Dueling Decades
April 15, 2020

Retro rocker, Robert Tepper Returns! It's a Judges Choice showdown between April 1988 vs April 1999.

Retro rocker, Robert Tepper Returns! It's a Judges Choice showdown between April 1988 vs April 1999.

Welcome back to another episode of Dueling Decades! We needed a celebrity judge with some Dueling Decades experience this week, so we called our buddy Robert Tepper to help us judge this nostalgic battle! Judge Tepper becomes our first three-time...

Welcome back to another episode of Dueling Decades! We needed a celebrity judge with some Dueling Decades experience this week, so we called our buddy Robert Tepper to help us judge this nostalgic battle! Judge Tepper becomes our first three-time celebrity judge, so we decided to give him some super judicial powers. On this week's episode, its "judge's choice". I know, what the hell is "Judge's choice"!? Well, before this retro battle between the 80s & 90s begins, Robert will have to tell us if this is going to be "Best week" rules or "Worst week" rules! That said, Marc and Mancrush come into this matchup totally blind! They are forced to try and mitigate the damage from going all-in on an awesome month, or a turd month. Ultimately, this is a really honest snapshot of April 1988 and April 1999! 


We got an elite martial artist's debut, alien bounty hunters and drunks, someone got stuck in a closet with Vanna White, a monumental album you probably didn't realize was monumental, Tony Danza & Debbie Gibson share some slime, someone grabbed Thor's hammer, the best way to cure STDs, strange scientific patents, mortgage your home to purchase a VHS tape, tight leather pants, and frosted tips, awful tragedies, tales from Coffee Bean, rubber sheet alarm upgrades, the attitude era, more frosted tips, cultish cartoons, celebrity bowling tournaments with Robert, a trip to death row and much much more! Do you agree with Judge Tepper's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard!  

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infermarymediawithout boing decadess is wax piece of all guys and thanks were having me on the show. Will it be the nineties or the AM pany babies or crack babies? Wel Have Been Amana or Madon, maybe Brityn. Maybe Whitney. Do you like new little O new wave? They grow or Super Dav. I don't know, but now the vannal begins Dueling degades and, let's see who wins: Joyn anos broadcasting from the Podcash New York Studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show Ere the eighties and nineties battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dualing decades. Let's take a look at this week's dolers in the decades they will be fighting for in this special judge's choice duel I am Mark James, and this week I will be bringing all the smoke from April nine teen. Ninety nine and my opponent, with op its man crush. I got April nineteen, eighty eight and IAM ready to rock to shit. I was nervous, though, going in 'cause. We got Robert Teppers here he's going to make this choice on which way we're going to go. So I try to pick it down the middle, so this I coul be interesting as always here on the show. We need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness so this week our celebrity guest judge is the first to join the dueling decades. Three timers club and much like his new hit single. He is better than the rest. Please welcome! Back to the SHA judge Robert a temper. What's Happendin Peo, I am back ' back to judge bingsn in harsh times, but we're going to make this work today. So I'm glad to be here. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dueling decades rules. The judge's coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories: movies, television, music, news and hut products, a judgeis ruling we'll determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all five rounds pack, it up picket fire it up, come along it's time for more tonteners w all right. Today, I've got to flip a pick mam because that's the only thing I can find saw you looking I was looking. I am I'm looking for something with a head and a tails, and there is nothing except this pig. So so we going to say itis a sidewir writing, or that says medium or the side that says nothing so who's going to call it God mark you can call it all right, go side with no writing and you want Erey, ow, Wy rit right that SASEE. No writing. That means riting side down, see. There's extra paint on that size was heavier. They signed asly, exactly good of sighing, oway thinking always thinking. I love it all right before we get started, though we need to find out. This is judge's choice. Are we going best of? Are we going worst of wow? I gotto go worse, thofgf man, it's just I now I just got Tom Good. We haven't done a worst of it a little bit. It is exciting, so how we prepared for this episode is man crushing myself had no clue what Robert Temper was going to pick could have been. The Best of could have been the worst of so our picks are going to be kind of somewhere in between we're hoping we're hoping yeah. So I'm ges inticking the worst of what you say to me so we'll see who emerges as the winner all right, Thi's Goin, to be interesting, yeah, Cook, Ato, Yo Comfort Zone. Didn't I guess, THAT'S ECTLL! That's good, though, because I kind of prepared for worst a little bit, but I oa some. You Know Me Yeah, we se, I look at the black te dark. You know we'll see how this rolls owd on. Let me see if there's a locus outside my dag. Oh there is Oly. Where are you going First Mark Al Right? I think for our first one we're going to start off with some hot products, all right, iors to product I found in a newspaper in April of nineteen. Ninety nine, the headline reached gadget alerts, bedwedding kids, associated pressot of Tokyo. Japanese researchers have come up with a one point: five million dollar answer to an age old problem, the electronic alarm that stops kids from wedting, the bed, the new machine devised by Eurologist and a telephone maker measures a child's brainwaves and then monitors his bladder when it's time to go an alarm goes off and the child heads for the toilet, clinical testing, whats finished in January and the device is waiting approval so monitor o a child to pray, an wavs to have them stop wetting the bed all right ran new hotpron. All I remember with that ember different strokes where Danny Coxi kept wetting the bed and t Ey had ing aloon it exactly bet. I Sol that idea. Here we go if they went to brain weaves that should ever even come. I couldn't find anything on it, so oh man that might be just that might be a clincher. Would you have yer Secotd pick all right. My second pick came out in April nineteen. Ninety nine and I'm sure it's something we've all had in our house and we've used at work everywhere. It's the USB flash drive, it's the USB Flashrihe, the compact size. They were really popular. They had ever