Dueling Decades
July 1, 2020

RJ City is back for round two of this showdown between the last week of June 1978, 1988 & 1998!

RJ City is back for round two of this showdown between the last week of June 1978, 1988 & 1998!

A few weeks back we had professional Wrestler RJ City on the show as guest judge and he dazzled us with his knowledge behind the bench. However, being that the episode was all about wrestling, he felt typecast! In spite of that, we invited him back to...

A few weeks back we had professional Wrestler RJ City on the show as guest judge and he dazzled us with his knowledge behind the bench. However, being that the episode was all about wrestling, he felt typecast! In spite of that, we invited him back to judge the "week experience", and he didn't disappoint! Our old friend Beau Becraft is back, and he brought the best of the last week of June 1998 to the party. After a week off from competition, Marc James is back in the fold, and he's got a first-rate week from the end of June 1988. Their final opponent is a man that's been left off the victor's stand for nearly a month, Mancrush looks to finally get off the schneid with the finest he can muster with the last week of June 1978. Will this one be close, or will we see a landslide? 

RJ starts the episode off with a special message for our oldest fan, David Moble. Davy boy has been singing our praises for years, and we wanted to share with him how much his loyalty means to us. From there, the competition is as stiff as a lariat from Big Van Vader! In this episode, you might find sexual swing music, the end of prank phone calls, some guy named Coper, sweaty nether regions, Moble's preferred operating system, JLo in a trunk, Hugh Hefner has an auction, Eddie Murphy's extended Universe, potential spoilers from a 1978 classic, an homage to Ben Vereen, hot foreign music, ways to ruin a classic film, immovable rubber toys, men's fashion, smelly math teachers, and how is Beau connected to RJ City's first sexual conquest? All this and more on this episode of Dueling Decades! 

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FORMERYMEDIAPEOPLE GE JELI CAS the pixe o plan, but it dot or im ran again upon that CAP, but tot te power, Gopcom fight for what you lovenwh come to: Po P, Copetencrotate Paete, O te Bote coup Wuld, take gray, a o Baly Himtin, I APA e TNO comfiht for Wat. You love neas broadcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am Mark Janes an this week. We bring you the weak experience, as I will be competing with the last week of June Nineteen D. Eighty eight, alongside this week's other deelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off dualing with June nineteen. Seventy eight say hello to mancrush. That's right. I have the year of my birth June, twenty fourth through the Thirtieth Nineteen, seventy eight and it was interesting. It was an interesting month. Just put it at that. So you'll see that in mypix also joining us on the panel this week in competing with the final week of June nineteen. Ninety eight is the man who puts the cheese in MA cheesemo its bobee craft, a yes hello, boys, andbedays. I've got the week of June twent ad one to twenty seven nineteen. Ninety eight there's some real uh real doozzies in this one. Let me tell Ya, and as always here on the show, we need somebody to judicate all of this awesomeness. So this week's celebrity guests judge is the wrestling rock on tour, who makes coughing it's underwear live on your tube. Please welcome back to the show, Judge, R, J city. Thank you thank you for having me very happy to be here, and I also want to thank you for having me back on a non wrestling episode, because I talked so eloquently not about wrestling in our wrestling episode. Did you bring the the Babylon book back th? Oh yeah, I do have the Babtle ontoatpotbut. I have something even I have something even better than that. Is it the OX Baker Autobiography? No, I just haven't here you're going to love it. I have everybody's favorite board game, Tony Randal's, word Qa and, of course it's got his great cach phrase on the front words Yous to discover. I don't I feel like his nephew was trying to make a board game or something and they're like Tony 'cause. You just lab you naming your face on this. The game is astrocious, it's all about guessing definitions of words and that' it. What year is that it almost looks like the old, trivial pursuit Bo? I N Nineteen. Eighty four, oh yeah, I mean look at the back here. They definitely ripped off some jrivial pursuit Tyo, Oh yeah e L, that's how not liy too, all they did was change. The color of the box from blue to gold ony hears five grands. She give me an et biten en ill handle everything else. I don't even know what that word makes all right. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under duling decades rules, the JUDG's coin, flip Sholt, the side who picks first out of the five duling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points. Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, all right, dolers who's, the man with the master plan, let's find out as we play more o o by the way, can we just throw ut before I began Bo? Did you get the cameo that was ordered by someone? I did? Was it David Mobile, yes, Shatit to David Mogil, who seems to be ordering a bunch of random, celebrity cameos and also sending them to random people they're all from frien scene? He is keeping Camiof aflow. He is. I don't know what the fuck that guy does for a living, but evidently he's just cameo loaded he's a day trader. Is Everybody legitimately? Does you think I think so or is he like a trustfun baby that that has really bad hair he's got to love the fact that he came up twice on he's going to shit his pants David Mubl he's the definition of trickle down economics? Can we do this for David Mobil? Can we order cameo right now from you to David Mobol? Yes, okay, hi, David Mavill! This is your dear friend ors. I said E. I want to thank you for your support over the years by ordering videos for me to talk to people that I'm already talking to. I think it's very metta of you and forward thinking and progressine in a sense and I've seen your Camio and I like your suits, and then it makes me jealous that I'm not a good dresser, because I'm currently wearing a woman's Mike Tyson, croptop and T it's really a reflection of who I wanted to become, but never did so. Thank you, love, RJ, Excellen allright. So for this battle, Mancrosh or Bubee craft, you guys are going to compete in the toss off who's, going to call it let po do it again. I O I'll, do it. I I haven't done it in a while I'm legitemately concerned for our J safetyes. If he's going to flip that entire the board Ge Bord Ga, I quitactually, I have something else which is actually a little bit better thog. I have this. It holds like autographs this little Sleev here and on one side I have Jerry Vandyke by ten very exciting and, on the other side, is an Auotograph, but it's a still of Madelin con and Grover Hm. So I think it would. It would perhaps be fair to make Jerry vandike heads yeah e reon, the casensus there, because I could debate about that for the whole episode I got to go with coach, though yes, it was a great show hold on. Let me let me find my Jerry van Di Coin Y. I don't know if you guys know this, but the t an crag t Nelson stands for the guy from coach Soare, you ready. Are we calling it yeah? I'M G, I'm definitely going heads okay. Here we go heads. It is yes, yes, that was you know what he kept it on an even keel from last week when Ronda flipped her breast Oo. Yes, she did because there's no bigger boob than Jerry Vandi, and it's also fitting, because now that man croshes shaven he's Sporting, a Vandike, very nice- and I just want to let you know that this is autographed too Jim. Many thanks for your continued support, Jerry Vandeyk, whose gym is or was 'cause, I'm positive ehd. I have no matter all right, Ma crush. You have control the board and get to select our first category. Where e we going man h, man, let this is a weak experience. So let start with let's fuck it up, let's start with he music. First already all right. So we got June twenty fourth, nineteen, seventy eight and the last few times that I got the late Seventies. I was stuck with picking a disco album a matter of fact. Last time I picked the bigs and they are still utterly dominating the airwanes in the late seventies, specifically in nineteen, seventy seven and seventy eight 'cause. I looked at the charts in seventy and it littered with the Beegis and gibzongs like the top ten of the year. Everything is them, but I kept digging and I was able to navigate through all that and I was able to find some good old, rock and roll from Jude Ninetueen and seventy eight. So this album itself was released on June twentieth and seventy eight and missed it by a couple days, but the first mention of the single that I could find a newpnewspapers com was from June twenty fourth n Ninehteen D. Seventy eight andit's weird because usually like big singles, they have a det associated with them. So maybe