Dueling Decades
April 28, 2021

Sean Kanan shows us The Way of The Cobra in this martial arts duel between 1975, 1985 & 1995!

This week the Dueling Decades clan kick things into action with a special Martial Arts themed duel and we could not think of a better judge for this episode than the man who famously played “Karate Bad Boy” Mike Barnes in Karate Kid III. Actor, author, and producer, Sean Kanan returns to the show to share some stories and impart some wisdom from his new book ``The Way of The Cobra” but what will be the way to victory in this battle?

The Media King of the North, Joe Findlay is Kung-Fu Fighting with the best martial arts picks from 1975. Mancrush is back to the 80s this week with all the spandex-laden high kicking action from 1985!  Marc James draws the 90s and he hopes his picks from 1995 will be The Best of The Best! 


First, you should go check us out on YouTube (link is below)! Second, you might be saying to yourself "I don't even like Martial Arts". Wait, what?! Don't sweat it, I promise you'll still dig these picks! If you stick around, you might hear something about the most irresponsible camp to send your kids to, a news story straight out of the Robert Stack playbook, Off-Broadway fatalities, Eric Roberts big times a threequel, unlikely paths to stardom, Playboy models and gymnasts are a match made in Parmistan, Joe's pick took longer than Ali's fight, the real Karate Kid isn't from Newark, parachuting with 800 pounds of illicit powder, battle of the Bojangles Coliseum, Kanan rides with Carradine, kung-fu prostitutes, rubber karate chops and kung fu grips, don't mess with killer bees, you need the glow to grow, dudes who fight bears, Daniel don't do his own stunts, and kung-fu love songs! All this week and more!


Do you agree with Sean's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! 


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this is podcast new york what's up dueling decades this is wax peace to all you guys and uh thanks for having me on the show will it be the 90s or the 80s beanie babies or crack babies will it be nirvana or madonna maybe britney maybe whitney do you like new metal a new wave dave grohl or super dave i don't know but now the battle begins dueling decades let's see who wins

broadcasting live from the podcast new york studios it's the all new dueling decades the adult only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy because it's your history we just fight for it i'm mark james and this week we kick back for a martial arts theme duel where i'll be representing 1995 alongside the other duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off cracking heads and drinking eggs with the 80s say hello to man crush what's up that's right it's man crush here i got martial arts of 1985 from the best decade ever also joining us on the panel and sweeping the leg of the 70s he's the media king of the north so give a bow for joe finley bless you man that word every single time i hear that it just makes my heart smile i got 1975 for the martial arts forgive that i'm blurry but be thankful in the end uh let's kick some ass and as always here on the show we need someone to adjudicate all of this awesomeness so listeners to this show will know him as the karate bad boy mike barnes from karate kid 3 and now you can get his new book the way of the cobra all rise and welcome back to the show judge sean kanan hey guys how are you

yeah you almost made me cry this week when you told us our marketing was a joke i was like

