Dueling Decades
Jan. 20, 2021

Mike Ranger returns to rule over this retro rumble between 1979, 1987 & 1996!

Mike Ranger returns to rule over this retro rumble between 1979, 1987 & 1996!

It's time for another episode of everyone's favorite retro game show, Dueling Decades! It might be 2021, but we're determined to take you back in time with the best of January 1979, 1987, and 1996! In order to do that, we need a judge that can really handle the gavel. Not just any judge, but a real savvy retro savant, it's the man we like to call, Mike Ranger! That being said, let's take a look at this week's competitors. First up, hailing from the great white north, Joe Findlay brings the best of January 1979. Our next competitor took time away from listening to 45 hours of a Grateful Dead song, Marc James is back with his own generous helping of January 1987. Rounding out this time machine trio, Mancrush looks to get back into the win column with his offerings from January 1996!


Mike Ranger might be friends with these gents, but he's not about to take any lip! This highly contested race might ruffle some feathers. In this episode, you might hear about Betty Rubble's dangerous curves, blood-sucking dates, a miniature horse named Ginger, cross country bank robbers, assault with a deadly Dick, sliding on the hood of your car, Franklin's excessively long wait, places to store your Zack Morris phone, Joe knows Tony Dorsit, Mike and Mancrush serenade, rap metal's humble beginning, Motorola changes the game, an album Mancrush hid from his mom, getcha rocks off with Joe, and who the hell is Texas Walker Ranger?


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Odcast New York up doing decades. His is wax piece of all you guys and thanks for having me on the show, will it be the s or the ATS Beeni babies or crack babies really pene, Rada or macdon? Maybe Bricty? Maybe whitne. Do you like new little o new WAV Dave, ro or Super Dave? I don't know, but now the vatl begins dueling decades. Let's see who wins, joy, DS, broadcasting from the PODCAST New York Studios, it's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to jeweling decades. I am Mark James and I'll be representing January of one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven alongside the other duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off and getting Jiggy with the s say hello to mancrush. What up I have midway through my senior year, Januar e thousand nine hundred and ninety six also joining us on the panel and trucking back to the S. please welcome back Joe Finley Hello. You have chosen Joe Finley. He is doing January, one Thousan, nine hundred and seventy Ni and a'm excited about it and, as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. This week's guest judges, no stranger to fans of the show back behind the bench by request. It's the incomparable, micranger, hello, everybody, it's mice, ranger from the video rangers, podcast and the drugs are kicking in that is the biggest microphone cover I've ever seen in my life, Lon just Tal. Well, it's supposed to help with my plosives yeah. It looks like a gigantic affro yeah I like it. I call it Freddy Booboom Washington. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under duling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, Music News and, of course, hot products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round, remember jewelers, to review the show, listen subscribe and play along at home, it's time for more dos, all right, let's head right on down to guest judge Mike Ranger for the coin toss all right. Today, boys and girls will be flipping a Vahs copy of the purple people leader staring the great meal, Patrick Harris, so who's going to call it bark whyt. Would you call it for once all right, I'll I'll go tales all right? One two tales: It is Mark Wow, so I win the coin toss. I take control the board and get to select our first category all right. Gentlemen. Let's start this episode off of a Bang, let's go to the movies round, it'sa great idea, movies, all guys, you know sometimes here on the show, it's fun to find a bad review for a good movie. Well, this is one of those cases where it was hard to find a good review for this movie, but we're going to go ahead and go straight to the pages of the Quad City Times down in Davenport Iowa. On January nine, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven, where a headline reads: Brat packers meat, farm crisis, a La Bonian, Clyde in surprising movie, Amelia Westo Ez tackles the issue of modern heroes and antiheroes. As director writer and Star of the black comedy wisdom, his efforts adds up to one of the most significant movies of the Winter Estovez. As wisdom is a twenty three year old, suburban college graduate who lives with his parents, but has a record as a convicted felon. He took a Pontiac Chanzam for jor ride when he was in high school, which makes it impossible for him to hold jobs. When his longtime girlfriend Karen Simmons played by fellow Bratpacker and Fiance Demi Moore breaks up with him, which am actually not sure. If that happens in the movie. Oddly enough, he buys a used Uzi in some Rambo style clothes and decides to blow up mortgage records from the bank. He doesn't rob the banks he's just buying time for farmers and other property owners facing foreclosure. He inevitably involves Demi more in the scheme and the two began, a road trip that takes them through the southwest, as they become folk heroes and a couple of modern day robin hoods. So I give to you wisdom, released worldwide January second t nineteen ND, eighty seven. That makes a lot more sense than what I thought you were talking about. Ye said black comedy, and I thought you were talking about like a tyler, Perry movie or something I was like. That's a weird cast, yes FM, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven paller Perry made a lot of movies. Then big year for him, Ey might have been n all right. Let's go to Joe Finley for the movies round, all right! Well, I'LL! Take you into some black comedy. This is the first ever full length. STANDUP concert ever to be released as a film there'd had been other standup concerts, released on home, video and shorter to not be considered a feature, but this is the first one and actually Eddie Murphy says this is his favorite one that was ever made. I give you from January twenty oe thousand nine hundred and seventy nine Richard Prior, live in concert. This movie actually earned him a nomination with the National Society of Film Critics Awards for Best Actor, which I didn't know could be a thing for standup comedian, but it was it featured Patty Labelle in a scene that was cut from the film, but she performed a musical act within it, and it is just one of the great all time stand up. Films as well as it became a double album as well, and it is just fantastic but yeah January twentyteoe thousand nine hundred and enty nine Richard Pryor live in concert all right. Man Crush. What did you bring for the movies round? Oh boy, all right. So, let's Go January, nine N, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, and I absolutely love when I rone Thouan, nine hundred and ninety six wile, it's not the best year on the books. It is my graduation year and I recall, like a bunch of stuff from one thousand nine hundred and inety six, and since I was driving legally one thousand nine hundred and ie six. I also had the freedom to go to the movies whenever I wanted, and at the time I had