they didn't think much of this one at the time, because there's literally nothing online, there's nothing in the papers, but I've found this article talking about it on the twenty fourth, so we're going to go with that portis after the Albreles. Why not and I I would have loved to pick the whole album 'cause. I think it's a good album, not the best, but it's great. But that said this single is by the band at I dubbed the nickle. Back of the eighties, like maybe last year, but after some deliberation with a couple of the fans of the show, I have changed my tune. There now held in a little bit higher esteem, and it also doesn't hurt that they're might pick this week. So thank you for those who disagreed with my assessment of being the nicklback of the eighties anyhow, this particular single it toped off at number three on the billboard, hot one hundred it has over thirty, six million plays on Spotifli. So that's pretty good and this sexually charged track. It has been used in lots of different TV, ste, shows and movies. Over the years, like blades of glory o was in w KR P in Cincinnati. The Simpsons Aquatim hungerforse bones. Remember that show on box ins. Eighty years is on that and Damid boryanes does like his own version of it in one of the episodes. Then it was on the office as well. So you know is Shit's good, but here you have the hit single hnddiby foreigner and I challenge you to se the name of this track and not sing. No, it's impossible. Try, God and say Al Tis in Porner hot you just can't do can't when I always think of hot blooded. I always think of those commercials for the albums from like time life that you could order. Hot blooded was always like the fourth song they played. It was like backed up by like Kansas, orsome se yeah all the time. But that's my pick. It is this single hot blooded by foreigner delicious all right, boby craft. What do you have for the music round? Well, I'm just going to go and and take the W here, because in June twenty third or on June, twenty th Ird Nineteen N. ninety eighty release of the Brian set her orchestra's third album the dirty bugy one of the biggest catalists in the bizarre revival of swing music in the late nineties. I don't. I have no idea really what brought that on, but anyway, thatd be carry pop and Daddi's, I think Yh, but why swing of all things the nineties wy swing? Why not? Anyway, this record became a a pretty prominent picture that whole resurgence thing. It was the records lead single, though not even originally written by Ceser and his his swing cronies called jump, jivand whale that catapult to the band ot, the top of the charts in n nineteen nd. Ninety nine. The cover won the granmy ward for best pop performance by a duo or group with vocals at the forty first grimwards, and as we have to do h, six degrees of separation. Here the song was originally written, an performed by Louis Prima. I played guitar an Aban witharc McKay, whose brother Ryan McKay plays guitar in the witnesses, which is the band of Louis Prima Junior, the son of Louis Prima. We have eaten Cuban sandwiches together. He has talked about his strudle and the the many women he has in various cities across the. U S so six degrees of separation and the nineteen inety eight release of the Brian sets her orchestra's third album the dirty buggy, which is also my finishing move. I love that pick, though, because I completely forgot about Jumpjava. Well, it was huge, it was. It was man. I forgot all about that song. I might go listen that, after I were done, Ry now all right, gentlemen, so for my music selection, this is going to be the second studio album released by this group. It was released on June, twenty eighth nineteen, eighty eight and when they set out to release this album the writing of the conception of the album they wanted to make a hip hop equivalent to Marvin Gaze. What's going on just an album that musically had it going on the jams were there, but on the opposite side, it had strong social commentary and talked about issues that the artist cared about. So in June, twenty eight, nine Huteen and eighty eight public enemy released. It takes a nation of millions to hold us back. This album spent forty seven weeks on the. U S, billboard two hundred you know, since this album came out, it has been regarded as one of the most important albums in hip hop and one of the most important albums of all time. It was rankd number forty, eight in Rollingstone's magazine list of the five hundred greatest albums of all time. It was the highest ranking, hip, hop album on the list and the only one acknowledged in the top one hundred am the hit single off the album bring. The noise was actually a song that public enemies Chucke was not a fan of originally they recorded for the less than zero soundtrack. The year before, when it came out, he originally hated the recording and wonted to throw it out the window, but then they started doing more tours overseas and people were asking. Why aren't you playing that song bringg the noise that you guys came out with and he realized that the public really liked it and when they wrote it takes t e nation of millions to hold us back you'll notice, all the tempos of the all the songs, Ind t a album are much vaster than their previous album. This is because they wanted to take the show on the road and they wanted a a live crowd. Energy to all their live shows, so they increased the tempos on the albums to kind of show that live energy as well. So that's my pick for music. It takes a nation of millions to hold us back, Thi, second, album by public enemy release June Twenty Eighth Nineteen D. Eighty eight all right, let's go down to our judge R J city for the ruling for the music round. Well, what's very interesting about foreigner is that another one of their prominent songs is cold as Ice, and I thought maybe they're. Just like a temperature ban. Ter, maybe there's a you know you flip it over and it's a song called lukewarm or so onoit's a bee side. It really shows you, though, the fact that that song was out in nineteen seventy eight. It really shows you how deep into the eighties we already are in the late seventies yeah seriously, especially the rips yeah you're, just like after I don't know, nineteen seventy five like the party is over ear. Lord, I don't know if it was over, but it was starting to severely wind down. Yes, my issue with Brian Seter is that I always wanted his name to be Bryan selter. I thought that was the more commercial name like it right there. Just ad the l like they used to do in the old Vaudville days, make it you know it's it's a word that everyone's familiar with and it's bubbly and another six degrees of separation. I lost my virginity to Kille Smith, who was of course, the wonderful singer with Louis Prima she's, no longer withright, but nevertheless she jumped she drived and often wet. You heard it here. First, I love the Louis Prima version, I must say, and then it is weird to me how they tried to cetualize that big band N it's a little gross to me. They tried to make it little grungier and it's very very weird way. So for me those two are out, which leaves me with t the thing I love about: Pulic enemy. Is that bring the noise at another real resurgence on Ur being on the Tony Hawk, the proskater game, thatwas, a third resurgence yeah that I mean that's in my head. If I hear that Tong my thumbs start moving, I have a and sixty four controller in my hands and also a- and this may may bury the lead a little for this entire episode. But I am an eighty eight baby sh and this born July, eighteenth, nine hteen and eighty eight. So this is right before I'm coming out here N, I was three months behind and years behind on just success and talent as well t that we knew, but so based on all that I do have to go it Tho and nine huteed and eighty eight all right. That means I pick up a point and take control of the board and get to select our next category allrigh. Gentlemen. Won't we go over to the news round MM, so I'm going to start off by going over to the San Francisco Examiner in a newspaper June, thirtieth nineteen, Eighty Eight, where the headline reads: Colorized Films May Get Label House votes, planed to alert viewers. The House on Wednesday approved a compromising measure that would require an advisory label on the colorized versions of up to twenty five classic black and white films each year. The bill also calls for the formation of a thirteen member national film commission that would select the films on specific historic, artistic or cultural value all right. So this is the start of the National Film Register. You've heard us all talk about this on the show when we bring up these classic films- and everyone says it was selected for its artistic value, and this is what we're talking about. This is the national film registry. This is the weekthen. It started in June of nineteen eighty eight. That bill was passed oddly enough, that was kind of the second or third incarnation of the bill. They wanted it originally to be much stricter, where it would actually be illegal to show any black and