Dueling Decades
Nov. 27, 2019

Nostalgia at it's best, your favorite retro game show brings you 1983 vs 1990 - Thanksgiving Week

Nostalgia at it's best, your favorite retro game show brings you 1983 vs 1990 - Thanksgiving Week

Gobble, Gobble Duelers, this week on the show we bring you a special Thanksgiving Week Experience. Mancrush gears up with Thanksgiving week in 1983 to take on a returning former champion. The only man to defeat the mighty Mancrush in singles...

Gobble, Gobble Duelers, this week on the show we bring you a special Thanksgiving Week Experience. Mancrush gears up with Thanksgiving week in 1983 to take on a returning former champion. The only man to defeat the mighty Mancrush in singles competition, Joe Findlay from The Miscast Commentary Podcast! Joe duels this time with Thanksgiving Week in 1990! Marc James pulls double duties and serves as your host and judge for this unforgettable episode with a side of gravy!

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Firmarymediapeople Aga to Jelicav the PIXIS oplay, but Itoto a ran again upon that caput top the power Gopcom fight for what you love, who com to Poe, acope, encritat, Paete, Ote botecap, would take grave an o Balla Asick IA, mad a TNO comefit for what you love, Ineos broncasting from the infirmary media studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the Eighties and nineties do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am Markd James, and maybe it's due to the fact that I can't pick up a win in the singles division, but much like Brantley foster in Carlton. Whitfield am pulling double duties again this week as your host and judge. So let's take a look at this week's dulers and the decades they will be fighting for in this special thanksgiving, weak experience. First off the challenger Duling with Thanksgiving Week of nineteen ninety he may be the polite pride of Saint Catherine's, Ontario Canada, but in this game he'll, kick you right. In the Tim bits, it's the host of the miscast commentary, podcast it's Joe Finley. I was trying to think of something funny to say when you came to me and that just like that talkd to anything, so I'm not even going to bother Thas atic. Thank you again is always for having me on guys is. I consider this place, my second home and I enjoy it very much. I'm a dual citizen because of this stai place, H's Gointo get his each one visa through this and his opponent dueling with Thanksgiving Week of nineteen. Eighty three. He is the current dueling decades champion in his spare time for his fulltime job. He Moonlights Manually masturbating cage animals for artificial insemination. He is the one they call Mangruge, who told you that little perty Av you know that's also a hobby, that's not an actual P. I don't get paid for it, so I don't know if you call it my job if you're tuning into the episode- and you were expecting to hear Kelly Meroni on this one, just to drop that out there- we did announce that she was going to be on this episode. Unfortunately, at the last minute she had something come up so she's going to be on in January to judge the episode. So that's why mark's pulling double duty tonight, but, yes, I am coming at this one with them coming at it. I'm coming at this one with November twentieth to Twenty Six nineteen D. Eighty three, ladies and gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judge's coin, flips shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, Music News and for the Thanksgiving weak experience, hot products is replaced with Black Friday deals. Let me it's basically hot products we just went off of black Friday. GTSO, don't turn it off just because we got rid of hopradicts. I know there's a lot of people out there that just listen for the hot products they're. Still there, the judgis ruling Wi'll determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, duelers stop collaborate and listen, it's time to play Totenos all right guys. So for the official toss off this week, I have a original nineteen ninetyes rock the vote. Pin So we're going to flip this Joe. You are the challenger Colin, the air. Would you like the rock the voteside? Or would you like something? I don't want to touch 'cause. It may give me Tentnis: Do you want to rock the vote or rock the ttnes Wan Arock, the tetnes, we're flipping it and it is the tetness. I was waiting for you to slam that, on your hand, to just scream, that's like using one of them trick, nickels or something it's like all- waiter, tucking wrong and s all right, Joe Frenley. You have control of the board. What category would you like to go with? First, all right, we are going to go with the one that I always take the most shit for we're going to go to the news, Oh God who died this time this. No, this time, Jo, I'm banning you right now. This is it I'm putting my foot down. You are now banned from any sad anything does 't matter what category it is. Actually you know what I'm making a precedent right now. Let's do this mark, no more bad news at all. I know about that Com. O Man, Youo just lose the round. Anyway, I mean it's. It's sad. The World Pwoll talk about. You gotta, be careful if you bring the sadness no, but this is I'm going to say because this this is I'm transitioning from a sad boy to a happy boy, and what happens here is these. Are these news articles are transitioning out of sad, so they're no longer sad they're on their way to being happy it's the best I can do. I suffer from severe depression. Everything I see is total darkness. So this is Greatas to me is the an Disneyland. I feel your pain. So here we go so the first thing we're going to start with is, on November eighteenth, I'm doing the Eigteenth to the twenty fourth. By the way, I did not mention that November eighteenth west point after one hundred and eighty eight years of being open, abolishes hazing of their first year canets. They had a large congressional hearing about all of this, and such witnesses were brought forth as Douglas mcarther George Patten and White Isenhower, all of whom recounted times being hazed in their times at West Point being knocked unconscious of convulsing on the ground B being made to do squats on broken glass, one one member actually died. I know seerightiasod had to die, but some somebody died during their hazing years and years ago and while he died after his time at West Point, it was it all was pointed back to that. So this was the day, though, that westpoint officially announced that their hazing policy would be reversed or, as the article said, an about face was ordered. Yeahyou know what like it still goes on. It's just not as accepted when I I was. I served from two thousand and three O two thousand and seven e Wase supposed to be abolished. Then too it was not so yeah. I don't know about the the Doing: U was it Berpie's in glass? Would you say squats what they were making them do like squats own broken glass like in holding the squat and stuff like that, according to the article at least they weren't walking on walking on broken glass, that's Naval Academy, you can have ARL right Joe. My second story covers several days from this week from the nineteenth to the twenty first Canada and the. U S went to Europe and met with thirty two other European countries to sign the Charter of Paris for New Europe, formally ending the Cold War, so they met with a number of eastern and Western European countries and they drafted new treaties and they established new organizations to help the eastern Eastern Europe D, develop free elections, essentially kind of bring them into the Western fold. Now, while the? U SSR was still in the midst of their disillusion, they, the involvement of all the countries happen at this time and on the twenty first, the Charter was ratified. So that is my big one. So the formal end of the Cold War and West Pont says they're going to be nicer and that's why they entered the Cold War. Yes, I thought the Cold War basically ended when the Berlin Wall came down. Ninety one that was like the unofficial end. It's like like everything, it's always about treaties and stuff like that right yeah, but was David Hassle off at the fucking treaty sighing he probably was. I doubt it. No. It was in Paris if Hea Jery jery was in Germany CSTHATSSINING. We need Jerry Lewis to be here. Why wellyes and on a very