Dueling Decades
Sept. 16, 2020

Rock n’ Roll goes “Hollywood” when Jeanne Basone judges this match between 1975, 1989 & 1994!

Rock n’ Roll goes “Hollywood” when Jeanne Basone judges this match between 1975, 1989 & 1994!

Dueling Decades is back for another battle, and this time it's slightly different than normal! Typically when a judge is selected to be on the show, the guys try to cater something that the judge is known for. This week, Jeanne Basone, otherwise known as "Hollywood" from GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) grabs the gavel and she's ready to throw down. Except, Hollywood requested that the boys do an episode all about Rock music! What the judge wants, the judge gets! So sit back, relax, throw on your headphones, and take a trip back to 1975, 1989 & 1994! This genre-based episode of Dueling Decades rocks hard, and it goes right down to the wire! Joe Findlay is back this week, and he brings an epic helping of rock in 1975! Marc James is the middle of the Oreo this week, and he's rocking out with his jeans tucked into his Reeboks and bears the best of 1989! After a nail-biting victory, Mancrush grabs his favorite flannel shirt and delivers the best music stylings of 1994!

This duel was lots of fun for everyone involved, and by the end, Hollywood was ready to record another episode! Hold on to your hats, all three of contestants brought some legendary picks! In this episode, you may hear about: one really dirty concert, electroshock therapy, a new way to dodge drug charges, the people at the Grammys are out of touch, a band goes to bat for the fans when no one else would, Joe brings a snack, a poor boy that nobody loves, a band debuts a song about a girl, another band gets nominated for every genre, the Grammys are still clueless, Axl being Axl, the history of Milwaukee, the end of an era, legends reunite in Morocco, an EP debuts at number one, Marc kinda goes on the dark side, the unfortunate loss of a rising star kills a franchise, Elton John scammed his friend, Joe Brings a picture book to the reading circle, Mancrush devises a scheme and gets busted by the club, and why was Hollywood embarrassed in Middle School?

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INFIRMARYMEDIAPEOP GETO Julicas, the Picxur of Plam, but dotor am ran again upon that caput ot te power, GOP COM Fihe, for what you lo C to Copi encritate BA ete Porta cap, would tak grav a O, Bala himtic IA, Ko comefiht for won you Lov n broadcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult. Only Renchroa Games show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. I am Mark James and welcome back to duling decades. This week we bring you a rock and roll theme, dual as I will be, representing nineteen and eighty nine, alongside my other bandmates first off on lead vocals singing the preces of nineteen. Ninety four: Please welcome to the stage man crush. What's up, I'm so excited for this one. We actually asked Hollywood what she wanted to do, and she said, let's do some rock and roll, and I was I was down 'cause. We hadn't done this in a long time. So let's do this. I do have rock nineteen. Ninety four, also returning to the panel this week in slapping the base from the miscast commentary, podcast dueling. It nineteen seventy five, it's too fiendly ris. I am here. I am rocking out nineteen. Seventy five was it before I was born irrelevant 'cause. It rocked and I'm ready to talk about it, and s always here on the show. We need somebody to judicate all of this awesomeness. So this week's celebrity guests judge is an entrepreneur, author, actress, stunn woman and the original Gorgeous Lady of wrestling all rise for judge Hollywood, Gennie, Basson Eh. You said it right. Thank you, wow two dungs up for you. How do they normally say it 'cause? We we talk about this at you, stadit, absolutely perfect, genivus son! You did not you. Did it perfect wow? Is there someone Italian in there? No, no French, Canadia here, Canadian Canania, I love it. You guys did great excellent job all right. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dualing decades rules. The judges coinflip shall eside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and, of course, hot products. It judges ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round all right, doelers you wanted the best. You got the best, it's time to rock and roll all night and play otenews very good al right. Let's go right down to our special guests. Judge Hollywood. For the coin, toss, okay, we're going to use onbe my cellphone is is head. This is tell and I won't drop it. I hear me go joe go for it. Did you see what I did? Oh No, you cheat Jo! No Je win! You didn't give me enough time to think I was ust a all right, Joe Finley. You won the Tosh. You take control of the board. What category are we going with? First? I think I said I said my prayers and took my vitamins on that. One 'cause I needed to take first and I got to get hot products going all right. So I want to talk about a book that was written by a rollingstone colonist and a reporter named Grales Marcus, and he wrote a book called Mystery Train. It was a series of critical essays about Elvis Presley Bob Dillon, Robert Johnson Rainey, Newman sly, stone a bunch of people, and it talks all about the historical turn that rock took in the late sixties, which made rock and roll stop being all about the teenagers and all and started to become more of an adult thing as well. It was a very well received book. It was a best selling book and The New York Times in two thousand and fifteen rereviewing. The book said most critics and serious listeners think that mystery train is almost certainly the best book yet written about American Music in general and about rock in particular, in two thousand and Eleven Time magazine listed it as one of the one hundred best and most influential books written in English since N Nineteen Twenty three. So that's what I got rolling stones, Grales Marcus, writes mystery train, Ne Hosan, nine hundred and seventy five, all right, man crush. What do you have for the hut products round? All Right? So, let's go to August twelteh through the fourteenth nineteen. Ninety four sixty miles away from where I grew up this highly anticipated event. It was on every teenager's whish list, unlike what Joe was just saying, it was still about the teenagers right here I'll be at thisconcert. It wasn't only for teen teenagers, but it was a stack card had lots of nitese bands on it that I wanted to see. My friends wanted to see. This is the twenty fifth anniversary event t was held in Sogrenies n New York. It was roughly seventy miles from the original location in Bethel New York tickets for a hundred and thirty five dollars each, which is around two hundred and forty dollars and Twenta D. Twenty ce, that's not horrible, for as many bands you got for three days, no need trying to be coy on this one. This was the woodstock twenty fifth anniversary, and it was loaded with at that. I wanted to see- and I recall, like feeling I go- total loser as I watched this entire event on pay per view. My One frae just got his licence in I nineteen ninety four Soen n tenth grade. He was going to take his sister's car while she was a wate on vacation and we were all going to go and we were going to say that we were sleeping in by Frent Jeremy's house and we knew three people that were going so we were going ta like we coordinate with them and then once we got there wewere going to sneak. In I mean there were over o hundred and sixty thousand tickets solled and there was still an estimated attendance of over half a million. So I don't think that ite would have been any issue considering there were more than half the amount of non paying peeps in the audience, so I think we would have got right in the only thing we didn't account for my buddy's sister's car was broken into the week before so when she left her vacation. She put a fucking club as yeering weel and letme. Tell you that shit doesn't come off like t the club, it's