white film that was selected in a colorized form. The compromise is that if they colorrized one of these films like if they colorized Casablanca that they have to put in Casablanca new colorized version, you can't label it as the original work of art. It has to e clearly labeled and there has to be a warning on it that this has been altered. But that's where this started. So that's what I got for the news round mancrush over to you, man c. You just picture the boring ass people that decided they need to put labels on black and white movies like let's just do this pon it's because at the time they were showing on T v, the colorized versions or edited versions and then releasing them on home. Video and people thought man. These movies suck look how bad the coloring was. You know they didn't realize a that makes more original Gogon of the movie Rigyacha. What's Tis four eighty, I should allright well, this kind of ties in a little bit with hemark was saying, but let me pain a picture so the marquis outside of these spectrum entertainment complex in Philadelphia. They advertise that night's attraction that this weekend alice, copper or coper. However, you want to read it and yes, Coper Not Cooper. The Rock icon is billing himself. This way to dramatize his campaign to raise funds to restore the famous Hollywood sign that now reads: Holywad, since the SID is missing, an o Alice decided to drop an o from Cooper until the sign has been resurrected and Cooper. He personally gave Hollywood hamber of commerce twenty seven thousand dollars to replace the FALLN letter and he's donating a portion. I'm saying it like it's Today, but obviously I'm reading a news article from nineteen. Seventy he's donating proceeds from his current tour to restore the landmark in California. What I M, I'm still trying to rap my my head around the fact that he went he went copper or would it be coper? It's I think it's coper. If you an it's coper, you know somebody comes up to 'm like hi, how you doing alice well school's out for summer, but I'm getting by update upgate LRIGTSO Novembe Leventh nineteen. Seventy eight, the rebuilt Hollywood sign, is now forty five feet high and four hundred and fifty feet long. It was scheduled for a dedication Saturday night on a national Tele Television Anven, but it was prematurely unveiled by high winds. The shinuse sign replaced the fifty five year old, landmark on the side of Mountley in Hollywood hills. A five hundred foot curtain was to be removed during a two hour. CBS TV special called Hollywood diamond jubily, but the wind had other ideas. An is so neat like the O, fell down an Alice Cooper in honor of grasnal marks. He actually ended up buying the O at at an auction that U Hefner had for twenty seven thousand seven hundred dollars. So that's where his initial donation came from, but can you imagine like these are forty five fout tall letters? Where is that letter? Now? What do you do with it? You magine s like going to alice coopers. I s like on the side of his house or some shit. Well, of course the original sign didn't just say: Hollywood. It said Hollywood land right, so this is like John Landis dropping the land from his name and just going by John, is, if John, is his son Max isn'twe just cap this one off in nineteen eighty, they they had a ninety million dollar federal grant, then enabled Hollywood to launch like a whole bunch of like redevelopment projects and revitalized. The entire area not just a sign, but it all began with the sign thanks to Alice Cooper, who knew that who knew the alls Cooper was the driving force behind getting the tenscals. I had no COL shet charitable rocker wow ing Cooper for that. Oh next time, I see him I'll be like hey alice thanks for the O, an Hollywood and thinks fotthat info o' Milwaukee, Billi Waque, all right, let's hunt over a bultbee craft for the news round. Well. Gentlemen buckle in for this exciting piece of news from the Los Angeles Times on Monday June, twenty second nineteen. Ninety eight raising the stakes and the privacy battle over a little thing called caller. I D California, state regulators have given Pacific Bell the green light to offer a service that allows customers to reject calls from someone who has blocked transmission of their phone number. The California Public Utilities, Commission voted unamously to allow pack bell to offer quote anonymous, call, rejection or ACR s. It would come to be known to customers the services designed to work with coller. I D, which allows consumers to screen in coming calls using a phone or a small box with a digital display that chose the number and sometimes the name of the calling party. So the phones of these ACR subscribers are this anonymous. Call. Rejection subscription thing automatically will reject a call, so you can't like star six seven: Wasn't it right and that Star S, six nine was to call back call back Yep. It automatically rejects the calls from people who have their number blocked. The rojected call will be directed to a recording that tells the collar they can get through if they unblock their phone line by pressing eighty two or if they switch phones or place the call through an operator customers will not be charged for a rejected call though ACR was not widely available yet nationwide. The service had been a pretty good moneymaker, despite kind of dismal amounts of people signing up for it in other states where it was available, but to think they you know they charged for this back in the day like now. If somebody calls me, I don't even answer if I know who it is so true, it's so killed like the Pran call industry, though Yeah Kinda, it's so hot. In the mid nineties and like that came out and but yea you just can't do that with cellphones, just cranking ouse. What are you going to go out and buy a burner phone to make a crank, call now oe the ruch ar of the thrill all right? So let's go down to R J city for the judgment on the news round. Well, the thing about colorizing movies is, I think it absolutely did make the movie Shittig. I remember watching March of the wooden soldiers it's allaural and hardy film. I have it on vs, it's always as far as I knew it was in color. I didn't know any different and I just thought the colors were weird back thet everything, Llo Yeah, everyone turned up the contrast, really high, and so much of colorization in in the early days was to show off that they were able to even do it. They were going. Forthey were going to look at how much we can color round here n its like is Li. Okay and then years later I saw the movie in black and white and I went oh. This is a real film. It's like o watch the colorazed version of NOSFORATU. They didn't colorize it properly. It just fades from like for one while it's all blue and then it's all purple and then it's all red and then t s and it washes out all the shadows and you lose so much texture in the original film, especially for horror founsond. I think for a while, even when they could film in color. So many films were still black and white just because it did look better and I think about something like God, culd you imagine, watching whatever happened to baby Jane in Color Jeesh Athe, most LUDICR, it's suddenly not creepy for some reason like it's just you know. So I find that to be a colossal waste of time that there were men, coloring, film, selves, Really Really Really is the Alice Cooper thing I enjoy how he was like really a more commercial Ozzi Osbourn. You know, I think he understood what the median machine was thanks in part to his fantastic manager. A man named Shepe, Gordon Sh managed a lot of people did a lot of variety. showthing like that, and Mike Myers did a documentary on him called Superman, which is very delightful and he became sinse. An enlightened person- I guess, when you have made so much money you can afford to become enlightened ohand, the the colar I d thing just reminded me how bad phones used to be. They used to be really really just bad. You know, and now we're just like can do whatever you want. Oh eight hundred dollars for this phone sure, let me make payments on it. Yeah! It's portdless! I think it's you know worth it by today's standards. Yes, I'M NOT! I'm not trying to text on a ronary phone and it did to me absolutely did ruin the phone call. The Pran Cole 'cause. I was a big prink called guy. What was the best print call you ever pulled off. I halled my friends M. my friend's mom was at my house. I was in grade six grate seven. At the time there was a new girl at school, and I called my friend's mom as that girl's father and said that your child was making fun of my daughter and to let you know what a good impressionist I was. I had her on the phone for fifteen minutes and saying that my son doesn't do that, and you know this whole thing and then N. I was like just kidding: Ou darge she's, like what Jusi thin. She really lost it and made me put my mom on the side and Shshe cursed out my mom, because I wel what he want for me like you, fell for, take, say: Hey. That was a very good impression of a forty year old man. Like give me a little bit of credit, I