weird side, note of that Margaret Thatcher was in the midst of losing her power. While she was at this meeting, she actually lost her leadership and ended up resigning as Primeia stir. While while this was going on all right, man crush that's over to you for the newsround. What Ha e you got for your first, offering all right. Well, first off I'm happy that nobody died in the making of tost news. Maybe maybe I don't know it wasn't a hot war. It was Colbard yeah, so yea, it's funny. Like he's doing nineteen ninety, I eighty three seven years apart, but we're still we're going to be talking about a lot of the same things. I think, just by what you said about the Cold War November twent third, nineteen, eighty three lawrs Eric Nelson. He wrote an article that talks about excessive spending, specifically Uncle Sam's excessive spending. The TITL, the article is Uncle Sam's, seven hundred and eighty dollar screwdriver, and I, the Article E, highlights the seven hundred and eighty dollar screwdriver and also an eighteen hundred dollar piece of cardboard that was used to Ceaz a fluorescent screen better two insenely expensive examples of items oare being purchased by the United States Navy. Just two of two point: one million supplies the INDV. He was purchasing in nineteen three, so secretary of the Navy at the time John Lehman produced these and other items as a show Intel for the Pentagon on November. Twenty second to demonstrate the Reagan, administrations, cracked down on waste, and it's two hundred and fifty billion dollar defense budget and SSINCE. They were still in the midst of the Cold War. The administration wanted to buy new battleships. They wanted to buy three more air force, carrier or air force carriers, new aircraft carriers Um, but it just it, wasn't feasible without eliminating the access spending that was going on the more they were forced to spend on screwdrivers and eighteen hundred dollar pieces of cardboard, the less they could spend on ships and guns and whatever else they needed. Therefore, at this time the navy abandoned their procurement techniques and in some cases they change their suppliers completely. The one seven hundred and eighty dollar screwdriver would now cost forty five dollars, which is still kind of excessive when you think about it. But it's a limited production item. Supposedly the Cardboard Hood for looking at the Florescents will come in at sixty dollars instead of eighteen hundred dollars and a five pound chunk of rubber and the molded nose of the torpedo would cost a taxpayers, seven dollars and fifty cents instead of the current three hundred and eighty one dollars. Damn that's a block. Frid idea right. There Westinghouse clamp like the clamp that you'd used to hold your oil filter in your car, well drop from sixty seven dollars and twenty cents to a dollar. Eighty, this the article goes on and on nd on with these examples, I gen a test to this still occurring in two thousand, an four when I was in the Marines. We had this crappy plastic sledge hammer. There was part of an antennakit that we had and they gave us like an order form for like replacement parts when we were deployed- and I remember the prices being on there- and it was eighty fucking dollars for it- looked like a dollar store mallet. It was nothing good. It was L, a yellow handle which wasn't even tactical, fucking ridiculous. So I mean it's Kinda interesting because at what point did it switch back or did it really switch back? But I mean the article I I found really interesting a S. that's why I threw that one up there and for my second it's Oyay same day: Dovember Twentyn, Thir, N Nineteen Eighy, three, the article s titled Videotexh, now entering the picture, and I picked this one for the folks that are missing out on hot products. Era: cluely, that's for you! They love hearing about this stuff, it's all th y! They tell us about and knowing Erik HEU probably turn it off. If we did sports instead, maybe hi'll keep it on. I donkno the article's all about this videotex and Vutron thing. I know it sounds a lot like characters from transformers, but they aren't so just to hang with me. The Video Tex was actually a machine that would connect to another machine via modem and then that would provide some kind of interactive content. So maybe you would connect and you get like live stock feeds up to a minute, newsfeeds, maybe a game. Basically, videotech was a decade ahead of its time, so aadt identified all the possibilities tha video tec could offer and then they launched Vutron and it was the first computerized electronic two way: Communication Service in the United States. Initially, when this was put out, you needed the videotech to connect to the veutrons. That's why I have both and that's why she talks about Boltis article and the article by Sylvia Porter. She talks about how the Vutron debuting in the Miami area and how atts predicting it's going to change the way we shop bank, educate, amuse ourselves and connect with friends and family. I mean I would concur, then in nineteen eighty three. They were a little bit ahead of their time here, but this is how she describes it. The video tech system uses a small home terminal to communicate via your telephone line to TV set to a central computer that has up to date. Stored information sounds a hell of a lot like the Internet. Doesn't it not exactly the Internet, but it's well on its way, and this is what paved the road for companies like prodigy compyserve, culing, a Ol, the whole fucking shlew of Hem that were out. You know towards the end of the eighties in the nineties. Until obviously, we all started using the Internet and look how we're talking now. So those are my two news articles for you. We got the the video tech and the futron and we have excss government spending whowould who to known all right. So, let's recap: Nineteen Ninety thanksgiving week, Joe Yo, had a west point. Finally, ending the horrible traditions of hazing or did they? You know what? Let me, let me just throw this out his first story and my first story. R. Almost the same, it's just to show everyone like. Oh we're, changing, not really yeah. Well, thank you for making my next point for me, Manchro you nes, and then you had the end of the cold Warr Joe. That's actually a pretty big story mancrush over to O. U an nine hundred and eighty three again, of course, your story, much like Jo's story. You know we're talking about curtailing excss government spending versus ending hazing. Nothing really changed there. So I'm goingto cancel those two stories, though so really what we're looking at here is videotex in Vutron verses. The end of the Cold War now see I get where you're going with the video tax and the Futuron. That actually is a really important piece of technology. What that actually was able to do like you said for banks, Wall Street sports bookies, I mean that's instant information coming right over, but when you match that up against what the end of the Cold War meant for Eastern Europe and for the United States as well, it's really a monumental event. So, Jo, I got to give you one point for the first round: Yo have controlled aboard. What category would you like to go with next man? Oh, my God. I did not think I was going to win this round, so I didn't think I would have to make this decision. Oh Lordy, Lordy Lardy, let's jump into black Friday, arigt black Friday, okay, the first one was a toy that was actually released prior to this time period, but it actually got a sudden burst for the holidays. When a a live action movie about it was released. During the Spring and B, they released a new series of these toys, which may which sold thirty million units during the total of the year and became the number one selling toy of the holiday season. I bring you the teenage Mutin inja turtles and they were. They were the number one selling toy of nineteen. Ninety. They released a special series of twenty five toys that included expanded universe, characters such as the infinist Pandakan, Napoleon Bonafrog, fugitied and Mudagen man, as well as o various different versions of Rregular Turtles, including Samurai, Leo Astronaut Wrath and the turtles where you could store in their shells all these different types of things on top of their regular original series. But that was the big toy going on