Dueling Decades
Nov. 4, 2020

Mike Ranger returns to make a ruling on who had the best week between October 1975, 1982, & 1993!

Mike Ranger returns to make a ruling on who had the best week between October 1975, 1982, & 1993!

Another week, and another retro battle! Mike Ranger hasn't judged an episode in well over a year. Matter of fact, for a stretch in early 2019, Mike Ranger was our dedicated judge. Judge Ranger knows the ropes, and brings his own unique judging style to the table! This is a week experience, so you never can predict what picks could be brought to the table, and this episode is no different. Drew is back in the fold and he had to dig real deep to deliver the best he could find for his week in October 1975. Marc James threw on his leather Member's Only jacket and was ready to rock with the best of the last week of October 1982! Finally, Mancrush completes this week experience challenge with the finest final week of October 1993 he could conjure.


You're in for a treat, Mike Ranger uses his very methodical judging prowess to determine the winner of this stiff matchup! In this episode, you might hear something about a boy who thought he could fly, the weirdest hot product you couldn't even imagine, Mancrush bores Judge Ranger, another unexpected duet, Erik Estrada takes down not Gene Simmons, Marc phones home for a hot product, Sean Maguire went to see about a girl, women's rights, the birth of the candy x-ray, extreme body modifications, Drew goes to bat for spider's rights, never judge a movie by its cover, David Carradine edges out Bruce Willis, a cocaine-fueled album rocks the westies, and Mike Ranger must be delirious to not be a fan of this artist! 


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Infirmary, media people engage up, Juwlin decae, the Bixi O Blam, but Tboan reega o that cap, but stot the power gotcome fight for what you love. You COMYO P, Picuparas, a Oe Wu take grat a o Bal, her sick, mad, a gncome fight for what you love, Youn S, broadcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult only rechro game show where the decades battlefor supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. I am Markd James and welcome back to dueling decades. This week we return to the weak experience. I ol be bringing the best of October twenty. Fourth, through the thirty first of one thosand nine Thunden ND, eighty two. Alongside these other duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off representing October Twenty fourh through the thirtieth of one thousand nine hundred and ninety three say hello to man crush yeah October, twenty four through thirty ine thousand nine hundred and ninety three. This is the best of episode correct. Yes, it's probably not going to feel like it. No also on the panel this week in Duling, with October Nineteenh, through the tenty fifth of Thosan, nine Thundren and seventy five welcome back to the show drew Zachman. It's up guys. It's drew from the songs, gone wrong, podcast and yea, one thouand, nine hundred adseventy five shitshow, and, as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So back behind the bench this week by listene request is dueling decades. Zon Fan favorite, Mr Mike Rainger, hello, everyone, I'm Mike Ranger and I've already decided who's going to win and that's whoever takes off their shirt. First Yeah, I'm in that kind of mood all right. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. It judges ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round, all right to all the killers and the hundred Ollar billars, it's time to play more doins o Mike what you got the flip. Well, as customary I have brought a VHS, and today the VHS is the Earth Day special from one thousand nine hundred and ninety yes, because who doesn't care about the earth? I love the Earth Yeah it's good place. Well, since you love the earth, so much drew Zachman. Why don't you call near this week all right all right so give it a toss ready one to tales and we have heads it son of a bitch, not loving the air. So much now are you I'm Goinna go spray around a bunch of fucking knock Quinette, all right man crush for this week. Experience battle, you win the toss off. You take control the board. What category are we going with? First? All Right: Let's do news, I think it's warranted. We begin with the news and let's go back to October Twenty Fourh, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three here's a story out of the New York Daily News about a five year old boy who thought he could fly and it's probably every parents worst nightmare as well. Little Paul Rosen who lived on East seventy ninth street in the Upper East side, O New York City, he's playing with his toys that Sunday afternoon and when he decided to reach from one of his toys hit, was rolling off the window. Sill of his sict story, apartment th window in question was unprotected by any metal guards and little Paul fell nearly seventy feet out of that window onto the asphalt below Paul's mother, Christine his quoted o saying Hall's a strong brave child who thought he could fly well. I hope that that didn't put you in a mood to fast forward, because perhaps Paul could fly because little Paul fell. Seventy feet out of window right on to the ASPHAL sidewalk below, without breaking a single bone in his body and without ever losing consciousness. Paramedic showed up at the scene prepared to collect a gruesome body or shocked when the boy was sitting on the sidewalk totally able to answer all of their questions. Matter of fact, the boy wanted to know if the paramedics were going to give him a bandaid and then reminded his mother that he never ate breakfast that morning the boy was taken to the New York Medical Hospital. Cornel Medical Center was listed in critical, but stable condition after xrays and cat scans revealed no injuries. The hospital decided to keep the boy for a week just to see if there ware any internal injuries or come Tho light. However, in an article I found a few days later, he was upgraded to stable condition and nothing else was found, and since this was the last article I could find on this entire situation. It appears that this little boy landed without any injuries. Easy. Gentlemen, I give you the boy who could fly. That's insane he's unbreakable. I Dude I tried so hard to look up Paul, Rosen's kind of a common name, so I was looking for like death records or facebook accounts. Instagram there's tons of them and I just couldn't narrow it down. I wanted to like start messaging them, because I wanted to have the dude on the show, but I couldn't find it, but if you're out there Paul and you're listening good job buddy, your story was so much better than the movie because it was shorter. All right drew Zachman. What do you have this week for the news round? All right, so I have a story on October, twenty fourth Ne Thousand Nine hundred and seventy five. This is a this is a story of women power girl power. I love it. We have the Icelandic women strike. What happened was on October, twenty fourth thousand nine hundred and seventy five, the wonderful women of Iceland went on strike for the day to demonstrate the indispensable work of women for Iceland's Economy and society and all sorts of protest, wage discrepancy and unfair employments practices. Now participants did not go to their PA jobs that day, nor did they do any housework or child rearing for the whole day. Ninety percent of Iceland's female population participated in