gentlemen in the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules the judge's coin flip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories movies television music news and hot products a judge's ruling will determine who wins each round allowing the victor to choose the next available category the first three rounds are worth one point each with rounds four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie after all five rounds we will go to a final wild card round remember duelers to review the show listen subscribe and play along at home it's time for more dueling decades all right let's go right down to our guest judge sean kanan for the coin flip okay guys got the coin right here all right this week it's going to be between man crush and joe finley joe finley why don't you do the honors ready well i'm going heads because head size it is tails my friend i am sorry forget it i'm out of here all right man crush you win the coin toss that means you take control the board and get to select our first category all right so let's do this one this seems like it's a hot pick for the first round every time let's go hot products for the first round then let's go november november 1st through the 5th of 1985 and just to demonstrate how enormous martial arts were in 1985 i brought this one into the fold sure there were lots of like martial arts vhs tapes ninja swords throwing stars pretty much everything else related that was popular in 1985 however what the [ __ ] were you gonna do with a ninja uniform if you weren't trained to be a ninja were you gonna like show up to the elks club for bingo night wearing your untrained ninja boots of course not because those guys behind the bar beat your ass and toss you out of the building what you needed to do before you bought any of the other cool [ __ ] you needed to you needed to visit ninja training camp that's right for three days you will eat sleep train and even [ __ ] like a ninja you have uh joined shidoshi stephen hayes shidoshi stephen hayes and usmc captain john hoban for an intensive ninja training in santa cruz california sponsored by the valley martial arts supply store only then could you legitimately be legitimately rock a pair of ninja boots and explore the warrior ways of the ninja oh sign me up and make the worst ninja but hey you know ninja shits all right joe finley what do you have for the hot products round well for you and for you and for you i have kara ati men from aurora toys that's how it's spelled now other people just said karate men it's on every vintage toy site that there is but basically think gi joe meets rock'em sock'em robots the guys look very much like gi joe they had the proper like hairy beards in the whole thing but they're sitting on a platform with one foot strapped down to it and three buttons one button was a left punch one button was a right chop and the last button the center button was a kick if you hit the pressure plate on the chest or if you knock the head back far enough they would fall down and you would win the fight uh it is all over the place and it was actually seen in an episode of all in the family where that meathead michael and archie actually face off against each other in the living room uh so you can look this thing up for yourself the commercials are there uh on youtube and it's lit like i said it's on every collector's website right now uh most of them are naked i don't know why but that's the way it is uh i know so uh that's what i got i got kara ati man from 1975. all right guys so for my hut product we're gonna go to an article by mary campbell of the associated press november 26 where the headline reads mortal kombat best known as an arcade video game is now a show on the road mortal kombat a live tour is basically an evening of with martial arts with a little bit of plot a lot of magic created by special effects lasers and smoke it's an ex it is an extravaganza says david fishoff producer of the show my lasers are bigger than pink floyd producer david fischoff's 12 year old son learned of his dad's new product he said hey dad this thing's gonna be hot all of our friends play mortal kombat all of the time so we asked his son well what would you like to see well if you can make the characters come to life and do the same moves they do in the video game my friends would go crazy his son said well fischoff says that he was concerned a little bit about about the violence in the video game we're not creating the violence in the arcade game he says we're giving people a chance at a nice fantasy fable non-stop action by athletes it's entertainment we're not tearing off people's heads or blowing them up or tearing their hearts out another article i found about this and was in the daily advertiser out of lafayette louisiana now it said ticket prices range from about nine dollars to 14.50 and then oddly enough the article had a very questionable q a section it says questions about the tour question number one what is the mortal kombat live tour it is the first interactive high-tech show that combines martial arts the story of the characters in the from the video games mortal kombat 1 2 and 3 laser special effects and illusion now here where it gets a little shady the question is i love the video game will this affect how i play the game the answer is yes the show will reveal secret codes to help you reach higher levels in the new mortal kombat video game without these codes the higher level the higher levels are unattainable so i'm totally calling [ __ ] on that if anybody else and knows any different that you got special codes to get to the high levels on mortal kombat 4 by going to the live show let us know in the comments below i've never heard of that but so i give you the mortal kombat tour live in 1995. that's my hot product let's kick it down to our guest judge sean kanan for the ruling on the hot products round i'm surprised nobody picked high karate cologne um as much as i did like to play with uh anatomically incorrect dolls as a young man you know the mortal kombat thing i i want to go google this now this sounds pretty badass i mean i don't like the fact that they didn't have any of the flawless victories no one's spine was getting ripped out but you know doll versus like live action with potential secret codes and everything i gotta go i gotta go with mortal kombat and what about ninja camp you just without ninja camp you can't even get tomorrow oh my god yes um colossally bad idea for most people um what could go wrong with poison darts shuriken throwing stars and tabby boots with spikes in them for some guy that's selling insurance in a cubicle for 14 hours a day let's give them more knives to play with hold that thought until the news round yeah that was all of me to say now the question is if the people go missing during this camp is that a good thing or a bad thing it depends it sounds like they graduated