this Gig washing like these disgusting transportation vans once a week, and I made like a wopping one hundred ollar cash every Saturday, no matter how many hours I worked, so I probably wasn't even making minimum wage, but it was. It was fantastic to be seventeen or so get a hundred bucks. So since I was rolling in Shecott old, I was a baller and I went to the movies like four or five times a month. This point like every week I was going to the movies at least once, but this particular movie. I saw it on opening night with a group of friends and a girl that I was dating. We made plans to go see this movie th a few friends. We were all locked and loaded ago. We get to the theater waiting a line, some girl that my date knowse comes over to her, and she starts to tell her how scary this movie was. The movie. This movie was banned in Ireland for the amount of violence. So there's that, but of course like she didn't want to see the movie anymore. Instead, she wanted to go, see IFOR, an Ey, so not only didn't she want to watch this sure fire classic in the making, but she wanted to go see a fucking movie where a mother listens to her teenage daughter, get killed on the phone. I mean great date movie. You know anyways, like nobody else wanted to see that. So we end up going to see this movie instead and she was mad. The entire night is the last date I ever went on with her, so I think sally field. She saved me on that one. So thank you, Sally Fat, but here's a movie I took in roughly sixty million dollars of the box office, its around a hundred million dollars in two thousand and twenty one fucking weird to say kind of UNOTHER radar, but this film actually did get two sequels ad, its own television series. I was never too big of a fan of the sequels, but the television sers it was on LRA was pretty good. Actually was. It was better than pretty good. I watched the whole thing: I'v Binged, it's good, so if you've never seen it once, we get to the end, go see it little bit of a hit here. So I can go ahead and say that this was written by Robert Hurtzman. The screenplay was done by old, Quinton Terantino and it was directed by Desperado Zone Robert Rogeriguez. So at this point you probably have a pretty good idea where I'm going, but speaking of Desperado and sanly hot in this movie, Salmahiek she's in this movie and supposedly she almost walked away from this role, because apparently she has what's called opidio Phomi Afido Phobia. Do you guys know what Fido phobia is not a clue? Yeah it's hard to fucking, say, but it's the the fear of snakes guy, okay. So this fear it would have kept her from being around snakes. So she couldn't do this role. She gets insanely scared, so Robert Rodrigue is he made her believe that she could't do this role. They were going to hire Madonna to do the role instead, so Salmahiak. She goes to Har Shrink for like months prior to the shooting and obviously ye must have done the trick. Baus she's in the fucking movie. So if you're into like all types of pussy, including stinky, pussy blood, suckers Cheechmar, an playing seventeen different rolls heroes who are scumbags, George Cloney who's, transforming from Doctor Jus, don't quote killer the drummer from Ongo Bongo Tom sex machine, Sevini, Fred, Williamson, being a bad motherfucker and skeezy trucker bars than you should definitely go right out, find yourself copy up from dusk, Til dawn and Ir always forget what his name is: Wilmer. What's Wilmer's fucking last name for Alaama yeah he's in he, the spin off TV show there's on La if you've never seen it go check that out. If you've seen this movie before it's actually pretty good, it's probably better than the sequels. I thought both sequels are kind of Shit. This movie was great and it saved me because otherwise, who knows what? If I would have dated that girl longer so fucking, but from Dustoldon and what category of Pussy did that girl fall under? I don't even know knor what I was. I mean she would fall into one of them stingy, apparently Tiy Buzy, nonexistent pussy. We have no pussy all right, let's throw it down to Mike Ranger for the verdict on the movies round. Well, I tell you that was some very interesting picks for the especially fo to open up the show now mark first things. First, I'd like to congratulate you on, and so actually thank you more for your effort, but but you did not win so next W we're going to move onto nick one thousand nine hundred and ninety six now out of everything mentioned here. If you aske me, which one do I want to watch right now, it would be dustle done it's it's timeless. Out of all three of these picks, I feel like that. I love that movie that movies awesome, but, however Joe with one thousand nine hundred and Svevty nine and Richard Prior is possibly one of the most influential standups. I mean you get an Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock Dave Shapell all from Richard Prior's comedy so just from an Influo, influential standpoint. I'm sorry, the drugs are really kicking it out. So yeah I give it to Joe with a one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine an Richard Prarer. You know what they need to have you know like in the NFL. They have coaching trees, so you have like Bill Bella check and it breaks o. They need to have like comedian trees, because I think that's the on genre, where I think it really does break down. So you see Richard Prior and you see all the people like you know, were influenced by him. Think we really need that and you see like how well they actually did long term, because some comedians just flame out so quickly like they're, very influential. They die or you know whatever happens, but it's nice to see that lineage kind of move on. So I think somebody needs to work on that. There's enough shit, there's enough APPs. Somebody needs to work on that. One make that the comedian Linea Jap. Definitely the tree would probably have to start with Lenny Bruce and then branch off from there it'll be fuc great, and there are subsets of people who go towards Robert Cleyn. Go towards George Carline. Go towards right, exact prior, but I mean damn all right, Joe Finley you're, first on the board, and you get to select our next category all right. Well, seeing as it's right in front of me, I'm looking right at it. Let's go with the news, I'm going to bring you some sports news from January twenty RT, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine. It was super bowlthirteen feet featuring the Pittsburgh steelers and the Dallas cowboys and an interesting thing. Both teams had previously won two super bowl, so this was going to be the first team to win three super bowls. Either way it went the game itself actually featured Twenty Five Hall of Famers, including Roger Stawback, Tony Dorsit, Terry Bradschod, Joe Green and Lyn Swan. The game had the SE steelers ahead. Thirty five to seventeen midway through the fourth quarter only had to have Dallas score, two touchdowns in the last two and a half minutes of the game, and they came within four points but then came up short on a bad onside. Kick Terry Bradshaw was named the MVP of that match and he sent two super bowl records. One for passing yards and one for throwing four touchdowns in the game in all twenty one superbowl records were set in this game. I knows still kind of early in the Super Bowl history, but a lot of records beaten by a lot of major heavy hitters and this solidified Pittsburgh as they called them. The team of the S and this game was featured