increasing storage, capacily the ability, T interfaced with different networks and computers, any computer that had a universal serial bus port, which essentially is Agla every computer. Okay, the technology was originally aventend N, O N, nine hutered and eighty seven, but was incredibly expensive, costing hundreds of dollars per mega bite until the late nineteen nineties. By the end of the decade, flash memory had become so inexpensive that they were actually able to start putting it in consumer devices. So the first patent for a USB based PC flashdisk was filed in April nineteen. Ninety nine by an Israeli company called M systems. They actually no longer exist their sand disk. Now, oddly enough later, that year, IBM also filed a patent disclosure saying that one of their employees actually invented it as well. That's still in dispute, but the original patent was filed in April of Nineteen. Ninety nine for the USB flash drive. That's what I got for my hot products. It's Eyyeah! I could see it ready. You'v followed the same Formula One strong one week, so your judging job is going to suck ois shit, the other one ha. I thought that flash drive was decent. I mean that's, not a total piece of Shire. Are you kidding? I flack Tra II mean the pepacksall that bay. You know, I don't know about that. PEPAD man green waves de come on. I I just WAN to say. I know that guy and as many childrens as I am that thing just well, I'm not going to say now wait till it's my turn or geall right, man crush. What have you got for hot products, all right? It's nineteen. Eighty, eight April of nineteen ND, eighty eight Y- we all saw the avengers movies by now and ages of Ultron, there's a specific scene and it gets all. The fans excited the scene where all the avengers are sitting around and thor basically says that they're all not worthy of lifting his hammer and I'm not it's not like a sexual metapor. I'm I'm sure he'd be okay with black widow doing just that, but they're all sitting around and he's laughing at them. Trying to lift the hammer like Tony Stark tries, he can't do it and then Chris Evans goes up and he gives it a shot and he barely budges the hammer and thor gets like a little emebory he's like and then he can't live yet and he's like Hah y, but eventually we oll know what happens anyways but olbeit than I'll change with the mighty thor number three: Ninety, which was released April of nineteen eight in this adition of the comic Captain America. He sees his chance to see the day and Bor in the process. Seeing how thor he's getting man handled by Grog. He loses his hammer in the process. His Hamer has a name, but it's it's got like fucked up, spelling and pronunciation I' notng going to try I'r just going to call at Hammer, not mchammery, I'm sure you can lift him, but ha. He leaps over to the hammer and he's able to he's worthy of lifting it. He smashes every fucking, a demon of Death Aber in the panel and he saves theday and at the end of the issue, there's a picture of thor and cap just standing. There like next to one another, holding the hammer in unison, so captain America would go on to yield to hammer in two other comics more than twenty years later, but also dors hammer. He did it in avengers and game spoiler e picks up and Dn't. He thros it or something. I forgot what happens? I think so I don't remember some shit like that, but it all happened first in the mighty thor number three, ninety, which is April, nineteen and eighty eight, of course, its comic book. If you didn't know what you got for your second one all right. My second pick, this is a stellar one. Here, I'm sure everybody has Wanteng to go back to school and reinvent themselves at one point and apparently in the eighties it was pretty easy to do, especially if you're, on the run from the mob he's trying to keep you from testifying against them, and in that case all you have to do is die our hair, two different colors enroll in high school again, by pulling your name off of Maxwell House can and obviously that's enough to win. The confidence is the most popular kid in school and run for senior class president an the process, and you end up palling in love with the girl from your school. Why not? It's the eighties right and Y, you you're a stockbroker before this, so you're, probably like thirty, but is UN a typical story? God really we call in there. But this is the V cesre denosy. Can the girl, of course, Maxwell Howr? This is the the vs release of the John Trier Classic Hiding Out, and it looks like the aftermarket prices for VHS skyrocket again in Iddiate, at least like the lesser titles like this one they're going for insant prices 'cause this one was rerleased or was released for the affordable price of eighty nine. Ninety five, which is roughly undreunded and Nin seven dollars in Tweanta twenty such a deal wow. But that's my second picked. He D vhs release of hiding out with John Trier. I'm goingto throw the bullshit flag that someone paid that much money for a drunk crie rag. That's why it's my hoto well! Well! So now I gotto tell you when, when you guys pass away, you should definitely hand your brains right over the scient, because obviously nobody thinks it is shit. So we had a jop out. So the fans who didn't know- and it started your story again and it was even more boring, Tshav a matter of fact. I think the drop out was more interesting. I'm not sure not a comic fan. No, you know I mean I grew up in the classicin of comics, but you know I was add. I couldn't follow the boxes. It was too much for me, you know and Um so the hammer and all that kind of stuff you know considering what they have now. It's like you know, I think, maybe you're the only person on the planet Wis Muand as far as teing in a in a in a coufee cant to get a Daned or something like that V hs. I don't know what the hell you're talking about. You absolutely won that round. o Co o takin very much. Nothing like shitting your way to the ton flash drive at least we we still coan relate to a flash drive. What was the first t? What was the story you have? It was the first one. Oh, the kid waking up I'd love to see a kid who's about to Piss, right right, all over himself Orin, your bed, 'cause you're, usually sleeping with you to Wain himselvs out a Goe. Oh my brainways, mother, Saysi, gotta, R, Othat Happe, so you could have lost. You would see the tottering, but it saved it. With Your flast drive da Buddy, all right man crush. You pick up a point. You take control of the board. What category do you want to go with? Nexts man h? Let's go to news this one out of the way the thing went not watching these days exactly, and these are two new stories that you probably don't even know about. Actually the one you might butthe both Bo. Let's see April Twelfth Hoand, nine hundred and ninety eight Palm Springs. California, Sanni Bono, the singer, turned restaurant Tier, a name singing I've