Dueling Decades
May 20, 2020

Soap Opera star and Karate Bad Boy, Sean Kanan is here to front sweep this showdown between May 1983, 1990 & 1992!

Soap Opera star and Karate Bad Boy, Sean Kanan is here to front sweep this showdown between May 1983, 1990 & 1992!

Some know him as The Karate Bad Boy and Cobra Kai mercenary, Mike Barnes. Some recognize him as General Hospital heartthrob AJ Quartermaine. While others may know him as the cunning Deacon Sharpe on The Bold and The Beautiful/The Young and the...

Some know him as The Karate Bad Boy and Cobra Kai mercenary, Mike Barnes. Some recognize him as General Hospital heartthrob AJ Quartermaine. While others may know him as the cunning Deacon Sharpe on The Bold and The Beautiful/The Young and the Restless. Well, we know him as The Honorable Judge Sean Kanan, and he's here to kick these contestants into line! Mike Ranger from the Video Rangers podcast is back, and he's brought the best of May 1990. His first opponent Marc James answers that challenge with the finest May 1992 has to offer. After a stunning loss to Drew Zakmin last week, Mancrush completes this retro rampage with a stout helping of May 1983. Once again this episode is jam-packed with some mega nostalgia! After a couple of weeks digging through a week here and a week there, these boys finally get to look at an entire month, and they're stoked with their findings. This 80s and 90s clash was a close one! On this episode, Sean intimidates a man for a role, Sean saves the episode cause Mancrush's Internet sucks, everyone agrees that they like big butts, Kanan rates Daniel LaRusso's karate, a blockbuster finally emerges, a dude cheated on his wife and turned his pain into profit, kids run up the phone bill, Sean stars in Studio City on Prime, David Lee Roth has a few drinks, a sitcom that didn't jump the shark, Pauly gets hated on, explicit phone calls, The Clash gets bashed, tennis with the Dionne Warwick, Sean almost handed out roses, Mancrush's Karate Kid redux, seven degrees of Happy Days, careful kicking, Lorne Michaels bans someone else, ZZ Top delivers, Sean's thoughts on reality TV, GUI interfaces are all the rage, Marc takes us back to 10th-grade social studies, Mike says turn off the radio, Sean kills someone's pick, Marc brings some shareware you'll remember, Eine kleine Amerikaner, and how did cocaine just fall out of your pocket mister? Do you agree with Sean's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard! Please don't forget to subscribe and review! Want to share some of your own 1980s & 1990s memories? Join the other thousands of people in our Facebook group and get more original nostalgic content every day! If you're into the 1960s & 1970s, join our new group! Links below: 








Formeymediai doing decadessis wax piece of all guys and thanks were having me on the show: Will it be the nineties or the am any babies or crack babies wel a been Amanan Ormadon, maybe Britin, maybe Whitney do you like new little new wave, they grow or Super Dav. I don't know, but now the vannel begins. Duling, degades and Tezeewho wins join ANA roudcasting from the Pondcash New York Studios. It's the adult only retrogame show where the decades paddle for supremacy, because it's your history we just fight for it. Welcome back to duelling decades. I am Mark Janes, and this week I will be competing with May of nineteen. Ninety two, alongside these men, first off dualing with May of nine teen and eighty three say hello to mancrush. What's up that's right, I got May of nineteen eighty three this time around and I am so happy that we have a whole month and not a week for a change. It's been quite a while to get some nice picks. So let's do this. Also joining us on the panel this week is the host of the video Rangers podcast. Please welcome back to the show the incomparable Mike Rainger O, and that's always here on the show. We need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So this week's celebrity guest judge is a real modern gentleman. He is an actor comedian, author and Foodi, who is best known for his roles as Deacon Sharp on the bold and the beautiful and the young and the restless and as Aj quartermane from General Hospital, but youill know him as karate's bad boy and part time tree Bandal, Mike Barns from karate kid three. Please welcome to the show, Judge Sean Canan. What's UVG, I tak ften meon. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under duling decades rules. The judges coinflip show the side who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories: movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all five rounds, all right doelers strike first strike hard. It's time for more O. I know you K O I before we get started. I just gotto tell Shawon like I was talking to my mom. I actually ran into her the gas station today. It was bizarre Ecaus, I I told them and to stay at home, and I went to the gas station and her my mom and dad are at the Deli ordering sandwiches who can't stay away from that gasty othey were in a quick check. I don't know if you're familiar a, we have them in New York, but I was like wh t like. Why are you here and she's like going on and on she's like? Oh wwhat, are your plans for Tonightso? I was telling her. I was recording and I told her your name and she's like that sounds so familiar. No! No, she goes was he on a soap opera and I said mom, it's Aja corner me and she goes. Oh, my God, really in the middle of quickcheck. She was just losing her shit all right. Well, let's go down to our guest judge, Sean Kaden for the official toss off Employd Plog, I'm in a use copy of my newest Book Success Back Directs. We have heads and tails I'm about to flip the book heads here. We go sorry, my friend IIS tailthat's right, so we'll flip at one more time against me and Mike Ranger to see who goes first in this game Mike Call it in the Ar one. Two three I'll go heads it extails again ill ride. So I win the toss off. You Know What Gentlemen: Let's go with some news to open up tonight's game for my news story, I chose something that I don't think is ever going to have a chance to come up on this show again, most likely. I have the ratification of an amendment to the United States Constitution. Matter of fact, it was the last amendment to be ratified. The twenty seventh amendment, which is everybody's favorite amendment; okay, maybe not, but there is an interesting story behind it. What the twenty seventh amendment does it prohibits any law that increases or decreases the salaries of the members of Congress. Oddly enough, this was one of the first amendments proposed, but it Kinda just got shelved and never got ratified. There was a a young nineteen year old college, Sophomore Gregory Watson at the University of Austin and Texas, who wrote a paper for it, for his government class got a sea on it and his whole thesis was that this law could actually still be ratified. Today he got a see on it. The t teacher basically called them an idiot said he was stupid, so he h spent about ten years researching this and on May Fifth Nineteen. Ninety two, this became the twenty seventh amendment of the United States Constitution from him yeah. He really started this whole movement and then, of course, it goes on to h the Congress and the Senate, and then I found an article in the Fort Star Telegram dated. May Twenty Second Nineteen? Ninety two says: Austin man seeks credit for payray's law. Oddly enough, he never got any of the credit of this because he was not an electon official. A representative Mr John Bayner, out of Ohio, took all the credit said he did all the research and brought this up, but really it was h: Gregory Watson, he nineteen year old sophomore that we cannot thank for the twenty seventh amendment very nice now. I know why you went with h news first, all right Mike Ranger over to you. Well, that's that's great mark, because I think I have a subject that you'll quite enjoy here 