all right well i pick up a point i take control the board i get to select our next category manchester she just teased us with the news round so i'm tempted to go there but you know what yeah we're going to go to the movies round all right all right so a few episodes back we talked about tommy lee of motley crue

this movie is the second sequel to one of my all-time favorite martial arts films while visiting his sister tommy lee discovers a band of ruthless white supremacists is planning to shatter the peace of a small rural community but what but what these thugs don't realize is that with tommy they're in for the fight of their lives with the help of of an honorable sheriff and a headstrong young teacher tommy battles back against the hateful group raging war with everything he has to protect the town now there is no turning back in the best of the best three no turning back for real this time for real now everyone is screaming like you have 95 why didn't you pick mortal kombat because it has been picked on the show before i didn't want to go with the movie yet again so i got to go with some best of the best so it's a timely film that teaches us the lesson of tolerance and to fight racism tommy lee himself says you can't fight hate with hate it'll only eat you up in sarat it will only eat you up inside now originally the writer barry gray wrote the script as an action titled an action picture called no turning back whose lead was a black marine heading back from the persian gulf but philip reed got a hold of the script read it loved it he jumped on board as a producer and then kind of morphed the storyline into what would become best of the best three so upon reading the script best of the best star eric roberts declined to be in the film and was said to be very disappointed upon viewing it he likened it much to a home movie you know the movie itself is actually pretty good it's got a good cast in it including shooter mcgavin himself christopher mcdonald gina gershon as the sassy school teacher we even have the legendary d wallace and arleigh ermey in on in an uncredited role it's not the best it's the best of the best three may 17 1995. very nice well done all right man crush what do you have for the movies round all right so let's go may 3rd 1985 and much like mark said i definitely enjoy the freedom provided from genre episodes so it's more fun we get to pick things that we normally don't get to pick like he was talking about with mortal kombat it's not like the best of the month or the best of the week we get to pick whatever we want and you'll see from this selection i'm really trying to diversify my martial arts a little bit so once you hear the variant of martial arts that i have in this pic you'll just you'll see how diverse martial arts were in the mid-80s because the popularity was through the roof this is 1985. uh i've known about this movie my entire existence on this planet it's one of those movies that you walked past the vhs box you remember passing it on the shelf that being said i rented this movie last night for the first time in my life but i wasn't disappointed the movie it's directed by robert klaus the same guy that directed enter the dragon game of death black belt jones the ultimate warrior china o'brien so not only does this guy know martial art flicks he's also worked with some of the best and biggest names in martial arts bruce lee chuck norris jim kelly cynthia rothrock and of course kareem abdul-jabbar so we're in for something special here with this one all right now this wasn't a world beater at the box office but it actually did way better than i thought it would have done if this wasn't 1985 where everyone wanted to be the karate kid i guarantee this movie would have went straight to vhs that said it took in roughly six million dollars at the gate there's about 15 million dollars in 2021 so it's not too shabby especially since the star of this movie was a former us olympian i knew which one olympia i'm glad shawn knows this that that's what i'm saying about this pick uh but he was supposed to compete in the 1980 olympics this is his first and only lead role uh but because jimmy carter boycotted the summer games that year he never got to compete so that being considered i don't know having your own cult classic might have more legs because honestly when you look at the olympics how many gold medalists do you remember from the 1980 olympics except for the us hockey team which was the winter olympics i don't remember anybody else even though i was two at the time if you asked me about the 1996 olympics i would have no idea who won medals but this movie i will remember it forever so if i had the chance i'd personally rather do this get that gem put that notch on my belt so if you're in the movie if you're in the mood for a movie that has a mix of playboy models an olympic gymnast film shot in yugoslavia combat grunting that sounds like orgasming fictional countries that refuse to join the 20th century bizarre endurance competitions to the death double crosses terrorists bat [ __ ] crazy villagers and the cold war then you need to go out and get yourself a copy of the cult classic gymkata and seriously how can you not watch a movie with a tagline a new kind of martial arts combat the skill of gymnastics the kill of karate i mean come on slam dunk

