Dueling Decades
Sept. 18, 2019

Retro Wrestling! It's our Favorite Wrestling Matches of 1997!

Retro Wrestling! It's our Favorite Wrestling Matches of 1997!

This week on our show, Marc and The Mancrush tackle a listener requested topic as we moonsault our way back into the world of professional wrestling. So, on this very special episode, we booked our own Pay Per View events made up of some of our...

This week on our show, Marc and The Mancrush tackle a listener requested topic as we moonsault our way back into the world of professional wrestling. So, on this very special episode, we booked our own Pay Per View events made up of some of our favorite matches from 1997! It’s Mancrush’s Blood & Guts ‘97 versus Wrestlestockapalooza ‘97 from Marc James! Listen, as we break down these great cards match by match! Then tell us what one you would want to see and why over on facebook.com/duelingdecades.


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This week we dip into the suggestion in box to pull out a topic that has been requested by several of our listeners and facebook group members. A return to some retro wrustling, so this week, duelers we booked our very own paper views made up of our favorite matches, fro one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. I am Mar James and alongside I here as my teammate on the Mamelukes and current dueling decades champion it's mancrush. What is one of the things you brought up there and I want to talk about our facebook group Ir. We go any further because there's a lot of people that I think listen to the episodes and we talk about Trivia and they go to our feet and they see the Audio Trivia on there and they're, probably like what the fuck is this. So let's talk about it, real, quick, what it is that we do allright sil every day on our facebook page everyone's got facebook stories. Every day we have a facebook story that has a picture trivia on it and it's real simple. You just click on the button to message US tell us what the answer is: It's usually five or ten points, and that goes on the leaderboard lederboard's huge. Now, there's like five hundred people on the leaderboard. Every time you get points it gets updated on that leaderboard. Now the culminations people are like what the fuck is the culmination. So let me explain what the culmination is and we actually made a little diagram picture that I think t explains it pretty well that we posted in our facebook group, but we'll just talk about here- EA, quick, so on Mondays and Tuesdays on Monday, yhe'll get a facebooked trivia picture on Tuesdays, you'll get a facebook trivial picture, but then also on Tuesday, which you see in our feed and you'll, see the audio triviae question. So what the culmination is you take Mondays and Tuesdays Picture and the Audio Trivia put them together and you got to figure out what the overarking theme is to that right. Once the Audio Trivia is released. We let people answer the Culmination Trivia, which is worth fifty points and those are the big dogs that get it. You move up into the Green Zone, which Weill talk about on another episode, but the green zones are top thirty and you'll see you just gotta play. If you do it a couple of times, you'll get hooked on it and some of the people that sent us messages the other night Eric who judged our last episode. He actually got the culmination and moved himself propelled himself back into first place was sending me drunk messages all night on Wednesday night. While I was sleeping with the answer wanted to know why I was not replying to him. I sleep, mother, Fucker, that's why I was not replying to you and I know he's listning. That's why I dropped that on, but yo check that out go over to our facebook, an nother s a little long winded, but facebook dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, you'll see the story up there every day and you're aready listening to the potcast of the audio triviunes on the feet already tr to just just. Do it and play and then join the group join the private group 'cause a lot more interaction goes in there. You guys can post in there. You can give us suggestions like we did with this episode that we're doing now. I can't wait to do this episode. I thought it was a great idea: 'cause we haven't done wrestling since, like March yeah, yeah we've had so many people in the group, that'll post a wrestling topic and it always comes back hey. You guys need to do another wrestling episode, so we really thought it was about time to do it because we're really out like a corner stone of the wrestling industry right now. Things are about to pop off and get exciting again. So it's Kindo got me thinking about the good old days of wrestling, so we wanted to start off in nineteen. Ninety seven such an interesting year for wrestling. It really is because- and I thought about this- a lot as we're going through this- I watched as a kid through the eighties through the early nineties, so we had Holcogan. I was a huge fan of then they tried to give us the warrior, which I thought was great too at the time, but then they put the strap on the warrior and then it just didn't work and then, after that it just got weird like it was nineteen. Ninety two, I'm a freshman in high school. Do I really want to be watching shit with like repo men and Npsycho said like it was just weird, so I gave up for a while for a couple of years from like ninety two and then I didn't pick it back up until ninety seven and the basic basic reason I picked that back up was ECW. That's how initially came back in and then, of course you know they had the whole attitude era and everything aftin blowing up and all the shit. So it got huge right at that point. But then years later, like right after that, I think like two thousand and two for me. It faited again- and I didn't start watching it again until December of last year and now I'm fucking kneedeep again. So here we are and it's pretty much the same story as as me, Yo W. I grew up watching my favorite wrestle. Many of all time wrestle many a four and then five six. You Know Hogen Warrior yet the mega powers in there with savage such a great time for wrestling and then, like you said, and then we moved into occupational wrestling where every wrestler had an occupational gimmock and it was s erogious. You know you had oh look, there's the the banker wrestling, the clown and the garbage man wrestling hike dentist. So much like you. I checked out at that point and I didn't check back in for a few years and when I did it was with WCW. I never went back to wwwwf until they purchased WCW yeah. You were one of those I tried there were matches that I wanted to see and you'll see that when we go through the list year, but there was never, I was never sold on the whole thing yogas to me. It was just a bunch of old wwfgys that moved over a tubb cw and they were just wrestling under different MONAC or so it's interesting and I think we'll go through it as we start this, but basically what we did is we we wrapped up seven matches. We picked seven matches from random paper views from that year and we put them into one pay per view. So before we get started, what is the name of your