selling like hot cakes over the holiday season for all the little kiddies, including yours, truly, who had just turned nine years old for the Christmas season. But my next one- I don't know, I'm hoping that will be kind to me because, as far as I know, there's no black Friday in Japan, but on November twenty second, the Super Fanacom was released in the beautiful country of Japan. It was released with famed Games of our beautiful supernintendo AF, zero and supermarial worlds. It was about nine months later released to the rest of the world and actually became the number one selling toy of the following holiday season, so that just happened to be the day that it was released in Japan, so that and injer turtles. That's that's how I celebrated Thanksgiving. Had I been a Japan all right mancrush? What do you have for Black Friday deals all right, so this is nineteen. Eighty three! So, even though it's black Friday, it's still not cald black Friday everywhere, just yet in nineteen. Eighty three there's a whole lot like putting retails in black talk that popped up in Philly a couple of years prior to this, but there's still a lot of states just calling it Thanksgiving sale. I don't Kn W Joe Owas, yours nine. It was the same. I think it was ninety four where it started to spread more country wide. I think it had made it as far as Philly and Jersey by the time. Okay, so that's pretty much the same thing as eighy three, it's pretty wild, because I always thought that the term was utilience. The fifties when I was wrong and I'd like to throw out there just as a cabiat, I could have went with the famikon that was released in Japan. Also, this fall of nineteen ND, eighty three, which also came out with supermario brothers, but I didn't because it's fucking Japan, so I'm just going to throw that out. There they're real big on Thanksgiving Ye, H, Dovember, twenty fifth Ninetey, three, you so even without the monic or black Friday, I'd say it's still probably one of the most story: Black Fridays in the last forty years, maybe even like you might want to call it like Blackand Blue Friday. If you ventured out for one of these items during this period, the first of my two selections is none other than a stuffed animal. There was released in the spring of n nineteen eighty three and over the course of the year. These stuffed animals had a set of books. They had bikes, pyjamas, pillows, Plato kits all kinds of accessories and their own television special. They proved to be so popular that year that they got their own cartoon a couple of years later in nineteen. Eighty five. This item was normally priced anywhere from fourteen and ninety nine nineuteen nd, ninety nine around forty dollars and twenty nineteen. This was the thirteen inch carebear and it went for nine. Ninety nine on this black Friday, special that I found when combining it with a dollar fifty mal in rebate like who ta cuck is going to mail at it. Did anybody ever do those Mal and reing? I wish I did for some like the cool, like Gi, Jo stuff, that they used to have like if you mailed in the rebate, you got like a special Bzouka Joe or some shit. Well, yeah, that's one thing! But to get a dollar fifty back fuck that yeah Checke for a dollar fifty he coul have to drive to the bank to cash a check. Well, you can hear that check for a dollar fifty with all the other checks from your grandma for do. I she gave me like three dollars. I think it W as okay bawler. It was a check, but one reason I think these were so popular. That season is because ultimately, they became like the substitution toy, that holiday season and you'll see what I mean because s popular s carbears one in nineteen. Eighty three is dwarf by one particular toy and that particular toy went on to sell sixty million dollars worth of these ugly squishfaced orphans that nearly everyone needed, apparently for some reason and everyone's parents would push, would punch somebody in the fucking mouth for and in twenty nineteen we have the pop eyes chicken sandwich, causing fight breakouts in nineteen three. That distinction would be held by CALICO's, cabbage patch, kids, they're retailing for about thirty dollars post to eighty dollars and twenty nineteen. So if you look at that's a fucking expensive doll, even retail wise, but there were no sailes. The incentive here on Black Friday, for these were that they were in stock, you know, and if they were, they lasted minutes and on the secondary market. These people were selling these for hundreds of dollars. I remember, I think we might even talk about this before people were buying him for, like a grand for these stupid, fucking dolls, it's absolutely insane the biggest product, probably biggest toy product of that season. Maybe ever you know- and it's just crazy. I had this story that I found when I was looking for stuff. It was about a consumer store that was set to open in Fishkill New York. This came out of t e Kepsi Journal. I think, and there were rumors now keep in mine peol. They did have the the video tech in Videotron, but for the most quar. This was a word of mouth rumor shit that people are just talking about the water, cooler and things like that. But people were talking about that. They had twenty four dollals at this consumers. It was set to open on that Monday. The twenty first three hundred people showed up to the store only to find out that the town believe it was a town of fish kill, would not let them open 'cause. They didn't have a letter of occupancy for the store and it almost ordered a riot. So just think about that, THERE'S NO INTERNET! This is just people calling people going. Oh, the consumers is opening. Now, if you know anything about consumers and catalogue ordering, these stores didn't really carry that much product, some of the stuff they had in the back, but other ship. You just order t have a cawt log. You had to wait for it to come in, so they were carrying these twenty four cabbage thatch. Kids. Do you imagine three hundred people got in the store and just went to the counter, a Trye to get this thing? Who are they punching ar people that work there? Well? Can you imagine just them lining up to get to each catalogue, there's only like six to eight cattls, depending onthe size of the store. This is no service merchandise that had more of a display, like consumers, was a pretty strict catalogue ordering store with a handful items in the back. So I I found that article to be like really telling. Then there was another article about th, the titlest article is they were going to kill me for a doll. It was a out of Miami shoppers from a crowd of a hundred and fifty knocked down a seventy five year old man who had been waiting since eight am at one branch of a department store chain. They were selling moonfaced cabbage patch dolls for twenty four eighty eight. He almost died over that Jez. That's that's! When o bringing to the table. He was either him or me, yeah, N et kid save you. Roberts is a god or the devil. We're really not sure. Yet time will tell on that one all right. So, LET'S RECAP: This round for Black Friday deals. Nineteen! Ninety, Jo, you had teenage Mutin Inja turnals, absolutely massive. That was such a big thing for my youth and all of my friends. Everybody listened to this. I'm sure we all had an injure turtles and then the super famicomb another dynamic system. Unfortunately it was the release in Japan, but nonetheless huge monimental system change, gaming, onine hundred and eighty three mancrush. You had the release of the carebears. Now was this the ten inch or the twelve inch? No, they were thirteen inch, the thirteen thirteen Oki. So these are the the big full sized ones. You know what's interesting about carebears real quick, and this is before their show, so they put this out by itself. You know 'cause. It started as like a book or some Shit like that, and then it turned into the Caba cab, the cabbage patch they're stuck in my head. It started as the the carebears toy line and they put out just like a one off like television special and then two years later they got the carebears and they went off for like years, but that little little sidebar, you know who produced the CARBAB T V, show the company. I work for no shit, yeah NAVONAOFOR, the parent company of Nelada, but we're all we're all under the same umbrella baby. All