on the ESPN, show the NFL's greatest games so Pittsburgh and Dallas Superbowl Thirteen January twenty tr, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine and joe is Canadian. So I'll fix this. It's a Tony Doorset S. very sorry, all right, man crush. What do you have for the news round? Let's go January. First, one thousand nine hundred and Ninehty six. We finally have something worthwhile that Rosieo'donall is responsible for here. The story came all because of one of the worst castings in cinematic history, where Rosie odonald plays betty rubble all right, and this article it's how betty rubble became a chewable, vitamin, Barney and wife Reunited after twenty five years after twenty five year, separation, Barney and betty rubble will finally be reunited inside the bottle of Flit Zo's vitamins. Betty the cartoon character, created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbara, is becoming a chuble vitamin, just like Fred Wilma and her hubby Barney she'll make her debut on shelves January. First, thanks te result to the results of a national poll conducted by the Bayer Group when the vitamins first, one on one thousand nine hundred and sifty nine betty was the only major character from the cartoon series to be excluded. In fact, the flintszones pet dino was also in there at time. So why was she left out? Everyone wants to know this. Okay, well Betty, and this is why Rosie odonol is a terrible casting betty, rubbles slender figure. If you ever looked it at her waist, it was tiny so when they made these initially, they put them in the test bottles. All of them Brok in half, because heur waist was too tid. I'm cutting a lot of out in this article, but that's basically what happend, so they never put her in there I mean made sense and nobody like you know it's not wo thousand an twenty one, so people ere, like wheres fucking bag, cancel vitamins yeah, nobody cared. Nobody cared then, and the article actually says blame Rosieo'donall who portrayed betty in the universal pictures feature film. Last year she expressed her disappointment about the vitamin situation during an interview with Konni Chong on the now defuncton news magazine show eyed, I that's funny. That's the second ido I well somewhat that I've had to pickn round, but after this came about they put out this poll and found that out of seventeen thousand three hundred and thirteen people that recorded votes nationally. Ninety one percent were in favor of having a betty vitamin, so people just wanted to eat betty and on January R, tousn nine tundre nd iey six. We all got to eat betty wow there. It is little side note to that man crush. I don't know if you discovered this in your research, but the reason they were actually able to include the betty vitamin. This time is because they modeled the shape of the vitamin OFTOR Rosieol Donald and that solved the breakage problem. Well, it did, but now all the kids got twice the amount of vitamin C and they were pissing razors. So there's that all right guys so for my new selection, we're going to go over to the Santa Maria Times in Santa Maria California January, twenty second one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven and an article where the headline reads: Franklin: First, woman to be inducted. The Rock and Roll Holl and fame inducted fifteen founders of the music of hard beaten blues on Wednesday, including the first woman to receive such an honor Aritha Franklin adducted, along with the Queen of Soul, where the coasters Eddie Cochrin Bo Didley, Marvin gay bill, Haley BB, King Rickye, Nelson Roy Orberson, Carl Perkins, Smoky Robinson, big, Joe Turner, muddy waters, andproving he's not only loved by toasters, the Great Jackie Wilson, Bruce Sbringstein and Keith Richards, as well as Holland, oates and other stars introduced these six rock and role pineers that were present at the three hundred dollar a seat. Black Tie affair, seven of the fifteen inducties this year are living all of them, but Franklin attended, actually record producer. Clive Davis read Aretha Franklin's acceptance speech and it said to be the first woman in Ducty into the Rockend Roll Hall of fame as a historical moment, and indeed a milestone in my career is with many thanks and appreciation that I proudly accept and take my place into the rock and Roll Hall of fame. So I give to you the Queen of Soul, Hall of Famer January, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven. The next line was Datadad, fortunately married with children as on tonight, and I cannot make it now see what's funny about this is, if you look this up. None of the articles written at the time say anything about her being the first woman inducted into the rock and roll Holl of fame. If you look up anything, that's betten written since her death, everything says alway. No. I can't believe that it took til ne thousand nine hundred and eighty seven for a woman to get inducted Ino, the rock and Roll Hall of fame. That's outrageous. The First Class of the Rock and Rohall of fame was all the way back in one thousand nine hundred and eighty six. Yes, this is the second technically it's like kind of like that argument that we had. I don't even remember what episode that was, but we had talked about this. I think it was what last year's rock and Roll Hall of Fam An ducties where they had like rappers going in and stuff yeah and Ma Houston yeah and when he'SSO that caught a lot of flat because they're not necessarily rock and same thing with Tha reath, O Franklin, not necessarily rock, but I mean she did go in it one of the first classes. So I guess they did set the stage back then Ye yeah but yeah music call of fame. That makes perfect sense, yeah, but yeah I get that every year. I don't know why they don't just change, just call it the fucking. Is there a music hall fame? I don't think so. I think it's all John rebased, there's country music, all of fame, there's yeah! True, I don't just fucking Che Mooths Jazz Hall, O fame all right. So let's go down to the judge for this episode, Mr Mike Ranger, for the ruling on the news round. Well I tell you mark this was this was tough because you've got a bunch of stuff here and it all seems important, but I got to say Joe W. One thousand nine hundred and Sventy nine in the Super Bowl, while that that is fantastic and but I just I just don't like football so then let's take a look here with nick in one thousand nine hundred and ninety six with rosieoldonald getting getting betty or very own vitamin. Now that's a feel good story. I like that. That's for the PISSING RACER PORT! Well that parts not very nice, but I enjoy that Rosie o'donald inspired something I can put in my mouth but mark you've got perhaps a you know. Just a pivotal moment: There I mean Aritha Franklin, the first woman inducted on into th the second year, so there was a long wait now Rita Franklin. I mean I listened to her all the time I was singing Erout, the STUFP late today, but as much as I think that your pick might be the most historical I have to go with NIC, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, because I like the idea how Rosie 'Donald's shape helpd better shape our children. That's a great way to think about it. Thanks for ten million strong and growing ten mintes strong Agrodwe armanized a little bit, not a a little bit little bit market fixe tat an post fix it in PS, all right, man crush. You picked up a point you're on the board. Now, but more importantly, you get to select their next category. Where