Dueling Decades
Feb. 24, 2021

Mike Ranger gets all achy breaky over the worst of February 1975, 1982 & 1993!

Mike Ranger gets all achy breaky over the worst of February 1975, 1982 & 1993!

This week Duelers, we relish in the misfortunes of others with a wild and woolly worst of battle. With Mancrush soaking up the sun in South Beach we asked a longtime friend of the show Brent Hand of the Hysteria 51 podcast to step up and tackle the worst of February 1993. The Professor, Drew Zakmin is back with a vengeance and the absolute worst of February 1975! Finally, Marc James competes with the worst offerings from February 1982. A fan favorite, Mike Ranger returns behind the bench to judge these shoddy selections. 


Brent brings the sadness with 1993 and a year that just kept giving grief in many forms. We hear about the debut album from Tara Patrick and not the one you are thinking of. Drew Zakmin tries to take down a dinosaur with a zip gun and Marc James’s blood runs cold because his memory has just been sold! Brent breaks out a magazine staple of the 1980s and we hear about the origins of the Mirth Mobile! Cartoon animals invade DC Comics and just who exactly is the Chili Bowl Mullet Man anyway? The cast comes to an agreement that there are too many cop and hospital shows and Drew brings one of the worst. We cover a not so classic episode of M*A*S*H. Brent checks in to see what's happening in Waco while 3 hours away an unwelcome rocker finds a unique place to piss. The ground shakes in China and We hear about a series of unfortunate events on the set of The Crow you may not already know about! Find out what “worst of” movie is the debut film of a gerbil-loving Hollywood A-Lister. Then we hear about a pair of London tragedies only fitting of this episode. 


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Ocast New York Sup doing decades. His is wax piece of all you guys and thanks for having me on the show, will it be the s or the AITS Beeni babies or crack babies, rilly, Bena, Bota or Madon? Maybe Bricty? Maybe Whitney. Do you like new little o new wave, dave, ro or Super Dave? I don't know, but now the battl begins duling decades. Let's see who wins: Joy, deas, roadcasting from the podcast New York Studios, it's the adult, only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to jeweling decades. I am Mark James. In this week we bring you a wild and woilly wore stuf battle, as thiill be representing the worst of February, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two alongside the other duelers in the decades they will be fighting for first off truckin back to the S. welcome back to the show the professor drew Zachman. What's up everybody, I have the worst of February, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five, and I don't think I'm going to let anybody down with these picks also joining us on the panel and representing the S, say hello to the host of the hysteria. Fifty one podcast, Mister Brenthand, hello and yes, I have a February of one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, what what a hopefully crappy year, I guess or month, we'll see but yeah, it's sad. I remembered it all. So I had that going for me and as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So this week's guest judge will be very familiar to our listeners of the show, as he is a fan favorite and the resident expert on video games and video rentals all rise and welcome judge Mike Ranger elloo everybody, and this time I am not on drugs, it'sa goold start. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules, the judges, coinflip shelder, sad, who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories: movies, television, music, news and hut products at judge's ruling. Will determine who wins each round allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point, each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. Remember Dewelers, to review the show, listen subscribe and play along at home, it's time for more doins, all right. Let's go right down to micranger for the coin, toss all right and Todayh we're going to flip the vhs copy of think big starring. The Barbarian Brothers Hmoscar snub of the year right there yeah definitely definitely so prepare grab your chicken bones. Let's flip this thing, all right drew Zachman, you call it in the air. I will. I will sake. What's op, what's on the cover there Mike Well, you've got the the Paul brothers in their totally inpractical shirts and they're standing next to a giant truck. You know, that's the side. I want yeah, that's the one! That's most appealing the back just has in a text. Yeah give me that front all right, one, two three and it's tales. Nah All right, Brenton Han, you won the coin toss and you get to select our first category all right. Let's go with M: let's do news, first, no, no music! Why am I saying news? Music, music, Febuary? Seventh, this one is a big one in the music industry, the selftitle debut album by the actress rapper model and media personality, formally known as terrily Patrick. This was her debut album produced written and a lot of the music performed by none other than prints himself. This dark day, music history was the debut album for Carman electroself titled, Album Carman Electrop, with such mazing songs as fantasia Erotica go on, which a bad self and step to the Mike which people have described as an abomination, and it was her well, it was her debut album and her only album. So I guess they were spirted Enouph to dropp her and her and prince parted ways right after that, so we got Tom Weits. You know checking it to the the man the man at Fredaa and Carbon Electra shitting on music forever. All right drew Zachman. What did you bring for the music round? All Right? So, on the sixteenth of February, one Thousan, nine hundren and seventy five, we were given the tenth studio album by T rex. I don't know about you guys, but this albums called bowlins ZIP gun. I am not a t rex fan. I might get a little flak for this one, but I think their music is aske. I am not a fan. I don't do cocaine, so maybe that has something to do with it. I will say I'm impressed that Mark Bowlan whos, sadly died at the age of twenty nine. Put out that many albums it's like a short time, but this one I actually gave it a listen to the other day and I was not at all impressed by this. It also I mean it got bad reviews to by some critics Whitney Strub of pop matters wrote Bowlins Zipgun