those people don't show up the work. Oh Yeah, I I've I've held the emy for the animated beatle juice, which is sitting up in our eighth floor lobby thing I very ialright so mancruss you also come with cabbage patch, kids man. I don't. I don't know how I feel about this one. It's monumentally huge, but man, cabbage patch, kids. I I hated cabbage batch kids, even though I had one- and I think we've talked about this on the show before, if you're a guy and you had a cabbage match kid, you did some fucked up shit to it. Like I made a mask, you remember like the the wrestler star man from the old nes pro wrestling game. Oh yeah, I I made a mass like that and then took a permanent marker and drew a Big Star on his face and colored it in well. Of course, the Permanent Marker Seepe through and right on to the face of the cabbage patch doll completely ruining it. So I had one too. I don't know why, and what did you do with yours mancrush? I don't. I don't think I did anything with it like. It was one of those things I think here. If a parent got it, they thought they were giving their kid like this fucking treasure, whether they wanted it or not, just 'cause. It was all over the news right. I think mine sat when 'cause. I never made my bed as a kid. My mop always did and she would make it all like nice with the pillows and Shit and always ended up on my bed that fucking thand got tossed every night N. I didn't toss off on it, but like it, Taus inthere for show me on the carebar what you did to the cabbage PAS tel. It was kind of fun, though, when Hemam kicked tha shit out of the giant baby. That was a fun game. All that being said Mancrush. I gotto give you this round. Eighty three carebears cabbage badge, kids, I don't know if there's a hunter product in the eighties, then those two things my wife is a huge carebears fan. I got a carebear sitting in my living room downstairs. I got to go with eighty three on this round. I didn't realize they were as big yeah. They were like thirteen inches. No, no! I don't Meani mean like as monumental of a product like the. I didn't even take down the amounts, but I think between eighty three and eighty seven, it was something like over a billion dollars in fucking carbe. Some crazy shit like that incane, absolutely huge. All right man crush you'd, tie up the game at one apiece regain control theboard. What category would you like? Next for the final one point round, men to go: Music November? Twenty First Nineteen, eighty three, we got the release, the third studio by this English new wave rock band. They took the world by storm ith their previous albmrio, and this album went two times platiin. The United States featured two top ten singles on the billboard, hot one hundred with Union of the snake peeking at number three and new moon on Monday at number. Ten, the biggest single, of course from the album, is the reflex the hit number one and the billboard hot one hundred, which is the band's first ever song to go to number one. Okay, I don't know if I'm familiar with this song, how does this one go? The replex and it'nothng like that Ey. I know that one who want me to do it again, yeah go ahead. Give me the second course. It's it's one of those songs where you never know the words, except for the reflex and the rest is just himsi in a hihed voice. Yes, it's nothing like a view to a kill which is their other therere other only other number one hit which came out a couple of years later for the bond sound track and the only number one hit for bond ever, but the album I'm talking about and 'm. I'm sure mark figured it out. But now is seven in the ragged tiger by Gerandaran and I was a little shocked to learn that the reflex was their first number one hit. I thought for sure it would have been Rio or hungry like the wolf, but those would comin at number fourteen number five respectively. So there's that so that was the first time I had in the second one November, twenty first and ninety h three same time, which happened to be a Monday. If you wanted to know that now, I'm pretty sure I've heard mark tell me before that he didn't likehis band. So I have that going against me already. This was the band's first live album and theire. Fourth, overall album it's partially recorded at redrocks, Germany and Boston and the album consisted of eight songs. It went two times platinum and it cemented the band as a big time musical act at the time in nineteen three, the Albmus you toos under a blood Red Sky, which is it's a really good, live album in nineteen three, you two was basically still in its infancy. War was huge for them, like it came out the same year, but they were nowere near the megalithic ban that it would be come in the next couple of years. My sister was a huge ut fan when I was growing up, so I heard boy war, Josha treet, like all the time, but when you listen to this album, you could just tell that the band had that it factor for you know you ever go to a concert and you see someone for the first time and you go wow. These guys are fucking good, you know, and it just that's. When you got from this album and then a couple of years later, you get M. The streets have no name where he's singing it on the top of the roof of that building, an like thirty thousand people showed up or some shit yeah. So like within a couple of years they just blew up, and but that's what this album was for. You too, you know and reading a couple of reviews to the concerts about the war tour from eighty three. That's where this was recorded from you had people saying that it was the best live act of nineteen. Three. Was You two? I went back to spot if I listened to it today and I would have to agree, it's fucking good. It's eight songs, the performancs they're, all powerful. The crowds are eating it up. Even songas. I wasn't familiar with. I was jamming out too and that's the mark of an excellent ban, especially in eighty three, where they hadn't hit that point. Yet they had one big album Sao you don't know. What's going to come next and Ar Review from rollingstone's Christopher cony in the album, he said the one high point Sunday, bloody Sunday, it may not be a rebel song- is banotels a presumanly baffled German audience, but is practically everything else in anguished thoughtful synthesis of religious and political beliefs backed by bone, crushing arena rock Rif of the decade. This is stairway to heaven for smart people and it kicks under a bloodred sky over the rainbow. So those are my two picks for that week. In November of Nineteenthis is the year we make morning sizzle not fizzle. Let's do McDonald's, let's start biscuit buttering and sausage sizzling. Let's do eggs and all our favorites. Let's get brewing and premium roast sipping. Let's make a resolution to wake up breakfast right now, I' Get a sausage biscuit with egg for just two dollars in any size on Ma, cafe, preeme an roast coffee for a Bock prises anperticication maybery cannot be combiling any other offer or Combo meal Derandoran, and you too all right Jo over to you what Da e you got for the music ground man all right. We we're going to start with an odd choice that has a good reason for it. On November twenty fourth, the last day of my week, Madonna's imaculate collection, dbts at number, one on the UK charts ahead of when it debute on the. U S, charts and the reason that I'm even bringing up a greatest hits album is because it had two brand new songs on it. One was rescue me and the other one was justify my love, and anybody who knows justify my love just a little bit later that week that ended up getting banned from MTV for having nudity in sex and Androgeny man on man, Corlon, Gir, all sorts of stuff and ID started a whole thing. She ended up going on dateline in December to defend it, and it was the first place that the video actually aired in its entirety as well. She ended up selling the music video as a home video and it sold Ay quite a few copies and made her a whole lot of money, but something that would be considered quite tame by today's standards for a music video was flat, a band from a network that brought you team mom. So wasn't she like nude on a corner in the video or Someshi h? I BIG LA HA ot out see through her shirt and all this kind of stuff, but that's why this one makes my list. The Don is imaculate collection number one on