are we going? Let's go television, let's UST do this! Now, let's go Jan Wary: Nine Thousad, nine hundred ad eighty six- and I again I was a bit surprised to get a good Sitcom promering in January, in nineten six as much as we talked about how much January sucks for pop culture and last week's episode, it wasn't t a O, housand, nine hundred and eigty. Six and I'll be honest, like I never really watched this show too often when it was on television. That being said, I feel like I missed the boat on it. We do these things we just post themone up a little bit ago before we came on o record, we post our nightly TV, show selections on our facebook page, and this show here always kills when it's listed versus other shows and like movies from that night and for those that aren't on our facebook page almost every night we pick six shows or movies from the s. They were on TV that same night and we put on a page pote like a post on our page. So if you haven't done so yet go over to our facebook page like it, so you can add your two cents to those post. Personally, I love making those posts and again wwwot facebookcom forward a duling decades. All of our social medias are doing decades, so it makes it pretty damn easy anyways the show it was on the air for six seasons, hundred thirty nine episodes. It didn't conclude until two thousand and one it was an MBC show, although the pilot was actually done for ABC one thousand nine hundred and ninety five and was never picked up and it featured a pretty big Hollywood name at the time. I think that's why I never originally got into the show I'm talking about John Lifgow. He was the main character of the show and up until the Sitcom he basically been a movie guy. So I just didn't see the show being around for that long plus, I was NBC, so you know that goes, but the ratings were never that amazing on the show. So I think a lot of people picked up on this one lake like I did, I m serious one and we put it up, usually wins the night out. I mean who wouldn't want to tune into an episode named a nightmare on Dick Street, which had actually happened to be Broadcastin thred and that's the other. Do you guys remember when TV shows used to do thred episodes? I remember that specific episode, actually that's yeah. Then that's fucking awesome before movies. Just completely played the fuck out of thed, it was like an event. You would have to go and get a magazine or you know, go to your local walgreens or something where they were selling the three glasses for that it was always Lik. It was Shitty threed, but at seem time it was cool because it was. It was something different. You know now, it's just like they never do it fucked up. Actually that episode, it wasn't actually about Dick, but it was about lithgalts character, wwas Dick solemon. So what I notice is a majority of these episodes have Dick in the title. Let me just most. These are from the first season. Bye Way we got post nasal, Dick Dick Soup for the soul, Dick Smoker Green eyed, Dick Lonely, Dick Body Soul and Dick Truth or Dick Angry Dick, the art of Dick, the dicks. They are a Changein I enjoy being a Dick, and my personal favorite here. Assault with a deadly Dick Again, mostly, is from the first season. The number of porn parodes alone that could be created with these titles is just astonishing. I don't don't even know. Maybe they have been but anyways. This is the the French Stewart Christien Johnston, Joseph Gordon Levit, John Lithgal, classic third rock from the Sun, where some aliens come to Earth and hijinks ansue, and they try to believe like make. Everybody else believe that they're human, it's actually it's pretty damn funny, and especially now, if you watch a lot of the episodes or clips or whatever on Youtube, it might even be on Hulu. Liftgal is magic in Tis, he's fucking, amazing, it's great greaty rat show, but third rock from the song all right, Joe Finley. What did you bring for the television round? Well, friends and neighbors? Let me tell you a little bit about another great show that debuted in Ajohn January twenty Si one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine, the dukes of Hazard debutes on This Day, starring John Schneyder and Tom wolpad is Bowin Luke, duke two cousins residing in the fictional hazard, county Georgia and they're on probation from running moonshine. The Duke Boys get into various adventures and often foil, the schemes of the corrupt county commissioner, boss Hog and Sheriff ROSCO P COL train behind the wheel of their classic ICANIC, one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine dodge charger notice. The general Lee show also featured Catherine Bock as daisy, duke who her short shorts, coined the iconic term of Daisy Dukes in and of itself, and then Uncle Jesse played by Denver pyle. The original Uncle Jesse take that stay muscle, all right and then, of course, Wale and Jennings, as the ballotear singing and narrating your way. Through every episode, the show ran for seven seasons, totaling a total hundred and forty seven episodes and just a lot of iconic stuft like people know about this, show who have never seen a frame of it. They know Bo and Luk. Do they know the generally? They know what daisy dukes are they. You know it's the jumps, the big stunt jumps and just a lot of good times from that show and some poorly aged iconography, but for the. But for better for worse the Dukes. The hazard was a big show. It was a classic and hit debut January, twentytoe thousand nine hundred and senty nine. Am I the only one that slides over the hood of my car to get in and go just a good old bos? Never meaning no harm tried that once never did get that Dento. Well, I always fall off and then I have to get up and e get in the car and then so song yeah I've been doing it. Since the day I was born sinceday there were boring Straightan nea round in the hooles gmaking their way. The only way they know how that's just a little bit more Tan de Lowula, Lo Ahmike the drugs are kicking in Ohon my side, it's just asprings. I got a blazing headache, but it's working El. That was fun all right. Gentlemen. My TV pick begins with an episode of cheers on January twenty second, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven with the episode entitled Spell Bound and that's where Dian and Carla Console Laretta, who has recently caught nick cheating on her and the neck, is convinced that Sam is trying to steal areta away from him. So naturally, Nick does the only thing he can. He tries to steal Diane from Sam. This episode is actually a setup for a debut later on in the evening, as Nick Toretelly goes to Las Vegas, to win back the love of Loretta and has a life changing epiphany during the bus ride there, while having a bad dream. Allthis happens in the very first episode of the Tortelles Nick Moves in with Loretta and her sister, who actually seems to play the only straight and normal person on the show, as well as Nick's son Anthony and his new wife Annie, has seen in a previous episode of cheers. He moves in with them and Anthony Helps Nick Start, his new TV repair business centered in Las Vegas, because nick figures out hey, there's more TVs in Las Vegas than anywhere I'm a great TV repairman perfect place for me to set up shop, so the show only lasted a mere thirteen episodes. Unfortunately, but much like drew Zachman has Monica Lewinsky, you have Loretta. I have my Laretta Laretta because that's, I think, that's a second time. I've heard and that's not, it was 't A. I watched