cause. Everyone knows that a nightfull of passion can give you a lightful of pain. This fatal attractionsq film grossed over thirty million against an eight million dollar budget, a thin line between love and hate. While some women are waiting to Exale, this one is ready to get even yeah. Remember that movie! I do remember that movie yeah, I I'm sure you walked right by in blockbuster several times, yeah a bunch of dime. You just watched it move around the store. It didn't even have a cover that you would think would be a comedy actually looked like a wating bagile cover theline between Leveenh. I remember the Tible leally. Clearly, okay, what's your second one? Okay on my second one on April Thir, nineteen, ninety six Richard Gear and Edward Norton, Star and Primal Fear Norton makes his film debut is Aaron's Stampler a nineteen year old altar boy who was accused of murdering an archbishop. Richard Gar plays defence lawyer, Martin Val and CH, a Chicago defense attorney, who offers to take erand's case Probono, Norton's performance, uarned him numerous award nominations, including an Academy Award Nomination for best supporting actor. The film TOPD, the? U S, box office for three weeks, grossing over a hundred million against T E thirty million dollar budget. It was like we were dancing marty. I just oedwart and talked about that. We just went to all the screenings for the academy wards and he was speaking and people w produced that movie came out on stage and were praising him. It was his first movie, I think, at the age of nineteen he's amazing, an ser Yaht, yeah, H, Yah, he's he's really good N. Oh movie, is such a head Fuck too love that n reler yeah that that's just great. It's funny, th t like that movie came out in ninety six and it's just a thriller, but it had a thirty million dollar budget now, which is insane like what did they spend thirty million dollars Richard Ger? It had to be for a distribution or something yeah. Was That allfor Richard Ger? I don't know his hair looks great and I'm glad you guys know who he is. I have this line that I wroteof course I read somewhere. I think I was that grateful losfor Richard Ger, who said all my suffering is a result of thinking about myself too much. He said that in a book- and I was looking for it and I thought nobods an remember Wichard Gearis, so I have to use a different person like Matthew, mcconaughey 'cause, he's more current Tbut, you guys nowwer to gear. I love RWHO does't, like a of course he's huge officer and a gentleman''s one of my old time favorites. I grew up watching that movie. Well it to I love officer Ingen, my son is twenty six, so he doesn't really know who Heis you know. Well, I think, if, like if you're a family guy fan too, they bring hem up quite a bit. Ayy Well, not O', I a good light, but they do bring him up a lot about him and what is it like, squirrels or ferrets, or something C ing, erbl Toilet Paper, Roan Gerbil get agerbl Rshforten, like you, don't know that was Sorat least Lidia knew she called the urban Gerbil, because I wrote a whole chapter on it. I remember when he was accused of making love with a Gerbil and the whole world believed this and Everyene I went even my own hairdrestor said. I know the nurse who removed the Durbile and it was just such a disuptan story. Everyone knew someone involved with his story, but it had to be in urban letin right no well, I it wasn't a Gerbil. It was a hedgehog. The best part of the whole thing that you just said. As Ho said, he was making love a Himad German like like it was a good situation for the Gerbil. Well, listen! If, if Richard Gear is going to have sex with an animal he's going to make love to it, if you've seen the Guy Rih, I guess I guess he's going to take that Gerbil right out of the street sake it a pretty woman. I want like Lydia when you first heard that story didsome like how did somebody present that storm Wirth God? First of all, my hair, Drel Tel was Greek and I thought is it because he's greet that he's telling me this because they like little boy, he sai so horrible. I tried to like I sat there in my mouth wide open and I went around telling everyone. The story myself. I WASA like wildfire. Probably in my neighborhood ecause of me and I even like Presbyterian ad, I told her she looked at me like I was crazy, so it just spread like crazy and we all believed it. That's what's weird about it. He he described it in what were the details of the story, though 'cause I like I've only heard it like second or third hand by now- and all I know is like- was it like? A toilet paper role like he like put the Gerbil in the roll? Is that Howl is that with the story that you were spreading Ye, I was like c Pol, tsmyself 'cause. He convinced me, it was so real and I I sat there I couldn't get over it. I remember I heard it from him and he seemed like he knew first hand from the nurse that it was a toilet paper. Roll and the derbl went in there because it it felt good or something, and then I started investidate Thi Strean Sexua Tike me like. I can't even imagine how you can get the toilet paper roll into one's Essole like wouldn't it like collapse. Oh my God. I mean gerbils can't probably squeeze in anything. First of all, it's so bizarre. He was on the top. It was on like sixty minutes and barbar. Walters was interviewing and I remember he was so dignified. He didn't even answer the question. He didn't even look at her and acknowledged the question and I thoughtw that's 'cause. He had he's a Buddhist and he has this great fate. I think, or you know, spiritual calm. No. That was just because she was embarrassed so, but I remember I, it was mistaken for a hooker by my mother and the police on my way to want aunttorage audition one day I was stretsed it a dog collar and a leash and like Sihi, you know leather boots and fishnet stockings and I had to be it was for a the Secuel to pretty woman and I'm driving them Lak to the audition, going over cold weater canyon and we're all bumper to bumper and a woman jumps in front of the car in front of me and we all crash into each other, and I get out of the car like this. The cops come and have to tell my car- and I I kept saying I'm not a hooker, I'm an actress WHO's, my head shot and then they said, oh too, close to cover a a I signd autographs, and then I go home and it's ten. In the morning it's early and there's a woman at my door, knocking on the door, a social worker I duck in the bushes. She, my nanny opens the door and she goes on here to investigate charges of child abuse. 