fantastic all right joe finley let's hear your offerings for the movies round all right well i'm gonna help lead sean away from the village of the crazies for a minute and you talked about kareem abdul-jabbar but i have a three-named gentleman who is more badass and blows this one right out of the water i give you rudy ray moore and i get and i give you dolomite released april 26 1975 let us listen or listen to this description so dolomite is a pimp comedian and nightclub owner who is serving 20 years of prison after being set up by a rival willie green and famed by detective mitchell and white at the direction of the mayor released by the governor thanks to lobbying by fellow pimp queen bee dolomite is freed in order to discover the source of out-of-control drug problem in the fourth ward of the city and take revenge on the corruption that put him in prison he uh he too rekindles his reputation on the streets while trying to get back his total experience club from the hands of willie green he enlists the help of queen bee and his stable of kung fu trained prostitutes

that's it that's where the tie-in is yes he also does claim to be uh like in most of his movies he claims to be a martial artist in and of himself but he's obviously not anyways the movie garnered two sequels one in 1976 another one in 2002 and uh obviously most recently the autobiographical dolomite is my name with eddie murphy came out uh he was also actually been name-dropped in a ton of rap music and has been named by people like luther campbell and big daddy kane as a gigantic uh influence on the early rap game so this guy has all kinds of legs except he pays those legs to kick other people for him because they're prostitutes and they know kung fu dolomite 1975. fantastic let's kick it down to sean kanan can't wait to hear his ruling on the movies round you know i was pulled one way than the other you kind of had me at best of the best i've worked with eric roberts i've worked with arleigh ermey love both those guys early armies passed on um i got to go with the second best of the best as being the second best with sunny landon as the you know out of control drunk uh uh i was that half brother of tommy or what was i forgetting it was anyway he was great um and then and then and i knew that man crush was gonna pick jim connor the minute i heard five i was already thinking it's jim cotter which is just i mean stinks on ice i mean it's it's it's beyond that um it's riveting it's like a car crash that you just can't yeah um but uh you know as a cinephile i mean i gotta give it to dolomite i mean he it's the crown jewel of black's boy playtation films as you said it spawned two other ones not to mention uh the eddie murphy film which i thought was terrific um yeah and and rudy ray moore by far and away uh had the least martial arts ability of anyone else in the other two films uh which i think made it even funnier so i'm gonna have to go with dolomite on this one now you do some karate and martial arts yourself could you do something that kurt thomas could have done in gymkata hell yes he could i i probably could have remembered my lines dude there was only like like they have like four or five words in a row like every line that guy is bad kill him bad guy was horrendous i don't remember who played it but it was like off the richter scale oh dude that guy looked like hugh jackman's like doppelganger right but it was it totally was not you jack really was a very entertaining film and if if you haven't seen it i highly recommend it to everybody please have some alcohol with it i wish i did last night

