Dueling Decades
Aug. 18, 2021

Rock band Moon Fever judges who had the best August 1974, 1984 or 1994!

Dueling Decades is back and we’re shaking off the evil with an all-new rockin’ episode of everyone's favorite adult-only retro game show! Behind the bench this week are members of the high-octane rock band “Moon Fever”!   Vocalist Cody Jasper and Guitarist Mitch Micoley join the show to deal out their own brand of justice, give us the inside scoop on their new single “Single All Summer”, share a few wild stories from the road, and help us uncover a spy! 

The Media King of the North, Joe Findlay returns with the best of August 1974 and he can’t get enough of your love baby!  Marc James finds the best there is, the best there was in August of 1984 but was it the best there ever will be?  Mancrush thinks it was all a dream when he spills all the juicy picks from August of 1994! 

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Do you agree with Cody and Mitch’s rulings? Let us know what you think!

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