the strike, so a good good percentage. There went on strike for that day. It' say what it was so effective that Icelands parliament passed ta law guaranteeing equal pay the following year, so they went out. They did a little protest and you know what governent was like. You know what you guys are right, that's pretty fair and if that wasn't enough, the strike helped Pav of the way for the election of Vigdis Finn Bogadaughter, the first democratically elected female president in the world. Five years later, one thousand nine hundred and eighty so pretty damn awesome looks like Iceland got it right, but octomber twentyfor, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five, the Icelandic women's strike wow. I have a question: What were they wearing they're wearing like blue hats and socks? Awere they powerful enough to jump out of window and live and and also wearing a big smile. I'm Surl doving something right: Equal Pay, Yep all right guys. So from my new story this week we're going to go to Halloween one thousand nine hundred and eighty two. Now that should ring a bell because Halloween Ne Thousand Nine hundred and eighty two was kind of like the Halloween, where Halloween lost its innocence and not in a good way either. This was the Halloween where we started hearing about all the pins and needles and razor blades stuffed in candy. So we're going to go to the Daily News, New York, New York and the Long Island Section for October, twenty nine one thousand nine hundred and eighty two when the headline that reads: Cops. Looking for Pinplanter Long Island police were searching yesterday for a possibly deranged person or persons who slip small, sharp straight pins into bags of candy and both NASA and Suffolk. During the past two weeks now we'll skip ahead a couple of days to actual Halloween Day and the Herald news out of PASAIC NEW JERSEY, there's an entire page dedicated to stories about these happenings. One of the headlines reads: Consumers, heating, Candy Bar Warnings, dozens of candy bars containing pins needles, nails have been found in metropolitan area stores, but few injuries have resulted because people are heading, the warnings police said Saturday. It seems like a lot of people are smart enough to check the stuff before they eat it, and it goes on to say that ten incidents were reported in Long Island where an East metalman was injured when he bent into a Cadbury Caramello candy that contained a straight pin, frank colinade. Twenty eight years old suffered a small cut when a pin pricked his cheek police said and then also there was a straight pin found in a bun candy bar up in Pekipsi. So what had happened was earlier in the month in Chicago we had the tylonall poisonings. Six people had died because some talenol pills had got laced with PCP again those people thought they could fly to, so the people are already on edge about the possibility of candy being contaminated, and then two days before Halloween someone finds a pin. There was actual towns in New Jersey that canceled Halloween. There was no trick of treaters, and if there were, it was pretty scarce much like this year. So that's what I got from my news story, the Halloween of one thousand nine hundred and eighty two ind, some drange people actually putting the pins and needles in the candy bars. Ask You a question: How hard is it to detect a needle in a candy bar, probably not very hard, once it's in your mouth but like? If they didn't break open the package, they had to slide it in one end right right: it's not like they did it prior. I always wondered that my parents used to say the shame shit. My mom was all over that she was one of them. Helicopter MOMS. It was always like Ih make sure you ceck all the Carnda, and it's a lot easier now because of this, they actually manufacturars changed the way they did business and they actually started using air tight rappers for the candy bars. If you remember before that, the raters, where you not there Tai Yeah, I remember actually yea. I totally forgot that, like now they're sealed right, but then it would just come open on the bottom correct. Nobody likes a flacid wrapper all right. So, let's head down to Mike Ranger for the ruling on the news round. Well, first I'd like to congratulate mark for coming with the possibly the biggest Downer of a story, because it plagued every kid for, like the next fifteen to twenty years, like we didn't not, a Halloween was celebrated where somebody didn't at least mentione that you know or some mom was like. I got to inspect the candy first, they still do yeah I mean well, I mean now it's so different. I mean do you. Can You get candy on facebook? You might be able to yeah it's funny, because there was even a a separate part on this page where they are giving alternatives of what people could do and something that somebody actually proposed would have completely killed Halloween for good. They propose that people no longer give out candy, but give out coupons that those coupons could be redeemed for a piece of candy at the store. All right, that's just ridiculous. You'd go out walking. For you know three four hours come back with a bag full of paper. Then your parents would have to drive you all around town to get one piece of candy at each store. It's never going to happen and, of course, on Sunday a lot of the stores weren't open, so you'd have to wait till Monday. Oh then you're back to school. So by the time the weekend rows around, who gives a shit all right. Well, that just confirms that Mark is not winning this round. But let's, let's go move on to woman's rights, which certainly deserves at least five minutes of our time for even less because that's not winning either. I like the idea of of a kid not dying, and some parent, just getting the absolute like that must have been the scariest and best day of somebody's life, horrible, the the dad actually stormed downstairs, and there was a gate that separated the apartment complex from the sidewalk, and you know like just think about how nervous you had to be so. This dude like book down six flights of stairs and he goes outside and he's trying to get the gate open and he said in this story that he couldn't get the gate open. He just kicked the motherfucker and broke the whole lasp and everything so just imagine what he felt when he saw his kit and the kid was just like iy Broadfasto smarning. You know what I mean. It's honestly like, if you really just think about it. That's like one of those things that you di to complete miracle. That's why I'm giving it to the the boy who could fly it', a merical win that Rond all right man chrus! You picked up the first point: What category E we going to? Next? Let's GO TELEVISION ALL RIGHT! So, let's go back to October twenty FT, Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety three, the show debute on this date and only lasts for two seasons before getting ousted from MTTSE air waves. But it was a staple of my high school years more in that it was the spring board for this host. He went on to better bigger and better things, jesjust leave it there, but for my two year span, while I was in high school, my sophwore sophomore and junior years in high school, I would religiously watch the show any time it was on MTV and MTV to me is like NBC an Fox and that a lot of the shows you always had that feeling that the network was just going to pull the rug and they would just eliminate the show to this day. I still won't get involved in