was veryed, but in high school kids used to pay me to call the office as their parents to get them. Medical me too. What a lucrative Gig yeah you just had to you know call in as an answering machine, and it's like Bo will not be in he's, got gout. That's IT NOW TA! I gun you know Yo! Imagine all that's got like how does how do kids even skip school these days? Think about how easy it was back than via phone calls, or just straight up pucking walking out. There was no leash, like we just laughed: How to Hell. Do they do any of that? Now they can't do anythin you like clio window, ten or something they don't need to do anything because they just want to be on ther phones. So as long as I ha e really as long as I have my phone I'll sit through whatever shit you want to a his ime, what do I care? What am I goingn I have to go outside to be on. My phone will be on h phone, a heare. What's a big deal, Ike a nice chair, it's ver! Can you think about that or j? What? What d you say: Besstim I' I'm looking oer the imdv of Craig Tino, so I will say based on cultural longevity. I think I'm going to have to go ne Touand, nine htndred and seventy eight Oo. Thank you! Alice Coper! Yes, yes, Mister, copper, a big fan of it. That was that was pretty cool o him, though, to change his name to go on tour. Can you imagine this is days before the Internet before BBS's, like magazines ere like once a month and they were back dated Hem up, he imagine ye bought the tickets and then he showed up and you were like who the fuck is this? No one realized ittill, that's the thing. Everyone just thought people would mental and couldn't fuck and spell don't ask you see this newalice cooper tore man, they missmelled everything on the momster, fucking idiot, but also Wa. Like a long winded publicity stunt like you would have to know that your rock fans also read the newspaper that day o also read the L, a timeas asking a lot just in general, red all right man crust. That means you pick up a point, but you take control of the board as well. What catavaare we going with for our final one point round? Oh Man, one point round: Let's go with go with hot products, fuck et Las T. do it here all right, so we got June twenty. Fourth, once again, nineteen seventy eight, I found an article there 's about a recent men's fashion. Association's meeting. Try O say that three times past that took place and it had all these fashion. Industry leaders- and I know none of these people so just picture my Fassion Senseas, I'm wearing a rick flour ser, but these people were Dmitri, John Wheatz, Sal, Kazumari and, of course, Jean Palgemint, but the one thing I do know is: If there is no Gon Paul involved with is then it's probably not a serious of that and this one had one. So this is it's legitimate. So if you're looking to sort o fire utilizing the friction from your thighs, then you're in luck, because Cornoroy is back, the these men showcase their their collections for the fall of nineteen. Seventy eight during this fashion summit and all of them all those names that I read before that I can't even remember Sepfer Jan Paul. They showed off at least a few corruroi items in their entire line. The interesting part, though, this time around Kisscorderoy, always goes away an hos back. They showed up with business wear and evening, wear in Cornoway sure you could still get sportswear and you're casual attire. But now you can sweat your balls off at work, which is pretty fucking awesome back when I was a senior in a high school n, nine teen, an Niny six Horreri was at is style, but it did come back. You remember, Mark 'cause, your you're about my age or you are my age, the late nineties, like ninety eight N. ninety ninety came back but a couple of years beflu. I remember. I only had like six pairs. That's all I wore for like a three year span was cordartobies. Testhe problem with them is one they ripped way too easy and of course you had to wear them like super long and baggy, so they always fraid. Well. Everything in e late nineties was long in baggy, jincos yeah. The problem with that is it always scuffed up the sides. 'cause you had your wallet chain that went all the way down to your ankle. It would always like you'd step on it and it'd scuff up the bottom of the Cordorois, because they were so soft. It was horrible man. I had a math teacher. This is in nineteen, an inety six and he appeared to be wearing these same business cordroy. So Suti was s talking about frome, tousnineteen and seventy Gh, and he was still wearing them and inspite of that H, like he smelt like cats, whisky and cigarettes from like ten feet away, so you couldn't even social distance from the Ste Banyhow the end of Jue nineteen. Seventy eight brings us the cornerway fashion back with business desire and evening weare, which I don't you go to bed with, like Podoroy Pajamas, I don poter logery, her pajamas have patches on the elbows Corteroy ribbed for her pleasure. Yes inside Ol for mine all right Bobe craft. What do you got for the hot products round? June? Twenty fifth, nineteen? Ninety Eight Gentlemen, Microsoft R, at least their latest operating system windows? Ninety Eight, obviously the successor to Windows. Ninety five: This was the next grate evolution in computer operating systems, maybe not the maybe not the next generation or evolution perse, but it did improve a lot of issues that users didn't like about windows. Ninety five, regardless it was indeed a hot product it' sold. I think two hundred and seventy one thousand copies like in its first day of release and went on to sell and estimated fifty igh million licenses had some legs too support for the platiform reached its end in July of two thousand, an six COB. What asshole s stil, ING window, Niney, two thousand the radio station that I was working for in two thousand and fifteen- was still running. Windows X, P and probably still is to this day. That was a solid operating system. X. P was solid, it was. It was a good one. Sluggish though, towards the end Y H, I'm pretty sure it was that that's all you got and thats Fok, don't mention of Windows Emmy. No, he doesn't want to lose theround Geez whaosa mean t was like the Patchwork Ja. I know to quit when I'm ahead to try to fix ninety, but it only h NA was eeerse Ye h, all right Fello. So for my hut product, you know we're going to go over to the newspapers, dotcom and the cocomo Tribune out of cokomo Indiana in a newspaper article, written June. Twenty ninth of eighty eight, it's talking about the recent release of WHO framed Roger Rabbit, which came out on the twenty second the week before the weak. I had so an. I don't have that for my movies round or anything, but I do have it for my hut products round because see what happened is the movie came out and that next week, then they flooded the marketplace with all the toys. So we go into this article and it talks about how theire five day, earnings from the movie was fourteen point, eight million dollars which surpassed three men and a baby and even surpassed back to the future out of all their earnings. From that opening weekend, about twenty million in excess was from license Roger Rabbit, dolls figures, key rings, mugs Pencils, Pens said Bob Solomon of applause, licensing, company they're, the company that handled all the licensing from the film. Oddly enough, they were also the same licensing company. That did the California reasons, and he says this week. They have taken a back seat to Roger Rabbit, so we're going to go to a newspaper article, the very next day again talks about who framed Roger Rabbit in the theaters and gives it a scathing review. Oddly enough and then at the end says the final blow is that store shelves are already awash with a titl wave of tremendously overpriced, Roger Rabbit, merchandise, t shirts, bendable figures plus joys. You name it so that shows that the weak ey had that final week of June. That's when all of those figures and merchandise entered the stores, they were even doing a partnership with McDonalds. They had the Jessica, rabbit, Roger Rabbit and Bob Hoskins Commemorative Cups that you could get for eighty nine cents. I'm sure people still collect hem to this day, no, not really, but who framed Roger Rabbit, merchandise, man. It was definitely a hot product. They knew that it was going to be big because of the the licensing and merchandising of other previous animated pictures, but this one had a little bit of a of a more adult field, but that being said, they didn't allow all the merchandise to be made. Paul Preseler Vice President of licensing at Disney said the company and Amlan decided to keep the number of licenses relatively small only into about thirty five to steer clear of low quality trinkety goods. He said several products were turned down for licensing, including a proposed life. Sized Inflatable Doll of Jessica Rabbit, I'm sure that still came out black wacket Harket Buteh. So that's what I got from my hot products round last week of June nineteen. Ninety eight, the hottest thing there was all the merchandise from WHO framed rogeretb. I just I