Dueling Decades

We love this show and these guys rock, get it in your earholes! Plus, sweet theme tune ;)

Love this show! Great chemistry between the teams and the judge. Players have 4 different personalities, which keeps it lively! Gotta go with team 80s though!!

Who doesn’t love 80s and 90s nostalgia ? I know I do . One of the most fun and original shows out there .

Brings back so many things I forgot I love! A hilarious listen for my ride into work.

Entertaining, informative, nostalgia drenched and hilarious... oh and I love the judge's accent and decisions!

Fantastic blast of Nostalgic goodness right to the teeth. Very good program concept and execution. I highly reccomend Dueling Decades to friends, family, and even co workers. Infact had people at work listening the other day to the new episode. Keep up the great work and stay awesome!!

Good stuff all around. The delorean of travleing back to our golden era

These guys are some funny fucks, they’ll have you rolling their whole podcast

Totally awesome and entertaining! Thank you!

One of the most unique retro shows you will listen to!

One of the best

This is one of the best podcasts I’ve heard. Totally original look forward to it every month .

A time we all remember

Love the topics and always can’t wait to see what new memories are brought back to life each day. Thanks for bringing us this joy!!

Grab my zubaz and call me Snake

Great show! Imagine a retro pie filled with nostalgia. Yeah, that's right, grab a napkin and eat up buttercup. Full disclosure, I don't think you can actualy eat this podcast but I would if I could. LISTEN UP!


The concept, the contestants, the judge, the information, the humor! This show takes me back to the 80s and 90s! I listened to it since the beginning, and I'm hooked. Thanks for rekindling my memories from growing up!