pay? perview one thousanine, Hutdre and INETY. Seven alightthere was going to be a wrestling show and I saw the name of it. This is the one I would definitely want to go to. So the name of my show is Russell Stockapalusa. Ninety seven lots of weed will be smoked. Yes, O man as you're wearing a tidei sure go fig even t I even tossed around the idea of possibly doing it in an outdoor ampitheater, like Alpine valley up in Wisconsin or the gorge recently you've starting to see a few wrestling shows a w. Did it not too long ago where they had a show in an ampitheater? I really like the look of that. So maybe we'll do Russell Stockapaluza and an Ninice big outdoor anpitheatre that with Tha smokeinverila mine's completely opposite of that. I went with blood and guts. Ninety seven eys, basically something that Vince macmad just brought up. We haven't new federations coming up now a wllte wrestling, and he made a comment that they're never going to work on T v because they're all blood and guts. Well, I just did this to remind Vince that he also built his name on blood and guts in the nights, not just him, but I mean that's how that that whole attitude ever Kindo went so that's where I went with this and you'll see a lot of my matches fall that theme and if I had to play this one D, this would be done gritty style just like e CW. It probably would have been at some outdoor fucking race track or something l Ke like just dirty bingo hall man's got to be a Bingo Holl O that too it would work all right. So let's go to our opening matches mancrush. What is the opening match for your pay per view? So I figured with mine. I wanted to get off to a hot start, so I went with a six man tag match and this it originated April, thirteenth, nineteen, ninety seven at ECW, barely legal, which actually happens to be my nineteenth birthday and yeah. This thing is crazy because I wanted to see this. I remember the build up. I just got back into this. A friend of mine was all about ECW and he was like all this paper view coming up on that Sunday D, my girlfriend bought Bush tickets, and instead of seeing this, we went to see Bush and verucasal on the Othirteenth Nineteen, ninety seven at the meadowlands. Actually at the time it was continental airlines arena which doesn't exist anymore, but I didn't get to see it until like a month later- and I had this thing all cued up. Of course, there was no d vrs back then see how to cuee it up on the VCR, but I had a black box. You now need BLAC COD unqute black box, but it was only in one room in my house and my dad was not watching that shit, so it didn't get recorded. So I didn't see it for a month, but when I saw it, the ship blew me away. Ah, so this six man tag, we had the great mthat a butcher, some of these names- ecause they're, Japanese, but the Great Szaki Grand Hamata, Masato, USHITA, Takamishinuku, verse, Takimishnugu, Terry Boy and Dick Togo and the coolest part about this is as soon as Talkinmish GTERRY boy and Dick Tobe com out they're, all in the blue world order. So it's goofy from the Yeko they're wearing like the cut off shirts, the bwo shirts, but basically eacw wanted to fill their card up. So they got these guys from Michinugupro and they put on this six man tag and it's probably one of the most cutting edge matches of the ninety so fast that it ill blow your mind. Some of the spots that these guys do, there's only eleven hundred people in attendance, a barely Ilegal and not a person, sat that entire show, not only because they were scared for their lives, because people were kin to come into the crowd or Pas e care at Hem, but because the action was nonstop, the the maneuveres that these guys were doing this match were crazy. I watched it again last night, it's nuts and all my shows are all my matches are actually on the networks. If you ave ww network, you can qe these up and watch 'em like as I put Hem out if you want, but definitely started out with this one. It's maybe like a fifteen minute match, but it's non stop. Fifteen minutes! It's not like when you watch wrestling today, especially WW. The PACE is so slow. A W. The pace is much faster. The pace of this match puts both of those to shame it's ridiculously fast. I don't know how these ratings go with these guys rating matches, but if I had a ratea match to start a payper view, this is a ten man. It's it's high. Flying the mission you kaproguys do not disappoint check this one out. All right can't go wrong with that man and much like your opening match. I also went with a tag match with Japanese guys. I went with the stiner brothers taking on Maa hero Chono in the Great Mooda at Bash at the beach nineteen. Ninety seven this match was a proving grounds match for the stiner brothers. If they won this match, they then could go on to face the outsiders at the next PA per view. Roadwild and, of course, they go ahead and they beat the Great Muda and Masa Herod Shono really good match. It's really solid. You know it's back and forth. There's a lot of Nice spots in it. You know, Mooda does his hand Spring Double Back Flip Elbow Mooda, does a Frankin stiner on Steiner, which is cool, and then stiner gives them one later in the match. The only thing that's kind of a let down for me with this one was the ending and that's going to be a theme overall with my matches. They're all great matches, except for the ending there's, always a schmaand or just something just screwed up at the end. So at the end of this one las her child was distracting the referee. So the referee does not notice that his own tag team partner, the Great Muda, is getting double teamed by the stiner brothers, who wouldn't want that referee turns around just in time to make the three counts. I mean yeah kind of a screwy finish, but overall, a solid match with a bunch of legends, I'm a huge great Mooda Fan, and you know when he teams up with Cono against the stiner brothers, can't go wrong with that great way to open a card yeah, that's a good one and since you're dropping spoilers, I was't going to say who on or lost, but I guess I might as well. Anhi Shit was twenty two years ago in my match, even though Takamishi Yuku and Terry boy and Dictoga were winning the entire match. I think it was great Sezugi Ho pins, Tacamish Nuku like right at the end, so a little bit of upset. Well, it wasn't really an upset, but that's how that one rolled all right. What did you have for your second match all right, so I went with something you would like and went with WCW horray. This one was Sunday June, Fifteenth Nineteen, Ninety Seven WCW, the great American just call it m American, the great American Bash. This was randy, savage, vers Diamond Dallas page in a falls count anywhere. Matchthis is terrific. Terrific match. Oh Man, it's Um. One of the reasons I wanted to watch this in ninety seven was, I was a big randy savage fan with wwf way back in the day, and then, of course, he lafte just the way he got kicked out of ww f an went to WCW always kind of sucked, but when he went to WCW he never really did anything. You know he was always like a background guy supporting guy. He was never the Gu at least that I knew of until this match back when he first arrived and