'cause. My little boy was screaming an the neighbor called the police because the baby was screaming, and so she was bathing it with with cold water. She he didn't, want the water on his head and I had to duck in the bushes and th. I'm not kidding this actually happen a ten te morning. I'd get out of the bushes. I walk over it. I thought. If Richard here can overcome the whole world thinking, he may love to a Terbil. I can overcome O I'. Just a tell her a you know, I'm going to walk up to the door and just say: Look she looked at me. She goes you just getting home from work, and I said no, I'm not a Hoeri pullout, my my head shot and it's a picture of me on in a bikini in all fours you've got to see this ficture, I'm going to send it to you. Oh my gong on it right now. No, this is be it's for real and I had to keep convincing her. I was an acteduateenbarrrassing day. That's FRIN, fantastic! That's! A great story is that R, that's coming out in your book. Yeah we'reit'Snot, like a curbyou, wouldn't believe how embarrassing it is to be a woman. In Hollywood you have to Pov unhumiliation Ou know. I bet you. Actually. You were on curbar enthusiasm right. I heard you start to mention tha yeah. I love Larry Davin, werwe're kind of friend. Oh my God. We just finished my wife and I we'v Been Seasone ten yesterday matter what Ioh, my God, that Guy Hilais he is great. He could do anything and then I I happen to look out B. 'cause, I'm not going to give too much away. If you haven't seen season ten, but he's uh he's spending a lot of money basically and she ends o just want to see what he was worth La David's worth like four hundred million dollar. It's crazy and T. I looked up his stor out yeah. I looked up his story like how you know he had like hard times going through the eighties, and then he met Jerry at a party, and you know they just kindof hit it off and then Ron show together. It's amazing story. If you, you haven't seen that go check it out and look up pictures of Larry David in the eighties 'cause. That's hilarious too. His big fro, I es O Toa e as in a bad comic. God He's Funnias Hell, though all Rightey, how we're wor weall right, let's toss it down to Lidia Cornell for the judgment for the movies round, I'm going to go with HA nineties primal fear. I love that movie, it's a thriller! It I just signed ednort and talking about it, yeah, okay, Ninety that kindof makes sense, Iad, never even heard of heart. Like a wheel. I I never had either as far as releases go. It was a very thin week, the week before the week after, of course, some major releases, but the weak of Easter, not too many movies coming out. So Mike Ranger, you win this round tying up the game at one apiece, you take control of the board all right. I think H. Let's, let's go to TV w something Lydia might know a lot about it. So I found an article from April. Fourth Hoanine hundred andninety six and the daily news called Clerissa makes a bewitching Sabrina. The article says that this Sunday, at eight PM on show time therewill be a tella movie called Sabrina the teenage which, with Clorissa, explains it all stor Melisca Jon, Hart based on the Archie Comic spinoff. This would be the unofficial pilot for the projected ABC series of premiering in the fall heartplace Sabrina a sixteen year old, high school student who discovers she's a witch and his men toward by her two ats. The show ran for seven seasons. A hundred and sixty three episodes has had two animated series: Video Games and a successful merchandize line. Mosta Jon Hart mid Nineties, she was doing things drive me crazy. My son, we loved that show. It's really cute hit's huge like she was like you just said she basically owned the nineties. Did you findherappealing do? Did you guys have a crush on her, as is ot in the nine couple different people, Tapanga Katy Holmes, proaby Kelly from say by the Bell I like Domor, when she was on nine? Oh Two, one o o yeah you're talking about tiffany an season yeah, Oh yeah, the whole nignt of two when I wal cast at one point I think I I went through all of them. I was like started out with liking Kelly, and then I switched to Brenda Thjelan to do him who didit come on? Who Y exactly you know which Oy was dillin, dilamckay, no Weryeah! That's sad story M all right! So what's your second pick? THAT'S UGE! You know what it's crazy about. That, too, is it. You said it started on show time the art, so what they did was they prermered it as like a made for TV movie on show time, but it was the pretty much a pilot for the plain series that was starting in the fall right, that's cool! So in my second pick on April second N Tousand, nine hundred and ninety six on ABC a beloved child Star of a Family Sitcom Five seasons into its run said. If I didn't know better I'd, think I was dying and at that moment ninety's television audience got an uncomfortable dose of humor, not seen since the bicycle man and for this hit family Sitcom home improvement. It truly was the longest day. I'm talking about the episode where the Tailor family finds out Middle Son, Randy, Jonathan Teller, Thomas may have cancer. Despite this, the show does not miss a beat. The jokes don't stop, and neither does the audience's laughter for every sombre moment is followed by a total disregard for human decency, but that's exactly what makes it a very special episode for those who haven't seen it. JTT does not have cancer, and the next week he's in the school play like nothing happened spoiler. I remember that episode. That was a tough one. What did they think he had just so out of time. I thought I forget. The dit was something with this thyroid. I think I forget right around this time s when I kind of STOPPD watching that show thatsounds depressing yeah was the kids got older? It was yeah yeah. I think that's the moment where the show officially jumped the shark. Why don'tthe Sak exactly ihts, you came with Sebrena the teenage which the pilot, which is a big one, and then h an episode of randeas cancer on home improvement, all right, Movin, ine thousand nine hundred and eighty three mark were westarted with this one. All right, man, we are going to go to a game, show that ended on April, first, nineteen and eighty three after just a very short run 'cause. It only lasted from January third t April. First, the game show was called just men. It was hosted by Betty White who actually won an emy for her work on the show. It is the only emy for hosting that she has ever won, and it's the only game show that she has ever hosted ha weird. I love her. The show was created by Rick Rosner, who was producing chips at the time would go on to be involved in creating Hollywood squares. The game play involved, two female contestants, one of them, usually a returning champion, would try to guess answers from a panel of seven men and in turn that would try to win keys to a brand new cover. So I also went on and I found an article in the Hartford current April. Fourth, nine uteen and eighty three Weret, unfortunately announces the cancellation of the show says NBC sacks