an NBC show unless it's beyond two seasons, because I've just been burned so many times over the years and MTV is the exact same way. That's said from the first episode I watch this. I knew this guy was going places and MTV was just as launching bad. This was a talk show. It was built in similar van to late night. Talk shows, you'd have the guest on the show they get interviewed and there was a band performance afterwards. In some cases the band was also the interview. The show was also the first time I got to see one of my favorite bands play at the time. For example, the first time I ever Got Sea Greenday play live probably the first time for many people considering they played the show. The month after Dukey came out in Marc, one thousnd, nine hundred and ninety four. Then there was an episode that I remember very fondly where Marilyn Manson played a couple: songs off portrait of American family and then burned a Bible on the air set part of the stage on fire before physically humping, the host, which caused quite a stir, and then you had some absolute legends of the business getting interviewed on the show guys at never ever get interviewed so Howard Stern, get interviewed on the show and completely turn the tables on the host, and one great line that I still remember, Coward Stern was talking about his little Dick and John Stuart replies. Well, your tall guy. So maybe if I had your penis, it would look grotesque on my body, but it's great how you can remember Shit like that, but I can't remember what I ate for dinner last night, I literally couldbut. I remember that, and he also had David Letterman was on this show on his last episode, which is a treat if you can find it. Look it up we're talking about the John Stewart show on MTV here and for you know they droped them in ninety five, a few years after that last episode, he'd land on comedy central for roughly sixteen years on the daily show, but seriously no surprise. This dude was funny. He was talented and its just my opinion, but that show now is in abortion without him on it. But Luckily we get legs here, because John Stewart's coming back and he's getting his own newschat or his new show on Apple TV. They just announced that last week, so we got the John Stewart Show debutin an MTV pride of Lawrence New Jersey. I love it all right drew Zachman. What did you bring for the television round? Oh, I brought something I'll. Tell you that October, twenty Foste Thousand Ninetuneren and seventy five facing elimination, the Boston Red Sox, fought back and extra innings to defeat the Cincinnati, reds and game six of the seventy five world series. Now this game had loads of drama down. Six three in the bottom of the eighth Boston had their first two batters get on base before Cincinnati, changed picturs, and then they got the following: Two guys out want to strike out the other lineup and then with two men on and two outs and the bottom of the eighth down by three Boston sends in a pinch hitder for Roger Morrat and that Pinc Sharter was Bernie Carbo and then, with a two two count: Carbo hit a game tying home run to deep centerfield. Now, if you guys know fenway parks SAR fields pretty fucking deep out there, they also have a it's, not the monster, but they have a good size wall out there, plus its like four hundred and forty feet up there. So that's a shot to hit it. The dead center, then in the bottom of the twelfth Ketcher Carlton Fisk, leads off the inning and on the second pitch of the epat he hits a Pat Darcy pitch down the line. Now growing up, we would watch you know, baseball a just like in general sports highlights all the time s were big sports nuts as kids. This was one of those home runs that we would see on every highlight film as Fisk kept waving the ball to stay fair, which it eventually did, as he had a walk of Home, run, to send a series to game seven where Boston would eventually lose, but the main the main take away here was that home run that FIS kit, because, like I said you could not watch any baseball, highlight growing up and not see that Carlton Fish Homron it was. It was everywhere. It was such an iconic, conic, plaine, baseball history, so lessa Robin Williams, because he went to see about a girl come on man anyway, Wectembertw Twn, N, Ninetnden, eventy, five carton, fith called run all right guys. So for my television entry we're going to go to Halloween night, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two sit down in front of the tube. How about we watch a little of the old time, American classic chips because they got their Halloween episode on called Rock Devil Rock, and that's where pounch and bobby are hired to protect Moloc a Goth Rock Star Molok later tells him that he fears that he is cursed and that he is going to die. This is a really cool episode of chips, because it had some really good guest stars, Cassandra Peterson. Of course she plays Alvira in this episode, but she's a little more dressed up than usual, because chips, of course, is a prime time TV show. So she couldn't wear her normal Alvira attire. Also in the character of Flippy, was a young boy who was arrested for putting Pumpkins and middle of the road, so cars coul run over them. Is Current METALLICA basist, Robert Trehio and, of course, Molok himself. The Goth Rock Star, which is a complete and total rip off of Jean Simmons from kiss right down to the makeup. Is it's basilly like put Jean Simmons's kiss makeup on somebody's face and then add a few more things on top of that, it's a complete rip off. That character is played by don most yes ralph mouth from happy days. So it's just an unforgettable episode. You got to check that one out. It's called Rock Devil Rock. It aired October thirtyfirst, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two for some chips sounds dangerous. Were you checking your candy while you're watching I was? I was, I hope, so all right, let's head down to mice, ranger for the ruling on the television round? Well. Gentlemen: First, let me just say that you've all given me plenty to think about, and I think what I'm going to do mark. I absolutely love your selection and as soon as we're done with this, I'm going to add that to my watchless, but unfortunately no you did not win this route. Man Now see. If you were to go on Youtube, you can watch the video of molock and his hit single devil. Take me that might persuade you a little bit but I'll post, that up to our facebook group, so everyone can check that out. Along with the episode all I'm picturing here is Sammy care from tricker tre yeah. If it was like the dime store, knockoff version of that yeah, he didn't have makeup. That's when I'm picture right and while I I guess also while I do love the John Stewart on the daily show, and it's cool that, like you, were able to find basically like where he started, but that home run is just so damn iconic, Oh yeah, he hits it and then he's like waving. You know he's trying to wave the ball to stay fair. I mean I years of just watching that highlight I mean it was everywhere. The funniest thing about that was, he wasn't actually waving for the home run. His mother inlaw was in the stands and he just wanted her to leave. Well, she did because that was the end of the game, so double Wammy. He like that good old mother, inlaw joke. I got a whole book of those all right drew you pick up a point and take control of the board heading into our final one point round. What category are we going with? Yeah? I'M