contains just enough moments to preclude classification as a disaster, but just barely like I said I just tried listening to it. It was rough. I did not like it at all. There's a song on there called Zip Gun Bogi and the albums called Bowlin, Zip Gon. I mean that's just fucking stupid anyway. I have Bowlin's Zip gun for the worst of Fan, oe thousand nine hundred and seventy five for music. All right guys. My music selection is a song I actually really like and as drew zachman would agree on. His show songs gone wrong. This song is actually a bonafided hit and on February thousand nine hundred and eighty two that was the month that this song had the most plays on the radio, because on February Si one thousand nine hundred and eighty two thes song actually started at six week: Rain Atop, the billboard hot one hundred. I give you centerfold, but the J gyles band, but but wait mark. This is a worst of episode right. Well, this song is the worst for three reasons: one the subject matter: okay, guys picture this, your school crush or girlfriend. Well, the song never really clarifies which who you thought was innocent and pure you find out years later, is a centifold in Playboy magazine. What could have been? You know, and you know. The second reason is, the song includes a false finish and nobody likes that at the two minute and forty five second mark, the up tempo song neatly wraps up, but after a four second count, the song kicks back in for another, almost full minute. So the third reason is, while that remaining fifty two seconds of the song and what can only be described as as a childhood playground taunt and for weeks after in your head, you will have ninenine and on an Nin and Nan on on an aananna stuck in your head. So for those reasons and those reasons alone, I submit to you a song that has truly gone wrong: Centerfold by the Ja Gyles Band, all right, let's throw right over to miceranger for the ruling on the music round. Well, first off, gentlemen: Let me say that you all had some very compelling arguments, so I guess if I could disqualify one right off the bed, I'm going to go drom and have to skip this one, because not only have I not heard it it just I mean you didn't even like it so, but and then moving on mark. Now I really liked how you had some supporting arguments there. You know it was. I was intrigued. I, like your your passion, and you really did point out some examples on why this song is actually truly awful, but I think nothing here could possibly be worse than Carmon Electia. Recording anyway agreed. You know it's funny as I was. I was looking for some reviews and I'd went to Amazon and SOM was like this is worth buying, but just throw the disk away. The pictures are great. Did you say Tarah Patrick was involved in that no her name. Her original name was Terra Lee, Patrick catching, for she became the protege of prince okay, Carman Thelectra. Well, good things shoe change her name because she wouldn't want the reputation of the other terror. Patrick, Oh wait or is it the other way around yeah? That's a that's another cintat right there yeah we have any more barbarian brother move, wasn't Tarrah Patrick Marrid, to I forget his name, but the dude from Biohazard, Oh Evan Seinfeld. Yes, that's it yeah Y he's like the singer and bass player, or something like that yeah. They did some fine feature films together. Now, if you have Carmin Electra, fronting bile hazard, maybe that could be something could be probably not, but I would give it a shot all right Breton hand. You pick up the first point of this game but, more importantly, you take control of the board what category ill be going with. Next, let's go to hot products, and I have February thirteen of Ne Thosanninethendend and ninety three. This is such a Datad. Everything I'm going to tell you is data that T it's so funny to me. The hot product of that week of that month was the issue of TV guide, that' sold out everywhere, because none other than Billy Rac Cyrus grace the cover of it and women everywhere were swooning over him at this time. Remember when, like that was a fucking thing and they sold out- and I look- you can still buy this on Ebay and it's like thirteen fifteen bucks for this February thirteenth issue of TV guide with him. Looking dumb like is he's just as a red shirt he's not smiling. It looks like he just smelt a Fart. It's it's interesting, an IT blows. We, my Ecaus, we don't need TV, God anymore. I guess Billy Rac Cyrus is still around because of his daughter, but it's just such a dated thing. All of the whole thing wow, which is the dated portion, is it the Billera Cyrus, the TV God or the women swooning letary was that so was he on there because of the Achy breaky heart or was wasn't he on a TV show to he was like a doctor or something like that that was like mid Ny Sish, I thought. Oh, he did PLAT. He was on a TV show. This would have been I'm trying to read. I actually save the well. Let me look it up because real quickr Acan Aky Break Yu Hart. I usually have that come on right before the selftitled debut album of rage against the machine that Y, I usually like to play them back to back okay, here der it's, so he has a they have a quote from him. It says I live on the edge and I know you eventually fall off it, and then this is the ake breaking man in this week's ABC special and next week's grammy, so es okay cool. I like to think that it was an after school special, but I don't know like don't talk to the man with that haircut or something like that after school, but yeah, better ways to raise your daughters, fun with power tools and e racking ball, all right, jrew Zachman. What did you bring for the hot products round? All right now, if you guys recall a classic S, flick, waynes world, there is a scene in there that everybody remembers and that scene is when the relaive, when they're all in the car Sikin Bohemian ramsody well that car as one thousand nine hundred and seventy six AMC PACER. Now the original AMC PACER was unleashed upon the world. On February Twenty Eighth Tousnine Tuneen, Seventy Five and the AMC PACER was in Productinfr one thousand nine hundred and seventy five until one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine, so not a great run there and the car the card. Basically on Ow, you guys remember the movie or if you just know what an AMC Pacer looks like in general, the cars. Basically, it's a a fucking fish bowl on wheels, pretty much or kind of