game shows the peacock network did Sionara to a pair of dreadful morning. Game shows effective immediately the hit where Hitman, which bombed with Peter Tomarkin and a video game Otif and just men with betty white arriving today, our Dream House and what is my second selection for the television round, and I'm actually not even going to talk about this much because on June twentieth, nine Huteen and eighty three Lydia Cornell actually appeared on this show with the forementioned betty white te show that she was on was new battle stars. Oh my God. I vaguely remember this sanew battlestars W is my second selection. It's not battlestars. This is the new battlestars which actually came in and only lasted thirteen episome Li Skyaie April Fourteenth Nineteen D, Eighty three and ended on July. First, nineteen. Eighty three- it was a very similar GAMEPLAC syle to Hollywood squares, where there would be questions and answers with celebrities and they would have to light up their selected triangles. Andit wasn't tictactode t I thithee a I OTA earlis there, a lot of e Youare, actually in a ton of stuff in e eighties, you were in a lot of like huge, shows, woful house T J, Hooker, nightrider, Ai Liter Huntedo. You remember, yeah, six Labos, two hotels, faasy island, quanum Ly Hardball Hardball was a Werd one that was um with the guy with long hair from oh Richard Tyson. Remember that yeah and then I could battle the network stars, and I remember Howard cosell yelling at me. ECAUSE I was the only one that would do the water sports. I H William, shot and refused to get his hair wet and Joan call I toget her make up wet. So I'm like doing all the water sports. I eer have Kyakat all and he's yelling conel an NEL cannot turn the kayakaround. You can hear him on you telling it votified pen a lad. Squan circles. Were you on a lot of game shows then aparently. I was on t v All last week and the weeseveral times this this spring. So far, I'm not the spring. Since January, on Buzzer T V or the game show network. I was on match, Match Game Hollywood squares and Super Password Yeah. You used to do five shows in a day, and you change change your olthat five times. So it looked like you're doing a show. Every night you get a little insided how Classa Game Shuhe, whois, ped, Bert conby battle start. I think it was. I did a love ot with him and RMEMBER the momins and the pop is Michelle Phillips, Ryane Lad. Lord durn's Mom Patty, Duke Burry, Cogny and Ardijohnson played drag Queens th. They ran around in nightgowns and high heels 'cause. They were spying in their wives and we were all n n Esauna together what a seed cs: Ouere like whatis er, most memorable of all th, like these episodes like the ones th e Tusays da, like TJ Hooker, and you know, like full House or whatever wh, which one was like your favorite one, that you did oh night writer, probably because we went to the Magic Mountain and road, the Roller Coaster Watch and we made out afterwards they would have he yeah. It was like. I said. I've never said it to anyone before she wants to cut that out. Oh my God that that was so long, ow H, t! I guess it's not hilarious. It is now I mean we've seen so many pictures of like Promo pictures that Hou have for a night riher that he did back in the day like now, Whel you look at them. Itlike jaw dropping like hi sitting on the hood of Kit with his tight ass jens o're, like how does he even Breathe Tho like what is going on and his hair is always twalk and EPI hair. We always had. We all had big hair, then it wasridiculous lots of Hioond an aircraft carrier on my head. It looked like a big wink, Te win, Tene and fude, but um wait. No! I love. I love working on hunter, but they made me dive into Lake Malibu. I kept saying I'll do my own stunts and they went okay dive in I had to dive into Lake Maluwan, then swim back to the houseboat and get out of the water and they forgot to put a stair little ladder in there. So there's another boat with all the camera crew on it. Watching me from behind and I'm struggling to get my wawed up on the book, a onl know they got a straight close up of my butt. The whole time. EAE E hat Sht, I' thinking they're using a Silmar to make fun of me. It was like the worst, never do your own Stendan on on eighteen, David hemmings directed he played. He was in gladiator. He was an actor. The British actor, who was also a very famous, fill called blow up Antononi years ago N in England, but he became a director and he directed the ATM. I was in and he said Litty do you mind sitting in the car with a convertible Whil, the helicopter comes just a few inches above your head. I went sure no problem and t like the helicopter when so close to my head. It felt, like my whole body, was being lifted up. Never do your own stunt is all I can say. Did your hair stay in place, though from the airstray? It acted like a sale. That's what shewas getting weft from right. The amount of aquine and her hair made her way more aerodynamic and gave her lift exactly. It was fun on Hunter, because after that I had to go I'd all wet hair nd. Then we have a big makeout scene and then we go back to the the cabin and I have to stand on a two huge boxes to get up to Fred Drier he's six with seven wow. So you know you have to be on appleboxes, so they can get your lips to lock. In the same, you know symmeetrical position. I idid't realized he. He was a professional football player right, yeah yeah. He was six seven I didn't realize he was at tall hassle house tall too right, H, mhh that was fus. I was playing a race car driver. I did. I was a raictcard driver and so many different shows t o Wa stepen. Today, cantle shows and th n in in hunter the the Stut woman wrecked the Red Ferraria. I was supposed to drive a Red Ferari around and she was my exact repli gir from behind, and so she broke the Ferrari. So we couldn't open the door, so they said Lydia just jump over the door when you get in the car just like in starts kitting Huch Iremember. I had to like jump into the car over the CARTSR oitand. You just said yes just to go with it. Youere like I got this part, I just gotta de t, an Sheu, get a Merst, take I'm sure yeah. How many times do thit take you to like jump into the car the way they wanted? I actually think by the third try I said no more. I can't hear that just get the shot where I'm already in the driver sea can at work all right. So, let's, let's pass this one over to Elydia, we got on the eighties or on the nigties side. Rather we got smepr the teeage, which we got Randy, getting cancer and home improvement, which is remarkable, and then we got justmen and, of course the new battle stars which you were on so were, were awe go in eighties. Would it be wrong to choose my I kind of love, Melissa, Jone Heart, but I really wan to pick