Dueling Decades
Nov. 18, 2020

Master impressionist Jim Meskimen judges this duel between 1974, 1984 & 1994!

Master impressionist Jim Meskimen judges this duel between 1974, 1984 & 1994!

This week we asked acclaimed actor, comedian, and master impressionist Jim Meskimen to step behind the bench. Jim’s impressive body of work spans just about all of our Dueling Decades categories. Jim has worked on many of friend Ron Howard’s films as they both share the same mother, so to speak. Jim’s mom Marion Ross, played Marion Cunningham Ron Howard’s mom on the legendary TV show Happy Days. Jim’s voices can be heard all over Hollywood, video games, and television as he even appeared on a season of America’s Got Tallent! That being said, we knew he would be the perfect judge, and when Jim Meskimen is your judge you never know who is going to show up! 


Mike Ranger's short judicial career is over, and he is back with the best of November 1984! Mancrush jumped in the DeLorean without his seatbelt and ended up dialing in November of 1974. And to round out the competition, Marc James settled his tab at the cyber cafe and delivers a cappuccino with the best of November 1994!


Jim pulled out his "wheel of impressions" and an arsenal of celebrity friends to help him judge this tightly knit battle between November 1974, 1984 & 1994! In this episode, you might hear something about Arthur Fonzarelli's vices, Mike Ranger's obsession with tight spaces, NBC manages to avoid sleeping with the fishes, Jim sticks to the rivers and the lakes he's used to, the grandpappy of thrash emerges a champion, Matthew McConaughey drops by to say hello, the RIAA announces the cement classification, George W. Bush gets confused, a pop quiz for 12.99, Mancrush channels his inner Robert Frost, NBC goes dark in the 90s, a deal that keeps getting worse all the time, Sands gets the ax before moving on up, Reitman delivers a bomb, Woody Allen stops by to say hello, Jack Sparrow gets crushed by a record player, Mr. Rogers only wears one sweater, Charlton Heston has sex with more women half his age, a mutt saves kidnapped children, frilly shirts are back in style, life growing up on the Happy Days set, deep fakes are frightening, celebrity fortune cookies, and did Fonzie ACTUALLY Jump the Shark?


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Infirmary, media people engage up, Juwlin CA, the BII O Blam, but Boan Reaga, O that cap ut, stop the power gotcome fight for what you love: Yocom Yoiuas, O Wu, take Grat a bal Er sick IA, mad a gncome fight for what you love, Youn roudcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dualing decades. I am Mark James. In this week I will be representing November of one thouand, nine hundred and ninety four. Alongside these other duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off trying to continue his for game. Wind streak say hello, Tomancrush, that's right! Let's see if I can make it five, I don't think I even in my hot stretches. I don't think I had a five, but I have a November o thousand nine tuneen and seventy four and before I move on, I just want to give a shout out to one asbel Lazano, who is judged every episode this year. I got to give him props because every every week he sends me a message. This is what he thinks. So thank you on for that. Well, send you another shirt or something. So I know we send him one aready, because he's awesome also on the panel this week welcome back to the program Mc mice, ranger low everyone on Mike Ranger and I'm representing of November one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, and I let me remind everybody that a a flute with no holes is not a flute and a Dontot or no holes Isadanish and as always here on the show. We need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So this week's celebrity guest judge is the multitalented actor comedian and sometimes fortune teller. who also is the man that Scott Simon of MPR once called the best impressionist of our times, and I tend to agree with him all rise for Judge Jim Mescaman fer much thanks for much to tell you what I'm glad to be the decider. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall deside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories: movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round all right, deelers. You better check yourself before your riggety wreck yourself, because it's time to play more Duinas all right. Let's go right down to Jim Masciman for the coin toss for this first battle. I can some good going to give you my Cevin coster impression, because I'm going to point out that the back of this quarter has a long horn steer on it in the front of their course Hays George Washington. So the question is: will be a bull or will Abe George? Here we go. You call it like Wel, I'm all about the head heads. It is all right all right, Mike Ranger, you won the coin toss and get to select our first category. Where are we going man, I'm going to go with TV, I've heard of that on November? Second, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four on a BC. The sixth episode of the Second Season of the hit Sitcom webser aired after Webster Burns down the POPADOPOLIS's High Ros Chicago apartment, with his science kit and episode five. They must now look for a new home, so an episode six webster George and Ma'am Lookingto, renting a Victorian home. This home was rented to them by bill and Cassie Parker who moved into the basement apartment. This was the main residence for the rest of the series run. Now in this particular house, there is a series of secret passageways, and what makes this episode stand out for me is. This is the first time that you actually see that and that's what I remember when I think of webster is all these, like these secret passage ways and like the few episodes where you know utilizes them, and I thought that was like an important episode to Particularto- highlight because when I think of webster, that's what I think of you think of secret pass. I think a seekef pastors ways, because I always wanted them in my house. HMM At least they had the continuity enough, because you know what I hated with sicoms. Some of them had no continuity from one episode or the other, so they might have burnt down the house, but then the next episode they just went back to it yeah it's kind of like in different strokes, where you know Dudley its visits, th bike shop and next episode he's at school, likverything's, fine, yeah, nothing happened, nothin, see here all right, man crush. What do you have for the television round? All Right? So let's go to November teenh and Eenth, one housand nine hundred and seventy four. This is a big one for television, but it's actually a major motion picture on television for the first time. Please keep in mind one thousand nine hundred and seventy four, so there were really no cable movie channels readily available Hbo as Arn on Thousand Nine hundred and seventy two, but it was only available ve asatellite and hardly anybody had them and they were completely unreliable at the time. There are also no titles to be had on video casette that wouldn't hape one thousand nine hundred and sevety six, so for this movie to be on a national television channel just two years after its release. This is a huge deal, such a big deal, in fact that NBC paid ten million dollars, whice the price that actually paid for Gon with the wind which they couldn't even broadcast. I on thousand nine hundred and seventy six, so they were like mortgaging that one for, like four o five years before they even got to play it, but that's around fifty three million dollars in two thousand and twenty. So this is a steel, because commercial spots for this movie, they were two hundred and twenty fiveousand dollars a piece it' about one point: two million dollars in two thousand and twenty per spot. I want to guess I want to guess which one it was is that the GAM now yea game wrong, no because you'll, probably gethave to say, whatisl sit in the title, not yet not yet you're. If you can get it after this, this paragraph will see what happens. So this is a pretty violent movie, especially for the time and at times in the movie, but NBC was they were able to keep most of that violence for attact fror most of the broadcast, so t e. According this article that I found in the La Times, viewers could expect to see the same thing that roughly a hundred and fifty million people saw when this was in theaters, obviously sands, any cursing or nudity. But this