got ou babe to xwife share was elected mayor of the desert resort town, Tuesday. The the successful cadit walked into a crowd of a thousand wellwishers at the Pash Maxum Sueit hotel. As the band played the theme to the movie Rocky E and probably not not the right theme, though it would have been better, it would have been definitely better if it was a robber, tep. Er theme. Thank you, sir, but yeah he he goes on to winthiss, and when I was stationed in twenty nine Palms We'ere only an hour from Palm Springs. Ok and one night we got fucking loaded and my one buddy I on name his name. He got fucking trashd. He ends up banging some like, I want to say, senior citizen. She was old. She was probably under sixties. Thet goes to P raten it CSOME old. In year old girls, Gett boned, by by a Fred a alley in and alla she's. She has sex with a Marine who's like twenty one. She she had to be, at least in her sixties. There's no pusy, like Ono Gwe, don't see hem for a good like fifteen twenty minutes and we see B, acking up the street and we tell them what happens and we're like do. Did you at least like wear a conum or something like you and he goes Na, and this kid's, like from bumpfuck like Ohio Eas, like throwing Haybales his whole life, he's like shit wo as like. Do just go wash or something like see. He runs over there's a Sunny Bono, fucking water fountain with his statue on it shumps into the fucking thing and start splashing water on his cock and ballwaching, is to wate some old stank of en that's a pretty good story. I like an nobody, serves this country like t e United State. Yes, he made that sixty five year old woman's life he derver Eliver, but ARA. She had some stories at Bingo night that Friday I'll tell ya he rope her hip. I'm sure he's a big, not R, all right. So move on to the second stories we had R, sunny bono becoming the mayor, pomp springs and the second one's a little bit better. This might fuck up my round is: is a Harvard gets first patent for an animal April, twelvh, nine huteen and eighty eight calling it a singularly historic event. The United States issued the world's first patent for a higher life form a genetically engineered mouse to Harvard University on Tuesday, the? U S Paten, I trademart office issued patent number Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah sgenic non human mammals developed by Dr Phillip Letter. What was the? What was the animal? What was the Animal Teoi'm getting to that sothe two of these men. They isolated a gene that causes cancer and mammals, including humans, they injected into fertilized mouse eggs and developed a new breed of genetically altered mice, because half the females developed cancer, the alterned breed, serves as more of a effective model for studying how gens contribute to the development of cancer, particularly breast cancer. So they went and did this for canceled research. I don't know if it made any difference down the road sure still a lot of people dying from it, but I'm sure it's gotten better. But this pretty big deal 'cause, it's the first time ever that they got a paten on a a life form. So I thought that was pretty cool from APR, Il Ninehuteen and Eighty Eight wno and a pattern: Bono and cancerous mice and Washing Air Dick and a sun, a one Ta Fou whet you got mark. This must be the holiday, so we're GOINGTO, N, N Nineteen. Ninety nine! We got the month of April and SA news round. You know I couldn't come without bringing some four twenty news, so I go to the daily press, Newport News Virginia in a newspaper dated April Twentieth, Nineteen. Ninety nine there's, an article that says, update on marijuana. A few topics are as politically as charged as the discussions about the medical use of marijuana. It has been fueled by the research showing the possible role of Canabanoids, the active ingredient in marijuana in the treatment for some medical problems and because seven states to either approve the medical use of marijuana or past ballating. The Foundation Institute of Medicine recently reported on the issue. The institute concluded that canibanoids have positive effects for some and that normal problems of drug abuse don't seem to be a major problem with those who use it in this manner. The closing of the article says the report concludes that the future of the Canabonoi drugs lies not in smoked marijuana, but in chemically define drugs that act on the canibonoid systems that are a natural component of the human physiology, whatever the fuck. That means so basically what this boys down to four twenty nineteen, ninety nine, they tell us that CBD is actually good for us wow, pretty intense. That's that's what I got for my first news story. My Second News Story: We're going to stay on the exact same day: Four, Twenty Nineteen, ninety nine and I'm going to paint a little picture for you we're going to go back to my junior year in college. I remember this day distinctively we got up. We were all excited man, at', the last four twenty of the nineties. We had these little pins made. It said You know happy for twenty on it, and I remember this day because hoddly enough April twentieth also my parents anniversary, so it was a cool day. We all had the little pins, so we get up in the day we go to our morning classes. You know we're all getting ready for the big smoke fast at the end of the day and about noontime I head down to the student activity center and that's where the fun for the day ended, and that's where my pick for this round begins. 'cause, I'm going to do something that nobody has ever done on this show before my pick will be one word, and one word only, and you will understand why April twentieth, nine teen, Ninety nine columbine o bring in the sadness Yeaht v sets across the country ar going up. So that is my two new stories: Wil Umbine the day that ruined four twenty for the nineties Ri in the fact that CBD is surprisingly good for you. Well, you guys were obviously thinking I was going to get you both picked. Amazingly, very I mean those are those ar the four great fucking stories and I gotto go with Uh. I'm not going to get my final pick yet is letme just review a little bit so sunny burno's restaurant enever. You mentioned that restaurant yea, a I used to hang out there t was on melrows and I used to eat there and drink there and hang out there at Theen. When I was like you know, Rocken a rolling er on in l a when I first came out to do my record out here. So that was like a big deal. You know what I mean and so fucking some sixty year old, lady wit, Studi Bota. I mean that's Ose Man, that's unbelievable! That S. That was my favorite story. I mean you can't make that o. It was. I could still picture in to this day it was fucking, hilarious and cancerous mice, okay, catris mice, youknow helping absolutely nobody. What a great story you know Um! I I gotta give the the lose around to you. Mister Colimboin, Mr Uppeny up miter