yoursel. I did the same thing. The Robert Tepper I like gave him a pick where I was like dude. If you don't take this one like you have no career 'cause. This is like Yo he's like he's like fucky man he's like yeah, I gotta go withthat, that's money, Oh my God. So if let me think, let me think battlesters is cute. I Love Betty White. I think I want to go with Betty wite much as I love Lisa Don Hart. I Love Betty White Al Rightantidnights. You know she was on the Mary Tali Morshow, with my TV Dad. So there's a connection there yeah. How was tednight to work with? Oh, my God. I have so many funny stories about him. So many stories he was. He was like a real dad to me at times and he was very strict and I would go to work. Nd I'd, be afraid to look in his eyes and he would stand on his toes to get into my eyeline. We were both kind of. He didn't want anyone to be taller than him. So I had to like wear. I couldn't wear high heels. We had some struggles in the beginning, but we became very very close and I cried the hardest of his funeral and e wer sitting on the front roll withat, asere and Ery toly, Moore and just sobbing, but we had you know a real father, l, father daughter, kind of relationship. He was. It was kind of a love hate relationship. A lot of things happened on that show which nobody knows yet someday. How old were you when you started too close for comfort? Well, I was M, I graduated college, so I was older. I was twenty five when I started and I had to play eighteen wow and he wa ad Ti Hope Yeah. Obviously he was way older than I mean he. He always scared the shit out of me and Um. What's the the one movie he was in where Wike you should know this, I'm Gon a cart, cadty shack. Where he's every time Yo would get pissed off W th like as a kid acud yeah. He I was, like God, there's something wrong with that. Go the best L he's seriously. The Best O is jus. The O go o love her. We had a really embarrassing thing: happene on the MERF Griffin show, which Debora and I were both like very naive and very stared to be on a TOLP, show and elitted it and John and John Tavalta, and met with Tansy. They were in the greenroom coming on after us, and so a whole family is on the show. Murgriffin has our whole cast on there. It was just about us and then they were going to do a living in John, so cad sitting there with audy meadows to adnight, Jim Bulle, Nanc O so and then they brang out debrah and Wer says what was Ted really like and she goes. She was scared and she goes. She was just nervous and she said well he's kind of a Kinky Dad and theeveryone looked kind of puzzled and Nwere when wo. What does that MEA? And he goes we'll- come back and webring the youngest member of the rush family out and we'LL AK? I cin, so I come out after the commercial brake and they ask me W and I'm try to make an impression and be funny right. So Mer says what does she mean by Kinki and I said: Well he likes to look down our blouses and pop our abroad and looked up her stirching ow again at it was dead silence I looked down at Ted's. Eyeballs were like blood curdling. I feel like I almost fainted or passed out and then Ted's wife is on the front row and I thought it was funny. Ted was never lewd, he was never he. It was nothing like that. It was no me tothing at all. He was just funny like we were always gooping around. We would always go up and pinch each other's butts and throw spitwads and the whole cast was real playful that way, but it was never sexual, but it came off like it was. Oh, my God, that's got to be on you too. I'm sure I wish I could find it. They cut it out and I think they th. I would give anything to find that piece of tape. So, after the show dever and I were mortified- we went home, we spent the night together crying clear, shaking clink. We go to work the next day we went to his dressing room to apologize and we went in like little. You know, meek little tewer. So sorry and he said how Dur you and then he suddenly burs UNTI laughter, and he goes it's okay. They cut the tape and they threw ay the tape. Imagine he was like next time be more careful, yeah imes. He really cared a Oh, my God. That is fantastic. I wonder how many times it stuff like that happens and it gets cut and we just never know about it, and everyone on the backside, like you and everybody else was like totally mortified tin. This whole thing: you know a Ti Havit a lot. Well, I know how many things get cut from this show so o Sanyeah, I kow E, get cut on Thi. Show too, like sometimes like we'll be recording and I'm like. I look at mark and I'm like yeah, that's on your own Yono othat's outsomewhere. We're headed to the two point rounds now we're at mark you're up two to one. You have control of the board, there's only two categories left: where re we going. Let's go to the news round: Oh okay, all right. So my first news story is about: U S! Interior Secretary James G watt name might not be too familiar, but on April sixth nineteen, eighty three key band a band from playing on the July Fourth, Washington Mall concert now the band that he banned. His reason for it was that he said he wanted a more wholesome than he. He was afraid that this band would attract he wrong element with drug users. In lieu of that, he wanted to put together a program featuring Wen Newton would be a little more wholesome nothingneedless to say, the ban of this band did not go very well where President Reagan is such a huge fan of them. He actually gave James Watt a plaster statue of a foot with a hole in it, because James Watt shot himself in the foot by banning this band in the band that he ban. That just attracts the wrong element in drug users was the beach boys here, Kinny Wow, the beachboys were bengd the fanse protested eve, including the president, even protested on this one. So it's my first news story: James Watt and the band of the beach boy, onow overturned the ban, but they did not play at the July. Fourth Concert Anyway. It's a lot of bands. You said actually thought it was kind of impressive yeah and ebanned the man of the band of beach, Blane litivation, alright. So my second news story comes from the L, a weekly dated April seventh, nineteen. Eighty three and again we go to President Reagan. The headline for this article says Reagan's new poverty plan and they closed door, Hashhush conference with this cabinet and top policy advisers. This week the weekly has learned. President Reagan has outlined a major new anti poverty program that is almost certain to inspire a flood of bumper stickers. The great orator announced it to his subordinates that the next step in his economic recovery plan is to eat the poor using color chart with a star wars. Lasur sword for a poiner old silver tongue, elaborated on the major benefits of this program. It will, he said, lower