keep thinking like how hilarious it would be to see a kid's face, a light up with joy when he gets a fucking Bob Hoskins Commemorafrom, a dob. You just got drunk just looking at the CA. So let's go down to our judge R J city for the ruling. Well as much as I appreciate French fashion and I'm such a big fan of Jon, Aljon and meeter line, I cannot even as a child, I just hated Corderoy. It was the ultimate admittance that your parents had dressed her well e. You were only ten years old when it came back in te style yeah. You know so like I get that we were both like nearly at twenty, so it was like. Oh Co, RIH FO, yeah it'll come back again. Man, I'm going to see you in the ring in a Corduroy Blazer I had. I had no need for its durability, because I didn't really Doa. I wasn't adurible. Perhaps if I had scapeboarded you know well, it looked like it would be rough and handle you know what I mean it. Ws Hado, Mor you coan, probably Ou know exactly what I'm goin saying like when it wore out it had like this fine Mesh yeah it kindo looked like a steel mesh. Underneath there was a sea throu yeah it was gauze, it was go yeah. It was just wer right. Did you hear about the new carderoy pillow that is coming out o what yeah it's making headlines Myself Ou? Thank you, Gentlr I'll, tell you who still uses windows. Ninety eight though Heis David Mobile, I think he's still got a plug. Then he strus het looks like a supporter. Do she want me to ask him right now he actually developed it lase, I'm going to ask while you, while you're talking on the Sen of a message, do you have a hot line? Do you you eve dame F, Mamma otline he's got a red handset sitting on his desk that direct Stri he's usually pretty fast in replying. If, if I send him a message, amazing, well, I'm interested just ask Hem what operatings I don't lead 'em into it. Just that', someone, upwriting O to say R J is on right now, yeahstalking about you and he wants to know what operating system okay seem pervect and to go to the Um Roger Rabbit's, fascinating, because I can't really think of one piece of Roger Rabbit, merchandice that I had because you know. First of all, it's not a kids fill. I don't know how you want to sice it: it's not a kide at all. However, I do own another piece of Bob Hoskin's merchanise and that is the dull of Supermaria from the Marrio brothers move great movie, and it is weird cause. I look at him and I go well. That's not a commercial thing. Yeh Chris Clarmont originally wanted Bob Hoskins to play the original Wolverine in the movie adaption of x men. He had some Burrle to him. I could see something with a lower tinter gevrit. However, I do have the whole Californraisin set and I have no idea how or why I had gotten them 'cause. It was not and d. You have the record. No, no. I Gust Hom and I remember the active figures just suck like the guy. They didn't Wa t the doorwhat Er men going to do it this you just put them ou a shelt. If that's part about them is they were hard and you could throw them at people so violent? Well, we'll never forget the violent vicious California rat he's replying right now, olet's. Let's wait for him to to weigh in and then I'll make my final decision. He must be thinking it's giving me. The three dots he's actually he's ordering a cameo from Francine to tell us what kind of computer operating system that he uses. He said. Well, that's an odd question and he's typing more come on. I don't NAM. thit second part of the message is, first of all, God, Oh boy, here we go listen here, bub waitwait a minute. He said first of all, then hit end. He puts catch up on steak, so I think here's a well we're going to see if David degrees well we're waiting, I'm going to go with windows. Ninety Eight! Ah, although I will that Bo's argument was senverely lacking in, I didn't want to give anymore than I thought I needed to it's Sol two hundred and seventy one thousand copies well based on girth alone in sales. Oh Man, he must be trying to really be lever on this one. He said I created a GIMMIC for him. For me, He created a gimmick for you, Weles'n bother telling me well, he just did it rain. Now it's twenty four seven Tech Support, R J city, no he's thinking of circuit city, and he said at home. He mainly uses his ipad pro, my God, I'm getting like a whole diatribe here. TAT's no bother explainng to him what a CHYMIC is at work. Oh, he does have a job at work. I use a window's PC and my iffel okay. Well, no operating system! Yeah, that's a shame! Well it never mind. I tell him I've me my choice and I issyou his gimmick. He said never mind. He' GNBEHE's Gongto, keep writing this entire episode. He just messaged me and he says I'm hoping you're not going to ask me for tech support because Iam not good with that stuff. I'm just going to put no! I know a guy. His name is ar named Arcamic, it's hes new gimmock, all right, a SOE cent. He seems like wait. What you just move fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might pissdaven Mobil did all right. So that ties the game up at one one and one and we're heading into the final two point rounds: Bobee craft. You have control of the board. We got two categories left: Where do we want to go movies or television? Well, I'm going to go with the silver screen here mark h June. Twenty sixth is the date in question: Ondnine, Huneen, ND. Ninety eight, two unknown stars by the names of George Coney and Jennifer Lopez, they'd find their sure footing and they critically acclaimed film out of sight, centered around a career bank robber played by Clooni and a US marshal played by Lopezz, who are forced to share a car trunk during his escape from a Florida prison course. The film Peateres Legenariy Football Player and acquitted murder O J Simpson as a supporting character. Detective Nordburg, but anyway it wit such a comedic cast. You can assure that hilarity ensues is this tightly knit romkom follows the duel across a cat and mouse game of. Are they or aren't they? Film also features performances by Ving Rans, who we now know is the moist of Arbes Don Cheedel, the inventer of Chidos Steves. On Albert Brooks, Dennis Verena Louise Guzban, who is one of my softest spots for character actors, all kinds of other people, Michael Keatand, Simuel, El Jackson, who didn't even get credits in this movie? That's how good this movie is. They were like fuck, those two they were in it, we're not going to give them credit for it, based on a book by Elmore Leonard Written after he saw a picture of this qute beautiful young female federal, marshalls standing in front of a Miami courthouse with a shotgun resting on her hip, which is what I hope to come home to someday with a baby. On the other producer. Dani devido bought the rights to the book, Stephen Soderburg Helm the adaptation. The rest, of course, is cinematic history. Here's the film by the number seventy seven point: Seven heavenly million world wide box office total critically a claim with a ninety three percents going round nd tomatoes, the National Society of film critics voted at the best film of Nineteen. Ninety eight, as well as Sodaberg best director and UH, the guy, who did the screenplay best. creenplay entertainment weekly, voted as the sexiest film. Ever on their fifty sixiest movies, Everpole H, Rogert Ebert, the measuring stick of cinema gave it a three point: five out of Four Stars and twenty twelve. The motion picture editors guild listed out of sight of the fifty second best edited film of All time, based on a survey of its membership. There you have at June twenty six n nine Tuteen nd. Ninety eight, the the H star explosion of George Coline and Jennifer Lopez. Obviously the vehicle that just really drove their careers into the mainstream. It is a Gr, it's a good movie. I like it, not enough movies, take places and trunks no and turn in to love stories. Yeah. Usually it's the opposite. Every lifetime movie ever I was Goingto, get on Yo, if you didn't say Denis Ferina and you he was like one of the lastening. Oh there that literally a massive cast in this movie he's in there there's a few I didn't mention. I shouldn't have mentioned Michael Keaton and Samuel Ljackson, because they obviously just weren't that crucial to this film. Despite being in it, I don't even remember Sam l Jackson, where what was Y h. He played himself it's like mother, fuckerand can can anyone name the other movie that Denis Verena and Samuel l Jackson are in good fillos. There you go, MMI was going to say cop and a half Pos Goto, my friend Norman can piss eight feet all right. Man Crush. What do you have for the movies round? First, I have a David mobile up date. N. He said dicte you tell rjs ens threatening. He cannot pass on the twenty four seven Texport gimmock. That's not the way these things work and then he said for better or worse. It's set in stone that he's twenty four seven to export, Rg city he's still typing, so be prepared for Camio tomorrow from Luigi the Pizza Guy Ors, I guess. Oh, let me take a moment to plug Luigi premo and what a that y favorite gimmock ever right, but I I guess my tex support Giig is for