Dueling Decades
Feb. 10, 2021

Robert Tepper returns to judge this birthday battle between 1978, 1984 & 1995!

Robert Tepper returns to judge this birthday battle between 1978, 1984 & 1995!

With Marc turning 43 this week, we're ready for a retro birthday extravaganza! So for a birthday bash, we needed someone who knows the crew really well. A man that takes no prisoners, believes there's no easy way out, the angel of the city himself, Robert Tepper! This cast favorite is back for his third appearance behind the bench, and as usual, he proves that he's "Better Than the Rest" when it comes to judging. Tepper swings the gavel harder than most, and even proclaimed "I love this show! Who else talks about this sh%t?! It's unbelievable!" Well, here to deliver more copious amounts of excrement, Mike Ranger brings the very best from his 13th birthday in, 1995! Mike Ranger is followed up this week by a man on a wicked losing streak, Mancrush travels back to his 6th birthday in 1984 looking to strike pay dirt. Rounding out the competition, it's the birthday boy himself, Marc James with his actual birthdate in 1978! Happy birthday Marc!


Once again, Robert Tepper doesn't disappoint behind the bench. The guys have never actually met Robert, but it sounds like they've known him forever! In this episode, you may hear something about Marc wishing he was born in Iowa, Bakula sparkles on WPIX, Mancrush spends a weekend with Diane Lane, Tepper loses his mind at a Phish show, Chris Isaak gets overpaid, a band that doesn't pander to fans, Dr. Ben Casey falls through the stage, Mancrush's plea to Major League Baseball, a man gets unexpectantly blown in his car, nerds with lots of money, an unconventional convention, Mike Ranger makes a call to his past resignations, simple lives aren't simple, tennis with Dave Grohl, the Ranger family goes to the drive-in, bypass patch cords for everyone, DLR asks for a bump, Zeke and Jerry turn to crime for the American dream, and why the hell are we headed to Lancaster Pennsylvania?!


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OCAST NEW YORK, as up doing dacade is, is wax piece of all you guys and thanks for having me on the show, will it be the s or the AIS, Beeni babies or crack babies, really Paner, Boda or macdon? Maybe Bricty? Maybe Whitney. Do you like new little a new wave, Dave, ROE or Super Dave? I don't know, but now the vattl begins doling decades. Let's see who wins Jo s, brougesting from the podcast New York Studios, it's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to doeling decades. I am Mark James, and this week we bring you a best of birthday battel, as I w'll be representing the day of my birth February, Fifth Osnineteen N. seventy eight. Alongside these other jewelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off and rock in the ES, say hello, Tomancrush Yeah. I got my sixth birthday, my sixth birthday, which falls on Friday, the thirteen Friday April thirteenth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four also joining us on the panel and rapping. With the S. please welcome back to the show the incomparable micgranger hey, what's going on guys, I'm Mike Ranger from the video Rangers podcast and I'm celebrating my thirteenth birthday on July for Onethousand, nine hundred and ninety five, and as always here on the show we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness returning to the show is one of our favorite celebrity guests judges and maybe because it's like his song, says he's better than the rest oh rise and welcome back judge Robert Tepper. Here you hear you how you doing gentlemen. What's going on, I was going no say it's been a long time, but we just been talking for an hour, so we've been talking for O and having a great time Lidies and gentlemen. The following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. The judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. Remember doelers, to review the show, listen subscribe and play along at home, it's time for more doing as OO. Let's throw it right down to celebrity guest judge Robert Tepper for the coin toss pit us, okay, her we are call it in the Air Mike you call it heads. I just threw my keys down the sewer it' ads, all right, all right, mic! Rane! Are you on the coin toss and you get to select our first category. This is the worst part because I'm never prepared. I never expect to win come on all right, let's go with TV, because this is just fucking, spectacular, so yeah on July. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five at nine PM eastern time on W PIX. The annual fourth of July firework show aired for everyone who refused to just look out the fucking window. The amazing part of this event well. Well, it was hosted by Quanum Leipsone Scobacula wow yeah, that's a big game for WPIX was pix local. It was local channel eleven and in a try state area right in the tristate area. Is anyone going to know that that's pretty cool yeah, so Scott Bacula hosted the firework show? That's a topic. That's got like Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety five man. So that's right out of quantum leap, so yeah out of quanum leave before Major League. Three perfect storm was was he was he from New Jersey or somethere in New York? I'm not quite sure I should have done that kind of research, because that would have gave the topic a little bit more likes all right. Well, let's go leap over to man crush. What did you bring for the television round? Oh Man, what do I bring you so we're going to go April, Thirteenh to April iteent, O one thousand nine hundred and eighty four? Not that's just one day we get three days and I feel like this makes me sound older than I am because growing up I had this old westinghouse thirteenage black and white TV in my room until about m one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, when my dad got a used, fifteen inch, color TV, it was I just want to know like was I the only one here that had a black Il Robert. You can't answer this, but everybody else do anybody else. Have a black and white TV yeah I had a black and white TV, it was. It was one that was up in my grandmother's attic and she just gave it to me and it was the first TV I had in my room. My first television in my room was a thirteen inch black and white as well, and I distint of Cor. Remember watching happy days on it. I'm telling you I was Theintenna, my father, woul Tay, l right to Thele. I told somebody this the other day they looked at me like I had five heads like I. I just thought it was common. I thought you know back in the s everybody whas growing up started with one. Can I tell you something these kids? They look look at what they're looking at they're constantly watching a screen of some sorts. The fact that we had five channels and black and white thing is like you might as well be talking like Scandinavian to the they have no concept they're like wait. Dow You grow up in Bangladash like where. Where are you really? Where was it? Don't tell me about you, Pitiful II, I've got fifteen screens right here, I' trying to wanch all right so anyhow, so I had this little thirteenage black and white in my room right and it was one of those TVs. I had the VHF and UHF nobs on Hor so initially like. I basically only had thirteen channels like you were saying before, to choose from so right around this time. My parents got me one of those old Gerald cable boxes that had this is the old one i Mike we talked about this couple weeks ago. It had like twelve switches on the top. Where you can, you basically can do three channels on each switch yeah, and I was six years old using this fucking thing, N, F, wy kid looked at it now would be like the fuck. What here is that wait? Yeur nine eighty four wow and I had that thing up until like the lates. Until I got like a digital box, this is, I finally got cable in my room now at this point so, but we only had basic cable at the time. So when I ran across this ad, I was all over it, because six year old me would have been losing his shit at this and here's the AD. It says here comes free, tell event: here's your chance to sample HBO and Cinemax Without Obination to buy a thing, it's Freehbo and Synmax all weekend long and now it it like. I couldn't give a shit about