Dueling Decades
Oct. 13, 2021

Scream queen Felissa Rose hacks and slashes her way through this horror showdown between 1984, 1996 & 1998!

Scream queen Felissa Rose hacks and slashes her way through this horror showdown between 1984, 1996 & 1998!

This week on Dueling Decades we take a look back to that one time at Sleepaway Camp where we called horror icon Felissa Rose and asked her to channel her inner Angela Baker to judge a  bloody retro triple threat. Felissa is one of our favorite guest judges!  Her laughter is as infectious as a zombie bite and her stories and tales are frighteningly funny! This makes it the perfect episode to resurrect just in time for spooky month! 

Miscast Commentary's Joe Findlay is back and bringing some horrifying hacks from 1984, and he's been bragging all week that he's going to slash the competition. Mancrush goes back to his senior year and brings the horror of 1996 to the table. We're really loving these triple threat matchups, so Marc summoned up the best horror of 1998 to make this a real bloodbath! 

In this episode, we're going to find out what Felissa has been up to since Sleepaway Camp, we discuss her penis at length, serial killers who live next door, serial killers from the depths of hell, scary letters to Kylie Monogue, drinking Cisco in the basement, stalkers, an actor repackages himself to become a vampire, the mothers of America cause a cult classic to lose lots of money, Felissa got matching tattoos with another camper, a video game that turned into a media empire, sisters who battle the forces of evil, a multi-threat super beast, an invisible man sleeping in your bed, stabbing your lover and dumping them in the river, Santa Claus, going to lunch with Bill Murray, how much we want an Angela Baker toy, killer Mogwai, prosthetic body parts, reach out and touch Kane Hodder!

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