Dueling Decades
July 29, 2020

Original video vixen Tawny Kitaen shows off her judging skills on this duel between 1975, 1987 & 1994!

Original video vixen Tawny Kitaen shows off her judging skills on this duel between 1975, 1987 & 1994!

We're excited to introduce Tawny Kitaen, the original video vixen from the 1980s who was kind enough to stop by the show. Even though the guys woke her from her slumber, she's still here and ready to swing the gavel as our guest judge; live from her...

We're excited to introduce Tawny Kitaen, the original video vixen from the 1980s who was kind enough to stop by the show. Even though the guys woke her from her slumber, she's still here and ready to swing the gavel as our guest judge; live from her bed. Mike Ranger took some time away from the Video Rangers podcast to bring the best week he could conjure up from mid-July 1994. His first opponent, Joe Findlay of Miscast Commentary is back with his first-ever helping from the 1970s, as he brings his week for the ages from mid-July 1975. Back on a losing skid again, Mancrush looks to find his mojo with his best offering from mid-July 1987. This episode is packed with nostalgic goodies! 

Tawny was so extremely happy to be awoken by these three hooligans that she even offered them one of her new exclusive candles for the Podcast New York studio. She loved them that much, but will she love the picks that much? Bet your bottom she did! In this episode, you may find stories about Tawny nitpicking a pitcher's decisions, the best things you can buy for a dollar, a movie no one really liked, cartoons from the 70s, a musicians philanthropy, a metal god's first show, cake and sodomy, Tawny wants Taco Bell, a kingdom collapses, everyone loves the long ball, obscure comic books, another big weird ball, a game you can't play in the backseat of a car at night, a spokesmodel that outshined his or her product, another multicolored ball no one in the US cares about, David Lee Roth's insatiable appetite, one man's trash is another man's treasure, a good movie that seems to be forgotten, a collection of legends, Tawny marries Joe and divorces him, and what's in the box, and what does it smell like?? 

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firmarymediapeople in CAS stup Jewelian the Pixin O play, but I ot a ran agan upon that cap. Ut Ot the power gap come rihe for what you lovewhocom to pok e Pe Topi, Encreta Aee, Ote, Borte, Co. Wuld take grave an O balaatic. I Av mad a to comfiht for what you love Nteos broadcesting from the poncast New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show were the decades battle for supremacy because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to doling decades. I am Mark James, and this week we bring you the weak experience where all of our contestants will be constrained to a one week, time period for their picks. So let's meet this week's dolers and the decades they will be fighting for first off, say hello to man, crush wits op. I got July twelfth through the Eighteenth Nineteen and eighty seven, and I changed my shirt once again after losing out with Woul D. I wear the other day of my Wyowyo Wyo. Did I ever leave Ohio Shio lost, so that's two weeks in a row that I lost changit again I got my rick flare. Woo Shirt on aentime world champion got to go hell. I frik. Thank you. Ou good man, rix Ad Givan e points, Togh, the a theeneckd on the dais is the host of the video Rangers podcast e incomparable Mikerainger Thouh everyone, I'm mikranger representing July, Seventeenth through twenty fourth nineteen. Ninety four, also returning to the panel this week, is the host of the miscast commentary. PODCAST. Please welcome back to the show Canada's favorite son, Joe Fenley, that Wa that made me feel way better than I deserve. I am here doing July: Thirteenth, nineteent, Nineteen, seventy mother, fucking five. Let's do this, you whisper, I don't know so Canadian Ofyou, I know, but I'm not taking it back, and that's always here on the show. We need somebody to ajudicate all of this awesomeness. So this week's celebrity guest judge is an actor producer known for her work in witchboard and Bachelor Party, as well as the voice of Annabel on Eke the cat. She also just happens to be the original video vixen all rise and welcome, Judge Donny Gataine O with a Herwin o some going to be here. Think IU'. So much rabbin me. Thank you for coming on. Under the circumstances, yeah give us hair whipslithis. This is called not brush. My hair, it looks like you just got off the hood of a Jagwar Ai, wonder what Dablood like it's a new oober option. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dualing decades rules, the judges, coinflip Shell, the side who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judge's woling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. HACUNA MATATA AIn't, no passing craze. Let's play some more O. Let's go right down to our celebrity gest judge. The Great Tawny contain for the coin toss. Okay, here we go, are you ready, whos M Thi, Twein Joe and Mike? I Joeabonjo my cart. You guys wo call or is a call, I'm going to call. I'm GOINGTA Call Tales nell right, Joe Finley. You won the coin toss you got control on the Lord Finley, that's my legal last name, ah we're family, so you have to like Yo having good to me now yeah, I knowmy husband's, less t s myhusband's last name. I didn't bother to change it, so I'm fimly, I'm filmily too, so we're we'rewe're married. I I will. I will inform my wife bustly and I'm on my waywell before you head out the door Jo. What catagor are we going with for all right, I'm actually going to start off with movies Ohsyeah Yeah Um. I had to take you to July sevententh Anine hteen, an seventy five. This was a world premier in Boston of all places and it was a documentary and the documentary was bugs bunny superstar. I this wasn't released to anywhere else in the country until nineteen seventy seven, but the movie features interviews from Cartonis Bob Clampet for his freeling Texavery and had footagebugs boney cartoons from te nineteen forties, nine different cartoons. The documentary was narrated by Orsen Wells, who was friends with the producer, but it was actually quite a controversial film because number one warner brothers had nothing to do with this felm. I, the the production company that had the right so united artists had the rights to those nine loony tunes films and they built everything around. That and part of that was why you know main stays like Chuck Jones and melblank weren't involved in this, but it was a weird scenario, also Bob clampet WHO's, probably not one of the more h prominent names when you think of the creators of the looni tunes really painted himself in this documentary to be a high end member. In fact, in an interview prior to this movie, he had claimed to have created bugs bunny daffied, U Porkypeg and Yosimite Sam, which really caused a rift between him and Chuck Jones, and so basically the reason he was able to do. This is because he made a deal with the producer to get access to his archives, which was necessary for the film he was given final cut of the FELMAN. He got to basically make any decision he wonts, so he really painted himself in EA good lane. The movie got like we said we got a national release in nineteen. Seventy seven AD eventually made it to every format. All the way up, Lazer desk be chess. It got a DVD release and then it got ansepar bonus, release on the Luni Tun's golden