the UK charts, bringing US justify my love and arguably the biggest controversy of her musical career. I don't know about biggest controversy, but maybe well of her life. No, but I think just of her music in it of itself. I don't know the whole thing. The religious thing a couple of years before was pretty big like a brnral like a prayer that was pretty bad, but that video aired I did Tu yeah. It was also a better song like a much better wone of them's on my spotify, the other ones. Not Do you know it should be on your spot, ify, though what it probably is. This show right here if you're listening to the show, if you don't know we're on Spotifie, so you can subscribe to the show and then go listen to some of the music that we pick in the music round and you don't even have to switch APS genius and I'm not trying to jump on that whole train, but miscast commentary also on spotafly, so just just so hook up to both of us and just one after the next, you may treat you get it. That's right! JAG, JIMAS! Oh No! You know what Yeah Doin, I don't Ays playin bolls at the same time, yeah exactly! I just talked about it and I just talked about Justifyig, my love. You think I can all right, but my next one one of the bigger musical stories of the nineties November nineteenth the trustees of the grammyes vote to revoke the grammy for best new artist to Milly Vanelli. This was the day that they lost their award after a lipsing scandal started which actually started with a technical glitch during a performance at Radio City Music Hall, where their tape started playing when only one of the performers was on stage and full vocals were in play and all that rumors started to circulate that they not only were not performing live ever, but that they pref probably did not perform on their own. Album. That information came to light when the producer, frank, Farion, just flatout admitted it because Fab and rob great names, arethey demanded to sing on their next album. So he came. He had to come clean anything wik that yeah exactly and the compromise that they tried to come up with for losing the grammy was actually to have a press conference that hand their grammy over to the actual singers on the album, Brad, howeled, Johnny Davis and Charles Shaw, who did the rat part of girl? You know what's true, but the trustees of the grammyes just voted to just flat out revoke the award like. Why didn't they give it to the runner up or something? I I saw this story a couple of days ago and we actually posted something on our facebook. I noticed that, and I've already had it. Thank God I was going to put something down, but I didt want to show my hand umbut yeah 's, it's one of those things. It's funny when you read the comments on that post, because there's people defending them like owlike. How could he defend them? Ye h they should Ave. just gave the grammys to the two dudes that sang the song yehexactly Aundal 'cause. It was for best penew artist, YEA, so ther could have been new ardists come on stupid yeahthe g gorillas could have won a grammy even though they're just animated characters. True Kinda Hard Handet to them, that'd be fine, we'll figure it out all right. So, let's Hud over to the judgment for this round. Nineteen. Ninety you had madonnas Immaculate Conception. I mean collection, which had to justify my love singleon. I do remember that song quite a bit, not my favorite Madonna's song, but definitely not my least favorite and Milly Vanille man. I remember that story that was huge. That really exposed a lot of things in the music industry, but did it change anything again? This is a pattern I'm seeing developed through the episode here. It's we got these huge monumental stories, but nothing changed because of them does lipsinking still go on. Of course, I think it actually goes on more now than it did back in the days of Milly Vanilli. Well now they could just cover it up with like auto tune or whatever else if they sound like shit, nobody sings anyway. Now you just mumble or talk monito. You just speak right. So let's take look at nine teen and eighty three you had Duranduran with the reflex, not the best Arandaran album, but I really do like the reflex. It's one of those Drandaran songs that definitely get stuck in your head, you're right about that and then you too, under a bloodred sky, now see man crush t. You don't think I like you too, and I don't know where you get. I taw, you told me you didn't like them in Bano and Youre, like he's full of shed or some shit like that, no man I'm actually a huge to F. Oh, I thought it was. Maybe it was Bo that se, so under a bloodred sky is a fantastic album. Gloria starts a coazing. You can't go wrong with that. One I will follow. The highlight, for me, of course, is New Year's Day and I think that's just an underrated track from that album, but joe out of all of these albums, I only owned one of them and it wasn't New Year's Day. It was milly Vanilli. My sister owned Vu two album and I picked that one up as soon as I just carted that Milly Vanilli Shit when I realized they lip sinkedto all those lyrics so mancrush you win this round, I'm sorry Joe, but that utwo album is absolutely stellar and that Darandaran single is no slouch to begin with. The Madonna Song I like, but it is a greatest hits album. So I gotto knock you down a couple of points for that. If it was a full album and it had that single and a few of her other singles, maybe you would have go that one there, the middly, Vanilla, album. I really enjoyed it. I loved it. I had that cassette. I played it all the time until this new story popped and then I threw that shit in the trash and said these guys are fake, just like everybody else did so mancrust. You take the lead two to one heading into the first two point rounds. Where do you want to go man? I'm atually, glad that I didn't pick the the whos greatest hits that came out. I could a pick. Ra might change around a little bit Um we have left here. We have movies and television. No, I just we'll fiish up on movies bucket gold school yeah. We haven't done that a while television, yeah caus weirdly. It's been coming up in the middle rounds I like when it like, starts off orends things. It's just it's a strategy: man, someone figured it out early on, I'm not going to say who it is, but if you go back and listen to some of the past episodes, maybe last ten twelve episodes you'll see a pattern developing. If you take movies and the earlier round, you win the game, just throwing that out therewell. Neither one of us did so let'SSee. What happens all right? Do we both loose all right? It's a television nineteen, three November, twenty fourth, nineteen nd, eight three to be exact. It's Thanksgiving Day of nineteen three. Obviously we have the maci's Thanksgiving Day parade, but that happens every fucking year, and this one was no different. Wbat we did get was the first annual starcad wrestling event on closed circuit television for the first time, not quite a full paper view event. With these television events, you need to go to a location that was getting like alive, feed, viasatellite or be like Mark James and have a satellate id your own, and then you can just watch it so essentially starcade. Eighty three was the first televised event of its kind for pro wrestling occurring. Two years prior to Wrestlemania won the event was put on by the National Wrestling Alliance and Jim Crock at promotions and would feature a title match between the champion Harley Race and the challenger Rick Flare. A spoiler alert rickflair would go on to win the belt from Harley race. His second such time with the championship. Isn't that amazing the year that it was his second time with the tewit, the Cham P in eighty three now did he ever win the title again after that? Yo did a few times matter of fact, like within the course of when I was reading this. They they went on like a world wide tour during this, and there was just one night I forgot where they were. He just decided, I'm it'll, let Harley race win it tonight, just to like build up some momentum, wherever the fuck they were, and the Philippines, wherever the fuck and h the next day they just swapped it back but Nwa for a while didn't even recognize that one, but I guess now they do, because what did he have at sixteen times? Sixteen Times he was a sixteen