GOINGNA GO TO HOT products. I really hope this qualifies as a hot product. To be honest with you but October twenty rst, one thousand nine hudred and seventy five I give you it was a. It was a train, basically the first passenger train to run the entire a one thousand one hundred sixty mile length of the completed Tan, Zam Railroad arrived and Kapiri Pashi and Zambia, two days after departure from Dar s, Salam in Tanzania. So the hot product is the railway because it completed- and it was a joint venture by Tanzania, Zambia and the People's Republic of China, and it was completed actually a year ahead of schedule after five years of work. By about eighty thousand labourers and engineers. Now I don't know if any any listeners are project managers out there, but from a PM standpoint. This is pretty damn impressive projects like these never complete on schedule, but I also would be willing to bet that any ofthe products we work on most like we don't include slave labor. So there's also that I didn't say anything that they use slave labor but come on. They probably US slave labor. Now the railway provided the only route for bulk trade from Zambias copper belt, to reach the sea without having to transit, white, ruled territories and Ching to play Tho key roll in the development, as they send about fifty thousand personnel to work on the RAILWAYWAFM one thousand nine hundred and sixty for one thousand nine hundred and seventy five, including about thirty thousand forty thousand workers, and then an estimated Sixtythosan Africans participated in the construction, so the Tanzam Railroad, so hot. So Hot October, twenty e Thousnd, nine htunre n seventy five interesting hot product, I've ever heard, dude fucking the s man I couldn't find an the hottest all right, man crush. What did you bring for the hot products round? First, I ont to give drew props for that, because not only did he have to dig, but then he went to a totally different continent to find that that's impressive. Did I spend hours trying to find a fucking hot product from October Nineteen O, he twenty f one thousand nine hundred and seventy fucking five? I was I'm like I'm like. I don't even know if I would even count this one as a hot proe, but I'm like it is the closest thing I have that would qualify as any kind of hop product. I mean it was a product, they seem pretty excited about it. They speend five years, fucking working on it. Soi like yeah, it's a hot product yeah. I bet tickets for that IAUGURAL journey we're hard to get ahold of. Hence it would have been a hot product. So there you go super hot all right. So let's go one thousand nine hundred and three October twenty fit one thousand nine hundred and ninety three and this it might not seem like a big deal in two thousand, an twent one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. This was huge and the general public probably didn't think this is probably a big deal either, as only fifteen million people are on the Internet at the time. I remember when this F one thousand nine hundred and ninety three very well and at the time I was on the Internet, but there was still no local Internet service providers around me, ws one thousand nine hundred and nighty three, so it wasn't like you could just go to Gmail and sign up for a free email address nor yahoo or Microsoft, or anything else O that matter. So Yo get an email address. You typically had to have your local Internet service Rovider, and I recall my first email address. I got from a local ISP around Ie, tousand, nine hundred nd, ninety five or so, and I was on Warwick Dotton net. I don't know if you remember that one Mike my emails Theris, like Nineundredand, four five, five, five, five, five Fiv five- because initially our local ISP would use your phone number as your email address is Tho, your user name and prior to that like, if you were on AOL or Prodig Delfhi copy serve tlink, etc. The emails were internal only so you can only get mail from people on those platforms, but that all changed in October when AOL moved their AOL mail to the Internet. So now you could sign up to Ael get a permanent email address like man, crossat ALCOM, don't email that, because that's not real. Actually, maybe somebody has a Utha me and you can get and then you can basically email any one of those fifteen million people that were on the Internet at the time and, interestingly, by the end, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven Awell male was the biggest email provider on the block plose to ten million users. Think about that. In four years I went from fifteen million people in total and four years later they had ten million users, as had email dresses through a well matter of fact. It will still around today, even though it's owned by horizon. So theoretically, you could still have that seam email that you set up in one thousand nine hundred and ninety three and just to show like what morons we wr. One thousand nine hundred and ninety three well not much as change really, but we would use like an internet search like Jughead, for example, to search for contact pages and we would email just random people, and it was pretty amazing at time it was like finding somebody's unlisted phone number, but since people weren't spamming back then except for us, obviously you can almost guarantee to get a apply back, which is kind of cool. The intertet, F, N, housand, ninehundred and eighy. Three was the while West, so having a permanent email address was amazing to have so. If you were shelling sharing files back then like we were, we typically had to use bbsis to sherfiles. I mean sure we could have connected to IRC and use bots and did that whole thing, but we would usually call another bbs, but then you'd have to pay for long distance charges. What we traded files is totally archaic and it was a ton of money. So I recall we emailed like a bunch of server admens that we found through that search method. I was just talking about before and Wewere asking all of them: Hey canyou set us up an FTP account which is basically file transfor protocol. It's basically the cloud before that cloud, and some dude from a university in California actually sent us one up and it lasted for years. so that was like our hub to share files is pretty fucking awesome and that would not have happened if I didn't have a permanent AOL. Email address once they connected to the Internet so that ICOVER twent, one thousand nine hundred and Einhty three pretty big man cross. Can you do me favor and send me Your Age, sex location, slby Yo wants to cyber with you. I Don'even know what Youan write these days, all right so for my hot product, we're going to go over to the Los Angeles Times October Twentynine, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two, where the front page of the business section reads. The headline et cast a warm glow over Halloween sails et may have spent his first Halloween, hiding underneath a sheet and Steven Spielberg's hit movie, but not so this week with worries over product contamination threatening to hold down sales of treats one of the few bright spots for retailers. This halloween has been et. The extra terrestrial has captured the fancy of fans. They have been shelling out anywhere from fifty fivedollars for an elaborate life size, latex mask of vet to three dollars and fornine cents for less ornagte costumes, so the life size, rubber mass of et were fifty five dollars in one thousand nine hundred and eighty two