collection volume for where it's actually in the warner brother's collection now, but that is my pick from July, seventeenth bugs Bunnie. There was a mission statement. How Whatnot? No wonder you? What movies FA o Om Wow Na all right Mike Ranger? Let's see what you have for the movies round all right! Well, thank you for passing it over to me. Marka can't wait to tell you what I have, because we got a smart as ove here as se dug allright. So CISCEL and Eber considered this to be one of the worst films they'd ever reviewed. Eber wrote I hated this movie hated hated hated hated hated. This movie hated it hated every simpering, stupid vacant audience insulting moment of it. The infamous review led to the later rent on the CISCAL nebord show, which became more popular than the movie itself on July, Twenty Eon, nine Hunden and ninety four, the ROB riner comedy North hit theaters the film stars, Elijah Wood as a boy who leaves home and travels the world to find better parents featuring a snore studdied CAS BU, with Bruce Willis Danackroyd Reba MacIntyre, Benstein Jason Alexander Julia Lewis, Rifis and a Bagoda. The film bombed at the box office grossing just over seven million against a forty million dollar budget and was nominated for six Razzi awards north great movie. You were shit me like: Do we tell you it's a best of we, not the theboth brought like total shit. Talking about man. North is a good movie. I' May Tak this round. You got, Oh God or Bak, crush. Let's see what you have for the movies round. All right. I got this slam dunk round July, seventeenth, nineteen, seven every once in a while when you're competing on the weak experience. You get a monster week in one particular category, and this is that weak for movies and honestly, this is one of the best movies in the nineteen eighties. It's over the top it's made by o'ryon films. They had awesome practical effects, T it still hold up, except for one scene, it's ultraviolent, ultraviolent action that you cannot do today without people crying about it. So it's also a story. Thay make some damne sente. The movie would get nominated for two Academy Awards I'll, be it. They were for best film, editing and best sound, but you know what how many other eighties action flicts got nominated for anything. So who cares the movie? It went on to make an outstanding. Fifty three million dollars at the box office, which was about a hundred and twenty three million dollars in twent y twenty, which is pretty damp phenomenal when you consider this is a hard r rating like don't you miss the days when movie studios, weren't, afraid of putting out a real arrated, Moayeah, now they're so concerned about making a buck. They butchered this particular movie with a twenty fourteen reenache, where there was pg thirteen, which is total shit, and just think that o'rion did this movie on a thirteen million dollar budget and it looks like they spent far more, but that's all they spent just just se. You know what movie I'm talking about here. I'm talking about Robo Cop m. The movie did well at the box office, but it did tenfold in the aftermarket with its licensing and the rentals, and all that mean just imagine this for a moment. This is why the eighties and nineties were so damn awesome. This is a hard Ar rated movie. We got a cartoon. We had video games on the Nintendo and on the computer there was a theme park ride. It was like one of them: Ninety simulators it even had a kid's toy line. That would hardly ever happen in twenty twenty may, barring some like comic book movies like Deadpole or Wolverine, but that doesn't really count. I mean compared in Robocop. No comparison. It would also get two sequels not as good as the original. Of course, two different attempts at a TV series. One was actually a four part Canadians I I didn't make it or Itwo animated series, like I said before they had robocoponomyand series and Robocop Alpacomando and all began here on July, seventeent, nineteen nd, eighty seven with a Paul Verhoven Peter Weller, Classic Robo Cop Wow, and if it wasn't for Robocop I would never would have got Robert cocped Rob Ocop all right. So, let's go right down to our celebrity guest judge. towny contain for the ruling on the movies round: Allright Seyou ANL Socksum, andn son, a friend I'm trying to wake up er, Oh God, my dattery is going Jed. Okay, here re go! Let me like Okay Yon know what I'm Gong to go with. Um You wouldyouwitwilyou e CA, wo a Tril Nick, the laste we talking 'cause. It was so you you really wanted me to buy it. I mean you really you just you you really Wen, I just bn better than the rest is what you're saying thanks camper you hey! You, Hey Il Havyoneyou you for this episode. You can call me nick if tats right, next or you because W if you say you, we don't really know who you're talking about 'cause different spot, er, hes, Nig, all right, so nick wins. The first round picks up a point and gets control of the board. What category E you're selecting next all right, let's go to music. Let's just knock this one out right here I got July thirteenth. Nineteen seven! I didn't have the best new music to choose from this week. It was decent, but it was nothing to knock my socks off. So when I found this pick, it was kind of a big deal at the time not kind of it was a big deal at time being that ads was the deadliest and most publicized virus. If the eighties, this was really newswor in nineteen seven, and it was awesome that, like celebrities or musicians, would do concerts for a cause. KINDOF like we have in twenty twenty with Kobe and everybody coming on. So in July, thirteenth, nine Teenn, seven Madonna, performed an age benefit concert in the memory of her friend Martin Burgoyn. He had recently fallen victim to AIDS, so she did this show it was done it Masson Square Garden. She raised four hundred thousand dollars in one night, which is about nine hundred thousand dollars, Ind thosand and twenty, which is fantastic for one night, one performer one night for performance. She was in the middle of the Husat girl world toar at the time she stopped it. She did this tour, they sold it out. In a couple of weeks, fourteen thousand fans filled up mast and square garden. Most of the tickets at night, fer were going for about a hundred dollars, a ticket which is about two hundred and twenty five dollars and twenty twenty s, that's pretty Dan Steep. They did have some upper bowl tickets or about twenty five and fifty bucks. But again it was nineteen seven. So it's a lot of money, so you had either people that are like diehard Madona, Fren, Medona fans or just people that are coming out. You know because they wanted to eradicate theds epidemic, but a few times during the show and this why I don't think it was all Madona fans. She actually stopped the show to tell the people in the front to get up and dance because they were just sitting there like statues. So these people are probably there just for a cause which is fine. It raised a lot of money, but it was nice to see people of all different. Like political motivations hat Don Donjohnson was there Donald Trump? was there so you had like people just coming out for a cause. It didn't matter. You know what motivation they had. They were just coming out to do this, so this was the night July thirteenth. Nineteen on seven, it's the MEDONNA AIDS benefit, show at Massen Square, all right Mike Ranger. What do you have for the music round? Well, on July, Nineteenth Oanine, Hutden and ninety four, the debut