real you're, not getting it. sobrought o you by the club. It's completely fucked us. Our whole plan was to like leave Friday night, so it didn't look like we were going to woodstock 'cause. All the talk in our town was bout, woodstock was so close and we figured we'd get there by, like late Friday, night, hopefully see candlebox, who was going to be on Friday, night and Kindof like fenned for ourcells. When we got there and apparently like you, weren't allowed to bring in anything, you had to buy it from the vendors there sopart of our deal with the people that were meeting, not only were they going to find a spot in the fence hat we can get through, but wew're, also going to like sneak supplies. The ASS, like goy supplies, yeah 'cause, like you, couldn't buy Beers, probably like twelve bucks. This thing was put on by Co, colar Hep, whoever Owso we're going to meet up with them. These seem friends that first night they got all muddy 'cause it rained all weekend. They got all Modey, so they didn't want to bring all their their dirty shoes in the tent. They left them outside the tent and slept inside and they woke up in the morning. Somebody stole all their sneakers and they went through the rest of the weekend barefoot and we never got to deliver any of our supplies. Woodstock. Ninety four everybody there. It is on of it fantastic and you avoided all of that misery by watching it on pay per view. I loved it. I mean sow. All of us were so depressed. We were playing hus for weeks in forty nine. Ninety five for a pay per view. Yeah that's expensive, but you got all fat heads yeah. Well, you know what let's go over to my hut products pick. You know: 'CAUSE FR hot products. We've picked everything on this show. You know we picked books, magazines, even concert tickets, but d. You know what I don't think. We've ever picked before a pay per view of a concert, so I have August twelth in thirteenth nineteen, eighty nine for the low low price of nineteen. Ninety five, you could have got the Moscow music festival. So, let's go over to the Charlotte Observer August, eleventh osanine hundred and eighty nine. In an article written about it called glass, not guitars, Moscow benefit held another giant step for: U S: USSR, diplomatic relations, Bonjovi, Ozzy, Osborne, Motley crew, Scorpions Cinderella and skidrow will perform at the first Wado Music Peace Festival, Saturday and Sunday at the a hundred and forty thousand seet n Lenon Stadium. The shows are for benefits, but not for peace, as the name implies, but for an educational approach to fighting drug and alcohol abuse sounds like a great cause. Well much like rock and roll there's a light in the dark side to everything. So, let's get to the dark side of the Moscow I music festival. This event was actually credited and probably being the start of a downfall of the glamd metal scene. It's all because of the event organizer Mister Doc McGee, who was managing all of these bands at the time commy Lee after the concert, punch, doc, mcgeee right in the fish knocked hem out. All of the bands were infighting on who got to go. First, oze wanted to go before Moley crew. Motley crew wanted to go before ozzy molty crew was pissed off that Bon jovy got to use firework. They were all fighting, it was horrible, but you know what o nine teen nd. Ninety five you got roughly five to eight songs from all of those bands and then all of those bands, after jammed, together with Jason Bontam. So that's what I got: The Moscow Music Peace Festival August, nine huteen and eighty nine night ill rigt. So let kick it over to our judge Hollywood for the ruling for the hut products round. So all of those are awesome. You guys all of those, so the first one. That H was that Joe, that that book that you were talking about is that really a book? Yes, it's really ab because there's a film by the same. Yes, I had a hard time finding extra information when I was doing my research, because everything led oe Ne Thousand Nine hundrd and eighty nine movie mystery train right. I saw that and then Nick I love your story there at nineteen. Ninety four I'm older than you so Laawalla Pelusatour- is that what that was? This is woodstock. Ninety four. This is the twenty fifth anniversary, Wooso, okay, I thought it was Allwella Polusa anyway, I mean, if you look at the band, it's pretty close xacly. The bans are pretty close to that. My I gotta tell you about Moscow. Mt Moscow. Um did we say nineteen eight did you say nineteen and eighty nine he didso one of my dear friends is on that tour and I heard lots of stories and those stories that you were saying. Rachel Bowlan, who was down the street from us, was there and we were staying over at his house. I remember opening his closet door and there was that leather jacket that he wore that they gave everybody from that chore. He still has it and dot mcgi. Here's another thing got: mcge is up the street when he's here in town, and we know him and his wife Wendy really well. I actually rented a house from doc m about two years ago. Do you know? Is there any truth to the rumor that he put this whole festival together to avoid Jaile des that's what we've heard yebecause he was. He was being indicted on drug charging, so he put together a big carring event to help other countries fight their drug problems. Russia, with the USS Ar at the time, was treating a diction B with electroshock there. Oh my God and I think, there's even more to that story, but I I I'm hind a well I feget dacmicky on the show Horoh, my God, there's more, I want to say, start s and ends with an he. We talked about the drug stuff there, but uh h. If you remember back, then who was who was peddling that do you remember who was peddling all those drugs to New York in California M Amore? At that time, I was going to say, Mark Mark the drug mule. Oh you guys are terrible. I so I know I just got back on and I could have went through this in the beginning. So I what I, what am I picking? I picking whatever one you think is the best of the three o the besto tha three is the last one in that H, Mark Yeah. I I'm going I'm going with mark that's closer to my heart, all of all of what you just said for me an when I grew up yeah all right, so I pick up a point and take control of the board get to select the next category. Yep All right. You know what t'Sgover to the news round. I think so for this one I kind of wanted to bring this story up now it can be. We could use this for the best of or for worse stuff, but it's something that's never really come up on the show before and I kindo wanted to talk about it because it's a major it's a major event in the eighties and nineties: Heavy Metal, rock and roll pop culture we're going to go to February, seon, nineuteen and eighty nine. Now this was a night that the world was just turned upside down at the grammyes. This was the night that jethro toll took the gramy away from Metallica. I knew you were going to say that everybody has that inion on this one and it's it's just such a pivotal moment. 