looks like a Jelly Bean. Whichever way you want to go, but apparently the body' surface was thirty: seven percent glass. So that's a lot of glass. It was dubbed the the marketing for this was also just ass. It said it was dumbed the first wide small car okay, but even though it was a two door coop, the car weighed three thousand pounds, or just over thireen hundred kilgrams for international listeners out there and due to that heavy weight, the car wasn't exactly fuel friendly, as it only had sixteen miles per gallon in the city. However, it did pull in about twenty six miles per gallon on the highway and also a marketing phrase used by AMC states. You only ride like a pacer if you're wide, like a Pacer, so I got that going for me yeah. That was ha thing that they said and it's print so anyway, but yeah the unconventional styling of this car and the lack of fuel economy during this. Seventy nine energy crisis is kind of what ultimately did this car in plus it looks like a damn fish ball. So that's what I give all of you, the one thousand nine hundred and seventy five AMC PACER all right guys for my hup products pick. You know what happens when you take a renowned artist and director from iconic franchises like muppet babies. The new Fred and Barney show the completely mental misadventures of Ed Grimly and Camp Candy, and then you team hem up with the same man who cocreated Wolverine Vision, Luke, cage and ghost writer. Well, you get an absurd comic that made its debut February, one thosand, nine hundred and eighty two as a sixteen page, special Incertin, the new tean titans number. Sixteen, I present to you a series that well nobody asked for, and it only got a mere twenty issues, give you captain Karrit and his amazing zoo crew when comic Creator, Scott Shot and Roy Thomas first pitched ther idea to DC comics as a funny animal concept called supersquirrel and the just lot of animals which start cartoon versions of all your favorite DC superheroes, like supersquirrel, wonder rabbit the Batmoose Green Lambkin, Hawk moofs in the long gater, but dyusee kind of saw licensing problems with this, because they'd have two rival studios with different properties of the same character. You know one studio wouldn't want to own the serious version of a character and then the arrival studio is leased out, the not so serious animal version of like wonderwomen, so they created Captain Karrit and his amazing zoo crew to introduce new and original animal suparoes into the DC universe. Wow kind of all the animals get their powers from a dimension, jumping superman who first comes to Earth Sea, trying to stop a meteor which shatters giving a few of the cartoon animals who populate or see super powers. Much like Superman, the amazing zoo crew stars Roger Rabbit. No, not that one, a cartoon bunny who happens to be a comic book artist, working on a series called you guessed it just lot of animals, so Roger Gangs, up with his Superhero friends and becomes captain carrot and he's also joined by the zoo crew Ali cat, Abra pig iron, rubber duck Yankee Poodle. A turtle named fast back, a mouse called little cheese in the best dress of them all the American Eagle. So the zoot crew stayed together for a short time, although they do continue to have kind of a cult following they made a few cameos here and there in the DC universe. So that's Captain Karrit and his amazing zoo crew, the worst of comics February, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two all right. Mike Ranger. Let's hear your ruling on the hot products round. You know mark this one's kind of tough because you know with with your pick and drews pick. These are just you know, well intentioned products that just didn't end up really doing that well or Woren. Looked upon favorably Brent, with your pick that sold out and that's more of a strike against humanity. So I don't know where my disappointment really should where it should go here, because I'm really disappointed with you know, just I guess America right now for doing that. One like people rushed out to get that and then you know they were probably beating each other up like it was a fucking cabbage patch. I got to put that in the cedar chest. That's Goinna be worth something some day. You know somebody was just like took it to their barber. Maybe look like this. You know there was people in lines at his concerts with copies of that waiting to get an autograph on the Yeah God yeah there's a guy in my hometown, O Spreengfilinois, and they call him Chili Bo Mullitman. He is a giant Chilli, Bol mullet and you know, like I guess: Billy Rays is slightly cooler than the Chili Bobll of it anyway. He's so prolific, and you know he does his. They did a documentary on them called Chili Bol mullet mad like full dacumentary, where they follo hem around for like a year of his life yeah. So long live the mulleps. I guess I don't know yeah. I really don't know what to do here because at you know, I kind of actually liked the the pacers a cool looking car. I don't know if I want to own it or drive it, but mert mobile yeah, it's a that's fun. I mean you know, just don't speeo inside of it, but man mark your sounds pretty terrible. It really does kapt Captain Carrott and this amazing zoo crew yeah. It only lasted like twenty issues and they didn't even want to create those characters to begin with. They just wanted the you know: animal versions of all the already popular characters, and this is tough because at the same time the Pacer was like Shitty enough, but also remembered enough that they wanted to put it in wains world as part of a joke. So that's kind of like cool too. So you know what I'm actually I'm going to give this to drew. That's like Jitty and fun. At the same time, all right drew. You pick up a point heading into our final one point round, and you have control the board. What category are we going with next yeah? I think we're going to do TV, because this one's pretty Ma all right. So I have from the genius minds of Aaron, spelling and Leonard Gohlberg comes o look a show about police, the shows called Swat which began airing on February twenty fourh, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five, and it made it all the way before being canceled in April, one thusand, nine hundred and seventy six. So it had about a good year run and the show focused on a Californiaan Swat team as they solve crimes Adiadiado. It had Steve Forece and Robert Uric in there Erik, I