album by Marilan Manson, hit the record stores portrait of an American family featuring the singles, get your gun and lunchbox. The album peaked at number. Thirty, five on billboards: U S heat seeger's album and his certified gold selling over six hundred thousand copies. No, I'm not too familiar with mser Manson's work, so maybe one of you can help me out here at what point in his timeline. Does he remove his rib, so he can suck his own deck? It might have happened that it happened yesterday during my surgery really N I've been trying, so I ws fifty we're Inga Wyou had surgery to remove a rib yesterday s that what you just said, no, I said Marrian Ere, you're, so ot in Maryland. All right like that had to be. I think that rumor started after the next album 'cause that album they actually played in Middletown we had crisparonon just the other day. We talked about him playing at Sportland, which was a little shit hole up here. He actually tored at Sportland for that album. So That's very low K, especially with six hundred thousand COMCIS. Don't don't think he can afford to take that bottom ribobut? It's a good outum all right, Joe Finley wrap up the music round. What you got all right? Well, let's go back to Canada in May on nine teen and seventy five first, because the bandhawkwin fired their basist in Canada after he was firejob arrested for drug possession by June he'd already formed a new band, and by July he theyhad already booked a GIG and on July nineteenth they played their very first gig opening for greenslate at the Round House in London the basis name was lemmy kilmister and the band's name was motorhead. Their very first show M with the original line up of lerry Wallace Ind Lucast Fox. After about ten shows in October, they were opening for Blue Oyster cult. They signed with a record label shortly thereafter they are on their number twenty six on the each one's top one hundred artrs of hard rock they've sold more than fifteen million albums worldwide and theirand nominater for grammies. They did win one they've done twenty five tours. They have twenty. Two studio albums t thirteen live albums, not much more. You could say they were on the ballot this year for the rockenwill hallfame did not get in but they'll get there thet's say you know, that's a g! That's a give an that's an eventual thing. That's going to happen with these guys recently passed and never forgotten. Let me kill mister starting to band motorhead July nineteenth hsnine teen and seventy five. You know wit as pretty bullshit about that, though it was like you just said that they didn't get int enominated, but didn't Whitney Euston get in the sho to earn what? How was that that'rock? I know we had this conversation before, but I didn't know that they were nominatedg and didn't get in aw. That W, when I thought about like when I found out o Harrison, Ford doesn't have a star in the Hollywood, Walk Aflame, walk of Fane, but Courtecardashan it does, but you can buy one of those. Maybe he just doesn't want one 'cause these Kins, like a country, nede yeah, no, do do you do R, I'm savengup! Oh, you have to pay for your R. It's a political thingyeah, wo e Cotin Yelshit, no thats, I've got e ATS and I'm going up there to get a hold down trumps all right. Well, let's go down to guest judge Tonycotain to see who wins the music round. Oh my Gos Nel I'll, tell you what my you just you were just you, you're, so eloquent and and and I just I loved the way you we approached it, but nick I'm going to have to go with you again because I know Mariland personally and he's such a great guy and I would be remissed if I didn't give it to him on that. O! That's mice. You know no Nick, oh Y E you're talking about, I was talking t o a Diaron Manson. No, that was my yeah okay, just so everybody knows Dowe. We tell them like Tony's, actually in bed she's having a hard. Well, he tell I ons she's a great sport. Do you tell you tell him why I don wl? I had I had a surgery yesterday and was it yesterday and see? That's just it. I don't! Even I don't know what day of the week it is. I don't. I don't even know how I got home from the doctor's office in the surgery center. I'm hoping a a really Nice Ouberman drove me home. I'm kidding a friend of mine, Tima, a dropped me Ou and then left me and I have no food. I have nothing, I'm starving and I'm having so much fun playing. This came with you guys, whw you're in Califonia, right car you're. Sorry I can. I cannot bring you any food ourwellthat's why you said that that's sweet! Thank you! Maybe we can get you like some ouberits, we'll we'll ship it over e. We get somebody else to send ITL I'l, give you my address and you guys and send it over some Taco Beli said. Oh, my God. I listen I'm a cheap day, but I'm an EXPENSIV life but Heso I'll. Take the TONCO bell because we're dating not because we're married WT. I thought you were married to Joe she's married to me, but I'm not sending nothing. I don't have my rube read: Soa uhes, not sending anything ISO, a great gub Wat temporarily! That's fine! Now you only get half a m GI, otaco Bout E, fine, othat's, the lof all right, so Mike Ranger, picks up a point on that last round and takes control of the board. What catagory are we going with for our final one point round? Well, since I have controlled the board here, I'm going to go with news mark, Oh yes, which was good 'cause. I found an article in the Albuquerque Journal. Titled Teenage Kingdome Got Old in a hurry, a bargain to build, but a bar to fix causeon July nineteenth one housanine hundred and ninety four, as the Seattle Mariners prepared to play the Baltimore Oriels and thirty minutes before the gates opened the problematic ceiling and the eighteen year old kingdome had its sealing collapse. The mariners ended up playing the last twenty Ganes on the road. As the season was short, it was cut short by the baseball strike on August twelfth. The stadium had a reopening ceremony the weekend of November. Fourth and a total cost for repairs was fifty one million dollars and two construction workers lost their lives in a crane accident. The Kingdome was demolished on March Twenty Sixh, two thousand less than twenty five years old, so yeah big, big news, some cealing tiles came down. It was a fucking disaster yeah. I didn't realize two guys died well that that was you know later when they were like fixing it. I just thought you met like later: they got old, they eventually passed. You know. Eahyou know we bore from died, too is what I heard a Bor fell on him, but it just took like fifteen years for hem to all right Mahalf for the news round, all right. So I'm glad that Mike started with baseball. I didn't feel so bad July, eighteenth, nineteen, eighty seven and I normally don't select sports unless it's something that really stands a test at time. So when I ran across this baseball record being broken, I had to select it because one the record still holds up today and to it's an insane record that I cannot believe three men hold the distinction of achieving this and I mean obviously a lot of people, love baseball. Twenty! You Love Baseball, Yeah, love, baseball, Bu, this. What O hear a lot of times from casual fans. A lot of people are like. Oh it's too long and boring it'scause. They don't understand it, they don't exactly, but you know what what they do understand when they go to the game and somebody hits a home run. The entire stadium goes aption, no matter what you don't even need to beall the game