hogen arrived in WC W and he was still doing the whole Komenia thing in WCW savage had a little bit of a run. There B t yeah in the later years. He it was pick and Shoese. If you got to work a program with Randy savage, you were something special and this this was a really big honor for GDP to work such a big program with him right- and this was the main event of that hope of view. This match was bizarre because not only d are the two dead speaking of randiant Elizabeth, but they were divorced for like five years when this match occurred. But she, you know, she's back, is ranny's arm candy again and one of the weird spots that I watched last night as they're walking out of the dressing room before the match, it's extremely awkward looking and then on the flipside. You have DDP and Kimberley and who are also divorced now, but they looked like the total opposite. They looked like a couple should look and randy and Elizabeth. It was just a weird looking but anyhow like onto the match. I didn't watch WC w all that often, but I got into it because of that whole thing and I had the black box. So I was like I'll just watch it for this one match and it's vintage Randy, but evil yeah like to the upmost degree M. I don't know if you remember this match like in detail, but there's a spot where randy hits the reft with a pile driver and I swear to God. He broke his neck, it's the stiffest fucking pile driver, and this is too a DU. That's a non wrestler and it was just like wow they're really going for it in this match. But then right after that, he does like the government issued randy elbow drop from the top robe and some fucking dude, who looks like Kenny powers comes running out to reft the match. I don't know who that is 'cause. I didn't watch mw at the time. That's gotta BE WCW head official, Nick Patrick, Oh, my God, Havea Fli fucking, dating bic, bride to the teyeah yeah. He totally does, but anyhow s he runs in there and UM D D. P comes to hits them with a diamond cutter, one two three and he ends up eating randy. But the cool story about this whole thing. I heard this story that DDB told about how you know it was such a big deal that, like you, were saying that Randy put him over on his forty first birthday, which was like the day before this match, and this is a story that he he was talking about. So basically in nineteen INETY, seven round Thanksgiving time, DP is now a headliner in WCW this. You know fast forward what like a couple of months later, and he wants to call randy to thank him on Thanksgiving. So he calls him up. He gets his answering machine and goes hey randy. You know, I know you're probably going to think this is a little Corny, but I I just want to tell you tha without you, I'm I'm never at this spot in my life Ho want you to know for what it's worth. I really appreciate it and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving so for whatever happens weeks go by. He forgets all about this thing and then they're at a t, v Taping and he hears Idormond. I can't I do the worst Faton a diamond career and he said, like he's just fucking intents, behind the scenes, as he is in the ring and he's like. Ah Shit like what's going on, like what I do and he goes od. I got your message an I gotta tell you. I played it for my dad and he said: Did you get estes like this from ore of the boys as death had randy? I never heard of anyone getting a message like that from anybody and then Randy said to him es wantng you to know. I man everything to me and then he gave him like a big bearhugthat. The end of my my Shitty fucking radiy impression, but that's fucking huge. Not only did Randy put him over on his forty first birthday, but then this just gesture. They came out N, like a side of Randy that you didn't see, especially during that time, when they had randy is like a woman beater. He was like slapping slapping shecks and stuff fucking craziness in nineteen. Ninety seven Bayow. What do you have allright? Well, if we're going with awkward and uncomfortable this? As got to be my second match as well, and that is from spring stampede, nineneen nd, ninety seven Cris Benoa versus Dean, Mallinco Benouis, of course, comes down to the ring with woman Nancy Benois, his his wife, O yeah, so yeah we're not going to get in all the details about all the drama with that, but this match bantastic Bena Malinco go back and forth in just a classic wrestling match, just like Youd expect from Benois and Molinco, where this one goes to hell is in the end, because you get a run ind finish by not one person, not two, but you get like five runnings, because what ends up happening is Jackeellin runs down to get into it with woman and then Jimmy Hart runs down and he ends up taking the title and he runs back then Endy Garero comes down and his arms in a sling. He stops Jimmy Hart N. Then Arnanderson comes out. Arnt Anderson then grabs dean, Molenco slams them into the mat, sets them all up for, of course, four horsemen cris Benwa to finish it, but then, who comes down Kevin, Fuckin, Sullivan, Nancy, Pinois, ex husband, hit's Ben on the back of the head with a Kendo stick lays hem out whatthe F, see that that's my paver C W and why I never really got into it is 'cause. They did way too many stupid, Asrun Ins, like that, just let the match play out. That's kind of like my overall theme that I'm noticing is. There is just quality wrestling but horrible booking. That's what WCW was you always got impressed by the athleticism and the great wrestling and then let down by the bullshit around it Sowell. That's the same thing. Tat happened in the match. I just talked about. I didn't mention it, but after that was over the ND wo comes out like fucking everybody in the end FW O. I don't even know how many of Hem came down and ends up. Was it dude's name that looked like cenny powers, Nick Patrick Yeah? He gets like power bombed by Kevin Ash. It's just it's craziness and then the savage starts beating up on H, kimberly or trying to it's just way stupid. They could have just ended it and been fine, but of coursenwws WCW style. They had to go and buck and ruin it all right. Let's move onto our third match ups here on our own respected pay per viewcards. What do you got for yours, man, all right, so this one's interesting, because it's actually matched four nd five onmine. So you no back. Were you man, because the way I have my card set up, I was almost going to chime in and be like hey. Why? Don't we pair up the next two 'cause? My next two picks go perfectly together, so that is frigging. Weird man. That's Erie it' well mind fluws, I mean it just you had to have one with the other one. So this is again going back to April Thirteenth N Nineteen N. Ninety seven we're talking about ECW, barely llegal in front of a crowd of eleven hundred. WE GET TERRY FUNK: Stevie Richards, the blue world order once again, representng and the Sandman in a three way, dance for the number one contenders match for the championship. Yeah the match hasn't even begun. Yet let me just paint this picture. BFORE he got sand. Man has already smoked an entire fucking cigarette e's down to Budwiser, make that two budwisers at this point smashed both cans into