the cost of food decrease unemployment, welfare raise the standard of living, decrease crime, eliminate poverty. Also, as a special concession to the National Rifle Association, the program would allow for inner city hunting, wailike surviving the game, type hunting, correct, wh t. That is just the opening paragraph. The article goes on to explain how the new program is. We should kill and eat the poor. Of course, this article is all a farce, as it was published in the first week of April edition of the L, a weekly where they publish all of their fake and phony news stories for April Fol Day right, theyr right next to it, there is a big advisory to readers that this is the issue. We warned you about Ol, the only the entertainment listings and the ADS are real, the rest of his parody. You know for April fools. It was like their version of the onion back, an yeahexactly, but back in nine huteen and eighty three. So those are my two news stories: The beach boys getting banned and President Reagan's new plan to eat the poor nt, that's funny very nice alrit when Yeu got in Ninetteen N. Ninety six, there micrae ranger. Well, let me tell you there ou macro. I came across two different articles, both from the Daily News and both from April Thir, nine teen and ninety six, and both about CBS. One was titled Night of a hundred snores too typical of CBS and the other one was NCAA, gives sibis big bounce, but ratings still record low. Both articles essentially saying the same thing that had become so common for CB s in the nineties. That CBS was in big trouble and it's no wonder with the most exciting show for the evening of April. Third, on CBS being an episode of Daves World, the article goes on to say it doesn't take a professional ratings analyst to understand the network was in trouble and that CBS had no one to blame, but itself at the time of this article they were third in the ratings NBC and ABC were Firz in second now, when I was growing up in the nineties, CBS was the old person's channel. You you den, go down there and h. They did return to first in the ninety eight ninety nine season when the NFL returned- and I actually wanted to ask you lydia, since you were working on a lot of different shows in the eighties. What would you say the perception of CBS in the eighties versa? Nineties was that's interesting. I'm thinking about f Hive I ever didan seeds shows, I know Les Moondas when he was in power. I was very disturbed by something I heard he said Um. He was trying to make it more youthful and he said women should women should not be over eighteen. All women should be the age of eighteen to twenty three didn't think women should age past twenty three or be biable on TV. I actually heard t and he didn't want writers over thirty five years old, and I think there was a huge writer's lawsuit over that. I know his wife, his ex wife, LEA NANCIGROOM does but yeah. I think CBS was known as an older network. Well in ninety six murder. Che Road is still on the air. Oh yeah, I thinkyeah. Actually, if, if CBS didn't move, move them from their popular Sunday night time slot, that's really what kill their ratings were great up until that last season mm, I think Sinon D Andsimon was on CBS. I did that show that was really fun. I played a a van, a white character game show host yeah with Um the funniest actor. Oh, my God, I got to look up his name. Yeah game show host and I talked I talked about microwaveobons. All the time have to find e O Ightso lie, so both of your stories are basically c Bs being a piece of Shit in ninety six, you could say that CBS was at its low point. Okay, that's that's really. The story is that CBS was it's a good thing. They Weren'n third, but they were in third like they. They were really far behind everybody else. WHOHISTORIANS ARE' You! You guys! You know a lot about. You know a lot of obscure thing, yeah a lot of stupid things it like it has not helped me in regular life whatsoever. What's your second vicman all right, so I found an article from the Daily News on April. Fourth, an nine hundren and ninety six titled unobomb suspect, held kin tips. Fb I to former professor, that's right: the elusive UNIBOMBER and former Berkeley professor who terrorized the nation for seventeen years, was arrested at at his isolated Montana cabin on April Thir, nineteen nd. Ninety six, he was turned in by his brother, who had become suspicious after discovering some incriminating letters in their childhood home, the shack the FBI found Tekazinski in had no power or running water and an outhouse between nineteen, seventy, eight and ninety five. He had killed three people and injured twenty three others. In his nationwide bombing campaign, he was sentenced to eight life sentences without the possibility of parole God. I remember that the day it happened, yeah my dad looks like the UNIBOMMER. Oh really, Adams, Ta Yeah. That was huge man that was like, especially for a couple of years. That was always on the news about the unabomber and nobody knew who he was why he was doing it and then he would start sending letters from his manifesto and all that kind of stuff. So that's a pretty big deal all right. So, even though you had the C BS UH turning into garbage, you also came with something huge there with the univomere getting inrested, H and then mark. Of course you had the the beach boys getting banned and the anti poverty paroty the poor. Well, I have to say I I'm going to pick the beach boys, because I dated Denis Wilson- I I don't. I don't usually talk about people I dated, but he was the first celebrity I ever went out with and it was up a Carbu ranch and I love the beach boys. I love almost all of their songs. I listen to them all the time and my stepfather listens to them. It brings him out of his DEMENSIO. He actually sings along movies wort, so it was so much fun meeting them 'cause they owned Cariba ranch. They were. I worked up a Cariba ranch, which is a recording studio in Colorado when I was in college and that's where the beach boys in Chicago Elt and John Recorded Billy Joel a et, I golt tick milly doll up at the airport and I crashed him into a snowbank Noa wow. I couldn't drive a four wheel, drive vehicle, but I pick Jony Mitchell at the airport and carrol King we made, I was a kitchen girl that was really fun working there and o spot for them in my ome. Do you you dated him? This is before too close for comfort before he died. I hope so I that would be a weird relationship. No, it was before too cles recomver. It was. It was my the summer before my enior year in college and t e worked up at Caraboo and then I also became a road manager for the Michael Murphy Band. He has a song called wildfire, Beautiful Song. I don't know if I remember that one okay, I wish I could find it and playd for you right now, but I'm sure it's o spot ify. That's the one great thing about: Like Asime, somebody mentions a song that I've never heard it's not like, maybe like seven eight years ago, even where ID be like. Oh God, let me try to find this now. I Cun just open up an AP and go okay. Biography ban wildfire the boom there. It is so I'll check it out, okay, so yeah, so that was a really fun time in my life before I came to California and got the series oall right so you're, going with with eighty three on that one, not even going with the unit bomber she's going against Ta Grain Ban. The ban is just too much of a great illiteration, so that actually gives at this point we're playing for nothing in the last round. 