cheers, but it wasn't like a huge fans. Was it like a big big character? I don't even remember who she was Gean Casom. It was Kasy Cason's wife, it was a Jeez. It was Nik on again an off again wife for most of the seasons after he left Carla and that ended. He got together with Loretta, who was like the most annoying character ever she's, the most annoying character ever on TV until Janis from friends came around and if you ever put those two in the room together, Loretta and Janis that the world would blow up right there, that's it maybe get frend Ressia from the nanny in there as well at least she's hot, all right. Let's toss it down to Mike Ranger for the ruling on the television round. Well, once again, you've all given me a lot to think about and Mark Wat. Well, I do love your pick mostly because I know that how much you love cheers. So he must have been so happy to be able to choose this. Yes, because I'm the only person who would like getting the Tordelis. No, I mean, I really appreciate it and as a fan of cheers myself, I wish I could have went with this one, but we just have some other things here that just are slightly a bit bigger and also Nick Wth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six and the debut of third rock from the Sun, which is, I mean, a a big show. Every everybody loves that one, and it is a weird role for Jonathan Liftgou at the time when you think about it, because he had just come off of like movies like like he's playing like the bad guy in cliffhanger s that one with Denzil Washington, you know and raising cane and Ri yeah yeah stuff, like that. So you're not expecting him to play this like kind of goofy kind of kind of role. You know I mean, even though I guess, if you look at like Harry an the Henderson's but- and I wish I could have went with that one. However, I love the Duke Boys and Joe One Thousan, nine hundred thuand. Seventy nine I mean that show is just the it should have been called. Let's, let's go jump something, but I mean I love that when I was a kid my my uncle's actually bought me a general Lee like pedal car and the you could turn the key and it would like kin. You can I kind of get th the engine, reveing sound! That thing was awesome and it's worth a lot of money now, but yeah I'm going to go with the Joe and the Duke Boys, Mewa you'll come back now you all right, Joe. You jump out to an early lead and take control. F, the board heading into our first two point round: o tough, tough, tough, tough. I think it lae two things I know but and it's the same points for either one. What really doesn't matter, which is my being torn, is really just a personal in Wa battery guys don't have to worry about all right, let's go with hot products, okay, so in January, oe thousand nine hundred and seventy nine black and decker has had released a personal appliance that was actually based on a design that they used for the Apollo Space Po Program, the motor that they used for a drill that was used to obtain rocks on the moon. It was light weight, it had low energy consumption and it was perfect for this little device that they wanted to sell, which was this personal vacuum in Januar thousand nine hundred and seventy nine, the blackend decker's dustbuster was born black and decker sold a million dust busters in their first year, which was four times the number of conventional vacuums that were sold in the US that year. It's success led to black and decker starting their own whole home appliance division, and an original dustbuster is in the Smithsonian right now, as a as an icon in innovation. So and the term dust buster buch like cleanex or Zerox, has just become the generic term for a personal vacuum. So I give you the dustbustard by black and decker on January, Ne Thousand Nine hundred and sevnty nine solid. I've been waiting for that whone to come up on the show. We had a dust buster back in the day, one of the original ones. Those things are awesome, man, all right, man crush. What do you have for the hot products around all right? Let's go January, third, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six- and this is the first, it's it's a clam, that's inspired by Star Trek as a hot product. I like that, so one thousand nine hundred and Igety six cell phones, obviously weren't very popular, yet they were around, but there weren't ugually popular one. They were too fucking big and they were crazy, expensive. The service coverage sucked ass and, in spite of all those three factors, most of us just had a beeper and like thinking back to like my bar hopping days in one thousand nine hundred and igety six. I knew like one girl that has cell phone, and it was one of those enormous cell phones that came with the carrying case. So a this point most people they were just waiting for something to come along that was semi, affordable that they can easily put in their pocket. You know like whet, you ever think about this port, like where', that Hell did people put the Zach mors phone. You literally needed to either carry that beast in your hand, at all times or shove, it down your pants. Like a moron, I mean or carry a gigantic purse like who wanted to deal with that. You Force Pon Dexter Nerdlinger to carry it around for you or yeah, or you had some lackey. That would carry your shit because I thing was. It was huge if I know it looks big on TV, but if you seen that thing in person it was massive well on January, the thousand nine undred and e six, all that began to change with the inception of the wearable phone inspired by the Star Trek Communicator Modrol of releases, the Star Tack. This is your first, ever flip cell phone hit the market with a really snazzy clam shell. Do you guys remember these phones? They were almost like a mini version of the classic nexthell design, but like half the size yeah this this was like a big deal late nice. This is builled as the worlds smallest and lightest cell phone on the market. It was a palm sized star tack, an weighed, only three point: one ounces with the standard battery inside of it by comparison, the new iphone twelve that just came out is about six ounces. It was about half the way to that in article from January, fteenth, one thousand nine hundre and inety six thi also bills the phone as having the first vibrate mode, which is a silent ring feature who, in the same article there's some asshat competitor. That says- and I quote smaller, isn't always better. Research shows that Americans, like a phone, that they cet balance on their shoulder for hands, free, Operason, okay guy. No I'm sure nobody knows who that fuck that guyis Anymore Thi, the star tack, initially launched at a thousanddollars retail around seventeen hundred dollars. I O thousand and twenty one, however, by Jay: U Re, Tousnd, nine hundred and ighty. Even these phones are lready down o in the four hundred dollar range and depending on like what sales were running, I found ads even around like three hundred fiftyoar, not to Mentione housand, nine hundred and INEY. Even there were a slew of quote unquote: wearable phones that just followed Modorolles leave pretty much just copie them, but I give you the end of big ass cell phones January thr, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six with the Star Tack, all Right Guy. So for my hut, products pick published January, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven I give to you issue number one of a comic drawn by the iconic Steve ditco. Yes, Steve dicco, the same artist who famously