'cause. I found an Article From The Clarion Ledger on May thirty. First, nineteen, Ninety titled Kelsey Grammar Actor on Cheers, ordered to trial on a cocaine charge. The Associated Press reports, the Cheer Star, who is already serving a thirty day sentence for drunken driving, was ordered Wednesday to stand trial on a felony cocaine, possession charge if convicted of cocaine possession. He could be sentenced to three years in prison. Luckily, filming for the season of cheers was over so grammar's jailing did not affect the show. This all dates back to in April nineteen. Eighty eight incident, when police stope grammar's car for an expired license tag the check showed a prior warrant and, while riding in the patrol car, a packet of cocaine fell out of his pocket grammar continued to violate his probation and acquire various charges throughout the nineteen nineties. Ha a bag of cocaine just fall out of your pocket. If I had a hockle whoops Shi another one, tioly had a couple of times, wow all right, man chrush. What do you have for the news round? We got to talk about this a little bit before just elay little groundwork. Nineteen a GTWO was a huge year for communications. He had eighteen, an t which in the time, was like the biggest company on the planet and they were mandated by the government to split up. So you had all the birth of the baby bells. Nynx Pack Bell: Bel Lantic all that stuff and if you ever have time, go back check out the ett history, it's insane because eighteen teen that we know now is actually singular. It's it's crazy. It's bizarre! You have to check it out if you're going to UTO- probably fiund a video thirty minutes to listen that butanyhow. So when all these companies arose from the Ash Os Att, they started to do some new stuff to try to create some new revenue streams and one of those things that they invented with a deregulation was ninxs infamous nine, seven, six paper minute numbers and earlier that year, nynx held in lottery to award these numbers to businesses. You know whatever they wanted to do, and the Federal Communications Commission. At the time they were being bombarded with complaints about a popular new NYNEX service called dial aporn that supposedly was easily accessible to children and the complaints stemmed from parents finding these calls and their telephone bills and but the FC C said: Hey, look, there's nothing that we can do under a law, there's no actial! He can take but send her Paul trible from Virginia. He took all these complaints and he forared hem to the justic department. So they can investigate it. Now some background on dial aporn. They were getting about. Five hundred thousand calls a day, all right. They e they had the capacity to do fifty six thousand calls an hour and supposedly there wase seven million calls in their first week. So this thing was, it was just massive and the service began in February and it was the brainchild of the adult magazine, High Society and the the magazine won that lease earlier in the year like I was talking about before from that lottery from Nindex. But there were other services like Diala prayer that were going on. There was like the weather, then you had dial aporn and they featured these fifty seven second recordings, with voices of all the High Society, centerfold models and the services. They ran twenty four hours a day and they changed these recordings three times a day and supposedly they are making twenty five grand every day, sit's freaking. Not So. Basically the story is that the FCC was receiving these complaints. And now you had dial oporn and if you grew up in the eighties nine seven six was. Where was that? I mean for everything I mean we had like the quarrries had their own number and then we had the nine hundred numbers and we it went into like you know, d warwick and the whole. What did they call that one SYCO friend EER PSYCHIC, French e? Did you call that Ar you? I were right on it. It's almost like he knew you were going to say that surpris honestly did you ever call it, but I will tell you a funny stor rakly. I went to Malaysia withgeon Worwin, true story. I played in a tennis forament, and so was this group of aeerte's. A big word o give Mi te startright therebut there was a grip of us, wedid't know each other, so you n W he figured out. Ter was on the trip. Once we went to the airport and there was thenomen wo Buld, not a en fooler, except every single time we went to a restaurant or a nightclub in Malaysia. They would start playing. Do you know the way to stanose? Oh, that's it! I'm booking my flight to Malaysia. Now, maybe not. I think I told this story on the show before we were at a house party. This is like my senior year and H. Somebody took the girl's phone and they called the the so sotline and they took our phone and put it in the freezer and like yeah, like four hours later, a friend of mine opens the Freezer to get like you know like a beer or something and the phone is in there. He picks it up and the Lady's still on the phone and the phone stillwr that kid was never seen from again no shedid. She did end up graduating the s same year. As me, she live O. OK, I don't know how, but anyhow, let's pass this one down to Shan. You got the three stories. What ere we doing for the news? Rom Well, you know, mark, I got Ta, tell you as a guy that has to politit science degree from UCLA. I have high hopes for your, U you're, but fortunately it descended into my seventh grade CIDIX class, and you know I got a Falt Y, a little o. The twenty seventh amendment is everybody's favore. You know I' stick my neck out there and say that the Twenty First, which ended prohibition, probably is a little more of a crowd. cleaser cheers of that yeah. Let's see like interesting, we get cocaine, we got a celebrity, we wegot jail, always interesting. NOAND thenwe come to Mancrus and suppressal asa high society subscriptionlate eighties. I immediately work ut what I heard this I don't know you know it's a tough one, soled cocaine story, wor phone sex- I I think I'm going to have to get it to ms all, right dial oporn for the wind all right. So let's keep this the same and just just a preface to everybody. We did try to do this. Call the other night and I fucked up. My Internet was total shit and we had. We had to get Shawn back here. He was nice enough to come back on and do this. Thank you very much for doing that. But now we would change the course a little bit and I get control of the board here, but Fuckig, I'm J, St going to stick with music 'cause. I like where this is going. Sllet's stick with this. We got a May twentieth. Nineteen three. I had the opportunity to select a couple of album releases here. Wellwhen, you have a massive single. You have to account for that and you look at stuff like spot IFI. Nowadays, a song like this had six hundred and fifty million pleays, and today alone me and my wife were out on the deck just drinking some bucking white claws and I feel, like I grew UF a Ginat in the process but Ilisteng to this song, like probably a couple of times just because I have it as a pick s a pucket. This single comes off the album synchronicity. It was released a few weeks later into June, but this song right here was number one on every chart that mattered around the world for eight weeks, including being number five on the: U S, billboard hot one hundred end of the decade chart which was everything from eighteed and eighty nine and it was number five allright and then in twenty eighteen? U S, billboard hot one hundred put out an all time chart, and this went from the beginning in nineteen. Fifty eight, when they first started all the way to summer of twenty eighteen when they published this, and this song landed at number thirty one. So that's not too shabby a right, and it's definitely not too shabby. When you talk about a song, that's inspired about it's inspired from cheating on his wife, his tenwife, actually with her best