guess, is his name, but I mean go. It's just a show about police like that, but that'll never work or make a comeback, but it did, and in two thousand and three they made a film swat, which was kind of based off that TV series and turns out they did bring back a new swat show which started in November of two thousnd and seventeen, because we don't have enough cop shows, stop fucking. Making cop shows people please and shows about hospitals like we don't need that. Please just stop anyway. I do love Spencer for hire. I do love me. Some robbe tittle COPS OKA hospital security guards, but yeah I spent for a higher cool show. I Love Robert Erick Swat, I mean it'terrible, so speaking of Spencir for high or another thing they just remade. That was mediocre at best with one with Mark Walberta yeah yeah it was it was long to that was like two hours. I'm like come on an I cut that shit down, and it was even that funny. It wasn't that good. It was just long, but anyway I have Swat, which began airing on February twenty forth on thousand nine hundred andseventy five just another. Damn cop show all right Brent hand. What did you bring for the television round? Okay, so for TV I had an intrusion into the news and interrupted everyone's television. They were watching and not a good way February. Twenty eighth, the last day of the month, something that people had been watching and keeping a whole tabzon throughout the month finally erupts into a gun battle. It turned after a fifty one ends up in a fifty one day. Stat standoff ended with this gun battle. It was the destruction of Tha five story building. Seventy five people died, many of them children and women. This was outside of the town of Waco Texas and the branch debity, the Vidian, the BRANC Ovidian compound. That was when the February twentyeth was when the FBI attempted the raid, and it did not. We probably remember how how terrible I remember the pictures of the tank they had er or tanks or whatever trackt vehicles they had with the battering rams ramming into the sides of the building and there's smoke pouring out and they're they're shooting in and out of it, and it's an interesting thing is, as years have gone by, people have talked about what was true and what wasn't true about it and, and they didn't want another Ruby Ridge, Janerino and went to the president is like we need to get in there. We don't want to stand off. You know we need to do something about it and he he said well, if that's the Intel we have, let's go do something and it was non stop from the from starting, then until it ended, was pretty much twenty four seven news coverage everywhere of that going on so yeah he, the Waco, the the ending of it t the siege and the the huge clusterfuck that was Wako, wow yeah. I saw the OAS it Netflix that put out the documentary on that not too long ago yeah they talked to some of the children that are now adults. It was moving. It was crazy yeah. It was fantastic, all right guy, so for television, I have an episode of a TV show that I don't think comes up enough on this show, as it was constantly on the TV and my household growing up and matter of fact. My very first teddy bear as a child is named after one of the characters from the show who also famously had a teddy bear. You know, but sometimes the show had a knack of putting the laughs aside and pointing out the things in the world that are well just frankly, the worst. So my television selection is an episode of Mash titled. The tooth shall set you free, costaring, the one, an only mister laurence, Fishburn aring February, Eighth Ne Thousand Nine hundred and eighty two, the title of the episode actually plays on the side story of the episode where Winchester has a bad tooth. That badly needs to be extracted. The main story focuses on a racist unit commander, who is purposefully, sending black soldiers on dangerous missions hoping to get them killed Yiks if they happen to survive and are often badly wounded, he tries to ship them back home, doing all of this just so he hosn't Havgh to spend time with them and command them in his company or even be around them. The sad part is this was actually based on reality. Harrys Truman signed executive order, nine, nine, eight one in on thousand Ninetunerend, an forty eight, and that was integrating the armed forces. Most commanders ignored the order and actually consider black soldiers inferior. As a result, they suffered disproportionate amounts of casualties due to being assigned to more dangerous duties than their white counterparts, so this was actually the last war in which the military continued to be segregated and then the Korean conflict. Unfortunately, black lives did not matter and for me in the cast of the creators of Mash, that's absolutely the worst. So that's what I had to pick for the worst is just this episode of Mash that just points out some really shitty things that happened. So that's what I got mash February, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two that is shitty all right: Mik Ranger Overto you. What is your ruling for the television round? Well, you guys hit me with some pretty terrible stuff. I mean you know. Obviously I mean the worst of it being this, this another cop show which we didn't need. You know, so I don't know, but at the same time you know the I like, I kind of remember the Waco thing you know I like. I obviously wasn't like glued to the TV watching that at that point, but I'm sure like I do remember that being a thing and then you know mark just cheats with reality. You know, and so wouldt have to give this one to mark good job mark, Oh wow, I did not expect to win with that. One NASHS just a show that was just always on the TV of my household, every single night we ate dinner, usually watching mash or cheers and yeah. This was just even at a young age youre like Oh man, this that's a bad guy and of course, the commander. At the end, they catch him in the act. They figure out his whole game plan and he gets offered the ultimatum of either resigning from the army or well just being court marshalled and kicked out so either resount on your own to get kicked out. It does not end well for him, but this round ended well for me. So I'll take the win and the point tying up this game at one point, a piece heading into our first two point round. I think e're going to go over to the news round, so o m for my article we'll go over to the Elpasso Times February, twenty third one