that's about a hundred and fifty dolar today, and people were shelling this out right and left matter of fat, Collegeville, flag and manufacturing company. It said they had sold well over a million of itet costumes, not to mention all the black market and rip off et costumes that were on the market and they even talk about McCall's the fabric store. They had a pattern for an et costume that you could make it home for four dollars and it was actually the most expensive pattern that they had out of all of their patterns, which was over seven hundred, and it was the number one celler for all of the patterns for Makin Home Costumes. So even though Halloween one thousand nine hundred and eighty two was kind of a bummer, it was a really big one for et so f. that's what I'm bringing fom my hot product et costumes for Halloween, one Thousad, nine hundred and eighty two all right down to our guest judge Mike Ranger for the ruling on the hut products round. Well, you know, I don't think, there's anything to really think about here. Aside from it being possibly one of the more boring stories of the evening, it's actually pretty relevant. So I'm going to have to give this one not to the train and not to et, but to the email address at ALCOM wwow thanks. Yes, all right, man crush. You pick up a point in that round. Hending into our first two point round. You take control the board. Where are we going man all right? Well, there's only two places we can go and let's finish up with movies, because that's always fun. So, let's go to music. Let's go back to October twenty eight. This is a release of a single from this artist. Second Studio Albman, honestly, I was never a huge fan at the time since I was more into rock and east coast rap. However, I'd say this single was pretty responsible for this guy getting out to the masses. Ye had another single. I came out a couple months prior to this, which I believe is the better song in the long run, but this song was practically everywhere towards the end, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three and Mike's having a bad day. So I think this one will pick them up towards the end of this, not saying that no one knew who this guy was, but this was clearly the commercial success that got him airplay on the radio and MTV aside from you, know, being strictly played on like yomtv raps and like isn't it wild to think that MTV was actually a platform that made music popular, because I honest question for you guys, because I honestly do not know this. Where does one hear new music these days? Obviously, music videos are still made and they go to YouTube. But how does one find them correct me if I'm wrong boys and girls at home, but I think the Cardasians tell people what to do is it? Is that what Ha you have to watch the Shit? I think so, I think whatever they're listening to on like their whatever whatever's playing on their walkmen or their dis men, whatever they listen to these days, ipods, I don't care. Are we going backwards? It back to radio again, maybe because, like how do you find, I hear about all my new releases right from spotify so and those are Taylor to your likes. So maybe that's where we've gone bur, everything is so focused yeah, I'm spotified to, but also with our other show. I usually spend a lot of time looking at the billboard hot one hundred. So I also kind of look at that, but that's I mean I don't think a lot of people fucking do that it's kind of scary, though it kind of puts you in a box because they're always going to give you what they think you want to hear, like maybe you're in the mood for something completely different, you're, never going to hear that unless you go searching for it right like like all right. Let me let me go old man screaming into th win real quick. I feel like in the s because of you know, places like MTV and I just in general, there is so much more diversity, there's more places to hear new music and you know get it out to you to the masses right. I feel like now it's kind of streamline that, if even even just a way looking at the charts right, you look at the charts back in the s you I mean ion like the top ten, you could have nirvana, you could have prints. You cout have Michael Jackson: Mari Carry Boys to men. You know you could have a wide variety of genres all within a couple songs. He shot like presence, United States, AMERICA CRASH ES, Tummies ll, all kinds of crazy shit on there and it was waers on the charts. Now it's like the weekends you have Beeber Drake. I mean the problem I have now. Looking at the charts is, I can't tell if that's the name of the artist or the name of the song. Yes, I totally understand that. But anyhow, like I honestly didn't know, I don't listen to anything new really, unless my daughters listening to something and I'm like, have no clue what it is, I feel so old, probably like my parents did back. Then I always think about that, but they saw that I had MTV on. I don't even know what the fuck they do. Nowanyway this was the third single that was released off this album and I'm going to use the acronym here. This was the album strictly for my never ignorant in getting goals accomplished and I'm not really sure what the Z stands for. This song would reach number twelve on the billboard hot one hundred and we climb all the way to number two on the US hot rap songs chart thes song is basically twopox owed to the black woman song that he wrote since women were so stereotyped and rap. Music is what he said his words and he wanted to embrace the strength and importance of black women. I actually believe he captured that with the song and I know to Paclas convicted of sexual assault and serve time for that something he denied till the day he died. So take that as you will, but this is the release of the hit single Keepyo h up Mike. That's for you thank you October, twenty Aeit, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three two buck solid. That's a great album man, all right so for my music selection, we're going to go over to October. Twenty. Seventh, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two now the rolling stone album guide calls this album the most influential album by this legendary artist, its synth and rhythm, drum machine, heavy arrangements, Co Dofind, the Minneapolis sound that loomed over the mid eighties Rand B pop charts, not to mention the two decades worth of the Electro House and techno music that all evolved out of the sounds that were produced on this album rollingstone also included this album and its top five hundred albums of all time. Sorry guys, I was dreaming when I wrote this, so forgive me if it goes astray released October, twenty Eve, one thousand nine hundred and Eightytwo by warter brothers records, I gve o one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, the fifth studio album by prince in the very first album that he did with the revolution. Now, let's jump ahead a little bit to March twenty fourth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine was certified quadruple platinum within its first year it was prince's, first top ten album on the billboard, two hundred peeking at number, nine, the title Tra, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine was a billboard hot one hundred top twenty hit, and it's actually a protest song about nuclear proliferation. Following princes death, the Song One thousandnine hundred and ninety nine actually recharted on the Billboard Hut, one hundred and number