was like a huge concern for viewers at the time as what I was reading in the papers, because two weeks prior ABC played midnight cowboy and apparently they cut. So much of that movie out that they should have renamed it Campfire Bucro, but this story, it's aboulets, see if you know this one now, so it's a story about an organized prime bad fathers got to be the guy. It's the Godfather, it's the second best movie on IMDB, which is has an amazing nine point, one out of ten with one point: five million votes receive absurd ratings. The two nights of aired nationally, the film had a thirty seven rating. With a sixty one percent share n New York alone. It did a forty nine point, one with a seventy one percent share and la it did forty four and a sixty six percent share. So it looks like NBC did something right, Er, one thousand nine hundred and seventy four with the World Television Premiere of the Godfather all right well, for my pick, will talk about something else that NBC did wrigt November Third Sannineteen ND. Ninety four we're going to go to a special event called blackout Thursday, and we can thank the promotions department from NBC for this, although they're really not sure who they can blame and or take credit for this, because no one has come forth to say. Oh, this was my idea. They think it was just. Somebody in the promotions department came out with the great idea to have all of the sitcoms that night featuring a blackout, so we had mad about you, friends in Seinfeld and, of course, Seinfeld wanted. No part of this nonsense. He refused to take part in this. The Fun began on mad about you when Jamie Buckman, of course, played by Helen Hunt, starts a city wide power outage after she's messing with the cable hookups on top of her roof. The Fun continued on with an episode of friends- and this is what my pick is. It's the one with the blackout season. One episode, seven of friends, it's one of the greatest all time, episodes of friends matter of fact the entire cast. This is like their all time. Favorite episode, Wow and it's this episode alone is probably the reason that the term friend zone became popular in the mids anyway. It's the first appearance where phoebe actually plays in central perk. We also have the first appearance of Palo who's, a reapparing character. So it's a pinnacle episode for the TV show friends and it's one of my favorite episodes as well, so the one with the blackout November. Third, nineteen, Ninety four: that's what I've got for the television round. So, let's toss it down to Jym Mescamen wow gee, it's IT'S N! It's hard to! You know you wouldn't think that anything could top webster to seecetr passage. Mystery is so intoxicating at sintrein about that friend's program. You Know My. I was on friends one time not that episode and my wife and I cycled through and watched all the friends episodes. I don't remember that one I must have blacked it out, but my sister is one of the writers in that show and I'll have to ask her about that. One not seen that, but let me see I'm going to utilize my celebrity wheel of fortune here to deliver the final verdict and going to pick US eter. It's going nt, be Robin Williams. Okay! Well, you know you have to go back pretty far in time to find something an NBC did right, but it certainly did something right right there in the s O, look a brots sick slips with the sponsors. Do you remember that ninete actually do remember? Seeing and I'll tell you something? I remember because I you know a child of the S, and s were when I watched tons of television be prior to cable, and I remember that that arring of the godfather part one and they did a very clever, brilliant marketing thing- they advertised God, father too, as part of that right at the end, if memory serves- and they did it with a kind of trailer that was exceedingly magnetic it- I just locked your attention because it was not scenes as trailers today are. It was still photographs that would go to black still photographs still footed saw Robert ennero with the flaming towel. After he's just assassinated the guy, you know, and all these images and all course it all looks beautiful and you've just seen that world and now you're seeing it was like I'll forget it. You know I just made God father to even if God feather who had not been another masterpiece, it certainly would have skyrocketed it at the box office. So NBC actually did something right, because we've covered them quite a few times where they got to go back up. HYEU definite, the POOC should see it, but it did happen once or twice excellent. All right, man crush. You pick up a point in the first round, but, more importantly, you take control of the board. What categolill we going with next all right, let's go with news: Let's go an news here: We'lrl go go to November, fourteenth one housand nine hundred and seventy four and I went with some television news here because, as my colleagues no number one, I don't like bringing the sadness to the show- and I've said this before when covering the s. It was a very dark time. You cannot go a single page in a newspaper without seeing some henous shit happening and for somebody that was a babe one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight it's hard for me to fathom wat the sees were really like because yea I was a baby, but if I were to gauge these things by Wat was reported, it was nuts. It was like just lawlessness. Every paper you pick up every single page, just as just just just to break in for a second, as the oldest person on the podcast, I just want to say that it was ever. Thus all decades are like that. If you read the papers, it looks like just a psychotic. You know massacre, I'm glad, I'm glad, because it's it's really bad. When we cover this. A lot like I get the s quite a bit in the s doesn't have thes same feel is when I'm flipping through the paper in the S, I'm just shocked by the things that I read and I always clip stuff out, and I send it to these guys because I don't think I could top it and then two pages later I top it. It's just it's crazy, but I didn't live through it. So I don't know so. II'll have to take your word for it there, but you know I might be saving all those stories for a spinoff that we've been talking about, but I'll save those atrocities for then, but instead here's a story that start off badly for one guy, but it became a gem for the rest of us. It was well just say it was for the greater good and that it's not NBC this time- and this is the titl- is Article S. CBS- gives up on sands CBSTV announce this week that it will replace Saturday night half hour, comedy series haul sands. In friends and lovers. The network will be replacing that show with a spinoff of a popular laugh series of all in the family, that new show be titled the Jefferson's and that will debut on January, the Eighteenh eleven seasons. Two hundred and fifty three episodes lots of acolades here and the best theme song ever Yeahd. You like to sing this one mark. Do I want to sing it? That's what he said: We're moving Oun now moving on there, you go get that soul, aside from being a popular show. That Jefferson did some monumental things over that ten year span, Wez of course, Isabel Sandford. She was the first black woman to win in Emmy for a lead actress in a comedy it had the first ever transgender character on is Sitcom, where George's Army Buddy Eddie became edy and on the serious finale of fresh prince of Bellar, one thousand nine hundre and nine six George and wheezy they're the couple that buys the banks house. So they had some pretty iconic Tians in that spanned three different decades. But this is the announcement of the Jefferson's and to me this comes full circle, because I had the cancellation of the Jefferson's on an episode probably like a year ago or maybe at the beginning of thes. U Be a tender moment for you yeah. It really is it's making me tear up a little bit, so I'm just goin o mov it on up so fially Gottl Peece, all right, Mik Ranger. What do you have for the news round? Well, I'm glad you ask mark, because I can't wait to tell you because see I found an article in the New York O. I didn't never mind. Let me restart that strike that reverse it. I found an article in the York Daily Record on Wednesday November Twenty Er, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. This was written by Associated Press Writer Jill Lawrence. She writes it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood Tuesday, as the SMUSONIAN institution accepted a