David Mobiles, Cameo Only Wrestling Federation, I wo Dune Twenty eight nineteen. Seventy Eight! Let's go to a totally different date than June twenty four n Ninehteen eventy eight. Once again, I am dinging back into my parents, old RCA collection, the old Rsa Desk. Sadly, it's a little over a week removed from one of the man crush three right here and the one I'm talking about is greace. Of course, the man across three is Greese Friay Thirteeth, an airplane, the three movies that I grew up on, but this is another movie ther frequented as a kid, and I watch it today. I haven't seen it in like thirty plus years, and would you guys agree that, like if you haven't seen a movie in that long, a time it feels like you're watching it Ri love that it's? So it's awesome, yeah, it's great like I forgot the ending I was I was telling Mike about it Mike Ranger and he's like dude. I haven't seen that in a long time he's Lik. That's a great movie he's like I don't remember how it end it was like. Don't fuck ind tell me you'll, look the shit up yeah! All you know is that you know you liked yeah. So you know you're going to be happy at the end, no matter what just weird, how movies slip. At a time like I watched king pin again the other night for the first time in like ten years, and it felt like brand new all over again that one. I knew all this spots, but that's vetty fucy movie, but this movie right here this one starred a man, who's biographer, Peter Biskin or Biskind. Whoever you want to say that Welleask even Mobil said he allegedly slept with thirteen thousand women. I can't picture of doing anything: Thirteen thousand andlet alone having sex in his hus, but that's Ai, the actor he has denied these claims citing logistics, which I would agree, but it starts him and as Charles Droaden Diane Cannon and the Amazing Jackoborden, it's the little story of an NFL quarterback who dies right before getting the chance to start for the La Rams. But it turns out he wasn't supposed to die. He get sent back to life, but they already buried him. So they stick him in a billionaire's body and then he trains to play quarterback. He buys the rams appoints himself starting quarterback and wins the superbowl. I mean what a waterfucking movie spoilers by the way went on to make eighty two million dollars at the box office. That's a wopping three hundred and twenty two million dollars in thwusand and twenty. So you know this meade a lot of daugh in nineteen. Seventy, eight n one in Oscar and was nominated for eight other Oscars t'it's, the warn Beaty Classic Heaven Can we. Let me just read this to Yeu. This is like such a kick in the balls. I think so they were nomin totally total for nine right, best picture best actor in a leading role, best actor in a supporting role, best actress in a supporting role, best director, best writing and screenplay Bestin Matography, best, music and original score and at one four best art direction and set decoration a the set decoration. THAT'S THE IMPORN! U, that is such a kick in the deck like they're, like oh you're, no ining re for all of these, but you on for set decoration, sucks man wit's, it's the movie. Heaven can wait. Starring warned Baty spray movie. I didn't ruin it yeah. I mostly did but it'll be good if you watch it. What da you got all right. Gentlemen, this movie was released June. Twenty Ninth Nineteen Eighty Eight, when an extremely pampered African prince travels to Queens New York and goes under cover to find a wife that he can respect her for her intellect and will yes, I am talking about the comunic classic coming to America, Staring Janes Zearl Jones, Eddie, Murphy, Arciniohall, Eddie, Murphy, Arcenio Hall, Eddie Murphy and Arcinio Hal, Joe Lewis, Anjos an thirty seven years old, see I don't have to go into too much detail because, of course everybody knows coming to America, it's just one of the great all time. COMUDIC classics, Rick Baker was nominated for an Osca for his makeup work on this, and it actually was the very first time. Eddie Murphy played more than one character in a movie of course. Years later that would go on to become his signature in all of his films. This is the first time he did it. You know, and we always talk about movies that have legs. L. This one's got some legs. Man, Arceneo halls: He worked out for Etno. What I'm talking about is this movie is coming back into theatrs with coming to America. It supposedly is supposed to be out next Christmas, but with the current ongoing global bastard, who knows so? Do we really need another movie? That's like thirty years, separated Hey! Why Not Michael Katon, supposedly coming back is Badman. Let's just let's go all in on nostalgia this year. Why not man? What was the other one that just came out like thirty years later, Oh top gun, Oh yeah top die on there's like a bunch of Hem Tis like come on. Oh bad boys, that's the one, I'm thinking of like twenty years, Lat e!! that was not a good thingey man crush. I'm just going to point this out to you the fact that you're bashing nostalgic things not good for the show. You know I think her audience may enjoy going to sts, not ISTALGIC. If you're fucking, making a sequin twent hundred later, it's it's UNNOSTALGE, it's fucking lazy is what it is man, it's like. Oh, we can't think of anything else. Let's spring back lethal weapon, they're like nic literally too old for the shit they're still on the job yeah come I'm upset that when you're talking about heaven can wait, you did not mention the cover or the poster of the movie, which involves warn Baty with wings standing in front of Heaven. Waiting like looking down at his walk. She's got his legs crossed. He is waiting, it's great 'ca s, a great, very simple Rad cover and as much as the H Beyou're, I will say all the casts are pretty great. I feel like this is turned into cast wars. These all these movies have very deep casts. I will say, Mark You do also a now- and I don't know if you mentioned Samuel, l Jackson is also in your movie. He is he's kind of in everything. Also in the movie ind be remiss if I, if I did not mention that Louis Anderson is in it and John Amos from O Hooki guy famous, no, no, no, no mcdaw Witou, like Ta Ga, yes little tipit of information. I found when doing the research that restaurant mcdowells they actually built that they didn't let people in the community. No, so a manager from an actual McDonalds went to it and took photos and told the people that were designing Tho set. You guys are going to get your asses sued for doing this good thing we got Sol blow and even better than that, since it did reunite donamiche and Ralph Belame also appear in the film as their characters from trading places. So this is really Aland is Murphy Universe here, and I don't think anyone is doing a deep dive into that. They do all these conspiracies about Disney being in the same universe, but tell me about trading places coming to America, these characters intersect and how Eddie Murphy placed seventy five percent of it. My other favorite part is that our city ohale, plays multiple roles in this too, but theyere like that was fine once never to in Acain, but I will say for box offic success and the cultural impact. I have to go with coming to America hard to argue that Al Right, so I'd take the lead two to one to one heading into the final round, see if I can hold on to that lead and pull out AF victory. So of course we only had the television round left so we'll go over to my television selection. I didn't have a a T V series that debuted during my week, the final week of Jun, N, nine hundred and eighty eight, but unfortunately we lost the television series. We lost the television series named Jj starbuck. It was a television drama on NBC. It follows Jj starbuck, an eccentric, Texas billionaire, who unfortunately loses all of his family in a plane. Accident gives up his fortune in his business and B, decides to travel the Earth as a private investigator. Why not? So? Basically, if you can think of this character, take up like jbl from the WWE and Matlock and make him one character. So he went around wearing the big white Texas hat the Bolo Tie. He had the white convertible with the horns on the hood and he'd kindof travel around from town to town, helping people out. They lead aftor in the roll of Jj starbuck Dale Robertson about halfway through the season actually suffered an accident while he was at home during filming. He fell and broke his hip, so they had to write it into the script. So the the creator of the show actually brought back a nother character from one of his previous shows, and that was the character of ten speed Turner played by Ben Vereene, who was popular and his other show ten speed in Brown shoe, which was, of course Denverine and Jeff Goldloom. So we have the unfortunate demise of J J starbuck a show that well, it probably wasn't going to get any better. Anyway, that's what we got a final episode June: Twenty Eighth Nineteen. Eighty Eight! Don't you hate it? When you have a one point or one point round, O it's horriful mabolikejust like if they would have put Chucknorus in Dallas, the big one they have all the intro to the series and stuff upon you tube. You can go and check it out it it it's a Hoopman. I know I'm not doing a great job of selling this ticketbut keep going. You got to go with the hand you're delt man, so maybe Jj starbuck will ride in on his S. big white convertible and saved me on this pick, but I don't know all right. Man Crush what e you got for this round. Well, it's funny that you went that way. 