colimbine. I can't even make it Co. I mean you, you Picke! Two things that were nothing but bad news for humanity. Okay, let me let me recap: Oray, so Columbine Kist Change, you know, gave p tsd to every kid who ever goes to high school from that point on, okay, are we getting killed today? You know my kid: He came out to live with me, my thirty one year old and I remember it's like they. They jus. It was like O. Remember the show Oyeah a Remeber, so they would have you know, I'm not going to say the group said it was broken up Iseo. My son played football, so the football players there was this group and there was that group and every day you had to go to get into grand high school. You had to go through a metal detector. I mean you know that banker Columbie awesome. Thank you so much okay and you needed okay with these kids, you needed it and the other story about. I mean how many people back then went to jails, fucking, marijuana, okay and they're. Talking about something that I mean I Gott, I gotta say you know you just bum me out with your Storie win, so you lose that's the one time like during a worstof episode where you could bring the sadness and still wint around. Sometimes when you lose, you actually wear yeah all right. So where are we going now all right? You know what I think it's time to do a little bit of movies. Let's go to the movies round right, so my first film man crush you're going to have to help me out with this one. Oddly enough and you'll understand why, today we were posting content up in our facebook page. This movie came up, and surprisingly, a lot of people really reacted positively to this film. A lot of people picked it April. Nineteen. Ninety nine. We saw the release of go film directed by Dug Lyman. No, I was actually telling me in crush I'm going. To be honest. I've never seen this film. This is one that totally escaped me. So again we put it up on our facebook today great feedback from ever to Te car movie. No, no! It is a crime comedy film, written by Jug Lyman. Basically how everyone describes this movie is Quiton Terantino s movie with Young Kids Yep spot on you've seen you start you've seen yeah it Startd Katy homes, Sara Pole, Scott Wolf, j, more Scott Wil tell I what it cast yeah party of five skytwords Yep. It's got party if ie loved that guy they originally weren't going to cast him in this movie because they didn't want two TV stars and Katy homes had already been cast, but once they saw how we interacted with j more and there was kind of like a natural chemistry between the two Da we gotto put Hem in the film actually marks the debut as well of Malissamcarthy. That's her film O Out! That's my first movie. Go It's a great movie watch it, especially if you're on quarantine. This is the best time like if you're at home, and that's why we put these things up every day, so you guys can go, and if you see a movie that you don't know what it is, but you see thatit's getting a lot of votes, go and watch it. 'CAUSE, it's probably good Rit I'. Do It all the time? If I don't know what to watch sometimes I'llthrow up a pole in our face boot group and see what gets positive reactions, but if people know men they want they get to it. Our audience is smart. They know Ya. Yes, all right, so my second movie selection came out April, sixteenth, nineteen, ninety nine- and this was the last arrated movie that the Great Eddie Murphy did until he came out with a dolomite film in thosend Ad Nineteen Williai'm talking about is life came out with it was Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, and it was the film debut of Anthony Anderson also had Bernie Mac and just the cameos just go on and on. This is just a really kind of an underrated film different film that you've seen from Eddie, Murphy and Martin Lawrence tells the tale of in nineteen thirty. Two two strangers are wrongfully convicted and develop a strong friendship in prison that last them all the way through the twentieth century, and that's what I liked best about this movie. Is it told the story of these two characters over time and you saw them age, the years Eddie Murphy again teamed up with the Great Rick Baker, but this time this is the only movie that Eddie Murphy did with Rick Baker, where he didn't play multiple characters. All the Eddie Murphy makeup is just aging him in this one, so great work by Rick Baker on this kind of an underrated movie, but that's life, Eddie, Murphy and Martin Lawrence. That's my second selection. Righ man crush what ae you got for movies Ha, let's go to April twenty second nineteen. Eighty eight, we got the acting debut for this action movie. Martial art superstar from the eighties and nineties, he's been well over fifty movies. Since this flick, although after the midthel eight nineties, his career kindof just went off the rails, he he still puts out movies, but he's totally not like the guy that we remember from the nineteen eighty eight classic to put him on the map, which is this one. The movie also starred the Amazing Pamgrear Sharon stone and the fantastic villain Henry Syla. You may not know silver by name but you'd recognize him from a ton of movies, and I was actually surprised, he's still alive and he's kicking at ninety one. God bless him, hopefully he's stayin in the house at the box office, this movie here Ha brought in nineteen million dollars round forty two million dollars, ind thweand and twenty, which isn't bad for an action movie from a completely unknown at the time. This guy that stared in this movie first ever movie the Guy I'm talking about here. He also cowrote and PCO produced this gem. I took a page out of stelone's playbook there. The movie I speak of is none other than the Steven sagal classic above the law and Legend has it that tjis kicked off the whole aquito boom of o n nine htneed and eighty eight. I don't know if that's a real thing, I'm just going to throw that out there, but the Greataqitoboo. They were going through scripts, and these were all scripts that were written for Clint Eastwood and he grabbed it and they rewrode it for him, obviously was it they changing or the. I don't know what they did. I mean his lines in this movie are pretty atrocious, but the action scenes are cool. I mean, if you've seen yeah. Actually speaking of this movie, this is above the law. If you haven't figured it out, they've been talking about doing a sequel to this movie for the last four years and obviously it's just rumors, but who wants to see like an Adiship Nico Toskani in twenty twenty, like uck, wants to do that and going back to the Henry Silver thing. So if you guys don't know who he is just think about the arm, Brak scene, that's Henry Silver. Getting his arm broken, see, thate, that's the Guy Henry Silva. That's my first pick there it's above the Law April, twenty send ninetee EIG than my second one April. Twenty Ninth Ninetey Eighty Eight speaking of sequels, here's