and people are like Oho Rod. So that's wher, I no with this one. Oh God decide to be boring. Now, it's not July eighteenth. Ninety eighty seven dommattingly New York Yankees. He would hit his eighteenth home run of the season. He'd finished the year or thirty, but this is no ordinary hold run in the fourth ending against the Texas Rangers mattingly would hit his tent home run in his last. Eight Games, however, said Hod run off Jose Guzman was his record setting eigth consecutive game with the home run mattingly retied, Dale Long'sn nineteen, fifty six record that night in Arlington. Sadly, he would go two for four, the next douting and would fail to get that nine consecutive games, although the record was tied also by Kengraphy junior in nineteen. Ninety three right before the the fucking cealing fell in for Mike, but record still stands today, all through those guys, three dudes, eight consecutive games with the home run. I mean that's incredible. Like I came in fathom somebody doing that these Ti. Will my Croud Idon't, I don't think Soik. Nobody O leged, lately 'cause Thino, not in cold, but that's true. I mean you're in if you're in Texas, you are you P. Are you batten against Nolan Ryan? I mean you know we gotto take these things into consideration. That's why people don't think baseball's fun because they don't know the little ins and outs and the little idiosyncrases of baseball baseball is one of the most intelligent least game. As a matter of fact, my ex husband after the game I'd go down and take the elevator down and I go jug. Why did you throw a two seams putter to the guy on? Second, when you have so and so o and he's look at me and go? I get this from the press. I dontmake this from my wife. Well Th. Actually, if you want to know this is wh who he actually hit them off of Mike Smiten Janberrnger, Rich Dotson, jol, mckeen, Jose dilionne, Jim Wynn, Charlie, Hugh Mitch, Williams, Paul Kiligas and Joseguzman. Those were the the unlucky pitchers theheardy incredible though ten home runs in Eid Games as well, yeah, or that is that's incredible now, nothing, that's not nothing! Al Right! Jill Finley! Let's hear your offering for the news round. No word of Alia was almost baseball, but I found something at the very last minute. I found an announcement from the Walk Disney Company. They had a PRESSD conference and announced a new venue called the experimental prototype community of tomorrow or Epcot, originally envesioned by Walt Disney as a city that was going to house twenty thousand people. It was going to house major top of the line, research labs and it was going to have a world showcase and it was. It was going to be dedicated to both innovation and community. That was the whole point of this entire thing. After he died in nineteen sixty six, the company took over when in another direction, Roy Disney. I wanted to pit appointed more into a park, but maintaining the same philosophies that Walt hadn't visioned back then. So, as we see when you go to Epka you, the world showcase, is there pretty much as envisioned and future world, which was the other point that was going to be? The main hub also still exists. They have obviously added other attractions. You know closely related to those themes in there. It is a very popular park still amongst the parks in Orlando with universal and all that it actually Y. U on every list I saw today it ranks ahead of the original universal studios as Mar as favorite park in Orlando. It's the second favorite park amongst Disney fans and still gets fourteen point four million visitors every single year, so except arate now, but that's a whole nother story. I'm going to put Nastrics ascers gon that and and what baseball team do they on is Anaheimaesn't. It yevery good her. We took you a minutes yeah he ki Adion. He all he nows is the Blue Jans. If it's not blue JS, like I wll, you said Hose Gosman and I was like Ooh and that was like o no that's o Gos, ba Io Yo, but yet pcot open in nineteen and eighty two and has been known as the permanent world's fair for its Focu on innovation and world culture. So that is my news from July: fourtent, Housan, nine hundred and seventeity five, all right, let's hear from Celebrity Ges Judge Tawny contain for the ruling on the news round. Thank you very much. I am going to have to go with DISNEYLAMB. Oh, come it seily ti somebody died. I mean it part of my life. I mean it was like fourteen fifteen years of my life. You know that the they were Bo. They were owned, byt Disney and I spent a lot of time there and never had to pay to go to the park Um. I have nothing but wonderful memories of Disney, no matter what's going on right now, with them er the winter. How often did you did you visit Epcot? Oh well, well, im COG, UM, probably five times, but but we have an Disneyland right here in Anahei and it's just you know ten minutes away from us. So that's someone that we would spend most of mour time at, even if it was just I Tuesday. You know I was like. Let's go to is that's awesome when Youud live by, I wouldn't go to the one in Orlando every day, O the week. I I went there on Christmas Day once and wanted to kill myself yeah. It was awful, but like I wanted to ask everybody else like we're all older. Now when I was young and my parents were bringe, the atotic Fuckand, he hated it and now in Adul, it's completely opposite like now, I dont want to go o go to APCOT. It's great. I want to have a beer in every village Ayeah. Well, I went there as a kid and I remember going there and we didn't even make it to world showcase. We only went around the front area and were like there's nothing here and, like my parents didn't know about world showcase, a we literally looped around and missed it completely and L we ended up going to. We ended up going to a different Parkinho part park, copper Thinso SA. I know right and then MIS ter Gondaall Ride O. I did then, but then, when I I took my wife on our honeymoon there and we ate there pretty much every single day we basically left whatever park, we were at to go, eat, supper and one of the world showcase place and the we etin in most of the country. We, you Tok your wist there for your Honeymooa Rightwe did. Oh my God, she's divorcing, you Againi, don't know it sounds a lot more romantic than my honeymoon. We went to a glory hole, I'll, ask your wifeyeah. It makes sense now all right, so the game is tied up at one oneand one and we end up right back where we began with Joe Fenley incontrol o the board, as we enter our first to point round. Oh good, Ogad, okay, Um, let's go hot products Y. You just said that, like you got a leftover hot product, it should have been a one pointer, but a God loked over into the two point round. Well, I didn't o yeah, but yes I'll. Take you two O July fifteenth. It was the latest offering from Marvel Comics avengers number one, thirty, seven! It was a weird issue where the avengers have found themselves short staffed with people leaving their ranks and vision and scarlet witch going on honeymoon, probly ATEPCA, and they held and et held superhero tryouts for a new Aventer's members at Sha Stadium. They were joined by yellow jacket, who was thescizaphreniest suffering Henry Penn, formerly aunt man and the wasp who just went along with everything with pim and allowing him to believe that he's somebody else and from the x, men beast and during their triots, the villainthe stranger came and invaded Cha stadium, and they all battled, and that was that comic. They