his forehead repeatedly until he's bleeding like a stuff pig, all the while in the ring you have, the Bo and Stevie Richards are hanging out with like cut off t shirts and daisy Dukes, amazing television, to put it lightly right there, they'l. Lo and behold, you got the funkster headed out to the ring who, at the time is like close to sixty years old. I' I been shitting he's he's seventy five now to figure out to the math. He had to be like what fifty seven or something like that pts nuts, so they get him to the ring. Sam Ant offers him a beer. Terry declines, it so Samon takes his third beer and pounds it down and when I say that sand man pounded beers down not like stone, cold Kinda like gets it all over himself. Sanman dumps the entire fucking VEERC directly into his fucking mouth and drinks it. But in this case he gets it all in his mouth and then spits it right in stevie Richard's face so now, there's beer all over the fuckon ring and then a again smashes the can into his forehead amazing shit more blood everywhere, but this is like where I got into hardcore matches necw just watching this first pay per view. It took place on my nine teeth birthday. Like I said before, I man I wish I didn't go to that Bush concert. I saw this live becuit's, it's incredible to watch and E, like one of the great things about the same man, you honestly cannot tell if this dude is hurt drunk or it's just a work. You have no idea and as sloppy as as he seems, he's incredible to watch terror used. I, like a barred, wire whip and he's beating that on on sand man's back, I mean there's a lot of crazy fucking spots, there's like ladders, and let me tell you there is no mats around the ring in ECW it's concrete floor. I went to like three different ECW matches. Concrete, there's no mat so when these guys go out in the outside, if you see them slip on t V, it's because that shits real concrete and it it's loud and it hurts in watching this. On the paper view, it's incredible. These guys did not die with some of the shit that they were pulling and you could tell they missed some spots because ladders slipped shit on the outside of the ring, nuddy Shit, but anyhow like back to the match. Terry ends up winning vea Moon salt on sand, man and Um right after the match is over Raven storms. The ring, and here 's my match number four they're not going to another pay per view for this championship match it's happening now: bloody assmess, Terry funks, bleeding all over the place. Raven storms of the ring 'cause. Now, Terry is the number one contender for the belt and he just hammers the shit at a teaditary for like t like four or five minutes, Tommy dreamers up in the announcing booth, and they have this little spot up there with him, and it was one of the dudleys I forgot, which one it was. He used to hang out with Raven and he choked slams him off the tie. It's a really shitty choke lamb, but he chokes lams them on to the top of tables. He ends up coming to the ring hitting raven with a ED T and Terry ends up rolling HEM UP ND, not on the first trive and on the second try. He does. Pin Him right there and Terry becomes a champion o the EC W and he is blhe's. The bloodiest fucking massman blood is pouring out of this dew tead. Like nothing. I've ever seen before it's an incredible match. It should be like a main event match, but since it's Terrifauk and like you know, I don't know if this is for everybody 'cause. I think when we talk to some people like we talk to dino peppers, this is not his type of wrestling. The high flying stuff he's all about real wrestling, so I can understand how some people don't see. This is real rustling, but in my eyes I think it's fucking great. I think you need to mix it up and at the time when this happened, you needed that mix up and that's what got people into it. And Man Incredible fucking match three away: go: go check, TI, EW, barely legal, Terry Fonk, steamie richards and the sand man, an the threeway dance followed by the championship match, and I think that championship match is like five minutes long. So wow nut, that's incredible man and for lot of the same reasons you picked yours, I picked mine 'cause. It was something new and fresh and yes, both of these matches go very well together, so because they both feature one of the same wrestlers. It's the only time on this paper view that I made here that feature's the same wrestler twice you got some double dip. I did. I had to double dip with the ULTIMO dragon all right. Well, he could do two matches in one night right, so the first one bash at the beach. Ninety seven Chris Jerico, Nice Verses, the Altimo Dragon go back and watch this one classic match really back and forth the whole time they kindo do this, these great spots, where they're mirroring each other. Whether it's you know a couple, a misdrop kick a Kip up where they're mirroring each other back and forth. There is a few blown spots by altimodragon. wher ends up slipping a few times, but that's so minor. Really in my eyes, even back then I knew Christierica was something special. He was one of my favorite wrestlers. He was a white guy from Canada who could go with all of the Mexican lucalibre wrestlers, the Japanese guys. I mean he could go in the ring with anybody. You know you'd see him in the ring with like psychosis one week and then the next week he's wrestling Humorius and it's a totally different style. So I thought that was Kindo cool. So that's my first one. My second one was ultamodragon versus Ray mysterio genior spring stampede, nineteen. Ninety seven, you can't go wrong with this match. One of the biggest spots of it is the Ultimate Dragon Kicks Ray out of the mid air, mid lion salt with a drop kick in midair ultimodragon drop kicsome in the gut in mid air, fantastic spot. He takes a ray, takes a huge bump. He had already taken a huge bump earlier in the match when he had fallen to the outside and kind of landed on the back of his neck. You know you were saying ECW, no mats, all concrete WCW had matts, but if you land in the area between the Mat and the ring, unfortunately, that's Wherera, mysterios neck went yeah. So go back check out both of those matches. I had to put both of those on my card because at ther time this is the style of wrestling. I was into Altemodragon Chrisjerico Ray mysterio. You had all the other guys that are populat in the cruiser way. Division. Maybe we'll hear some of those names later, but yeah. Those are Mi. Next, two matches ot to one thing. Ye said before we move on like couple f things: actually one the matcs, the wcws they were like. There was fucking gym mats that we had no mentrary school yeah, those ones that we brought out for for gymnastics day or some shit like that, like they are not great mats at all, especially back then like twenty and they slit around like they weren't. It's not like. It is now where there's mat all the way up until underneath the ring right, you had about a foot between the ring and the mat where it was il concrete and the other thing you were saying with, like all the messed up spots, I kind of let that go for that time period because they were doing such crazy shit that we don't see now right. So we don't