free, cable now, but like free ca e on thousand nine hundred, an four ou six, that's like finding a twenty dollar bill in the ground or something that's come on. Man You just sat down is Friday night and Cindemax is running a free weekend and some really good tornes on Ecty whatthe Fuck Teino. My Hi is amazing, so hereare, some of the free options that I had- and these are all perfectly legit for six year old man cross by the way. So I had the outsiders- I mean y Diane Lan Tink on Fragal Rock Max dugen returns. Porkies, I mean what six year old tdoes are a lot of forkies the secret of Nim, my bodyguard cheecs and Chang, the movie, the ower that great movie about a Worldki, a killer drust in war war. Two fatigues can't go wrong. There, George Burns in concert, I mean the list goes on and on. I had an entire weekend of the old boob Tube, because I got free HBO and Cinemax and Atn Tat. That's that's! THAT'S PRETTY COOL! You can't be free cable mark, throw it in all right guys so for my television selection, we're going to go over to February fifth on thousand nine hundred and seventy eight we're going to see what was on the old boob to will. My mom was in the hospital giving birth to me and Oh boy. We actually had a birthday celebration on at the time we had ABC's silver anniversary celebration will go to an article in the New York Times. It's been twenty five years since ABC became a television network ind the occasion calls for a birthday celebration that takes the form of a gigantic party attended by two hundred celebrities, who have been part of the network through pretape segments in a bonanza of our cable clips. The four hour program highlights various medical series hosted by Robert Young and Vince Edward Comedy, hosted by Mario Thomas and Henry Winkler. Adventure hosted by the Charlie's angels Westerns, hosted by the Great John Wayne Sports, hosted by Howard, Cosel Wowo's, hosted by Barbara Walters and game shows hosted by Monty Hall. Now the climax of the anniversary show is a teped sing along in which a hundred and fifty four black tie celebrities are all cohearsed on to a plexy glass stage. One of them is in fact Vince enwards best known for playing Dr Ben Casey. Yeah David Show Ben Tasy YEA. While on the stage you can watch them disappear because the plexy glass for beneath him gives way the actor drops out of sight and the sad part is Edwards required stitches in his leg and it was fully bandaged up the next day and he was fine, but the funny part is that Dr Ben Casey had to go see a doctor, Hea Ati go to to. So that's what was on TV, the night of Wa birth February, Fifth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight well as you burn on both of you to guys have a great one. I do vote for Wpixchris, nobody, evever, wow, Freehbo or edgeshow time or ax. cinemaxs right show time probably didn't even exist yet or every great actor. From my youth on ABC. Let's see God. Let me think, let me think love then Casey Love Father knows best. He was there too right, yeah that he was. He was at the thing. What did they serve that night? You know, I, the article didn't say what they served. So fish fish it sit was fish. It was awl who, from happy days, you know Yeh t the fish. I got to go with the AVC thing. It just encompasses my whole, my whole youth, it doesoover free cable. I know, but free cable, look. What it did we destroyed. The world look do is Wa we're all Gonno die watching fucking reruns of outlander. You know all right guys we'll go over to the hut products around next nice. That's Why r you picking that I saw you you kind of let us that way. HMM, you have an Olterio motive, no, not really all right guys so for the hut products around, we picked things that we would want for our birthdays and, coincidentally, the thing I would want most was on the night of my birth. So I'm not even sure where to start with this pick, because it is something that's so near and dear to me personally, so you'd want that right now. You would want that right now, right now, if I could have this now, abserfriging lutely, so I was born February Fif, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight and Callin Fay call it kismit and to quote the Song Mississippi, half step on the day that I was born, daddy sat down and cried. I had the Mark Justice Plain as day. It could not be denied because at the time of my birth, a band whose music years later would have such a huge impact on my life had just one of those special magical nights on what is remembered by those inattendants as one of the coldest nights of that winter in Cedar, Rapin Iowa on February fifth, a nineteen nd. Seventy eight one of the great shows was played by the grateful dead Whoa on one of the last shows of the early one thousand ninehundred, and seventy eight tour. The dead played for about seven thousand fans that night in a show that was initially panned by local journalist because of its four hour runtime, including a one hour setbreak that interrupt you, but it was the show, as was seven thousand hours. So a lot of people actually skipped out early, unfortunately missing out on the legendary second set that would later be immortalized on the third disk of Dix picks volume. Eighteen, the highlights of the show include scarlet fire that scarlet Begonia Seguatin to fire on the mountain. This version of it from this particular night is one of the best renditions of those songs ever put the tape. So That's what I'm picking FROR my hut product. If I could have seen any concert, it would have been the dead in Iowa February, F, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight on the night I was born. It just so happens that they're my favorite ban and they had a special night that night. So it's something I had to pick wow. Okay, where does breath far fall in on those Dick Picks? I think ret was born that night, but I' not. You might have been conceived that night, all right, let's toss it over to Mike Ranger for the hot products round. Oh well, thank you mark and I can't wait. You tell you about my pick, because it's absolutely fantastic because I found mine inside a Walmart Catalogu, stuffed inside and Ottawa, Canada newspaper and what we have here is a whole bunch of Sega products hat. We have a SIGA game gear, boatloaded games but, most importantly, a genesis model to with a thirty two x stuff deep inside the Carter Slot, sucking whatever life the Jenesis had left, also also packed in was doom thirty two x. What will not really packed in you you had to it- was a Malin offer all this for a hundred and ninety seven sixty seven Seco thirty twox Reles, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four discontinued, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six and goes down in history as the system that helped lead to the end of Sega's. Console participation, happy birthday yeah. But I really wanted this right around that time, not youand everybody, a little bitry really. I wanted in ninety four when it came out, but I couldn't find an ad for the Sega Saturn that they released. You know like six months later. That was a good idea. Let's have two thirty two bit systems on the market. At the same time, that's a good one, though that's a good one, all right, man crush. What did you bring for the hot products round? All right again April thirt t ne thousand nine hundred andihty four, I mean I just want to give a little backgrounds Ho things are a little bit different than a normal episode when it comes to these birthday battles. So since we only have one day, we don't pick something that came out on that particular day. In said, we pickd something that we'd like that. We would have wanted for a birthday like Mike Well Mike wanted that pput mark wanted to go to a concert on the day he was born, which would probably be kind of uncomfortable, but I get it e see is mot with Heri can see. Er Om with her leg, spread newcs picture tha man with Garcia, going push pthe funny part of that about. That, though, is I am sure that that happened. Thers many shows that they did. I am sure, my God id that happened many a time I'm getting tople went there, like you know, in the middle f like their contractions like yeah. The this is where I'm having my kid at a dead, show I'm Goin to have a dead