'cause I almost went with the waverley wonders, which was a a TV show: N Nine Tueen ND. Seventy eight with JOE NAMETH OO, Tha, equal washed up professional basketball player, who becomes a gym teacher and it only lasted like four episodes, but I didn't do it. I I kept digging and reading newspapers dotcom until I found this one from June, twenty fifth n Nineteen, a seventy eight and I did go with some news. But up to this point you had the ABC Evening News and it was always the there wee always third place in the ratings to c BS. N NBC. You know their nightly news program at the time it was called the bcing evening. News- and it was done, like all other shows, were from their New York. You know like their studio in New York. Everything was broadcasting out of New York, and then it was- and now it's on the twenty fifth that they would be changing their entire format and rebranding. The show ABC world news tonight, so they would become the first major news network to newscast and not a focused ancor desk in New York. Instead, there would be three major anchor positions in different locations. The'd have a national desk, which would also be like the Coordination Center Broadcasting from Washington DC that one was hosted by Frank Reynolds. Then you had a domestic desk in Chicago. There was manned by the first ever African American anchor Maxh Robinson, which is huge, and then of course, you had the foreign news desk, which was manned by the legendary Peter Jennings from London, and then, let's not forget about the iconic Barbara Walters, who they would have doing her own special coverage, news desk, which will be shot out of New York. She was originally out of L A and they moved her to New York instead. So New York's, not totally vacant but now they're only getting special news coverage and this new, like format that they did with this. It would change how all these the news was delivered for them and for other networks and AB C would eventually topple both NBC and CB s and become the most watched evening news program for the first time in their existence, the show is still around today, obviously Toga. What's the guy's' named David Meer or whatever it's a consent back and forth now between them an ABC, whoever is the top slot and they have been there since they made this change. I nineteen seventy eight. So not too often do we see, like a network, T v change that works out, but this one did and it's the announcement of the new ABC World News Tonight. Can you just picture Peter Jennings with like London behind him when he used to do that? Yeah like ICOTIC way better than the waverly wonders debatable, but yeah? That's why I had for the TV in Nineten, seventy all right, boby craft. What have you got for the television round? Well, gentlemen, I'm going to finish strong, I'm going to swing for the fences here, I'm talking about a show that aired and syndication daytime syndication for that matter. Beginning June, twenty second nineteen, Ninety eight and that is the Hawi Mandel- show taped. Unfortunately, in the same studio ore, legendary talk show host Johnny, Carson Film. The tonight show the variety shows. First guest was Jennifer Aniston, also futured a cameo from Jaleno who appeared on the premier to wish Mandel luck well in a legendary talfore shadowing, the show was cancelled in April n nineteen. Ninety nine, so Leno's words really had no weight behind them other than his own. The program also featured up and comhers s musical acts like Brittaney spears before her big break. Despite the star power involved, the shel never really drew well in the ratings. Actually on like browsing through some of the newspaper archives, I saw an advertisement for the Halimandel show in Chicago airing at three thirty five am so. This was very early daytime by that standard. Is that early daytimer's that late late late night couldn't tell Yau? I guess it depends on who you ask like Corson daily territory. Well, it was. It was weird because, like t, the show had, like you know, a tvpg rating, but there was like this running gag for lack of a better term here, because Mandel would frequently use the word penis on air, no idea why it was a thing ah, but yeah, it didn't last very long June. Twenty second, Ninety eight to April nineteen. Ninety nine didn't even make it as long as his animated series Bobbie's world, which I feel like you probably should have stuck with that ran for eight years, yea and featured featured musical compositions by the incomparable John Tesh on Bobby's world or on this talk, Yeah Yeah Bobby's. This is why I'm saying you should have stuck with that. You want to talk. starpower Bobby's world was where it was at John Tess should have been the bandleader on the talk show. You would have thought so, that's crazy, all right! So, let's throw it down to judge R J city for the ruler, I'm feeling so judicious that I want to plant some cultural pop cultural seeds. For You, gentlemen, that I think will be of your intrest some things you can keep in your back pocket, maybe pull out in later. Episodes keep mentioning Benparen, which is fantastic, also have to point out a show he starting called Zoobelis. Yes, Lov was on pbs and it was almost like the isle of Doctor Moreau. IAS, a children, Shell of half human half animal. The parent lady still gives me nightmares to this day. There you go and he played mayor Ben, who, I believe, Wis a lion in a top hat and let's not ask too many questions, but let's enjoy that. Also on the heels of JJ starbuck. There is an episode now, of course, on the non wrestling show and bringing up this obscure wrestling Trivia at some point during the WWC w Saturday night years it was taken over by the N Wo and they called it n wo Saturday night and they would wrestle jobbers on the show and make fun of them and one of the jobbers, and I will never forget it- was named Joe Joe Star Buck andtothin. Bat Keavinash only did that because he was a big fan of Jj Starbo. I would hope I would say ABC is is funny 'cause, I always think of it as the ABC Disney as a kid's channel or a family channel. You know and n. You don't really think of it as becoming number one and news, but then you think ATC twend, an twenty. You can think of twsend ad twenty without thinking of Aby t rigt, hew douns, it's fascinating to me also. I believe I believe that the hawimandelshow led to how he' spot on the tonight show where he would do pranks correct and it was called like how we do it, how we do it yeah and I as much as I loved Bobby's world, I absolutely hated howing Mendal the person there is also an album. He did a song, he put out called, do the WATUSI and I kn I'm getting blank faces and I'm happy. I am because none of you s know Thas, but I urge you later if anyone's listening to this David Mobile Anybody, please you to do the Latuzi by Hawiman Dele and it is the absolute worst comedy song. I've ever heard. It's Bernie toppin's worst writing ever easily and H. handsdown doesn't even come close. So if we're going by GRAVATAS- and I believe we aren- because you know me- I'm a big softe for Peter Jennings Eto go rest on piece with the ABC World News Tonight. It 's a big change, did you he was. I didn't realize this until I was doing the research. He was the lead anchor of that show in the sixties wowing when it wasn't like. I guess it wasn't any good, but he was and he's Canadian, yes Eluya, and then he starred in that Spin off movie with John Candy Cool Jennings Tat, a newscaster who Bob sleds it's eight is outthe best. That's one of the bestit's up there all right gentlemen. You know what that means. Once again, we are tied at three apiece with me and mancrush. So we go to the final wild card round. All right man crush, you want to go first on this one or should I I go first Al Right, so I was going to use this for my hot products, but I didn't exactly know how we'd fly but fuck. I es it now. Wel See I'm on like a really bad slide too at is this like four weeks in a row, I just got a message say from our listener: EREC cluly, who was like dude? Why the Fuck Havn't you won I'm like forever, and I was like Dud- I just like whatever it's just having a good time he's like no, it must be burning you up inside and that was fine until he said that and now I feel like Shit. So I'm going to give you this one all right, so this is out of the Daily News. It could either be a news story or a hot product I was actually going to use. T is for a hot product. The new story at the Daily News and the the titalest story is weeds. High, as COP's heads on Dust Street got my attention. A sign on the corner reads: West, one hundred and twenty third street, but in