friend and then tot to mention writing this song at Inflemig's desk. The golden eyed state in Jamaica wow, you know, like life, is pretty tough for sting. You would think, or the point ani, but not really. The song was also voted number one F: Nineteen D: Eighty Three Viapoli was done by rollingstone magazine and won two grammes for best song in the year and Best Pap performance and then twenty nineteen. This, I think, is the biggest one, because when you know the BMI catalogue and everything that's in it b M. I said that this is the most performed song in the entire catalogue, since nineteen th th, it's fucking, amazing and then of course, in nineteen inety, seven, it was sampled by puff daddy and you got you know the notorios big tribute, which we also listen to today. Th, I don't think, holds up, but that's the whole I'll be missing you and that Shit Tot the Charts for eleven weeks and it also won a granmy. So that's not too shabby, but the the single at I'm talking about here is every breath you take by the police and that was released, may twentieth. Nineteen. Eighty three okay scim all right! So I'll go next wir the music round. You know sting is great man crush. I gotta give you that, but you know what my Anacanna don't want: None unless you've got buns Hon, that's right! FROR! Nineteen! Ninety twos music, pick I'm going with Sir mixalot baby got back. It's a song that everybody is familiar with. I'm sure we all know the lyrics, because if you're thinking nineteen nineties music, there might not be a better song that describes the nineteen nineties. It was the second best selling song in the United States, N Nineteen nd. Ninety two, it was ranked number seventeen on vh one's one hundred greatest songs of hiphop and it debut at number. Seventy five on the billboard hot one hundred chart about a month before it was actually released as a single on May seventh. Nineteen. Ninety two! So we're going to go over to our good friends at newspapers, dotcom and we go to the long view Daily News and I longview Washington on May twenty first nineteen. Ninety two and an article that is titled Mix a lot message: wrappourcells well staying true to self. It's that whole expose piece. Aboutsir mix a lot, and he says here in the article I'm not degrading women. I don't call women bitches and then the article goes on to namedrop and call out wrapper too short. Unlike too short, the last rapad Playi long view. I don't talk about what I do in bed. I stay true to myself. I consider myself a blue callar wrapper says Sir mixcelot. I talk about things that a lot of people do, I'm not empty hammer. I'M NOT VANILLA ICE. I always talk about something that happened in my own life, so he goes on to talk about how baby got back is not racist. It's about his preference for Black Women that have larger rear ends. Women today he says, Look Anoresic. They look like they're about to die. He just complained. It was all inspired by Ami Jennifer Lopez, who was one of the fly girls back on Fox on the day on in living color, so that was actually his inspiration behind baby got back, but that's my pick for the music round, but Mike Ranger. Let's see what you got whole lot mark. It's Kindo interesting there, because if you guys are familiar with Miami Vice and the inshur to my mevice and Thisis, something and my wife- and I are any time we've ever watched it in the INCRO. They they show those two girls walking down the street with their h like they're, it's not even a thong, but it's just like those eighty style bathing suits and it's like straight up. Their ass and their ases are like, like this long like you know, there's no ass there. So I culd see that you know butts and boobs in the eighties look totally different than t a they do now. It's amazing! It's the chicken row it I! I think it is it's. It's the hormones we put in the milk. Thank you porduin. At the same time, my ass and stomach keeps getting bigger. So I don't know nobody cares about yours, though sorry about that right. So what you got like well on May Sixteenth Nineteen. Ninety ice cube released his solodebut album America's most wanted on priority records. This record was recorded right after Cube's departure from ruthus records and nw a despite doctor, dray wanting to produce the new album tingens within the remainder of the group force cube to seek out public enemy production team, the Bombsquad, the album explorer socioeconomics GETTA life, institutional racism and drug addiction. The album is certified, platinum and is considered one of the most influential albums of all time. Gus There's a lot to onpack here. Let me tell yo the STARV, a man crush every brutthy ta, so they say a gentleman never kisses and tells unless of course, you're staying. Then you have an affair. If you go to Jamaica, you asa Y millions of dollars, talk about taking lemons and make a lemonae. That's a good one. It's a good one! My I'm a cuge fan of nw a love, the Friday's movies. You know I was, I was polit for you, but you know mark. Then you come along witter mix, alot and I mean who's Didar, Thi, emixl, serminixs alot was definitely not a Pioner, a women's movement and it huge rally supported o the mean to movement. Si have to say that M. I like itit buts, and I cannot lie and you other brothers can't deny. So I think you know I thi. I think I gotto go thro ix a lot mar right. That's a tough round! Man Like all three of them. I don't know how. I would have judge that honestly, Wenl you're supposed to that kind of sexual components to them and Mikedasoof. What's that one song that he had a video for t was a good day yeah, but that's like three or four years later: Okay! Well, you put the ASS to sleep in that yeah they called. I top Gon to Seeti did well cuse the Pim all right so mark you have control of the board all right. You know what guys, let's do some hot products we'll go over the hot products round, allright, so fom. My first hop product we're going to surf on over to May Fifth Nineteen. Ninety two- and I hope you H, start up your windows. Msdoss computer right now, 'cause it's going to take a few minutes for that to load up and start because on May fifth, nineteen and eighty two one of the greatest games that changed video gaming forever was released and that's Wolfenstein, three D, I'm sure Olofus hid this game. It was actually the second major release by I D or ID, depending on who you talke to it was a second major release for them after they came out with the commander keen series mid. Ninety one Wolfan Sanctori was a major success for the company. It was selling about four thousand copies a month by mail alone, when it first came out H, selling two hundred thousand copies by the end of nineteen. Ninety three they've actually christened this game. The grandfather of all three DSHOOTERS, so golden eye call a duty- battlefield, probably wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Wolfenstein. Now, if you've never played this game, you play is Bj Blascuitz and you fight your way through a natzy prison camp, an spoilers at the end, you fight atolf Hitler in a giant, robotic suit with chain guns. Now the game was originally released in separate episodes and parts. In the first part, you could pick up for free as freewear, so you get to play the full first level of the game and then decide if you want to purchase the rest of the game, revolutionize the game industry with such a popular title. So that's my selection, Wolfenstein Three D released for msdoss May, Fifth N, Tanine, htden and ninety two, that's a good one. Is he every once in a while in the nineties? You get those games like earlier on H, n. We started doing this like maybe eighteen months ago, or so people that had the nineties always struggled to find good hot products, and I never understood why, because all that shit was out there, especially like technology wise, it's tones of it like website, Aa tm, that was hot toroic cat like there's so