one that I'm sure that everybody was yearning for in nineteen nd. Eighty eight rain time for Easter H, the Qui backwads town of grovers bend. They had some eggs hatch on their own, but not rabbit eggs. They had carnivorous alien eggs, not to worry, though they had eighties child star Scott drimes back to see the day again. Of course, he can't do it all by himself he's assisted by an alien bounty hunter who is recruited, the town drunk from the first movie. Of course, it's the way we do it anyways. This is a Scifi horror, gem that went on to make a wopping three million dollars at the box office, which is seven million dollars, O twenty twenty. So it didn't do super good at the box office had a budget of four and a half million, so they didn't even make their money back Albet. This was a movie that was always on h Bo in the early nineties. It's actually on Roger Ebirk's, most hated list. So you know it's got to be a pretty excellent movie. The movie would have three other sequels one of those just released last year as a TV movie. So it's really got some strong legs as Shidny as they might be. This horror, Sifi classic, is critters too, and it's a fantastic series to sit down and watch with the family during quarantine. Absolutely you know it's actually cool. I I realized this. While I as doing the researches Scott Grimes is th the the voice actor for Steve Smith. You Ever Watch American Dad on Fox cartoon. I kno exists, but I've never seen yea. He he's been the voice of the sun, for I don't know how many seasons that's been on, but I didn't even now. I thought he just faded away, but yeah there. It is my two picks. We got above the law and critters too ride LEDs, go down to judge Robert Tepper for the ruling for the movies round. So the first one was the Eddi murphright right, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence Life, so he here I am so every Sunday I've been meeting a friend of mine right at coffee, beam on witzit right here in L A- and I tell you most Sunday moins at seven o'clock, Eddy's there, okay and I see eddy and it's like you know. People are like. Oh Man, you know really. You know. First of all so- and he has this big- come back here right this big comeback here, that's just crazy right and I never stay two wors I mean. Maybe I look up and he says, Hey and I say: Hey: okay, we never I'm talking to my friend. He right we're hanging out itsike a jam game. We go to every Sunday except not the last freaking nine Sundays. You know so we're in there, and so I had just emed Olamie right and I said to him: I go Iknow as I saw him and he's waiting for his coffee and he's got like a bodyguard guy with hem and I said, look I know a million people come up to. I just wanted T. thank you. I'm a huge fan, I'm so glad you back and he gave me the little hard thing with the P sign. You know what I mean, so I love Eddie Murphy Man. Eddie Murphy could not make enough movies as far as I'm concerned and the other thing sounds like a cool ghost sounds like a cool movie. So mancrush, I don't know what the hell you were talking about. Man I, what did you tink you? You went right to the garbage HEP for yours, didn't Yo. Well, above the laws, yea come on. That's that's a classic, but Sevena Gos. I that's like a poor, MANC Salon. You know it's like it's like shopping at Kmar, a instead of bornys. You know what I mean. It's like all right, We'e gotto go we're going to go, get some nice clothes at you know at the thrift store with Stephen Cigar hated Steven scoh. The word Schmack always came up when I saw that guy I just really could never stand and the o other movie. You Picke, I you know what was the best part of your movie is the guy who was doing the voiceover whowas eight hundred years old, that guy? That was. That was the best part, but you won that round, but you suck Arigh mancrushed. You take a two to one lead heading into the first two point round: What category E we going to go with next? Oh Man, let's go. Let's go television, we'll fish up with music that that's Robert sniks, we'll finish it in music. Let's go a couple of TV shows, I don't live in a cabelet's, see if you've seen these ones. T is worse Thun at this point, all right, so uh April eighteeth nineteeeight, eight Ye H. obviously you didn't grow up like we ID youwere a little bit older than us. Just a little a little bit. We watch like the damned ust things as kids, nineteen and e usually started with nickelodeon. We had kids getting slimed and doubled there. We Ha. We were lighting shit on fire with Mister Wizard, we're destroying homes and finders keepers, you're getting your friends in trouble on kids court, and then they taught us what nostalgia was all about 'cause. They gave us like car. Fifty four mister red and all those those shows. So it was serosly was like a one, stop shop for kids entertainment, but they were missing one thing in Itd and they gave it to us on April. Eighteenth Nudity Nim, not quite teroin, atould, be twosend and twenty, but they marked their night anniversary on April of nineteenght eight and they knew they were different from the other kids networks like Disney and they wanted to treat their demographic like they were intelligent viewers. So when you think about that, they really wanted to put us in the driver seat during those years and they did for the most part G 'cause. We ran all the shows. Kids were on every show on thet network. We even got to pick the classics, so in spite of that, they decided. It was time for kids to pick the award winners. So, on April Eighteenth nineteeneight, we got the nickelodeon Kid's choice awards. I remember the first time that and since then, there's been thirty one kids choice, words, it seems like it's been getting bigger and bigger. Every year, the first year was highlighted by the host Tony Danza and debby Gibson, and we got a couple. F Live performances by the fat boys and Debbie Gibson gave us two songs. She performed shake your loveand out of the blue, but that all happened. On April Eighteenth. Nineteen D, Eighty eight and then my second one, this one robber, you might have saw this one 'cause. I I think my parents watched this at the time and I remember watching at least one of his syndicated shows I watch with them, but this one happened on April thirteenth nineteeneight, right on my tenth birthday. Heraldo took us on her adventure inside Al Capone, Secret Bult, which was it was a pick that I had sometime last year. I re and then he he better ass, the classic after that men and Lace pannies in the women who loved them, and then he gave us a live drugbust, and then he gave us tean runaways, but now he has something way more hard hitting in Itd. He had murder live from death row. Well, ralthough he's at it again and once again, we all tuned in just like alkapone being the top rated show that night murder live from death row top the ratings for the monk with a twenty