baby al right literally, that's very funny. I'm going to have a dead baby, that's going to piss off the left, one one way or the other, but the only caviat. This whole thing is has to be something that we found in an ad from our birthday, all right. So with that being said, in an ad that I found in everyone's favorite as box retailer, Montgomery Ward, I found something I really want. One housand nine undred an iht four. It was a COLICO product. It was pretty popular at the time. At least I thought it was no matter like what store or what toy store. I went to matter of fact. There was always crazhese things in these massive boxes and around that time I only had an itary twenty six hundred, but I really wanted a computer at sixty. Even at six years old, I wanted a computer. The problem was most home, compuner, one thousand nine hundred, and I ht four were super pricy. So if you wanted a home, personal computer, you'd best sell one of your kidneys, because that was the only way you're going to afford one. I mean F seriously. A few of thethat were on the market at the time the IBM compatible trs at from Tandy. It was about three grand, then you had. The Apple Toe is about fourteen hundred bucks, and even if you wanted to get a comodore sixty four, there was a full package with a printeter and everything your looking at about eleven hundredolars or so so for, like my family or basically, all the people that I knew growing up. This is like well out of our price range. Absolutely that is until KALICO came along with the atom, which was it was a complete computer system, keyboard, dot, Matrix Printer game, paddle, two tape dries and, of course, the computer system, which feeder, which featured atk of on board rang. I mean how could you go wrong there and all of that for the mere price of five N. ninety nine from or word yeah, that's fifteen hundred bucks in two thousand and twenty one, so you can have an entire computer system for our your family. I mean, if you look Ba one thousand nine hundred and eighty four and I'm not even shitting you and not throwing these numbers out most printers at the time like if you bought like an Oaki data printer or some shit like that Dob Matrix, you're spending six hundred dollars on that printer alone. So this deals an absolute steal. You got the whole thing and the other cool thing with the atom was- and this was a problem with most computer systems are coming out. The software libraries ot the time weren't very big, but the atom came out with a pretty decent software liar library from day one. What was what was some of the programs ipretty much everything I mean like you, had your word processing and all that, but here's here's the problem with the whole things see. I live my life on two mottos. We talk. We talked about on the program before the program at I've. Now I really sound like I'm. Eighty years old, but I'm bringing it out in everybody, that's a weird wild stuff. I live my life by the seven PS prior, proper planning prevents Pisspore performance and, of course the other one. Is You get what you pay for, and unfortunately, this computer? It was plagued with problems in production and that kept Caliko from releasing on time, so they they didn't, get a really good Christmas release, so that crippled the atom from the Geko. So that's why, by April, this thing is only five ue n, ninety nine for the whole package and even though they sold three hundred and fifty husand units, but they just contenie yeah, that's pretty good. I mean that would put a debt in the home computer market, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, but they ended up discontinuing this Ne Husand. Nine hundred and eighty five- and you know, even though it didn't take off like it was supposed to it- did enough to damage the family computer market with those three hundred and fifty thozand units where, if force the competition to begin lowering prices and bundling systems together, which they hadn't done before that. So we didn't get something from the atom, and this was this was interesting that I passed up. There's a group of Adam fanatics where they meet up they've met up every year, since one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine. He had this thing called the Adam Kan and they all get together. I don't know if they had one during COVID, but at least up totwo thousand and nineteen. If I could be a fly on a wall anywhere, I would definitely like to be at Adam Conn dos just see. Who shows up really. I would totally like to go th anywhere. You could be a Flyin, a Woll, it's at the Adam Kan the out of dude. Can you imagine whos it thesane things that are talked about right there I mean t, that's where real business is done, mark really tons of POLICO con kind of Sore. Is it this thing but yeah out of computer baby? That's awesome man! I had a CLICO vision, so so is kalico still around the company. They, I think they are as a as a license, but they, I don't think they manufacture anything they're. Actually they actually were a leather company was what they were and they got in with the CALICO vision and then came out with the atom, and this all happens during h- the video grame crash in eighty three and eighty four. So it was like the worst time to release the fucking computer sless and they picked up the cabbage patch kids along the way yeah they oh you're, kidding me. That's pretty yea and I had one of these. Eighty seven companies bought cabbage patch kids along the line. CALICO just happened to be one of them man, you guys know a lot of stuff sobud, it's Sobad all right. Well, let's go down to Robert Tepper for the ruling on the hot products round, wow you're all you're, all like it's it. This is a hard round. Okay, so let me let me start with. Let me start with the graceful dead. Most of the people are at that show er, probably dead right now, because because the Jambias band ever eat your ticket stups eat your tickets, to nobody remembers the show, that's why they dape it because those people they just you know, I'm sure it was a great show, but it was like you know. Could we get a three and a half minute song from that bad? Is it? Is it possible and no it's not Pono, hey gotta buy the album. You got to buy the album and- and I justi've always F, found that bit absolutely fascinating and what was really crazy. Okay. This was the experience I had so you know I have five boys, so all of them, except O, my youngest one man, who's much more of a business man than any temper has ever been, but the older ones all me into music and my oldest son Max loved a band called fish right. Oh yeah and Wemember fish, and so he comes out here and he goes. Man is a fish show about it. Now he's about fifteen there's a fish chell about an hour from from La Dad. Cawe go I go. You know, I'm a I'm a weekend warrior dad. You know I'm a holiday Dad, I'm a Oh Disneylanddan. I said. Of course we can go. So I walk into this show with fish right and he's gone. I have no idea where he went and they start doing that. Dance. Okay, the dance! You know what Sticki I'm talking I do know. I know a talking, Abouti washipp bout, five hundred times. Okay, I tipped at least five hundred times. I've been sober for a while. Okay, because these trips were like, I saw a so Jesus from the project. Many times we were on the first day, okay and all of a sudden, I'm watching these people and I'm starting to feel like I'm G, I'm Goin to start tripping, I'm gointo start tripping again and it's going to be really bad, so I've been forced due to a survival technique. Inside of me to shun that band and andgahow long was that show like nine hours. There's no time limitg on those shows. Thes! There's like you know, I mean you got something else to do. We don't give a fuck we're, dropping Asit and playing until there's no electricity left we're playing. I was fortunate enough to go see one fish concert. It was three days long yeah three days, Welyeah Whatoh, it must have been a single. They played the singl it Wasit was three days long. Of course it was. It was like a whole weekend, festival thing, but only one band played. It was only fish right. You know that wake you up at six o'clock in the morning with a with the first set. They were excellent, it wasn't the bad, it wasn't the