bright red, cardigan sweater from Mister Rogers, the kindest cosiest and least excitable host on daytime television, and goes on to say that the sweater will join Archie, bunker's wingchair, a cerm at the frog puppet and other memorabile objects on display. At the time of this, article, Mister Rogers had been on the air for twenty one years and had seen Bu and had been seen by seven million families weekly. The famous sweater was needed by hand for Mister Rogers by his own mother and Mister Rogers is quoted as saying we all long for honesty. I would hope I can give children one more honest adult in their lives. The final episode was taped in Pittsburgh at wqed on December first twothousand and aired on August thirty firnt, two thousand and one after thirty, eight years of original broadcast. Remember boys and girls. You made this day a special day. By being you touched nice all right so for my news story, we're going to go over to the Tampa Tribune November, fifteenth nineteen. Ninety four: In an article where the headline reads: Stones, rolling onto the Internet, out of Los Angeles, the rolling stones are zooming into the information super highway as the biggest live rock and roll concert ever broadcast on the Internet computer network. The Friday concert in Dallas will be made available in full color for Internet users around the world. Internet users will receive six to ten frames per second, a video in full color resolution at thre twenty by two hundred and forty eight bit. Video vocalist Mick Jagger is an info freak and spends a lot of time on the Internet. So, of course he wanted to do this and jump ahead and the rolling stones to be the first band to broadcast live on the Internet. Well, actually, the honor of being the first man goes to a Seattle band called sky cries Mary, whose manager heard about the rolling stones doing this and then beat them to it. By about a week. Well Y, you can't always get what you want mark, but if you tri sometimes whet it hurts you to try, would it hurt you to try? Sometimes? So that's my news story: The Rolling Stones Attempting to be the first band to ever broadcast a live concert on the Internet. So, let's go down to gym Mesciman for the ruling on the news round. Wow. Those are three very auspicious events. Let's see, let's go over them again. The first one was the debut of the Jeffersons, a series that rand eleven seasons and was very groundbreaking and the end of pause was Paul. San's show that's what cat canceled was T, wasn't an improve guy, Paul Sands or my confusing him with. I don't even know he was on friends and lovers whatever that was and sure it was a short state. But the bizarre thing was it didn't even have that bad of ratings. They said it was in the top twenty every well. They just are everyerey change these things. Sometimes yeah, probably I mean you never know who they're trying to please. Maybe they had a deal with, because the Jifferas is that a Norman Lear show, I think it was it was I I wanted to be in bed with Norman Lar and who wouldn't and a cold night. Well, Gosh. becase, that's very important, and but I got to say you know, there's a tender spot in my heart for Mister Rogers and I did not know that that sweater of his was knitted by his mother. I mean that's pretty intense, it's feel good, let's feel good stuff right. There yeah that's the stuff and although I respect the rolling stones and I'm a fan, I'm not a Devo t and the fact that they didn't really get there first and it the Seattle Grung, hogs, scooted ahead of them and pull that off hat's off to them. But Mick, I don't Knowgif head od me is crazy, crazy. I but been there first. It would have really been amazing, but anyway, so I got to say I'm going to give the nod to mischief Ahas in the neighborhood baby. You know it doesn't explain why he took such good care that sweater and I ways do always put it away. exsense now nice and Nat Nice annate in the closet, so that no beddy would run their greasy hands on it. Never you never saw him after lunch. Saying wasn't that delicious meal- I just wipped my mouth with my sweater- that's okay for fever! Okay! To do that! Never skuys got change it later. YOGOTHE GOINNO get it dracon every week his mother did it God I got sweater like I wear, ther sweater, all the time around the house. It's probably like twenty years old, it's torn to shreds. So I can't even imagine how old that' sweater mustave be. If his mother did it was made. It was a Mak. She made it really to last, though that would have been that generation they would have made it to last. We have stuff that my my mother, my wife's grandmother made. You know it's stuff. Is it's firm? It's they didn't it was'. They didn't have this transitory view of items and objects and clothing. It was like no. No. This is GOINGTO. This should last for fifty years minimum where in terror you coald wear the you weare this to the casket. That's right, I'm Goin to bear. I'M gonna be buried in this table cloth. Everything goes right, all right, MIC! Ranger! You pick up a point and tie the game. Take control the board: Where are we going for our final one point round? I think we're going to go with music mark already, all right so on November twelvth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four music fans around the globe were touched for the very first time with the release of Madonna's. Second Album, like a virgin. The album consisted of five singles, including the number one like of Virgin and the number two hit material girl. The album has gone on to be certified diamond and sement and Bedonna as a pop icon. Many critics cite like a virgin as the defining moment of Madonna's career, but also point out that if you and your friends are trying to balance the forces of good and evil, you may want to hand that Abulante to someone else, because this virgin has been touched. Many many times allegedly did you say it was certified diamond and cement. Yes, actually h top of the chart and the bottom of the chart at the same time is the losst ratings in the highest raigs yeah. It started at the top and floated towards the bottom. I lookd slowy, the bottom. Okay, all right man crush. What do you have for the music round all right? So, let's go to November eighth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy four here's this band's third studio album from the hall of Fame Band and I'm glad this one came up because- and I'm almost embarrassed to admit this- I don't think this band has ever come up on the show. Ever I try to think about it. I should go back to sounder and do the transcription research, but off top of my head, I'm going to say no, you can fack check me later mark all right, but it's a travesty of epic proportions that this didn't ever that the name of the band travasty of epic proportions no, but that would be a great bal. They were in the hall of fame and Seattle. The they're the first band ta go online, but let's try to write the wrongs here. Let's try to win this round, but this album, which it's a lot more pop glam, rocked in their first two albums. It's what really launches band into the Stras forer, and let me make this perfectly clear- I'm not saying that they would have never achieved that whole ftame stas eventually, but this album right here. This is like a watershed moment and this featured the band's first international hit single more than that. One Song is basically the inspiration behind thrash metal. So without this one track on this, who knows what metalic would have been doing or what they would have sounded like, but the band put their all into this thirty eight minute album they had to at this point, if you saw the movie that was about them from a couple years ago, there's a particular scene where they're talking to their label, which is tri ent records, and they needed to make this work, because these guys were living on two pennies rubbing together. At that point, even though this is a third album and tried ITD felt like they were losing money on their investment, so the band went for broke, it was all or nothing- and I mentioned pop glamb rock before, but this album has a bit of everything on it. You Got Glam like I said you got hard rock Prague, Inscene, vocals harmonies and that first international hit killer Queen that hit number twelve on the billboard hot one hundred and the song, which was not even a single stone. Cold crazy, has been called the grand pappy of thrash, of course, inspired Metallica, who are the fathers of thresh? I present to you the