all right joe finley you pick up a point you tie up this game but more importantly you take control of the board heading into our final one point round all right guys um we've said it a couple of times i think it's time to do it now let us go to the news i'm doing the transitions here too i was waiting for my transition to finish i saw that it looked very cool i've been chatting with people in the chat i just you know i'm self-indulgent forgive me all right so i want to take you to may 1st of 1975 and this story doesn't start with a martial artist but with a boxer the boxer of the 70s well there were many but muhammad ali we start there as muhammad ali spars with karate champion joe hess so basically what happens is uh karate and the time actually what i almost covered for this story every newspaper i found had some article about karate is taking over taekwondo is taking over the schools were popping up more than ever i think it became this is the point when it became more than just something you saw on t like on tv or in the movies and became something just more and uh and people were taking it seriously finally and so uh to make himself seem more serious and more legitimate joe hess uh put out an open challenge to both muhammad ali and george foreman for an exhibition bout uh neither had taken him up on it but on may 1st he shows up at the gym where muhammad ali was sparring with jimmy ellis who had just recently lost an exhibition bout against a karate champion which was actually refereed by muhammad ali muhammad ali ali called the fight when the guy got up after being kicked in the face and he saw the glassy eyes and he called the technical knockout uh so the two faced off with each other uh uh as i for about 40 seconds all it all it was it was a couple of kicks he actually caught a toe to muhammad ali's ear at that point and it got shut down immediately uh hess said that ali was nothing but uh you kind to him was actually willing to do the fight but not without the right price and he had wanted a 10 million dollar purse for this fight which nobody was biting for he actually told hess in private that he was going to split the 10 million with him uh one way or the other which he said i don't know if he would keep his word but it was very nice of him to say uh but you know what he made a you know he made a strong showing against arguably the greatest fighter in the world at that point and you know the fight didn't happen in the end it could have uh but that's where we're at so uh jo you know joe hess muhammad ali squaring off for just a very brief period of time may 1st 1975. 40 seconds took you longer to read the article than the fight last oh don't you get started how long it takes to say something all right guys so for my news article we're going to go over to the palm beach post june 15 1995 uh for an article by staff writer natalie hopkinson and it reads doesn't look much like actor he doesn't look much like the actor ralph macchio these days but karate kid bill d clemente lives right here in boca raton's menser park the 49 year old 8th degree black belt is the original karate kid the inspiration for the trilogy of movies with which in which ralph macchio starred it started out as a nickname when i used it in 1966 at his training center and it became a registered as a trademark de clemente said de clemente said he knew the author of the story robert cayman well they grew up in the same new york city neighborhood he used to come and watch me when i was teaching on the beach during those hot summer nights in mid-1960s cayman created the characters based on a blend of people from that exact same queen's neighborhood he also incorporated techniques that de clemente used to teach his students in the karate ku at his karate school in queens named the karate kid dojo he taught this especially okinawan uh origins of taekwondo in karate of okinawan shoring ryu karate it has all of its origins right in okinawa however di clemente's own mentor was nothing like mr miyagi he was a tough irishman in only five years a singer his senior his name was jimmy fitzgerald so that's the original mr miyagi is uh jimmy fitzgerald so d clementi said that he was a real life jimmy cagney one scene that was taken directly from the movie from di clemente's life he says is when he was uh learning the palm heel block which is also when uh you know ralph machia was painting the fence and karate kid so the article goes on to talk about how de clemente will go back to his first love of teaching and he's opening a school right in boca raton so and then he's also plans on writing a book now side note di clemente did sue the makers of the karate kid over the use of his famous nickname but the lawsuit was dismissed because no one had really ever heard of d clementi or his nickname so i give you the real karate kid june 1995.

i like that

all right man crush can't wait to hear what you have for the news round oh man all right so uh i'm not going to pander to the judges market so we're gonna go uh october 16th 1985. uh there's a lot to unpack here it's a wild story so just bear with me the martial arts tie-in will reveal itself i promise you the story it was just too good to pass up i read this to mike ranger last night he was in our chat right now and he lost his [ __ ] uh this news right here it feels like it's straight out of unsolved mysteries so i actually dug a little deeper and i went over like the next several years to get more details so i kind of corrected the original story if they came out with more details right so the title of this article is tennessee grand jury begins probe of thornton by andrew wolfson out of the kentucky courier journal all right a federal grand jury in knoxville tennessee has begun investigating the mysterious life and times of andrew carter thornton ii the former lexington police narcotics officer who parachuted to his death last month with 14 million dollars worth of cocaine in one backpack and another backpack filled with survival gear and i know here's a note uh in an article i found from 1986 it said that that bag of survival gear must have knocked him unconscious when he opened his parachute and that bag had two pistols knives maps night vision goggles food six south african gold coins and versus citing the virtues of a mercenary lifestyle