thousand nine hundred and eighty two for an article where the headline rines unwelcome Mat for controversial Rocker, Peytentionazzi, Osborne, district attorney, Ossy Brown of baton, Rug, Louisiana, says you better! Keep your hard rock bend in your Nasty Habits Out of East batonrouse parish. The district attorney said he found out. You were arrested for being drunk and public and police said you didn't botheher to use the men's rest room when he went to visit the Alamo the other night, the Alamo, where Texans fought for their independence from Mexico in eighteen. Thirty, six remember that the El Passo Sheriff's EPARTMENT has heard of you too. That's why sixty deputies instead of the usual forty have been assigned to your concert Tuesday night at the Al Passo County Coloseum. We won't take any BS from him or anyone else. Chief, deputy Heysus, reas warned. You said your main goled life is to use the White House as a public restroom, and you said, if you had a kid you wouldn't let him see your show Brown who pronounces his name. Osey, not Ozy, says he wants to make that official. He doesn't like it when you bite the head off a live bat at one of your concerts and he doesn't trust those Rabe shots. You took everywhere this guy goes it's the same thing. He says something happens, one place. He Bites the head off a bat, the next town he might expose our young people to rabies. So it's the wet dark stain on the wall of rock history. I give you Ozy pissing on the Alamo February, nineteenth one thousand nine hundred and eighty two all right. So I have February twenty six one thousand nine hundred and ninety three at elevenseventeen am that central sender time a truck bomb expodes in a parking garage of New York City's World Trade Center. It ends up killing six people and injuring over a thousand in what at that? Time was the deadlist act of terrorism perpetrated on US soil, and we all know that, unfortunately, it didn't stay that way and at the same place, but a truck bomb detnated below the north tower. This was a one thousand three hundred thirty six pound night trade, hydrogen gas, enhanced device. They called it and it was supposed to send the north tower o Tower one into the South Tower toer to and bring both down killing tens O thouzand people. Thankfully it failed. So it didn't do that but, like I said it did, kill six people, including one pregnant woman and injured over one thousand, and about fiftyhzend people were evacuated from the building. That day, so yeah the first attack on the World Trade Center February, Twenty Six, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three M N nd nine te n nty three was crazy man. You have the Wakotexas. You have the first bombing of the Trade Center Jees Yeah Yeah, absolutely unreal, all right, trew Zackmin. What did you bring for the news round? Boy Thisis, a lot cheer some people up, but on February forurt, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five an earthquake hit hihching China at around seen thirty six at night local time, the earthquake registered a seven point: Five on the Rictor scale, which was bad news because about a million people lived in High Chek. However, there's actually some good news, this story now the earthquake, while devastating, was one of the few earthquakes to be successfully predicted in history. Actually, earlier that morning, officials ordered that people evacuate the city, believing that there would be a large chance of an earthquake. The prediction was allegedly based on reports of changes in groundwater and soil elevations over the past several months, as well as widespread accounts of unusual animal behavior. The citizens were finally placed on high alert and the evacuation order was issued due to an increase in four shocks. Now, while the evacuation did help immentally, it didn't prevent all dests about. Thirteen hundred people died, one thousand thre hundred twentyy people to be exact and around twenty seven thousand were injured, as thousands of buildings collapsed. The good news, though, is that the initial death toll prediction was a hundred and fifty housand had they not evacuated, so they you know they. Definitely it's unfortunate that people died, but still could have been way worse, but the unusual animal behavior thing was real interesting to me. Righ ou always hear stories about like animals kind of having this, you know weird sense Wer, they can kind of. You know, notice things that maybe we might not. In December of thei previous year, rats and snakes appeared to be frozen on the roads in February of seventy five reports of that type increase greatly and cows and horses. Look restless and agitated rats appear drunk chickens, refuse to enter their coops geese frequently took flight dogs and cats living together in massysteria yeah. It was. It was a bad earthquake, but luckily, thanks to the evacuation, they were able to greatly minimize the loss of live so February. Ne Thousand Nine hundred and seventy five earthquake an highchaing China, wow real quick before you do this. I had done two from all you a said: Oh man. Ninety three was a crazier. The one I got rid of I didn't do was the trial for the Roddy King beating and that tipped off to the riot slitter that year, inty three was' leas yeah, it was aswow. I thought the riots were n was that ninety two or was it was the beating, took the beating, took place in the the stuff took place in Ne Thouand, nine and ninety one? Okay, they pled not guilty originally, and then they came back in and it took like it was over like a two year span. Tha whole two years was shit in La as far as I didn't mean a derail. A show I apologize, but it was Justi was thinking about that man February of ninety three sucks. There was just so many bad things that just happened in that time frame. It was almost like the s version of two thousand and twenty yeah the whole like early S, was crazy. It was like this weird era of tabloid news and just insanity: Chicks, cutting off people's penitsa yeah yea, exactly Nancy Karr, a wha wha, Joey Butt. If you cos a household name. I was thinking about this the other day like what the fuck were, we so upset and Moody and in brooding about in the early s like, I just remember, like our whole generation being very dark and broody. You know a D, a lot of that was brought on by the music. But honestly, I can't remember what the fuck we were so upset about fair point. Well, I think Brenchjus gave us a couple examples