first time Queen has ever been selected on this show sheer heart attack, release November eighth, one thouand, nine hundred and seventy four wow in the lap of the Gods. To I mean it's not even a single or anything amazing song. That's really Nice! That's a great story of Epic Luck, Yeah for Reall and intention Nice; okay, all right so for my music selection, we're going to go over to the Atlanta constitution in t e newspaper November, fourteenth nineteen. Ninety Four for an article where the headline reads: TLC: Toys with tha little bit of everything skin showing faces flawless and Funky Pro Independent, lyrics intact. ATLANTA'S TLC is back with a sensual look that will give saltan pepper a run for their money, get over it as their attitude screams get over. The VIBE magazine cover get over the rnb rap ax retooled glamour and please get over Lisa left ee Lopez's current situation, crazy, sexy cool the follow up album to their near triple platinum, debut album is in stores Tuesday, but the music is probably the last thing on people's minds, as a lot has happened since their cartoonish looking trios one thousand nine hundred and ninety two debut album. So this is crazy. Sexy cool by TLC this album would kind of top their previous album. It was this one went, let's see twelve times platinum, so this one went diamond. It peaked at number three on the billboard two hundred and then it stayed parked there for over two years, but did they go cement is what I want to know they didn't. They did not go cement. I wish they did, but you know this made tlsee the first girl group in history to ever reach diamond status and since then the album crazy sexy cool has sold over fourteen million copies worldwide, and that happens to make it the best selling album by an American girl group. So it's been featured on the rolling stones top greatest five hundred albums of all times and just the accolades go on and on. Of course we got the the epic singles on that one creep and waterfalls, as well as red light special and digging on. You saw the band reonite with Keneth Baby, face edmonds and Gemain depre to just put out a funky fresh, album, as the kids say, so crazy, sexy cool November fifteenth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four wow. How did I miss that it was the year I worked on the fresh Princ of Bela ar you think. I would have heard that you know if something goes twelve times platinum chances are a girl you dated or married. Had this album. That's well I'm going to ask my I'm going to go through my wife's albums right as soon as we're done here. I feel I felt contrite about not knowing anything about that music. That's definitely within my lifetime, just don't go chaise some waterfalls, sticktoteiersle. It would never occur to me to chase a waterfall. I think I've always been very content to just sit and look at them. That's a that's a personal flaw, I'm sure. Well, I guess I have to I mean I have to be true to my own viewpoint. On this and Madonna. You know I was with two minds about Madonna she's, extraordinarily capable- and you know an amazing performer and you knowdeserves, all the credit she's got. I just don't particularly like to consume her music. Let's see, let me maybe I can get a little help from a celebrty to help me work this out. It's a tough one! Is it tough? Okay, have your Bor them so how your bed dem should be able to help us with this, because he's so uninvolved completely with American culture, and I think, though, that he will probably say at the end of the day that crazy, suxly cool is a magnificent milestone for culture, and I think he rather than myself have you berd. Him is extremely familiar with this music N. with these girls, I would think that Haver B dam would be extremely familiar with Plc. I think so too. That is why I love him to make the the judication, but thist is the women all right. Well, that means the game is tied up at one pointed piece going into the first two point round and I haven't than even happened. How does hit even happen? I take control AF board. You know what guys man we got movies and we have hot products left. I said we do some hot product, okay, so for hot products. I went over to the Lon pick record in Lumpick. California, and I wanted to take a lowhat was popular for vajs tapes. What people were buying in the stores? What were the top sails and, more importantly, the top parentals? So I looked at the whole month and you know, Drassic Park was out there on vhs and that was selling really well and renting. Well and then, on November eighteenth a movie came out for purchase and forental in a kick Drassic Park right out of the top ten rentals. It took the number one spot and at the same week it was the number one movie that you could own on vhs for the lowlow price of like twelve ninety five, you could buy the Kiana reeves classic speed and own that right, near vs collection m that that beat out nightmare before Christmas, dark crystal and, of course, Jurassic parked out. If you're, you know wondering about the authenticity of my statistics, an my list. There is a note here at the end of the article it says the video best sellers list and the top rentals list was compiled by melody at Blockbuster Video Three eventy five North Hollywood street. So in a minute the on know the WAI eer Melanie, who it just says Melanie, they don't give a last name. Oh, that's jus smell very suspicious. It's very they're protecting her identity. So that's my hot product, speed on vhjs, bring it home today, okay, good one hold Tayo all right Mike Ranger. What do you have well Marko? On November thirteent, oe thousand nine hundred and eighty four, the empire strikes back, was released to home video. I found an article from November twenty third in the Los Angeles Times listing videos. Current hits that said, the empire strikes back is destined to be one of the big hits of the Christmas season. At the time of this article, the Empire strikes back was number three on the billboard magazine sales chart with Romancing the stone and number two and sitting firm and number one was of course, Jane Fondas workout prices for this thing were all over. We really depended on where you were shopping. I found one store running a deal on Vajs and Beta. If you purchase star wars and the Empire Strike Back, you would get them for Fifty Nine D. Ninety Eight, each four, seventy nine ninety eight separately tower records had it on Lazardisk for two thousad and ined, and ninety eight and another store said that you could get it for free on selectivvision if you were to buy RCA, select division player. Now, if you didn't have VCR well, don't worry about that because you can run them for twenty dolas a week or five dols a day. Now I didn't continue to follow the history of this film, but I assume it continued to be a big deal. IREMEMBER hearing about it once or twice whas it called starw empire strikes concrete something str othin cement. I think that's WHATWASME AA good one yeah! I still got a bunch of old vcrs if I could rent them out for five mocks manthat'd be awesome. I got a select ivision right there day for that it doesn't work. The EAH need some wordso have to find what part of the planet is still using that technology it has to be somewhere. I don't know Mike Grainger over there. He drove about six hours. All over New York and Pennsylvania pick up a Betamax and RCA select division just over the past two weeks, so Kudos to my granger fornistagic reasons, you know purely to watch meatballs part too. That was it. I just want to see it an every format available. All right, man crush. What do you have for the hut products round, all right so November, thirtieth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy four. This one is is one of those picks where it's near and dear. I remember all these words hitting my ear. It was every day right after snack when we would all congregate to the back sitting around the circle. Miss Blue's kindergarten class legs folded, trying not to act like an ass kyle ran in kicked over a stool. He was a little fuck, the biggest Dick Head in school, Miss Blue Red, where the sidewalk ends a book that everyone highly recommends. It's sold nearly five million copies around the globe. That afternoon, a few friends of mine saw Miss Blue Tisrobe. Beware: Bathrooms in kindergarten have no law little herby had to piece so bad. He nearly went into shock. He ran and sprung open the bathroom door. All of the kids that were close saw a bush. They couldn't ignore. This