much cood SHAP, not waiting an line anymore. Will some? Ladies Rayiswell? That's still fucking happens that drives me nuts, like what do you do? Who writes checks? Matter of fact, I I shu you not like two weeks ago during this whole, like quarantine, stay at home, I went to shopright and the way that they have this, that Ar concession, Ert or supermarkets. Now yes stand six foot back and there's a line that goes out to left, so it's already takes forever. The lady whot was in front of me. She W's, probably like in her sixties, fifties or sixties. She breaks out her checkbook. No, did you literally s to see where you're taking a as no but my like? I immediately had to melt Owtlook in my face, I'm sure like. If she looked at me, she was like Allright, this guy's fucking on Henge, so they gave her the check and I guess they just run it through thes system and it passes through it prints everything out on it. Well, I guess when they did it, it printed wrong and they put it through the wrong way. So she had to write a second check and I'm like what the Whitthat's classic it's Twenty Twenty lstop wry to get shack for, like two bucks, all right, Mancrush, let's go over to you. What do you have for hunt products all right, so we got Memorial Day weekend, N, nineteen and eighty three, so you had the me decade of the Seventies. Now that's over and now it's the eighties and we're ushering on the US decade and we get a special event. It was held at the Glen Helen Regional Park, which is about sixty miles east of Los Angeles. It's changed the names since I I forgot what it's called now, but about four years ago on Thi our old show on poop culture we had Glenavinion, who was historian. Thot was doing a documentary on the US festival. Eighty two and I remember the whole time We'ere talking to this dude I was just thinkg. He was doing this documentary on it and I was like I wish we were doing eighty three because it seems so much cooler. Eighty too was awesome, but the line up in eighty three was just so fucking in Mein, better that I was just like man. Why can't you just do the Documentat eieigty three, but I digress so for twenty dollars a day, there's four days in total, which is roughly fifty three dollars in thusand and twenty you could have been one of nearly seven hundred thousand people who attended N E N Nineteen. Eighty three US festival, maybe one of the largest concerts. Ever in: U S history, you had a a couple of free concerts that had more like yed Garth Brooks in central park and Yeaa the New York, philermonic and stuff like that, but they're, free and then just to put this in perspective. Woodstock was about four to five hundred thousand people its over four days. This had seven, almost seven hundred thousand people, but again like we were talking about poor Avini WAZNIAC was at it again. Of course he was the cofounder of the Apple. He just fled money from the first one and he lost even more and this one as well, but I think that H, Steve Wasney AC just had so much money at the time he just wanted to hang out with people. That's why he put these things on, but I'm not even sure with the amount of people he had, how the fuck he lost money, what he did. He ended up losing like twelve million bucks or something but I'm sure, that's a drop in the bucket tim mark. I don't know if you remember this, but Glennha told us his story about eighty two, where he saw David leave, Roth hanging out the window and his tous. He was in a park, Tor bus hanging out the window and he's yelling at Glenn, like hey man, come on over, come on over, like nothing's going on so glen walks over to the bus and Dave just starts having a conversation with him from the window. Like nothing's, going on and he's like, Oh do just come on the bus, so glen goes to walk up the stairs of the bus, and some groupy is just going down on dlr just giving him like some crazy bj in the window and the whole time like Davilyosis like acting like nothing's, going on just like talking, O Peo Alf the window like waving onship. So so today I was watching various clips from u eighty three and I heard all kinds of stories about how they showed up drunk and pretty much. They got paid a million bucks to do the show, but then they found out that bow. We was also getting a million bucks to do the show so they had like they lost ther shit. They wanted the most money. So after I's Al Satan, Don Wasnia gave them an extra five hundred grand. So they after like three hours, they came out on stage and they did like kind of a shitty set, even though they were in the middle of a tour already they came out and did this set and deell Armas smashed at one point some dude starts. It's hottest flock by the way it's Memorial Day. It's like a hundred degrees out and somebodys squirting dlr, with like these water cannon guns in front d. He stops and goes hey man. You can find this on you too, it's fucking a last. A E man cut that shit out or I'm the fuck your girlfriend tonight. So that story with Glen's story, I'm pretty sure he would have done it but yea. Let's just look at the line up right here from from these four days, fucking inscene. The way they did it is they broke it up in to four different days of four different geners, which I think it's Kindo Cool Ye Saturday ayh twenty eigth Wac a new wave day, Yo had divinals in excess, Walavoodoo Wingo boingo flock of seagle stray catsamen at work, and that was finished up by the class, which you have another story on. When you talk about some oe the time Sunday matwenynight. This was the big day. This was heavy metal day, yet quiet and th. This like predates ozfest and everything else that to come, but you had quiat riot motley crew, Ozzi Osborne, Judas priest, triumphed, Scorpions and then, of course, it was fished up by Van Hillen. That night rap should have been in there. Soa acually, I think, Rrit to eighty two 'cause. I think they did. They might have they weren't on this one. But then you had the rock day which was lost Lobos, I'm just looking at the big names here: Berlin missing persons, you too who's actually supposed to play the new wave day but said we don't want to be categorized in new waves to move us to to Iraq day and they kned that H, pretenders Joe Walsh, Stevie Nix, and then, of course it was fished up by David boy and then the weird part about this concert that I don't think a lot of people realize nowadays what they did back. Then they had a country day, but that was held a week later on the following Saturday, and that was a big day for country. I guess they had uh ricky skags, Hank Williams, junior Alabama, Willan, jennings riters, an sky, and it was finished up by Willie Nelson. So you had everybody who was everybody in Nineteen eighy three was playing the US festival during that Memorial Day weekend and close to seven hundred thousand people saw it. So that's a pretty fucking big hybaticfor twenty bucks a day Hem as old, yeah, exactly shut up and take my money please, but that's what I have for how products of May of Nineteen eigh three Mike what ave you got well On may twenty second, Nineteen Ninady Microsoft released its most critically and commercially successful operating system windows. Three point O considered by many to be the direct competitor Apple Macintosh is easy to use platform featuring a new graphical interface, where clickable icons represent applications windows. Three pointois considered to be the first version of winders windows to receive critical claim. After nineteen ninety, it was almost impossible to find an office computer, not running windows. At the end of the fisical year. Microsoft revenues were over one point, one billion and made Microsoft the first microcomputer company to reach the one billion mark in one year. I remember that one and you had it like you couldn't boot into it. It wasn't like windows. Ninety five you had to like go to doss you had to type windows, doexc open it an didn't, go through that