'cause. It just showed how out of touch the Grammy Committee really was. This was the first year that they introduced this award. Eventually, they would split it into two separate categories: Hard Rock and heavy metal, but it was crazy. I I found an article in the Autowa citizen in Ottaa Ontario of all places. The writer here says like a lot of people, I enjoyed the early work of ETHRO JETROTOL, rushing to the record store to buy aqualong in nineteen seventy one, but for tall to be nominated, let alone win for the best hard rock heavy metal. Grammy reminds me of why these music award shows serve no other purpose than to burn the wrong people. Tol was nominated along with ACDC IGGY pop metonica jeans, addiction, no deaf, leopard and no guns and roses who ere the big two success stories. Ou an nine hundred and eighty eight watch out for Bobby mcfarron to win this category next year. So yeah. It was just an absolute atrocity that cthroto one that have been so. I wanted to bring that up on the show. I don't think it's anything we've talked about before, but it's an important event. So that's what I got JETRO tall winning over Metallica and keep that in your back pocket for one of my later picks, because something says they do it again, yeah it's! It's amazing what they do in the ground. Well, you brought it up all right. Man Crush you get to go next, all right! Well, this isn't the pick that I was talking about, but let's go to May Sixth of Nineteen D. Ninety four and after being approached by the Justi Department Pearl Jam issued a formal complaint against the ticket giant ticket master poljam sited, and I quote a virtually absolute monopoly on the distribution of concert tickets where they controlled giveor. Take Ninety percent of the concert venues in the United States and in spite of that complaint, peral jam tried to put on a summer tour in support of their nineteen ighty. Three am verses by using venues that weren't affiliated with tickenmaster. During that ilvated tour, the most expensive tickets for their shows were eighteen dollars, which included in one dollar and eighty cent service be. There was clearly displayed on the ticket receipts, something tikinmasters notoriously like famous for not doing, but since tickand master had exclusive deals with the largest venues, Proll Jym, they were forced to play, shows away from major cities some of those cities that they played on this tour lost Crusas New Mexico, Casper Wyoming Lake Taho, Austin Texas. Now this is Austin Texas, then in nineteen ine t four re, not off Texas, now and so on. So sadly they ended up having to cancel that summer tour because the difficulties associated with trying to book concerts with venues who are not affiliated with tickemaster and in the process they lost roughly three million dollars of their own monning. I mean O, that's a big Chunko change. If Harrya, if you're a prol jam fan, know this, they really went to bat for their fans here. Now only were they attempting to do their tour in smaller venues with, like you know these other companies. Besides tickemaster the group itself, they were doing all the logistical work for the shows and interview that they did with the Independent Eddy vetter said we were having weak long meetings about chain link, fences and portigons, like they were literally ordering all the ship, for these shows security. They were setting up. They were doing all this stuff well on July fifnineteen and ninety five Pearl Jam would lose the Justice Department complaint. Tigetmaster is still the biggest ticket company in the world. They would end up merging with live nation in two thousand and nine, and now tickenmaster was even larger than they were before, and the fees are fucking andscene for examler crazy. I pulle out two tickets I purchased. I could see billyg old, massin, squore garden last October, which has just been rescheduled for the second time and we're not going to see Hem until November of twenty twenty one. My tickets were ninety nine, fifty each the fees for each ticket, you guys ready thirty, five dollars and thirty cents a ticket. My second CRA, my second set of tickets guns and roses. We were supposed to see again another TOR. That's reschedule for twenty twenty one. Ninety four, fifty per ticket, the fees on those thirty dollars and ninety five cents so clearly like pro jam, was onto something with these inscene tact on fees and keeping my elg a was talking about three to six dollar fees, N, nine hutdred and ninety four. Now it's in the thirties and these are't, my tickets aren't even like front rel. These are just like you know, inthe ezanine or something thirty dollars each. It look like. I realize you need to put money like to guarantee the shows, secure the venues and all that jazz, but when you're paying one third of your ticket prices on fees, someone's really getting screwed and that's the fanse and the facts- ap an Pearl jm took one on the Chin for everyone. When you guys need to understand that no one else would do this. They asked other mans to step up with them. No one would do it, the only other band they were tr up yeah they werethey were proching their phras. They thought that they were going to die as a band because they were drowning in the shit. The only other band that like testified was rem and right after they testified, they went on a ticketmaster tour, I mean so like do Pearl Tam was going. They were going after for the fans an this one. So I think this had to be brought up. 'cause, it's still a fucking travesty. How much money we pay literly! That's my pick's prol jam against Ticketmaster, all right, Joe Finley. What do you have for the news round? All Right, I'm going to take you to March O Twenty th R N nineteen. Seventy five in San Francisco California Bill. Graham the promoter found out about a shortfall in the San Francisco district school boards budget, and he wanted to do something to help them out and they were three million dollars short, which basically meant that all f their extra curriculums were going to be cut for the year. So he put together an Mega Al Star concert which actually said according to the R. According to Rolling Stone said it was a personal triumph for promoter billgram and almost parentheticalles. Next Sunday was the largest rock benefit concert ever half again larger than the concert for Bangladesh. Of course, this was at the time, ther and then once I' have beat it since, but snack Sunday at the KISAR stadium in San Francisco, I snackstood for students need athletics culture and kicks. It was all about raising money for the students. A bill gram put together a huge line up with the Duby brothers, the grateful Dar Jonliaz, Jefferson, starship, tower power, Santana and aspecial performance at the end by Neil Young Bob Dillon and the band and celebrities such as Marlin Brando, Francis Ford, Copla, Willie, Maz and Jessie Owens all came out to support this cause. It was a gigantic success, not withstanding the fact that the school board only two days prior to this concert found the money and did not need this concert. They put the concert on anyways, they made a fortune and they put all of the money into that school board. Andso they weren't going to be having a shortfall any time soon for that so bill gran, putting on snacks Sunday, on March, twenty third Ne Housand, nine hundre and Sventy five wow, you guys those those are all really good. H, news items, the first one with HA JETRO tall. I do have to tell you my very first single I'm an glad. I love this whole Music Sup. You guys my first single and I think it was sixth grade Um. I think our target was called Zodes in California, Z, O dys. I went over to zodes. The first single was bungle in the Chungle I co. I sow how that I s, I still have to green. It's like a white green label H, but anyway, for that was atrocity was horrible. I remember sitting in my living room, and we were just dumbfoundend- were like what theare these people? Oh my God. What are they thinking? How old are they? Do they not do their do dealing just what dos not have children? DO THEY NOT? You know what I mean crazy, crazy man crash yeah. It was crazy. I just Metallica Wih, I mean everyone's spacees in the audience too we're just, as you know, horrified as I was sitting on my couch of mancrush. The Pearl Jam thing. Those convenience a is what we always called ticket masters Um when they say the convenience fee. We call it the unconvenient fee because it is so incanmet that is just crazy, but I you know, sums up to to Pearl Dam and porl down, or you know, standing up fortheir for their right and not being afraid to do it. Um. That's one thing that I aways think screw everybody else. You do what you think is rigt for you M, Jo. I love nine teen. Seventy five UM snack, I Gott to ask you a question about that snap Sunday. I haven't heard about that. But is there video of that anywhere? I didn't see any video. I read a ton of articles. There were even articles this year like looking back on it and that's right because t's, it's those fine