music, it was the people they started. Moving in this white man way that just it started to freak out my nervous discam I could. I couldn't handle it IAM very familiar with that dance, I'm usually the fat guy doing that dance at those show. No, really I get that bands is iponic and always will be, but ansecond. You know I remember when the computers first came out- and I remember I bought like an apple for like twenty two hundred bucks and all it did was like very slow word processing right. Very SI and Pong so mepapon yeah, the think did not. I that's why I wanted to ask you what was ipackaged with and why would you ever put a go these people who playing these games that probably don't even work? You know they were probably typing. Letters in the Z was probably didn't even work. You know it was like, Oh my God, the Adam never heard of it never heard of it. Well, here's here's what I came! WIYAO PRICE DOWN: HERE'S YEAH! Here's the original package, which this doesn't sound very exciting, yet Adam Banner, where you can use your your dtmatrix printer to make batters, then you had business pack, you could make batners yeah, which is pretty cool. You Gon bring them to the to the fish show with it. You had Adam Kelk, which I guess is a calculator. You had okay, Adam link, which is a hook up. Chour Modem, yea data calculator, Om home hold on the Adam, the speed of sound. You can download nothing, probably good yeah, probably not you had a home budget planning power print, a lot of stuff for printing personal checkbook, personal accountant. Why you need three different accounting programs? I don't know a smart Flyer, an other printing program, smart letters and forms savings and loan turbo load which Ini you see, Thais the problem hat you needed money, I didn't have any. You had seven programs and you could balance Ya checkbook with Youcan Bous, O check book fifteen ways to Sunday and no games, not one game there. Well, that's just what came with it. You could buy. They actually had a lot of games on cassettes that you can get because tets yeah and they they didn't work out too well yeah. They were Okaydo. Now I remember Sega, so I get invited. I get a call from a friend. He goes man you got ta o got to come down to house of Blues like right on sunset. I go way, go Sega, it's having a party and they hired Chris Isaac to play right. I thini go tri wow I mean Sagi was huge right. I mean there was nobody bigger than that company. I was upstains because I knew the person who who worked there right and I was upstairs when they paid Chrissisic. I saw them cut a check to him for ninety two grand he played an hour and thirty minutes. Okay. Ninety Two tho corporate gig- I mean Hughy Lewis used to be sent to Hawaii for five days. He played golf or four days to a forty. Five minute show come home, probably but seventninety grands in his parget in the wrong business. Sega was the kind of companyman I mean I had they were huge men. They were really really something at at the time now. We all know that, like everything people come in and it was decimated right I mean that's- probably not even a company anymore, I would have had well, they still. They still release Arcade Games. They still produce games, they just no longer make consoles okay, so they produce games and make games. You mean that you play on big time, computers or is it all reto? Well now you can play sonic on like a Nintendo system right, which is insane. I hop. I gotta give it to Saaman, because Saga Saga went and actually put a stamp on stuff that that lived on for a while, not to be too much of a serious judge, but I'm giving my vote to Te Saygo man, you gotta gotta, do it right there we Gogo Seot, say o abut the Adam was next to u and six years old. That's what I wanted and when this all is you and I are going you and I are going to one of those things because they gotta think they bring nothing else back. They got to bring won in. U Dudethousand and twenty one. I'm going to call you we're going to find out where it is we're goingto go TEPA, bbein, rancaster, Pennsylvaaecokay, I'm there it's Atit's at the county, fair couy right next to the Pik Way Oo, the vfw, that's Funy, all right! Mi Ranger! You picked up a point heading into our final one point round and you have control the board. What category are we going with next? Well, I think I'm going to go with news mark alriaty nos good news, a bit. It can only be good news, so I found an article in the Daily News on July fifth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, which means it was written on July. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred an ninety five, which also means Associated Press Writer. Dan Blake was not very independent on Independence Day. The the title of this article is Bill. Gates is the world's biggest millionaire, which isn't really true he's only five foot ten, the article reads: Microsoft, Mobile Bill Gates is the world's richest person, with a twelve point: Nine Billion Fortune Billion dollar fortune according to Fi, he's been rich for a while Cordin to Forbes magazine the thirty nine year old billionaire's wealth rose from eight point: one billion in the past year, as Microsoft, Stock Price Rose Gates was the richest Amerian one thousand nine hundred and ninety four and rank second world wide. At the time of this, Article Forbes counted three hundred eighty eight individuals or families with at least a one billion dollar net worth today. Bill Gates is an estimated Neth worth of hundred and thirty four billion dollars. Very nice he's done well for himself yeah. His mother should be his mother should be very proud college. droping yeah, not bad, for God- drop that of Hovit crazy. All because Xerox didn't want to spend the money to buy the copyright for Computers Right Place, the right time, all right, man crush. What did you bring for the news round, all right once again April thirteent Nineteyn four. I feel like I'm on point with that one day, I'm not going too far away from it, but soapbox time here I feel like there's an annual occurrence. It might even happen the last time Robert Teppers, on this episode, but I need to bring up this dude and it came up on my birthday and until they finally let this guy into the hall of fame, I'm going to keep bringing them up. I watched that hoze Canseco documentary last night. It's on prime, it's okay. Does he get into all the darkness? It kind of does and that's why I brought it up, because there are a lot of people that you know I mean, let's face backs for one thing or another, like baseball is filled with dudes who cheated and there's a lot of these dudes in the baseballall fame, and I mean I guess, as a seeing goes. If you an't cheat trying, but my man Pete Rose, he never cheated. He just bet on some fucking games and Bil by all accounts. It weren't even his game, so like let's get over it, let's let the the best pure hitter in the history of the sport, let him in the Damn Hall of fame. Before he dies, I mean for real. There are worse things this guy could have done besides betting on games, but anyhow, let's go his new storyes from April thre, teenth ninete four in Montreal, while Old Pete was playing for the expots that like season and a half or whatever he was there, but on that evening Pete collected hit number fourthousand and for those of you who were scoring at home, it was a double joining ti cob as baseball's. Only two players to reach that figure now that occurred thirty seven years ago, allright in a couple months, would be thirty. Seven years ago there are still only two players in that four thousand hit club and the closest active guys right now, Albert poohls and Mgel Cabrera Albert is forty and has three thousand two hundred thirty six hits mcguel he's thirty seven as two thousand eght hundred sixty six, so not even clotes, not even close. These two guys are going to be by themselves for another decade, at least maybe two dack who knows, but this is pretty crazy too so ol pete he got his four fourthousand hit April, thireteen ninetty four at the age of forty three. By the way he got his first major league hit on April thirteent, one thousand nine hundred and sixty three. So twenty one years to the day he got is fourhouzand hit p. He would go on to play for two more