Shit. I remember that and I it crashed all the fucking time. I coannot stand it yeah. It didn't get good until three point one. Then you could play Wolfenstein it Wdo that Oy thin. You got her missing it' like a thirty six hided di. Maybe that'll come up in a later round man. I don't know that is our product. Let's kick it down to our judge, Sean Canan, to find out the ruling for this round. Ou know years without a doubt was the most important I mean there's just no doubt I, but it also was just unfortunately boring ofor beor Um Mark Hotcrod, I mean I love video games. Lovewopandstee, you mentiond you mentiond golden eye. I mean Rocketson the Temple Komi, especially with big eyes and the golden gun knife only a bit of a loose version of a hot product on your referencing like an entire consn. It's the DISO Briad, it's more of an event, so I mean that is coloring outside the lines thereit a little bit, but I'm Leo slide on that twenty dollars a day. I man, you know, can you imagine like the same pitch when they're telling the Guy Hey twenty dollars a day, lat to altamop what ye go wrong, I'll, throw this out there? There was two deaths during that whole thing. So for seven hundred thousand people, though, that's acceptable, I guess throw my hands UF, it's yeah m. You Know Ma come on the daiily Ros story, which was Aoy one good par bus biten, followed up by the you know, tell ban Yo girlfriend rocken Rittl, guys I gotto Ha Oyes. Like I get what you're saying I had to go outside the box and on on the last episode. I did the same thing and I found a concert from the grateful dead. You got to go off the ticket so like for twenty bucks, I mean that's like the hottest thing you can get. Who would you rather spend twenty bucks on like that early Tanky gas in nineteen? Eighty three, you know how many people actually wan to that coscert. I think the exact amount was like six hundred and seventy five thousand, so that means that they, they grossed around fourteen million in ticket salls on Mountain's Day and he lost money and probably several more millions on merchandise and everything else, but I mean thit they're, paying people a million dollars of o with the top pask o I mean this is a guy that lookd o with the Bas mat together. I had se couple of these people come over. Why don't you just pay him? A hundred thousand each and Hav o cone to your living room. You know just about your crap. He fucked it up. Man Like he paid ever. The problem wish this. He paid everybody thes astronomical fees. So what I was going to say before about the class is what happend and there was a big thing between Ban Helen and the clash too and Van Hille came out on stage tey clashed and they s e h. They clashed dlr came out. He was drinking out of a bottle of JD and he said some comment like this is real fucking Jady we don't drink Fak ice tea out of the bottle like the clash, but anyhow the class got paid five hundred grand to headline the New Wave Day and when they got up to finalize the end of that night or whatever the crowd wasn't having it or whatever, and the class was complaining about how much all these other bands were getting paid. So the guys who ere running now, you gotto think about this at the UST festival. This is all about supposedly about technology, so they had these huge video boards that they didn't have at other concerts. So on this huge video board behind the clash they put a copy of their five hundred thousand dollar check up there when they were bitching all about not getting paid enough and the crowd was like fuck, you guyswow, and then it was also. People were saying that this was primarily responsible because had the heavy metal day and the Rock Day was so huge and that the new wave day got kind of shit on that. This was almost the death of new wave right here. So that's kind of a big deal too TA l tercus didn't ehelp their cout looke fucking, awesome man. Another thirty days Ag. I'm going to look like that. If my barber doesn't open up all right, so let's do a score heset here, man crush. You were in the lead two to one heading into the first two point round. Where are we going next? Just because Shans on here we have to end with movies. I mean, I think, that's yeah. It seems fitting yeah. We gotta do that. So let's go t V, I'm going to start this one may tenth nineteen, eighty three after eight seasons, we had a happy day spin off. That came to an end and it's interesting though, because there was another happy day spin off that also ended in March of eighty three and that was Jonie Livschaci and then the next year, hapby days got cancelled in eighty four. So I guess the writing was on the wall for all of these shows, but this particular show it's a happy day spin off, but it didn't rely on happy days. It had multiple seasons at the top of the television ratings and, coincidentally, this show beat out happy days. In most of the years they went head to head so eight seasons. They were up there. It was the most watch show and back to back years in seventy seven and seventy eight when it had a rating share of thirty. That's fucking astronomical, but I mean again you gotta figure, there's probably only like five channels to choose from on a show, but they were at the top like and we've gone over this a lot of times in the show about television network's back in the day, here's CBS screwing the Pooch because they try to get greedy and they tried to move this show from Tuesday nights where they were killing everyone with a thirty share and they decided to move into Thursday nights and then for the last three seasons it stagnate and went from one to twenty for the last three seasons, but even at Twenty, a a twenty share which is fucking crazy. What could have been if they would have just kept it on Tuesday nights? But then you look at the show. It wasn't just a show. It was merchman you had. There were dolls for the show you could buy a shots delivery van there were lenny and squagy dolls. There were a liverned Shirley dolls. There was an album. There was done by Penny Marshall, ancinny Williams called the Vernon Shirley sing and it actually did fairly well. Then you had lenny in the squg tones came out there. o I mean just it. Just went on and on and even the theme song making our dreams come true by Cindi GRECCO that topped out at number thirty on the charts. So this show here it was a pop culture phenomenon and it all came to an end on May th. Nineteen. Eighty three with the conclusion of the happy days: spint off e Vernonshirley and Shamil Chimazl, hosenpepper corporated Ou, know what I'm saying all right Mike Ranger. What do you have for the television round? Well on May twelfte. Nineteen. Ninety Andrew Dice Clay hosted Saturday night live and cast member nor Dun and musical guests. Senedo Connor decided to boycott the episode. The censors were so scared of diceman's missagenistic Raunchy Act that laurand Michael's was was pressured to hear the show with a delay in case dice went too far. I found an article by David Hinkley in the Daily News. Hinkley wrote that he wondered how and L had gone from the famous Chevy Chase in Richard Pryor sketch in the first season to censering edgy comedy and asks if the chase prior sketch had been censored. Would we have shows like a living color willing to do things? They know people aren't comfortable with so we've got andrewdiced clay, a hosting saturdayht live a cast member boycutting the s episode along with Tenado counter what id she she need did something fucked up on that episode too. Didn't she did she get kicked off? No, she well she boy Cott d, the episode Bund. Then she did something else. We ve a couple of years later and por a picture of thethe Poe right, yeah yeah. She had ripped up that picture of the Pope and Oh man, Lor Michael's lost his shit, then Yep Yep, never sh mean witin ir back ye h. She was on the band list, which we've talked about a few times on this showlesand ban last quite a