yeah if that doesn't make it [ __ ] weird all right so listen to this and it in addition to the 79 pounds of cocaine found strapped to thornton's body 200 additional pounds of cocaine were later found hanging from a parachute in a tree in northern georgia which had also been linked to jordan to thornton and uh in articles i found from 1986 they claimed it was up to 825 pounds of cocaine that they found in those backpacks in georgia so the georgia bureau of investigation they've been examining whether another plane that crashed on september 29th may have been sabotaged as a revenge plot for the cocaine theft orchestrated by thornton and others so then i found in a newspaper from two years later that they confirmed that david cowboy williams who was on that plane was an associate of thornton's and he was co-named a co-conspirator in that thornton case and that was from two years later in other developments it was learned that thornton who was also a lawyer by the way i told you guys who's a narcotics cop he was a lawyer disbarred i'll get to that later uh he had been training in night combat techniques for more than a year with a martial arts instructor in louisville henry cook who runs uniworld combat systems inc said thornton had been learning to fight enemies at night by sensing changes in air pressure caused by the movements of adversaries thornton was reaching the status of an expert in asian knife finding techniques and earned the equivalent of a brown belt in karate two weeks before his death and i quote this is coming from cook he said uh he could handle three people at one time unarmed and four to five people with a blade thornton lived in lexington but drove to louisville in a white jaguar every tuesday for martial arts training cook says he reminded me of a rich polo player a real jet setter paul newman type cook said he met thornton in 1983 in hamilton ohio at ninja training camp despite thornton's regular meetings with cook he never actually discussed to discuss anything from his personal life cook said he once told him the less you know about me the better and uh this is the last part uh thornton had his uh his bar license suspended in 1982 after being convicted of a misdemeanor in connection with a marijuana smuggling conspiracy he was also a former decorated uh combat paratrooper and a pilot and in his will he told his friends and family to remain happy and throw a party how [ __ ] weird is that with 800 pounds

you know he jumped out of the plane and uh what they theorized is he opened up his parachute and he was carrying these two bags the one bag smacked him in the face and knocked him out and then it kind of just made like uh he just tumbled all the way to the ground they found him in some dude's backyard on top of the bag of coke where do i start um i mean that story is extraordinary i mean that's just you know you dug deep on that man crush good for you uh okay uh muhammad ali joe hess people always talk about you know the classic fight between a futurist and a martial artist i find that really interesting um a class move by muhammad ali to split the 10 million who knows if he would have done it but probably um that's a good story i like it moving to the second one uh what was the second one refreshing by memory really quickly i think that's the second story

my new oh it was uh the real karate kid right right that's interesting that's interesting i mean the guy definitely needs to to take a class in copyright and uh you know uh branding and uh and all that sort of stuff um he actually went to have a court case knowing he didn't have the legal copyright uh the trademarks of that so i don't know um both great stories you guys but you know the other one was just like an epic tale uh that involved so many interesting things conjured up in images of um uh what was his name

the second

in the spirit of keeping the game interesting you know uh all things being equal i am going to give it to man crush so that we got a three-way tie going here like capturing a burlap sack now let's start smacking it

all right man crush you have control of the board we got the television round and the music round left where are we going man uh let's go tv first let's rock this one out with tv let's go uh july 18 1985 and surprisingly i couldn't find any martial arts related tv that began or ended in 1985 i was honestly shocked that a martial arts cartoon or tv show hadn't launched in the middle of the greatest decade ever which i said before and i stand by it so either it was so shitty i missed it or it just didn't exist however i thought back to my childhood and i got to thinking my family only really had hbo in the mid-80s so where the hell did i watch movies either i rented it i saw it on hbo or i saw them on basic cable so i started thinking about usa channel wwor and wpix specifically and for the people in chat to know this wwr wpix those are primarily new york based channels then it dawned on me and i remembered spending like saturday afternoons watching either kung fu theater on usa or black belt theater which was on like our local channels like either i couldn't remember which one was which so from there i went over right over to our sponsors at newspapers.com and painstakingly went through every mention of those shows until i found a movie that i liked that was playing and as annoying as it was to go through each one one at a time it was even more annoying to just select one that was playing because there was gold on these shows because i lived on these shows growing up but then i came across one i'm going to butcher the [ __ ] out of the name it was like it tusu saturn ken i think that's what it is in japanese i don't know i'm probably wrong uh and i was like you know that one it sounds awfully familiar but i'll keep digging and then i started digging and i saw a blood of the dragon pop up a bunch of times with the name saturn ken ii next to it so i was like wait a minute all right so that must have been the sequel to that other one let me look it up so i look it up and it's none other than the sunny chiba classic the street fighter from 1970 oh wow i mean who doesn't enjoy a movie about a badass martial arts mercenary who will do anything for money sonny he's a badass anti-hero you know people like bruce lee bruce lee he played the good guy he took out the bad guys cheapest characters he literally would kill anyone for cold hard cash anyone it didn't even matter you watch these movies when you're talking about like violent brute force you think sonny chiba the street fighter it was rated x in the united states for violence alone and look he he makes a dude puke on screen by hitting him he knocks another dude's teeth out he rips a dude's throat out decades before dalton did that [ __ ] he shatters a dude's skull and x-ray in the movie which is an awesome picture especially for 1974 and he concludes it by ripping a dude's balls off the guy it was like an attempted rape and he like he breaks it up and rips the dude's balls i mean dude he's uh sonny chiba he's a first stand black belt kenpo first stand black belt kendo second damn black belt judo fourth damn black belt ninjitsu's this dude is a certified ass kicker so if you've never seen the street fighter trilogy i highly recommend this one if you're a fan of bruce lee you need to give sonic a chance and if you maybe you'd have already but [ __ ] look at it this way clarence took alabama to see street fighter on their first date that's reason enough to win this round and of course i'm talking about true romance for the people but that's what i bring you excellent all right joe finley what do you have for the television round well first i would like uh to thank mancrush for proving the 80s dominance by having a movie from the 70s in it uh but uh but i was thinking this pretty much the same thing i'm like again this is the time of bruce lee movies and things like that i'm like there has to be something good uh martial arts on tv around this time it just so happens that the martial arts tv show had its final episode on april 26 1975. i give you the episode called the last raid the final episode of kung fu oh so uh we know the story kwai chang kane uh well you know is a shaolin monk in the old west and in this final episode he helps a black and white family whose sons were kidnapped by a rogue confederate soldier uh the movie or the tv show won three emmys in its three-year run it actually didn't end because of low ratings its ratings were considerably high but david carradine left the uh the show because of just wear and tear on his body he didn't think he was going to be able to sustain it anymore uh so he did that he did end up doing a movie uh the spinoffs were actually really interesting with this so they did a movie in 1986 that starred him and ironically brandon lee and the reason that that's ironic anybody who doesn't know is there was a big controversy uh that brandon or that bruce lee had developed this story uh with cbs who then when he was meant to star in it and he actually said that on in a uh in an interview in 1974 and then cbs went on to create the show without him and cast david carradine in the kwai chain kane role uh there are a lot of disputes about it uh but uh bruce lee's wife uh put it in both her memoir and in dragon the bruce lee story based on the memoir covering the whole event but to then cast brandon lee as kwai chang kane's son in this movie was something interesting but then it gets even weirder the next spin-off is called kung fu the next generation starring brandon lee but not as the character he played in the movie he plays johnny kane the great great grandson of kwai chang kane who is in america then you go further into the future and you get kung fu the legend continues the american canadian co-production huh yeah with i love me some chris potter but also with david carradine returning as his own grandson kwai chang kane