blue was hunched over caught midwipe, not exactly ben over, like she was waiting for pipe herby and the kids couldn't fathom what they'd seen remember to block the door before your shitting routine. Ladies and gentlemen, it's the best selling worldwide classic Kidsbook, where the sidewalk ends by Shell Silversteen, the best selling children's poetry book of all time, and yes, that story that inspired my poem actually happened. I had the ring of authenticity to it, although for a writer of that book, Shell Silverstein is spinning rapidly in his grave right now. Yeahwhy didn't I come up with that, get man. Why didn't I just? Why? Did I always keep my language so clean, wow? Okay, we got speed on VHS, which is very significant, but you know it's lost a little bit of its lustre than movie speed, because a cruise control empire strikes back, make some to vhs. Just also kind of you know it's in the the crowd of another. Just this massive franchise with so many high points, its almost like it has only high points in it. You know just gets better and better strength to strength, but where the sidewalk ends speaking as a parent, I know great contribution that poetry and cartoons and nice illustrations and books and away for parents to interact with children. I know how valuable that is in raising up the next generation of intellectuals like yourselves, so I would have to say I'm going to say I'm going to consult the celebrity wheel just to make sure t I get full and total agreement fir. Sam Eliot and Sam Elli it'll say a hundred per cent Jim dread on this one. Shell Silverstein were the sidewalk ends. THAT'S THE ONE EL! Yes! Thank you, Sam all, right! Well, you heard it from Sam Mancrush. You picked up two points. You take the lead in this one hending into the movies round. Would you like to go first or you have the option to defer? You know what I'll differ. I just Wen lass is last round so goheadmark I'll, throw it to you all right. Gentlemen. You know last episode. I dug around and I found a negative review for Star Wars, something that you didn't think you'd be able to find. You know. Sometimes negative reviews are hard to find for some of these really good classic movies. Sometimes that's all you're going to find is negative reviews. Well, for my pick this week, I wanted to find a good review for this film and I did and it's by the legenddary Roger Eberd. The headline reads: Junior Schwarzenegger muscles in on Mama. The wonder is not that Arnold Schwarzen egger plays a pregnant person in junior, but that he plays one so well. He has an uncanny idea of what will work and what won't, and since you walk in expecting almost nothing to work, the result is sort of a deliverance as an actor with big muscles and a Balky Austrian accent. You think he'd be limited, and yet he knows himself so well and it gives him the freedom is a pregnant arnold, harder to believe than Arnold as Cona and the barbarian. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you junior release November twenty hr, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four starring Arnold Schwarzen, Egger, Gany Devido and the lovely Emma Thompson. Wowokayi know it's not the Arnold Classic and you don't find raving reviews for this, but the fact that Roger Eberd himself just gloats about this movie and if you've seen Arnold's performance in this, I'm not sure Roger Bert, saw the same kind of the movie. Everyone else did so anyway. That's my movies, pick junor excellent, excellent, all right Mike Ranger. What did you bring for the movies round? Well, Marko November nine n thousand nine hundred and eighty four movie patrons never slept the same way again when Westcraven introduced Freddy Kruger in a nightmare in elm street Johnny Depp John Saxon, Robert England, heatherlandcamp the All star in a movie that ruined my childhood and still manages to fuck up my sleep from time to time. The film Gross Twenty five million at the USBOX office ogainst a budget of one point: Eight and the yet the birth of a franchise, Harr icon, six sequels TV series acrossover a remake. Despite all of this, man crush still managed to find a review of this film that gave it like a star and a half. Did you save that I didn't? I was actually hoping. I could recap that I don't know the guy. He pretty much just said it was shit, yeah fuck that guy he's, like don't he's like, don't go, watch it it's dumb yeah. He can be trusted startint. He was probably someone from the American dermitological institute or something certainly wasn't Roger Rebert. That's for sure, no hewas butchering him because of his face all right. Man Crush. Why din't you wrap up this game with your movie selection, all right, let's head back to November fifteenth one thousand nine hundred and seventy four, and it seems like every time I get the S. I pick a Trolton Heston movie and, I sure do hope. Jim Can judge US round a glorious, Hestin voice. Hatd be fantastic. Last time I selected the Omega Man and this movie it looks like it in terms of visuals, it's stunning that said, one thousand nine hundred and seventy four. The effects in this movie are amazing. Mike inattest is we talked about this. While we were waiting for you last week we started talking about this movie. You know, I typically cannot stay focused for a two hour movie, but this movie had me fully engolfed and more than that, I've seen this movie multiple times and I really can't get into a movie. That's two plus hours twice without fading, yet I watchd it again last night and for the first time it was probably the first time in years I've seen it and I was ultra engaged so either it's amazing, storytelling or my attention span has gotten better. I'm not sure you guys be the judge of that, but, like I said before, the effects were amazing in this. In spite of that, it did not win an academy award for best in Motography, but it was nominated for it. It lost out to towering inferno. Instead, although it did win two Oscars for best sound and the special achievement award, which I think is what they probably give out when they nominate you for a bunch of Shit. But you win nothing. So it's like a participatin jophy. I don't know, but the movie would go on to make a wopping eighty million dollars, onethousand nine hundred andseventy four, that's just over four hundred and twenty million dollar tw, two thousand and twenty, so it did fairly well at Tho box office. The movie- IT'S SUPER! Well done at the end of the movie this whe we were talking about last week. You get that empty pit in your just. You feel like garbage at the end of this movie. I can't even explain it. You realize that this is something that could realistically happen, maybe not the heroics of Charlen, Heston or George Kennedy, but the disaster in itself could actually happen. I recall in the early s my parents brought me to universal studios and we went ont on the attraction earthquake, the big one- and it was terrifying. So if you're intonatural disasters, Walter Mathel as a town, drunk Charon, Hestin's, bravado death counts that put Rambo to shame and something more frightening than a horror movie than go out and watch the classic earthquake because it really is and quick question did charlete Heston Havin his contract. It was like in his rider or something that he had to have sex with a woman. Thate was half his age in every movie in the SVN, I think so because he did the same thing in the Obega man. Yes, that was part of the contract that I made sure my agent made it very clear to any producers, and I would have to have sex with at least one woman that was half my age and two women who were three times my ait and one barnyard anm. Now H, he and Shell Solverstein Er, both rolling over in their graves, and that's going to create an earthquake that earthquake. What is that feeling? You grew up through this? I grew up. I gave grew up through the earthquake that inspired it so yeah, I'm all over this thing, and I still remember parts of this movie. I remember you mentioned Walder Matthow was in the movie, and Walter Mathaw has thi such a small part in the movie that you wonder, was Walter Meth out really in this movie, but he is like no lines very oblique kind of almost like a glorified extra like he was on the lot one day and said: Hey and you mind. If I step in and be a part of this machine, just you know, because he just kind of comes in and dances around and then there's even a another shot where you think well, there's that character again, but strangely t doesn't look quite