of what we were probably works. Aut about the long island lelidas aren't returning our phone calls yeah. I wasn't yeah, but a at seventeen years old. I wasn't losing sleep over the Long Island, lolies story. You know what I meanall right Mike Ranger. Let's hear your verdict on the news round allright well before I make any final decisions here. I do have a question. You know start with you mark now: Ozzi pissing in the Alamo was he in the basement. There is no basement to the Alamo, that's WAT to see! That's why you got in trouble now the earthquake. That's a little scary o may ask how many weeks following the earthquake did, God Zilla show up. It was actually eight days, okay, better late than never, but you know honestly, I'm gonna I'm going to. Actually I am going to give this one to Brent, because I actually have my my father. I actually worked in the building. He was there that day, Oyeah wow so yeah, and I remember that- and I remember him having a lot of trouble getting you know getting home and we couldn't you know, there's no cell phones really, so he wasn'table to like we didn't hear from them all day and he was finally able to like you know, get on a train get to his mother's house and then called us from there. Man Wow yeah that one it's a little too close to hole. Yeah, you're, Reah, it's a little weird. He was there for that. One and the nineeleven one yeah man yea way to bring down the worst of episode, Bra Yeah. What dd you have to pick that man come onn disqualify. This episode is the worst ad you by PROZAC I mean. If this episode has a sponsor would definitely be like all sport, that's Ha Pope carbonated gateraid all right Brent hand. You picked up the two points in that round. You jump out to a big lead and you take control the board heading into our final round. Awesome. So yeah movies February of ninety three, this one kind of encompasses an entire month. It is a horrible horrible experience, filming a movie and it actually started filming official filming started February. First of nineteen. Ninety three now during the time of this terrible stuff, just kept happening and they kept filming a carpenter was seriously injured on set when a crane he was working on hit, live power lines that night an equipment truck caught on fire. Then later Lin the month sculptour had worked on the set for a few days drove through a plaster shop. After he was let go, then a construction worker accidentally drove a screwdriver through his hand, then, as they're getting through all this a storm destroys half of the sets and they have to try to rebuild them now. This all comes down to a head later in filming, but this all happen in February on oe thousand nine hundred and ninety three with a movie, the might have heard of called the crow and we all know how that ended, with Brandon Lee being killed by a a dummy bullet that fired- and you know it turned out later, that the lead tip of the WB came lodged in the barrel, the gun and it pushed out a blank and it's what's what killed him and they ended up suing everyone involved, and it was just a horrible thing he was hit in the little Rabdoman. He ended up dying later of bloodlosset. It preached an artery inside of them, but yeah. So the entire. That's what you think of, but a lot of people were hurt or injured. During the filming of this whole movie, it was like it was one of those things that the higher powers that be were saying- maybe didn't you shouldn't be making this movie just. Finally, when half of the sets were smited, they just kept going anyway, so yeah the crow wow all right drew Zachman. What did you bring for the movies round? All Right? So I have I have Richard Gear's debut film here and the movie I'm talking about it's. It was released on February, F, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five and this movie everybody knows his movie report to the Commissioner. Oh yeah, no never heard of it. It was a crime drama. I guess that was Richard Gear's film debut. So if you guys, like sticking gerbils up your rast thand, maybe you'll like this movie- I don't know, but I've never seen it, but the plot, I think, is actually pretty terrible. Basically, it's an undercover detective is assigned to a missing woman case, but the missing woman is actually another. Undercover cop he's trying to get close to a heroine dealer. The female COP wines up getting killed by the other cop, then the mail cop, somehow gets stuck in an elevator with the drug dealer that she was trying to infiltrate. They somehow become friends and they're like. Why will let you go but then, as they get out of the elevator leave the building, there's a whole bunch of cops there. They unload on the drug dealer, Het dies, and so at the end of the movie e was Spoiloler by the way, I'm just giving you guys the whole movie here. So the undercover detective and his superiors decide to save face. They come up with the story that the male and female undercover detectives were involved in a lover's triangle that he shot her out of jealousy, which makes no fucking sense whatsoever. L K, I feel, like that's actually worse than what actually happened. So I don't know that's terrible. I Will Never Watch this movie ever. The only saving grace I can think of here is that Dana elcar was in this who, if any of you recall some of the best ads TV shows, Dana El car was actually mcgiver's boss. So that's what I have report to the Commissioner was released on February: Fifth, nine Huneren N, seventy five, all right guy. So I guess that's over to me my movie selection for the worst of is from director Michael Winner, and it was actually nominated for the stinkers bad movie award in one thousand nine hundred and eighty two, the film was also nominated for a razzy award from its score from a man. Well, who could do no wrong up until now? Mr Jimmy page- and this is a film that our judge, Mr Mike Ranger is very familiar with because it sits atop his list of Mice Ranger's, most rapy rape, films. I present to you for your viewing displeasure, a film that has the most violent and deranged gang rape scene since the clockwork orange death wish to released February nineteenth nineteen nd. Eighty two so we'll go over to t newspaperscom for an article. I found where the headline reads: Death wish to a sickening crowd pleaser when the original death wish appeared eight years ago, movie goers embraced the idea of a man gunning down the muggers who had killed his wife and