year, things right. It's like the one is at the forty fifth anniversary of it or w wis, but that is so cool. I'm always looking at venture TEP. You guys have access t v. do you wanch your access tod at all? Oh my God, some of the concerts that they hade, but I'm just wondered if we could buy the snap Sunday on you too, I'm going to look that ut, but anyway, the point or this befor. This second round is going to man crush I'm giving him. Let's give it Thansgiv it a pearl GAM 'cause I like yeah, absolutely thewere, maing, OA, daughter, anariz. There were other new stories buth the fact that I think a lot of people don't realize that they almost lost themselves in the process of this. That's what I'm saying they deditly yeah. They almost lost their asses, but they w. You know you gotto believe in what it just proves. The point you know what I mean. What I'm trying to remember. I was it Metalica. Also that did the thing about Um h naps, to remember that whole go down with Auncer so that to look at them, Qit made anyway good round guys good good round. These are all going to be tough. You know ell the one thing when it's a gehnrebased episode like this. It's always super tough 'cause. Everyone brings the best of the best. So, as you guys are Awsand, you guys are doing so good. All right. Man Cryla, that you pick up a point, tie the game. But, more importantly, you take control of the board. What category are we going with? Next? All right, let's put the music round right, mackdab in the middle, I think we're all going to have fantastic music stuff, and it's not deserving of two points, because it's going to be very close. So let's ust do this as a one pointer and I'm going to go to March eighth of n nineteen ND. Ninety four: This is the ban's fourth studio album and many would actually hail Tis outm as their break throughout em. It's Kindo hard for me to see it. That way, since I had their first three oublums, all the way back to their debut album in nineteen. Eighty eight on SS t records. As matter of fact, I still have the CD like you were talking about the single before I saw the CD in my collection, and it comes with an answert withan order form for other SST albums, which is really nostolgic, because obviously there were no. There was no Internet ordering back then, so I could pull that at any time unfold. This thing it's like in perfect condition in Ordero, whatever the fuck, I want actually that company's probably tyvin around am more Bao that sad this time around, they were no longer with the small label. They were on their second l with a NM records, their previous alum. Actually, all of their previous albums were a lot heavier than this album. So if I had a categorize, this particular I I'd say it's more drunge hard rock, but that slight change of music would catapult. This Olm to selling upwards of nine million copies world wide, going five times platinum in the U s. This is also their best selling Oltim the date and they won two grammies, and this is where I was going to bring this back mark. They won two grammes that year and they won well. They were NOA or three they won to and the two that they won best hard rock performance and best metal performance. They Wantfucki like, if you don't know, just give 'em both and that's what they did with this one. This athis outmoo debt at number, one on the billboard two hundred and even though their last time was fairly popular you'd, probably have to give some credit to their first single from the ZM. There was released two months prior to the alms release. The single I'm talking now was actually supposed to be on the original release of the single soundtrack. Then they would fall that one up with the day and tried to lit by the megahead blackold son, then my wave and then the final single thare was released from this. Oud fell on Black E ofcourse Altat, I'm talking about Soundguarden, superonknown and listen. I saw Chris Cornell in two thousand and eleven during the sound book toor. This guy's voice is a mixture, a furgy and Jesus, just as amazing live as it does in the studio and during the recording. As super unknown, chriscornewt would destroy a bunch of condensor microphones because of his insane vocal range. No because he got mad Michael Beinhorn was he produced this album. He said that because of Pornell had two different vocal ranges, so they had to supply different Mikes to capture his full range. He would sing so loud and so hard into these mitrephones. He would utterly destroy the condenser and multiple microphone wow. That's how amazing this dude's voice was my harn. He said he'd never seen that before in his life, this dude produced ouas. You know it's not like his first one amazing singer, amazing alm, sound garden, super onknown, which rollingstone would actually rank this one, the ninth greatest grunge Obm of all time on top of everything else. Just so you know Blackhole Sun, one best hard rock performance, spoonman won the best metal, prayings and okay and the OO. This makes it even better than they were nominated. They didn't wait, but they were nominated for best rock album, so they just gave hem everything they're like we're bound to be right somewhere, all right, Joe Finley. What do you have for the music round? I got a pretty good one guys on November twenty first nine teen, seventy five, a little band known as Queen releases a night at the opera. The album was actually recorded of over multiple studios, 'cause they just sued to get out of their contract with triand studios, so they couldn't record theyer only one of their tracks, which they had recorded the previous year, was done in their studios. Aside from that, they had to skip from studio to studio, they didn't have management and they had no money and still managed to produce one of the most expensive albums ever made at the time. Two from what I could glean from information. Only sergeant pepper was more expensive. At this point. I it's created two of their big hits, one of them being you're my best friend, but the other one. This is kind of where my focus is going Bohemian rhapsody, okay, Bohemian Rapsi Y was a number one track for nine straight weeks, a crossed over in on thousand nine hteen and seventy six. I topped the charts for five weeks again after NFRENTIN Mercury, Dien, ind, Ninetneen, ninety one, it climbed the charts again and made it to number two Ond, the billboard, hot one hundred when waynesworm came out and then ro and rolling Stone said of it. Its influence cannot be overstated practically inventing the music video seven years before MTV went on the air, its music video was alm, also listed by the Guardian as one of the fifty key moments in rock history. Two Thousand and one songs vote as the number two single al time behind John Leonard's. Imagine two thousand and four. It was named to the Grammy Hall of Fame in Two Thousand and twelve rolling stone, a rolling stone pole had it as the greatest vocal performance of all time and then in two thousand and eighteen, when booman rhapsody, the movie came out the son Toppd the charts again and as of December of two thousand and eighteen, it was the most Dream Song of any twentieth century Song, any Song from the twentieth century. It is the most streamed over one point: six billion people have downloaded and streamed. The song. sincedreaming has begun, so it is one of the ultimates at also the album one, two granmies for vocal arrangement and another one for was for pop vocals for some reason- and it was a very eclectic album it was, it had hard stuff, it had the ballads, it was all over the place and it was just kind of queen at their queenest. It is rasy album, so the good word so a night at the opera of night in November, twenty F N Nineteen, an seventy five all right. So for my pick for the music round, I have a debut studio, album from a band that was released June, Fifteenth Nineteen and eighty nine. Now on it's initial release, this Im only sold a mere forty thousand copies. This album futures, typical songs about you, know lashing out at your parents being a bad boyfriend. The album has a cover song from a nineteen sixties. Dutch psychidelic band also has a song about being molested and murdered by the cast of the Andy Griffith show it has a song that tells the story of a family who imprison their children in the basement, even a song that takes a job at the owner of their record company on their very first album. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the debut studio, album from the band Orvana. I give you bleach, H, Litl, something I I never even realized that lovebuzz, the first single off that album is a cover from a Dutch psychodelic band, just an absolutely fantastic song. You really can't go wrong with bleach. I mean there's really not too much to say about it. It's not as polished as the other releases we saw from nervona years later, but that's kind of what I like about it. Now, I'm not going to be one of these guys. That says, oh well, I got it in eighty nine. When it first came out, I bought it like most of the rest of America did after never mind was released. Then you got to hear bleach, but you know what I'm kind o glad I did it that way, because then you got to hear that raw unrefined sound. The tempos were different. The tuning was different matter of fact on some of the tracks. They did drop s rather than drop D, and that was actually by accident thatstway. It is exactly it is. So that's what I got for my music pick. I give you the debut studio, album from the ban NERVANA bleach June, Fifteenth One hoanine hundred and eighty nine Yo guys have heard of that, an rigt yeah. Of course we have whono, Not Tho, I'm sorry, I'm Ju, im playing you guys are so awesome. I love this night. It's this music night is very cool. So, let's see h, the only thing about bleacat, I know is what I use for my hair when I need to do pe Blon, so ye very ite, now sound garden, Um, that's I I will say I did see Chris Cornell when he was doing the m, the Selostepu guys. I saw him in California, the John Board Theater, unbelievable and I'd see soundgarden a few times in l a you are so right m with the Um with his vocal and it erranged is always a kickout killer concert. I am going, though, to give the point to my queeness. I love that word that Joe, U Um just hands down Queen for Sur, Wel, Hem Bohemium say that three times bad Socemiam rapcity, I have to tell you in seven tand eighth grade. There was a kid Um and he had he was doing that t our whole school had this. U I don't know what it was that they were doing, but they were doing this whole rock thing anhom with Queen and this Kid David Myles was his name. He killed it. He kill. I thought this kid's going to grow up to be. Who knows who wh Antion, Isat allbut? He did such a great job, but anyway, I'm giving the point to joke. So that's pretty damn good stuff. Thank you, I'm so glad I put that one in the middle. An the one plan. No Jo was banking on that for a two pointer. Oh, I knew you thisis, the seventies ran. What are you going to do? Rattoo, Yeahlevea, bald, exwa say this. I an tell you joe, I always tell everybody I wish I was born in the fifties, because, if I was born in the fifties, then I could have seen the GOL ors and Jeni Juy Hendrax. I mean that's nil. You know I of course there'r seventies, two SETLI early seventies, but I would have loved to see those type of bands- and I was just way too young but but M, and I just I have to bring this up. Did you guy see last week the documentary of MTV? Did Anybody Watch that no go back and watch that it was pretty cool anyway covers atright from the beginning? Yes, it does. I there was stuff that I didn't even know about the five Djs O. I trying to remember the blonde. Guy's name was it that was an ad you ere talking about him. currier your talking Abou Allan Hunter Alan Hunter. He did no. He just thought I am never going to get this. I don't know this, I'm a skinny little kid and they luked him and they need a blackheart and um t, Jj Jackson, Morsica, Marta Quin and then mark couldnman marked Ben Yep. We try to get them on here all the time they never respond. Wellthey're, probably not doing anything. Alen Huntzer is actually on like eighties, radio and Syrios. I hear him all the time. That's good! That's really cool, but their stories were really cool. I don't think Mina was there to interview, but mark was there. It was really good, though there was just stuff you kno: Where are they now and how did it start and wh? It's crazy. I wish I would have been around during that time. A'd putting it on the list. That's definitely going ontoldid glow ever do any crossover with MTV back then e did not because now glow was eighty six, eighty seven, eighty eight and eighty nine you know I just remember being on tour an a bus when I first heard guns and roses. I remember having my walkmen in my ears and looking out the bus listening to sweet chold of mine, and you know Ao sw, Whata C. I just remember going what thehell was this stuff Oly Shid Ahand? By the way I did see the here in Nashville, not last year with the year before concert was really good. I aw the once in a lifetime tor yeah yeah, I saw them inmet life. They were fucking unreal. I I know right. I thought I thought Axel was not going to live up to expectation. He divered he oedid. He did and he was ondive. He was as late. They were pren point. They were pinpoint IME I if we go over, we go over here, but I have to tell you in California I was doing some extra work and remember when guns and roses did the song. You could be mine or Whativ, that's Ong for the FRTTO, but it was yes and I was doing extra work on it and we were waiting that they were doing the that particular Um video. They were waiting for a axle. Of course we waited and we waitd guess. We Doe e pulls in to the rocxi parking lot, which is also the rainbow parking log were all sitting there waiting he pulls in and his little H, BMW, blasting, music jut out of the cark run straight into the rainbow. Probably to drink, doesn't even go on TAT. AOTHER wait altase her es her. Now we're waiting longer for acxual to get the hell out of the Rainbow and get over to the inside of the Um yeah of the Rocx, so that we could seot that video that was Kindo cool, so I'm somewhere in there in the audience. When he's walking, Oh, when it's uh, when it's Schwarzenegger walking through the crowd, do you remember when he's walking Jo that area and he's Loowit Weebol? Yes, yeah? That's IT W I'm somwhere! In there, oh, my God, i'Mso going to watch the video right after then, I'm going to send you the I tike a screen, Shon! Don't you there anyway, all right Joe Finley you've tied up the game at one apice heading into our first two point round. You Got Control of the board. What catagory W re we going with? Next? All Right: Well, I'm Gonta grab the CLICKER Althogh F, I'm the seventies, I'm probably going to make my kid go over in a dial tune, the dial over to the T v Right now, all right! So let's talk about April Twenty Ifthn nineteen. Seventy five ABC always been known as kind of a family friendly network, we'll fuck that noise tonight, because one of the baddest live acts of all time got a live concert special on this night. I present you with Alice Cooper, the Nightmare: Oh Wow, the man alice cooper, who's, just one of the coolest liveats, just the out of this world t the scary drum the drama he brings into his liveact and all that this time he has now cut himself into it. As Stephen, a man trapped inside of a nightmare by the spirit of the nightmare, which was a gigantic spider voiced by the one and only defenceand price. That narrative was innercut with a concert where he performed his album. Welcome to my nightmare, which was was released the same her that featured all sorts of crazy costume changes and dressed like he's coming to an asylum and just so much drama in that I, the the special itself wone and Emmy for best editing and a grammy for best video album that year it was a huge deal you can actually, if you want to go, find it. It is available on DVD, but