Dueling Decades
Sept. 22, 2021

Robert Tepper returns to rule on who had the most rockin’ September 1975, 1985, or 1995!

Robert Tepper returns to rule on who had the most rockin’ September 1975, 1985, or 1995!

On this week's brand new edition of Dueling Decades, we welcome back our first four-time judge! The incredible Robert Tepper returns to share some more rock n’ roll stories and decide what year had the best September 1975, 1985, or 1995! Robert is one of our favorite judges here on the show and after this rock n' roll rollercoaster of an episode, we know he will be yours as well!

Marc James is so excited for his picks this week he is shivering with antici…..pation! Hopefully, the best offerings from September 1975 won’t let him down. We are not sure if the real Mancrush showed up to compete this week or if it was just an imposter but either way give him a roll of duct tape, a safety pin, and the best picks from September 1985 and he might just win this battle! Meanwhile, The Media King of the North Joe Findlay really wants to know what's in the box and if the best of September 1995 will lead him to victory this week!

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