seasons. He finished up with a major league record, four thousand two hundred a D, fifty six hits and a career batting average of three o three. Let this man ID let him in paid the man his money yeah come on, but yeah. It's S, four thousand tit on my sixth birthday, fantastic, all right! So for my new story, we're going to go over to an article in the Detroit Free Press, says Remy Julienne, the French stuntman, who drives his feeout over a waterfall and television commercials, has nothing on Conway Davis of Detroit's east side on his way to work Tuesday morning about nine, am Davis drove his Fiot over a Detroit Edson Manhole, just as it exploded his card did with witnesses and police officer, Michael From described as a Sumersault corkscrew ten feet Ino the year before it landed upside down at the intersection of Connor and convusal. I bet you could use a drink officer. From said I don't know what happened. Davis said I was driving about thirty miles an hour and the next thing I knew the car was up in the air officers on duty said they saw Davis's car fly up in the air and land on its top. The two thousand pound car touched down about twenty five feet from the man hole. Davis had been traveling north at the time now the article goes on to talk about what possibly could have caused this, and there was a shopowner about seven thirty in the morning, sor all the lights start flickering in his business and then a few minutes after that, somebody came in and said they just drove over an open man hole cover, and then it happened again at nine am so manhold covers were popping up all over the place. What they believe happened is there was an electrical short en some of the power lines underground and then exploded a a bunch of Methan gas and because they kept putting all the manol covers back in place, the gas and the pressure built up and it dejected his car twenty five feet in the air for free for Free Youd, even have to wait in line at the end of the day. He says he's got a headache and Ha sord back and he doesn't want to go anywhere near a car for a while. So that's what I got for the news story, man, this would have been the ultimate viral video bun. I One thousand nine hundred and seventy eight and there's no cell phones exactly exact. We went ruined it all now. Everybody's recording everything I know. That's it see nothing special anymore. People would have looked at them and you know I got my uncle did that you know it's only like twelve likes on instagram now. I know why you guys keep invitin me back. I love this show man who talks about this shit. This is believable. who gets the talk about this shit? Okay. So it's up to me now right I got a judge and let's STORP the Bill Gates. Bill Gates has been rich for a very, very long time and we'll be rich till the day he dies. He'll behe'll go down an infamy and all because you know I don't know I like Hem, you know what I mean, I think, he's a pretty cool guy. They give away a ton of money man, they give I away a ton of like ten million a month or something crazy like that right and I really feel like no matter how it shakes out. Like you know, I mean he was smalter than the average bear. I mean the story goes that Xerox could have owned the computer. You know t e the Toy right e and they did not want to pay for it. They didn't want to pay for it and he said it's okay, I'll build them anyway. You just give me distribution and when et came dying time to take his thing and go some place else. He just said. I owe you nothing right, because I there's no paperwork, you don't own this. I do so. You got to give bill points for that. That's great, shrewd! You know true smart young. I mean, I remember seeing him on Ti. You know cover ot time when he was like twenty three years old. He was amazing. You know, then Det rose to pit rose stories because he's in that way he has har daughter who wants to be a singer. So my friend calls me one day and he said: We'r Briying Pete rose his daughter over. She wants to record some stuff. I said: Please don't okay, I just I' Love Pat Rose, you know, but it's like you know. I don't want to tell him that his thorgter sucks and he might hit I wutd baseball bet. You know this other friend Mike Mikei, who is the funniest guy that I know who doesn't get paid for being funny right and Mike says I'm at a garage sale. I said well who's Gorasso, because it's Pait Ros. I picked up a book. I said Pean, I have this. He goes. Yeah Yeu got some money, poor, Peete rosebeen talk about a guy. You know how that likeable thing goes a long way. There are people that people like right, Pete Rose was made, is Thett to the definition of we're going to make an example of this monthher fucker ind the dictionary there's a picture of peeper right. There are more contentious, ofseqious Dison, his mother fuckers in baseball, starting with Kanseco, who is the biggest piece of shit, probably who ever wantd the face of the earth and the only reason he ever came out and told. The truth is because he got caugh right: okay, yeah, so poor Pete Roseman. He had a little problem, Yeaa little problem. He liked to bet at least they better on other people, Yeah wer himself, either one yeah, but I heard he tripped his second basement. Outaypte Ros didn't do anything differently than Michael Jordan. Did Ten Years Lu, Michael Jordan did Michael Jordan was betting on what coin would hit the warl before games? Okay, he was flipping coins like on the street Yep. So all right and and and your story is what makes me Love Tho show what the fuck is. That story I mean man hole covers flying through space. He got a love, it's a show, but not this show. Okay, so I love Tete rose, I mean, maybe in another universe, this guy will come back. You know what peace problem is. It really is meen man Chris. He is not likable. You know what I mean. He is just not a likeable dudeman. It was like my friend said he' like ask thim for like a paperback, he said, would you sign and he goes Yeh for money. You know come on Peno money man, he probably did you know he did the card shows and stuff I mean he was it's. That is, I think, that's going to be a great movie one day. Look how many times he did. Those wwe events were C Riy pill drive him or whatever just youre right ND. He made it into that hall of Fame Yeah. He madeit it ta right, but it's like there's a real there's, a real like American, a tragic American story right there, because the guy could fucking hit at baseball like nobody else ever goodness life, you know so pt rose wins that round. Fo Me, you know what do you know what's sad, though too, I think there's probably because of the fact that he's not in the hall of fame, there's, probably kids. Now that don't even know who the fuck Pete rose is yeah. Without a freaking doubt you kidding o like Yo ro, who, what did you say? It's been thirtythirty seen year. He got his since he got his last hit. Well, that's thirty, seven years since he hit Fourthousano, he retirdedi after eighty five. So what thirty five years still man you know, Pete Rose was awesome and that you know he was amazing player andymays. It also kind of sucks to that. He hit number four thousand whet he's on the MONTRAL experts, yeah yeah, like I mean, but but there's certain things yeah. I don't think anybodys Ewe going to get near that one yeah. That's that's a ridiculous! That's a e ridiculous! Amad thing! You know he did play for a long time so and people are always like. Oh, he te tylers compilers, but he was doing it consistently for a long Asim, but but they took even when he was managing, I mean they took. They took what he loved away from him, and you know I mean all those guys used to do uppers and used to get stone to get fucked up before games and his whole generation. Where a bunch of drinkers it mean making Manne is probably drunk Alf the time he was out there. You know baseball, can't point its finger to anybody that sport. You know, because you know I mean they're- definitely justice for Pete, let thim Inthe Fucki and you know what it kind of hurt. The game I mean I watch now because my kid likes the dodgers because he's an La kid, but I don't love baseball like I used to I'll. Tell you right now. I don't you know, but that's because I'm old to- and that was the one thing