ended up it. The same glory hole an white Sun and ironics still playing baseball. That's my ansering! Oh Man, all right Mike Ranger. What do you have for hut? Phronucs Nice set all right well m. So what I have here is I found an article in the Odessa American from July, Seventeenth, anine hundred and ninety four reviewing the new donkey cong game coming out on July, twenty second for a Nintendo's Gameboy retailing for twenty nine. Ninety five, the Oricle says: Thet. The game is based off N, H, ND nineuteen and eighty one arcade hit and that donkey cong is back and it's the first gameboy title to take advantage of the super gameboys possibilities for anybody that doesn't know the super game. Boy Uses a GI. It's like a gameboy cartridge. Adapter that allowed you to play Gameboy Games on your Supernintendo, but this game was the first to take advantage of what it could do once inserted. The game has a replica arcade boarder ad stereosound, as well as color EGM awarded Donkey Cong, Best Gameboy game of ninety four later selecting it as their number sixty seventh game all time. An nintendo power has it as their eighth best Gameboy game and the only true follow up to the original, so yeah donkey Cong Onm, the Gameboy. I didn't K ow that Ameb yeah. It was a big deal. PEOPLE LOVE IT MHM! No! Actually it was really interesting about that particular game. It. It is actually really cool people do like it, but Um, just the fact that it was the first game to totally utilize the possibilities of the Super Gameboy t kinda adds an entire library to your superninzendo. I actually didn't like Gameboy when I was a kid I didn't like playing on that little scra at as pobebut the super game boy was great yeah. You Know My. I think you're personally push in a little hard, really peson a little hard onherthing. When you already want you all Relao be and go that's right. You did absolutely because Thinkif all those jobs that were created when we're talking about Um, visual, musical editing, U graphics, everything and- and so that was a very fascinating Um story and I enjoyed listening to. Thank you very much. It was a lot better than my other story. Well who, as a person, so thank you. I like how it creates jobs. KINDOF like how eployhole created the Jizmoper this S. true, it created one job too. I'd pour the water on the Hun someways gotta Dot Somebody's got to do it all right, man crush. What do you have for the hot products round? All right, so we go July, thirteenth, nineteen, I seven years a product. I remember it was popular in nineteen seven, but I n't remember it being this popular until I started digging into it and it all stems from a little bull, terrier mascot named honey. I Evil Tree and if you had listened to an episode we had last year that named might sound familiar to you, but if you aren't aware honey, I eveltree was the female bull terrier that played the roll spuds McKenzie for the infamous party Animal Maskot for Bud light between the years of nineteen, six and nineteen nine. Yet another reason the eighties are so amazing. Can you name any other temporary mascot that was so pivotal as sputs? Could you y AH THE TACO Bell Chihuahua? I was just going to say: thesame yeah m t the budwaser frogs Cemeran Tamthe, one o Cen Zebro hold on. Let me t I'll, tell you exacw, be those old women were nothing iher to SPO. She was ver emporary, there's no way she's Alo tegether, they were so temporary. They died pretty soon after but like. This is how monumental this was as a mascot Ann isor Bush actually had to stop with the whole, like in nineteen nine. They pulled spusmackenzie because they were saying that he he or she. However, you want to look at it outshine the actual product that it was endorsing. Hm That's interesting sounds like a whitesnake video, but I mean here's the thing. The whole spodsmckenzie Bu light campaign that began in the summer of eighty six, when I was looking through newspapers dotcom, our friends over there thet give us our accounts or we get to do our all of our research. If you looked at the summer of nineteen six and you looked up, spodsma Kenz there an average about thirty articles a month by the time he got to July, of nineteen eghy seven, there were a thousand articles about spudsmackenzie and these were yeah. These articles were all about how hot the merchandise for spuds McKenzie was not so much but light, but Spaz Beckenzie there ware stores, like remember, warehouse, music from Bacginron, look eah warehouse music ad from this week in July. It actually had a little slogan on the side that said that they were the official spuds Bekaune headquarters and there was low. They were couting like new spuds, mckenzi shirts. Then you had like the Po Nember o the poster. It said IATOLA PARDIOLA and it had tise buds an mckenzi in the middle. There was a bunch of like models around him that was the best selling poster in the country at the time newer ow they had twenty two different spuds McKenzie bootiques, and one of them was right inside macy's and I featured two hundred different items: Four spudsmacenzie posters, Zonis Jaggin, es it yeah. It was insane bus, Razy, here's, the topper, and this is why I picked this one. Not only 'cause spudgs was in every article I found, but there was a fucking. There was a beach volleyball tournament. It ran from July thirteenth through July nineteenth, and it was the first annual Spludsmckenzie Beach Volleyball Tournament. It was coad, it was fifty dollars to get in Saturday an night they had a beach party and spluds was going to be there, and if you looked expunse like dthis guy toured more than a guy, it was actually het was a female dog but playing a Guy Torit all around the country. It sounds a little good like David Leera ye spots were definitely hang out. likabsolutely had it down how many parties were you at in the eighties, where spuses at how to be at leastgod too man the count? Well, I can tell you how many abis, that, with David Le Roso ASSD I' not the same person so good, Oh yeah okayt's been three years worth every single day of my life. Let me let me there's a story that we heard there is a big story there and but it's going to be saved for my book Otoer as o her w. Since you can't tell us yours, O let Meokay Jaman brote about me in this book, and there was one thing that he wrote. That was right and one thing that he wrote was wrong. So go ahead, let me hear what you got all right, so this happened during the US festival in nineteen. Was it nineteen, three or nineteen two, which one was this as Etwo Thi Tfirst Itwo? Probably we had this guy on and he was telling us that h. He sees Davidly Ross at the tour bus and he's we told the story before and he's leaning out the window and he's yelling at this guy he's like Glen. What's up come over come on over, so he like runs over to the bus and he said he's having a normal conversation with David Le Rawf he's up at the window. He's like come on the bus man like ore, having like a five minute conversation, doesn't notice anything's, going on walks on the bus and he's getting head right under Hos we're always hanging out the window like nothing's happening Yep that steps my dadn. It's like, yes, sit out. Man have a drink, he's like no. I doesn't Tiss Abe yeah. I was extremely lucky. I think myself and Tanya his sister and maybe Vallerie. We were the only three girls on the face in the searth at David sondown tried to have set with his sister Valribertnelli and me yeah. I think that's the