'CAUSE mark actually takes a game. It is four to one but well play the last round. Just because that's what we do- okay, Thiry Mike O, that's Odon't worry! I won't have a cosmic cow, a mark. You control the board all right. So let's go to the final round and that's music. I got two songs here that came out and I think you're going to be familiar with both of them. This first song came out on April third nineteen ND, eighty three and topped a billboard hut, one hundred it also earned a platinum record and the Academy Award for best original song. It won the Golden Globe for best the original song in a grammy for best female pop vocals. The song I'm talking about is flashdancs what a feeling arine Cara e N. everybody knows this song. If you go to her spot iffy three most played songs are flash dance. What a feeling MHM so with. I think the first one has over sixty million lissens. The second one has over eighty eight million lissens, it's just one of the all time great singles. That's my first selection flash dance. What a feeling by Irene Kara Song that I'm sure everybody is familiar with my second music selection is actually an album that came out on April. First, Nineteen D, eighty three- it is the debut album by this band and it is self entitled the album I'm talking about is the violent FIMS, violent, fems. NDOF course this album gave us the hit song blister in the Sun, which is a song that I'm sure everybody knows just as well as they know flash dance I's my wedding so ocooow, that's all I'm just c talking about masturbation I was. I was at the altar by myself. So a Selo jobs, that's funny yea. So those are my two music selections, the violent FEMS and flashd dance. What a feeling by Irene Cara, Juan two songs that they came out: N, N, nine uteen and eighty three and they've been stuck in people's heads ever since Weh totally that's too solid picks now see the one thing you don't get right now, Lydyis we're doing what this episode is called the weak experience, where it's only one week in time. So it's very hard to find two fantastic picks and one around in a week usually like. If it's a month, long episode, you have a lot more space. You get a lot better als in a week. You don't really get as much, but what mark just did right there. That's a freaking bomb fringing round right there flashinits end violent fens, flash dance was actually the number three single n nine huteen and eighty three wow. Oh my gosh massive ieven, think it was that big. I know it was a big song. I think it was that big, a Mike what HEU got in nineteen and Einehty six well on April, second Nineteden and ninety six, the beasty boys droped an instrumental compilation album originally released through the beasty boys French fan club. This is a collection of instrumentals from check your head to ill communication. This funckin jazz album has a seventys sound and has been rereleased as a special adition double vinyl. So look at that beasty boyis releasing an album to their French fan club. I thought you were going to say. L Communication I was like. Oh He's got a good one. No, no! That's what I thought at first and I'm like not that lucky French friend yeah, that's a deep cut right, her right! That's what I' talking about! That's the weak experience right there, that's where you normally get ithere obscure and I like it yeah and for my second pick I have a little bit of Music News. 'cause H, I found an article from April Third N, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six in the San Francisco Examiner titled Mc Hammer Files for bankruptcy protection. The article says that hammer has filed for bankruptcy, protection from his creditors, saying he has assets of only one million and debts totaling at least ten million hammerfiled for protection on April irst. Nineteen. Ninety six, at the time of release of his album, please hammer don't hurt em in nineteen. Ninety, his earnings were an estimated thirty. Three million a year by Forbes magazine the bankruptcy petition, put hammers number of creditors between two hundred and nine hundred and ninety nine, a thirty six page list, a large entorage, forty thousand square foot, mansion thoroughbred horses, cars helicopters and copyright. infridgement lawsuits all contributed to Herdinghammer, thank God. Hammers lawyers remembered with bankruptcy protection. You truly can't touch this wow. That is, it really worked. Huh Got to do that, Huh yeah. I think he did it a couple of times from what I remember he had no tigers, though Huh not that I know of but ou know no tigers, yeah, you w think he would have a couple of tigers. I mean everybody else had tigers. Well, I think he had a couple, but then this lady Carroll, J, St, showed up to his house to calls tigers, Oyo exotic all right, so we're we're looking at Man. This is a rough one, all right Lydia! We got we on the eighties side. We got flashdance and violent fens. On the nineties we got a French fan club version of an instrumental BS boy's, album and MC hammer going bankrupt for the first time. This is death row years, Huh Ninety Sixyes Yep. So I was raising a little baby boy in ninety four and I was going to Legoland and Disneyland. Every day, literally, I was going to the train. The pineer train station in L A and I was living in the lion king or living in the in the little boy world. So my mind wasn't on music that much at the time other than you know, Barney my do big Hinosaur and also I kind of wish that you guys would each if you were in a stick with a category. You would each pick a song, so I woe'd eat more equal because a news article versus a saw, my heart, goes with Ha Song and I want to get more wins in the nineties, but I really love flashed on yeah. It's terrily Kindo hard to to go with the nineties on heart. GOES THERE YEAH! I immediately want to hear that Song Right now and I have such great feelings of that ofthat era. In my life you know the eighties. You could sing it if you want what, if see, I can't Tay it right now, ort o give her a beat. I highly recommend that everybody Listenin to this just go on spotify, go on