drew spider man based off the Popular Children's cartoon of the time and lasting a mere four issues. My Pick fror hut products is marvels, chuck, nors, karate, commandos cuth of the CLA injes takes an elementary school class hostage using traditional, Japanese, an injo weapons guns in order to force the government to give them their new Super Cruiser, Aka and R V chucking the rest of the commandos spring into action to save the children throughout the issue. There are constant references back to a book, James Cavels, the children's story, a book that the class is reading. That chuck in the commandoes happen to take a great interest in the children's story is a book that is a fable about a disotopian future in America, where the children are brainwashed by an authoritarian collectivist dictatorship. Fine Reading, I thought for an elementary school and for a comic book for children, so it also had a cartoon. It did also have a cartoon. Will the EN coys? The comic book was based on the cartoon? Okay, so yeah, and it was all drawe. They got Steve ditco to draw this. So the art is very familiar, it's got chuck norshed and it you can't go wrong. You can go out now and you can pick up. You can probably get all four issues a bit for under ten bucks. So if you're, a big fan of check nors, you can't miss out on marvels, chuck, Norris and the Karate commandos, and then, when you're done with that go, get a copy of top dog. Idon't love it! Well, let's go down to our own top dog, Mike Ranger, for the ruling on the hot products round. Well, you know when, when thinking about how to judge how products I have to ask myself like which one here made the world a better place, so we've got Joe One thousand nine hundred and eventy nine with the dust butter with the dust buster quaint little pesce fo on Thousn d, hts called the dustbuster but yeah, and then you've got nick with the the end of gigantic phones. And then I have to ask myself: DIDDID phones make the world a better place, especially small phones. You know it's funny about phones is they were. They were gigantic phones and then we got them down to smallphones, and then we now we want big phones again. Yeah Yeah, but you could be carrying around a fucking SATCHEL. Well, INDIANA JONS HAS SATTHEL YEA. Well, it's like the same fin wit, IAD phones, headphones, started out huge, and then we got ot them all the way down to the like these little micro ear buds. Now everybody wants big headphones again. Yeah people can't see this right now, but my headphones weigh thirty seven pounds and my neck really hurts Mi using my own. My own argument against myself, which I think I brought this up with you, but it's not so much phones is, I think the Internet is what destroyed the world it's good and bad. I think both of those are good and bad. I think phones are good and bad also, but ti MEA dude. Would you rather I like? I, wouldn't want to carry around a brick with me. I don't honestly, like I don't even want to carry a cell phone around with me anymore, but can you imagine living without one now Mike if you're talking about making the world a better place, cuck, nors and the and the karate commandos they made the world a better place? Every single day, well, that's exactly where I was going with him Mas Latdepends, on who you ask, though, because t two thousand andtwenty one this that would be totally Shuk Yeah can't have that you know what is right. I think I think Chuck Norsh might be a bit too American for everybody's liking right now, yea, you know I mean somebody would totally like not appreciate invasion. USA, the same way anymore or teaching Chol Childrenkno. Somebody would feel batcer to communist yeah we're teaching school children about dyssotopian futures where their lives are taken over by dictators. Yeah Awy, not yeah, just your average everyday episode of Texas Ranger, where his DA friend gets kidnapped, every other episode and Haly Joe Losmand had ades yeah. He did and Fuck Hipu, because you're just going to get told by a federal marshal that you have AIDS yeah. If I get it, though, who better than chuck to, let me know yeah, I guess, but he's like he's playing a character, he's not he's Texas, Walker, ranger or no. I aways fucked that up exs Walker, Texas, rager yeah. It would be cool if it was, though I could totally get it along with the other one I kind of Wich. His name was Texas. You Know Texas, Walker Frensure, like imagine. If Texas was named after after Chuck, be pretty sweet, he has statue getting toppled but yeah in all seriousness, even though I think chuck does make the world a better place, I have to say that I think that perhaps the dustbuster is my is my favorite pickure, because it cleans things without carrying a quart around llet me throw something out at you, we're in a two point round, so shit's wide open here. I vaguely recollect a couple days ago, drilling whole into the table. The studio and you brought your dustbuster and the battery ran out. We were fucked and we had shit all over the place. That's because that wasn't the one that was out in seventy nine yeah and it wasn't made by black and decker, but at the same time you have to also allow, for you know, human era, because I did not charge it before. I left, which you know, people do with their cell phones. All the time mine had fourteen hours of stand by time and one straight hour of talk time. That's true! This is tough. Did your. Did Yours come with snake preinstalled? There were no games on those. It was just a flipphone. You could just you can actually text on the phone, which is pretty cool. I watched video today of the phone. It was a little clunky had to do the old TNINE, but the weird thing that they had in there is like say: I sent a text to mark and then I wanted to send a text to Joe. Since I sent a text to mark first, I had to go in and delete the text to retype it in little clunky Littl clonky. No wonder you have a headache: Cona Man, Yeah Shit. I watched seven hours of star tack, fucking research videos, but if you want some games included with your hot product, you Coan just dump a bunch of Cherios on the ground and play live action. Packban with the dustbuster see I like that, you're making your own fun what you, what are you doing with the flipphone fucking throat going like this you're, flicking your thumb on it, dude o. You remember it like the feel of that phone, though like how good the flip down. Was it like it felt like something when you put it down, it was legitimate. It was like a smack yeah. Don't you remember how good the feel of the suction of the Dustbuster Felime? Nothing feels better than a cleanhouse. Somebody was GOINNA. Go there. I don't know. I guess what comes down to which one I felt more was was more aesthetically. Pleasing in my hand, do I want something big and bulky pop size. Do I want something palm size fits in my pocket. Take Away. Are you one of those Americans? It would rather balance a phone on their shoulder. There's a there's, a group of Americas that want to do that. Yeah. You didn't hear y this that guy the was in the article said you know. Smaller doesn't necessarily mean better, because research says that Americans want to balance the phone on their Sol on their shoulder. Well, think about it. This way you can also lose that tiny phone where you wouldn't lose the big Phun that sounds like, and it's also doubles as a weapon yeah. How often have you lost your phone? I've lost one phone in my entire lay. I've never lost a phone. I've