the drug underworld this one block strip of the tenements known between Lennox and Seventh avs in West Harlem is known as Dustreet. It is a block where every stoop is a femous address, nown for either the pusher who sets up shop there or the brand of angel dust that is hawked, and it is where patrons from Elong, island, Westchester, Connecticut and New Jersey get curbside service for scores of dealers who openly sell their wares and then there's a bunch of quotes from drug dealers which are fantastic in here, hey man, I got the dust just picture of this dude running up to your video to your vehicle at a stoplight, overhey man. I got the dust I got black pistacio said the man in a red baseball cap who stood in the middle of his street with his hand up to stop a carload of potential customers. When the car stopped he trotted over to the open window with his stash of drugs in a battered Brown shopping bag. I got the dust he repeated nervously. I the occupants of the car, how much asked the driver it costs five dollars for enough weed and the angel dust mixed with marijuana to make two healthy joints, and it goes on and on and there's like all these conversations with these guys at the street corners. But it's so funny like and they're saying how like cops, are literally three cars away and they're, just they turn a blind eyed to this entire street, there's like AF bucket, so it feels like almost like Fulton market, but for drugs. Where was this Aa Dustry, it's west, one hundred and twenty third between Lenox and Sevenh to AB in West Harlam, I'm sure it's not like Da whis quyte a business as Ron Oka op. They still open like there's like profiles of each dealer that they talked to in this article. It was a really long article. It was one of the reasons I didn't pick it and how each guy has like a cote name for his own product. Like this Gy says my dope is better than anybody's. If you drive along Ene hundred and twenty third on any given day, you might be asked to sample black beauty, two minute warning, or so s each one of variation of the same dangerous drug wow. That's actually a pretty awesome article man that's way ahead of its time, we're talking seventy eight and basically what you just found was annege's list for drugs. It was like it was going to the mall like th mall of America, for dug that's awesome, O guy, so for my wild caught round. I almost picked this in my music round, but I wasn't really sure because you know it's just not that strong. It's the third single released off an album that came out in nineteen eighty seven the year before so tactically. I didn't want to use it for my music round 'cause, it wasn't release, but the third single it came up on the billboard, hot one hundred charts on June twenty fifth nineteen. Eighty eight, a song called sweet child of mine by guns and roses charted on the billboard charts for the very first time didn't stay on the charts very long. Only about a week and then it dropped off, but it would jump back on the CHURCS again a few weeks later and become the bands only number one: U S single and it was ranked as the number five song in nineteen eighty eight. What did you pick for the music round? Public enemy, H, Yeahso? I didn't go with sweet child of mine because again the album did come out a year before it is single, it's just the release of a single, but I want to bring it for the wild card round. So that's what I got the release of the single, a sweet child of mine. So let's go down to judge R J city for the final ruling on this game. Well, N, nine, utndred and eighty eight is my birth year and it is a stong about a child. So clearly that's destiny to me and not destinyes child either I mean it's: It's a sweet child. You understand what I'm saying. I also think it's crazy that it was that was their biggest hit and every horrible gym you walk into and every indy wrestling show you go to. playis. Welcome to the jungle yeah, that's very interesting. Based on that, and because I have a very staunch anti drug stands, I'm going to go with guns and roses all right. Fine, that's why I didn't pick it for hot. I was scared to pick it for the music round, just 'cause. I thought that man cruch, would absolutely murder me on the fact that the album was atlease like a year before, but if you're picking a single, that's okay, if there're singles released during that week, then you're good ye h, but if you guys had an album that was released on that date, I feel that the album actually released carries a little more weight than the single, so I wasn't sure Wi picked hot, not so nat the album. So that means I pick up a win yet again, man, I used to lose all the time. Now. I've picked up a couple of victories this. This luck, ain't going to hold up for long, but I want to think our awesome judge, R J city for being a great judge on this one. Thank you. I. It was a pleasure, and hopefully I can come back with my new comedy partner next time, Michael Windslow, we're going to be called sounds of the city. Maybe you can come with your tag: team partner, 'Caus e. It was funny like after the last h episode, David Arce had sent us a message saying. Thank you I guess for mentioning his dad or whatever. Yes, so I was like hey while you're messing, I was like your tag. Team partner was on. It was like Jamie Kenn, he was just on. I was like it's just like the natural progression that you'd be the next person he's like. Well, I'm filming right now or doing something or whatever he's like, but contact me next month and ws yes keep tabs and then we can all try to get him to sit still forazon col hold. I have a David Mobile Update as well. Oh Yeh. He said I hope I get another nice shot out from you guys, 'cause. I made you guys famous, I told him. We bought him ACAMEO Seso E, and he sent me the gift of the guy going like this. You know from Um what movie was that Forobo this one? Oh, is that the one with when George cloonhy's in a trunk, No NAPOLEAN ITA Napolan AA? Well little does he know that this is really thetain tribute aiwe should actually for the you know we put out the the little clips or whatever you should use the clip of the David Mobile Cameo for that only if you make a pankge of him and put it in the graphic. Oh my God, that's what I want just in the corner, just so hes I on the SI hehad no mention of his name or anything just like his face. Yes, that's a great idea, all right, R J, so tell everybody what you've been up to what project Syou got working on and what are you got N up? I don't know the same shit. I was doing the last time really it was like Tinthin was in insearth hew. I said last yes, yet I will tell you something which is amazing. My birthday is coming up soon, as I had mentioned, and I got a gift from David, our quet today, and it's this wonderful painting of Jerry Lewis as the mad hater from Alice and Wunderland Aropo of nothing, and even though it's not painted by Jerry Lewis, it's autographed by Jery, liver, O, my yeah, so I'm I'm quite stunned, I'm quite touched, and I'm going to have to send him back an equally bizarre piece of Jerry Lewis Memorabilia. Why don't you get a mcamio from David Mobile? I think that would be rat I'll tell him that this is like Jerry's Nehna maing of Parthur. Yes, I think that would be great and you can hang it a little lopsided for that realistic work. Well, that was streatit, yes, realit! Well, IT'S GETTING TO THI SKEW! You know yes, realism, but I think if you let your eyes relax, I think you can see tatit's a sal boat, arge salsorry, but you have to let them g finally go relax, don't see if yo don't look at it hold. I I'm looking it up right now, B, rarthur naked yeah, and that would be a nice. The first time, that's in your search, history, no ob right up when I said B and it it it goes really nice. I have another companion, art piece of herb, Edelman's nees w now what kind of species of dinosiur what what kind of Speci hes hers her Redlemans Peaniss, no, no Er tear it's a Brnatourus, just relax, relax and then bring it a little closer smoothly. Note too rough, Hee, Hu I'd be really delicant with it. She got great nipples in this picture, though yeah, and that of course is, is you know what I'm kind o surprised he doesn't have that picture o should have it get a form again get it invele get on a canvas for him, a double Chucki's, wife all right. Well, once again, I want to think our judge R J city for coming on and judging yet another episode. hes welcome back anytime, but don't worry jewelers. If you've missed an episode, you can always head over to dueling decades dotcom, where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes. You could subscribe on spotify really wherever pod cast can be found and then, while you're on the INNERWEBS head on over to facebook, dotcom forward, slash duling decades, where you can join the group of all of our other duelers and share some of your very own Retro Memories. So until next time Jewlers were going to bid you a piece, love Lightn, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone inferemedia

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