see as many of those like messups anymore, because they're not taking they are doing like some highflying shed or whatever, but the stuff that they were doing. Then it's reckless abandoned compared to what you see now lot safer, yeah t yeah the boches really never bothered me. If anything, it really showed you how difficult this shit really was, so some people always knock them and take points or stars away for rating the matches. In my eyes it just shows the degree of difficulty for some of these moves for sure and that moves on to my next match is our fifth match in the card. I Got Eddi Guerrero versus Ray mysterio for the cruiserweight title, but this one is a mask verse title match. I love this matchman and this happened at Halloween havoc. Ninety seven, this is you talk about some miss spots, there's some ISS spots in this one, but they come off so authentic 'cause, like you said it just looks like wow 'cause when he puts it together and you see somet of the shit that he does and specially Ray mysterio. It's incredible. Anyhow, like you start the match out. Masterial comes out. He looks like a fucking reincarnation of Billy Zayne from the movie o the Phantom Yngrn, like this purple, singuleat outfit that's actually connected to his mask, so I just can't get ripped off and then you got eddy strolling out with his. I don't give a fuck about anything gimmock which was classic back in the day, people hatehis guts, but he was the cruiseawey Chambion at the time, but what I loved about this match, there's no feeling out period in this match, like the first match that I had in this card, it's lightning in a bottle from the moment. The bell sounds raise flying all over the ring, reckless abandon, like I said before, and what I like about the eddy side of it. Eddie can do that as well, but eddy uses his power in this to just like lay some stiff shots on ray to just kind o make this like a David versceliath match, even though, like in height, he's not that much taller than raise, but he is fucking massive on body's size and he uses that in this match, and another great spot is like raised mask is like dangling off his face: the entire matchlike there's one point where Eddie like rips: IT Open Yeah, it rips the o Ho bitten, Yeaa Ioopen, so this whole seq. It reminds you that, like from Spiderman where Peter Parker has half his mass ripped ofse yeah, it's incredible at one point: his mask is getting torn and the look in his eyes is just like utter despair, because this is their livelihood with those masks like there's guys, there'se guys that lost their mask like coning and a couple of other guys who got better afterwards, but for these Mexican wrestlers if they lose their mass, they lose their mistique and a lot of them. They're they're done after that. So Itas like a huge fucking deal, and I think at the time this was like his second or third mask match, but man, Dude y. u you talk about cringeworthy moments, there's so many in this match, even watching it. Twenty two years later, you hold your breath in some of the spots and e's like damn he's going to break his neck, but they hit so many of these. Oh Man, he does like a a springboard back flip into a DDT and there's a a front flip hurricane rata. He does in the outside of the ring. Dthe techniques, like you, don't even see shit like that today, it's incredible and that's the thing man you go back and watch some of these older matches, and you know you had the cruiser weights in WCW or the light heavy weights and wwe, or some of these smaller guys that were just doing things in the ring that were just so incredible, but you know the guys winning the titles and making the big box and getting the headlining spots. It was, you know, Kick Punch, big bootlegdrop and collect your million dollars and go home well in the eighties that worked yeah. You know we are kids at work big time, but, as you got older and I think that's what happened with t e WWF in the early nineties, they didn't grow up with us right and I think they know ninety five, ninety six and then ninety seven, where we are for this episode. This is where I think we really started to see that change in the industry, where people were kind o getting sick of kickpunch body slam. They wanted something more energetic, and I think this is where that tide started. To change where people wanted a more energetic athletic style of wrestling ECW picked up on it, then WC picked up on it and then the wwe is, I T and we're not saying it wasn't around 'cause. It was around. They were doing new Japan viewin in tripllet, but just in from what we watched on T V, Ind America, we were not seen exactly rightamerican style wrestling like we said in the very beginning of this episode. This is based on what we were watching at the time. For me, it was all W cw at the time you know was crazy and I don't think this happened in ninety seven. If it did, I would have put it on this list and I'm not even sure it was on a pay per view, but ECW had a dean, Mulenco Eddi Guarrero match yeah. I know which one is Taedo, folking incredible straight wrestling match: It's not hardcore, it's not extreme! It's just a straight wrestling match it's beautiful. It's probably one of the best wrustling matches ever I'm not sure what year it was might have been. Ninety six even might have been. I'm not sure. I haven't watched that one in a while. That's a fantastic match. H T that's a good one to pick up, but that's not in this, so we won't go there all right. So my next match my fifth match: Hair on my card on Russell Stock, a allusin. Ninety seven is Eddi Gerrero verses. Six in a lader match for the United States, title had sold out nineteen. Ninety seven! Oh actually before you even go there, onmine Rei. mysterial one did not lose his mask, got the cruiser weight. TITLE SORRY: Go Ahead: Spoiler Yeah! So this one's for the United States Championship, Eddi, Gerero versus six and a ladder match now. If you've never watched, sold out you're in for a treat, because this is a pay perview that was on purpose a complete disaster. Eri Bishoff wanted to do everything completely opposite and present. The show completely different had to have a a different look and a feel. So if you weren't a member of the N W O, you didn't get entrance music. You just walked out to the ring no music, and then they had the n wo announcer doing all the rinannouncements and he'd just throw in random insults. So when Eddi Garrero comes out to the ring one, they call him the Mexican beam counter and then thet the nwo announcer guy over the PA system throughout the whole match would just go loseher the whole thing and it's hilarious and of six, of course, member of the N wo. So he gets. He gets the N W full treatment with the big entrance and the pyro, the lights, the nwo music, and then we get a treat of a ladder match and there's lots of calbacks to the Rezor remone Sean Michael's ladder match, because at the time of course, Scott Hall N WC w. So they keep referencing on the commentary team about how six has spent a lot of time. Talking about latter matches with Scott Hall and he's Taught Him. You know all the tricks of the the match, which is complete, total