so just so much craziness uh in all of that in general but that was his final up that was the final episode of this very popular show and that was on april 26 1975. wow all right guys so for my television offerings we're going to go to the los angeles times april 7th 1995. where our headline reads cable's no rules fighting event a hit and a target it's being touted as the most brutal martial arts competition there is and it's coming straight at you at six tonight live from charlotte north carolina on pay-per-view with a taped replay at 8 pm it's the ultimate fighting championship five whose announcer boasts that you have no rules no limits and no way out rather than traditional ropes the ring is surrounded by a five foot wire mesh fence caging the fighters in like animals repeated punches to the groin kicks to the face and prolonged choke holds all take place in full view of the audience and are legal now dan the beast 7 would go on to win that night's tournament which featured other ufc legends such as guy metzger and oleg tektaroff but the the big ticket for that one was ufc 5 had the first ever super fight which continued the rivalry between hoyce gracie and ken shamrock in a fight that would be up to that point the most anticipated fight in ufc history that fight led to the highest pay-per-view buy rate that usc had achieved up to that point and uh ken shamrock's only defeat in the ufc up to that point was to hoist gracie in ufc one but much to the dismay of the fans in attendance who showered them with boos and calls of uh the fight would go to a draw after a five-minute overtime period yes they had instituted the first ever time limit in the ufc that was one of the new rule changes it was the first time this would ever be implemented it was also the last time that ufc co-creator rory and gracie would be involved with with the ufc because of such a rule it went totally against his family's principles of brazilian jiu jitsu so i give you the legendary ufc 5 april 1995. okay well there's so much to unpack here guys first of all um i was at ufc one oh and i was with ken shamrock the night before his fight hanging out ken is a uh god kendall legend uh he's in my second book successfactor x and you know the funniest thing about that was you had um uh jim brown and you had uh superfoot wallace and uh you know these guys had never seen jiu jitsu before really and so they're trying to call what's going on and they're just like i think he's got his foot he's i don't know he's grabbing right and and there were there were really no rules in some of the fights especially the prelim fights they didn't show on tv were absolutely brutal absolutely brutal i was like ringside at that thing uh they they flew me and a guy named herb perez out terrific guy who won the uh gold medal in taekwondo and the barcelona olympic games they sort of had us there to uh you know just give our insights on it um okay so that's a good story um i'm a huge kung fu fan though and um actually uh i was supposed to play uh david carradine's son in the one until they moved it up to canada uh we had the same agent they took me out to his ranch on a sunday i showed up with my agent david answered the door in a kimono barely covering his nether regions with a high ball of vodka and he proceeded to say let's go ride it and um we did and he fell off his horse and did an absolutely perfect roll and got up and then proceeded to ask if i wanted to uh play with swords and i said no um there was a horse in his kitchen uh it was extraordinary uh yeah he lived on this crazy farmhouse the horse kind of got yeah anyway um oh boy this is a tough one uh and then sunny chiba right yeah kang foo theater yeah sunny chiva wow these are all really good guys um i think you know i think i'm gonna have to give it to joe just out of respect for for you know kung fu the series and what an epic series it was and that that was its final episode uh and it's such an important piece of of martial arts history and it's really the preeminent piece of um martial arts television and so yeah i'm gonna have to i'm gonna have to give it to joe wow all right joe we're heading into the music round you have a commanding lead uh would you like to go first or would you like to defer i'm deferring i defer right i wanna i wanna hold off all right i'll start off this round then uh you know when you think of 1990s music and martial arts of course the first thing to come to mind you would think would be the mortal kombat soundtrack you know it was so legendary with the techno and but not for me for me only one group comes to mind and of course that would be the wu-tang clan made it possible you know i mean they made a practice of sampling shaw brothers movies and other kung fu classics writing their songs so in 1995 we returned to the chain to the 36 chambers with old dirty bastard march 8 1995 the crazy one of the group odb is the friends column he drops an album that not only would pay homage to the 1978 kung fu classic the 36 chambers of xiaolin but it's actually also a tribute to his wu-tang brethren as the 36 chambers refer to the combined number of chambers from the hearts of all nine wu-tang members now the standout track for the on this album for me is excuse me the standout track on the album for me is shimmy shimmy yeah which of course was produced by rizza it was ranked number 59 on vh1's 100 greatest songs of all time in hip-hop and it peaked at number 62 on the us on the us billboard hot 100. now also how can we forget brooklyn zoo shame on you it was the number one single off that album an old dirty bastard's second highest charting single right behind got your money overall it's a monumental album in hip-hop history fantastic i highly recommend checking it out uh the dirty version was nominated for the 1996 grammy award for best at best rap album but they did lose that night unfortunately to naughty by nature in 1998 the album was selected as one of the sources 100 greatest rap hip-hop rap albums of all time so i give you for your listening pleasure return to the 36 chambers the dirty version by old dirty bastard march 28 1995.