forty one. Then it moved upto, twenty seven making it the fourth separate time the song had entered the hot one hundred in the third different decade in which it had recharted the albm Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety nine also gave us a smashit Little Red Corvett, which Guitar World Magazine has ranked as one of the Greatest Guitar Solos an all time. That's played on that song and the song itself Little Red Corvette ranked a hundred a eighty first in the greatest songs of all time. So I give you one thousand nine hundred and Ninety Nine, probably the pinnacle breakout, album from Prince released October, twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred and eighty two all right drew Zahman over to you for the music round. All right, so you give us an album by Prince. I give you an album on October, twenty fourh n thousand nine hundred and seventy five that was most likely brought to you, courtesy of cocaine and martines. Apparently, this guy could drink six martines withthan a half hour, which I don't know if that's scary or just impressive, but I'm giving you the tenth studio album from Sir Elton John Rock of the Weste's. Now this album debuted, so it just started off at number one on the US billboard, two hundred, which made it one of only two albums at that time. To do so. This album features tha hit song island girl, which hit number one on the US billboard hot one hundred and sat there for three weeks. The album's gone platinum in the US and if you don't believe that Ellin John, I don't know amybody's like listen to this album or not. If you don't believe that one John was doing coke during tyeu productions, album just listen to the song Dan dare pilot of the future, he was fucking on coke when he wrote this album, but Ellen John, I mean he's still he's still relevant. Dude has over twenty five million monthly listeners on spotify, so you're going to say hes still on coke. No, no he's sopered up, but I mean he man. He I tell you what he got his. He probably packed a lifetime worth of coke in like those like fifteen years or so he did it so good for him. So that's what I got. I have rock of the Westes, the ten studio album from Mr Elton, I'm sorry, Sir Elton John October Twentyf, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five I heard him play. He did one of them concerts. The covid concert things out on his yard was awful, so bad yeah, whoever miked up his setting for that, should just be fired immediately. He keyed out the whole. It was horrible yeah, all right, let's go down to Mike Ranger for the ruling on the music round all right! Well, I think this is really a fight between two two artists here up as much as I do like Ellon John. This is one of the albums that I actually am not very familiar with, so I'm going to discount that one, although I do I'm a fan, I like H, m y son, so we've got, we've got prints and we've got two POK now in with two pocket. Are we talking about the album or just the single? This is just a single keepin. Your head trap all right. Sorry, all right things are going to get easier, but so this is what's tough here because on one hand, Man Cross, you have selected my my favorite topox song, not a big fan of that album, but that is my favorite all time. Topox song, that is the I wish Tupok, did more of his conscious work as opposed to some of the stuff later. But I know this prince album is pretty big, but I'm not like the biggest prince fan. So I've never actually listened to this album, but I feel like if I don't give credit to the full album over the one song. I don't know, but you got ta there's a little bit of difference. I know it's one song, but you have T. I don't know like if you agree with my point on this, but is this not the song like? I think this is the first time I heard Tupok a lot on the radio, and I was like Ah this guy's on to something this guy's good. Was this not like the springboard song, the kind of I don't? You know I don't know because I feel like if you ask, if you were to line a bunch of people up especially two pok fans, and you were to throw out like list your favorite twopox ons. I don't know if many people are going to throw that one out there first, because there's so many other ones later, like you're Gongno hear I'm not saying it's the bad. Well, I say it's the best, I'm just saying it's like the one that got people listening, yeah yeah, I would say so. I think that's pretty much like his BREAKEU. Well, that's like probably his big breakout song, but he was like working with digital underground before that and he was in that movie with Trevy Chason ded Arcrida, nothing but trouble all that's big! That's you! So man! This is tough, onethousand, nine hundred nd, nine nines toughthat song alone, yeah, all right like not even counting the album. I think. If I was picking, I would nod: Allright, listen, O I'm a Tobok Fan. I love that song, but I got to give it a prince on this one yeah. I mean that I think that's the first time that I ever just handed around over like yeah. That's you know I mean. Definitely I mean I don't know the blacker, the Berry, the sweeter, the juice. I don't know, then why I prince wayball right so with that when I actually tie the game up with man crush heading into the final movies round right now, I have the option to defer or to go first, but you know what guys I'm just going to go. First, all right. So for my movie selection, this movie was released October. Twenty ninth one thousand nine hundred and eighty two anthis one just- could have been one of the all time grates. This movie could have starred Eddie, Murphy and Bruce Willis, but at the time the director didn't think a unknown by the name of Bruce Willis would, you know, be a good asset for this movie and the studios weren't sure. If Eddie Murphy was right for the picture as well, so they announced it was going to be James, Coburn and Yeafet Kodo, but that's not who started the movie at all. It actually ended up being the director Larry Cohen's old friends, David Kerredine and Michael Moriardi Cohen, was actually working on a movie called Ei the jury in New York City when he was fired from the project and still had a hotel room book for several weeks. Didn't want to waste all the money on that. So within six days, Larry Colen got his script together, got all the production together hired actors and started shooting this film Qu, the wing serpent. I thought you're going forty eight hours, thif no yeah, see that's where you think, but actually I'm going with Qu the wing serpent. I don't know if you guys have ever seen this one. I had never seen it until this week, but I knew exactly what it was because of the beautiful cover art that we all saw and all of the VHS stores that was drawn by Boris Vagalio and actually features the New York City skyline with Q, The wing serpent standing on top of the buildings. It's fantastic. You got to check out this movie just because of its slocky goodness, if you're a big fan of the movies of Ray Harry Housen you'll appreciate this, because the special effects are are very similar, so yeah go check it out October, twenty ne one thousand nine hundred and eighty two, the all time, vahs classic Qu, it's always in stock. You never have to worry about that. All right man crush over to you for the movies round. All right, so I think we're all going the same direction, hopefully, because I think mine is kind of the similar vein here October. Twenty ninth one thousand