list. It is all right so for my television newsstory we're going to go back to the newspapers here in the Hattisburg American from Hattisburg, Mississippi, an article called W PG, without parental guidance WPG without parental guidance tracks. What's hot and what's not for teens MTV has lofty ideas for free form, T V now this is reality: Television put seven young adults and a Manhattan Law for thirteen weeks roll the cameras and if it works, MTV will have the hippest show since Beverly Hills now, O t one o m TV's real world which debut Thursday night at nine pm, isn't quite a soap opera, because none of the handpicks quote unquote: Characters Four men and three women age. Nineteen to twenty five are actual actors, nor did they work from any scripts. The real world producers, rented a million dollar soholoft, drop the gang in an army of cameramen and technicians and filmed it in fish bowlstyle as they lived their lives. So here we have the debut of the real world which absolutely changed television, it introducedus to reality, T V or did it everyone. Always credits is as the godfather of reality T V, but it was actually inspired by nineteen. Seventy three PBS documentary called an American family m TV took that concept revolutionized it for the nineteen nineties and started something that we're still feeling today. Reality. T V is still a staple on all of our tubes, twenty four seven and it was that real feel that t was actually a last minute decision. Originally Producers Aneed the actors quote unquote: Actors to work off a script. The last minute. They thought that the lines would sound too fake and two false ar forced they ditched that idea and then just said no script, we're just going to improve and we'll film as it is. So that's what I got on. May Twenty irst nineteen. Ninety two, the debut of mtvs, the real world. You gotta Tar me all right, maycrush, I y listen. I grew up on happy days. I mean you know before Paperito was Mr Miaga. He was artor, Yep ihtlittle enough of fact. There's an urban legend that Jonie love. I mean I looked it up. I had to read it: Joni loved Shachi, a turn. Let's see what is it, there was an Urbin allegend that the word in Korea is very similar to penis, and that's why I was cancelled in Korea work as it sucked. I mean I just wasn't a good Shok sinteresting, I'm brushes with happythese people. In my career, I presented it award to Henry Winkler which, like that was my life M. I I custtedid a work to marry Ross H. Wpatenrida Mr Biagi gave probably the worst audition I've ever given to Ron Howard, my intervidently I'de, been a huge snl Fan and other times been incredibly disappointed with them. This is an interesting story. I mean you know. People got to remember how big and controversial dice was. He was I thin. He was bannd for life from MTV. U I think my had you gone an extra mile, an given US tickery Digerydak, you know back to Jonie, loves Chachi, Mark H, let see here the real world. You know right away. I was thinking that this was absolutely the The anception of reality TV and, if somebody that loves supported finger, I think this you know ultimately tells us who we can blame for the plight. That has been reality TV and for that very reason, that yknownow Ha e, a o k o a calpable indefinitive group of people to blame for this, I'm going to give it to you w. let me ask you Sean you're, obviously, you're accomplished actor. What is your feeling about reality? T V? Well, you o I've actually done dating. Like three reality shows I mean Yo know I was on dancing with the stars and inrne absolutely is a reality. Show I've been on a couple of others, so I certainly benefited from it, but it really made I very difficult prescripted television for actors, because you know th re. There became a time. It's not like that anymore, but you know, m unscripted shows were doing better and pulling bigger ratings than scriptic shows hit were much cheaper to produce and consequently it really contracted h the market for for actors for finding jobs so t it's kind of a you know. I got kind of mixed feelings. Oftot. I am not maybe defintively answer your question, but y h we kind of get the by from it. Would you ever do a show like 'cause I've seen it now in the states like they did a celebrity brig brother in the last couple of years? Would you ever do a show like that? Ah, you know something ifortunate that I've got other options of this to do. You know here's. I A reality shows thrive on Conflict Oll, I'm married. My marriage is important to me and you know I don't need to go insert myself into a situation where they're gin knowingly and actively insert conflict into my life. You know what I mean yeah totally. You know, especially you know. If you're a married guy or girl in your alte shows you know ye so um. No, no! Absolutely that's why I keep turning Hem Down W. Oh, maybe I ask Nwe had lunch with a a producer from the bachelor years and years and years ago, when it first came out and they asked if I was interested in being the bachelor, and I I said no- and maybe I retrospect I should have said yes but just didn't feel right. I was on a general hospital at the time, and so I was happy doing something that was a successful scriptat show, but you know, without a doubt reality. Television has been a very important part in the history of television right. No, you brought this part up too. You brought up that you had the worst reading. I guess in front Ofr Ronhoward, please elaborate on this Y H, a'pret funny. I just you know I I had heard ejust started acting. I got couple things and I I got an addition for Ronhoward and it just was one of those diys where you know I was still. I was still too green as an actor to have maybe an audition that big and he's never had me back again. So you don't Rie. If you're listening to this, of course, loyal listener, eote for Thit was bfor that movie backrond, Oh no, Shi, yeah, head gettinric ultimately got the park and it did a very good job, but uh yeah ye a hapeins. Sometimes you know when, when you start acting- and you now Dontrri kid three and I did a series for crisis work, Olu the outsiders television series, so I was humming, but you know I I really, you know still needed to spend some time and acting class and refining what I was doing and I got some big auditions and, and sometimes you uh now you read for somebody big. If you don't kill it right out of the Boxyou, don't ever get another chance to do it. I Bet I've bad lots of gray brakes. I've had lots of times when I did bring my a GAM Um, you know an acting career is amarathon o. If you heara all the stuff that I tell myself a night to get myself throug Herso. I think that's true for anything, and I I heard you tell this story before and we're getting into the movies round. So I think it's very relevant and you're just talking about doing auditions and stuff talk about this, because I think this is your first big role, and this is a role that a lot of our listeners- no you from is doing. You know the cratty bad boy Mikeborns, and I think it's a really cool story like how did yo get that role. Okay, so I I've been out in Hollywood, I've done a couple of little jobs, some guest star work on television, a I I found out. They were, they were casting the new heavy n CARATI KID THREEEU and they 're going to have an open call. So an open call, a cattle call basicallyto anybody, everybody who wants to show up can show up, and I mean these aren't. You know, actors with you know, members F, the screen, actors, goled and all that stuff. There's lime, anybody up the street andtil. I was standing in line outside e studio with, like fifteen hundred people and John Halbilson, who had won the Academy of worked for rocky an he directed the first two Crotty kidfilms was making his way up the line andermittently. Stopping T to talk to somebody- and I knew I Hadn' literally a couple of seconds to get this guy's attention. Ehe stopped in front