two point: Nine rating and a thirty four percent shareson. That's one in three television sets were watching fucking Heraldo, raveras bullshit, this being the sixth syndicated primetime event of his. It included Onair discussions with a live studio audience there were segments on serial killers, children who kill celebrity stockers, onsolve mysteries and the juiciest part which everybody was tuning in for it was clips from horralthos two hour interview with Charles Manson, so ot away to cap off my tenth birthday, pure happiness. We got Aheraldo live from death row, O wow, Siin, Charley Wou just was o get in the middle of his head n. How Fun come down we're going to have cake and watch heralthough y? I Cov Daddy all right mark what ave you, O n Tou, an nine Huteen and ninety nine Al Right April, twent Y, ninth, nineteen. Ninety nine, we saw the debut of a pilot of a TV show s still on the air today and going strong, WWF smackdown debuted no fucking way very first episode of smack down now. Coming into this, the WWF was gaining momentum in the war with WCW. They wanted to show to compete with WCW thunder on Thursday night, so they launched smack down. On April. Twenty. Ninth- Ninety nine that first episode where we Wer storylinewise, the undertaker, had just abducted, Stephanie mcman And had crucified her while trying to marry her at the same time by the end of the episode the undertaker joined, Shane mcman and we have the formation of the Corporate Ministry Ministry Wel. Look at that Nick Theyre Dat right away. If you don't know the Corporate Ministry storyline, I'm not going to spoil the ending of it for you, because it's a it's a jewel unto its own. So so that's my first T v Selection, the debut of smackdown still going strong. It is now over on Fox on Friday nights. My second television selection, you know we'll go back to what you were saying. Man Crush. You know back in the day we used to watch the damnedust things on T V and in Nineteen D. Ninety nine. That was no exception either I give you the Cipilan Alli show ended it's run in April nineteen. Ninety nine, the CIPYLINOLI show it's. It was a t V show if you're not familiar with it, that was on MTV. It was a variety show all done with sock puppets. Was it the SIPIL, an a you show you Z, I posted this this morning to our facebook group and reached out to a bunch of our jewelers Ta d, See if who remembered this show got a ton of responses. Pana love, Thi show it still has a colt following to today the H, the group that follows it. They call them sockheads. I wonder if that guy that I saw at Walgreens the other day that had the tube sock around his face, if he was a Zaka, he might have been. That might have been why he was doing that. I saw a guy robber as told I whewas. I went to Waldreens everyone's got. These make shift. Masks on this. Guy Is in front of me in line and he's he's got ta be like three hundred pounds: Hes Huge Guy, big bowling, ball head and he's got a tube sock like the top cut off with the lines on the top of Hosheck, and it's just going across his face. His face was like Looke, like ie was ready to eit. Lo. This thing I they've been posting. Some really weird masks, Anit's pretty funny some Guyin, like a plastic bag. You know with the tube sticking out in the top. It's like really crazy shit. You know pretty funny wh. Those are socking yeah. Surprisingly, there's a lot of sockheads out there. I bet yeah. They told me today on our facebook group lot of people fans of this show so ciphil and Ali and the debt of WWe macde, wow, okay, okay, my turn right, allright o you guys you've managed to pull me in two directions at the same time of who, who is the worst because, first of all, it's like Horah, do I go back? Orado actually hit the scene W. He did this report on a place called Willombrook and Staten Island. Where I was going to school right and Willolbrook was like he uncovered this, like it was basically a crazy, a house, a state run home from the insane and he went in there and it was disgusting. Okay people were being abused and this was this is how we got on the map. It was actually like a big deal like wow, look what he did and then he immediately goes downhill by that. Alcapone thing was enough to make you want to just take him and hang him from the highest tree right. It was like it was so bad. I mean you'd be down in a basement with him with you know like like he had lifted a man old cover, walk down. Is it and now here we oer where alkapones tied out, you know such bulsit. It was ungelievable, so that's one sye, that's one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is I've. had three four five boys, five kids. I've had to go through my wrestling with each and every one of them. Okay, every one of Hem has been is a wrestling at some point, Mickey Mouse. When my kid Sam was like seven and eight, he kicked the shit out of Micky like there was know tomorrow. Man like tumble roll everything, he would just kill him. Ok, so I I'm GOINGTO have to go with like what's worse man, you know you just you can't fight wrestling, you can't you know, Nick I'm going to have to say you want that round. Then you're goingto have to give it to you en 'causeYeah Arobic thingwrong. There was nothing but annoying. He is nothing. But now, if mark was able to finish that story long, yes, he might have actually taken that, but that prob t when did that end, did that roll over into two thousand. I don't want to spoil it for the lesseners about what happens. I mean it's a huge reveal twenty one years, yeah it would happe aright spoilers what happens. The whole thing is a ruse. Mister mcman is behind the corporate morestry the whole time to double crossstone cold Steveon, wow shocker all got set up on frinday night, smack O in April of ninety nine. I think he had a moneymaker at what do you think? You think Oh wow mad a few bucks here and that's crazy, crazy. So my kid today because they're all looking for things to do. We have a wrestling collection like I should. I should have grabbed it. ND brought it in here because we have so many wrestlers may, like hundreds ofthin, hundreds Omthing I' You K ow. Hopefully they can catch hem in after we're all broke. If Theye, not Makin, R has apen n the next five Yearsso got a wrestler Giet opan, O Pizza, please it's a stone as tont co original in the park in t Bo get to fuck out it. Out of you got five of those all right. Man Crush. You won the first two point round, so that means your picks suck the most and you won this game. Ut We're going to move on and play the final round, which is the music Raaha Whit's playd. The final Ron it is, the music y have Toke I'll. I will defer to you mark. You can only make Enan to wint round just to keep it interesting or I that it is, but it's still Forti Arpointei never said. I was good at past, I never said HA WHA AR't we making a double bone. Its three point round is that a first