I took away from the Hosecanseko thing last night, where he was talking about like in the early days. People are playing because they played to win they weren't playing for collegiks and shit like that Yeph. Now, that's that's all. It is all right. Man Crush, you picked up a point and you tie the game heading into our first two point round. So where are we going movies or music next man? I know this is kind of blasphemous because we have Robert Tepperon, but I'm going to go music movies, wwe'll wrap up with Mo, like I said he said music. He said music, so we'll go music here. Well, go o April Twelfth One thousand nine hundred and eighty four I mean we don't all have the luxury of having these picks fall on our birthdays, so we have to go with the closest date. Now I went into this thing thinking I was probably going to get some shitty pick like I don't n, like Kevin fetterlines album or some shit like that. Put. However, I got pretty we tatet. I got pretty fortunate to find an album that was released by some Canadian rock gods. This is the bands tent studio album, but, like it's previous album, it was pretty different than what we're used to getting from them in the S. it's probably it's one of those albums where you either love it or hate it. There's no gray area in this at all my personal feeling when a band changes gears like this, it takes me a bit more time to get into it because the change themf up, but I never feel personally slighted about it like it's just like what whatever. But when I was reading the reviews for this album. You would think that these guys were like lighting flaming bags of Shit on people's Porches, because people were like Thi fucking, terrible like what the Fuck Butow Dar yeah. I don't get it, but the out this album actually didn't do too badly. It went platinum, it climbed. I number ten on the billboard, two hundred the album itself, it's pretty different than what we're used to their seveny sound, totally different, but I enjoy this albmum. Actually, I feel like I enjoy it more now than I did years ago, there's quite a bit of synth on this album, but I don't think it kills it. It's not overkill. I really dig the slight like Regga Guitar, like Vibe, that they have on some of the tracks, which is really it's kind of remicent, of like the police and Deranduran, which is different for this band, but it's still good and the band we're talking about here is rush, so for them it's new. It yeah. It's a no far cry from anything that Theyhad done prior to the signals album Yeph, but grace under pressure below signals away, good record. In my opinion record, I dig the fact that hey they kept with the synthvibe. After all, like the signals backlash, they were growing as a band and they didn't Keel to like fan pressure label pressure. They just said: Hey we're fucking rush, Anjoy shut up. This is our album, but I mean powerful stuff on this man red sector, a which is probably my favorite song, an the entire album. It's loosely based on Gedny Lee's, mom's imprisonment in like a Nazi concentration camper in a Holocaust Super Dark Lyrics D. I didn't even know that as a teenager, when I listened this album, I had no idea about that. So I mean listen to it now and knowing what it's about it's even darker than what I thought I mean the whole album is dark. The material. This whole thing is dark and it's very ominous- and this is a question for you- Rober, because you're a little bit older than we are. But you know you have like that. The Cold War threat kind of hang over your head and that's where you get from this album N, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, where I was only six, but were people really worried? Because if you listen this whole Almet, it's it kind of hangs over your head. Like there's a cloud like something had happen. An any moment you know. Is that how it was. I got to be honest with you at that time. You know there was more a feeling of like you know there was you know the Russian threat which is still prevalent today. It's so funny to me, but it's like yeah. I mean that threat was still very real. You know who was President N Naybe for if Rey Gat that point Reagan Reagan? Okay, sowe're Super Americana. You know what I mean we're turning away from you know: war starting was starting now to get into trouble in the Middle East with the whole thing with with Carter which destroyed his presidency right and yeah, I mean politically, we were, we were moving more towards you know and, and you got to remember the cocaine connection with South America at that time there was a lot of you know. I mean that Reagan was mixed up it. You know and rush russas a Veryi'll comment later all right, all right sounds good. I I ask you because, like at six years old, I didn't give a shit except for when they had the day after that that TV show about America getting nuked. I think that made it it sed in perspective, but but everything else is like at a I gotta tell you our jet, the generation from you know from the Cuban missil crisis, which I was probably your age six. You know I don't know, probably maybe a little older I mean there has been a steady dose of end of the world anxiety for the last, and now I mean how many you know, what is the dooms Tay clocked on like one minute to at this point? You know- and you know I mean it's great- it's great- that we all do this and it's great that we're all feeling but like we're in the middle of a fucking shit storm right now that has been building that has been building so yeah. So this is the perfect album for that I'll segue. With that right, there Aifi Gona go back, go and get Russia's grace under psure ECAUSE. That's a good red definitely falls in line, and you know what what else is crazy before we get on to t e Nextpick, Neil pert died last January than doesn't that feel like it was like five years ago with all the shit that went on. Yes, I it's something I want to talk about that I'm Gonto as a a as as as head the bottle washer. Here, I'm going to talk about swing that gavel. All right mark, I'm dot all right Mike Ranger. What did you bring for the music round? Well mark go released on July. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five American Rock Band, the FOO fighters released their selftitled debut album crapital records. The band was created by former Nevana Drummer David Grol as a side project to help a recover from the death of Kir cobain. The album had four singles. This is the call I'll stick around for all the cows and big me. The album reached platinum status in January of ninety six and is the band second best selling album to date behind the color and the shape, and that boys and girls is where I'm going to end it because well, I've talked about it carried on. So what so wonder so? The best song he ever wrote wasn't on that. That record not really, but I like Bigmi, Oh big me that ret that that video is amazing, no he's something elseman he's just something else, all right. What you got all right for my music pick. This is an album that starts with the sound of its band members. Car Horns. All sink together and then slowed down. That's the first thing you hear that was the first sound you heard from a band that would go on to become well one of the greatest American rock bands of all time in this album. Well, it's set the gold standard for rock and roll going forward, selling over ten million copies in the United States, release February, tenth n thousand nine hundred and seventy eight. I give you the self title debut album from Van Fucking Halen. I knew a hundred and sixty nine weeks on the chart reaching number nineteen in the US. The songs in the Sabum are just as legendary, and you know what there's not a bad song on the entire album. We kick off the album with the iconic running, with the devil, te Deat Sarr, and then it only took one minute and forty two seconds for the late Great Eddi Van Halen to become the God of Rock, as he dazzles us all with Aruption, and then they kind of go onto a well placed cover song with you really got me and then my one of my favorite tracks ain't talking about love, I'm the one Jamie's crying atomacans cra go ahead, feel your heart tonight, little dreamer ice cream man and on fire the very first album from Van Halen. I give