nine hundred and ninety three I'm not going to lie. I had limited options this week last. It was Halloween this past weekend, so I figured I'd come with some horror for this one, there's a movie that I did not see when it came out in theaters- and I don't know about you guys, but when a movie hits its third sequel, I usually wait for it to come out on rental or cal. Sequels also go to the movies to see when it hits that magic number of three. I always get the feeling that the movie is going to be a water down version of the last to Mi Jetda. So yeah well a thing. So I started thinking about this a little bit and the only ones that I could think about were return to the jet. You want to count that one Indiana Jons a last crusade and Nightmaran El Street three dream warriors back to the future part. It's good easy, Tolpina! It's terrible! I hate that one first, two ALOT THIRD ONE! I could it's not that I hate it. I just like it compared to the other. Two, but can you guys think of any other part threes where you were like I'm seeing that the movies return to the king, Rambo yeah, but even Rambo three? I was not. I mean I was younger too, so maybe I would have back then, but that's a that's, a VH major leaue, three back to the minors that'. What I'm saying like I literally sat there for, like ten fifteen minutes, try to think of them without looking anything up, and I was like I'll tell you what I was legitimately excited to see. Karate kid part three and then what happened he's Sarr it. What happened was I went with my friends because it was right around my birthday and they were so mad at me. They were like really mad at me, like one kid like refused to sleep over yeah. No, but going into it. You know I was like. Oh yeah cried to Kep our three. I didn't realize that Daniel sum was now a thirty five year old playing a fucking nineteen year old, stoar, DADS yeah, we're in the same jens. How the hell does it kick in those jeans? He doesn't, if you watch the movie, you guys ass, kicked all over the a ans and once again gets handed the Goddamn Tournament anyways, I'm done butcering any hopes of winning with this round, but so this movie I once again it committed the carnal sin of putting three in the title, but at least it doesn't feel like a threequal and according to Numberscom. No one else saw this in the box office either. So I wasn't alone in that it took in a wopping twenty onehousand dollars at the box office. It's like Fortythosan dollars in two thousand and twenty. Clearly this movie was made for the rental market. I doubt it had many screens to open, but it did because I did find it in the La Times I got the clipping hear this. Is I Brian iways butcher his name? Is it Brian, Yozna or USNA? Anybody know who I'm talking about not a clue, not Ta, all right? Well, it's a classic by Brian USNA. This is the same guy that did from beyond bride of reanimator society. So you kind of know what level of Gore you're in for and for years like Mark said before, I would always see this cover at the rental store and I am ashamed to say. I never pulled the trigger to renting this one and I'm embarrassed to admit. I just watched it for the first time, the other night- and I can confidently say I missed out for all these years, because it is a pretty damn good horror movie. If you're going to watch this movie, though once I get into it, make sure you watch the onrated version, supposedly the rrated version has gore chopped out like crazy. So if you're not burned out by Zombis at this point, you love this one. We get a love story, then you sprinkle in a little self mutilation, body modification, extreme gore, high school kids that feel the need to break into government facilities to impress their girlfriends gang bangers, who love Arcade Games and lots of body parts getting bidden off, and if all that sounds good, then return of the living dead. Three is the movie for you and that was released on October, twenty Ninteh Ud nineteen. Ninety three: I would have to agree with you on that man crush that is a fantastic movie and nothing shows true love more than a woman who will body pierce herself to avoid the hunger pains of eating her own boyfriend that whole scene. I can't even imagine I didn't see the arrated version I saw the on. I saw the unrated version, so I saw basically her making. You know a belt like her. Basically using her body s like a belt loop, yes and shoving stuff through it, it's fantastic yeah. She takes a chain and cut slits in her skin and then weaves the chain in and out of her skin. That's the least part about this movie, because I one thousand nine hundred and ninety three you're right at like the fringe, so CGI hasn't completely taken over. Yet he sawd these practical effects, and that was an entire body suit that she wore so, which is pretty nuts like all the work they did and the like. The zabis eating people in that movie. It's fantastic and Santo everywhere, the guy she rips off his head and it's just his head and his spinal cord yeah. The effects on that and the puppets are great good pick. Man Crush, but let's see what drew Zachman has for the movies round. No, I have. I have a Don sommy short Yeha, kids. I have a movie that came out on October, twenty fourth thousand nine Hundren and seventy five. The movie is the giants: Spider Invasion. I know everybody' seen that it was one of the best selling movies of all time. SISCEL NIEBERD said this is the best movie we've ever seen. They had a budget of three hundred thousand dollars box office. It pulled in fifteen million. So that's a pretty solid return on your investment right there, fifteen million dollars on three hundred Gran for the budget, not too shabby, but I'm not going to talk about the movie, I'm going to use this platform. If I may gentlemen talk about how we villify spiders, this really chaps my ass, it really it's it really does you know we walk around Halloween and everybody has like their decorations and shit up and all they have are spiders everywhere. The any people die for spider bites every year in the United States. It's like seven as insane. That's IT seven people! Now, according to the World Health Organization, the number one killer of human beings all over the world, mosquitoes mosquitoes kill about. One million people a year, most of which you know it's caused by malaria, Althou westal virus Denga fever also potentially deadly, but mosquitoes man fucking mosquitoes. Yet we have you know these these decorations of spiders and then, when everybody sees he spiters like Oo, they're, Spooky and scary, it's like no they're. Not these guys are actually the heroes because they eat the fucking, mosquitoes that are trying to kill it. So I feel like we should. We need to change a narrative. I talked about this on songs gone wrong. We did an episode on Spider Webs from no doubt, and I feel like I want to bring it up again here, because this is Wewe need to need to fix this. We need to fix this wrong. I wish one of the presidents would actually bring this up during any of the debates and talk about how they're going to change a narrative on spiders. Anyway, humans were second, they kill about four hundred and seventy five housand people a year, which I kind of feel that's low. Snakes are third snakes kill about fifty hzen people year, so yeah indienter Jones was right. Dogs Kill About Twenty fivesand people a year, mostly from like Mallingson Rabi Rabe Bites, but yeah spiders spiders killed about seven people a