we'd have to make it hold on WED, have to make it a four point: Roundbain a Fort Boyis, a fucking four point: Riyeah, let's do Tucky now don't give a shit we're all dying anyway. Nobody could afford to listen to the show anymore, Aoy II, all right off to the music round. There we got April Twelfth Nineteen. Ninety ninethis single was released from this band's third studiol album. The Song was nominated for three Grammy Awards, including song and record of the year. It has become the signature song from this group and it reached the number one spot ind more than twenty five countries. It peaked at number, six on the billboard, hot one hundred chart and for eight non consecutive weeks, while it tops the adult top florty mainstream charts. At the same time, now don't get too excited because the song I'm talking about with all these awesome acolades is a song that was also fetured in a burger king, commercial in the last few years. I'm talking about. I want it that way by the back street boys. W T that's solid, that W Thati. No, that's the one. I remember as a good song, Thait's well written his country, hit too. It was written by Max Martin and Adrius Carlson, O yeah. He Tock I maximu he brote my God. That's great that you told me that I love that fucking maxmore. What doesn't he write? That's so cool! That's great! Now, if you loved that Song you're going to love my second selection, let's ear equally as much because nothing closed out the nineties like this song, because it closed out the nineties and started an entire movement that Kicke out the two. Thousands that we all WAN to desperately forget about. I'm love in this round go what is wrong: Wis from the self titled English Language Dw from this artist. You know it's time to live the crazy lige gentleman we're living Levida, loca, Wekin, O Ba ricked. I love it. So I got the dilboard Hu one hundred chart April, seventeenth, nineteen. Ninety nine live in Levida loca was the hut shot debut. This song would go on to sell over eight million copies tha Yo kee, with the biggest singles of all time yeah. I believe it wow. That's what I got from my music round, Livein Ita Loca, and I want it that way: MEWAY LL RIGHT! Well, I'm glad you came with two strong ones. 'cause mine are pretty strong, too thisis going to be an interest, be har o you ppyeah yeah. It really will ecause. There were like if I was going to pick a really shit release. None of us would even knew what the fuck I was talking about, so I had to go kind of close to the top or in the middle. I think both are great on my end, but we'll see April twelfth just like Marx, Bu, Mine S, N, nineteen and eighty eight okay, and this is a day before my tenth birthday, and I remember this alm coming out. I asked my mom for it and my mom got me white snake. All right, I don't know well the one, ask the girl, the W, with all the hits that one it was yeah the one it's like t came out in eighty seven, we actually post on man that guythat one yeat Iwayfoyea. I love that on this gratso. They got me that instead, but that's not the one that I want, O the one that I wanted, I broke into Stong ther. No, that's fine actually sounded really good, but the UH, the and I' I'm curious to find your opinion on this one to the artist that I'm talking about his previous UMBUM. It was like a total letdown commercially. It peaked at one, seventy seven of a billboard top two hundred, so it kind of seemed that he was kind of falling to the wayside. He was going to be forgotten kind of soon and then April. Twelve nineteen e, he releases a salbum and all that Shit's forgotten T. I this album is this man's fifth studio album it was certified platinum. It was his best selling to date until Ala, Peluza, Ne Housand, nine undred and ninety three weird out. Yes, the moment I heard back on the radio, I immediately knew this albums e forced to be reckoned with. I think I'mcclone now is on there. I think now, lasania alimony, stuck in a closet with vanawhite it it's an iconic parodialbum and, like you know what growing up, I always thought that M, like Michael Jackson, would hate him for these songs, but I found out, like Michael Jackson, actually loved this. He loved it so much that he let weird all use the Moonwalker set to do the fat solute. He was like the first to give him to permission on his Ong. He encouraged it ncredibly. He LD. I had even heard at one point that Michael Jackson would just send him the back in Jaa Om into that's fucking, crazy, wy. How like weird out W he would go on to win a grammy, so mark's got grammmy's IEA grammis. He want to gramme for the music video and obviously he would laugh all the way to the bank on his release for even worse, which is the name of the album it wol, which is fitting in Sorson that better than the rest, even worse, I like it that's going to give my follow up. After all this shit, st it wers. I still remember you, remember the altog. It was like the the playoff o hat. I remember video yeah IB had top Tan video on m TV. It was great yeah. I've recently showed that video to my ten year old he's discovered Michael Jackson's, music sure he likes. He knows all the songs, so I was telling Hem about this Guy Weiral. I showed him the bad music video 'cause. He knows the song. So then I showed him the weird Al Fat video and it blew his mind. That's so great because 'm kids still love him and it we play for our kids and y. It holds up an people low Yoa. They love it od, stuff ham on home, Iwhat Ave. You got for your second one man all right. My second one Al Right April, fifth, nineteen, eighty eightt's getting a little harder coming off, ther n nineted and eighty seven release rock the house. You just KINDOF had a feeling that this duo was up to something and the second, the sophomore album did not disappoint the lead vocalist his due of barely twenty years old. A lot of the stories do these lyrics, theyere related to us, kids, my age and a little bit older. So the moment this alm dropped in Nintee we immediately took to it because of the single parents. Just don't understand Y it became like ARANSOM for nineteht. You know ask her for a Dina Sand. She bought me zips D, J, Jazzy Jeff, Oh my God, o this is great. Okay Yep! So the album here is he's the DJ. I'm the wrapper three times platinum for the sophomore effort, J, jzz Jeff and the fresh prince, the Alpique. It number four on the billboard top O you hundred future F, three singles. Obviously the other one parents don't understand nightmare on my street and brand new funk with the other two. It won the first ever grammy for best round informance with parents, just don't understand, and we can't discount the fact that it's one of the first ever hiphop albums, if not the first one ever to be a double album, then a catapult did will smith into becoming like the nineties Juggernot. He was like the nineties, posterboy yeah. He did stuff after that album. Oh, my