lost, I lost one. I lost one last week: Oh no didn you buy a new one yeah. That's why I had oi thought you just upgradid yeah. I changed my son's diaper left the area realize I didn't have my phone because I put it down on the change table and when I came back, it was gone already like thirty seconds gone yeah. The worst part is, is the phone somewhere in the house. I haven't left the house, I just don't know where the fuck it is my dumb stone or ass can't find it. I Lost Mine, drunk in Vegas. I lent it to my buddy justin to make a phone call this like two thousand and five twohousand and six, and he was at blackjack table. He put it down and gone he's like Goy give back to you as like no Ho didn't now. He accidentally bet it on red. He might have e back to me. I was Drun, but anyhow fine I'll, take it as it is all right Jone. So you pick up the two points in that round. That means you win this game, but we're going to head onto the final music round anyway. Would you like to go first, or are you going to defer go first? What the help? Why not this? So it's only living right, so I bring you to a band. This was their first EP released January, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine and the vocalist actually had to borrow a hundred and forty eight pounds were talking pounds right now from his father to self produce the the album and had to enlist his mother to help him glue the record sleeves together themselves for distribution. This album was death, leopards, debut the death, lepartyp and so Joe Elliot did all of this himself. He financed it himself, and this is even back in a time just to put everything into perspective. Rick Allen still had two arms hit was Drummo two hours back then baby didn't lose E, didn't lose that one til eighty four, but they did manage to sell out in their original pressing and they managed to get their ep into the hands of some pretty important djs and got crash ta stage of a DJ session in Sheffield University, and they want on to play that their single ride into the sun on his BBC radio show, and it made it to eighty four on the BBC. Singles charts and that's just as you know, a little indie self produced EP. Other songs from the album get you rocks off in the overture were rerecorded for their debut LP on through the night, but you know this was the beginning of them. They went on to make eleven studio albums totaling over a hundred million albums sold and yeah. This was just the beginning of the legend of deafh Leopard with the Deaf Leopar DP saw them about four years ago. Twenty Shit. Now it's five years ago, t thousand and sixteen it all them. As far as all the elder bands that I've seen like guys that are in their es or whatever they are the best yeah life, it was an insane show amazing. I couldn't believe how good they were all right: Man Chrush. What did you bring for the Music Round Hall Right? Let's go January, thirty tr, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six pretty late month, overall fom music, but there was one particular at least it' stood out for me now. My first vehicle that I had was my mother's hand me down one thousand nine hundred and ninety four tourist station wagon, the SHAGA wagon. It was well equipped light gray, beast plushmaroon interior and also had a huge white Zombi detail on the back window. I was TAT guy and there was there was one cassette tape. There was always in my car, and it was this one not because it was my favorite cassette. I enjoyed it bun. It wasn't my favorite the reason it was always in my car and not in my house, was because of the coverart. I don't know if I mentioned this on the show before, but my mom is a notorious clean freak notorious my house growing up was like a museum, so my mother, she had this habit of going into my room and dusting and cleaning all the time, and I just couldn't explain to her why I owned a cassette tape where there was a farmer finger banging a lamb on the cover, so it woul always remained in my car, so this particular album. It was entitled heavy pedding zoo or, if you own the record where the farmers actually is not fingerbanging. The lamb he's in the sixty nine position with the lamb head deep in the ass deep, very deep, and they actually called that one eating lamb. It was still heavy petting zoo, but they wrote eating lamb and the spine actually said o heavy petting zoo. But even though this was a punk album, it was a pretty large punk band. It did actually Peik at number. Sixty three on the billboard. Two hundred, which is wildly successful for a punk, album, I'm assuming that the popularity o the pump bands like Ranson Green Day around this time, had something to do with this, but they must have loved lamb fuckers in Sweden, because his album paked at number thirteen in swining out, which fuck crazy. I think it was number it was number twenty in Austria, the albm it broaches on a lot of topics, although mark you might want to skip one track, there is a track called August eighth, which is basically about the death of Jerry. Garcia, however, lead singer Fat Mike. He has a quote on the official NOAFFEX website. WWHICH IS PUNK is fuck. Someone asks him on heavy petting zooand. I quote, and I had to reword this because the person was probably from Sweden, like I said before, because the words are all out of fucking whack, but it says on heavy petting zoo, there's a song called August eigth. What does this date mean for you and I quote Fat Mike, and he says this is pretty funny. I wrote this song about Jerry, Garcia dying because I fucking hate the grateful dead, but it turns out. I had the date wrong. He really died on August ninnth whoops. I guess I'm lane anyways here's the alm heavy petting zoo by no effects. Coincidentally, there are zero songs about animals or bestiality on this entire album so put check that one out wow, that's fantastic guys from my music selection. This is this bands second EP, and it was an album that was a staple of my youth once I discovered it in my sister's tapebrack, you know and what's not to love about this EPS title track. It melts comedy rap and metal flawlessly for the very first time it includes a quote from the Rodney Dangerfield classic easy money and include samples from the busty boys run, DMC METALICA and the Great Sam Kennison, and it's all seit to the tune of the Jewish folk song have a Nagila. It's also happens to be the song that teaches us that Scott plays stick ball and he likes Tho. Skate. Frank is never on time, he's always sleeping release January first, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven I give to you the IAM, the man ep from anthrax. You know, halfway through the among the living tour anthrax decided it was time to give back to their rabid fan base and they put out this EP. It includes three versions of I'm: The man, the radio edit, the deaf UN censor version in the extremely deaf ill, unsensored version, as well as a killer cover of black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, and it has some live cuts from some anthrax fan favorites caught in the mash in their Ode to Judge Dread. I am the law, I'm the man has always been a staple in the anthrax lineup and you know they're still, they were still tearing it up when I saw them back with John Bush and the early two housands songs. Still in the live line up then matter of fact, anthrax was the only show I ever got backstage passes to. I had them all sign a cover of a anthrax DVD collection. I have got that hangin right here in the