bullshit, because Scott Hall is not the founder of the latter match. It had been done many many times and other promotions. So they play on that in the match and they actually try to replicate the spot where Sean KINDOF gets up in the corner and he rides the ladder down on top of razor, but they put a twist on it and he pushes the ladder out of the way Andya drop kicks Hem off the top rope. One of the best spots in the whole match is, at the very end, remember how six x Pok, whatever you want to call 'em one two, three kid one: two three kid yeah he's one of his singnature muses, this H, jumping backheel, kick it's kind of a singtair move. He does that to Eddi Gerrero from when they're, both on top of the fucking ladder. Oh Shit, yeah, andhes on one side and sixes on the other side Eddie. He just takes it in the chest and falls back and lands on his feet. Six, who did the move? The bump he takes off. The top of that ladder to himself is just incredible: yeah go back and watch this one, six versus Eddi Gararo sold out nineteen. Ninety seven and it's a latter match God. I got to see her that was that, where they started to lose in the ratings it sold out or are they still winning in the ratings is a slide it's around. The time of the slide this is sold out is whether you started to see a lot of cracks in the the N WLARMER H boy. I gotta check that out. I have to go back 'as like I said. I didn't really watch many of the full cards WCW just matches Ah, but I think that one sounds unique. I would definitely watch all the I total shitz others entire segments dedicated to like a beauty pageant. Think of what a housewife I in Ninendred, a n Ninty, seven from South Dakota, who is also a biker, would look like and then do a beauty pageant on a pay per view about wrestling and then interview them on a live Mike, oh boy, that must have been all like it, yeal'll ill qu that it sounds like a shitshow and a half all right. So I had a hard time on this one 'cause this I would say with mine. I have two matches left as you do, but I would almost consider this a comane event. I almost put this as the main ement, but I didn't I change it only for, for one reason, there's n well either one of my maide events there's no championship involved, but this is a Comane evet. Nonetheless, so we're going Sunday march, T twent Y T, N, Ninehuteen, N Inety, seven Wrestlemania, thirteen bredheart versus Steve Austin submissions, Al Wow, can't argue with that match. No, this is the pinnaccle. I I'd say for both guys 'cause, you watch this match and I've heard other people say this is the best match in rustlemig history. If ie read a bunch of shit about this, I think there are some flaws at the match, but when you know the story behind everything and how it was all kind of put together and the shit that both of these guys had gone through to get to this point to elevate themselves to the top of the company, it just puts this match over even more than what it really was. But you know first thing: First, Ye got Ken. Shamrock is a guest referee and this dude this is nineteen. Ninety sevens he's just coming off UFC and he is fucking huge steweds arms are fucking enormous. They have hem in it almost looks like his refere Jersey is painted on him and Oy said that to you earlier today. If you go back and find a picture of this, it's so fucking ridiculously tight and he's got no sleeves. The students arms are bigger than both bred and fucking, Steve Oston, like just N, fucking huge, and then I also have to mention when I rewatch this, take a look at the entrance tunnel from wrestligingore thirteen. It looks awfully familiar. It looks a lot like the new, a w tunnel, yeah yeah they don't come out to but, like I said, witely considered as one of the greatest matches in wrestling history, I think it's the best match of both of their careers, because you never really got to see aften loose like this. You never got to see him humanized, you rarely ever gone to see. Austin WRESTL, like that I mean Aston was always known. As being you know, a brawler, you know mud hole stomper, but when you put him in the ring with somebody like breadheart or curt angle, he could chain rustle with the best of them. Oh, he could wrestle like a mother fucker I mean his problem. Was He got hurt later that year exactly and then, after that you know he really couldn't do as much as he did back then even his body style. He look at his body there and you look at it like a year or two later I mean he's like kind of ripped in this match, but yeah it's it's great. It's from the GECCO, the bell sounds and fucking bread takes off after Hem and the great story about this is like going into the match. Austin's, obviously like the heel, and you got bread as baby face and it almost changes halfway through the match and the crowd starts cheering for Austin over bred and then you know, of course, break goes like heel towards the end, and but it's like a double turn in this match. It's it's crazy. 'cause. You've never seen anything like that, because Austin is your rulebreaker. He 's he's the guy that does shit like that, and now it's Bret doing all his shit in the match. And then you got like I said before it: Umanized Austin because he's in the sharpshooter bleeding like stuff pig and he ends up just passing out from pain and losing the match. But the greatest part I think to this whole thing is even after bret leaves the crowd's still cheering for Austin as he comes to in the ring this just ements. What a great anti hero he was. A raft comes out to like help Hem d. He stands up and stuns the fucking Guy Nono reason at all, just like and everyone's going nuts like they're, not booing hem or nothing, and that is the moment that I think that everyone flipped the switch and was like Oh shit. This guy is going to be the guy. You know it just sucked, because this is like the outs for Bret too, because towards the end of the year, he's gone yeah and like the whole story, with the you know the contract that he got from WCW and you know mcman kept them in by giving him like some crazy twenty year, twenty million dollar contract like a million dollars a year, but then couldn't pay him and told them to just go to WCW and kind of ruines. This whole thing, because this whole heel run that bre had for the next like six seven months after this is fucking great. It's probably like his best stretch in his career and it just went to ship, but the match itself. I'm not going to go too in depth on it. Just go! Watch it. If you haven't already B o a lot of people have and of course, at the end, like I said, breadheart wins VI a sharpshooter lright. So my first, I guess we'll call this a semifinals, our comaine event. I guess you could say is going to be the nineteen ninety seven war games match that was held at the fall brawl on September, Fourteenth Nineteen, ninety seven at the Lawrence, jole veterans, Memorial, Colisseum and Winston Salem North Carolina. If you watch WCW at the time everything was leading towards this match, it was nwo verses. The four horsemen you had to pick a side were you horsemen? Were you N wo? So in the match you had buff bag, well, Kevin Nash, six and Conan versus the four horsemen