you can also sneak in on you tube, because I watched so you can find it on there. It is a whole lot of fun to watch. It is Alice Cooper and all ISHS Queenness ntrying. To use it again, I'm going to make it a t, shirt Baybe, but no, I it's a wonderful special and ABC had it, and it was that was April, twent, fifth, N Nineteen, seventy five with Hallise Cooper, big proponent, to save the the Hollywood sign too. Yet the big dollar set up all that stuff to save the sign back in the day, good guy and always might go to source. When I need information on Milwaukee, oh Millywa, Il Oncin for the good lit thanks, Alice, all right guy, so fror. My television pick. This television show ended on October, seventh, N Oanine Huteen and eighty nine ending its three thousand episode run over thirty seven years now, auguably there's nothing in American popular culture that has done more for culture itself and specifically for rock and role music, and the end of this legacy ended October, seventh, nineteen and eighty nine with the end of American bandstand, just a cultural phenomenon. It Changed Society, it changed music. Anybody who was anybody was on American banstand, I'm not even going to list off some of the names 'cause. It might even be easier to lift off names of people. You've never heard of that were on the show. Dick blark remained host until nineteen and eighty nine, when the network actually wanted to chop it in half and make it a half hour show instead of a full hour, he remained producer and they moved it to the USA network, with David Hirsh taking over for the final few episodes. The cover. Girls were the final musical guests and they performd a song. My heart skips Ta beat and we can't go wrong so October, seventh, nineteen, eighty, nine, the end of a complete t, V and Cultural Revolution Dynasty, give you the sad ending of American banstand and all right man crush. So what do you have for the television round? All Right? So, let's go to October, twelfth N, nine teen and ninety four, and since we talked about already, if I were to tell you that this legendary rock man was going to be on MTV in twenty twenty, your response, I would probably be like no fucking way- Is there music on MTV? But if you know what like, if you're younger than most of our audience, it may surprise you that in the nineties there was actually music on MTV N in nineteen. Ninety four, I you know, I think most people will think that I'm going to go with the infamous M dv M plugged in New York, the NERVANAL. However, it was actually recorded in n nineteen. Ninety three. So, even though the albumwas release in nineteen ninety four, I won't go there 'cause. It's against a rules can't do it, however, since this is the T v around, I will give you the highest rated m TV umplugged of all time. A everyone was excited to see this many reunion, despite them playing in Morocco with a bunch of street musicians as the band, and although this wasn't the first time that these two rock giants had got back together since the passing of their legendary Drummer John Bonnam in nineteen eight, it was probably their best performance since that devastating event. The band retooled for live egt nineeen nineteen five, and it was so bad that they actually requested the video to be removed from the archive, but it's actually on youtubes. If you want to go to see it, it's pretty fucking bat, but then they got together again in Nineteen Eightyeigh for the Atlantic records forty tin, niversary event that was kind of flat. So when the word got around the robber plant and Jimmye page were going to share the stage on m TV's on plug. Everyone turned in everyone wanted to watch this. Oddly, they never contacted John Paul Jones. Do you guys remember this whole thing? Going on yeah yeah, so m t V, they were totally billing. This is like a lead Zeplin reunion which why everyone was going APSHIT, but it turns out like Jones, never even knew until he saw it being promoted. He never even got phone clote Ik. It is Kinda crazy, but MTV. They actually approached Robert Plant for this event first, and he didn't feel like he can carry the torch for lead. Zeppelin alone, like he didn't, want to go on there and do this lead Zepplin event, and have it be all about him, so he asked Jimmie pange to come on and join him and Robert Plant would say that this was such an awkward invitation since t it two hadn't even spoken about the bands future in nearly fourteen years. At that point, sanways empty t unleaded as they would call this event. It was a ninety minute acoustic jam between Robert Plant Jimmy Page, a bunch of like Moroccan street musicians. They also performed on stagas. Well, they did. They had like two sets that they did. It sounds od, but it's actually it's pretty. Damn amazing. The whole performance is great. I watch it again today. The show would actually be sold as no quarter. ALLSO would go PLA. The duo they tored together for nearly four years and supported that album these guys that hadn't really talked in fourteen years. They got back together, they did this, show they tored for four years, then they released walking o Clarkdale in Ninetee N. Ninety eight they'd mend the fences Jon Paul Jones. Then he would rejoin them for their first full concert in twenty seven years. In Two Thousand and Seven Lazy, Gentlemen, I give you mtvs unleaded the highest rated, I'm plugged episode ever October, Twelve Nineteen Einety four, I mean just La Se- The track list. It's like t they. What was Nice? is they mixed in old songs and new songs to get New People up? But then they used like this rock and music to Kindof like pull in the casmior stuff and everything he had casmon there th. The version t at thank you is Great Um. The Battle of Evermor is like you, you wouldn't even think Robert Plant can hit the notes anymore, but if you watch it on you to just go on there, you can find every song. It's amazing. It's a great freaking show, but that's what I got for my music or for my TV rope, TV boned, that's a hard round. You guys you guys did really good wew. I I J. I want to see that Por that April Twenty Fifth Nineteen, Seventy Five Alice. I want to look that up on you to that's convetaberencecol yeah. That would be cool. I met him a couple of years ago here. Our frand Chagerick is the base player now for Alice, and I met him what a Ki Alice, what a kind man he really is. You know when, when you're king up N, you see alise and a makeup and all of this and you're thinking. Oh this guy is harsh and he me, but not at all. He he's he's a a doll Um, I'm going to go over to the Dick Clarking, the end of the air mark that that was t marky that yeah yeahyeah. You Yeah I'm looking at Yo m, very cool as well, but then my favorite band and it started in seventh grade when the kid was sitting next to me named Dougaldridge on his peachy, bolder was a band called lead Zeppelin and I didn't know who lege up an was at thirteen years old. So I look over at the guy and I said: Who is he and he looked at me and he made Quan of me? He goes. What do you mean he? I was so embarrassed I'll. Never forget that. I was so embarrassed that ECAUSE, I didn't know, thought it was a person, but I got every single album after that and huge pfan. So I'm going to give my point to Nick fortht for the T V round, yeah and you know, and in high school excuse me high school. We were waiting, they kept saying leds up when it's coming legs up when its coming and I was like. I can't wait for these tickets to go and sell and the tickets were not going on Sall, but I'm fondly going to see a band that originated in the sixties, and this is my favorite men in the wholewhide world and then, as we all know, John Bonam Pass. So what yeah that was so frig a yeah like? Where do you go from there ecause? Obviously, I didn't live through that, but, like that's, your favorite band and diet split up after that, because they just couldn't get themselves to do any more music without jump on. Where did you go like where, like? What was the next best thing like? Where did