maincave. So if you've never checked out this one, it's an absolute must go check it out. If you skip the radio at it, the whole album runs under twenty five minutes. So it's the I'm, the man ep by Anthrax January first, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven. That explains why you were sending me anthrax shit yesterday. I always worry about that because, like I like to post, we also have a private facebook group. So if you go to our facebook page, you go to the groups. Join the groups. Thurs group, an D S Group, but I like to l Ke if I'm watching something at night I'll tend to put a picture of the big screen and whatever it is, and what are you watching tonight and if you guys have ever noticed and I'm kind of like showing my hand here but I'll quite often, I like to watch the movies that I do and I'll throw them up there. So I don't know if you guys have noticed that put two and two together but go and check out our group to if you haven't done that as but thanks mark for sending me your pick the other day, all right, let's head down to mic ranger for the final verdict on this game. Well, I gotto tell you mark you know. After nick read, you know his picked. I was thinking that was pretty fucked up, but you found yours and your sister's rack shit happens. I don't know what to say here. I think I might but yeah Joe you've got a pretty pretty big one there with defint let Leopard Ind Their First Dep, but nick I like where you went with you'R you're insane insane pick. I wish I knew more punk music. That's what makes this difficult is that I don't really. I've never heard this. Ah Dude, like some of the tracks in here, you got Hobo phobic, we're scared of bums the title. I guess there's no singles from this album, but if you were to pick a single, be filthy, Fil Philianthropist, so you get like filthy Fel Filanthor Pas. You've taken what you shoulde give away Hel the fear you gave to as what we could ad repay, like fat Mikes, got a very flat voice that I can't do. I can't do man, no, I like me, O did with the harmonies there. It was great. I tried nobody. Nobody was, I hope, Mark Fixes that and post, but yeah dude. There's there's a lot to this. I mean drop. The world's Great Song lies or release the hostages, usually in punk music. There's, always a message. That's what I was thinking. They're, probably I'm Tru, I'm just trying to figure out what exactly were they trying to say? There's a lot of messages in the sout there, like no effects, is a lot of messages in a lot of their albums. At this point they were doing. Man Like MTV did like rock Te vote or whatever I can't remember what he had in the early twosands, but he hated Bush. So there was like a whole thing like like punk the vote or some shit like that. So there was always a message, and I think this kind of where it started like mids Yot a lot more of that, like there no effects older stuff from older stuff, like lates or early S, Shit that I was really into, and this came out my senior year, the Shit was always in my car, always playing it driving around and mom's fucking station wagon that she gave me people. Looking at me with this White Zabi, my grocery getter yeah dude, I mean it'sthatthat's Punkis, fuck right there driving around your mom's grossry again, but yeah man. He was a if he was afraid of bums and he hated Bush. What no wonder he was so angry. Well, I think the HOBOPHOBIC is more about people that are scared of bombs, not him and again, like I like to throw things out there like, if you guys have them Ison, prime, there is a Noa. Well, it's! Actually it's about fat records, which is fat. Mike's Label is a huge punk label. There's a documentary about it. I think it was only released like a couple years ago, but it's on Amazon, prime. You can go. Watch that and it's actually pretty interesting going through the whole history of their label and how you know it's kind of just like a bunch of friends together doing drugs. That's what he's talking about n the whole thing like yeah. You know we go on tour. We do drugs release records. Oddly enough, just like the grateful dead whuch he which he hated. I guess you' going his words, not mine yeah. So this is it's a bit difficult because I love the. I love the undergroundness of of your pick but again mark found his and his sister's rack and that's just hilarious. It was a tape. Rack man come on fail, well that just ruins it, but anyway, no, but really, I think I have to once again. I think I got to give this to Joe, because you've got the beginning of deaf leopard and you know that's the most famous band w with a one arm. Drummer it's up there and you wouldn't have gotten the bloodhound gang lyric where they're like the Drumma from deflate, but it's only got wy non and they keep saying it like eighty six times Y, you wouldn't have had that yeah. He would have just been celebrating a guy with two arms, which should be weird. The drumber from detlip is got two arms and congratulationdoesn't go as much. I doesn't go as much tays catchy. No doubt I like what you did with it, though keepinkeeping high up for Nick's album coming out soon he's dropped three sis mark's going to take like all of my fucking music Shit and put it together into one song. We bereeen thinking about doing that for it'l, be on the spotify, but you know, what's always interesting about those older tracks. I think the same thing popped up when I had a police pick a couple months back about like these lates bands, that you know just kind of boottrapped everything and put it together. It's so much different back then, and at the same time it's so much the same as it is right now, two different mediums but clike the same. You know these small bands putting stuff together and putting it out in digital compared to you, know what they were doing back then, and I don't even know what they did because a lot of times you have to tour. You know you have to tour and get out there and get your name herd or like play bars and shit. So this past year, like Jever, wonder like what the fuck is. Those bands been doing that are trying to get ay am out like just releasing shit. Writing Shit. I don't even Doutube, but I guess so hopefully caveof for two thousand and twenty one. Hopefully we'll get some kickass fucking new music, mhopefully kickass, new music from old bands, because I haven't heard much kickass new music from new bands. I don't know- maybe that's just me, but I haven't haven't, heard anything where I'm like. Oh Shit, that's really good! I'M gonna buy the album all right. Well, congratulations again to Joe Finley for picking up the win on this episode. Thank you guys. So much it's been had a little bit of a little bit of a downstreak as of late, so I've been Ha. I was hapy to bring one out this time. Jesus Christ, I think that's like I don't know I might have lost like five in a row now all right jewellers. Well, unfortunately, we're going to have to end this episode right here, but don't worry if you've missed an episode. You can always head back on our webpage juweling Decadescom, where you could subscribe to the show on Itunes, spotify really everywhere you can find podcast and while you're on those inner webs head on over to facebookcom forward dueling decades as man crush mentioned and join our private group, where you can share some of your very own rentro memories. So until next time duelers we're going to bid you a piece, love, Lightin e joy have a grateful week. 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