Chris Benoi Steve macmichael, Rickflaire and kirt henning curt henting had recently joined the four horsemen as the brand knew enforcer. Yes, arnt Anderson because all of his neck injuries had to step down and they brought in Kurt Henning, who I was a huge fan of from his WWF. DAS is mister perfect. All time one of my favorite wrestlers, so you're telling me now Kurd henning is going to go to WCW andjoin, the four fucking horsemen, with Rick Flair and Cris Benoi two are my other favorite wrestlers. This is fantastic, so I couldn't be more excited for this. All the storylines led to this moment, there's no sting anywhere to be seen, sting still wouldn't wrestle for a few more months. He didn't wrestle till December when he wrestled his one match in one Osand, nine hundred and ninety seven versus Hole Cogan. So we get the N W versus the four horsemen and what ends up happening is curtening enters the match, Lash for the foour horsemen, because he has a shoulder injury. The whole time, curt henning is banged up the brand new enforcer for the horsemen, so he finally comes in and come to find out. It was all a ruse. He had handcuffs in the arms sling the whole time, but not for the four horsemen he had. flipsides and currd henning had joined the Nwo, so the Nwo now with a huge advantage teems up on the four horsemen, the handcuff macmichael Benois andflare of the cage, beat them to a pulp. Until finally, they Steve McMichael gives up and says no more, no more just let us go and then they take rickflair's head and slam in the cage door. Ye H and I watched that- I think it was a litlegit bump. He really took that shot so yeah another match on my paper. Viewcard that ends in a total fucking CHMAS, ending horrible, ending, decent match good story, good build up. They really could have done something with this one man I love the war games matches so yeah had to go with this one. You know that's one of the things that sucks about wrestling now compared to them the twists and turns. If we had ou know that whole Attitudera, you actually had those face heel turns, and they meant something now who gives a fuck when it happens. Th It's the same shit every week and they never have a good flip e. They did back then, and I never even seen that much that you're talking about 'cause. Again, it wasn't a BGWCW person, but that sounds intriguing. I'd watch that again a lot of those guys you're not going to get any hur. There's no Hurrican Ranas. You know no one's doing a moon salt at the top of the cage. Right, that's all story. It's all story beat em up. You know g two on one gang up on this sky: progresssome, storylinesforward, good old school wrestling, all right, so here's my main event main event of the evening: Sunday October, fifth, nineteen, Ninety Seven wwfin your house, bad blood, Sha, N, Michael's, versethe, undertaker, Hellen, a cell argurably, one of the best matches that ww F did that entire. Here God, it's amazing and one of the things I think a lot of people forget is this is a number one contenders match which leads to, and this is the only reason I put this is to me in event- and I know you're going to hate this, but this leads to the Montreal screw job, yeah man and that's the thing you know a lot of this goes back and a lot of people can e. like. Oh Man, you all you watch was WC w. Why didn't you watch wwfback then? And I did- but you know I hate fucking Shawn Michael Hat IV, haited him since he was in the rockers. I can't stand him he's one of those guys. You know we watch football. Okay, you got teams in football that you absolutely cannot stand patrots, but you love to watch them because you know they're Goin to give you a good fight and it's going to be a fun interesting game. Every time, they're not just going to roll over and die. So wrestling is like that. I can't stand seaun Michael's, but I love it when my guys wrestle up against John Michaels 'cause, it's going to be a quality match and he's going to bring the best out of the opponent, so I loved it when it was Breton Shone. I was always a bret guy come on it's a Canadian heritage, the screwjob everything for that that soured me so bad on wrestling for a while. Well, this led to it, though I think it gets overshadowed by the fact that this match was so enormous, because this is your first ever hellon a cell- and you know it goes without saying usually like the first is the best, and indeed I'd say this is the best of them. There are some other good ones too, usually had the undertaker in it sh there's even some, which triple age that are fucking phenomenal, but this one it starts out slow. But before you know, the violence is fucking off the chain. W after HBK hits the cameraman, and then they they're forced to open the door to get the cameraman out, and this thing goes outside the cage and they get to the top of the cage, because this is the first time we saw this. This yo've had steel cages, but we never had a cage with a top on it. That's like what twenty thirty feet high that guys are wrestling on top of the cage, the entire time Ou r. These guys are up there you're holding your breath. So what do you call it? O HBK gets out. UNDERTIKEE goes after Hem. He goes straight to the top of the cage. Of course, undertaker takes off, writes hi op of the gage too, and he freaking slaps him into the cage. I don't know like five or six times before he' t HB, K dangling off the side and he kicks both of his hands. HB K goes into the table, he's full of blood, and then you know they get 'em back in the ring. The worst part about this match, though, if I had to take anything away, this is, if is this rateed a five star? It should be if, if it's O it, it should be, though it's great it's a great match, but if they took any points away, it would be the fact it Vincemcman is calling this match and it's an absolute CICO God, it's so bad. Just you have to like just tune him out and just listen to the crowd, roaring and don't pay attention to him because he's just bumbling over his words and just saying dumbshit about blood and blow just shut the fuck out Vincemacman's commentary is one of the reasons I did not could not and would not watch the WWF product. Everything was Ohmy, God orhe had two things you could do and they were both annoying his buck and he's got Jr and Jerry Laller. Next to him and he's just taking all the migt time, yeah horrib horrible and then where it gets really crinseworthy is when cane comes out. Yes, so you get the debut of Kan and all you hear for like a minute straight. That must be cane that has to be cane. Who else would it be? You fucking idiot they'd still do the same shit. They spoon feed you the story so bad. It's like it's like. We get it's, not the fucking one, two, three kid comin down: Fuckin Dude, who was just as big as the undertaker who was coming out with flames. All over T E, like obviously it's fucking cane man shut, the fuck up, say anyhow, can rips the fucking door off the cage and the great. If you watch this match, they spend so much time in camera. Work Showing Earl Hebner lock the cage door to show how strong it is and cane just comes up and grabs the door rips off the hinges comes in ends up tombstoning, spoiler, the