you Jowou? You know, I know so we're still in the AE: Bad Halen, Oh my God, southern California, bad than Halen there. You go excellent Ar Tha. U Now yo said Zeppelin's your favorite song and man crush one this round with Zemplind. So I think we owe it to the band to go around the room here and say our favorite zempling song, Jenny. What's your favorite on Song, Oh my God, they're! So many hat so luce ban. You can't just pick one you can't, because every single song is great. I love Nwok, no Carter, a Khilly's lest fan, Oh God, that is jam going to California. I mean you guy good one. Joe I'd probably go cash me Nabattle of Evermoor good did too, and for me it's it's. Actually the rover Ilog he over that'stone. I love it. That is a great. So that's not pbasical get egreedy and I think it's number two on side. Oh, since you brought up no quarner, you know wit's pretty fucked up is it jom? Pall Jones did most of the work on no quarter and then they didn't contact them for this unleaded and then they indamd te ouset no quarter. That's like that's a slap in the face at Man. There were some interviews where he was. He was a little testy about the whole combat. I don't blame Im. I don't blame Hel N, all right Ma grand you jump out to a lead heading into the final round, which is the movies round Im. I'm Gointo take my privilege here and I'm going to differ so uh Joe go for it. You get move Al Righty, please hold all right, guys we're going to go to march nineteenth nineteen, seventy five and a lot of times when you get into a situation like that's, where you've got kind of a genrebase thing, and then you go to movies and it's like okay! Well, I'm o going to fit rock and roll into movies. I I'm Goin to find a musical, or am I going to find some rock star who felt who starred in the thing? Well, I'm going to bring you one that was both based on a rock opera, one tousand, nine hnded and sixty nine. That was written by the WHO I give you the Ho's Tommy starring, Roger Daltry and Margaret Oliver Read eltn John Tina Turner, Eric Clapton Jack Nicholson, plus appearances by the rest of the WHO I it was the nit highest grossing movie of the Year a interesting little thing. Rodstewart was actually supposed to play. The pinball wizard in this movie reprising his role when it was w a musical in London, but Ellon John talked him out of doing it then took the role for himself, so Ann Margaret Wins. The Golden Globe for Best Actress in this movie she was nominated for the Oscar, didn't win that Pete Townsen was nominated for best score of the movie, and Roger Daultry was nominated for best actor. It was a gigantic thing in a year when jaws comes out and wipes everything off the map, this thing still manageus to make make it into the top ten for the year, a so the WHO's Tommy March, nine tent Hanine Hutden ad, seventy five, all right so for my movie selection, my movie did not make it into the top ten. But you know what this is a movie. I was so excited to be able to pick for this rock and roll battle, because it's a movie, I absolutely love. I know what it is IV watched at countless times, and you know what I think, I'm the only person that loves this movie released August, eighteenth, nineteen and eighty nine. I give you edi and the cruisers too anyou livehow the soundtrack to Eddie, and the crusers too, is phenomenal. I'd almost put it right up there with the original soundtrack as well from the first study in the cruisers. Of course, John Caferdin and the beaver brown band came back to write and compose all of the songs for Michael Para to Lipzink. So, of course, this movie continues the story of Eddie Wilson, who is hiding in Montreal Canada, as a construction worker under the name Jo West decides he wants to get back into. The music scene forms himself a band just as the Eddy Wilson resurgents is coming. The season and hell tapes have been finely found, which was a story plotpoint from the first movie, and you know what guys cheees it is Eddie and the cruisers too it doesn't. Let me down the music is just absolutely phenomenal. One of the cool things about it is at the end of the movie. They go to the Montreal Music Festival and they play in this gigantic festival. They actually went to a Bondjovi concert in Las Vegas to film this, so the crowd is absolutely electric for the movie, it's fantastic. If you had never checked it out, I highly encourage you check out the first eddy and the cruisers and go watch any in the cruises too, and he lives. Did you think he was going to pick now? I felt like an indy 'cause. I don't know when it came out, but I was thinking heavy metal member Hel 'cause. I was like I was thrown off by his pick too, and he said I was like whatwhatever yeah. I was like what I'm ting a metal came out so, but I was thinking that when he said it, I was like. Oh Man, you're really into Eddy and the cruisers. If you knew what he was talking about, no no you're right, especially the sequel I actually am really into addy and the Cruisersmad know you a I can tell Mesjus Gonta live. It's got Ta Breeze, Markos to sleep today in the dark side every night. I do it's on the dark side on the darkside and in it on it, whatever yeah tenhndre years, Wes Benter to sleep to anyway, horry man crush. Why don't you wrap up this game with your pick for the movies round? All Right? So let's go to May Thirteteenth, N, nine uteen and ninety four, not even including the amazing soundtrack for this movie, which is amazing, and it really takes this movie to a whole other level. This is one of my favorite movies of alltime. The movie was based on the James Bar Obar, rather a graphic novel that shared the same name in this movie. Sadly, a little over a year prior to the movie being released, the start o t ilm, was killed on the set and that really made people aware of this movie and before getting into this amazing movie. Let's take a look at the soundtrack and then we'll get into all that you really had like a bit of everything. It's like a microcosm of music in the early nineties, yed the cure was on a stone, temble pilot, violent fems, nine inch, nails range against the machine, Helmet Rawlinsban Pantera. I mean you pretty much had everything and then you had some lesser none bands in there. They just added to the amazing songs and built up the atmosphere to this movie 'cause, the movie and the music. Together, it's fantastic and I'm sure everyone knows where I'm going on this one. So if you're a fan of revenge flicks, this is the movie for you. You got the guitarist for the band Hangman's joke he gets stabbed, shot thrown out a window. His girlfriend is raped and murdered. He comes back from the dead and literally kills. Everyone involved. It's brandonly e gives the best performance of his life. Sadly, is last the CR. It's it's one of those movies that culd never be replicated. The studios have put out three completely shit. Sequels there's been talk of a reboot for a decade like initially they had Jason Amoa. He was supposed to play Eric dravand. He backed out Bradley Cooper was tied to it. Mark Walberg was tied to it, Luk Aven Jack, Houston. No one would play draven aside from everyone thinking. This movie is cursed. I think that just nobody wants to try and bill bran and leese shoes 'cause honestly without Brandonley, this movie isn't the crow he made Erig Dravin. He delivered Eah Erir draven from the comic book to a real person and they have not been able to replicate that sinse and now, after all these years, supposedly it's being done again except this time, they've changed their mind. It's no longer reboot they're going a different direction with it, which is like music to my ears, but this is the crow may thirteenth nineteen. Ninety four and, of course, if you don't know the story, Branale was shot accidentally unset and passed away right, thewn there so m, pretty crazy shit. But that's what I got is movies round rap this one up Al Right. So let's toss it down to our judge Genie Basone for the final ruling on this game. It wath my lightline. I