you van Halen, one February, tenth n thousand nine hundred and seventy eight and that led to the black sabbathtor. You guys are cruel. This is a cruel ram for you judge. This is just like that fair. Where do I start man? I get. I got TA concise this into. You know I have to say this in a concise way, but it's too late for that. Okay I'LL! Do it in the same order, which you gave it to me. First of all, Wright. Neil pert. Did you see that documentary about this ban be honest with you man, the first time you know? I always I love the way they played this band. I always love to drum I loved and I but I was like coming up. You know I was more of like a Beatle Stones Guy. You know what I mean this. They were more like a. What would you call that, like MoD rock, you know what I mean likesike log yeah prog. Thank you. So it's like Pragra and then I saw this documentary and it was about two and a half hours. What a fucking story, what a band Neil pert dies and and Getty Le goes guess what this band is over. Do you understand there's no replacing this dude what he used to do he'd hand him a song. He would write every part to every song. The drum part I mean he wouldn't go in there and say: Hey, I'm gonna Jam, I'm going to keep it down. Like you know, what I mean every part was Anhe wrote the lyrics Yep right I mean he wrote most of Te Lyrics for this thing and that album was so cool because terandran and the police and and they fell in love with synthesizes. Just like everybody else did you know what I mean they they wanted to be part of that and Getny Lee came from this Jewish family up in Canada. You know who had suffered under the Hollicaust. You know and Mymenda m you just like you had such compassion for this ban. I this documentary, I mean you know, I'm an emotional artist, but it touched me deeply. It's like this was a fucking ban from the word go like like down to its roots like no, no we're, not peep towns in fucking, Keath woom dies and we got a new drummer next week. You know what I mean it's like that doesn't happen in this ban. Everybody is such a an you will not see I mean, maybe I shouldn't say you should not see, but I don't think you're ever going to see a rush. Maybe you'll see, like a you, know, a es don or some shit yeah, like you know, somebody like crasy in the bed, but neil purpose es intense dude man, the guitar player to every all of them were like so interconnected, and you know I was his voice took some Geg, but now I listend to those songs and I love them in and and and especially with. What's the movie slapin the base, I love you man, I love you an yeah Siketo best rush movie ever okay, but it's like that man that there was something like that. Doesn't Exi, don't think that exists anymore. Okay, I really don't almost like again were showing. What's this called it's an Astalgia show, isn't it okay, because Yep Olgen, you know I'm doing with myself right now and it's like that band was fucking, incredible, okay, just the way it played the way it saying we put its music together that that didn't that will never exist again in any way, shape or form all right. I talked so long. I think my brain just fell out because te got to go to the next one. So now you have the drummer from thevun right, the Drummin from Devana, who else right dave grow. It's like you can name. I don't know. I shouldn't say it like this, but naming a sound of a drummer right is really hard right. Dave girl has an actual sound. You know what I mean. It's like you know. You know the guy on the easy way out was is Ayb. You know, Myran granbacker had a sound, you know, anmyron sounded like Miran a lot of gemes, just sound like drummers. You know what I mean, but you know Dave Grirl is amazing, he's been every band, he touches. He is quite possibly as wes sitting here, the most famous musician in the world and he is the caviat which you're not even going to believe it guess who plays tennis with his wife, Jordan, Robit Eoh, my God nicest person right the nicest person ASD. So we play every now Anda. So I come in one day and who's thinking about playing tennis, but Dave right and Daves a goes, tepbory, cous, tep of Tempe. Don't you have that song? I saw your name in the Post. Thet Wese listing the best rocky songs and you woure like number three and four I go yeah I was in the Post. I said: There's nothing better for New York in an being in the New York Post. That's like the highest onit, the only chow, with Davis Dave, didn swing, the Ragget Dave Dove aftenaball. He played tennis like he's at a punk, show right, so he didn't stick with it, but his wife did it and I love dave girl, Dave Gowl is just amazing right and okay and the first fucking van Hallen mecory I mean Dave, was like so here I am young Robert Tepper, I'm doing a radio show in Boston and it's Davidly, wrougt Solo, Whitney, Houston, the fabulous keabirds and a small name on the bill. Robert Tepper, with his first. It Nou easy way out doing doing a show from the Boston garden right and Dave. Looked at me and goes hey man, you got a buck and I said Wic I did love Da. You know. Dave was just like the funniest mether fucking going man. I don't know, can you all get a point O we wtechnically? I guess you could because then we'd still all be tied going. You know what to be nice to me because you use the music. You use the music one. We can give everybody a point. It's a tie going into the into the last two point round. I don't make the rules. I just judge it like I siwhat. Do you think yeah I we could do we coul totally do that, because then it get's two to two to two and we got one route left. That was a great round guys. You all did great on that. That was so fun. That was a good one, all right. It all comes down to the movies round. You know what Mike Ranger, why don't you go? First, all right. Well, on July, seventh, O thousand nine hundred ndninety five humankinds three million year rain at the top of the evolutionary ladder finally comes to an end, so be intrigued, be seduced and be warned because men can't resist her and mankind may not survive in this Scifi horror, film, that's right, boys and girls. It's the s classic species. Is it a classic? It's not bad. was that was that F, Sesof, Speno Pece fieces is definitely a Classe, see that number two it's a spoof movie but yeah directed by Ronder Doll Sa written by Dennis Veldman Starrng, Michael Madson, Ben Kings, Ley, force whittaker and Natasha Hendrids. The film follows a group of scientists who are trying to track down and kill a hot alien woman who's, not nearly as friendly as Kimbasenger and my stepmother's aalien. The film received quite a bit of buzz due to Natasha's topless scenes endgrossed over a hundred and ten million worldwide yeah, so aspando, theatrical sequel and two directo video sequels species. Our time is up funny thing about this. I saw this in the Warwick driving. Actually, I didn't see this. They have three screens my parents took me and my brothers there and my brothers were there to see operation, Dumbo drop and while that was going up an great one, yeah well that was going on. I was facing screen number three and I saw the shower scene, the one where the elephant drops. It taws that Wan, yes, that one I asfollowd by like fucking down pariscope or something like that. JMS Dumbo drop man, don't Ju Anyway, prisonit sounded funnier in my head. Go ahead, all right, so I'll go next. For my movies pick we're going to go over to February tenth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight for a film written and directed by Paul shrader, the same writer director who gave you gave us gritty movies, such as taxi driver and raging bowl. This time he gets to work with the great actors, Harvey Kitel, Yafat, Kodo and, of course, the serious actor Mister Richard Pryor, who, in one of his first serious rules, got to do the movie blue collar and that's when three auto workers try to steal from the local union as they discover corruption of the Union and instead of stealing money, they actually find a notebook. They blackmail. The Union hilarity ensues, not really it's actually pretty much a down story. You expect who direct, who directed it Paul shrader the same. He wrote it and directed it. He wrote it as the first movie written and directed by Paul