like Walter mathow anymore, as if they went. We need your talking about where they're in the parking girl a e Wer. He rid your like Warounikeut, it's the same character like they went here: Ben You're about the same hight as Walter Math, Ou yeah, but I'm thirty years younger. I don't care. Put this on. He was wearing go in that git go go, go now which happens in movies. They have to put somebody in. Sometimes I've been replaced in movies. Where suddenly it wait. I played that character. Why is he? Why is he in the front of the Church? But it's funny that you say that because I had like, I said before it's been years since I saw it, and I always forget, I don't know if it was a Camio, I'm not sure how big Walter Mathow was in thousand nine hundred and seventy four HEU a yeah, so he just like showed up and he's like you're watching it and you do a double take youre like I know who that is, but I can't be him doing that role because, like you said he hasn't Hav any lines he's just a drunk. It P it's a little like Bob Oaden Kirk when he shows up at the end of little women you like what Whit, what yeah? What are you doing and you'd expect them to have lines? That's what kind of throws you off Ol a mat yeah! That's why I think it was just a kind of a hey. You know what you Knon'tt have a kick. You want to go in there and be Partt sure sure, and you just you got to trest like a cloud truck anyway, but we're getting away I'm stalling here because is tough. It's a question of something that leaves you with a empty pit in the base of your stomach earthquake, a movie that makes you the spawn o franchise that robbed. Perhaps tens of millions of people of sleep and a Schwarzenegge movie way. SOTHIS is a real tossup to cossup. Well again, I'm Goin to have to go to the celebrity wheel, because this is just too hard for me to Judicateith my own personality. There we go and we got a deep George Jebe Bush. Okay, tell you what at Arnold Schwarzeniggeris a heck of a good actor and for him to to duplicate of being in the throws? F. Inpregnanty Dolicto is that's that's worth a a couple: F Oscars and maybe even a maybe even a Tony for my money. So put me down for put me down for Arnold all the way he used to be a good Republican to as ever call Bi recommember right right, man crus. You know what that means. We're tied going into the final wild guard round, whoo all right I'll go first for this one we're going to go over to a November eleventh one thousand nine hundred and ninety four and I'm going Ta go with a movie for the wild card round. Now people are going to wonder. Why didn't you pick this one for the movies round, and why did you go a junor because juniors never come up on this show before and I believe this movie has. I don't believe it's come up as a pick, but we have talked about it. It is the Brad Pit, Tom Crews, classic interview with a Vampire Hmm hmmthis movie was a phenomenon in the box office. It's based on the anrise novel for me, Tho Stand out in this movie is Christian slater who just delivers such an awesome performance and he's not even in that much of the movie Walter Maththow has a little little part. Is One of the corpses that gets killed? You see him wriggling around a little bit he's not quite dead. He just walked on and said, hey yeah. Let me just bee. What are you doing here? Inher vampire movie, I'v Never Been in one of those you might have. I laid down there next to that healthy, looking woman movie cost about sixty million dollars to make and the CUMMANTIV worldwide gross two hundred and twenty three million, not to mention that this movie is on TNT, TBS and USA pretty much every month. So I give you interview with the vampire the vampire chronicles November, eleventh thand, nine hundren and ninety four hi man crush. What do you get for the wild cart around? Let's see if you can keep your winning streak alive, I don't know we'll see. I said you want it with movies, I'm going to stick with movies. Let's go apples, apples here, and this is one since we talked about the select ivision earlier. I never talked about this movie within the man crush three, because I don't think it played out where I watched as much as Friday, Thirteenh Greece. What's the third one mark airplane airplane, that's right, good is to big three good. It was the big three, but this was like. Maybe it was the fourth because I watchd it quite a bit I'll keep this one short. The dates are all over the place because in the sometimes they had sporadic release dates were one part of the country got it. So this was released in November, but it was also released in countless other months. But I'm just going to read Wat says on the box says the most talked about highly acclaimed family picture of our time, and then it says dot that dot. Maybe all time- and I think that's true, because this is a movie about a stray dog that saves to kidnap children, it'SBENJI Beng, Orit, France, Bongy Bogi, you know what I remember most about this whole movie was the fact that he was eating pudding out of a cup and always grossed me out, because he found it in like some random house and just started eating it, because he had no food but good old Benji. Taking that one to the end see what happens all right. Let's throw it down to Jim Mesciman for the final ruling on this game. Oh it's between just the two of you. That's right. This was the oh gosh. Well, it's a simple choice between interview with the Vampire and Benji, not apple storanges, at all, it'sstraight dog that saved two KIDNAPP children. You know there was a Ki Werk Ki. It was a kidnap child, an interviewing the vampire. That's. What brings those two movies together fact. Venji is considered interview with the vampire too at's the precool, if you realize it wow. Well, the the Neel Jordan directed interview with a vampire is a very stunning bleak work, not not a little homorerotic. If I don't mind, you don't mind me mentioning it and and beautifully shot, and it has Stephen Rea in it and cristen dunsed in it and Walter Maththow. As I mentioned Benji, you know I missed Benji. I wasn't watching a lot of dog movies at that time, which is strange. That was what year was Benji. Seventy four nighteen. Seventy four you got to bring up Peter Breck, Deborah Wally Man, Hatsy Garrett, Oh man, those are real ss names. You know my mom Marian Ross was on TV during that time and I watched a lot of happy days but and those I used to go to events with her, where there would be all the big hot TV stars of the time and captain and Tenil and the the Charlie's angels, and I saw ll these human beings. It was like, Oh, my God, it was astonishing anyway. NAMEDROPPING is not helping me get it anywhere closer to a decision. I think I have to go. Gentlemen. I have to go to the wheel again because I personally cannot make the ejudication, but surely one of these gentlemen can undre Te Jaat so for my money Benji, because the dog is so cute, a small little dog et the secondhand pudding and leave throug that so you must be the one who shouldwin you. That's my tourist, Oh thank you. AUDRE IR WELCOME L UP G man. Crus keeps the winning streak alive at five Benjie UNGI wow. He saved two kidnap children and me from losing this game. Oh Wow, that was a great game guys, thank you and thank you, Jim, for showing up today with all your friends, you're welcome, you're, welcome and sure help me. I tell you. These are two difficult choices to make, but it's you know when you go to another personality, suddenly becomes very simple. Well, you did a great job as a judge. Thank you. So much now, Jim you've worked in television, film, Video Games, standup Inprav, even doing custom gimpressions right. What's your favorite medium to work in, like I do like I do like recorded stuff, you know I like being able to hide the body completely and be just a character that we hear and kind of you know when we listen to it. We sort of mock up in our minds what this thing looks like, and I don't like I like to be able to as a listener, to contribute to an art form. You know so like I'm, not a big Gamer, because it's sort of all there. You know it's right in front of you. You kind of have to you see every bolt every glistening bead of sweat on everybody and, like I went. What do I really have to to give to this? You know. Obviously playing is a contribution, but since I don't do that, I have no reality on it, but so I do like the oricular channel if you will to create sound and that's why directed tons of audio books Goldenara Golden Nate Storiescom, if