three girls yeah. That's it oh she'll bad for his mom beforno. I think she's waking up now. I am how Cald I know you gus was so entertaining completely woke me up my doctor's going to be so mad in to because he wants me to rest ifeel like getting up and like finding the closest Jagwire to me and doing e little litle sprit fire dance on it, Al Right. So that was our last pick for the hunt phronucts round. Let's go down to Tonycatain to see who wins the first two point round. The first two point round is going to Mike go: it's ecause of all the jobs h were creating o yeah. I listen we're all about economics. Here, that's becat! He was the same kind at the same party as that you were yeah, but he wasn't anteglorial know, but I I lived butdavid limped it our house, so it was like I've seen hem one or Omany Times, II'll see him again. Sometimes on this round. You don't get me to start thinking. I'm changing my im Ni tenty point iiripyday, I'm with YO BA ot the rick flare shirt on. I can't see her ridflar O. I love him. I Love Windy. Do you know Wendyo? I don't. I mean we don't know the Morli, but I know who she is yeah. He sac a sweetheart. I love them both if we're all sharing thou. My shirt says there is no princess only Zu Jhadak, nobody can ill write so micerings or jumpd up nto the lead three one to one, let's see if we can hold on to that lead and close out this game. What do you have for the T V round? Oh mark in nine teen nd? Ninety four, the World Cup Changed Sports Coverage in the? U S by way of the sponsored scoreboard and game clock with both being displayed throughout the game previously coverage in the? U S had depended on commercial breaks which worked with the other sports, but not suitable for soccer's, uninterrupted play this innovation soon made its way into every team sports broadcast. The American broadcast of the World Cup had a had a lot of first, the first to have all matches televised, no commercial interruptions during play and the first with onscreen score and timebox Brazil faced off against Italy, Ond July sevententh, nine hutdred and ninety four, with the first and only goldless final and the first to end. In a penalty shootout, Brazil won three to two taking home, their Fourth Cup. So what we have here is the televised event of the final game in the World Cup and how the World Cup actually innovated itself into h. Other sports, with having average they wouldn't have to go to commercial breaks as much they could find advertisements on the screen. This is soccer who this is soccer yes or foot, Boll, all right, Joefinley. Let's hear your television offerings all right. Well, this one's actually quite an interesting one into the Apollo Moon. Landings of the T. v coverage got less and less the interest got less and less eventually they cancelled some Apolla Moon landings and for a long time nothing was really going on far as NASA was concerned and spaceflight. But this day July, fifteenth first off Apollo launched again, but so did the Soviet soias capsule and they met two days later in space docked and in the first International Cooperation Space Mission. The two people who had been in a brutal space raise for the better part of almost two decades joined together and met in space. I The with they dock. They docked in space, theyonlove story, they did um and they they got. somethey got some astronaut an cosman, not all stars for this one Alexilienov on the Soviet side, who was the first man to walk in space, H Tom Stafford, who was a a gemany commander, as well as the commander of Apollo ten, which was obviously the precursor to the first moonlanding, but an interesting one is deep slightly. He was actually all the astronauts boss. He was one of the original Mercury, seven if you watched the right stuff and he was grounded before his first spacelight, due to a heart condition. So he never flew in space all through the Mercury onitions, the gemny missions, and he and the Apollo missions he never got to fly. He was givin his flight status back after the final moon mission, so he was put on this flight. This was the only time he ever went to space and he was the oldest man ever to fly at the age of fifty one. At this point it was a gigantic deal that had got a lot of T V coverage. It got a lot of newspaper coverage. It was the cover of every newspaper every day I woasd checking newspapers, dtcom and finding that, like crazy on the fifteenth, sixteenth and Seventeenth, it was a big deal and to have those men after such a long drawn out battle in the race to the moon, to open the hatch in space and crossineonerships and ND ddocge together and dolk together, the old eyeocker in Space Yep. That's probably not true anymore. I guess now that they spend, like you know a year up there and the thing ther' neveryone's talking. U I mean yeah but Yeh. So that's my news, a the first ever international space flight and it was also the last: U S: Pase flight, until nineteen, eighty one when the chattel lauched very D, very interesting, all right man crush. Let's hear what you have your television selection, all right, so there's no no docking on this one, but we have July seventeenth, nineteen, seven, it's summertime once again, so slim pickings for new shows at this point, not even endings of shows there were a couple f Fox shows that debuted, but nothing too exciting. At this point, however, we did get some excellent T v related news that day, because one of our favorite television game shows signed a permanent staple at their further show ready for this one 'cause, it's funny how it it was to early on and we're going to bring it all back, because now, like Joan rivers, an she had just recently, starved in her own late night. Talk Show on Fox, but she was shit canned by Fox after he monon to the show. So, as the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasury, because Joan quickly recovers with a much better show and better noi do like Fox by the way, just at the time it seven therewas a lot of experimenting. I Love Marrie with children and stuff, but I was on that weyouwere w. You were on this right here. I'll tell you that she I saw with NBC to be the New Permanent Center Square on the new Hollywood quares, and I do I buy in this perdicular game show to be pretty monumental, especially when it comes to dueling decades, because I see a lot of parallels between Hergig as the Permanent Center Square and our guest judges. You know we had this chat with cris baron and spin doctors last week and having a celebrity guest judge on the show is really different. It's in sightful, you know organic stories come up and like all things that just having somebody, we know being the judge, doesn't normally happen so having having those people on it's a lot different. So thank you, Toni for coming on CRACING US with your presence O. Thank you tenfold, 'cause, like you're, not even in the condition to to be doing this you're not supposed to be on here you're, like t you're, like the baseball player, that's supposed to be on the DL, but you're still playing that's right. That's right! I'm going out there I'M GOING OUT THERTO! That's right! You got the blood of sock and everything I lern. Oh Yeah, N, the last ny that oneover my head. No, I knew Youo'LD get it Youwere, a baseball girl, oh you did, but in Hollywood squares you always had like these random panelists on the show. But with the induction in Jon Rivers, you had two semi permanent members, 'cause Yehad, her Jim j bullock. I think it was