you tube, wherever listen to flash dance. What a feelingt'justone of those feel good songs and the videois great too at Jennifer Beales Tan OL! It's fantastic it'll! Give you it'll oplift you for about two minutes. Tit May work out to feel Oh, it is. I recarre did fame too as well right yeah, when I was I was in sixth grade, and that was like our final song for chorus. So we had like all these people and the gymnasium, all the parents, all the families, all t e, the students or whatever- and you know like the the fame like at the end, where th they have like a bunch of games. But there's like a pause this one girl Rosanna in my grade. She did the fame when she wasn't supposed to so it was like gesilence she's like fame and Ewas, just like what what's happeneditw Itas so bad. It was for like two or three seconds before it was supposed to happen. Oh my God, it was so bad. Still remember that was Jennifer get OL dancing in this video with Flash de it was a stripper right. He was like a working class tripper. Yes, she was like on a chair getting water throonerand. We W was a Welldar. He was a welder. I was a steel worker. This one windermen feel kind of entitled to touch women. It just seems like we were feeding them images that were so oversexualized. You know even nd. I I had all these posters out a B C promoting newns. I was on all fours. You know posing all these posters wwas that like when they they asked you to do that stuff. Like you, didn't think in the back of Yor head Likemm, I o 't kN W to be honest with you. It was very natural because of the time we thought we were just in our heads as an actor as an actress on those days. I would call myself an actress, but a lawyer doesn't call herself a lawyerist or a doctor, a doctress. You know the only he only wears it, the Trestin, your mistress, waitress and Adulteres, but M. I have this line in my script. I'm writing a strip and t goes. All human suffering has caused my Victoria secret and I actually feel that when you wake up- and you finally realize wait a minute- I was really just totally sexually harassed- all the time that I would never want to run his life for it. I would never want to name names today M, you know it was just something we all colluded in doing in those days. 'cause the advertising industry and the end of the feminists movement and the Reganera made women into sex objects. Again we were all walking around in bikinis and short shorts and on the shel they dressed me and clothes like that. They promoted the show with posters, and I thought it was just normal, but you don't realize. NTILL later I mean my first meeting wash an agent in in Los Angeles. I walk in I'm not kidding. This actually happened. He had his pants down behind the desk and he sook omover Yor won. I sit on my lap and I, instead of being shocked and horrified, I said Oh I've got to go. I have a phone call and I' twirled away as if I was embarrassed to hurt his feelings. You know that's how we we all were like that. I don't know any women it felt like she was equal with a man in those days. That is seen that, actually I mean we all see it now with you know all the new stories, all the MEA two stuff that came out and the Harvey Wines secen thing and everything else, but that was real. Like you know, I'm sure you have like a lot of stories that are similar than that you know, but I wouldn't want Ta. Wouldn't ant in thee means because to me some women are going over the top a little bit. It's like. Why would you want to bring up a date? You have with somebody a coand gruin their life today, R and I kind of blame that the whole entire culture. We were in a culture that was maserized by Pol Dancing, and you know there was a whole poll dancing movement in the Sopranos and all the T V shows they had Lapp dance clubs and it was wall. Street bankers were going to lap dance clubs on their lunch Houer and then my grandmother was running out to buy a pole to go POL ancing to exercise class. Well people do that. Now, though, people like have poles in their house to do like exercise, which is I it's a male fantasy that was sold to us kind of you know D, I'm not. I love men, but they didn't. I heal. I know I went out and bought a pole right after I saw Matin bok so mark just rolls around on top of it on the floor, 'cause there's! No! You try to Li jump on that thing. Man Ho, I'm Gonto see that M. I just converted the whole pole into a giant bull that works too. That's you know it's funny like I was talking to my wife before and just telling her who was coming on and stuff and she was like. I remember the show. Let me see a picture and I of course I google it- and I just did Google image in like the first like couple of images. It's got like you know the family photos from too close to comfort, but then it's got you in a Migini and like maybe like the fourth or Fifth Pixar there, and that's just what popped up, and I just looked for too close to C for Comfort. I didn't look for anything else. You know so yeah, it's crazy. How that that all came up but yea, worse about being as celebrities they take. They try to catch you and the worst photograph possible and like you're on the red carpet, and they I had a stocker and he caught it. Kiud of picture me looking with my mouth open and they posted that one going. She looks crazy. Maybe her stockerthey try to make you look as crazy as the person they're writing about. You know, may kind of do it on purpose. They try to catch you at your worst thats in so you have a stocker in the eighties. No, no! It was more recently. It was in m two thousand and t thirteen, Oh, my God, Dod they irrest the guy. I had four sheriffs apartments working on it. Kelse grammer and I had the same stacker and he posed as a war hero hat. He was a convicted felon and he moved into my home temporarily 'cause. I thought he was a war hero like a decorated army, lieutenant colonel who had been wounded in Vietnam and he wore his uniform all the time he wasn't anything. He was a convicted felon. Oh Mwi, you had this g that he lived in your house. He told me he was on the Hart Transplant List and he was a wounded veteran. So all my fan said you should let him stay with you. While you withoug? U Divorce and Y go ye weirter. So I have this hole. IT'S TWELVE CHAP! It's like a twelve episode. CRIMIDY! It's like a crime comedy! You can't imagine how crazythis this t. This whole story turned own to me. When did you figure out that he was folish? I mean what Thi S. I know you have a book coming, Doun and stuff, so you can't give everything away but like at whot point, were you like wait a minute? This is not relkit's really weird. We were called into the FBI to report on the organized crimring behind this website that Kelsey invested money and Kelsey had no idea. These guys were