you want to see some amazing audio books that I directed many many hundreds of hours of, and I do audio books today and obviously I do a lot of impressions and stuff FROR, my youtube channel N and for the world. You know films and television, and things like that is now you touched on it earlier, your mom Maryand Ross. Now your entire family has worked in the industry, andting, your wife and your daughter. Now I maughter my my brother in law, my sister yeah mom, and before he died my uncle so ye h we're pretty much you know, but mom is the she's, the tip of the spear she's, the great icon, and she had the most. You know flame from from the fuse on lift off an sure, there's a nice ten yard German word for that, but she she really had so much intention as a fifteen year old girl growing up in Albertley Minnesota to be somebody in the movies and to have that kind of glamorous life and she got in just at the tail end of it and then raising two kids as a single mom. My parents were divorced, so she raised my sister and I and as an actress in the ses, and she was on all those shows and then happy days happened, and that was the beginning of a whole nother level of of professionalism. Now, how old were you during her big happy days run? Well, it was eleven seasons, so it was quite a spread of my life, but it began when I was about thirteen. I think they did the pilot when I was thirteen or fourteen on oer yeah, and then it took a while to didn't, sell it first and went away for a long time. Everybody forgot about it. Then it came back because Ron Howard did American graffiti, and that was a big hit and at that time Michael Iznervers had a paramony went, wait a minute. Don't we have a pilot on the shelf that has Ron Howard in a s environment and they went by the way we do Isas matter of fact. So that is what like a year or more later, created that affluence. Yeah you bring up Ron, Howard and yeah kind of how this whole episode came about is good friend of the show Bo bee craft on twitter had tweeted out something to you, and I saw it and t just the day before I was watching Frost Nixon with my wife, and I pointed you out to her and it's funny. We talk about how you know, actors will have like no lines and a movie and stuff. You know Walter Math Tou doesn't get any lines yea, they put you in front e, so at a freshist and you don't have any lives like, but I got to drive the car that was nice. I was the one of the nick of the NICKON team. There were a few of us and I got to drive the car. I felt very good about them yeah. So I'm like look that look honey. That's Gamesciman he's an impressuice. Why isn't he saying anything yeah? I never thought about that. That's really pretty funny! Oh my Gosh! I don't wantto get too far away from it. You Talkin about happy days. How much time did you spend on the set? Do you remember any stories from things that happened? Oh as much as I could as much as I could I mean I remember going. I remember the first time I went to the sed. It was still single camera. I remember wandering around and being having to be really quiet. I hadn't been on a lot of sets before you know, because my mom is a guest player. She would ever bring us along to you know a day player thing or so I never visited many sets but happy days. This is as solid job for emember being very quiet. Meeting Tom Bosle meeing Henry and those guys- and you know it was all on sound stages- wasn't like a Multicam shoet, because it was a single camp shoot and I remember y Henry winkleter standing over to the side in the sound stage. Smoki cigarette- and I remember in my you know, youthful kind of brashness. I came up to him. I went lessee you're smoking. That's that's not very admirable, you shame the FO for smoke, but it wasn't even the funs. Yet the show hadn't even aired yet I don't think a, but he was kind of like yeah. That's right, ind, smoking! First of all, he's smoking in a soundstage which, of course it's never done anymore. T second thing: I remember that I thought of him as being just an impossibly old person compared to myself and he was probably twenty two. He just looked that way because of all the sun exactly yeat's funny and yeah it was. It was great to visit the SETN and later on, when I was a teenager and could drive myself, I would go down on every Friday that they were filming like every Friday. I would go and watch tand sit in the stands and watch them film and it was exciting because a hitch show back in the s was a global phenomenon. It was you know, truly, everybody was watching it on Tuesday nights at eight o'clock on ABC, and so it was the the aura, an atmosphere of excitement in stage nineteen and paramoun studios was just palpable. You know people were just going nuts, you know and they would introduce this cast in the beginning and people havd yeah yeah and then Henry would come out the fands and they would go apeshit completely apsiot, like Elvis apeshit. They would scream and squeal and he would be kind of really cool. He come out Goet, you know come back and probably back stage will go. You believe this canse me until he jumpd the shark until he chupp the shack. Now, I'm in that episode, no Shit Really. Really, let's you can go back and look at it, and you will see me on the beach. I'm the one who announces that there is a shark out there and that marine land is going to come and pick it up only decades later, O we realize what yeah, so I spent a few days on the beach shooting that how was that taken at the time when that happens, and now we always you know- everyone says like: Oh you jump the shark or whatever right at the time. Did it feel like that? I mean I was too young Don all wel. The other weird thing about that is. It's come to be known as a phrase that means wow, they're, doing anything to stay alive, right, they're, doing it just o trying to keep attention on right that I was told this season five of eleven years. So I don't think anybody had a concept that it was a desperate act. I think they were just having a really fun time and going hey. Let's have the happy days guys they go to Los Angeles. They go to Hollywood, they go to the beach. What's he going to do, it's got to be some kind of contest. Hot Rods, Naw jump a jump over a shark with Waterskis yeah. I think they were just behind it. Why not? I'm gon have to go watch that down Yeh you'll see me. I've never looked so ripped, not that I'm very ripped. I've never looked quite. I was going to the beach a lot. I was swimmilot N. I look pretty good just before I went off to college a and almost burned out, but that was a good experience and I was with the the directors son, Jerry, Parris's son, Andy Paris was with me and we were we t. We were throwng these, so obviously there was a little little nepetism at work, but I was a actor I was I done plays and I was you know, kind of leaning towards being an actor. I didn't make a full commitment to it until I was in my ies, but at that time I was kind of like yeah. I can do this, I'm not to do this stuff, that's pretty odd. This is completely different than happy days, but one of the things you have on your youtube channel. You do a lot of these deep, fake video. Yes, I've done quite a few of yeah that are scary, Shit like it's, because it's so believable yeah. Do you get people that like come after you with and I like Ri? Do. That's not me like? Oh, no, no. I've not had any celebrity response to any of those things, and I think it's because my intention is not to I mean it's pretty clear, I'm trying to Yeh your just yeah exactl, not saying anything, TA, someone, Wa Hey! I don't believe that what are you trying to tell everything's eall, likeits innocuous kind of viewpoints and stuff and poems that I've written? So no, but I moyounow that first one that went viral pity the poor impressionist, where I did seventeen or eighteen or maybe more characters, and they it's a guy named Shamuk who is in Manchester England, and he contacted me and he's the guy. The technician that does the deep fake part of it whiis a lot of work and he does a great job and he showed me in a sample and he said o you want to do something and I went yeah. That's amazing and this first one went legitimately viral and yeah. I was W A was I going to say can't remember but oh I know a lot of people responded. I got tons of comments and most people said this is really cool. I'm really scared yeah, it's frightening yeah and then you did the wash your hands one, which was fantastic. Thank you. Oh Nice, yeah yeah that I