in the top left at the time she had hour wild card celebrities. Every week, just like teny said she was on the show, but you can always count on those two they would deliver. You know some pretty epic moments. They would tie everything back together and joinen end up appearing on the show for seventy episodes between nineteen G, six ND nineten N, eighty Nin she's just she's. So amazing, if you watch any of her darcumentaries of her life and and her you know and how she lived and how she toured and m a she as just she was a genius. She was an Absouzonga everything. If you go to her IMDV, I think a lot of people will stick to they go to IMDV and they'll. Just look at actress, look at sell, yea self and see how many things she is on it's BS. Exactly absolutely I mean from from t the ROASTS J from back in the day with Dean. Martin, all the way till you know doing the Um, the the grammis and the Oscars and doing all Riady noworbest stuff that she did wan to Oter er pets. I mean it Wass. She was in every she was in the sixties, the seventies, the eighties, the nineties Ta. Do I mean there was a woman who other than sharrow worth as hard an she did. You know my daughter just asked me today. If Charle was still dancing, can you guys answer that for me, so co get off the phone from e a a Dollaro dancing. Now? Does she ever stop dancing? No, I can't imagine that she would 'cause. I told my daughter, she's, really popular in Colombia and Fort on all these other. You know incredible countries, she's g she's still got to be dancing and doing all her stuff, isn't Shei'm sure and I'm sure she still looks great too either that or she exploded and became securego backwards. I Love Shikira Nan. She is hot she's, another one she's like she's about my age geand. She looks like she's like twenty one yeah, how many kids she had like two or three or something like that. I think too yeah. She doesn't totally doesn't look like she had two kids. No, no, she looked incredible. O was the superbowl. She just did Ri it Wasyeah I mean she was wearing. She wasn't wearing heels, either she was wearing flaps, so she was just sshe's a sexing shes sexy agreed igreed. She Kuroins US round all right. Let's go down to our guest judge, Toni Cotaine, to see who won the television round. My Gosh all comes down to this Nik Youre, really really good Mike. I I loved everything you had to say, but ou know what right there in the corner of the JAL, I may give it to your buddy autony. I love Mo sowhat. That does is that ties the game between Mike and Joe we're going to go to our final wild card round, where each competitor has one extra pick and whatever category they could find so we'll start off with Mike Ranger. What are you got? Man? Well, I've got a movie from July, Twentieth, nine, hutdred and Ninetyfour it based off the John Grissam novel and it's The client starring Susan Surrandon and Tommy Le Jones. Remember that one you went with north over that. Wasn't that fun wasn't that all the rage in the rental stores for like three years and now nobody talks about it, there's still not a conper on hem the to so funny. They were really hot for, like a good five or six year, ton, Grissa Nov ins, that Wer tose yeah in the movie yeah, well, the movie, the client and then they just e hied out yeah yeah you're right. I haven't seen that in twenty years. But do you remember how big it was for like that window? I mean feel like I'm criming it now yeh shoot me in the face: LETME you're, a king, okay, whos see Tagarkin, Oh yeah righ. Well, I actually used to work there Um. No, I was actually one of H Joe's earin. I just kindo hung around ohmy goodness. That's too funny me ask you: Why did you pick north as your main movies pick over that one, be you know what I was thinking back to how we used to look at things kind of- and I was like you know what I'm going to say, the client everybody's going to tell me that nobody fucking remembers the client look. I no ITIT's got no Legsyeah yeah. I would hear that I heard that in my head, who used to say legs ithat was you wasn't it hotel right in between, like a long ran about a fucking, remote controler in this Killi Convention's got lengs? I tell you all right in Joe Finley, let's hear what you have for the wild card round all right? Well, I teased baseball earlier on and you're getting it now, because we've got a tie July, Fifteenth Nin, nineteen. Seventy five is the NLB all star game and it was an all star game which just seems like some kind of fantasy. We have so many h gigantic names in this one. A Pete Rose Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, Caliatremski, Nolan, Ryan, Redgie, Jackson, bobby bonds. It was the final Al Star game for Hank Aaron who had done twenty one straight all Star Games in twenty hours of his career just outstanding. It was also the very first all all star game that had honorary captains and Mickey Madel was the first captain for the A L and Stan museal for the Nou. The game was tied going into the ninth inning. Until the national league pulled ahead capped by a sacrifice, fly fron, Pete Ros. They ended up winning the game, six, three wow and so the losing. I just like to say the name too. The loss was given to a Picher of catfish hunter when I camejust scrolling through that, and just seeing these names of it's like when you hear things about. Oh, I had this person's card and it's worth like thousands of dollars. It was just a list of all those people pretty much. It was it's like going back to like t e The Times of like Mickey Mantel and stuff, like that in his Hayday Soyeah, the Alstarist of All Star Games July Fif, tent hosninehuteen and seventy five MN, I'm ready to Pick K here from our celebrity guest judge, Tony Cotain on who wins this game. Thank you very, very, very much nick Um, yes, Jo! Thank you, God a given to Jo my I love you a you, but I had to give it to Jo Jos. Get me he's understanding he's like I gon to baseball. If I go a Baseol, I can go into the smallst little degree and she'll get it an that's what one that's what one this time you hun me back in a couple weeks, I'm going to flow Ya because you do of what I'm Gointo like, but tonight it was all about baseball. I appreciated it. I loved it I'm here you sacrifice some time for me with your wife, not here, and I just I have to say I love you. I love you more, and this is a gift for my bod. I don't know man if she hears this, she might get yourself into a picker no more than usual little thing, though my wife doesn't listen to my pad cast, but she does listen to this one nonsin an you gave your time away from your wife for bird this, which was so sutn so she's, a good woman, she's, a good woman to let you let Youshe d' her for a little bit hells, Jo to come on Se's like Oh, they want you back O and they didn't have any even calls yet right. Andswas, like what wsometimes next LN at his phone he's Liup Chos an troble again he wants. He wants to guess whowants to gay seriously w. We do need to get you back again. Like I were saying before, like the regulars in Hollywood squares, I think you would come back you de fantastic. You get the game, you see how the flow is and you'll. Probably next time you will be in bed orm. You could no I'll be in bad now. The thing you could be it's like, but it won't be right after a surgery, Yesi was going to say, don't ruin this for me. Oh my gosh, you guys just was so much fun. I didn't think I was like what are we really going to do? WHATAVER WE GOINGTO do this