time champion. That's across his career, different belts, but starcade would run up to the year two thousand when world championship wrestling was bought out by W, but it was brought back in twenty seventeen and there's another one coming up on December. First, so starcade still has legs still going on Noer twentie nineteen. Eighty three: We get a T V program that comes out about the Cold War during the Cold War and it proves thot. People were legitimately terrified of war war three and it could start at any given minute. And how do I know this? It's probably because a hundred million people sixty two percent share of the nineteen eighty three viewing audience tuned into watch the frightening nuclear depiction the day after again, something that I h D, just posted on or facebook a couple of days back actually itmight have been yesterday still the highest rated TV movie of all time from what I could find and you're, probably not going to beat it these days in twenty nineteen 'cause, the rating con't even compare, but it's right up there, also with some of the biggest sporting events in history. I was in kindergarten when this movie premiered on TV, and I vividly remember our teacher misss Brown sending us down at like you know where this's that story time area when you're in kindergarten yeah. She brought us over there and explained the movie and the Cold Wa and how it's only a movie. We shouldn't really be frightened that much, but the funny thing is we're fucking five. I would say that more than half of the class at that point watched the day after on television with their families that Sunday like as five year olds. I still remember coming in the next day on that Monday, like right before Thanksgiving, and we were talking about Di you watch like freaking cansas blow up or whateve. It was somewhere in the Midwest. I remember that like at was in Missouri or whatever it was t was fucking INSEEING manyhow. I got an article from the Pihepsi Journal again, it's something I like to go to because their news is pretty good and it's easy to find. So I was, I stick to the PKEPSI Journal and they were saying that more than five hundred New York State residents contacted Wokr t V in Rochester seeking solace and what they had just watched, and not only that they were calling local police stations and asking for information on Surviv like what to do to survive a nuclear nightmare like that. How many T V shows? Can you list that had that type of effect, where you had ta call the station or call a police station to figure out how to fuck and live afterwards lio? Maybe it's insane love island. Definitely like I said we posted this the other day and most of the people who remembered watching it agreed with how badly this affected them at the time. But of course there was that ten percent they were all like Terta. She wasn't scary at all. What's the big deal Mar Fuckin nukes all the time you got: Ta Love So Famila Ets, always ten percent of fucking dosh bags you're full of shit like if you were a kid and you were watching that you were like what stuff bok yeah with the amount of people that watch this the day it debuted. Can you imagine what it was like if we would have had social media othe morning, ther yeah, that's the thing: Th Yeah good point: THERE'S NO INTERNET! You just went into the water cooler the next day and you were like o H, we're going to die like what do we do ee going into work? Fuck iddingover! I the woods, but those are my two picks. First one we got starcade eighty three first thingk, it's not! I don't want to call it. The first paper view because you can't, but it's the closest thing, you're going to get right there for wrestling in eighty three and then of course, the day after all, right, Jo over to you. What do you got man all right? Well, the first thing I've got for you guys is Thanksgiving to you. Pereed everybody died at the back goon all right. Well. The first thing I had for you is a miniseries that aired on ABC from November Eighteenth to the twentieth. It was a rare, a very rare horror, Mani series of the time directed by townilee Wallace famed director of Halloween Three Season of the witch also worked on Halloween the fog he sult on precinct. Thirteen, I give you stepen kings. It erd during sweeps week November nineteen ninety, this movie starred tin, Curry, as pennywise featured John Ritter, anetto tool, Harry Anderson as the adult characters and featured very early performances from Jonathan brandists and Seuthquean. It was the number one program with thirty million viewers over the week and it was a B C's biggest success of the entire year, a huge risk for ABC to run such like such subject matter, given that they're a very family based channel, very big risk for any channel to Arr, something that was horror based and a big risk for Stephen King, who licensed out his own works for something that wasn't a movie and he had quite a battle with a B C 'cause. They didn't want to screen it for him prior to doing it, and he said he would refuse to do any press for it if he didn't get to see it first because of his his product and he wanted to be- and I think they were afraid to show it to him. But it was a highly viewed program and despite its news, cut INS from from George Bush visiting Iraq and all these other th, all these other little problems that it had. It was the highest viewed program of that week. The next thing I give you I'm actually going to take you to wrestling, which is the first time I have done this t's. I think it's the first time anybody, but us is brought wrestling to the table Yeandi'm going to bring ou hen, nine teen and ninety survivor series. This is still back at a time when all of the matches were survivor series matches there wasn't a championship match at the end or anything like that. It was the survivor series where you saw both hulhogen and Tedbs, do double duty on two different teams and the biggest part of it. Probably the only real important part of it, the debut of the dead man, the undertaker debte with the WWF at the time on this day he teamed up with the Million Dollar Man, Honkey tonk man agregged the Hammer Valentine to defeat bretheart, Jim, the enbold, nighthart, dusty roads and cocoa. Beware in the survivor series match he eliminated two people and then just walked out of the ring and walked away with brother love. He was counted out and his team went on to win Ted Tebasi being the sole survivor of that one and yeah. It was a gigantic thing and if that was the beginning of an unprecedented wrestling career, the man, one, seventeen different belts between Teg team and hardcore and the World Championship and the ww heavyweight championship, he had fourww world titles, three world heavyweight titles and he is a member of the ww hall of fame, not to mention his infamous restelmeneous streak, which only a couple of years ago came to its end. But nobody will ever reach a streak like that. Again, I can't think of a single wrestler. I guess Croley Sho, Michael, would probably be the only other one I can really think of who stayed with one company for such a long period of time. Despite you know, injury timeouts, if you will- and he is probably one of the most iconic faces in wrestling today or in wrestling period- so those are the ones I give you Stephen Kings it and the undertaker dbuing. It survivor series all right. Let's go down to the judgment for the television round. Nineteen and eighty three you come with the day after in starcade nineteen. Ninety Joe you had the television debt of Steven King's it in the nineteen ninety survivor series. So let's take a look. We got two T V movies, two wrestling events. First of all, we got the day after monumental T v event the ratings for this astronomical Stephen King's. I really popular movie lot of debuts and there, like you, said, but does that have legs still? Is that still a thing? Is it's still Po Oway? Yes, it is because they just remade that movie and it just came out. So you know what I'm going to have to cancel both of those O. I know the ratings for the day after are huge, they're, so much bigger, but I've never seen it. I hate to admit that, but I've never seen it and I don't think it's the best movie ever done on a nuclear holocaust. That's a weird sentence: it's a maid for television movie! It's not even my