raped his daughter and death wash too, and I don't know which is more sickening the movie itself or the knowledge that people are flocking to see this movie in approving of it in throngs, when I saw death wish to the audience so thoroughly worshipped their hero, that the waves of resounding applause swept through the theatre after each violent murder, when the film ended, cheers and whistles of adoration nearly drowned out. The Music Wow death wish too, is a violent movie as violent as I've ever seen, and what's more indecent winter begins, showing in graphic detail two gang rapes, one of bronze and suspanic maid, and the other of his daughter. WHIN ER keeps his camera on these women humiliated for unnatural long amount of time. The article goes on to say, the two women of this movie are raped, not once but twice three times all, because Wenner wants us to feel really really good about. The violence that follows death wish two is not only bad filmmaking, but is immoral. The first death wish captured a social mood that violence is destroying urban life, but this sequel takes us to an even more violent and simplistic theory. Yet, death wish too, doesn't even ever attempt to explain or understand the motivations behind urban crime. So I give you death, wish to February nineteenth one thousand nine hundred and eighty two all right Mike Ranger. What is your verdict for the movies round? Well again, we all we have very interesting picks here now I mark in regards to death which to Woul I find so interesting about about the death. Wich series is that you know in the first one. You know you know, and you know not, that I necessarily don't agree with it, but wit the rapy scenes make sense. You know it's a necessity to progress this story so that we sympathize with you know with the Vigilanni now in the second film you know they choose to use the same technique. We already sympathize with this person. I would say even more so because you choose to rape the same character twice in the series, and that was a whole pornt of like how much it traumatized her in the first movie and then here you go again like like Holy Wat. Yet, like I mean what kind of psychological mindfuck is this I mean it's like th, let's you know like man if we, if they didn't fucking, agree with the Vigilani and the last Moie they're, going to totally be on his side this time but yeah. So you know I appreciate t he the filmmaking technique with that with that one there now the moving on to drew the I've. Actually I've never seen this movie. I doesn't sound very interesting. You know you keep coming up with the COP stuff, which is o no just just boring. I don't know seven the S in their cop stuff, not great. No, no, not very! Never very fun and then Brent, you know just keeps hitting us with fucking. Just you positive vibes. I read worst, I said say no more. I know like you really. You had a awful awful month. I really feel for it now this isn't now. This is the filming right, not the the release, so he died in March yeah, the filming he ended up dying, they filmed all throughout February and he died in the beginning of March, but this is when they started in the first and all the other stuff happened during the month of February, see that makes it a little more diffilunt had he died in February. I would totally be given this to you right now, even though yes, like that's a that's an awful month but yeah they just kept plugging away now, but thing with deathwish too, is like that's. Actually I like that movie. That's there's nothing. You know that's a fun one, but then drews got this just awful thing here that just man, I don't know what the but it's also something awful that nobody nobody's going to know what the fuck. This is maybe hit's, because it's just that awful yeah, because it seems to be the most insignificant thing here. I'm going to give this re on thsand nine hundred and venty five. It's that bad yeah, pretty terrible, all right, jewelers! Well, you know what that means that ties up this game between drew and Brent, so we're going to have to take it to a final wild card round Brent. Why don't you go first on this one, all right I'll, keep it in movies, so we're in February of one thousand nine hundred and ninety three British actor and Stutman tip tipping known for Playing Private, Crow and aliens ends up dying in a parachuting accident, while filming for a British show Callo, Honine, n nine, and he was a very much upand coming stunt man and he had finally gotten his big break acting and aliens and he died while filming keeping with the chuckle fents that I've brought you. Oh my long bring in thi sadness. If you look at this guy up hell go, I know him and it's so sad because he was young. He was only like thirty four years old and just gone, and he had been a special forces par, trooper and stuff like that in the SAS, and then they just had this freak accident and he died while filming for this Doku Drama Movie, coming o nine nine nine over in Britain. Ah, that's fucking horrible. The horrible irony about that is nine. A ninety. Nine is the emergency telephone number yeah over there yeah layers of irony there, man and he landed on nine pregnant women. They all exploded killing a bus ful of children. So you know the go o man why didn' Alanus use that as her motivation, fuck tensand spoons is a tip tipping. Just a chip. S justto see how it feels right. All right drew Zaccman. What is your offering for the wild cart round all right? So I this is a news thing. So, on February, Twenty eight one thousand nine hundred and seventy five at eight forty six am I'm getting very specific here. The mortgage tube crash, which happened in London, undergrounds northern city line. Forty three people died. Seventy four people were injured after a train failed to stop at the lines southern terminous mortgage station and crash into its end wall Han. It's actually considered the worst peacetime accident on the London undergrounds did their research anything they said. No fault was found. W Th, the train and the inquiry by the Department of the environment concluded that the accident was caused by the actions of Leslie Newson, the fifty six year old driver, so yeah pretty not awesome at like eight forty six in the morning so you're getting you know, a pack train of people going to work so wow in the chuckle fest here on Duling decades continues with this special worst tuff episode. Yeah it was it was. It was a mess I mean it