of me and I got his attention and we did a quick Improv. He asked me to intimidate hem and I I may have said something about his wife him, a knife in the kitchen of his house, and he said I buy it and he set me into the studio and once I got inre Remedio Surf, sistoms, entertainment, tonigaxiss, Hollywood and all of these media outlets and and there was rap macchio on a a cept that they created and they asked me to go to a sceme with Hem. Again, basically just entailed my intimidate him and they they they were oppressed, but they hired somebody else, and so they hired this other guy. And I guess it didn't work out and about five days later they called me to come back to the studio and you know Driving Down Sunset Boulevard, an you know. I knew something whos now and I figured you know, maybe there's another budding bad guy or something that they're going to bring me in. For I'm, looking up at Hollywood, sign thereas the Sun's going down and everything's Taer togramatic. You know sometimes Youre mooking at the Hollywood' Tine it smirks at Yo and r times it. Miyou n go into the studio and I go up to the producer's office and there's Ronert Marcaman who's written the first ekarati kid films later went onde bout rate, tak in a so many big blockbusters and uh. You know they had me to do a couple of marealark moves. They went into a room and left the door open and I could see them talking Ho Aron anlike minutes later they're sending me to Wortro, I mean normally you get a role like this and you know you start in a month or it was like I that night I was going through the WORL. It was just sere because I mean, like I said I a year or so before I was a pan audience. Member watching Krika too, I used to run home from school to watch happy days. Watch Pat Marina is Arnold and then laters, Mister, Nahi and then days later, I'm I'm on th the backlaw of the set. I mean of the of the studio and I'm O perhearsing the scene with Robmacio you K, T, would change the trrojectory of my career and largely my life forwere you completely star struck at that point. When you got on you know, I was but very quickly. I could see that because I was a new actor and they didn't really know. If I was going to be able to do the job I mean they hoped I could I mean I had Marcha Marsipiverience. I mean I was a professional actor very grstill, green and new, but they were on me like they. They rode herd on me D and Tewereri to do it because you know I was. I was a very kind of undisciplined wild kid. In my early twenties you I came out Toholloood by myself. I mean you know it was the eighties. I E made his shit going on ascertained that you know I was going to have to go and lockdown and really work hard to mearn the choreography Ern, the dialaw. You know work with these guys as the equals, even though we were a and O that I had to be the intimideand scary guys this Yune doing seeins with starts right. You know, and so the the Star structness was there, but it dissipated very quickly. Early Sie, I kept it n Chat Wel as like there there's specific scene, all of us rewatched the movie, the other night. We have all kinds of theories and shit about the movie. I Wan e go into that right now, but there is a when you first come on to the scene, where they're at the Bondseye tree shop and it's Daniel and UH. What's her name again, Trolie Robin lively and you end up having to kick her in the stull not have to well, you kick her in the stomach and as like a new actor. What was going through your head? At that mean it was nineteen, eighty nine. So it's a little bit different Han twenty twenty. You probably never wouldnt't been able to do that, but like what was going through orhead, the big thing right there was that I I really was conscientious onot forer, because I really needed to throw a Goodclean Ke but make sure that it looked real, but there was no chance weer getting hurer and Wyou know that that worked out, but I watch it. I would just laugh. I mean it's like it's Warl, I mean what what a thoroughly reprehansible guy you know. Poor girl adhel takes it in the Croch with the macaronian cheese, or does he get somebody wit the back of her cheese? Oh yes, a Keezershe showbetter than I do mean the thing is we watched it like I used to watch it all the time as a kid I think. Out of all of them, I think three was always on HBO, the most, for whatever reason n, they probably got. I why Iwas always on t e HBS. I watched it all the time and then watching it as an N. adult thisill be quick and we'l we'll get in to this last round, but we were talking about it and we're, like you know. If they had just taken the whole Bonseye tree shop out of the story, they could have like condensed everything and had a much cooler tournament where you could have beat the shit out of like all these guys, instead of just like one dude. was there any reason behind that? Why were so short? I know about that. I actually I actually like the stuff in the ponife. I like the Su the pins I in the Bisi scause, you got to steal all the shit. That's why you liked it. Yeah Foam was th there ar lot of PROMS Tofel, but I thin one of the things was. You know, Rauphs relationship with Roter, O their characters y. You would think it would be a romantic relationship and it just got so truncated that think that was a little bit of an issue. I would have worked better if he was really fighting for you know a love interest like he had a alley in the first one and right who's, the CARACTER's eame, the second one I think it real is Tomecoe me go yeah, I've, real mutch. That too, you guys should have been two karotty kid three should have been crawty kid too, and Crode git three should have been or two should have been. Three ight ehuhave finished fighting for his life and he had to go back and fight in a tournament and then didn't use any of the stuff that he learned in Okinala, which R I was just like dude. What are you doing right? If you go one three, two, it's a more natural progression for the character that a that's, a very good observation, guys he's in the back of his head, he's like Fucky, guys, O fucking nerds, all right. Let's move on Taround five, and I actually before we get there a fan of ours sent a messenge earlier on and wanted to ask. You was Daniel's, karate, really shit. You work very hard. You work very hard, oh EA, fine! It was, I told Hmlike, they forced them to wear dad jeans the whole time, so it's harder to do kicks. So it's not so much as Karati. I I had like these. These groopy Union Bay, Gray Jeans on supper, a hid eye, blackaned red thing and, like I thought it was a really good idea to cut my airlike BAC'cause. I thought I looked like Dolf Lunger, an ancrotic I cor. I just look like at tool. I mean I don't know nobody was winning an oster for wardrove on that, oh Ya, so awesome all right. Let's we and around five who on who won T v round, I dated okay, all right, so we got movies all right. So, to recap we're at three to two: I'm in the lead against neck Miks is still yet to pick up a point and we're at the movies round the final two point round. So from my movies entry we're going to go to the Lancing State Journal and Lancing Michigan. I found just a gem of a review from this movie on a scale of zero to ten. This. This movie was rated a zero nice yeah. The headline reads: Totally: Barfo flick needs a manjor overhaul, dude, that's the headline written by Marshall. Fines and the article reads: Waines world was stupid, but it was also extremely funny in Sinoman is stupid period aimed at the same audience. In Cino, man tries to incapsulate the very meagere talents of MTV personality, polly shore, and I use the word personalily advisedly less funny than even bill and Ted who weren't low to Lagh. Either shore is the foe valley guy to the hilt. His efforts are effortless and strenuously unfunny. This dismal little film starts the next paragraph. So you know it's never a good review when they call