God. That was, let's go down to judge Robert Tepper for the final ruling on this game. Wow Wow man, you guys you guys, went tor th for the fences you both hit. Like freaking, like Grand Sclam home runs. You know the introduction of maxmort winning a a grammy. How cool is that? I mean I'm in O thatoit's that guy's written it's crazy. It's like a iff machine man. It's works with everybody he's. You know he's living in Sweden, okay, granted, there's nothing to do there, but fright songs. But still I mean that's amazing and Liin I mean that's. Remember Chris Rock came out with his oesial, remember whatever he didn't know what to say, because I love that. But, on the other hand, NEC comes out with my label, Mate Weret Allan. I used to bowl at the Tony Martels at the Tony Martel thing. For for his, I think one of his relatives t at was a charity and I used to deal it with him, and so he was on Scotty brothers with me bu he started out on. You know ont ONNOC, yes, so that was that and then and then you picked and what was the other one. You picked oh DJ, J in a as what do you think has been getting my kids through in the morning because they come out. We can't put like forty thousand dead, sixty thousand yet to die. We can't put that on T V with three ten year olds running around and nine year olds, so we got to put on the Prince of Belair Right freshprince of Bellair and the starting sonng is you know a Jezzi jemps in it? So you know my label. Mate is he'swill stave in my family h. We watch it. Every morning we got te pain in every erun of the fresh prinds, so morjans you're just going a lot of freakint points. My friend you DOI, don't suck monster, come back. You know WHA, it's like! I that's the other way to do it. You can pick something that's so obscure and Shio or you coan just go fhrough the wall and make and force me as to judge to like go through all these differenc. You know it's like you twist him up brain here. I like it hat's at's, pretty glad it ended like daaa coming with four solid picks, because when you're looking at it- and we've done this before I, when John Cross used to judge a lot of her episodes, John would go through and be like all this album and he'd read hem off. Oh, you could have picked this one or this one ond this one there's so many shittyalbums, not even Soso, much that they're shitty yeah, it's just alosite, nobody's ever heard ever so yeah. We could have done that, but, like W T, what's the fun in that here's, N, and- and actually I mean oh so, what's his name C came out with the guitar player from H, who was in kiss for five minutes in his first Sola record a you know, and it's aearsing John Say John: Do he solar record baxe o in the sover, eon the next episode of Neieyou know what I'm saying it's like it's so easy to find shit. You know, but tobatter me with greatness men at's what you did you battered me with greatness there that was so cool, so I lost five to flow. I renever, you know more point round, there's no shame in Losin, then that was that was a tough last round. I really enjoyed the last round that was so cool that was grayyeah thanks a lot Robert for coming back on the show, yet ha all right, NAN if you're prode to be an alcoholic, don't get crazy. This time. No, you know, I know you're all in your house and in your studio the power is out. The wind is blowing viruses all through Oure dopartments Y. AH, O don't get crazy. You know, don't get crazy hanging there, this Jew shop as I'm drinking a cores light. So I think I'll be I'm just hydrating. Let me just tell you from a guy who used himself really heavy, I'm looking over to my right, topbox and mark fitting there stucking on the only thing that help more people than than than th en the virus wrigt the Veveris. I call it is that plastic thing that he's stucking on back there and you're sitting down in your fifth beer. Now what is? Is N Myloer left ad corner your sit in shrinking like a fish, so the show's probably going to be on only for a couple of more years, so guys Gono, it's crazy. Like mark- and I were talking about this yesterday and I talked about it with my wife- We were listening to like some sixties and seventies, music Yorad. I was reading like Eric Claptin's story and, like Ri said to mark. I go, you know all these guys. They were heavy and like heroin and they were alcohohol ins and all tuff and now they're, all in her late, fucking, seventies, early eighties and they're still lie like what the fuck, because you're only hearing about the ones who made you know, yeah ththere were so many who didn't. You know what I mean. There's like there's, probably just as many who didn't and the ones who did you know. You know I mean Keith Lu, didn't make it IME handrixs didn't make it. You know how many people Ow d, The ton, then you know and uh it's strange. How I mean yeah h. Some guys are like you know, are like old vewits. You know like you're made of metal. You know the funniest thing I I saw as a corona VI viruson. It said H, fretches. I know that virus I used to Spenk in in the seven we were tmarkand. I were talking about that. I said they should just gete Keith Richard's brea to make the Rakan he ra or new Yorkfly over Tew York. It's crazy! I San Plut on it WATC. It is like a fanharror fo man. You gotta emit, but for your fans we didn't dwell on it. I think we did a good job. I mean it's up to you. I mean you cu, Uys, o the cans of all this, but I felt like for the times we're living and we did okay, we didn't you know we didn't get too crazy negative. You know it was kindo good. No, absolutely not, and you know we need to get you back as Y. I'm sure you know about this stuff that we're going to be doing. We did an episode. Two weeks ago we experimented with a sixties versus seventies at Blu and people liked it a lot so we're actually gonto branch out to doand. You know, I probably know more about that than the than the V H one slime. You know what I mean awesome yeah, we'll definitely have you back for that. THAT'S DOWN RINCO! Okay! I'm going to go, eat dinner, 'cause. They all started without me, but I had fun as usual. You guys are great and I hope I hope it's. Okay. If you need anything, let me know we'll. Do a man thanks a lot and stay a healhebro. Take Co you too, to take your all right, jewellers, woble, and this episode right here, but if you've missed an episode, don't worry, you can always say over to dueling decades, dotcom where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes on smodify, wherever podcasts are available and then remember to drop a review for the show. Let everyone know what you thought about our judge Robert Temper and then, while you're on the INTERWEBS head over to facebook, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own Retro Memories. So until next time, deelers were going to bid you a peace, love lighten, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infirmayme