thought I TBAT I thought would go pretty viral but apparently wasn't topical enough yeah. I don't know ifitethink, but deep, fake, covid, no buttons. I guess nothing to nothing to really pakue anyone's interest. I thought it was topical and I thought I had a good Messa. So much appreciate yeah. I I've done a few. I don't know how many more we're going to do, but you know now it's now. It's sort of like broken open. Now, there's like the the APPS are now readily available to almost anybody, and so it's now it's like okay. Well, this is a tool. Deep Fak is a tool. Just like Photoshop was a tool or digital editing was a tool ight. What ae you going to say? You know what are you going to do with it? Yours are amazing, though I've seen them with the APPS. You could pick those out a guy that did yours. Yeah must be ultratalented, because you can't even tell I mean obviously like when you're doing like Ron Swanson, his body is smaller, but his head is perfect. S head is a perfect size that melon of his is comparable to the mine, but hat weighs six onches less, because I have more feelings than he does. I think th, the deep fake t that freaked me out the most and kind of was the dead giveaway was the Morgan Freedman at the end. Yes, that that that does strain credulity yeah, but but I don't agree with people that say well, that's is that black, a form of black face an like, come on, come on yeah, it's! No! It's all precious an art form. If you don't mind, we have a little freedom of speech here, at least in the arts. Is that okay, particularly when I'm being nice and not saying anything, a right break, I love Morgan Freeman. I couldn't do an impression of Morgan Freeman. If I didn't Adore Morgan Freement, you can't really do I really good impressions of people unless you have a high level of affinity for them. It's just not possible. You wind up, mocking them and right plenty people to do that, but I'm not interested in that game. That roles really good into my next question and is that you talk about what are a couple of characters or people that you've always really wanted to be able to do, but just never never could quite get it or to a level that you were happy with it. Oh well, you know, because of my physical stature and the equipment that I've been given by fate and genetics. There's many many voices that I can't Approachin bact people often say: Is there anyone? You can't do, and I say well, most people I can't do you know. We've got eight billion people in this plane. I do about sixty five, that's a very small percentage, but there I mean. Obviously, if I could, if I could really hit orson wells deeply and resonantly would be you know I wouldn't have to do anything else and just sit around all day and do Maurice Amarsh Yeah See. I was thinking about that because you do this great bit with your wife, where you guys have somebody randomly throw out a historical figure. Yeah or you know so like there must be a character in there somewhere you'e like Oh. If I could just fit this in this bit, it would be fantastic, and that's why I had thought of that. Is I just I love that bit you do it's. It really merges the IMPROB side of it with the impression side, really perfect Cole, thanks yeah. We did that for years and years n New York, I got very facile at it. It's great, you know creating stuff with Im. PROBIS, you probably know is very easy once you train yourself to go with that. First idea, and just just run with it and whatever pops in your head, just rom with that and have no no kind of reservation about it, and I got very thoroughly trained in that and did it on stage in New York for a decade and it sticks it's nice and then you know, memorizing lines is much harder, but I do love. I do love to take on a you know. Anything, that's why I love the wheel, don't kind of go matthew, mcconnaugh, all right, greaht, so we're talking about voices and things like that. Well, interview with the vampire okay, I thought it was going to be Dick. CABOT turned out to be something completely different. Oh Man, now that you say Dick Cavin interview with the Vampire I kind of want to see that version. I would like to see that toand I dick cabit is a voice that I can do under certain circumstances. Hat Very, very tight, pent up sort of voice is very protective of his voice. I think her were protective of expressing himself too stridently, and so he was has very reserved kind of thing, but he would make these little barbs would be interesting sa when you 've been alive for a long time is Vampire d you driver's licensees. It expired one of the things I love about your youtube. You do that thing with the fortune cookies and I see the fortune cookie like taped on to your board right there. That's it before you leave us. Can you read us a fortune? Oh sure I got to get a cookie hold on be right: Backot t ight herein, the cookie box here from the Golden Bowl Fortune, cookieg company by them, Bythe Fe hundre. At a time the demands for my fortune cookies readings, ourselv tremendous. We have to keep a constance upwly, since this is reguo. I M gn, Ta kind of Nice Oa like a asmr video us, so Po is E. CETLIPANE is come all the way, all the way from besin. So this particular one is very but its already pre precrushed so, but it does have a fortune in it all right. Here we go. Get the n around here Woody Allen, you know so woody Allen's going to gin to read the fortune here. Let's see, sometimes it's interesting how you know they relate sometimes a celebrity in the fortune. You there's a confluence, sometimes happen. The juxter position is extraordinary. Okay, education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. It's not a fortune. Just often the case, an very seldom is are actually a fortune in Ta Fortune Cookie. This is a piece. This is an observation. It could could be something you read n in an airline magazine or boys life. You don't go to a Chinese restaurant go. You know. I really want some advice about what the purpose of education. Well, I think that's one of my favorite parts about that video is it's not some. Every day it's you reading a fortune cookie, but more or less you're debunking the fact that these are actual fortunes. They should be like more wisdom, cookies or negative information. Wisdom, cookies, that's yeah, I'm thinking of starting my own line of misfortune. Cookiegs, you know talk about the dreadful things that could happen to you in a few hours, all the pieces of paper just say, t thousand and twenty on them. You know just yeah, that's right. They know more or if you had my poem before you could say remember to lock the bathroom Doratl unless you want to see a little bit too much Bo ethank you so much for coming out with us. If you have anything, you want to plug like hug, your channel and stuff like that, so people know where to find you. Oh yeah go to YouTube type in gimpressions or, if you can think of it, my name Jim Mesciman or celebrity fortune cookie or deep fake anyway, I'm all over Youtube. I got if you subscribe, I've got new videos at least one video a day, often two or three also actor tips. I give advice to fledge, ling, voice actors and regular actors and, as you mentioned, the deep fakes and a lot of other creative stuff, alsroun O voyceer Colonel Sanders. An do quite a lot of Colonel Sanders. Material too, because that's just a fun character to be- and I don't get any money from it, especially, but I do enjoy doing it so there's justall kinds of stuff there and I'm on Instagram at Jym, pressions, very cool. That's why I picked the Crolton Heston movie, because I saw the call between Colonel Sanders and Chilhuin the, which is another great skin right, fantastic, I'm glad you like them, they're fun to do, but thanks again man. I really appreciate coming on. Judging for us to my pleasure thanks for inviting me thanks a lot Jim, okay guys take care of Tay Care Connigt. All right, doelers will, unfortunately we're going to have to end this episode right here. But don't worry if you've missed an episode, you can always head back to dueling decadescom, where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes, spotify everywhere, podcasts are available, but in the meantime, while you're on the INTERWEBS head on over to facebookcom forward dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own rentro memories. UNTIL NEXT TIM jewelers we're going to bid you a piece, love Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmary Media

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