im a dismal film in the second paragraph, so yeah. That is my movie pick for this round. It is nineteen. Ninety two an Sinoman released Ma Twenty second, this is just a special movie, I'm sure to all of us depite getting the horrid reviews in a meagre five point. Eight on imdb this movie holds a very special place in all of our hearts. Matter of fact, I went on our facebook group. FACEBOOK dcom forward slash dueling decades, and I asked a lot of our listeners to review this film. In only three words, we got hundreds of reviews for this film Levi folmer said have one rolled and I couldn't agree with him. More Paral, Riggs and Jerry Bernard both gave me the Great Review Ow my pancreus and, of course, a lot of people just come on and said Whez in the juice, but I think my favorite was uh Christopher Michael, who gave me the review of nugs, chillin and Grindege, which I think perfectly tums up this movie in a great way to spend a Saturday evening. A Monday evening, hell a Tuesday afternoon sit down watch yourself, some an Cino man. So that's my movie pick. Let's throw it over to miceranger all right! Well, I'm not going to go on Aten of detail about. This is a well known movie and a well known franchise, but on May twenty fifth nineteen. Ninety back to the future part three premiered and went on to gross over two hundred and forty six million at the box office released six months after the second installment, which was great for me, because I was in the theater with my father, duing, the second one, and when he found out that the third movie was already made, and we had to wait six months for it, he flipped the fuck out. We ended up seeing part three at the Warwick driving, which was actually pretty awesome and yeah. That's the future part three wow very nice all right! So here's mine, I'm going to trunk Eint this one March, twenty fifth, nineteen. Three last episode. I missed out by fucking two weeks to get the RELEASEF Star Wars. I had to end up going with the car O ou and nine Hteden N. seventy seven, this tlucked out. They they matched this one up with Star Wars. They wuld put it out on the same Dat. This is for return of the JETTI. Here's a movie hat brought in four hundred and seventy five million dollars ot the box office. That's one point: Three Billion Dollars in Thosand and twenty. Obviously it's the highest grossing movie in Nineteen Three. It was number one I'm going to say for seven consecutive weeks, because in week four it was actually. Everyone was duped because Superman three came out and it beat out returned to the Jeteye for one week and then everyone was like now I sucks and return the jet. I went right back to number one, but H, yeah, there's a lot of little things with this movie like on the set of return of the jet, the they changed, the name to blue harvest horror beyond imagination, so nobody knew that they were filming it. There was like a lot of different things: It shouldhave been revenged of the Jeteye. Then they change he name to return. But yeah I mean what else is there to say return of the JETI starwars gigantic franchise, huge money, merchandise out the ASS? That's what I got! Fom movi wow, that's a huge pick, and that makes this an absolutely huge round: Withinfino man and return of the jetee and back to the future. Three and let's see when our judge Jan Canen has to say for the final judgment for the movies round, Soatowhat, I'm just a with my ranger Mi as a as a veteran of a part, three film, you know I'm feeling cold Kinda, you know support the Fraternity, Oh as you should, because O as always, the third installment of any franchise, is always the finest example of quality film making like the Godfather Three for exactly House party, three Haright, you know man hat so now, man, I mean you know in really really small voses. I found polly initially kinda entertaining the crazy thing about that movie. He actually auditioned for the role of link, and then they saw Brendan Frasier and they're like O. Well, we got to give the Roll Tho Brend an fraser, so they created the role of stony. Just for polly shore, there was actually HOS supposed to be a buddy movie, really yeah, Okay Yeah. I thought it was okay m. You know. Brandan freaser was very, very astern that time with a bunch of films yeah, I just think it's. I think it's just hard to compete against the starwors franchise and it's early mancrush. I I gotto give it to you cure that Yad. I great film I'm not even like a huge maniac starwars guy, I'm like O, see there's two tics of people, Te Start Triping Star Wars and I'm like all about the star Trep the origical series. It's that's kind of my seed. It's a good one, W opelly respect, ah star wards, and so I'm going to have I'm going to have to give it to you mad crush a turn the jet Ou yeah. I think that's it like what O that. Would I end up with four points to three there. Four to three mancrush takes this one and unfortunately, migranger gets shut out. He looks sad. He does, I think, he's going to cry you, ok, Mike Yeah, I'm doing good, I'm worried about you, man, but hey. We want to thank our great judge for this episode. Shankinan sh tell everybody what you got in the works, what your current projects are and where people can follow you. The big thing that I have going on right now is m. staying in my living room like nine hours, O television and intermitently goon e frug, l, studio city to Showi, created a star in it, um the shorperformed digital show and nominated for almost twenty awards. Please check it out. It's funny. It's serious it'll make you laugh and cry, and we deal with a bunch of really cool. Interesting social issues will be very entertaining so studious city on Amazon crime. Also. My second book is out its called success. BACTER act, it's a wes, just rated one of the twenty best inspirational books in the last two decades by book authority to get on Amazon went out to fifty amazing individuals, insaid wit'. Your best advice about success got everybody from Mark Huban and Anthony Robins to Gealmcdanniels tinding member of RUNDMC yeahit's, pretty cool h. You know now it everything everyone's going through. If you need some inspiration, good bye, you can follow me. A twitter or Tegran at San can Awso. I want to pick up the book. Is it onaudible, though 'cause? I ca, never have time to read you knowall. All of the people, it's like a copy tablebut. All the people gave the organic Um contribution to what success means to them, and so because we didn't get everybody reading herown thing I decided not to do inyou know it really is terrificl yeah dude. I want to pick that up. I love Lo and I got nothing else to do. I'm on the nine hour plan myself. Boxis is a lot of O. do this again: Sutime Right, yeah for sure, and thanks again for coming back on man, I really appreciate hels right, take care of an all right dolers. Well, I guess we'll end this episode right here. Once again, I want to thank our judge San Cane in for coming in and judging this tigpt dattel. If you've missed an episode, though don't worry, you can always go back to dueling decades dot com or you can subscribe to all of our episodes right there on apple podcast, on Spotifi, wherever podcasts are available and then, while you're on the interwebs and opene a facebook dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can join all the other duellers and share some of your own great retral memories. I want to think micranger for coming on the show this week Mike. Why don't you tell everybody? What's going on on the video Rangers podcast whole lot of nothing mark Ye, guys recorded last night that I saw y Yo gochres ranger on sky like ow? I don't know he was a good fifteen beers in so that might never ever get released so yeah nothing. I got nothing he's on the nine hour plan as well. Well, on that no dolers we're going to bid you a piece, love Lightn, a joy have a grateful week. 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