favorite made for television movie about the end of the world. Okay, you can't give the Cold War One round and then kill it in another round, I'm just going to trow it at the end of the Cold War. Happy News! That's what I'm all about, but it's the Cold War really topical. Is Russia still a threat owake? Yes, it yeah S and you're pefuing it Oso. Let's take a look at these wrestling events. We got thet very first starcade. Now, if you look at the card for that, one wow, like you, said the rickflair Harley raced matchup is incredible: steamboat, J, young blood versus the briscos Piper and Valentine Charlie Brown defeats the Crak Kaboki. Now, Charlie Brown, that's actually Jimmy valiant legendary wrestler so and then we Toke a look at the nineteen ninety survivor series with the debut of the undertaker, I'm very fond of the survivor series, not my favorite survivor series. My favorite survivor series, I think, was the year before the year before that, where they had all the tag teams. That was awesome, but you know what Joe there's something that was said back on a previous episode by another judge and I'm Gong to hold true to his ruling. If you bring up something and wrestling with cocoa, beware: You're going to win now, Jo, I'm Gong to give you this round what asshole said that that would have been judge, Dave Shultz, who knows nothing about rol, no Itas, Coco Bewar, so in honor of Judge Dave Shulz, I'm going to have to go with COCO! Beware! No! That's not the real reason! I gotta go with the debut with the dead man that is huge Steven King's, a very topical, not my favorite Stephen Kingminni series. That would be the stand. It runs a close second Joe. You take this round by the skinny. Your teeth three to two: You have control the board heading into the final round. Would you like to go first, or would you like to defer? Oh that's a hard one. You know what I'm going to defer all right. Mancrush. You are up for the movies round what you got man before go into the movies. Let me just throw this out there that much like Joe, because we postese all the time on our facebook face book dotcom fowardsige doing decades. We always have what came out that day, whatever it is. So I know a lot of stuff that came out, so I know for a fact Joe is kicking himself because he missed home alone by a couple of days, as I am kicking myself for missing the Christmas story that I missed by a couple of days, but I figured it's just something to think about this holiday season with Thanksgiving. Those are two big movies for the holidays and we both miss them, but there's AR mentions of them, even though they don't coddly enough. Both of those movies are impossible to miss during the holiday season now they're on every ive minuts every channel for certain a shit. What I a TB S, does Christmas story for twenty four straight itms or TN t whatever the fucking station that Turner has milk a huge bowl sit there for all twenty four hours, man, it's fantastic sure, all right! So, let's see November twenty third nineteen nd eighty three. This is one of those movies that if you look at the box, you just kin ta go ma chick flick and I totally see that side of the argument. But I guarantee, if you watch this movie, you'll be glassyeyed, I'm glaye! I already man, you don't have to admit F with this one, but if you watch this movie a movie that won five Grammy Awards when the lights come on after it's over you're going to be a little misty, I'm telling you I see mark's face, trying to figure it out. I didn't Miss Beak, this movie on a grammy for Best Picture, best actress in a leading role, best actor and sporting role best director of best writing, and on top of that it was nominated for six other grammies a year, O Academy wards that year, but mancrush grabmy movies, don't make a lot of money. Well, this this one day this they made a hundred and eight million dollars of the box office is about two hundred and sixty million dollars in twent, a nineteen on an eight million dollar budget, the movie starred Shirley McLean, Debr, winger Jack Nicholson, John Lika, Danny Devito and Jeff Daniels. So, with a cast like that, you can almost guarantee the movie h's going to have some solid acting the movie I'm talking about is terms of endearment. Why does man crush know about terms of endearment, because my parents owned the R ca disk and it was in our collection? I can even picture the cover of the R C, a disk with sharly mccleain with her arm around Debra winger, and it was like Marood and I'm pretty sure it was a double disk. Do I'm Gettin I'm getting choked up just talking about Itanyways, it's probably like the ultimate like mother, daughter film, but it's really well done and if you've never seen it, I suggest going out and watching it t it's not a chick lick. It's it's! A really solid fucking movie, h terms of edearment all right. My Second Pick, Saturday November twenty fourth, nineteen, three Disney rereleased, it's nineteen forties, Mickey Mouse Classic Fantasia to theaters across the United States. However, on this particular Thanksgiving weak, they added an extra special attraction to this film immediately following Fantasia Y. Ah, W watched all the way through and fans would get a sneak peak of the new John Landis thirteen minute and forty two second short film, that's coming out in a couple of weeks, but in order to get an academy award consideration, they decided to release the film during the Final Week of Nomember, N Nineteen. Eighty three N, I'm sure Joe knows this. In order to get considered, you need to at least be have a theatrical run of seven days. So that's what they did right here and that's probably a good thing, because this P G rated short ended up winning a gramma of its own for best music video and a video music award anplaced on the National Film Preservation Board in two thousand and nine. The John Landis directed video opens up with a disclaimer stating that by creating the short film Michael Jackson in no way endorsed supernatural practices, which is a bit odd. But the short film that I'm talking about, of course, is Michael Jackson's. Thriller Michael Jackson had O put that out, because actually he was a Jehovah's Witness at the time which I didn't even know, and he ended up leaving the religion in nineteen seven over the thriller video so that Little Disclamor tening fucking work, but anywhere the video was done for somewhere in the neighborhood of a million bucks. If you look on the web, most websites are going to tellyou is like five hundred thousand dollars e. You start adding up all the rumored companies that were involved with this, and it doubles yet show time. MTV Michael Jackson's label, Vestauron Video, fitting the bill, and then they did the entire shootin like four days most videos at the time, theyere being done for far less than a hundred k. But this was a small price to pay for one of the most iconic and well known music videos all time and since Bestran I love Hestauran video and since they they tossed in for this video, think they tossed in. Like five hundred grand, they were given the rights to distribute the entire forty five minute making of thriller video which went on to sell like nine million copies or something remember when this came on MTV it came on in December of eighty three and every time they played it on MTV, Jo, you might have been a little young. I was like five and I had an older sister, so I always watched MTV when they played the video immediately when the video was over. It told you an the next time that video was going to come on. 