year. Fresh water, snails kill about ten tousand fucking people here, but you don't see any fucking freshwater snail decorations around Halloween time. Do you is that a true? It's really sevenseven, it's almost hard to believe who's, keeping track of this World Health Organization. A they're fucking asshats, though that doesn't sound right at all. Seven people probably die from earthworms, okay, so ev. So, even if you quadruple that you're at like what twenty eight you're at thirty well routlets rounds up to a hundred for Fuck Sake, you know sure that's, fine, all right, nd and think about it. Right, deadly spider, the Brown reckclue spider right he's, it's it's in his name. He's a fucking recluse he's not going to do anything. Unless he feels he's being attacked, mosquitoes proactively will fucking bite you, that's all they survive. The reckless is like Yo brow. Leav me alone. The mosquitoes like I'm gonna Fucking, I'm gonna get some fucking blood at you. It's and thits Lik blood right, like a fucking vampire. Why are there scosers? You know terrible, but there that's like a terrible prop, though, think about. Have you ever watched a video of a mosquito like actually diganas little. First of all, this little thing is called like a prebiscus or something like that, which is sounds weird, but the if You'e watchline a close up. Video Y ah like like a magnified video of a mosquito like biting somebody. It's like that's like some alien level, Shit right there. So what you're saying is we shouldn't be afraid of spiders because they're all injroverts spite not not all of thembout all introverts, but I feel like the majority of them are but there's a couple that are probably essoles but but mosquitoes all of them are asseles every single one of them, they're all a bunch of little pricks if Youre Movie Wa what, as the name of your movie again, I don't know the giant spider invasion right and the how many times have you seen like have like the giant spider invasion? Was it I agt crazy legs. There was Iracnaphobia. What I had ther mean I maybe I missed t but has evir been like a movie about fucking mosquitoes? There should be probably I mean I'm sure someone has done something like that, but I mean not on the level of spiders and spiders are the ones that go out and get rid of miskils. They put up their little webs. First of all, those webs look pretty fucking sweet. They put a lot of work into it, they're trying to catch mosquitoes. So the mosquitoes don't bite us so they're helping us out. Yet here we are villifying them every fucking year on Hallowean time, fuck that and without spiders Gwen stuffonny would have nothing to walk through whend she's, not home. This is true, that's true! That's how she gets rid of Prank callers, I'm sorry stockers! It was this actually a stocker that was calling erb anyway was his movie again: Oh Yeah. It was the giant spider invasion. Also, this movie was featured on mystery science, theater, three thousand N, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. I feel like that, has o count for something, because that shows fucking amazing sounds Lik if it was the invasion of the giant. Mosquitoes Ould be a lot better, be ha scary. Now that you now that you've explained it either way it's going to suck. I don't know if spider spiders don't Suck Anne, they just like bite. You mosquitoes do yeah mosquito, seccind, spider suck. They have to extract the the blood and stuff out of e igt. Well, they just bite. U They would just bite. I don't know Hen arecnophobia they don't they like suck that guy dry yeah. That's what I'm saying it's also fiction. That's fake news right there. Anyhow, an spiders are our friends man, I'm not a scientist on. No I'm not scientist, you might not be a scientist, but Mike Ranger is definitely a judge. He sure is: Let's go down to him for the final judgment on this game. I wasn't expecting this to happen. Usually 've heard of every single movie that's listed, but in this particular case I've only heard of one of them and the fact that I have to choose this one. When I consistently walked right, fucking past it and every rental store I ever went into because it looked like the shittiest Seeq el. Ever I am going to have to give this to return. TOF The living dead, part. Three. You Never Watch it either. No, because I hated the cover, I don't feel bad now it the cover with the girl with the lite piercings. I would walk right past and I'm I own the first two. You know, and it's just like it's actually very good. It's really goingto watch this. It's one of those movies wet, damn it. I think you're the same as me where we find like a mediocre movie, that's pretty much a gem and then you're. You think it's that much better than it actually is within ten fifteen minutes beginning the movie I was like this is solid movie that one I don't know what it was. I think I think it was just the cover. It looks so different than the other two movies yeah and I was like I don't know. If I want to watch this for a period it was on, I think either show time or HBO on a repeat for like an entire summer. So I think I sorred about twenty five different times was ro one thousand nine hndred and ninety four yeah. It sounds about right. I did look up the cover for your movie mark the covers really cool. I've never seen that one though yeah I hadn't, seen it either but again much like mancrush. It was a a box that I saw in the video store every single time and I'm like man, that's some really cool art, but I never pulled the trigger on it and I'm kind of glad that I didn't, because the cover art is not indicative of the art of the film itself like. I was expecting that looking at the cover that it would be like a fantasy film. It is like a cop story with a monster. It's more like a Godzilla film than anything. It's a cock story movie is this but and then, with the withdrew like I actually I'm into like the spider movie, so like Kingdom of the spiders with William shadner or Torantula ore movies made about spiders yeah, but now you've got me thinking totally differently about spiders and I'm going to next time. I see one and you know, and I'm alone, I'm gonna- you know jerk off with it. I think yeah. I don't think you have to take it that far yit could just maybe walk around O. Listen, I'm looking at these eight legs totally differently. Not My intention not mynot. My intention at all. Look what you've done send send your fan mail to drew, and hopefully I don't pick up a brown recluse hashtack spiders are friends all right. Man Crush. So with your victory here in the movies round. You Win this game and you didn't even have to pick a spiders movie. No, I didn't, and I'm glad I didn't have to go to my tyebreaker, which was an issue of jet magazine from October twent, fnoe thousand nine hundred and ninety three, the featured Michael Jordan on the cover, after he abruptly retired. Well, that would have won Hellin the coffin, all right, jewelers. Well, unfortunately, we're going to end this episode right here want to congratulate man, crush or picking up a victory, but if you've missed an episode, you can always go back to doling decades docom, where you can subscribe to the show on all your podcast platforms and, in the meantime, head over to facebookcom forward dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own Retro Memories. Some until next time, jewelers were going to bid you a piece, love Lightn, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmary Media