undertaker and then taking seaun Michael's and draping him over the top for the one two three and making Shaun michaels the new number one contender for the title, and it all leads up one more month. Then you have it the montoal screw job but yeah this match. It's incredible, though it's it's a good, probably like half hour match and the entire time you're interested yeah. You know people always talk about the h undertaker mankind hell in a cell match as the best Tellin a cell, but was it though I mean that really wasn't much of a match. There's a couple of huge spots, but if you're talking quality matches this San Michael's one way more of a quality match than the than the othethat's. Why I threw some of the triple age ones, yeah 'cause, I think the triple age ones had a little bit more story behind it: R ht than yeah that one match with mankind an undertaker fucking insane bombs yeah, but I mean talk about matchwise. This is it. This is the best Heln cell head to offer right here all right, so I'm going to go to my main event and it's a match I really never got to see until recently, and that is brethart versus Terry funk on September, Eleventh, nineteen, ninety seven down in Amarillo Texas. Yes, this is the match they were talking about. If you watched the movie beyond the Mac which, when that came out man that opened my eyes to wrestling, I always knew wrestling was fake. Sorry, guys, yes at Sfake, but I always knew that you know it was predetermined. I have family members that worked in the wrestling industry up in Canada way back in the day, so I knew the the tricks of the trade, so it wasn't anything new watching beyond the Mat, but what I liked as seeing ot the other side to some of my favorite wrestlers. You know you got to see another side of Terry funk: Jake Roberts, even yeah, good, old, Vincemacman and Jr. You got to see a totally different side of them. One of the matches featured that they talk about throughbeyond. The Mat is going to be Terry funck's retirement match versus bredheart retirement, Maa retirement match, yeah he's still not retired, and this was nineteen. Ninety seven and he was he was fifty five then so, oh he was fifty fi. Okay. I said I a sixty before but okay yeah God Blass Terry Funk, man that guy's just he's he's going to go until he just can't go anymore and this match is it's quality. You cannot go wrong, bred, heart, Terry Fun, believe it or not. They had never wrestled the one on one match. So this was a big deal. If you watch beyond the Mat, you knew the other big controversy about it was who was going to referee Brett Versus Tarry? Was it going to be longtime friend of Terry Funk, Dennis Stamp, who had been training in his underwear on his trampoline with his weight yeah? He really wanted to referee this match and, of course got the opportunity to do so. It's traditional wrestling match they. Just they go all out man, it's old school wrestling. Then they throw a little bit of hard core in there a little bit of submission style wrestling. They Kinda. Do it all. It's a nice long match to Kindaf, try to wrap up terryfunk's career, even tdoes a nice little table bump in there. So Ye that's my main event. That's just a legendary match, bredhart versus Terry Funk, and it is the match that was featured in the movie beyond the Mat. You don't actually get to see the match in it, but you see everything leading up to the match. That's why Ih'd never seen the match. I had always wanted to. Never could never got a chance to that's a great pic, though man. Anything with Terry Funk is amazing, even when he was like cheensaw Charlie, the Shit and Japan yeah that that Dudes, a Legendman apew university, yep he's a legend. He can wrestle with anybody. He can put out a good match with anybody. You know he knows how to work her crowd, and you know at the end of the day he is going to put his body on the line for your entertainment. What more can you ask for? Is a wrestling fan ads talonill, throw him through a glass door, true, but anl on the good days allright. So that's what we had for both of our pay perviews mine, of course, wressellstock APALUSA. Ninety seven, to recap: Open a rick and Scott Stiner, taking on Masta Harochono in the Great Moda from Bash at the beach ninety seven, and then we moved on to Benuan Malenco at Spring Stampede, Ray mysterio junior in the altamo dragon and then another Ultimo Dragon match with Ultimo Dragon and Chris Gericho from WC W's bash at the beach. And then we moved on to the edigerero versus later match from sold O nineteen. Ninety seven in my two headlining acts of course, were war games. Ninety seven and then they bred heart versus Terry Funk, match all right. MANCRUSH RECAP: Yours all right. We had blood and guts. Ninety seven beginning with the e W, barely legal payper view the six man tag of the Great Szaki Gran Hermata Masato. No still don't know what to say it versus Takamishinuku, Terry boy and Dick Togo. And then we followed that one up with nineteen inety, seven WCW, the great American Bash, Randy savage, verse, DDP false count anywhere. Then we went to the double back to backmatch that I had here also from ECW, barely legal Terryfung, stevie richards and the Sandman a three way dance and then that of course turns into Terry funk versus Raven. In my next match for the CW championship. Moving on, we had Eddy Greroversray masterio cruiser Weight Championship. The Mask verst title match Halloween Havoc. Ninety seven then the comane event, Rustlmingio Thirteen Brethart, ver, Steve Austin submissions only and then to top it all off wwf in your house, eighteen, bad blood, San Michael's, firsthe undertaker in the very first hell in a cell blood and guts, is wors at Ne, Touan, nine hundred and inety seven t can't go wrong with either. One of these paper views that we made up just quality matches all around all oethou nd, nine hutnded and ninety seven, which you know for my for my dollar. That's when some of the really that was like the pinnacle of wrestling was just that that late nineties period and it was just fantastic stuff. So thanks a lot to everybody in our facebook group and all the loyal listeners who wrote in got a hold of us on social media and suggested that we tackle the wrestling topic once again. So if there's something you guys want to hear, get a hold of us again, you can get a hold of Muss over ityou. Want me to say it. The facebook docom forwardlash doing decades and get in on the Trivia. Like I said before, facebook story everyday get on the Audio Tribue, that's on our feed and we give away prizes to Thi stuff. The last couple of weeks we've had some great sponsors for the culmination trivias manscaped gave away an awesome package. Last week this week we had two big packages, a stuff from mill, creek entertainment. Next week we got new WAV of toys going out getin on thes Shit, it's fun too all right and if Youve missd the past episode, you can always catch up over a dueling decades, dotcom where you can subscribe to all of our past episodes on itunes and, of course, over on castbox. So until next time dewelers were going to bid you e piece: love, Lightin, a joy half a grape for week, everyone infirmaymedia