shrader. It's the first time that I did that I jen CISCOL in the Chicago Tribune wrote once you accept the film's Premis Blue Collar, rarely falters, together prior citel and Koto plan, a robbery to get the money they need and they hit on the perfect crime. You know the movie wasn't a huge hit. It earned about six point: five million off of one point: seven million dollar budget- and you know probably about one million of that- was just coke and booze for Kaitellan prior. So but the Interestin one little interesting thing about this is Yafet Kodo, fantastic actor because Richard Plyer came in and was playing the quote: Unquote Black Character, Yafet Kodo didn't want to play a black character, so he based his character off an Italian friend of his growing up. So he plays the character as an Italian man, Nice. That was a his motivation for that role. So yeah blue collar release February TETF, O one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, and to remember that kind of do all right. Man Crush. Let's hear what you have for the movies round, all right Friday April thirteenth, on thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, my birthday actually lands on a Friday, so movies come out that day and I've mentioned this countless times before and I'm sure people are annoyed with me saying this. We have a new audience pretty much every episode, so I wanted to paint the picture right here for those folks. So at Aih six I was already watching horror movies. My parents had a collection of RCA disks and one of the man crushed three was friay thirteen and if you're unaware these were like my analoge babysitters, it was FIA Thirteenh, Greasand, airplane on repeat, hence the man crush three. Would I let my daughter watch this at age. Six, probably not, however, we're talking about a way better time to grow up, so it was not a big deal. I mean I think I grew up pretty normal. You guys could be the judge of that, but aay an event. This was my sixth birthday and I would have loved to see this on the silver screen, but I was probably ended up seeing it on cable. This horror franchise right here, iconic, and this is arguably the best movie in the entire series. As I mentioned, everyone knows this franchise as a whole. It made roughly half billion dollars, not adjusting for inflation. Well, this is not just this movie tha the whole franchise made a billion dollars, so they had a lot of directors, so that itself is remarkable for a horror, franchise. God knows how much they made with merchandise over the years, but this particular sequel. It was the fourth installment and it brought in thirty three million dollars at the box office. That's roughly eighty four million dollars in two thousand and twenty one. It's very respectable on a one point: eight million dollar budget, so they made their nut on that. But this movie has bit of everything anything you can ask for. You got new doublement twins. You have the best solo, dance sequence of the S, literally everyone getting thrown out of windows, including a dog who basically commits suicide. You have a Qarry Feldman, an the slowest head, shaving scene, ever n tHd s projector Porn Gary from the last American Virgin, still not getting laid arobasize videos, Hanki Panky in the hospital next to a mass murders, corpse peeping, toms skinny, dipping with strangers Tom Sevenia returns, sex in the shower sex with CRISPI and glover and, most importantly, a boy on a mission to find a bypass patch cord and Friday thirteenh. The final chapter not really an there was forty seven other ones after that. But you know it's funny. Tom Savini only took this back because he did the original. So when they said this was going to be the final, he came back as you wanted to close it up, and we see how that turned out, but lots of lots of good stuff in this one, I would say, are ubly. This is the best of the franchis, in my opinion, well, definitely yeah! It's my favorite by a long shot. Watche it last night great! You guys are killing me because, first of all, I'm not big on horror, foones, okay, except for like the shining. This is a double mad twins, nude tid, OIO wits. All right, I mean straight ageins, you some points because after he did that bomb he went on to make some good some great movies right, yeah, ohly and and cecs I'd ever Sart Havin, no idea what that's ro I mean. If we're going on just box office win, I should deduct a point from each one of you, because all three movies kind of blow but but you killing me, do I have to pick a winter huh you guys w do don O jus wrong. You are from stror Ro you painted yourself in tha corner now. So now you have to pick. I did I did, and now I got to pick man Chris, I'm Goinna give it to you only because that franchise mad. I heard of that one. That's the only one I heard of then movie man. I was on a losing streak for a while two. I think it's been like a good over a month- oh my God, okay, so so thiss Soi'm doing a good thing here, I'm doing a good okay, all right, starting a stream. So you won you win I'll give you. I give you the last two points, but this was fun. This is great Han you guys ASE, so fun. That was great. Come back any time you want email, I o from the new studio, maybe ill Christen. The new studio, yes that'll, be great and then, after that's over we'll go hit up Adam Kan. That is hilarious, well get some es and we'll go over there. So so how does it work guys? Like you, like all of a sudden you, like sleeping next to your wife, it's twond thirty in the morning and you go holy Shit. Somebody use the inside of a peanut to make SOT. I got to go. Look that up like right. Now I mean IIS, not so much anymore. I think wee. We have it down to asscience where, when you get your date- and you know what you're looking for W, we know to go digging for that week into that yeah, you guys, Ust, like you like the Shirlock Co. It would be interesting. You should do like a show of like how you came up with the clues. You know I mean how you found them. You know it would be fun. Well, it's pretty easy because we use newspaperscom there's a plug for them because they reuped US othe, okay, Ese Newspaperscom, we flip page by page til. We get a. We need, that's awesome! It's awesome. You guys do a great job that was so fun Tan. I had a good tim. The music wher got me man, you guys really got be on that one that was so great. That was so great yeah growl is like it's a freaking thing. He's such a regular kind of guy. You know, I mean I've met him a couple of times. I don't know him well, but he just seems like a really good person. You know just like really suver cool man like he is. We saw them shit now that was already like four or five years ago at city field, and they were amazing in concert. Oh yeah he's a bornt. His father was in show business. I think he was a character actor and you know he's definitely a good entertainermand. He is absolutely a great entertainer. His stories during the show were almost as almost as good as the music right right. I went to see him Y Sawim one time he did like the had that rock the rock show acoustic. He had rock on one side of the acoustic on the other, and I saw an acoustic night with him. He was hilarious. Okay, he was such a good storyteller. Just great can't wait till concerts come back, Oh God, you and me, but Y. I was supposed to be in Europe man. You know I look and now I got like hair down ton my shoulders, because I won't go see a Barbara and I'm like ready. I look so they keep handing the money outside of Gelson's because they think I'm onless it'just not right. Just let it grow man bring it back to you know the no esy way out yeahyes you need the trench coat. It used to be really good when I was like in my earlys lates, but now it looks like I'm home. Just like all right, you guys. Thank you. Go O M Tan. Go chicken dude eat some Panko chicken with my ten year old and thank you so much F for doing it, man so furs. Let's took up again man, it was Fre Blad, all right, stay, wel guys. Take it easy man te well right! Thank you all right, duelers! Well, unfortunately, we're going to have to end this episode right here, but don't worry if you've missed an episode. You can always head back on our website. 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