good call all right nice all right let's toss it down to sean kanan uh wait no do you have a pet no all right man crush you're up next uh what did you bring for the music round all right this one's for uh for stacy lanigan listen up here uh april 1st 1985 she was calling forward in the chat and uh i'm gonna go with a sound check right here uh for this is my music selection i love this movie uh this was the second movie i ever saw in theaters i'm sure i mentioned this on the show before strangely i remember everything from that afternoon spring of 85 my sister and i we were staying at my grandparents house in congers new york and we were both bored out of our minds it was raining outside my sister was somehow she convinced my grandmother to bring us to a movie and keep in mind like i was seven at the time my sister was 14 so we grabbed a newspaper and the choices that i remember were desperately seeking susan friday 13th part 5 porky's revenge police academy two and this movie right here as one would expect were brother and sister arguments ensue she wanted to see the madonna flick i actually wanted to see friday at 13 5. um my parents i'm a degenerate i grew up on friday the 13th so i wanted to see the fifth one when it was all said and done we were on the way to the theater to see police academy too so we get to the theater my my grandmother goes up to get the tickets because the line is like crazy long she's there forever my sister just didn't want to stand with her because she's 14 she wants to stand next to her grandmother you know how it is so she walks back to us with tickets too the last dragon and at the time 1985 i hadn't heard of the movie i was seven i hadn't i hadn't heard of it my sister was pissed and my grandmother fell asleep during the first 10 minutes of the movie but it's shocking how like i can remember that entire experience like it was yesterday and i could not tell you what my three meals were from yesterday but that said i love this movie so i'm glad that it happened the way it did uh anyway like is it is there anything that i need to say about this it hasn't been said already it's a barry gordy classic founder of motown records you got vanity stevie wonder debarge smokey robinson rockwell the temptations just to name a few uh the bars went to number one on the billboard hot 100 with a single rhythm of the night and how can you forget my favorite my favorites like on the whole soundtrack i'm gonna do it on my chair right now let's see when you got that glue can you guys see my glow is it doing it no oh a tiny bit i was i was hoping there you see it i got the glow baby what do you got the glue where's we need mike ranger to do this right now he could wrap the whole thing out i do that all the time when you got the glow with the flow to go yeah this is the master oh god it's so good yeah it's the last dragon soundtrack all right joe finley why don't you wrap us up with your music selection okay well i'm going to tell you going in to this knowing the year that i had and knowing what we had to do before i even started my research on this particular topic i prayed i put my hands together and i looked up and i said dear god let kung fu fighting have come out in 1975. bad news it didn't it came out in 1974. good good news an album came out by carl douglas who made kung fu fighting called kung fu fighting and other great love songs which features kung fu fighting as it's as its main single but in addition to that it has his second biggest hit of all time dance the kung fu so he made numerous tv appearance appearances and made a music video for that particular song but to have on that album while kung fu fighting was only ever released as a single in 1974 it was february of 1975 that it was released officially on an album with dance the kung fu carl douglas kung fu fighting and other great love songs oh boy well you know i don't know if those other two picks were necessary but we'll try again we'll toss it down now to sean kanan for the uh for the ruling on the music doesn't think of uh you know a warm fireplace crack at a bottle of champagne you're there with your lady and then playing uh kung fu fighting uh obviously one of the greatest love songs of all time um huge carl franklin fan uh joe crafty i like how you got in there with the basically like the carl franklin sequel so it did fall into the parameters of the proper year um god you know i have to be really honest i'm not tremendously familiar with that wu-tang album and i i you know it's it's to my shaymin chagrin uh you know shame on you i am a huge fan of all things motown not to mention sho nuff um barry gordy's son tymac incredible movie still stands up uh man crush i gotta i gotta give it to you and i still got the glow when you got the glow you don't i don't know the rest of the lyrics but it's that's close all right all right that ties up man crush and joe finley so we are going to go to a final wild card round between the two of them all right man crush you're up first all right we'll do this quick i know sean's got to get out of here so i'm i'm going to pander to sean right now so we're gonna go november 8 1985 i'm gonna pull a card right out of mark's playbook and uh this is an article that's uh set expensive for karate kids sequel uh karate 2 karate kid 2 ups the budget from 9 million to 14 million for the sequel you know the whole thing is there's interesting stuff that's in this article it's not even just about that one the movie shot in hawaii and not in okinawa the entire set was built down there right down to the shinto shrine the fields of rice the turnip garden everything was done down there then they talk about somebody that sean would probably know uh john how do you say his last name correctly so i don't push it director john appleton albertson yeah so they're they're talking about how he like meticulously choreographs all the fight scenes how ralph macchio gets a double to perform all the hard stuff and then he goes on to talk about how he had like dry years after rocky and the phone only started ringing again once he did karate kid which is actually interesting because he mentions in this article that he passed on kramer vs kramer the china syndrome serpico and rocky 2 because he said he couldn't believe how dumb they made rocky in the sequel so he turned it down but then he he said he regretted that and then it goes on it's actually a pretty long article on fish it right here it goes on to say that uh pat morita he never actually spoke japanese because he was born in california and uh maria he did say in the article and i quote right here he says i took a crash course in japanese from my jewish american doctor who actually spent 22 years in japan and then pat marie finishes up the whole article by saying uh that since he's now he's working again his wife can actually say she loves him in public all right joe findlay over to you for the wild card round well i'm gonna thank uh mancrush again for doing some of the groundwork for me who was the person that you said was uh such a badass in that 1974 movie nobody oh just uh sonny chiba was it well well i have a movie from december 27 1975 starring sonny chiba and it translated into english as a fighting karate brutal ultimate truthfist not the title they went with here uh the title they went with here was karate bear fighter and it's a much more serious uh story than that he actually plays masatatsu oyama who is the founder of kyokushin karate in japan and it follows his real life and it's based on a manga that was based on his life the manga translated to a karate crazy life uh and it's just the crazy stories about the guy who founded this form of martial arts uh starring sonny chiba and yes he does fight a bear not a real bear one who's in a bear caught a man in a bear costume uh but sonny chiba for the win i think i don't get a vote but sunny sonny chiba or the movie come on come on joe be honest both baby it's karate bear fighter okay there it is karate bear fighter vs karate kid 2. all right let's toss it down to sean kanan for the final ruling on this game oh boy this is tough a guy in a bear suit doing martial arts and then of course what do i get thrown out of the union if i don't pick uh you know kind of a no-win situation for me um well look uh yesterday was my buddy yuji okamoto's birthday usually of course played chosen in the karate kid 2 and you know what as great as great a dig as as man fighting bear karate bear was man crush i got to give it to you karate i still got that glow hey dude i know you're on a time crunch i just want to ask you about your book real quick before you go yeah i got my new book out it's called way the cobra and you know um the book is something i'm really proud of uh it's structured like you are students in my dojo the dojo of cobra life i'm the sensei uh cobra is an acronym for character optimization balance respect and abundance um you know about three years ago i had a time in my life when um you know i had some pretty pretty significant successes i had a couple of epic failures and i was 35 pounds overweight no acting jobs in sight and i realized i was gonna have to do some things differently very quickly i decided that rather than wait for my ship to come in i was going to build the ship and these are the battle tested strategies that i used to achieve some some pretty incredible things in in that one year i lost the 35 pounds i co-authored successfactor x my second book which became an amazon new release bestseller and i got my show studio city uh on the air we were nominated for eight emmys in one one and i don't say any of that to impress anybody simply to impress upon you what is possible so please check it out at wayofthecobra.com get them while they're hot and come join the dojo for sure i got mine coming like i'm sad i didn't get my book before you came on but i will have it on monday uh but just reading through your website i want to run through a wall just from like what you wrote before you get out of here inspire the rest of us just explain waking up the beast inside because i think that's one of those things people read and they're like what ah okay i gotta see this basically the tagline for the book is unleash your inner badass everybody has an inner badass you may not have discovered it yet it might have gotten lost but everybody has one and i say in the beginning of the book i've got good news and i've got bad news here's the bad news uh i say that you know i don't have i don't have a silver bullet i don't have a magic potion that's going to turn you into this uber successful driven beast that we all want to become but here's the good news it's like the zen riddle how did the ship get in the bottle i wanted to thank everybody uh who showed up live to watch this episode along with us and of course sean kanan for being such an excellent judge for us now if you've missed an episode of our show you can always go over to duelingdecades.com that is now your one-stop shop for all your content for dueling decades of course we're here on youtube and you can find all of those links right in the show notes of this episode also leave us a comment underneath let us know what you thought about this episode and who you really think won so until next time duelers we're gonna bid you a peace love light and a joy have a grateful week everyone

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