said it took them thirteen hours to remove the injured from the wreckage, many of whom had to be cut free. So it was with no services running into the adjoining platform to create the pisson effect. Pushing air into the station ventilation was poor and, and temperatures in the tunnel rose over a hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit forty nine degrees Celsius for international listeners, but yeah. It took a further four days to extract the last body, that of Newsan so bodies in a hundred and twenty degree heat for four days. Yeah that sounds appetizing. That's what I got Yep all right Mike Ranger time to come out of your judge's quarter and Bang your gavel yet one more time with your final verdict, I'm a bit perplexed here, because and and I'll tell you why, because like on one hand like drew, definitely has the one: that's like you know, affects more people right yeah, but, on the other hand, Brent, it has been so consistent with just giving us complete shit. Just talk about the bad luck. I'M gonna update my fucking resume with that line. We you Tik of friends, Yo, think of Shit, constant, complete shit, just been one horrible event after another. It's actually it's commendable. Really I mean they. It's almost like you've accumulated some kind of like extra points along the way it's like, but I have to judge on the merit of the individual round and certainly, I would say, a train cl crash affecting numerous people, although I'm sure, like you know the stuntman dying affected more, you know somebody actually somebody actually got a job out of it. So that was a positive. So I'm going to give that to drew one thousand nine hundred and seventy five is going to take it Weta turn that frown upside down wow. All right, congratulations drew Zachman. You pull out a victory here this week, I'll take it man. I get the belt not not popular on among the Hill Street Blues fans out there, but yeah you wan, Toit's funny. I am I sent market message. I was like dude, my picks like they're, not that great- and I meant like not Greatas and obviously was the worst of I was like they're, not like great, as in ther, like they're, bad enough to win in, like they're, just they're, very mediocre, so wellthat's. The thing with the worst of episodes is everything very subjective to right. It's objective and everything's flipped upside down, so it's like you're looking for the worst of the worst, so wow great job tonight guys drew Zacman. Congratulations for winning this episode. Why don't you tell everybody what you guys have coming up on songs going wrong yeah. We have well dropping actually well by time this episode ARESL already be out, but we covered off on the the theme song from Titanic. My heart will go on. I fucking hate that song. So we talk about that and then next week we'll have Lim bizkits faith and then we also will have columy bads. I want to sex you up, which is horrible, spoiler alert. So that's what we have coming up for songs gone wrong: Nice, Nobo, J, gyle, centerfold yeah! No, no! Not Yet! No! Yet I'm telling you man, you guys, are going to have nine non and on on Ninono Nin. That's just going to get stuck in your head for hours on end. I would rather have that than the from fucking colarmy bad stuck in my ead. I had. I want to sex you up stuck in my head for no lie like to straight days. I'm, like you, don't yeah exactly. I do not want call my bad stuck in my brain at any point in time, all right, Brendhan, hey. What do you guys have coming up on hysterial? We just got done recarding an episode on the disappearance of Walter Collins, which was a crazy one. I don't know if you guys are familiar with that, just horrible disappearance of a boy in s and La and it it involves another child posing and the police making the mother take him home and try him out to see if he works kind of situation, even though he's not jes and then uncovering a serial killer, his mom is helping sexually abuse. Ah, it's a crazy story, and so we got that coming up and always a bunch of alien crap. It's a stary, FIFTY ONC! So we're always talking about that fun stuff and you can find us just google, his therin fifty one and find us anywhere. Fine podcasts are sold or given away for Free Jeez between that and all your picks from this show. fucking chuck ever talk about anything that puts a smile on somebody's face and every episode I's just it's just probing just probing pro, and then they do the episode after the probing. That's the cleazer on twitch, and now I have my only fans also so I'll, give you that, after the show an of course, we cannot forget the great micranger thanks a lot for judging this episode. Man, I mean man crushes on vacation this week. He'll be back soon, don't worry, but mice ranger came in and did a Bangup job is always oh well. Thank you. I you know I prepared for it. I you know I showed up what do you guys have coming up on the video Rangers podcast? Well, actually, right now we're taking a bit of a break, because Chris Ranger just had his his little baby boy, but if you like, you can listen to over a hundred episodes of just absolute. You know perfection and, I believe, actually the. If you listen to the last episode, it has a has a little Christmas jingle that mark helped me do do a little music video for which is amazing yeah. You did a bang up job on that. If you guys haven't heard that go over subscribe to the video rangers podcast subscribe to hysteria, fifty one and songs going wrong, of course, but yeah that little jingle that mic ranger put together the little Christmas commercial parody. It's just it's a masterpiece. It's going to be on my holiday playlist forever. Now I think it's right up there with weird ous Christmas at ground: Zero E, Yes right and Mery fucking Christmas by es it's right up there mike once again thanks to all of our cast and competitors this week, man cruss will be back again soon. Don't worry about that, but if you've missed an episode of the show in the meantime, you can head over to dueling decadescom. You could subscribe to the show there on Itune spotify everywhere. PODCASTS are available not while you're on those inner webs also go wer to facebookcom forward dueling decades, where you can join our private group and over there. You can share some of your very own Retro Memories. So until next time jewelers we're going to bid you a peace, love Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone iguast New York Yor be herd