need some help. Y judge need a lightline who wants to be a millionaire? No. This is hard. It's a good round for the movie when God Yo Goe, so patdy and the cruises too sorry no PA to an on Isurprose, not no pie. I iapologize. So this is a tough one for me, because the crow was so so cool and a band that are in there are great but Joe, that April Twenty Nineteen, seventy five with a WHO Tommy that hands down for me, because that's a classic I mean so, is the CRA I wan to say I should take Migny ties. Oddly enough with Jo picking up the two points in this round. We actually do have a tie, so we are to go to a final wild card round between mancrush and Joe all right, we'll go supor quick on this. I know we're tight on time. I'm going to go with a hot product, ig hear it was something I wanted to pick. This is the first epn music history to debw at number, one on the billboard, two hundred Shart first week, sale's exceeding over a hundred and forty thousand copies. This is alison, Cean'sjarflies, wowoes, thirty minute E P, and this hit number one. First Time ever there was for some in history. So that's what I got all right, Joe Finley. What do e you got for the wild card round? All Right? Well, I guess it could be a hot product, but it's also just under the music category. This was hands down. Actually my pick for the music category and I decided to hold it back just in case. We got into this exact scenario and we had alked about it. A lot today February twenty t, Anine hteen and seventy five led Zepplin releashes physical graffiti entering them over houss on t holy Yere CUSTERPI ten years gone, the wanton song. It's a double album shock. Full of mega hits it's on almost every single rock magazines. Hundred greatest albums of I time it's, the number NIN greatest guitar album, Tho Vautime t rock an roll hollofames defenditive, two hundred it was nominated for granmys. It's a huge success, both critically and commercially and considered one of their strongest albums. So I leave you with that physical Graffini, but since we already picked Lod Zeppelin for around, I think she should go with Aus and Cheans. My Godla Stali he's deceased, so Jon Bota Hey. He want me to come back on the show again deside to tarly try. The judge is always right, I'm very, very, very, very, very sorry, nit about your alics and Janes know. We know it's Lo, no plan, O ton. Disia reason you already knew as soon as he said, legs Ewhen it was done. It was over if it this has nut shel on it. I stay away come on. I absolutely love that album me too yeah, that's a great album. Every song on there I used to call it the won time Soi. My boyfriend goes quit calling at one time what you saw. You know I Owen orry being a huge lead. Zeppelin fan that you are. Do you know what the favorite lead Zepplin Song of the cartoon character Pope is, I don't feel like an Cancestin Pi? No, of course it's all of my love. Oh all of my Loveheez is that on Coda forget what is Alin my lovine, oh it's on. No, I know what time ion the one that has the bar seems. I think in it is that the one ye s on the Eddy Cruiserin the go a right, that's funny, Guy! This was awesome, Thang you so much. I mean I couldn't win two in a row, but, like I I'll learn your shirt, man crush Nick Joe and mark you guys are awesome. This is a great show. I love this show. Thank you for doing this. Music addition beg you sacs for coming on. You should come back. Do you have anything you want to plug before you get out of here? A anybody who is well most of us are on social media. If you want to follow me at twitter, Gohollywood Instagraam, I have a stop lind guys, a soaps, oaps Soa blind started it about two years ago, and that is Hollywood Bitanica and that is Tetanico with a K and you can find it on instagramment twitter as well. I saw your skull so fnd you looked Namaz. I don't go anywhere SA rigt there. What I got to hell you, the Skull Sofas, Pretty Awesome Igtlook at the bakthough there's the Bat You'e Goiltae send some of that to Ozsy I I know Ilook at that N, that's so next I will cause them totally right and then there's the red ones way way. Wait. There's an eyeball, wait, whill she's, getting the eyeball and I'll just encourage everybody go get this stuff, it's really cool. That is so awesome. I think I saw this on your instangrahm yesterday when I was scrawling through s you did D and Ra and Rachel Bolin Rachelbo and also does soap, and I makes him soa for racial as well. He has a Soaplie as well, but he loves back, but I got the bat line down. He doesn't I'm still getting one of these for the studio we have Mo little bathroom in the studio. That is perfect. Give me your address you guy, to give me the adraft afterwards send it over to me and have to go in the bathroom. I so I'll. Send it to you I'll, send it to you ago, stree all right guy! Thank you. So much again, are you doing cameos too or you don'haaamia yeah do Camoyou a e plug your Camio 'cause people ar people get those all the time. Oh good, the cameos are awesome tnot to Gow Hollywood as well. I believe I think it is I'm pretty sure Illa Pos out on Instagrama postit on your duelling n decades as well. Excellent, thank you. You Die Seriously. You guys are awesome. I'm so excited that I was on this show tonight because I have gone some stuff and this life farrd one of my favorites. He so much like when you told us that, like I was trying to speed this up like as fast as week, if I O is purpy a Timy, I I'm hyper as it is. You know what Kine Os it for me y. What oh see I there's so much stuff. I have to tell you one other thing: we have been watching and don't laugh, you guy, O, remember planning the a stripe. Do you remember where's on where's, Joe Nineteen? Seventy four, the plan of the TV show. Oh my God, I've heard of it. I've never seen it o. What we did is we bought it two weeks ago and we watched like maybe two a night just to finish, but I remember growing up as a kit, it's very cool to see and some of it' so cheesy, some of it's almost like Um Eddie and the cruisers too, but Yo'v Been Salin O mart. I remember watching it with my dad when I was a kid, so I was probably around ten or eleven, and so we've been watching that just fe'r passing the time, but it's pretty cool, that's so awsome anyway. I just had to say that I had to talk about plan of V'cause. I am a huge plan of the aged fan as well. You actually said you were big INA horror. So let's get you back yerd again, Wara o out contact you, okay, horror, abson! Okay! Let's do it all right! Awesome! Well! Thank you! So much for your time tonight. All right, thank you. Guys have a good wine. You ever Eot me Sa me well, be healthy and don't forget to wash your hands absolutely. I take care. Take Care! Thank you all right, dolhers! Well, I guess we'll en this episode right here, but I want to congratulate Jofinley for pulling out a wind Ji Finley. Why don't you tell us? What's going on on the miscast commentary, Bug Gess? Well, we are just getting into our season five five years of me yapping about movies non stop and it is very exciting. We've just released our dunies episodes. You can go check that one out you can find this wherever you get podcasts you can find us on you tube. You can find a son twitch twitchd Ot TV, slash, miscast commentary and on twinter and Miss Caspong cast and I'm still waiting for an invite on your show. So we can do a commentary track war Eddi an the cruisers too wherwe're on it. Now all right, dolers! Well, if you've missed an episode of duling decades, you can always set over to dueling decades dotcom and subscribe to the show on all your podcast platforms. spotify Itwos, really everywhere. PONCASTS are available and then had over to facebook, dotcom forward, flash duling decades where you can join the over fifty thousand other duelers and share some of your very own. Retra Memories, SOM until next time, jewelers were going to bid you they peace, love, Lightin, te joy have a grateful week. Everyone inforremedia

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