criminals, organized crimering and the SBI kept calling me and these three other people, an one of the women was my lawyer. She was a lawyer also was working for her own family law and we all went in to report on the organized crime rang. We were trying to get evidence and this stocker comes on. He starts insinuating himself into the whole lawsuit and he starts to. He puts Celty Grammar's name on the lawsuit, the Class ATCH ONN, the lawsuit. We were trying to get the money back for all these stands an invested money in this website. I said: Keelse has nothing to do with this, and the stocker poses a turning, and my layer believed he was a real attorney and he put telte's name on the lawsuit and suddenly in on the news. It says: Lidia, Cornell, Sus, celsy grammar, I never SOE, Helta Grammar, we're friends and H H. everybody still thinks that, because I finally had to unravel the whole thing, and I discovered that he was hacking himself from inside the House of the lawyer. I saw the IP address. I had to go to court folla restraining order, all my fans stel in from all over the country. I have body guards. We all went down to the courthouse together: mykier selling it for a reality show and suddenly the judge belooked at the Ip address on the email. He Goes Lydia's right. This man is pretending to be hacked in a long story, it's very complicated but wow and he was nd. It was a whole stolen, valor thing on top of that yeah and then he posedhis he stole the identity of an actual war hero. So there's so manyth this guy. Finally escaped you lived in Tennessee and I went down to Tennessee to meet with the sheriff. When I was coming back from midtle beach and I had a lot of fun re, I met a lot of law enforcment all over the country we become very close. I mean you know some really nice people. They were trying to help me that is insane Howwa. How long did he live in your house? For? Oh, my God on a he? He was there for a couple of months, but he'd go back and forth to the lawyer's place in Glendora and he he would tell us he acted like he was the attorney for the case right because he had studied law in prison. So we thought he was a real attorney and he would say widia. He shouldn't talk on the phone to to the other attorney and he said you've got to go meether in person, so I'd have to go to her offacotta, worchar and meetint a shed to convey information tro, the attorney. Why go the stock and told us to it was so it was crazy wow, and this was only like what eight years ago you said, yeah and I he I had M arb and D roommates at the time, because I was going through a divorce and I threw holy water on one roommate, I'm not even Catholic, because he'd convinced me she was monic. What polershe ran around the house naked and my son. was there he was like a teenager, I'm sure he was okay with that yeah, my friend? U Not Mon O, my God. I cannot wait for this btes just from the stories that you've shared with u tonight on this episode, this is just going to be an incredible Rd. I av toturn everything into comedy. That's Lplas out that way. For some reason, you got to laugh at yourself right, yeah again, thank you, Lydia, for coming on the show and being our judge tonight, man. This was excellent. This this fun GTR. I I love your show. I never knew I never knew about this show before and it thrilled. I discovered you because now I can toen every week. Are you on every week every week every it comes out every Wednesday? What do you call? It were: what's CLN S so e, you know Nickelso, I don Nick Really. Well, we used to do beet aneath together a so do I love him. That's how we all got connected so yeah. Definitely, L E when's this book coming out. Well, I was turning it in. I didn't. I turned it now. I've turned it into the actual real book at first. It was just if the story about divorce was really funny, but now they want me to Pu pith the celebrity stories in so I just finished doing all that so it' going into the hopefully the publisher in about a week or so y. Ah, who knows like I couldn't even give a time one now with all the AP going on. You should put a time on anything, but yet, when that comes out, we need to have you backs ye can at least likeyou know, tl, give us more 'cause, I think like now, people are going to be like yeah seriously, give us the rest of the story, so at least they can they'll check out the boy T, so it gets so weird wit, H S, Thi Stocker Guy Youwll you'll die laughing some of the stories. I can't even begin to tell you just like Paul Harvey. I want to know the rest of the storm. I lovei grew up on Paul Harvey, so yeah me too, Hey. Where are you guys located Mike and I are in New York in Markson Virginia? So we're we're held up like right now, I'm in my basement so can't even use Lika Studen Orange County. It's like about an hour north of the city reallyow queen. I went to High School in New York, Oh yeah, where at okay, so I was born in Elpaso Texas and I spoke Spanish fluently and I ld lived in the desert and you know really. I never saw trees except in Rudosoor New Mexico Albuquerque and we moved to scarsday on IDN'T FIT in. I wanted to be a Jewish male comic hat my parents weren't supportive SCARCILLE's. Not Too far we were total outcast and it was such a fun place to grow up, though Wen hi scars an high. Oh, my God. I bet the stories there agreed too yeah. We just ent to my high school reunion, it as really fun Wiam. So let tell all of our listeners where they can get a hold of you where they can check out all your current projects and what you got going on. Okay, I'm all on I'm on everything I have facebook, twitter and Instagram Lydia Cornel, but I have five facebook pages. One is for um a series of spiritual coincidences that I had that are so amazing and they're, beautiful and t're. It's called Godshots, it's not religious, that it's about these uncanny syncronicities, and that happened when I got sober twenty five years ago. So I on my website s Lydia Cornel, otcom, Lydia, Crnellvidiocorl, dotcom and on there is twitter and facebook blinks. So I love to keep you posted on everything a stay in touch. I love the show duling decades sweet again. Once the book comes out, you gotta come back, so you can like tell a little bit more. Definitely an that to thank you. Ginud, be awesome, all right, jewelers wo in this episode right here, but in the meantime, you can head over the duling decades, dotcom where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes on spotifi wherever pod casts are available, and then you can head over to facebook dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own Retro Memories, Som until next time, doelers were going to bid you a piece, love lighting, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Nia

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