'cause. Not only did M TV want to recoup their money that they, they only sunk in like two hundred and fifty or three hundred grand or something butthere was such demand to see this video that people wanted to know when they were going to catch it, because at the time M T V was like listening to the radio. You didn't know what was coming on next, so they would telyou hey in an hour from now thrillers coming on again and it's o nine tuneed and eighty three, not everybody, has a VCR at this point exactly you're, not recording it and the thing with his record company actually thought thriller was had piqed, which is crazy to think about it, the one of the biggest albms ever they thought thriller and peaked, and they only kicked in a hundred grand for this video. The din't even wanted to do another video for Thrillirg, but he talked them into it got John Landis involved. Are they fucking glad they did it or what? Because now that album is like the best onin album of all time? The video is like, if you you really put together videos. Dat are theatrical movies. That and November rain are like the only two that pop in my head immediately. It's fuckindg crazy and then were you aware that Olaray t the one that played his girlfriend in the video she was a playboy centerfold in June of Nineteen N. eighty eall. I did not realize that, but I found yeah. She looks pretty good too, and then she did it again in nineteen four, after the video wind, O wow good for her yeah good for Ola Ray so yeah Sotornism, endearment and thriller getting its theatrical release. So I can get IG Oscar all right, Jo, it all comes down to this. What a e you got from the movies round! Well, I'm not going to lie to you. I actually took a really long route to try and convince you that home alone was going to be okay because it was still in its opening weekend on the eighteenth. But that's okay, that's okay! We can work around this all right, so my first one is going to be a sequel to a Classic Action Movie. Highly anticipated at the time, despite the fact that it was not going to feature its original director or it's original star, but it does feature the same creature that we all loved the first time. I give you the debt on November, twenty first of Predator two, so the stepen hopkins directed film featured basically everybody. You know from the Eighties Gey Glover Gary Bausy Ruben Blades Marita Kanchitaalazo Bill Paxton, Robert Davy. All these Morton downey junior figured his way into this somehow and it brings or it brings our Predator friend from the jungles to the streets of Al a in the midst of a territorial gang war. This movie, while definitely not as successful as the first one, was still a very fun one and a lot of the things that happened in this movie. I became cannon for the future movies that came out actually, probably more back story on Predator on the predators was learn ing this movie than in the first one. So my first movie I gave Mo Predator two. My second movie is not prenator too, so we got that going forst right after back this one, a relatively unknown cast minus its star and it went on to be the number three movie in the box office for the entire year and went on to be one of the biggest ofcir waiting movies of the entire year. I give you dances with wole o I'm sorry, I remember, being in Eighth Grade Nineteen. Ninety and my h, my teach- I can't remember my teacher's name, but she was a big Kevin. Coster Fan. Ombei was in ninth grade and she made us watch it when hi came out on video cose, so migh have been like ninety one. It took you a week. Yeah watched the whole movie. Half the class was fucking passed out. It's a really good movie, but it's just slothat's the only thing: Well, Yeah Hain, costed, her they're long movies, it's no water world all right! So this movie, which was directed by and starring Kevin Costner, became one of the most successful critical films of the year. It won seven Oscars, including best picture best director and best screen, play and also got all the Golden Globes for that this year it was nominated for five more awards, including best actor best supporting actress got supporting afternod in the Golden Globes as well, for fellow Canadian grandgreen, but it features a prominently native American cast and it was very interesting for its time when you are looking for something to be your big movie at a big time of the year and you don't fill it with movie stars. You fill it with one movie star and a bunch of people that most people couldn't name on their best day and for it to do those kind of numbers and make that kind of money. It's a pretty huge deal, so I'm going to give you dances with boths, also debute November, twenty first, a right solid. So let's take a look here. The final match up: Nineteen D. Eighty three: you had terms of endearment the debrah winger classic, which I have never seen. So I'm going to take your word for it that it's not a check flick and then it's a good movie. Oh you'll cry: Oh, I cried at beaches, so yeah most likely. Oh, it's IT'S WORSE! It's well, sugous sounds fun, make sure I take my PROCAC ITA good holiday, Plac Igt, and then you also came with the theoratrical release of Michael Jackson's thriller. That's a huge monumental album for Michael Jackson, the music video changed the music industry completely, and I think it's the only music video that I have a vivid memory of the very first time I ever saw it. I remember we had taken a family road trip. I don't even remember where we were going. We were at some flea bag, shithole motel. There was nothing to do so. My older sister flips on the TV MTV was on Michael Jackson's, Thriller Video. They said it was going to be showing in a few minutes. They showed it. It blew my fucking mind man years later, when I found out that it was Rick Baker and all those people that were involved in the special effects of that it changed movies. It changed music, it s fantastic. Nineteen. Ninety Joe, you had Predator two, not the Best Predator movie, I'm Gong to say Predator is in the movie, though I will give you points for that. It's the it's a weak experience. You get wery Yak, you get what you're Gett, but you did come with dances with wolves, and that is a fantastic movie. It is very slow I'll give you that it's a snore fest, but it is absolutely solid. It won a ton of awards. I've actually have it in my que right now. I added it to my Qe last week. Oddly enough, you can't argue with that movie like it don't like it. It tells a fantastic trute story. Kevin Constar does a great job in it. So men this round is a lot closer than it looks or sounds, but you know what, when it all boils down to it, I gotta go with the power of Michael Jackson, one OANINE hunred and eighty three thriller. That's just chimou such a huge monumental video. I remember the first time I saw that I don't remember the first time I saw a Predator two or dances with wolves. I'm going to start a super negative thing against you. Now, specifically, it's like whell, Michael Jackson, didn't support the supernatural. He supported some other shit and Mark Acourt Se. I don't support that, but I do support rickbaker and everyone else that made the thriller video this the speling acts the coreography, in my opinion, best music video ever made still to this date. Prove me wrong. Justify my love. I I I actually sat there without trying to Google it, and I try to just think of any video that really stuck in my head and November rain, even though, like the videois, not even that great, that's the only epic video that I can really think of, maybe because of the long stay that it had it like the top of trl or some shit like that, but I couldn't think of anything MICAEL. Michael Jackson, videos were events, and I I remember a lot of them like black or white as a huge event. When it came out, it wasn't as big as thriller by Y it means, but it was still something that people tuned in for the Premier Rif. What like there and there were other ones in there as well, but like I like, scream with hen, Channa cagazine, which was like a big deal. You are a hundred percent right on that and that's why I have to go a thriller because we wouldn't have had any of those other huge video premiers if it wasn't for thriller, because they were just trying to copy that success, because even though each song was completely different in the theme for each video that cinematic style that he brought to music videos was still there and they were still trying to recapture that. So I am very sorry Joe. You barely lose this one mancrush. You pick up another whin by the skinny, your teeth shut, Oun, Joe I'm, sorry, man. Let people know where they can hear Ya on misgast commentary, as always guys. Yet miscast commentary drops every Friday, except tomorrow we will be arring special Thanksgiving episode. We will be doing a commentary of thanks killing and we got director slash voice of Turkey, Jordan, Downey and he'll be talking about the movie and we'll have him over the next couple of weeks. But you can find us anywhere. You get. 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