was really intimidating and then a lot of fun. It's easy, though, right from the judge's perspective. I mean it's hard to pick some stuff. I think if it's close, Yeah Whenn it's closed and you guys had some close stuf tonight. You really did, and especially since I haven't won in three weeks, so that's hard on onthe Judgeis, not to pick me. I know yeah, but when you in we'll all hear it, I think you've just got to find you. You got to keep changing up your shirt every week until you find a new lucky shirt. I only have like four and e problem. I don't have a kiss ser ihave a Gountry Amison, an tied. I there you go that's your problem, I I have war Tiea in the past, but you know what I was actually supposed to see: Gunzros's Saturday and that contract got handled. So my wife and I are having our own guns and roses concert by our pool on Saturday we're getting fucked up we're going to listen to go drogs outside yed hot dog. No, my God have one of your friends check the drain in about two hours after Theo cagous to me in favor he ta Aot the Obo topull drain. I shall let her know. Usually my wifes Nlens, the pool so tryng to Contan EUs is ta check the POL Silper the's my way Realtyri, my wife is the greatest she loves like I don't know if she loves it, but she yeah she does. She loves cleaning like she has like three vacuum cleaners and she's, a she's, an NP there's some people that just love that I love that about her. My Dad's like that. So I can relate wer. I wake up. If I wake up at nine o'clock on a Saturday she's already been up since six o'clock ca s, she's been cleaning for three HOU Oky. I have a question: will she marry me? She's got an excellent career too t's. It's RT, it's a pretty good deal. You might be in trouble on this one mancrush Miyeah, I'm not going to give tha. I'm not GOINGTO. Give this one up, I'm not going to tell wher. You said on case she's, just right there twety do you have anything you want to plug before you go just me that work nuworks um? No, I'm just ye! I'm starting this candle company. It's called T K, essentials and I've got like just amazing smells and beautiful ring stones and they're pretty highend, but you know who isn't Um. I won't want for our studio like whmike and I are opening our studio up. It should be. I mean the pandemic is completely fuky yeah, but it does smell in there 'cause we're too nerightright. I would love to get a candle win. Er, famorite flavor, it's like by butter, scark y. What do you have? I've got ouyou name smell. I Have Itmik r Ould You, possibly maybe some m some cumbermelon. I have that yeah. That's what I'm thinking you know something real, that's actually not bad. I like to Ding that what is the tawny contain? Signature cent. That's a great question! Oh that's a good question! Um! It's called Zen and it's Um. It was actually princess, Diana's, pavorite Um. I I just happen to find that out d. just like you do with the news. I just happened to find that I didn't eve, go searching for it. We we like the same and we have the same birthday. So there's some very interesting news for you guys and I like Um uh forw BIGC, cocoanuts, um butter, crutps banana grape fruit, lemon basil, you name it. I've got everything: Basel Canasal Candle Sage. I heard a while back that. There's this Geneth Paltro candle, yet dyo HAVEA, yeah ecause. My bechina smells just like hers. Okay, scratchand snifflike. What thshe she actually has she os AF, a Gianta candle. She has one she's, yeah she's called one called Mivagina and another one called my orgaism is candles called thist. What my rejine smells Liah and then the other one yeah that's marketing right there. Only if you were going to create a candle such as this. What would you say your signature smell would be I'm out Um, I'm thinking, pine needles, Yeh PN, es Tosatineapple, Um, great socitrat yeah like like, where you're going with it yeah something fruity y. Ah, thank you. Thank you. I grag in wit, then thank you. You were answering that, like O, there was a timer. She was like citis sage know it. It's like a ten thousand dollar peramen think Centra Sah Tosagan. I O Cai, get it ie all right. We need one of those for the studio that will be freaking FANTASTA'cause right now. It smells like paint which ioh jeeze. Oh Kan, you send me in box. Where do you order from? Can we go to your website? Do you have a website up for it hours, nd I'MSTILL, working on it? No Right now, I'm just doing all Damns, I'm getting a bunch of DMS for my candles, because I'm trying to get my website up and Um. I've got a a golf course. One of the main golf courses here that I'm going to get my stuff in they're going to be selling it in there um their. You know: Pelican Hell, yeah, it's a really high, it's where you can sell a candle for a hundred and fifty bucks and no one even squints they're, just like yeap one hundred and fifty bucks, but China can't Herve Ha. I this is what might be trying to smell soi wait. How much does that one go for that one, a million dollars ye a little bit more expensive than herer. There's like a comparison, there's Goin to be like commercials where people are smelling just put out your own version of what you think when I grow Dro Arcelebrity Inpostar, I on I culd GE, Ol y gons of guys how grilliant so ye just get like five, like t top main actresses and just put out candles with their names on and there Verginas yeah, but think about how demoralizing that coul be when one of them goes like in disguise to a Yankee candle and then some kid walks by. I was like that an bucks yeah! Well, you know what she's just going to have to get over it. Migh get five bucks at EAC SA Yeahyou. Probably couldn't put you know. This is what one of Paltros Vagina smells linging, an nick and but like. Could this be one one of Bolto? You know, or you could just put like. What's in the box, O no was in her Bo was in her box. God look like Canatua Osurrer all right. We still need to get you back o a couple of weeks after you're dl. Absolutely I have a Um, a tooh that Um takes like a what are they called Um um when you have it tooth, it's missing a cab. No, what a CAP? No, not a cab like em when, instead of a denser, you have a tooth that comes out and LARN yeah. Something like that. I had that done about two months ago and it takes four months for the healing to lovs to take place in your rof of your mouth and then they couldn Goen. So the twothens I've got two more months and feels like a burnt pizza on the bottom on the top of myrom. My mouth no find man. That's it does that's why I'm goingto be in bed next time. You guys call me so yeah. I would love them to check out my utwo channel on you tube. It's called Tannis take, and then you can also follow me on Instogram, twiter and facebook on verified on all those channels. Come see me who verified you, my mom and Dad all right. So once again, I want to think argange judge Antawni contain for coming in and judging this episode. But in the meantime, if you've missed an episode, you can always sat over to dueling decades, dotcom, where you can subscribe to the show and spotify I tunes wherever pod casts, are available and then, while you're on the interwebs going over to facebook, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can hang out with the other fifty thousand deelers and share some of your very own Retro Memories. So until next time deelers were going to bid you a peace, love light in a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infirmay media